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Full text of "Names of foreigners who took the oath of allegiance to the province and state of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, with the foreign arrivals, 1786-1808"

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L161— O-1096 

L161— O-1096 








To    THE 



With  the  Foreign  Arrivals,  178()-1808. 







The  following  list  of  foreigners  wlio  took  the  oath  of  allegi- 
ance to  the  (".own  of  (xreat  Britain  and  the  Province  of  Penn- 
sylvania, from  the  year  1727  to  lUo,  with  those  to  the  State 
Iroiu  the  close  of  the  Revolution,  have  been  in  part  printed. 
The  originals  in  the  possession  of  the  Comiuonvvealth  having 
been  badly  mutilated  by  searchers  for  untold  fortunes,  it  has 
been  deemed  advisable  to  publisli  the  entire  record  under  the 
authority  of  the  State  and  the  lists  have  been  carefully  com- 
pared and  collated.  To  make  the  same  of  permanent  value  a 
V  complete  index  of  surnames  is  given.  In  some  few  cases,  the 
entire  list  of  ships  passengers  is  preserved  with  the  ages  of  all. 
Orginally  these  were  furnisheil  the  proper  authorities,  but  iin- 
fortunately  one  by  one  they  have  been  abstracted. 

Owing  to  the  large  influx  of  foregjners, especially  fTcrman  and 
Swiss,  it  was  deemed  a<lvisable  to  compel  all  to  take  the  oath  of 
allegance,  which  was  at  the  first  as  follows  : 

I,  A  B,  do  solemnly  &  sincerly  promise  &  declare  that  I  will  be 
true  &  fait hf  nil  to  King  Greorge  the  Second  and  do  solemnly, 
sincerly  and  truly  Profess  Testifie  and  Declare,  that  I  do  from 
my  Heart  abJior,  tletest  &  renounce  as  impious  &  heretical  that 
wicked  Doctrine  &  Position  that  Princes  Excommunicated  or 
deprived  by  the  Pope  or  any  authority  of  the  See  of  Rome  may 
be  deposed  or  murthered  by  their  subjects  or  any  other  what- 
late,  State,  or  Potentate  hath  or  ought  to  have  any  power, 
soever.  And  I  do  declare  that  no  foreign  Prince,  Person,  Pre- 
Juri.sdiction,  Superioi-ity,  Pre-eminence,  or  Authority  Ecclesi- 
astical or  Spiritual  within  the  Realm  of  Great  Britain  or  the 
Dominions  thereunto  belonging. 

I.  A.  B. ,  do  solemnly  sincerly  and  truly  acknowledge  profess 
testify  <fe  declare  that  King  George  the  Second  is  lawful  & 
rightful  King  of  the  Realm  of  Great  Britain  &  of  all  others  his 
Doiuiuionstfc  Countries  thereunto  belonging,  and  I  dosolemnly 
&  sincerly  declare  that  I  do  believe  the  Person  pretending  to  be 
Prince  of  Wales  during  the  Life  of  the  late  King  James,  & 
since  his  Decease  pretending  to  be  taken  upon  liimself  the  Stile 
and  Title  of  King  of  England  by  the  Name  of  James  the  Third, 
or  of  Scotland  by  the  Name  of  James  the  Eighth  or  the  Stile 
and  title  of  King  of  Great  l^ritain  hath  not  any  right  or  title 
whatsoever  to  the  Crown  of  the  Realm  of  Great  Britain, noi-  any 




other  the  Dominions  thereunto  belonging.     And  I  do  renounce 
&    refuse  any  Allegiance  or  obedience    to  him   iv  do  solemnly 
promise,  that  I  will  be  true  and  faithful,  &    bear  true    Allegi- 
ance to  King  Greorge  the  Second    &    to  him  will  be  faithfull 
against   all   traitorous   Conspiracies    &    attempts    whatsoever 
which  shall  be  made  against  his  Pei-son,  Crown  &  Dignity,  &  I 
will   doe  my    best    Endeavours  to    disclose    &    make  known 
to  King  Greorge  the  Second  &  hi->  Successors  all  Treasons  and 
traiterous  Conspiracies  which  I  shall  know  to  be  made  against 
him  or  any  of  them.     And  1  will  be  true  and   faithfull  to  the 
succession  of  the  Crown  against  him  the  said  James  &  all  other 
Persons  whatsoever  as  the  same  is  &  stands  settled  by  An  Act 
Entitled  An  Act  declaring  the  Rights  &  Liberties  of  the  Sub- 
ject, &  settling  the  Succession  of  the  Crown  to  the  late  Queen 
Anne  &  the  Heirs  of  her  Body  being  Protestants,    and  as  the 
same  by  one  other  Act  Entitled  An  Act  for  the  further  Limita- 
tion of  the  Crown  &   better  securing  the  Rights  &  Liberties 
of  the  Subject  is  &:  stands  Settled  &  Entailed  after  the  De- 
cease of  the  said  late  Queen,  &  for  Default  of  Issue  of  the  said 
late  Queen  to  the  late  Princess  Sophia  Electoress  &  Duchess 
Dowager  at  Hanover  the  Heirs  of  Her  Body  being  Protestants 
and  all  these  things  I  do  plainly  &  sincerly  acknowledge  prom- 
ise &  declare,  according  to  these  express  words  by  me  spoken, 
&  according  to  the  plain  &  common  sense  and  understanding  of 
the  same  Words,  without  any  Equivocation,  mental  Evasion 
or  Secret  Reservation  whatsoever.     And  I  do  make  this  Recog- 
nition, Acknowledgement,  Renunciation  &  Promise  heartily 
willingly  and  truly. 

All  males  over  sixteen  years  of  age  were  obliged  to  take  thi? 
oath  and  declaration,  as  soon  after  their  arrival  as  possible- 
being  marched  to  the  Court  House,  although  in  a  number  of 
instances  they  were  qualified  at  the  official  residence  of  the 








z.^ ,  \ 

\  "C-dJJ^ 

i  J^v^ 



A  List  of  ye  Palatink  Passengers  Imported  ix  yk  8hip 
William  AND  Sarah,  Will'm  Hill-,Mast'r,  from  Rotter- 
dam.   Phlid'a  ye  18  Sept'bre,  1737. 

Hans  Jerrick  Swaess, 
Benedice  Sti'oine, 
Hans  Jerrick  Shooniaker, 
Hans  Martain  Shoonlak^ 
Hans  Mich'''  Paguian, 
Johan  Ilabaiaker, 
Hieroniuias  Milder, 
Henericus  Bell, 
Hans  Serl  Seigler, 
Hans  Mich'"^  Siell, 
Jacob  Josi, 
Daniel  Levan, 
Andr''  Siunnernian, 
Hans  Jerrick  Wigler, 
Johan  Wester, 
Hans  Adam  Milder, 
Henrick  Mayer, 
Jacob  Gons, 
Sebastian  Vink, 
Jacob  SAvicker, 
Hans  Bernard  Wolf, 
Ann  Floren, 
Hans  Jacob  Ekinan, 
Hendrick  Wittier, 
Jacob  Panse, 
Hans  Jerrick  Wolf. 
Hans  Jerrick  Bowman, 
Hans  Jerig  Anspag, 
Christe-^  Milder, 
Patrick  Sprigler, 
Joh  Tol)'  Serveas, 
Johannes  Eekman, 
Christo"^  LayVieugyger, 
Andrew  Haltspan, 

Hans  Mart"  Ijerisbeyn, 
-^  Jan  Hend"  Scaiib, 
Abraham  Beni, 
Fredrick  Heiligas, 
Sebastian  Creek, 
Alex.  Diebenderf, 
Johan  Will"'  Mey, 
Caspai-  Springier, 
Michael  Peitley. 
J  no.  Barne  Lerinstey, 
Johannes  Jlon, 
Hans  Mch'"^  AVeider, 
Leonard  Seltenrick, 
Will'"  Turgens, 
Will™  TIeer, 
Anspel  Anspay, 
Adam  Henrick. 
Ulrich  Sieere, 
Junicu&  Meyer, 
Hans  Jor»  Gleryelf, 
Steren  Fredrick, 
Philip  Feruser, 
Hans  Filkcysinger, 
Hans  Jerrick  Hoy, 
And"  Saltsgerrer, 
Jacob  Milder, 
.Tohannis  Stromf, 
Philip  Swyger, 
Elias  Meyer, 
Martin  Prill, 
Peter  Leyts, 
.Tohanes  Hend"'  Gyger, 
Johanes  Berret, 
Jacob  Swartz, 



Hans  Jfcirick  Sehaub, 
("hristian  Snyder, 
Johanes  Bartelenie, 
Jolianes  Tiebenderf, 
Joseph  Aelbragt. 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Johanes  Bait, 
Christopher  Walter, 
Hans  Adam  St  oil, 
Hans  Martin  Wilder, 
Hans  Jerig  Arldnold, 
Hans  Jerig  Reter, 
Hendrick  Gonger, 
Hans  Jerig  Roedebas, 
Christopher  Wittmer, 
Clement  Eirn, 
Johanes  Mich'^  Peepell, 
Phillip  Seigler, 
Rudolph  Wilkes, 
Abraham  Farn, 

Hans  Mich'  Phauts, 
Bastiaen  Smith, 
Tobias  Frye, 
Jacob  Mast, 
Nicholas  Adams, 
Johanes  Leyb, 
Conrad  Miller, 
Ulrich  Hertsell, 
Hans  Jerick  Guyger, 
Hans  Jerig  Viegle, 
Hans  Jerig  Cramen, 
Albert  Swoap. 
Diederick  Roede, 
Hans  Adam  Beinder, 
Hendrick  Hartman, 
Philip  Jacob  Reylender, 
Ernest  Roede, 
Phillip  Roedeall, 
Hans  Jerig  Milder, 
Uldrick  Staffon, 

A  List  of  Forkigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  James  Good- 
will, J).  Crocket,  Master,  prom  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth.     Qualified  Sej).  30,  1727. 

Michael  Sigrist, 
Joseph  Schurgh, 
Jurgen  Miller, 
Hans  Longeneker, 
Raynard  Yung, 
Wm.  Wygart, 
Hans  Michael  Kunts, 
Ulrich  Stoupher, 
Peter  Zug, 
Abraham  Abersolt, 
Adam  Kiener, 
Hans  Kiener, 
Christian  Webber, 
Hans  Michael  Fiedler, 
-Hendrick  Wolfe, 
Joseph  Clap. 
Jurgh  Clap, 
Christian  Miller, 

Michael  Tanner, 
Hans  Haggy, 
Hans  Leaman, 
Hendrick  Aberlee, 
Jacob  Wygart, 
Dewalt  Leatherman, 
Jung  Michael  Kunts, 
Ulrich  Zug, 
Bartho.1  Sigrist, 
Jacob  Fritz, 
Wm.  Kiener, 
Hans  Toster, 
Margaret  Heistern, 
Philip  Schaberger, 
Jurgh  Steiniger, 
John  Adam  Philple, 
Ludowigh  Clap, 
Jurg  Coch, 


Jacob  Wacter,  Seiii', 
Christopher  Kirchhofe, 
Jacob  Gass,  Sen% 
Frederich  Gass, 
Joseph  j\Iiller, 
Jacob  Arnet, 
Hans  Hein, 
Michael  Lybert,  . 
Jacob  Gangwyer, 

Jacob  Wacter,  Jun% 
Jacob  Siegel, 
Jacob  Gasis,  Jun', 
John  Miller, 
Hans  Miller, 
Paul  Hein, 
Bastian  Merree, 
Jurgh  Zeugh, 
Hendrich  Schultz. 

List  of  the  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Moi.ley^ 
John  Hodgkson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 

Deal.     Qualified  Sept. 

Hans  Erick  Oner, 
Hanse  Stuber, 
Michael  Spowner, 
Hans  Erick  Herriger, 
Hans  Ouer  Parrent, 
Hans  Adam  Soulder, 
Johannes  Snider, 
Porchas  Hoffman, 
Johannas  Crouse, 
Michale  Sabastin, 
Agusten  Weder, 
Hans  Teyger, 
Henrick  Penhort, 
Hans  Erick  Tetner, 
Stephannas  Raper, 
Samuel  Bare, 
Hans  Erick  Shillingl)urg, 
Henerick  Hoffman, 
Ober  Ulrick  Shilenbergen, 
Christane  Walltone, 
Hans  Yow, 
Hans  Erick  Crable, 
Michel  I  Crable, 
Fellone  Yoiinge, 
Hans  (Jooble, 
Hans  Fnnek, 
-Petter  Good, 
Jacob  Horrester 
Jacob  Houer, 

30,    1737. 

Frances  Stonpe, 
Hans  Jacob  Bender, 
Hans  Erick  Keell, 
Luterich  Vetferey, 
Luterich  Peetter, 
Hans  Michael  Smith, 
Andres  Elick, 
.Felix  Good, 
Weyan  Teale, 
Hans  Ubruk  Shaneaker, 
Hans  Leonard  Hoffman, 
Marten  Hofner, 
Henrick  Fults, 
Merix  Foux, 
Erick   Lilt  wick  Zell, 
Hans  Rinch, 
David  Marten, 
Jost  Moser, 
Michel  1  Schenck, 
Hans  Moser, 
Jacob  Shir, 
Hene)-ick  Meyer, 
Samuel  Ouer  Houlster, 
Jacol)  Roust, 
Jacob  Baer, 
]\Iichell  Frances, 
Christane  Solderman, 
Samuell  Good, 
Rodulf  Landish, 



David  Martin, 
Christian  Moser, 
Rodulf  Baine, 
Jacob  Wanner, 
Cliristane  Willand, 
Martine  Kearsteuter, 
Johannas  Pealer, 

Martine  Kindege, 

Orick  Leep, 

James  Miller, 

Johannas  Matther  Ejger, 

Hans  Miller, 

Hans  Erick  Feilter. 

Hans  Mickel], 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Adventurer, 

John    Davies, 
Oct.  2,  1727. 

Master,   from    Rotterdam.    Qualified 

Mich'  Miller, 
Jasper  Minj^ale, 
Johannas  Layman, 
Christo  Miller, 
Tagus  Lymone, 
Johannas  Ulrich, 
Peter  Shilling, 
Mathias  Risling, 
Peter  Rule, 
Mich'  Kern, 
Christo  Exell, 
Frans  Basser  Frans, 
Peter  AViser, 
Nich''  Coin, 
Adam  Pisker, 
Falser  Lyme, 
Jacob  Hoofman, 
Ulrich  Riser, 
Leonard  Rodermill, 
Hendrick  Horlogh, 
AlexTV  Fritley, 
Christian  Frier, 
Hans  Peter  Hus, 
Jacb  Fillerj^, 
Christo  Ulrick, 
Evan  Fosterhave, 
Joanes  Yirk  Heriger, 
Anna  Barbara  Fiseling, 

Ulrick  Pitcha, 
Jon.  Radleer, 
Jasper  Neys, 
Jacob  Sydie, 
Mich'  Ykar, 
Hans  Adam  Oser, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Jacob  Powman, 
Jacob  Smith, 
John  Scyham, 
Deri'ick  Romshower, 
Joanes  Cortes. 
Jn"  Sower, 
Hans  Martater, 
Joost  Coope, 
Jacob  Wellhelmey, 
Jacob  Fisher. 
Katherine  Rowland, 
Carolo  Horlogh, 
JacoV)  Riser, 
Peter  Boorlinger, 
Benetick  Null, 
Scipilo  Hoftmaning, 
Hans  Holdeman, 
Hans  Hisly, 
Christian  Piger, 
Henerv  Smith, 



List  ok  Passengers  Imported  ix  thp:  Ship  Friendship  ok 
Bristol,  johx  Davies,  Master,  kuom  Rotterdam.  i^uAiii- 
FIED  Oct.    l(i,   1727. 

Peter  Haginan, 
Joliauiies  Leinser, 
Adam  Liebhart, 
Hans  Rii(?s, 
Nicholas  Piee, 
Peter  Pick.sler, 
Jeraiiiia  Miller, 
Matheis  Schweitzer, 
Johan   Vinceiis  Mayer, 
Johannes  Ferrer, 
H enrich  Lahr, 
Nicalus  Kucher, 
Peter  Melde, 
Philip  Reenier, 
Johaun  Lieorg  Hoffmann, 
Heiirich  Strickler, 
Christian  Kriebiel, 
Heinrich  Schnable, 
Abraham  Schwartz, 

Jacob  Heistand, 
Martin  Shattner, 
Valentin  Kratz, 
Michel   Eberhart, 
Christian  Mayer, 
Hans  Jerig  Ijehnian, 
Johann  Georg  Mulier, 
Jacob  Sneppeley, 
Johannes  Kassel, 
Peter  Ledman, 
Peter   Possel, 
Nicklas  Grossman, 
Peter  Eberhardt, 
Johannes  Schonholtzer, 
Andrecxs  Schwartz, 
Johannes  Hiestand, 
Albrecht  Bauman, 
Michel  Miller, 
Johann  Philip  Wiess, 

[  T>ie  original 

Peter  Hackman, 
Andrew  Urmi, 
Andrew  Roarts, 
Henry  Strickler, 
Jacob  Histant, 
Abi-"'  Swarts, 
Jacob  Snyder, 
Hans  Reser, 
Jerimiah  Lowman, 
Nicholas  Chasrood, 
Ulrick  Seheren, 
Henry  Leer, 
Adam  Lepert, 
Jn"  Overholsor, 
Albert  Bowman, 
Nicholas  Hogert, 
Hans  Jeri  Hatman, 
Mathew  Switer, 

list  is  herewith' ffiven.'] 
Jno.  Forrer, 
Michal  Eberam, 
Joseph  Eberam, 
Jacob  Trycler, 
Jno.  Histant, 
Christian  Mayer, 
Peter  Pinkslear, 
Peter  Hansberger,  - 
Peter  Leman, 
Christian  Crybile, 
Henry  Cro»^ 
Martin  Scheleren, 
Jn"  Crybile, 
Hihis  Castle, 
Abraham  Miller, 
Hans  Jeri  Miller, 
Mathias  Andres, 
Nicholas  Chi-esman, 
Peter  Welde, 



Jacob  Snepply, 
Peter  Folock, 
Phillip  Beed, 
Henry  Sneppley, 
Henry  Schenholt, 
Johannes  Castle, 
Falkert  Adest, 

Phillip  Bemer, 
Christian  Fide, 
Chalatine  Grak, 
Vincent  Mayer, 
Uldrick  Leemer, 
Peter  Fenniina, 
Lodowick  Bente, 

List  OF  FoRKiGNERS  Imported  in  the  Ship  Mortonhouse, 
John  Coultas,  Master,  from  Deal.  Qualified  Aug.  24, 


George  Bechtell, 
Johannes  Bar, 
Andres  Ente, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Frederick  Lider, 
Valentin  Schurch, 
Jacob  Jost, 
Vincent  Stouter, 
Frans  Latshow, 
Johann  Dietrich  Hengst, 
Christ  Nassmanger, 
Johannes  Bolla, 
Bernerd  Henssel, 
Michael  Gaisel, 
Johan  Georg  Doderer, 
John  Jacob  Hoch, 

Johan  Christoph  Meng, 

Johannes  Huber. 

Johan  Stock, 

Johan  Johannes, 

Abraham  Wolff. 

Derick  Oordt. 

Jacob  Bralasher, 

Hans  Fritz, 

Jacob  Missel, 

Rudolph  Hessler, 

Jacob  Roger, 

Jonas  Kohleer, 

Jacob  Brunner, 

Uls.  Schurch, 

Hans  Wolf  Dielinger, 

Philip  Noldt, 
Baltas  Gerringer, 
Steph.  Haltsbuller, 
Jacob  Storm, 
Johannes  Dismer, 
Johan  Scharch, 
Peter  Denekelberg. 
Johannis  Christ, 
Henrich  Wilh.  Dielinger, 
Peter  Mittelkauff, 
Hans  Weldgrau, 
Jacob  Handschut, 
Hans  Michel  Detmer, 
Johannes  Weygandt, 

Johan  Georg  Roth, 
Johann  Michael  Rand, 
Christoffel  Bencker, 

Michael  Kohler. 

Johann  Rorr, 

Philip  Engert, 

Hans  Erdt. 

Valtin  Kuhle, 

Johannes  Bar, 

Hans  Kauff, 

Hans  Philip, 

Conra<l  Rohr, 
1^ Martin  Schaub,  4, 

Johan  Kerr, 

Georg  Schmidt, " 

John  Henry  Ron, 

Johannes  Morgenstern, 

THE  OATH  OF  ALL      -I  VNCK. 

H enrich  Eschehnauu, 
Johannes  Kitsniiller, 
Kasper  Heisdruker, 
Martin  Waghnhler, 
Johannes  Naycomniet, 
Hans  Leonard  Miller, 
Frederick  Denckelberjj, 
Gottfried  Henke, 
Christopher  SuUenger, 

Johannes  Luo'i'hahn, 
Johan  Jost  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Franckhauser, 
iL-ins  Martin  Miller, 
Denins  I)unckell)erg, 
Johan  Peter  Molich, 
Johan  Albrecht  Kohler, 
Hans  Jacob  Miller. 

[The  original 

Dirck  Begtall, 
Philip  Snolt, 
Peter  Middelcalf, 
Abraham  Wolf, 
Valten  Kenler. 
Hans  Taits, 
Johan  Herer, 
Mich'  Keiler. 
Johannes  Bair, 
Hans  Benlie, 
Jacob  Heytshoe, 
Welhelm  Billinger, 
Baltes  Gering, 
Andries  Evie, 
Bernerd  Hensell, 
Michiel  Seybells, 
Johannes  Morgenstern. 
Stephen  Haltsbielder, 
Johannes  Boot, 
Christopher  Snllenger, 
Hans  T)irk  Doddere, 
Hans  Martin  Miller, 
Hans  Leondert  Miller, 
Dirk  Pordt, 
Hans  Dirk  Haak, 
Jonas  Keeler, 
^larten  Shoup, 
Jacob  Brunner, 
Pieter  Socts, 
Frederick  Leder, 
Johan  Edesnian, 
Uldrick  Shurk, 
Johan  Shurk, 

list  is  hereivith  given.} 
Johannes  Roar, 
Jacob  Brulasher, 
Xtpohel  Benker, 
Xtophel  Meng, 
Hans  Meyer, 
Xtian  Newswanger, 
Velde  (ilae, 
Johannes  Wehlslen, 
Frans  Latshow, 
Jacob  Witsell, 
Johannes  Coopman, 
Hans  Wolf  Dillinger, 
Roidolp  Heller, 
Hen(P  Raan, 
Hend''  Whelman, 
Johannes  Tracktehengst, 
Johannes  Frankhuyser, 
Philip  Ergert, 
Johannes  Naycomniet, 
Jacob  Kegenhower, 
Johannes  Ketsmiller, 
Hans  Jacob  Miller, 
Coenraad  Keer, 
Jacob  Hoogh, 
Hans  Dirk  Root, 
Mich"  Detemer, 
Jacob  Storm, 
Mich'.   Ranck, 
John  Ijagerom. 
Casper  Heydering, 
Johan  Stock, 
TTldrick  Shurk, 
Dirk  Smith, 



Jacob  Joost, 
Clements  Tonkelberg, 
Frederick  Tonkelberg, 
Johan  Peiter  Melch, 
Mich'  Honest. 
Johannes  ('hrist, 
Marten  Vogelhove, 

Clements  Tonkelberg, 
Peiter  Tonkelberg, 
Johan  Joost  Smit, 
Vincent  Stowfer, 
Godfrey  Henk, 
Johan  Elbreat  Keeler, 
Johan  Matthys  Peiter. 

List  of  Foreigners  Import 
Rus  OxMAN,  Master,  from 
4,  1728. 

Simon  Scholer, 

Jacob  Weiss, 

Lorentz  Belitz, 

Conrad  Dubois, 

Hans  Georg  Motz-. 

Hans  Miller, 

Andrew  Ablin, 

Martin  Kaib, 

Fiid  Christf.  von  Steysplatz, 

Heinrich  Stellfeldt, 

Hans  Jacob  Donbach, 

Johannes  Shonfeldt, 

Philip  Thoman, 

Alexander  Zarthmann, 

Hans  Jerick  Rieger, 

ED  IX  THE  Ship  Albany,  Laza- 


Casper  Riedt, 

Matheis  Kapling, 

Casper  Hotli, 

Michel  Keim, 

Georg  (Tertner, 

Johan  Carl  Keil, 

Jan  Blomen, 

Georg  Frid  V.  Berbisdorflf, 

Johann  PhiliiJ  Glasser, 

Friedei'ich  Eichelbe'-ger, 

Georg  Wendel  Biehel, 

Johan  Daniel  Bengel, 

Hans  Jacol)  Biehel, 

Hans  Georg  Buch. 

Jerig  Fred.  Bergenstott. 

[  The  original 
Mr.  Striskem, 
Danniel  Bengel, 
Philip  Shoman, 
Hans  Adam  Mire, 
Henry  Stelfelt, 
Friderich  Egelberger, 
Jacob  Dan  bach, 
Hans  Jerick  Beigel, 
Kasper  Keshit, 
Jacob  Weis, 
Jerik  Booy, 
Jerik  Gertner, 
Hans  Miller, 

liKt  is  herewith  (jiven.'\ 

Mr.  Chai)lin, 
Simon  Shaller, 
Philip  Glaser, 
La"  ranee  Bel  its, 
Casper  Oot, 
Conradt  Teboy, 
Jacob  Beigel, 
Michel  Keim, 
Elexander  Zaartman, 
Joannes  Schenefelt, 
Jerik  Moots, 
Andrew  Ablen, 
John  Bloom, 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  James  Good- 
will, David  Crocket,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
•  FiED  Sep.  11,  1738. 

Ullerig  Engelar, 
George  Graff, 
Michael  Hest, 
Matthias  Firrumsler, 
.Joliannes  Gurts, 
Isaac  Crison, 
Thomas  KoppenhelTer, 
Martin  Balk, 
Martin  Moeser, 
^  Freclerik  Sholl, 
Mich'  Korr, 
Loerens  Durr, 
Bartel  Eberle, 
Hans  Adam  Moesser, 
Jacob  Kims, 

Johan  Casper  Staffer,  Sen^ 
Jacob  Mekeling, 
Han.s  George  Sevier, 
Hans  Jeery  Bants, 
Hans  Jacob  Siauir, 
Hans  George  Mettler, 

Andries  Krafft, 
Jan  Seend.  Holstender, 
Jacob  Fucks, 
Egidius  Grim, 
Johan  Seend.  Keller, 
Jacol)  Herman, 
Christoff  Graaff, 
Hans  Mich'  Ruiter, 
Henderick  Philii)  Seller, 
Jacob  Beygr, 
Adam  Engeler, 
Sebastian  Durr, 
Sebastian  Eberle, 
George  Shoemaker, 
I^eond*  Hieker, 
.lolian  Casper  Staffer,  .Tun', 
Teobald  Mekeling, 
Jacob  Sint, 
Andries  Stickeler, 
Johannes  Ruspag, 
Adam  Summer.  of  Passengers  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Mortonhouse, 
James  Coultas,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Aug.  19,  1729. 

Dielmaa  Kolb, 
Carl  Ernst  Musselbach, 
Konradt  Worntz, 
Heinrich  Dubs, 
Christ.  Brown, 
Jacol?  Obere, 
Conrad  Kelnar, 
Simon  Rohl. 
George  Threhr, 
Casper  Dorst, 
Nicholas  Peffel, 

Michael  Borst, 
Johan  Philip  Rank, 
H  enrich  Schlengebuss, 
Heinrich  Blimm, 
Andres  Meys, 
Uirich  Kroil, 
Michel  Walder, 
Baltzar  Rohr, 
Hans  Muller, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Ultimer  SchneV)ler, 



Christ.  Kroll, 
Peter  Wecher, 
Johannes  Reif, 
Nicholas  Carver, 
Johannes  Ord, 
Richd.  Fetter, 
Peter  Weger, 
Jacob  Seltser, 
Andrew  Bastian, 
Uhic  Roth, 
Moret  Creeter, 
Johan  Niclas  Printschler, 
Valentine  Jung, 
Johan  Stephan  Rimmer, 
Abraham  Kensinger, 
Hans  Jacob  Rudles, 
Gerhardt  Midler, 
Jacob  Bowman, 
David  Montandon, 
Christoph  Schambach, 
Reynard  Haider, 
Frederich  Marsteller, 
Johann  Mitt  el, 
Henry  Daniel  Back, 
Christian  Longmaire, 
Philip  Jacob  Back, 
Jacob  Reif, 

Jacob  Krebiel, 
Adam  Orth, 
Michel  Weber, 
Valtin  Reiser, 
Wend  eel  Wyant, 
Jacob  Reyer, 
Friderich  Marsh, 
Rudolph  Moor, 
Jacob  Fetter, 
Hans  Ulrich  Frei, 
John  Daniel  Worley, 
Hans  Michel  Heides, 
Jacob  Eschelmann, 
Hans  Michel  Frohlich, 
Hans  Ulrich  Hecker, 
Heini'lch  Gurtner, 
Johannes  Muller, 
George  Adam  Weddel, 
Henrich  Killhauer, 
Christ.    Bnmgarner, 
Johann  Peter  Moll, 
Adam  Bastian, 
Johann  Georg  Grossman, 
Georg  Grossman, 
Martin  Alstadt, 
Hendrick  Sneevele, 
Jacob  Sellers. 

{Thr  original 
Dirick  Truer, 
John  Philip  Rank, 
Jno.  Miller, 
Eliz\  Erynstein, 
Katherine  Werness, 
Dilman  Colb, 
Michael  Urelick, 
Mich'  Boarst, 
Rudolph  Moore, 
Uldery  Roat. 
Nick'  Peffel, 
Hendrick  Doabs, 
Hendrick  Plim, 
Alee  Ubera, 
John  Fnrra, 

lisl  is  liereicith  given.] 

Juliana  Truer, 
Anna  Barbara  Rank, 
Marg"^  Miller, 
Connard  Werness, 
Casper  Dorest, 
Judith  Colb, 
Anna  Maria  Urelick, 
John  Haake, 
Hans  Jacob  Roatslie, 
Suey  Roat, 
Barbar  Peffel, 
Uhiner  Snebler, 
Hance  Hendrich  Ubera, 
Christopher  Brown, 
Jn°  Christ"  CroU, 



Mary  Cunningham, 

Sarah  Warner, 

Ehz'.  Miller, 

Andrew  Mayes, 

Katharine  Hyder, 

Peter  Weegar, 

Anna  Christian  Sligloflf, 

Hendrick  Sootera, 

Christopher  Fry, 

Jacob  Bowman, 

Betslia  Bowman, 

Apalone  Sneevelei", 

John  Miller, 

Anna  Mary  Over, 

Jacob  Rooit, 

Valentine  Fikus, 

Freenick  Reeif, 

Katherine  Rice, 

Dirick  Adam  Weedle, 

Adam  Shamback, 

Coonrod  Killinor, 

Moret  Creetor, 

Eliz='  Keyser, 

Rich*  Fetter, 

Philip  Jacob  Back, 

Mich.  Wever, 

Wendel  AVyant. 

Adam  Bastian. 

Anna  Judith  Alstadt, 

Hanna  Barbary  Walder, 

Simon  Reel, 

Jacob  Seller  jun'r, 

Jacob  Eshelman, 

Agnis  Keyser, 

Anna  Barbara  Kensinger, 

Rich.  Haider, 

Katherine  Ramerin, 

Ursley  Bumgarner, 

Johannes  Orde, 

Johannes  Dirick  Greesman, 

Christian  Longinacre, 

Marya  Greesman, 

Anna  Barbary  Longinacre, 

Anna  Margaret  t  Mooselback, 

Elis*  Shamback, 

2- Vol.  XVI  L 

H  end  rich  Warner, 
Gerrard  Miller, 
Anna  Maria  Massin, 
Hance  Mich'  Hyder, 
Jacob  Creeple, 
Hendrick  Sligloff, 
Apalis  SliglotT, 
Hance  Uldrick  Fry, 
Medelin  Reymene, 
Anna  Bowman, 
Anna  Bowman,  Jun'', 
Jn"  Casper  Inkleree, 
Jacob  Over, 
David  Mantandon, 
Jn".  Dan.  AVorley, 
Jno.  Adam  Moor, 
Jolin  Rice, 

John  Steven  Regensberger, 
Ulderick  Croll, 
Anna  Dorothy  Shamback, 
Johannes  Binklee, 
Jacob  Keyser, 
Jacob  Fetter. 
Anna  Margarett  Fetter 
George  Dan.  Back, 
Phillis  Wever, 
Andrew  Bastian, 
Martin  Alstadt, 
Rudoph  Walder, 
Hendrick  Killhaver, 
Eliz='  Seller. 
Nicholas  Cai'ver, 
Welder  Keyser, 
Abraham  Kensinger, 
Frenee  Kensenger. 
Baltzar  Roer, 
Christopher  Bumgarner, 
Anna  Marya  Abarant, 
Johanna  Beagleson". 
Frederick  Marsh, 
Dirick  Greesman, 
Corrole  Arant  Mooselback, 
Mary  Eliz*  Mooselback, 
Peter  Moll, 
Johannes  Middle. 


List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Allen,  James 
Craigie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Sept.  15, 

Johannes  Ma,ck, 

Hans  Grunde,, 

Hibert  Bender. 

Jacob  Bossert, 

Jacob  Kalckloser, 

Johan  H enrich  Kalckloser, 

Jolian  Christ.  Krolf, 

Hans  Jacob  Kiebel, 

Johann  Martin  Kress, 

Johannes  Perger, 

Matheis  Schneider, 

Georg  Dieter, 

Daniel  Cropp, 

Velten  Becker, 

IJlrich  Ellen, 

.Tacob  Schneider, 

Paul  Liskes, 

Coni-ad  Kolb, 

Sanil.  trailer, 

Jerrich  Hubert. 

Jacob  Cropp, 

Georg  Vetter, 

Hans  Georg  Klauser, 

Johannes  Fluckiger, 

Johannes  Peter  Koster, 

Hans  Casper  Kolb, 

Leonhart  Amweg, 

"Valentine  Gerhart  Hirschle, 

Christian  Kitzentander, 

Velten  Mack, 
Andres  Bony, 
Peter  Lesle, 
Alexander  Mack, 
Wilhelmus  Knepper, 
Christophel  Kalckloser, 
Hans  Schlachter, 
Rinehart  Hamner, 
Johannes  Winter?ee, 
Andres  Krop, 
Mathias  Ulland, 
Alexander  Diehl, 
John  Hissle, 
Christian  Matler, 
Jacob  Weiss, 
Jacob  Lesle, 
Johannes   Kipping, 
Alexander  Mack, 
Joseph  Brunner, 
Pel  tin  Rofer, 
Joh.  .Jacob  Knecht. 
Philip  Mich.  Burster, 
Christian  Schneider, 
Christian  Kropf, 
Hans  Georg  Koch, 
Jno.   .Jacob  Hopbach, 
Johannes  Wichtman, 
Henrich  Peter  Mitteldorflf, 
Heinrich  Holtzstein. 

[  The  original  list 

Mischander  Mack, 

Feltes  Mack, 

John  Heindrick  Kalklieser, 

Eraanuell  Kalklieser, 

William  Knipper, 

Peter  Lisley, 

Jacob  Popart, 

Christian  Snyder, 

Johannes  Flickinger, 

Jacob  Lisley, 

is  herewith  ffiven.] 
Johannes  Mack, 
Alixander  Mack,  Jun. 
Jacob  Kalklieser, 
Andrus  Ponne. 
Hisbert  Benter, 
Hance  Contee, 
Jacob  Wise, 
Jacob  Snyder, 
Felte  Beecher, 
Christopher  Matten, 



Paul  Lipekipp, 

Christian  Cropp, 

Jacob  Cropp, 

Hance  Slaughter, 

Johannis  Kipping, 

John  Michael  Aiuwigh, 

John  Jacob  Kissle, 

Rinehart  Hannuer, 

Conrat  I  Her, 

John  Martin  Crist, 

Johannis  Mclnterfeer, 

Linhart  Ainwigh, 

Joseph  Prunder, 

Mathias  t'llancl, 

Johannes  Perger, 

Phillip  Michael  Fiersler, 

Hance  Jorick.  Klauser, 

Felt  in  Rafer, 

John  Jacob  Knight. 

Henderick  Peter  Middledorf, 

Nicholas  Bayly, 

Jacob  Possart. 

Johannes  Possart, 

John  Hendrick  Prunder, 

Christian  Hoffart, 

Christopher  Halklieser, 
Andries  Cropp, 
Christian  Cropp,  Jan., 
Johannis  Pettickhover, 
Hance  Erick  Cogh, 
Hance  Urick  Kissle, 
Ulderick  Eley, 
Sam u ell  Galler, 
Hance  Grasper  Knlp, 
John  .Jacob  Hoi)back, 
Christian  Kitsinlander, 
Mathias  Snyder. 
Johannes  Prunder, 
Jorick  Hoffart, 
Johannes  AVeightman, 
Valentine  Perhart  Hisle, 
Hendrick  Holsteine, 
Jorick  Fetter, 
Alixander  Till, 
Mathew  Bradford, 
David  Lisley, 
Daniel!  Cropp. 
Christopher  Gotlip  Matter, 
Johannes  UUand, 
James  Craigie. 

Female  Passengers. 

Anna  Barbara  Kessell, 

Susan  Hammer, 

Margaret  Iller, 

Maria  Iller, 

Anna  Catiina  Crist, 

Phronik  Mickintiirfer, 

Magdelina  Amwigh, 

Caterina  Lisbet  Prunder, 

Catrina  Ulland, 

Anna  Margaret  Hoffart,  Jun. 

Maria  Phillis  Whitman, 

Susanah  Catrina  Hissle, 

Maria  Magdelina  Campbin, 

Agnis  Kalklieser, 

Ferina  Knipper, 

Caterina  Benter, 

]\rary1es  Lisley, 

Marilis  Possart, 

Stinkee  Becker, 

Christiani  Margaret  Kessell, 
Eve  Tabach  Elee, 
Dorothia  Galler, 
Elizibeth  Iller, 
Anna  Phillis  Kulp, 
Magdelina  Hopback, 
Anna  Barbara  Kitsintander, 
Magdelin  Snyder. 
Anna  Maria  Latrine, 
,  Anna  Margaret  Hoffart, 
Anna  Ursella  Perger, 
Maria  Catrina  Fiersler, 
Anna  Maria  Klauser. 
Anna  Maria  Barbara  Rafer, 
Joanna  Margaret  Ponne. 
Anna  Margareta  Mack, 
Anna  Caterina  Lisley, 
Susanah  Possart, 
Susanah  Snyder, 



Maria  Agnis  Matten, 
Maria  Kalklieser, 
Pliillipina  Macliiu 
Caterina  Slaugliter, 
Macta  Lina  Pettickhofer, 
Anna  Kipping, 
Anna  Catrina  Cogh, 
Magdelina  Ackhorden, 
Eve  Possart, 
Caterina  I  Her, 

Elizabetli  Lisley. 

Cliristina  Lipkipp, 

Anna  Marg'  Mackin, 

Rosina  CropiJ, 

Anna  Lisl)et  Pettickhofer, 

Ketruid  Pettickhofer, 

Sivilla  Kipping, 

Anna  Maria  Ackliorden, 

Christina  Lisley, 

Johanna  Kipping, 

List  of  Foreigners   Imported   in   the   Ship  Thistle  of 

GriiASGOw,  Calvin  Dunlap, 
Qualified  Aug.  29,  1730. 

Loudwick  Has, 
Hans  Jacob  Teil, 
Cliristopher  Bader, 
Leonard  Grass, 
Pete  Grisimer, 
Casper  Fenian, 
Rudolph  Draugh, 
Willeni  Heini, 
Johan  Hendrick  Smith, 
Cristoph  Angubrant, 
Michel  Thomas  Seek, 
Mathias  Thais, 
Irik  Reimer, 
Jacob  Nagoll, 
Geo.  Sumger, 
Philip  Groscost, 
Paulus  Fitenhaver, 
Justice  Sherer, 
George  Hohnan, 
Philip  Hants, 
Abraham  Fransu, 
Thos.   Hammon, 
Jacob  Sterfell. 
Fredrick  Peifer, 
Johannes  Caplinger, 
Tilde  Bydleman, 
l']llias  Bydleman, 

Master,    from    Rotterdam. 

Bernard  Sighmond, 
Johannes  Dunkell, 
Peter  Oler, 
Jerri mias  Hess, 
Cristian  Leman, 
Steven  Remer, 
Johannes  Hun, 
Loudwick  Ditman, 
Gerard  Zin, 
Hendrick  Fortne, 
Hans  Minigh, 
Peter  Biswanger, 
Nickell  Fiser, 
Jan  Casper  Smith, 
Ulrick  Shever, 
Casper  Bittner, 
Johannes  Sherer, 
Nickel  Kinser, 
Johannes  H  of  man, 
Laurence  Hoft, 
Casper  Hartman, 
Cristian  Shram, 
Rudolph  Andres, 
Leonard  Caplinger, 
Wolfer  Sperger, 
Tetrick  Bydleman, 
Jacob  Ammon, 



Ulrick  Styner, 
Heiulrick  Hess, 
Hendrick  Gutt. 
Peter  Wavinger, 
Bernard  Ren, 
Londwick  Hurtzell, 
Peter  Tederolph, 
Peter  Moller, 
Valantine  Michel], 
Geo.  Undertenerd, 
James  Moree, 

Thos.  Hess, 

Jolian  Ekel  Luckenbill, 
Casper  Criger, 
Lout!  wick  Moler, 
Tetrick  (Jover, 
Geo.  Hurtzell, 
Leonard  Hoogenunk, 
Fedrick  Lenkenberger, 
Cristoph  Hendrick, 
Cristian  Thomas. 
Hendrick  Luckenbill, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Alexander 
Ann,  William  Climer,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
ified Sept.  5,  1730. 

