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By D. S. BLONDHEIM, University of Illinois. 

For a number of years I have been engaged in com- 
pleting and preparing for publication the materials gathered 
by the late Arsene Darmesteter for an edition of the 
French glosses (le'azim) contained in the Talmudical 
commentaries of Rashi. For this purpose I have en- 
deavoured to locate all extant manuscripts of these 
commentaries. The following list embodies the results 
so far reached. It is published with the object of eliciting 
further information from scholars who may know of other 

The list includes manuscripts of all the commentaries 
ascribed to Rashi, whether correctly or not. It does not 
include Genizah fragments. No attempt is made to list 
manuscripts of the commentary to Alfasi attributed to 
Rashi, which is of comparatively little value for the study 
of the le'aztm. 

The list is divided into two parts, the first including 
fifty-four manuscripts seen by Darmesteter or me, or 
excerpted for me by various copyists, the second enumerating 
seven manuscripts known or believed to exist, but hitherto 
inaccessible. The cities in which the different manuscripts 
are found are arranged in alphabetical order. In listing 
the manuscripts in a given library I generally preserve 



Darmesteter's arrangement. He placed the manuscripts 
in the order of the Talmudical treatises upon which they 

For assistance in drawing up the list I am indebted 
to many scholars. Two eminent masters of Hebrew 
bibliography, Professor Alexander Marx and Dr. A. Frei- 
mann, have indicated the greater part of the seventeen 
manuscripts excerpted that were unknown to Darmesteter. 
Among others who have aided me I would mention 
especially Mr. Elkan N. Adler, Professor V. Aptowitzer, 
Rabbi D. Camerini, Dr. H. Ehrentreu, Professor Israel LeVi, 
Mr. J. Mann, Dr. Felix Perles, Professor N. Porges, and 
M. Moi'se Schwab. 

Cambridge, England, University Library : 
MS. Additional 477. 8 : Rosh ha-Shanah. 
„ „ 478. 8 : Baba kamma, Baba mesi'a. 

„ „ 479. 8: Shebu'ot. 

Frankfort-on-the-Main, Stadtbibliothek : 
MS. Merzbacher 132: Besah, Kiddushin. 
„ „ 133: Hullin. 

Hamburg, Stadtbibliothek : 

Cat. Steinschneider 171. 63: Baba batra. 1 
Leipsic, Library of Professor N. Porges : 

MS. (a) Megillah, Sukkah, Gittin. 
„ (b) Baba mesi'a. 

Universitatsbibliothek : 

MS. 1 105 (Cat. Vollers): Pesahim. 

1 MS. Steinschneider 17a. 192, described as ' Rashi Qber Tr. Aboda Sara', 
is in reality a modern copy of the text of the Talmudical treatise 'Abodah 


London, Library of Mr. Elkan N. Adler : 
MS. 1621 : Besah, Shabbat. 

2553 : Besah, Rosh ha-Shanah, Ta'anit, Me- 
gillah, Hagigah. 
„ 1408: Shebu'ot. 
British Museum : 

MS. Harley 5585, Cat. Margoliouth 411 : Baba 
„ Additional 27196, Cat. Marg. 413: Baba 

kamma, Baba mesi'a. 
,, Oriental 73, Cat. Marg. 412 : Baba mesi'a. 
„ „ 2891, Cat. Marg. 410: Kiddushin. 

5975, Cat. Marg. 409: Berakot, 
Munich, Hof bibliothek : 

Cod. hebraicus 216 : Shabbat, 'Erubin, Pesahim, 
Sukkah, Besah, Rosh ha-Shanah, Hagigah, 
Ta'anit, Mo'ed katan. 2 
Oxford, Bodleian Library : 

MS. Opp. add. 4to 23, Cat. Neubauer 420 : 'Erubin, 
„ Laud 318, Cat. Neub. 419: Yoma. 
„ Opp. 248, Cat. Neub. 367 : Yebamot, Kiddushin. 
,, Opp. 97, Cat. Neub. 421 : Ketubbot. 
„ Opp. 38, Cat. Neub. 368 : Gittin. 

1 In the Dikduke Soferim, vol. XVI (edited after Rabbinovicz's death 
by Dr. H. Ehrentreu), p. 43 v, there is mentioned a fragmentary manuscript 
of Hullin (ff. 42b-63) in the Munich Library. This manuscript seems to 
have been lost. This loss is not very serious, however, as the readings 
of the more interesting le'azim are given in the Dikduke So/trim. The 
trustworthiness of the readings may be inferred from the fact that I have 
verified a number of citations from other texts in this volume of the Dikduke 
Sqferim, and found them extremely accurate, in sharp contrast to citations 
in previous volumes. 


