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Charles R. Hknderson Marion Talbot 
Frederick Starr Charles Zueblin 

George E. Vincent William I. Thomas 

Vol. 2 


JULY 1896— MAY 1897 

XTbe IHntverstts of dbicago press 



Cbe "Olnfvetsitu of Cbtcago pcese 




Blackmar, F. W. The Smoky Pilgrims 485 

Bliss, H. L. Eccentric Official Statistics 515 

De Grafenried, Clare. Some Social Economic Problems 190 

Ellwood, C. A., trans. The Le Play Method of Social Observation 662 

Fairchild, E. M. The Function of the Church 220 

Hart, H. H. Immigration and Crime 369 

Henderson, C. R. The German Inner Mission : III 58. 

Howerth, I. W. Profit Sharing at Ivorydale 43 

Howerth, I. W. A Programme for Social Study : 1 852' 

Kelley, Florence. The Working Boy 358 

Macy, Jesse. The Swiss and their Politics 25 

Mathews, Shailer. Christian Sociology : VI. Social Life 108 

Mathews, Shailer. Christian Sociology : VII. The Forces of Human Prog- 
ress 274 

Mathews, Shailer. Christian Sociology: VIII. The Process of Social Regen- 
eration 416 

Monroe, Paul. An American System of Labor Pensions 501 

Monroe, Paul. Insurance against non-Employment 771 

Muensterberg, E. Principles of Public Charity and Private Philanthropy in 

Germany: 1 589 

Muensterberg, E. Principles of Public Charity and Private Philanthropy in 

Germany : II 680 

Muirhead, J. H. Abstract and Practical Ethics 341 

Passy, Frederick. Peace Movement in Europe 1 

Rauschenbusch, Walter. The Ideals of Social Reformers 202 

Ross, E. A. Social Control : III. Belief 96 

Ross, E. A. Social Control : IV. Suggestion 255. 

Ross, E. A. Social Control : V. Religion 433, 

Ross, E. A. Social Control : VI. Ideals 547- 

Ross, E. A. Social Control : VII. Assemblage, Ceremonies 823. 

Sharp, F. C. The Criterion of Distributive Justice 264 



Simmel, Georg. Superiority and Subordination as Subject-Matter of Sociology : 

1 167 

Simmel, Georg. Superiority and Subordination as Subject-Matter of Sociology : 

