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Poet. ahe (AMER ——— 
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SAB 1). ky ee) yy oar Sa 3 * yr A. 
’ er et Vpbtetstanc te 
i Bers edad ala 4 ua AW Mb) By Mt boty Abts — 
aed 1 oie Neher gga eee eee? 
Petia Wiad free Tce day ice) WAI dele een dade 
Hie 4 + (2,88 ae Rete av * 
] in , “ Sp eigga tm banet er lare 
— 9 um ent rf is Ane tee ee OTN Reels ee ements 
Pree Veaepes vitae dV Re J Liye ——— 
—3 ——— — My dag % a * 
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* 23 i ar eer yyy Pte 
ae ” » 1 4ee Meee 8 
J ‘ . % 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2022 with funding from 
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Alternates 

4 Park 

ve oy 

J re j 3 
9 at 

’ , 6 ; ; ' ; 
WE as rh, * iyi ae 4 a 





This reprint of the Two Italian Gentlemen has been 
prepared by Percy Simpson and checked by the General 

Mar. 19 10. Vive Greg. 

eee vill cout 


| L ALA WA tas 

wre rme YC) 


LEP, in. 

In the Register of the Stationers’ Company is found 
the following entry: 

12/ Novembris/ [1584] 

Receaued of him for printinge a booke entituled fedele et fortuna. The 
deceiptes in love Discoursed in a Commedia of ij Italyan gent and trans- 
lated into Englishe./ . Rips tits eh | Audi ks Galil aA ated LN A lf 

[Arber’s Transcript, II. 437.] 
There can be no doubt that this is the play now printed 
from the unfortunately imperfect quarto at Chatsworth, 
and very little that it is Hacket’s original edition that 
thus survives. In the absence, however, of the title-page, 
it is impossible to say how closely the entry followed 

the wording of the original: evidently the names were 

Fedele and Fortunio, while the words ‘Two Italian 
Gentlemen’ occur both in the head and running titles. 
The exact extent of the imperfection cannot now be 
determined, but the extant six sheets signed B to G 

= include the beginning of the text and almost bring 
~ the action to a conclusion at the end, so that it is 

highly probable that not more than two _ half-sheets 
A and H are missing. | This would give an arrange- 
ment similar to that of Patent Grissell, a play to which, 
in spite of a probable difference in date of fifteen years, 
the present bears a close typographical resemblance. 
The quarto is printed in an ordinary black letter of a 
body resembling modern pica (20 ll.=83 mm.), inter- 
spersed with roman. For reasons already explained in 
the case of Patient Grissell this has been rendered in 
the reprint by thin-leaded type of a body one size 

In the original is inserted a cutting from a sale cata- 
logue which runs as follows: ‘4642—The pleasaunt and 
fine conceited Comeedie of two Italian Gentlemen, with 
the merie devices of Captaine Crack-stone, in black 
letter, unique, from Mr. Inglis’s collection, imperfect, 


’ Hackett/ 

green morocco.’ This is the entry of the play in the 
second part of the Bibhotheca Hebertana, the lot having 
been sold on 25 June 1834, when it fetched {20. 
The purchaser was Rodd, and the copy was clearly 
that acquired by the sixth Duke of Devonshire. As 
stated, Heber’s copy had previously belonged to John 
Bellingham Inglis, and it is thus entered in his anonym- 
ous sale-catalogue of ‘Old Plays,’ dated 12 April 1826: 
‘140 The pleasaunt and fine conceited Comeedie of Two 
Italian Gentlemen, with the merie Devices of Captaine 
Crack-stone (wants title and ending) black letter, unique, 
circa 1580.’ At this sale it was purchased by Thorpe 
for {9 125. 

There is an allusion to the play by Nashe in Have 
with you to Saffron Walden, where Importuno says: 
‘Yet for all he [i.e. Gabriel Harvey] is such a vaine 
Basthsco and Captaine Crack-stone in all his actions & 
conuersation, & swarmeth in vile Canniball words, 
there is some good matter in his booke against thee’ 
(1596, sig. Qt’). 

The piece is adapted from an Italian play by Luigi 
Pasqualigo entitled I/ Fedele, of which another and closer 
version is found in Abraham Fraunce’s Latin comedy, 
preserved in manuscript at Penshurst, to which modern 
scholars have given the title Victorza. 







. wh en 
. haunt (bunt?) 
. prima 
. acqaintance, 
. FE AFL) 
. longer: 
. fap: 
. [oouepou, 
. knetv, 
. {miters: 
. quick: 
. ofher 
. Schoolmaitter. 
. Iniunctionis (?) 
. a fleep? 
. verfificautes (verfificantes.) 
. oD, (?) 
4. Iflooue (?) 
cw. Oh (IDh) 
. again, 
» prima 


. thoufad.... bee, 
. Pamphila, 

cw. Miſtres (PMiſtres) 

. A ttilia. 

. kno wel?) 
. what's 

. place, 

. Defires: 

. Batte. (a space before the 

c.w. Bou (1 Pou) 
fif, (?) 











be gin. (?) 
-gooforumioftibus (?) 
Fede (Fede-) 
ch‘io .. . m‘increfce 
in (in-) 
c.w. Were (Were) 
Temapttor, (Temptator, 
cf. 1. 629) 
i.e. sighs) 
haoue hwught 
cw. Haue (1 Baur) 
. Ope: 
. this (¢ damaged) 
him come, (an accid- 
ental mark between 
the words, resembling 
a hyphen) 
ho, ho. ho. 
Ima (Ima-) 


735- wil 



ADio. (?) 


785. delitious, 

786. pe, 

787. loue, 

789. delight, 

790. Attlia. 

795. Ab, 

805. Aedipus, 

808. frame, 

812, 829, 831, 841. Crack-ft 

833. Sit: 

834. Crack- 

842 c.w. Bow (THow) 

846. choole rather (an accidental 
mark between the words, 
resembling a comma) 

861. mee, 

865. tertia, 

876. maid: 

878. pooue 

c.w. We (Pet) 

887. dwell. 

888. greeue. 

gir. loue. 

917. tuing (liuing) 

929. Wis... praile woꝛthy 

930. ¥’ le (Ile) 

935. Defect, (delart.) 

Verg. (Virg.) 

944. Seena 

955. demonftratiuam, 

958. tongnes 

959. Wis 

967. flores. 

970. forgot, 

976, 980, 983, 985, 987. pedante. 

977. Fedele, 

979. liue, 

982. well, 

983. tell, 




In deede (!) 



Sir, IE 

diua (dira ?) 
1062. Crack-ft 

1070. (ig 
1094. pedante. 



1105 c.w. IMo (1106. 120) 







cw. So (150) 

a fleepe. 

q But (But) 



1234. hell. 1563. Victoria 

1247. Wptople 1570. name, 

: 1255. wodes, 1571. Crack-tt: 
1256. Fortunio, 1588. Crack-ft 
1258. might 1589. Cis 
1259. bebinde, 1592. to wwne(?) 
1268. Calles (Calles, 1593. pournies 

i.e. cauls) 1597. Crack-tft, 
1288. pleale, 1600. Crack-ft: 
1301. heer of 1624. 19, 
1331. Watchmé 1629. flitte, 
1334. aworde, 1634. ende, 
1340. gt[ tet (small hole in 1635. freende, 
paper) 1636. vndone, 
1393. Crack-ft 1651. dowe, 
1394. a fleepe, 1653. Crack-ft 
1395. Cis 1654. JJI (J) 
1399. afresado, (?) 1663. Cpeede, 
1411. vn (vn-) 1666. fit? (fit.) 
1412. Victorla(?)... prap, 1693. redeemde. 
1421, 1425, 1431. Crack-ft 1694. a fleepe, 
1432. Chok’te 1705. worldagaine. 
1447, 1451, 1459. Crack-tft 1708. top? (iop.) 
1468. erg, 1725. £02 giue 
1471. night, 1726. Cis 
1497. lik’te 1729. Crack-ft, 
1505. Cis 1735. Genlewomas 
1511. Crack-ftone, (?) 1738. bleede. 
1520. gane. (?) 1747. Pꝛomi'ſte 
1528. (leauge 1750, 1756, 1773. Crack-ft 
-1531. heer, 1755. buttes, 
1532. appeare. 1757. Cee, 
1543. Crack-ft 1759. iniurie, 
1562. Cee, 1764. fo? (?) 

Speakers’ names, printed in the margin as runners, are liable to shift 
even if originally correct, which was not always so. In the following 
cases the name appears half a line, more or less, too high: Il. 79, 392-3, 
426, 1076-7, 1539. In others the name appears half a line, more or 
less, too low: ll. 286-9, 292-6 (almost a whole line too low), 308-15, 


521-7, 882-900, 918-946, 1103, 1193-9, 1305-1320, 1364-70, 1442-76. 
To this latter list should be added the cases of the directions at ll. 206 
and 452-4, which may be intentional. Minor irregularities are frequent 
but are not worth recording. 

The word ‘Actus’ is consistently treated as a feminine. The punc- 
tuation is often irregular. It has not been noted in the list except where 
it is seriously misleading or fails to mark the ends of speeches. It should 
be noticed that in the earlier portion in particular a colon is frequently 
used where we should expect only a comma. Commas are not in- 
frequent at the ends of speeches in rapid dialogue, but all cases have 
been noted. A typographical peculiarity, which will be seen in the 
facsimiles, is the ligatured gg and oo. In the case of the eg ligature the 
first ¢ bears an acute accent. ‘The origin of this peculiar sort, which 
appears in a good many English black-letter founts, is not known, but as 
it is without present significance it has been disregarded in the reprint. 

The margins of the original quarto have been somewhat closely 
cropped in binding, with the result that a few of the speakers’ names 
have been cut into. Where sufficient of a letter remains to enable it to 
be readily identified no notice of the mutilation has been taken, where 
this is not the case resort has been had to brackets. 

N.B.—A small error has crept into the line numbering, where 1319 
is misprinted as 1119. Fortunately the misprint is an isolated one. 

There are also six cases in which the text of the reprint has been 
found to be wrong. The correct readings are as follow: 

405. ioftibus: 885. Pamphilaf 
619. Whats 1047. beggerlp 
847. peeld. 1428. Staines (sic) 


in order of entrance. 

ForTUNIO. PAMPHILA, maid to Virginia. 
Captain CRACK-STONE. Mepvusa, an enchantress. 
PEDANTE, tutor to Fedele. VIRGINIA. 

ATTILIA, maid to Victoria. two Watchmen. 

FEDELE. SBIRRI, captain of the watch. 
VICTORIA. Orraviano, father of Virginia. 

The soldiers who enter with Sbirri at 1. 1554 have no part, but are 
presumably the same as the watchmen of Il. 1309 and 1331. The 
scene is Naples. 

The best thanks of the Society are due to His Grace 
the Duke of Devonshire, who generously placed the 
original at the editor’s disposal, as also to Mrs. S. A. 
Strong, till recently Librarian at Chatsworth, who was 
the first to report the whereabouts ofthe play, and 
kindly negotiated its temporary transfer to the British 



— —— 
J 90 —* 
— 9 BF rien ea | 

! 4 
; 1 

Ana yh oh tal hatte! te 
| yet Hes PRR ie. Ags: 

te —J th 9 pee . nt 
fhe sie font leo vant ‘te oid on 
Ney ree 6 59 he nhs fie — fs 
Sas ‘adel ya eowenitti ig 
iene ot & i Beg sey * * 4 

eh at 9 — J——— v 


We ORE a a an itty 

athe vl p — she oo 

_conceited Comœdie of two Italian Gen } 

tlemen, vvith the merte deuifes of — 
Captaine Crack-ftone.. 3 

Actus puma, ? Scena prima. 

_ Enter Fortunio and'C aptain Erack-ftone,Fortunio 
fhewing very fad’ countonalice. 

E that diſcloſeth to a fréend the feerets of is mide: F ortunio; 
Doth rob him felfe of libertie,befiors toe dayly finde, 7 
That others councels toil by fuch in every care be blower: 

As haue no polver when time requires,to ſmother all thetr 

— — — 
curtefie content thy felfe and aſke me that no moꝛe. 

¶ Heauie tn deed andas heauie as lead, Crack 
er if ts fome of thefe fame bremy quauers, orꝛ ſome kinde of YO 
—— that runnes in his head. (rye ofa qaptain, 

Heare you Waiter Fortunio, by the honoꝛ ofa Soldier, by the glo⸗ 

By all the Poleaxes and tozmenters, that theiſe hands haue ſſain, 

De but ſcoure your minde to mee,and (hut bp pour gref: 

“Either Ile finve you ſome eafe.12 pou thalbe hangd fora thef. * 
Pouknowe J ant a god fellowe, nothing venture nothing baue, 

“SE Jhad not put my tarcas to the Jibbet, J hap not been fhus braue· 

fo now, if pou benture not fo chewe fome trutty bodr vour minde: 

| Ft twill be very long ere the dreiſer pou finne; 7 

And fo peradverture you fhailneuerbefped: 
Foꝛ wh en the Coke ts out of the May, pou muſt gor tami to 

¶ Hot finveth he redzefle; that bzeakes his minde vnto g | Fortunio. 
Rabat is learnd, there folly fets the wiler fozte to thole? “ 

25 j. Vet 

@2 The pleafaunt and fine 

conceited Comedie of two Italian Gen- 

tlemen, vuith the merte deutfes of 
Captaine Crack-ftone. 

Actus prima. Scena prima. 

Enter Fortunio and Captain Crack-ftone, Fortunio 
fhewing very fad countenance, 

E that difcloferh to a freend the fecrets of his minde: Fortunio. 
Dooth rob him Celfe of libertie, beſides we daply finde, 
That others councels wil by uch in euery eare be blowen: 
As haue no power when time requires, to (mother all their 
Heaute and Cad thow (eek Fam, but why mp hartis (oe:  (owne 
ME curtefie content thy Celfe and alke me that no moe. 

{ Heauie in Deed and as Heaute ag lead, 10 Crack- 
Cither it is fome of thefe Came bꝛemy quauers, 02 ſome kinde of ftone. 
piicklong that runnes in his head, (rye of a Captain: 

Beare pou Matfer Fortunio, hy the hono, of a Soldier, by the glo- 
By all the Poleares and toxmenters, that theile hands haue flain, 
Doo hut Ccoure pour minde to mee, and hut bp pour greel: 
Cither Ile finde you fome eale, 02 pou ſhalbe hangd fo. a thee, 
Bou knowe J am a good fellowe, nothing benture nothing haue, 
FEF hadnot put my carcas tothe Jibbet, J hadnot heen thus braue. 
So now, if pou benture not to ſhewe fome trufty body pour minde: 
It will be very long eve the drefler pou finde. 20 
And Co peraduenture pou Hall neuer be (ped: (hed, 
Fo2 wh en the Cooke is out of the wap, pou mu goe Cupperleile to 
1 Bow findeth he redrelle, that heakes hig mindebntoafoole? Fortunio. 
Oꝛ whatislearnd, where folly ſetsthe wiler forte tolchoole? 

