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clxxii American Oriental Society : 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 
Junk, 1871 — June, 1878. 

From, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. New Series. Vol. ix, 

pt. 2. Cambridge, 1873. 4°. 
Proceedings of do. do. Vol. viii, p. 131 — xiii, pt. 1. Boston. 1869-77. 8°. 

From the American Antiquarian Society. 

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. No. 56-70. Worcester, 
1871-78. 8°. 

From the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. 

Modern Arabic. — Psalms. Beirut, 1864. 16° 
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. " 18o9. '2° 
Alexander's Evidences. " 1851. 12° 
Schneider on Superstitions of the East. " 1854. 12° 
On Prayer and Pasting. " 1856. 12° 
On Rites and Ceremonies. " 1854. 12°. 
Peep of Day. " 1862. 12° 
Union Questions. " 1847. 12° 
Songs for Children. " 1862. 16° 
Robinson Crusoe. " 1861. 12° 
First Reader. " 1862. 12° 
Book-keeping. " 1859. 8° 
Selections from Arab Poets. " 1858. 12° 
N&sif el-Y&ziji, Rhetoric. " 1855. 12° 
Bitras el-Bistini, Lecture on Arab Morals. " 1859. 8° 
Meshaka on the Nature and Duties of the Priesthood. " 1852. 12' 
Arguments of the Gospel against the falsehoods 

of the Papacy. " 1864- 12° 

Sulaim&n on the Nusarian Religion. " 1863. 12° 

Miscellanies. " 1855. 

Ancient Armenian. — Psalms. Smyrna, 1843. 16° 

The same. 2 vols. London, 1859. ' 6° 

The same. New York, 1865. 12° 

New Testament. 2 vols. Smyrna, 1838. 16° 

The same. London, 1859. 12° 

Acts and Epistles. Smyrna, 1843. 16° 
New Testament in Ancient and Modern Armenian. Constantinople, 

1856. 8° 

Modern Armenian. — Bible, with references. New York, 1862. 8° 

Bible. l; 1859. 8 r 

Psalms. " 1865. 8' 

The same. " 1864. 16' 

The same. Smyrna, 1843. 16° 

New Testament. New York, 1 865. 8° 

The same. Smyrna, 1842. 12°. 

Doddridge's Rise and Progress. New York, 1858. 16° 

Sermons by W. Goodell. " 1870. 12" 

Gallaudet's Child's Book on Repentance. Smyrna, 1839. 16° 

Hopkins's Evidences of Christianity. Constantinople, 1863. 12° 

Jones's Catechism. " 1856. ' 2° 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 


Modern Armenian. — James's Anxious Inquirer. Constantinople, 1859. 

Lucille, by Adolphe Monod. '' 1854. 

Wayland's Moral Science. •' 1 859. 

Commentary on Matthew and Mark, by K. H. Wheeler. " 1864. 

Christian Theology, by G. W. Wood and E. Riggs. " 1866. 

Daily Meditations. " 1856. 

On the Keeping of the Heart. " 1854. 

On Repentance. " 1860. 

Guide for members of the Armenian Evangelical 

Church. " 1855. 

Hymn Book. " 1857. 

Hymns for Children, with music. " 1860. 

Christian Doctrine. New York, 1861. 

Scripture Texts. ■' 1860. 

Child's Entertainer. Smyrna, 1 838. 

Christ's Invitation to Children. " 1852. 

Arithmetic. Constantinople, 1857. 

Key to. " 1858. 

Geography. " 1861. 

Modern Armenian Grammar, by Kirejjian. " 1864. 

Modern Armenian Reader. " 1858. 

Magazine of Useful Knowledge. Vol. 5, 7. 

Smyrna and Constantinople, 1844-54. 
Bulgarian.— Genesis. Constantinople, 1857. 

Psalms. London, 1857. 

New Testament. " 1859. 

The same. Constantinople, 1866. 

The same. " 1866. 

Commentary on Matthew chap. 10-21 by Morse and Byington. 


Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. 

Christian Doctrine. 

Gallaudet's Child's Book on the Soul. 

On the Reading of the Scriptures. 


Family Almanac. 
Chinese. — New Testament in the Fuhchau Colloquial. 

Gospels and Acts " " 

Acts to Phillippians " " 

Gospel of Luke. 


Gutzlaff's Life of Moses. 

Precious Instructions of Jesus. 

Milne's Dialogues between two friends. 
The same. 

Medhurst's History of Java. 

On the duty of worshiping the true God. 

On God and Jesus. 

On Ma Tsu, the Goddess of Sailors. 

Hymn Book. 

Hymns in the Fuhchau Colloquial. 

Catechism " " 

Christian Trimetrical Classic. 
Cherokee. — New Testament. 

Singing Book. 
Choctaw. — Genesis to Deuteronomy. 

Gallaudet's Scripture Biography. 

Come to Jesus. By Rev. C. C. Copeland. 

Triumphant Deaths of Pious Children. 

Religious Tracts. 

Hymn Book. 


" 1862. 

" 1871. 

1 864. 

" 1861. 

" 1870. 

Fuhchau, 1863. 

" 1866. 

" 1866. 

Singapore, c. 1838. 

•' c. 1838. 

" 1836. 

" 1836. 


n. p., n. d. 
Batavia, c. 







n. d. 

n. d. 

" n. d. 

Malacca, 1835. 

Fuhchau, 1865. 

" 1853. 

n. d. 

New York, 1860. 

Boston, 1846. obi. 

New York, 1867. 

n. d. 

" 1860. 

Boston, 1835. 

" 1835. 

" 1858. 



clxxiv American Oriental Society : 

Choctaw. — Spelling Book. 

Boston, 1830. 



Union, 1836. 


Dakota. — New Testament. 

New York, 1866. 


Precept upon Precept. 

n. d. 



" n. d. 


English and Dakota Vocabulary. 

" 1852. 


Ancient Greek. — Xenophon's Memorabilia. 

Athens, 1832. 


Modern Greek. — Baxter's Saints' Rest. 

" 1839. 


Gallaudet's Child's Book on Repentance. 



Collection of useful and instructive readings. 2 

V. " 1853-54. 


Colburn's Mental Arithmetic. 



Barth's Church History. 

Smyrna, 1848. 


Payson's Thoughts. 



M'oodbridge's Elementary Geography. 

" 1835. 


The same. 2d ed. 

" 1843. 


Mother's Manual. 

" 1842. 


Infant School Manual. 

" 1841. 


Repertory of Useful Knowledge. 

" 1S37-39. 


Primer. 3d ed. 

'• 1831. 


The same. 1th ed. 

" 1838. 


Peter Parley's Geography for Children. 

Malta, 1832. 



" 1832. 


Little Anna. 

" 1829. 


Sacred Music. Constantinople, 1858. obi 

. 12° 

Guzerati. — Gospel of Matthew. 

Surat, 1837. 


" Mark. 

" 1837. 


Hawaiian. — Bible. 

Honolulu, 1843. 


Bible with references. 

New York, 1868 roy. 8° 

New Testament " 



New Testament. 

" 1869. 


New Testament and Psalms. 



Bible Dictionary. 

" 1872. 


Pioneer Boy [Life of Abraham Lincoln.] 

" 1869. 


Daily Food. 

" I860. 




Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. 

Honolulu, 1842. 


Bible Lessons. 

" 1840. 


Bible Question Book. 

" 1866. 


Children's " 

" 1865. 


Alexander (W. P.) Evidences of Christianity. 

" 1863. 


ThnnlnmVil Tm-t T}nnlr 

" 1861. 


Armstrong's Moral Philosophy. 

" 1847. 





Hawaiian Instructor. Vol. 1-4. 

" 1834-39. 



" 1844. 


Leonard's Arithmetic. 




Oahu, 1832. 


Woodbridge's Geography. 

" 1845. 



" 1838. 


Colburn's Mental Arithmetic. 

" 1847. 


Bible Questions. 

" 1864. 


Gallaudet's Youth's Book on Natural Theology. 

Lahainaluna, 1842. 


History of Quadrupeds. 

" 1834. 


Biblical Geography. 

" 1835. 


The same. 2d ed. 



Hymn Book. 

Oahu, 1834. 


Hymn Book. 

Honolulu, 1864. 


Hymn Book. 

New York, 1872. 


Children's Lyre, with music. " 16° 

Hawaiian Lyre. Honolulu, 1835. obi. 4° 

Constitution and Laws of the Hawaiian Islands. " 1841. 12°. 

The same translated into English. Lahainaluna, 1842. 12° 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxv 

Hawaiian. — Child's Teacher, monthly. 1837. 12° 

Bailey's Algebra. Boston, 1858. 12 

Micronesian. — Matthew, John, and Ephesians. New York, 1 866. 12° 

Malay. — Psalter, with the order for Morning and Evening Prayers. 

Penang, 1836. 8° 

Marathi. — Genesis, Deuteronomy, Judges, Psalms, Chronicles, Ezra, 

Nehemiah, Esther, Romans, and Revelation. 1836-40. 8° 

Pentateuch. Bombay, 1842. 8° 

Poetical Books of the Old Testament. " 8° 

Acts. " 1841. 24° 
Commentary on Matthew. " 1858. 

Barth's Church History. ■' 1850. 4°. 