Anthony  Miller, 
Adam  Tillipott, 
Johan  Fredrick  Lauseness, 
Johan  Adam  A  tier, 
Johan  Peter  Waller, 
Jacob  Miller, 
Waldes  Laughaer, 
Michael  Bleper, 
Adam  Shuler, 
David  Suffoltz, 
Rudolph  Mastersundt, 
Fredrick  Meyer, 
Hans  Ulrick  Crinston, 
Hans  Mussel  Burger, 
Martin  Burger, 
Johan  F)-edrick  Waller, 
George  Mich'  Brinfuss, 
Leopold  Hilligas, 
Johannes  Cleyker, 
Hans  Jerick  Ham, 
Johanes  Woldman, 
Johan  Sebastian  Braft, 
Hans  Bartel  Heinberger, 

Daniel  Cristman, 
Han;5  Lensenns, 
Johannes  Herler, 
Martin  Muller, 
Frans  Plum, 
Martin  Creiner,     - 
Martin  Yonger, 
Peter  Tilman, 
Johannes  Ditner, 
Michael  Hark  man, 
Conrad  Yongman, 
Chai'les  C.  Kallar, 
Bernhard  Myhei-, 
Jacob  Myher, 
Hans  Jacob  Oberholts, 
Henrick  Marte, 
Johan  Philip  Curnert, 
Henrick  Cleimer, 
Mathias  Selker, 
Johan  Nuol  Brecker, 
Christian  Princeland, 
Hans  Michael  Vei'dus, 
Johan  Carl    Hornberger, 



List  of  Foreignbrs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Joyce,  Wil- 
liam Ford,  Master,  prom  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Nov. 
30.  1730. 

Christian  Miller, 
Daniel  Swort, 
Joseph  Doinmi, 
Leonhart  Kolb, 
Egram  Hale, 
Marck  Nitzen, 
Johan  Ludwig  Heintz, 
Friederich  Elberscheidt, 
Andreas  Hoffmann, 
Leonhardt  Pfudere, 
Henrich  Kilian, 
Zacharias  Barth. 

Nicolas  Swort, 
Hans  Wichel, 
John  Baer, 
Henry  Shever, 
Johannes  Cuntz, 
A.  G.  Schultz, 
Hans  Jacob  Baer, 
Johann  Adam  Hoff, 
Hans  Ulrich  Mayer, 
Johan  Michael  Fischer, 
Johannes  Oberback, 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.l 


Christian  Miller,    

Mickell  Shever 

Hans  Leonard  Shever,     





Nicholas  Swort,     38 

Daniel  Swort, 31 

Hans  Whickel 25 

Lodwick  Whickel, 27 

Joseph  Tom,  35 

John  Bear, _ 40 

Hans  Jacob  Bear,    17 







Andrew  Miller, 

Leonard  Coale, 

Frederick  Elversite 

Henry  Shever, 

Egram  Hale,   

Johannes  Coones,     

Mark  Minger 34 

John  Hoaf,  27 

Matthew  Moyal,    13 

Lareance  Moj^al,  ,    .    .  .     12 

A  ndrew  Hofman 32 

Hans  Jerick  Moyal,     27 

Leonard  Fodry, 32 

Hans  Michell  Fisher, 30 

Henry  Kilon, 30 


Names.  Age. 

Hans  Oberback,    30 

Leek.  Park 15 

Godfrey  Skoall, 24 

Christian  Swort,   11 

Jacob  Swort, 10 

Jacob  Swort, 8 

Hans  Swort,    7 

Lewis  Whickel, 3 

Hendrick  Bear,     (J  - 

A  nna  Maria  Shever, 45 

Barljara  Sliever,  l") 

Maudlin  Shever,    10 

Beves  Swort,     1 

Margret  Whickel,     20 

Margret  "Whickel,     1 

A  nna  Barbra  Tom, 34 

Christiana  Tom,    2 

A  nna  Maria  Bear,    43 

Anna  Margaret  Miller, 50 

A nlis  Miller, 18 

Anna  Barbra  Miller,  11 

Maria  Barbra  Bear,    10 

A  nna  Coal, 33 

Margret  Elversite,    23 

A  nna  Margret  Shever, .'. 26 

Sophia  Hale 30 

Elizabeth  Aplin 20 

Kathrine  Shernock, 4 

Barbra  Moyal,    ^7 

Margret  Holston, 22 

Maria  Barbra,    21 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Samuel,  Hugh 
Percy,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Aug.  17, 

Joh.  Georg  Kirschner,  John  Fisher, 

Conrad  Eckert,  Ludwig  Han, 

Johannes  Metzger,  Jacob  Wenst, 

Conrad  Moller,  Christo  Ritter, 

Johannes  Diterichs,  Andreas  Erlewyne, 

Johan  Millburger,  Hans  Ritter, 



Joh.  Georg  Koch, 
Johannes  Spengler, 
Hans  Georg  Pluger, 
Engelberd  Schraidt, 
Casper  Holtzhausen, 
Johann  Jacob  Kraass, 
Johann  Henrich  Hammel, 
Hans  Georg  Bender, 
Hans  Georg  Lohrnian, 
Johann  Christoph  Bauer, 
Ludwig  Saueriiiilch, 
Hans  Adam  Warthman, 

Barent  Tisen, 
Georg  Balser  Wentz, 
Johann  Michael  Gleina„ 
Phihpp  Knopp, 
Johan  Henrick  Knopp, 
Johann  Jacob  Scheibe. 
Frederick  Babenmeyer, 
Georg  Sebald  Madriger, 
Philip  Freiderich  Vogel, 
Johann  Stuntz, 
George  Henderich, 
Hans  Georg  Lohrman. 
Lodwvick  Goodbrood. 

[The  original 
George  Crisner, 
Michiel  Clime, 
Henry  Knop, 
Casper  Haulhausen, 
Jacob  Groust, 
Johan  Heindrick  Hermel, 
Ludewig  Faun, 
Joest  Wenst, 
Conrad  Muller, 
Christopher  Ritter, 
George  Sebald  Madinger, 
Johannis  Biderick, 
Phillip  Vogel, 
Johanis  Milburger, 
Ludwick  Heck, 
Ludwig  Sourinilg, 
Johanis  Phengler, 
Johan  Gorge  Kaugh, 
Barent  Tysen, 
George  Loreman, 

list  is  herewith  given.] 

John  Fisher, 
Engelberd  Shroud, 
Phillip  Knop, 
Conrad  Kerdt, 
Jacob  Scheive, 
Fredk.  Babeineyer, 
Johanis  Midsker, 
Christopher  Rink, 
Ludwig  Goodbrod 
George  Bendei*, 
George  Jjoreman, 
"Andries  Erlenyn, 
Hans  Retter, 
Christopher  Bour, 
Johanis  Kauns, 
Hans  Adam  Wartman, 
Jurgeck  Hendricks, 
George  Wenst, 
Hans  George  Fleger, 

Names  of  Women. 

Ann  Crisner, 
Barbary  Milburger, 
Hannah  Shroud, 
Ann  Knop, 
Barbary  Oven; 
Anna  Sourinilg, 
Ann  Wenst, 

Ann  Fisher, 
Susean  Clime. 
Katrena  Knop, 
Dorathy  Breling, 
Elizabeth  Babemeyer, 
Barbary  Han, 
Motley  Muller, 


Ann  Dederick, 
Magaret  Madinger, 
Magreta  Camping, 
Elizabeth  Hofinining, 
Elizabeth  Lorenian, 
Barbary  Loreman, 
Catrena  Vogell, 
Mary  Ritter, 
Easter  Milburger, 
Mary  Sinitliing, 
Elizabeth  Crisner, 
Pleny  Fisher, 
John  Shroud, 
Peter  Knop, 
Mary  Sourmilg, 
Neals  Sourmilg, 
Michiel  Hans, 
Charlis  Muller, 
John  Dedarick, 
Mary  Wart  man, 
Katrena  Hofmining, 
Katrena  Loreman, 
Paser  Vogell, 
Motley  Ritter, 
Mary  Fl eager, 
Hendrick  Mulberger, 
George  Goodbrod, 
George  Goodbroad. 

Elizabeth  Wartman, 
Elizabeth  Merdinger, 
Barl)ary  Fre(b-akin, 
Mary  Heck, 
Elizabeth  Loreman, 
Eve  Bender, 
Ann  Erlenyn, 
Eve  Flegar, 
Barbary  Goodbrod, 
Mertin  (^risner, 
Barl)ary  Crisner, 
Elizabeth  Clime, 
George  Knop, 
Menea  Knop, 
Catrena  Sourmilg, 
George  Hans, 
Hanis  Hans, 
Elizabeth  Muller, 
Abraham  Wartman, 
Jacob  Hofmining, 
Elizabeth  Heck, 
Mary  Loreman, 
Crates  Ritter, 
Hans  Ritter, 
Katrena  Fleager, 
John  Mealbury, 
Ann  Mealbury, 
Anthony  Smithing. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the   Ship 
—stLA— Merchant,  John  Stedman.  Master,  from  Rotter- 
dam.    Qualified  Sep.   11,  1731. 

Michael  Geberth, 
Peter  Smit, 
Johan  Niclas  Weiss, 
Georg  Heinrich, 
X7hristian  Weiser, 
Abram  Freeman, 
Friedrich  Strubel, 
Frantz  Kruck, 
Baltzer  Sevier, 
Johannes  Schenkel, 

Michael  Feder, 
Abraham  Sahler, 
Martin  Boger, 
Jacob  Steiner, 
Johannes  Diehl, 
Friedrich  Geberth, 
Valentin  Schults, 
Heinrich  Kramer, 
Christ oph  Berer, 
Conrad  Sybert, 



ISicklaas  Puss, 
Conrad  Hoogh, 
Adam  Sauer, 
Johannes  Rymert, 
Hans  Adam  Kremer, 
Jacob  Lanius, 
Martin  Hunsecker, 
Hans  Cfeorg  Kelchner, 
Johann  Greorg  Mayer, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Christophel  Moll, 
Joh.  Niclaus  Steinmetz, 
Joh.  Jacob  Woltzhoffer, 
-Johann  Philip  Bej^er, 
Rudolph  Gasman, 
Joh.  Engelbert  Lack, 
Burckharc  Kullmer, 
Johannes  Shaak, 
Hans  Michael  Horlacher. 

Laurence  Roodt, 
Jacob  Mumma, 
Michael  Geyger, 
Johann  Bart  el  G  acker, 
Ludwig  "Wulheit, 
Johann  Michael  Moll, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Georg  Bergstrosser, 
Johan  Bernhardt  Arndt, 
Johan  Jacob  Kruck, 
Hans  Adam  Echelen, 
Valentein  Schneider, 
Hans  Mai'tin  Schultz, 
Johannes  Rynert, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Bischoflf, 
"Andres  Beyer, 
Melchior  Wistholtz. 

[The  original 

Michail  Gybert, 
Michail  Moll, 
Fredrick  AVilsheyl, 
Bartel  Kooper, 
Pieter  Smit, 
Nicholas  Reymeh, 
Gerick  Heindrick, 
Hans  Jerck  Kelyerows, 
Christian  Wiyser, 
Abraham  Freeman. 
Frederick  Stroubul, 
Jerick  Meyer, 
Johan  Heindrick  Smit, 
Christophel  Moll, 
Hans  Kryhe, 
Hendrich  Kremer, 
John  Nicholas  Heymestch, 
Chris  topheFJ?eyer, 
Johan  Schinkel, 
-Philip  Beyer, 
Han  Martin  Schults, 
Johannes  Reymert, 
Laurence  Rod, 

list  is  herewith  giveyi.'] 

Michail  Peter, 
Adam  Kremer, 
Hartman  Huntseker, 
Jacob  Lavins, 
Abraham  Saler, 
Martin  Bogher, 
Christian  Smit, 
Jacob  Steenar, 
Johannes  Diel, 
Frederick  Gybert, 
Christian  Smit, 
Jerich  Bergstreser, 
■  Barent  Arent, 
Valentine  Shults, 
Jacob  Kryhe, 
Balser  Seler, 
John  Adam  Egling. 
Jacob  Jilsover, 
Valentine  Snyder, 
Conrad  Suyvert, 
Roslo  Kusman, 
Nicholas  Fuys, 
Conrad  Koogh, 



Jacob  Mil  111  ma, 
Adam  iSower, 
Johannes  Sliaak, 
Johannes  Jerick  Smith, 
Borket  Kihuiere, 
Andreas  Meyer, 

Milchier  Wiisteyts, 
Michael  (iif^er, 
Engelbert  Lak, 
Hans  Michael  Horloger, 
Johannes  Bischof, 

Women's  names  above  sixteen. 

Barbel  Bischof, 
Margarite  Shilling. 
Anna  Smit, 
Julian  Larensen, 
Catlierina  Kar, 
Magdalina  Wildheydt, 
Bcirbai-a  Egling, 
Margaret  Kusman, 
Katrina  Kosker, 
Eliz.   Kreeiner, 
Marilis  Sybert, 
Catrina  Gybert, 
Eliz.  Rod, 
Katrines  Vilsiver, 
Katrina  Feter, 
Katrina  Feter, 
Eliz.  Porkholderen, 
Maria  Arent, 
Anna  Huntseker, 
Eliz.  Huntseker, 
Christina  Kreemer. 
Annabeiert  Hoog 
Eliz.  Shultsone, 
Magdalina  Evelman, 
Catherina  Steynmutch, 
Margarite  Moll, 
Maria  Beyeren, 
Catherina  Stouden, 
Leona  Islewood, 

Anna  Maria  Rygen, 
Barbel  Selerein, 
Margarite  Smit, 
Clove  Stroublen, 
Creeto  Cas, 
Lucretia  Wildheydt, 
Barbara  Wildheydt, 
Anganius  Reymert, 
Barbara  Snyder, 
Eliz.  Kreemer, 
Aulius  Sybert, 
Sabina  Gybert, 
Eliz.  Gybert, 
Eliz.  Lak, 
Charlote  Radleven, 
Helen  Feter, 
Crete.  A.  Kelgenar, 
Maria  Kortson, 
Anna  Smit, 
Frena  Huntseker, 
Frenech  Horloger, 
-Margarite  Beyer, 
Cathrine  Shultsone, 
Katarina  Smit, 
Maria  Fobsengaren, 
Rosina  Moll, 
Anlyas  Moll. 
Magdaleiia  Stouden, 
Joanna  Fetter, 

Children  tinder  sixteen. 

Hendrick  Beyer, 
Catrina  Beyer, 
Lensard  Steynmutch, 
-Catrina  Beyer, 
Julian  Koog, 
Maria  Melderen, 

Christina  Kreemer, 
'-  Jerick  Beyer, 
Johannes  Steynmutch, 
Jacob  Schults, 
Johannes  Koog, 
Maria  Horloger, 



Ursse  Huntseker, 
Meyer  Huntseker, 
Abraham  Areiit, 
Michael  Feter, 
Conrad  INIoll, 
Maria  Staclleren, 
Anna  Velsoner, 
Magdalena  Fuys, 
Margarite  Rood, 
Barnet  Gybert, 
Mathias  Grvbert, 
Cathrina  Sybert, 
Eve  Kreemer, 
Adam  Kreemer, 
Laurence  Kooker, 
Heinrick  Kar, 
Gerich  Heinrich  Kar, 
Frerterich  Wiltheydt, 
Margaret  Mamma, 
Rosina  Smit, 
Margarite  Zeeler, 
Catrina  Arent, 
Maria  Fuys, 

Anna  Huntseker, 
Hanues  Huntseker, 
Frederick  Kelgenar, 
Katrina  Feter, 
Margarite  Moll, 
Catrina  Stadleren, 
Magdalena  Lak, 
Catrine  Rood, 
Julian  Gybert, 
Sabina  Gybert, 
Godlieb  Gybert, 
Gerich  Sybert, 
Christian  Kreemer, 
Maria  Kreemer, 
Christian  Kooker, 
Christian  Kar, 
Ehz.  AViltheydt, 
Jacob  Mumma, 
Frederich  Mumma, 
Johanna  Zeeler, 
Jacob  Arent, 
David  Arent, 
Anliers  Sybert. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Brittania  op 
London,  Michael,  Franklin,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept.   21,  1731. 

Hisbertus  Barsch, 
Henrich  Geber, 
Johannes  Geber, 
Lucas  Vetler, 
Leonard  Bock, 
Johannes  ^Egender, 
Joseph  Beyer, 
Hans  Garner, 
Hen.  Herbertz, 
Gelert  Gelehren, 
Johannes  Albert, 
John  Henrich  Bahn, 
Veith  Bruningher, 
Johan  Adam  Beyer, 
Hans  Michel  Ebert, 

Johannes  Barsch. 
Hans  Henrich  Geber, 
Jacob  Rasch, 
Henry  Blicher, 
Hans  Boschung, 
Johannes  Frey, 
Jacob  Gunt, 
Rudolph  Holsinger, 
Jacob  Hachmam, 
Johan  Heisland. 
Jacob  Sevenkol, 
Abraham  Halshaus, 
Hans  Michael  Blattner, 
Johan  Jacob  Beyer, 
Hans  Georg  Ebert, 



Hans  Michel  DebilhisseiL 

Hans  Mieliel  Williehn, 

John  Jacob  Weynaudt, 

Hans  Georg  Gunt, 

Hans  Lenhard  Holtzapfel 

Mich.  Stocker, 

Hans  Vogler, 

Oswald  Wald, 

Jacob  Wirtz, 

Johaun  Adam  Rni)pert, 

Hans  Georg  Moller, 

Michel  Horsh, 

Christian  Hubert, 

Ulrich  Keyser, 

Jacob  Kobel, 

Abraham  Kern, 

Valentin  Kleim, 

Michel  Mej'er, 

Jacob  Mier, 

Johannes  Batholommay  Rieger 

Johannes  Kirschner, 

Wilhelm  Lautermilch, 

Johaun  Philip  Lutz, 

Hans  Jacob  Mautz, 

Hans  Henrich  Martin, 

Christian  Miller, 

John  Nehs, 

Hans  Georg  Noss, 

Gab.  Bosher, 

Jacob  Rohr, 

Joh.  Christian  Sackreider, 

Georg  Will  em  Schwartz, 

Johann  Adam  Schroter, 

Jacob  Schumacher, 

Hans  Martin  Wetzell, 

Michael  Ness, 

Johannes  Eschelman, 
Hans  Georg  Debilbissen, 
Hans  Georg  Friedle, 
Hans  Michel  Henning, 
Erasmus  Holtzapfel, 
Christophel  Drube, 
Lenhart  Fieohr, 
Casper  Weis, 
Jacob  Nehs, 
Leonhart  Steninger, 
Joh.  Leonhart  Bihlmeier, 
Daniel  Hubert, 
Jacob  Carl. 
Henrich  Kram. 
Nicholas  Kanele, 
Gotfried  Kraft, 
Wilhelm  Kerkes, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Michel  Mothes, 
,  Louis  Timothee, 
Georg  Dietrich  Kohl, 
Christian  Lehman, 
Hans  Peter  Lederman 
Johan  Thomas  Meyer, 
Johan  Casper  Muntz, 
Herman  Miller, 
Mathias  Nehs,  jr., 
George  Passage, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Matheis  Smeisser, 
J)h.   Mich'l  Schrotner, 
Henrich  Ludwig  Schwartz, 
Valentine  Siegmund, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Georg  Wannmacher. 

[T)ie  ori(iinal  list  is  herewith  rjiven.] 

Names.  Age. 

Johanas  Bathelmus  Rieger,    — 

Louis  Timothee,    — 

Giles  Gilesz,    50 

Gysbert  Boeso, 33 

Johannis  Boeso,    .  . . . ' ., 30 


Names.  Age. 

Jacob  Savelhoel 18 

Henrick  Geber,  Sen. ,     50 

Hendvik  Geber,  Jan. ,     18 

Johannis  Geber, 20 

Jacob  Ripb, 32 

Lucka.  Vetter, 55 

David  Vetter .' 21 

Johanes  A  Ibert,    33 

Abraham  A Ithaus, 24 

Henrich  Balin, 23 

Michel  Bladner,     23 

Veith  Bruninger 35 

Johau  Jacob  Beyer,     33 

Hans  Adam  Beyer, 30 

Hanrich  Bliclier, 26 

Leonard  Bock,  33 

Hans  Bnshung, 39 

Hans  Georg  Ebert, 30 

Hans  Michel  Ebert.     35 

Johan  Eshelman, 19 

Johan  Eigenter,    33 

Johanis  Frey,     30 

Hans  Michel  Debelbesin, 22 

Hans  Debelbesin,      18 

Hans  (feorg  Debelbesin,   16 

Hans  Michel  Wilhelm,  22 

Joseph  Beyer,    19 

Hans  Georg  Freidle 25 

Hans  Georg  Gunt 40 

Jacob  (3  unt,      16 

Hans  Peter  Gastner 26 

Hans  Miehell  Henninger,     33 

Rudolph  Holsinger,     44 

Hans  Leonard  Holtsapfel,   47 

Erazamus  Holtzapfel, ~0 

Henrich  Her))c-rts .' 40 

Jacob  Hackman,  20 

Johan  Heistand, 19 

Michel  Horsh,     18 

Daniel  Hubert, 20 

Christian  H  ubert,    20 

Jacob  Kabald,   35 

Veich  Keyser,     "^^ 

Henrich  Kaam 34 

Nicholas  Kennel, 42 


Names.  Age. 

Jacob  Kohel,  29 

Abraham  Kern,      23 

Georjj  Dietrich  Kehl,     40 

Johan  Kerkes,    25 

(rottfried  Kaaff, G3 

Valentine  Klein,  20 

Wilhelui  Kerkes 28 

George  AVilliain  Lauterniilch,    27 

Christopli  Lehman,     42 

Philip  Lutz,    24 

Hans  Peter  Lederman,     18 

Eizabeth  Timothee,    — 

Gestrowte  Giles/ 40 

Helina  Gilesz,     20 

Elizabeth  Giles?,   17 

Catherina  Geber, 48 

Sarah  Geber, 16 

Margerita  Vetter,     18 

Johaneva  Prej' 33 

Katherina  Albert,     30 

Katherina  Rish,     33 

Maria  Katherina  Biatner,    27 

Barbaria  Beniiinger, 40 

Katherina  Bladner,    36 

A nna  Rosina  Beyer, 20 

A  nna  Maria  Bladnerin 20 

Katherina  Biskin,    23 

Elizabeth  Bnek,    36 

Barbera  Bushiing,  37 

Magdelena  Debelbesin,     18 

Elizabeth  Margerita, 18 

Margerita  Eigenter,    : .  — 

Solomia  Fridley, 24 

A  nna  Maria  Gunt, 40 

Margerita  Gartner,       26 

Anna  Maria  Henniger, 26 

A  nna  Me yerjng,    60 

Elizabeth  Meyering,    30 

Magdelina  Holsinger 26 

Anna  Barbera  Holtsapel,    57 

Anna  Barbara  Katermenan, 23 

Barbara  Horsh,     40 

Maria  Magdelina  Karol,    35 

Paita  Hirt 45 

Maria  Elizabeth  Hirt,     ...    / 28 


Names.  ^0^. 

Anna  Maria  Hirt, 24 

Maria  Barbara  Hirt,   20 

Feroniea  Keyser, 66 

Magdelena  Keyser, , 28 

Anna  Melia  Keyser,    19 

Cora  Kaani,     ,   .  32 

Katherina  Elizabeth  Kenel,    50 

Maria  Kobel, 30 

Katherina  Kern, 22 

Ehzabeth  Kern,    . .  55 

Maria  Vesela  Kehl, 40 

Katherina  Margerita  Kehl,     16 

Maria  Epha  Kaatfn,    40 

Christiana  Kerkes, 28 

Magdelena  Lautermilch, 22 

Feroniea  Leyman,   25 

Katherina  Meyer,     28 

Sophia  Meyer,    25 

Katherina  Meyer,     21 

A  nna  Martin,     32 

A  nna  Maria  Moths,     22 

Katherina  Mnller 50 

Margereta  Mailer,    22 

Veronica  Mai'tin 23 

Peter  Tiniothee,       1 
Louis  Timothee,       i 

Charles  Timothee,    [    f''«"^  ^  ^^  1 

Mary  Tiniothee,        j 

Kathrina  (ieber, 13 

Maria  Geber,  9 

Daniel  Gfeber 3 

Sophia  Vetter,   13 

Magdelena  Rish,  \ 

Peter  Rish,  ,     from  (5  to  3 

Henrik  Rish.  ) 

Nicholas  Frey,  6 

Christiana  Barbara  Albert,     9 

A  nna  Katherina  Albert, 5 

Sophia  Katherina  A  Ibert,    3 

Georg  Michel  Blatner 2 

Hans  Adam  Bruninger,    5 

Hans  Adam  Bruninger,    1 

Anna  Melia  Bruninger,     7 

Dorothia  Beyer,   12 

Elizabeth  Beyer, 10 


Names.  Af/e. 

Jacob  Beyer .  8 

Chrisl.  Selm.  Beyer,    5 

Maria  Katherina  Bock,     10 

Maria  Paliiia  Bock. .  8 

Leonard  Bock,  5 

Maria  Elizabeth  Bock,  2^ 

Hans  Michel  Bock, 1 

Magdelen  Bushunj^,    11 

Hans  Philip  Bushung,   9 

Anna  liarbtira  Bushung, 6 

Chri.stiana  Bushung, 3 

David  Bucht 13 

Casi)er  Debelbesln 10 

Katherina  Eigenter, 12 

Anna  Kreta  Eigenter,                                                                .  5 

Henrik  Eigenter. 10 

Ludwig  Eigenter,            3 

Magdalena  Eigenter, . .  2 

Dorathia  Eigenter, 0 

Lawrence  Freidle,     2 

Hans  Georg  Freidle, 15  days 

Hans  Georg  Gunt,   12 

Johanis  Gunt, 8 

Maria  Elizabeth  Gunt (i 

Joseph  Horsh, 8 

Peter  Horsh 2 

Elizabeth  Karroll 7 

Conrad  Karroll.     2j 

Gertrowte  Kaaiu,     . . . : 8 

Johannes  Kaam. 3 

Philip  Christoph  Kehl. 11 

Hans  Georg  Kehl,    7 

Barbara  Lehman,     10 

Kathrina  Ijehman 3 

Johanis  Lehman. U 

Elizabeth  Martin,     " G 

Anegau  Martin,    3? 

Rudolph  ^Martin 7 

Barbara  Martin '2 

Michel  Meyer,     20 

-Jacob  Mautz 24 

Jacob  Meyer. 26 

Stoffel  Meyer 23 

Thomas  Meyer 32 

3— Vol.  XVII. 


Names.  Age. 

Hans  Hearich  Martin.   30 

Jacob  Meyer, 28 

Michel  Moth 24 

Johan  Casper  Muntz,     16 

Christian  Mailer, 60 

Herman  Muller,    25 

Mathias  Nehs,  Sen. ,    58 

Johan  Nehs,   26 

Dewald  Nehs,     24 

Hans  Georg  Nehs, 21 

Mathias  Nehs,  Jun. , 27 

Georg  Passage,     20 

Gabriel  Rosher,     29 

Johann  Roht,     44 

Jacob  Rohr,     28 

Johan  A  dam  Rupert,   25 

Johan  Leonard  Steininger,    35 

Mathias  Smeiser, 16 

Hans  Georg  Muller,     35 

Leonard  Beylmeyer, 25 

Johan  Martin  Sakreiter 20 

Johan  Michel  Shastnei- 36 

Michel  Stoker,   3j 

Georg  Wilhelm  Schwarts,    r ...... 23 

Henrich  Ludwig  Schwarts,     42 

Johan  Adam  Shrother,     39 

Valentine  Sigmund,  22 

Jacob  Shumaker,     22 

Johanis  Smidt, 24 

Christopher  Teuber, 30 

Hans  Vogler, 32 

Leonard  Vicror,    24 

Ohswald  Wald, 41 

Hans  Martin  Wetzell,     : 31 

Georg  Wanamker,     3q 

Johan  Jacob  Wynand,      I9 

Casper  Wys,    33 

Jacob  Wirtz,   26 

Mich.  Nehs,     30 

Jacob  Nehs,     31 

Maria  Barbara  Nehs, gO 

Anna  Katherina  Nehs,    28 

Dorothea  Neahs,  27 

Maria  Magdelena  Oberkuhan,  28 

Susan  Margerite  Rosher, 33 


Nanie.s.  Aye. 

Maria  Margt^rite  Roht, 43 

Anna  Barbara  Rupert, 34 

Anna  Barbara  Heinninger,  32 

Barbara  Sniei^ser, oO 

Margerite  Snieisser,    20 

Hosier  Margerite  Shastner,  .30 

Margerite  Stoeker,  24 

Maria  Elizabeth  Schwarts, 36 

Anna  Katherina  Slauchin, 20 

Anna  Maria  Shrother,   47 

Katlierin  Sniidt, 30 

Maria  Katlierin  Teuber,    29 

Katherin  Vogeler,    28 

Anna  Barbai'a  Waldt,    34 

Maria  Barbara  Wetzell,    33 

Margerite  Wauaniacher,  30 

Sicilia  Wys,     26 

Maria  Barbara  AVetzelerin,    19 

Magdelena  Nehs, 7 

Hans  Jacob  Nehs,    5 

Katlierina  Nehs,     2 

Micliel  Nehs, 1 

Elizabeth  Margerite  Kosher,     5  -week? 

Anna  Margerite  Roht, 13 

Hans  Jacob  Roht, 11 

Maria  IMargerite  Roht, 6 

Anna  Catherina  Roht, 

Georg  Sniiesser,    9 

Justus  Rupertus  Schwartz,      11 

Johanis  Sch  wartz, 8 

Johan  Michel  Shrother,    12 

Hans  Georg  Shrother 10 

Rosolva  Waldt,     6 

Hans  Henrich  "Waldt,  4 

Hans  Martin  Wetzell,    (> 

Nicholavis  Wetzell, 4 

Katherina  Wetzell,    3 

Johannes  Moll, 15 

Conrat  Henninger, 9 



List  of  Forei&ivers  Imported  in  the  Snow  Louther, 
Joseph  Fischer,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Oct.  14,  1781. 

Christian  Leniau, 

Jacob  Michael, 

John  Vendal  Kerzey, 

Henrick  Bowman, 

John  Yerke  Haniricke, 

Jno.  Peter  Visanant, 

Philip  Eckord, 

Jacob  Holtsinger, 

Melcher  Heydon, 

Dort  Hoste, 

Anthony  Bankaulf, 

Johannes  Uh'ick, 

Jacob  Snevely, 

Philip  Uh-ick, 

Christian  Ernst  Hagenmiller, 

Crosper  Bowman, 

George  Shoults, 

Jno.  Cliristian  Leman, 
Jacob  Kerzey, 
Jacob  Bi'ooner, 
Jno.  Matthias  Kramer, 
Pliilip  Peter  Visanant, 
Henrick  Howervosse, 
Ulrick  Micliael, 
Christolp  Homborn, 
Philip  Kitchin, 
Joliannes  Reech, 
Nicholas  Smith, 
Johannes  Conrad  Frank, 
Christopher  Neubert, 
Christopher  Knowen, 
Casper  Peter, 
Daniel  Vessinger, 

John  Godfry  Leman, 
Anne  Barbara  Kerzey, 
Conrad  Kerzey, 
Catharina  Kerzey, 
Jeremiah  Brooner, 
Wolf  Henrick  Brooner, 
Margaret  Brooner, 
Elizabeth  Shei-ren. 
Margaretta  Kramer, 
Amaryllis  Eliza  Hamrick, 
Margaretta  Hamrick, 
Maria  Katharina  Merchant, 
Jno.  Ludwick  Merchant, 
Jno.  Adam  Visanant, 
Margaretta  Howervass, 
Philippena  Howervass, 
Margaretta  Eckord, 
Maria  Eliza.  Forrain, 
Maria  Mattelina  Fingareen, 
Catharina  Michael, 
Barbara  Holtsinger, 
Barbara  Holtsinger,  Jun. , 

Margret  Michael, 

David  Kerzey, 

Ulrick  Kerzey, 

Sophia  Brooner, 

Jeremiah  Michael  Brooner, 

Appollina  Brooner, 

Margreeden  Brooner, 

John  Albright, 

Issabella  Agnes  Kramer, 

Paul  Hamrick. 

Clara  Hamrick, 

Jno.  Yerke  Merchant, 

Allena  Visanant, 

Anna  Maria  Spotson, 

Margaretta  Howervass,  Jun., 

Anna  Bai-bara  Howervass, 

Susanna  Eckord, 

Johanne  Stroap, 

Maria  Margaretta  Michael, 

Philip  Lawrence  Michael, 

Jacob  Holtsinger, 

Two  infants  not  baptized. 



IjTst  of  Forkionkrs  Imported  in  thk  Ship  No. iris, 
Thomas  J^loyd,  Master,  from  Boston.  Qualified  May 
15,   1733. 

Casper  Schirch, 

Mathias  Weber, 

Johaii  Maueher, 

Michael  Andreas, 

Joh.  Dietrich  Junginann, 

Johannes  Herman, 

Joh.  Greorg  Liebenstein, 

Martin  Gasner, 
John  Phil.  Weber, 
Johannes  Behn, 
Johan  Michael  Siegmond, 
Christian  Kenninger, 
Valentine  Westheber. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Samuel,  of 
London,  Hugh  Percy,  Master,  prom  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
ified Aug.  11,  1732. 

Martin  Gerhard, 
Nicklas  Korper, 
Mattheus  Bockle, 
Samuel  Brandt, 
Michael  Dirstein, 
Gotfried  Stahl. 
Johann  George  Nungesser, 
Hans  Jacob  Beclie, 
Johan  Jacob  Behlerdt, 
Jacob  Oberhaltzer, 
Christ.  Frantz,  Sen., 
Leonhart  Dobler, 
Hans  Muselman. 
Friedrich  Kieffer, 
Jacob  Fleiser. 
Georg  Bender. 
Martin  Weigell. 
Hans  Georg  Godeke, 
Frederich  Mulchslager, 
Henrich  Ramsauer. 
Johan  Sebalt  Kreiuer, 
Hans  Wendel  HoU. 
Andreas  Slantzeberger. 
Johan  Peter  Heybnann, 
Joh.  Freiderich  Schntz, 
•lohan  Jacob  Erdinan, 
Christian  Beudler, 

John  Bendler, 

Laurentz  Knockel, 

Ulrich  Bockle, 

John  Heneberger, 

Henrich  Ebby, 

Michel  Georg. 

Georg  Philip  Windemuth, 

Christoph  Bockle. 

Hans  Georg  Klingmann, 

Johan  Adam  Andress, 

Samuel  Scherer, 

Oswald  Hostetter, 

Christ.  Frantz,  Jun. , 

Jacob  Crist, 

Georg  Dobler, 

Jacob  Staufler. 

Johan  Nickel  Strass, 

Joh.  Leonhardt  Kieffer, 

Michael  Kreider. 

Johan  Georg  Glassbrenner, 

Wendel  Brechbuhll, 

Johan  George  Kleinhauss, 

Wilhelm  Bergheiiner, 

Johannes  Uhrich, 

.Toh.  Leonliart  Ziegler, 

Joh.  Phillip  Schutz, 

Johannes  Miller, 



Julius  Delir, 
Andreas  Mailer, 
Benedict  (xernian, 
Jacob  Knechell, 
.  Jacob  Kieffer, 
Jacob  Gut, 
Johannes  Zieger, 
Peter  Stey, 
Jacob  Albrecht, 
Wendel  Gerlach, 
Jacob  Weyes, 
Jacob  Grochnauer, 
Andreas  Shetler, 
Philip  Wendel, 
Johannes  Lentz, 
Greorg  Ludwig  Horning, 
Greorg  Klingman, 
Hans  Michel  Balmei*, 
Ferderich  Aldorffer, 
Hans  Jerg  Steger, 

LJohn  Bernheisel, 
Hein  Ulrich  Fischer, 
Hftns  Georg  Queicliel, 
Augustus  Wendel, 
Adam  Hillegas, 

Hans  Adam  Neidig, 
Christian  Biry, 
Christian  German, 
Peter  Balsbaeh, 
Martin  Giller, 
Ulrich  Burkhalter. 
Hans  Paulus  Boger, 
Georg  Heyl, 
John  Bumgardner, 
J.  H.   Hartmann, 
John  Helford, 
Henrich  Berret, 
Peter  Frit, 
Carl  Seyl, 
Eliseus  Maj^er, 
Johannes  Brechbil, 
Caspar  AVartman, 
Johan  Philip  Bogerj, 
Christian  Balmer, 
Anastasius  Uhler, 
Wendel  Bernheisel, 
Hans  Mich.  Baumgertner, 
Peter  Schellenberger, 
Wendel  Worbel, 
Peter  Schneider. 

A  List  of  Passengers,  Names  and  Ages,  on  Board  the 
Ship  Samuel,  Hugh  Percy,  Commander,  from  Rotter- 

Names.  Ages. 

Merdin  Gerhard 27 

John  Bendler, 34 

Johan  George  Nangeser,                                                      ....  25 

Nicklas  Corber,      22 

George  Philip  W^indermuth, 25 

Lorents  Knochel,      30 

Hans  Jacob  Breckly,      .  46 

Christopher  Noffel  Bockly 20 

Mathias  Bockly, 17 

Ullrik  Bockly,' 19 

Samuel  Brand, 24 

John  Heneberger 19 

Michael  Sierlein 20 

Henrick  Ebby 30 


Names.  Age. 

Jacob  Beelerth 2-1 

(TOttfret  Staal 30 

Hans  George  Klingman, 24 

Michiel  Georg 60 

Jacob  Oberholtzer, 28 

John  Mosinian,      23 

Petter  AVettstein, 26 

Adam  Andras, 16 

Christian  Fi-antz,  Sen 47 

Christian  Frantz,  Jun. , 26 

Feridrick'HelTer, 49 

Jacob  Crist, 22 

Samuel  Sclieer 21 

Jacob  Flesser, 23 

Lionhard  Deebler, 43 

George  Deebler, 21 

Oswald  Hosteetter,      30 

George  Bender,      33 

John  Lents 24 

John  Brechbiel 19 

Jacob  Stauffer,      19 

Nicolas  Strass, 19 

Georg  Goedake, 24 

Leonhard  Keffer,      27 

Merdin  Weiggell, 24 

Frederik  Mulschlegel 30 

Michiel  Kreiter, 20 

John  Miller 21 

Christian  Bendler, "24 

Henrick  Ramsur,      ^   .  30 

Adam  Neidig, 29 

Jenlis  Door 33 

Georg  Glassbrenner, 21 

SeV)ald  Kramer, 32 

Wendell  Breckbiel,      24 

Georg  Klien  Hans, 22 

Wendell  Heell 34 

Wihelm  Bergheimer, 26 

Cristian  Biry,      20 

Andreas  Miller,      22 

Andreas  Stautsenberger, 25 

John  Ulerich 20 

Fetter  Hailman 20 

Christian  Geeman, 24 

Benedigt  Geeman, 20 


Names.  Age. 

Leonhard  Ziegler, 31 

Frederick  Shits, 23 

John  Shits, 31 

Petter  Baltsbach .       83 

Jacob  Knockell, 38 

Martin  Jeler, 33 

Jacob  Erdnian,      19 

Gfeorg  Hornig, 30 

Jacob  KifTer, 37 

Casper  Wardman, 36 

Greorg  Khngman,      37 

Jacob  Guth, 30 

Ulerich  Burckliolter,         23 

Paullus  Boger, 40 

Philip  Boger,      18 

Carl  Bahner, 26 

Christian  Babner, 34 

Frederick  Aldorffer, 35 

Annastasius  IJller, 33 

Johanes  Zieger, 41 

Georg  Stegget, 30 

Georg  Heyl, 31 

Petter  Stey, 30 

Wendell  Berndheisell, 33 

John  Berndheisell, 30 

Michiel  Baunigertner, 31 

John  Baunigertner, 20 

Jacob  Abbrecht, 37 

Friderick  Hartnian, 33 

Wendell  Gerlach, 22 

John  Helflfurt, 33 

Ullerich  Fischer 28 

.Tacob  Weiss, 45 

Henrich  Beerett, 34 

Petter  Schellenbnrger,      ....-?. 33 

Jacob  Gochnaner, 20 

Christian  Gochnauer,        17 

Petter  Frith, 18 

Andras  Shittler, 39 

Georg  Quickell, 30 

Carl  Seyl 27 

Wendell  Werbell, 33 

Philip  Werbell,      34 

Augustinus  Wendell ^ 16 

Petter  Schneider 27 


Naines.  Age. 

Elias  Meyer, 43 

Adam  Helligass, 24 

Names  of  Womvn. 

Kathrina  Gerhart,      45 

Mergreed  Gerhart,       30 

Barbara  Bockly, 43 

Rossina  Braiiil, 20 

Elizabet  Evy.      28 

Maria  Belerth, - 19 

Kathrina  Staal, 32 

Veronica  Ebberiin, 17 

Thorodea  Georgiii, 45 

Christina  Geo  gin, 20 

Thoredea  Klinginan, 25 

Anna  Mosiuian, 30 

Elisabeth  Wettstein, 23 

Margareth  Augen, 30 

ElisaV)tth  Augen 33 

Kathrina  Teelen 23 

Anna  Frantsin,      37 

Barbara  Frantsin, 20 

Eva  Frantsin, 19 

Madgtalena  Frantsin 15 

Maria  Kiflferin 46 

Elisabeth  Kifferin, 18 

Frents  Silenaheffln, 23 

Anna  Christin, 49 

Veronica.  Sheer, 46 

Gretha  Flesserin, 20 

Maria  Hostettin, 28 

Sibila  Nortin, 23 

Kathrina  Benderin,    .       . 33 

Maria  Creasuianin, 20 

Gretha  Merstelin 19 

Gretha  Wirbelin, 18 

Maria  Lentsin, 35 

Christina  Lentsin 49 

Maria  Kifferin,      33 

Dorothea  Weiggell, 30 

Susanna  Bendlerin, 33 

Elisabeth  Bendlerin, 23 

Anna  Ramsaurin ......  33 

Margreth  Neidigin, 28 


Names.  Age. 

