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888 American Oriental Society : 

II. Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 
October, 1856 — Mat, 1860. 

From Rev. J. C. Adamson, D. D. 
The Library of His Excellency Sir George Grey, K. C. B. Philology. Vol. L — 

Part 1. South Africa ... by Wm. H. I. Bleek. s. 1. 1858. 8vo. 
A Compendium of Kafir Laws and Customs, including genealogical tables of Kafir 

chiefs and various tribal census returns. . . . Mount Coke: 1868. 8vo. 

From Rev. W. R. Alger, of Boston. 
The Poetry of the East. By William Eounseville Alger. Boston: 1856. 12mo. 

From Rev. J). 0. Allen, D. D., of Wenham, Mass. 
India, Ancient and Modern, Geographical, Historical, Political, Social, and Relig- 
ious ; ... by David O. Allen, D. D., etc. Boston : 1856. roy. 8vo. 

From the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 
Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Vols, i-iv [parts of 

volumes, completing the set up to iv. 148]. Cambridge and Boston : 1865-69. 

Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, v. 2; vi. I, 2; vii. 

Cambridge and Boston: 1855-60. 4 to. 

From the American Antiquarian Society. 

Transactions and Collections of the American Antiquarian Society. Vol. i, Wor- 
cester: 1820; vol. ii, Cambridge : 1836; vol. Hi, [Boston :] 1867. 8vo. 

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society [at its various meetings, in 
Worcester and Boston, 1856-59]. Boston: 1856-59. 8vo. 

From the American Baptist Missionary Union. 
Annual Reports of the American Baptist Missionary Union, for the years 1850-57. 
Boston. 8vo. 

From the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. 
Reports and Letters, connected with .... [the Deputation to India of the A. B. 0. 

P.M.]. Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, and Boston : 1865-56. 8vo. 
Proceedings of a General Conference of Bengal Protestant Missionaries, held at 

Calcutta, September 4-7, 1855. Calcutta: 1855. 8vo. 
Standard Alphabet. ... by Dr. Lepsius. . . . London: 1855. 8vo. 
Wanderings of Yamunabai, or Narratives of Hindu Widow Life in India. By Baba 

Padmanji. With a Preliminary Essay on the Remarriage of Hindu Widows, in 

Sanskrit, by Dadoba Pandurang, Esq., etc. Bombay : 1857. 12mo. 
A Zulu-Kafir Dictionary, etymologically explained, with Copious Illustrations and 

Examples, preceded by an Introduction on the Zulu-Kafir Language. By the Rev. 

J. L. Dohne, Missionary to the A. B. C. F. M. Cape Town : 1867. roy. 8vo. 
49th Report of the A. B. C. F. M., 1858. Boston : 1858. 8vo. 

From the American Geographical and Statistical Society. 
Bulletin of the American Geographical and Statistical Society. Vol. ii, 1856. 

New York: 1857. 8vo. 
Statement, Circular, and Sections of the same. New York : 1856-57. 8vo. 
Report .... on the Extension of the Decimal System to Weights and Measures of 

the United States. New York : 1867. 8vo. pp. 22. 

From Mahdrdja Apurva Krshna Bah&dur, of Calcutta. 
Dewan Kuwar. [Hindustani] 4to. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 589 

From the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Nos. lxiv-lxvi, Ixix-lxxvi. Calcutta : 

185i-55. 8vo. 
Bibliotheca Indica, No. 78. The Chhandogya-Upanishad of the Sama-Veda, with 

Extracts from the Commentary of S'ankara A'charya. Translated from the 

Original Sanskrita by Rajendralal Mittra. Fasciculus I. Calcutta: 1854. 8vo. 
No. 79. The Surya-Siddbanta, with its Commentary, the Gudhartha-Prakas'aka. 

Edited by FitzEdward Hall, A. M., with the assistance of Pandit Bapu Deva 

S'astri. Fasciculus 1 Calcutta: 1854. 8vo. 

From the Asiatic Society of Paris. 
Journal Asiatique omeSerie. Tomes viii-xii. Paris: 1856-58. 8vo. 

From the Editors of the Atlantis. 
The Atlantis, a Register of Literature and Science, conducted by Members of the 
Catholic University of Ireland. Nos. ii, Hi, iv. London: 1858-69. 8to. 

From M. VAbbe Barges, of Paris. 
Memoire sur le Sarcophage et l'Inscription Funeraire d'Eschmunazar, Eoi de Sidon. 
Par M/ l'Abbe J. J. L. Barges, etc. Paris : 1856. 4to. pp. 40. 

From the Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences. 
Verhandelingen van het Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. 

Deel xxvi. Bata via : 1854-57. 4to. 
Tijdschrift voor Indische Taal-, Land-, en Volkenkunde. . . . Deel iii-vi [or Deel iii, 

and Nieuwe Serie, Deel i-iii.] Batavia : 1854-57. 8vo. 

From Dr. W.H.J. Bleek. 

The Languages of Mozambique. Vocabularies of the Dialects of Lourenzo Mar- 
ques, Inliambane, .... etc. Drawn up from the Manuscripts of Dr. William 
Peters, and from other materials, by Dr. William H. J. Bleek, etc. London: 
1856. obi. 8vo. 

From the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church. 

Annual Reports of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, 

for the years 1850-57. New York. 8vo. 

From the Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 
Proceedings of the Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 

United States of America, for the years 1850, 1856, and 1857. New York. 8vo. 
A Grammar of the Benga Language. By Rev. James L. Mackey. New York : 

1855. 12mo. pp. 60. 
The Benga Primer, containing Lessons for Beginners, a Series of Phrases, and a 

Catechism. New London, Pa. : 1855. 18mo. pp. 64. 
Sango lam .... [Matthew, in Benga]. New York: 1858. 12mo. 
The Shorter Catechism, in the Benga Language. New York: 1858. 18mo. pp. 82. 
Come to Jesus. [Tract in the Creek Language.] 

From Prof. Otto Boehtlingk, of St. Petersburg. 

Vi ber die Sprache der Jakuten. Grammatik, Text, und Worterbuch. Von Otto 
Boehtlingk. St. Petersburg : 1851. 4to. 

From Professors Boehtlingk and Both. 
Sanskrit Worterbuch, herausgegeben von der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften. Bearbeitet von Otto Boehtlingk und Rudolph Roth. Lieferungen 4-16. 
St. Petersburg: 1855-69. 4to. 

From the Bombay Mission of the A. B. C. F. M. 
The Old Testament hi the Marathi Language. . . . Bombay: 1853. 4to. pp. 942. 
Grammar of the Marathi Language [by Rev. Ebenezer Burgess]. Published by 

the American Mission. Bombay: 1854. 8vo. 
The Dnyanodaya [a semi-monthly Journal, in Marathi]. Published by the American 

Missionaries at Bombay and Ahmednuggur. Vol xiL Bombay: 1863. roy. 8vo. 

590 American Oriental Society : 

From Hon. C W. Bradley, of Ningpo. 

Explorations of Amoor River. Letter from the Secretary of State .... [contain- 
ing letters and reports of P. McD. Collins, with Maps.] Public Document. 
Washington : 1858. 8vo. pp. 67. 

A set of twelve pictures, in water colors, by a Chinese artist, illustrating scenes of 
Chinese life : twelve by fifteen inches, on silk-bordered paper, and bound together 
in scarlet silk. 

A set of three pictures, in water colors, by a Chinese artist, illustrating scenes 
which occurred in 1858, on the Pei-Ho river, in connection with the warlike ope- 
rations of the English and French, and the conclusion of the treaty with Ameri- 
ca. Pictures about twelve and a half by twenty-five inches, on thin paper. 

Cards of the two Chinese Commissioners, Kweiliang and Hwashana, sent to treat 
with the Allied Powers, in the Pei-Ho, 1858. 

Chinese Repository, xv. 11, 12; xvi. 2; xvii. 12; xviii. 4-10, 12, 6; xix. 1, 3, 4, 
8-12, 11 ; xx. 2, 3, 5-7, 7, 8-12. 

A Grammar of the T,hai, or Siamese Language. By Capt. James Low, etc. Cal- 
cutta: 1828. 4to. pp. 88. 

On Budd.ha and the Phrabat. By Capt. James Low, etc. [From the Trans, of the 
Koy. As. Soc'y of G. B. and I, vol. iii.] London: 1831. 4to. pp. 62. 
Also, bound with the above : 

A Dissertation on White Elephants. By the same. [From the same.] London : 
1831. 4to. pp. 7. 

Remarks on the Siamese Language. By Rev. Mr. Gutzlaff. [Communicated through 
the late Robert Fullerton, Esq., etc.] [From the Trans, of the Roy. As. Soc'y of 
G. B. and I, vol. iii]. London : 1832. 4to. pp. 16 (and 3 of Siamese, litho- 

With the above are bound up a MS. sermon, on Ezekiel xxxiii. 11, and a half- 
sheet of the Morning Chronicle, London, Apr. 5, 1837. 

Brief Grammatical Notices of the Siamese Language ; with an Appendix. By J. 
Taylor Jones. Bangkok: 1842. 8vo. pp. 90. With the above are bound up: 
A Catalogue of Scripture Proper Names, as transferred from the Greek and He- 
brew Languages into the Siamese Language. Bangkok: 1842. 8vo. pp. 71. And 
A Plan for Romanizing the Siamese Language ; together with a list of Siamese 
Proper Names, in conformity therewith, as agreed upon by the American Mis- 
sionaries in Siam. Bangkok: 1842. 8vo. pp.24. 2 copies. 

Treaty between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Siam. Con- 
cluded 29th May, 1856. Proclaimed 16th August, 1858. Washington : folio, 
pp. 9. 

Proclamation of the Kings of Siam respecting the Treaty with the United States 
of America; iu English. Dated Bangkok, June 16th, 1857. Copy, made and 
attested by Hon. C. W. Bradley. 