Gallaudet's Child's Book on the Soul. " 1844. 12° 

Topical Questions on the Scriptures. '• 1846. 12° 

Examination of Religions. Parts 1, 2. " 1856-58. 12° 

Memoir of Mrs. Munger. " 1858. 12° 

Nature's Wonders. " 1853. 12° 

Theological Class Book. " 1857. 12° 

Scripture Manual. " 1857. 12" 

Life of Muhammad. ,: 1853. 12° 

Mother at Home. " 1852. 24° 

Bible Stories. " 1852. 8° 

Questions on Geography. " 1867. 12° 

Hymns for Worship and Songs for Children. " 1866. 8° 

First Book for Children. Lithographed. Bombay, 1838. 12° 

History of Jesus Christ. " " 1841. 12° 

Hymns. n. p., n. d. 24° 

Instructive Stories. " " 16° 

Child at Home. " " 16° 

Volume of tracts. " " 12° 
Gospel of Matthew in English, Marathi, Guzerati, Hindustani, 

and Sanskrit. 8° 

Sinhasanabattisi. Lithographed. Bombay, 1854. 12° 

Mpongwe. — Genesis, part of Exodus, Proverbs, and Acts. New York, 1869. 16° 

Epistles of Paul. " 1867. 16° 
Epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude, and the Apocalypse. 

New York, 1869. 16° 

Gospel of Luke. 16° 

Ojibwa. — Gospel of John. Boston, 1838. 12° 

Acts. " 1838. 12° 

Epistles of John. " 1840. 12° 

Bible Stories. " 1835. 12" 

Hymns. " 1844. 16° 

Peep of Day. " 1844. 16° 

Siamese. — Gospel of John. Bangkok, 1849. 12° 
Life of Christ. " n. d. 

History of Joseph. " 1847. 12° 

Almanac. " 1850. 18° 

Ride on the Calf. " n. d. 16° 

Ancient Syriac. — Acts and Romans. Oroomiah, 1841. 8° 

Modern Syriac. — New Testament with marginal references. " 1860. 4° 

New Testament. " 1866. 4°. 

Commentary on Genesis. " 1867. 

" Exodus. ■' 1869. 

" the Minor Prophets. '• 1861. 8° 

" Matthew. " 1865. 8° 

Biblical Geography and Chronology. " 1856. f" 

Pastoral Theology. " 1863. 12° 

Hymns. " i860. 12° 

Sabbath School Hymn Book. " 1866. 12°. 

Twelve Short Sermons. " 1845. 16°. 


American Oriental Society : 

Modern Syriac. — Doctrinal questions and answers. 
The Papacy. 
Proof Texts. 
On Intemperance. 
The Great Salvation. 
Sabbath School Question book. 
On the Sins and Follies of Childhood. 
The Christian Sabbath. 
Stoddard's Outlines of Theology. 
Wayland's Moral Science. 
Doodridge's Rise and Progress. 
Baxter's Call to the Unconverted. 
Reformed Pastor. 

Oroomiah, 1848. 
" 1855. 

" 1865. 

•' 1843. 

" 1842. 

" 1842. 

" 1844. 

" 1857. 

" 1867. 

" 1857. 

" 1854. 

" 1864. 

" 1870. 


" 1865. 

Dairyman's Daughter. 

Night of Toil. 

Faithful Promiser. 

Helps to the Reading of the Scriptures. 

The Faith of Protestants. 

Confession of Faith, Book of Discipline, and Westminster 

The Marriage Rite. 
Little Jane. 
Elements of Algebra. 
Spelling Book. 
Medical Hints. 

Questions on Mitchell's Outline Maps. 
Paradigms of the Modern Syriac Verb. 
Outlines of Persian Grammar. 
Tamil.— Bible. 

New Testament with references. 
New Testament. 
— The same. 

New Testament and Psalms. 
Gospels, with Luke in Hindustani. 
Gospel of John in English and Tamil. 
Gospel of Mark. 
Proverbs of Solomon. 
Bible History. 
Biblical Geography. 
The Bazaar Book, or Vernacular Preacher's Companion. Madras, 1 865. 
Pike's Persuasives to Early Piety. " 1853. 

Lamp of Truth. Vol. 3-5. " 1863-65. 

The Old Path. By the Rev. Ashton Dibb. " 1863. 

Union Prayer Meeting Hymn Book. n. d. 

Geographical Primer. " 1861. 

Tamil Hymns and Hymns for Children. Manepy and Jaffna, 1 862. 
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. " 1861. 

Daily Monitor. " n. d. 

Page's Introduction to Geography. " 1862. 

Geography. " 1866. 

Arithmetic. " 1866. 

Midwifery, adapted and translated by S. F. Green, M.D., '• 1857. 
Surgery, translated by Danfortli, edited by Green. :i 1 867. 

Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene. Madras, 1857. 

Tracts. 5 vols. v. d 

Reading Book. Nellore, 1827. 

Williams, Triumph of the Gospel in the South Sea Islands. 

Nagercoil, 1859. 

Oroomiah, 1862. 

" 1858. 

" 1848. 

li 1850. 

" 1864. 

" 1849. 

11 1864. 

" 1863. 

'• 1859. sm, 

" 1856. 

" 1861. sm. 

Madras, n. d. 

" 1859. 

" 1858. 


" 1*60. 

" 1858. 

" 1836. 

n. p. n. d. 

Manepy, 1837. 

Jaffna, 1857. 











. 4" 








Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxvii 

Tamil. — German Tunes for the Hymn-books of the Evang. Luth. Miss. 

in India. Madras, 1865. 

Ceylon Almanac for 1 834. Colombo, 1834. 8°. 

Four Tamil books. 8° and 16". 
Telugu. — Hitavadi, an Illustrated Telugu Magazine. Tol. i-iv. Mad- 
ras. " ' 1862-5. 8°. 

Panchatantra or Panchopakhyana. Five Collections of Stories, with 

an introductory sketch by John Garrett. Bangalore, 1864. 12°. 

The Jewel Mine of Salvation, a Telugu poem with its prose 

version. Madras, 1849. 16°. 

Turkish. — New Testament. Constantinople, 1866. 16°. 

Commentary on Matthew and Mark. " 1860. 8°. 

" " the Sermon on the Mount. " 1863. 8°. 

The Faith of Protestants. " 1868. 12 c . 

Armeno-Turkish. — Psalms. " 16°. 

New Testament. " 1858. 16°. 

Analytical Concordance of the Bible. " 1857. 12°. 

Commentary on Matthew. " 1860. 8°. 

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. " 1864. 12°. 

Lives of the Prophets. " 1854. 12°. 

Origin of Forms and Ceremonies in the Church. " 1857. 12°. 

Catholicism and Protestantism compared, by C. Hamlin. " 1860. 12°. 

Sermons by W. Goodell " " 1864. 12°. 

"Westminster Cathechism. " 1864. 12°. 

Hymn Book. " 1860. 16°. 

Primer. " 1866. 12°. 

Jones's Catechism. Smyrna, 1848. 

Daille's Right use of the Fathers in controversy. " 1845. 16°. 

Catechism. New York, 1861. 16°. 

Grseco-Turkish. — New Testament. Athens, 1838. 8°. 

Gallaudet's Child's Book on the Soul. " 1840. 12°. 

Tracts. " 1839. 8°. 

Zulu — Ezra, I and II Kings, Daniel. Esidumbini, 1868-9. 12°. 

Gospel of John. Durban, 1860. 12°. 

Acts. Emsunduzi, 1859. 8°. 

Romans. Port Natal, 1854. 16°. 

Primer. New York, n. d. 12°. 

Geography. 1862. 12°. 

The Morning Star, a monthly newspaper. Vol. 1-3. 

Esidumbini. 1861-3. 4°. 

Hymn Book. Natal, 1864. 16°. 

Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Criminal Law. By John D. Mayne. 

2d ed. Madras, 1865. 8°. 
God the object of Christian faith, the subject of Hindu speculation. By the Rev. 

Ch. Egbert Kennet. Madras, 1863. 8°. 
Report of the Madras Diocesan Committee of the Society for the Propagation of 

the Gospel in Foreign Parts, for 1 862-3. Madras, 1863. 8°. 
Story of the Morning Star. By Rev. Hiram Bingham, Jr. Boston, 1866. 16°. 

From Rev. Unfits Anderson, D.D. 

History of the Missions of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 
Missions to the Oriental Churches. By Rufus Anderson. Boston, 1872. 2 v. 8°. 

From the American Philosophical Society. 

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. Vol. xiv, pt. 3, xv, pt. 1, 2. 

Philadelphia, 1871-75. 4°. " 

Proceedings do. No. 86-100. Philad., 1871-78. 8°. 
List of surviving members. 1878. 8°. 

VOL. X. 10* 

olxxviii American Oriental Society : 

From the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 

Bibliotheca Indica. Old Series, no. 2*22-232, 234-6; New Series, no. 119-20, 
122, 141, 149, 157, 162-3, 168, 176-7, 179-220, 222, 224-86, 288-91, 293-9, 
301-4, 308-13, 315-48, 351-7, 362-3, viz. : 
The Taittiriya Sanhita. Fasc. 25-27, 29. 
The Taittiriya Brahmana. Fasc. 23, 24. 
The Taittiriya Aranyaka. Pasc. 9-11. 
The Mimansa Dars'ana. Fasc. 9-12. 
The Sahitya Darpana translated. Pasc. 4. 
The S'rauta Sutra of As'valayana. Fasc. 11. 
The Nitisara. Fasc. 4. 
The Tandya Mahabrahmana. Pasc. 4-19. 

Ibn Hajar's Biographical Dictionary. Vol. i, fasc. 14, 15; iv, 8-10 and suppl. 
The Ain i Akbari. Pasc. 4-16. 