Anna  Brachbielin, 20 

Thorotlea  Klinhasin, 19 

Barbara  Hellin, 33 

Salome  Bergheimerin, 35 

Grertrauth  Biriu, 23 

Anna  Millerin, 33 

Silige  Stautsenbergerin 34 

Anna  Geenianin 23 

Maria  Kifferin, 25 

Greda  Wardmanin 24 

Kathrina  Klinginan 34 

Susanna  Guth,       30 

Ester  Burckholter 30 

Eva  Bogerin, 35 

Christina  Ziegerin 40 

Margretha  Ziegerin, 16 

Kathrina  Steggerin, 38 

Barbara  Heylin, 30 

Margretha  Steyin 35 

Katrina  Heellin 34 

Magdalena  Albrecht,      30 

Rossina  Hartmanin, 37 

Maria  Hilfutin, 30 

Susanna  Bergheimenn, 17 

Maria  Fisherin 38 

Dorothea  Weissin 40 

Barbara  Weissin,      19 

Anna  Berethin,      3^ 

Maria  Shelenbergerin, 30 

Anganeas  Frith .    .  17 

Katlirina  Gochnouerin, 18 

Mcirgretha  Kremerin, 27 

Sofia  Kremerin,     ....           16 

Margretha  Shehittlern, 27 

Maria  Quickelin, 37 

Margretlia  Kresmenin,      30 

Kathrina  Seyl,       29 

Sara  Werberlin 35 

Kathrina  Meyerin, 37 

Susanna  Meyerin, 16 

Names  o;f  Children. 

Maria  Gerhart, 3 

Henrick  Beckly, 12 

Barbara  Bockly, H 


Names.  Age. 

Kathrina  Bockly,     8 

Lisbetha  Evy, 8 

Kathrina  Evy, <> 

John  Evy, 4 

Margretha  Evy, 3 

Georg  Staal, 12 

Barbara  Etoerly 12 

Henrick  Eberly 11 

Elisabeth  Oberholtster 6 

Sainl  01)erholtster,      3 

Margretha  Wettstin 6 

Judith  Frantsin 12 

Jolin  Frants, 7 

Michiel  Frants,      <5 

Veronick  Frants,      8 

Elisabeth  Frants, 3 

Barbara  Hostetin, 10 

John  Hostetin, 10 

Anna  Hostetin,     6 

Veronica  Hostetin, • 3 

Maria   Benderin 8 

Katrina  Benderin, 3 

Valendin  Wungesser,      13 

John  Lents 3 

Abrah.  Wulshleg, 8 

Christian  Wulshleg, "> 

John  Ranisaur 9 

Ann  -Seidigin, 7 

Philip  Neidig, 6 

Barbara  Hellen 12 

Anna  Hellen 11 

Gottlib  Hell, 9 

Kathrina  Hellen,      5 

Maria  Hellin,      4 

Rosina  Hellin 3 

Leonard  Bergheimer, 8 

Vellin  Bergheimer,      6 

Maria  Millerin ...  4 

Solome  Stontsenl, 6 

Jacob  Keffer, ....  8 

Lena  Kefferin, 4 

Petter  Klingman, 8 

Kathrina  Wertzin, 9 

Mathias  Boger, 13 

Michiel  Boger, ■    ■ 12 


Names.  Age. 

Justina  Bogerin, .-    .  5 

Jacob  Zerger, 12 

Susanna  Zergerin, 9 

C-feorg  Beerger,      12 

Eva  Steggerin, 9 

Mei-gretha  Steyin,    . 5 

Eva  Stayin, 3 

Michiel  Albreth, 13 

Eva  Albrethin,         9 

Mai-ia  Albrethin, ^ 3 

Christana  Albrethin 3 

Georg  Hartnian. 8 

Margrath  Helfurtin, 10 

Kathrana  Fisherin, 4 

Rossina  Weistin, 13 

Kathrina  Weistin, 8 

Kilsana  Weistin, 10 

Jolm  Beireth, 8 

Henry  Bereth, ...  6 

Casper  Bereth,      3 

Georg  Shellenberger, 9 

Magalina  Shellenberg, 10 

Barbara  Sutsin 11 

Susanna  Sutsin, 5 

Maria  Schittlerin, 5 

George  Kramei', 12 

Friderith  Kramer, 9 

Gottfrith  Kramer, 7 

Maria  Quickelui, 8 

Christian  Beller, 8 

Johanes  Werbell 13 

Kathrina  Schneidern, 7 

Elisabeth  Schneider, 5 

Michiel  Mayer, 12 

Adam  Meyer,      6 

Kathrina  Meyerin, 3 



List  of  Passengers  Imported  in  the  Ship  Pennsylvania, 
John  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Plymouth.  Qualified  Sept.  11,  1732. 

Conrad  Frick, 
John  Jacob  Bus, 
Johan  Seleberger, 

Adam  Klingen. 
Jacob  (jriss, 
Michael  Rein. 
Michael  Wu.ll, 
Philip  Frank, 
Simon  Carle, 
Hart  man  Lauer. 
Wendel  Fiser, 
Cornelius  Kram, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Daniel  Muller, 
Paul  us  Ryter, 
Ditrick  (Tauflf, 
Michael  Schnager, 
Michael  Capp, 
Carl  Ohliger, 
Friedrich  Eniv, 

Jacob  Rod, 
Adam  Louer, 
Jacob  Haus, 
Philip  Kebelbe, 
Hans  Rootelee, 
Conrad  Schonig, 
Johannes  Hoorle, 
Henrick  Ryter, 
Georg  Mertz, 
Johannes  Faas, 
Jacob  Schaad, 
Gabrial  Konigh, 
Adam  Zeyler, 
^Mathias  Shaub,  — 

Matthias  Zollerkoflfer,  V.  D.  M. ,  Hendrick  Christian, 

Leonard  Immel. 
Geo    Michael  Hohlstein, 
Hans  Georg  Smit, 
Christofelt  Stedler, 
Matheias  Hauser, 
Hans  Michel  Much, 
Johann  Peter  Strack, 
Michael  Witmer. 
Hans  Michael  Krumrein, 
Michael  Copenhaer, 
Johan  Georg  Amend, 
Albrecht  Wolffgang, 
Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 
Bernhart  Wolffinger, 
Georg  Friedrich  Capp, 
William  Chriesmerg, 
Wendel  Weinheimer, 
.Joseph  Caspering, 

Michael  Immel, 
Hans  Georg  Graff, 
Hans  Georg  Cuntz, 
Johan  Georg  Kauger, 
Simon  Peter  Holsteiner, 
Hans  Niclaus  Muller, 
Benedict  Eiselman, 
Geo.  Michel  Schweinhart, 
Wolf  Copenhaer, 
Mattheis  Menehen. 
Christian  Steinbach, 
Paulus  Linsenbigler, 
Johann  Georg  Batz, 
Bastian  Wagner, 
Georg  Palsgraff, 
Hans  Leond  Conrad. 
Hans  Georg  Minhard, 

[Tlie  oriainal  list  is  hrrexnth  given.] 
Cuspurd  AVooldrich.  Mathias  Zulkover, 

Jacob  Gypen,  Conrad  Frick, 

Michael  Revn,  Hendrick  Christen. 



Jon  Jacob  Gruss, 
Johan  Celeberger, 
Michael  Emelot, 
Hans  Graff, 
Hans  Jerick  Smit, 
Hans  Jerich  Conel, 
Christophel  Steelier, 
Simon  Carlee, 
Adam  Louer, 
Stephven  Hook, 
Jacob  Hans, 
Vinduel  Fiseir, 
Jan  Peter  Struck, 
Michael  Witmer, 
Hans  Michael  Cromeryn, 
Cornelius  Kraam, 
Woolf  Copenhaver, 
Johannes  Weaver, 
Conrad  Shenegh, 
Daniel  Miller, 
Christian  Steinback, 
Peter  Lyntsen  Belgen, 
Paul  Ruygter, 
Jerich  Beats, 
Jerich  Mirts, 
Pieter  Guns, 
Adam  Bouer, 
Bastian  Wageneir, 
Jerich  Palsgrave, 
Michael  Capp, 
Gabriel  Hornigh, 
Curtis  Cliner, 
Adam  Zeyler, 
Matthias  Shaup, 

Michael  Will, 

Philip  Strunk, 

Leonard  Emelot, 

Jerich  Michael  Holsteyner, 

Jacob  Roodt, 

Hans  Coun, 

Hans  Jerich  Conger, 

Mathias  Heyser, 

Hartman  Louer, 

Simon  Pieter  Holsteymer, 

Hans  Michael  Mogg, 

Nicholas  Miller, 

Benedick  Eselmen, 

Jerich  Michael  Swynhart, 

Philip  Cuvel, 

Hans  Rudler, 

Michael  Copenhaver, 

Mathias  Minegen, 

.feriam  Eih, 

Johfinna  Hottle, 

Woolf  Cunktoots, 

Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 

Hendrick  Ruygter, 

William  Crinuymerr, 

Michal  Hinageir, 

Barent  Wolfinger, 

Casper  Lodwich, 

Johannes  Faase, 

Jacob  Shaad, 

Frederich  Capp, 

Leonard  Conraed, 

Windael  Wynheymer, 

Jerich  Mynhard, 

Frederich  Ernigh, 

Women  and  Children. 

Eva  Ehrish, 
Philip  Aldrich, 
Susanna  Aldrich, 
Margaret  Sweeren, 
Gertrom  Frick, 
Maurice  Roger, 
Margaret  Christon. 
Jerick  Christon, 
Eva  Christon, 
Salomm  Christon, 

Margareth  Linerinons, 
Pieter  Aldrich, 
Anna  Pourbel, 
Lena  Brown, 
Benedick  Bartholomus, 
Anna  Christoun, 
Magdalen  Christon, 
Hen  rich  Christon, 
Catharine  Christon, 
Maria  Christon, 



Anna  Suss, 
Anna  Frank, 
Hans  Conce, 
Cathrina  Conce, 
Maviii  Bui'bel, 
Elisabeth  Lower, 
Maria  Holsteeyter, 
Susanna  Fisar. 
Eva  Snyuhart, 
Barbara  Swynhart, 
Barbara  Mack, 
Maria  Cavel, 
Elizabeth  Cram, 
Cathrina  Lotsharing, 
Maria  Copenhaver, 
Rosina  Copenhaver, 
Maria  Minchani, 
Christian  Miller, 
Margaret  Hottel, 
Curia  Hottel, 
Hendrick  Hottel, 
Dorothy  Henbach, 
Margaret  Meyer, 
Hendrich  H.  Meyer, 
Elizabeth  Ruytor, 
Anna  Ruytor, 
Caspar  Ruytor, 
Maria  Beats, 
Magdalena  Beats, 
Margaret  Marts, 
Elizabeth  Marts, 
Maria  Hynegar, 
Margaret  Gouf, 
Odel  Woolfinger, 
Pieter  Woolfinger, 
Elizabeth  Kerkenor, 
Jacob  Hack, 
Barbara  Bower, 
Frederich  Ernich, 

(Jatharine  Suss, 
Catharine  Conce, 
Eva  Conce, 
Margaret  Trickier, 
Elisabeth  Lower, 
Efree  Houk, 
Sophia  Engelhardt, 
Magdalena  Sw^'nhart, 
Andreas  Swynhart, 
Johan  Swynhart, 
Anna  Mack, 
Barbara  Cubal, 
Maria  Lotsharing, 
Maria  Lotsliaring, 
Barbara  Copenhaver, 
Catharina  Copenhaver, 
Cathrina  Eier, 
Michael  Miller, 
Anna  Hottel, 
Jevick  Hottel, 
Johannes  Hottel, 
Barbara  Meyer, 
Susanna  Meyer, 
Casparias  Meyer, 
Martin  Ruytor, 
Paul  Ruytor, 
Barbel  Ruytor, 
Adam  Beats, 
Cathrina  Beats, 
Dorothy  Marts, 
Susan  Beyeren, 
Michael  Hynegar, 
Peter  Gouf, 
Bastian  Woolfinger, 
Johannas  Woolfinger, 
Barliara  Hack, 
Frederick  Hack, 
Maria  Ernich, 
Anna  Ernich. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Johnson,  of 
London,  David  Crocket,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept.  19,  1732. 

Han  Stein  maun, 
John  Harwich, 
Valtin  Beer, 
Conrad  Behn, 
Thomas  Matern, 
Jacob  Cruiz, 
Daniel  Schew, 
Bernhart  Peffer, 
Andreas  Lohr, 
Tobias  Hegeile, 
Friderich  Riss, 
Jolian  Jacob  Rower, 
Johan  Jacob  Kuntz, 
Joli.  Conradt  Scheimer, 
Hans  Mai'tin  Bullinger, 
Jolian  Michel  Deeter, 
Johannes  Bastian, 
Joh.  Balthasar  Bott, 
Joh.  Adam  AVei-ner, 
Joh.  Georg  Baltz, 
Joh.  Martin  Bauer," 
Johannes  Albrecht, 
Johan  Adam  Leberger, 
Johan  Christoph  Beyer, 
Lorentz  Kuntz, 
Christoff  Englert, 
Leonard  Weyer, 
Rudolph  Bonner, 
Nicolas  Ewick, 
Joh.  Henrich  Baum, 
Anthorn  Gilbert, 
Nicolas  Weil, 
Fred  rich  Miller, 
Thomas  Sauder, 
Joh.  Georg  Steinmann, 
Jolian  Georg  Meller, 
Hans  Henrich  Jegner, 
Joh.  Martin  Schilling, 
Mathias  Brownwart. 
Pieter  Derber, 
Peter  Seyler, 
Conrath  Seber, 

Lauren.s  Hartman, 
Paulus  Wegerlin, 
Henrich  Sien, 
Jacob  Muller, 
Andreas  Overback, 
Jacob  Rouse, 
Isac  Cuschuah, 
Conrath  BoIIen, 
Lorentz  Weber, 
Christoph  Riss, 
Adam  Himler, 
Christof  Ehrenhart, 
Joh.   Wilhelm  Kollin, 
Joh.  Martin  Bullinger, 
Hans  Phil.   Zimmerman, 
Paulus  Weinheiraer, 
Lorentz  Bastian, 
Joh.  Philipp  Gorich. 
Joh.  Valtin  Umstadt, 
Nicolas  Evelandt, 
Johannes  Ebermann, 
Johan  Henrich  Jung, 
Bartholomeus  Morth, 
Lenhart  Mumnia, 
Ludwig  Leeman, 
Henry  Oswald, 
Laurentz  Bawder, 
A  n  d  reas  H  e  ml  er , 
Johan  Ewick, 
Ludwig  Fredle, 
Valentin  Wield, 
Adam  Hummel, 
Johannes  Dieter, 
Johannes  Soffrens, 
Hans  Jacob  Meller, 
John  Michel  Lochtner, 
-^..^alentine  Renner,*- 
Johannes  Mossinger, 
Henrich  Appel, 
Peter  Gabele, 
Philip  Smit, 
Jacob  Tray, 



John  tSlmllineyer, 
Thuiiias  Cryle, 
Joii.   Georg  Sehm, 
Joliaiiues  iSchiuitt, 
Job.  Henrich  Miller, 
Joh.  Jacob  Neihaltzer, 
Mlcliael  Schiilmeyer, 
.lOii.  Hen.  Messerschmidt. 
Hana  Wilhelm  Brant, 
Conrad  Schneider. 
Joh.  Peter  Gent  her, 
Joh.  Pauius  Lederer, 
Joh.  Adam  Kreil, 

Johannes  Frey, 
Frederich  Mayer. 
Johanne.s  Kreuel, 
Jol).  Frid.  Baunigardtner, 
Joh.  J'eter  Schmidt, 
Hans  Georg  Tray, 
Johannes  Hannar, 
Martin  Caplinger, 
Christian  Shneyder, 
Joh.  Leonhardt  Herman, 
Johan  Pi'antz  Riiss, 
Joh.  Georg  Gumpp, 
Joh.  Georg  Oberkagler. 

[T/ie  original  list 

Johannes  Steyman, 
Lawrence  Hart  man, 
Agnes  Sleyman, 
Barbara  Steyman, 
Elz'/-.ibeth  Steyman, 
Paa'.as  Harwick, 
Nicollus  Harwick, 
Paul   Weger.'lne, 
Jacob  Wegerhne, 
Otella  Wegerline, 
Jacob  Miller. 
Johannes  Georg  Miller, 
Maria  Miller, 
Katharina  Miller, 
Katliarina  Bayer, 
Henrick  Saen, 
Anna  Saen. 
Elizabeth  Hartman, 
Katharina  Behen, 
Jacob  IMlller, 
Johan  Jacob  Miller, 
Johannes  Michai  Lochtner, 
Johannes  \'egener, 
Toinas  Matern, 
Anna  Matern, 
Susanna  Feghtern, 
Elizabeth  Overbeck. 
Matalina  Overbeck, 
4  -Vol.  XVII. 

is  herewith  given.] 

Johannes  Yerrick  Steyman, 
Elizabeth  Steyman, 
Katharine  Hartman, 
Katharina  Steyman, 
Johannes  Harwick, 
Jacob  Harwick, 
Anna  Maria  Harwick, 
Oteliea  Wegerline, 
Katharine  Wegerline. 
Anna  Clara  Wegerline, 
Margaretta  jMi]Jer, 
Elizabeth  Miller. 
Anna  Miller, 
V^alentine  Bayei*, 
Anna  Bayer, 
Katharina  Saen, 
Maria  Hartman, 
Goneradt  Behen, 
Maria  Christiana  Behen, 
Charlotta  Miller, 
Barbara  Miller. 
Maria  Lochtner, 
Katharina  Yegener, 
Margereta  Matern, 
Elizabeth  Matern, 
Andreas  Overbeck, 
Johannes  Overbeck, 
Philips  Overbeck, 



Jacob  Cruiz, 
Jacob  Rouse, 
Valentine  Renner,    . 
Kacharina  Renner, 
Maria  Schwe, 
Margeietta  Schwe, 
Isau  Cusliua, 
Elizabeth  Missinger, 
Paule  Missinger, 
Jacob  Missinger, 
Juliana  Pitfer, 
Margeretta  Fitter, 
Mathias  Brown  Wart, 
Anna  Brown  Waart, 
Margeretta  Rower, 
Christopher  Ernhardt, 
Maria  Ernhardt. 
Elizabeth  Bow  long, 
Andreas  Lower, 
Johannes  Lower, 
Elizabeth  Lower, 
Gerdradt  Webern, 
Tobias  Hogle. 
Elizabeth  Hogle, 
Anna  Hogle. 
Maria  Konts, 
Barbara  Konts, 
Maria  Kathai-ine  Rise, 
Martin  Rise, 
Margeritta  Rise, 
Margeritta  Kellie. 
Andreas   Henibler, 
Conradt  Schynier, 
Anna  Schymer, 
Elizabeth  Bulinger, 
Elizabeth  Bulinger. 
Barbara  Tiuiinerinan, 
Maria  Timnierman, 
Elizabeth  Deeder, 
Catharina  Deeder. 
Susana  Deeder, 
Joliannes  Ewick, 
Adam  Ewick, 
Catherina  Wynhamer, 
Henrick  Wynhamer, 
Johannes  Bastian, 

Rosina  Cruiz, 
Clara  Rouse, 
Margereta  Renner, 
Daniele  Schwe, 
Lodawick  Schwe, 
Johannes  Schell. 
Johannes  Missinger, 
Michale  Missinger, 
Maria  Missinerer. 
Bernhard  Fitter, 
Barbara  Fitter, 
Anna  Cockabelerin, 
Julian  Brown  Waart, 
Jacob  Rower, 
Johannes  Rower, 
Katharina  Ernhardt, 
Conradt  Bowlong, 
Anna  Bowlong, 
Christianna  Lower, 
Johannes  Herman  Lower, 
Lawrence  Webern, 
Henrick  Webern, 
Apolonia  Hogle, 
Adam  Hogle, 
Jacob  Konts, 
Johannes  Konts, 
Christopher  Rise, 
Friderick  Rise, 
Elizabeth  Rise, 
William  Kellie, 
Adam  Hemler. 
Barbara  Hembler, 
Maria  Schymer, 
Martin  Bulinger, 
Martin  Bulinger, 
Fhilip  Timmerman, 
Juliana  Timmerman, 
Michaele  Deeder, 
Johannes  Deeder, 
Nicolas  Ewick, 
Hans  Jurey  Ewick, 
Paul  Wynhammer, 
Philip  Wynhamer. 
Jacob  Wynhamer, 
Maria  Bastian, 
Matilina  Bastian, 



Lawrence  Bastiau, 
Johannes  Bastian,  Jan., 
Anna  Bastian, 
Elizabeth  Bastian, 
Julian  Sholling^, 
Anna  Maria  Fridilile, 
Maria  Friildell, 
Anthony  Crilbert, 
Ursilla  Bott, 
Philip  Yerich, 
Anna  Millia  Frankin, 
V'^alentine  V'ield, 
Nicollas  VHeld, 
Margt   Yield, 
Frederick  Miller, 
Adam  Huniele, 
Margeretta  Sender, 
Hans  Adam  Yerner, 
Katharina  Verner, 
Yalentine  Umstadt, 
Johannes  Suf ranee, 
Conradt  Stock, 
Lawrence  Konee, 
Gerdrndt  Konce, 
Maria  Konce, 
Eva  Luman, 
Joli.  Yirich  Panlse, 
Nicolas  Evelandt, 
Margeretta  Mosen, 
Jacob  Evelandr, 
Martin  Bower. 
Helena  Bower, 
Johannes  Everman, 
Maria  Everman. 
Anna  Albright, 
Barbara  Albright. 
.Tacob  Albright, 
Henrick  Young,  - 
Ainia  Y^oung,^ 
Matelina  Sadler, 
Alex.  Sadler, 
H  enrich  Sadler, 
Katharina  Sadler, 
Barbara  Lochbergher, 
Maria  Englandt, 
Anna  Bayer, 

Hermane  Bastian, 
Elizabeth  Bastian, 
Henry  Bowman, 
Lodawick  Fridele, 
Jacob  Friddile, 
Maria  Francisios  Friddile, 
Johan  Balser  Bott, 
Henrick  Bott, 
Margeretta  Yerich. 
]juisa  Francisco  Knapping. 
Elizabeth  Yield, 
Pauia  Vield, 
Elizabeth  Vield, 
Chrystiau  Snyder, 
Tomas  Souder, 
Margeretta  Souder, 
Katharina  Yerner, 
Adain  Verner, 
Jacob  Umstadt, 
Maria  Sufrance, 
Bartholomy  Moorhead, 
Maria  Konce, 
Margt.  Konce, 
Lodawick  Luman, 
Maria  Lughman, 
Katharina  Paulse, 
Regina  Evelandt, 
Martine  Evelandt, 
Maria  Evelandt, 
Susanna  Bower, 
Johannes  Everman, 
Elizabetha  Everman, 
Johannes  Albright, 
Matelina  Albright, 
Ch'"istiana  Albright, 
Lodawick  Albright, 
Elizabeth   Young, 
Johan  Young, 
Conrad  Sadler, 
Maria  Loobacker, 
Catharina  Sadler, 
Johannes  Sadler, 
Adam  Lochl)ergher, 
Christopher  Englandt, 
Christopher  Bayer, 
Xieonard  Momma, 



Julian  Moinma, 

David  Moinma. 

Julian  Momma, 

Henry  Oswaldt, 

Marg'.  Wayer, 

Eliz'\  Wayer, 

Lawrence  Bawder, 

Henry  Apia, 

Heni'ick  Miller, 

Elizabeth  Miller, 

Engele  Berber, 

Mateline  Seyler, 

Matelina  Seyler, 

Peter  Grabele, 

Piiilip  Smitli, 

Jacob  Neythelzer, 

Maria  Susanna  Nythalzer, 

Conradt  Seyver, 

Elizabeth  Seyver, 

Conradt  Seyver, 

Susanna  Tray, 

Johau  Shulhnyer, 

Michele  Shullmyer, 

Margeretta  Tray, 

Johannes  Hanner, 

Elizabeth  HenrickMessersmitt, 

Tomas  Cryle, 

Christian  Sneyder, 

Johan  Leond  Hermer, 

Johan  Frans  Rouse, 

Fredrich  Meyer, 

Hans  Jorig  Samm, 

Thomas  Crydle,  Sen. , 

Anthony  Momma, 
Christian  Momma, 
Katharina  Momma, 
Leonardt  Wayer, 
Anna  Wayer, 
Johannes  Smith, 
Rudolph  Bonner, 
Frederick  Baumgarduer, 
filargS  Miller, 
Peter  Derber, 
Peter  Sejder, 
Michale  Seyler, 
Valentine  Seyler 
Martha  Seylei', 
Maria  Gabele, 
Johan  Peter  Smith, 
Sivile  Nythelzer, 
Marg'  Nythalzer. 
Matelina  Seyver, 
Lawrence  Seyver, 
Hans  Yerick  Tray, 
Jacob  Tray, 
Katharina  Shullmyer, 
Johannes  Tray, 
Johan  Conradt  Tray, 
Johan  Henrick  Messersmitt, 
Martin  Caplinger, 
Hans  Wilhelm  Brant, 
Conradt  Sneyder, 
Peter  Kynter, 
Paul  us  Leyderer, 
Hans  Joreg  Grump, 
Johan  Adam  Cryle, 
Johan  Jei'ig  Overcogler. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Pink  Plais- 
ANCE,  John  Paret,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Sept.  31,  1732. 

rieorg  Bast,  Joh.  Cline, 

Melcher  Feler,  Bastian  Rudi, 

Christian  Huber,  Samuel  Majer, 

Martin  Mayer,  Jacob  Scher^. 



Paulus  Hertzel, 
Felix  Fi.ssler, 
Mathes  M idler, 
Johannes  Muller, 
Daniel  Stauffer, 
Hans  Cieorg  Wagner, 
Christian  Besicker, 
Johan  Jacob  Koch, 
Johan  frantz  Fuchs, 
Matthias  Kramer, 
Ulrich  Zimmerman, 
Andreas  Ptluckinger, 
Juh.  Wilhelm  Straup, 
Joh.  Philip  Kistner, 
Balthasar  Schonberger, 
Johan  Fulker, 
Jacob  Kutz, 
Christian  Strom, 
Peter  Bicker, 
Ulrich  Stalley, 
Hans  Danler, 
Jacob  Swisser, 
Nicklaus  Peni, 
Jacob  Stauffer, 
Hans  (resell, 
Philip  Ott, 
Hans  Lechteni, 
Hen  rich  Hertzell, 
Xicolaus  Carn, 
Henrich  Harstlich, 
Andreas  Cramer, 
Johan  Wolff  Berlett, 

Hans  Huber, 

Rudolph  Reichert, 
Johan  Philip  Mailer, 
Conrath  Scharff, 
Hans  Zimmerman, 
txeorg  Peter  Knecht, 
Christian  Martin, 
Johannes  Huisiner, 
Hiins  Jacob  Keyser, 
Nicol  Zimmerman, 
Samel  Harnisch, 
Christ  off  Albrecht  Lang, 
Georg  Bernhart  Mahr, 
Joh.   Adam  Zimmerman, 
Tobias  Pechtluf, 
Carl  Wagner, 
Stephen  Long, 
Rudolff  Christen, 
Hans  Stomply, 
Paul  us  Keyser, 
Jacob  Bloom, 
Frantz  Stadel, 
Andreas  Wolff, 
Johan  Laud  is, 
Elias  AVagner, 
Ulrich  Resser, 
Hans  Albrecht  Bucher, 
Hans  Melchior  Werffel, 
Hans  Ulrich  Wagner, 
Hans  Leonhart  Hertzell, 
Michael  Scharer. 

[The  original  list  is  hereivith  given.] 
Names.  Age.'i. 

John  Filip  Muller, 38 

Johanes  Muller, 36 

Jurig  Bast, 46 

Johanis  Cline, 44 

Conrad  Shirff,    . 34 

Daniel  Stiffer, 24 

Hasston  Rudey, 24 

Christ"  Huffer, 34 

Melker  Feeler, 43 

Hans  Ziniberman,    .       30 


Names.  Age. 

Sam'  Myear, 50 

Martin  Myear, ...  37 

Jacob  Schere, 65 

Paullus  Hartsligh, 50 

Jurig  Wagner, 50 

Han:<  Hal)er, 54 

Jurig  Peter  Knight, 31 

Christ"  Martin, 63 

Jacob  Bossalcer, 46 

Felix  Fisler, 50 

Rudolf  Richard, 46 

Mathias  Muller,  26 

Joan  Jacob  Rook, 32 

Johans  Hunsinar, 23 

Johanis  Frans  Fox, 25 

Tobias  Pekluff, 43 

Johanis  Fulker, 58 

Carl  Wagonar, 52 

Boilser  Schonbarger, .....  42 

Jacob  Koots, 58 

Stepen  Long,      47 

Christian  Strom, 26 

Rudolph  Christon, 45 

Peter  Biker, 32 

Haas  Stemphley,      47 

Ulrich  Stelley, 32 

Hans  Loight, 60 

Hans  Jacob  Keyser, 24 

Paulus  Keyser, 37 

Velly  Danler,      23 

Hans  Danier, 25 

Mathias  ^Cramer, 40 

Nicklos  Zimberman, 50 

Ulrich  Zimberman, 27 

Sam'  Harnis, 28 

Jacob  Bloom, 20 

Hans  Shear, 27 

Johannis  Gross, 36 

Andris  Flockinger,      , 20 

Jacob  Swisser, 44 

Chris  Albrit  Long 32 

John  W"'.  Stope. 44 

Javig  Banhartman, 31 

Niclos  Ish 21 

Frans  Stedel,      32 


Names.  Age. 

Philip  Kisner, 32 

Adam  Zimberuian, 23 

Ulrigg  Boucher, 45 

Henrick  Hartsligh 50 

Nicholis  IVni,     23 

Aiulris  Woolf, 26 

Nicholas  Cam 39 

Hans  Melker  Werfle, 20 

Jacob  Stofar,      20 

Johanis  Lamlis, 0 

Hans  Kessel, 17 

Uillrig  Waginar, 20 

Hendrix  Hartsligh,      40 

Hendrix  Hartsligh,  jun., 17 

John  Jacob  Felker, 17 

Lenard  Hartsell, 24 

Urigg  Hartsell, 18 

Elias  Waginar, 19 

Fillip  Utt, 40 

Andris  Cramer 20 

Hans  Woolf  Barlet, 25 

Women's  Names. 

Anna  Eve  Conacten, 34 

Catarrina  Hartsell,      51 

Magdilen  Cai'nin, 45 

Anna  Fellar, i50 

Eiza  Bush 75 

Salome  Zimarman, 34 

BarV)arey  Bogaren 35 

Hester  Rigard, 43 

Eiza  Pectlof, 32 

Anna  Barlit, 24 

Mari  Marlin  Wagner,      60 

.\nnis  Drowtwine,    .    .        30 

Barbr  Hartsell 50 

Anna  Rosin  Clin, 40 

Anna  Margrit  Man, 27 

Susan  Kiser, 29 

Katrin  Man, 27 

Maria  Crisst, 36 

Maria  Collar 19 

Anna  Dority  Woolf, 30 

Grany  Augmon, 20 

Anna  Suck,     22 


Names.  Age. 

Anna  Stapan, 18 

Anna  Maree  Basst, 44 

Katharina  Koots,     58 

Anna  Maree  Shunburg, 27 

AnnaMargreth  Fox, 22 

Aploney  Shapen,      69 

Catarin  Light, 50 

Sharlot  Stedel, 33 

Clu-istan  Mailer, 35 

Ann  Mare  Muler,      26 

Eliza  Kuckren, 30 

Barvil  Fisler, 40 

Gfranitz  Miear, 39 

Orsell  Wagner, 48 

Madelen  Bear,     .    .  20 

Frena  Bear 18 

Frena  Bulgren, 22 

Eliz  Cramir 62 

Anna  Mire  Miar, 32 

Baeba  Stephen, 20 

Catarin  Scrivers,  ...  30 

Maria  Catrin  Swisar,      50 

Matlina  Staniplin, 43 

Christan  Bricker, 39 

Anna  Harnis, 20 

Hestar  Brollar, 57 

Offel  Long, 42 

Ells  Marty, 60 

Anna  Cratsar, 20 

Barbil  Ziniarman, 27 

Anna  Stalley,     27 

Anna  jVIare  Bissacor 20 

Eliz  Zimarnian,      30 

Eliza  Bezengreen, 24 

Matelin  Sharin 20 

Geravin  Martin,    .    .    •    ■ 16 

Anna  Light, 19 

Barbary  Hufarin, .  18 

Graney  Hufar, 20 

Marey  Grist, 80 

Cristan  Hartsel, 27 

Eliz  Burn, 18 

Maria  Crisst, 18 

Maria  Gotliven  Ricai-ten,      17 

Orrla  Feslarin 20 

Magdelin  Theren, 26 



Hans  Zimherman, 
Bastian  Ziiubenuan, 
Jacob  Man, 
Jacob  Hubai*, 
Jacob  Miar, 
Christou  Miar, 
Hans  Peter  Steley, 
John  Manvell  Brallion, 
Basrian  Roots, 
Konyard  Rieharts, 
Jacob  Poglear, 
Hans  Urisr  Mnlir, 
Jacol)  Bi/.anor, 
Mat  liias  riine, 
Maria  Ziniljerinan, 
Magrett  Wagenor, 
Anna  Barba  Brickrer, 
Anna  Barl)ra  Stelin, 
Franck  Martin, 
Jacob  Benia  Hatslin, 
Margaret  Karn, 
Eli/,  Hezelarin, 
Michael  Share. 


Christian  Zimberman, 
Johanas  Bast, 
Hans  ^fartin  Hubar, 
Jacob  Burn, 
Martin  Miar, 
Hans  IMckleather, 
Martin  Mart  a, 
Kangiir  Pact  oil, 
Andaris  Steedet, 
Urik  Will"'  Karn, 
Christopher   Muler, 
Filip  Mulir, 
John  Barnats  Strop, 
Hendrick  ('line, 
Magritt  Kisaron, 
Anna  Mlar^ 
Elz  Brickerin, 
Maria  Zimberman, 
SofBa  Catai'ina  Picktlen, 
Margrit  Bugerin, 
Margaret  Kerharten. 
Ulrich  Revser, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Adventurer, 
Robert  Carson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  23  1732. 

Michael  Brandt, 
Johannes  Artz, 
Balthas  Stuber, 
Andreas  Horn, 
Hieronymiis  Cxlantz, 
Michael  Moser, 
Georg  Unruh, 
Michel  Potts, 
John  Wingleplech, 
Malteis  Riegel, 
Michael  Koogh, 
.Andreas  Wisf, 
Conrad  Clewer, 
Tobias  Moser, 

Michael  Gross, 
Georg  Moser, 
Andi-eas  Kilian, 
David  Holtzeder, 
David  Fischer, 
Simon  Meyer, 
Conr.ath  Lang, 
Johannes  Schott, 
Henrich  Steger, 
Henrich  Lips, 
Simon  Gillinger, 
Georg  Riegel, 
Nicolans  Bartle, 
'V     Andreas  Schaup, 



Leonhai'd  Moser, 
Hans  Michael  Muller, 
Fiiedrich  Tendelspach, 
Hans  Martin  Ronger, 
Hans  Leonart  Gam, 
Baltzar  Hortner, 
Johannes  HeberHng, 
Daniel  Kolmer, 
Hans  Ulrich  Hey, 
Johannes  Beckei-, 
Jean  Le  Cene, 
Nicholas  Bogerdt, 
Hans  Georg  Lehner, 
Hans  Michael  Hagg, 
Hans  Peter  Steyger, 

Mathias  Walder, 
Johan  Georg  Prauner, 
Hans  Georg  Able, 
Hans  Paulus  Zantsinger, 
Lorentz  Zwirner, 
Hans  Leonhard  Nydy, 
Hans  Jacob  Gander, 
Mattheas  Wagner, 
Bernhart  Shertle, 
Paul  Le  Cene, 
Vallentin  Scheib, 
Johannes  Grawius, 
Hans  Melcher  Stecher, 
Georg  Michael  Mack, 
Leonard  Aani. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given. "[ 

Names.  Ages. 

Michell  Millier, 30 

Michell  Brand, 23 

Mich'  Groce, 38 

George  Briner, 30 

Friderick  Tendellzek, 30 

Hans  Jerig  Able, 35 

Martine  Ronger, 38 

Panl  Songlinger, 30 

David  Ollseller, 45 

Jn".  Arts,      35 

George  Moser, 48 

Balkar  Steever, 33 

Andreuss  Killiaen, 30 

Jerimy  Glance, 39 

Andreuss  Horne, 33 

Matt  Wallder 25 

David  Fessher, 40 

Mich  Mossher, 38 

Sim  Mieire,          40 

Lawrence  Swiner, 45 

Yerack  Onru,     30 

Conratt  Long, .    .    .  ' .  38 

Mich  Pots, 40 

Pantcy  Porterner 34" 

Hans  Linnard  Nidy, 28 

Jno.  Habling, 33 


N'ames.  Age. 

Jno.    Shoule 4y 

J  no.  Wiiu-h-plauk, ;jC 

Jemlrick  iSteiger,      ,">'>■ 

Mutliia-s  Kidiall 23 

Jaco))  Canter 38 

Henciricli  Lifts, '^."i 

Dan'  Colljnore, 2") 

Matt.  Wagner, 23 

Oellrigt  Hour, 20 

Bernaerd  Shirtle, 23 

Mich'  Ki)gh 23 

Sim  Gillanger, 20 

Jii".  Balver,      23 

Paule  Lissen, 44 

Jn".  Lissen, 46 

Andrews  Wise, 22 

George  Regalle a4 

Feilting  Shyp, 23 

Nick.  Bocker,     .    .    .    •    • 23 

Jno.  Grairfeas,      39 

Conrod  Clever, 26 

Nick.  Bortle 24 

Tobias  Mosser, 30 

Andreas  Schaup, • — 

Leonart  Moser, — 

Paulus  Moser, — 

Hans  Jorig  Luhtner, — 

Hans  Melcher  Stecher, — 

Hans  Michal  Haagh, — 

George  Michal  Meek, — 

Hans  Pieter  Styger, - 

Leonard  Aani, 

Names  of  Women. 

Even  Miller, 30 

Anna  Margrett  Branden, 28 

Ossell  Trunipin 40 

Marrea   Medl    Glance, 30 

Hannah  Com  bin,  do 30 

Marrea  Kinn,         do 23 

Marrea  Barber,     do 30 

Marrea  Margretet, 35 

Appalona  Ollseller,      .    .  45 

Margeratt  Walton, 25 


Names.  ^9^- 

Margeratt  Ollseller, 57 

Even  Mosser, 40 

Even  Barber  Mosser,  ....       56 

(Christian  Mosser,     34 

Mattlena  Mosser,      28 

Even  Christian  Stigen,      23 

Marrea  Barb  Stiver, 30 

Eve  Cripsizer  Stiver, -48 

Anna  Marrea  Fissher, 25 

Svisanah  Barber  Mosser, 40 

Even  Medlelen,        do 52 

Marrea  Lagener,      do 32 

Marrea  Mireue,         do 38 

Hanah  Stiger, 46 

Credle  Stiger, 57 

Margret  Potts, 22 

Margret  Orone, 25 

Hannah  Boble  Long, 28 

Hannah  Unruine, 26 

Appolona  Afferline, 35 

AHzabeath  Winkleplankin, 36 

Mattelena  Colenierrine, 36 

Uelly  Hannah  Liipysine,       24 

Marreas  Righne 23 

Katterene  Shoulen, 35 

Margeratte  Olever, 44 

Katterrena  Kanteren, 38 

Merreless  Porterren, 37 

Margreate  Nyden, 25 

Katterrena  Paulteren, 25 

Luiss  Lissen , 36 

Susannali  Orttsine 39 

Credlelass  Bennech, 58 

Girls'  Names. 

Merreless  Bennech,      7 

Johanna  Luiss  Lissine,      3 

Marrea  Katterine  Lissine 9 

Johane  Maria  Lissine 11 

Marrea  Martine  Kanten, 4 

Hanna  Mela  Porterren 8 

Hanna  Mirea  Shoulen, 6 

Katterrena  Shoulen, 4 

Credleless  Winkleplanken,      12 


If  antes.  --If/e. 

Haniia  Boble  Winkleplanken, 7 

Margerate  Pottseu,     ...  •"> 

Margerate  Stigeren, — 

Appaloiia  Mirenen,      11 

Kattei'ena  Fisher, l-i 

Haudless  Fisher, 11 

Haiinamela  Cripsizer,    .    .    .    ^ 14 

Haniia  Margrett  Cripsizer,      13 

Hannah  Boble  Ciipsizer, 10 

Even  Boble  Cripsizer, S 

Hanna  Margrett  Mosser, 12 

Anna  Marea  Mosser 10 

Anna  Margi-eatte  Mosser, B 

Allena  Marger  Ollseller, 11 

Marrea  Boble, 9 

Anna  Margreate  Glance, 9 

Susanna  Ossell  Trumpt, 13 

Anna  Barberer  Trumpt, 8 

Bojjft'  Namea. 

