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Additions to the Library. cclv 

Additions to the Libeaet. 
Apbil, 1893— Maech, 1896. 

From the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Vol. xxvii-xxx. 
Boston, 1892-95. 8°. 

Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Vol. xii. 1. Cam- 
bridge, 1893. 4'- 

From the American Antiquarian Society. 

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. New series. Vol. viii. 2, 3, 
ix, x. 1. Worcester, 1893-95. 8°. 

From the American Geographical Society. 

Journal of the American Geographical Society. Vol. xxiv-xxvi. New York, 
1893-95. 8°. 

From the American Philosophical Society. 

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. New series. Vol. xviii. 
1-3. Philadelphia, 1893-95. 4°. 

Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. No. 140-148. Philadel- 
phia, 1893-95. 8°. 

From the Aschendorffsche Buchhandlung, Munster. 

Die vedisch-brahmanische Periode der Religion des alten Tndiens. Nach den 
Quellen dargestellt von Dr. Edmund Hardy. Munster, 1893. 8°. 

From the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 

Bibliotheca Indica. New series. No. 821, 823-835, 837-842, 844-865, 867; viz. 
Aitareya Brahmana of the Rig Veda. Vol. i. 3-5, ii. 1-3. 
Aniruddha's commentary, translated. Pasc. 3. 
Avadana Kalpalata. Vol. i. 4. 5, ii. 3. 4. 
Brhad-Dharma Puranam. Ease. 4, 5. 
Chaturvarga Chintamani. Vol. iii, pt. 2, fasc. 10. 
Madana Parijata. Pasc. 11. 
Nyaya-Kusumanjali-Prakaranam. Vol. ii. 3. 
Nyaya Varttikam. Pasc. 2. 
Paras'ara Smriti. Vol. iii. 4. 
S'rauta Sutra of S'ankhayana. Vol. iii. 1-3. 
Taittiriya Sanhita. Fasc. 38. 
Tattva Chintamani. Vol. ii. 10, iii. 10, iii. 1, 2, iv. 1, v. 1. 

cclvi American Oriental Society. 

Tul'si Sat'sai. Fasc. 4. 

Varaha Purana. Fasc. 14. 

Vfihat Svayambhii Purdnam. Edited by Pandit Haraprasad S'astri. Vol. i. 

1-4. 8°. 
Appendix to Pag- Sam Thi S'in. Fasc. 4. 
Sher Phyin. Vol. iii. 1. 
Ain i Akbari, translated. Vol. iii. 2-5. 
Maasir-ul-Umara. Vol. i. 10, 11, (index), iii. 11, 12, (index). 
Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh, translated from the original Persian by Surgeon- 

Lieut.-Colonel G. Ranking. Vol. i. 1. 
Abu Zakariya Yahya at-Tibrizi's commentary on ten ancient Arabic poems. 

Fasc. 2. 
Catalogue of the Persian books and MSS. in the library of the Asiatic Society of 
Bengal. Compiled by Maulavi Mirza Ashraf Ali. Fasc. 3. Calcutta, 1895. 4° 

From the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 

Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. No. 49, 49a, 50, 
51. Bombay, 1892-95. 8°. 

From the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 

Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. No. 40, 41, 43-45 
index to vol. i-ix. Colombo, 1893-95. 8°. 

From the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 

Journal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. New series. "Vol. 
xxv, xxvi. Shanghai, 1893-94. 8°. 

From the Asiatic Society of Japan. 

Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. Vol. xxi-xxiii, xxiii supplement ; 
general index to vol. i-xxiii. Tokyo, 1893-95. 8°. 

From the Asiatic Society of Paris. 
Journal Asiatique. 9 e ser. Tome i-vi. Paris, 1893-95. 8°. 

From the Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences. 

Verhandelingen van het Batav. Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. 