The Same. Translated from the original Persian by H. Blochmann. Vol. i, 
fasc. 1-6. 8°. 
The Muntakhab al-Lubab. Pasc. 14-18. 
The Badshah Namah, Index of names of persons and geographical names 

occurring in. By Maulavi Abdur Rahim. 1 fasc. 
The Alamgirnamah. Index of names in, etc. By Maulawi Abudulhay. 1 fasc. 
The Agni Purana, a system of Hindu mythology and tradition. Edited by 

Harachandra Vidyabhushana. Pasc. 1-4, 6-9. 
The S'rauta Sutra of Latyayana, with the Commentary of Agniswami. Edited 

by Anandacbandra Vedantavagis'a. Fasc. 1-9. 
The Sama Veda Sanhita, with the Commentary of Sayana Acharya. Edited 

by Satyavrata Samas'rami. Vol. i-iv, fasc. 1. 
The Chaturvarga Chintamani, by Hemadri. Edited by Pandita Bharatachandra 

S'irpmani. Vol. i, ii, fasc. 1-6. 
The Atharvana TJpanishads, with the Commentary of Narayana. Edited by 

Ramamaya Tarkaratna. Pasc. 1-4. 
The Ohhandah Sutra of Pingala Acharya, with the Commentary of Halayudha. 

Edited by Pandita Vis'vanatha S'astri. Pasc. 1, 2. 
The Gobhiliya Grihya Sutra, with a commentary by the editor, Chandrakanta 

Tarkalankara. Fasc. 1-4, 6. 
The Nrisinha Tapani of the Atharva Veda, with the Commentary of S'ankara 

Acharya. Edited by Ramamaya Tarkaratna. 3 fasc. 
The Gopala Tapani of the Atharva Veda, with the Commentary of Vis'ves'vara. 

Edited by Harachandra Vidyabhushana and Vis'vanatha S'astri. 1 fasc. 
The Gopatha Brahmana of the Atharva Veda. Edited by Harachandra 

Vidyabhushana. Fasc. 1, 2. 
The Brahma Sutras, with the Commentary of S'ankaracharya, translated into 

English by Rev. K. M. Banerjea. Fasc. 1. 
The Katantra, with the Commentary of Durgasimha. Edited with notes and 

indexes by Julius Eggeling. Fasc. 1-4. 
The Prithiraja Rasau of Chand Bardai, in the original Old Hindi. Pt. i. fasc. 1 , 

edited by John Beames; pt. ii, fasc. 1, edited by Rev. A. P. Rudolf Hoernle. 
The Bhamati, a gloss on S'ankara Acharya's Commentary on the Brahma Sutras 

by Vachaspati Mis'ra. Edited by Pandit Bala S'astri. vPasc. 1-3. 
The Aitareya Aranyaka of the Rig Veda with the Commentary of Sayana 

Acharya. Edited by Rajendralala Mitra. Pasc. 1-5. 
The Taittiriya Pratis'akhya with the Commentary entitled the Tribhashyaratna. 

Edited by Rajendralala Mitra. 3 fasc. 
The Maasir i Alamgiri of Muhammad Saqi Musta'idd Khan. Edited by Mau- 
lawi Agha Ahmad 'Ali. Pasc. 1-6. 
The Farhang i Rashidi, by Mulla 'Abdur-Rashid, of Tattah. Edited and 

annotated by Maulawi Zulfaquar 'Ali. Fasc. 1-14. 
The Tabakat-i-Nasiri of Minhaj-i-Saraj. Translated from the Persian by Major 

H.'G. Raverty. ' Fasc. 1-8. 
The Akbarnamah by Abul Pazl i Mubarak i 'Allami. Vol. i, fasc. 1, 2, edited by 

Agha Ahmad 'Ali. Vol. i, fasc. 3-6, ii fasc. 1 . edited by Maulawi ' Abd-ur- Rahim. 
The Haft Asman or History of the Masnawi of the Persians, by the late 

Maulawi Agha Ahmad 'Ali. 1 fasc. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxix 

From the Asiatic Society of Japan. 

Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. Vol. i — v, pt. 2. Yokohama, 
1874-77. 8°- 

From the Asiatic Society of Paris. 

Journal Asiatique. 2 e ser., t. ii — xvi ; 3 e ser., t. i — xiv ; 4 e ser., t. i — xvi ; 6 e ser., 
t. xv, no. 3 — xx : 7° ser., t. i — xi, no. 1. (Wanting Mai — Decembre 1847, Avril 
1873). Paris, 1828-78. 8°. 

From the Astor Library. 

Annual report of the trustees of the Astor Library. Albany, 1876. 8°. 

From Mr. Gilbert Attwood, of Boston. 

I koku sho moku guai shu. [Catalogue of Chinese books]. Yedo, 1819. fi v. 
Kin dai cho jutsu moku roku. [Catalogue of modern Japanese books]. Yedo, 
n. d. 5 v. 

From Rev. J. G. Auer, D.D., of West Africa. 

Elements of the Gedebo language. By the Rev. J. G. Auer. Stuttgart, 1870. 16°. 
Barth's Bible History translated into the Gedebo language [by the Rev. J. G. 

Auer]. Stuttgart, 1871. 16°. 
The Book of Psalms in G'debo, translated from the Hebrew [by the Rev. J. G. 

Auer]. Basel, 1872. 16°. 
Primer and Reader in the Kru language. Stuttgart, 1873. 8°. 
Hymns for the Church and Family in the Kru language. [By the Rev. J. G. 

Auer]. Basel, 1873. 16°. 

From Rev. H. N. Barnwm. 

Kurdish Primer. New York, 1868. 16°. 

From M. Paul Bataittard. 

Les derniers travaux relatifs aux Bohemiens dans l'Europe orientale, par Paul 
Bataillard. [Extraits de la Revue Critique, 1870-71.] Paris, 1872. roy. 8°. 

From the Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences. 

Verhandelingen van het Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. 

Deel xxx-xxvi. Batavia, 1863-72. 4°. 
Notulen van de algemeene en Bestuurs-Vergaderingen. Deel i-xi. Batavia 

Catalogus der BibUotheek, door Mr. J. A. Van der Chiis, Bibliothecaris. Batavia. 

1864. 8°. 
Eerste verfolg Catalogus der Bibliotheek en Catalogus der Maleische, Javaansehe. 

en Kawi Handschriften. Batavia, 1872. 8° 
Codicum Arabicorum catalogum inchoatum a Doct. A. Friederich absolvit indici 

busque instruxit L. W. C. Van den Berg. Batavia, 1873. 8°. 
Alphabetische Lijst van Land-. Zee-, Rivier-, Wind-, Storm-, en andere Kaarten 

toebehoorende aan . . . Batavia, 1873. 8°. 
Tijdschrift voor Indische Taal-, Land-, en Volkenkunde. Deel xi, xiii-xxi, 2 

Batavia, 1863-74. 8°. 

From Rev. W. H. Benade, of Pittsburg. 

Ueber den chronologischen Werth der assyrischen Eponymen und einige Beriihr- 
ungspunkte mit der aegyptischen Chronologie, von R. Lepsius. [Aus den 
Abhand. d. k. Akad. d. Wiss. zu Berlin, 1869]. Berlin, 1869. 4°. 

From Robert L. Bensly, M.A. 

The missing fragment of the Latin translation of the fourth book of Ezra, dis- 
covered and edited with an introduction and notes by Robert L. Bensly, M.A. 
Cambridge, 1875. 4°. 

clxxx American Oriental Society : 

From the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin. 

Philologische und historische Abhandlungen der koniglichen Akademie der Wis- 

senbchaften zu Berlin, 1870-76. Berlin, 1871-77. 4°. 
Monatsberichte. 1871—1877, Jan., Feb. 1878. 1871-78. 8°. 
Inhaltsverzeichniss der Abhandlungen aus den Jahren 1822 bis 1872. Nach den 

Klassen geordnet. Berlin, 1873. 8°. 
Verzeichniss der Bibliothek. Berlin. 1874. 8°. 

From Dr. Ehao Daji, of Bombay. 

Mahabharata with the commentary of Nilakantha. 18 books. Bombay, 1863. 

obi. f°. 
Bhagavata Purana with the commentary of (Jridharasvamin. 12 books. Bombay, 

1860. obi. 4°.' 
Linga Purana with the commentary (Jivatoshani by Ganeca. 2 books. Lithogr. 

Bombay, 1857. obi. f°. 
AdhyAtma Ram&yana with the commentary of Ramavarman. Lithogr. Bombay, 

1857. obi. 
Paneadaci with the commentary of Ramakrshna. Lithogr. Bombay, 1863. obi. 
Pratishthamayukha. Lithogr. Bombay, 1862. obi. 
Sanskarakaustubha. by Anantadeva. Lithogr. Bombay, 1861. obi. 
Ary&cataka by Mugdala. Lithogr. Bombay, 1860. obi. 
P>acavatara-khanda ; pracasti, by Hanumat. Lithogr. Bombay, 1860. obi. 
Candakaucika, by Aryakshemicvara. Lithogr. Bombay, 1860. obi. 
Kacinatha's commentary on (Jridhara's explanation of the Vedastuti. Lithogr. 

Bombay, 1862. obi. 
Sahityasara with commentary. Lithogr. Bombay, 1860. obi. 

From the Society of Biblical Archaeology. 

Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology. Vol. i, pt. 2 — v, pt 1. 
London, 1872-76. 8°. 

. From Rev. H. Blodgett, D.D., of Peking. 

The New Testament translated into Mandarin by a committee of the Peking mis- 
sionaries. Peking, 1872. 8°. 