Hance  Adam  Trumpt, 10 

Hance  Micalie  Glance, 4 

Hance  Peter  Ollseller,       i:^ 

Basion  Mosser 6 

Simon  Mosser, 11 

Hans  Jerick  Mosser, 'S 

Hance  Jerick  Miere, 9 

Hance  Lennord  Miere, G 

Jerick  Adam  Stiger, 9 

Hance  Micall  Potes, 11 

Hance  Felter  Haverlene, 8 

Passion  Shoule, 9 

Hance  Felter  Winkleplanken, 10 

Larrance  Lessen, (> 

Jno.  Jacob  Cahter, 13 

Jno.  Jerack  Cahter, 9 

Jacob  Portterner, 10 

Simon  Bennites, 1'^ 

Johanas  Artes 5 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Loyal  Judith, 
OF  London,  Robert  Turpin,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept.  25,  1732. 

Andreas  (raar, 
Matthes  Baarsteyn, 
Peter  Kreiter, 
Jacob  Miller, 
John  Auterbach, 
Michael  Pentz, 
J  oh.  Christian  Shiiltz, 
Johan  Michael  Ebert, 
Johann  Jaeol)  Abel, 
Hans  Philip  Spansaiier 
Hans  Burghart, 
Friderieh  Kuhller, 
Hans  Cxeorg  Pel  man, 
Johann  Carl  Reyer, 
Jacob  Lishire, 
Coni-ad  Fey, 
Leonhart  Hegell, 
Henrich  Acker, 
Hans  Kuntz, 
Cronomus  Miller, 
Peter  Saudter, 
Martin  Heilman, 
Johan  Greo.  Friderieh, 
Johann  Veit  Jorger, 
Jacob  Buhhnayer, 
Greorg  Peter  Schultes, 
Joh.  Greorge  Nadderinan, 
Joh.  Friedrich  Hesser, 
Matthes  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Spansaler, 
Michael  Emiiiert, 
Geo.  Mich.  Rey, 
Johannes  Yogel, 
Jonas  Wolf, 
Marcus  Jung, 
Johan  Becker, 
John  Geo.  Furkill, 
Hans  Georg  Raub, 
Georg  Muller, 
Friedrich  Sehaflfer, 
Casper  Kramer, 
Jacob  Pretz, 

Jacob  Steli, 
Rudolph  Brown, 
Johannes  Kreiter. 
Henrich  Gobell, 
Peter  Ranch, 
Jacob  Kuntzel,  ^ 

Johann  Adam  Gaar, 
Johann  Adam  Abel, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
Hans  Peter  Schafer, 
Hans  Georg  Noll, 
Hans  Georg  AVagner, 
John  Michael  Rover, 
Fridrich  Ehley, 
Ludwig  Happel, 
Philip  Raup, 
Bernard  Waltei-, 
Wilhelm  Berne, 
Paulus  Mailer, 
Hans  Weldtli, 
Samuel  Griffe, 
Andreas  Schenk, 
Johan  Georg  Honnig, 
Geo.  Michael  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Michael  HofTaeker, 
Johann  Peter  Kucher, 
Hans  Jacob  Stambach, 
Joh.  Fried    Burghart, 
Henrich  Papst, 
(Christian  Reep, 
Phil.  Ernst  Kruber, 
Hans  Georg  Able, 
Johannes  Bentz, 
Lenhart  Lotz, 
Henrich  Leibacher, 
Baltzer  Conkell, 
Johannes  Bintnagel, 
Johan  Shuman, 
(Christian  Guiu, 
Johannes  Reep, 
Conrad  Walther, 
Joh.  (Teo.  F.   Em  mart, 



Joh.  Martin  Reier, 
Matthaus  Schultz, 
Hans  Georg  Riser, 
Pliilip  Jacob  Acker, 
Hans  Mich'  Criger. 
Hans  David  Jjentz, 
Joh.  Georg  Holl'nian, 
Martin  Weybrecht, 
rreorg  Christoph  Lay. 
HansAntoni  Crasser. 
Johan  Nicklas  Rtimer, 
Hans  Martin  Bau, 
Johanes  Schmeltzer, 
Hans  Martin  Wevbrecht. 

Hans  David"  Ely, 
Philip  LudwigCxufi, 
Georg  Adam  Riser, 
Johann  Georg  Ruck, 
Hans  Georg  Kuntz, 
Joh.  Phihp  Sauter, 
Johannes  Heihnan, 
Joh.  Geo.  Oberniulier, 
Andreas  Cochenderff, 
Hans  Henrich  Eckler, 
Johannes  Zusser, 
Hans  Georg  Tran, 
Johannes  Rebnian. 
Hans  Georg  Birstler. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given. ^ 

Names.  Apes. 

Andreas  Chars 47 

Adam  Char 20 

Jn"  Michell  Emort 39 

Jac<jb  Stealy,      25 

John  Adam  Able, 44 

Hans  Jacol)  Able 16 

Matthew  Barstayn 39 

Roland  Brown,      30 

Mathias  Smith 40 

Hendrick  Papts,        35 

John  Jurigh  Smith, 21 

Jolni  Jurigh  Brothell 32 

Phillip  Spinchlre, 45 

Jacob  Spinchire, 48 

Peater  Scheaver,      24 

Christian  Reap, 24 

Piter  Kitter, 45 

Jacobb  Miller, 52 

Hendrick  Gaabell,                65 

Johnas  Oterpack, 27 

•lurgh  Burghart, 56 

John  Jurgh  Noll,      36 

Petter  Roach, 35 

Fredrick  Killer, 30 

John  .Turge  Waganer, 52 

Mickell  Pentes 27 

John  Jacob  Rinpeli, 36 

John  Jurgh  Pelman.                   40 


JYames.  Age. 

John  Mickell  Rayer, 45 

Hants  Carll  Reayer 22 

Hants  Martin  Rayer 16 

Christien  Ely, 49 

Hants  David  EUy, 30 

Jacob  Lishire, 37 

Jacob  Lishire, 30 

Lad  wick  Happell, 36 

Mathews  Shitz 34 

Coneard  Fify, 53 

Philip  Lendea  Ceavy 36 

Hans  Jurge  Reser, 53 

Jurgh  Adam  Reser, 23 

Phillip  Roup 51 

Michell  Roup, 32 

Lenord  Kegill, 48 

Barnard  Walter,  ....        58 

Conrad  Millear,     17 

Hendrick  Acker, 83 

Phillip  Jacob  Acker, 36 

John  Jurgli  Rick,  33 

Hants  Mickell  Kragin, 31 

Jurigh  Kitter, 37 

W"  Bearne, 36 

Jurgh  Hants  Kunts,    . 55 

Hants  Jurgh  Kunts, 19 

John  David  Lince, 30 

RavHn  Miller 53 

Cronomus  Miller, 33 

Hants  Wattlee,      50 

Petter  Sowder,      48 

Hants  Philipp  Sowder,      17 

Samuell  Grriffe 45 

Johanes  Jerig  ffoufman. 45 

iMartien  Heylnian 33 

Johannes  Heylinan, 16 

Martin  Waybrick 43 

Jurigh  Harkman 28 

Hants  Jurig  Obremiler 24 

Christopher  Lay, 37 

Johan  Jurig  Fredrik, .  30 

Hants  Jurigh  Honick, 20 

John  Heyl  Jurigher, 42 

Andreas  Shank, 23 

Mickell  Smith, 25 


Names.  Age. 

Jacob  Billinayer, 18 

Mickell  Einert 43 

Phillip  Gripper 29 

John  Mickell  Honj)acker 33 

Petter  Shulter 20 

Petter  Cooker 30 

Jurigh  Mick*^'  Rev 22 

John  Cristian  Shnlts,  V.   I\   M 30 

John  Jurgh  Hot  reman 32 

Jacob  Stainbagh, 28 

John  Fridrick  Hayster 25 

Hants  Jurgh  Able 63 

Jacob  Krech 22 

John  Fradrick  Burghart 30 

Johanes  Vogall, 32 

Johannes  Pens 23 

Hants  Andreas  Cochenderfer, — 

Hants  Adam  Gasser, 32 

Johan  Hendrick  Eckler 21 

Jonas  Wolf, 40 

Lenard  Lofts, 25 

Marcous  Jong, 23 

Matliew  Jong 21 

Hendrick  Laybagger 4G 

Johan  Nicolas  Reymer 30 

Joseph  Baker, .'....  25 

Baltser  Conkell 90 

Valentayn  Rocpert, 28 

Jn»  Jurgh  Turkill 28 

Hants  Bintneagle, 31 

Hants  Jurgh  Roup, 27 

Hans  Shoonian, 32 

Johanes  Ester, 25 

Hans  Martan  Ruer, 30 

Jurigh  Miller, 23 

Hants  Jurgh  Strian, 21 

Johannes  Smeltrer 26 

Johannes  Repman 19 

Johann  Michell  Albert, 20 

Christian  Rym, • 33 

Fredrick  Sheaver,    .    .    .    .• 19 

Hans  Martin  Waybright, .  17 

Johannes  Reep, — 

Casper  Creamer — 




Name. . 

Conraad  AValter, 

John  Jorig  Fredrich  Rmert, 
Jacob  Rats, 


List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Mart,  of  Lon- 
don, John  Gray,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  26,  1732, 

Nicolas  Staller, 
Conrath  Miller, 
Christian  Kling. 
Nicolas  Stemple, 
Christoph  Kiser, 
Cornelius  Teele, 
Albrecht  Strauss, 
Casper  Miere, 
Georg  Sell  ussier, 
Georg  Phillip  Pier, 
Conrad  Abernian, 
Hans  Michel  Walck. 
Stephen  Kennanier, 
Henry  Cheesler. 
Joh.  F.  Rauschenberger, 
Christian    Minier, 
Jacob  Walder, 
Simon  Muller, 
Albrecht  Hass, 
Georg  Kling. 
Michael  Dorr, 
Martin  Ernst, 
Hans  Geoig  Froschaner, 
Hans  Jacob  Ebernian. 
Hans  Adam  Miller, 
Hans  H enrich  Teny, 
Jean  Louis  Avier, 
^Hans  Georg  Embright, 
Georg  Felte  Pickel, 
Johannes  Schaffner, 
Christopher  Pickel, 

Jacob  Reitlershan, 
Dewald  Kase, 
Jacob  Stempel, 
Jacob  Haiib, 
Reinholt  Ezle, 
Daniel  Billiger, 
Andreas  Moser, 
Jacob  AVurth, 
Henrich  Chesler, 
Joh.  Jacob  Dreibelbiss, 
Hans  GeorgEbenno, 
Hans  Jacob  Wurth, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Hans  Jacob  Cheesler, 
Jacob  Marcus  Imler, 
Jacob  Walter, 
Herman  Sin, 
AVinnale  Cattler, 
Carl  Lisa, 
Johannes  Werth, 
Pierre  Fleury, 
Nicolaus  Kint, 
Michael  Eberjiian, 
Johann  Laudermilch, 
Hans  Georg  Minier, 
Hans  Adam  Roberts, 
Johann  (ireorg  Kohl, 
Hans  Peter  Verley, 
Hans  Michel  Mentz, 
Johannes  Huber, 


[The  orirjinal  list  is  herewith  i/iven.] 
Names.  Apes. 

Nicolas  Taller 45 

Hance  Froshom 33 

Michal  Al)reiiiaii,      56 

Jacob  Abreinan, , 19 

Arnold  Treetershan,  . 43 

Conerat  Miller 40 

Fable  Kees 20 

Christen  Clinger,      26 

Jacob  Steniple,      40 

Nicolas  Steniple, 70 

Johan  Loudniilch, 28 

Hansad  Miller, 23 

Jacob  Hoak, i 25 

Christopher  Kozer,      • .    .  36 

Cornel  us  Teele 25 

Jerick  Philip  Pear 27 

Daniel  Peliger 30 

Albright  Strows, 20 

Jacob  Triolpare, 33 

Conrade  Abranian,      23 

Anders  Moser 24 

Casper  Maire, 20 

Hance  Jerick  Ebener, ." 34 

Hance  Halwalop,      25 

Hance  Jacob  Wartt, 56 

Hance  Jacob  AVartt, 17 

Haffa  Kenama, 60 

Jacob  Kenaina, 16 

Johanes  Mozer, 23 

Henery  Chissler 53 

Hance  Jacob  Chissler :    .    .    .    .  23 

Jerick  Chissler, 18 

Henery  Chissler 16 

John  Frederick  Roasenburg 19 

Jacob  Walter, 48 

Jacob  Walter 10 

Herman  Sin, 25 

Siinon  Miller,      25 

Wennell  Kettle, 43 

Rhineholt  Ysel,      33 

Albright  Hawse, 33 

Erreck  Mens  Eniler ....  37 

Carle  Lissey 80 

Michal  Mans, 33 


Names.  Age. 

Hance  Erick  Cling, 16 

Jacob  Hasman,      40 

Johannes  Went,    ....       27 

Michal  Davis, 37 

Hance  Jericke  Deave, 16 

Christan  Mineer, 28 

Hance  Jerck  Mineer, 26 

Henrick  Tersey 19 

Hance  Adam  Roberts 4§ 

John  Lew  Dellvasong, 18 

Pece  Flewies, 36 

Leonhart  Sable, 40 

Hance  Jareck  Cole,     26 

Hance  Martin  Errenst,      2G 

Hance  Jergenbright, 4,1 

Johanes  Hoover, 57 

Hance  Peter  Verly 27 

Hance  Errick  Smith, .  44 

Canesh  Ever, 30 

Jerricks  Felder  Pickle,      33 

Jeneek  Hennick  Right 17 

Nicolas  Kents, 58 

Baldos  Click, 33 

Christopher  Pickle,     ,....' 48 

Johan  Philop  Pickle,     16 

List  of  Forkigxers  Imported  i\  the  Ship  Dragon,  Chas. 
Hargrave,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Sept. 
30,   1732. 

Peter  Matern,  Hans  Greorg  Soldnier. 

Christ.  HotTniann,  Michel  Dirr, 

Hans  Laabour,  Jacob  Leipersburger, 

Leonhard  Slosser,  Greorge  Road, 

Peter  Raiidenl)usch,  Leonhard  Miller, 

Johannes  Witman,  Henrich  <Tru))er, 

Peter  Schlosser,  Jacob  Klein, 

Hans  Greorg  Hegi,  Christian  Huber, 

Andreas  Schlauch,  Simon  Belsner, 

Johannes  Geiger,  Henrich  Easier, 

Joli.  Dietrich  Grreiner,  Johan  Cxeorg  Greiner, 

Johannes  Schreyiackh,  Han  Wilhelm  Ziegler, 


Johan  Phil.  Hofiiiiann, 
Hans  Michel  Reisner, 
Michael  Graff, 
Geortr  Pantz, 
Georg  Hayle, 
LucUvig  Sype, 
Henrich  Klein, 
Hans  Georg  IMrr, 
Hans  Adam  Bender, 
Joh.  Wilhelin  Franck, 
Hans  Peter  Wolff, 
Hans  Rudolph  Illig, 
George  Ludwig  Schnt/, 
Johann  Jacob  Beyerle, 
Hans  (leorg  Heill, 

.loh.  Nicklans  Mailer, 
Johan  ]*hilip  Schlauch, 
Leuhart  Jientz, 
Tobias  Ball, 
Georg  Seib, 
Frantz  Seib, 
Joh.  Friedrich  Roiaich, 
Martin  Weidkuecht, 
Johan  Adam  Romich, 
Hans  Jacob  Schrock, 
Johan  Heerburger, 
Hans  Martin  Kappler, 
riiristophel  Beser, 
Hans  Ulrich  Bear, 
Felix  Brunner. 



[  The  original 

Andreas  Beetel, 
Georg  Dirr, 
Martin  Wytknecht, 
Jacob  Lypersberger, 
Wendel   Laabei-, 
Adam  Romich,     ~ 
Leonhard  Schlosser, 
William  Franck. 
Henry  Rowdenbosh, 
Henrich  Groober, 
Johannes  Hearburgev 
Jacob  Klein, 
Johann  Kyjer, 
Hans  Georg  Kron<  r, 
Peter  Schlosser, 
Johannes  Shrj'ok, 
Christian  Hoober, 
Philip  Hoffmann, 
Jacob  Hayea, 
Simon  Peltzner, 
Andreas  Shlowch, 
Rudolph  Ulic-k, 
Henrich  Baaslev, 
Leonhard  Pence, 
Tobias  Paul, 
Georg  T.  Sober, 

i.s'  herewith  given.] 
Peter  Matern, 
Michael  Dirr, 
Christoph  Hoffman, 
Georg  Adam  Bender, 
Georg  Roodt, 
Frederich  Romich. 
Leonhard  Muller, 
Peter  Rowdenbosh, 
Jacol)  Shark, 
Peter  Wolff, 
Johan  Wiltman, 
Henrich  Klein, 
Wilhelm  Kyjer, 
Dietrich  Kraner, 
William  T.  Siegler, 
Nicolaus  Muller,  . 
Daniel  Steinmetz, 
Johan  Hayea, 
Gorg  Hayea, 
Philip  Shlowch, 
Michael  Rysner, 
Jlartin  Kopler, 
Ludwig  Schitz, 
Michael  Graaf, 
Georg  Fawntz, 
Jacob  Byerle, 



Christoph  Basserer. 
Ulrih  Bare, 
Georg  Hayl, 
Georg  Syp, 
Frans  Syp, 
Laurence  Bechtle, 
Michael  Nusloch, 
Jacob  Tups, 
Hans  Georg  Soldne'* 

Simon  Basserer, 

Georg  Bare, 

Georg  Adam  Hayl, 

Ludwick  Syp, 

Henrich  Zowck, 

Felix  Bronner, 

Dietrich  Boocher, 

Wolfgang  Birle. 

Friderich  Englehart  Uhlmann. 

A  List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ixtke  Ship  Pleasa^-t, 
J.  Morris,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Oct. 
11,  1732. 

Henrich  Spengler, 
Friedrich  Bassler, 
Johaun  Georg  Senck, 
Jacob  Friederich  Klem, 
Ulrich  Peters, 
Georg  Spengler, 
Henrich  Roth, 
Henrich  Eckert, 
Felix  Miller, 
Friederich  Notz, 
Ulricli  Basler, 
Valentin  Muller, 
Georg  Michel  Favian, 
Matthias  Jurian, 
Phillip  Schilling, 
Jacob  Hornberger, 
Hans  Bern  Kuntzer, 
Mathies  Ambrose, 
Joh.   Casper  Wenterott, 
Han  Michel  Schnatterly. 
Johannes  Taffelmeyer, 

George  Bar, 
Ulrich  Badner, 
Baltzer  Spengler, 
Johan  Jacob  Timanus, 
Georg  Hans  Ped, 
Georg  Keller, 
Jacob  Padum, 
Conrath  Kolb, 
Johannes  Gamber, 
Johannes  Moak, 
Georg  Mess, 
Conrad  Rowp, 
Isaac  Raudenbuseh, 
Hans  Georg  Flack, 
Conrad  Glasbrenner, 
Hans  Peter  Siegmund, 
Hans  Philip  Kresler, 
Hans  Adam  Schilling, 
Geo.  Philip  Schnatterly, 
Hans  Michel  Hoffman. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  gire7i.] 

Names.  '  4  g^^ 

Pa.lster  Spingler, 24 

Henrey  Spingler, '  of, 

Johannes  Keller,  .  qo 

' *J4> 

Jarrick  Senet, 05 

THE  OATH  OF  ALLEGIANCE.                  •  71 

Names.  Aye. 

Jarrick  Biire,     21 

LeuiiJird  Lutes, 24 

Ulrey  Betterman, 25 

Ulric'k  Petters, 24 

Jarrick  Henrick  Petters, 19 

Jarrick  Spingler, 31 

Jarrick  Kiiller, 20 

Jacob  Fridrick  Cliiii,      17 

Henrey  Roch, 20 

Jacob  Podom, 18 

Johanna  Jacob  Tiinmaner, 20 

Isick  Roiuhlebus 27 

Martliiy  Jargon, 30 

Henrey  Akers 40 

Jarick  Follick, 30 

Jarrick  Pisell, 23 

Phillil)  Shillin • 30 

Connard  Colp, 34 

Connard  Claspanner,      30 

Connard  Ralfure, 29 

Petter  Ralfure, 25 

Jacob  Hornbarger,      33 

Hance  Petter  Sigmount 22 

Bai'net  Counts, 35 

Felieks  Meller 40 

Connard  Hellabran, 34 

Philip  Crasler 20 

Marthies  Ambrose, 37 

Johannes  Canibord,    .    .        32 

Fridrick  Nots 32 

David  Menner, ^ 20 

Adam  Sliillin, 24 

Micliarl  Coch, 33 

Johannes  Moke, 34 

Androw  Swiser, 33 

Jacol)  Frock, 40 

Fridrich  Pasler,     ...                27 

Oh-ey  Pasier, 3(J 

Micharl  Favon, 30 

Gasper  Winterout, '  .    .  28 

Jarrick  Phillip  Snattherly, 28 

Jarrick  Carne, .        .  25 

Hance  Micharl  Snatherly, 25 

Jarrick  Mess, 50 

Vallintine  Miller,      32 


I^omts.  Age. 

Hance  Michr'  Hofman, 34 

Johannes  Tablemier,      23 

Cristofour  Spraler, 33 

Jarrick  Mich'  Favon,      23 

David  Meneir, — 

J.  Creorge  Passage, — 

Connar  Roupe, 33 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Pink,  John 
AND  William,  of  Sunderland,  Constable  Tymperton, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Oct.   17,  1732. 

Moretz  Lorentz, 
Georg  Albright, 
Jacob  Brakebill, 
Bartel  Maul, 
Johannes  Jagi, 
Peter  Sniidt. 
Christian  Lau, 
Nicholas  Paschon, 
Bernhard  VVeymer, 
Felten  Sehydecker, 
Pieter  Hayvigh, 
Fridrich  Wyssel, 
Joh.  Philip  Reinhardt, 
Hans  Georg  Rohbach, 
Hans  Philip  Gleis, 
Johan  Martin  Schoffer, 
Benedict  Brechbill, 
Michal  Bloinhauer, 
Conrad  Low, 
Jacob  Weber, 
Abraham  Dubo, 
Antoni  Albrecht, 
Nicklaus  Koger, 
Gideon  H offer, 
Henrich  Geek, 
Jacob  Henricli, 
Han  Georg  Sprecher, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Boschung, 
Johan  Paul  Derst, 
Philip  Melchior  Meyer, 
Johan  Peter  Apfol, 

C.  Vielgar, 
Laurens  Kieffer, 
Stephen  Mattes, 
Hans  Emich, 
Johannes  Nagel, 
Baltzer  Gurlach, 
Stephan  Matz, 
Hans  Georg  Martin, 
Hans  Elir.  Vosselmann, 
Johannes  Deyuian, 
Michal  Weissel, 
Ludwig  Johan  Herr, 
Georg  Adam  St  is, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Schmid, 
Sebastian  Truckmuller, 
Hans  Peter  Brechbill, 
Hans  Brechbill, 
Casper  Willauer, 
Ludwig  Hagel, 
Johannes  Schook, 
Adam  Wilt, 
Conrad  Getts, 
Matheus  Mauser, 
Hans  Riehl, 
Johannes  Vogle, 
George  Veibert, 
Joh.  Michael  Hoffman, 
Hans  Jacob  Reyel, 
Mathias  Rubichon, 
Joh.  Georg  Wahnsidel, 
Johan  Jacob  Scherr. 



[The  original  list  is  herewith  i/ivc7i.] 

Hans  Earhart  Vosselman, 
Hans  Eniich, 
Laurence  Rosier, 
Stei)hven  Matts, 
Pieter  Hiivigh, 
Fridricli  Wisel, 
Philip  Melehionar, 
Johannes  Yege. 
PhlHp  Reynhart, 
Benedick  Britbill, 
Hans  Britbill, 
Hans  Jerick  Spreaker, 
Pieter  Smidt, 
Johan  Michael  Hufman, 
Bernard  AVeymer, 
-Christian  Low, 
Ludwick  Huge], 
Morris  Lorrence, 
Hans  Jacob  Keyl, 
Philip  Jacob  Proops, 
Abraham  Dubo, 
Hans  Jerick  Roenbach, 
Adam  Wilt, 
Antonia  Albrecht, 
Joseph  Houbly, 
Conrad  Ciets, 
Jacob  Kooyer, 
Bastian  Trookmiller, 
Hans  Key], 
Hans  Jevich  Martni, 
Paul  Derst, 
Mathias  Rubiehon, 
Jacob  H  end  rick, 
Johan  Jerich  Vansettel, 
Jerich  Vybert, 
Michael  Proops, 

Pieter  Harbyn, 
Helflick  Shedeicher, 
Johannes  Deynen, 
Fridrich  Cooler, 
Michael  Wysel, 
Laurence  Kelyfer, 
Ludwick  Melehionar, 
Bartel  Moll, 
Hans  Pieter  Britbill, 
Jacob  Britbill. 
Johan  Vintenhelver, 
Johannes  Nagel, 
Johannes  Hunsam, 
Nicholus  Parishon, 
Balsar  Gerloch, 
-Conrad  Low, 
Jacob  Weyber, 
Johannes  Shook, 
Jerig  Adam  Stis, 
Michael  IMiller, 
Philip  Dubo, 
Johan  Michael  Smit, 
Gerich  Albrecht, 
Hans  Woolf  Doopel, 
Hans  Philip  Glais, 
Nicholaus  Kooyer, 
Mathias  Menser, 
Gedon  Huffer. 
Johan  Martin  Stropfield, 
Casper rias  Vielard, 
Hendrick  Gek, 
Johannes  Vigilie, 
Philip  Melchior  Meyer, 
P'eter  Apfel, 
Jacob  Sheare, 

Women  and  Children. 

Margaret  Harbyn, 
Nicholus  Emich, 
Jacob  Emich, 
Cathrina  Matts, 
Dorothy  Kooler, 
Barbara  Hyvigh, 

Elisabetha  Margareta, 
Dorothy  Emich, 
Johannes  Emich, 
Marilas  Shyndech, 
Dorothy  Rosar, 
Elisabeth  Kooler, 



Ablonia  Wysel. 
Barbara  Kuyer, 
Johan  David  Kuyer, 
Anna  Fugo  Melchionar, 
Paliana  Yege, 
Maria  Britbill, 
Maria  Helferen, 
Cathrina  Spreakering, 
Cathrena  Shabel, 
Maria  Haufman, 
Magdalena  Panchson, 
Hendricli  Panchson, 
Eve  Panclison, 
Johannes  Veymert, 
Anna  Gluf  Lowan, 
Christian  Lowan, 
Margaret  Lowan, 
Cliristina  Bever, 
Dorotliy  Bever, 
Maria  Shooken, 
Maria  Shooken, 
Jacob  Lorrence, 
Jerick  Reylen, 
Catliarin  Spis, 
Susanna  Spis, 
Felder  Proops, 
Cathrina  Miller, 
Caspar  Miller,  » 

Michael  Miller, 
Anna  Dubo, 
Barbara  Albrecht, 
Hans  Albrecht, 
Bernard  Husslich, 
Maria  Glassen, 
Cathrina  Trookmiller, 
Michael  Reyl, 
Anna  Martin, 
Michael  Martin, 
Charl.  De  Meyeren, 
Johan  Revenooch, 
Sophia  Rynhart, 
Anna  Wyberton, 
Maria  Vyberton, 

Susanna  Wysel, 

Barbara  Wysel, 

Maria  Savina  Kuyer, 

Luodwick  Melchionar, 

Maria  Katrina  Melchionar, 

Katrina  Moll, 

Anna  Britbill, 

Christophel  Helferen, 

Maria  Nagelin, 

Maria  Sniit, 

Eva  Haufman, 

Andreas  Panchson, 

Maria  Panchson, 

Barbara  Veymert, 

Maria  Gerloch, 

Philip  Lowan, 

Barbara  Lowan, 

Anna  Hagel  Reyn, 

Jacob  Bever, 

Barbara  Lorrence. 

Hans  Shooken, 

Cathrina  Shooken, 

Eve  Reylen, 

Jacob  Vorg, 

Michael  Proops, 

Cathrina  Miller, 

Christophbena  Mille 

Hans  Miller, 

Cathrina  Proops, 

Anna  Smit, 

Peter  Albrecht, 

Susan  Husslich. 

Michael  Husslich, 

Maria  Getson, 

Cathrina  Reyl, 

Maria  Reyl. 

Maria  Martin, 

Magdalena  Vielard, 

Cathrina  Vansettel, 

Apalonia  Ajiel, 

Anna  Kootson, 

Gertruy  Smiden, 

Susan  Vyberton. 



List  of  Foreigners  iMPORTKn  ix  the  Ship  Samueu  of 
London,  Hugh  Percy,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
ified Aug.  17,  1783. 

Hans  Peter  Frey, 
Abraham  Kulni. 
Jacob  Rausher, 
H enrich  Bischof, 
Andreas  Frey, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Alldorffer, 
Hans  Leonard  Wolff, 
Hans  Wolf  Eiseman, 
Hans  Werfel. 
Solomon  Miller, 
Kilian  Schmid, 
Melchor  AVagner, 
Andreas  Wignei", 
Caspar  Millhouse, 
Jacol)  Fegely, 
Johan  Lorig, 
Lorentz  Schnepp, 
Henricli  Beter, 
Peter  Cornelius, 
Marx  Gleini, 
Henrich  Haller, 
Mattheis  Ley, 
Michael  Sturtzebach, 
Johan  Lechtenwallner, 
Hans  Georg  Ruch, 
Hans  Jacob  Ruch, 
Hans  Leonhart  Leber, 
Henry  Meder. 
Hans  Jacob  Mathis, 
Joh.  Jacob  Griesinger, 
Hans  Kaspar  Eysseman. 
Han  Jacob  Kammerlin, 
Han  Michael  Probst, 
Joh.  Casper  Korber, 
Joh.  Henrich  Adam, 
HanCasper  Brenner, 
Joh.  Conrad  Kampff, 
Christian  Kampff, 
Jacob  Gerkenhauser, 
Joh.  Peter  Knobell, 
Ulrich  Flickiner, 

Han  Bernhardt  Trostell. 
Elias  Theiler, 
Fried  rich  Kuhn, 
Christian  Krobs, 
Peter  Cuntz, 
Friederich  Leiby, 
Hans  Georg  Peck, 
Hans  Georg  Wervel, 
Hans  Casper  Jost, 
Hans  Fries, 
Martin  Scheib, 
Hans  Jacob  Hoff, 
Christian  Loffel, 
Michael  Probst, 
Johann  Kauffman, 
Andreas  Weltz, 
Jacob  Wenger, 
Johannes  Schnepp, 
Martin  Wanner, 
Henrich  Roth, 
Kicolaus  Kan, 
Elias  Hasele, 
Jacob  Krater, 
Hans  Peter  Beissel, 
Han  Georg  Strohauer, 
Johan  Jacob  Zimnier, 
Johan  Georg  Ruch, 
Johannes  Jacob  Ritt, 
Peter  Drachsel. 
Lorentz  Seyboot, 
Johan  Lenhart  Weiss, 
Johan  Philip  Hotzer, 
Justus  Simon  Wagner, 
Hans  Adam  Lang, 
Han  Georg  Zoller, 
Joh.  Henrich  Fischer, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Fischer, 
Peter  Ensminger, 
Gilbert  Kampff, 
Han  Lehnard  Eimiger, 
Joh.  Caspar  Schaffner, 
Han  Adam  Stuckroth, 


Valentin  Sneider,  Hans  Peter  Mack, 

Christian  Danner,  Henrich  Fessler, 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.'] 

Names.  Ages. 

Hans  Peter  Fry,   44 

Listen  Walter,  33 

Hans  Jerick  Strohaver,     33 

Casper  Elias  (Tayler,  37 

A  braham  Koon,    50 

Frederick  Koon,   .  .  22 

Hans  Jacob  Syminer,     24 

Jacob  Rusher,    52 

Christian  Krapts,     33 

Hendrick  Bishop,     20 

Jerick  Rouk,  Sen. , 48 

Jerick  Rouk,  Jun. , 24 

Hans  Jacob  Rouk,  17 

Peter  Coonts 47 

Hans  Jacob  Reed,    45 

Leonard  Lightner, 36 

Hans  Jerick  Peck.   30 

Hans  Jacob  Ganiooroon, 36 

Andrews  Fry,    35 

Frederick  Leyday, 38 

Frederick  Alteri'er, 18 

Michall  Smith,  34 

Matthew  Ley,    28 

Peter  Pysell, 44 

Michal  Stersebagh, 43 

Meliker  Freys,    32 

Hans  Wervell, 54 

Hans  Jerick  Wervell,     18 

Martin  Jibe,    47 

Bernard  Wolf,    39 

Gasper  Toust,    31 

Solomon  Miller,     22 

Hans  Wolf  Iseman 22 

Hans  Jacob  Hoff. 33 

Jacob  Matthews, 29 

Leonard  Wise,   29 

Johannes  Cresiner, 23 

Philip  Hettser, ' 18 

Gillian  Smith,    40 


Names.  Age. 

Christian  Lafell,  22 

Gasper  Tseman,     53 

Meliker  Wagner, 48 

Augustus  Wagner, 19 

Jacob  Kiniuierling 24 

Hans  Adam  Long,  30 

Michael  Bropts 54 

Johau  Miclial  Bropts,  21 

Jerick  Soller, 52 

Gasper  Kervell, 40 

Hendrick  Fisher, 38 

Andrews  Wegener, 45 

Hans  Koafnum,     43 

Hendrick  Adam,    28 

William  Fisher,     26 

Gasper  Millhouse,    28 

Andrews  Welts,    .  . . , 44 

Gasper  Brander 44 

Jacob  Fegely,     32 

Johanes  Lerick,     26 

Johannes  Snapp, 37 

Lawrence  Snapp, 21 

Martin  Wonner,    36 

Hendrick  Peter 26 

Peter  Hansminger, 3y 

Conrade  Kempf 48 

Chi'istian  Kempf 18 

Gilbert  Kempf,     16 

Hendrick  Roodt, 45 

Peter  Cornelius,    48 

Jacob  Kerkehouser, 29 

Nicholas  Kaun,       41 

Leonard  Tyminger,     39 

Marks  Clyne, - 45 

Peter  Knoble,    43 

Elias  Hesly, 35 

Hendrick  Holler, 44 

Peter  Holler, 18 

Gasper  Schoffner,    21 

Jacob  Creder,     21 

Peter  Troksell 42 

Olerick    Flyckinner,  26 

Hans  Adam  Fokerall 48 

Hendrick  Feseler,    50 

Lawrence  Slber,       53 


Names.  Age. 

Bernard  Trossell,     38 

Hendrick  Meder, 52 

Christian  Tianner,    21 

(xasper  Martin, 20 

Hans  Peter  Mock,    25 

Valentine  Snyder,  22 

Women's  Names. 

Barbella  Fry 37 

Barbara  Walter^   24 

Maria  Crete  Myring 26 

Maria  Catharina  Sti  ohaver,    30 

Anna  Barbara  Tayler,  30 

Eve  Koon,    59 

Cathrina  Koon,     24 

Anna  Maria  Rusher,  42 

Cathrina  Rusher, 17 

Christina  Rusher,     15 

Cliristina  Krapts,     24 

Catlirina  Rouk 46 

Maria  Barbella  Coonts 45 

Maria  Barbella  Coonts,     19 

Anna  Maria  Reed,   55 

Sabina  Lightner,    45 

Aiuia  Barbara  Tamoroou 37 

Cathrina  Barl)ara,  Fry,    30 

Appellonia  Fi-y,      58 

Maria  Valnia  Fry, 14 

Maria  Mettliua  Leyday, 37 

Anna  Ursula  Smith,  31 

Anna  Maria  Ley, 24 

Susannah  Pysell 33 

Crete  Stersebagh,      24 

Ursula  Snyding,    25 

Maria  Lydia  Wervell,     52 

Maria  Lydia  Wervell, 26 

Elizabeth  Wervell.   17 

Anna  Cathrina  Jibe, 44 

Anna  Maria  Jibe,       16 

A nna  Barbara  Hoff,   33 

Maria  Crete  Wise,    38 

Cathrina  Smith 46 

Maria  Crete  Smith. 14 

Maria  Crete  Iseman 53 

Maria  Crete  Iseman, 24 


Na  tries.  ^9^- 

Cathrina  Long,     ^^ 

Maria  Crete  Matthews, 24 

Mart  ha  Wagner, 38 

Barbara  Brofpts 53 

Anna  Kervell,    3^ 

Maria  Ke'rvell, I'J 

Anna  Eve  Kervell l-'^ 

Anna  Lydia  Fisher.    36 

Cathrinfi  Adam 26 

Cathrina  Faiigen,      34 

Maria  Crete  Fry,     17 

Anna  Maria  Welts 27 

Appellonia  Brander 42 

Eve  Maria  Fegely 27 

Anna  Maria  Lerick,    28 

Barbara  Snapp 34 

Elizabeth  AVonner, 33 

Cathrina  Peter,     33 

C'athrina  H  ansminger 33 

Cathrina  Trootnienyn,    62 

Anna  Maria  Kempf,    38 

Cathrina  Roed, 40 

Anna  Eve  Roed,  13 

Elizabeth  Cornelius,  47 

Elizabeth  Cornelius,  20 

Susanah  Kerkehouser, 28 

Maria  Crete  Kerkehouser, 50 

Cathrina  Kaun, 40 

Maria  Crete  Tyminger,     40 

Elizabeth  Clyne,   43 

Juliana  Clyne 13 

Ursula  K noble ...  43 

Anna  Maria  Knoble 16 

Susanah  H  esley 31 

Elizabeth  Bittern 20 

Cathrina  Holler •  40 

Christina  Holler 16 

Elizabeth  Kollren 50 

Cathrina  Troksell,  30 

Liiodicea  Flykinner, 25 

Juliana  Fokerall, 43 

Afaria  Fokerall, 16 

Maria  Feseler,    48 

Maria  Crete  Feseler. 23 

Catharina  Wagner 19 


Names.  Age. 

Maria  Crete  Siber,  53 

Maria  Crete  Siber 14 

Anna  Maria  Trossel, 32 

Anna  (iertroud  Meder, 32 

Catherine  Meder,     13 

ChihJ ren' s  JVame.s. 

Valentine  Fry, 12 

Eve  Fry,   10 

Anna  Maria  Fry, 8 

Hans  Peter  Fry,   4 

Christian  Fry 2 

Barbara  Strohaver 8 

Cal  hrina  Strohaver, 4 

Hans  Peter  Strohaver, 1 

Philip  Adam  Tayler 10 

Hans  Martin  Tayler, 8 

Rosina  Tayler, 4 

Christina  Tayler, 2 

Hans  Jerick  Koon, 15 

Anna  Crete  Koon, 11 

Anna  Crete  Rusher,    10 

Anna  Barball  Rusher, 8 

Metelina  Rusher, '. 7 

Maria  Psahiia  Rusher,  5 

Maria  Crete  Krapts,   4 

Anna  Percy  Krapts, | 

Michael  Rouk, 10 

Maria  Eve  Rouk, 8 

Michael  Coonts,    13 

Hans  Jerick  Coonts,   9 

Maria  Crete  Coonts,    7 

Maria  Catharina  Coonts 5 

Jerick  Reed, 15 

A nna  Lydia  Reed 11 

Mai'ia  Dorothea  Reed, .    .         ....  8 

Hans  Jacob  Reed ...  4 

Hans  Jerick  Lightner, 8 

Hans  Michall  Tamooroon, 3 

Elizabeth  Fry 9 

Mettelina  Fry,   3 

Christopher  Fry 8 

Jacob  Leyday, 13 

Michall  Leyday,    10 

Wolrick  Leyday, 4 

thf:  oath  of  allegiance.  81 

Names.  Age. 

Cathariua  Leyday 1 

Hans  l>eter  Pysell, 8 

Hans  Jacob  Pysell, 3 

Barbella  Pysell,     1 

Leonard  Wervell,      8 

Catharina  Jibe,     10 

Martin  Jibe 14 

Haus  Jacob  Jibe, 7 

Hans  Jerick  Jibe,     4 

Christina  Hoff 2 

Anna  Maria  Smith,       11 

Agnes  Smith 4 

Catlirina  Iseman,     11 

Barbella  Iseman, 8 

Christian  Long,    6 

Appellonia  Long,     4 

Ursula  Long, 1 

Barbara  Brof pts 8 

Barbara  Kervell, 10 

Elizabeth  Kervell,  6 

Eve  Kervell,    4 

Anna  Maria  Fisher,    11 

Susanah  Fisher,    3 

Hans  Jacob  Fisher.     2 

Catharina  Adam, 2 

Barbara  Brander,    8 

Charlotte  Brander,     1 

Christina  Fegely, 4 

Jacob  Fegely, 1 

Hans  Jerick  Lerick,    3 

Johannes  Snapp, 12 

Lawrence  Snapp,     10 

Barbara  Snapp, 3 

Maria  Crete  Wonner,     10 

Anna  Maria  Wonner, 6 

Christian  Wonner,  ....    1 

Henry  Peter, 1 

Hendrick  Hansminger,     10 

Catharina  Hansminger,    8 

Hans  Philip  Hansminger.   G 

Nicolas  Hansminger, I 

Frederick  Kempf 8 

Hans  Peter  Kempf, 6 

Catharina  Kempf 2 

6-VoL.  XVII. 


Names.  Age. 

