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♦ ^ 

j ^ast fall, Regis embarked on 
a new beginning by admitting its 
first co-ed class. A single gender 
school for 79 years, Regis (with 
the help of its students, faculty, 
and staff) made the hard earned 
decision to go co-ed in 2006; a 
choice that will no doubt benefit 
the school for years to come. As 
we look towards a great future, 
however, we cannot forget our 
past (and that is what this year’s 
yearbook theme is all about). 

Regis would not have a future if it 
weren’t for our past. Even as we 
move on toward new and differ- 
ent things, our goals and purpose 
still reflect those of our founders, 
the Sisters of St. Joseph. Looking 
back, this college was founded as 
a means to give women the edu- 
cation and the opportunity they 
may have been denied elsewhere. 
Now, even as we are co-ed, we 
still strive to educate and provide 
opportunities to those who will 
take them. Looking forward, we 
will still lead. We will still serve. 
We will still embody everything 
this college was founded on. And 
we can only hope to do it with as 
much grace and perseverance as 
those who first came here in 1927 

Description of Theme 1 

VeMcaMon, 20 OB 

Sister Eleanor Deady and Sister Marie Cicchese 

The research paper is probably one of the most intimidating assignments a college student can re- 
ceive. Professors have their own standard of what sources may be used (websites, journal articles, books, 
etc.) as well guidelines on length, content, style, and more. Putting all of this together can be difficult, but 
Regis students know that writing research papers does not have to be the equivalent of brain surgery. To 
be successful, all one needs to do is go to the Regis Library and pay a visit to Sister Eleanor Deady. 

Students will get all the help they need from Sister Deady. In addition to her many years at the 
library, Sr. Deady also taught religious studies at Regis, and celebrated her 
50th Anniversary Golden jubilee as a Sister of Saint Joseph in 2007. She 
has lended her knowledge about research, as well as her witty personality to 
the Regis community. Anyone who has asked Sister Deady for help finding 
a research article or a certain book knows she will go out of her way to as- 
sist you (she even waives the fifty cent fee she insists she should charge for 
her help). We will always be grateful for her selfless and timeless service to 
Regis because we know as hard as research papers get, they are no match 
for her unique passion to help students learn! 

Research is often the first step in a paper, but writing it is next and that can be just as challenging. 
For students who have taken Rhetoric with Sister Marie Cicchese writing can be a snap. A requirement for 
Communication majors, but frequently taken by other students as well. Sister Cicchese’s Rhetoric classes 
were legendary. It was one of a few classes at Regis where someone would ask her friend what it was like 
and she would reply, “It was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken, but it was worth it.” Students who 
have taken Rhetoric with Sister Cicchese know her methods of writing and rewriting papers until there are 
virtually no errors left on the page. They know she liked to start every class with a prayer or reflection to 
clear her students’ heads and get them ready to write. They know she would not take anything less than 

your best and that helped them become better writers. 

Until recently, Sister Cicchese also served as the advisor to the senior 
class and advisor of Regis’ literary magazine, Hemetera. Although she does 
not teach her Rhetoric class anymore, she can still be seen on campus and 
she is always eager to know how her former students are doing. Her lessons 
about writing continue to thrive in those of us who took her class and her 
dedication to this school continues to thrive as well. We are thankful for all 
that she has done. 

2 letters 

Special Ttuuuos to ... 

Dearest Regis students, Faculty and Staff, 

There are a multitude of things and events that have to occur to produce a good yearbook. 

It is a time consuming process, filled with deadlines, frustration, phone calls, and an endless review 
of photographs, but most of all it is filled with great reward, new friends, and wonderful 
memories. Working on this yearbook has given the Staff of 2008 great joy, and we hope the 2008 
Regis College yearbook can give all of you a chance to remember what Regis means to us as 
individuals, as well as members of the community. This yearbook could not have been completed 
without the contributions of many of your peers, faculty and even some faces you might not know. 
The Yearbook Staff would like to especially thank to all of these people. 

To john Carrier, and Herff Jones publications, for your professional guidance, and talent... 
You are to thank for all of the technical skill we didn’t even know we had. Laura Bertonazzi, tor 
your endless e-mails, and for being the glue to our student activities section, our gratitude. To Regis 
publications, for bearing with our requests for graphics, photographs on many occasions, and for 
always being timely with deadlines. Lastly, to Dr. Weintraub, who most of us know as one of our 
beloved professors, but few know as a truly dedicated yearbook advisor; thank you for your time, 
commitment, and your wisdom. Dr. W, you enable us to take pride in our work, and gave light and 
encouragement to us, even in the most stressful moments. 

We sincerely hope you, the Regis community, enjoy the yearbook this year, but also know 
that no good deed has gone unrecognized. We also thank all of you for submitting candids, 
adhering to deadlines, getting your family involved with ads, and mostly for inspiring us to preserve 
and share our collective Regis experience in this little book. 


Yearbook Staff ‘08 

letters 3 

Dr. Mary Jane England 

Letter from the President 

To the Class of 2008: 

Light years ot rapid change affecting all of higher education in the last few decades have reframed the 
question of inclusiveness. In today’s higher educational environment, women’s colleges going co-ed (or 
not) almost always know that such a decision is about more than gender. It is primarily about mission, 
identity 7 and human freedom, which is the original heart of “liberal arts” education, and it is also about 
race, class, economy. And all of this today involves risk-taking and human adventure in the perspective 
of new technologies that continue to change as we walk. 

This year, looking both toward the present reality 7 and toward tomorrow, Regis College opened its 
undergraduate program to men. We did so led by our faculty 7 and after much dialogue with students, 
alums, and trustees. The Regis College community 7 as a whole took a calculated risk on the future on the 
strength of a tradition now eighty-y 7 ears-old this year. 

Values illuminate the interpretation of mission. Regis College has always been about intellectual 
development and social inclusiveness. The Sisters of St. Joseph who founded Regis College in 1927 
were risk-takers who invented their future as they went along. They founded Regis as the first 
residential Catholic women’s college in greater Boston precisely because women were excluded from 
men’s institutions, notably local Catholic men’s colleges, until the 1970s, when Catholic women were 
welcomed as students at men’s colleges because those colleges wanted to grow. Having gone co-ed, 

Regis does not forget its values-rich past. Those with long memories speak fondly of the College’s 
history as an adventure whose challenges have regularly stimulated innovation, curriculum revision, the 
opening of new horizons. 

