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Full text of "Additions to the Library and Cabinet of the American Oriental Society, August, 1854-August, 1855"

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August, 1854 — August, 1855. 


A Semi- Annual Meeting was held in New Haven, on the 18th and 
19th of October, 1 854. The President of the Society, Rev. Dr. Rob- 
inson, in the chair. 

The following papers were communicated : 

The Alchemy of Happiness by the Arabian Philosopher Mohammed 
Al-Ghazdly, translated from the Turkish with Notes ; by Mr. 
Henry A. Homes, of the State Library, Albany. 

On the Identification of the Site of Ancient Pella, being a portion of 
a forth-coming new volume of Biblical Researches ; by Rev. Dr. 
Robinson, of New York. 

On the Avesta, or the Zoroastrian Scriptures; by Prof. W. D. Whit- 
ney, of New Haven. 

On the Armenian Version of the History of Alexander the Great, 
supplementary to a Paper on the Syrian Version;* by Rev. Pres. 
Woolsey, of New Haven. 

On the Armenian Tradition as to the Resting-Place of Noah's Ark; 
by Rev. H. G. O. Dwight, Missionary in Turkey. "With some re- 
marks upon Mr. Dwight's paper, by Prof. J. W. Gibbs of New 

A Table of Scripture Proper-Names with their Equivalents in Perso- 
Kurdish, with an accompanying letter on the character of the 
language of the Assyrian inscriptions ; by Rev. H. Lobdell, M. D., 
Missionary at Mosul. 

On the Alphabetic Representation of the Sandwich Island Languages; 
by Rev. H. Bingham, of New Haven. 
The Corr. Seer, also read extracts from a letter of Chevalier Khani- 

koff, Russian Consul-General at Tabriz, to Baron von Humboldt, on 

the variations of the level of the Caspian Sea. 

* See Joum. Am. Or. Soc. vol. iv. pp. 357, ft: 

The subject of a change in the amount of the assessment, annually 
levied upon members of the Society, being taken up, it was moved 
by Rev. Pres. Woolsey, seconded, discussed, and unanimously re- 
solved : " That the members of. the Society pay henceforth the sum 
of five dollars annually into its treasury, instead of two. dollars as 
hitherto ; and that the amount required to constitute a life-member, 
be seventy-five dollars." 

The condition of the library, and the expediency of its removal 
from its present place of deposit, having been brought to the notice 
of the Society by the Corr. Seer., the following resolution was offered 
by Dr. Beck, debated, and unanimously voted : " That it is the opin- 
ion of the meeting now assembled, that a removal of the library of 
the Society from Boston to New Haven would be, under the present 
circumstances, expedient and desirable ; and that the subject be re- 
ferred, for further consideration and decision, to the next meeting to 
be held in Boston." 

An Annual Meeting was held in Boston, on the 23d and 24th of 
May, 1855. The President of the Society in the chair. 

Prof. Whitney made a brief report in behalf of the committee on 
the library ; and the subject of the removal of the library to New 
Haven was taken up. It was voted : "That the partial report made 
by the committee on the library be accepted, and the committee dis- 
charged;" It was also voted, without dissent : " That the library of 
the Society be removed to New Haven." The Librarian, together 
with Professors Salisbury and Gibbs, were appointed to carry into 
effect the vote respecting the removal of the library, and to prepare 
rules for the use of the same, and a catalogue of the books ; with 
authority to draw on the treasury for such funds as may be needed 
for these purposes. 

On motion of Dr. Beck, it was voted : " That the thanks of the 
Society be communicated to Mr. Folsom for his faithful and useful 
services as Librarian during the period in which the library has been 
under his care in the Boston Athenaeum." 


The officers of the last year were re-elected, with the exception 

that Prof. W. D. Whitney of New Haven was chosen Librarian in 

the place of Mr. Folsom, in consequence of the vote of the Society 

to remove the library. 

The following papers were communicated : 

A Report of what has been done in this country towards reading the 
Phoenician Inscription discovered at Sidon in January, 1855 ; by 
Prof. E. E. Salisbury, of New Haven. 
Communications on the subject, received from Prof. W. H. Green 

of Princeton, Eev. Dr. W. Jenks of Boston, and Mr. W. W. Turner 

of Washington, were submitted to the Society. Eev. Dr. Murdock 

of New Haven also expressed his views ; and some remarks bearing; 

on the date of the inscription were made by Dr. C. Pickering. 

Letter from Rev. J. L. Porter of Damascus to Dr. Robinson, con- 
taining Greek Inscriptions. With Remarks on the Inscriptions, 
by Eev. Pres. Woolsey. 

On the Topography and Antiquities of Ccele- Syria North of Baalbek, 
being a portion of a forth-coming new volume of Biblical Be- 
searches ; by Eev. Dr. Eobinson, of New York. 

On the Sanskrit Accent, being a review of a work recently published 
by Prof. Bopp of Berlin on the Sanskrit accent as compared with 
the Greek ; by Prof. W. D. Whitney, of New Haven. 

Observations on a Tour in Kurdistan; by the late Eev. H. Lobdell,. 
M. D., Missionary at Mosul. 

Remarks upon Two Assyrian Cylinders received from Dr. Lobdell 
of Mosul; by Prof. E. E. Salisbury, of New Haven. 

Review of a " Guide to Conversation in the English and Chinese- 
Languages" by Dr. Stanislas Hernisz ; by Eev. M. C. White, Mis- 
sionary in China. 

Additional Remarks on the Division of Zulu Discourse into Words; 
by Eev. L. Grout, Missionary in S. Africa. 

Some remarks were also made by Prof. Felton, of Cambridge, on the 
Present State of the Modern Greek Language and Literature. 

Eev. B. J. Bettelheim, M. D., Missionary in the island of Loo-Choo,. 
having been introduced to the Society, made some observations re- 
specting the Japanese language and literature. 


The following gentlemen have become members of the Society 
since the publication of the last List of Members. 

1. Corporate Members. 
Rev. "W. R. Alger, of Boston. 

" A. N. Arnold, late Missionary in Greece. 

" J. F. Clarke, of Roxbury, Mass. 
Mr. S. F. Dunlap, of New York. 
Prof. W. H. Green, of Princeton, N. J. 
Rev. A. L. Holladay, of Charlottesville, Va. 