Bj. Bet 








A Pleafant Comeedie 

Bet fith he bꝛaues it with the bell, in euery company: 
And knowes where every gallant loues, and Cees the remedp, 
J will not Kick to let him knowe the fecrets of mp hart: 
And make him partner of mp pain, and priuie to my (mart. 28 
Moo pou knowe Victoria? ; 
1 Doo not J knotwe Her? what think pee? (tance with mee? 
As though eve a proper gentlewoman in Naples were out of quain- 
q Her haue F (een of late, and often bp her windowe pak: 
From which thee let aletter Call, which taking op in hak, 
Jread, and found within delcribde the frantique fits of looue: 
Whether it were for mee, 0. any els J cannot prooue, 
Whether he Caine and haite Her hookes the imple to beguile: 
Cannot be found, till wit by line haue mealured euery wile, 
4 knowe the loued Fedele once, before be went to Spain: 
And meanes perhaps to loue him Till, ith hee's returnd again. 
Doo thou but Kft him fo mp Cake, and haunt out his delice: 40 
And doutles thou thalt haue of mee, thy Captains pap fo2 hire. 
q FE this be all Sir, let mee alone, 
About pour hufinelle pou map be gone, 
J will feele Signior Fedeles minde herp cunningly: 
And return pou an anlwer of this gear prelently, 
1 Gramercie, be truftpe, 
1 As trufty as Teele: 
J haue no fault but one, J am ſomwhat hort in the heele. 
q Mi raccommando, Exit. 
{ Bafilus Codpeece fo2 an olde Manus, 
Bou Hall not haue her at rack and maunger F trowe: 51 
Somwhat hy this fo. mine owne proportion FJ knowe, 
ddihen two bones are at rife fo2 a dog, (tis commonly Ceen: 
Chat the third comes and takes ft, and wipes their mouthes cleen, 
4 mean as pou Cee mee in this braualitie: 
Co he a Cuter to Victoria with all profigalitie. (while: 
F hought Butter and Cheele hether to bittaile the Camp a great 
Wanp times J would nick them of their mealure, 
and the Soldiers beguile. 
Like a crafty knaue, by this meanes J got lo much gain: 60 
Chat J bought this apparell of a Captain that was fain. 
And wearing the Came abyoad as pou Cee: 


of two Italian Gentlemen. 

The Soldiers all the town ouer, make a Captain of mee. 

One calles mee Captain Cheele,an other Captain Cruk: 

An other braue Crack-ftone, take which name pe luſt. 

The Gentlemen ave euery one glad of my companp: (mery. 
Becaule FJ haue ſuch a wilde worme in my hed, ag makes them all 
The women they loue mee, Victoria ig cheefe: 

But thee hath been fomwhat range of late, therfore to be breeke, 

4 thought Come ſtrawes werein the pad, that Hee lookt fo cop: 70 
But now haue at her again, with a kreſh hed in my top, 

J will fir pnderpropn Sir Fedele Hig minde to vnderſtand: 

See goon luck, his Schoolmaifter and her Waid are at hand. 

As hothe of them kreendly togither doo walke: 

J will (neke into acoyner and hearken to theirtalke, ſtep afide. 

Actus prima Scena fecunda. 
Enter Pedante the Parafite, attired in a gown and cap 
like a Schoolmaifter, and with him Attilia. 

[2 you maiſter Schoolmaitter let me be gone: Attilia. 
J baue hale on mp wap, Fle be at home again anone, 80 

T Sweet hartand bag pudding goe pou fo ſwiktly? Pedante. 
Haue with you then, doo pe lack any company? 

JInkaith Sirno, Attilia, 
{JF pray pou tell me one thing before pou parte, Pedante. 

F think pou be ſomwhat wetherwile by pour arte, 
Moo pou knowe me hp acqaintance, 02 gelle pou bp aime? 
That pou hit Co right on mp office in ead of mp name? 
GF haue een pou before if J am not beguilde: (childe. Attilia, 
Mou haue been Schoolmaiſter to mailer Fedele euer fince he wag a 
T Crue (weet hart, but J pap thee be not angrp with mee: Pedante. 
But giue me leaue alittle while to mooue a queſtion to thee, 91 
What ig pour name, and where doo pou dwell? 
{ Softe, there lay a ſtrawe, that will J not tell, Attilia, 
Alag poo Attilia,whatmeanes hebp this? 
GCF ay with him long, my miſtres Victoria her Ceruant wil mille, 
About pour bufines good Sit, J pray pou get pou aap: 
J purpole not to tell pou mp name this dap. 
Be not fo frange faire Ladp, J knowe pour name berp well, Pedante. 
And the name of pour Lhe and the place where pou dwell, 
















A Pleafant Comcedie 

q JE pou doo, much good doo it pou, Jcan tary no longer: 100 
{ Chen J perceiue FJ Hall be dyiuen to try who is the Lronger. 
FJ hall tell pou one thing it it pleale pou to tap: (ftop her. 
{ Speak pour minde quickly, a wood and awap, 
q Bee not angry JF beleech pou, to hear that is true, 
Mou are the kaireſt Creature that ever J did view, 
T What followes of this? 
1 F like pou, and looueyou, before all the 
Creatures that euer J knew, 
qT What illluck is this? Flee nothing that makes me to loue and 
T Bou might if pou trite me, fo. J come ol the (miters: (like pou. 
7 Great barkers ave none of the greateſt biters. 
1 Good miftres Attilia, becaule pou haue hatte: 112 
J will talke with pou moe, when pour bulines is pall, 
FC Ican be Cpared frommy Wailer ſo long, ſoon at night: 
F will reforte to pour boule, and lay mp meaning wide 
open before pour ight. 
1 Farwel Sir Pedante, look pou be not too quick: 
7 dWihat a Dunken wooer am Ff that gaue Her neuer a licke, 
This Calles out pat fo, mp Maiſter Fedele, and comes in the nick, 
Bycoggingand counteclaiting looue, as poulee: 
GE Attilia be fo mad, ag tolike and looue mee, 121 
By her all the Jugling offer miftres J thall knowe: 
And finde whether any new comers, 
haue fet mp Waiter beſide the cuſhin 02 no. 
1 Chis is ag excrement for mp propofition as can he defirde, 
Soon at nightlike the schoolmatfer will F be attirde. 
Firk come, irk Cerwd, if the maid be Co Creendlp to let mee in: 
Then Sa Sa Da, the battaile will beginne. 
ith that Wagnaniminkerelge and mercy, that in mee dooth floe: 
Fle make a conflictol the Miſtres, and let the maid goe. 
Farewell feely Schoolmaiſter. 131 
this Iniunction is not found in his Aduerh F trowe, Exit. 
1 Chele tidings wilbe topfull to mp maiſter J am Cure, 
Who for loue of Victoria ſufſfers manp a Harp ſhower: 


Enter Fe- Loe where he comes walking by him Cel€e alone, 


ddlith his head full of thoughts, and his hart fullof mone, 
Kowlſe bp pour wittes Sir, what ave you a Heep? 

of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Neuer he Co hale minded to awoman to creep. 
See,lee, pour cap on pour head, good manners forgot, 
Low you are come to pour owne (winge, pou knowe me not. 140 
Moo pour dutie to your maiker, good nurture is het: 
In via virtutis non progredi, regredi eft. 
{Alas my cave Co cloleth bp mp fight: Fedele. 
That all ig lott, wherin J whould delight. 
TPou knowe that it may be laid of me, which was afd of Viiffes, Pedante. 
Multorum hominum mores qui vidit et vrbes. 
CTherfore if pou defire mee pour cares to veleeue: 
The bek counſell J can, to pou F will giue. 
{Pou knowe Victoria ig the caule of all mp fecret ſmart: Fedele. 
Victoriaes heautie is the twooyme, that gnawes me to the bart, 150 
What counlaile now? 
TDid not F teach pou long agoe out of tragicall Seneca: Pedante. 
His golden faping, duo omnium malorum foemina? 
Did J not caule pou with pour pen in the margent of pour book, 
to marke that place: 
And pet will you be tooting on a beautifull face? 
Which no otherwile vaniſheth, and away dooth goe: 
Chen water, that neuer veturnes to the (ping, 
from whence it did flowe, 
Beautie is Co tickle a foundation to bear anp frame: 160 
And looue fo vncertain, that it thaowes the houle on his hen 
that built the fame. 
Wherupon J gaue pou a good leſſon of olde: 
Euery letter therol would be wꝛitten in Golde. 
Quod iuuat exiguum eft, plus eft quod lædit amantes: 
They knowe what J mean that are verfificautes 

CFE this colde comfort in my need, be all that J thall haue: Fedele. 
Mut of my fight. Po Cuccour at thy handes J mean to craue, 

§ Adultus Iuuenis tandem cuftode remoto: Pedante. 
Cereus in vitium flecti, monitoribus afper. 170 

The right courfe of the wold, now he runnes bpon wheeles: 
Had F knowen this when you were a boy, 
J would haue Hamperd pour heeles. 
It were a good deed to Cet all pour fortune at euen and ond: 
And let you alone till pou ave beaten with pour owne rod, 
Biij. But 






A Pleafant Comcedie 

But the looue that J bear to pou euerp dap: 
ill not ſutker me to Cee this good witte cat away. 
Some tidings F haue fo. pou, therfore he not afraid: 
J am growen in acquaintance with Victoriaes maid, 
By whome F tru in the end to knowe: 180 
What Suters to her Miſtres relorte too and fro. 
FE nohody els do followe the game: 
The ſpark that pou left in Her hye, will beak out in a flame. 
{Thankes good Pedante, get thee home and leaue me heer a (pace: 
Cotrype ik Jmay meet with faire Victoria in this place. 
TF knowe where to prick that the bain map bleed: 
See how faire he dooth (peak, when his humour J feed, 
Chis palleth Profodia, Sintaxis and all, 
Tis the way to mp profit to oop to bis call. Exit. 
THeer was J wunt to meet with her, and Heer J mean to walke: 
And Cound her meaning if J map, by moouing Her to talke, 19! 

Victoria fetteth open the Cafement of her windowe and with 

her Lute in her hand playeth, and fingeth this dittie, 

[f looue be like the flower that in the night, 
When darknes drownes the glory of the Skyes: 
Smelles fweet, and glitters in the gazers fight, 
But when the gladfome Sun beginnes to rife, 
And he that viewes it, would the fame imbrace: 
It withereth, and loofeth all his grace. 

Why doo I looue and like the curfed Tree, 200 
Whofe buddes appeer, but fruite will not be feen: 
Why doo I languifh for the flower I fee? 
W hofe root is rot, when all the leaues be green. 
In fuch a cafe it is a point of fkill: 
To followe chaunce, and looue againft my will. 

Ah poo. Victoria, Heer it was thy guile, 
Co and and (ee Fortunio palling bp: 
Wholſe loouely Hhape hath caught me bp mine epes, 
And meanes to make me priloner while J ope, 
Co gaseon him was life to mee before: 210 
is ablence death, becaule FJ Cee no moe, 

of two Italian Gentlemen. 

IOh greedy looue that neuer feeleth glut, Fedele. 
How haue J hoatted of Victoriaes grace? 
With feare at laf from fauour to be ut, 
And lofe the light of fuch a Hining face? 
Shall neither teares, no. tople, no, hyoken fleep: 
Haue force inough a Ladies looue to keep? 
{And hath Fortunio now foygot the wap, Victoria. 
hich by mp windowe learnd of late to walke: 
See the difturber of mp peace this dap, 220 
Fedele comes to proffer mee fome talke. 
Sith hee is heer, his patience J will prooue: 
Wdihonte fo, Fortunios fake J cannot looue. 
TF Cerue a Wiltres whiter then the (noe, Fedele. 
Straighter then Cedar, hrighter then the Glafle: 
Finer in trip and Cwilter then the Woe, 
Wore plealant then the Feeld of floming Grae. 
Wore gladſome to my withering Joyes that Cade: 
Then Winters Sun, 0. Sommers cooling ſhade, 
Sweeter then (welling grape of ripet wine, 230 
Softer then feathers of the faire Swan: 
Smoother then Jet, moe Tatelp then the Wine, 
Frether then Poplar, ſmaller then my (pan. 
Clearer then Beauties fierp pointed beam: 
Oꝛ Plie crufte of Chꝛiſtalles Crofen ream, 
Wet is thee curler then the Beare by kinde, 
And harder harted thentheaged Dke: 
More glib then Dple, more fickle then the winde, 
Stifter then Steele, no fooner bent but broke, 
Loe thus mp Cerutce fg alating Core: 240 
wet will J Cerue although J ope therfore. 

Enter Victoria. 

TPow mut J either Code him off with kained curtefie: Victoria. 
QD els be cop in talke, to rid mee of His companp, Shee offreth 
Sit Fedele well met, and fo fartoell, J mul awap: to departe 
Wp bufines is ſuch ag will not fuffer me to ſtaye. & he ftay- 

WMikkres Victoria: let Hs haue one wood before pee moe, ethher. Fedele. 

Dh looue, ob death, between pou bothe, bouchlafe to rid mp woe, 

1A wunder fure itis to fee, how gentlemen complain: Victoria. 
da bat 







A Pleafant Comcedie 

What cark, what care, what hell on earth, fo, women they Cutan, 
Bout peace is war, pour fleep is watching, and pour eale is tople: 
Pour life is death, pour mitth is mone, and pour Cuccefle a fople. 
Thele woordes ave blde for oxnaments to beautifie pour file: 253 
And thele J think pou kollowe, poore Victoria to beguile, 

“FE fo. pour fake alone, more then foz anp other dame: 

F were not thug toxmented, then, J graunt J were too blame. 
But ith pour golden graces are the caule of all mp greefe: 

Giue eare and credit to my plaint, and peeld me Come releeke. 

IIk this be true, why did pou part? and fap fo long in Spain: 
Melap hreeds lofle, either FI thought pou would not come again. 
Dy els that change of company would alter pour delight, 

And ablence put me out of minde, that Hut me outol light. 262 
Did not J Cap, that pour departure would my death procure? 
Tou did, 

1 Aand could you make me then to keele Co harp a home? 

Teed Hathe no lawe, the matter toucht my land andlifefoneer: | 
That J was Coyle again mp will, to Cap no longer heer, 
But ith J haue dilpatcht, accoding to mine omne delice: 
Loe heer Jam to Cerue pou Hill, in bitter kroſt, 02 fier, 

Actus prima Scena tertia, 270 
Enter Attilia, Maid to Miftreffe Victoria, with Pamphila, 
Maid to Miftres Virginia, and Medufa the Enchantreffe 
with her box of enchantments vnder her arme. 