II 1 . . 392 

Small, A. W. Some Demands of Sociology upon Pedagogy 839 

Talbot, Marion. Sanitation and Sociology 74 

Thon, O. The Present Status of Sociology in Germany : I 567 

Thon, O. The Present Status of Sociology in Germany : II 718 

Thon, O. The Present Status of Sociology in Germany : III 792 

Tourgee, A. W. The Reversal of Malthus 13 

Ward, L. F. The Social Forces 82 

Ward, L. F. The Mechanics of Society , 234 

Ward, L. F. The Purpose of Sociology 446 

Ward, L. F. Social Genesis 532 

Ward, L. F. Individual Telesis 699 

Ward, L. F. Collective Telesis 801 

Willcox, W. F. Productivity of Municipal Enterprises 378 

Wood, S. T. Some Economic Losses in the Building Trades 786 

Zueblin, Charles. A Sketch of Socialistic Thought in England 643 


Abbott, Lyman. Christianity and Social Problems. — C. R. Henderson 609 

Adams, Brooks. The Law of Civilization and Decay. — B. S. Terry 467 

America and Europe. — H. P. Judson 474 

American Conference and International Arbitration. — C. R. Henderson 319 

Andrews, E. B. History of the Last Quarter Century in the United States. — 

A. W. Small 464 

Annales de l'Institute International de Sociologie. — A. W. Small 315 

Binet, Alfred. Alterations of Personality.— y. R. Angell 614 

Blackmar, F. W. The Story of Human Progress. — A. W. Small 746 

Bosanquet, Mrs. Bernard. Rich and Poor. — C. R. Henderson 874 

Bougle, C. Les Sciences Sociales en Allemagne. — A. F. Bentley 131 

Bradford, A. H. Heredity and Christian Problems. — C. R. Henderson 132 

Brinton, D. G. An Ethnologist's View of History. — A. W. Small 138 

Chamberlain, A. F. The Child and Childhood in Folk Thought.— W. I. Thomas 316 

Commons, J. R. Proportional Representation. — F. W. Sanders 476 

Dewey, John. The Study of Ethics. — A. F. Bentley 137 

Doggett, L. L. History of the Young Men's Christian Association, Vol. I. — 

C. R. Henderson 317 



Donald, E. W. The Expansion of Religion. — C. R. Henderson 318 

Eckenstein, Lina. Woman under Monasticism. — IV. I. Thomas 317 

Ede, W. M. The Attitude of the Church to Some of the Social Problems of Town 

Life. — C. R. Henderson , 318 

Fairbanks, Arthur. An Introduction to Sociology. — A. IV. Small 305 

Giddings, F. H. The Principles of Sociology. — A. TV. Small 288 

Godkin, E. L. Problems of Modern Democracy. — A. TV. Small 745 

Hadley, A. T. Economics. — A. IV. Small 739 

Hake, A. E. & Wesslau, O. E. The Coming Individualism. — F. TV. Sanders. . . 465 

Hale, W. B. The New Obedience. — C. R. Henderson 880 

Harris, George. Moral Evolution. — C. R. Henderson 135 

Hirsch, William. Genius and Degeneration. — H. H. Donaldson 873 

Le Bon, Gustave. The Crowd : a Study of the Popular Mind. — A. F. 

Bentley 614 

Mallock, W. H. Classes and Masses. — C. R. Henderson 472 

Morrison, W. D. Juvenile Offenders. — C. R. Henderson 737 

Nicholson, J. S. Strikes and Social Problems. — C. R. Henderson 474 

Nitti, F. S. La Population et le Systeme Social. — C. R. Henderson 875 

Novicow, J. Conscience et Volont^ Sociales. — A. TV. Small 606 

Posada, Adolphe. Theories Moderne ssur les Origines de la Famille de la 

Socie'te' et de l'Etat — C. R. Henderson 607 

Proceedings of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections. — C. R. Hen- 
derson 125 

Ratzel, Friedrich. The History of Mankind. — Frederick Starr 612 

Report on Public Baths and Public Comfort Stations. — C. R. Henderson 751 

Roberty, E. de. L'Ethique. — Le Bien et le Mai ; Essai sur la Morale conside're'e 

comme Sociologie Premiere. — L. F. Ward 461 

Salmon, Lucy Maynard. Domestic Service. — C. R. Henderson 879 

Schaffle, A. Bau und Leben des socialen Korpers. — A. IV. Small 310 

Seeley, J. R. The Growth of British Policy— .5. S. Terry >ji8 

Seligman, R. A. Essays in Taxation. — J. J. Halsey 127 

Smart, William. Studies in Economics. — /. /. Halsey -. 129 

Spahr, C. H. The Present Distribution of Wealth in the United States. — Paul 

Monroe 746 

Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Sociology. — A. IV. Small 741 

Steinmetz, R. S. Endokannibalismus. — TV. I. Thomas 610 

Stimson, F. J. Labor in its Relation to Law. — C. R. Henderson 135 

Wheeler, D. H. Our Industrial Utopia. — C. R. Henderson 474 

Williams, E. F. Christian Life in Germany as seen in Church and State. — 

C. R.Henderson 75' 



Woods, R. A., and others. The Poor in Great Cities. — C. R. Henderson 136 

Wuarin, Louis. Une Vue d'Ensemble de la Question Sociale. — A. W. Small. . . 606 


Notes and Abstracts 140,323,477,618,881 

Bibliography : New Books 158, 333, 752, 893 

Bibliography : Articles in Periodicals 162, 336, 763, 895 

The Periodicals of Sociology 156, 320 

Hyslop, J. H. The Science of Sociology pp. 1-67 sup