Deel xlvii, xlviii. 1. Batavia, 1892-94. 
Notulen van de algemeenen en bestuurs-vergaderingen. Deel xxix. 4, xxx, xxxi, 

xxxii. 1-3. Batavia, 1893-94. 8°. 
Tijdschrift voor Indische Taal-, Land-en Volkenkunde. Deel xxxv. 2-6, xxxvi, 

xxxvii, xxxviii. 1-3. Batavia, 1893-94. 8°. 
Dagh-register gehouden int casteel Batavia, 1664, 1665. Door J. A. van der 

Chijs. Batavia, 1893-94. 8°. 
Nederlandsch-Indisch plakaatboek, 1602-1811. Door J. A. van der Chijs. Deel 

x-xii, 1776-99. Batavia, 1892-94. 8°. 
Catalogus der ethnologische verzameling. 4. druk, supplement. Batavia, 1894. 8°. 

Additions to the Library. cclvii 

From the Royal Academy of Sciences, Berlin. 

Philosophische und historische Abhandlungen der koniglichen Akademie der 
Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 1892-1894. Berlin, 1892-94. 4°. 

Sitzungsberichte. der kon. Akad. der Wiss. zu Berlin. 1892-94, 1895, no. 1-35. 
Berlin, 1892-95. 8°. 

From the Royal Library, Berlin. 

Die HandschrifteD-Verzeichnisse der koniglichen Bibliothek zu Berlin : 

Bd. xii. Verzeiehniss der lateinischen Handschriften, von Valentin Rose. 

Bd. i. Berlin, 1893. 4°. 
Bd. xvi-xix. Verzeiehniss der arabisohen Handschriften, von "W. Ahlwardt. 

Bd. iv-vii. Berlin, 1892-95. 4°. 

From Mr. C. Bertelsmann, Giitersloh. 

Das Sadvimeabrahmana mit Proben aus Sayanas Kommenlar, nebst einer tfber- 
setzung, hrsg. von Kurt Klemm. PrapSthaka i. Giitersloh, 1894. 8°. 

From R. G. Bhandarkar, Ph.D. 

Report on the search for Sanskrit MSS. in the Boaibay Presidency during the 
years 1884-85, 1885-86 and 1886-87. By Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar. 
Bombay, 1894. 8°. 

Early history of the Dekkan down to the Mahomedan conquest. By R. G. 
Bhandarkar. 2d ed. Bombay, 1895. 8°. 

From His Highness the Maharaja of Bhavnagar. 

Collection of Prakrit and Sanskrit inscriptions, published by the Bhavnagar 
Archaeological Department, under the auspices of His Highness Raol Shri 
Takhtsingji, Maharaja of Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar, n. d. 4°. 

From the Society of Biblical Archaeology. 

Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology. Vol. xv. 5-7, xvi, xvii, 
xviii. 1. London, 1893-96. 8°. 

From James L. Bowes, Esq. 

Notes on shippo : a sequel to " Japanese enamels." By James L. Bowes. Lon- 
don, 1895. 8°. 

Handbook to the Bowes Museum of Japanese art work, Streatlam Towers t 
Liverpool. By James L. Bowes. Liverpool, 1894. 8°. 

From Prof. P. von Bradke. 

Beitrage zur Kenntniss der vorhistorischen Entwickelung unseres Sprachstammes. 
Von Dr. P. v. Bradke. Giessen, 1888. 4°. 

From Prof. D. G. Brinton, M.D. 

The protohistoric ethnography of western Asia. By Daniel G. Brinton. Phila- 
delphia, 1895. 8°. 

colviii American Oriental Society. 

From the Buddhist Text Society of India. 

Journal of the Buddhist Text Society of India. Vol. i, ii, iii. 1, 2. Calcutta, 

1893-95. 8°. 
Buddhist texts of the northern and southern schools. Madhyamikd Vritti and 

Visuddhi Magga. Calcutta, 1894. 8°. 
Brief summary of Do ka zang, the Sutra of the glorious age. By Sarat Chandra 

Das. Darjeeling, 1895. 8°. 

From the Buffalo Historical Society. 

Annual report of the managers of the Buffalo Historical Society, Jan. 1893, 
Jan. 1894. Buffalo, 1893-4. 8°. 