Eparte Fedelefo, thig time, come to me foonat night, 

J will confider better of your plaint and heauie plight, 

Wp maid and othercompany dooth preale tntothis place: 
It were not good to make them all, acquainted with pour cate. 
1a thoulad thankes, this in pour ear, let that the token bee, Exit. 
14 knowe pour meaning Sit, farwell, referre the ref to mee, 
Alas pooꝛe Coule, He little knowes, how colde a Cute He hathe, 
He mut be dallied with a while, fo. fear of after ſcathe. 281 
and muſt pou Ceek Fedele gut? 
TF muſt. 
q But to what end? 
1Co craue of curteſie, that he would Cand mp Miſtres kreend. 


of two Italian Gentlemen. 

T Witkres Virginia: A ttilia. 
1 The fame, Pamphila[ 
{Jn what matter F pray. Attilia. 

1 Chats counlaile vnto pou, J mul not euerp thing bewray. Pamphilaf 
And pet by her, Co bitter is the tate of looue, F finde: 290 

That gall were Cweeter to the mouth, and better to the minde, 

{JF haue the Bare on Coot, Attilia. 

{ But knowe pou where Fedele ig? Pamphila[ 
1 Him at his houle, oꝛ walking in the Kreet pou Hall not mille, Attilia. 

{ Farewell, J will goe feck Him ſtraight. Exit. Pamphilal 
1 Pet findehimnottooloon: Attilia. 

Alas pooe Coule, her Cute is colde before it he begun. 

Loe heer the common fault of looue, to kollowe her that flyes: 

And flpe from her that makes purluite, with loud lamenting crpes. 
Fedele looues Victoria,and thee bath him forgot: 

Virginia likeg Fedele bef, and hee regardes her not, 301 
1 D kooliſh looue, and loouers that look not to theire fate, Medufa. 
But ſwimme againk the tide, and thenrepent when tis too late. 
Ff wee couldlearne toleck torhem, that bntobs doo Lue: 

The match were made, and wee ould haue no caule at all to rue, 
hen wee be cop, and holdeour freendes aloole at cap and knee: 
Che Wart is marde, and euery eye our Collp then dooth Cee. 

1 What talke pou there Attilia? Victoria. 
{ Qo hurt at all to pou, Attilia. 
1 What newes? 310 Victoria. 
{ Good, (weet, and fopfull newes, Miſtres J hing pou now. Attilia, 
1 Hak thou met with Fortunio? Victoria. 
7 Mot Co, Attilia, 
1 Chen what's the newes? Victoria. 
{As J was walking though the Ereets alone: Attilia, 

Deuifing how to finde a remedie to cure pour mone, 
4 met Medufa with her bor and trinckets as pou Cee: 
Whole cunning Hortlp hall deuile, the wap to Cet pou free, 
1 JQo wap without Fortunio, Victoria. 
{ Fortunio pou ſhall haue: 320 Attilia. 
Be not afraid therfore in this: this womans atde to craue. 
Shee can enchant, and woorke wunders, bp Magicks learned art: 
Shee can with woordes, with charmes and hearbes, giue pou Fortu- 
nioes Hart, C j, Make 











A Pleafant Comcedie 

Make much of Her, 
1 Ab Coole, J knowe that looue fs fuch a paffton of the minde: 
As neither Aprpe Sprites can rule, no. force of Magick binde. 
{1 Bet trye Her cunning, fith that J haue brought her into place, 
{ Medufa, will thy diugges procure a pining loouer grace? 
1 Witres, they will, 330 
1 Openthphorand let me Cee thy Tore: 
Let me haue that Hall pleafure me, Fle pap thee well therfore, 
1 Beer isan Egae of a black Hen, a quill pluckt from a Crome, 
Wiho with this pen writes on this Egge, a charme p J doo knowe 
And names the party whome they like: the Came hall looue again, 
What think pou of this remedpe? 
1 Chis remedype is bain, 
Look farther pet intopourbor, Comeother medicin prooue: 
Becaulemyp Miltres cares not fo. the ſingle tufce of looue. 
She craueth moe, hee muſt enioy the party thee delires: 340 
1 Fe, holde thy peace, 
1 Els Hath thee not the thing that thee requires, 
T Loe heeralpoontullot a Virgins milke, 
Incoꝛpoꝛated with a peece of dowe: 
Powded with cinders of fine Spanith Silke, 
And eeped in the licquo, of a Slowe. 

On thone fide write Venus and Cupids name: 

On thotherhisthatloow’d, then take the fame 
And hople it on the coales Onto a cruſt, 
Batting it well with hony dopes and ople: 350 
Giue it to Him pou looue, to kindle luff, 
And then pour Cute hall neuer Cuf€er kople. 

This will fo binde the gallant whome pou choole: 

That he Hall neve him ſelke heeratter loole, 
1 All this is to no purpole, pet me thinks pou are too wide: 
What plealure can mp Miſtres haue fo long as he ts tied? 
{ Shee meanes not tied in hand 02 Coot, but bound to he mp flaue: 
Qn all the Ceruices and duties that J mean to craue, 
q@ Deere ave two Hartes, the one was taken out of a black Cat: 
Che other from a Pigion: heer is the blood of a Batte. 360 
Heere is apeece of UVirgin ware, heers aninchaunted Bean, 
Co make pou goe inuifible, 



of two Italian Gentlemen. 

{Mou knowe not what J mean. Victoria, 
{ Chele thinges ave prety, but they are not fo. mp Miſtres fit, Attilia. 
For t€ the be inuifible, J pray what profits ft? 

She hall beholdethe man, whome thee delighteth motte to Cee: 

But heeing hid: he neuer can eniope his companpe. 

Wet ewe bs moe. 

{ Heevr’s thinges will make men melt in fittes of looue, Medufa. 
A wanton Goates hraine, and the Liuer of a purple Dooue. 370 

A Cockes epe, anda Capons Cpurre, the left legge of a Quaile: 

A Goole bill, and a Ganders tung, a mounting Eagles taple. 

But ith they mul be taken fn thincreafing of the Moone: 

Before the rifting of the Sun, oꝛ when the fame is down, 

And clolelp wrapt in Virgin parchement ona Frpday night: 

J will not trouble you with thele. 

1 DE more lets haue a ight, Victoria. 
{ Heer is the Image of a man, made out in Virgin ware, Medufa. 
Which beeing prickt, ortoaſted tn the flame of burning Flare. 

Hee chat you looue Hall come and throwe him ſelke before pour feet: 

Wore humble then a Lambe, to doo what pou Hall think is meet, 

1 DOthatisit, 382 Victoria. 
1 Chis is it mu doo mp Wilkes good: Attilia. 
By Images it mul be wrought, Looue is a holy Rood, 

1 dee mull withdawe our Celues alide, and wooxk it outol fight: Medufa. 
1 Enter mp houle, the Sun is Cet, ¢now begins the night, Exeunt Victoria. 

The firft Act beeing ended, the Conforte of Mufique 
foundeth a pleafant Galliard. 

Actus fecunda. Scena prima. 
Enter Captain Crack-ftone, difguifed like a Schoolmaifter, in 
the apparell of Pedante, with a book in his hand. 

Okte, forit ig night, 3 mul not make any nople Itrowe: 392 Crack- 
We thinks this apparell makes me learnd, ſtone. 
which ofall theleStarresdoo Iknowe. 
Ponder is thegreen Dog, and the blew Beare, 
Harry Horners Girdle, and the Lpons eare, 
We thinkes J MHould ſpowt Lattin before F beware, 
C ij, Argus 

A Pleafant Comoedie 

Argus mecum infputare? 

Cur Canis tollit poplitem, 

Cum mingit in parietem? 400 
Alice tittle tattle Miſtres Victoriaes Waid: 

FCF Cpeake like the Schoolmaifter, Hee will neuer be afraid. 
Asloon as He opens the dooxe to let mee in: 

ith mp Ropericall aliquanci J twill begin, 

~ Swinum, Velum, Porcum. Graye-gooforum ioftibus 

Enter Fede Rentibus dentibus, lofadifhibus, come after vs. 
le and Pe-J haue beraped mp ſelke ¥ think with (peaking Co high: 







Chis is Sir Fedelethat is fo nigh. 
Till he be pak it were not good fo. mee to appeere: : 
Therfore Ile Hip into the Cemple, 410 
and hide mein the Combe that fandeth heere. 
1 Coo fraunge it is, that when F Mould reiopcee, 
A chilling Ceare dooth fit though euery vaine: 
And when J hope to heare Victoriaes Hoice, 
Moubt thowes me downe into difpaire again, 
Che comfort that fhe gaue me, was fo cole: 
That fo, my life J dare not be too bolde. 
{ Degeneres animos timor arguit, 
faint hart neuer wun kaire Lady thep Cap: 
And Amor odit inertes, take that by the wap. 420 
Seeing Hee appointed this time, forward with a courage, 
neuer and pou in doubt: 
Imagination manp times Cetcheth wunders about. 
Not hecaule it changeth the courle of the thing pou would finde: 
But becaule it dooth rule and gouern the minde, 
14 thiuer till, come beare me company, 
Untill thou Cee mee nearer to the dooxe: 
Thp Cpeechdooth giue me comfort mightily, 
And egges me on Hnto it more and moe, 
{ Andate allegramente, pou ate tight bnder her windowe now: 
What Hall J doo, will pou haue me to leaue pou? 431 
1 Mot Co, but Cap vntill thou Cee me in: 
To giue the igne FJ purpote to begin. 
Heer let him either tafte a Flute or whittle, at the found wher- 
of : Victoria comes to the windowe, and throwes out a letter, 

Of two Italian Gentlemen. 
which Fedele taketh vp, and reades it at the lamp which bur- 
neth in the Temple. 
What meaneth this? a letter: woe is mee, 
Where Hall F read it? light within the Cemple J doo Cee, 

1 This greeting me thinkes fs none of the het: Pedante. 
Ff fee by his countenaunce he likes not the reſt. 441 

T Ah cruell Dame that can diflemble fo, Fedele. 
Dye poore Fedele, life thou mult koꝛgoe. ' 

1 Wibat newes in pour letter Sir, cell mee? Pedante. 
Read it thy lelke and lee. Fedele. 

Pedante readeth the Letter 
La mia mala fortuna m'ha fatto d‘auenire cofa che meglio fa- 
rebbe ch‘io non fufsi nata, m‘increfce non poter attenderui la 
promefsa, ma più mi duole, che mi fia tolta la commodita del 
vederui, perd fe m‘amate, non paflate mai pit di qua, perche 

farete caufa della mia rouina. 451 
Chis is ſtrange bpon range, pour dapes are out woxne, Pedante in 
„My fortune is Cuch, that it had been better fo, mee terprets the 
Jhad neuer been hone, Letter. 

>> 4am (orp that J can not Cand to mp wood: 
>, AnD moze Coy, that fortune to mee will not pour prelenceaffoowd. 
„Sith J am rob‘d of pour company whome mote F defire: 
>> Jf pou looue mee come no moe this way, 
fo. breeding mp trouble, and kindling of fier, 

Heer ig a ſleeueles aunlwer with all mp hart, 460 

Bou haue pour errand Sir, now when pou wil pou map departe, 

{Jt cannot bee, but that Victoria hath an other looue: Fedele. 
Therfore J purpole prelently, Her priuie leights to prooue. 

{ Mou ate the fearfulleft gentleman that euer J knewe: Pedante. 

It is tmpolible that Hould be true. 

Bour owne doubtkulnes tangles pou (ill in the haters, 

Mid FJ neuer teach pou: Chat a woman denies that in howe, 

which in decd thee defires, 

Are all thole horrible othes which fo oft Hee hath ſworne, 

Anp likelihode that hee would leaue pou foylorne? 470 

Kemember her teares and her pitifull lookes: 

FE thee looue pou not till, J dare burne mp hookes, 

{ #20 no, her othes and teares, and lookes, and all thou cant repeat Fedele. 
C tij. were 









A Pleafant Comcedie 

Were but ag ſhadowes finely cat, to couer her deceit. 
But ith FJ finde her as hee is, J will reuenge the wong: 
D2 dpe the death inthis attempt, becaule J liue too long. 
{ Bou are to hatty a Soldier, too the battaile to goe, 

FE pou will he reuenged eve pour enemy pou knowe. 

1 Wine enemies J purpole ſtraight to try, 

bide thee within Come priuie corner heer: 

Be dilligent to mark who palleth by, 

And if that anp other man appeere 

Cither to enter, 02 to iſſue out, 

Wark what he ts, and put mee out of doubt, 

T Farwell Sir, commit the care to mp hande, 

As clole as J can,in this place J wil ſtand. 

dinfeen vnto any, pet bewing of all: 

A pretty Ccotote Cet to take a knaue in a pit-fall, 

Vonder come Come, whatloeuer thep bee, 

Stand clofe Pedante, that no bonp Cee, 

Actus fecunda. Scena fecunda. 




Enter Medufa, Victoria, and Attilia, difguifed like Nunnes, 

with lighted Tapers in their handes, 

Crack-ftone liftes vp his head out of the Tombe, and ducks © 

downe againe, {peaking this as followeth. 

1 A vope on thele pallengers, J am ina milerable plight, 
4 think J hall not get out of this place this night. 

1 Cis almofte one a clock, the fitte houre to binde the Sprites: 
And compas euery thing, that be map further pour delights. 

1 Chen let bs goe, 
™ O che cricca di vacche? what cattell haue we heave? 


Be they women, oꝛ deuils in the likenes of women that appeare? 
1 Miſtres take heed we be not (pide, fo. that map hyeed bs harme: 
Victoria. 1 320, no, but like a ſoꝛxte of Punnes Hnto the Church we ſwarme. 
@ Enter the Chappell, we will make as though we ment to prap: 

q Read good Medufa. 
JAh milevable Pedante, would J were awap, 



Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

J quiuer Co fall, that Ifeele no ground: 
Tig acompany of witches J hould forty pound, 

{ WUibhen begin pou weet hart? 510 Victoria, 
{ Wake hatte pou had need, Attilia. 
The day will approche, and the night gon with (peed. 

{4 rope on them all, they goe a catter-walling J tro, Pedante. 
Whome they meane to torment J would gladly knowe. 

1 Chis water and this ople J haue, is coniured as pou Cee, Medufa. 

In the name of thole Sprites that written on this Image bee. 
Pow mut J write the name of Him whom pou fo much doo loue: 
Then binde thele Cprites, him to the like affection fo, to moue. 
4 charge pou as pou meane to purchale Cauour in his fight: 

And bhp the bertue of mine art, tell me his name aright. 520 
{ Fortunio. Victoria, 
{ Thats he that dooth mp maffter Fedele difgrace, Pedante. 