" F. W. Holland, of East Cambridge, Mass. 
Mr. H. A. Homes, of Albany. 
Rev. J. W. Miles, of Charleston, S. C. 
Prof. Scheie de Vere, of Charlottesville, Va. 

2. Corresponding Members. 

Rev. J. W. Johnson, Missionary in China. 
Chevalier Khanikoff, Russian Consul-General at Tabriz. 
*Rev. H. Lobdell, M. D., Missionary at Mosul. 
" D. J. Macgowan, M. D., Missionary in China. 
Prof. Max Mtiller, of Oxford. 


By the Am. Antiq. Society. 

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, in Boston, April 
25,1855. Boston: 1855. 8vo, pp. 36. 

By the Armenian Mission of the A. B. 0. F. M. 
Old and New Testaments in Modern Armenian, with References- 
(Revised and edited by Rev. E. Riggs.) Smyrna: 1853. 4to, 

By the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Edited by the Secretaries- 
No. ccxxxvii. (No. vi. 1853). Calcutta: 1853. 8vo. 
Bibliotheca Indica. Nos. 58-61. Calcutta : 1853. 

No. 58. A Dictionary of the Technical Terms used in the Sci- 
ences of the Musalmans. Fasciculus 1st. 4to. 

No. 59 The Conquest of Syria, commonly ascribed to ... . 

al-Waqidi. Fasciculus 1st. 8vo. 
No. 60. Tusy's List of Shy'ah Books and Alam Alhoda's Notes 

on Shy'ah Biography. Fasciculus 1st. 8vo. 
No. 61. A Biographical Dictionary of Persons who knew Mo- 
hammad, by Ibn .ffajar. Fasciculus 1st. 8vo. 

By tlie Asiatic Society of Paris. 

Journal Asiatique 4 n,e Serie, Tome xx. 5 me Serie, Tomes 

i. ii. (2 copies) iii. iv. Paris : 1852-54. 8vo. 

By Rev. Cephas Bennet, of Tavoy. 
The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, in Sgau 

Karen , Translated by Francis Mason. Third edition. Tavoy, 

Karen Miss. Press : 1853. Royal 8vo. 
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in Sgau 

Karen Translated by Francis Mason. Third edition. Tavoy, 

Karen Miss. Press: 1853. Royal 8vo. 
The Pentateuch in Sgau Karen Translated by Rev. F. 

Mason. First edition. Tavoy, Karen Miss. Press : 1852. Royal 8vo. 


Joshua, Judges, i. and ii. Samuel, i. and ii. Kings, i. and ii. Chroni- 
cles. Karen. Royal 8vo. 
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of 

Solomon. Karen. Royal 8vo. 
The Gospels by Matthew and Mark, in Pwo Karen ; translated from 

the Sgau by Karens, and revised by Rev. F. Mason, and D. L. 

Brayton Tavoy : 1852. 12mo. 

Questions on Matthew, with explanatory notes and practical remarks, 

in Pwo Karen; by D. L. Brayton Tavoy: 1852. 12mo. 

Notes on the Epistle to the Hebrews, in Karen ; by E. L. Abbott. 

Tavoy: 1851. 12mo. 

Thesaurus of Karen Knowledge forming a complete Native 

Karen Dictionary, with definitions and examples, illustrating the 

usages of every word. Written by Sau Kau-too, and compiled by 

J. "Wade. Vol. iv. Tavoy: 1850. 12mo. (2 copies.) 
Karen Calendar and Annual for 1849; by Rev. E. B. Cross. The 

same for 1850. The same for 1851. (All bound in one vol.) 

Tavoy: 1848-50. 12mo. 
Abbott's Arithmetic 2nd edition. Tavoy: 1852. 16mo, pp. 

33. Karen. 
The Catechism; by J. Wade 5th edition. Tavoy: 1852. 

16mo, pp. 16. Karen. (2 copies.) 
The Child's Catechism, No. 2 ; by M. H. Brayton Tavoy: 

1852. 16mo. Karen. 
The Elders By F. Mason 3d edition. Tavoy: 1852. 

16mo. Karen. 
A brief View of the Elements of Christianity, in Pwo Karen ; by D. 

L. Brayton Tavoy : 1852. 16mo, pp. 32. 

Materia Medica and Pathology. [By Rev. F. Mason.] Tavoy: 1848. 

16mo. Karen. 

By the Bombay Br. of the Boy. As. Society. 
The Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 
Edited by the Secretary. Nos. xvin. xix. Bombay: 1853-54. 8vo. 

By Hon. Charles W. Bradley, of Singapore. 

The New Testament in Chinese. Translated from the Greek for the 
Am. and For. Bible Society, by J. Goddard. Ningpo: 1853. 8vo 
size. [Part 1st, containing the Gospels and Acts.] 

A Key to Divination by the Bamboo. 8vo size. Chinese. 

An Elementary Geography of China. do. do. 

A Japanese illustrated book, with illuminated cover ; brought from 
Hakodadi by the U. S. Expedition to Japan. 12mo size, pp. 20. 

A Japanese painting, representing the native idea of female beauty ; 
brought from Samudi by the same. 


Specimens of Japanese paper, of various qualities, and used for vari- 
ous purposes, as for blowing the nose, for writing, and for wrapping. 

Specimen of the bark of the Broussonetia papyrifera, or Paper Mul- 
berry, of Japan ; also, a specimen of paper-twine, made from the 

A Japanese coin, called yen-to, value 1 mace or 100 cash, equal to one 
dime in U. S. currency, bearing the name of the Emperor of Japan. 

By Prof. H. Brockhaus, of Leipzig. 
Die Lieder des Hafiz. Persich mit dem Commentare des Sudi he- 
rausg. von Hermann Brockhaus. Ersten Bandes erstes Heft. 
Leipzig : 1854. pp. xii. 72. 

By Mr. John P. Brown, of Constantinople. 
Original Firman by which Hussain Bey was appointed Ferrash, or 
Sweeper-out of the Holy Places of Mekka and Medina, with au- 
thority to appoint his lieutenant to do the same for him. Dated 
A. H. 1206, Rejeb 15th. 