From James Burgess, LL.D. 

Six papers on oriental subjects, by James Burgess, LL.D. [Reprints from periodi- 
cals, 1890-95.] 8°. 

From Mr. K. B. Cama. 

The position of Zoroastrian women in remote antiquity as illustrated in the 
Avesta, the sacred books of the Parsees. By Darab Dastur Peshotan Sanjana. 
Bombay, 1892. 8°. 

From the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press. 

The Tarikh-i-Jadid ; or, New history of Mirza ' Ali Muhammad the Bab, by Mirza 
Huseyn of Hamadan. Translated from the Persian, with an introduction, 
illustrations and appendices, by Edward G. Browne. Cambridge, 1893. 8°. 

The mummy : chapters on Egyptian funereal archaeology. By E. A. Wallis Budge. 
Cambridge, 1893. 8°. 

The Jataka ; or, Stories of the Buddha's former births. Translated from the Pali 
by various hands under the editorship of Professor E. B. Cowell. Vol. i, ii. 
Cambridge, 1895. 8°. 

From the Delegates of the Clarendon Press, Oxford. 

Sacred Books of the East, edited by F. MaxMuller: 
v. 41. The (Satapatha-Br&hmana according to the text of the M&dhyandina 

school. Translated by Julius Eggeling. Pt. iii. Oxford, 1894. 8°. 
v. 45. Gaina Sutras. Translated from the Prakrit by Hermann Jacobi. Pt. ii. 

Oxford, 1895. 8°. 
v. 49. Buddhist Mahayaaa texts. Translated by E. B. Cowell, F. Max 

Miiller and J. Takakusu. Oxford, 1894. 8°. 

From Mr. William E. Conzelman. 
Chronique de Galawddwos (Claudius), roi d'Ethiopie. Texte &hiopien traduit, 
annot6 et prececl^ d'une introduction historique par William E. Conzelman. 
Paris, 1895. 8°. 

Additions to the Library. cclix 

From, Prof. E. B. Cowell. 

Buddhist Mah&y&na texts. Translated by E. B. Cowell, F. Max Mtiller and J. 
Takakusu. (Sacred Books of the East., vol. 49.) Oxford, 1894. 8°. 

From Robert N. Oust, LL.D. 

Essay on the ancient religions of the world before the great Anno Domini. 
Hertford, 1894. 8°. 

From Mr. Ephraim Deinard. 

Massa Krim. Enthalt die Geschichte der israelitischen Bevolkerung auf der 

Halbinsel Krim. Ton E. Deinard. Warschau, 1878. 8°. [Hebrew] 
Reisebesehreibung fiber die Krim. Von E. Deinard. "Warschau, 1881. 8°. 

Reisebesehreibung im Orient. Yon E. Deinard. Bressburg, 1883. 8°. [Hebrew.] 
Eeise durch Europa. Ton E. Deinard. Bressburg, 1886. 8°. [Hebrew.] 
" War of the Lord against Amalek." [Against the use of the Eihrog (orange) in 
the Feast of Tabernacles.] By E. Deinard. Newark, 1892. 16°. [Hebrew.] 
[Future of Judaism.] By E. Deinard. Newark, 1895. 16°. [Hebrew.] 

From Prof. August Dillmann. 

Yeteris Testamenti Aethiopici tomus quintus quo continenter libri apocryphi. 
Ad librorum MSS. fidem edidit et apparatu critico instruxit Dr. Augustus Dill- 
mann. Berolini, 1894. 4°. 

From Prof. A. H. Edgren. 

Shakuntala; or, The recovered ring, a Hindoo drama by Kalidasa. Translated 
from the Sanskrit by A. H. Edgren. New York, 1 894. 8°. 

From the Field Columbian Museum, Chicago. 

Historical and descriptive account of the Field Columbian Museum. Chicago, 

1894. 8°. (Pub. 1.) 
Annual report of the director for the year 1894-95. Chicago, 1895. 8*. (Pub. 6.) 