And this ig Victoria diſguiſed tn place, 
1 Pour name vpon the hrefk, his on the forehead muſt J write, Medufa. 
Then coniure, now itis the ſtilleſt time of all the night. 
I Doe fo. Victoria. 
1 J coniure theethou waren Image heere, Medufa. 
By Venus fruttfull wombe that Cupid hare: 
That in Fortunios name thy force appeare, 
Co comfort fapre Victoria ful of care. 530 

That by the bertue of mine Art thou be: 

Gn this her greek a prelent remedp: 
FJ coniure thee Fortunio at the length, 
By head, epes, cares, thp liner and thp hart: 
Thy Guttes, thy baines, fleth, blood, bones, finewes, ſtrength, 
Thy lights, thy lungs, feet, hands, and euery parte, 

That prelently thy href be Cet on fier: 

And all thy bowels bople with hot defire, 
Look that by night thou take no quiet reff, 
Bp dap thou lothe thy comfortable food: 540 
Let euery toy he daggers to thy href, 
See, heare, and touch naught that map doo thee good. 

Til fancy make thee fo. a louev meet, 

And thot thee down before Victoriaes Feet, 
Look that the neuer palle out of thy minde, 


{) OF ILL. LIR. 







A Pleafant Comcedie 

But paint Her heauenly face in euery thought: 
Looue her aboue all Creatures of her kinde, 
Pꝛoſper not, till by thee her topes be wrought. 
But watte ag this melts at the candles flame: 
Amen, fiat, fiat, in Cupidoes name, 550 
1 What hHaue pou doon? and isthe Spirit come bp that poudo call? 
1 Che greatett Feend of Hell come and take pou all. 
GT With ople of Uirgin ware FJ thee annointe, 
And ligne, and marke thee with the holy Crofle: 
Gn Venus name, J water euery foynt, 
That looue by thee map neuer Cuffer lolſe. 
7 Now haue pou Doon? 
1 Je mul be prickt, and Cet in greater heat: 
Then the Spirits hound, before tt doo the feat. 

1 Wake hatte. (wit: 
14 Conture pou pee Sprites, whole names are on this Image 
And noo rehearle pouone bp one, tnower as pou fit. 562 

Nettabor, Temapttor, Vigilator, Somniator, Aftarot, Berliche, 
Buffon, Amachon, Suchon, Suftani, Afmodeus. 
{ Ottomanus, Sophye, Turke, and the great Cham : 
Robin goodfellowe, Hobgoblin, thedeutlland his dam, 
O vi poffono portar in precipitio, 
{1 J coniure pou, pou foule infernall knot of baler Sprites, 
By the mote Mighty power and force of that great God of looue: 
Bothe by the Bowe and dyeadfull dintok all his feathered Flights, 
And by his wingges, and bytheſmoake of loouers (calding ighes. 
Andbypthelmartandlorwe, thatthis troubled dame dooth prooue: 
By all the Planets that our hartes, to hate oꝛ liking mooue. 
By the delires of her that Hath Victoria bnto name: 574 
By Venus Fillet, and the goulden plealures of her game, 
Breake loole F Cap, and trudge with hatty Coot out of pour denne, 
Hunt and purlue, beſturre pour Celues to feek Fortunio out: 
Foxlake with (peed the ſtincking kogge of that pour vgly Cenne, 
Pollelle, and chace him, Cee that pou returne no moe again, 

Till pou haoue hught him down and humbled him, if he be Tout, 
Driue him with pour tormenting gnawe, the Citie round about, 
Goe make his hed of Chitles, and his leat of pricking thorne: 
intill pou hing him hether onto her that is forlorn. 583 


Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

7 Haue pou doon Medufa? 

{ Pow mul F fick a needle in his hart, 

And prick him with the point, before we parte, 

1 FZ pray pou prick him well, 

1 Je that FZ Krike the needle though, the gentleman will dpe: 

1 Then Cpare him good Medufa, touch him tenderly, 589 
Heer they throw their candles into the Tombe where Crack- 

{tone lyeth. 

{ Mow haue J doon, follow and throw pour Capers out of hand, 

Into this Combe thatas pou Cee, hard by bs heer dooth and: 

Set fier vnto their feet, and toatl the coles of the dead, 

That long haue flept within this place fince they were buried. 

1 But will this make himcome,and then ſubmit him Celfe to mee? 

1 Miltres it wil, and pou th euent therol Hall Hortly Cee: 
Crack-ftone rifeth out of the Tombe with one candel in his. 
mouth, and in eche hand one. The women and Pedante fly, 
crying the deuil the deuil. “The women let fall the Image, and 

Crack-ftone taketh it vp. 601 

Jall is mine, ho, ho. ho. Allis mine, 
Diuils were (mocks, in this latter time, (ſeen: 
Such lights, as among thebones of the dead in this Combe J haue 
ould Haue made any man but my felfe, 
out of his wittes to haue heen. 
Good Low: once me thought F fa mp Grandam trot round about 
mie in her grap peticote and her red cap, 
Neuer fince J was hone, was FZ taken in fuch a trap, 
Another time me thought J law theloules, | 610 
of all them that died kor loue, 
Cry out bpon Lady Cengeance, one that was Cuch a kair 
woman ag nothing could moue, 
Little Cuprit him Cel€e in the hottome of hell: 
Curk ayer Lady Pilcher, fo. burning his Chin with a Lamprꝛell. 
This coniugation put me in a terrible Ceare, 
Fe it had continued longer, Termagant, Rawhead, Rofte-meat, and 
Eatbread, and all the armies of Deuils had been heer, 

bat this? ſomwhat F perceaue thep haue let Call fo. hatte, 
D j, an 















A Pleafant Comcedie 

An Jmage in ware herp pretelyp cafke, 620 
Fortunio fg written in the forhead of the fame, 

And iumpe bpon His belly Victoriaes name, 

This fallerh out Herp well for me, 

Fle Cende this to Fedele that he and Fortunio the fame map fe, 
Chis will make them to hate her wonderfully, 

Then hall J haue her in Cpight of the ppe. 

What haue we here?a needle in his heart, 

And names of Augrem Witte round about it with Margaris arte. 
Nettabor, Temptator, Vigilator, and Buffon. 

Thep come, they come, thepcome,tis time tobe gone, Run away. 

Actus fecunda. Sena tertia. 631 

Enter victoria and Attilia. 
IIn (uch a feare at riingof the ſpirites wee all were caf, 
That being Ccarde, we lok our wap and 3 mage too at laſt. 
J matuell where Medufa tg? 
{ Shee tooke her to her heeles, 636 
And time J trowe, fo, all } wold me thought did rine on wheeles. 
TSith this enchanting takes no place, go ſeeke Fortunio freighte, 
And tell him that to (peake with him his pleafure J do wayte. 
A worde o2 too will ferue mp turne, goe ſeeke Him out of hand, 
1 ddihere hall F Ceeke him? to. J knowe not where his Houle doth 
@ Bp p Piazza, there J am Cure p thou thalt Cee him walke, (and. 
Spending the time with one 0. other of his friends in talke. 
1 J goe. Exit. 

Actus fecunda. Sena quarta. 645 

Enter Fedele whifpering with Pedante. 

q FJ was fo troubled in mp minde, with fright of Cudden Eeare, 
Chat pet F Ceele mp finewes thake,and tremble euerp where, 
Alag looke where Fedele comes, J cannot Ceape vnſeene, 
He is impoytunate, J knowe not how to ridde me of him cleene. 
1 Ah curled dames, their loue is like a flame, 
Quiuering in th’ Apre betweene too blaſtes of wynde, 652 
Bowe here and there, by either of the fame. 


of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Wet properly to none of hoth enclinde. 
Hate and difdaine is painted in their epes, 
Deceit and treafonin their bofome lies. 
Their promifes ave made of hyittle glatle, 
Grounde with a fillop to the fineſt duff, 
Their thoughtes as {reaming riuers (wittly pale. 
Their wordes are ople, and pet they gather ru, 
Their bertues mount like billowes to the Chyes, 
And hanith Kraight out of the gazers epes, 
True are they never founde hut in ontrueth, 
Contant in naught, but in inconfancie, 
The common foes of weale,and fluddes of rueth, 
Meuouring cankers of mans libertie. 
Here doth the taine of modeſtie abide: 
And Howdingly defires her Celle to hide. 
But get thee Ereight to Sir Fortunio. 
Will him to come and Cpeake a word with me, 
Hate and potte hatte with Cpeede Cee that thou goe, 
Chat he this treacherie map quickelp Cee. 
Meane while on Her whole face beginnes to glow: 
Che burden of mp bꝛeſt J meane to thot. 
TChen take pou this Image of ware that pou Cee, 
Crackftone the Captaine delivered it to mee, 
Being his turne ag he (afd fo. to watch this night, 
And bꝛeaking op Centinel when it began to be light. 
This Image he tould me inthe kreete he founde, 
Lying harde bp the chappell bpon the grounde. 
Chis is the fame that was made to inchante Fortunio, 
Beholde it and fee whether F Cap trueth o2 no, 
1 Be plowghes the Ceag, and fithes tn the lande, 
And lofeth all the labour of them both, 
He fondly reares his fortrefle on the ſande. 
That buildes hig tru bpon a womans troth. 
But get thee hence about thy bufinelle, 
That J may talke with this my good miftrefle, 
q A Dio. 
1 Well met good Sit Fedele, whats the caule 
Ok thele pour troubled lookes that Ibeholde, 






Exit. Pedante. 
690 Victoria. 


F Jedele. 

V jictoria. 
F Jedele. 
V jictoria. 
F Jedele. 


F Jedele. 


A Pleafant Comcedie 

What rain is threatned by thele ſtormy flawes: 
Which by pour gate, and geſture you bnfolde ? 
Is loouethelpark that kindels all this fier: 
Oꝛ doo pou lack the fruitol pour deſire? 
T Che caule that Cets mp geftures out of frame, 
Is in pour Celée if pou doo ſearch the fame. | 
1 And why good Sir? 698 
1 ddihat make pou heer fo early in the ſtreet? 
1 Wy longing thoughts did prophetic, that heer Iſhould pou meet. 
7 Mot mee hut Sir Fortunio: pou know this Jam ſuer: Shew her 
And what by magick pou haue doon, his Cauourto procure. the Ima 
Ff neuer thought Co fapre adame, had been Co foule within, ge. 
But {ith continued feruice, had no force thy grace to win: 
Be fuer Onthanklul wretch , periur'd and mote diflopall dame: 
J will not ret, before FJ hee reuenged of the fame. 
Chis to Fortunio prefentlp J purpole Hall be Hown: 
And open hyute of thy reproche, thoughout the Citie blown. 708 
All that in Naples dwell this dap, Hall wunder at this deed, 
And every wounding tung hall make thine Hono, now to bleed. 
My lelke will help to teare the hart, out of thy body quick, 
And giuethperimfoncoulered blood, bnto the dogs to lick, 
50 liuelp wil J blase thee out,to euery gazers epe: 
Chat though thy carcas rot and watte, thy ſhame fhall never dpe. 
As hulp will J bee to plague thee more then is expreſt: 
As thou walk cunning to decetue the man that lowd thee be. 
J think pou ave diſpoled to ieft, and make Come triall Heere, 
How trimly pou can tread aloft to thunder fin mine care. 
For. when F Mfde into mp Celfe, and there eramine well, 
What J haue doon, F finde F neuer from Fedele fell, 720 
And pet J Cee pour hart Kill workes, by which J doo Culpect, 
Some Sicophants would make pou, pour Victoria to reiett. 
But patience is a bertue, as the woorthiel wits doo Cap, 
My loue to pou, delerues not that pou vttred heer this day, 
1 Bes that, and moe, in thee’s no trueth, loue, faith, no lovaltpe, 
Butlies, dellembling, kalſhood, hate, fin, Hame,and lorceryp, 
Beſtur thy Celfe, enchaunt,and conture now and doo thy woork, 
Che dap thow knewk bs both, hall ſhortly be by thee accurk. 
1 J am not priup Onto this, no, knot Fortunio, 


of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Ah pooxe Victoria thou art caught, alas what hall J doo? 730 
Powcounlaile me Attilia, Attilia, ig not heer: 
Where he mp gallants now, will not Crack-ftone appeate? 
Pow is the time for thee Crack-ftone mp hart to gaine, 
Oh fauemplife,andhindilpatch thatdooth mine fone, taine, 
Moo this and then F wil be thine, and liften to thy Cute, 
But til that J may Cpeak with him, tis belt that J be mute. 
Farwell Sir, be not rah, but Judge, FJ cannot anlwere much: 
Wore pou Hall know when time hath tried, 

my truth by perfect tuch, A Dio. Exit. 
q A diauolo. 740 Fedele. 
As J haue known thee, fo Hall Sir Fortunio know thee fraight, 
For. whome FI lent, and heer He comes, whole comming Idoo watt. 

Actus fecunda. Scena quinta. 

Enter Fortunio with Pedante. 

{ Eft mora damnofa, pap let bs away, Pedante. 
For ponder my Wailer pourcomming dooth Cap. 

{@ Sir Fedele God Caue pou, Fortunio., 
1 And pou Sir Fortunio, Fedele. 

Jwas lo bolde tocharge mp man, vnto pour Houle to goer. 

Watters of waight J haue to pou,of freendhip to imparte: 750 

{ My leafure ſerues, and J will tand,to Heer withall mp hart. § Fortunio. 
Pot Co, but fith it alketh time, ik pou will take the pain, Fedele. 
Co walke With mee vnto my Houle, there wil FZ tell pou plain. 

Both what F law and Heard of late, which toucheth pou fo neer: 

Chat pou will giue mee thanks FJ know, when pou the matter Heer 

{ Goe when pou pleale Je beare pou companp, Exeunt Fede- Fortunio. 

{ Pedante pou map walke ahoad, le & Fortunio Fedele. 
till Dinner draweth np, arme in arme. 

ſIWith a good wil Sir, thats the thing J delire, Pedante. 

But tf J meet not Attillia, che fat ig in the fier. 760 

Fo. mp Waitters Cake, J began to loue her in ie, 
And map chaunce to (wallow a Gudgion in earneſt. 
Fo loue ig a For, he beginneth at firk by dalliance and play: 
Chen encrealeth his gettings euery dap, Enter Attilia, 
Oh deus adiunxit noftris fua numina votis. 
Beholde F beleech pou my delicate Milſtris. 