Regis College today looks at who the student populations of the twenty-first century are and what they 
need in divine purpose, human knowledge of the arts and sciences, and earthly technology alike. We 
— and now you, the class of 2008 — carry our mission and values forward. 

As you become part of the Regis College legacy, you 
also become creators of tomorrow, and I look forward to 
hearing from y 7 ou, for y 7 ears to come, what shape y 7 our new 
day is taking. 

Godspeed to Regis Class of 2008! 

Mary Jane England, ’59, MD 


Ckri&tiui Eurwjj 

Letter from S.G.A 

To the Class of 2008, 

Congratulations! We made it! Four years have come and gone so fast. I can still remember mov- 
ing into my plain room in Angela Hall my first year here and saying, “What am I doing here? 
Mom I think I should commute.” We all walked into our first day at Regis with similar feelings 
not yet knowing the great importance of the sisterhood we would develop amongst our class- 
mates. In addition, even as seniors we had a new experience: Regis College becoming co-ed. 

We have learned to adapt to that change by welcoming our new students with open arms (while 
still maintaining a sisterhood) and developing new friendships in addition to those with whom 
we have been friends. As each semester passed we have grown and changed, even if we did not 
realize it. Now seniors, we have acquired the knowledge of finding ourselves and knowing who 
we are. We are proud of the people we have become and are ready to take the next step into our 
lives. We have all endured midterms and finals with Red Bulls at hand, writing papers the night 
before, clinical or internships, late night delivery orders to Domino’s, and we cannot forget about 
the 24 hour Dunkin Donuts! I am proud to graduate with the Class of 2008. Each and every 
one of us has grown to be stronger individuals through the four years we have experienced at 
Regis College. Graduating from Regis is not the end; it is only the beginning of our new lives. 
Some of us will become lawyers, nurses, teachers, doctors, social workers, and much more. Our 
class will continue to represent Regis College with great success in the future in whatever we 
choose to do. Once again to the Class of 2008, congratulations! I will miss all of you and I wish 
you all the best of luck! 

Christina Ewing 

President of Student Government Association 


Sarah QiamieHra. ‘08 

Letter from the Editor 

To the Regis Class of 2008, 


What is in a yearbook? It may seem to consist of photos of friends, 
faculty, activities, and sports but it is much more than that. A yearbook is 
a collection of the events and people that have made our time in college 
memorable. There are the professors and staff members who welcomed 
us four years ago and have continued to guide us throughout our col- 
lege careers. There are the organizations and sports teams that we have 
dedicated our time to and the service opportunities we have taken to help 
those who cannot help themselves. There are the people with whom we 
have lived, studied, worked, laughed, cried, and 

celebrated. There are the longtime college traditions we have taken part in and new events we have cre- 
ated. There is everything we would want to remember, all in one book, which can be viewed years from 
now and rekindle our memories of college. This is what I hope the 

yearbook is to the Class of 2008. It has been a lot of work and many long hours have been spent on it, 
but I believe it has all been worth it. The last four years have been wondertul. We have accomplished 
so much as a class and as individuals, whether in the classroom, in the Regis community, or reaching 
our own personal goals. It hasn’t always been easy to write that final paper or find the time for all those 
extracurricular activities, but we did it, and we will go on in the future as strong women. 

My thanks go out to all who helped with the production of this yearbook, especially Dr. Weintraub for 
her guidance and her desire to make this yearbook the best yet. I would also to thank our Associate 
Editor, Courtney, because I would have been lost without you. Your help has made this yearbook 
what it is and I am grateful for all you have done. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2008! 


Sarah Giannetta 



Sarah Giannetta 
Associate Editor-in-Chiel 
Courtney Bell 
Activities Section Editors 
Kim Mariotti 
Amanda Mauro 
Senior Section Editors 
Jayme Girard 
Abigail Kuzia 

Athletics Section Editors 


Nicole Lantry 


Katelynn Shea 



Staff Associates 

Judy Norton 



Herlay Paul 



Bridgette Yeboah 




Ttumuurr Quwrier ‘OS 

Letter from the Senior Class President 

Looking back just a few short years, you could find a group of fresh faced first 
year students on the scene at Regis College, ready to be on our own, many for 
the first time, embarking on the unexpected but exciting thought of college 
life. Entering this experience, we were all eager to find out what we would 
gain from it, yet we leave here not only with the gifts of knowledge acquired 
but we leave behind our history: our legacy. As the first class to graduate from 
Regis College now as a coeducational institution, we leave behind the roots that 
helped in the founding of our college, our beloved alma mater. We have made 
lasting friendships, reached and surpassed academic and personal goals we have 
set for ourselves and each other, and most of all we have lived up to the 
founding principles of Regis College: welcoming all, making a difference, 
loving God and others in excellence with gentleness. 

Our years here are definitely unforgettable, and we, the Class of 2008, are most 
memorable. Congratulations Class of 2008, I wish you all the best in all your 
future endeavors. 


About 1,600 undergraduate and 
graduate students attend classes on our 
beautiful 132-acre campus. 

Located on a former estate in the leafy 
suburb of Weston, Regis is only twelve 
miles away from the vibrant 
professional, educational, and cultural 
life of downtown Boston. 

Our undergraduate students can 
choose from twenty-three majors, 
twenty-seven minors, an Honors 
Program, and a teacher licensure 
program. We also offer three-year 
bachelor’s programs for sixteen 
majors. Graduate students can 
pursue one of nine master’s 
programs, four post-master’s 
nursing certificates, or a doctoral 
ciegree in nursing practice. 

Regis is a global community of learners 
that seeks to make the world a 
better place through our commitment 
to the development of the whole 
person. By linking classroom learning 
with real-world experience through 
internships, research, community 
service, and independent studies, 
students achieve success here and 

http: / / AboutRegis/ 

Regis College is a Catholic liberal 
arts and sciences institution founded 
in 1927 by the Congregation of the 
Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. After 
eight decades as a women-only 
residential college, Regis is admitting 
undergraduate men to the incoming 
class in Fall 2007. 