From Dr. H. Fritsche. 

Uber die Bestimmung der geographischen Lange und Breite und der drei Ele- 
mente des Erdmagnetismus durch Beobachtung zu Lande sowie erdmagnetische 
und geographische Messungen an mehr als tausend verschiedenen Orten in 
Asien und Europe, ausgefuhrt in den Jahren 1867-1891, von Dr. H. Fritsche. 
St. Petersburg, 1893. 8°. 

From the German Oriental Society. 

Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlandischen G-esellschaft. Bd. xlvii. 1, 2, 4, 

xlviii, xlix. Leipzig, 1893-95. 8°. 
Abhandlungen fur die Kunde des Morgenlandes. Bd. ix. 4, x. 1. Leipzig, 1893- 

95. 8° 

cclx American Oriental Society. 

From the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 1893, i, ii, iv 
1894; 1895. Lond., 1893-95. 8°. 

From Rev. John T. Gracey. 

The cause of the riots in the Yangtse valley : a '• complete picture gallery " 
[containing a reproduction and translation of the Kin tsun sheng yu p'ih sie 
ts'iian hwa]. Hankow, 1891. 4°. 

From Prof. Iqnazio Guidi. 

Prorerbi, strofe e racconti abissini, tradotti e pubblicati da Ignazio Guidi. Roma 
1894. 8°. 

From Prof. Ch. de Harlez. 

Le livre des esprits et des immortels. Essai de mythologie Chinoise d'apres les 

textes originaux, par Ch. de Harlez. Bruxelles, 1893. 4°. 
La religion et les ceremonies imperiales de la Chine moderne d'apres le ceremonial 

et les decrets offlciels, par Ch. de Harlez. Paris, 1894. 4°. 

From the Rev, Henri Havret, S. J. 

L'ile de Tsong-Ming a l'embouchure du Tang-tse-kiang. Par le P. Henri 

Havret, S. J. Chang-hai, 1892. 8°. 
Le province du 5Tgan-hoei. Par le P. Henri Havret, S. J. Chang-hai, 1893. 8°. 

From Her Majesty's Secretary of State for India. 

Archaeological Survey of India : 
South Indian inscriptions. Tamil inscriptions edited and translated by E. 

Hultzsch. Vol. ii, 2. Madras, 1892. 4°. 
The Moghul architecture of Fathpur-Sikri, described and illustrated by Edmund 

W. Smith. Pt. i. Allahabad, 1894. 4". 
List of architectural and archaeological remains in Coorg, compiled by Alex . 

Rea. Madras, 1894. 4°. 
South Indian Buddhist antiquities ; including the stupas of Bhattipr61u Gudi- 

vdda and Ghantas'all . . . By Alex. Rea. Madras, 1894. 8°. 
Progress report of the Archaeological Survey of "Western India, May, 1893, to 

April, 1894. f°. 
Annual progress report of the Archaeological Survey Circle Northwestern Prov- 
inces and Oudh for 1891-2, 1892-3, 1893-4. Roorkee. f°. 
The Bower MS. Facsimile leaves, Nagari transcript, Romanized transliteration 

and English translation, with notes. By A. F. Rudolf Hoernle. Pt. i, ii. 

Calcutta, 1893-95. 4°. 
Mah&bodhi ; or, The great Buddhist temple under the Bodhi tree at Buddha-Gaya. 

By Maj. Gen. Sir A. Cunningham. London, 1892. 4°. 
Discovery of the exact site of As'oka's classic capital of Pataliputra, the Palibolhra 
of the Greeks, and description of the superficial remains. By L. A. Waddell- 
Calcutta, 1892. 4°. 

Additions to the Library. cclxi 

List of photographic negatives belonging to the India office. 1894. 1°. 

Epigraphia Indica and Record of the Archaeological Survey of India. Vol. li. 12- 
16, iii. 1-7, iv. 1. Calcutta, 1893-94. 4°. 

Report on publications issued and registered in the several provincos of British 
India during 1892, 1893, 1894. Calcutta, 1893-95. f°. 