From Prof. Otto Bohtlingk. 

Indische Spriiche, Sanskrit und Deutsch, hrsg. von Otto Bohtlingk. 2te verm. 

ud verb. Aufl. 3 Theile. St. Petersburg, 1870-73. 8°. 
Zur Kritik und Erklarung verschiedener indischer Werke, von O. Bohtlingk. 

[Extrait des Melanges Asiat. T. vii.] St. Petersburg, 1876. 8°. 

From Professors Bohtlingk and Roth. 

Sanskrit Worterbuch. Bearbeitet von Otto Bohtlingk und Rudolph Roth. Lief. 
44-58 (Schluss). St. Petersburg, 1870-76. 4°. 

From Dr. E. Bretschneider. 

On the study and value of Chinese botanical works. By E. Bretschneider. [Re- 
printed from the Chinese Recorder and Miss. Journal, vol. iii.] Foochow, 
1870-71. 8°. 

From William T. Brigham, Esq., of Boston. 

Contributions of a venerable savage to the ancient history of the Hawaiian 
Islands. Translated from the French of Jules Remy by "William T. Brigham. 
Privately printed. Boston, 1868. 8°. 

From Rev. N. Brown, D.D., of Japan. 
A Japanese treatise on ancient swords. 3 pts. f°. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxxi 

From Prof. G. Buhler, of Bombay. 

A transcript of an ancient Sanskrit MS. in the library of the Raja of Bikanir, con- 
taining the Pancapatalika, Dantyoshthavidhi, K&latitapr&yaccitta, Atharva-Veda 
Praticakhya, Atharva-Veda Pratieitkhyamula. 23 ff. 6x12 in. 

Grants from Valabhi, 2 pts. ; a new grant of Govinda III, Rathor ; a grant of 
Ohhittarajadeva, MaMmaudales'vara of the Konkana. By G. Buhler. [Re- 
printed from the Indian Antiquary.'] Bombay. l(i°. 

From James Burgess, Esq., of Bombay. 

The Indian Antiquary, a journal of oriental research Pt. 15-80. Bombay, 
1878. 4°. 

From Sir George Campbell, M.P. 

Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal. Illustrated by lithographic portraits, copied 
from photographs. By Edward Tuite Dalton. Calcutta, 1872. 4°. 

From Rev. M. M. Carle'on, of Ambala, Northern India. 

MS. of the Adhy&tma Ramayana. Samvat 1868=A. D. 1811. 161 ff. 6x12 in. 
MS. of the Pancadaci with R&makrshna's commentary (imperfect), ff. 88-115 

(end). 6x12 in. 
MS. of the Sanskrta-maBjari. ff. 1-4. 4x8 in. 
Fragment of a Sanskrit MS. 8 ff. 7£x6 in. 
MS. in the Bengali character. 50 ff. 12x9 in. 
The S&rasvati-prakriya. Lithogr. 1863. obi. 
First and Second T&nkri Book. Lithogr. Mundi, 1870. 8°. 
Thirty-sixth annual report of the Lodiana Mission, for 1870. Lodiana, 1871. 8°. 

From Rev. C. H. Carpenter, of Rangoon. 

A revision of Dr. Wade's rules for the transliteration of foreign terms into Karen. 
Rangoon, 1875. 8°. 

From Mr. W. S. Chaplin, of Tokio, Japan. 

Fu tsu shin gon zo. [Treasury of general truths]. A Buddhist work in Sanskrit 
and Chinese, with the Japanese pronunciation of the Sanskrit. 3 vols. 

From the Royal University of Norway, at y Christiania. 

Universitets Aarsberetning for 1869. Christiania, 1870. 8°. 

Bidrag til Kundskab om Christianiafjordens Fauna, af Michael Sars. II, III. 

Christ. 1870-73. 4°. 
Die Pflanzenwelt Norwegens. Kin Beitrag zur Natur- und Culturgeschichte 

Nord-Europas. 2 Theile. Christ., 1871-75. 4°. 
Quellen zur Geschichte des Taufsvmbols und der Glaubensregel, von Dr. C. P. 

Caspari. III. Christ., 1875. 8°. 
Le neve de Justedal et ses glaciers, par C. de Seue. Christ., 1870. 4°. 
Recherches sur la chronologie egyptienne, par J. Lieblein. Christ., 1873. 8°. 
Die aegyptischen Denkmaler in St. Petersburg, Helsingfors, TJpsala, und Copen- 
hagen, von J. Lieblein. Christ., 1873. 8°. 
Bidrag til den antike Philosophies Historie, af Dr. G. V. Lyng. Christ., 1869. 8°. 
Om den kyrenaiske Skole. By the same Christ, 1868. 8°. 
Anaxagoras og Atomistiken, af M. J. Monrad. Christ, 1870. 8°. 
Forekomster af Kise i visse Skiffere i Norge, af A. Holland. Christ., 1873. 4°. 
Erstfortkomster i Sondhordland og paa Karmoen. By the same. " 187 1. 8°. 
On the rise of land in Scandinavia, by S. A. Sexe. Christ., 1872. 4°. 
Om en i Sommeren 1869 foretagen entomologisk Reise, af H. Siebke. Christ, 

1870. 8 , 
Magiietiske Undersogelser foretagne i 1868 af K. A. H. Sinding. Christ, 1870. 8°. 
De vigtigste Udtryk for Begrebeme Herre og Fyrste i de semitiske Sprog, af E. 

Blix. Kristiania, 1876. 8°. 
Fortegnelser over Mynter fra Middelalderen fundne i 1866, af C. Schive. Christ , 

1869. 8°. ' 

clxxxii American Oriental Society : 

From Hyde Clarke, Esq., of London. 

Memoir on the Comparative Grammar of Egyptian, Coptic and Ude. By Hyde 

Clarke. London, 1873. 8°. 
Serpent and Siva Worship in Central America, Africa, and Asia. By Hyde Clarke. 

London, 1876. 8°. 

From Rev. Henry N. Cobb, of Millbrook, Ni Y. 
New Testament and Psalms in Ancient Syriac. New York, 1874. 18°. 

From Sign. Guido Cora, of Turin. 

Cosmos; Communicazioni sui progressi della geografia, etc. No. 1. Torino, 
1873. roy. 8°. 

From Henri Gordier, Esq., of Shanghai. 

A Narrative of recent events in Tong-King. By Henri Cordier. Shanghai, 
1875. 8°. 

From the Marquis de Croizier. 

La Perse et les Persans. Nasr-Eddin-Schah, le nouvel Iran et l'equilibre asiatique, 
par le Marquis de Croizier. Paris, 1873. 8°. 

From Rev, J, N. Cushing. 

Grammar of the Shan language. By Rev. J. N. Cushing. Rangoon, 1871. 8°. 

From Mrs. C. H. Dall. 

The precepts of Jesus the guide to peace and happiness. Compiled from the four 
Gospels by Rammohun Roy, translated into Bengali and annotated by Rakhal 
Das Haldar. Calcutta, 1859. 8°. 

From Prof. 0. Donner of Helsingfors. 

Vergleichendes Worterbuch der finnisch-ugrischen Sprachen, von Dr. O. Donner. 

II. Helsingfors, 1876. 8°. 
Lieder der Lappen gesammelt von Dr. 0. Donner. Helsingfors, 1876. 8°. 

From the Ethnological Society, Paris. 

Actes de la Societe d'Ethnographie. No. 24-26, 29. 35. Paris, 1872-4. 8°. 
Annuaire de la Societe d'Ethnographie. 1877. Paris, 1877. 8°. 

From F. B. Forbes, Esq., of Shanghai. 

China's Place in Philology ; an attempt to show that the languages of Europe 
and Asia have a common origin. By Joseph Edkins. Lond. 1871. 8°. 

From Prof. P. E. Foucaux, of Paris. 

Le religieux chasse de la communaute. Conte bouddhique traduit du tibetain par 
P. E. Foucaux. [Extrait des Memoires de l'Athenee Oriental.] Paris, 1872. 4°. 

From Mme. Mary Sumner and Prof. P. E. Fovamx,. 

Les religieusos bouddhistes depuis Sakya-mouni jusqu'a nos jours, par Mme. 
Mary Sumner avec une introduction par P. B. Foucaux. Paris, 1873. 12°. 

From the Minister of Public Instruction of France. 

Mission de Phenicie dirigee par M. Ernest Renan. Livr. 4-6. Paris, 1 865-7 1 . 
4° and f°. 

From William Gamble, Esq. 

Bible in Chinese. Shanghai, 1864-65. 32°. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxxiii 

From the German Oriental Society. 

Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlandischen Gesellschaft. Bd. xxv-xxxi. Leip- 
zig, 1871-77. 8°. 
Register zu Bd. xi-xx, xxi-xxx. Leipzig, 1872-77. 8°. 
Wissenschaftlicher Jahresbericht fiber die morgenlandischen Studien. 1862-1867, 

von Dr. Richard Gosche. Heft I. Leipzig, 1871. 8°. 
Iudische Studien hrsg. von Albrecht Weber. Bd. xi-xiv. Leipzig, 1871-76. 8°. 
Abhandlungen fur die Kunde des Morgenlandes : 
T, 4. Zur Sprache, Literatur und Dogmatik der Samaritaner, von Dr. Samuel 

Kohn. Leipzig, 1876. 8°. 
VI, 1. Chronique de Josue le Stylite. Texte et traduction par M. l'abbe 

Paulin Martin. Leipzig, 1876. 8°. 
VI, 2. Paraskara's Grhyasutras hrsg. von A. P. Stenzler. Heft. I. Text. 