By the Canton Mission of the A. B. C. F. M. 
Commentary on Genesis. 1851. 8vo size. Chinese. 
The Four Gospels. do. do. 

Commentary on Matthew. 1848. do. do. 

Catechism of Scripture Doctrine. 1851. 12mo. do. 
Summary of Doctrine, in Trimeters. 1851. do. do. 
Hymns and Psalms. 1849. 8vo size. do. 

Jesus the True God. 16mo size. do. 

Crucifixion of Jesus. do. do. 

The New Birth. do. do. 

Dissuasive from Use of Opium. 12mo size. do. 
Christian Almanac, for 1852. 8vo size. do. 

Treatise on Astronomy. 1849. do. do. 

Treatise on Political Economy. 1847. 8vo. do. 
Description of the United States. 1846. do. do. 

All the above printed at the press of the A. B. C. F. M. in Canton. 

By Prof. George E. Day. 
Pauli Epistola ad Philemonem speciminis loco ad fidem versionum 
orientalium veterum una cum earum textu originali graece edita a 
Jul. Henr. Petermann, etc. Berolini : 1844. Metallo expressum 
in instituto lith. reg. 4to, pp. iv. 56. 

By the Court of Directors of the Hon. East India Company. 
A Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian, and Hindustany Manuscripts of 
the Libraries of the King of Oudh, compiled under the orders of 
the Government of India by A. Sprenger, M. D., etc. Vol. i. con- 
taining Persian and Hindustany Poetry. Calcutta: 1854. 8vo, 
pp. viii. 645. 

By Mr. Erskine, son of the Author. 
A History of India under the two first Sovereigns of the House of 
Taiinur, Baber and Humayun ; by William Erskine, Esq., etc. 
In two volumes. Vols. i. ii. London : 1852. 8vo. 

By the Ethnological Society of London. 

Journal of the Ethnological Society of London. Vols. i. ii. iii. Lon- 
don : 1848-54. 8vo. 

A Manual of Ethnological Inquiry ; being a series of questions con- 
cerning the human race, adapted for the use of travellers 

and others in studying the varieties of man. London : 1852. 
8vo, pp. 15. (6 copies.) 

Address to the Ethnological Society of London, . . . 26th May, 1854, 
by Sir B. C. Brodie, etc. Followed by a Sketch of the Recent Pro- 
gress of Ethnology, by Richard Cull, etc. London. 8vo, pp. 25. 

Probable Origin of the American Indians, with particular reference 
to that of the Caribs. A paper read before the Ethn. Soc, 15th 
March, 1854. By Jas. Kennedy, Esq., etc. London: 1854. 8vo, 
pp. 42. 

By the German Oriental Society. 

Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft .... viii. 
3, 4, ix. 1, 2. Leipzig: 1854-55. 8vo. 

Veteris Testamenti Aethiopici Tomus Primus, sive Octateuchus Ae- 

thiopicus instr. Dr. August Dillman Fasc. Secundus. 

.... Lipsiae : 1854. sm. 4to. 

By Mr. W. W. Oreenough. 
Prabodha Chandrodaya, Krishna Misri Comoedia. Sanskrite et 

Latine edidit Hermannus Brockhaus. Fasc. Prior, continens tex- 

tum Sanscritum. Lipsiae : 1855. 8vo. 
Malay Tracts : Singapore : Am. Miss. Press. No. 2. Explanation of 

the Ten Commandments. 1835. 8vo, pp. 28. 
Modem Greek Tracts: Didaskalia Khristianike. Smyrna: 1835. 

12mo, pp. 12. 
'Omilia para . . . N. Bamba. 'Ermoupolis: 1834. 12mo,pp. 10. 
Eight odd Numbers of Turkish and Maltese Newspapers. 
A sheet exhibiting a synoptical view of all the conjugations of the 

Hebrew verb. 

By Rev. L. Grout, of Umsunduzi, S. Africa. 

Inewadi ka Paule etc Epistle of Paul to the Romans. Port 

Natal : 1854. 8vo, pp. 54. Zulu. 

By Baron Hammer-Purgstall, of Vienna. 

Literatur Geschichte der Araber, etc von Hammer-Purgstall. 

2 te Abtheilung. 5 ter Bd. 6* er Bd. Wien : 1854-55. 4to. 


Das Kamel ; von Dr. Freiherrn Hammer-Purgstall, etc. (Aus d. vi. 

B. d. D. d. phil-hist. CI. d. Kais. Acad. d. Wiss. bes. abged.) 

Wien : 1854. 4to, pp. 84. 
Ueber die Arabische Geographie von Spanien ; von Dr. Freiherrn 

Hammer-Purgstall, etc. (Aus d. Dec-Hefte d. J. 1854 d. S. d. 

phil.-hist. CI. d. Kais. Acad. d. Wiss. bes. abged.) Wein : 1854. 

8vo, pp. 64. (2 copies.) 

By Dr. S. Herniss. 

A Guide to Conversation in the English and Chinese Languages, for 
the use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere. 
By Stanislas Hernisz, M. D., etc. Boston, Cleveland (Ohio), and 
London : 1854. Oblong 4to. (2 copies.) 

By Rev. P. R. Hunt, of Madras. 

The Tamil Quarterly Repository. Vol. i. No. 1, Jan. 1854. Royal 
8vo, pp. 40. Tamil. 

By tfie Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg. 
Sanskrit- Worterbuch, herausg. von der Kais. Acad, der Wissenschaf- 
ten, bearb. von Otto Boehtlingk und Rudolph Roth. Bogen 21- 
40. St. Petersburg: 1854. 4to. 

By the Imper. Publ. Libr. of St. Petersburg. 
Catalogue des Manuscrits et Xylographes Orientaux de la Bibl. Im- 
per. Publique de St. Petersbourg. St. Petersbourg : 1852. 

By Rev. L. Jewett, of Nellore. 

The History of Jesus Christ, etc. Madras: 1353. 12mo. Telugu. 

By Rev. J. W. Johnson, of Hong-Kong. 

Nine Siamese Tracts, from the A. M. A. Press, Bangkok, viz : 

The Miracles of Jesus. 4th edition. 1853. 12mo, pp. 82. 