Autograph Letter of the First King of Siam, to Samuel Mattoon, Esq., Consul, in 
English; dated Bangkok, June 9th, 1857. 

Dictionary of the Malay Tongue, as spoken in the Peninsula of Malacca, the Islands 
of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Pulo Pinang, <fcc., <fec. In two parts, English and Ma- 
lay, and Malav and English. To which is prefixed a Grammar of that Lan- 
guage. Embellished with a Map. By James Harrison, M. D., etc. [the Malay in 
both Arabic and Roman characters.] London: 1801. 4to. 

A Grammar of the Malayan Language, with an Introduction and Praxis. By Wm. 
Marsden, F.R.S., etc. London: 1812. 4to. 

An Attempt to elucidate the Principles of Malayan Orthography. By W. Robinson. 
Fort Marlborough : 1823. 8vo. 

Grammaire de la Langue Malaie, par Mr. W. Marsden : publiee a Londres en 1812, 
et traduite de l'Anglais par C. P. J. Elout. [Double version, French and Dutch 
on opposite pages.] Harlem: 1824. 4to. 

Dictionnairo Malai, Hollandais, et Francais, par C. P. J. Elout ; traduit du Diction- 
naire Malai et Anglais de Mr. W. Marsden. [Double version, French and Dutch ; 
the Malay in the Arabic character and romanized : the Dutch version of each 
word or phrase first given, and followed by the French : the Dutch-Malay and 
French-Malay parts given separately.] Harlem : 1825. 4to. pp. xxiii, 604, and 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 591 

A Vocabulary of the English and Malay Languages. Enlarged and improved. 
[Containing, 1st, lists of English words with Malay equivalents, arranged accord- 
ing to subjects ; 2nd, English and Malay sentences ; 3rd, English and Malay Dia- 
logues: the Malay romanized.] Singapore: 1846. 12mo. 

Handleiding bij de Beoefening der Javaansche Taal en Letterkunde, voor de Kadet- 
ten van alle Wapenen, bestemd voor de Dienst in Nederlands Indie ; door Dr. J. J. 
De Hollander, etc. Breda: 1848. ]2mo. 

Verslag van den Handel, de Scheepvaart, en de inkomende enuitgaande Regterrop 
Java en Madura, over den Jare 1847 . . . 1848 .... 1849. Batavia: 1848, 1849, 
1850. 3 vols. 4 to. 

A Sunscrit Vocabulary : containing the Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, and Indeclinable 
Particles, most frequently occurring in the Sunscrit Language, arranged in gram- 
matical order ; with Explanations in Bengalee and English. By William Yates. 
Calcutta: 1820. 8vo. 

The Sunscrit Reader ; or Easy Introduction to the Reading of the Sunscrit Lan- 
guage. In five Farts, etc. [In Bengali characters.] Calcutta: 1521. 8vo. pp. 64. 

Principles of English Grammar, for the use of the Natives of India. By M. W, 
Woollaston. With a literal Translation into Sanscrit, by Madhusudana Tarka- 
lankara. Calcutta: 1835. 12mo. 

An Elementary Grammar of the Sanscrit Language, partly in the Roman Charac- 
ter, arranged according to a New Theory, in reference especially to the Classical 
Languages : with short extracts in easy prose. By Monier Wiiliams, M. A., etc. 
London : 1846. 8vo. 

A Dictionary, English and Sanskrit, by Monier Williams, M. A., etc. Published 
under the patronage of the Honorable East India Company. London: 1851. 
4to. pp. xii, 860. 

A set of printed cards, constituting together a Bengali primer. 12 cards, pp. 
1-24. J2mo. size. 

The Bengalee and English Primer, for the use of Schools. Calcutta: 1833. 18mo. 
pp. 30. 

A Grammar of the English Language ; for the use of the Natives of Bengal. By 
Rev. J. D. Pearson [English and Bengali]. Calcutta: 1840. Svo. 

Introduction to the Bengali Language. By the late Rev. W. Yates, D. D. In two 
volumes. Edited by J. Wenger. Vol. I. Containing a Grammar, a Reader, and 
Explanatory Notes, with an Index and Vocabulary. Vol. II. Containing Selec- 
tions from Bengali-Literature. Calcutta: 1847. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Bakyabali, or Idiomatical Exercises, English and Bengali, with Dialogues on Vari- 
ous Subjects, Specimens of Legal Documents, Letters, <tc. By the late Rev. 

A J. D. Pearson. Calcutta: 1850. 12mo. 

Arabiyopakhyana. . . . [The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, translated from En- 
glish into Bengali] Calcutta: fdka 1775-6 (A.D. 1853-4). 12mo. 

A Dictionary of the English Language, with English Definitions and a Bengali In- 
terpretation ; compiled from European and Native Authorities, by U. C. Addy. 
Calcitta: 1854. 8vo. pp. ii, 761. 

Bengali and English Dictionary, for the use of Schools. . . . Calcutta : 1 856. 1 6mo. 

A Dictionary, Hindustani and English. By John Shakespear, etc. Second edition, 
much enlarged. London : 1 820. 4to. pp. viii, 886. 

The English and Hindustani Student's Assistant; or Idiomatical Exercises in those 
Languages. Designed to assist students of either language in acquiring an easy 
and correct method of expression. In four Parts, [romanized.l Calcutta: 1843. 
12mo. " J 

A Dictionary, Hindustani and English. By W. Yates, M. D. Calcutta: 1847. 8vo. 

The Handbook to Hindoostanee Conversation, with Familiar Phrases, and an Easy 
Vocabulary, English and Hindoostanee. [romanized.] Serampore: 1851. 18uio. 
pp. 59. 

Romanized School Dictionary, English and Urdu. Third edition, revised. Calcut- 
ta: 1854. 16mo. 

Stewart's Historical Anecdotes, with a Sketch of the History of England, and her 
Connection with India. Translated by Rev. W. T. Adam. Anglo Hinduwee. 
Calcutta: 1835. 12mo. pp. 91. 

V&kyavali. The Student's Assistant ; or Idiomatical Exercises in English and Hin- 
dui. Calcutta: 1838. 12mo. 

592 American Oriental Society : 

An Introduction to the Khasia Language ; comprising a Grammar, Selections for 
Reading, and a Vocabulary. By the Rev. W. Pryse. Calcutta : 1 855. 1 6mo. 

A Malabar and English Dictionary, wherein the Words and Phrases of the Tamuli- 
an Language, commonly called by Europeans the Malabar Language, are ex- 

Slained in English. By the English Missionaries of Madras. Wepery, near 
ladrasf 1779. 4to. [incomplete, interleaved, with MS. notes; much wormeaten.] 

The Acvamedha-Parvan of the Mahabharata, in Tamil. Madras : 1862. 8vo. 

The Ramanataka, in Tamil. Madras: 1860. 8vo. 

Catalogue of Publications in Various Languages, on sale by the Calcutta School- 
Book Society. 1856. [Calcutta: 1856.] 12mo. pp.10. (2 copies) 

A Dictionary of Words used in the East Indies, with Full Explanations ; .... To 
which is added Mohammedan Law and Bengal Revenue Terms. With an Ap- 
pendix, containing Forms of Firmauns, etc., etc. . . . 2nd edition. London: 1804. 

Journal of a Tour through Part of the Snowy Range of the Himmala Mountains, 
and to the Sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges. By James Baillie Frazer, 
Esq. London: 1820. 4to. 

Sketch of the Column at Corygaum, with a Plan of the Village, some Letters, pri- 
vate and public, the General Orders, and the Dispatch from the Honorable Court 
of Directors, relating to the action ob the 1st January, 1818. Madras: 1839. 
8vo. pp. 32. 

Articles of War for the Native Troops of the Army of India. Published by order 
of the Right Honorable the Governor General of India in Council. [Madras :] 
1845. 12mo. pp. ix, 64. 

A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir J. Hobhouse, President of the Board of Control, on 
the Baggage of the Iudian Army. By Sir Charles James Napier, etc. Fourth 
edition. London: 1849. 8vo. pp. 37. 

Sketches of India : with Notes on the Seasons, Scenery, and Society of Bombay, 
Elephanta. and Salsette. By Henry Moses, M. D. London: 1860. 8vo. 

On the Scientific Principles of Agriculture considered as a Branch of Public Edu- 
cation in India. By Henry Piddington. (Printed for private circulation in 1889) 
and now published. Calcutta: 1854. 8vo. pp. 23. 

A Grammar of the Cingalese Language. By James Chater. [Interleaved, and 
with occasional MS. notes.] Colombo : 1816. 8vo. pp. x, 41. 

A School Dictionary, English and Singhalese. Compiled for the Ceylon Central 
School Commission. Colombo : 1845. 24mo. 

A School Dictionary, Singhalese and English. By the Rev. W. Bridgnell. Co- 
lombo: 1847. 24mo. 

Second Report of the Female Boarding School at Oodooville, Jaffna ; under the di- 
rection of the American Ceylon Mission. July, 1843. Jaffna. Svo. pp. 27. 
Also, bound with the above : 

First Report of the Female Boarding School at Varany, Jaffna ; under the direction 
etc. Oct., 1843. Jaffna. 8vo. pp. 10. 

Report on the Wellicadde Gaol, Colombo, Ceylon ; from its commencement, De- 
cember 1, 1843, to September SO, 1849. By A. G. Green, J. P., Governor of the 
Establishment. Colombo: 1850. 8vo. pp. iv, 84. 

The Leading Principles of English Grammar, translated into Persian, by Syud 
Auzumoodeen Hussun Belgramee. [English and Persian.} Calcutta: 1833. 

The Persian Reader ; or Select Extracts from Various Persian Writers. [English 
and Persian.] Vol. I, 1835. Vol. II, 1836. Calcutta. Svo. 

School Dictionary, English and Persian. Calcutta: 1855. 16mo. 

An A rmenian Book, historical and geographical. 1 2mo. 

Specimen Nos. of 7 newspapers, published at Constantinople. Italian, Greek, Rus- 
sian, Turkish and Armenian. 