Leipzig, 1876. 8°. 
VI, 3. Polemische und apologetische Literatur in arabischer Sprache von Moritz 
Steinschneider. Leipzig, 1877. 8°. 
Chronologie orientalischer Volker von Albiruni, hrsg. von Dr. C. Edward Saehau. 
I. Halfte. Leipzig, 1876. 4°. 

Prom Pratdpachandra Ghosha. 

Durgii Pujd, with notes and illustrations by Pratdpachandra Ghosha, B.A. Cal- 
cutta, 1871. 12°. 

From Prof. J. Gildemeister, of Bonn. 

Catalogus iibrorum manu scriptorum orientalium in bibliotheca academica 
Bonnensi servatorum. Adornavit Joannes Gildemeister. Bonnae, 1864-76. 4°. 

From Pres. D. C. Gilman, of Baltimore. 

A dictionary of the Chinook Jargon or Indian trade language of the North 
Pacific Coast. Victoria, B. C. 8°. 

From Rev. J. T. Gracey, of New York. 

Arabic MS. containing an acrostic poem on the Koran, Sur. 63, v. 9-11, by Sheikh 

Omaru al-Hajj, of Futah Toro. pp. 13. f°. 
Catalogue and report of the India Conference Theological Seminary at Bareilly, 

North-West Provinces, for 1877-78. Lucknow, 1878. 8°. 
Proceedings at the second meeting of the India Sunday School Union held at 

Allahabad, Dec, 1877. Lucknow, 1878. 8°. 

From Prof. H. Grassmann, of Stettin. 
Rig Veda iibersetzt und mit kritischen und erlafiternden Anmerkungen versehen 
von Hermann Grassmann. Leipzig, 1876-77. 2 v. 8°. 

From Rev. 0. H. Gulick, of Japan. 
Gospel of Mark in Japanese, n. p. n. d. 

Shing ti ling ch'ien. A Chinese treatise on divination, with forms of prayer 
n. p., n. d. 

From Rev. Charles R. Hale, of Baltimore. 

Occasional papers of the Russo-Greek Committee. New Series. No. 1. 2- viz: 

Report of the joint committee on communication with the Russo-Greek Church 

A list of all the sees and bishops of the Holy Orthodox Church of the Bast 

translated and compiled from Russian official documents by the Rev Charles 

R. Hale. 1872. 8°. 

From Rev. Andrew P. Happer, of Canton. 

Shang-ti. Pt. 1. Is the Shang-ti of the Chinese classics the same being as Jeho- 
vah of the Sacred Scriptures ? Pt. 2. What being is designated by Shang-ti in 
the Chinese classics and in the ritual of the state religion of China? By 
Inquirer. Shanghai, 1877. 8°. 

An essay on the proper rendering of the words Elohim and Theos into the Chinese 
language. By Inquirer. Shanghai, 1877. 8°. 

clxxxiv American Oriental Society : 

From Rev. J. M. Haswell. 
Grammatical notes and vocabulary of the Peguan language. By Rev. J. M. Has- 
well. Rangoon, 1874. 8°. 

From Prof. C. A. Holmboe, of Christiania, Norway. 
Twelve archaeological essays, extracts from the Christiania Tidensk.-Selsk. For- 
handlinger 1869-74, viz: Norske Vaegtlodder fra 14de Aarh. — Ibn Fozlan 
om nordiske Begravelsesskikke. — En Guldbracteat-Praeg. — Om Naever i nor- 
diske Gravhoie. — En buddhistisk Legende. — Det chinesiske Shakspil. — Et lidet 
Fund af Mynter fra lite Aarh. — Om Vsegten af nogle Smykker. — Asaland. 
II. — Hexe og Dfikini. — Guldmynten fra Aak. — En Maade at betegne Tal paa, 
som er i Brug blandt Handelsmaend i Arabien og Persien. 

From Mr. H. A. Homes, of Albany, N. Y. 
The Alchemy of Happiness, by Mohammed Al-Ghazzali. Translated from the 
Turkish by Henry A. Homes. Albany, 1873. 8°. 

From Mr. Fisher Howe, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
The true site of Calvary and suggestions relating to the Resurrection. By Fisher 
Howe. New York [1871]. 8. 

From Her Majesty's Secretary of State for India. 
Rig-Veda-Sanhita. The sacred hymns of the Brahmans, with the Commentary of 

Sayanacharya. Edited by F. Max Muller. Vol. v, vi. London, 1872-74. 8". 

The same, translated and explained by F. Max Muller. Vol. i. Hymns to 

the Maruts, or the storm gods. London. 1869. 8°. 
Grammar of the Rong (Lepcha) language as it exists in the Darjeling and Sikim 

hills. By Col. G. B. Mainwaring. Calcutta, 1876. 4". 
The Adi Granth, or the Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs, translated from the original 

Gurmukhi, with introductory Essays, by Dr. Ernest Trumpp. London, 1877. 

roy. 8°. 
Grammar of the Sindhi language, compared with the Sanskrit Pracrit and the 

cognate Indian vernaculars, by Dr. Ernest Trumpp. London and Leipzig. 1872. 

roy. 8°. 
Archaeological Survey of India. Reports 1862-73. Vol. i-v. By Alexander 

Cunningham. Simla and Calcutta, 1871-75. 8°. 
The book of Arda Viraf. The Pahlavi text prepared by Destur Hoshangji 

Jamaspji Asa, revised and collated with further MSS., with an English transla- 
tion and introduction, with an appendix, etc.. by Martin Haug, Ph.D., assisted 

by E. W. West, Ph.D. Bombay, 1872. 2 v. 8°. 
Dictionary of the Bengalee language. By W. Carey. 2d ed. Serampore, 1825. 

2 v. 4°. 
Grammar of the Carnatica language. By John McKerrell. Madras, 1820. 4 . 
A Dictionary, Telugu and English, English and Telugu. By Charles Philip Brown. 

Madras, 1852. 2 v. roy. 8 J . 
Dictionary of the PukTito, Pus'hto, or language of the Afghans, with remarks on 

the originality of the language and its affinity to other Oriental languages. By 

Major H. G. Raverty. 2d ed. London, 1867. 4°. 
The Gulshan-i-Roh, being selections, prose and poetical, in the Pus'hto or Afghan 

language. Edited by Major H. G. Raverty. 2d ed. London, 1867. 
Hindu law, principally with reference to such portions of it as concern the 

administration of justice in the King's Courts in India. By Sir Thomas 

Strange. Lond.. 1830. 2 v. 8°. 
The Laghu Kaumudi, a Sanskrit grammar by Varadaraja, with a version, commen- 
tary, and references by James R. Ballantyne, LL.D. Rendered into Hindi by 

BaM Mathura Prasada Mis'ra. Benares, 1856. 8°. 
A vocabulary Ooriya and English for the use of students. By Mohunpersand 

Takoor. Serampore, 1811. 8°. 
The Aphorisms of the Nyaya philosophy by Gautama, with illustrative extracts 

from the commentary. In Sanskrit and English. [By J. R. BallantyneJ. 

Books i, ii. Allahabad, 1850-53. 8°. 
The Aphorisms of the Vais'eshika philosophy of Kanada. Mirzapore, 1851. 8°. 
The Aphorisms of the Vedanta philosophy, by Badarayana. Mirzapore, 1851. 8 C . 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxxv 

The Aphorisms of the Toga philosophy of Pantanjali. Allahabad, 1852. 8°. 
The Bhasha Parichheda and its commentary, with an English version [by J. B. 

Ballantyne]. Calcutta, 1851. 8°. 
A lecture on the Vedanta, embracing the text of the Vedanta Sara. Allahabad, 

1850. 8°. 
The wars of the Rajas, being the history of Anantapurnam. [In Telugu]. 

Madras, 1853. 8°. 
Comparative vocabulary of the Banna, Malayu, and T'hai languages. Serampore, 

1810. 8°. 
Dialogues in Telugu and English, with a grammatical analysis. [By Charles 

Philip Brown.] 2d ed Madras, 1853. 8°. 
Rajneeti ; or Tales exhibiting the moral doctrines and the civil and military policy 

of the Hindoos. Translated from the original Sanskrit of Narayun Pundit into 

Brij Bhasha by Sree Lulloo Lai Kub. Calcutta, 1827. 8°. 

From the Italian Oriental Society. 

Annuario della Societa Italiana per gli Studj Orientali. Anno primo, 1812. 
Roma, 1873. 8°. 

From Karurikulam Krishna Josiar. 

The Grahanadarpanan. A treatise on eclipses illustrated with predictions con- 
cerning the solar eclipse 18 Aug. 1868. By Karunkulam Krishna Josiar. 

Madras, 1868. 8°. 

From Rev. S. H. Kellogg, of Pittsburg, Pa. 

Grammar of the Hindi language, in which are treated the Standard Hindi, Braj, 
and the Eastern Hindi of Ramayan of Tulsi Das, also the colloquial dialects of 
Marwar, Kumaon, Avadh, Bagbelkhand, Bhojpur, etc. ; with copious philologi- 
cal notes. By Rev. S. H. Kellogg. Allahabad, 1876. 8°. 

From M. Nicolas de Khanikof, of St. Petersbwrgh. 

Sur l'emplacement de la ville d'Artacoana, par M. de Khanikof. [Extrait du 
Journal Asiatique, 1875.] Paris, 1875. 8°. 

From the University of Kiel. 