D. iij. Some: 




















A Pleafant Comcedie 

Sometohat hanges in the winde, that makes her to lower, 
What aple pou Cweete hearte why looke pou fo ower? 
1 Wp miftretle weepes. 
1 Heighe Ho, whats the caule? 
{ She bade me Cecke a friend of hers, with whom J can not meete, 
1 Apply warme clothes to her ttomacke, and looke that the take no 
1 Ace pou a Phiſition? (coldeot her leete. 
q J fo.looth fo2 a woman. 
150 me thought bp the talke, that before pou did moue, 
FJ pray Sir, what wag it you layde of loue. 
{| Eft Deus in nobis agitante calefcimus illo. 
JF dare not tell pou the meaning, left J make pour cheekes gloe. 
But if it be true that the Poet doeth ing, 
He is nota man that feeles not loues Ting. 
J will be in loue ag Coone ag J can, 
Becaule J would haue euerp body count me a man. 
1 ‘J heard a tale of Florio, not fcarle three 02 foure dayes paſte, 
And Biancofiore whole Cweete loue was honyp to mp take. 
1 Is loue fo delitious, 
1 Jt is, J allure pe, 
{Chen Fam in loue, 
JWith whome F pray thee. 
1 With thee mp delight, 
qT Jam Corie, you take not pour marke aright. 
Stande backe Pedante thou preſumſte, J am not as pou deeme, 
So quickly wonne, mp name and honour lightly to eſteeme. 
™ Ditcouctefie killes me, Proffer to embrace her. 
1 Away when F hid pee, 
1 Ab, Here let him counterfaite the paffion of loue by 
lookes and iefture. 
1 Shewe all the paſſions that pou can, pet will not I be wonne, 
Co Cerue pou ag a kriend of mine to one of late hath done, 
F02 louing one, as might he pou, oder to him the gauge, 
Qn beggers weede tocome to the doo, an almes of Her to craue. 
And Co He did, the let him in, but what was his rewarde, 
Fi cannot tell, hearing the tale J did not it regarde. 
4 gelle they dunke a poet when her miſtrelle was a fleepe, 
Come not pou fo to me, out doores J purpole Catt to keepe. 
q Dauus 





Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

{ Dauus fum non Aedipus, in parables now the begins to flow, Pedante. 
J map chance to trpe whether J Halbe welcome o2 no. 

Farewell miltrele Attilia, J am to proude mp Celle vnto begging to 

{So continue lelte at laſte pou repent the fame. (frame, Exit. Attilia, 
Now he is gone, Crackftone the captaine J mutt finde, 

And to hing him to mp miltrelle Craight to vnderſtäd Her minde, 

Long hath he Cued to be her ſlaue, now mull he ſhew the fame, Enter 

And Cet himlelfe again Fedele to remoue her ſhame. Crack-ft 
Good lucke, he comes. 813 
1 Pap looke for no moe Lattin now my gowne is gone, Crack-ft. 

Wy learning with mp reparrell goes off and on, 

J would J could meete with maker Pedayntrye, 

Co knowe what his matter Caith to the chauntrye. 

FJ beleeue it ig ag heaup ag lead to reiefte, 

And therefore while time Cerues me to take the Came J were beſt. 
Powe will FJ to winne miftrefle Victoria take Come papne, 
While He is quite out of Cauour with them twapne, 821 
Ponders her mayde, Fle Calute Her by and bye, 

Wikrele alice title tatle, well met of mine honektie, 

How doeth pour miftrefle, 

{ As well as fhe may, Attilia, 
And herp defirous to (peake with pou to dap, 

{ dbhat would he? Crack-ft. 
{J knowe not, Attilia, 
1 Doe pou (peake as pou thinke? Crack-ft 
FJ haue no caule Siv from the trueth to ſhrinke. 830 Attilia. 
7 FZ knowe not what F thould Cay, fo. he doeth me iniurie, Crack-ft 
Chat regardeth no moe mp ſeruice and brauerie. 

1 Df lap not fo Sir: Attilia. 
JWhyſam J not haue? Crack- 
{ Bes indeed, and a propperer man fhe can neuer haue. Attilia. 

9)] will not ficke fo her fake to pull luniper and all the gods fro Crack-ft. 
GCF map lee that my portnance doth pleale herepe, (the Ckpe, 

Cuetp woman that on earth at this dap doth liue, 

Is moe beholding to me, then to her parents that life vnto herdid 

JWMhy Sir? (giue, Attilia. 
1 Chey gaue them life that palleth away, Crack-ft 
And J giue them topes that neuer decap, 842 







A Pleafant Comcedie 

1 How proue pou that? 
73 am Co terrebinthinall and plap fuch reakes 

when J come to the feeld: 
Chat mine enemies choole rather to murder them 

Celues then to pield, 
Wherby their Damned Coules haue fo peſtered all hell: 
Chat ther’s no roome left fo. women to dwell, 
Thus being thu out of the place that is theirs by right: 850 
Chey are contraind into heauen to take their flight. 
13 contes that this benefit is fo great, 
That my tung is not able pour prafle to repeat, 
1 Beltdes that, J haue as good luck as any man of mp file, 
Co finde kauour and Creendhip in Gentlewomens epes. 
4 thank them they flout me to mp face, when no other thep mock, 
Chis was mp Cathers craft, fo. He euer made mp Wother 

to map mee in her ſmocke. 
Giue me good luck and throw mee into the Scag, 

Where women take a pitch, it is ealp to pleate. 860 
{ Cruth Sir, hut will pou goe too mp Wilkres with mee, 
JWMith an almond hart my girle J wil follow thee, Exeunt. 

The fecond Act beeing ended, the Conforte 
foundeth again, 

Actus tertia, Scena prima. 
Enter Miftres Virginia, with Pamphila her maid. 

Iſtreſſe J may, and will once more goe 
feck him if pou pleafe: 
Although J feare bis anlwere wil returne pou little eale. 
hat though he loou'd pou fir? pou Cee his Cute 
fallestothe ground, 871 

And hyp this (mall purlute, thinkes pou are as good loft ag found, 
bee ſtoopeth to Victoriaes lure, but the hath catt him of, 
Hee bowes, and creepes to her, he turnes his labour too a (coffe. 
1 How can thou tell? 

Pamphila. 4 Cuen petterdap J heard it of her maid: 


1 FE it bee fo, thenis hee iuftly plagued from aboue, 
And keeles that hell ok minde, which all Corlake Gholes doo prooue 

Of two Italian Gentlemen. 
Wet can J not heleeue it Pamphila, hefo.e F fee, 

And gather by his anlwere, that he hath Corlaken mee. 

Therelore poe Ceeke him out againe, 
TMitrelle it Hall not neede, 


Ent. Fedele. Pamphilf 

Loe where he walkes as fad as though his heart within did bleede. 

TSteppe to him raighte. 

TMWatker Fedele, ik pou knew as well 

Co loue: and her that loues pou, to relecue, 

As pou ave Chilfull in deceite to well, 

And to toxment whome pou hould neuer greeue. 

Happie were He that beares pou in her brelke, 

Happie were pou of fuch a pearle poflette. 
JWhat meaneth this? 

1 Calke with mp miftrefle Sir, and pou hall knowe, 

Then to thy miſtreſſe Pamphila, J goe. 
MWikrele Virginia, what’s the caule J pray, 
That poudid fendeo€ late to ſeekemeout? 
FE you haue anything to meto Cap, 
Speake, that J may relolue pou of the doubt, 
{ Fedele, now beholde thy crueltic, 
Her bopeeis opt, and doth fo, ſorowe die, 
TF neuer thought Fedele to haue founde, — 
Bour ſhewe of faith in promifes forgot: 
Pour lyking dead, and buriedin the grounde, 
Wy lelke cak off as though pou knew me not, 
Co loue in ieſte and turne it to a ſcorne, 
Is not the nature of a Gentle bone. 
TMWittrelle, Jloue pou as F did bekore, 
As dearely as the deareſt friend pou haue, 
Oꝛ ag a brother, would pou any moe? 
Commande of me what curtefie map craue. 
FE Fancies lurking popfon pou remoue, 
And be not Hiptin Seaes of raging loue. 
Whoſe great companions are difcode and wath, 
Flattery, Deceit, Creafon and Crueltic: 
Heuinelle of minde, greek, penurie, and (cathe: 
Unreſt, fulpicion, feare, and Jelouſie, 
Conluming hHunger,and an endlele thirke, 
A tuing death, life dying with the firtke, 




goo Virginia. 



1 Ab 




A Pleafant Comoedie 

{Ah Pamphila, J finde thp wordes are true, 
The moze in liking J vid thinke him bound: 
The looler he, and hunteth after newe, 920 
His talke was nothing but an emptp found, 
Thole hertues nowe, F fee he doth deſpiſe: 
Chat once did painte mp picture in his eyes. 
FE Jullice Wallace ſtande aboue the ſkyes, 
And angie gods doe looke into our life: 
Some plague no doubt, fo. Him they will deuile, 
And Ccourge him with Come forme of bitter trite, 

Although he baunt of conqueſt Here a while, 

Tis not praile worthy a woman to beguile, 

Come Pamphila J' le learne to Cet him light, 930 
Chat ſo diſſembles with a double tongue, 

Helpe to conucighe me freight out of his ight, 

Whoſe wanding chople hath done me double mong, 

Farewell Sir, as we met, we meane to parte. 
TChisareetinganlwereshntobhisdelert, | Exeunt Verg. & Pam. 
ISo quickly gone? farewell, all omen koꝛ Victoriaes fake, 

And on them all fo2 her, reuenge J meane to take, 
Bulle they are with pen to write our vices in our Lace, 
But negligent to knowe the blemithof their omne difgrace. 939 
Geſtures and lookes in readinefle, at theit command they haue, 
Wirth, ſorrowe, feare, hope, and what other paſſion pou can traue. 
Hence vileth euery cloude in loue, this breedeth all the trite, 
Snares to our feete, deuouring cankerg, thele are onto life, 

Actus tertia. Seena fecunda. 

Enter Pedante with the robe on his arme. 

@ Ridetur chorda qui femper aberrat eadem. 
J cannot abide Siv,to Harpe fill bpon one ſtring, 
{tis too Cuckolike they fap, one Cong continually to fing. 
Qt were good fo. pou to learne quickly in what cleefe pou 

Mould take pour part, 950 
And be ſpeedelyreuenged on her that ſtrikes Cuch a dagger 

to pour heart. 
Oh thep ave kullok deceit, cogging, flattery, koiſting, 

twitle-twatle, and ZY know not what, 


of two Italian Gentlemen. 

This Genus demonftratiuam, is fuch a bottomleſſe Cea, 

pou will neuer haue done if pou enter into that. 
Che dilpratfe of women is Co great, that without doubt, 
All the tongnes in the wold are notable toletitout. — 958 
Tig one of my precepts, to be hort and ſharpe fn word and blog, 
When they anger pou, bid the deuill take them all, and make no 
Tate thou fo neare Pedante? (moe adoe, Fedele. 
TF heard pou well pnough. Pedante. 
I thinke J mut bing pou to Copia rera againe fo. chage of tutte, 
Leaue thele erclamations,and crying out bpon women now, 
FE you looke well to pour Celfe, the Caulte isin pou, 
Bou would needes loue, though in pour laf lecture among pour 

fententiz, fimilitudines and dicendi flores. 
J made pou write this in pour paper booke, Littore quot conche, 

tot funt in amore dolores. 
TThou did in deede Pedante,and J haue not it forgot, 970 Fedele. 
TPow pou finde it by proofe, F beleeue pou will not, Pedante. 
But let this matter pale, and tell me Sir, how with Fortunio pou 
Did pou touch him fo neere that his heart oid bleede? ({peede, 

{Db no, fo2 in Victoria he hath ſuch confidence, Fedele. 
Chat he erculeth her, and now miftrutteth mp pretence, 

Td hat remedy then? pedante. 
179 knowe not,fo2 be Caith, except that JZ can plainly prove, Fedele, 
Chat other men hefides him Celfe Victoria doeth loue, 978 

He wag, and is, and will be hers, fo long as he doth live, 
{ Accidit in puncto, quod non contingit in anno, herp good coilell fo2 pedante. 

Doe pou lee this haue robe? (this J can giue, 

{ZF doe, herp well, Fedele. 
TBut why FI haue bought it, pou cannot tell, pedante. 
TPNotru me, (Victoriaes mapde? Fedele. 
(Did not F tel pou that fo. pour fake J bega to curry Cauour with pedante. 
14 ndeede Pedante, J remember (uch athing pou Laide. Fedele. 
{She tooke ower this berp dap with mee, Put on the pedante. 

Chat difguifed on this maner,ag bp and bp pou hall fee, Robe. 
Euen thus Sit beholde, J ſhould come this night, 
Dilguiled that no man might know me bp fight, 990 
And hegge an almes at the doore, He mould let me in Craighte, 
And make me a pollet fo, mp labour, that fo well can waight. 

€. tj, ide 








A Pleafant Comcedie 

We hall be ag merry as cup and can, when FJ am once there, 
Jhat's this to me? 

TTuth take pou no care: 

Look that Come pretty corner, by pou map be efpied, 

Where pou and Fortunio pour ſelues map Hide. 

Be hoth of pou Heer about the mid’ € of the night, 

That when FJ come out, both of pou of me map haue alight. 
4 at Departure wil bid Victoria fariwell, 1000 
Commend my entertainment, and Capit dooth excell, 

This will make him to thinkas foon ag J am gone, 

Chat Victoria loueth not him alone. 

1D excellent, 

ISee what an olde For thele rotten raggs howd, 

Jf can plap the knaue and conuap it in the clowdes. 

But heare pou Sir? 

1 ddibat Cail thou? 

1 Hould fa Matter Fortunio, til J he out of His reach, 

Lea he cut me in peeces when he Heares me preach. 1010 
q Fear not, be ſuer he ſhall not ſtirre bekoꝛe J Cee thee gon, 
Farwel,and thankes to finish this, wil to him anon. Exit. 
T Adiew Sir, JE Appollo the very brother of Diana and Lupiters 
For the loue of a Lady that was hard to be wun, (fonne, 

Thought it no hame ina Shepheards weed, 

im Cel€etodebale, the ſooner to (peed. 

Should J that am not worthy to beare out Apollos 

chamberpot, think anp ſcorne, 

Chat thele rafcollp ragges bp me ſhould be worne. 

So long as J doo it mp Cute fo. to moue: 1020 

And further mp Waker with my flauering loue. 

Quod exemplo fit, iure fieri putant, Tully dooth Cap, 

Chole authortie ig a priuiledge to follow this wap. 

Therlore gon Appollo tohole example J take, 

Ciouch late to Cap the courle of thy Charriot a while fo, mp Cake. 

Suffer not thp hoxles to halten the dap, 

But prolong p night, ag when Lupiter thy Cather with Alcmena lap. 

Peraduentute J map get a young Hercules ag wel ag he, 

But fo. herp finne and Hame too, fo it Hould he. | 

It Iſpeed wel this day, J will hut op mp (ehoole doo eueryp peer, 
| Gt 

Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Ft hall be keſtiuall tomy Schollers,to make good cheere. 1031 
They Hall play if thep will, from moning to night, 

Muring that time, they hall not be coftrained to come in my fight. 
Chis will be cake and pudding to them that are truantly, 

And care not how little thep take fo. their mony. 

A begging Pedante, J abegging J goe, Beg at Virginiaes gate. 

Tic, toc, fate vna limofina, 4 vn pouerino. 

TWhat holde hegger haue we at the gate, Pamphila comes Pamphila. 
Art thou notahamend to goea begging folate? to the doore. 

{fo good miftrelle, itis no ſhame atall, 1040 Pedante, 

But the greatek Honour that bnto a man map fall, 

Foꝛ an Ales ig a gift,and a gifte ig a token of reuerence F trot, 
And veuerence is, when our Cuperiours we know, 

Thus J being prelented of all men with almes ag pou Cee, 
Keuerenced of all men of force J mutt hee, 

{ Fo. realoning fo deepely, no Almes Hall pou hau, Pamphila. 
Becaule F will not honour ſuch a beggerley knaue, Exit. 