History of Elijah. " " " pp. 49. 

Catechism on Prayer ; by J. Caswell. 3rd edition. 1851. 12mo, 
pp. 36. 

Dialogues on the Killing of Animals ; by J. Caswell. 3rd edi- 
tion. 1851. 12mo, pp. 35. 

Old Testament History, etc. ; by D. B. Bradley. 3rd edition. 
1853. 12mo, pp. 50. 

Bible History. 6th edition. 1853. 16mo, pp. 36. 

Instructions of the Lord Jesus ; by Rev. J. T. Jones, D. D. 2nd 
edition. 1853. 18mo, pp. 58. 

The Golden Balance ; by Rev. J. T. Jones, D. D. 4th edition. 
1853. 18mo, pp. 36. 

Book of Parables ; by Rev. J. T. Jones, D. D. 5th edition. 
1853. 18mo, pp. 48. 


Siamese Slate Book, prepared for writing with a pencil, from Bangkok. 
Chinese and Foreign Gazette ; by Dr. D. J. Macgowan. Nos. 1-3. 

Ningpo : 1854. 8vo size, each 8 pp. Chinese. 
String of Pearls, from Far and Near (a Chinese monthly periodical). 

Vol. ii. Nos. 1-8 (in seven Nos.). 1854. 12mo size, each 24 to 

32 pp. 
Goddess of Mercy Classic, pp. 32. Chinese and Japanese. 
A Japanese book, presented by a school-boy to an officer of the U. S. 

Expedition to Japan. 16mo size, pp. 27. 
Two Japanese books, in the character used only by women. 12mo 

size, pp. 8, 13. 
Part of a Bali Grammar, on strips of Talipot palm-leaf. 33 strips, 

of 2£ by 2 1£ inches. 

By Rev. Dr. Legge, of Hong-Kong. 
The Notions of the Chinese concerning God and Spirits : with an 
examination of the Defense of an Essay on the Proper Rendering 
of the words Elohim and Theos, into the Chinese Language, by 
Wm. J. Boone, D. D., etc. ; by the Rev. James Legge, D. D., etc. 
Hong Kong: 1852. 8vo. 

By Zippincott, Grambo & Co., of Philadelphia. 

Specimen of Lippincott, Grambo & Co.'s Complete Pronouncing 

Gazeteer of the World, etc. Philadelphia : 1853. Royal 8vo. 

By Mr. J. Livingston. 
A circular, Prospectus of a new edition of American Portrait Gallery, 
published by John Livingston, New York. 8vo, pp. 16. 

By the late Rev. H. Lobdell, M. D., of Mosul. 
Seven Arabic Tracts, mostly single leaves, published by the Ameri- 
can Mission at Mosul. 

By Mrs. E. Locke, of Calcutta. 
A Series of Rough Sketches of Oriental Heads. [Drawn from life 
and lithographed by Colesworthy Grant, Esq., of Calcutta.] No. 
— . 3 plates and 2 lith. pages. Royal 8vo. Calcutta. 

By Rev. Francis Mason, of Tavoy. 

The Holy Bible, in the Sanscrit Language. Vol. i. containing the 
five books of Moses and the book of Joshua. Vol. ii. containing 

the hist, books, from Judges to Esther. Translated by the 

Calcutta Baptist Missionaries, with Native Assistants. Calcutta : 
1852. 8vo. 

The Book of Genesis and part of Exodus, in Sanscrit. Translated 
.... by the Calc. Bapt. Missionaries. Calcutta : 1843. 12mo. 

Dayudrajena krtani gitani, etc. [The Psalms of David, in Sanskrit 
verse.] Calcutta : 1844. 12mo. 


The Proverbs of Solomon, in Sanscrit. Calcutta: 1842. 12mo. 

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah, in Sanscrit. Calcutta: 1844. 12mo, 

The New Testament ... in Sanscrit. Transl. ... by the Calc. Bapt. 
Missionaries, with Native Assistants. 2nd edition. Calcutta : 
1851. 8vo, pp. 700. 

The Four Gospels with the Acts of the Apostles, in Sanscrit. Cal- 
cutta : 1847. 8vo. 

The New Testament .... in the Hindustani Language [Arabic char- 
acter]. Transl. by the Calc. Bapt. Missionaries, with Native As- 
sistants. Calcutta: 1844. 8vo, pp. 720. 

the same. Calcutta : 1847. 8vo, pp. 613. 

the same. 6th edition. Calcutta : 1851. 12mo, pp. 536. 

The Four Gospels and the Acts, in Hindustani [Arabic character]. 
Transl. ... by the Calc. Bapt. Missionaries. Calcutta: 1846. 8vo. 

the same. Calcutta: 1849. 12mo. 

the same. Calcutta: 1850. 12mo. 

The New Testament .... in the Hindi Language [Devanagar! char- 
acter], Transl. by the Calc. Bapt. Missionaries, with Native As- 
sistants. Calcutta : 1848. 8vo, pp. 643. 

the same . . Kaithi character. Calcutta : 1850. 8vo, pp. 840. 

The Four Gospels with the Acts of the Apostles, in Kaithi. [pp. 
1-475 of the preceding.] Calcutta: 1853. 8vo. 

The Holy Bible .... in the Bengali Language. Transl. by the Calc. 
Bapt. Missionaries, with Native Assistants. Calcutta: 1845k Royal 
8vo, pp. 1144. 

the same. .. 2nd edition. Calcutta: 1852. pp. 812, 268. 

The Psalms of David, in Bengali. Transl. by the Calc. Bapt. Mis- 
sionaries. Calcutta: 1848. 12mo. 

Isaiah and Daniel, in Bengali. Transl. by the Calc. Bapt. Mission- 
aries. Calcutta: 1847. 12mo. 

The New Testament ... in the Bengali Language. Transl. by the 
Calc. Bapt. Missionaries, with Native Assistants. Calcutta : 1846. 
Royal 8vo. 

the same. 8th edition. Calcutta: 1846. 12mo. 

The Four Gospels with the Acts of the Apostles, in Bengali. Cal- 
cutta : 1849. 8vo. 