Schriften der Universitat zu Kiel. Bd. xvii-xxi, xxiii. Kiel, 1871-77. 4°. 
Die Einweihung des neuen Universitats-Gebaudes zu Kiel, 24-26 Oktober, 1876, 
von Dr. Friedrich Volbehr. Kiel, 1876. 8°. 

From Rev. M. J. Knowlton, of Ningpo, China. 

Two lectures, on ancient Christian missions in China and on the rivers of China, 
delivered before the Ningpo Book Club, by Rev. M. J. Knowlton. 1869. 8°. 

From Prof. Ludolf Krehl, of Leipsic. 

Beitrage zur Charakteristik der Lehre vom Glauben im Islam, von Ludolf Krehl 
Leipzig, 1877. 8°. 

From Prof. Adalbert Kuhn, of Berlin. 

Zeitschrift fur vergleichende Sprachforschung. Bd. xx, 2 — xxiv, 2. Berlin, 1871 -77. 

Gesammtregister zu Bd. xi-xx. Berlin, 1874. 8°. 

Beitrage zur vergleichendon Sprachforschung. Bd. vii, viii. Berlin, 1871-76. 8°. 

From, Mr. B. Labaree, Jr. 

The Mizan ul Haqq, or Balance of Truth, by the Rev. C. G. Pfander. Translated 
into English by the Rev. R. H. Weakley. Lond., 1867. 8°. 

From Prof. F. Lasinio, of Pisa. 

II commento medio di Averroe alia poetica di Aristotele, per la prima volta pubbli- 
cato in Arabo ed in Ebraico e recato in Italiano da Fausto Lasinio. Parte I, II 
Pisa, 1872. 4°. 

VOL. X. 11* 

clxxxvi American Oriental Society : 

From Prof. C. Lassen, of Bonn. 

Indische Alterthumskunde, von Christian Lassen. 2te verm, und verb. Auflage. 
Bd. ii. Leipzig, 1874. 8°. 

From M. Charles le Mansois du Prey. 

Le Congres des orientalistes. Ce qu'est aujourd'hui le role important qu'il 
peut etre appele jt jouer dans l'interet du commerce francais. Par M. C. 
le Mansois du Prey. Saint-Etienne, 1815. 8°. 

From M. Ernest Leroux, of Paris. 

Vindicise Sinicse novae. No. 1. J.-P. Abel Remusat defendu contre les imputa- 
tions mensongeres de M. Stanislas Julien, par G. Pauthier. Paris, 1872. 8°. 

Langues, races, nationalites, par A. Hovelaeque. Paris, n. d. 8°. 

Revue Bibliographique de Philologie et d'Histoire. Recueil mensuel publiee par 
la librairie Ernest Leroux. Nos. 6-20. Paris, 1874-5. 8°. 

Revue de Philologie et d'Ethnographie, publiee par Oh. E. de Ujfalvy. Tome i, 
Oct.-Dec, 1874. Paris. 8°. 

From the Philological Society of London. 

Transactions of the Philological Society, 1865— 1875-6, pt.l. London, 1865-75. 8°. 
On Early English pronunciation, with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer. 

By Alexander J. Ellis. Pt. i-iii, London. 1869-72. 8°. 
Medieval Greek texts, being a collection of the earliest compositions in vulgar 

Greek, prior to the year 1500. Edited by "W. Wagner. Pt. i. London, 1870. 8°. 

From Prof. B. S. Lyman, of Japan. 

Hokkaido chi shitsu soku riyo ho bun. (Report of the Geological Survey of 
Yezo). Tokio, 1873. ' 8°. 

From D. B. McCartee, M.D., of China. 
Translation of an inscription commemorating the repairs on the Ch'eng Hwang 
Miau. 8°. 

From Rev. Thomas Mc Clatchie, of Hongkong. 

Confucian cosmogony. A translation of section forty-nine of the complete works of 
the philosopher Choo-Foo-Tze, with explanatory notes. By the Rev. Thomas 
McClatehie. Shanghai, 1874. 8°. 

From Rev. R. S. Maclay and Rev. C. C. Baldwin of Fuhchau. 

An alphabetic dictionary of the Chinese language in the Foochow dialect. By 
Rev. R. S. Maclay and Rev. 0. C. Baldwin. Foochow, 1870. 8°. 

From M. E. Madier de Montjau. 

De Immigration des Chinois au point de vue des interets Europeens, par E. 
Madier de Montjau. Paris, 1873. 8°. 

From the Public Free Libraries of Manchester, Eng. 

Twenty-fourth annual report to the council of the city of Manchester on the 
working of the Public Free Libraries, 1875-76. Manchester, 1876. 8°. 

From Mrs. Eleanor Mason, of Tonngoo. 

Dr. Mason's last days. By Mrs. Eleanor Mason. Rangoon, 1874. 8°. 

Dr and Mrs. Mason's land leases in Toungoo. By the same. " 1 874. 8 . 

A song of the famine. By the same. " 1874. 8. 

First difficulties in studying Pali, etc. By Francis Mason, D.D. 1815. »• 

From Rev. Robert Cotton Mather, LL.D. 
The New Testament in Romanized Hindustani, with a commentary bv Rev 
Robert Cotton Mather. London, 1876. 8°. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxxvii 

From the Minnesota Academy of Natural Sciences. 

Bulletin of the Minnesota Academy of Natural Sciences, with the reports of com- 
mittees, address of the president, list of officers and committees for 1874 
Minneapolis, 1874. 8°. 

From Rev. W. J. P. Morrison, of Ambala, India. 

Divan i Anwari. Persian MS. ff. 432, 10^x5 J in. 
Almanac in the Tankri dialect. 8°. 

From John Muir, Esq., D. C.L., of Edinburgh. 

Original Sanskrit Texts. Collected, translated and illustrated by J. Muir. 
Vol. ii. Inquiry whether the Hindus are of Trans-Himalayan origin, and akin 

to the Western branches of the Indo-European race. 2d ed. revised. London, 

1871. 8°. 
Vol. iv. Comparison of the Vedic with the later representations of the principal 

Indian deities. 2d ed. revised. London, 1873. 8°. 

From the Royal Bavarian Academy at Munich. 

Abhandlungen der historischen Classe der koniglich bayerischen Akademie der 

Wissenschaften. Bd. xi, 2 — xiii, 2. Miinchen, 1869-77. 4°. 
Abhandlungen der philosophisch-philologischen Classe. Bd. xii, 2 — xiv, i. Miin- 
chen, 1870-77. 4°. 
Almanach fur 1875. Miinchen, [1875]. 8°. 
Ueber den religiosen Charakter des griechischen Mythos. Festrede von Dr. 

Conrad Bursian. Miinchen, 1875. 4°. 
Rede zur Vorfeier des Geburtsfestes des Konigs Ludwig II, von J. v. Dollinger. 

Miinchen, 1873. 4°. 
Gedachtniss-Rede auf Konig Johann von Sachsen. By the same. Miinchen, 

1874. 4°. 
Ueber Deutschlands Weltstellung. Rede von Franz v. Loher. Miinchen, 1874. 8°. 
Philosophie und Theologie des Averroes. Aus dem Arabischen iibersetzt von M. 

J. Muller. Miinchen, 1875. 4". 
Gedachtnissrede auf Friedrich Adolph Trendelenburg, von Dr. Karl v. Prantl 

Miinchen, 1873. 4°. 
Verstehen und Beurtheilen. By the same. Miinchen, 1877. 4°. 
Ueber den Inhalt der allgemeinen Bildung zur Zeit der Scholastik. Festrede von 

Dr. Freiherrn R. v. Liliencron. Miinchen, 1876, 4°. 
Einleitung in das Stadium der arabischen Grammatiker. Die Ajrumiyyah des 

Muh'ammad bin Daud. Arabischer Text mit Uebersetzung und Erlauterungen 

von firnst Trumpp. Miinchen, 1876. 8°. 
Nanak, der Stifter der Sikh-Religion. Festrede von Dr. Ernst Trumpp. Miinchen 

1876. 4°. 

From F. W. Newman, Esq., of London. 

Dictionary of the Modern Arabic. By F. W. Newman. London, 1871. 2 v. 8°. 

From the Commissioners of New South Wales at the Philadelphia Exhibition. 

An Essay on New South Wales, the mother colony of the Australias. Bv G H 
Reid. Sydney, 1876. 8°. 

From the North- China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 

Journal of the North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society for 1871 and 

1872. New Series, no. vii. Shanghai, 1873. 8°. 

Catalogue of the library, systematically classed. By Henri Cordier. Shanghai 

1872. 8°. 6 ' 

From the Oregon Pioneer Association. 

Constitution and quotations from the register of the Oregon Pioneer Association 
together with the annual address, 1874. Salem, Oregon, 1875. 8°. 

Transactions of the third and fourth annual reunions, 1875, 1876 Salem 
1876-77. 8°. ' 

clxxxviii American Oriental Society : 

From the Oriental Athenaeum, Paris. 

Bulletin de l'Athenee Oriental : Revue orientale, 2 e se>., t. ii. Paris, 1869-70. 8". 

From the Society of Japanese Studies, Paris. 

Annuaire de la Societe des Etudes Japonaises, Chinoises, Tartares et Indo-Chinoi- 
ses. l re annee, 1873. Paris, 1874. 8°. 

From M. K. P. Patcanian. 

On the names of the ancient Armenian months. [In Russian]. By K. P. Patca- 
nian. St. Petersburg, 1811. 8°. 

Magakia's Mongolian history. [In ArmenianJ. Edited by K. P. Patcanian. 
St. Petersburg. 1870. 8°. 

The same, in Russian. Translated and annotated by K. P. Patcanian. St. 