{ Farewell and be hangde, there J was ouer-reacht with a crookte Pedante. 
Witte hought at this rate is an ercellent trealure, (mealure, 
Beginnings are harde, this prouerbe ig olde, 1050 

Cherefore at Come other bodies doo J meane to be bolde. 
Tic, toc, fate limofina: popoli mei benedetti, | Beg at Victoriaes gate. 
Che iddio v’ aiutera, nelle voftre tribulationi. 

Tic, toc, chi la diua ouer la fara dire, Enter Crackftone out 
Di buona morte non potra morire. of Victoriaes houfe. 
Tddhat ſturdy knaue haue we Heer in the ſtreete, Crack-ft 

Co beggeat thistime of the night? Sirra Vis not meete, 
Packe hence Sirra FZ aduile pou, leak J giue pou a ſowce, 1058 
Oꝛ take thee by the Heeles and throw thee ouer the howle. 
1Good mailer beate not the poor, when they make their mone, Pedante. 
Cis not long fince pour courrage was as colde ag a tone, 
That fawcy knaue, me thinkes He doeth prate, Crack-ft 
Moet thou know to whome thou Cpeakelk, 0. at whole gate? 
{ Qo good matter, be good to me, J beleeche pou, for haue done, Pedante. 
J were bef to he quiet till He be gone, 
Te haue manp good Lartoppes made Heer in the cittie, Crack-ft. 
F02 publihing thele bargerp knaues that goe bp and down idlelp 
See how he is ſcapte, and ſhünketh afide, 

€. iii. My 

A Pleafant Comecedie 

Wy lookes are to bigge fox him too abide, 
Cis a wonder to fee How they crouch where foeuer FJ come, 1070 
FEF ande they ſtoupe, if 3 (peake they are dumbe. 
Wittrefle Victarrogantie hath Cent fo, me, 
er Chaplen again Fedele to be. 
ACF kill him fo. her Cake, and put him to hame, 
She hath pomifte me her loue, to remarde the Came, 
Pedante. Dh, Traditora. (driuen to lay out mp Heart in mp Hole, . 
Crack-f. Tow am J bound to Mars, » when mp fomack Co ſwelles J am 
He Cowes bp mp gorget with the Daughter of my foes. 
Fle goe put on mp Hoꝛllittor, ¢ the ret of mine Armo2 ſtraight, 

And here about Her houle fo. him J will waight. 1080 
Euery night he laith, he comes (neaking heer by, 
But if he come now, J will handle him trimly. Exit. 

Pedante. 1 Goe goodman Goole, prouide pou, t arme pou as well as pou can, 
Lap about pou, and plap the proper man, 
In tempore veni, J came hether in the nicke, 
My matter hall Cpeedelp heare of this tricke, 
Ber will FJ goe Coeward with mp bufinelle as J decreede, 
And trye how wellol mp purpole F am like to ſpeede. 
Tic toc, vna limofina al poueretto, 
Date Signora per l’amour di Dio. 1090 
Attilia. TWMho is there? 
pedante. T1Pour charitie good miſtreſſe, 
Attiliaa NEnter and take it, 
pedante, T@Govd rewarde pou goon miftrelle, J will not forlake it. Exit. 
The third Act being doone, the Confort founds 
a follemne Dump. 

Actus quarta. Scena prima. 10097 
Enter Medufa and Pamphila. 
Happie is J truk that Doctor foule by whom J learnde, 
This famous Arte, and ealelp by it mp liuing earnde, 
O that he knew how deere his life and learning was to me, 
O $ he could hut fo. his death mp geiefe and ſorrowe Cee, 
pamphila, {| Medufa, ff 9 did not feare mp Honour and mp name, 
ould foone he lo hereby, and turne mp credite into ſhame. 
J would become thy Scholler, but J blu to (peake of it, 

Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

{#20 Pamphila, fo. fuch a miftrefle thou art Carre bnfit. Medufa. 
What alk thou of thy name,and honour likely to be lof, 

By learning of mpne Arte? which Hould he honow of the motte, 

And moye elleemde then Philike. 

TW bhp? 1110 Pamphila[ 
TChat’s ealp to be proued, Medufa, 
Fo02, as by Phiſikes learned Chill, dileales be remoued. 

So by mp cunning, euery ſmarte that doth afflict the minde, 

Fsput to chace, fo, euerp griefe, a remedy F finde. 

tand haue pou any Calue fo. loue? Pamphila. 
TF haue. Medufa. 
tWihereok is it made? Pamphila, 

IDE diuers things, Gimple,and mirte,accowing to mp trade, Medufa. 
TChen if for loug, oꝛ monp, pou will graunt me mp requeffe, Pamphila. 
Let me once bp pour cunning Cee, mp miftretle haue Come reſte. 

TWihome ferue pou then? Medufa. 
G Foꝛſooth, FJ Cerue miſtreſſe Virginia. 1122 Pamphila. 
{ Bet farther, let me craue pour name, Medufa. 
IMy name ig pamphila. Pamphila. 
TWbhat’s her dileale? Meduſa. 
{ Pothing but loue. Pamphila. 
ſHow fareth he with it? Medufa. 
TSapd, ficke, and fore, with ſoxrow pinde, and difpollette of wit, Pamphila. 
TWihome loueth he? Medufa. 
{ Fedele. 1130 Pamphila. 
TAnd How long hath he bin fo? Medufa. 
1 F know not, pet J geile, that he ſickned a peere agoe. Pamphila. 

Tddhat if J helpe her? tell me who hall pleale me fo. mp paine? Medufa. 
IMy Cele, becaule bnknowen to her, JI ſeeke her Health to gaine, Pamphila. 

14 louing Ceruant, goe thy wapes and leaue it all to me, Medufa. 
But harke thee. 

Td hat? Pamphila. 
TLet me haue pallage to her lodging Cree. Medufa. 

That when he little thinkes thereof, mp Wedcings J map make, 
Bp bertue of the which, her wounded Heart map comfoyt take. 
Che lee the lookes fo. remedy, ) 1141 
themoe is her delight, when rig obtaynde. 
{Then let’s be gon, Pamphila. 
1 Content, 












A Pleafant Comcedie 

TContent, for it is night. 
And ponder comes Fedele with Fortunio hand in hande, 
Co thunne Culpect, they thal not Cee vs talking here to ade, Exit. 

Actus quarta, Scena fecunda, 

Enter Fedele and Fortunio togither. 

TCome Sit Fortunio, now is the time to put you out of doubt, 1149 
Whether Victoria loug pou, oꝛ your dealings doe but floute, | 
Bere let bs Hotwde our Celues a while, that ſtanding out of fight, 
de map perceiue what louers haunt Victoriaes houle by night. 
TAgreede, this is the fittel time to pale the ſtreete, 
And giue her mufike at her windowe,fo. a gallant meete. 
TW bhifke, Co. het Doore heginnes to creake, 
IIt doeth in deede. Enter Pedante difguifed, comming forth 
1 Cee. of Victoriaes houfe. 
TA man me thinkes, D let me gore. 
TStap Sir, be ruled by me, 
TD delicate Victoria fo long as F liue, 1160 
Fo. this entertainement, great thankes will J giue. 
Che remembrance of the ſweetenelſe of this night fo well pak, 
dill feede me with hony whple mp life doeth lak, Exit. 
14 hillane, let me goe Fedele, let me goer J fap: 
J will reuenge this tniurie befoue he get away. 
Tot fo, fo2 raiſing of a tumult in the Kreete fo late, 
And troubling of the watche that Tande armed at euery gate. 
TDut ſtrumpet, J will make thee now a mivro. to this towne, 
A pointing focke to euery one that pafleth bp and Downe. 
THow will pou be reuenged? 1170 
T By (wowe, and heathe it in her bꝛeſte, 
7 Be not too ſwikt to lerue Her Co, J thinke it were not beſte. 
TAnd why? 
 Becaule that if pou kill her, then pour ſelke pou doe defame, 
Dilcredite her, and put her Houle, and kindred vnto ſhame. 
Chus pou Hall euer walke in feave of thole pou neuer ſawe, 
Beſides, her friendes will trippe at pou, by danger of the late, 
{How Hall J be reuenged then? 
1 Giue her a Fico out of hande, 


Of two Italian Gentlemen. 
(So ſhould F Ceape, but the reuenge in little eede would ſtande. Fortunio. 
Foꝛ the Hould die, and none ſhould know the billainie the oid, 
But euery tong eve long Hall talke of that, that Jhaue (pide, 1182 
Some other way F will deuile, 

TDoe fo, fo. Fle be gone, Exit. Fedele. 
TAnd F will fee what this Victoriafaith to me anon, Fortunio. 
Who is there within? Knocke at her doore. 

Actus quarta. Scena tertia. 

Enter Victoria and Attilia to Fortunio. 

TMWittrele, beholde Fortunio. Attilia. 
TJcome tohim, welcome good Sir, 1190 Victoria, 
TDutVHipocrite, no, no, Fortunio, 
How do pou like pour other loue? 
J like of none,but pou. Victoria. 

Tu, holde pour peace, J had as liue pou tolde me thatit{new, Fortunio. 
Euen now came one out of thy house, who binding thee farewell, 
Triumphed of thy courtefic,and Caid it did excell. 

{Come hither mapde, what haue you done? tell me, Victoria. 
why doe pou weepe? 

TWis no matter miſtreſſe, pou thinke Jletinmy companions Attilia. 
when pou ave a fleepe. 1200 

{But leeing pou haue no better confidence in me, 

ay me mp wages, J'le be gone, pour feruant no longer will J be. 

Seeing pou goe about, me fo much to dilgrace, 

Pꝛouide for pour Celle, J can haue moe wages in another place. 

TPeace peeuiſh Coole, J thinke not Co, pet let me alke J pray, Victoria. 
Becaule to launder me, pou heare what Fortunio doeth Cap, 

{FZ force not what he ſaith, know mp contcience to be cleare, Attilia, 
{And Co is mine, although fo Coutly He reproue me Heer. 1208 Victoria, 
TChen had J neither lifning eares to heare, no. epes to Cee, Fortunio. 
Sithe thepkailenot, J'le cvedite them, and giue no heede to thee. 

But tru€ to it,and looke fo. it, thouſhalt repent at lat, 

Chat eve thou bleard'ſt Fortunioes ſighte with ſuch a tugling caf. 

{Ft booreth not to (peake to him, be is in ſuch a heate, Victoria. 
But J durk lay mp life Fedele wrought this keate. 
IIt map be fo, Attilia, 

TTChp falthood and thy Sorceric,at length J haue perceiu'de, Fortunio, 
F.j. But 


A Pleafant Comcedie 

But by thy Cubtile traine, no longer will be deceiu’de, 
Victoria. TF faid, it wag Fedeles Deede, but Crack-ftone ig too flow, 
Co cut him off, bekoꝛe this rumoꝛs roote beginne to grow. . 
Attilia. UMWittrele, J'le Ceeke Crack-ftone, and hake him to the deede, 1220 ‘i 
Els J perceiue that very ill, pour Celle is like to ſpeede. j 
Victoria, TDoe fo, and till ¥ fee Fortunioes angrp moode he paft, 
Wis he out of his prelence to conucighe mp lſelke in hake, 
Farewell Sir Fortunio, thinke ag pou finde me, Exeunt Victo. 
Fortunio. 19 will,and will reuenge it ag karre as pou binde me, & Attilia. 
Fye harrleLe wyetche, Mowrhlull,and chat that’s more, 
Bet vnreuenged, why did FJ tap mp hand? 
Why did J not her Caithlele body gore? 
Whiles in mp power before me fhe did and. 
hp did J not fo. to fulfill mp howe: 1230 
Moe that, which none would couer no, allowe? 
ber treafon makes mp raging thoughts to (well, 
Beponde the houndes of all humanitie, 
Her kalſhoode dyiues the Furies out of hell. 
To practifefraunge and ertreame crueltie. 
Bet neither rancoures force, no ouglp fiende, 
Hath lcourge pnough fo. fuch a double kriende. 
But pet before reuenge mp Curie take, 
J'le offer Ceruice to Virginia. 
Leak euery dame here after me forlake, 1240 
hen itis knowen how F bled Victoria. 
Good lucke, Medufa Heer me thinkes F Cee, 
A cunning broker, bery fit fo. mee. 

ee Oe ae a eee | 

he PS —— 

Actus quarta. Scena quarta. 
Enter Medufa, with a Pedlers Bafket vnder her arme, 
to Fortunio. 

Medufa. Mytople fo great, rewarde fo Cmall, 
that euery man dooth giue, 
Hath made me weary of mp trade, vncertaine how to liue. 1249 
Fortunio. Tell met Medufa, whether goek thou with thp Packe Co late? 
Medufa. 19 was abyoade to fell mp wares, at euery Ladies gate. 
But being ouertaken thus bp night, J hie me home, 

Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Till Foxtune fend a better market, fo. the worlde ig done. 
TW hat hak thou folde? 
{ Pothing but woxdes, 
What hak thou got? 
Nothing but winde: 
TCThat market thou might well haue kept, 
and pet haue left thy Packe behinde, 
TPot Co, for by the carriage that within mp 
prettic Packe J haue, 
Jenter in thole Ladies chambers, 
that J finde both fine and braue. 
And onder colour of the trifles J beare about to Cell, 
F pleade fo. Cuch as pou good Spy, 
that feele by loue the force of Hell. 
TWhat hak thou there? 
TCalles Gorgets, Heares, Powders to nrake a Ball, 
Vallentia Gloueg, and Venice Rolles, 
to tubbe the teeth withall. 
Laces, Purles, Rings, Bulkes, pers, and Glalles fine, 
Bracelettes, Perfumes, Stilled waters, Sops in wine. 
Pinnes, Bodking, Staies, and other kindeok tuff, 
No moe but tell me what pou lacke, 
and pou ſhall haue pnough. 
A thoufand knackes J haue, 
to vtter, which J muff be Mow, 
Becaule thep ave Co Cecret, as becomes not pou to knowe, 
T Peither am J importunate, to wring it out of thee, 



1260 Medufa. 





Bet mu JI craue thee now, to howe thy Celfe a friend to mee, 1280 


JEuen in the loue that F to kaire Virginia beare. 

{ZF doubte it ig too harde a talke, he loues Fedele Co, 

Chat the by no meanes can be wonne, Fedele to forgo. 
{Pet doe thy bet, to moue mp Cute, 

Che bet F can F will, 

And ranlacke euerp corner of mp wittes to ſhewe mp Ckill, 

Cither it mutt be done by crafte,o. Magicke, which pou pleale, 

(Bp Crafte, 0. Wagicke, which pou litte, 
fo J map purchale eale. 













