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Dei (Princeton Ph. D. Thesis). Princeton, N. J., Princeton Press, 1906. $i. 

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Vindobonae, F. Tempsky. Lipsiae, G. Freytag. 

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der Ausgrabungen von 1905. Athen, Buchdruckerei Hestia. 

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and the Romans Bretons. Parti. J. H. U. Diss. Baltimore, J. H. Fiirst Co., 

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from the Popular Science Monthly, April, 1906.) 

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general meeting, 1904-1905. London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trilbner &* Co. 

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mesnalty (Vol. VII). By Henry Bradley. Oxford, At the Clarendon Press. 
Double Section. 5s. $1.25. 

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Athenian Archons. University of California Publications. Classical Phil- 
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Teachers. New York, Funk cV" Wagnalls Co. fi. 

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2. Heft. 3. Lfg. Mtlnchen, C. H. Beck, 1906. 15 ra. 

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and of the Greeks of the first Century A. D. U. of Michigan Thesis. Cin- 
cinnati, University of Cincinnati Press, 1906. 

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No. 4. April, 1906. 

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abdruck aus dem Archiv fiir Geschichte der Philosophic XIX. Bd. Heft 3. 

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Robert. XLI. 2. Berlin, Weidmannschc Buchhandlung, 1906. 

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A Study based on the MSS with a Glossary of Hebrew Logical and Philo- 
sophical Terms. Leyden, E.J. Brill, 1906. 

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Ginn & Co. 45 cts. 

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of the Acta Sanctorum and the Anglo-Saxon of Cynewulf. Princeton, The 
University Library, 1906. 

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nomine feruntur pertinentes (Diss. Jena). Leipzig, Fock, 1905. I m. 30 pf. 

Krebs (J. Ph.) Antibarbarus der lateinischen Sprache. 7. genau durchges. 
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Lazare (Jules). Premieres Lectures. A New French Reader. New ed. 
35 cts. 

Lectures faciles. 35 cts. Elementary French Composition. 35 cts. 

Contes et Nouvelles, First and Second Series @ 35 cts. Boston, Ginn & Co., 

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versity of Chicago Press, 1906. $3. 

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Co., 1906. 45 cts. 


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the University Press. 

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45 cts. 

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schichte der Philosophie. XIX. Band. Heft 2. Berlin, Georg Reimer, 1905. 

Neue Jahrbucher fur das klassische Altertum, Geschichte u. deutsche 
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Part V. A Tamil Prose Reader, adapted to the Handbook. Seventh Edition. 
Oxford, At the Clarendon Press, 1906. $2. 

TlpaKTtna rfj^ kv ' AOi/vacg 'Apxato^oytnijc '^Taipeiac tov Itovc 1902. 

" " 1903. 
'A$r/vi/0iv, 1906. 

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ischen Philologie des Mittelalters. Erster Band. Zweites Heft. Milnchen,. 
C. H. Beck, 1906. 

Russian Reader. Accented Texts. Grammatical and Explanatory Notes. 
Vocabulary. By Paul Boyer and N. Speranskin. Adapted for English- 
speaking Students by S. N. Harper. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 
1906. $3, net. 

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Teubner, 1906. 6 m. 

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1906. 5s. 

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House. Boston, Ginn £7" Co., 1906. 40 cts. 


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introduction and explanatory notes. Boston, Ginn cV" Co., 1906. 

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