A Grammar of the Hebrew Tongue, being an Essay to bring the Hebrew Gram- 
mar into English, to facilitate the Instruction of all those who are desirous of ac- 
quiring a clear idea of this Piimitive Tongue by their own Studies and 

published more especially for the use of the students of Harvard College, at 
Cambridge, in New England. Composed and accurately corrected by Judah 
Monis, M. A. Boston, N. E.: 1735. sm. 4to. pp. 96. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 593 

A Manuscript Copy of the Kuran, written at Palembang, in Java, in 1854, in pur- 
suance of a vow, by Mayerbinah, a returned Pilgrim to Mecca. 556 pages, folio 
size, the first two and last two pages brilliantly illuminated ; the rest with col- 
ored borders, and occasional ornamented headings ; Arabic binding. Very hand- 
some, and in perfect order ; enclosed in calico bag. 

Dictionnaire Francais-Arabe, (Idiome parle en Algene) contenant: 1° tous les mots 
usites pour parler en Algerie .... 2° leur prononciation .... 3° leur pluriel ; 
4° leur genre ; par Ad. Paulnier, etc., etc. Ouvrage compose a Alger, et verifie 
par plusieurs savants indigenes. Paris: 1850. 12mo. pp. xx, 911. 

Dizionario portatile delle Lingue Maltese, Italiana, Inglese, compilato da F. Vella. 
Parte prima [Maltese-Italian-English]. Livorno: 1843. 8vo. 

Maltese Grammar for the use of the English, by Francis Vella. Leghorn : 1831. 

Narrative of a Journey to the Zoolu Country, in South Africa. By Capt. Allen F. 
Gardiner, R. N. Undertaken in 1835. London: 1836. 8 vo. 

Ueber die Ursprache, oder iiber eine Behauptung Mosis, dass alle Sprachen der 
Welt von einer einzigen, der noachischen, abstammen ; mit einigen Anhangen. 
Von D. Gottlieb Philipp Christian Kaiser, etc Erlangen: 1840. 8vo. 

Thirty-six copper coins, all from the mint of Alexandria; viz. 15 of Claudius Goth- 
icus ; 8 of Gallienus ; 6 of Cornelia Salonina, wife of Gallienus ; 3 of Gordianus ; 
2 of Severus Alexander; 1 of Philippus II; 1 of Valerianus; 1 of Trebonianus 

From Rev. E. C. Bridgman, D. D., of Shanghai. 

Slips from the North-China Herald, describing the visit of the American Embassy 

to Pekin. 
Catholic Prayer-Book, in Chinese. 1795. 12mo. 
Inaugural Address before the Shanghai Literary and Scientific Society ; Sketches 

of the Miau-Tsze ; by Rev. E, C. Bridgman [From Vol. I of Journ. of N.-China 

Branch of Roy. As. Society]. Shanghai: 1857-59. 8vo. 

From the British and Foreign Bible Society, 

Catalogue of the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society. By George 
Bullen, of the British Museum. London: 1857. 8vo. 

From Prof. Hermann Brockhaus, of Leipzig. 

Die Sage von Bala und Damayanti, nach der Bearbeitung des Somadeva heraus- 

gegeben von Hermann Brockhaus, etc. Leipzig: 1859. roy. 8vo. pp. x, 32. 
Die Lieder des Hafiz .... herausgegeben von Hermann Brockhaus. i. 4 ; ii. 1-4. 

From J. P, Brown, Esq., of Constantinople. 

La Presse d'Orient [semi-weekly newspaper]. Nos. 237-246. April-May, 185f . 
Constantinople, fol. 

From Rev. Ebenezer Burgess, of Boston. 

A Vocabulary of "Words in the Hawaiian Language [by Lorrin Andrews]. Lahai- 
naluna: 1836. 8vo. 

The Bengalee Translation of the Vedant, or Resolution of all the Veds. .... 
Together with a Preface by the Translator. Calcutta : 1815. 8vo. 

A Vocabulary, English and Goojuratt'ee, to which is added a Selection- of Fables, <6c. 
By the Rev. William Fyvie. Surat : 1828. 8vo. 

A Grammar of the Mahratta Language. To which are added Dialogues on Famil- 
iar Subjects. The Second Edition. By W. Carey, D. D., etc Serampore : 1 808. 

A Help in acquiring a Knowledge of the English Language. . . . [English and Can 1 - 
aresel Bellary Mission Press : 1835. 8vo. 

Vocabulary of the Haussa Language. Part I.— English and Haussa. Part II. — 
Haussa and English, and Phrases and Specimens of Translations. To which are 
prefixed, the Grammatical Elements of the Haussa Language. By the Rev* 
James Frederick Schon, etc. London : 1843. 1 2mo. 
vol. vi. 76 

594 American Oriental Society : 

Vocabulary of the Yoruba Language. Part I. — English and Yoruba. Part II. — 
Yoruba and English. To which are prefixed, the Grammatical Elements of the 
Yoruba Language. By Samuel Crowther, Native Teacher, etc. London : 1842. 

An Imperfect Outline of the Elements of the Galla Language, by the Rev. J. L. 
Krapf. Preceded by a few Remarks concerning the Nation of the Gallas, and an 
Evangelical Mission among them, by the Rev. C. W. Isenberg. London: 1840. 
12mo. pp. xiv, 16. 

Dictionary of the Galla Language, composed by Charles Tutschek, published by 
Lawrence Tutschek. Parti. Galla-English-German. Munich: 1844. 8vo. 

A Grammar of the Galla Language, by Charles Tutschek, edited by Lawrence 
Tutschek, M. D. Munich: 1845. 8vo. 

By the Ceylon Mission of the A. S. C. F. M. 

The Holy Bible .... translated .... under the auspices of the Brit, and For. Bible 
Society. Madras: 1850. roy. 8vo. Tamil. 

The same, printed on paper of quarto size. 

Genesis and Exodus XX. (New Version). .. .Jaffna: 1850. 18mo. Tamil. 

Deuteronomy Manepy: 1839. 18mo. Tamil. 

The Book of Joshua. .. . Manepy: 1839. 18mo. 3 copies. Tamil. 

The Book of Judges.... Jaffna: 1840. 18mo. 3 copies. Tamil. 

The First [and Second] Book of Samuel Jaffna: 1840. 18mo. Tamil. 

The First [and Second] Book of Kings Jaffna: 1840. 18mo. Tamil. 

The Book of Ezra [with Nehemiah, Esther, and Job] Jaffna: 1841. Tamil. 

The Psalms. ... Manepy: 1839. 18mo. 3 copies.- Tamil. 

The Book of Psalms Manepy: 1850. 12mo. Tamil. 

The Book of Psalms. Diglot Edition .... Jaffna : 1 850. 12mo. 2 copies. Eng- 
lish and Tamil. 

The Proverbs of Solomon Jaffna: 1850. 12mo. Tamil. 

The Book of Isaiah.... Jaffna: 1841. 18mo. 8 copies. Tamil. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In the Tamil Lan- 
guage. Madras : 1840. 8vo. 

The same. Jaffna: 1843. 8vo. 

The Gospel according to Matthew, . . . Jaffna: 1854. 18mo. Tamil. 

Barnes' Notes on St. Matthew's Gospel Madras: 1848. 12mo. Tamil. 

The Gospel of Mark.... Jaffna: 1851. ISmo. Tamil. 

Luke's Gospel Jaffna: 1848. 12mo. Tamil. 

The Gospel according to St. Luke Jaffna: 1849. 12mo. 3 copies. English 

and Tamil. 

John's Gospel Jaffna: 184T. 12mo. Tamil. 

The Acts of the Apostles Jaffna: 1854. 18mo. Tamil. 

The Acts of the Apostles. Diglot Edition ... . Jaffna: 1851. 12mo. Englishand 

Paul's Epistles to Timothy.— The General Epistle of James.— The Three Epistles 
of John.... Jaffna: 1837. 32mo. 3 copies. Tamil. 

A Compendium of Scripture History Manepy: 1839. 18mo. Tamil. 

A Compendium of Doctrine. .. . Jaffna: 1840. 18mo. Tamil. 

The History of Little Henry and his Bearer. By Mrs. Sherwood. Translated from 
the English. Madras: 1840. 18mo. Tamil. 

An Essay on Faith. Designed for Catechists and Students of Theology. . . . Jaff- 
na: 1842. 18mo. Tamil. 

Tamil Tracts. 
General Series. Nos. 1-17, 24, 24-34, 36-66, 70, 71, 73-78 ; bound together in 

one volume. Jaffna: 1842-45. 12mo. 
New Children's Series. Nos. 1-28; bound together in one volume, s.l. ands. a. 
18mo. x 

A Brief History of the Church of Christ, from the German of the Rev. C. G. Barth, 
etc. Translated from the English. Madras : 1846. 12mo. Tamil. 

Tamil Hymns, Selected and Original, adapted for Public, Private, and Social Wor- 
ship Jaffna. 1846. 8vo. 

The same, in 24mo. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 595 

Prayers for the use of Christian Families, with an Essay on Family Religion and 

a Table of Lessons for Family Worship Jaffna: 1846. 8vo. Tamil. 

The Class Book of Natural Theology. By the Rev. T. H. Gallaudet Madras : 

1846. 12mo. Tamil. 
Line upon Line, by the author of " Peep of Day". . . . Madras: 1846. 2 vols. 18mo. 

The Indian Pilgrim. . . . Second Edition. Madras : 1847. 12mo. Tamil. 
The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, by Dr. Doddridge. Abridged and 

altered Jaffna: 1848. 12mo. English and Tamil. 

The same. Tamil only. 

The Pilgrim's Progress from thi3 World to that which is to come. By John Bun- 

yan Fifth Edition. Madras: 1848. 12mo. Tamil. 