A Pleafant Comoedie 
TSit, firk by deceit J'le trie how FJ can bring the Came about, 
Fe thittes doe faile, Enchaunted herbes hall put you out of doubt, 
J will onto her lodging ſtraight, and fap pour comming there, 
Within an houre 02 halte,to followe, lee pou doe not feare, 
Fle tell her that 3 meane to hing Fedele to Her bed, 
When lightes ave out, and fleepe is crept into her fathers head, 
When pou are in and halle vnbraſte, a tumult will J make, 
And call Her Cather bp, pou in Her chamber there to take, 
Bou know age will fulpect the wort, and when he lees pou fo, 
Will force pou then to marrie her, whether thee will or no. 1300 
Belides, when that the bute Heer of is blowen in eueryp place, 
Fedele and all other Cuters, will koꝛſake the chace, 
Loe, thus bp Cubtiltie pou hall pofletle the dame pou crau'de, 
And pet bp me when all is tolde, her honour hall he lau'de. 
{Chis is ag well ag can he withte, depart J pray thee ſtraight. 
74 gor, forget not pouto come, Exit. 

Actus quarta. Scena quinta. 

Enter Fedele with Pedante, and with them, two 
Watch-men with Billes. 

TUponthee will waighte. 1310 
Seewhere Fedelecomes, hecaule he hall not me fulpecte, 
4 will auophe the reetesa while, that nothing me detecte, Exit. 
1 And is it fo Pedante? 
IIt is as tell pe. 
Attilia tolde me, that her miſtreſſe had made a requeſt, 
Co Crack-ftone,to ſheathe his ſworde in pour bꝛeſt. (tent, 
Bekdes J goe ag you knowe, difguited to the houle fo. an other in⸗ 
Jſawe him come thence, bragging what he would doe, 

in the freetes as he went, 1119 
{Alas poore ſoule, Jknow he dare (Ccarce looke a Alpe in the face, 
But leek thou this? J will prouide mp Captaine to difgrace, 
Come on mp Criendes, yor pou and fet this net at the Lanes end, 
For when He comes, mp ſworde bpon this Gallant will J bend, 
And crpe aloude arme, arme, as though our enemies had the wall, 
be hearing this, will take his heeles and let his anger fall, 
Ue will purlue him fo, that we will diue Him to the net, 


Of two Italian Gentlemen. 
When he ts in, pull pou the codes, fo. that fame purpote Cet. 
And make him fall, then will we leade Him hampꝛed in the fame, 
With mirth and glee about the towne, to put him to the ſhame. 
Goe let it hp, 1330 
Tide will, Watchmé 
TA, Sirra, J perceiue we Hall goe a hatfowling this night, Pedante. 
FJ would p Captaine would come, that of this pretie (pore J might 
IWhiſte, not amozde, fo he is at hande, (haue a fight. Fedele. 
Come let vs hoth priuily in ambuſh Tande. 

Actus quarta. Scena fexta. 

Enter Captaine Crack-ftone, armed like a Champion. 
TPow hall mp balevofitie appeare Onto all, Crack-ft. 
How F can kill men, and Cerue a woman at her call, 
Wy gr jrek grieke is, that in dooing this Ceate, 1340 
Jam Cure mp honour will not be fo greate, 
As when F giue a charger to mp foes in the open Eeelde, 
M2 put Citties into fackes,and make thoulandes to peelde, 
Co hing Fedele to the Counter, is hut to fight with a fie, 
Chere is neither praile, pride, no. proutdence in the bictorte, 
Therefore take heede Crack-ftone what pou doe, 
Bou hazarde your good name, pour Honour ſtandes on tip toe, 
To killa Gentlema p neuer ought me malice, is more che crueltie, 
And to kill him fo. a woman, will hing me vtterly to infancie, 
Shall F kill Him then? peraduenture pea:hall J let him go? 1350 
Peraduenture J map, peraduenture no, 
Oh tingle deuile, here is a bꝛaine J beleeue, 
Able to Hhoote birdholtes of inuentios, from mp Headinto my fleeue, 
J will make a great nople hefore Victoriaes doore in the freete, 
Asthough atthis prelent with Fedele FJ did meete. 
Chen will J runne to her houle amapne, 
And make her beleeue that Fedele ig flapne, 
Then before that he heare anp newes of his life, 
Fle haue her to the rie, and make her mp wie. 

Haue euen at it as well ag J can, Fight with the Ayre. 
Ah Uillaines, thus manp of pou Cet bpon a nakedman, 
Mrawe on mp good fellowes and Cpare not, ſtribe Home, 1362 

AH cowardly Dalkardesg, fo Cone he pou gone? 
F.iij. ſJArme, 

A Pleafant Comecedie 
Fjedele. UTAtrime,Arme,aArme, 
Pjedante. Kill, kill, kill. 
Fjedele. %Dotwne with Crack-ftone. 

Pledante. TGiue me a Bill, Heere Crack-ftone runnes into the net, Fedele 
Fjedele. IFollowe, followe, after him, leauing Pedante on the ftage. 
C]rack-f. TDut alas where am J now? 1369 

Pjedante. IFFaſte pnough bp this time J trow, 
Is this mp luttp kill Cow, that will eate bp fo manp men at a dit, 
And when he deales with a Hadowe will not Cand to it? 
Enter Fedele and two or three other, leading Crack-ftone 
in the net, finging. 
E ftill my mates, that keepe the gates, 
When euery watch is fet: 
Your lucke is naught, your freendes haue caught, 
Your Captaine in a net. 
Heigh ho Crack-ftone, heigh ho Crack-ftone. 
A Nodie, a Nodie, a Nodie, we haue, 1380 
Heigh hoe, Crack-ftone, luftie and braue. 
f Now fouldiers all, forfake the wall, 
Your foes haue got the towne, 
Manhood is fled, God Mars is dead, 
Your Captaine is a clowne. 
Heigh ho Crack-ftone, Heigh ho Crack-ftone, 
A Nodie,a Nodie,a Nodie, wehaue, 
Victoria Heigh hoCrack-ftone, lufty and braue. 1388 
out at her Attilia, come hither freight, Come ſturre to tn the freete, 
windowe. We thinkes J heare the noile of men, and trampling of their keete. 
Fedele. (Ah Sit, pou meant to kill me pou, to pleafe Victoria, 
But now J truſt to make of thee a poore Crack-ftone, if J may. 
Crack-ft W4E that bictoious ince of battaile god Marche-beere, had not 
Jhad made pou euery one into corners tocreepe. (benea fleepe, 
Tis the Fortune of warre, lucke runnes not ever to one fide, 
Cherefore J am content the prickatorle to abide. 
4 am not trong Sampier to hyeake out of pour hands, 
But of p Come little hoͤgry Moule, would gnaw a (under mp bads. 
J would giue pou fuch a krezado, oꝛ cauazado, take which pou pleale 
As ſhould be ſmall to pour comfort, and little to your eaſe. 1400 
Pedante. TDh what this Captaine would do, if He were out of his (kin, 

of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Till his courage be cooler, J pray pou holde Him in, 

TMWitrele, J can not tell what is hetk to be Caide, Attilia. 
Once more J perceiue pou are betraide. 

Fj (ee that Fedele and bis kriendes haue pour Champion belet, 

And now hoth to his Hame and pours, he is caught ina net. 

{Art thou Cure thatitis Co? 1407 Victoria, 
THaue an epe to the envde, Attilia, 
T Pow let bs ſhew him to Victoria, his deareſt friend. | Here they Fedele. 
IThen let him be led though every Kreete in f towne, bring him Pedante, 
That euery crackrope, may throw rottẽ egs at Pclown, finging vn 

Toe, Victoria if p he awake, rile ¢ looke out F pray, to Victor. Fedele. 

TChehuntisbhp, windowe. Crack-ft, 
Andfooleshefledg’de before the perfect day. Shrinke in & looke 

Tho calles? out againe. Victoria. 
{ Fedele: See the Champion, whome pou fet to murder me, Fedele. 
This deed thoughout the Cittie, Hortly hall diſhonour thee. 

TDut, J defie him, Victoria. 
IMhat Capek thou Attilia? 1419 Fedele. 
THe isa knaue, J denice him. Attilia. 
TChou art a Drabbe and a Mueane, ik mp name he Crack-ftone, Crack-ft 
J was requetted to this, both by thee and Victoria. (pou fap? 

(Bp mp miftrefle and me good man Coward, doe pou know what Attilia. 
Take $ Sir, pour Cace wags not walhte pefter day. Emptie a cha- 
14 rope on all, will pou dinke any Ale, ber pot on his Crack-ft 
4 thinke the crownde me with a potle of fale. head. 
Chis drinke wag ill hued, and might haue bene ſparde, 1427 
The herp graines of the Walte, Kickes fa to my bearde. 
1 ou will tell me moe anon, when euerp maide in thig towne,  Pedante. 
Hath emptied her almes bor on the top of pour crowne. (me go, 
1 Alas good maifter Fedele, ag pou are a Gentleman, no farther let Crack-ft 
Iſhall be chok’te with this dole, if pou handle me fo. (other mẽ are, 
Conder J am a man, Cubiect to p Came prelling-pron of $ minde p 
Foꝛ the loue of a woman, ouerwhelmed with care, 
FZ contefle FJ am as pou are, fleth ¢ blood, and loued Victoria fo well, 
That F could haue bin content fo2 her Cake, to haue gone quicke to 
Therefore Corgiue me, and ik J take not pour part, (bell, 
and he reuenged bpon her, before J doe refte, 

Set the gun-fhot of tprannie to the bulwarkes of mp bꝛeſte. 


A Pleafant Comcedie 

Cut off my Rammes hones, and heake into the belkrie, 1440 
And bleile the curled dapes of mp virginitie. 
Pjedante. IHe rowles in His Ketorike as an Ape in his taple, 
ddipnde and tide at commaundement, he flpyes with full Caple. 
Fjedele. 150 that thou Ceeke all meanes thou canft, Victoria to deface, 
And blaze her in cache company, and trike her in dilgrace. 
‘J let thee goe. Let him out of the net. 
Crack-ft TUinhoode me F pray, 
J am ag wearie of mp caviage as a Dogge of his dap, 
Pedante. ISlatke the codes there mp matters, giue Him Cea-roome in hake, 

Clole apre is not holſome fo. Gallants to tafte, 1450 
Crack-ft 1fPow J beginne to keele mp heart bhp little € little vile out of mp 
Wet the Cente of this water, is (till in mp noſe. (hole, 

J thinke J am the perplerionablett man that lines at this dap, 
F02 J would Caine he reuenged of Victoria, and FJ know not which 
Pedante. 1 Follow mp countell, and be ruled by mee, (wap, 
Chen Halt thou Cee Captaine, what J'le doe for thee. 
Fle teache thee a wap, to crye quittance with her before it be long, 
And make her recant Herchatering at window with an other ſong. 
Crack-ft €®ramercp Pediculus, thou avt the comfotablet fellowe 
that euer J didſee, 1460 
Jthinke thou waft borne vnder ſome merry Planet, 
inthe time of diuerſitie. 
Fedele. PNMow fith Victoriaes name is like fo. euer to be lott, 
Further reuengeJ will not leeke, as ZF to Her did boſte. 
Becaule that as mplelfe vniuſtlyſeru'd Virginia. 
So am J nov iultly requited bp Victoria. 
Cherefore Pedante goer, and pardon of Virginia craue, 
And tell her that J will be hers, 
Pedante. ¶ That's it the would haue. 
But J beleech pou Sir, tarry till the dap be light, 1470 
Jam loth to goer tumbling in the freetes this night, 
Fedele. IThen till the moming let it ret, but early Cee thou rife, 
And doe mp melagein the meekeſt Cort thou cank deuile. 
Meanewhyle wee'le Home andtake afleepe, | Exit with them that 
fo. J] am ouer-watcht. helde the net. 
Pedante. PVery well Sit, beare pou the net after, 
Jhaue Lome bulinefle with the Captaine to be diſpatcht. 



Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Now maifter Captaine come with me, 

fo. ag Coone as my maiſter to bed F haue brought, 
Bou Mhall Cee what a thing for pou F haue wrought. 1480 
And becaule pou haue determined on Victoria to reuenge pour 
It mut be done this night o. neuer, time doe not prolong, (m2og, 
As her flattevie this night, bing did pou in bandes, 
So this night J Hall deliuer her into pour handes. 
TChen let bs away and our Celues proufde, Crack-ft. 
Chou knowe the paruerhe, no body taries fo. the tide. Exeunt, 

The fourth Act being ended, the Confort foundeth 
a pleafant Allemaigne. 

Actus quinta. Scena prima. 
Enter Fortunio alone. 1490 
Knowe Virginia loues Fedele beſt, 
Medufa likewile map be Cent to flowte: 
Myſlelke her Cauour neuer pet pole, 
FE none of thele, pet all map make me doubte, 
How Ceruice Hould with hight triumphing Cace, 
Dilperle the cloudes, that put mp fopes to chace, 
Wet if Fedele be not lik’te alone, 
DM) if Medufa of true promite be: 
Oꝛ faire Virginia will be mou'de by mone. 1499 
FE not all thefe,pet one map pleature me, 
Therefore, to giue the watch wood Fle beginne, Whittle. 
Goodlucke, the doore opens, F’leenterin, Exit. 
Enter Atilia. 
{Cake heede Attilia, wags not that Fortunio thou did’ tke fee? Attilia, 
Tis now midnight, Co late aboade (th Kreete what maketh he? 
F fee Pedante fg not heer, J mule he meetes me not, 
FZ litle thought he could fo foone his pꝛomiſe haue forgot. 
FE he be maifler of His wood, and loue me as His life, 
Che time is come to ſhewe the fame, and take me fo. His wife, 
Actus quinta. Scena fecunda. 1510 
Enter Pedante and Crack-ſtone with the Beggers weede. 
Come on Sir apace, what makes pou fo ſſacke? 
Prelently put me this Robe on pour backe. 
G.j. Now 






A Pleafant Comcedie 

Pow get pou bp along the ſtreete, and he not afrapode, 
Chere hall pou meete Victoria, in the apparell of her mayde. 
Chinking pou thus difguiled, to he Fortunio, 
Cierp ready you thall finde her with pou to go, 
When pou haue her, hold kalt, for He will not reef, 1518 
Woe her, wed Her, bedde Her, and dle her as pou litt, 
Cither now oy neuer, pour defire pou thall haue, (pou the gaue, 
D2 he reuenged on the entettainement that out of her window to 
See the force of loue, how it is able fo. a neede, 
Co ſhrowde a braue minde ina hale kinde of weede, (name, 
Maiſter Pediculus, 9, Pedantonie, J am not herp prolpect in pour 
FE this geare fall out, hall he bound while liue, 

to thanke pou fo. the fame, 
1 would not be he that ſhould ſo couragious a Captaine, 

and valiant Gentleman deceiue. (leauge 
Therefore trie me, t tru me, fo. this time J purpole to take mp 
1 Farewell little Patric, Exit. 