“You uuut bo the chattae 

you unmt to tee Ui the -*tw^l Mahatma Gandl 




Karrol Altarejos 


Jevon Biffinger 

Museum Studies/Art History 

Julia Blauvelt 


18 History 

Amanda Beaulieu 


Casey Blair 


Adrienne Brown 


Vanessa Benzan 

Ashley Bullen 


Marv Lou Bias 


Jennifer Forte 


Laura Garritv-Arquitt 

History/Museum Studies 

Caitlyn Fraser 


Sarah Giannetta 


\anessa Earle 

Christina Ewing 


Jennifer Engelhorn 


Isobo Erekeosima 


Sophie Gabrion 


20 History 

Thamarr Guerrier 


Jayme Girard 


Jennifer Glass 


Adalis Henriquez 


Maria Jiminez 


History 21 

Liliana Jiminez 


Shantell Hassey 


Adaeze Ibe 


Amanda Heroux 


Edele Juste 


Abigail Kuzia 


Siobhanna Lane 


Anastasia Kasseris 


Amanda LaRose 


Nicole Lantry 


Megan LeMien 


Lisa Kosowski 


Kimberly Lailer 


22 History 

Anh Mai 


Kelly McCarthy 


Sandy Lopes 


Liljana Lora 


Amanda Mauro 

Social Work 

Amy Lewis 


Sara Maier 


Gretehen Medina 


Meagan Leedberg 


History 23 

Caroline Nardone 


Colleen O'Riordan 


Herlay Paul 

Social Work 

Samrawit Mekasha 


Mylinh Nguyen 


Jill O’Sullivan 


Kendra Morgado 


Shirline Noel 


Katharine Orloff 


24 History 

Priscilla Saul 


Shavvna Smith 


Mandy Roan 


Katelynn Shea 


Michelle Samedi 


Samantha Shell 


Valentine Tendo 


Myriam Surprise 


History 25 

Jennifer Thomas 


Mardochee Val 


Lisa Visco 


Sandy Timmer 


Amanda Ventura 


Lena Vue 

Catherine Turpin 


Ashley Villandry 


26 History 

Teasha Walters 


Jenny Wong 


Paulina Yelibora 


Li Feng Zheng 


Gertiola Xhuti 


Kristine Zarifian 


Bridgette Yeboah 


Allison Zaya 


History 27 

Regis College is a school with numerous 
traditions. One of the traditions is hoop roll- 
ing, a tradition at Regis since 1927 when the 
school began. When the tradition first began, 
Regis women would remove their hoops from 
their skirts, decorate them, and roll them down 
the Morrison House front lawn. It was said the 
first one to cross the finish line would be the 
first graduate to get married. This tradition has 
changed with times, however, and the win- 
ner has come to be the most successful. Prizes 
recognizing the most creative, most innovative, 
and the hoop with the most school 
spirit are also given. Even though 
the meaning has changed, Regis 
women still decorate their hoops 
and roll them down the front lawn 
with the hope of becoming the 
first person to cross the finish line. 

Only a few will be awarded for 
their hoops’ creativity, beauty, and 
school spirit but every woman of 
the Class of 2008 will leave Regis 
with the possibility of immense 
success. Time will tell what the 
future brings for the evolution of this proud 
Regis tradition, with male students soon join- 
ing our future graduating classes. Perhaps some 
co-ed hoop rolling awaits us, or a new tradition 



Following hoop rolling is a tradition that is 
unique to our school: the Cap and Gown cer- 
emony. Cap and Gown, as it is lovingly 
abbreviated, kicks off every school year, and is 
intended to celebrate, and empower our seniors. 

At the ceremony, the seniors take their first 
steps toward their last year at Regis. The 
meaning and history of the academic garb is 
first explained. Then the seniors, who have 
been celebrated and acknowledged for their 
accomplishments here at Regis, are formally 
presented their garb. This is done by professors 
selected by the class of that year. 

This event ushers the Class of 2008 into their 
final proud year of undergraduate study, as 
students prepare for graduation, and life after 
Regis. Taking place since 1927, as always, Cap 
and Gown is a wonderful follow-up to the 
excitement of the hoop rolling competition. 

30 freshman 

Your potential is infinite. 

E"!v T 










t-tsnu.t C( 







zt M [ i , 


Lk <hui Lk 







AdaAt Am&riawi 

The Asian American Association (AAA) is a 
growing organization in the Regis Community. Even 
though our group is about raising a voice for Asian 
Americans, we are a diverse group and open to 
everyone. We do many fundraisers, as well as food and 
clothing drives. We bring our Regis Community together 
by holding annual Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year 





Directed by Frans Rijnbout 

S.T.A.N.D has two main goals as 
an organization: to educate people 
about the Darfur genocide and to 
raise money for refugees through 
innovative fundraisers. To date, we 
have raised over $2000 for Darfur 


Model United N attorn 

Rasgis College Model UN offers a unique opportunity to experience the 

challenges of international negotiation and diplomacy. Throughout the club, 

delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations by actively 

participating in the resolution of important global issues. The students work 

with hundreds of other motivated college students with the common goals of 

furthering international awareness and building consensus, but also work 

within a lively social setting when the Regis College Model UN participates in 

the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN). It is the largest, 

oldest, and most prestigious conference of its kind. HNMUN brings over 2,500 

students and faculty together from colleges and universities around the world to 

simulate the activities of the United Nations. 


Education Club 

The Education Club provides students in the Education Department a chance 
to meet, relax, discuss issues pertaining to education, and develop a sense of 
community. We host pizza parties to help students prepare and relax before 
taking the MTEL exams, we host workshops about topics and resources 
relevant to future educators, and we also assist the Childrens Center staff in 
different programs with the youngest members of the Regis community. Our 
goal is to find fun and creative ways to increase the visibility of education 
students on campus and to provide recognition for the unique accomplishments 
of education students. 