The Daily Monitor : containing a text from Holy Scripture and a Terse of Sacred 

Poetry for every morning and evening in the year. Jaffna: 1849. 24mo. Tamil. 
Instructions to Catechists. In twenty chapters; with an Appendix of eight chap- 
ters. By Rev. C. J. Beschi. Madras: 1849. 18mo. Tamil. 
A Poetical Compend of the Bible. In the form of a dialogue between a Gooroo 

and a Disciple concerning God, the soul, and sin. Jaffna: 1852. 18mo. Tamil. 
Summary of a Body of Divinity. In the Tamil Language. By the late Rev. C. 

T. E. Rhenius, Missionary. Fourth Edition. Madras: 1852. 12mo. 
Light of Truth. A Rejoinder to Abbe Dubois's Refutation of Heresy. By Rev. 

G. W. McMillan, etc. Madras: 1853. 18mo. Tamil. 

A Manual Dictionary of the Tamil Language Jaffna: 1842. 8vo. 3 copies. 

Abridgment of Rhenius' Tamil Grammar. Second Edition ; with additions and 

improvements. Madras: 1845. 12mo. 
Abridgment of Tamil Grammar. .. . Jaffna: 1848. 18mo. Tamil. 

Easy Reader Jaffna: 1846. 18nio. Tamil. 

Tamil Instructor. Nos. 1-5. Manepy and Jaffna : 1847-51. 18mo. Tamil. 

Negandu: Part XI Jaffna: 1843. 8vo. Tamil. 

The Classical Reader, or Selections from Standard Tamil Authors. Jaffna : 1 84 7. 

Tamil Calendar : .for the years 1835-1844, bound in one volume: for the years 

1845, 1847-1850, 1853, separate. Jaffna : 1834-53. 8vo. 
The Morning Star. Published semi-monthly. . . . devoted to Education, Science, 

and Literature, etc Jaffna. Vols, i, ii, iv (of Vol. iv, 2 copies). 4to. 

1841-44. Vols, v-xiii, xv. folio. 1845-53, 1855. English and Tamil. 
Physical Science : in the form of a Dialogue. For the use of Schools. . . . Jaffna : 

1843. 16mo. Tamil. 
A Catechism on the Elements of Geography, in three Parts, with an Atlas. . . . 

Jaffna: 1847. ]8mo. Tamil. 
The Oriental Astronomer : being a Complete System of Hindu Astronomy, accom- 
panied with a Translation, and Numerous Explanatory Notes. With an Ap- 
pendix. Jaffna : 1848. 8vo. 3 copies. Tamil. 
An Elementary Arithmetic, combining many of the peculiarities of the European 

and Tamil Systems. Jaffna: 1849. 18mo. Tamil. 
Tamil Geography for the use of Schools. Hindustan. . . . Third Edition. Jaffna: 

1850. 12mo. 

Elements of Logic By William Nevins. Jaffna: 1850. 18mo. Tamil. 

Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene Jaffna: 1853. 12mo. Tamil. 

An Elementary Algebra. By Daniel L.,Carroll Jaffna: 1855. 12mo. Tamil. 

Three Chronological Charts, in Tamil and English. 

Four small Tamil books, without title, place, or date. 

First Lessons in English and Tamil. Designed to assist Tamil youth in the study 

of the English language Parts I and II. Jaffna: 1847. 18mo. 

Phrase- Book; or Idiomatic Exercises in English and Tamil. Designed to assist 

Tamil youth in the study of the English language. Third Edition. Jaffna : 

1848. 12mo. 
Ten English school-books, published for the use of Tamil scholars. 
The Sidath Sangarawa, a Grammar of the Singhalese Language, translated into 

English, with Introduction, Notes, and Appendices, by James De Alwis, etc. 

Colombo : 1852. 8vo. 

596 American Oriental Society : 

Report of the American Ceylon Mission ; for the year 1852. Jaffna: 1853. 8vo. 
4 copies. Also, bound up with it, Brief Sketch of the American Ceylon Mission, 
with an Appendix. Jaifna: 1849. 8vo. 

From the Royal University of Norway, at Christiania. 
Det Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitets Aarsberetning for 1864, for 1856. 

Christiania: 1857. 12mo. pp. 32, 37. 
Beitrage zur Lateinischen Grammatik. I. Von L. C. M. Aubert. Christiania : 1856. 

8vo. pp, viii, 50. 
Quelques Observations de Morphologie Veg6tale, faites au Jardin Botanique de 

Christiania par J. M. Norman, etc., et publiees. . . . par H. H. Basch, etc. 

Christiania: 1851. 4to. pp.32. , 
Observations sur les Phenomenes d'Erosion en Norvege, recueillies par J. C. Horbye, 

etc., et publiees par B. M. Keilhau, etc. Christiania : 1857. 4to. pp. viii, 66. 
Al-Mufassal, Opus de Re Grammatica Arabicum, auctore Abu'l-Kasim Mahmud 

Bin 'Omar Zamahs'ario. Ad fidem Codicum Manu scriptorum edidit J. P. Broch, 

theologia! candidatus. . . . Christianise: 1859. 8vo. 

From the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. 
Information respecting the History, Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of 
the United States. Collected and prepared. ... by Henry B. Schoolcraft, LL.D. 
Part VI. Philadelphia: 1857. 4to. 

From the Commisioner of Patents. 

Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the Tear 1855. Arts and Manufac- 
tures. Vol. i. (2 copies). Washington : 1856. 8vo. 

The same, for the "Tear 1856. Agriculture ; Mechanics. Vol. i-iii. Washington : 
1857. 8to. 

From Rev. 0, H. A. Dall, of Calcutta. 
Vividhartha-sangraha. [A Bengali periodical], iv. 43, 45. Calcutta: 1857. 4to. 

From Capt. C, H. Davis, V. S. K, of Cambridge. 
Essai de Grammaire de la Langue dea lies Marquises, par un prfitre de la Soci6t6 
de Picpus, missionaire aux lies Marquises [Reue Dordillon, bishop of Cambisio- 
palirej. Valparaiso: 1857. 8vo. 

From Dr. T. T. Devan. 
The Beginner's First Book in the Chinese Language (Canton Vocabulary). . . . [By 
Thomas T. Devan, M. D.] Hongkong: 1847. 8vo. 

From the Hon. Fast India Company. 

Rig-Veda-Sanbita, the Sacred Hymns of the Brahmans ; together with the Com- 
mentary of Sayanacharya. Edited by Max MiiUer, M A., etc. Vol. iii. Lon- 
don : 1856. 4to. 

Rig-Veda-Sanhita.. . , Translated from the Original Sanskrit, by H. H. Wilson, 
etc., etc. Vols, ii, iii. London: 1864,1857. 8vo. 

A Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms, and of Useful Words, occurring in of- 
ficial documents relating to the administration of the government of British India, 

from the Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Sanskrit. and other languages. . . . 

By Horace Hayman Wilson, etc., etc. London : 1855. 4to. pp. xxiv, 732. 

From Mr. R. W. Emerson, of Concord, Mass. 
The Sraddha, the Keystone of the Brahminical, Buddhistic, and Arian Religions, as 
illustrative of the dogma and duty of adoption among the Princes and People of 
India. By D. Urquhart. London: 1857. 8vo. pp.44. 

From M. P. F. Foucaux, of Paris. 
Grammaire de la Langue TibStaine. Par Ph. Ed. Foucaux, etc. Paris: 1858. 8vo. 

From M. Garcin de Tassy, of Paris. 
Mantic Uttair ou le Langage des Oiseaux, poeme de philosophic religieuse par 
Farid-uddin Attar, publie en persan par M. Garcin de Tassy, etc. Paris : 1857. 
roy. 8vo. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 597 

Les Auteurs Hindoustanis et leurs Ouvrages, par M. Garcin de Tassy, etc. Paris : 

1855. 8vo.pp. 47. 
Chants Populaires de l'lnde, traduits par M. Garcin de Tassy. Paris : 1854. 8to. 

PP. 49- 
Le Bostan, Poeme moral de Saadi : Analyse et Extraits par M. Garcin de Tassy, 

etc. Paris: 1859. 8vo. pp. 24. 
Discoure de M. Garcin de Tassy a l'Ouverture de son Cours d' Hindoustani . . . . le 6 

Mai, 1859. Paris: 1859. 8vo. pp. 20. 

From the German Oriental Society. 

Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft. x. 4 — xiv. 2. Leipzig : 

1856-60. 8vo. 
Register zu Band i-x der Zeitsch. d. D. M. G. Leipzig: 1867. 8vo. 
Abhandlungen fiir die Kunde des Morgenlandes, herausgegeben Ton der Deutschen 
Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft. Band i. Leipzig. 8vo. 
No. 1. Mithra. Ein Beitrag zur Mythengeschichte des Orients von Dr. Friedrich 

Windischmann. 1857. pp. iv, 90. 
No. 2. Al-Kindi, genannt " der Philosoph der Araber." Ein Vorbild seiner Zeit 

und seines Volkes. 1857. pp. 54. 
Ho. 3. Die fiinf Gathas, oder Sammlungen von Liedern end Spruchen Zarathus- 
tras, seiner Junger und Nachfolger. Herausgegeben, iibersetzt, und erklart von 
Dr. Martin Haug, etc Erste Abtheilung. Die erste Sammlung (Gatha ahu- 
navaiti) enthaltend. 1 858. 
No. 4. Ueber das Catrunjaya Mahatmyam. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Jaina. 

Von Albrecht Weber. 1858. 
No. 5. Ueber das Verhaltniss des Textes der drei Syrischen Briefe des Ignatius 
zu den iibrigen Recensionen der Ignatianischen Literatur. Von Richard Adel- 
bert Lipsius. 1859. 
Indische Studien.... herausgegeben Ton Albrecht "Weber, iv. 1-3. Leipzig: 

1857-68. 8vo. 
Biblioteca Arabo-Sicula, ossia Raccolta di Testi Arabici che toccano la Geogrnphia, 
la Storia, le Biografie, e la Bibliografia della Sicilia, messi insieme da Michele 
Amari. Lipsia: 1855. 8to. 