The New Testament . . . translated . . . into Persian, at Sheeraz, by 
Rev. Henry Martyn, B. D., etc. . . . with the assistance of Meerza 
Sueyid Alee, of Sheeraz. Calcutta: 1851. 8vo, pp. 719. 

The Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, in Persian. Cal- 
cutta : 1850. 8vo. 

Sanskrtamaladih. The Sanscrit Reader; or Easy Introduction to 
the Reading of the Sanscrit Language ; by the late Rev. Win. 
Yates, D. D. 2nd edition, enlarged. Calcutta : 1847. 12mo. 


Hitopadecah, etc. [The Hitopadeca, by Vishnu-Barman.] Calcutta : 

1851. 12mo. Sanskrit. 

LH&vati, etc. [An Arithmetic, by Bhaskara-Acarya.] Calcutta : 

1852. 12mo, pp. 84. Sanskrit. 

Vijaganitam, etc. [An Algebra, by Bhaskara-Acarya.] Calcutta : 
1858. 12mo. Sanskrit. 

Vyakaranasarah, etc. A Grammar of the Sanscrit Language, de- 
signed for the use of native students ; by Madhub Chundur Pandit. 
Calcutta : 1824. 12mo. Bengali. 

Vangabhashavyakarana, etc. A Grammar of the Bengali Language, 
by Shri Braja Kishor Gupta. Calcutta: 1853. 12mo. Bengali. 

Jaudlya vyakarana. A Grammar of the Bengali Language ; by the 
late Rammohun Roy. Calcutta : 1851. 12mo. Bengali. 

Abhidhana, etc. Bengali Dictionary, for the use of schools. Cal- 
cutta : 1853. 16ino. Bengali. 

Sarasangrahah. Vernacular Class-Book Reader, for colleges and 
schools. Transl. into Bengali by the late Rev. Wm. Yates, D. D. 
2nd edition, revised. Calcutta: 1847. 12mo. 

Hitopadeca, etc. [The Hitopadega of Vishnu-Carman, transl. into 
Bengali.] Calcutta: 1851. 12mo. 

Vangadecera puravrtta, etc. Marshman's History of Bengal, in 
Bengali. Calcutta: 1853. 12mo. 

Satya itihasasara, etc. Sketches of Celebrated Characters in Ancient 
History. Calcutta: 1853. 12mo. Bengali. 

Pacvavall. Animal Biography ; or Instructive and Entertaining 
Lessons respecting the Brute Creation ; compiled by the late Rev. 
J. Lawson. Calcutta: 1852. 12mo. Bengali. 

Bhugola vrttanta. Geography, interspersed with information, his- 
torical and miscellaneous. By the late Rev. W. H. Pearce. Cal- 
cutta : 1846. 12mo. Bengali. 

Arithmetic, comprising the five fundamental Rules, with Tables, etc. 
.... illustrated by examples. For the use of Bengalee schools. 
By J. Harle " Calcutta : 1846. 12mo. Bengali. 

Bhumi parimana vidya. Elements of Land-surveying, on the An- 
glo-Indian Plan. Calcutta : 1846. 12mo. Beng&ll. 

Anka pustaka. May's Ganita, being a collection of arithmetical 
tables, etc. Calcutta: 1852. 12mo, pp. 50. Bengali. 

Patra-Kaumudi ; or Book of Letters, etc. etc. . . . Calcutta : 1851. 
12mo, pp. 88. Beng&ll. 

Bengali Primer. 12mo, pp. 12. 

Introductory Bengali Spelling-Book, with reading lessons 8th 

edition. Calcutta : 1848. 12mo, pp. 24. 

Vangabhashara vyakarana. A Grammar of the Bengali Language, 
adapted to the young, in easy questions and answers. By the late 
Rev. J. Keith. Calcutta: 1846. 12mo, pp. 59. Bengali. 


Pakshira vivarana. Ornithology. No. I. By Ram Chunder Mitler. 

Calcutta : 1844. 12mo, pp. 48. Beng&U. 
Barna-Mala. [A Bengal! Primer.] Part i. 7th edition. 1853. 

(2 copies.) Part ii. 1846. Calcutta. 12mo, pp. 36, 56. 
Niti Katha, or Fables, in the Bengali Language. First Part. 13th 

edition. 1852. Second Part. 8th edition. 1850. Third Part. 

4th edition. 1851. Calcutta. 12mo, pp. 40, 36, 36. 
Strlcikshavidhayaka, etc. Hindu Female Education advocated from 

the examples of illustrious women, both ancient and modern. 

Calcutta : 1851. 12mo, pp. 45. Bengali. 
Manoranjana itihasa, etc. Pleasing Tales, etc. Calcutta: 1850. 

12mo, pp. 35. Bengali. 
Thakuradadara ushtravishayaka itihasa. [Stories of the camel.] 

Calcutta: 1851. 8vo, pp. 8. Bengali. 
Thakuradadara hastivishayaka itihasa. [Stories of the elephant.] 

Calcutta: 1851. 8vo, pp. 8. Bengali. 
A System of Logic ; written in Sanscrit by the venerable sage Boodh, 

and expl. in a Sunsc. comm. by the very learned Viswonath Tur- 

kaluncar. Transl. into Bengalee by Kashee Nath Turkopunch- 

anun Calcutta: 1821. 8vo. 

Elements of Natural Philosophy and Natural History, in a Series of 

Familiar Dialogues. Designed for the instruction of Indian Youth. 

By William Yates. 2nd edition Calcutta: 1834. 8vo. 

Jyotirvidya. An Easy Introduction to Astronomy, for young per- 
sons. Composed by James Ferguson, F. R. S., and revised by Da- 
vid Brewster, LL. D. Transl. into Bengalee by William Yates. 

Calcutta: 1833. 8vo. 
Praclna itihasa samuccaya. An Epitome of Ancient History, etc. 

Calcutta: 1830. 8vo. Bengali. 
The Abridgment of Dr. Goldsmith's History of Greece ; transl. into 

Bengalee for the use of schools and private students. By Khettro 

Mohun Mookerjea Calcutta: 1833. 8vo. 

Hindui Primer Calcutta : 1851. 12mo, pp. 12. 

Hindi Spelling-Book Calcutta : 1851. 12mo, pp. 80. 