P^yckaiojy Club 

The Psychology Club is for psychology majors, minors, and other students 
interested in psychology who are looking to expand their network of classmates 
and explore psychology outside of the classroom. This picture was taken at a 
Psychology Club / Alumnae evening where students, faculty, and alumnae had a 
great time talking with another, trading stories, and sharing ideas for internships. 



Cluldren Beyond 
Our Borders 

IVtembers of this organization seek to promote and celebrate the diversity that* 
is within and around the Regis campus. Through programs, training, and off- 
campus events, members teach about the need for acceptance, respect, and 
tolerance of others. 


Touw Society 


l! X his organization consists of students representing all classes, clubs, and in- 
I terests on campus to assist in the recruitment process. Members are selected 
through an interview process and participate in admission events such as open 
houses and overnights. They also give campus tours, attend out-of-state alumnae 
gatherings, and contact prospective students. 


Regi* Cjiee Club, ALumamm Ck&ir, 
CkAMibtr SUiaers, HatidbM Ck&ir, St 
iK^truutefvtal Ensemble 


AHANA (African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) 

This club meets regularly and plans large annual events. Cultural enlightenment, semi-for- 
mals, TT’s, elected officers — a great way to get involved and learn about the diversity on 


This club brings together students of Latin descent, celebrating their heritage and promot- 
ing awareness of their cultural traditions. AMISTADES members hold parties and per- 
form traditional dances at events. 

Campus Ministry E-Board 

This organization provides opportunities for people of all faiths to grow 
spiritually. Together, student leaders and campus ministers plan and participate in litur- 
gies, retreats, community service, faith sharing, social events, sacramental preparation, and 

College Republican & Democrat Association 

The CRD A supports the philosophies and candidates ol the Democratic and Republican 
parties. Members work to increase the participation of college 

students in party affairs, educate students on political philosophy, assist in the election of 
candidates, and increase political awareness on campus. 

Commuter Association 

The Commuter Association works to further the incorporation of commuter students into 
the Regis community. The group has created a campus-wide 

awareness of “commuter life” and, with the administration’s support, continues to provide 
a voice for Regis “commuters.” 


The Cape Verdean Student Association is a club about helping to support and expand the 
Cape Verdean culture onto our Regis campus. We plan events like Maintenance Apprecia- 
tion Day!, CVSA Annual Celebration, and co-sponsor parties with other clubs on campus. 
We Are Beauty, We Are Strong, We are Intelligent, We Are Creative, We Are Proud, be- 
cause We Are Cape Verdeans! 

Gospel Choir 

If gospel music is more your thing, then consider sharing your voice with this talented 
group. Members enjoy performing at various college functions, Sunday liturgies, and indi- 
vidual concerts. 


Hemetera (literary magazine) 

Produced annually since 1946, Hemetera is a literary publication that 
features the written word and visual arts of Regis students, faculty, and 

Management Association 

Students who major or minor in management and leadership are en- 
couraged to join this organization. Through workshops, guest speak- 
ers, and on- and off-campus events, students become 
( better prepared to enter the business world. 

Residence Hall Association 

This organization for resident students allows you to get 
involved by acting as a liaison between students and staff as well as 
planning fun programs for your building. 

Social Work Club 

For those majors and minors in social work, this group is for you. 
There are regular meetings as well as different programs in which you 
can participate throughout the year. 

SAINTS (Students Assisting Incoming New & Transfer 

Regis College’s Ambassador Student Program which assists all mem- 
bers of the community by serving as campus guides, 
orientation assistants, and peer mentors. 

Student Government Association 

SGA, the elected governing body that serves as an umbrella for all 
recognized clubs and organizations on campus. Its main responsibili- 
ties are to allocate funds to student groups, handle student issues, and 
make formal recommendations. 

Tower Activities Board 

TAB works to bring performers, musicians, speakers, and other enter- 
taining and educational programs to campus. Members 
select and produce their own events, including special programs 


This is a club for people who love music — both listening to it and 
sharing it with other people. Most members are disc 
jockeys, but that is not required for membership. 


Seniors Not Pictured 

Abhar, Zuhra — Political Science 

Adams, Lindsay — Nursing 

Aduayi, Felicia — Nursing 

Altobaishi, Haya — Communication 

Andrade, Claudia — Political Science 

Arnoux, Murdridge — International Relations 

Ayvazian, jemma — Nursing 

Baez, Yulisa — Social Work 

Balagadde, Angela - Nursing 

Barbosa, Leila — Nursing 

Beaulieu, Elizabeth — Political Science 

Begg, Mary — Nursing 

Benander, Blair — Sociology 

Benetti, Paulette — International Relations 

Blake, Bridget - Nursing 

Brown, Jacqueline — Nursing 

Brown, Penny — Nursing 

Castillo, Cynthia — Social Work 

Chan, Shirley — Nursing 

Chen, Teresa — Nursing 

Coles, Cortney — Communication 

Coriano, Diane — Political Science 

Cuneo, Megan — Nursing 

Davis, Edith — Social Work 
Donaldson, Christine — Nursing 
Doyle, Cristelle — Nursing 
Duarte, Sonia — Nursing 
Coriano, Diane — Political Science 
Cuneo, Megan — Nursing 
Davis, Edith — Social Work 
Donaldson, Christine — Nursing 
Doyle, Cristelle — Nursing 
Duarte, Sonia — Nursing 
Ducrepin, Ruth — Nursing 
Eliscar, Ketia — Nursing 
Flynn, Randi - Psychology 
Gale, Gillian — Management 
Guastello, Erica — Political Science 
Flarris, Tarah — Communication 
Hegner, April — Museum Science 
Herrera, Kathleen — Nursing 
Jean-Jacques, Debbie — Sociology 
Johanni-Lopez, Johanna — Nursing 
Joseph, Esther — Nursing 