From Oapt. James Glynn, XT. 8. N., of New Haven. 

The Urh-Ta, a Chinese Dictionary, profusely illustrated with cuts. In four Parts, 

large roy. 8vo size. 
Chinese Repository, xviii. 4. Canton : 1849. 8to. 

From Rev. William Goodell, of Constantinople. 

The New Testament in the Turkish Language, Armenian character. Constantino- 
ple : 1856. roy. 8 to. 

From the Ducal Library at Gotha. 
Die Persischen Handschriften der Herzoglichen Bibliothek zu Gotha. Verzeichnet 
Ton Dr. Wilhelm Pertsch. Wien : 1859. 8to. 

From Rev. Lewis Grout, of Umsunduzi, S. Africa. 

An English-Kafir Dictionary of the Zulu-Kafir Language, as spoken by the Tribes of 
the Colony of Natal. By James Perrin, etc. Pietermaritzburg: 1855. 16mo. 

Remarks on the Proper Treatment of Cases of Polygamy, as found already existing 
in ConTerts from Heathenism. By Dr. J. W. Colenso, Bishop of Natal. Pieter- 
maritzburg: 1855. 8vo. pp. 27. 

A Reply to Bishop Colenso's " Remarks . . . ." By an American Missionary. Pie- 
termaritzburg : 1855. 8vo. pp. 56. 

A Sermon delivered in Durban, Natal, June 8, 1856. By Rev. Lewis Grout. 

Pietermaritzburg: 1856. 8vo. pp. 24. 

A Discourse delivered .... at Durban and Pietermaritzburg, during the au- 
tumn of 1857. By Rev. Lewis Grout. Pietermaritzburg: 1857. 8vo. pp. 48. 

A Discourse, delivered .... in Durban, Natal, October 25th, 1857. By the Rev. 
Lewis Grout, etc. Pietermaritzburg: 1867. 8vo. pp. 39. 

The Cape Monthly Magazine. Vol. iii, No. 13 : Jan. 1858. Cape Town. 8vo. 

598 American Oriental Society : 

Acts of the Apostles, translated by the American Missionaries into the Zulu Lan- 
guage. Emsunduzi: 1859. 8vo. pp. 76. 

A Grammar of the Zulu Language ; accompanied with a Historical Introduction, 
also with an Appendix By Rev. Lewis Grout, etc. Natal: 1859. 8vo. 

Prom Prof. H. 8. Haldeman, of Columbia, Pa. 

Elements of Latin Pronunciation, for the Use of Students in Language .... By 

S. S. Haldeman, etc. Philadelphia: 1851. 12mo. pp. 76. 
Investigation of the Power of the Greek Z by means of Phonetic Laws — On the 

Relation between Chinese and the Indo-European Languages — Report on the 

Present State of our Knowledge of Linguistic Ethnology — by S. S. Haldeman. 

Cleveland aud Albany: 1856-67. 8vo. pp. 37. 

From Rev. E. K Hale, of Boston. 
The Quarterly Journal of the American Unitarian Association. Vol. v, Nos. 2, 8. 
Boston: 18*58. 8vo. 

From F. E. Hall, Esq., of India. 

Mukhtasar al-Ma'an, a rhetorical work, by Mas'ud Ben Umar, called Sa'ad al-Tafta- 

zani. ' Calcutta: A. H. 1228 [A. D. 1813]. 4to. 
Nur al-Anwar fi Sharh al-Minar, a work on jurisprudence, by Shaikh Ahmad, called 

Shaikh Juyun Ben Abu Sa'id, etc. Delhi : A. H. 1234 [A. D. 1818].' 4to. 
Karabadini Kabir. A. H. 1249 [A. D. 1833]. foL Persian. 
Makhzan al-Adwiyah, by Muhammad Husain Khani. 2 vols. 4to. Persian. 
A Treatise on the Yoga Philosophy, by N. C. Paul, etc. Benares: 1851. 8vo. pp. 

iv, 63. 
Collectio Davidis, i. e. Catalogus celeberrimffi illius bibliothec£e Hebreese, quam .... 

collegit R. Da v ides Oppenheimerus .... libros Hebrseos ex omni fere literarum 

genere tarn editos quam manu exaratos continens. Hamburgi : 1826. 12mo. pp. 

xvi, 744. 
Three stones, bearing Sanskrit inscriptions, from Central India (see above, pp. 499- 


From the Family of the late Baron Hammer-Purgstall, of Vienna. 

Literatur-Geschichte der Araber .... von Hammer-Purgstall. Zweite Abtheilung. 
7ter Band. Wien: 1856. 4to. 

From B. H. Hodgson, Esq., of Dursley, England. 

On the Aborigines of India. Essay the First ; on the Kocch, B6d6, and Dhimal 

Tribes, in Three Parts ... . By B. H. Hodgson, Esq., etc. Calcutta: 1847. 8vo. 
Collection of lesser essays on the aboriginal tribes of India, by B. H. Hodgson, Esq., 

extracted from various volumes of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of 

Illustrations of the Literature and Religion of the Buddhists. By B. H. Hodgson, 

Esq., etc. Seramptfre: 1841. 8vo. 

From W. B. Hodgson, Esq., of Savannah. 

Remarks on the Recent Travels of Dr. Barth in Central Africa or Soudan. A 
Paper read before the Ethnological Society of New York, Nov. 1858, by William 
B. Hodgson. 8vo. pp. 18. 

From Rev. 0. C. Hoffman, of West Africa. 

The Acts of the Apostles, translated into the Grebo Tongue ; by the Rev. John 

Payne, D.D., etc. New York: 1851. 16mo. pp. 98. 
The Litany, or General Supplication, with the Confirmation Service [in Grebo]. 

Ca valla, W. Afr.: 1858. 12mo. pp. 15. 
The Cavalla Messenger [Grebo and English], iii. 10 ; ix. 1. Cavalla : 1855-59. 4to. 
The Gospel according to St. John, translated into the Mpongwe Language : by 

Missionaries of the A. B. C. F. M., Gaboon, Western Africa. New York : 1862. 


Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 599 

From Mrs. H. R. Hoisington, of Centre Brook, Conn. 

Manuscripts and Diagrams by the late Rev. H. R. Hoisington, to wit :— 
Meteorological Journal and Astrological Meteorology. 1 840, Aug. 8 — 1841, Feb. 2. 
Astrological Journal, with Tables. Aug. 27— Dec. 7, 1840. 
Translation, from the Tamil, of part of the Skanda-Purana, being an account of 

the universe ; with maps. 
Diagrams representing the Puranic view of the earth and of the universe ; from 

a temple in South-India. 
Figure of Kamadhenu, the cow of plenty, with explanations. 
Figure of the so-called impression of Buddha's foot, Adam's Peak, Ceylon ; with 

a plan of the temple. 

From Prof. C. A. Holmboe, of Christiania. 

Traces de Buddhisme en Norvege avant l'lntroduction du Christianisme, par M. C. 
A. Holmboe, etc. Paris: 1857. 8vo. pp. 75. 

From J. J. Jarves, Esq., of Florence. 

Art-Hints. Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting. By James Jackson Jarves, etc. 

London: 1855. 12mo. 
A Japanese book and map. 

From the Chev. N. Khanikoff. 
Extrait d'une Lettre de Mons. W. Khanykof a M. Dorn, datee de Nihmetabad 

29 Sep t. 
9 Oct. ' 1855 - 

do. do. datee de Tebriz, le -fj Dec. 1855. 

do. do. datee de Nihmetabad, le xg- Sept. 1856. 

do. do. datee de Tabriz, le 2%- Avril, 1857. 

[all extracts from the Melanges Asiatiques of the Imperial Academy of St. Pe- 
On a certain Arabic Inscription at Derbend .... [in Russian]. 8vo. pp. 10, and 2 
plates. [2 copies.] 

From Rev. E. N. Kirk, D.D., of Boston. 

Moise de Khorene .... Histoire d' Armenie. Teste Armenien et Traduction Fran- 
chise. Par M. P. E. Le Vaillant de Florival, etc. Paris : s. a. 2 vols. 8vo. 

From Dr. Adalbert Kuhn, of Berlin. 

Zeitschrift fiir Vergleichende Sprachforschung, auf dem Gebiete des Deutschen, 

Griechischen, und Lateinischen, herausgegeben von Dr. Adalbert Kuhn, etc. 

yiii. 1-6 ; ix. 1-4. Berlin: 1858-59. 8vo. 
Beitrage zur Vergleichenden Sprachforschung auf dem Gebiete der Arischen, Celt- 

ischen, und Slawischen Sprachen, herausgegeben von A. Kuhn und A. Schleicher. 

i. 1-4; ii. 1, 2. Berlin: 1856-59. 8vo. 

From Prof. Christian Lassen, of Bonn. 
Indische Alterthumskunde. Band iii. Leipzig: 1857-58. 8vo. 

From X. A. Huguet-Latour, Esq., of Montreal. 
Various pamphlets and Journals, concerning education and agriculture in Canada. 

From the Lodiana Mission of the Presbyterian Board. 

A Dictionary of the Panjab! Language, prepared by a Committee of the Lodiana 
Mission. Lodiana: 1854. 4to. 

From Dr. D. J. Maegotoan, of Shanghai. 

Shanghai Almanac and Miscellany, for the years 1852-55. Shanghai: 1851-54. 

600 American Oriental Society : 

Chinese and Foreign Gazette. Vol. i. 1864-55. Vol. ii. 1855-56. Ningpo. 8vo. 
The Ninth Annual Report of the Chinese Hospital at Shanghae, from Jan. 1st to 

Dec. 31st, 1855. By the Committee. Shanghae: 1856. 8vo. pp. 15. 
Notices of Chinese Buddhism, by Rev. J. Edkins, Shanghae. 1855. 8vo. pp. 39. 

From. Rev. W. A. Macy, of Shanghai. 