AVilliam  Roed,    12 

Catharina  Roed, 9 

Lawrence  Cornelius, 11 

Vronicke  Cornelius,    8 

Mettelina  Kerkehouser, 1 

Michal  Kaun 13 

Hendrick  Kaun,    8 

Joliannes  Kaun,  3 

Dorothea  Kaun i 

Hans  Adam  Tyminger,     11 

Barbara  Tyminger,     9 

Catharina  Tyniinger,       3 

Eliz.  Clyne,     11 

Catharina  Clyne, 10 

Dorothea  Clyne,   8 

Marks  Clyne, 4 

Eva  Senus  Hesly,     8 

Maria  Crete  Hesly, 1 

Hendrick  Holler,      13 

Catharina  Holler,     7 

Dorothea  Holler,    3 

Philip  Fokerall,     15 

Eleanor  Fokerall,       9 

Jerick    Fokerall, 1 

Jacob  Fokerall, 3 

Godfrey  Fokerall, 1 

Peter  Troksell,  9 

Daniel  Troksell, ' 7 

Benedict  Siber,    11 

Catharine  Rossel, 10 

Jerick  Rossel,  4 

Maria  Crete  Rossel 2 

George  Meder, 8 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the   Ship  Elizabeth, 

Edward  Lee,    Master,  from   Rotterdam.     Qualified 
Aug.  27,  1733. 

Johannes  Kirschner,  Johannes  Mohn, 

Conrad  Schott,  Johan  Philip  Saner, 

Joh.  Michael  Grauel,  Johan  <Teorg  Petry, 

Michael  Ruth,  Carl  Hetrich 



Henrich  Slent^, 
Ulrich  iSchuh, 
Joliannes  Jjoat/, 
Simeon  Linder, 
Michael  Faber, 
StepJian  Laiiinan, 
Jacob  Mailer, 
Jacob  Kobbler, 
Johau  Debalt  Traadt, 
Johannes  Herrgeroder, 
Joh.  Philip  Schiuiilt, 
Frantz  Weiss, 
Johannes  Ohr, 
Jacob  Serbev,  Jr., 
Jacob  Zettle, 
Henry  Strieker, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schotte, 
Johan  Pliilip  Faust, 
Han  Peter  Hoffman, 
Johan  Philip  Faust, 
Matthias  Weidnian, 
Hans  Greorg  Perger, 
Simon  Schermann, 
Andreas  Klebsattel, 
Johann  Ulriek  (jaul, 
Michael  Reinhard. 

Johannes  Jung, 
Jaio  Schuh, 
Henrich  Still, 
Simon  Linder,  Jr., 
Aron  Doganer, 
Jaques  Bonet, 
Johannes  Knoll, 
Georg  Scherman, 
Hans  Martin  Traudt, 
Joh.  Henrich  Dewess, 
Hans  Jacob  Metz, 
Georg  Ohr, 
Jacob  Berber, 
Jacob  Hanrieh, 
Jacob  Bellinger, 
Balser  Metz, 
Johann  Philip  Faust, 
Joh.  Henrich  Danig, 
Johan  Peter  Faust, 
Jacob  Michael  Eyb, 
Geo.  Friederich  Anselt, 
Wolfgang  MuUer, 
Hans  Georg  Nordt, 
Georg  Henrich  Mertz, 
Joannes  Vogelin, 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.} 
Names  Ages. 

Johannes  Kernoser, 40 

Philip  Sover, 23 

Joainies  Moon, 33 

Mich'.  Frowell, 32 

Johan  Joseph  Faller 23 

Johan  Jurg  Peitrj^ 27 

John  Hendrick  Shott 22 

Coiu'ad  Shott, 50 

Philip  Foust, 30 

aiich.  Rutt, 56 

Joan  Hendric  Finick, 33 

Coblin  Hetrick,      40 

Hendrick  Stence, 39 

Hans  Peter  Houfman, 28 

Johannes  Long, 20 

Johan  Peter   Foust, 44 

Philip  Foust, 20 


Names.  Age. 

Jacob  Elbe,      34 

Ulrich  Shue 48 

John  Jacob  Shue, 20 

Johannes  Lots,      35 

Mathias  AVhiteinan,     ...           56 

Mathew  AVhiteman, 34 

Henrich  Still, 60 

Simon  Lindar, 53 

Simon  Lindar,  Jiin. , 16 

Frederick  Onself, 21 

Michael  Fabar,      35 

Andreas  Pogner, 34 

Stephen  Lovvman, 31 

Jacob  Bonnet 32 

Wolfeon  Miller, 41 

Jacob  Miller 17 

Simon  Shearman, 49 

Jurigh  Shearman 17 

Johannes  Noll 29 

Jacob  Houbler 30 

France  Wice 27 

Taball  Troud, 27 

Hans  Martin  Troud 56 

Hans  Jurigh  Ley, 28 

Jurigh  Ore,      51 

Johannes  Ore, 19 

Jacob  Server, 56 

Jacob  Server,  Jun. , 36 

Rodolph  Server, 21 

Jacob  Houswett, 34 

Jacob  Hendrich, 28 

Johan  Hendrich  Tabas, 28 

Nicholas  Sly, 24 

Jacob  Shittle 22 

Philip  Smith,      33 

Hans  Jurigh  Nort, 45 

Jacob  Tilliner, 33 

Andreas  Clipsadle 22 

Jurigh  Heinrich  March, 20 

J  )han  Ulrich  Cool, 30 

Johan  Fagley,       28 

Henry  Striker, 29 

Mich'.  Rainard,     23 

Malster  Mixt 54 

Hans  Jacob  Mixt 20 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Hope,  of  Lon- 
nox,  Daniel  Reed,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Aug.  28,  1733. 

Ulrich  Wissler, 
Peter  Steininan. 
Hans  Rot, 
Hans  (Trnnibaeher, 
Nicholas  Tinil)erman, 
Rudolph  Hrock, 
Barnard  Keller, 
Georg  Richter, 
Daniel  Roth, 
Andreas  Laui-h, 
Peter  Schuuick, 
Peter  Sayler, 
Georg  Kreisseman, 
Abraham  Miller, 
Henrich  Tace, 
Michael  Ably, 
Henrich  Fegly, 
Steven  Slonacker, 
Peter  Eschelnian, 
Hans  Georg  Weittne. 
Joseph  Flare, 
Christian  Kerr, 
Ulrich  Whitmer, 
Jacol)  Burki, 
Hans  Georg  Brimmer, 
Jacob  Lachbaam, 
Hans  Georg  Schreyack, 
Johan  Adam  Reistel. 
Joh.  Leonahart  Stein, 
Hans  Georg  Hoffner, 
Johan  Jacob  Muckli, 
Bastian  Tryster, 
Georg  Michael  Treitter, 
Hans  Jacob  Gerber, 
Joh.  Ad.  Simon  Cumm, 
Han  Adam  Spittlemire, 
Han  Michael  Steinbren, 
Hans  Jacob  Schreiber, 
Jacob  Schreyack, 
Hans  Steinman, 

Hans  Steinman, 
Ulrich  Reiidiardt, 
Christian  Stouder, 
Friderick  Becker, 
('hristian  Reblet, 
Conrad  Riiiif, 
Peter  Aarond, 
Frantz  Klebsattel, 
Herman  A  rand, 
Heinrich  Umberger, 
Christian  Johnle, 
Andreas  Besinger, 
Jacob  Bart, 
Benedict  Wise, 
Jacob  Rnbman, 
Barnard  Fegely. 
Rudolph  Schnebele, 
Christian  Eschelman, 
Ulrich  Loninacre,  jr., 
Hans  Timberman, 
Johannes  Flnre, 
Michael  Whitmer, 
Peter  Whitmer, 
Hans  Snabley, 
Cliristian  Blank, 
Heinrich  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Vonreth, 
Han  Geo.  Eichelberger, 
Hans  Geoi'g  Kohler, 
Johan  David  Deschler, 
Johan  Carl  Gramp, 
Han  Leonhart  Umberger, 
Hans  Georg  Gol)el, 
Joh.  Christopf  Cumm, 
Martin  Spitelmayer, 
Wilhelm  Krauss, 
Abraham  Krentter, 
Daniel  Huselman, 
Han  Michael  Schreyack. 


[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.l 
Names.  Ages. 

Ulrig  Wislaer, 36 

Ulrig  Rayenhart,      29 

Hans  Croinbacker, 26 

Hans  Steman, 49 

Petter  Steman, 26 

Hans  Steman 21 

Cristian  Stoder, 45 

Hans  Rood, 22 

Hans  Timerman, 63 

Hans  Timerman, 16 

Cribtian  Timerman, 14 

Josaph  Floriey, 51 

Josaph  Floriey, 19 

Johanes  Floriey, 15 

Cristian  Keer, 27 

Migiel  Wi^man, 65 

Ulrige  Witman, 31 

Fitter  Witman 21 

Hans  Witman, 20 

Fitter  Eslman, 50 

Cristian  Eslman, 19 

Alrige  Langneker, 69 

Olrig  Langnecker, '. 22 

Jackop  Langnecker, 19 

Jackop  Benke, 35 

Hans  Snebliey, 37 

Cristian  Blanck 34 

Jerick  Wiednar, 41 

Hans  Jurig  Briner, 27 

Fredrick  Becker,     48 

Jackop  Lughboom, 34 

Rudolph  Brack, 47 

Cristian  Riblet, 27 

Barnard  Kelden 37 

Conrad  Rauff, 40 

Jerick  Rigtan, 47 

Henrick  Smit, 31 

Fitter  Arnt, 21 

Andries  Swek, 45 

Harman  A  rnt, 50 

Daniel  Root, 30 

Janis  Henrick, 20 

Adam  Raytel, 24 

Hans  Jurig  A yslburg 29 


Names.  Age. 

Hans  Lenar  Sten, 21 

Hans  Jurick  KoUer, .^   ...    .  23 

Mickel  Buss,    .    : 36 

Hans  Jurick  Hofnar,      22 

Fitter  Smock, 20 

Daffid  Eshen,      20 

John  Jackop  Mikle, 22 

Karl  Cxranip, 30 

Bastian  Scyster, 23 

Henrick  Huniberger, 45 

Hans  Lenart  Humberger, 18 

Micgel  Huniberger, 15 

Fitter  Selan 31 

Cristian  Jonliey, 20 

Andrias  Besena, 24 

Jurick  Kraysnian, •  32 

Migel  Drayten 20 

Hans  Jerick  Gobi, 40 

Jacobes  Kenwan 40 

Cristoffel  Kown 48 

Adam  Simon  Kown 19 

Francis  Kesklipsger 32 

Abraham  Millar, 22 

Jacobes  Bart, 26 

Henrick  Feess 24 

Benedick  Weess, 36 

Martin  Spitelmayer, 54 

Hans  Adam  Spitelmayer, 18 

Migeel  Ibeliey, 45 

Jacobes  Rodleman,      35 

William  Grous,      27 

Hans  Henrick  Fuglie 50 

Matayes  Figelie, 23 

Hans  Lennart  Figlie, 21 

Migel  Stenbrand,     27 

StifanLunneker, 33 

Jacobes  Linck, 50 

Abraham  Grutsan, 19 

Hans  Jackop  Skrugefier,      34 

Daniel  Hislar 29 

Rulloff  Sne])liey, 25 

Hans  Jarick  Scrayack,     31 

Hans  Scrayack 28 

Jackop  Scrayack, 19 


Women's  Names. 
Names.  Age. 

Anna  Ester, 25 

Barbra  Bengtal 29 

Margi-et  Copfirsin, 65 

Barbra  Raynhart, '.        23 

Anna  Bengtold, 26 

Maria  Scutesen, 29 

Anna  Scutesen, 20 

Madelin  Steuian 18 

Anna  Stofer, 19 

Anna  Gerebel, 48 

Elisbat  Snebliey, 44 

Anna  Rood, 19 

Anna  Gislenin, 23 

Barbra  Tinierman, 20 

Anna  Timerman,      18 

Anna  Bonghart, 55 

Anna  Maria  Bugh,      40 

Maria  Floriey, 21 

Hanliey  Floriey, 17 

Anna  Ledenman,      24 

Elisabet  Bentold,      50 

Anna  Bengtold, 26 

AnnaWitman, 16 

Catrina  Reben,      35 

Madlena  Ledenman, 26 

Barbra  Eshnan, 16 

Anna  Blasinin, 71 

Anna  Menckel, 23 

AnnaFigliey,    .    . 33 

Madlena  Figliey, 26 

Madlena  Rubelie, 70 

Barbra  Rittes, 38 

Anna  Katrina  Rittes,                35 

Anna  Klara  Rittes,      50 

Anna  Barbel  Bek  , 33 

Anna  Katrina  Bek, •  .  17 

Cristina  Lugtbom, 33 

Anna  Brack, 36 

Catrina  Keldrien, 48 

Margrita  Kelei'in, 16 

Madlena  RufT, 34 

Anna  Rigter, 49 

Anna  Rigter, 15 

AnnaSmit, 33 


Names.  Age. 

Agnis  Smiten, 37 

8ibela  Steiibraiuler, 37 

Ana  Mcidlena  Liiick, 40 

Ana  Katrin.l  Arnt, 27 

Seutik  Luck,      37 

Ana  Margrit  Arnt, 48 

Margrita  Root, 30 

Ana  Scraybrin,      30 

Barbra  iSnebliey, 24 

Barbra  Scrayack, 28 

Sabina  Rayfel 20 

Barbi-ti  Rayfel, 20 

Julian  Ayselberger, 29 

Maria  Kolirin, 24 

Maria  Marieng,      24 

Eieflfa  Busing, 36 

Orstel  Hoffnar, 29 

Julian  Hiimberger,      47 

Eva  Senering, 20 

Froneck  Junliey, 40 

Elisbat  Junliey, ...  19 

Catrina  Krayseman, 38 

Barbra  (xobel, 38 

Maria  Barbra  Kenwan, 30 

Margrita  Kon, 43 

Risina  Klipsegel, 34 

Maria  Madlena  Millar, 26 

Barbra  Weesen, 36 

Maria  Spitehnayer,     50 

Anna  Maria  Spitelmayer, 24 

Anna  Madlena  Spitelmayer, 21 

Eli/abet  Ibliey, " 30 

Aplon  Rollnian, 36 

Madlena  Grows, 29 

Anna  Maria  Figlien, 46 

Catrina  Figlien, 19 

Anna  Maria  Figlien, 16 

Children 's  J\a ine.s. 

Maria  Greta  AVees, 5i 

Hans  Fitter  Ibliey, 12 

Hans  Adam  Ibliey,     U 

Risina  Ibliey,      8 

Hans  Migel  Ibliey, ■    .  6 

Hans  Jon  Rollman, 9 


Names.  _  Age. 

Maria  Rallman,     T 

Maria  Figlieii, 13 

Hans  Jarick  Figliey, 7 

Barbra  Stienbrander, 8 

Sibla  Stienbrander, () 

Hans  Adam  Linck, - 11 

Risina  Linck,     7 

Migerd  Arnt,      13 

Ana  Maria  Arnt 8 

Susana  Serayack, 7 

Cristian  Stoden, 9 

Jackup  Eslman, 11 

Fitter  Eslman 9 

Hanes  Snebliey 11 

Kasper  Snebliey, 9 

Katrina  Snebliey, 6 

Anna  Katrina  Snebliey, 12 

Anna  Barbra  Snebliey,     10 

Anna  Bekrin, , 13 

Migler  Becker 10 

Anna  Lugetbom,      10 

Fridrick  Brack 14 

Crisfcina  Brack, 11 

Madlena  Brack, 8 

Barbra  Keldrin, 10 

Catrina  Ruff, 13 

Elesbat  Ruffin, 13 

Hans  Ruffin, 10 

Hans  Ruffin 7 

Henricb  Smit, 8 

James  Smit, 4 

Jurig  Adam  Bueys, 13 

Loduick  Buss, 11 

Maria  Margrita  Buss 9 

Janis  Buss,      7 

Julian  Humberger, 13 

Jans  Humberger, 10 

Lisbat  Humberger, 8 

Anna  Selirieg, 8 

Johanes  Jvmliey, 14 

Hans  Raynart  Junliey, 9 

Jerick  Hunslman, 11 

Margrita  Hunslman, 13 

Antoniey  Goliel, 13 

Anna  Maria  Gobel 10 



Names.  Ages. 

Madlena  Gobel, 8 

Jurig  Ailiiin  Gobel, 5 

Hans  Jiirig  Gobel, 4^ 

Jackobs  Kenwan, 10 

Hans  Jerick  Kenwan, 9 

Jan  Kenwan, 7 

Efa  Barbra  Kon 18 

Anna  Maria  Kon 9 

Migel  Klipsegel 9 

Hans  Jerick  Klipsegel,      7 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Brigatine  Penn- 
sylvania Merchant  of  London,  John  Stedman,  Master, 
FROM  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Sept.  18,  1733. 

Johann  Klemm, 
Georg  Schultz, 
Johannes  Naas, 
Andreas  Kleim, 
Georg  Schait, 
Johannes  Riegel,  jr., 
Geoi'g  Knop, 
Liidwig  Ewalt, 
Daniel  Ludwig, 
Peter  Ruth, 
Mattheis  (xisch, 
Ludowick  Evaldt, 
Johannes  Mihni, 
Paulus  Schaffer, 
Bernhart  Manss, 
Hans  Georg  Grondt, 
Justus  Osterrath, 
Johannes  Gordner, 
Andreas  Moseniann, 
Hans  Burchard, 
Johann  Schonfeldt, 
Joh.  Valentin  Pressel, 
Johan  Michael  Ott, 
Joh.  Michael  Staudt, 
Philip  Angelberger, 
Johan  Daniel  Endt, 
Hans  Georg  Winter, 

Gotlob  Klemm, 
David  Schultz, 
Pierre  Marot, 
Georg  Kleini, 
Johannes  Riegle, 
!R[ichael  Walter, 
Jacob  Ott, 
Michael  Ludwig, 
Philip  Schrliyer, 
Hans  Lauer, 
Adam  Vollmer, 
Fredereck  Gotz, 
Peter  Schmidt, 
Andreas  Frey, 
Andreas  Bauer, 
Peter  Straub, 
Georg  Adam  Koch, 
Friederich  Glass, 
Mattheus  Buchler, 
Christian  Mosemann, 
David  Burchard, 
Johan  Aullenbacher, 
Carolus  Burckhard, 
Joh.  Philip  Weynandt, 
Alexander  Gasser, 
Joh.  Jost  Ohlwein, 
Michael  Seydenbender, 



Johann  Adam  Beyer, 
Michael  Kelchner, 
John  Ludwig  Sees, 
Johann  Jacob  Karst, 
Christian  Hook, 
Johann  Georg  Grimm, 
Henrich  Schmidt. 

Johan  Valentin  Endt, 
Johan  Peter  Saling, 
Hans  Martin  Santer, 
Joh.  Christoph  Igelsbach, 
Georg  Barthol.  Schaffer, 
Hans  Georg  Hauk, 

[  Tlte  original 

Johan  Kleyin, 
Jerick  Shults, 
Andreas  Mosman, 
Hans  Borkhard, 
Johan  Shoenvelett, 
Johannes  Naase, 
Hendrich  Rut, 
Hans  Jerick  Klyn, 
Johannes  Rigel, 
Daniel  Rigel, 
Valentine  Presel, 
Carol  us  Borkhard, 
Paul  us  Borkhard, 
Jacob  Oat, 
Ludwick  Evaldt, 
Daniel  Ludwick, 
Alexander  Casser, 
Christian  Louer, 
Johan  Michael  Stout, 
Philip  Angelberger, 
Daniel  Endt, 
Pieter  Saling, 
Jerick  Vinter, 
Fredrick  Gets, 
Pieter  Smit, 
Jacob  linger, 
Christophel  Ylsbach, 
Jerick  Bartel  Shever, 
Andreas  Vry, 
Johan  Ludwick  Seys, 
Hans  Jerick  Houk, 
Jacob  Kaars, 
Hans  Jerick  Grondt 
Friedrick  Claus, 
Mathias  Beighler, 
Hans  Jerick  Grim, 

list  is  hereicith  given. '\ 

Goetloop  Kleym, 
David  Shults, 
Christian  Mosman, 
David  Borkhard, 
Melchior  Grousaam, 
Pieter  Marrot, 
Andreas  Kleyn, 
Jerick  Sheytt, 
Johannes  Rigel,  jun. , 
Andreas  Oulenbacher, 
Michael  Walter, 
Johan  Wynant, 
Jacob  Knoop, 
Michael  Oat, 
Michael  Ludwick, 
Philip  Smeyer, 
Pieter  Roodt, 
Mathias  Kish, 
Johan  Jost  Olwyn, 
Michael  Seydebender, 
Valentine  Endt, 
Adam  Volumer, 
Hans  Martin  Souter, 
Johannes  Miem, 
Hendrick  Smit, 
Adam  Beyer,-. 
Michael  Keyleehner, 
Paul  us  Shever, 
Parent  Maus, 
Andreas  Bour, 
Pieter  Straub, 
Christian  Hook, 
Jerick  Adam  Bouk, 
Johannes  Cordiner, 
Justus  Osteroodt. 



Women's  Naniea. 

ElizaV)eth  Shoenvelden, 
Maria  Jacoliii, 
Susaiia  Krausaiu, 
Anna  Krausaiii, 
Elizabeth  Naes, 
Ann  I  edit  Marrot, 
Anlies  Sheyett, 
Grertrouy  Rigel, 
Anlies  Oulabachren 
Margaret   Spany, 
("athrina  Borkharc 
Gertrouy  Out, 
Maria  Smyeren, 
Sophia  Roodt, 
Catharina  Endt, 
Maria  Saling, 
Magdelena  Klytn 
Anna  Stoloyn, 
Margart  Sniit, 
Sarah  Islsbach, 
Elizabeth  Shever, 
Cathrina  Mans, 
Oathrina  Bourin, 
Maria  Straub, 
Barbara  Hongen, 
Eva  Claasing, 
Maria  Hooghen, 
Maria  Bigler, 

Anna  Shulsen, 
Anna  Krausam. 
Maria  Krausam, 
Margaret  Naes, 
Marian  Marrot, 
Fraunek  Kleynen, 
Julian  Sheyett, 
Sarali  Rigel. 
J>orothy  Vullerin, 
Anna  Borkard, 
Anna  Knop, 
Agnes  Evaldt, 
Magdalena  Caseren, 
Endick  Endt, 
Christina  Bartholeniew, 
Margaret  Speting, 
Christina  Kets, 
Elizabeth  Smit, 
Anna  Shever, 
Anlius  Shever, 
Susan  Frj", 
Maria  Bourin, 
Caritas  Vishering, 
Margaret  Caars, 
Hanna  Grondt, 
Margarit  Coulerin, 
Maria  Cordinar, 
Anna  Bigler. 

Hendrich  Souchvrett, 
Guiliaiu  Marrot, 
Benjamin  Marrot, 
Marian  Marrot, 
Sarah  Marrot, 
Hendrick  Kleym, 
Maria  Oulba.chren, 
Elizabeth  Borkhard, 
Maria  Evaldt, 
Elizabeth  Smyer, 
Mathias  Cassar, 
Magdalena  Casseren, 
.Jacolj  Roodt, 
Piter  Roodt. 
Elizbetli  Saling, 

Children' s  Names. 

Philip  Marrot, 
Jean  Marrot, 
Daniel  Marrot, 
Susan  Marrot, 
Hans  Jerick  Riet, 
Caspar  Kleym, 
Abraham  Rigel, 
Johannes  Evaldt, 
Johan  Sniyer, 
Johan  Cassar, 
Anna  Casseren, 
Johan  Roodt, 
Christina  Roodt, 
Catrina  Saling, 
Jerick  Vinter, 



Hans  Vinter, 
Maritis  Stoloyn, 
Jacob  ShuUsen, 
Elizabeth  Kets, 
Johan  Ruyter, 
Jacob  Frick, 
Jerick  Shever, 
Christian  Strebeck, 
Margaret  Shever, 
Margaret  Boarin, 
Sophia  Vishering, 
Ehzabeth  Vishering, 
Pieter  Straub, 
Maria  Oluasin, 
Anna  Cornar, 
Paulus  Cornar, 
Anna  Bigler, 

Andreas  Stoloyn, 
Jolian  Stoloyn, 
Johan  Kets, 
Bernard  Kets, 
Pieter  Ingold, 
Paulas  Shever, 
Jerick  Strebeck, 
Johan  Shever, 
Christophel  Fry, 
Anna  Bourin, 
Christian  Vishering, 
Jacob  Straub, 
Jerick  Houk, 
Rosina  Clasing, 
Salunii  Cornar, 
Elizabeth  BTgler, 
Andreas  Bigler. 

List  of  Foreigners  Im^  orted  in  the  Brigatine  Richard 
AND  Elizabeth,  Christopher  Clymer,  Master,  prom 
Rotterdam.     Qualified  Sept.  28,  1733. 

Frant/.  Schuller, 
David  Mertz, 
Mattheus  Bausser, 
Christiiin  Bausser, 
David  Edelman, 
Jacob  Hennel, 
Jacob  Lebegood, 
Hans  Jacob  Utz, 
Hans  Peter  Somey, 
Hans  Peter  Somey,  jr., 
.loseph  Schumacher, 
Ulrich  Burghalter, 
Hans  Schurer, 
Marcus  Christ, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Hans  Michael  Mertz, 
Philip  Jacob  Edelman, 
Johan  Jost  Heck, 
Georg  Schonmansgruber, 
Henry  Winterberger, 
Philip  Dedigman, 
Abraham  Wotring, 

Jacob  Greib, 
Creorg  Lipp, 
Math eis  Bausser,  jr., 
Philip  Mire, 
Adam  Spohn, 
Michael  Wise, 
Jacob  Herman. 
Hans  Georg  Utz, 
Hans  Jacob  Somey, 
Otto  Fredrick  Somey, 
Johann  Nicolas  Seeger, 
Mattheis  Beck, 
Jacob  Christ, 
Marx  Bigler, 
Mattheis  Resch, 
Hans  Conrad  Lipp, 
Johan  Georg  Schuster, 
Jacob  Huntzecker, 
Johannes  Wollett, 
Georg  Angstet, 
Johannes  Rosenstiel. 



[T/ic  original  list  is  herewith  piven,] 

Names  of  Men. 
Names.  Ages. 

Francis  Schuler 44 

Jacob  (jrripe, 21 

David  Mertz, .    .  44 

Johan  Nicholas  Mertz, 18 

Georg  Leap 5G 

Johan  Conrad  Leap, 20 

Philip  Jacob  Edehuan,     25 

Matthes  Bouser, 63 

Mattlies  Bewser, 22 

Christian  Bewser, 18 

Philip  Mire, 36 

David  Edehnan, 49 

Adam  Spoon, 34 

Jacob  Hainel 20 

Ludvvig  Rigerd, 28 

Michael  Wise, 29 

George  Shustard, 44 

Yoost  Heck, 35 

Jacob  Hunsinger, 30 

Hance  Jacob  Liebegood, 39 

Jacob  Harmon,     .    .    .   , 40 

Hans  Jacoli  Uts, 27 

Hans  Georg  Uts, 50 

Hance  Peter  Sowmy, 59 

Hance  Jacob  Sowmy, 22 

Hance  Peter  Sowmy,     20 

Utto  Frederick  Sowmy 15 

Joseph  Shumaker, 25 

Ulrich  Burghalter, 40 

Johan  Nicholas  Sager, 39 

Georg  Schenemansgruber 35 

Matthes  Peck 39 

Johannes  Wollet, 38 

Henry  Winterberger, 26 

Hans  Sherer, 30 

.Jacob  Christ 54 

Marcus  Christ, 17 

George  Angsted, 37 

Marcus  l^eegler 28 

Phili[)  Tadigman, .  36 

Johannes  Weaver, 22 

Johannes  Rosensteel, 19 


Names.  -"Ig-e. 

Abraham  Wootring, 33 

Matthias  Rehsh, 29 

Naiaes  of  Women. 

Maria  Schuler, 47 

Veronica  Mertz, 40 

Catherina  Leap, 50 

Anna  Christina  Leap,   .    _ 34 

Margaretha  Edehnan, 36 

Estlier  Bouser, ....-■  49 

Anna  Margaretha  Mire, 40 

Anna  Barbara  Stanimin, 36 

Anna  Maria  Edelnian, 54 

Anna  Elisabetli  Bewser, 20 

Anna  Margaretha  Spoon, 33 

Gertruda  Shustard, 33 

Sophia  Glass,      28 

Eva  Maria  Heck, 35 

Margaretha  Liebegood, 40 

Catherina  Harmon, 33 

Maria  Catherina  TJts, 34 

Barbara  Holler, 77 

Maria  Magdalena  Holler,      58 

Maria  Shoemacher 34 

Barbara  Burghalter,      34 

Anna  Barbara  Sager, 38 

Margaretha  Schenemansgruber, 88 

Engelina  Peck,      37 

Anna  Margaretha  Wollet, 34 

Maria  Magdalena  Winterberger,      34 

Maria  Magdalena  Sherer, 33 

Magdalena  Christ, 44 

Eva  Catherina  Christ 31 

Maria  Barbara  Tadigsman, 35 

Anna  Maria  Tadigsman,      35 

Margaretha  Weaver, 17 

Anna  Margaretha  Wootring, 33 

Magdalena  Wisen, 85 

Barbara  Kossely,     35 

Names  of  Boys. 

Johan  Peter  Mertz,     13| 

Baltasar  Edelman, 4 

Daniel  Bewser,      IH 


Names.  Afje. 

Jacob  Kewser, 9i 

Johau  Hen  rich  Spoon, 4* 

Johannes  Shustard 10 

Johan  Jacob  Heck, 0 

Joluin  Jacob  Liebegood, 10 

Dewald  Hai-nion,      13 

Jacolj  Harmon,      'i 

Hance  Harmon, 3i 

Hance  Peter  Harmon, 9  months. 

Hance  Michael  iSowmy, 10 

Johannes  Sowmy, 5 

Hance  Peter  Burghalter, It 

Johan  Henrich  iSager, 8 

iSamuel  Sager, 6 

Johan  Christian  Sager, 2 

Anthony  Peck,      13 

Johan  Henrich  Peck, T 

Cxeorge  Angsted, 6 

Johannes  Angsted 1 

Philip  Tarrisman,        6 

Hance  Peter  AVootring 9 

Names  of  Qirls. 

(/hristina  Mertz, 3^ 

Anna  Maria  Leap, 14 

Anna  Margaretha  Leap, 18 

Maria  Esther  Edelnian, 14 

Magdalena  Bewser, T^ 

Anna  Maria  Bewser, 4 

Anna  Catherina  Bewser,      1? 

Anna  Elisabetha  Bewser, 7 

Anna  Maria  Bewser, 17  weeks. 

Annci  Catherina  Heck,      ....  10 

Annii  Gretlia  Liebegood 10 

Anna  Catherina  Liebegood, 3j 

Catherina  Harmon, 11 

Barbara  Harmon, 8 

Catherina  Barbara  Harmon,      0  months. 

Anna  Barbara  Haltin 50 

Maria  Magdalena  Sowniy, 34 

Ehsabeth  Burghalter, 14 

Anna  Catherina  Burghalter, 13 

Anna  Magdalena  Burghalter, 8 

Anna  Barbara  Burghalter,     .    ,               4 

7— Vol.  XVI  L 


Names.  Age. 

Margai'etha  Burghalter, 2^ 

Anna  Maria  Sager,      12^ 

Anna  Barbara  Sager, 10 

Maria  Louisa  Sager, 3^ 

Christina  Barbara  Sager, 6  months. 

Anna  Cathtrina  Peck, IQ^ 

Veronica  Sherer, 4  months. 

Eva  Catherina  Serer, 4 

Maria  Catlierina  Tadigsman,      9 

Anna  Maria  Tadigsman, 'd\ 

Maria  Barbara  Tadigsman, 6  months. 

Anna  Margaretha  Wootring, 7 

Maria  Magdalena  Wootrint;, 4^ 

Anna  Louisa  Wootring 2 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported    in  the    Ship  Charming 

Betsy,  John  Bull,  Master,  from  London.     Qualified 
Oct.  12,  1733. 

Johan  Kettner,  Henrich  Mocklei, 

Samuel  Ludi,  Ulrieh  Leibegood, 

Adam  Spag,  Christian  Anderich, 

Jolian  Liebegood,  Nicholas  Burger, 

Peter  Stocker,  Johannes  Lang, 

Johannes  Lang,  jr.,  Geo.  Michael  Kettner, 

Hans  Peter  Gruber,  Hans  Paul  Vogt. 
Nicholas  Hetzel, 

\_The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 

Names  of  Men. 
N(i)}tes.  Age. 

Johan  Katner, 40 

George  Katner,         18 

Henry  Meakle,              34 

Peter  Gruber, 34 

Samuel  Loody, 18 

Christian  Andereck 28 

Ulrieh  Lebegoot,      45 

Johan  Pieter  Leebegoot, 16 

Adam  Spag, 60 


Names.  ^U^- 

Nicholas  Burger, 20 

Wilhelm  Imler 5'5 

Peter  Stocker, 53 

Johan  V'ogt, 53 

Johau  Long, ^^_ 

Johan  Long,  Jun., 1*^ 

Nicolas  HelTsell, — 

Names  of  Women. 

Feronica  Katner,      34 

Susanna  Meckle, 35 

Anna  Cxruber, 24 

Maria  Loody,     46 

Susanna  Leebegoot, 36 

Mai-giiretha  Burger, 50 

Anna  Burger, 25 

Anna  Imler, 20 

Anna  Stocker,    .           51 

Maria  Vogt, 46 

Anna  Long, 36 

Maria  Dorothea  Heltzel, 30 

Names  of  Boys. 

Johan  Henrich  Katner, 9 

Henrich  Adam  Katner, 8 

Martin  Grruber, H 

Adam  Leebegoot, 13 

Jacob  Leebegoot, 10 

Adam  Spag, 12 

Philip  Burger, 12 

George  Breitengross,      ....           13 

Ludwig  Imler 11 

Johan  Imler, 7 

Andreas  Vogt, 12 

Caspar  Vogt 8 

Johan  Greorg  Long,         1 

Christoffel  Heltsel -  .  4^ 

Hans  Jacob  Heltsel,       H 

Names  of  Girls. 

Maria  Katner, 11 

Maria  Meckle ^ 

Catherina  Meckle, 6  months. 

Dorothea  liOody,         ft 



Names.  Age. 

Elisabeth  Loocly,  ,        9 

Maria  Loody, 3i 

Anna  Leebegoot 8 

Maria  Leebegoot, 5 

Margaretha  Burger, 10 

Margaretha  Bui-ger,       6  months. 

Catlierina  Imler, 20 

Sabina  Inilev, 18 

Maria  Stocker, 17 

Barbara  Stocker, 13 

Catherina  Vogt, 18 

Maria  Vogt, 16 

Maria  Long, 10 

Catherina  Long, 8 

Barbara  Long, 4 

Eva  Catherina  Heltsel, 13 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  iis^  the  Ship  Pink  Mary, 
OF  Dublin,  James  Bexn,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept.  29,  1733. 

David  Karchei*, 
Hannes  Yorde, 
Cornelius  Dries, 
Jacob  Spengler, 
EJias  Stickler, 
Johann  Adam  Dries, 
Philip  Thomas  Truuip, 
Georg  Pfaffenberger, 
Georg  Dury, 
Asemus  Ram  bach, 
Nicolaus  Moretz, 
Johannes  Lap, 
Johan  Martin  Braun,       • 
Johannes  Rothrock, 
Johannes  Wingertmann, 
Johann  Peter  Theusler, 
Johann  Arnold  Billig, 
H enrich  Sauer, 
Jacob  Franck, 
Michael  Friedlv, 

Gottfried  Reich, 
Andreas  Dries, 
Peter  Dries, 
Peter  Hite, 

Hans  Georg  Harlacher, 
Johan  Michael  Noll, 
Christian  Sooter, 
Georg  Pfaffenberger,  jr., 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Berkel, 
Peter  Apple. 
Johannes  Reichenbach, 
Philip  Jacob  Rothrock, 
Johannes  Holtz, 
Johannes  Teutscher, 
.Tohann  Georg  Riebell, 
Johannes  Stickler, 
Christian  Blaser, 
Friederich  Funck, 
Nicolaus  Soder, 



Andreas  Ney, 
Jolian  Michael  Dill, 
Frieclerich  Dorfllinj^er, 
Hcins  Jacob  Berkel, 
Jolian  Adam  Warner, 
Johan  Peter  Gottel, 
Johannes  Slabach, 
Joh.  Henry  Slal)ach. 

Hans  Michael  Hammer. 
Christian  Retelsberger, 
Hans  Micliael  Keller, 
Baltzer  Breuninger, 
Geo.  Fried erich  K older, 
Johan  Jacob  (Tottel, 
Jacob  Losclier, 

[  The  original  list  is  herewith  given.  ] 
Names  of  Boys. 

Names.  Age. 

David  Korker, 13 

Hans  George  Yorden, 12 

Johannes  Yorden, U 

Baltasar  Reich, 3 

Stoi)hel  Spengler, \.i 

Philip  Strieker, i) 

Adam  Strieker,      7 

Henry  Strieker, 4^ 

Johan  Philip  Wengerman,      13 

Johan  Adam  Blaser, 18^ 

Hans  Matz  Blaser, Qi 

Nicolaus  Blaser, 3^^ 

Christ ophel  Deitscher, 4 

Jacob  Deitscher, 3 

One  boy  of  Funk  not  yet  baptize,  1. 7  Aveeks. 

Hans  Henry  Souter, ....  7 

John  Jacob  Brown, 1 

Hans  Michel  Nay, 3i 

Adam  Pappenl)erger, 4 

David  Hoffman, 8 

David  Raml)ach,  .           8 

Hans  Jacob  Rainbach, 2 

Hans  Michel  Roller,     .    .    "    •    • 3^ 

Hans  Jacob  Berkley,      9  months. 

Hans  Jacob  Breuninger, 13j 

Peter  Kettle, 10 

Rudolph  Lap, 11 

Tewald  Slabach, 13 

Henry  Slabach, 16 

Hans  Georg  Loscher, 14 


Names  of  Q-irls. 
Names.  Age. 

Anna  Cathrina   Korkei-, 14 

Anna  Elizabeth  Yorden, 5 

Maria  Doi'othea  Reich,      3 

Maria  Barbara  Dries,      18 

Barbara  Elisabeth  Dries,          .    .  24 

Anna  Maria  Dries, 11 

Maria  Elisabeth  Spengler, 16 

Anna  Elisal^eth  Hite,      3 

Elisabeth  Sower, 3j 

Maria  Magdalena  Wingerman, 11 

Hanna  Felicia  Wingerman 8 

Anna  Margaretha  Wingerman, 8^ 

Catherina  Blaser, 11^ 

Maria  Magdalena  Blaser, 9^ 

Anna  Margai-etha  Blaser, 2 

Susanna  Elisabeth  Deitscher, Hi 

Jolianna  Barbara  Deitscher,      8j 

Maria  Barbara  Ribble, 1 

One  girl  of  Funk  not  yet  baptized, 7  weeks. 

Elisabeth  Friedly,        14^ 

Catherina  Reichenbach, 8^ 

Maria  Barljara  Reichenbach 5 

Anna  Maria  Reichenbach, 2 

Anna  Margaretha  Souter, 3 

Maria  Christina  Brown, 14 

Anna  Margaretha  Brown, .    .  11 

Catherina  Brown,        3f 

Anna  Barljara  Nay, 7 

Maria  Margaretha  Souter 6 

Christina  Pappenberger,     9 

Elisabeth  Pappenberger, U 

Anna  Maria  Hoffman, ' 11 

Maria  Magdalena  Hoffman, 4 

Barbara  Durfiinger, 13i 

Anna  Elisabeth  Rambach, 10 

Sibylla  Rambach 4 

Maria  Magdalena  Berkley,       16 

Catherina  Berlvley, 6i 

Barbara  Berkley,      8 

Anna  Maria  Breuninger, 9 

Margaretha  Kettle 19 

Christina  Kettle, 13 

Johanna  Margaretha  Kettle, 4 

Anna  Maria  Lap, 9 


Nainei,.  Age. 

Anna  Catheriiui  Lap, S 

Dorotliea  Slabacli, •> 

Gatheriua  Loscher, ITi 

Barbara  Loschor,      10 

Margaretha  Loscher, I' 

[The  foUowhig  list  l)eiiig  liled  among  the  (lualilicarions  and 
jirri\als  lor  the  year  1733,  is  here  placed.     See  p.  83.  J 

Ndnits.  Age. 

Henrick  Stance, 39 

Mara  Stance, 31 

Anna  Mara  Stance, 11 

Mara  Catrana  Stance, 7 

Mara  Doritea  Stance, 4 

Hance  Jacob  Stance, .  U 

Hance  Peter  Hoffman, 28 

Johenes  Jong 20 

Chon  Peter  Foust, 40 

Ann  EH/.  Foust, 40 

Philop  Foust 20 

MicoU  Foust, 13 

Cohannes  Foust, U 

Cohan  C.  Peter  Foust 9 

Ann  Eli/.  Foust 5 

Mat elina  Foust, 3 

Cohen  Hendrick  Foust 2 

Jacob  Gibe, 34 

Caterina  Gibe,      34 

Andries  Gibe, 12 

MicoU  Gibe, 9 

Marhna  Gibe,      ^ 

EH/abeth  Gibe,     2 

Oh-ich  Shaigh 48 

Ann  Eliz  Shaigh, 48 

John  Jacob  Shaigh 80 

Ever  Eliz  Shaigh, 17 

Anna  Eli/.  Sliaigh,' 13 

Johanes  Lutts, 35 

Margarett  Lutts, 38 

Hance  Martin  Lutts,       11 

Catrana  Lutts, 9 

Elizb  Lutts 2 


Naniea.  Age. 