Catalogue of Sanskrit M8S. existing in Oudh province for the year 1889, 1890. 
Allahabad, 1893. 8°. 

List of Sanskrit MSS. in private libraries of the Bombay Presidency. Pt. i. Bom- 
bay, 1893. 8°. 

Descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit MSS. in the library of the Calcutta Sanskrit 
College. By Hrishikes'a S'astri and S'iva Chandra Gui. No. i-iii. Calcutta, 
1892-95. 8°. 

Alphabetical index of MSS. in the Government Oriental MSS. library, Madras- 
Madras, 1893. f. 

Catalogue of Sanskrit MSS. in the library of the India Office. Part iv. By Ernst 
Windiseh and Julius Eggeling. London, 1894. 4°. 

Census of India, 1891. General report, by J. A. Baines. London, 1893. V. 

General tables for British provinces and feudatory states. Vol. i, ii. 

London, 1892-3. f\ 

The Naladiyar; or, Four hundred quatrains in Tamil, with introduction, trans- 
lation . . . concordance and lexicon. By the Rev. G. U. Pope. Oxford, 
1893. 8°. 

A preliminary study of the Kalyani inscriptions of Dhammacheti, 1476 A. D. [with 
four other reprints from the Indian Antiquary]. By Taw Sein-Ko. Bombay, 
1893. 4°. 

From, the Italian Asiatic Society. 
Giornale della Soeieta Asiatica Italiana. Vol. vii. Roma, 1893. 8°. 

From His Highness the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Catalogue of the Sanskrit MSS. in the Raghunatha Temple library. By M. A. 
Stein. Bombay, 1894. 8°. 

From the Trustees of the Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy Translation Fund . 
The Dinkard. Vol. vii. Bombay, 1894. 8°. 

From Johns Hopkins University. 
Plaster cast of the Chaldean flood tablet. 

From Rev. Samuel H. Kellogg, D.D., LL.D. 

Grammar of the Hindi language, in which are treated the high Hindi,- Braj, and the 
Eastern Hindi of the Ramayan of Tulsi Das, also the colloquial dialects of Rajpu- 
tana, Kumaon, Avadh, Riwa, Bhojpiir, Magadha, Maithila, etc., with copious 
philological notes. By Rev. S. H. Kellogg. 2d ed. rev. and enlarged. Lon- 
don, 1893. 8.° 

cclxii American Oriental Society. 

From the University of Kiel. 

Schriften der TJniversitat zu Kiel aus dem Jahre, 1892-93, 1893-94, 1894-95. 
Kiel, 1892-95. 8° and 4°. 

From Mr. George Alexander Kohut. 

Die Hoschanot des Gaon R. Saadia. Das erste Mai ediert und auf Grund dreier 
Temen-MSS. kritisoh beleuohtet von Dr. Alexander Kohut. Breslau, 1893. 

Discussions on Isaiah, ch. lii: 13— liil, from an unpublished MS. of the sixteenth 
century, with preliminary notes on Judeao-polemic literature. By Rev. Alex- 
ander Kohut, D.D., Ph.D. Chicago, 1893. 16°. 

Tributes to the memory of Rev. Dr. Alexander Kohut. Published by Congrega- 
tion Ahawath Chesed. New York, 1894. 8'. 

Proceedings of the 3d and 4th biennial conventions of the Jewish Theological Semi- 
nary Association, 1892-94. New York, 1892-94. 8°. 

The court Jew Lippold: tale of a 16th century martyrdom. Narrated by George 
Alexander Kohut. New York, 1893. 

Early Jewish literature in America. By George Alexander Kohut. Philadel- 
phia, 1895. 8°. 

From Prof. E. Kuhn. 

Zeitschrift fur vergleichende Sprachforschung. Bd. xxxi, 3, 4, xxxii, xxxiii, 
xxxiv, 1, 2. Giitersloh, 1892-95. 8". 

From Prof. Charles R. Lanman. 