Kiley, Ashley — Political Science/History 

Korkovilis, Helen — Nursing 

Layton, Jessica — Social Work 

Li, Shelly — Spanish 

Long, Eileena — Nursing 

Louis, Guerdine — Social Work 

Lynch, Meredith — Communication 

MacDonald, Lauren — Nursing 

Mafor, Delphine — Nursing 

Manning, Kathleen — Nursing 

Martelli, Tiffany — Computer Science 

Masterson, Shelia — Nursing 

Mayer, Kelsey — Theatre 

McCormack, Kelly — Political Science 

McIntosh, Sharina — Sociology 

Morrison, Melissa — Nursing 

Ndagire, Sylvia - Nursing 

Nguyen, My-Trinh — Nursing 

O’Riordan, Colleen — Nursing 

Oliveira, Marlene — Management 

Ouellette, Melissa — Nursing 

Racicot, Beth- Ann — Nursing 

Raida, Cindy — Nursing 

Recinos, Bianka — Psychology 

Rencricca, Gina — Nursing 

Rivera Salazar, Mariola — History 

Rocha, Marcela — Management 

Sabino, Marisia — Management 

Sabrah, Yasmin — Nursing 

Senecal, Kara — Individually Designed Major 

Shedden, Amanda — Art 

Silletti, Nicole — Communication 

Simmons, Shaniqua — Social Work 

Slatterly, Lainey - Nursing 

Snelson, Nicole — Nursing 

Tairi, Ouahiba — Nursing 

Tebo, Charlene — Social Work 

Tedeschi, Alissa — Psychology 

Tsuda, Yukimo — Nursing 

Umeh, Vivian — Nursing 

Valente, Elisabete — Nursing 

Vu, Ha — Biochemistry 

White, Catherine — English 

Zhu, Jeannie — Psychology 

Zimmer, Joanna - Nursing 



Most Outgoing: 

Jayme Girard 

Class Thespian: 

Julia Blauvelt 

Most Musical: 

Mardochee Val 


Friendliest: Lena Vue 

Most Likely to Succeed: 

Thamarr Guerrier 

Best Smile: Liliana Jimenez Most Artistic: Sam Shell 


Biggest Flirt & 

Worst Senioritis: 

Favorite Senior RA: 

Kelly McCarthy 

Ashley Villandry 


Most Talkative: 

Voni Lane 

Teacher’s Pet: 

Starsia Darkoh 

Most Dependable: 

Becky Chilton 

Most Likely to 

Never Leave Regis: 

Niki Lantry 

Best Hair: Abby Kuzia 

Most Regis Spirit: 

Jevon Biffinger 


Most Athletic: 

Katelynn Shea 

Best Eyes: Jennifer Glass 

Best Dressed: 

Christina Ewing 

Most Likely to Sleep Through 

Jasmine Cenat 

Class Clown: 

Katie Turpin 

Most Studious: 
Samrawit Mekasha 





Our daughter, Jill, is kind, 
thoughtful, witty, smart, adven- 
turous, helpful, courteous and 
courageous. Through her younger 
years, she has made wonderful 
friends that are always smiling. 

Jill has danced her way through 
her teens; all the way to Boston 
where she danced as a toy soldier 
in “ The Nutcracker " . We are all 
very proud. Now, she has taken on 
the challenges of being a nurse. 

Her pleasant smile and keen eye 
for detail will suit her well. Jill, 
we wish you everything that will 
make you happy. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Johnny 
P.S. Be Smart 

From your nursery school 
entrance to your college 
exit. Best of luck on your 
future goals we are proud 
of you. 


Pa, Ma & Christine 

Charlene -We are so proud of you! 
Love-Mom, dad, and sarah 


Ashley Kiley 

The years have gone by too 
fast for us. We remember the 
days you took that picture, 
and now you’re graduating 
from college, and all grown 
up. One thing hasn’t change 
over the years and never 
will, the love we will always 
have for you. 


Mom & Dad 

Congratulations Jevon! 

Your efforts and 
accomplishments are amazing. 

The Biffinger Family 


Jenny W. Wong 

We are so proud of you! 

Your hard work has blossomed today! As you move ahead in life. We are wishing you happy 
memories, bright beginnings and all the success you so deserve! 
Congratulations to you on graduating! Love- Mom, Dad and Diane 

Our Precious Gift 

Only twenty four hours hold 
They brought you to my room 
They laid you in my arm 
I fed you. 

You fell asleep on my shoulder 
I kissed you while you slept 
I listened to you breathe 
Where has the time gone? 

Dad and 1 held your little hand 
And we watched you grow and learn 
We read you bedtime stories 
We kissed you goodnight 
And watched you sleep 
Where has the time gone? 

Sometimes we watched you stumble 
While learning life’s lessons 
Which led to making choices 
Only to gain Independence 
Oh how we want you to be little again 
Where has the time gone? 

But we must remember that 
God gives us the time 
And God has a plan. 

He gives us beautiful gifts, 
And you certainly are ONE! 

All our Love! 

Always, Mom & Dad 




We are very proud of your hard 
work and your caring nature. 
You will be a wonderful Social 

Mom & Dad 

Ashley Villandry 

Sow the seeds of happiness in others, and you will reap a 
joyful harvest. 

We Love You Ashley 

Rebecca Chilton 

Ever since your birth in a foreign country, our life has been a wonderful 
adventure. We wouldn’t trade a moment. We are so proud of the woman you 
have become and look forward to what is yet to be. As always your biggest fans, 

Mom Dad and Courtney 



We are so very 
proud of you! 

Ganma & Ganba 


Sarah Giannetta 

“Good luck, Sarah 
God bless you 
Happiness & success always 
Love, Mom, Dad, & the Kitties” 


:*s ■ 

More than 90 million votes were cast when the world was asked to name the "New Seven Wonders of the World." 
The man-made sites selected include the Coliseum in Rome, Mexico's Chichen Itza, Petra in Jordan, Peru's Machu 
Picchu, the Taj Mahal in India, Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil, and The Great Wall of China. 


A team of 30 physicians worked 24 
hours to remove extra limbs from a two- 
year old born with eight limbs. 

The bald eagle was removed 
from the endangered species 
list after 30 years. 

The first Baby Boomers became eligible Steve Jobs introduces the MacBook 
to apply for Social Security benefits, Air, the world's thinnest notebook 
beginning a stress on the system. computer at January's Macworld. 

October wildfires, which forced evacuation of nearly 1 million people, burned more than 600 square miles and destroyed The space shuttle Endeavor landed 

as many as 1,500 homes over 19 days in Southern California. Santa Ana winds and extreme drought worsened the safely in August despite exterior 

impact of the fires; nine people were killed and 85 others — including at least 61 firefighters — were injured. damage that had worried NASA. 