Mareradell  Lutts ^ 

Matliies  Wliitinau, 56 

Mara  (Jatrana  Whituiau,     38 

Johanes  Whitman 15 

Eliz"  Whitinau,      3f 

Mathew  Wliiteinan, 34 

Margrett  Whitemaii, 30 

Cristofes  Whiteinan 8 

Mathies  Whiteman 6 

Wendell  AVhiteman, 3J 

Eli/J'  Whiteman,       .^ 3 

Henricli  Still, 60 

Simon  Lindor, .  53 

Margrett  Lindor,      39 

Oatrhia  Lindor, 17 

Simon  Lindor, 16 

Elizabeth  Lindor, 11 

Larance  Lindor, 8 

Hauce  Jercck  Lindor, 3f 

Fi-edrich  Oneself,      24 

Michal  Fabor, 35 

Sarah  Fabor,      38 

Fal)or  Fabor, A^ 

Miclial  Fabor, 3 

Androw  Pogener, 34 

Catrana  Pogener, 37 

Jolien  Tobies  Pogener, 3 

Steven  Lowman, 31 

Hance  Jerick  Porger, 22 

Jacob  Bunett, 82 

Mary  Bunett,  • 32 

Susanna  Bunett,  .......       4 

Cristana  Bunett, 2 

Margrett  Bunett 8 

Johen  Simon  Bunett, 3 

Wolfeon  Milor, 41 

Margrett  Milor 53 

Jacob  Milor, 17 

Susanna  Stoning, 27 

Sim"  Sherman, 49 

Catrina  Sherman, 40 

Marilis  Sherman,      22 

Maria  Slierman,, 19 

Jerick  Sherman, 17 

Catrines  Sherman, 13 


Names.  Aye. 

Philop  Sheriniiu, Gi 

Deniell  Slu'vniaii 3 

Johnt'S  Knoll, 31) 

Ann  Mary  Knoll 28 

Elizaljetli  Knoli --Vl 

Margrett  Knoll, H 

Eli/.  Kovern 23 

Jacob  Hubler 30 

Anna  Barbara  Hubler 35 

Anna  Hubler, 3^ 

Anna  Mara  Hubler, %\ 

France  Hubler,     3  months. 

France  Wise,      27 

Barbara  Wise 20 

TabellTroud, 27 

Anna  Crate  Troud,      27 

Johanas  Troud, U 

Hance  Martin  Troud, o6 

Hughtick  Troud,      53 

Mara  Apell  Troud, 24 

Johan  Hendrick,      28 

JohauHendrick 13 

Eli/.  Lee 18 

Jerick  Care, 51 

Eli/  Care,      46 

Johanes  Herick  Care, 19 

Jacob  Sorver, 56 

Fronegh  Sorver, 54 

Jacol)  Sorver, 26 

Barl)ara  Sorver, 23 

Rodelph  Sorver, 21 

Jacob  Houswett, 34 

Mara  Houswett, 34 

Barbara  Houswett,      13^ 

Cradell  Houswett, 10 

Mara  Houswett, 8 

Ana  Mara  Houswett,      ^ 

Caspor  Houswett, 2 

Jacob  Houswett, 3  months. 

Anna  Lee, 8^ 

Jacob  Hendrick, 28 

Johan  Hendrick  Tabas, 27 

Nicklos  Slay 24 

Jacob  Shittell,       22 

Elizb  Shittell, 21 


Names.  -A-ge.. 

Philop  Smith, 83 

Doritey  Smith, .  30 

Philop  Smith, 9  months. 

Hance  Jerick  Nort,      45 

Mara    Barbara  Nort,      43 

Mara  Kret  Nort, 18 

Tobias  Nort, U 

Savana  Nort,      10 

Jacob  Tilluigor, 33 

Mara  Barbra  TilHngor, 28 

Johan  Fredrick  Tillingor, 8 

Andries  Clipsadell, 22 

Jerick  Hendrick  Marcli, 20 

.  Johan  Oh-ick  Coall 30 

Sohney  CoaU, 30 

Mathies  Coall, ..^^^^ 9 

Mara  Coall, ^' 7 

John  Fagly, 28 

Anna  Barbara  Fagly, 20 

Hinrich  Stiner, 23 

Mlckell  Rinehed, ■       •    -^ 23 

Catrana  Rinehed,  22 

Mickell  Mikt,      54 

Anna  Mikt, 46 

Hance  Jacob  Mikt,      20 

Johanes  Kesnoser, ...  40 

Kertroud  Kesnoser, 50 

Conrect  Kesnoser, 14 

Johan  Yerck  Kesnoser, 12 

Marilos  Honing, 20 

Anna  Catrana  Honing,      25 

Philop  Sever, .  23 

Johenes  Moon, 33 

Margret  Moon, 44 

Marica  Moon, ]0 

Matiles  Moon, 8 

Vernor  Moon, <; 

Conen  liUtwick  Moon, 31 

Muol  Cowell, 32 

Ann  Eliz''  Cowell 23 

Ann  Catranna  Cowell, 31. 

Conrect  Cowell, 31 

Savena  Cowell,      24 

Johen  Josep  Filler,         23 

John  Jereck  Petery 27 



Names.  Age. 

Jolin  Heurick  Shirt, 22 

Couret  iShott, 50 

Anna  Catrana  Shott.  4il 

Anna  Clara  Shott, Hi 

...        » 

....      :^>0 

...  24 

....         4 

.  G  months. 

....      5(5 

.    .  ')() 

Conhenas  Shott, 

Philop  Foust, 

Ann  Catrina  Foust, 

Jolm  Jacob  Foust,      

John  Addeni  Foust, 

John  Hendrick  Foust,  .... 

Micoll  Rut, 

Ann  Margret  Rut,  

John  Henriek  Tinick, 33 







...  .  17 


Anna  Mai-g  it  Tinick, 

Anna  Barbara  Tinick,    .    .  

Micell  Tinick, 

Anna  Margritt  Tinick, 

Colilin  Hetriek, 

Elizal)etl)  Hetriek, 

Jolm  Houst  Hetriek,      

William  Hetriek,      

Catrina  Hetriek, 3.i 

Cohan  Henrich  Hetriek, 2 

Anna  Margrett  Hetriek 3 

List  of  Forkigxers  Imported  ix  the  Ship  St.  Andrew, 
JOHX  Stedmax,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  12  1734. 

Christopher  Wiegner, 
Georg  Kribel, 
Georg  Jackel, 
Georg  Ander, 
Geoi'g  Reinwald,  jr.. 
Georg  Wiegner. 
Hans  Henrich  Jackel, 
Georg  Mentzel, 
Caspare  Heydrich, 
Christojih  Wiegner, 
David  Seibb, 
Georg  Heydrich, 

Georg  Hubner. 
Baltzer  Jackel, 
Caspar  Kribel, 
Abraham  Jackel, 
Hans  AViegner, 
Baltzer  Jackel,  jr. 
Melehior  Mentzel, 
Georg  Weiss, 
Georg  Scholtz, 
Georg  Anders, 
Christoph  Seibb, 
Georg  Drescher, 



Melchior  Meishter, 
fxeorge  Scholtze, 
Friederich  Schops, 
David  Schubert. 
Degenhart  Pott, 
Nicolas  Dek, 
Ulrich  Spies, 
Peter  Treidel, 
Valentin  Dihl, 
Melchior  Hubner, 
Melchior  Kribel,  sen., 
Melchior  Kribel,  jr., 
Baltzer  Hoffman,  ji. , 
Christoph  Jakele, 
Christoph  Reinwald, 
Melchior  Neumaii, 
Balthaser  Heydric, 
Matthias  Jackel, 
Grregorius  Scliolt/.e, 
Christoph  Dresclier,  jr., 
Christoplier  Scholtze, 
Bernhard  Steinbacli, 
Hans  Hubener, 
Johannes  Van  Duliken, 
Johann  Georg  Rut/, 
Jacob  Runipfellt, 
Jacob  Wilhelnii, 
Johannes  Senger, 
Heinrich  Runipfeld. 
David  Hubner  (sick), 
David  Jackie  (sick), 
Hans  Martin  Trvster  (sick) , 

Baltzer  Anders, 
Caspar  John, 
Christoph  Pauss, 
Wilhehnus  Pott, 
Peter  Sclianiker, 
Nicolas  AVindei', 
Peter  Jager, 
Conrad  Frey, 
Caspar  Jackel, 
Cliristoph  Schubert, 
Balthaser  Hoffman, 
Greoi'g  Hoffman,  sen. , 
Jeremias  Jackel, 
Gregorius  Meistlier, 
Abraham  Dihl, 
Tobias  Hertteranfft, 
Cristoph  Neuman, 
Christoi)her  Jackel, 
David  Meschler, 
Melchior  Scholtze, 
Hein.  Ludwig  Urickhaus. 
Georg  Bansche, 
Willi  elm  Witzen, 
Jacob  Friederick  Rieger, 
Valentin  Veriich, 
Johannes  Wildfang, 
Johan  Caspar  Storller, 
Matthias  Marcker, 
Cliristopher  Kriebel  (sick), 
Georg  Reynold  (sick), 
Andreas  Warner  (sick). 

Under  Sixteen. 

David  Neuman, 
Georg  Wiegner, 
Andreas  Heydrich, 
Melcliior  Hubner, 
Peter  Labach; 
Johannes  Pott, 
Jacob  Frey, 
Johannes  Deck, 
Johannes  Wolfgang, 
Valentin  Wilhelmi, 
Fridericli  Drescher, 
Johann  Nicalaus  Steiner, 

Christopher  Heydrich, 
Abraham  Wiegner, 
Caspar  Seibb, 
Georg  Anders, 
David  Schubert, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Pott. 
Georg  Heinrich  Ruth, 
Joliann  Henrioh  Deck, 
Johann  Michael  Wolfgang, 
.Jacob  Wilhelmi, 
Wilhelm  Hertteranfft, 
Johann  Jacob  Spies, 



Philip  Freidel, 
.Johaiin  Jacol)  Hilclebraiul, 
Christopher  Kribel, 
Christopher  Hubner, 
Geoi'g  Kril)el, 
Christopher  Reinliold, 
Christopher  Meister, 
George  Hertteriiuft, 

Jolianu  Jacob  Steiner, 
Haus  Georg  Vollcer, 
Clement   IHibach, 
David  Schubert, 
Christopher  Hoffinan, 
Melchior  Wiguer, 
Balthasar  Jackel, 
Melchior  Hertteraiift. 


IjIST    ok    FORKIftXEUS    ImPORTKD     IN   TKK    ShIP   HoPE,    DAN- 

23,  17:34 

Jacol)  Baumaii, 
Micliael  Gerber, 
Michael  Fickel, 
Beruhart  Richer, 
Han  Jacob  Fisohbach, 
Johan  Albert  Langerfeld, 
Philip  Esping, 
Peter  Stani, 
Hen  rich  Stettz, 
.loliannes  Jung, 
Joliannes  Xoh, 
Johannes  Artger, 
Simon  Beil, 
Antony  Nobel. 
Johannes  Richter, 
Johannes  Heinsman, 
Johan  Peter  Gross, 
Aug.  H enrich  Kunstman, 
,ioh.  Philip  Doldt, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Ahlbach, 
Han  Henrich  Otterpach.. 
Joh.  Arnold  Reiscli, 
Joh.  Geo.  Antony  INIuller, 
Christian  Otto  Schult/, 

Jacob  HofTer, 
Christian  Houser, 
Ulrich  Buhler, 
Han  Henrich  Hoffman, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Graff, 
Gottfride  Schierwager, 
Johannes  Keiser, 
Christoph  Rabe, 
Zaeharias  Ahlbach, 
Jost  Smith, 
Georg  Tjul)cken, 
Simon  Kirbach, 
Joh.  Heni'ich  Otter, 
Antony  Nobel,  jr.. 
Christian  Farnie, 
Johan  Adam  Schroff, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kloekner, 
Joli.  Henrich  Heinsman, 
Zaeharias  Flamerfeld, 
Joh.  Peter  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Herbert  Weberd. 
Joh.  Hen.  Weschenbach, 
Joh.  Andreas  Muller, 
Cornelius  Parat. 


{The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 

Men's  J^ames. 

Name.  Age. 

Jacobus  Bowman, 38 

Bernhartus  Richard, 29 

Fredrick  Kufer, 63 

Jacob  Koser, 23 

Hans  Hendrick  Hofman,      22 

Hans  Jacob  Fislibach, 30 

Jolm  Wilhelni  Kras,       48 

Michal  Gerber,      .    .        27 

Christian  Houser, .50 

Peter  CTortner, 30 

Michal  Fikle, 25 

Ulrich  Buler 29 

Joanis  Richter, 26 

Phillip  Esping 28 

Christian  Farnie, 27 

Joanis  Keyser " 50 

Jurgen  Heynsnian,      45 

Joanis  Heynsuian, 16 

Jolian  Adam  Shroof,       25 

Johan  Peter  Groose, 30 

Jolian  Hendrick  Klaknor, 45 

Peter  Stam 20 

August  Henrich  Kunstman, 22 

Johan  Henrich  Heinsman, 30 

Christopher  Rabie,      27 

Johan  PhilHp  Duldt 19 

Henrich  Steldts 31 

Zacharias  Ohlbach,      36 

Zacliarias  Flomerfleld,              21 

Johan  Willhehn  Ohlbacli 28 

Johanis  Jung, 40 

Jost  Smith,      46 

Peter  Smith 17 

Johanis  Nolie,    . 40 

Johan  Henrich  Otterbach 30 

Johan  Herbert  Weber,      22 

George  Lubclven,     ...  25 

Joanis  Peter  A  pgard,                20 

Simon  Kierbach, 23 

Johan  Arent  Riesh, 28 

Siemonis  Benell .  16 

Johan  Henrich  Weshbach,      24 


Namt.  Aye. 

Johan  H  enrich  Otterbach,      21 

Johau  Jiir^  Anthony  Miller, 25 

Joahin  Andreas  Miller 21 

Anthony  Noble, 53 

Anthony  Noble,  Jim' 1*^5 

Johan  Alberts  Longerfield, 30 

(jotltfricl  Sheerwaj^en, 49 

Christian  Otta  Shultz, 22 

Carl  Fulker, 23 

John  Robeson, 30 

Willhelni  Haer, - 54 

Cornelius  Paraed,         23 

Francis  Dasons 21 

John  Delnier, 23 

Patrick  Caniell,-^ 20 

Darbie  Silvin 24 

John  Ganiel 20 

J>aniel  Camnieron, 21 

William  Pursell, 30 

Oyn  Doniwand, 26 

Bernhard  Camell,         .    .        27 

Mark  Fey, 20 

Bernhard  Megie, 2G 

Dorbie  Carie,      21 

Nathaniel  Morrin, 30 

John  Nouland,       24 

Joseph  Lameer 24 

Barnabie  Franchie,                                                                        .    .  22 

John  CTrun,      40 

John  Cainerson, 40 

William  Carter 23 

Patrick  Heney,     21 

Women'' s  Names. 

Anna  Margret  Hofman 20 

( 'athrina  Fishbach 38 

Sophia  ]Margret  Krazs, 36 

Eliza  Cathrjne  Jongen,      32 

Anna  Cathrine  Jongen 20 

Eli/.-'  Maria  Holdinghonsen 30 

Anna  Gerlier, 22 

Maria  Leshrin 17 

Barbera  Heglerin 52 

Anna  Honsrin 50 

Johanna  Housrin, 16 


Name.  j^e. 

Anna  Margritta  Clundin, 20 

Anna  Magdelena  Bechtleriu,      26 

Anna  Eli//  Farnie, 23 

Cathrine  Farnie, ': 29 

Maria  Cathrine  Keyserin 4g 

Johanna  Keysrin, 20 

Anna  Maria  Beuler, 33 

Cathrine  Heynsman,      45 

Susanna  Heynsman, 20 

Maria  Cathrine  Shroof, 23 

Anna  Catlirine  (rrootz,      26 

Clara  Klacknerin, 37 

Anna  Duniat  Ohlbach, 37 

Aiuia  Cathrine  Fock,      2o 

Gercleruth  Flomerfield, 21 

Anna  Eliz'^  Ohlbach, 30 

Anna  Maria  Jongen 32 

Eli/.-'  Beclitlerin .■j7 

Maria  Barbara  Bechtlerin,      ly 

Anna  Maria  Bechtlerin, 20 

Anna  Christina  Smith,      45 

Eli//'  Magdelen  Smith 20 

Maria  Clara  Nohe, 40 

Gerdi-uth  Nohe, jg 

Anna  Maria  Kierbach, 26 

Vreyja  Cathrine  Kierbach,      21 

Maria  Reish 28 

Maria  Margret  Weshbach,       I9 

•  Anna  Maria  Beust, I7 

Maria  Eli/''  Bomerin, jf^ 

Cathrine  Noble, '   .    .       .  42 

Christian^  Eli/^  Longerfield 36 

Regina  Barbera  Spedin,    .    .               40 

Susanna  Zimmerman, 30 

ChUdren's  Naines. 

Johan  Casper  Krazs, \\ 

Johan  Phillip  Kra/s, 31 

Anna  Gerber, q  months' 

Bostian  Lesher,      \i 

Niclaus  Houser, i\ 

Hans  Michal  Keysor, 8 

Juliana  Keysor, 4 

Anthony  Heinsman, \\ 

Maria  Magdelena  Heinsman,      9 


Name.  Age. 

Margreta  Susanna  Shroof, 2 

Joliun  Henry  (iroos, 2 

Freysa  Cathrine  Groos, 4 

Joanis  Gerard  Klakner, 4 

Maria  Eli/."  Klakner, 11 

{'atlirina  Klalinor, 7 

Magdelina  Klaknor, 3 

Joanis  Willheliu  Ohlbaeh 11 

Joanis  Gerard  Ohlbaeh, G 

Anna  Marj^ret  OhlJ)acli, 8 

Gerderuth  Margreta  Ohlbacli, 2 

Joanis  Peter  Ohlbaeh, 2 

Harmon  Jung 4 

Mariiv  Gerderuth  Jung, 5 

Eliz"  Jung, 1 

John  Jacob  Xohe, 2k 

Maria  Clara  Nohe, 5^ 

Catlirine  Noble, 5 

Joanis  Lesher, 1,) 

Joseph  Heinsnian 15 

Henrich  AVillhelni  Riesh 15 

Anna  Cathrine  Nohe, 10 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Mercury,  Wil- 
liam WiLsox,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
May  29,  1735. 

Conrad  Wurtz.  Jacolj  Beshar, 

Jacob  Sehenckel,  Heinrich  H  uber, 

Jacob  Neff,  Jacob  Tantzler, 

Johann  Weiss,  Henrich  Merk, 

Hans  Meier,  Caspar  Netzli, 

Jacob  Frey,  Jacob  Meyer, 

Hans  Huber,  Conrad  Naffe, 

Hans  Muller,  Hans  Ott, 

Johannes  Heit,  Henry  Surber, 

Abraham  Weidman,  Rudolph  Weidman, 

Hans  Jacob  Radtgal),  Johan  Ulrich  Aner, 

Halt/er  Bossert,  Caspar  Schweitzer, 

Henrich  Oswald,  Jacob  Perdschinger, 
8-VOL.  XVII. 


Henry  Bi'unner,  Jacob  Weidman, 

Hans  Conrad  Kaller,  Jacob  Madler, 

Henrich  Schreiber,  Martin  Shellberg, 

Jacob  Maurer,  Henrich  Scheuchzer, 

Jacob  Shellenberg,  Henry  Mosock, 

Jacob  Wiest,         '  Rudolph  Egg, 

Rudolph  Walter,  Jacob  Schmit, 

Conrad  Meyer,  Jacob  Naff, 

Caspar  Gut,  Jacob  Matz, 

Pliilijj  Klein,  Hans  Uh-ich  Anion, 

Rudolph  Aberly,  Jacob  Conrad  Naffe, 

Caspar  Plauler,  Abraham  Weckerly, 

Conrad  Rutschi,  Christoph  Neumeister, 

Johannes  Molich,  Henrich  Forst. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.l 
Name.  Age. 

Hendryk  Gotschy, 17 

Conrad  AVuertz 26 

Abi-ahani  Weidman, 25 

Rodolph  Weidman,      26 

Jacob  Rathgep, 24 

Jacob  Possart, .•   .    .    .  40 

Jacob  Schenekell, 27 

Hendryk  Huber, 70 

Jacob  Naf 39 

Jacob  Dentzler,     , 40 

Hs.  Ulric  Aner, 42 

Johannes  Weiss, 43 

Balthasar  Possart, 30 

Hendryk  Merck, 19 

Killian  Merck, 16 

Johannes  Meyer, 39 

Caspar  Notzly, 4.5 

Caspar  Schweitzer 20 

Hendryk  Oswald, 20 

Jacob  Frey, 50 

Jacob  Homberger, 16 

Jacob  Meyer, 39 

Jacob  Bertschinger,        19 

Hendryk  Bruner,         '.    .  17 

Hans  Knbler,      43 

Jacob  Weidmann 40 

Conrad  Keller, 36 

Conrad  Naf, 22 


Names.  Age. 

Jacob  Bucher, 39 

Jacob  Metier,      17 

Hs.  Mutler 23 

Heudryk  Muller, 21 

Johannes  Ott, 19 

Johannes  Heid, 24 

Hemlryk  Schreyber, 22 

Esther  Gotschy, 44 

Barbara  Gtitschj' 18 

Esther  GiJtschy 16 

Anna  Gotschy,      24 

Magdalena  Steinin^er 30 

Marie  Weber,      30 

Barbara  Haller, 23 

Cleovea  Schenckel, 30 

Elizabeth  Possart, 17 

Ursula  Grendelmeyer, 27 

Anna  Naf, 19 

Magdalena  Phister, 37 

Verena  Krebser 30 

Verena  Kern, 30 

Verena  Eberhar 27 

Elizabeth  Winchla,     31 

Barbara  AVeiss, 18 

Elisabeth  Weiss, 16 

Susanna  Bindseheder, 30 

EHzabeth  Wettstein, 39 

Elizabeth  Peter, 21 

Regula  Appell, 39 

Barbara  Weidnian 30 

Anna  Isler,      43 

Barbara  Meyer, 39 

Barbara  Eberhard, 30 

Regula  Stotz,      ....  37 

Barbara  Glaur 31 

Catherine  Isler, 34 

Barbara  AIl)recht, 40 

Regula  Maurer, 23 

Catherine  Ruegg 20 

Rodolph  Gotschy,      .    .  12 

Mauritz  Gotschy, ^ 10 

Beat  Gotschy 8 

Magdalena  Gotschy, 6 

Juditli  Weidinann,      2 

Barl)ara  Weiduiann, 3 


Name.  '    Age. 

Rodolph  Possart, 10 

Anna  Possart, 6 

Rodolph  Hueber, 6 

liisabeth  Hueber, U 

Elisabeth  Naf, 4 

Jacob  Dentzler, 9 

Rodolph  Dentzler, 5 

Abraham  Dentzler 3 

Margareth  Dentzler 4 

Abraham  Dubendorffer, 9 

Anna  Brunner, 11 

Hs.  Ulric  Brunner, 6 

Verena  Aner,      9 

Felix  Aner, 7 

Hs.  Ulric  Aner, 5 

Marga,reth  Aner,      '. 4 

Catherine  Weiss, 9 

Susanna  Weiss, 3 

Anna  Weiss, 6 

Caspar  Possart, 10 

Hendryh  Possart, 3 

Rodolph  Possart,      3 

Hans  Merck, 6 

Hs.  Conrad  Merck, 5 

Leonard  Meyer, 14 

Jacob  Meyer, 9 

Barbara  Meyer, 4 

Anna  Barbara  Frey, 10 

Elisabeth  Frey 8 

Hendryk  Frey, 6 

Hs.  Jacob  Meyer, 8 

Magdalena  Meyer, 6 

Jacob  Kubler, 5 

Elisabeth  Kubler, 5 

Rodolph  Dubendorffer, 3 

Martin  Schellenberg, '^0 

Conrad  Zuppinger, 36 

Jacob  Maurer,   ....       43 

Johan  Hend  Maurer, ' 19 

Hendryk  Scheuchzer, 43 

Jacob  Schellenberg, 45 

Hendi'yk  Muschque, 23 

Hendryk  Surber, 50 

Hendryk  Surbeu,      15 

Ulric  Aman, :  24 


yanie.  Age. 

Rculolph  Aberly 32 

Jacob,       24 

Rodolph  Eks, 1'*^ 

Rodolph  Wakler,      39 

Conrad  Isaf, ^^"^ 

Jacob  Schniid, 32 

Jacob  Soliinid,      15 

Conrad  Meyer, • 51 

Mek'hior  Meyer,    . 15 

Jacob  Naf, 34 

Caspar  Gut, 19 

Caspar  Blueler,      47 

Jacob  Matsintrer.      37 

Abraham  Wackerly, 30 

Conrad  Rutschy, 37 

Christian  Erhard  Neumeister, — 

Johannes  Moehg,      40 

PhilHpp  Willeni  Kleyn, 23 

Hendryk  Forst, 19 

Verena  Bentz, 19 

Ursula  Scheheberg 17 

Regala  Eberhard, -.  19 

Magnrit  Zupinger 19 

Margueret  Maiirer,      42 

Elisabeth  Maurer, .  19 

Anna  Stuz 30 

Barbara  Dappeller, 52 

Magdelen  KreV)ser, ."  49 

Barl)ara  Schuiid,      15 

Magdalene  Weidman, 49 

Elisabeth  Haller,      30 

Anna  Naf 19 

Magdel  Mantz, 29 

Catherin  Meyly, 29 

BarV)ara  Lips, 30 

Saliane  Catherine  Barlin — 

Marie  Cather  Kirberger, 39 

Margurit  Kentling, 29 

Children' n  Names. 

Anna  Dubendorffer, 6 

Jacob  Weidman, 5 

Mathias  Keller, 1 

Jacob  Bucher, 10 

Hendryk  Bucher, .  8 


Navie.  Age. 

Marie  Muller,      5 

Anna  Cleophe  Schreik 9. 

Hs.  Ulric  Zupinger,    .       12 

Hendi-yk  Zuppinger, 6 

Anna  Marg.  Mauer, T 

Verena  Svirber, 5 

Jacob  Walder, 4 

Hans  Jacob  Naf, 9 

Jacob  Naf, 7 

Felix  Schmid, 12 

Barb  Schmid 5 

Hs.   Hend  Blenler 13 

Catherine  Bleuler, 9 

Hs.  Jacob  Bleuler, ^, 8 

Felix  Matzinger, 8 

Verena  Wackerly 2 

Jacob  Rutschy,     10 

Hendryk  Rutschy, 7 

Hs.  Jacob  Rutschy, 2  weeks. 

Erenreich  Moelig, 7 

Veronica  Gertrat  Moelig, 15 

Andreas  Moelig, , 4 

Marie  Cath.  Moelig, U 

Gottfrid  Moelig, 10 

JLisT  OF  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Brig  Mary,  op 
Philadelphia,  James  Marshall,  Master,  from  London, 
Qualified  June  28,  1735. 

Melchior  Scholtze,  Henrich  Boshart, 

Peter  Schwaab,  Andreas  Brinker, 

Wilhelni  Gesel,  Andreas  Widnier, 

Zacharias  Friedrich,  Henrich  Wurchman, 

Johannes  AVurchman,  Jacob  Weidmer, 

Solomon  Ruckstul,  sen.,  Solomon  Ruckstul,  jr. 

[27te  original  list  is  herewith  (jiven.] 

Men's  Names. 
Melchior  Shults,  Zacharias  Fridrich, 

Hyndrick  Possart,  Pieter  Swab, 

Andreas  Brinker,  Nicolas  Botikofer, 



Hyndrick  AVoerman, 
Jacob  Widmer, 
Willem  Gissel, 
Solomon  Ruckstoll, 

Women  and 

Anna  Possart, 
Hyndrick  Possart. 
Hyndrick  Brinker, 
Hans  Brinker, 
Magdalena  AVoerinan, 
Barbara  Woerinan, 
Hyndrick  Woerman, 
Anna  Woerman, 
Market  Widuiei", 
Anna  AVidmer, 
Elisabeth  AVidmer, 
Clive  Rookstol, 
Hyndrick  Rookstol. 

Johannes  Woerman, 
Andreas  AA^idmer, 
Solomon  Ruckstoll. 

Children's  Names. 
Casi)ar  Possart, 
Regula  Brinker, 
Conrad  Brinker, 
Jacob  Brinker, 
Rede  AVoerman, 
Orsala  AVoerman, 
Elizabeth  AVoerman, 
Elizabeth  AVoerman, 
Jacob  Widmer, 
Marget  AVidmer, 
Susannah  Widmer, 
Barbara  Rookstol, 
Barbara  Rookstol. 

List  of  Forbigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Billander 
OiiivER,  Samuel  Merchant,  Master,  from  South  Caro- 
lina.    Qualified  Aug.  25,  1735. 

Hans  Bucher, 
Hans  Roller, 
Johannes  Marti, 
Ulrich  Yilia, 
Peter  Henckels, 
Hans  Michael  Pingley, 
Abraham  Mausslin, 
Christian  AVeber, 
Hans  Leyenberger, 

Lazarus  Wenger, 
Christian  Zwaller, 
Jacob  Stelly, 
Johannes  Etter, 
Christian  Brenholtz, 
Hans  Ludenborg, 
Ulrich  Mischler, 
Jacob  AVilhelm  Naath, 
Hans  Bucher,  jr. 

[T/te  original  list  is  hfrewitli  r/iven.] 

Men's  Names. 

Name.  Age. 

Hans  Booker, 54 

John  Booker, 20 

Lazerus  AVinger. 19 

Hans  KoUer, 40 


Name.  Age. 

Christan  Brenholts, 39 

Hans  Pinkley, 23 

Christan  Swaller, 24 

Hans  Lyinburger, 50 

Haas  Lyinburger, 25 

Abrani  Meeseley,      43 

Hans  Martey,     44 

Uldrick  Mesler, 30 

Jacob  Starley, 20 

Cristan  Wewer, 28 

Ulerick  Yelin, 27 

Johannes  Atterley, 40 

William  Naws, 39 

Peter  Hankler,      ' 21 

Women\^  Names. 

Cristana  Booker,      35 

Ann  Winger, 5g 

Ann  Winger, Ig 

Susannah  Koller, 3,5 

Ann  Brenholts,      40 

Lizarberth  Lj'inburger, 45 

Lizarberth  Lyinburger, 20 

Barberry  Lyinburger, 14 

Lizarberth  Mesler, 25 

Ann  Wewer 25 

Ann  Wewer, 20 

Barbry  Yelin, 25 

Barbry  Yelin, 45 

Cristan  Yelin, 20 

Mardling  Spring, 23 

Margat  Otlersin. 4 

Apploney  Greeno g(, 

Marry  Naws 3^ 

Children's  Names. 

Benjeaman  Booker, 13 

Cristan  Booker, jq 

Jacob  Coller g 

Peter  Lyinburger, g 

Hannah  Lyinburger, 3 

Ann  Mesler, ,  23 

Hans  Wewer,     i^ 

Cristan  Wewer, 3 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Harle,  op 
London,  Ralph  Harle,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept.  1,  1736. 

Frantz  Heckert, 
Johannes  Lorentz, 
Joliannes  Hannewald, 
Jacob  (j-emling, 
Wilhelin  Hetterling, 
Nicklaus  Trewer, 
Karl  Kern, 
Jacob  Aniandus, 
Matthias  Speck, 
Andreas  Grriinin, 
Heinrich  Dubs, 
Joh.  Peter  Van  Laschet, 
.Job.  Philip  Wagenian, 
Johaii  Valentin  Voigt, 
Johan  Daniel  Braun, 
Geo.  Nicolas  Zysloff, 
Johan  Peter  Nargang, 
Johann  Georg  .Jaky, 
Rudolph  Hackmann, 
Cornelius  Weigandt, 
Andrias  Nargang, 
Clemens  Slottenbecker, 
Joh.  Wilhelni  Speck, 
Johannes  Willeras. 
Heinrich  Gerhart, 
Andreas  Hailhnan. 
Johan  Peter  Feglin, 
Johannes  Rothrook, 
Johannes  Zacharias, 
Joh.  Ludwig  AVeieker, 
Johan  Georg  Basel. 
Joh.  Michael  Weygell, 
Johannes  Rissnianii, 
Johann  Georg  Wambolt, 
Andreas  Jochim. 
Jacob  Hostedler, 
Hans  Ruppele, 
Jacob  Jayser, 
Frederic  Memart, 
Adam  Seider, 
Adam  Boher, 
Christian  Erb, 

Johannes  Kruck, 
Abraham  Tiegarden,  sen., 
Abraham  Tiegarden, 
Georg  Zeisloff, 
Daniel'  Nargang, 
Michael  Jochim, 
Nicklas  Rebell, 
Peter  Rentsch, 
Dietrich  Martin, 
Nicolas  Post, 
Joh.  Van  Laschet, 
Christian  Van  Laschet, 
Johan  Philip  Wick, 
Johan  Mathias  Voigt, 
Johan  Michael  Graul, 
Johan  Baltzer  Zeisloff, 
Joh.  Christophel  Treber, 
Leonhardt  Cronbach, 
Jacob  Fellman, 
Hans  Melchior  Beyer, 
Johannes  Butler, 
Johan  Jacob  Weyl, 
Peter  Slottenbecker, 
Heinrich  Slottenbecker, 
Joh.  Jacob  Daubenspeck, 
Johan  Mathias  Bruch, 
Johan  Georg  Mein, 
Joh   n  Jacob  Barth, 
Balthaser  Stephanas, 
Joh.  Henrich  Bruner, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Kammerer, 
Laljorius  Merschrath, 
Joh.  Christoph  AVindemuth, 
Johann  Georg  Scheidler, 
Vincent  Schackie, 
Jacol)  Evsen, 
Frederick  Beegel, 
Andreas  Kurtz, 
Jacob  Sontag, 
Nilaus  Lang, 
Ludwig  Lay, 
John  Jacob  Zyderman, 



Andreas  Cratz, 
Valentin  Neu, 
Eberhart  Ebeler, 
Conrad  Frankenberger, 
Daniel  Meyer, 
Paul  us  Briinner, 
Andreas  Grross,  ' 

Peter  Rupp, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Caspar  Myer, 
Caspar  Stelling, 
Johan  Bi'and, 
Christian  Suder, 
Jonathan  Heger, 
Jacob  Cuntz, 
Jacob  Kochenauei 
Adam  Wambolt, 
Gottfrid  Grull, 
Christoph  Rudolpf, 
Thomas  Hummel, 
Johann  Jacol)  Nuss, 
Heinrich  Wohlgemuth, 
Georg  Adam  AVerner, 
Joseph  Wohlgemuth, 
Johan  Philip  Muntz, 
Caspar  Kupferschmidt, 
Han  Georg  Handtwerch, 
Johann  Adam  Schauss, 
Johan  Valentin  Scherer, 
Johan  Jacob  Christler, 
Joh.  Adam  Hohenschilt, 
Georg  Michael  Friedrich, 
Johan  Georg  Lehnert. 

Jacob  Libbert, 
Nicolaus  Melcher, 
Christian  Schrj^ack, 
Johannes  Rossinger, 
Johannes  Hess, 
Christian  Landes, 
Leonhart  Jager, 
Michael  Noll, 
Nicolas  ^ngne, 
Ludwig  Mauerer, 
Dewalt  Bej'er, 
Mathias  Deck, 
Johannes  Gerber, 
Mattheus  Roser, 
Jacob  Hollinger, 
Andreas  Franck, 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
Michael  Linder, 
Peter  Hironimus, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johan  Conrad  Bab, 
Abraham  Wohlgemuth, 
Jacob  Ladtermann, 
Henrich  Weydebach, 
Johannes  Franckeberger, 
Johann  Conrad  Grimm, 
Zacharias  Setzler, 
Isaac  Adolphus  Delb, 
Christian  Stockly, 
Johan  Peter  Wambold, 
Johan  Peter  Marsteller, 
Joh.  Georg  Windemuth, 

[  The  original  list  is  herewith  given.  ] 

Men's  Names. 
Name.  Age. 

Frans  Hecker, 34 

Johan  Von  -Lasche,      50 

Hans  Peter  Von  Lasche,      25 

Christian  Von  Lasche, 18 

Johan  Krik 29 

Phillip  Wick 25 

Phillip  Weygamunt 23 


Name.  Age. 

Abraham  Tegavt, 48 

Abraliuiii  Tegart, 18 

Johannis  Hannavalt, 23 

Johannis  Laurents, 40 

Jacob  Keinnierliug 33 

John  Valentin  Fokt, 33 

Matthias  Fokt, 19 

Dau'  Boon, 16 

Michael  ('rowel, 53 

Geo.  Nickel  Seyloff, 30 

Baltazar  Seyloff,      .    . 29 

Georfje  Seyloff 27 

Willeni  Heederlin, 27 

Daniel  Nergau, 20 

Peter  Nergan, 33 

Nicholas  .-Traver, 44 

Christ"  Traver, 1? 

Michael  Yokem, 33 

Andreas  Yokem, 40 

Carl  Kern 30 

Nieliolas  Rebell,    .       •.    ,  23 

George  Shaky, 36 

Jacob  Amandis, .30 

Leonard  Croonback, 39 

Vincent  Shaky,     34 

Jacob  Hofstedler, 32 

Jacob  Eyser, 54 

Jacob  Eyser 21 

Johannes  Ruppel 35 

Fredrick  Beckel •       •  21 

Jacob  Jeyser, 23 

Aron  Cortz, 29 

Frederick  Meindart, 24 

Rudolf  Hackraan, 20 

Jacob  Felnian, 55 

Jacob  Sondag, 33 

Cornelis  Wiegant 23 

Abraham  Sayler,      30 

Adam  Seyter 38 

Nickel  Lang,      34 

Adam  Bone, 27 

Ludwick  Loy, 25 

Christian  Erb, 46 

Peter  Rhensh, 37 

Hans  Melchior  Pyer,      21 


Name.  Age. 

Andreas  Nergan,      37 

Jolin  Butler, 30 

Clement  Stoutebecker, 36 

Matthias  Speck, 53 

Derick  Mart, 27 

Jacob  Weyl 39 

Willem  Speck 23 

Peter  Stoutebecker, 38 

Johan  Willems, 48 

Hendrick  Stoutebecker, 29 

Hendrick  Greset, 48 

Andries  Grim 18 

Jacob  Tovespeck, 23 

Andries  Heelman, 29 

Matthias  Bouch, 23 

Jn"  Peter  Fegelin, 18 

Jn»  Geo  Mein 10 

Johan  Rootroke, 50 

Jacob  Salt  Pate, 50 

Jacob  Lederman,     17 

Nicholas  Post, 18 

Hendrick  Dups, 28 

Andreas  Cratts, 22 

Jacob  Liybbart, 26 

Valentine  Ney,      24 

John  Snuyder,      28 

Johan  Zacharias 25 

Nicholas  Melchior, 28 

Baltazar  Stebanns, 40 

Ludwick  Wyker, 19 

Hendrick  Prunner,     24 

Abraham  Appier, 20 

J.  Geo.   Basell, 20 

Ludwick  Kemmerick, 31 

Michael  Wykel, 44 

Michael  Holsacker,      — 

Laborious  Merschrote, 10 

Christian  Schrieak, 18 

Conraat  Frankberger, 20 

Johannis  Brosinger, 25 

Daniel  Moyer, ' 28 

Johan  Reisman, 27 

John  Heep, 46 

Christ  Windemoot,      60 

Paul  Bronner, 28 


Name.  Age. 

Johan  Geo.  Vanbolt, 23 

Jn"  Geo.  Sheitler 22 

Conraat  Kriin, 20 

Christian  Landes, 26 

Andries  Gross, « 25 

Adam  Shqus • 32 

Leonard  Yayer, 26 

Zacharias  Setsler 45 

Valentine  Schere, ■     .    .    .    .  19 

Peter  Roope, 30 

Michal  Noll 17 

Isaac  Le  Poltis  Telp 25 

Jacob  Christler 42 

Johanuis  Mover, 48 

Nickel  Anganie, 47 

Caspar  Mover, -. 32 

Joseph  Lyng,      25 

Ludwick  Meyer, 29 

Christian  Steckle, 25 

Casper  Stelling, • 38 

Jacob  Nuss, 20 

Devalt  Pyer 21 

Conraat  Paap, 27 

Johannis  Brant, 16 

Mathias  Steck, 37 

Hendrick  AVulgemuth,      24 

Abraham  Wulgemuth,      22 

Joseph  Wulgemuth, 20 

Geo.  Adam  Varner, 36 

Christian  Suder, 23 

Hans  Gerber,      32 

Jonathan  Heeger, • 22 

Matthias  Reeser, 26 

Jacob  Cunts, 23' 

Jacob  Hollinger, 30 

Jacob  Leederman, 31 

Jacob  Kochenaur,    .    .    .    .* 31 

Herman  Brott,      33 

Phillip  Mentz, 38 

Hendrick  Wyedeback, 49 

Casper  Coppersmith,      50 

Johannis  Frankberger,      18 . 

Andries  Frank,      19 

Adam  Vanipult,    .        36 

Hans  George  Hantwerg, 32 


Name.  Age. 

Johan  Fookes, ■  19 

Johan  Nicolas  Perninger, 40 

Gotfrid  Cryl, 24 

Johan  Adaiu  Howanschilt,      30 

Johan  Peter  Vanpult, •  26 

Geo.  Mich'  Fridrick, 32 

John  Albrecht  Ziegler, 26 

Peter  Cheaver, 18 

John  Peter  Merstill, 30 

John  George  Leonardt, • 21 

John  Geo.  Winterniont, 25 

Mich'  Lindart, 36 

Christopher  Rudolf, '.    .  19 

Pieter  Hieroninius, 21 

Tomas  Hummel, 25 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Princess  Au- 
gustus, Samuel  Merchant,  Master,  from  Rotterdam, 
Qualified  Sept.   16,  1736. 