William Dwight Whitney. By Charles R. Lanman. 8°. (Reprinted from the 

Atlantic Monthly for March, 1895.) 
India proof impression of the portrait of Prof. W. D. Whitney, engraved on 

wood by G. Kruell. 

From Messrs. Imzoc & Go. , London. 

Indian wisdom ; or, Examples of the religious, philosophical and ethical doctrines 
of the Hindus. ... By Sir Monier Monier- Williams. 4th ed. London, 
1893. 8°. 

From Prof. Anton Marty. 

Ueber das Yerhaltnis von Grammatik und Logik. Von Anton Marty. Prag, 
1893. 8°. 

Front Mr. Jivanji Jamshedji Modi. 

Modi, J. J. Ast&d&n, and recorded instances of children having been nourished 

by wolves and birds of prey. Bombay, 1889. 8*. 

Dante and Virif, and Gdrdis and Kaus. Bombay, 1892. 8°. 

The funeral ceremonies of the Parsees, their origin and explanation. 

Bombay, 1892. 8*. 

Additions to the Library. cclxiii 

Modi, J. J. The religious system of the Parsis. Bombay, 1893. 8°. 

Oucullin and Conloch and Rustam and Sohr&b. Bombay, 1893. 8*. 

The Persian Mdr-n&meh ; or, The book for taking omens from snakes. 

Bombay, 1893. 8°. 

From Mr. Alfred B. Moldenke. 

Babylonian contract tablets in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Edited and 
translated by Alfred B. Moldenke. New York, 1893. 8°. 

From Prof. F. Max Miiller. 

Rig-veda-samhit&: the sacred hymns of the Br&hmans, together with the com- 
mentary of S&yanAHrya. Edited by F. Max Miiller. 2d ed. London, 1890. 
4 v. 4°. 

The (?&takamala; or, Garland of birth stories, by Arya Sura. Translated from 
the Sanskrit by J. S. Speyer. London, 1895. 8°. [Sacred Books of the Bud- 
dhists, edited by F. Max Miiller, vol. i.] 

Address delivered at the opening of the ninth International Congress of Oriental- 
ists, London, Sept. 5, 1 892, by Frederick Max Miiller, President of the Con- 
gress. Oxford, 1892. 8°. 

An offering of sincere gratitude to my many friends and fellow-labourers for their 
good wishes on the first of September, 1893, the fiftieth anniversary of my 
receiving the Doctor's degree in the University of Leipzig. [Catalogue of the 
principal works published by Prof. F. Max Miiller, etc.] Oxford. 8°. 

From the Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Munich. 

Abhandlungen der historischen Classe der koniglich bayerischen Akademie der 

Wissenschaften. Bd. xx. 2, 3, xxi. 1. Miinchen, 1893-95. 4°. 
Abhandlungen der philosophisch-philologischen Classe der kon. bay. Akad. der 

"Wiss. Bd. xix. 3, xx. 1. Miinchen, 1892-94. 4°. 
Kurfiirst Maximilian I. von Bayern als Gemaldesamuiler. Festrede gehalten am 15. 

November, 1892 von F. v. Reber. Miinchen, 1892. 4°. 
Erkennen, Erleben, Erschliessen. Festrede gehalten am 21. Marz, 1893, von 

M. Carriere. Miinchen, 1893. 4°. 

From Prof. Eberhard Nestle. 
Marginalien und Materialien. Von Eberhard Nestle. Tubingen, 189J. 8°. 

From the Neuvhatel Geographical Society. 

Bulletin de la Societe neuchateloise de geographie. Tome vi, 1892-93. Neucha- 
tel, 1893. 8°. 

From VlScole des langues orientates vivantes, Paris. 

Publications de l'Ecole des langues orientales vivantes. 3' s6t. Vol. T-10, 11, 

fasc. i, ii, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19. Paris, 1891-95. 8". 
Contents, v. 7, Siasset Nam£h. Traite de gouvernement, par Nizam oul-Moulk. 