Petersburg, 1871 8\ 

From M. Alphonse L. Pinart, of Paris. 

Bibliotheque de linguistique et d'ethnographie americaines publi^e par Alph. L. 
Pinart : 

Vol. II. Dictionnaire de la langue Ddne-Dindjie dialectes Montagnais on 
Chippewayan, Peau de Lievre et Loucheux, precede d'une monographie des 
Dene-Dindjie, d'une grammaire et des tableaux synoptiques des conjugaisons, 
par le P. E. Petitot. Paris, 1876. 4°. 
Vol. III. Vocabulaire Francais-Esquimau. dialecte des Tchiglit des bouches 
du Mackenzie et de 1' Anderson, precede d'une monographie de cette tribu 
et des notes grammaticales, par le R. P. E. Petitot. Paris, 1876. 8°. 
Bible history and catechism in the Kodiak Aleut dialect. St. Petersburg, 1847. 8°. 
Gospel of Matthew in the Kodiak Aleut dialect. St. Petersburg, 1848. 8°. 

From Mr. James Pincerle. 
II Cantico dei Cantici di Salomone per la prima volta tradotto dal testo Italiano in 
fronte nell' idioma Zingaresco. Studio di James Pincerle. .Trieste, 1875. 8°. 

From Prof. A. F. Pott, of HaUe. 

Wurzel-Worterbuch der indogermanischen Sprachen, von A. F. Pott. Bd. iii-v. 

Detmold, 1871-73. 8°. 
Ueber die Verschiedenheit des menschlichen Sprachbaues, von W. v. Humboldt. 

Mit erlauternden Anmerkungen und Excursen sowie als Einleitung : Wilhelm 

von Humboldt und die Sprachwissenschaft. von A. F. Pott. Berlin, 1876. 2 v. 


From Rev. A. T. Pratt, M.D., of Constantinople. 

Grammar of the Osmanli language in the Armenian character. By Andrew T. 

Pratt. Constantinople, 1868. 12°. 

The same. MS. English translation. 

Etudes sur les Tchinghianes ou Bohemiens do l'empire ottoman, par Alexandre 

G. Paspati. Constantinople, 1870, roy. 8°. 
Cutter's School Physiology in Armeno-Turkish. Constantinople, 1868. 12°. 

From Mbu Rdjendraldla Mitra, of Calcutta. 

Notices of Sanskrit MSS., by Rajendralala Mitra. No. iii— xii. Calcutta, 1871- 

1877. 8°. 
A descriptive catalogue of the Sanskrit MSS. in the library of the Asiatic Society of 

Bengal. . Edited by Rajendralala Mitra, LL.D. Calcutta, 1877. 8°. 

From Charles Bice, MD., of New York. 

The Gulistan and Bostan of Sa'di. Persian MS. ff. 71 + 103. 8x4f in. 
The Divan of Haflz. Persian MS. ff. 168. 7 x 5 in. 

Philonis Judaei sermones tres hactenus inediti ex Armena versione translati per 
P. J. B. Ancher. [In Armenian and Latin]. Venetiis, 1822. 4°. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. clxxxix 

From Prof. Leon de Rosny, of Paris. 

Trattato sull' educazione dei bachi da seta al Giappone, di Sira-Kava di Sendai' (Osyu), 

tradotto dal giapponese in franchese da Leone de Rosny. Versione Italiana di 

Felice Franceschini. Milano, 1810. 
A Grammar of the Chinese language, par Leon de Rosny. London, 1 ^74, pp. 

1-48. 8°. 
Textes Chinois anciens et modernes traduits par Leon de Rosny. Paris, 1874. 8°. 
Tai-kau ki. Histoire populaire de Taikau Sama, traduite du japonais, par Leon de 

Rosny. [Extrait du compte-rendu des travaux du Congres provincial des 

Orientalistes]. Paris, 1815. 8°. 
Fa-tsien. " Les billets doux," poeme cantonnais du viii e des Tsai-tsze modernes. 

Fragments traduits en Francais par Leon de Rosny. [Extrait de l'Annuaire 

de la Societe des Etudes Japonaises.] Paris, 1816. 8°. 

From Rev. E. Riggs, D.D., oj Constantinople. 

Bible in Bulgarian, translated by Rev. E. Riggs, D.D. Constantinople, 1871. roy. 8°. 
Suggested emendations of the authorized English version of the Old Testament. 
By E. Biggs. Andover, 1873. 12°. 

From the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britnin and Ireland. 

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. New Series. 
Vol. v, pt. 2— ix. London, 1871-77. 8°. 

From the Royal Saxon Society of Sciences. 

Abhandlungen der philologisch-historischen Classe der koniglich sachsischen 

Akademie der Wissenschaften. Bd. vi, vii, 1—4. Leipzig. 
Berichte iiber die Verhandlungen. Bd. xxii-xxvii, i. Leipzig, 1870-75. 8°. 
Preisschriften gekront und herausgegeben vor der furstlich Jablonowski'schen 

Gesellschaft zu Leipzig : 

XVII. Die polnische Geschichtschreibung des Mittelalters. von H. Zeissberg. 
Leipzig, 1873. 4°. 

XVIII. TJeber den Zusammenhang des lettoslavischen und germanischen 
Sprachstammes, von Dr. R. Hassencamp. Leipzig, 1876. 4°. 

XIX. Die Declination im Slavisch-litauischen und Germanischen, von A. 
Leskien. Leipzig, 1876. 4". 

From the Imperial Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg. 

Memoires de 1' Academic Imperiale des Sciences de St. Pe'tersbourg. Tome xvi — 
xxiv, 3. St. Petersbourg, 1870-77. 4°. 

Bulletin. T. xv, 3 — xxiv, 3 (wanting xxii, 3). St. Petersbourg, 1870-77. 4°. 

Tableau general methodique et alphabetique des matieres contenues dans les pub- 
lications de l'Academie depuis sa fondation. l re partie. Publications en langues 
etrangeres. St. Petersbourg, 1872. 8°. 

From Prof. E. E. Salisbury, of New Haven. 

Kurmanj'i Kurdish primer, by the Harpoot missionaries. New York, 1868. 16°. 
Elements de la grammaire turque, par L. Dubeux. Paris, 1856. 12°. 

From Rev. W. G. Schauffler, D.D., of New York. 

The Pentateuch in Osmanli Turkish. Translated by Rev. W. G. Schauffler. 1877. 

8 C . 
Isaiah, translated by the same. 1876. 8°. 

From Bp. S. I. J. Schereschewsky, D.D., of China. 

The Old Testament in the Mandarin Colloquial, translated from the Hebrew by 
the Rev. S. I. J. Schereschewsky, D.D. Peking, 1875. 8°. 

cic American Oriental Society : 

From Mr. Victor Schlegel. 

Hermann Grassmann, sein Leben und seine Werke, von Victor Schlegel. Leipzig, 
1818. 8°. 

From Dr. Schmidt, of Gevelsberg. 

Unser Sonnenkorper nach seiner physikalischen, sprachlichen und mythologischen 
Seite hin betrachtet, von Dr. Schmidt. Lemgo, 1816. 4°. 

From Baron Schwarz- Senborn. 

Beitrage zur Entwickelung und Eeform des Quarantainewesens, von Dr. Gobbi. 
Wien, 1849. 8°. 

From Prof. G. Seyffarth, of New York. 

Uebersicht neuer Entdeckungen in der biblischen Zeitrechnung, allgemeinen 
Weltgeschichto und aegyptischen Alterthumskunde, von G. Seyffarth. New- 
York, 1857. 12°. 

Chronology of the Roman Emperors from Caesar to Titus, with reference to the 
New Testament. By G. Seyffarth. 1872. 8°. 

Corrections of the present theory of the moon's motions according to the classic 
eclipses. [From Trans, of the St. Louis Acad, of Sci., Vol. hi.] 1877. 8'. 

From the Smithsonian Institution. 
Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Vol. xviii-xxi. Washington, 1873 - 

76. 4°. 

Miscellaneous Collections. Vol. x-xii. Washington, 1873-74. 8°. 

Annual Report, 1858-60, 1863-76. Washington, 1859-77. 8°. 

The Empire of Brazil at the Universal Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia. Rio 

de Janeiro, 1876. 8°. 

From Prof. A. Socin of Basel. 
Die Aechtheit der moabitischen Alterthumer gepruft von Prof. E. Kautzsch und 
Prof. A. Socin. Strassburg, 1876. 8°. 

From Mr. E. G. Squier, of New York. 
Journal of the Anthropological Institute of New York. Vol. I, no. I. New 
York, 1871-2. 8°. 

From Prof. A. F. Stenzler, of Breslau. 

Meghaduta : der Wolkenbote. Gedicht von Kalidasa, mit kritischen Anmerkun- 
gen und Worterbuch herausg. von A. P. Stenzler. Breslau, 1874. 8°. 

From Mr. Richard Sullivan, of Boston. 

Photographic copy of the Tanis trilingual inscription, together with the negative 
plate of the same. 

From Sourindro Mahun Tagore, President of the Bengal Musical School, Calcutta. 

Sangita-sara-sangraha. By Sourindro Mohun Tagore. Calcutta, 1875. 8°. 
Yantra Kosha, or a treasury of the musical instruments of Ancient and Modern 

India. By the same. Calcutta, 1875. 8°. 
Hindu music from various authors. Pt. i. By the same. Calcutta, 1875. 8°. 
Victoria-Gitika, or Sanskrit verses celebrating the deeds and the virtues of Queen 

Victoria and her renowned predecessors. By the same. Calcutta, 1875. 8°. 
Fifty stanzas in Sanskrita in honor of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. By the 

same. Calcutta, 1875. 8°. 
English verses set to Hindu music in honor of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. 