Hindi bhashaka vyakarana. A Hindi Grammar, for the instruction 

of the young; in easy questions and answers. Calcutta : 1853. 

12mo, pp. 68. 
Niti Katba, or Fables, in the Hindui language, for the use of schools. 

1st Part 1846. 2nd Part. 1845. Calcutta. 12mo, pp. 

24, 18. 
Cicubodhaka. Hindui Reader. Vol. i 3rd edition. 1851. 

Vol. ii 1846. Vol. iii 1838. Calcutta. 12mo. 

Manoranjana itihasa. Pleasing Tales, etc. Calcutta: 1846. 12mo, 

pp. 23. Hindi. 

vol. v. b 


Ganitanka pustaka. Arithmetic, for the use of Schools. By the 
late Rev. M. T. Adam. Revised edition. Calcutta: 1847. 12mo, 
pp. 92. Hindi. 

Bhasha lilavati. [An Arithmetic, in Hindi.] Calcutta: 1852. 12mo. 

Padarthavidyasara, ete. Elements of Natural Philosophy and Natu- 
ral History, in a series of familiar dialogues. Calcutta: 1846. 
12mo. Hindi. 

Outlines of Geography and Astronomy and of the History of Hin- 
dustan. Extr. from Pearce's Geog., with intr. chapter by L. Wil- 
kinson, etc Calcutta : 1840. 12mo. Hindi. 

Bhugola darpana, etc. Geography, in question and answer. Cal- 
cutta : 1847. 12mo. Hindi. 

Bharatavarshiya itihasa, etc. Marshman's History of India. Transl. 
into Hindi. Calcutta: 1852. 12mo. 

Upadega katha, etc. Stewart's Historical Anecdotes, with a Sketch 
of the History of England, and her Connection with India. Transl. 
by Rev. W. T. Adam. Hinduwee. 2nd edition. Calcutta: 1837. 
8vo, pp. 48. 

A Treatise on the Benefits of Knowledge ; etc. . . in Hindui 

Calcutta: 1839. 12mo, pp. 29. 

Hindi kosha, etc. A Dictionary of the Hindee Language, compiled 
by Rev. M. T. Adam. Calcutta : 1839. 8vo. Hindi. 

Kitab-i-tahajji, etc. Hindustani Spelling-Book, in two Parts. Parts 
i. ii. Calcutta: 1852. 12mo, pp. 99. 

Kava'id-i-zuban-i-urdu, etc. (Gilchrist's) Urdii Risalah, or Rules of 
Hindustani Grammar. Calcutta: 1852. 12mb, pp. 77. 

Pleasing Stories in Urdii, for the use of Children. Calcutta : 1848. 
12mo, pp. 24. 

Fables in Urdii, for the use of Schools. Parti. 1848. Part ii. . . . 
1852. Calcutta. 12mo, pp. 36, 35. 

Larkun ka darpan, etc. Looking-glass for Children. Calcutta : 
1846. 12mo, pp. 36. Hindust&ni. 

Natural Philosophy — Mechanics Calcutta: 1843. 12 mo. 

Usui 'ilm-i-hisab, etc. Elementary Treatise on Arithmetic, in Urdii ; 
accommodated to the European system. Calcutta: 1852. 12mo, 
pp. 87. Hindust&ni. 

Miftah al-aflak, etc. An Easy Introduction to Astronomy. Calcutta : 
1846. 12mo. Hindust&ni. 

Maps (twenty), illustrative of Miss Bird's Astronomy. Oblong 4to. 
(Explained in Hindustani.) 

Avval jughrafiyah, etc. [An elementary Geography, in Hindustani.] 
Calcutta : 1853. 12mo, pp. 85. 

Mirat al-akalim, etc. Geography, in question and answer. Calcutta : 
1845. 12mo. Hindustani. 

Safar nameh, etc. [Travels of Mungo Park, translated into Hindus- 
tani.] Calcutta: 1853. 12mo. 


Tavarikh-i-Hind, etc. Marshman's History of India, translated into 

Urdu. Calcutta: 1852. 12mo. 
Tavarikh mutakaddimin o mutakhkherln kl, etc. [Ancient and 

Modern History, in Hindustani.] Calcutta: 1852. 12mo. 
Mufid-i-sibyan. Hindustani Reader. Vol. i. . . . 1851. Vol. ii. . . . 

1846. Vol. iii 1847. Calcutta. 12mo. 

Selections, Historical, Literary, and Scientific Calcutta: 1845. 

12mo. Hindustani. 

Makasid-i-'ulum, etc. A Treatise on the Objects, Advantages, and 
Pleasures of Science, by Lord Brougham. Transl. into Urdii by 
Syed Mohomed Meer, etc. Calcutta: 1841. 12mo. 

An Introduction to the Santal Language ; consisting of a Grammar, 
Reading Lessons, and a Vocabulary. By Rev. J. Phillips. Cal- 
cutta : 1852. 16mo. (Bengali character.) 

Santal Primer Calcutta: 1850. 12mo, pp.24. (Bengali 


Sequel to the Santal Primer Calcutta : 1850. 12mo, pp. 44. 

(Bengali character.) 

A Primer of the Khasia Language.... Calcutta: 1852. 12mo, 
pp. 11. (Roman character.) 

Introductory Lessons in Oriya, for the use of schools. 3rd edition, 
improved.... Calcutta: 1838. 12mo, pp. 24. 

Neeti Cotha ; or Fables in the Oriya Language, for the use of schools. 
... Calcutta: 1832. 12mo, pp. 46. 

Elements of Natural Philosophy, in a series of familiar dialogues. 
Vol. i. . . . Calcutta: 1840. 12mo. English and Oriya. 

Elements of Natural Philosophy, designed for the Instruction of In- 
dian Youth. Parti. . . . 1830. Partii. . . . 1832. Calcutta. 8vo. 

The Persian Primer, in three Parts : Elements, Accidence, and Fa- 
bles. .. . Calcutta: 1852. 12mo, pp. 72. Persian. 

Kava'id-i-Farsi, etc or Rules in Persian Grammar. 3rd edi- 
tion. Calcutta: 1853. 12mo, pp. 52. Persian. 