Texte persan eMite par Charles Schefer. Paris, 1891. 8°. 
v. 8, Same. Traduit par Charles Schefer. Paris, 1893. 8°. 

cclxiv American Oriental Society, 

v. 9, Histoire du sultan Djeldl ed-din Mankobirti prince du KMrezm par Moham- 
med en-Nesawl. Texte arabe publie par 0. Houdas. Paris, 1891. 8°. 

v. 10, Same. Traduit de l'arabe par 0. Houdas. Paris, 1895. 

v. 11, Chih-louh-kouoh-kiang-yuh-tchi. Histoire geographique des seize royaumes. 
Ouvrage traduit du chinois pour la premiere fois et atmote par Abel Des 
Michels. Fasc. 1, 2. Paris, 1891-92. 8°. 

v. 12, Cent-dix lettres grecques de Francois Filelfe publie*es integralement pour la 
premiere fois d'apres le Codex Trivukianus 873 avee traduction, notes et com- 
mentaires par Smile Legrand. Paris, 1892. 8°. 

v. 13, Description topographique et historique de Boukhara par Mohammed Ner- 
chakhy, suivie de textes relatifs a la Transoxiane. Texte persan publie par 
Charles Schefer. Paris, 1892. 8°. 

v. 15, Les Francais dans l'Inde, Dupleix et Labourdonnais. Extraits du journal 
d'Anandarangappoulle (1736-48). Traduits du tamoul par Julien Vinson. 
Paris, 1894. 8°. 

v. 16, Zoubdat Kachf el-Mam&lik. Tableau politique et administratif del'Egypte, 
de la Syrie et du Hidj&z sous la domination des sultans mamlouks du 13° au 
15 e siecle par Khalil ed-D&hiry. Texte arabe publie par Paul Ravaisse. Paris, 
1894. 8°. 

v. 18, 19, Bibliographie coreenne. Tableau litteraire de la Coree, contenant la 
nomenclature des ouvrages publies dans ce pays jusqu'en 1890, ainsi que la 
description et l'auaiyse detaillees des principaux d'entre ces ouvrages, par Mau- 
rice Courant. Vol. 1, 2. Paris, 1895. 8°. 

Centenaire de l'Ecole des langues orientales vivantes. 1795-1895. Recueil de 
memoires publie par les professeurs de l'Ecole. Paris, 1895. 4°. 

From the Musie Guimet, Paris. 
Annales du Musee Guimet. Tome i-viii, xi-xxv, xxvi. 1. Lyon and Paris, 1880- 

94. 4°. 

Bibliotheque d'etudes. Tome i, ii, iv, v. Paris, 1892-95. 8°. 

Revue de l'histoire des religions. Tome ix-xxxi, xxxii. 1. Paris, 1884-95. 8°. 
Catalogue du Musee Guimet. V partie: Inde, Chine et Japon. Par L. de 

Milloue. nouv. ed. Lyon, 1883. 16°. 
Introduction au catalogue du Musee Guimet. Apercu sommaire de l'histoire des 

religions des anciens peuples civilises. Par L. de Milloue. Paris, 1891. 16°. 
Petit guide lllustre au Musee Guimet. Par L. de Milloue. Paris, 1891. 16°. 
Congres provincial des orientalistes. Compte rendu de la 3 e session, Lyon, 1878. 

Lyon, 1880. 2v. 4°. 

From Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trilbner & Co . 

Arabic chrestomathy in Hebrew characters, with a glossary. Edited by Hartwig 
Hirschfeld, Ph.D. London, 1892. 8°. 

From the Wolf Peiser Verlag, Berlin. 

Die Hetitischen Inschriften. Ein Versuch ihrer Entzifferung nebst einer das 
weitere Studium vorbereitenden, methodisch geordnoten Ausgabe. Von F. E. 
Peiser. Berlin, 1892. sm. 4°. 

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Additions to the Library. cclxvii 

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Additions to the Library. cclxix 

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Additions to the library. cclxxi 

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Additions to the Library. cclxxiii 

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