The Gospel of Matthew, in Manchu and Chinese. Shanghai : 1858. roy. 8vo. size. 


From Messrs. Maisonneuve & Oie, of Paris. 

Recherches stir l'Ecriture des diffeVents Peuples anciens et modernes ; ouvrage ren- 
fermant une grande collection d' alphabets et de nombrenx fac-sitnile d'ecritures 
reproduits en or et en couleur, par L. Leon de Rosny. Livraisons 1-4. Paris : 
1867. 4to. 

From Hon. G. P. Marsh, of Burlington, Vt. 

On the Rosheniah Sect, and its Founder, Bayezid Ansari. By J. Leyden, M.D. 
4to. pp. 66. 

From Rev. J. A. Merrick, of Paris, Ky. 

Thre« Tracts, in the Assiniboine Chippewa Language, to wit : — 
The Young Cottager. Montreal: 1848. 12mo. pp. 34. 
On the Holy Scriptures, with a Hymn to Christ. [New York: 1852.] 12mo. 

pp. 12. 
The Creed — The Commandments — The Lord's Prayer. [London: 1853] 12mo. 
Four coins, two silver and two copper, not yet identified : one copper cash. 

From J. Muir, Esq., of Edinburg. 

Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and Progress of the Religion and Institutions 
of India ; collected, translated into English, and illustrated by Notes .... By 
J. Muir, etc. Part First. The Mythical and Legendary Accounts of Caste. Lon- 
don: 1858. 8vo. 

From Prof. K. F. Neumann, of Munich. 

Geschichte des Englischen Reichs in Asien. Von Karl Friedrich Neumann. Leip- 
zig : 1857. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Das Reich Japan und seine Stellung in der "Westostlichen Weltbewegung. Von 
Karl Friedrich Neumann. [Miinchen: 1857.] 12mo. 

From the North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 

Journal of the North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Vol. i, Nos. 1,2. 
Shanghai: 1868-59. 8vo. 

From the Oriental Society of France. 

Revue de l'Orient. Bulletin de la Society Orientale de France. ]6me ann6e. 
Nros. i-iv. Paris: 1858. 8vo. 

From Prof. Joseph Packard, B.D., of Fairfax Co., Va. 
The Gospel of Matthew, in Shanghai Colloquial, Chinese character. Shanghai. 

8vo size, xylographed. 
The same, romanized. Shanghai. 8vo size, xylographed. 

A Geography, in Shanghai Colloquial, romanized; with maps. Shanghai. 8vo 
size, xylographed. 

From Mr. A. H. Palmer. 

Documents and Facts illustrating the Origin of the Mission to Japan, authorized by 
the Government of the United States, May 10th, 1851 ... . By Aaron Haight 
Palmer. Washington: 1857. 8vo. pp. 22. 

From Rat. J. Perkins, D.D., of Orumiah. 

The Old Testament in Modern Syriac, with References. 4to. pp. 1004. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 601 

From the Philological Society of London. 

Proceedings of the Philological Society. Vols. i-vi. London: 1844-54. 8vo. 
Transactions of the Philological Society. 1854, 1855, 1856. London. 8vo. 

From Dr. Charles Pickering, of Boston. 

The Geographical Distribution of Animals and Plants. By Charles Pickering, etc. 
Boston and London : 1854. fol. 

From Prof. A. F. Pott, of Halle. 

Etymoloaische Forschungen auf dem Gebiete der Indo-Germanischen Sprachen, 
unter Beriicksichtigung ihrer Hauptformen .... von Aug. Fried. Pott, etc., etc. 
Zweite Auflage in vollig neuer Umarbeitung. Erster TheiL Prapositionen. 
Lemgo und Detmold: 1859. 8vo. pp. xxvi, 859. 

From Rddhdkdnta Deva Bahadur, of Calcutta. 

Cabdakalpadrumaparicishtah. An appendix to the Cabdakalpadruma, or Sanskrit 
Encyclopedia, of Radhakahta Deva, Calcutta : 17*79 [A. D. 1856]. 4to. pp. 1396. 

From Rdjendraldla Mitra, of Calcutta. 

Vividhartha-Sangraha .... a Bengali monthly magazine, published in numbers of 

24 pages. Vols, ii, iii. Calcutta: 1851-52. 4to. 
Bibliotheca Indica. No. "78. Chhandogya-Upanishad .... translated .... by Ra- 
jendralal Mittra. Fasciculus 1st. Calcutta: 1854. 8vo. 

do. Nos. 47, 48, 80, Chaitanya Chandrodaya, or the Incarnation of Chaitanya; 
a Drama, in ten acts, by Kavikarnapura. With a commentary explanatory of 
the Prakrita passages, by Pandita Viswanatha S'astri. Edited by Rajendralal 
Mittra. Calcutta: 1853-54. 8vo. 

do. Nos. 51, 73, 143-5. The Lalita-Vistara, or Memoirs of the Life and Doc- 
trines of S'akya Siflha. Edited by Rajendralal Mittra. Fasciculi 1-5. Calcutta: 
1853-58. 8vo. 

do. Nos. 125, 126. The Taittiriya Brahmana of the Black Yajur Veda, with 
the Commentary of Sayanacharya, edited by Rajendralal Mittra, etc. Fasciculi 
1, 2. Calcutta: 1855. 8vo. 

. From M. Reinaud, of Parte, 

Question Scientifique et Personelle, soulevee an sein de l'lnstitut, au sujet des der- 
nieres decouvertes sur la Geographie et 1'Histoire de l'lude, avec les explications 
de M. Reinaud, etc. Nouvelle edition, revue et augmentee d' une deuxieme 
partie. Paris: 1859. 8vo. pp. 36. 

From M. Ernest Renan, of Paris. 

Nouvelles Considerations sur le Caractere General des Peuples Semitiques, et en 
particulier sur leur tendance au mouotheisme, par M Ernest Renan. [Extrait 
du Journal Asiatique] Paris: 1859. 8vo. 

From Rei). Elias Riggs, D.D., of Constantinople. 

Outline of a Grammar of the Turkish Language, as written in the Armenian Char- 
acter. By Elias Riggs. etc. Constantinople: 1856. 16mo. pp. iv, 56. 

Gospel of Matthew, in the Kurdish Language, Armenian Character. ("Translated 
by a native helper of the Assyrian Mission of the A. B. C. F. M.. and the first 
book printed in Kurdish, so far as I am aware. — E. R.") Constantinople: 1856 

From Prof. E. Rodiger, of Halle. 

Gnlielmi Gesenii Thesaurus .... Veteris Testamenti. Tomi Tertii Fasciculus No- 
vissimus .... edidit ^Emilius Roediger, etc. Lipsise : 1858. 4to. 

From Dr. F. L. 0. Roehrig, of Philadelphia. 

De Turcorum Linguae Indole ac Natura scripsit F. L. O. Roehrig. Philadelphia : 
1S59. 8vo. pp. 30. 
vol. vi. 77 

602 American Oriental Society : 

From Professors Roth and Whitney. 

Atharva-Veda-Sanhita, herausgegeben von B. Roth und W. D. Whitney. Zweite 
Abtheilung [das 20ste Buch des Testes enthaltend]. Berlin: 1856. 8vo. 

From the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, xvi. 2 ; xvii. 1. 
London: 1856-59. 8vo. 

From the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries. 

Sur la Construction des Salles dites des Geants, par S. M. le Roi Frederic VII de 

Danemark, Copenhague: 1857. 8vo. pp 19. 
Cabinet <l' Antiquites Amencaines a Copenhague. Rapport Ethnographique par 

C. C. Rafn. Copenhague : 1858. 8vo. pp. 60. 
Various papers concerning the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries. 

From Prof. E. E. Salisbury, of New Haven. 

Journal de Constantinople. Nos. 759, 760, 762, 764. 1856. fol. 

From Prof. B. Silliman, Jr., of New Haven. 

The Gospel of Mark, in Zulu. Ernkungunhlovu: 1856. 16mo. pp. 59. 

An Arithmetic, in Zulu. Etekwini: 1856. 18mo. 

The Psalms, in Zulu. Port Natal : 1850. 8vo. 

The Epistle to the Romans, in Zulu. Port Natal: 1854. 16mo. pp. 64. 

Acts of the Apostles, in Zulu. Emsunduzi: 1859. 8vo. pp. 76. 

A Zulu Primer. Emsunduzi: 1859. 8vo. pp. 8. 

The Three Epistles of the Apostle John, translated into Delaware Indian, by C. F. 

Dencke. [English and Delaware, on opposite pages] New York: 1818. 24mo. 


From the Smithsonian Institution. 

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Vols.viii-x. Washington: 1856-58. 4to. 
Reports of the Smithsonian Institution, for 1855; for 1856; for 1857. Washing- 
ton: 1856-58. 8vo. 

From Prof. J. A. Spencer, D.D., of New York. 

Egypt and the Holy Land .... By J. A. Spencer, D.D., etc. Fourth Edition. 
New York: 1854. 12mo. 

From Rev. D. T. Stoddard, of Orumiah. 

" Green Pastures for the Lord's Flock ;" .... translated from the English into the 

Modern Syriac. sm. 4to. 
A Full Arithmetic, in Modern Syriac. sm. 4to. 
A Compendium of Church History ; translated from the English into the Modem 

Syriac. sm. 4to. 
" Scripture Facts," .... translated into Modern Syriac. 12mo. 
•Baxter's Saints' Rest, translated into Modern Syriac. 12mo. 
" Threefold Cord ;" .... translated from English into Modern Syriac. 16mo. 

From the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg. 