Reaz-ul-Sanaih, or Garden of Arts : an abridgment of Persian rhet- 
oric by Maha-Raja Kali-Krishna Bahadur, etc. Calcutta : 

1847. 12mo, pp. 80. Persian. 

The Persian Reader ; or Select Extracts from various Persian Writ- 
ers. Vol. i. ... 1824. Vol. ii. ... 1824. Vol. iii. ... 1825. 
Calcutta. 8vo. 

Tujnees ool Loghat, or Discrimination between Words similar in 

form, but different in meaning 3rd edition. Calcutta : 1826. 

8vo, pp. 14. Persian. 

Ifadeh-el-mubtedi, etc. Taleelat of Mowluvee Hubban. Calcutta : 
1820. 8vo, pp. 25. Persian. 

Khulaset-i-fahriset-i-nemai, etc. A Summary Index to the Bengal 
Civil Code, . . . arranged by W. H. Trant, Esq., C. S., and Mowlu- 
vee Niamut Ulee, etc. Calcutta: 1820. 8vo. Persian. 


Terjemeh-i-shesh mekl.1, etc. [Persian version of Nasir-ed-din's Six 
Tracts of the Book of the Recognizance of Euclid.] Calcutta : 
1824. 8vo. 

A Collection of Maps (ten), explained in Persian. Oblong folio. 

El-muntakhab&t el-'arabiyyeh. The Arabic Reader, or Select Ex- 
tracts from various Arabic Writers. Calcutta : 1828. 8vo. 

Sitteh makal&t min kit&b tahrir el-Auklidis, etc. [Six Tracts of the 
Book of the Recognizance of Euclid, by Nasir-ed-din, of Tus.] 
Calcutta: 1824. 8vo. 

Flora Burraanica, or a Catalogue of Plants, indigenous and cultiva- 
ted, in the valleys of the Irawaddy, Salwen, and Tenasserim .... 
by Rev. Francis Mason. Tavoy : 1851. 12ino. 

By Prof. Max Muller, of Oxford. 
Suggestions for the assistance of Officers in learning- the Languages 

of the Seat of War in the East. By Max Muller, M. A., etc. 

With an Ethnological Map, drawn by Augustus Petermann. 

London : 1854. 8vo. 
Proposals for a Missionary Alphabet, submitted to the alphabetical 

conferences held at the residence of Che v. Bunsen in Jan., 1854. 

By Max Muller, M. A., etc. London: 1854. 8vo, pp. 53. 
Letter to Chevalier Bunsen, on the Classification of the Turanian 

Languages ; by Max Muller, M. A., etc. [London: 1854.] 8vo. 

By Rev. J. Murdoch, D. D. 

Discoveries in Chinese, etc By Stephen Pearl Andrews. New 

York: 1854. 12mo. 

By the Nestorian Mission of the A. B. C. F. M. 
The Old Testament in the Ancient and Modern Syriac, the former 
the Peshito version, the latter a new translation from the Hebrew ; 
in parallel columns. Oroomiah, Persia : 1853. 4to. 

By the Ningpo Mission of the Board of For. Missions of the Presb. 

Church in the U. States. 
A list of all the different Sounds in the Ningpo Colloquial, roman- 

ized. 8vo size, pp. 7. 
Initials and finals of the Ningpo Colloquial, romanized. 1 p. folio size. 
A Primer in Ningpo Colloquial, romanized. 8vo size, pp. 54. 
lh-Peng Shu, etc. [Life of our Saviour, in Ningpo Coll., romanized.] 

Nying-po: 1851. Svo size. 
Ts'ing Tao, etc. [Rev. N. Hall's Tract : Come to Jesus, in Ningpo 

Coll., romanized.] Nying-po : 1853. 12mo size, pp. 47. 
Lu Hyiao-Ts. Nying-po: 1852. pp.9. Ih-pe Tsiu. Nying-po: 

1852. pp. 12. [Stories of Frank Lucas and the Cup of Wine, in 

Ningpo Coll., romanized.] In one vol. 16mo size. 


Tsoen-Me Tsing Jing S. [Hymn Book, in Ningpo Coll., romanized.] 
Nying-po: 1851. 16 mo size, pp.24. 

Se-lah teng Haen-nah. [Story of Sarah and Hannah, in Ningpo Coll., 
romanized]. Nyingpo: 1852. 24mo size, pp. 12. 

Son-Fah. [First sheets of an Arithmetic, in Ningpo Coll., roman- 
ized.] 8vo size, pp. 1-16. 

Di-Li Shii, etc. [Geography and History, in Ningpo Coll., roman- 
ized.] Parts i.-iv. (in three vols., three copies of Part iv.) Nying- 
po : 1852. 8 vo size, pp. 185. 

Di-Gyiu Du, etc. [A Geography, in questions and answers, with 
maps; in Ningpo Coll., romanized.] Nying-po : 1853. Folio. 

A Geography, by R. I. Way, of the Presb. Mission, Ningpo. [Ning- 
po :] 1853. 8vo size. (2 copies.) Chinese. 

Questions on Select Portions of Old Testament History ; with a Bib- 
lical Map. Ningpo : 1852. 8vo size. Chinese. 

By the Patent Office. 

Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1853. Part i. 

Arts and Manufactures. Washington: 1854. 8vo. 

By Rev. J 1 . Perkins, D. D., of Oroomiah. 

Ancient Syriac MS., in the Nestorian character, of the History of 
Alexander ; with a manuscript English translation, by Rev. J. 
Perkins, D. D. 

'The Persian Flower : a Memoir of Judith Grant Perkins, of Oroo- 
miah, Persia. Boston : 1853. 12mo. 

By Rev. Henry N. Rankin, of Ningpo. 

Mb-t'se Djiin Foh-ing Shu. [Gospel of Matthew, in Ningpo Collo- 
quial, romanized ; translated by Rev. W. P. Martin and Rev. W. 
A. Russell.] Nying-po : 1853. 8vo size. 

Lu-kyu6 Djiin Foh-ing Shii. [Gospel of Luke, in Ningpo Coll., ro- 
manized.] Nying-po : 1853. 8vo size. 

Jah.'en Djiin Foh-ing Shii. [Gospel of John, in Ningpo Coll., roman- 
ized ; translated by Rev. Messrs. Martin and Russell.] Ningpo : 
1853. 8vo size. 