JE map meete with Wikkrefle Victoriarie Heer, 
Chinking that Fortunio fn this place, to her will appeare, 1532 
Either J will make her incant the former words that the ſpake, 
When the defied me, denied that he wild me to kil Fedele fo2 her 
O24 will backe beate her, tbhelly heate her too too pitifully, (Cake, 
Vou know loue is a fire,and thep Cap fire and water hath no mercy. 
But firk J will Cpeake her faire, becaule to be plaine, 
Commonly faire Cooles make wodes and perſwaſions to be Caine, 
{Alas how long in the Ereete Hall J fo. my Pedante fap? 
He promiled to meete me heer, and eale me quite away, 1540 
Some body inthe kreete FW Heare, J tru the fame is hee, 
Andlo J doe perſwade me, bythe beggers weede F Cee. 
TFA'le beleeue Pediculus againe another dap, 
$02 ponder in Alice tittle tattles parrell the Miſtreſſle dooth ap, 
O J had Come of Pediculus Schoole-butter to make mea lip Calue, 
Oꝛ could but wet my tonge in his inkhorne, 

fo. women will herken when we Cpeake braue. 
MD thou that carrie a hall of wilde fire in thine epe, 

to butne bp mp heart, 
What Hall Flap moe, to fet out mp Cmarte, 1550 
Che time will not Cutter to ſhew mp prolperitic, 



Of two Italian Gentlemen. 
Therefore J committe pou to the Gods fo. lacke of breuitie. 

Actus quinta. Scena tertia. 

Enter Sbirri the Captaine of the watche, with fome Soldiers, and 
with him Miftrefle Victoria. 

TSee How Pedante counterfeites Crack-ftone fn talke, Attilia, 
Thereby we hall efcape, and through the watch in Cafetie walke, 
TCaptaine Sbirri, this night mp made Attilia ran awap, Victoria. 

Her F heleeche pou, ik the be not pat the watch, to ap, 
Some thing J doube that he hath Colne, and carried to her mates, 
Therefore J pray belet the ſtreetes, and all the citie gates, 

TMWittreile Victoria J will, but Come bodie F Cee, 1562 Sbirri. 

TSteppe to them bothe and take them freight, Victoria 
fo. Cure the fame is hee, | 

(Come mine own Parragon, Crack-ft. 

FZ know thou halt tarried fo, me all this while, 
Therefore follow me Ereight, 
leatt the licknith Souldiers meete bg, and me beguile, 

TSofte not to Caf, Sbirri. 
but fap J charge pou in the Princes name, _ 1570 
TGod Caue the Princes grace, Crack-ft, 

and put his enemies to ſhame. 
Wees ave the Kings friendes, 

J would pou thould well knowe, 
Therefore trouble os no karther, but let vs goe. 
Che kings Head is occupied with matters of great impoztunitie, 
Iknow he is notconfwapted, 

at this time to ſpeake with me, 
We are peacte-able people, 

we haue no weapons heere, 1580 
We are neither drunke no Cober, 

no. make anp ſteere. 

Get pou to pour places, keepe the watch as you fhould, 
And wee'le to our lodging you map be bould. 
TPap Sit, we will know pour name, Sbirri, 

and eke the place where pou haue beene, 

G.ij. Whether 

A Pleafant Comoedie 

Whether pou goe, night-walkers heer are herp ſeldom ſeene. 
Crack-f IChen J pray you, what make pou abyoade Co late? 1588 
Tis longing to pour office to keepe the gate, 
As fo, our names, Iknow of nofuch commencement pou Haug, 
Why pou ould he Co pearchant thelame to craue, 
Attilia, WWdle haue bin foorth at upper Sir, i'the towne with a good friend, 
And now we are returning home, nigh at our pournies end. 
Victoria. TWhat Minion, ave pou there indeede? 
Attilia. IMy Miltreile, out alag, 
Beholde Pedante toe ave tane, how Hall we doe to pale? 
Crack-ft, IJ hold fourty pound FJ am Cinckled, J would Pediculus were Heer, 
FJ would meete with the Ccalde Squitterbe-booke fo. this geare. 
Sbirri. UIs this pour mapde? 
Crack-ft, IIt fg. 1600 
Sbirri. TLap hold on her with Cpeede, 
Let vs lee what Uagabonde ts Hid within this weede. 
Crack-ftone ? Mhowe? 
Crack-ft. 1 And whowe too then, did pou neuer fee man before? 
J am not taken in deuowtrie, therefore wonder no moe, 
Attilia. WA halter come to him, is it hee? 
Sbirri, TSHoyrie J am goon Captaine, pou in luch acale tolee, 
eer pou are taken with this mapde, which is like to be tachte 
Mf fellonie, and accellarie pou with her are cachte, 
Crack-ft. TF] tteale nothing from women but their honeſtie: 1610 
Which ig as good, as he that robbes the Printer of a Bible, 
hecaule He would ſtudie Diuinitic, 

Actus quinta. Scena quarta. 

Enter Fortunio running halfe vnreadie, after him Ottauiano the 
father to miftrefle Virginia, and Medufa with a fpitte in her 
hande, and to them Fedele and Pedante, with weapons in their 

Ottaui. TStoppe, Coppe. 
Sbirri, IWhat meaneth this? come bende pour weapons at them all, 

Whome hall woe Coppe? 1620 
and what's the caule that makes pouthusto call? 
Fedele. Pedante, take thy ſworde, Fedele and Pedante fpeake out at 

avile let’s goe into the ſtreete, a windowe within. 

Of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Some wondous hoyle J doubt there ts, 

ZF am (ofa mrapt in the vpper ſheete. Pedante. 
That FJ can not get out, J pray you make not Cuch hatte, 

Till pou thinke that the hottet of the brofle be pate, 

TStap Captaine, lap no handes on me, a Gentleman J am, Fortuniof[ 
And will not flitte, 

Toe worth the time that to mp houle he came, 1630 Ottaui. 
{ Ottauiano, what's the caule of pour lamenting crpe? Sbirri. 

Let's knowe, hath Sir Fortunio Done pou anp iniurie? 
Enter Fedele and Pedante with weapons. 
TCome quickelp man,let’s Cee this Pageant ere it takeanende, Fedele. 

{ be that beaks me of my fleepe,is none of my Ereende, Pedante. 
TAH wetche that am J alag,and halle Hndone, Virginia. 
JWhat ſtrange kinde of hoyle is this that is begonne? Pedante. 
{Gs it Fortunio in Deede? Chis is thy treacherie, Medufa. Ottaui. 

TWine, alas good Sit, pou doe me iniurie, Medufa. 

4 gvaunt that after J bad brought mp poung miftree to hed, 1640 
Feeling the leepe Hut bp mine epes, 
and drouping with mp head, 
Jlaide me Downe to take mp reſt, and fo with hatte forgot, 
Co locke the Dooes about the houle, and how ft comes God wot, 
ZF can not tell, but when F feta nap and wooke againe, 
F beard a buttling in the darke,and then did J complaine, 
And crped aloude to pou fo, Helpe, whereat immediatly, 
This Gentleman withdrewe him Celfe, and koorth began to klye. 

TWater, Pedante. 
JWMhat Cap thou ? 1650 Fedele. 
Tour cake is dows, Pedante. 
IIt killes me to thinke on it: the greater mp woe, Fedele. 
I This is lucke nidget with all my heart, Crack-ft 

03 am glad, that J haue Come body to take mp part, 
But oh that mp handes were at liberalitie now to trike, 
JF would fet mp Gramariner a leflon to pike. 

1 Ab Sir Fortunio, ble pou thugs the man that low de pou bef, Ottaui. 
Cake him, this villainie hall not be turned to a ieſt. 
1 Quiet pour Celfe Ottauiano, fith it is fo paſt, Sbirri. 

Che bute will not be called backe fo long ag life doorh laſt. 1660 
bis puniſhment makes not pour daughter as the was hefore, 
G.iij. But 

V jirginia, 

F Jedele. 

F Jortunio. 







A Pleafant Comcedie 

But giue Her vnto him to wife, and talke of it no moe, 

His liufng is ag good as pours, make bpthe match with ſpeede, 

TPeevde hath no lawe, Jam content, if they be bothe agreede. 

{Alas J neuer knew the man, he neuer toucht me pet, 

J loue Fedele, and he alone ig fo. Virginia fit? 

Gq Fle take no wife at Cecond bande, thankes Co. pour curtefie, 

Let him that hath polel pour Hono, weare the fame fo. me. 

IIn euery Cennis Court in the world, Calle play it is Cound, 

Co take bp the Ball at the Cecond rebound. 1670 

{ Virginia, if that pou can be content, 

Co like of Him that loues pou in his heart: 

Giue me pour Hand, and if pour minde be bent, 

Co marrie me, J neuer meane to parte. 

My life, and living, moe pou can not craue, 

Remaineth pours,do¢e now but alke and haue. 

134 thanke pou Sir,in that it plealeth pou to ble me fo, 

Wy promile was nigh graunted to Fedele long ago, 

TBut he hath now forlaken pou, 

{ Virginia, pou ave free, 1680 

Atlure pour Celfe, pour marriage neuer hall be Taide by me, 

TChen tf pou loue J will be pours, 

TShall J haue your good will? 

1 Pou haue. 

14 loue you then, and meane to loue pou till, 

Tow man and wife, Ottauiano hearken vnto me, 

Although this Gallant in Virginiaes chamber pou did Cee, 

Bet ig her honour ag it was, vnſpotted hyp the fame, 

And kept bp me, which euer Had regarde Hnto her name, 

Fortunio made hig mone and laid, he lou'de Virginia bef, 1690 

Virginia foꝛ Fedeles fake could neuer take her ret, 

big minde was on Victoria, Virginia light eſteemde, 

Low that Virginiaes life and libertie might be redeemde. 

J bought Fortunio to the Houle when the wag fat a lleepe, 

And clolethis night into herchamber both of bs did creepe, 

J made fim to bnbace him Celfe,and prefentlp did call 

Foꝛ pou to come,as though ome greater matter did befall, 

Bou came, he led, and now is taken in Fedeles fight, 

As though Virginia had diſhonoured beene by him this night. 

of two Italian Gentlemen. 

Which is not fo, but this wag done to bleare the gazers epes, 1700 
To plealure Him, and Caue her life, chis thing did J deuiſe. 

TD mitchieuous head, mailer did pou heare this geare, Pedante. 
Such a gitle ig worth golde in a deare peere, 
19 Fple tiple, tittle, tittle ee amen, Crack-ft. 

Such a wench is not be found in the woldagaine, 
J haue heard it often,and nowe F do proue, 
That women are luttle wormes for the conuarfance of loue, 

IIk this be true J iop? Ottaui. 
TEls take mp head, Fortunio. 
JF came not nigh Virginia, although the were in bed, 1710 

{Fortunio pou ate quitte with me, fo2 when we lap in ſcowte, Fedele. 
To watch hp faire Victoriaes Houle, who palled in and out. 
It was mymandilguilde, thatiſſued forth out of the fame, 
That fo2 the nonce by me was Cet, to call Victoria bp her name, 
He went vnto Attilia, with counterfeited loue, 
Chat by his meanes, from Capre Victoria J might pou remoue, 
Bou {eeing him,and hearing when he came koorth, what he faid, 
Thought he had bene with her, 

when he fad bene but with the mate, 
Whereat pou ſtormde, and left the chace 1720 

of her that low’de pou deere, 
Which is no griefe at all to me, that hopes to winne her heere, 
Therefore Victoria now forget Fortunio which is loſte, 
And loue Fedele, who fo2 pou, pet neuer (pared coffe. 
Let Call thy wrath, for giue me too, that meanes to he thine one, 
Cis ſeldome {een but warres haue end, whe foes are ouerthotwn. 
ISith pou haue fo preuented me,and perfect loue protetfte, Victoria, 
J will put bp the iniurie, and pours fo2 euer ref, 
IMy nole is iopnted, J may goe hoe the Golling now if J will, Crack-ft, 
He that cats with p deuil without along Cpoone, his fare wil be ill, 
What ſpirits of the Buttrp were abyoad this night, 
4 haue beene Co hard harted to mine enemies, 1732 

that 4 thinke all the Gods of loue ought me a ſpite. 
¥ graunt J am none of thele fine Criminadoes, 

that can tumble in a Genlewomag lap,and rumble fn Her eare, 
But without hauntage be it ſpoken, 

Jam ag good ag the hel at the puſh of a Cpeare, 


5 |birri. 
V Jictoria. 

A Ittilia. 








A Pleafant Comcedie 

J can cut and flah to make mine enemies to bleede, (fteede, 
And pricke ft proudly F tell pou, when J am Curmounted vpon mp 
TMWirele Victoria, now Ff Cee this onely refs to knowe, 1740 
ddihat Hall be done Hnto pour mapde,o2 Hall we let her goe? 
TSith with Crack-ftone this night, you tooke mp maide Co fhorte, 
Co prifon with her if pou pleate, to cut off her reſorte. 
1 Good miftrele beare with me, tooke no hurt bp him at all, 
But meane to tell you iuſtly How the matter did befall, 
Che Schoolemaitter that on Fedele euer dooth attende, 
Prom’ te to matrie me this night, mp ſeruile life to ende. 
Upon whole wood, from pou F fled, and Taide fo. Him in the Kreete 
here J again my will, with thig Crack-ftone Did mecte, 
{ Bowle to thy biale, maſter Pediculus, J pray pou take pour wife, 
Bou and J fo this matter will not ſtande at rife. 1751 
Are pou hememberde what pou aid when pou confulted with me, 
To come Hether in this parrell Cecretlyp, 
qMhat maiſter Crack-ftone, and miftrele Attilia, 

pou are welcome to the buttes, 
TWelcome with a Knaues name, J bethumpe pour guttes, 
Thy fo Sir? (thould fee, 
TDidk not thou tell me, that in this parrell miſtreſſe Victoria J 
Chis night in the kreeteto be compentedol mp iniurie, 
1So pou map if pou pleale, take pour epes in pour hande, 1760 
Turne about Sit, and Cee where Victoria doth ſtande. 
And ag fo, Attilia,as pou hyeto, fo hake, 
Jam not fo bale minded pour leauings to take, 
Tdahp matter Pedante, will pou ferue me fo? 
14 mu J perceiue whither J will o no, 
TDrawe Cillaine. 
TSott there Crack-ftone, be not too rath to proffer fight, 
Bou and this marde together in the darke were tane this night, 
Che matter is Culpitious, ith he koꝛſaketh her, 
Co take her to pour wife no time pou ould deferre, 1770 
ddie cannot force her bpon Him, ith he wag tane with pou. 
And howloeuer you cloke ft, none your meeting can allowe. 
1 dell fith there is no remoyce of conlcience to be founde, 
Horo Cail thou Allice tittle tattle, 

art thou content by loue to be bounde? 


ey "a —— J 
J Wid 
J one Ke: — * a 
Ft ek — 9 

ay A 
: yy, h ‘ —— — 

om —— 



* ans >! 



3 0112 096619900 

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