Bulletin de la Classe Historico-Philologique de l'Academie Imperiale des Sciences 

de St.-Petersbourg. Tomes ix-xv. St-Petersbourg: 1862-68. 4to. 
Memoires de l'Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St.-Petersbourg. Sixieme 

Serie. Sciences Politiques, Histoire, Philologie. Tomes viii, ix. St.-P6ters- 

bourg: 1855-59. 4to. 
'Aly Ben Schems-Eddin's Chanisches Geschichtswerk, oder Geschichte von Gilan in 

den Jahren 880 (=1476) bis 920 (=1514). Persischer Text. Herausgegeben 

von B. Dora. St. Petersburg: 1857. 8vo. 
'Abdu'l-Fattah Fumeny's Geschichte von Gilan in den Jahren 923 (=1617) bis 1038 

(=1628). Persischer Text. Herausgegeben von B. Dora. St. Petersburg: 

1858. 8vo. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 603 

Ausziige aus Muhammedanischen Schriftstellern, betreffend die Geschichte und 
Geogrnphie der siidlichen Kustenlander des Kaspischen Meeres, nebst einer kur- 
zen Geschichte der Chane von Scheki. Arabische, Persische, und Tiirkische 
Texte. Herausgegeben von B. Dorn. St. Petersburg : 1858. 8vo. pp. 47, 626. 

From the Superintendent of the Coast Survey. 

Eeport of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, .... 1857. "Washington: 
1858. 4to. 

From L. W. Tappan, Esq., of Boston. 

A Javanese manuscript, on four strips of palm-leaf. 

From Nicholas Trubner, Esq., of London. 

The Literature of American Aboriginal Languages, by Hermann E. Ludewig. 
With additions and corrections by Prof. Wm. W. Turner. Edited by Nicholas 
Trubner. London: 1858. 8vo. 

From Prof. S. H. Turner, D.D., of New York. 

The Epistles to the Romans, to the Galatians, to the Ephesians, and to the He- 
brews, in Greek and English. With an Analysis and Exegetical Commentary, 
by Samuel H. Turner, D.D. 4 vols. New Yoik: 1855-56. 8vo. 

Thoughts on the Origin, Character, and Interpretation of Scripture Prophecy. In 
Seven Discourses .... With Notes. By Samuel H. Turner, D.D., etc. New 
York: 1856. 12mo. 

From the Imperial-Royal Geographical Society of Vienna. 

Mittheilungen der Kaiserlich-koniglichen Geographischen Gesellschaft. Jahrgange 
i, ii, iii. 1, 2. Wien: 1857-59. 8vo. 

From Rev. Edward Webb, of Dindigul. 
The Tamil Quarterly Repository. Vols. i-iv. Madras: 1854-57. roy. 8vo. 

From Prof. Albrecht Weber, of Berlin. 

Ueber das Dacakumara-Caritam, die Fahrten der zehn Prinzen, von A. Weber. 

[pp. 18-56 of the Monatsberiehte d. K6n. Ak. d. Wiss. zu Berlin, 1859] 8vo. 
Ueber ein Indisches Wiirfel Orakel, von A. Weber, [pp. 158-180 of do.] 8vo. 
Zwei Vedische Texte iiber Omina und Portenta, Von A. Weber, [pp. 313-413 

of the Abhandlungen d. Kon. Ak. d. Wiss. zu Berlin, 1858] 4to. 
Die Vajrasuci des Acvaghosha. Von A. Weber, [p. 205-264 of do., 1859] 4to. 

From Dr. S. W. Williams, of Canton. 

A Tonic Dictionary of the Chinese Language, in the Canton Dialect. By Samuel 
Wells Williams. Canton: 1856. 8vo. pp. xxxvi, 832. 

From Messrs. Williams and Norgate, of London. 

The Languages of the Seat of War in the East. With a Survey of the Three 
Families of Language, Semitic, Arian. and Turanian. By Max Muller, etc. 
Second Edition, with an Appendix on the Missionary Alphabet, and an Ethnolog- 
ical Map, drawn by Augustus Petermann. London: 1855. 8vo. 

Early Christianity in Arabia ; a Historical Essay. By Thomas Wright, etc. Lon- 
don: 1855. 8vo. 

The Book of Jonah in four Semitic Versions, viz. Chaldee, Syriac, iEthiopic, and 
Arabic. With corresponding Glossaries, by W. Wright. London: 1857. 8vo. 

A Pocket Dictionary of the English and Turkish Languages. By J. Sauerwein. 
London: 1855. 18mo. 

Williiims and Norgate's Foreign Catalogues. London. 8vo. 

Buddhism and Buddhist Pilgrims. A Review of M.Stanislas Julien's "Voyages 

des Pelerins Bouddhistes." By Max Muller, etc Together with a Letter on 

the original meaning of ' Nirvana.' London: 1857. 8vo. pp. 54. 

604 American Oriental Society : 

Modern Investigations on Ancient India. A Lecture delivered in Berlin March 4th, 

1854, by Professor A. Weber. Translated from the German by Fanny Metcalfe. 

London: 1857. 8vo. pp. 81. 
Analecta Niccena: Fragments relating to the Council of Nice. The Syriac Text, 

from an ancient MS. in the British Museum. With a Translation, Notes, etc. 

By B. Harris Cowper. London : 1857. roy. 8vo. pp. iv, 88. 
Essays on the Religion and Philosophy of the Hindus, by the late H. T. Colebrooke, 

Esq. A New Edition. London: 1858. 8vo. 
A Reading Book of the Turkish Language, with a Grammar and Vocabulary ; . . . . 

By William Burckhardt Taylor, etc. London: 1854. 8vo. 
Gilchrist's Oordoo Risaluh. Or Rules of Hindoostanee Grammar. Calcutta: 1881. 

8vo. lithographed. 
The Philological Essays of the late Rev. Richard Gacnett of the British Museum. 

Edited by his Son. London: 1859. 8vo. 
On the Christian Duty of the British Government in India, addressed to the Right 

Honorable * * * * by Abd al- Wahid. London: 1859. 8vo. pp.22. 
Selections from Papers on Indigo Cultivation in Bengal, with an Introduction and a 

few Notes, by a Ryot. Calcutta: 1858. 8,vo. 
Georgii Guilielmi Kirschii Chrestomathia Syriaca cum Lexico. Denuo edidit Geor- 

gius Henricus Bernstein, etc. Pars Prior. Chrestomathia ex Codd. MSS. emen- 

data et aucta. — Pars Posterior. Lexicon penitus novatum. Lipsiae : 1 832-86. 

2 vols. 8vo. 
The Mutinies and the People, or Statements of Native Fidelity, exhibited during 

the Outbreak of 1857-58. By a Hindu. Calcutta: 1859. 8,vo. 

From Prof. H. H. Wilson, of London. 

Rig-Veda Sanhita Translated from the Original Sanskrit. By H. H. Wilson, 

etc., etc. [VoL i] London: 1850. 8vq. 

From Dr. Joseph Wilson, U. 8. iV. 

A Japanese Fan, inscribed with a traveller's Guide. Accompanied with a manu- 
script notice, transcription, and partial translation, by Dr. J. Wilson. 

The Bible, in the Tahitian Language. London: 1847. 8vo. pp. 988. 

A Tahitian and English Dictionary, with introductory remarks on the Polynesian 
Language, and a short Grammar of the Tahitian Dialect; with an Appendix.. . . . 
Tahiti: 1861. 8vo. 

Isaiah to Malachi, in the Tonga Language. Vavau. 8vo. 

The New Testament, in the Tonga Language. London: 1852. 12mo. 

Catechisms, etc., in the Tonga, Fiji, Wallis Island, and Samoan Languages. Vavau 
and Uvea: 1846-67. 

Genesis, Exodus, and Psalms, in the Fiji Language. Viti: 1854. 12mo. 

From Exchange of Duplicates. 

Mithridates oder allgemeine Sprachenkunde mit dem Vater TJnser als Sprachprobe 
in bey nahe fiinfhundert Sprachen und Mundarten, von Johann Christian Adelung, 

etc. Erster Theil. — do., do fortgesetzt von Dr. Johann Severin Vater, 

etc. Zweyter und dritter Theile. Berlin: 1806-1817. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Anthologia Sententiarum Arabicarum. Cum scholiis Zamachsjarii. Edidit, vertit, 
et illnstravit Henricus Albertus Schultens. Lugduni Batavorum: 1772. 4to. 

The New Testament in Arabic, London: 1820. 8vo. 

Aperf u de la Langue des lies Marquises et de la Langue Ta'itienne, prec£d6 d'une 
Introduction sur 1'histoire et la g^ographie de l'Arcbipel des Marquises, par J. 
Ch. Ed. Buschmann, etfi. Accompagne d'un vocabulaire inedit de la langue Ta'i- 
tienne par le Baron Guillaume de Humboldt. Berlin: 1843. 8vo. 

Lettres a M. le Due de Blacas d'Aulps, etc., relatives au Musee Royal Egyptien de 
Turin ; par M. Champollion le Jeune. Premiere Lettre. — Monuments Historiques. 
[Avec une Notice Chronologique de la xviiie Dynastie Egyptienne de Manethon; 
par M. Champollion Figeac] — Seconde Lettre.— Suite des Monuments Historiques ; 
suite de la Notice Chronologique, etc. Paris: 1824-36. 8vo. 

Grammatica Lingua? MauroArabicse juxta vernaculi idiomatis usum. Accessit 
Vocabularium LatinoMauro-xArabicum. Opera et studio Francisci de Dombay, 
etc. Vindobona? : 1800. 4to. 

Additions to the Library and Cabinet. 605 

A Dissertation on the Nature and Character of the Chinese System of "Writing, 
.... By Peter S. Duponceau, LL.D., etc. To which are subjoined, a Vocabu- 
lary of the Cochinchinese Language, by Father Joseph Morrone, etc., with .... 
notes .... by M. de la Palun, etc. ; and a Cochinchinese and Latin Dictionary. 
Philadelphia: 1838. Svo. 

Andrea? Theophili Hoffinaoni, etc., Grammaticse Syriacte Libri III. Hate: 1827. 

Priifung der ITntersuchungen iiber die IXrbewohner Hispaniens vermittelst der Vas- 
kischen Sprache. Von Wilbelm von Humboldt. Berlin: 1821. 4to. 