By Professors Roth and Whitney. 

Atharva-Veda Sanhitfi,. Herausgegeben von R. Roth und W. D. 
Whitney. Erste Abtheilung. [Text] Berlin : 1855. 8vo. 

By the Royal Asiatic Society. 

The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ire- 
land. Vol. xvi. Part 1. London : 1854. 8vo. 


A Descriptive Catalogue of the Historical Manuscripts, in the Arabic 
and Persian Languages, preserved in the Library of the R. A. 8. of 
G. B. and I. By Win. H. Morley, etc. London : 1854. 8vo. 

Essay on the Architecture of the Hindus. By R&m Raz, etc* With 
forty-eight Plates. London : 1834. 4to, pp. xiv. 64, 

By the Royal Society of Northern Antiquarians. 

Society Royale des Antiquares du Nord. Apercu, etc., le premier 

Janv., 1852. 8vo, pp. 8. (2 copies). 
The Discovery of America by the Northmen, and The Connection of 

the Northmen with the East. [Brief sketches^ by Prof. 0. C. 

Ram.] 8vo, pp. 4. (4 copies). 
Meddelelser angaaende Evangeliets Udbredelse i China. Udgivet 

paa den chinesiske Missionsfofenings Vegne af Chr. H. Kalkar, etc. 

Nos. 1-12. 1851-52. Kjobenhavn. 8vo, pp. 96. 

By Prof. E. E. Salisbury. 

Nebzeh min Divan esh-Sheikh Nasif el-Yazijy, etc. [A portion of 

the poems of < .] Beirut : A. H. 1269=A. D. 1853. 8vo. 

Catalogue des Livres Imprimes et Manuscrits composant la Biblio- 

theque de feu M. Eugene Burnouf. .... Paris : 1854. 8vo. 
Journal de Constantinople. 8 me Annee. Nos. 455, 462, 470, 677- 

19, 686, 587. 1853 and 1855. 
Oourrier de Constantinople, 10 Sept., 6 Dec, 20 Dec, 1853, 10 Jan., 

LTmpartial. Journal de Smyrne. 3 me Annee. Nos. 708, 721, 

723. 1853. 
Holisso Anumpa Tosholi. An English and Choctaw Definer. 

By Cyrus Byington. New York : 1852. 12mo. 
The Books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, translated into the Choctaw 

Language New York : 1852. 16mo. 

The New Testament .... translated into the Choctaw Language. 

New York: 1848. 12mo, pp. 818. 

Vba Anumpa Mak, etc. A Book of Questions on the Gospel of 

Mark, in the Choctaw Language By Rev. Alfred Wright, 

etc New York: 1852. 12mo. 
Vba Anumpa Luk, etc. A Book of Questions on the Gospel of 

Luke, in the Choctaw Language By Rev. Alfred Wright, 

etc. New York: 1852. 12mo. 

By Mr. Chr. D. Seropyan. 

Arphiagan Hahasdani, etc. [The Glories of Armenia, a poem, in 
Ancient Armenian, by Hohannes Merzayyan, of Van.] Ortakoy, 
near Constantinople : 1836. 8vo, pp. 640. 


By Rev. S. J. Smith, of Bangkok. 

Grammatioa Linguae Thai, auctore D. J. Bapt. Pallegoix, etc. 
Bangkok; I860. 4to. 

Laws of Siam. Vol. i. Royal 8vo. Siamese. 

The Gospel according to Matthew, Translated from the Greek ; re- 
vised by S. Mattoon. Bangkok: 1853. 12tno, pp. 92. Siamese. 

The Gospel according to Mark. (As above.) 1851. pp.71. 

The Gospel according to Luke. (As above.) 1854. pp. 96. 

The Gospel according to John. (As above.) 1851. pp.88. 

Acts, translated from the Greek by J. T. Jones, D. D. 3rd edition. 
Bangkok: 1853. 12mo, pp.77. Siamese. 

Romans. (As above.) pp. 78-110. 

Siamese Tracts, by Rev. J. T. Jones, D. D. Bangkok: 1853. 12mo. 
viz : 

Book of Parables. 5th edition, pp. 48. 
Instructions of the Lord Jesus. 2nd edition, pp. 58. 
The Golden Balance. 4th edition, pp. 36. 

By Rev. D. T. Stoddard, of Oroomiah. 

O Peremezhayushtshikhsya, etc. [Of the varying Changes of Level 
of the Caspian Sea.] By N. Khanikof. 8vo, pp. 87. Russian. 

By M. Garcin de Tassy, of Paris. 

Memoire sur les Noms Propres et les Titres Musulmans. Par M. 

Garcin de Tassy. (Extr. de l'Annee 1854 du Journ. As.) Paris : 

1854. 8vo, pp. 93. 
Les Femmes Poetes dans l'Inde. Par M. Garcin de Tassy. (Extr. 

de la Revue de l'Orient, etc., nro. de Mai 1854.) Paris : 1854. 

8vo, pp. 10. 

By Mr. H. W. Wales. 

K&lid&sa's Ring-Cakuntala. Herausgegeben, iibersetzt, und mit 
Anmerkungen versehen, von Dr. Otto Boehtlingk, etc. Bonn : 
1842. 8vo. 

Franz Bopp tiber das Conjugationssystem der Sanskritsprache, etc. 
Herausgegeben .... von Dr. K. I. Windischmann. Frankfort 
am Main : 1816. 8vo. 

Elementa Persica. Edidit Georgius Rosen. Berloni : 1843. 16mo. 

The Present State of the Cultivation of Oriental Literature. A Lec- 
ture by Prof. H. H. "Wilson. London : 1852. 8vo, pp. 25. 

By Br. J. Wilson, Jr., U.S.N. 
Fourteen small books printed in Japan. 


By Unknown Donors. 

An Address to the Alumni of the University of the City of New 

York June 28, 1853. By Prof. J. W. Draper, M. D. New 

York: 1853. 8vo, pp.30. 
An Address before the Association of the Alumni of the Univ. of the 

City of New York, June 28,1852. By C. S. Henry, D. D. New 

York: 1853. 8vo, pp. 27. 

William D. Whitney, Librarian.