John McCain emerged from “Super Tuesday” as a strong favorite among 
Republicans. Mike Huckabee remained his only challenger for the party 
nomination after Mitt Romney suspended his campaign. 

Even after “Super Tuesday" and the Potomac Primaries, the race between 
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination 
was too close to call. 

The Billy Graham Library was dedicated Cristina Fernandez is 
in NC in June less than two weeks before Argentina's first elected 
the evangelist's wife, Ruth, died. female president. 

Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley start-up, 
pre-sold all 600 of its $98,000 all-electric 
Roadsters set for production in 2008. 

Researchers uncovered two new species 
— a giant rat and a tiny possum — in a 
remote jungle in Indonesia in June. 

British Prime Minister 
Tony Blair resigned after 
13 years in office. 

Former Pakistani Prime 
Minister Benazir Bhutto 
was assassinated. 

Scientists in Moscow unveiled the remains of a frozen mammoth found in the 
Siberian tundra in May. A reindeer herder found the frozen carcass, which has 
been dated back 10,000 years to the end of the last Ice Age. 

The disputed December re-election 
of president Mwai Kibaki caused 
unrest and violence in Kenya. 

Unusual cold plagued Iraq. Baghdad's 
first snow in memory magnified the 
impact of persistent electrical outages. 

Internet service in Asia, the Middle East 
and northern Africa was interrupted 
when an undersea Mediterranean cable 
failed in January. Many businesses were 
brought to a standstill, but most Middle 
East governments had backup satellite 
systems that minimized the impact. 

After an eight-year legal battle, a major 
power company agreed to spend S4.6 
billion to reduce chemical emissions 
blamed for spreading acid rain across 
the Northeast. 

Velib', a program that has nearly 20,000 
bicycles posted at 750 stations around 
Paris is Socialist Mayor Bertrand Delanoe's 
latest effort to make his city more green 
and bike-friendly. The program allows 
Parisians and tourists to use the bikes for 
a minimal fee. 

Astronaut Daniel Tani experienced 
something no other American has ever 
faced when his 90-year-old mother was 
killed in a Chicago train accident in 
December while he was in orbit aboard 
the international space station. 

The Homeland Security Department 
announced plans for its REAL ID Act, 
which is designed to make it harder 
for con artists, illegal immigrants and 
terrorists to get government-issued IDs. 
The plan will increase requirements of 
people applying for drivers licenses. 

New words inducted into the English 
language in 2007 by Merriam-Webster 
included "ginormous" (a contraction 
of sorts of gigantic and enormous), 
"Bollywood," "sudoku" and "speed dating". 
In all, nearly 100 words were added to the 
company's collegiate dictionary. 

Nintendo's profit doubled 
this year, thanks to sales 
of 20 million Wh devices. 

Meteorologists blame this winter s 
tornados across the South on La Nina 
(the cooling of Pacific waters). 

Great Britain banned smoking in enclosed 
public spaces in July. Individuals caught 
violating the law will be fined $400. 

The entire span of an interstate bridge broke into sections and collapsed into the Mississippi River during 
the evening rush hour in Minneapolis. The August 2 catastrophe killed 13, injured more than 60 and called 
to light deficiencies in many of America's bridges needing repair. 

X I ; ^ 

•r- 1 ▼ 


After just 40 years in existence, Concern about lead-based paints 

more than 1.5 million ATM caused world-wide recalls of millions 
machines simplify life. of toys produced in China. 

Ice storms crippled the Midwest when 
freezing rain coated electrical wires 
causing far-reaching power outages. 

The national debt expanded roughly 
$1.4 billion a day, nearly SI million 
a minute. Economists said that an 
economic slowdown may be looming 
and that higher taxes or cuts in 
government programs are possible. 

Oil prices hit a new high of S100 a 
barrel when the markets welcomed 
2008. The previous record, $99.29, 
was set in November, 2007 as the 
year ended with the decade's largest 
annual price increase. A falling dollar, 
violence in Nigeria and bad weather in 
Mexico were among the causes of the 
drop in U.S. crude supplies. 

Medical researchers decoded the 
DNA of the cat and anticipate new 
information in the search for treatments 
to both feline and human diseases. 

In Spain, a new $179 million telescope 
became operational in July. The Great 
Canary Telescope took seven years to 
build and construction involved more 
than 1,000 employees from nearly 100 
companies worldwide. 

At the Consumer Electronic Show, 
inventors demonstrated a driverless 
car and a $2,500 11-inch light- emitting 
diode television which offers contrast 
more than 30 times sharper than a 
current screen. 

A Bend, Oregon man flew 193 miles 
toward Idaho in a lawn chair lifted 
by 105 helium balloons. During his 
nine-hour trip, 47-year-old Kent Couch 
used a GPS and a BB gun and he took 
his video camera along to prove he'd 
flown. The trip was Couch's second; in 
September, he was aloft six hours. 

Both the House and the Senate approved a $146 billion economic stimulus package which called for one-time 
tax rebates aimed at rejuvenating the economy. The rebates were expected to begin arriving in early summer. 
The plan also included temporary tax breaks for businesses and measures to help struggling homeowners. 

Citing an increasingly polarized Middle 
East, more than 45 nations attended 
November peace talks in Annapolis. 

In his final year as Russia's president 
Vladmir Putin was named Person of The 
Year by "Time" magazine. 

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader since 1959, announced in February that 
he would "not aspire to nor accept" another term as President. Days 
later his brother Raul was elected the new President of Cuba. 

Former VP A1 Gore and the 
UN's Panel on Climate Change 
shared the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Chrysler announced cuts of 15% 
of its workforce in November, 
following February layoffs. 

The long winter drought and July heat wave across central and southeast Europe A standoff in Hillary Clinton's 
took temperatures as high as 115° F, caused fires and contributed to the deaths of New Hampshire campaign 
more than 500 in Hungary alone. At the same time, it was flooding in Britain. offices ended without incident. 

Jordanian and Israeli farmers 
used barn owls to control the 
crop-eating rat population. 

