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— Card and Jel ob — » Ne. e. 5 rth Lapa saa 

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Air—My Old Kentucky Home. 

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Words written by Jonn L. Z1eBeER, expressly for Mr. P. J. Gannen, the young 
Trish Comedian and Vocalist, and sung by him only. 

— Ocu my heart still yearns for my good ould Irish Home, 

Though grieving may all be in vain, 

Bad luck till the day that I ever thought to roam, 
For [ll never see my ecounthry again ; 

Methinks I can see my own little cabin door— 
The thought makes my poor bosom swell, 

‘But sadyis my fate—I will never see it more— 
So my good ould Irish home fare thee well. 

a OO 

Cuorvs :—Thin spake no more of comfort; oh, spake no more I pray, 
For my heart still turns to the home I’ve left behind, 
To my poor, but happy home far away. 

~ Pil sit no more by the bright and blazing fire 

Where the praties were boiling so rare ; 

Pll toil no more till my limbs begin to tire, 
With my heart rint with sorrow and care ; 

But the thought will come like a dhrame unto my mind 
And whisper so softly, yet plain, 

“Och Paddy, forget not the home you’ve left behind, 
Though you never may behould it again.” 



Cxorvs :—Thin spake no more, &c. 

, | 

Oh, my counthry I love, though it never may be free, J 

But still ’tis my counthry the same, f 

ti The time may come when ’twill gain its liberty, yi 
fh Thin Ireland may be,proud of ‘its name ; ; y) 
y, But fate has decreed, and my heart must be resigned, Tt 
wi Though tears from my eyelids may swell; 4 
ay Och, a few more prayers for the home I’ve left behind, A 
(4 Thin my-good ould Irish home, fare thee well. N p 
G7) Cuorvs:—Thin spake no more, &e. 4 
ey ~ ¥ 
Lal i yl 
) JOHN L. ZIEBER —_ Publisher of 
i Philadelphia. All the popular songs published and for sale whelesale y,) 
iD : Z 

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gee a! pat pasa wast Maid evieg: we om 

ont nrtinadil feo atin nay: 
+ each mye LT ary, soteng on | 
nan vei sui och pirate (tat TE 
Pavan, bitin taser “bit, ts Y 
iti! 0m aban ough B full sean 10 td: 
eae My; ae Hail 
eid hid Hel mre 0 ib HY 

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ena One ae s ~ 
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