By the same. Calcutta, 1875. 8°. 

From M. Garcin de Tossy, of Paris. 
Allegories, recits poetiques et chants populaires, traduits de l'arabe, du persan, 
de l'hindoustani et du turc, par M. Garcin de Tassy. 2e ed. Paris, 1876. 8°. 
Lalangueetlalitteraturehindoustaniesenl870-72, 1874-77. Paris, 1871-78. 8°. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. cxci 

From Mr. F. Tempsky, of Fragile. 
Der Rig Veda, oder die heiligen Hymnen der Brahniana zum ersten male volls- 
tandig ins Deutsche iibersetzt mit Commentar und Binleitung, von Alfred 
Ludwig. Prag, 1876. 2 v. 8°. 

From Rev. D. W. Thomas, of Ba/reilly, India. 
True and False Miracles. By D. W. Thomas. [In Hindi]. 1817. 8°. 

From Prof. 0. J. Tornberg, of Lund. 

Ibn-el-Athiri Chronicon. Ed. C. J. Tornberg. Vol. v, vi, xiii, supplementum 
ad vol. xi et xii. Lugd. Bat., 1871-74. 8°. 

From Rev. T. G. Trowbridge, of Aintab, Turkey. 

Occasional papers in regard to Turkey. By T. C. Trowbridge. New York, 
1874. 8°. 

From N. Triibner, Esq., of London. 

Essays on the languages, literature, and religion of Nepal and Tibet. By B. H. 
Hodgson. London, 1874. 8°. 

Sutta Nipata ; or Dialogues and discourses of Gotama Buddha, translated from 
the Pali, with notes and introduction bv Sir M. Coomara Swamy. London, 
1874. 8°. " " 

From M. F. Turretiini, of Geneva. 
Heike Monogatari. Recits de l'histoire du Japon au xii e siecle traduits du Jap- 
onais par P. Turrettini. l re partie. Geneve, 1871. 4°. 

From the Imperial Academy of Sciences of Vienna. 

Sitzungsberichte der kaia. Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-his- 

torische Classe. Bd. lxiii-lxxxvii. Wien. 1869-77. 8°. 
Register zu Bd. lxi-lxx. Wien, 1872. 8°. 
Register zu Bd. i-lxx. Wien, 1874. 8°. 

From the Anthropological Society of Vienna. 

Mittheilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien. Bd. I, no. 5-14, VI, 
no. 1-5. Wien, 1870-76. 8°. 

From the Geographical Society of Vienna. 

Mittheilungen der k. k. geographischen Gesellschaft in Wien. Bd. xiii-xix. Wien, 
1870-76. 8°. 

From M. le C ,e de Vogue. 
Stele de Yehawmelek, roi de Gebal. Communication faite a l'Academie dea 
Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres par le C te de Vogue. Paris, 1875. 4°. 

From the Bureau of Education at Washington. 

Report of the Commissioner of Education, 1872-76. Washington, 1873-78. 8°. 
Circular of Information of the Bureau of Education. Nov., 1872 ; 1873, no. 2-5 ; 

1874, no. 1; 1875, no. 1, 2. Washington, 1872-75. 8°. 
Public libraries in the United States of America ; their history, condition and 

management. Special Report. Washington, 1876. 2 pts. 8°. 

From Rev. J. W. Waugh, D.D. of Lucknow, India. 

Pilgrim's Progress in Hindui. 2d ed. 1861. 8°. 
Book of Psalms in Hindustani, lithogr. 1864. 8°. 
Poems of Hafiz, in Persian, lithogr. 8°. 
Gulist&n of Sa'di in Persian, lithogr. roy. 8°. 
Arabian Nights' Entertainments, lithogr. f °. 
Native Persian dictionary, lithogr, Lucknow, 1849. 

cxcii American Oriental Society : 

From Prof. Albrecht Weber, of Berlin. 
Ueber ein znm Weissen Yajus gehoriges phonetisches Compendium, das Prati- 

jnasutra, von A. Weber. [Aus d. Abhand. d. Berl. Akad., 1871. J Berlin, 

1872. 4°. 
Einige Daten iiber das Schachspiel naoh indiaohen Quellen, von A. Weber. 

[Aus d. Monatsber. d. Berl. Akad. 1872]. Berlin, 1872. 8°. 

Pram Prof. W. D. Whitney. 

A concise dictionary of the Persian language. By E. H. Palmer. London, 1876. 

sq. 8°. 
Om de indiske Kejserhuse og nogle aeldre Fyrsteslsegter, af N. L. Westergaard. 

Avec un resume franeais. Kjobenhavn, 1867. 4°. 
The tenses of the Assyrian verb. By A. H. Sayce. [From the Jour, of the Roy. 

Asiat. Soc, 1877]. 8°. 

From Prof. W. D. Whitney and Prof. E. E. Salisbury. 

Six MSS. of the Tailtirlya-Praticakhya, being those used by Prof. Whitney in his 
edition, and described in Jour, of the Amer. Orient. Soc. vol. ix, pp. 1-2, viz : 
MSS. T, W, B, 0, G, and M. 

Prom Prof. S. Wells Williams, of New Haven. 

The Chinese Commercial Guide, containing treaties, tariffs, regulations, tables, etc., 

useful in the trade to China and Eastern Asia ; with an appendix of sailing 

directions for those seas and coasts. By S. Wells Williams, LL.D. 5th ed. 

Hongkong, 1863. 8°. 
Code of Bugis maritime laws, with a translation and vocabulary. Singapore, 

1832. 18°. 
Bugis tracts, by C. Thomson. Singapore. 8°. 
Edict against the promulgation of Christianity by the Government of Corea in 

1839. [In Chinese and Corean.j f°. 
The speculations on metaphysics, polity, morality of " the old philosopher " Lau- 

Tsze, translated from the Chinese with an introduction by John Chalmers. 

London, 1868. 8°. 

From the Wisconsin Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters. 

Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters, 1870-72. 
Madison. 8°. 

From the Worcester Society of Antiquity. 

Proceedings of the Worcester Society of Antiquity, from its institution Jan. 24, 
1875 to March 6, 1876, together with the constitution and by-laws and certificate 
of incorporation. Worcester, Mass., 1877. 8°. 

From unknown donors. 

Bible History in Albanian, in the Roman character. Constantinople, 1870. 8". 
Catechism " " " " '867. 16°. 

Primer " Greek, " n. p., n. d. 16°. 

New Testament in Rumanian. Bucharest, 1868. 8°. 
Gospel of Matthew in the Turkish of Azerbeijian. [Leipzig, 1872.] 8°. 
Makhzan i Masihi, or Christian Treasury. Hindustani monthly periodical. Vol. 

i-iv. Allahabad, 1868-71. 8°. 
Pustakanam Sucipatram. n. p. n d. 8°. 
Pheharicta Sanskrtaka Pustakonka.. n. p. n. d. 8°. 
List of Sanskrit works supposed by the Nepalese Pundits to be rare in the 

Nepalese libraries at Khatmandoo. Nepal Residency. 1868. 8°. , 
Chung wai shin wen ch'i jih lu. [Home and foreign Chinese weekly newspaper.] 

Canton, 1865. 54 nos. roy. 8°. 
Tyndall on Sound, translated into Chinese by J. Fryer. 2 vols. [Shanghai, n. d.] 
The Phenix, a monthly magazine for China, Japan and Eastern Asia. Edited by 

Rev. John Summers. No. 1, July, 1870. London. 4°. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. cxciii 

Notes and Queries on China and Japan. Edited by N. B. Dennys. Vol. iii, no. 
3, March, 1869. Hongkong. 8°. 

Kwang-yin lin ch'ien. [Chinese treatise on divination for the use of the worship- 
ers of Kwang-yin]. n. p. 1857. 8". 

The Syrian Protestant College. Beirut, n d. 16°. 

Catalogue of the Syrian Protestant College for 1875-6. [In Arabic.]. Beirut. 
1876. 12°. 

The famine in Asia Minor; its history compiled from the pages of the "Levant 
Herald," with a preface by the editor. Constantinople, 1 SYS. 8°. 

Kapport sur les sepultures gallo-romaines du Havre. Le Havre, 1810. 8°. 

Second report of the Garo department of the Amer. Bapt. Miss, to Assam, to 
Oct. 1872. Calcutta. 8°. 

Correspondenz-Blatt der deutschen Gesellsehaft fur Anthropologie, Ethnologie 
und Urgeschichte. No. 1-5, Mai-Sept. 1870. Braunschweig. 4°. 

Catalogue of the collection of General Cesnola. n. p. n. d. 8°. 

Tyndall on Sound. Translated into Chinese by J. Fryer. 2 vols. [Shanghai, n. d.] 

By Exchange. 

II libro del Cohelet volgarmente detto Ecclesiaste tradotto dal testo Ebraico con 

introduzione e note di David Costelli. Pisa, 1866. 8°. 
Leggende Talmudiche. Saggio di traduzione dal testo originale con prefazione 

critica di David Costelli. Pisa, 1 869. 8°. 

From M. Alphonse L. Pinart, of Paris. 
A model of an Alaskan kayak, or skin boat. 

From Pen. Oeo. T. Washburn. 

Six pieces of pottery, drinking cups and supports, from the cromlechs and Ciiirns 
of the Madura district, Southern India. 

VOL. x. 12*