MS. Opp. 387, Cat. Neub. 429*: Baba mesi'a. 
„ Opp. 249, Cat- Neub. 369 : Baba batra. 
„ Opp. 726, Cat. Neub. 370 4 : 'Arakin. 3 

Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale : 

MS. fonds hebreu 323: Yebamot (ff. 1-95 b). 
„ „ „ 324 : Shabbat, 'Erubin. 

„ „ „ 325: Zebahim. 

Parma, Biblioteca Palatina. 

MS. 2087, Rossi 1324: Shabbat. 
„ 2589, „ 1309: Berakot, Hullin. 
„ 2244, „ 808 : Besah, Rosh ha-Shanah, 

Hagigah, Mo'ed katan. 
„ 2906, „ 1299: Kiddushin,$Niddah, Shebu'ot, 

Besah, Yoma. 
»> 3 l 55> » 1292: Makkot, Horayot, 'Abodah 

., 2590, „ 13 10: Ketubbot. 
» 3°55> » 13CO: Baba kamma. 
., S'5 1 . ., I2 93 : Shebu'ot. 
„ 2756, „ 1304: Hullin, Niddah. 4 

Rome, Biblioteca Angelica : 

MS. Orientale, Fondo Antico 57 (Cat. di Capua, 1 3) : 
Ketubbot, Gittin. 5 

3 Darmesteter was in error in supposing {Reliques scientifiques [Paris, 
1890], I, p. 1 13) that MS. Michael 237 (Cat. Neub. 373 ; Hullin) was of value 
for constituting the text of the U'azim. The manuscript is simply an Italian 
copy of the printed text, dated 1765 ; such variants as it offers are blunders 
or abbreviations. 

4 MS. 2415, Rossi 445, listed by Darmesteter (Reliques scientifiques, I, 121), 
is a commentary upon Shabbat, containing some excerpts from Rashi, inter 
alia, but omitting the French glosses. 

6 Di Capua erroneously ascribes to Rashi the anonymous commentary 
upon Yebamot with which the manuscript begins. 


Vatican Library : 

MS. Vaticano Ebraico 127; 'Erubin (Per. I— II) ; 
Shabbat (Per. I-II) ; Gittin (Per. I-II) ; 
Niddah (Per. I). 
MS. Vaticano Ebraico 129 : Shabbat (Per. I-II). 
131 : Baba mesi'a. 
132 : Baba kamma. 
135: Gittin. 
138: Shabbat. 
139: Hullin. 
140 : Gittin, Shebu ot. 
157 : Baba kamma. 
158: Kiddushin. 
487 : Menahot (ff. 49a~93b). 6 

Turin : Biblioteca Nazionale : 

MS. Fondo Ebraico, A, v, 29 : Menahot, Bekorot, 

Keritot, Me'ilah. 
„ „ „ A, iv, 38 : Kiddushin, Ketubbot, 

„ „ „ A, vi, 47 : Bekorot, Temurah, 

Menahot (Per. IV, 
„ „ „ A, ii, 9 : Yoma, Megillah, Hagi- 

gah, Sukkah, Besah, 
Rosh ha-Shanah. 7 

6 MS. Vaticano Ebraico 160, a commentary on Ketubbot, ascribed by 
Assemani to Rashi, is an abridged version of Rashi's commentary, with 
excerpts from other authorities, such as Maimonides, R. Tam, R. Isaac ibn 
Ghayyath. The French glosses are omitted, and Arabic glosses occasionally 
introduced. The library of the University of Illinois possesses a complete 
photograph of this manuscript. 

7 According to a letter of Signor A. Pesenti, librarian of the Turin Library, 
dated June as, 191 4, all four of the valuable manuscripts just enumerated 


The following manuscripts have hitherto been inacces- 
sible. It will probably be possible to secure extracts from 
some or all of them, in case they are still in existence. 

Ancona : 

MS. : Nazir (cp. Babylonian Talmud, ed. Romm, 
Aharit Dabar, p. 6). 

Bielitz {olim), Library of S. J. Halberstamm : 

MS.: Nazir [cp. Weiss, Rashi (Vienna, 1882], p. 70). 

Jerusalem, Library of Rabbi Isaac M. Badhab : 

MS. : Bekorot (ff. 45 to end ; No. 1 90, Cat. Pardes ha- 
Torah weha-Hokmah [Jerusalem, n. d.]). 

Konigsberg, Universitatsbibliothek : 

MS. : contents as yet undetermined (information from 
Professor Marx and Dr. Perles). 

Nikolsburg : 

MS. : Shebu'ot (letter from Professor Aptowitzer). 
Petrograd, Giinzburg Library : 

MS. 548 : Baba kamma. 

MS. 594 : Yebamot. (Cp. Dikduke Soferim, IV, 
pp. 7-8). 

were completely destroyed in the disastrous fire of 1904. I list the 
manuscripts because the notes of Darmesteter preserve the readings of 
the French glosses.