Macrizi Historia Regum Islaniiticorum in Abyssinia. Interpretatus est et una cum 
Abulfedte Descriptione Regionum Nigritarum e codd. Bibl. Leidensis arabice 
edidit Fredericus Theodorus Rinck, etc. Lugduni Batavorum: 1790. 4to. 

Vocabulaire Oceanien-Francais et Francais-Oceanien des Dialectes paries aux lies 
Marquises, Sandwich, Gambier, etc. .... par l'Abbe Boniface Mosblech, etc. 
Paris: 1843. 12mo. 

Das Alexandrinische Museum. Eine gekronte Preisschrift von G. Parthey, 

Dr. Mit einein Plane von Alexandrien. Berlin: 1838. 8vo. 

Historia Praecipuorum Arabuin Regnorum Kerumque ab iis Gestarum ante Islam- 
ismum. E c«dd. manuscr. Arab. Biblioth. Reg. Haun. eollegit vertit et animad- 
versiones addidit D. Jaous Lassen Rasmussen, etc. Hauniae: 1817. 4to. 

Die Identitat der Hindu, Perser, Pelasger, Germanen und Slaven dargethan aus 
Sprache, Religion und Sitte von F. A. Rauch. Erste Abtheilung. Marburg: 
1829. l'-'mo. 

Outlines of a Grammar, Vocabulary, and Phraseology, of the Aboriginal Language 
of South Australia, spoken by the Natives in and for some distance around Ade- 
laide. By C. G. Teichelmann and C. W. Schiirmann, etc. A delaide : 1 840. 8vo. 

Fior di Peusieri sulle Pietre Preziose di Ahmed Teifascite. Opera stampata nel suo 
originale Arabo, colla traduzione Italiana appresso, e diverse note di Antonio 
Raineri. Firenze: 1818. 4to. 

Propositions Philosophiques adressees aux Savants de tous les Pays, par un Orien- 
tal. Constantinople: 1849. 8vo. pp. 12. 

Principes d'Etymologie Naturelle bases sur les Origines des Langues Semitico-San- 
scrites, par H. J. F. Parrat, etc. Paris: 1851. 4to. pp. 64. 

Abulghasi Bahadur Chani Historia Mongolorum etTatarorum nunc primtim tatarice 
edita auctorttate et munificentia illustrissimi Comitis Nicolai de Romanzoif, etc. 
Casani: 1825. fol. 

Philologiscbkritische Zugabe zu den .... zwei Mongolischen OriginalBriefen der 
Konige von Persien Argun und Oeldshaitu an Philipp den Schonen ; von Isaac 
Jacob Schmidt. St. Petersburg : 1 824. 8vo. pp. 81, 3. 

Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia. Vol. i. 1 , 6 suppl., and Vols, 
v-vii. Singapore: 1847, 1851-53. Svo. 

Wiwoho or Mintorogo, a Javanese Poem, from the Kawi of Hempoe Kanno, edited 
by J. F. C. Gericke. [From the Verhandelingen van het Batav. Genootsch. van 
Kunsten en Wetenschappen, Deel xx] Batavia: 1845. 8vo. large paper. 

Romo, a Javanese Poem, in the Version of Joso Dhipoero, edited by C. F. Winter. 
[From the Verb. v. h. Batav. Gen. v. K. en W., Deel xxi] Batavia: 1847. 8vo. 

Ardjoena Wiwaha. Benevens Balineschen interlinearen Commentarius. Het eerste 

echte Kawi-Werk, waarvan de oorspronkelijke Tekst gedrukt wordt door 

R. Friederich. [From the Ver. v. h. Batav. Gen. v. K. en W\, Deel xxiii] Ba- 
tavia: 1850. 4to. 

Boma Kawja, a Poem of Bh&uma, son of the Earth, in the original Kawi, edited 
by R. Friederich. [From the Verb. v. h. Batav. Gen. v. K. en W., Deel xxiv] 
Batavia: 1852. 4to. 

Manik Maja, a Javanese Poem, edited by Dr. J. J. de Hollander. Batavia: 1852. 

Beschrijving van een Gedeelte der Residentie Riouw, door E. Netscher. 8vo. 

Griindung der Stadt Pataliputra und Geschichte der Upakosa. Fragmente aus 
dem Kath4 Sarit SSgara des Soma Deva. Sanskrit und Deutsch von Hermann 
Brockhaus. Leipzig: 1835. 8vo. pp. iv, 16, 15. 

Matapariksh4 .... An Examination of Religions ; Part the First ; containing a 
consideration of the Hindu Sastras, with an English Version and Preface. Mir- 
zapore: 1852. 12mo. 

606 American Oriental Society : 

Beitrage zur Kritik des Poetischen Theils im Hitopadeca. Von Otto Bbhtlingk. 

[From the Mel. Asiat de l'Acad. Imp. des Sc. de St.-Petersbourg, Tome i] 

St. Petersburg: 1851. 8vo. pp. 10. 

Projet d'uoe Soci6t6 de Manuscnts Sanskrits. Bonn : s. a. 8vo. pp. 7. 

Abhandlung iiber das Schul- und Lehrwesen der Muhamedaner im Mittelalter .... 
Von Dr. Daniel Haneberg, etc. Munehen: 1850. 4to. pp. 40. 

Exposition of the Principles of Mohammedan Jurisprudence, by H. Tornauw. St. 
Petersburg: 1850. 8vo. Russian. 

KuHsche Miinzen. Von G. H. F. Nesselmann. [Aus d. neuen Preuss. Prov.-Blat- 
tern ] Konigsberg: 1854. 8vo. pp. 12. 

Karnama-i-Hydary, or, Memoirs of the Brave and Noble Hyder Shah, surnamed 
Hyder Ally Khan Bahadur. To -which is annexed, a Sketch of the History of 
his Illustrious Son, Tippoo Sultan. Compiled from the different works written 
by English, French, and Oriental Authors. [By Prince Ghulam Mohammed, son 
of Tippoo Sultan] Calcutta: 1848. 4to. Persian. 

Fihrist Hanialati-Haidari, etc. Hindustani abstract of the above. Calcutta: 1849. 

Ausfiihrlicher Bericht fiber die in Konstantinopel vom October 1851 bis October 
1862 erschienenen Orientalischen Werke. Von Freiherrn Ottokar M. v. Schlechta 
"Wssehrd, etc. [Aus d. Junihefte d. J. 1854 d. S. d. phil.-hist. CI. d. Kais. Akad. 
d. Wiss. bes. abgedr.] Wien: 1854. 8vo. pp. S3. 

Plan der Real- Encyclopadie des Judenthums. Zunachst fur die Mitarbeiter. Kro- 
toschiu: 1844. 12mo. pp. 55. 

Bechinoth Olam. Betrachtungen fiber das Weltleben von Jedajah Penini Bedarschi, 
roit interpunktirtem ebraischem Texte, und einer .... Uebersetzung von M. E. 
Stern Wien: 1847. 12mo. 

De Israelitarum per Mare Rubrum Transitu. Scripsit L. F. C. Teschendorf, etc. 
Cum Tabula. Lipsiue: 1847. 8vo. pp. 32. 

Dialogues, and a small portion of the New Testament, in the English, Arabic, 
Haussa, and Bornu Languages. London: 1853. transv. fol. lithographed. 

Grammar of the Bornu or Kanuri Language ; with Dialogues, Translations, and Vo- 
cabulary. London: 1853. 8vo. 

Epilegomena zu Dr. Th. Benfey's Griechischem Wurzellexikon von W. Sonne, etc. 
Wismnr: 1847. 8vo. pp. iv, 64. 

Archiv fiir Kunde Oesterreichischer Geschichts-Quellen. Herausgegeben von der 

Commission der Kais. Akad. der Wiss. Erstes Heft. Zweites Heft. Wien : 

1848. 8vo. 

Mah isim al-Athar wa Hakaik al-Akhbar, " Beauties of Foot-prints and Realities of 
Historical Narratives';" a history of the Ottoman Empire, in Turkish. By Ahmad 
Wasif Effendi. Constantinople: A. H. 1246 (=A. D. 1830). 2 vols, in 1. fol. 

KitibHahth al Matalib fi 'Ilm al-'Arabiyah, 'Discussion of Points of Inquiry re- 
specting the Science of the Arabic Language;" by Jabril Fudhat al-Halabt 
Malta: 1836. 8vo. 

Al-Ajwibah aj-Jaliyah fi Usui an-Nahwiyah ; " Clear Answers respecting the Prin- 
ciples of Grammar." Malta: 1832. 8vo. 

Mardh al-Arwah; "Resting-place for Minds;" on Arabic inflection. By Ahmad 
Bin 'All Bin Mas'iid, Bulak: A. H. 1246 (=A. D. 1830). 8vo. 

A collection of Arabic poetry and prose, s. 1. and s. a. 8vo. 

Abu Nasri Ismaelis Ebn Hammad Al-Gieuharii Farabiensis Purioris Sermonis 
Arabici Thesaurus, vulgo dictus Kitab es-Sihah, i<l est, Liber Sehah.sive Lexicon 
Arabicum. Particula 1. E codicibus manuscriptis siinirna fide edidit ac versione 
Latina instrnxit Everardus Scheidius. Trajecti ad Rhenum : [1786]. 4to. 

Liturgias Ecclesiffi Anglicanae Partes Prsecipuae: in linguam Arabicam tra- 

ductie opera Edvardi Pocockii, etc. Londini: 1S26. 12mo. 

The Anglo Arabic Primer and Vocabulary Malta: 1832. 18mo. 

Fables, in Hindoostanee [Devanagaii character], for the use of Schools. Second 
Edition Serampore: 1821. 8vo. 

Dialogues in English and Malay, the latter in both the Roman and the Arabic char- 
acter, s. 1. and 8. a. 8vo. incomplete at end. 

Muskokee, or Creek First Reader. By W. S. Robertson, A.M., and David Winslett. 
New York: 1856. 12mo.