Georg  Mayer, 

Jacob  Meyei', 

Rudolph  Essig, 

Jacob  Muller, 

Jacol)  Fruh, 

Leonhart  Stein, 

Joseph  Kratzer, 

Rudolph  Rauch, 

Hans  Spitelei", 

Jacob  Baire, 

Stephen  Jacob, 

Christian  Buchty, 

.Jean  Comer, 

Nicolas  Jewdie, 

Joh.  Geoi'g  Baumgartner, 

Johan  Georg  Ritter, 

Hans  David  Bilman, 

Hans  Michael  Carl, 

Philipp  Guttman. 

Georg  Abraham  Essig, 

Han  Nicolas  Schmidt, 

Stephen  Schust, 
Georg  Meyer, 
Wilhelm  Huber, 
Simon  Carl, 
Lorentz  Fruh, 
Lorentz  Simon, 
Jacob  Kese, 
Hans  Spiteler,  sen., 
Nicolaus  Tenne, 
Hans  Jacob, 
Henry  Books, 
A  braham  Jacke, 
Hans  Fiseler. 
Joh.  Gabriel  Lammle, 
Han  Philip  Fleckser, 
Johan  Jost  Dubs, 
Hans  Thomas  Keer, 
Gottfrid  Lautermilch, 
Hans  Michael  Essig, 
Johan  Jacob  Busch, 
Han  Georg  Trautman, 



Hans  Georg  GralT, 
Han  Jacob  Bfitert, 
(,'hristian  Schenblein,  jr. 
Han  Ht'gendorn,  jr., 
Thiehnan  Hiinschall, 
Christian  Simon, 
Henricli  Meyer, 
Daniel  Hekendorn, 
Friederich  Greir, 
Durst  Thonime, 
Hans  Jacob, 
Hans  Georg  Gerster, 
Sebastian  Caquelin, 
Jean  Caquelin, 
Dieterich  Werlie, 
Hans  Jacob  Keller,  ^ 
'Christicin  I)api)en, 
Hans  Rudolph  Erb, 
Jonas  J  oner, 
Hans  Siber, 
Hans  Stoekie, 
Francois  Oriths, 
Eneas  Noel, 
Jacob  A  It  land  t. 
Christian  Schlachten, 
Jean  Francois  Chrestien, 
Johannes  Keller,  sen., 
Michael  Haalling, 
Hans  David  Merky, 
Johan  Conrad  Ganger, 

John  Adolph  Wenssel,  Schenblein,  sen., 
Han  Hegendorn,  sen., 
Han  Jacob  Greider, 
Hans  Jacob  Dups, 
Friederich  Gardner, 
Sebastian  GralT, 
Bastian  St  ler, 
Martin  Greider, 
Martin  Doniey, 
Durst  Thoninie, 
David  Lowenstein, 
Dieterich  Caquelin, 
Daniel  Koniiner, 
Hans  Inibernian, 
Benedict  Yuhli, 
Waltes  Bauniann, 
Melchior  Detweiler, 
Jacob  J  oner, 
Hans  Zwalle, 
Peter  Binckly, 
Hans  Binckly, 
Nicholas  Orich, 
Joseph  Noel, 
Peter  Weyer, 
Rudolph  Baumgardner, 
Collas  Drasbart, 
Jacob  Christman, 
Marcus  Merky, 
Nicklaus  Mesling, 
Georg  Nicolas  Ganger. 

[  The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 
Names  of  Men. 

Name.  Age. 

Gabril  Lamle, 26 

Hance  George  Bningartner, 26 

Hance  Philip  Flexer, 31 

George  Meyer, 27 

George  Ritter 17 

Johanniost  Tupps, 18 

Stephen  Sliust, 22 

Jacob  Meyer,      45 


Name.  ,  Age. 

David  Bielinaii, 3] 

Hance  Michall  Carle,      23 

Hance  Thomas  Kurr, 19 

Grottfried  Loudermilch, 28 

Philip  Gutchman, 29 

George  Meyer, 35 

Hance  Michall  Essich, 30 

George  Essich, 40 

Rudolph  Essich, 70 

Johan  Jacob  Bush, . 26 

William  Huber 29 

Jacob  Muller, 28 

Simon  Carel, 36 

Jacob  Free, 28 

Lorance  Free, 24 

Nichlos  Free, 48 

Hendrick  Free, 17 

Leenhard  Styen, 46 

Hance  Nicklos  Schmidtt,      28 

Lorance  Simon, 30 

Christian  Simon, 60 

Friederick  Gartner,     .    ,       35 

Hance  George  Drautman, 27 

George  Meyer, 63 

George  Mouerer, 29 

Hendrick  Meyer, 26 

Bastian  Graff, 25 

George  Graff,     34 

Adolph  Wensel, 36 

Hance  Jacob  Biedert, 30 

Christian  Sheibly, 53 

Christian  Sheibly, 17 

Hance  Heckendon 50 

Hance  Heckendon, 20 

Dannill  Heckendon, 16 

Bastain  Stoler, 42 

Hance  Jacob  Grieter, 55 

Fredrick  Grieter, 21 

Martain  Grieter, 19 

Tielman  Hirnschael, 55 

Durst  Thome, 57 

Martain  Thome, 33 

Hance  Jacob  Thome 29 

Durst  Thome, 24 

Jacob  Stubes, 25 

THK  OATH  OF  AI,LK(t1  AN(;E.  12!) 

N^ame.  -^(/c- 

Joseph  (Jriteer,  .24 

Jiicob  Kese,     .    .                                               2H 

Riululph  Hugh,     .                                             25 

Haiu-e  Spietteler,  40 

Hauee  Si)ietteler,             17 

Jacob  Domine, 31) 

Hance  Creorge  Gerster, 2G 

Is'icholas  Teliae, 24 

David  Ijewesteyn,            40 

Jacob  l\iire, M 

Hance  Jacobe, 28 

Stafeu  Jacobe, 23 

John  Hooks, 23 

('hristian  Ruchdy, 74 

Abrtiliam  Jacke, 20 

Diilerich   Marsehall,         2!J 

Sebastian  Cackehe, TO 

Sebastian  Cackelie, 22 

Diilerick  Cackelie, 20 

Hance  Cackelie, 17 

Hance  Comiiier,     ...           40 

Dannill.  Coinnier,      Ill 

Diedericli  Werlie, 41 

Hance  Tiseler 23 

Hance  Iiiibermarle, 46 

Hance  Jacob  Keller, 30 

Nichlos  Schudie, 23 

Hance  Joner, 50 

Jonas  Joner, 20 

Hance  Jacob  Joner, .  16 

Benelictiis  Jochlie, 27 

Christian  Teppe, 30 

Petter  Brinhartt,      39 

Walter  Baunian, 32 

Hance  Kbber,      31 

Hance  Zwixlle, 36 

Hance  Stockie, 26 

Hance  Goerge  Knaap, 43 

Hance  Rudolph  Erb, ....  26 

Jacob  Briiderle, 42 

Petter  Pinkley 28 

Melchior  Dedwyler, 37 

Christian  Schlechter 39 

Petter  Delo, 40 

9-VOL.  XVII. 


Name.  '  Age. 

Rudolph  Biiiiigartner, 55 

Francii^  Cristiaii,      40 

Co  las  Drasbart, 40 

Nichols  Gerrard, 30 

Petter  Plnkelie, 3>3 

Harice  Plnkelie, 41 

Hance  Plnkelie, 18 

Joshannes  Keller, 65 

Joshannes  Keller 21 

Franfis  Oree,      ... 5(j 

Nicholas  Oree, 3g 

Ennias  Newell 36 

Joseph  Newell 56 

Petter  Newell, 16 

Jacob  Christaniau, 25 

Michall  Haling, 28 

Marcus  Markey, 45 

Hance  David  Markey, 17 

Jacob  Altland, 28 

Nichlos  Mesling, 27 

Conerard  CTaugei-, 22 

Nichlos  Gaugei" .  ig 

Petter  Weeger,      27 

Francis  Ore  a  wife  3  children. 

Nicolas  Ore. 

Nicolas  Trasbart  a  Avife  and  6  children. 

Pierre  Dilon  a  wife  and  4  children. 

Nicolas  Gerard  a  wife  and  no  child. 

Jean  Francois  Chretien  a  wife  and  one  child. 

Eneas  Newell  a  wife  and  one  child. 

Joseph  Newell  a  wife  and  6  children  of  whom  Pierre  Newell 
is  one. 

List  ok  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Brigatine  Perth- 

IFIED Oct.    l!j,   1736. 

Abraham  Beer,  Johau  Prantz, 

Johannes  Segel,  Jacob  Heller, 

Caspar  Struwel,  Caspar  Lambert, 

Georg  Keck,  Paulus  Andoni, 

Johannes  Geier,  Johannes  Schler, 



Peter  Kolil, 
Jacob  tSteiyiM-, 
.Jolianue.s  Herr, 
Dirk  Schutten, 
Pierre  J3eV'eau, 
.loll.  Geoig  Wic'klein. 
liiKlwijj  Wall.stellt-r, 
Joliaii  Peter  Prietz, 
Francis  Joseph  Hornig, 
Friedericli  Bleibtreu, 
Johau  Jost  Mohr, 
Joli.  Christian  Ihringer, 
Abraham  Duinbaltlt, 
Gottfried  Eberhard, 

Daniel  iSchultz, 
Peter  Has, 
Deobald  Veit, 
Nicolas  Stopp, 
Peter  Quaselbauni, 
Johau  Jiiidwig  Seil), 
Johau  Philip  C^uickel, 
Joh.  Michael  C^uickel, 
Joh.  Caspar  Schmidt, 
Johau  Adam  Riiusch, 
Johau  (ieorg  Quickel, 
Joh.  Heinricli  Schmidt, 
Ernst  Pried.   Dumbaldt. 

List  okForkioxkrs  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Samuel,  Hugh 
Percy,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qj^alifikd  Attg.  30, 

Abraliam  Farni, 
Christian  Muller, 
Jacob  Scliober, 
>«icolas  Marret, 
Benedict  Tomas, 
Friederich  From, 
Phihp  liecker, 
Weyricii  Rutisieli, 
Johannes  Ries, 
Wilhelmns  Beyer. 
Heurich   rTUthard, 
William  St  rub, 
Lorentz  Becker, 
Simon  Miueelir. 
Paul  Frautz, 
Joseph  Bischoff, 
Ulrich  Bickell, 
Conrad  Schutz, 
Francis  Fordene, 
Jolian  Oeorg  Wicliel, 
Joannes  Drachsell. 
Peter  Hugett, 
Jacob  W(jltr, 
Peter  Bier, 

Henrich  Werlle, 
Henrich  Muller, 
Peter  Yost, 
Jacob  Kuntz, 
Hans  Ebler, 
Darius  Ruff, 
Ludwig  Bothner, 
Jacob  Volck, 
Jacob  Offenbacher, 
Johannes  Kohr. 
Daniel  Filbert, 
Johannes  Lang, 
Lorentz  Sclireibev, 
Peter  Minich, 
Priedericli   Eberhart, 
Peter  Budiuger, 
Leuhart  Glaser, 
Nicolas  Meyer, 
Michael  Fortiueh, 
Johannes  Sclioflier, 
Georg  Weyrich, 
.Jacob  Lang. 
Peter  AVolff, 
Johannes  Haust, 



Ludwig  Klein, 
Christian  Rutli, 
Pliilip  Fenstenuiacher, 
Johan  Petter  Drachsell, 
Andreas  Aulenbacher, 
Hans  Greo'-g  Huttner, 
Johann  Georg  Ziegler, 
Johan  Friederich  Krafft, 
Heinrich  Steinnietz. 
Simon  Honninger, 
Hans  (xeorg  Ijale, 
Johan  Christopli  Meckel. 
Johan  Paul  Geiger, 
Johan  Peter  Stenibeil, 
Johannes  Cashnetz, 
Hans  Adain  Biedinger, 
Johan  Georg  Saiierl)ier, 
Johan  Lenhart  Volck, 
Johan  Nicolas  Finck, 
Johan  Conrad  MuUer, 
Johan  Christian  Doll, 
Jacol)  Bauni, 
Johannes  Bauui, 
Michael  Lower, 
Johan  Wilhelin  Welsch, 
Michael  Schumacher, 
Wilhenn  Rabenwalt, 
Johan  Jacob  Kintzer. 
Ludwig  Becker, 
Johan  Jacol)  Staudt, 

Johannes  Staudt, 
Johau  Christian  Dascher, 
Michael  Spengler, 
Christian  Brengel, 
Hans  Adam  Staut. 
Hans  Michael  Hetzer. 
Johan  Jacob  Kolb, 
Johan  Jacob  Nuss, 
Johan  Thomas  Kern, 
Michael  Pfingstag, 
Johann  Georg  Roth, 
Ludwig  Kornmann, 
Johan  Valentin  Lang, 
Johan  Jacob  Eichholtz, 
Hans  Jacob  Castnitz, 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Johan  Jacoli  Maag, 
Johan  Heinrich  Klein, 
Johan  Adam  Drumm, 
Bernhart  Womer, 
Melchior  Fordene, 
Andreas  Muller, 
Jacob  Lower, 
Johannes  Peter  Doll, 
Johan  Jacol)  AVelsch, 
Johann  Peter  Licht, 
Johan  Hen  rich  Moll, 
Johann  Georg  Geiss, 
Johann  Adam  Loffier. 

[  The  original  list  is  hrreinith  given.  ] 
Men's  Names. 

Name.  '         Age. 

Aljrah'"  Funfurney,      64 

Uenr^  Wirley, GO 

Chris"  Miller, 27 

Henr"  Miller, 38 

GeoMVeigel 20 

Jacob  SchoVjer 33 

Peter  Yost, IB 

Nich'  Marret, 24 

Joan''  SchetHer,  .    .  ' ;    .    .    .    .  23 

Joan**  Tracksel 47 


Name.  Age. 

John  Peter  Tracksel 19 

Christ"  Brinj^el, 20 

Andr"  Aulebaker,      27 

Jacob  Counse,    . 23 

Bened.  Tomas, 27 

Hans  Adam  Stout, 19 

Hans  (xeo'  Huttner, 31 

Hans  Epi)ler,      39 

Predr"  Fruoni,        29 

Hans  Mech'  Her/.er,      53 

Darius  RulT, 21 

Hans  Geo«^  Zeigler. 19 

J  no  Jacob  Kolp 23 

Fredr''  Kratrt, 21 

Jacob  Nuss, 36 

Fredr"  Stemetts, 24 

Plii lip  Backers, 54 

Hans  Mich'  Backer,       23 

Ludwick  Bothner, 32 

Wirich  Rutisilia 40 

Tho^  Kern,      .        36 

Simon  Henninger 26 

Mich'  Phin.staag, 32 

Hans  Geo^  Lale, 34 

Jacob  Falck 69 

Joann''  Ries, 21 

Jacob  OffenV>acher 26 

Albert  Biers, 28 

Joaini^  Roohr 20 

John  Geo'^  Roth,          24 

Henr"  Guthart,         37 

Sam'  Filbert, 27 

W"  Strubb. 37 

Chris"  Mickel, 27 

Ludw"  Kornman, 24 

Paul  Gier '-..'..  23 

Joann"  Lang, 46 

Joan  Valant-  Lang,      16 

John  Peter  Stempel 40 

Lorens  Becker, 57 

Lorens  Schriber 26 

Simon  Minick, 35 

Peter  Minick 39 

Jo"  Jacob  Echoltz,          25 

Joann'  Kashnetz,      43 


Name.  Age. 

Hans  Geo<^  Kashnetz, 19 

Paul  Frantz 50 

Hans  Ad"'  Beidinger, 3y 

Joseph  Bishofp,     38 

Fredi*  Eberhardt, 40 

Peter  Beidinger, 34 

John  Ad"'  Snider, 41 

Ulerick  Rickell 28 

Jn"  Geo*^  Sowerbier, 33 

Lenhard  Gla/.er, 46 

Jn°  Jacob  Maag, 80 

Conrade  Schutz, 30 

Jn"  Burghart  Folek, 20 

Jn"  Henr''  Klien,       33 

Nichol  Finck,     33 

Nichol  Meyer, 22 

Adam  Drum, 31 

Fi-an^  Fordene 26 

Mich'  Fordene, 22 

Malicka  Fordene, 19 

Jacob  Baum, 4o 

Andreas  Miller, 30 

Conrade  Miller 50 

Joann**  Baum, 18 

Jacob  Lower, 50 

Mich'  Lower, 20 

Mich'  Spangler, 26 

Ba^'nard  Woomer, .29 

Christ"  Doll, 25 

Peter  Doll, 24 

Christ"  Dasher, 22 

Geo^  Weyrigg, 34 

Peter  Hugget, 35 

PhilP  Ffinstermake;- 20 

.Jacob  Lang,    ...       ...  27 

Jacob  Wolf, 43 

Jn°  Peter  Wolf.      17 

JnMViir"  Welch, 25 

Jacob  Welch, 21 

Peter  Bier, - 21 

Mich'  Shoemaker 22 

Joann^  Foust, 23 

Peter  Leight,         31 

Ludw"  Kein, 40 

AV"'  Rabeuholts, 35 



Name.  Aye. 

Jii°  Henricli   Mull, 23 

Joauues  Stout, 


Jn"  Jacob  Kinser, '^8 

Jii"  (i-eo*  (.rise, :!0 

Ijudw''  Becker, -8 

Aihim  Lifuer,      ■^'~) 

Jacob  Stout, -ti 

llennau  Hartniau, -4 

Christ"  Ruth ;i> 

List  ok  Foreigxkrs  Impo 
John  Howkll,  Master, 
Skpt.   10,  1737. 

Valentine  Stober, 
Jacob  Stober, 
Frederick  Rytt'el, 
John  Albert  Slialler, 
George  Shall er, 
Nicholas  Cochelrise, 
Hans  Michael  Hartlyn, 
Micael  Hartlyn, 
Philip  (Todfriet  Munk. 
John  Jacob  Kayer, 
Valentine  Rolevere, 
Hans  Gonmier, 
John  Ryt/inan, 
Jacop  Shaft, 
Fredarick  Horn, 
John  Martin  Frelich. 

rtkd  IX  THE  Ship  Sxow  Molly, 
FROM   Amsterdam.     Qualified 

Valentine  Stober,  jun. , 
Hans  Jonas  RylTel, 
Christiper  Groonian, 
John  George  Albert, 
John  Lenoard  Willfort, 
George  Simon  Christ, 
George  Fredarick  Wollenweber, 
John  Winter, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
John  Philip  Kratzer, 
Christiper  Goniiner, 
Philip  Adam  Endler, 
Christiper  Shakey, 
Philip  Jacop  Shaft, 
Peter  Hane. 

List  of  Foreigxers  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Virtuous 
Grace,  Johx  Bull,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Sept.  34,  1737. 

Antoni  Ruger,  .sen.,  Antoni  Ruger,  Jr., 

Lsaac  KolTman,  Jacob  Schaub, 

Christoph  StauUer,  Hans  Kofl'man. 

Rudolph  Lutzler,  Leonhart  Heier, 



Jacob  Schwartz, 
Jacob  Grraff, 
Ludwig  Bom, 
Simon  Stokee, 
Peter  Keiidev, 
Adam  AVeiss, 
Michael  Uh-ich, 
Adam  Dill, 
Christian  Toll, 
David  Bruch, 
Hans  Weis, 
Johannes  Tasker, 
Christian  Plner, 
Michael  Carle, 
Burckhart  Riiger, 
Martin  Hegendorn, 
Hans  Jacob  Groller, 
Hans  Greorg  Scliwartz, 
Albrecht  Grraflf, 
Frederick  Croiner, 
Henrich  Jacob  Dillmann, 
Christian  Bullinger, 
Rndolph  Duckwell, 
Andrew  Sunwald, 
Friederick  Kiester. 
Jacob  Biihinger, 
Henrich  Shamberger, 
Hans  Greorg  Meyer, 
Henrich  Wideabach, 
Henrich  Engel, 
Michael  Raiisch, 
Christian  Bauer. 
Sinion  Hunsecker, 

Bernard  Haui), 
Jacob  ReineJ, 
Jacob  Rimy, 
Jacob  Stokee, 
Jeremiah  Smitt, 
Peter  Staut, 
Abraliam  "Wize, 
Jacob  Wolff. 
Balt/er  Hartsoc, 
Jacob  Croyter, 
Georg  Heck, 
Jacob  Springer, 
Jacob  Hiibler, 
Henrich  Grimm, 
Albert  Lebolt. 
Isaac  Koffman,  jr., 
Johannes  Stauffer, 
Hans  Jacoli  Kobler, 
Hans  Georg  Reimmel, 
Siuaon    Shnnck, 
Hans  Georg  Dillmann, 
Hans  Michael  Uliicli, 
Hans  Georg  Konder, 
Jacob  Hoi  linger, 
Hans  Georg  Friederick, 
Henrich  Schwerdt, 
Wilhelm  Fischer, 
Henrich  GJrossman. 
Johan  Jacob  G'onradr, 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Johannes  Hunsecker, 
Hans  Jacob  Inhof. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 

JSame.  Age. 

Anf  Reigel, 48 

Ant'  Reigel, !i4 

Burgt.  Reigel, 21 

Jacob  Slioub,      24 

Isaac  Koffman 5,5 

Hans  Koffman, 24 

Isaac  Koffman,       19 

Hans  Geo"  Remei. ."i^ 


Name.  Age. 

Jacob  Reinel, ]9 

Martin  Haekadon 4,5 

Chris"  Stoupher 28 

Hans  Stoupher, 20 

Jacol)  Kooler, r)0 

Hans  Jacob  Kooler 18 

Ijfiihart  Hier, 40 

Rudolph  Lit/or, GO 

Barn''  Houp, 45 

Barn"  Houp, 17 

Hans  Geo*"  Swartz, 24 

Jacob  Swart/, 17 

Jacob  Grove, 48 

Albrake  Grove 18 

Baitel  Reiniie 54 

Simon  Shunk, 24 

Jacol)  Reniie,  .            .  •.    .    .                    18 

Ludwick  Borne 32 

Fredr''  Cromer, 21 

JacoV)  Stokee, 27 

Simon  Stokee, 18 

Hans  Geo*^  Deleinan, 50 

Hans  Jac*"  De]eu)an, 20 

Hans  Mich'  Ulerich, 30 

Jerome  Smitt, 18 

Christ"  Bullinger 44 

Hans  Geo'  Konder,      31 

Peter  Konder, 2G 

Rudolph  Puckweela, 47 

Jacob  Holliuf^er, 40 

Peter  Stout 20 

Andreas  Sumwald. 39 

Adam  Wize,                    00 

Abra"'  Wize,                    20 

Geo''  Fredrick 4-5 

Fred"  Keefa 33 

Mich'  Ulerich, 37 

Henr''  Swaart 41 

Jacob  Wolf,     .               30 

JacP  Bullingev, 38 

Adam  Teel, 28 

W™  Fisher, 28 

Poltser  Hartsoe 24 

Christ"  Toll, 24 

Henr"  Sl)aml)erge .35 


Name.  Aye. 

Henr"  Craseman, 44 

Jacob  Croiter, 38 

David  Brook, 22 

Hans  Jurig  Meyer, S-'i 

Jarigen  Hang, 28 

Jacob  Conrade,                                       28 

Henr''  Wideaback, 40 

Hans  Eatee, 55 

Joan''  Weiss, 22 

JacP  Springer, ...  32 

Henr''  Engel, 53 

Joan^  Honsacre, 2l 

Mich'  Roush,    . 42 

Joan"  Tasher, 39 

Chris"  Bower, 17 

Jacob  Howbelare 26 

Hans  Jac''  Inhoft .    .  17 

Chris"  Finer, ...  30 

Simon  Honsacre, 18 

Henr"  Crini, 17 

Mich'  Carlo, 30 

Albert  Leebolt,         24 

List  op*  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  St.  Andrew 


QuAi/iFiED,  Sept.  24,  1737. 

Job.  Diterick  Kelsch. 

Jacob  Kintzer, 

Lengart    Grerling, 

Philip  Hesst, 

Cliristian  Biirger, 

Jacob  Frist, 

Peter  Rab, 

Frist  Wambolt. 

Caspar  Huter. 

Joh.  Askhemus  Geroult, 

Cieorg  Schisler, 

Joh.  Stoer, 

Philip  Stoer, 

Georg  Hesst, 

Joh.  Schnauber, 

Jacob  Keim, 

Michel  Neihart, 

Jacob  Nis, 

Philip  Leibengiit, 

Wilhm  Schetler, 

Philip  Frist, 

Michel  Kortz, 

Conrad  Jost, 

Valtin  Steinmertz, 

Georg  Kern, 

Joh.  Jacob  Schindelbeker, 

Henrich  Stoer, 

Georg  Test. 

Jacob  liintz, 

Georg  Klupinger, 



Tobias  Pekel, 
J  oh.  Meyer. 
Andreas  Scliinid, 
Job.  Meyer, 
Job.  Meyer. 
Nicolaus  Sfliyre. 
Conrath  Reicli. 
Michel   Hraun. 
Georg  Schneider. 
Joh.  Spyeker, 
Joh.  Spycker, 
Jacob  Lingel. 
Joh.  Mevius. 
Frederich  Heiui, 
Philip  Seger, 
Conrath  Rahn, 
Philip  Sehmid. 
Jacob  Roseniann, 
Gforg  Neihart. 
Georg  Kintz, 
Matthys  Lederniann, 
Lorentz  Keyser, 
Joli.  Enluian, 
Peter  Drast, 
Jacob  Werry, 
Peter  Ling. 
Nicolaus  Scharer, 
Frederich  Sclimid. 
Wilhm  Oiler. 
Henrich  Wisler. 
Laus  Kocher, 
Georg  Kocher. 
Joh.  Srreigeler, 
Peter  Weinland, 
Philip  Streiter, 
Caspar  Zeigeuer, 
Georg  Conrath, 
Daniel  Zab, 
Jacob  Wilier. 
Chri.stottel  Schwenck, 
Ulrich  Zolberger, 
Christian  Est, 
Caspar  Heyser, 
Henrich  Mertz, 
Caspar  Rep, 
Conrath  Delb, 

Jacob  Kuster, 
]Sicolans  Koch. 
Jacob  Neyschwanger, 
Christian  Meyer, 
Martin  xVmweg, 
Nicolaus  Bietel, 
Michel  Anders, 
Georg  Wanibolt. 
Elias  Riigent, 
Joh.  Peter  Soycker. 
Gernard  Hii)scliman, 
David  l^iler. 
Philip  Wisinann, 
Ludowig  Kolb, 
Georg  Rahn, 
Bernard  Dickhoff, 
Balser  Deil. 
Fredei  ich  Neihart, 
Joh.  Schotter, 
Christian  Tron, 
Valtin  Bauingartner. 
Joh.  Altenberger, 
Joh.  Justus  Erdnian, 
Conrath  Wald, 
Henrich  Kreyter, 
Adolf  Henrich, 
Henrich  Sehmid, 
Nicolaus  Colber. 
Paulas  Lingel, 
ChristofTel  Schaub, 
Martin  Kocher, 
Albrech  Feid, 
Ulrich  Horn. 
Joh.  A  ppel. 
Martin  Cron, 
Ludowig  AVildangel. 
Jacob  Conrath, 
Georg  Gist, 
Daniel  Zachery, 
Diterich  Helt, 
Matthys  Weber, 
Philip  Steffen, 
Hermann  Weber, 
Valtin  Dufel, 
Henrich  Schefler, 
Joh.   Funck, 



Peter  Knepper, 
Ludowig  Demer, 
Josep  Zolberger, 
Andreas  Heit, 
Philip  Edinger, 
Nicolaus  Reist, 
Jost  Hiister, 
Joh.  Keler, 
Ernst  Seidel, 
Christoffel  Hubener, 

Nicolaus  Rilgent, 
Joli.  Kelbach, 
Henrich  Frantz. 
Adam  Strauch, 
Daniel  Reist, 
Daniel  Hiister, 
Georg  Gernand, 
Frederich  Schonfelder, 
Abraham    Wagener, 
Christoffel  Kransen. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Bilander  Towns- 
head,  Thomas  Thompson,  Master,  from  Amsterdam. 
QuAliiFiED  Oct.  5,    1737. 

Triffion  Ewig, 
Georg  Engel, 
Conraed  Laaterbach, 
Johan  Georg  Johe, 
Joan  Georg  Hecks, 
Johan  Georg  Eyler, 
Johan  Carbo, 
Eberhart  Geswint, 
Valentin  Henneberger, 
Anthony  Highley, 
Hans  Geo.   Kraus, 
Balthasar  Sies, 
Peter  Ransch, 
George  Spengel, 
Andreas  Kammener, 
Peter  Marsteller. 
Anthony  Himberler. 
Andrew  Apple, 
Hans  Matthias  Pheyl, 
Conraed  Prys, 
Leonard  Kay  el, 
Georg  Frederick  Arnold, 
Christian  Asbeehe. 
Conraed  Reinhard, 
Christian  Frederick, 
Johan  Step"  Bernhart, 

Johan  Deterwilr. 
Conraed  Holber, 
Peter  Lauterbach, 
.Johan.  Casper  Hayn, 
Peter  Shaad, 
Jacob  Vogel, 
J.  Casper  Bremaur, 
Johan  Adam  Filtzneyer, 
Simon  Ersame. 
Hans  Georg  Frederik, 
Jacob  Weseer, 
Hans  Michel  Finter, 
Vallentin  Kieffer, 
Johannes  Kistler,~ 
Vincent  Kaffer. 
Hans  Georg  Eheman, 
Hans  Geo.   Mayntzer, 
Wendel  Zwekeseer, 
Georg  Schutz, 
John  Jacob  Sower. 
Georg  Arnold, 
Johanis  Slegel, 
Martin  Phaldichen, 
Egilias  Hoffman, 
Elias  Obelhart, 
Peter  Graass, 



Ludwifj  Frant/, 
Hans  Geo.  Brey, 
Michael  Palmer, 
Mattia.s  (Tebbert, 
Frant/  Wilhelin, 
Valient  in  Heninielberf^er, 
John  Peter  Bonnet, 
Johannes  Gefeller, 
Jon.  Peter  Yflow, 
Johan  Adam  Divanbach. 
Jolian  (jreorj^  Sevf^er, 
Bastian  Besh, 
Silvester  Holvert, 

Oreo.  Casper  Fensler, 

Casper  Wendal, 

Hans  Melifjor  Heneber^^er. 

John  Mich.  Kirber, 

Johan  Barthold, 

Peter  Waj^ner, 

John  Slyj^er, 

Conrad  Ri})per, 

Peter  (xordner, 

Johannes  Lowra, 

Jacol)  Shank, 

John  Henry  Sleyger, 

George  Casper  Fernoler. 

List  of  Forkigners  Importkd  ix  the  Ship  Charming 
Nancy  of  London,  Chas.  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rot- 
terdam.    Qualified  Oct.  8,  1737. 

Johannes  Beit/el, 
Michael  Somer, 

Jacob  Hubele, 
Henrich  Voltz. 
Jacob  Sontag,  jr., 
Jacob  Schumacher, 
Jacob  Baumann, 
Christian  Habeger, 
Henrich  Karli, 
Jacob  Schantz, 
Hans  Gerber, 
Hans  HoU, 
Isaac  Holl, 
Hans  Wenger, 
Jacob  Miller, 
Valentin  Jung. 
Jacol)  Beiler, 
.Johann  Jost  Kunz, 
Daniel  Zachaiias, 
Michael  Zurger, 
Nicolaus  Schreiber, 
•Jacob  Wilhelm  Weiss, 
John  .Jacob  Wetzel, 
Frederick  Hoffman, 
Johan  (xeorg  llgenfritz, 

Hans  Georg  Gotz, 
Andreas  Ziegler, 
Gottlieb  Reisinger, 
JacoT)  Son  tag, 
Johannes  Krauth, 
Christian  Geiger, 
Martin  Punck, 
Joseph  Habeger, 
Georg  Mauntz, 
Hans  Schantz, 
Hans  Gerber,  sen. , 
Hans  Koflfel, 
Wendel  Holl, 
Christian  Kurtz, 
Christian  Muller, ,, 
Benedict  Lehman. 
Al>raham  Midler. 
Hans  Zimmerman, 
Jacob  Underkolier. 
Cliristian  Hertzberger. 
Cliristian  Hurcki. 
Johan  Jeremias  .Tunghea, 
Johan  Valentin  Haaii, 
.lohan  .Jacob  Dester, 
.\ndreas  Hagenbucli, 



Aljraliatn  Hann, 

Hans  Georg  Kubler, 

Peter  Lohrmann, 

Jacob  Mast. 

Elias  Schreiber, 

Clans  Erb, 

Johannes  Erb, 

Jacob  Dester, 

Jacob  Raisch, 

Johan  Martin  Becher, 

Hans  Peter  Bernhart, 

Hans  Georg  Heiss, 

Johan  Stephan  Conrad, 

Hans  Peter  Kuder. 

Hieronimus  Eberle, 

Johan  Philip  Botzer, 

Hans  Jacob  Hobbecher, 

Thielmanus  Weschenbach, 

Christian  Lichte, 

Hans  Michael  Punch, 

Wendel  Heinricli, 

Andreas  Weber, 

Peter  Freydinger, 

Jacob  Schopff, 

Thomas  Shiri, 

rfeorg  Ludwig  Wagner, 

Balthasar  Huber, 

Johan  Matthias  Albrecht. 

Johannes  Kohler, 

(xeorg  Philip  Fuhrniaun, 

Johan  Dietrich  Branner, 
Cliristian  Gross, 
Ulrich  Spiker, 
Peter  Brucker, 
Claus  Erb,  jr., 
Adam  Pfeller, 
Matthias  Riechart. 
Georg  Gross, 
Hans  Peter  Schipp, 
Johan  Ludwig  Heger, 
Johan  Heinrich  Heiss, 
Hans  Georg  Heiss, 
Hans  Martin  Reisinger. 
Hans  .Jacob  Fachlei-. 
Hans  Jacob  Kauffmann, 
Hermanns  Orendorif, 
Mattheis  Hoffmann, 
Peter  Eschbacher, 
Lorentz  Nolff, 
Dietrich  Uhler, 
Christopli  Krauth, 
Ulrich  Strickler, 
Christopher  Ecker, 
Johannes  Bowman, 
Valentin  Uhler, 
Georg  Henrich  Ernsperger, 
Georg  Titus  Cap, 
Hans  .Jacob  Strikler, 
Georg  Michael  Duntz. 

[The  oriffinal  list  is  herewith  given. '^ 
Men's  Names. 

Hans  Georg  Getts, 
Hans  Pieter  Schip, 
Johannes  Beltzer. 
.Johan  Ludwig  Heger. 
Hans  Georg  Dannahawer, 
Hans  Stephen  Conrad t, 
Leonard  Resnor, 
Henrich  Hais, 
Hans  Pieter  Conder, 
Jacob  Houbely, 

Martin  Baker, 
Hans  Pieter  Bergant, 
Michael  Somraer. 
Abraham  Dannahawer, 
Andreas  Siegler, 
Georg  Michl.  Wollinger, 
Hans  Georg  Hais, 
Hans  Georg  Hais,  jr., 
Hans  Jacob  Shoemaker, 
Hans  Martin  Risiger, 



Godlieb  Risig^r, 
Heroniiims  Eberlie, 
Georg  Meiitz, 
Jacob  Son  tag,  jr., 
Philip  Fertzer, 
Hans  Jacob  Bowman, 
Hans  Jcicoli  Kauli'nian, 
Christian  Habbecker, 
Hanp  Jacob  Habbecker, 
Hans  Schantz. 
Hans  (jfarber,  jr.. 
Hans  KaufBer, 
Isaac  Holl, 
Hermanns  OreudofT, 
Mathias  Hoffman, 

Hans  Wengar, 

f'hrisrian  Kortz, 

Jacob  Miller, 

Christian  Miller, 

Johan  Hendk.   Grim. 

Hans  Georg  Baker, 

Hiins  Timmermun, 

Jacob  Underkauffer, 

Jacob  Maslit, 

Ulrigh  Spigher, 

Nicholas  Scliriver, 

Christian  Burkie, 

Glaus  Erbe, 

Ghius  Erbe,  jr.. 

Herman  Younkbam, 

Valamine  Haan. 

Fredrick  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Dester, 

Abraham  Haan, 

Mathias  Riger, 

Johan  Peter  Bran<lf-r. 

Jacob  Rys, 

Jolian  Grop, 

Vindle  Henrich, 

Titrich  Ouler. 

Baltzar  Huber, 

Christophel  Craut, 

Hans  Philip  Kyser, 

Georg  Fyt  Cap. 

Peter  Frydinger. 

Ulrich  Streckler, 

Hendrick  Folt/, 

Hans  Jacob  Fackler, 

Jacob  Sontag, 

Johannes  Gront, 

Chrfstian  Geyger, 

Martin  Frank, 

Hendrich  Carlo, 

Joseph  Habbecker, 

Jacob  Sehantz, 

Hans  Garber, 

Johannes  Hoil, 

Henrich  Kanffier, 

Vindle  Holl, 

Tie] man  Wespach, 

Christian  Lichtie, 

Peter  Espacher, 

Hans  Michl.   Point/., 

AVjraham  Miller, 

Valantine  Young, 

Johan  Joost  Konst, 

Benedict  Leman, 

Daniel  Zacherias, 

Jacob  Biler, 

Michael  Zurchen, 

Christian  Hersl)erge, 

Elias  Schriver, 

Peter  Bruiker. 

Hans  Erbe, 

Jacob  Wilhelin  Nice, 

Johan  Jcicob  AVetzel, 

Adam  Feller, 

Hans  Georg  Jiligafritz, 

Jacob  Dester,  jr.. 

Andreas  Hagabuk, 

Hans  Georg  Keebler, 

Peter  Lorman, 

Christian  Gros, 

Lawrentz  Nolf, 

Georg  Lodwick  "Waganer, 

Fredrick  Onler, 

Andreas  Weber, 

Georg  Hendrick  Ansparger, 

Johan  Mathias  Albricht, 

Johannes  Keler, 

Hans  .Jacob  Streckler, 

Jacob  Philip  Forman, 



Jacob  Schop, 
Thomas  Peary, 
Hans  Michl.   Dunts, 

Christophel  Acker, 
Johannes  Bowman. 

Women  and  Children's  Names. 

Maria  Magdalena  Beltzeer, 
Urcilla  Dannahowex", 
Anna  Maria  Dannahower, 
Anna  Barbi-a  Shedlerie, 
Barbara  Hais, 
Anna  Maria  Shoemaker, 
Georg  Shoemaker, 
Catrina  Houbely, 
Maria  Risiger, 
Magdalena  Fackler, 
Barbara  Fackler, 
Maria  Margareta  Ment/, 
Catrina  Sontag, 
Wilhelm  Gayger, 
Magdalena  Backer, 
Barbara  Kauflfman, 
Joseph  Carlo, 
Anna  Habbecker, 
Catrina  Habbecker, 
Maria  Habbecker, 
Bai'bara  Schant/, 
Elizabeth  Schantz, 
Christian  Schantz, 
Anna  Eliza.  Kauffler, 
Hans  Leeman, 
Anna  Marga.  Orondoff, 
Johanna  Wagshiter, 
Joseph  Wenger, 
Christophel  Espacher, 
Elizabetha  Znydering, 
Barbara  Leman, 
Catrina  Leman, 
Anna  Timmerman, 
Barbai'a  Biler, 
Christopher  Biler, 
Elizabeth  Biler, 
Catrina  Lichtie, 
Maria  Spigher, 
Barbara  Hersberge, 
Peter  Hersberge, 
Heneretta  Schriver, 

Catrina  Eliza  Somer, 

Abraham  Dannahower, 

Maria  Dorothea  Dannahower, 

Dorothea  Hais, 

Catrina  Hais, 

Paul  Shoemaker, 

Anna  Maria  Slioemaker, 

Eva  Houbely, 

Martin  Risiger, 

Adam  Fackler, 

Eva  Margareta  Mentz, 

Eva  Margareta  Mentz, 

Jolian  Lodwig  Sontag, 

Barbara  Gayger, 

Catrina  Blawami. 

Anna  Maria  Kauffman, 

Maria  Hauserin, 

Frena  Souterin. 

Magdalena  Hal)becker, 

Catrina  Schantz, 

Catrina  Schantz. 

Ferona  Schantz, 

Magdalena  Schantz, 

Barbara  HoU, 

Abraham  Holl, 

Eliza.  Bossart, 

Anna  S walla, 

Eliza.  Espacher, 

Barbara  Miller, 

Ferona  Leman, 

Benedict  Leman, 

Barbara  Timmerman, 

Ferona  Biler, 

Anna  Biler, 

Maria  Biler, 

Barbara  Masht, 

Barbara  Smel, 

Justina  Zurchen, 

Anna  Hersberge, 

Maria  Eliza.  Schriver, 

Johan  Georg  Schriver, 



Philii>  Schriver, 
Anna  Bruikcr, 
Barbara  Briiiker, 
Catriua  Erbe, 
Jacob  Erbe, 
Christophel  Erbe, 
Anna  Barbara  Nice, 
Elizabeth  HolTnian, 
Appellonia  Jiligafritz, 
Magdalena  Haj^abuck, 
Eva  Margareta  Righei-, 
Eva  Dorothea  Kievler, 
Margareta  Lorman, 
Margareta  Lorman, 
Agnes  Reys, 
EHzabeth  Nolf, 
Diana  Henrich, 
Maria  Magdalena  Albricht, 
Georg  Martin  Capp, 
Eva  Maria  Keler, 
Barbara  Strickler, 
Juliana  Fornian, 
Anna  Margareta  Bowman, 
Hans  Jacob  Bowman, 
Anna  Mussellmanna, 

Catrina  Burkie, 
Hans  Bruiker, 
Anna  Brniker, 
Anna  P^rbe, 
Catrina  Erb, 
Christian  Erbe, 
Barbara  Nice, 
Barbara  Feller, 
Fredrick  Hoffman, 
Hans  (xeorg  JiligafritK, 
Barbara  Riger, 
Wilhelin  Righer, 
Maria  Eve  Kievler, 
Catrina  Lorman, 
Maria  Hannah  Lorman, 
Anna  Maria  Nolf, 
Margareta  Nolf, 
Margareta  Waganer, 
Maria  Margareta  Albricht, 
Urdow  Leren. 
Anna  Catrina  Strickler, 
Anna  Strickler, 
Catrina  Schop, 
Christina  Bowman. 
Elizabetha  Bowman. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Wilmam,  John- 
Carter,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Oct.  31, 

Mekell  Riter, 
Jocb  Pritell. 
Wen  tell  Bon, 
Johannes  Madlong, 
Casper  Sorber, 
Hendreek  Rhodt, 
Danell  Rodt, 
Hanees  Dietreth  Uhl, 
Johannes  Mowrer, 
Hanees  George  Menser, 
Hans  Miehll  Hower, 
10-VOL.  XVII. 