A week of heavy November rams caused 
rivers to overflow and left 70% of the 
Mexican state of Tabasco underwater. 

The August collapse of Utah's Crandall 
Canyon coal mine killed six miners and 
three rescue workers. 

Mohammed Zahir Shah, the last 
king of Afghanistan, died in July 
after reigning for 40 years. 

Boeing Co. unveiled its first new 
model since 1995; the Dreamliner 
787 will enter service in 2008. 

U.S. military troop casualties numbered 
at least 3,941 since the beginning of the 
Iraq war in March 2003. 

The UN convened in an emergency 
session on human rights abuses after 
protests and violence in Myanmar. 

India-based Tata Motors rolled out its 
no-frills Nano this year, but the car will 
not be available in American markets. 

In December, a Rhode Island couple 
dining on clams found a rare purple 
pearl; a l-in-2-million find. 

Scientists have discovered 
11 new species of plants and 
animals in central Vietnam. 

S2* Carr! 



A wireless memory card won 
"Last Gadget Standing" honors 
at the electronics show. 

After selling more than 525,000 iPhones in the first weekend of their release, 
Apple moved into third position in the global smartphone market by year's end. 
More than 4 million iPhones were distributed in the first six months. 

Polaroid announced it will The worst wildfires ever in Greece killed more than 64 people, destroyed 

stop making film for its hundreds of homes in southern villages and burned more of the country's rapidly 

instant cameras. dwindling forestland than in any single year on record. 

Lady Bird Johnson, the widow 
of former President Lyndon 
Barnes Johnson, died at 94. 

Issues of discrimination and 
differential treatment were central 
to Jena 6 protests in Louisiana. 

The world's largest solar farm was 
planned for Fresno, California, where the 
640-acre farm would power local cities. 

: I 

When Palestinian militants breached the 
Gaza-Egypt border wall, thousands of 
refugees poured into Egypt for supplies. 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-California, 
crafted legislation that will increase fuel economy, 
boosting mileage standards 40 percent to 35 mpg. 


Lambourghini unveiled its Reventon sports car at the 
Frankfurt Motor Show in September. They will produce 
only 20 of these cars to be sold for |1.4 million each. 

February blizzards in China paralyzed roads, railways and 
airports in a region used to mild winters. Officials fear 
economic losses may reach $3 billion. 

;s Climate changes appear to be destabilizing vast ice sheets in western Antarctica, which 
- worries researchers who had previously believed the area was protected from global warming. 
They say the melt is more dramatic than previously imagined. 

Missing adventurer Steve 
Fossett was declared dead 
in February. 

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first 
to successfully scale Mount 
Everest, passed away at 88. 

2007 was the year of the threequel. Five of the 
six top-grossing films were continuations of 
previous storylines. "Spider-Man 3", "Shrek the 
Third", "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's 
End" and "The Bourne Ultimatum" brought 
millions of viewers to theaters across the 
country. Harry Potter films extended past the 
threequel; "The Order of the Phoenix" was the 
series' fifth installment. 

The announcement of the Golden Globes, usually 
the first Hollywood awards extravaganza of 
the season, was reduced to an hour-long press 
conference at the Beverly Hilton on Jan. 13 
because of the writers strike. The red carpets 
were rolled out just six weeks later for the 
Academy Awards after the strike ended. 

The DVD market experienced its first-ever 
decline when sales/rentals dropped 2% to S23.7 
billion, yet it generated more sales than music, 
video games or the theatrical box office. 

Kelly Clarkson, the season one winner from 
"American Idol", cancelled her 36-date summer 
arena tour saying, "Touring is just too much 
right now." Her third album, "My December," 
was released in June and certified platinum by 
year's end. 

Actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly sued 
Baxter Healthcare Corp. after their newborn 
twins were given an overdose of the blood 
thinner Heparin because the vials containing 
different doses of the drug were packaged 
too similarly. The Quaid twins recovered, but 
investigators learned that a number of infants 
had died following similar situations. 

The world bid farewell to entertainer-turned- 
gameshow producer Merv Griffin, larger-than- 
life tenor Luciano Pavarotti, French mime Marcel 
Marceau, daredevil and stuntman Evel Knievel 
and controversial rock pioneer Ike Turner. 

Sony's "Spider-Man 3" was America's top grossing film of the year. Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten 
Dunst and Topher Grace, the film was released May 4, 2007. Although it received mixed reviews from 
critics, Spider-Man 3 broke most of the opening weekend records, both in U.S. and foreign markets. 

Live Earth created a global musical audience on July 7, 2007; the 24 
hours of music across seven continents was delivered with a call 
to combat the climate crisis. 

Top-selling Country Artist 
Carrie Underwood announced 
plans for a pair of 2008 tours. 

Johnny Depp was Hollywood's 
top money maker, said Quigley 
Publishing's 2007 annual poll. 

America Ferrera's Best Actress 
in a Comedy was one of 11 "Ugly 
Betty" Emmy nominations. 

"No Country for Old Men" swept 
Hollywood awards, concluding 
with the Oscar for Best Picture. 

"High School Musical 2" premiered as the most-watched basic cable telecast in history. The movie, which 
attracted 17.24 million viewers, featured Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and friends. "High School Musical 3", a 
full-length feature film and "High School Musical 4" are being planned. 

The Police reunion tour, which sold more 
than 1.8 million tickets, earned more 
than any other concert tour. 

Radiohead released their seventh album, 
"In Rainbows," online (set your own 
price) and followed with a box set. 


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Kanye West's album "Graduation" sold 
more copies (957,000) in its first week 
than any other since 2005. 

After 50 years on daytime TV, Bob 
Barker retired as the host of "The 
Price is Right" in June, 2007 at 83. 

Miley Cyrus' tour included 
songs from her album and her 
"Hannah Montana" TV show. 

Officials said that the death of actor 
Heath Ledger, found in his NYC 
apartment in January, was accidental. 

POPULar tv SHOius 

30 Rock 

Dancing With The Stars 

Grey's Anatomy 

Friday Night Lights 
The Office 

HiT movies 

Bee Movie 

Alvin and the Chipmunks 

The Simpsons Movie 

Rush Hour 3 

National Treasure: 
Book of Secrets 

I Am Legend 


Princes Harry and William held a concert in honor 
of their mother. The July fundraiser was held on the 
46th anniversary of Princess Diana's birth. 

"The Sopranos", an HBO series which broke rules, 
told complex stories and both changed and enforced 
stereotypes, ended after six seasons. 

top albums 

Nickelback: All the Right Reasons 

Josh Groban: Noel 

Gwen Stefani: The Sweet Escape 

Norah Jones: Not Too Late 

Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight 

Rascal Flatts: 

Me and My Gang 

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift 

MercyMe: All That Is Within Me 

The Spice Girls, the original "Girl Power" band of 
the 1990s, reunited for an 11-show world tour of 
their first concerts since they broke up in 2001. 

After appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to 
kick off their first headlining tour, New Jersey's 
Brothers launched an ambitious schedule. 

The seventh and final volume in the Harry Potter series set 
all-time records in book sales in July, tallying more than 8.3 
million books sold in the first 24 hours. 

Marvel Comics buried 
Captain America in July 
after 66 years of heroics. 

Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" 
was her third # 1 and the year's 
most downloaded track. 

Breakout Shia LaBeouf 
starred in "Disturbia" and 

Endorsement deals landed 
Beyonce at #5 on the list of 
"Cash Queens of Music." 

After nearly four months on strike, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture 
and Television Producers reached a settlement on Feb. 12. Production halted in November when more 
than 12,000 writers joined the effort, but the industry was prepared to gear back up quickly. 

After a global box office of more than 3700 million, 
"Transformers" sold more than 8.3 million DVDs in 
the first six days after its release. 



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Disney/Pixar's "Ratatouille" won the Golden Globe 
for Best Animated Feature Film and earned five 
Academy Award nominations. 

"The Assassination of Jesse James", starring Brad 
Pitt, exemplified the Western genre's return to 
popularity on the big screen. 

Late night shows returned in January Fourth place American 
with hosts Conan O'Brien and David Idol Chris Daughtry had 
Letterman sporting full strike beards. the top-selling album. 

R&B star Akon was Billboard's 
top pop artist; "Konvicted" 
spent 30 weeks in the top 30. 

NBC remade and launched several '80s prime time 
hits: "Bionic Woman", "American Gladiators" and 
"Knight Rider". 

In May, 2007, Dale Earnhardt Jr, announced 
plans to leave his father's legacy, DEI, and 
race for Hendrick Motorsports in 2008. 

April 2007's Final Four brought a second 
consecutive NCAA title to the Florida 
Gators when they beat Ohio State, 84-75. 

With a 9-3 win over North Carolina, Oregon 
State became the first team in years to win 
back-to-back College World Series. 

The day after Tiger Woods finished second The NY Giants won Super Bowl XLII 17-14, thwarting the New England Patriots' hopes of becoming the first 

in the U.S. Open, his wife Elin gave birth to team since 1972 to complete an NFL season undefeated. New York QB Eli Manning and his brother Peyton 

their first child, a daughter named Sam. (Indianapolis Colts) became the first brother QBs to lead their teams to back-to-back Super Bowl victories. 

The Boston Red Sox celebrated after sweeping the Colorado Rockies with a 4-3 win in Game 4 of the World 
Series. Sox Pitcher Jon Lester became the third pitcher in MLB history to win the deciding game of a World 
Series in his first career postseason start. 

Candace Parker's 17 points against 
Rutgers made her the Final Four MVP and 
earned the Lady Vols a national title. 

Californian Shaun White captured the 
Men's Snowboard Slopestyle honors in the 
2007 ESPN Winter X Games in Aspen. 

Jimmie Johnson won NASCAR's 2007 Nextel Cup, his 
second in as many years - after winning 10 individual 
races from coast to coast. 

Florida QB Tim Tebow is the 
first underclassman to win 
the Heisman Trophy. 

The team from Warner Robins, 
GA won the Little League 
World Series over Japan. 

Venus Williams won her fourth 
Wimbledon title beating France's 
Marion Bartoli, 6-4, 6-1. 

Controversy surrounding 
Atlanta Falcon quarterback 
Michael Vick's dogfighting 
operation in Surry County, VA 
continued past his July guilty 
plea and December sentencing 
to 23 months in prison. 

New York Yankee Roger Clemens, 
a seven-time Cy Young Award 
winner with 354 career wins, 
disputed the claims of his former 
trainer who reported he injected 
Clemens with steroids. 

Olympian Marion Jones was 
sentenced to six months in 
prison for lying about her use 
of steroids and involvement in a 
check-fraud scam. 

In one of the greatest upsets in college 
football, Appalachian State surprised 
Michigan 43-32 in Ann Arbor. 

When the San Antonio Spurs swept Cleveland in an 83-82 finale, they 
became the fourth NBA team to win four titles. The Spurs joined the 
Boston Celtics, the LA Lakers and the Chicago Bulls at that level. 

Ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy 
pleaded guilty to conspiracy 
to commit wire fraud and 
transmitting betting info 
across state lines. 

The Anaheim Ducks crushed the 
Ottawa Senators 6-2 earning the state 
of California its first Stanley Cup. 

Bobby Knight, the winningest 
coach in college basketball 
with 902 victories, resigned 
abruptly from his head coaching 
responsibilities at Texas Tech 
in February. Knight will be 
succeeded by his son, Pat. 

A number of sports greats passed 
away this year; these included 
SF 49's coach Bill Walsh, MLB 
pitcher Rod Beck and figure 
skater Christopher Bowman. In 
addition, Washington Redskins 
safety Sean Taylor was shot and 
killed in a home invasion. 

The LSU Tigers became the first team 
to win a second BCS title with a 38-24 
championship win over Ohio State. 

All photos were supplied by Newscom 
0308KH Printed in USA 

Top-ranked Lorena Ochoa became 
the fastest LPGA player ever to earn 
$10 million. 

Roger Federer won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon crown in July, 
but not without drama. After his fifth set with Spain's Rafael Nadal, 
Federer clinched his twelfth Grand Slam title since 2003. 


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