Johans  Wendellbower, 
Gerhart  Brener, 
Phill  .Joel  Riter, 
Hance  Adam  Kitle, 
Johannes  Shane, 
Fetter  Shefer, 
Jossent  Gett, 
Hendreek  Rodt, 
Fredrick  Dietricli  Uhl. 
Mathew  Swizer, 
Gosper  Rigger, 



Josbans  Miehll  Hower, 
Jowbans  Kuhle, 
Josbans  Tibald  Sbalt, 
Jobans  Meklas  Fisher, 
Petter  Fikus, 
Neeklows  Muttly, 
Androw  Casinger, 
Greorge  Fytbym, 
Simen  Sbetle, 
Josbans  Mekell  Pnlk, 
Josbans  Balbar  Rotgaver, 
Josbans  Micbell  Spigell, 
Jobans  ffx-eydreek  Hainboll 
Josbans  Gasper  Zunft, 
Hance  Jocb  Faver, 
Conraet  Broun, 
Josbap  Keyter, 
Mietbows  Sinith, 
Tepolt  Long, 
Jocb  Hendreeb  Wbeetma 
Jobans  Erck  Bour, 
Jobans  MiUer, 
Jobans  Ventel  Renst, 
Jobans  Hendreeb  Le^itler, 

Josbans  Friek  Mutbart, 

Jacob  Hower, 

Josbann  Miebell  Gazell, 

Hans  Petter  Howek, 

Cresten  Miller, 

Josp.  Fikus, 

Hance  George  Becbolt, 

Cresten  Yaki, 

Hance  Georg  Casinger, 

Jocb  Croni, 

Tbo.  Pouer, 

Josbans  Carol  Hefley, 

Micbell  Bower, 

Josbans  Petter  Bumgartner, 

Ei'ek  Hendreeb  Valinten  Henke 

Hance  Adam  Faver, 

Erek  Jocb  Bentz, 

Jocb  Kriinus, 

Josbans  Micbell  Neyss, 

Josbans  Petter  Willums, 

Jobans  Wbeettman, 

Jobans  Swing, 

Jobans  Oonratt  Ernst, 

Erek  Adam  Hame. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Brigantine  Catha- 
rine, Jacob  Philips,  Master,  from  London.  Qualified 
July  27,  1738. 

Hans  Boacb, 

Hans  Seiler, 

Christian  Zug, 

Hans  Ludwig  Falbeystan. 

Jacob  Zucb, 
Ulrich  Seiler,  jr., 
Hans  Schneider,  sen.. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Winter  Gal- 

ley,    Edward    Paynter, 
Qualified  Sept.  5,  1738. 

Nicholas  Elie, 
Simon  Heller, 
Henry  Weisbart, 
Martin  Beier, 

Master,    from    Rotterdam. 

Cbristoph  Heller, 
.Tobannes  Roth, 
Andreas  Beier, 
Johannes  Light, 



John  Sauvage, 
Albrecht  Eberhart, 
Wetulel  Drauth, 
Liidwig  Meyer, 
Adam  IVfayer, 
Johan  Peter  Muller. 
Abraham  Korper, 
Hans  Adam  Sclireiner, 
Joh.  Michael  Schreiner, 
Johan  Michael  Romer, 
Johan  Martin  Mayer, 
Augustus  l\)nsy, 
Philip  Harlas, 
AVilhelm  Best, 
Conrad  Dust, 
Georg  Seiberth, 
Julius  Rubell, 
Jacob  Runck, 
Laz.  Pill  in, 
Jacob  Bach, 

Hans  Midi.  Hochlander, 
Georg  Holi'man, 
Nicholas  Walter, 
Johan  Michael  Knal), 
Henrich  Landgraff, 
Johan  Michael  Rusler, 
Paul  us  Kirchner, 
Johan  Michael  Preis, 
Daniel  Butt^-rfass, 
Johan  Adam  SchafFer, 
Johan  Jacob  Husr, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Mayer. 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Johan  Philip  Sebolt, 
Rudolph  SchJer, 
Conrad  Shmit, 
Philip  Weber. 
Henry  Teich, 
Andreas  Bin, 
Friederich  Haas, 
Henrich  Becker, 
Friederich  Kraflft, 
Henry  Feelt, 
Henry  Klengler, 
Simon  Deck, 
Jacob  Hee, 

Lorentz  Heini,    , 
Gottlieb  Eberhart, 
Johannes  Berntz, 
Peter  Wagner, 
Johan  Jacolj  Stahl, 
Frantz  Ludwig  Barth, 
Johan  Philip  Bayer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Eschbach, 
Johan  Wendel  Laschett, 
Johan  Friederich  Hase, 
Peter  Bucher, 
Jacol)  Thebelt, 
Andreas  Hoock, 
Casper  Berger, 
Andreas  Seim, 
Adam  Wall, 
Jacob  Venig, 
Christian  Jani, 
Jacob  Saddler, 
Stephan  Lang. 
Johan  Peter  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Barthehne, 
Hans  Geo.  Gerth, 
Mattheus  Ulrich,  (dumb.) 
Johannes  Jager, 
Johan  Martin  Schreiner, 
Joh.  Daniel  Trolich, 
Johan  Christoph  Wagner, 
Johan  Jacob  KralTt, 
Georg  Ernst  Llntell, 
Wilh.  Zacharias  Andich, 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Sebastian  Zettlemeier, 
Johan  Nehs, 
Johan  Miller, 
Philip  Beyer, 
Wilhelm  Janss, 
Jacob  Bin, 
Markes  Miller, 
Frantz  Seel, 
Samuel  Moch, 
Melchior  Stall, 
Adam  Stoop, 
Georg  Joughein, 
Conrad  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Melchior  Weiss, 



Hans  Jacob  Tatweiler, 
Han  Nicolas  Preis, 
Hans  Adam  Heinder, 
Geo.  Martin  Lohmuller, 
Hans  Pliilip  Kohler, 
Johan  Philip  Faass, 
Johi.  Balthas  Sartoiius, 
Daniel  Druniberg, 
Friederich  Fahrion, 
Charle  Grillion, 
Isaac  Vial, 
Conrad  Ettinger, 
Ludwig  Fillinger, 
Paul  Prack, 
Johan  Georg  Hayd, 
Georg  Philip  Bollinger, 
Jolian  Michael  Mattes, 
Johannes  Cranester, 
Wilhehn  Gelsendorf, 
PhiUp  Beer,  jr., 

Christophel  AinVjruster, 
Andreas  Frederick, 
Georg  Andreas  Stupp, 
Johan  Jacob  MuUer, 
Johan  Philip  Weicker, 
Johan  Georg  Faass, 
Johan  Valentin  Stocker, 
Joli.   Valentin  Lenierd, 
Johan  Jacob  Beyer, 
Adam  Hoffmann, 
Claude  Charle, 
Matthias  Gensle, 
Henry  Sturf, 
Johannes  Ewert, 
Henrich  BuUinger, 
Johannes  Bechtolt, 
Frid.  Ambrose  Tranberg, 
Georg  Michael  Hyltel, 
Hans  Georg  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Lingenfeldter 

[Tlic  original  list  is  hereiridi.  r/iveyi.] 
Men's  Names. 

Name.  ^ge- 

Jacob  Stall, 30 

Niehell  Elie, 27 

Stofell  Heller, 50 

Simon  Heller, 17 

Johanis  Peter  Miller,      49 

Johanis  Rore,      23 

Henrich  Weyshart,      30 

Frans  Ludwig  Parrott, 39 

Abraliam  Kirper,      38 

Andres  Beyer,    .    .       -'57 

Martin  Beyer, 18 

Hannis  Light, 56 

Johan  Sauvage, 40 

Lorance  Henn, 56 

Albreght  Eberard, 20 

Godlief  Eljerard, 18 

Hans  Adam  Schreyner, 52 

Michell  Schreyner, 38 

Henrich  Eshbay, 32 

John  Wintfcll  Losschet, 30 


John  Mic-hell  Reiiicr. 23 

Jacob  Deeahiise, 18 

Wintell  Dniut. 49 

Johaiiis  Barntz, 42 

Liuhvick  Meyer, 20 

Martin  Meyer, 18 

Willni  Meyer,      16 

l^hilip  AVagener, 20 

Johan  Wagener, 16 

Peter  Wagener 16 

Sebasting  Sedelmeyer, 50 

Adam  Mager,      30 

Adam  Nesli 60 

Johan  Pliilip  Seebolt, 26 

Rudolph  Shier, 31 

Hans  Michell  Hoglander 32 

Johan  Miller 32 

Conrade  Smith, 44 

Philip  Bayer, 29 

Philip  AVaber 20 

Wilhelm  Jans, 24 

Jan  Peter  Hoffman, 27 

Jurg  Hoffman, 37 

Henrich  Tieeh, 29 

Jacob  Bing, oO 

Andres  Bing, 24 

Markes  Miller,    . 38 

Jacob  Bartelme, 40 

Nicholas  Walter 41 

Fredrick  Haas, 21 

Frans  Seele,         17 

Hans  Jnrg  Gerth,     ...               43 

Henricli  Backer 20 

Samuell  Mooke 20 

Michael  Knnap, 20 

xMatehys  Ulrick, 28 

Fredrick  Kraft, 52 

Henrick  Landgraaf, 20 

Melchior  Stall, 21 

Henrick  Fehle, 27 

Jan  Adam  Stupe, 21 

Johanis  Jager, ....  36 

John  Henrick  Klingler 50 

Hans  Michell  RushelJ 26 

Jurg  Joghim,      27 

Simon  Deck 35 


Names.  -'if/e- 

Philip  Beyer, 20 

Jacob  Han,      31 

Peter  Burchart, 38 

Martin  Shriner, 20 

Paul  Kurgner, 40 

Johan  Danl.  Freyligh, 39 

Michel  Brush, 19 

Augusteen  Brush, 14 

Jacob  Debell, 26 

Cristofell  Armbrost, 28 

Philip  Harlash, ". 22 

Jno.  Christofl.  Wagner,    . 40 

Andreas  Hook, 35 

Willm  Beft,      26 

Casper  Berger, 30 

Daniell  Buterfas ■ 19 

Jacob  Kraft, 38 

Jan  Adam  Shefer, 24 

Jurig  Ernst  Linthell,      27 

Fredrick  Haas, 24 

Willelm  Zacharias  Andich, 18 

Conrad  Dust,      38 

Conrad  Ziinmernian, 22 

Stoffell  Urick 25 

Andres  Saim,      - 20 

Jurig  Sibert, 25 

Hans  Jacob  Doodwller,      28 

Melchior  AVeis, 20 

Hans  Adam  Kinder, 24 

Adam  Wall, 31 

Andres  Fredrick,      21 

Jurig  Lockmiller, 24 

Nicholas  Repel, 23 

Andres  Stoop, 34 

Jacob  Miller, 22 

Johan  Philip  Weiker,     , 20 

Jacob  Wenigh, 19 

Jacob  Ronk, 23 

Hans  Philip  Kochler,      ...  21 

Jurig  Faas, 33 

Philip  Faas, 20 

Valentine  Stucker, 19 

Balthasar  Sardorious, 27 

Christian  Janigh,      43 

Valentine  Lemerd, 50 


Names.  Age. 

Lorjince  Balien, 24 

Jau  Daniel  DroonV)erg, 21 

Jacob  Zadler 20 

Jacob  Back, 20 

Fredrick  Farion, 36 

Stephen  Lang 35 

Adaia  H  of  man,     23 

Jan  Garlegillon, 45 

Charley  Garlegillon, 19 

Hack  Viall,  .   ._ 29 

Georg  Ide, 30 

Johanis  Begthold, 22 

Jan  Jacob  Beyer,      22 

Mathias  Gentslen,     20 

Henrick  Bullinger, 28 

Fredrick  ThroBberg, 29 

Conrad  Estlinger, 21 

Henrick  Storff, 2 

Hans  Michell  Matthys, 22 

Jurg  Michl.  Hittel, "7^  - ...  23 

Johanis  Kranister, 30 

Hans  Jurig  Smith, 21 

"Wilm  Kelsendorf, 17 

Johanis  Lingeredler, 20 

Ludwick  Fillinger 27 

Johanis  Ebert 19 

Jurg  Philip  Follinger, 20 

Paul  Brack, 21 

List  of  Forkigxkrs  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Glasgow, 
Walter  Sterling,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Sept.  9,  1738. 

Valentin  Krantz,  Melchior  Clos, 

Ehrhard  Kless,  Johannes  Zinn, 

Philip  Jacobs,  Nicolas  Mock, 

Johannes  Huppel,  Adam  Albert, 

Nicolas  Kleh,  Debalt  Guth, 

Philil)  Drumm,  Daniel  Standt, 

Peter  Staudt,  Theobald  Klee, 

Conrad  Wolff,  Jacob  Bernhard, 

Daniel  Corell,  Gottfried  Zerfass, 



Johannes  Miller, 
Johannes  Dreher, 
Henry  Lowrence, 
Peter  Koch, 
Wilhelm  Daub, 
Thomas  Schneider,  sen., 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Matheis  Fenstermacher, 
Johan  David  Diel, 
Micliael  Luteinger, 
Peter  Daub, 
Albertius  Koch, 
Martin  Wall, 
(jreorg  Stoliler,  sen., 
Hernhart  Stohler, 
Philip  Bartholomy, 
Johan  H  enrich  Koller, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Gerhart, 
Johannes  Bobenheiser. 
Johan  Philip  Heintz, 
Johannes  Battelm, 
Johan  Bernhard  Rauch, 
William  Mombaur, 
Johan  Nicklas  Bower, 
Conrad  Rebman, 
Johan  Georg  Mill, 
Henrich  Radebaugh, 
Heinrich  Bomnaer, 
Johannes  Jost, 
Wilhelm  Diel, 
Georg  Klein, 
Philip  Cunius, 
Jacob  Triess, 
Peter  Engell, 
Anthony  Erford, 
Johannes  Berger, 
Johan  Adam  Hubert, 
Johan  Nickel  Emrich, 
Johan  Frid.  Michael, 
Johan  Dieter  Frey, 
Frantz  Carl  Huyet, 
Christopher  Bernhart, 
Thomas  Garniger, 
Henrich  Bernhard, 
Bernhart  Dahlheimer, 
Mathias  Stohler. 

Daniel  Schneider, 
Carl  Neumann, 
Philip  Gebhart, 
Jacob  Mann, 
Jacob  Grub, 
Thomas  Schneider,   jr., 
Johan  Philip  Rihl, 
Wilhelm  Fensternnaclier^ 
Johan  Nicklas  Fischer, 
Michael  Muller, 
Abraham  Heintz, 
Michael  Maurer, 
Deobalt  Weber, 
Georg  Stohler,  jr., 
Johan  Adani  Bommer, 
Johan  Adam  Steyn, 
Johan  Peter  Oberkehr, 
Johan  Nickel  Peck, 
Johan  Nicolas  Wolff, 
Johannis  Pontius, 
Johan  Nicolas  Rausch, 
Johan  Marx  Heintz, 
Johan  Henrich  Walter, 
Johan  Jacob  Seibert, 
Christopher  Kaufifeld, 
John  Peter  Bower, 
Jacob  Finstermacher, 
Henrich  Jacob  Anspach, 
Sebastian  Haupt, 
Peter  Jost, 
Johannes  Kuntz, 
Jost  Mitzler, 
Jacob  Tiel, 
Killian  Noll, 
Stephan  Braun, 
Leonhart  Georg, 
Johannes  Boos, 
Andreas  Bobenheiser, 
Johannes  Guckes, 
Johan  Nickel  Michael, 
Hans  Adam  Miller, 
Hans  Adam  Shade, 
Johan  Christ.  Neuman, 
Frantz  Gildner, 
Johan  Adam  Hartman, 


''The  original  list  is  herewith  ffiven.'] 
Men' s  Names. 

Name.  Aye. 

Valentine  (irance, 32 

Thos.  Snytler, 52 

Leonard  Glace, 30 

Thos.  Snyder 20 

Hans  Adam  Snyder, 30 

]>e\vald  Yrauf, 33 

Johan  Philip  Reale, 28 

Johanis  Zinnd, 31 

Philip  Jacobs, 42 

Han  Jacob  Jacobs, IG 

Nicholas  Mook. 33 

Peter  Mook, 25 

Mathias  Finsterniacher, 60 

Wni.  Finstermacher 25 

Johanis  Hippell, 40 

Adam  HalVjert, 35 

Johan  David  Dial, 32 

Is^ickell  Fisher, 24 

Johan  Nickell  Klee 30 

Deobald  Goet 28 

Philip  Dram, 3(5 

Daniel  Stoat 45 

Peter  Stout, 17 

Hans  Nickell  Simon, 31 

Henry  Hall,     50 

Deobald  G.  Lee, 26 

Conrad  Wolf, 19 

Hans  Jacob  Bernherd, 23 

Daniel  Corell, 27 

Johan  Nickell  Wolf, 26 

Godfriet  Serwaes 40 

Johanis  Pont  ens 20 

Johan  Nickell  Rouse,      35 

Johanis  Miller, 21 

Philip  Hanes, 46 

Marks  Hanes, 19 

Daniel  Snyder, 30 

Johanis  Bartehne, 38 

Joanis  Drayer, 55 

Henry  Walter, 33 

Johan  Nickell  Fink. 29 

Bernherd  Roug, 24 


Namt.  Age. 

Carel  Ley  man, 26 

Henry  Lorance 34 

Johan  Jacob  Sybert 28 

Philip  Gibhert, 26 

Peter  Koch 36 

Jacob  Wean, 33 

Win.  Doub,      35 

Jacob  Grroub,      40 

Peter  Joost, 55 

Win.  Umboure 32 

Joanis  Joost, 17 

Ohristofl.  Cauffeld, 46 

Joanis  Coons, 45 

Win.  Teil 19 

Nickell  Brower,     54 

Johan  Peter  Brower,      18 

Joot  Mittsler,      45 

Conrad  Retnian, 58 

Jurg  Klein,       21 

Jacob  Tiel, 21 

Jacob  Finsterniacher, 29 

Jurg  Mill,      35 

Jaeolj  Ansbach 25 

Henry  Rodobach, 42 

Philip  Conjus 38 

Bastian  Houd, 23 

Henry  Baumer, 50 

Johan  Adam  Banmer, 19 

Johan  Peter  Baumer, 16 

Gelian  Noel, 46 

Jacob  Fries, 25 

Philip  Bartelme, 36 

Peter  Engle, 20 

Johan  Jacob  Seibert,      20 

Stephen  Braum, 37 

Johan  Adani  Steyn, 38 

Henry  Keller, 30 

Hans  Peter  Oberkeer, 33 

William  Garhard, 40 

Johan  Nickell  Kygler, 30 

Leonard  Jurg, 30 

Anthony  Enford, 40 

Johan  Nickell  Pik, 27 

Johan  Robenhuyzer 46 

Andres  Robenhuyzer, 21 


Name.  Age. 

Addain  Hnppart,      20 

Johau  Hoeks, 22 

Johan  Nickell  Emerrick,      30 

Johan  Boos. 22 

Johan  Nickell  Michell 42 

Freilrick  Michell, 17 

Hans  Adam  Miller,      50 

Fredrick  Frey, 38 

Hans  Adam  Schaer, 26 

Frans  Carel  Hoeyer, 20 

Christofer  Neyman, 17 

Johan  Berrier, 29 

Christofr.  Bernherd, 23 

Michal  Lutsinger, 29 

Michal  Miller,     40 

Frans  Giltner, 22 

Peter  Doub, 20 

Michal  Dewald, 20 

Thos.  Garringer, ? 22 

Johan  Adam  Hai-tman, 24 

Ahraluim  Heynes, 19 

Henry  Gernherd, 22 

Melcher  Klass 32 

Albert  us  Koch,      54 

Michal  Maurer, 24 

Martin  Wall, 33 

Deobald  AVeaver, 37 

Mathias  Stoler 47 

Yeadie  Stoler, 18 

Jurg  Stoler, 51 

Leonard  Stoler 22 

Jurg  Stoler 20 

Bernherd  Dalheymer, 20 

List  of  Foreigxkrs  Imported  ix  the  Sxow  Two  Sisters, 
James  Marshall,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
ified Sept.  9,  1738. 

Johannes  Dadinger,  Johan  Wildermuth, 

Melchior  Schedle,  Dietrich  Benedict, 

AVolfgang  Braun,  Johannes  Solder, 

Jacob  Hauser,  Philip  Friederich. 



Andreas  Frey, 
Henrich  Funck, 
Christian  Everhart, 
Simon  Creysmeyer, 
Balthas  Bahret, 
Hans  Mich.   Reiss, 
Christophel  Schneider, 
Hans  Adam  Heyhnan, 
Hans  Martin  Halter, 
Hans  Martin  Breiminger, 
Michael  Friederich  Zeyler, 
Hans  (ieorg  Brucker, 
Johan  Henry  Rydenstock, 
Hans  Greorg  Coon, 
Johan  Bernhart  Reber, 

Leonhart  Notz, 
Johannes  Johe, 
Philip  Smit, 
Matthias  Keyger, 
Johannes  Merckel, 
Hans  Wendel  Hoff, 
Hans  Georg  Wagner, 
Hans  Georg  Greiser, 
Johan  Gotlieb  Breuninger, 
Hans  Michael  Easterly, 
Hans  Georg  Brendel, 
Johan  Philip  Brendle, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Wentzel, 
Johan  Wolfgang  Unger, 
Johan  Henrich  Meyer. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 
Men's  Names. 

Name.  Age. 

Hans  Windal  Hooft 28 

Christn.  Snyder 33 

Hans  Jorick  Wagenor, 34 

Hans  Adam  Hoylman 34 

Johs.  Tottinger, 40 

Johs.  Wildermoad, 30 

Melchior  Shertly, 55 

Hans  Adam  Zigler, 20 

Tidrick  Benedick, 80 

Johans.  Tolder. 36 

WoolfBrnyn,      45 

Hans  Jerick  Graizer, 50 

Jacob  HoLiser, 25 

Hans  Marthel  Holder, 34 

Casparus  Holder,      26 

Hans  Jerick  Ireman 37 

Philip  Fredrick,    .    .    „ 40 

Hans  Martin  Brininger, 35 

Johs.  Godlief  Brininger, 33 

Michael  Easterly,      80 

Bliker  Tidrick  Zeyler, 34 

Hans  Jerick  Brandel, 38 

Hans  Peter  Bricker, 33 

Andreas  Fry 40 

Johs.  Philip  Brandel, •        20 


Name.  Age. 

Leonard  Not/ 38 

Hendricli  Funk, 30 

Johs.  Joho, 37 

Chrisn.    Everhart, 46 

Johs,  Hendrick  Rydlesttic^k 40 

Hans  Win.   Wensil 35 

Philip  Sinltt, 28 

Simon  Craysnieyer 20 

Mathias  Keygar, 35 

Baldues  Barret 40 

Hans  Jerick  Coon, 37 

Johaus.  Mirkle 26 

Woolf  Fangerer, 24 

Leonard  Renor, 32 

Johs.  Hendrick  Meyer,      24 

Hans  Micliael  Rise, 22 

Women' s  Na m es. 

Catherina  Hooften, 24 

Anna  Elizabeth  Hooften,     27 

Anna  Maria  Hooften,     30 

Anna  Maria  Shertly, 40 

Anna  Barbara  Shertly, 32 

Barbara  Tolder,         34 

Barbara  Brininger, 28 

Anna  Shenk, 40 

Anna  Greiser, 37 

Anna  Ev^a  Greiser, 26 

Maria  Christina  Greiser, 33 

Susannah  Catharina  Greiser,         29 

Maria  Marg.  I  reman, 32 

Maria  Herten, 39 

Anna  Bareble, 34 

Elizth.  Brininger, 30 

Maria  Dyer, 52 

Eliz.    Catherina  Dyer 32 

Maria  J)orothy  Dyer 28 

Barbara  Brickering, • 34 

Catharina  Notz, .37 

Anna  Funck, 31 

Margt.  Boamining 20 

Susanna  Joho 44 

Christina  Leonard, .50 

Anna  Everhart, 42 


Name.  Age. 

Anna  Rydlestack, 26 

Anna  Keyger, ■ 37 

Magdalen  Smitzin, 34 

Ueronica  Coon,      47 

Children' s  Names. 

John  AVilliani  Syman, 6 

Melchior  Rugh,      - 9 

Maria  Smitzen,      11 

John  Smitzen 5 

Tlderick  Shoup, 7 

Ludewick  Ileshever, 12 

Maria  Shoupen, 13 

Hans  Peterly,      15 

Maria  Uliger, 9 

Anna  Margaret  Zigler,       4 

Christian  Shonk, 15 

Jacob  Dier, 14 

Hans  Peter  Zeiler, 15 

Magdalen  Fisher,      5 

Catherina  Fisher, 8 

John  Hendrick  Brandel,      11 

Anna  Leonard, 5 

Hans  Leonard, 7 

Hans  Keygar, 7 

Barbara  Otting 13 

Hans  Michael  Coon, 8 

Andreas  Hoover, 15 

Cliristn.   Elizth.  Swartzen 10 

Hans  Jacob  Holder, 13 

France  Joseph  Ilesheaver, 12 

Hans  ;Martha  Herten 10 

Jerick  Fredrick 6 

Eva  Knurring, 6 

Hendrick  Fry, 12 

Martha  Fry, 9 

Jacob  Fry, 6. 

Maria  Fry, 5 

Anna  Fry, 4 

Dorothy  Notz 4 

Hans  Grave, 10 

Peter  Grave 8 

Anna  Greossin,      4 

Veronica  Greossin, 9 

Hannah  Rydlestack, 10 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Robert  and 
Alice,  of  Dublin,  Walter  G-oodman,  Commander,  from 
Rotterdam.     Qlalified  Sept.  U,  1738. 

Jacob  Bransteder, 

Mathews  ALsback, 

Philip  Hertzog, 

Peiter  Kelp, 

Peiter  Sybent, 

J  urick  Mich.  Roch, 

CTOtlfry  Bener, 

Gerit  Hedrick. 

Hans  Michell  Torenber^er, 

Valentine  Schult.s, 

Jacob  Prisher, 

Daniell  Klingesmith, 

Jan  Jacob  Kliint, 

Adam  Daniell. 

Peiter  Heyl, 

Johannis  Broan, 

Hans  Adam  Geizler, 

Theobeld  Schelfer.   Jan.. 

Paul  Mosser, 

Jacob  Rayman, 

Michell  Rayman. 

Hans  Snyder. 

Christopher  Wederigh 

Nicholas  Sneuder, 

Joseph  Kensell. 

Phylip  Totser, 

Phylip  Weys, 

Jan  Jacob  Cophenhevt-r. 

Hendriek  Shingell. 

Hendrick  Thomas, 

Abraham  Heyt, 

Jan  Jacob  Shoemaker, 

Jan  Nichol  Holl, 

Andries  Holl, 

Christian  Groab. 

Jan  J  urick  Roth. 

Johannis  Eseogen. 

Michell  Schoemaker, 

Stephen  Jorenbexger, 

Johannis  Keiphar, 

.Ian  Peter  Kerch. 

Jurich  Godfreid, 

Jacob  Frans, 

Peiter  Butsell, 

Michell  Kolp, 

Johanis  Ferch, 

Jan  Adam  Snell, 

Johannis  Bener. 

Jurich  Michell  Kolp, 

Johannis  Honsinger, 

Abrain  Hedrick, 

Oygell  Torenberger, 

Luturg  Boes, 

David  Xagle, 

Jan  Jurich  Hedrick, 

Nicholas  Miller. 

Casper  Wyesgerper, 

Casper  Dorst, 

Tobias  St  ear, 

Theobeld  Schelfer,  sen., 

Andries  3Ieyer, 

Johannis  Prisher, 

Michell  Miller, 

.Tacol)  Tomme, 

Andries  Bader. 

Frederick  Nicholas  Sneuder, 

Hans  Martin, 

Jacob  Kensell, 

Jacob  Totser, 

Jacob  Gorle, 

Lundert  Nochper, 

Jan  Nichol  Craft, 

Conred  Heyt, 

Pieter  Heyt. 

Johannis  Shoemaker, 

Jan  Ah  ram  Holl, 

Baltser  Renhowser, 

Theobel  Vink. 

Philip  Pehl. 

Jan  Peiter  Eseogen, 

Anthord  Bieller, 

Peter  Ruble, 

Jacob  Peck. 

Jan  Adam  Granast, 



Hendrick  Redinhower, 
Christian  Stedler, 
Adam  Dick, 
Casper  Scheilk, 
Daniell  Clingesuiith, 
Paulus  Biilint, 
Christopher  Hedrick, 
Peiter  Keyper, 
Allex.  Bchoefert, 
Reynhart  Alsback, 
Christian  Castle, 

Hans  Martin  Stersinger, 
Peiter  Redinhower, 
Jan  Nichol  Nagle, 
Melchior  Taut, 
Godfried  Petzell, 
Lowrans  Peirson, 
Pieter  Hedrick, 
Michell  Clemens, 
Byle  Keyper, 
Jan  Paul  Kxins, 
Hans  Trautman. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Queen  Eliza- 
beth, Alexander  Hope,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept.  16.  1738. 

Men's  JSames. 
Name.  Age. 

Ludwick  Sible, 23 

Hans  Otho  Jerseto, 4.5 

Greorick  Parkman 33 

Wm.  Brant, 50 

Barnet  Roat, 25 

Hans  Otho  Sliger, 45 

Geoi-ick  Sliger, 23 

Jno.  Sliger, 21 

Jno.  (xeorick  Sliger, 19 

Andres  Felsinger, 51 

Jno.  Henrick  Sides 26 

A  ndres  Lerick .50 

Peter  Lerick 20 

Antho  Lerick 18 

Christian  Laback, 39 

Rinard  Laback, 70 

Jno.   Henrick  Silicn.';,      25 

Sigmont  Henly, 41 

Adam  Schislor,       30 

Jno.  Shiinell, 26 

Henrick  Weber, 41 

Johanis  Konkell 30 

Peter  Spikt 44 

Casper  Lerick, 44 

Christopher  Stroder, 32 


Name.  Aye. 

Heiiricli   Weber, 28 

Nicholas  Tye, : 24 

Johannis  Letheriek, 18 

Johaiies  Coch, 78 

Henrick  Cooh 23 

(Tabrit'l  Vaj^ell 32 

Henrick  Sniirli,      50 

Juo.    Smitli 20 

Peter  Smith 17 

Charles  Rygard, 2.") 

Ralph  Snyder 23 

Wilhehn    Eisdne — 

Conrad  Snyder, 20 

Geo.  Lorison,      26 

Michell  Lorison, '>0 

Thos.  Shane, 38 

Mark  Sible 47 

.Tno.  Sible 30 

Henrick  Elinger, 21 

Henrick  Veis 30 

Nicholas  Venholt, ^ 48 

Johanes  Snyder 40 

Weinard  Weisell, 27 

Paul  (iysell 37 

Christophel  Kirkhofe, 48 

Ernst  Sharp 39 

Jno.  (Teorick  Sharp, Hi 

Lndwick  Thomas 34 

Johanes  Straul, 37 

Johanes  Payer, 45 

Danl.  Igleboiirner, 45 

Johanes  Starr 38 

Geo.  Terr, 38 

Martin  Weisell, 30 

Christopher  Rooss, 55 

Jno.  Styne, 37 

Henrick  Seller, 34 

Johanes  Lerick, 44 

Johanes  Shafer,     34 

Johannes>-, 34 

Conrad  Stegell,       ;J2 

Henrick  Sliger,       45 

Christian  Mf)rris 24 

Nicholas  Eakers ^52 

n-VoL.  XVI  i. 


Name.  Age. 

Henrick  Eakers, 1''' 

Bernard  Lynse,      20 

Fredrick  Nickton. 36 

Georick  Sharp 36 

Isaac  Sharp, 26 

Martin  Sweechien, -"'I 

Geo.  Konkell, 19 

Theobald  Smith, •'•0 

Conrad  Lerga, "^8 

Henrick  Weisell, 38 

Casper  Leap,      40 

Casper  Leap, 19 

Johanes  Slegell, 32 

Henrick  Kyes, 29 

Henrick  Nagoll, 24 

Johanes  Alt, 40 

Henrick  Cabill,      19 

Casper  Schayber,     

Johanis  Sulspack 50 

Christian  Nighthari, 35 

Henrick  William, 26 

Johanes  Nomam,         38 

Conrad  Lepard 58 

Johanes  Konkell 24 

Win.  Lepard 39 

Casper  Dominick 33 

Johanes  Gotwalts, 20 

Conrad  Miller, 23 

Philip  Smith,      19 

Casper  Shafer, 35 

Conrad  Gable 67 

.Jacob  Ewald, 24 

Nicholas  Crack,     24 

Nicholas  Seigler, 26 

.Johannes  Riser 23 

William  Smith,  . 16 

Gabriol  Lorisan 40 



WiLSOX,      (JOMMAXDKK,      KItoM      RoTTKRDAM.         QlALIKIKD 

Ski't.  19,  1738 

Men's  Nanies. 

Christian  Brechbill, 

Daniel  Dryghler, 

Henry  Bree-hbill, 

Peter  Habaker, 

Iwiac  Onnuell, 

Valentine  His, 

Abraham  StiiUer, 

Peter  Founderburfrli, 

Jacob  Slvf^h, 

Hans  Adam  Snyder. 

Johannes  Gers, 

liOrentz  G<^)ld, 

Johannes  Wymuller, 

Adam  Koen, 

Henry  Beckliolt, 

Carel  Wit  man, 

Joh.  Leonartl  Miller, 

Casper  Lutz, 

Hannus  Diedrich, 

Jacob  Kaygar, 

Jacob  Schochnian, 

Andreas  Mints, 

Miclil.  Jiel, 

Michl  Vris, 

Johannes  Vris, 

.roliamies  Krim, 

Johan  Jacol)  I'farr, 

.lohaDnes  Coen, 

Barent  Smith, 

Conradt  Kemelie, 

Mai'tin  Mansberger, 

Johan  Herman  SchifTer, 

Paul  us  Schift'er, 

Hendk  Barrhol  SchifTer, 

Hejulk  Adolpli  Agenback, 

Michl.   Hoebaek, 

Valantine  Wilt, 

("onradt  Singler, 

Peter  Snyder, 

Elies  Nicholas  Bender. 

Diedricli  Six. 

I'iiilip  Sinelzer, 

AVilliam  Bishofl, 

Johannes  SUghter, 

Christian  Stidler, 

Jacob  Kinar, 

Elias  A  bin, 

AValter  Founderliiirgli, 

Thomas  Ruygli, 

Jan.  George  Lots, 

Daniel  Snyder, 

Joshep  Keller, 

Andreas  Nayman, 

Johannes  Keller, 

Jost  Perkei-stocks, 

George  Michl.  (xras. 

Christian  Lutz, 

Jacob  Clodder, 

Johannes  Kroon, 

Hans  George  Mayer, 

Conradt  AVymuller, 

Elias  Siler, 

Caspar  Kienar, 

Simon  Vris, 

Martin  Krhn, 

Hans  Martin  Bilder, 

Jost  Vryler, 

Hans  Adam  Lightie, 

Melchior  Smith, 

Michl.  Underkauffer, 

Christian  Lodder, 

Johan  Henry  Rimisnyder, 

Bernhard  Schiffer, 

Paul  US  SchifTer, 

Philip  Coen. 

Andreas  Hanovelt, 

Lodowic  Miller, 

Nicholas  V^rjdagh, 

.lacol)  Bender, 

Jacob  Nichs.  Bender, 

.Johannes  Frank, 

(reor.  Kinder, 


Peter  Kinder,  Caspar  Render, 

Jan.   Rodolph,  Jacob  Kalladie. 

Vindle  Lins,  Jacob  Hoeback, 

Michl.  Streball,  Johannes  Westhouse, 

Geo.  Mathe.  AViller,  Joannes  Smous, 

Ulrigh  Seger,  Michl.  Keysleinan, 

Michl.  Sinelzer,  Johannes  Mayer. 

List  of  Passengers   in  the  Ship   Nancy,  Wm.  Wallace, 
Master.     Qualified  Sept.  20,  17B8. 

mime.  -A-ge. 

Simon  Ideling, 2" 

Jacob  Stinebroff. 34 

Frederick  Tryer, 26 

Ijawrence  Klyne,  .           22 

Gasper  Hoofman, 3U 

John  Prince, 28 

Tobias  Hackernian,      36 

John  Peter,     24 

Thomas  Pavilcher, 27 

Jacob  Lassaul, 29 

Christian  Berkmau, 26 

Michael  Jacob, 20 

John  Bedsheller, 23 

Henry  Mire, 20 

Michael  Shole,  Senr (5-^ 

Michel  Shole,  Junr 26 

Christopher  Mire, l"? 

Anthony  Englebert, 27 

Hendrick  Hemper, 43 

Christian  Switzer, 20 

John  Eyhanlt, -^-^ 

Hendrick  Nikerick,      ...           32 

Jacob  Mire,      27 

John  Houselbeck. < 2r) 

Nicholas  Robertus, 29 

George  Pahiter, 26 

John  Mire, 24 

George  Mackly,      37 

Aaron  Housneck,      43 

Jacob  SAvitzer, 23 

Nicholas  Onas, 38 


Name.  Age. 

Josepii  Mire, 25 

David  tShydeaker, ....  24 

Ulrick  Shydeaker, 20 

Hans  Shydeaker, 15 

Jeremiah  Rhode,      48 

Matthias  Learer, 24 

Au(h-ew  Kashly, 15 

Gorge  Rowler, 39 

Jacob  Reece, 49 

Matthew  Reece, ....  17 

John  Meyniinger, 55 

Michael  Robb, 16 

Yust  Terr, 23 

Phihp  Hiuer, 20 

Conrod  Pletz,      28 

P.iihpTrap, 23 

Peter  Mnsnier 21 

John  Grossnickle, 21 

Francis  Hackennan, 28 

Michael  Mire, 29 

Martin  Mire, 23 

Martin  Springley, 36 

George  Shewler, 30 

Jacob  Cloates 22 

William  Corst, 27 

Philip  Bens, 27 

(Jasper  Mans, 20 

Michael  Hemperly, 26 

Jacob   Beck. 25 

Philip  Kevell. 27 

Jacob  Frank,      30 

Thomas  Rnsli, .• 20 

John  Howes, 18 

Jacol)  Adolph, 19 

Martin  Snider, 31 

Andreas  Ringer, 17 

Mellcher  Beelman, 58 

Jacob  Easterly, 22 

John  Kowler,      16 

John  Kashncate, 33 

Jacob  ('avelich, 28 

Martin  Mire, 15 

John  Hesselback,     :j6 


A  List  of  all  thk  Men  Passengers  from  Sixteen  Years 
AND  Upwards  on  Board  the  Ship  Friendship,  Henry 
Beech,  Commander      Qualified  Sept.  20,  1788. 

Name .  Age. 

Florian  Bobinger, 33 

Christian  Young,      37 

Jao.ol)  Brust, 34 

Stei)lia  Glaser, 48 

Valatine  Shaller,      34 

Miohal  Carger, 46 

Han-s  Jurg  Beger 18 

Joanis  Kohu,           30 

l^ewald  Klingler 34 

Lov/vance  Dibong, 43 

Joanis  Negelie, 30 

A])rahain  Eker,      .Iti 

Pliilip  Stover 31 

Adam  Kreps, 19 

Henry  Syble, 37 

Johanis  Shryber, 33 

Adam  Pence, 33 

Jacob  Fohner, 40 

Jacob  Folmer, 15 

Hans  Peter  Rodberger,      40 

Christian  Myer, 33 

ToVjias  Ditess, 33 

Dewalt  Steward, 31 

Jacob  Zorn,      30 

Miclial  Hooverich 35 

Jurg  Bueck, 30 

Joanis  Swartswalter,       50 

Joanis  Slieller, 26 

Jacob  Hoover, 85 

Jolian  Cxrensliet, 38 

Michal  Mesnor, 37 

Casper  Mesnor, 16 

Leopald  Jost,      36 

Jurg  Miller 31 

Bartle  Bach, 54 

Adam  Bach 18 

Jurg  Hartinau, 40 

Paul  Hime, 17 

Jacob  Hime, 16 

Joanis  Swaner, 30 

Jacob  Stamler, 18 

Jurg  Moler,      33 


Name.  Ar/e. 

Johanis  Stinglie, 21 

Frediich  ]'*eiuler,      '•>•) 

lieriiherd  M<iats, 40 

Haus^  Michel  Brouch, 33 

Valatiue  Pence,      48 

.loliaii  Jordan, 20 

(-'hri.stoph  Wys, 17 

.lacol)  Derrie,      :i2 

Nicholas  Strons 2~) 

John  (xofries ;!0 

Valiitiu  Rinisell, 17 

Al)vaham  Wendell, 30 

Joauis  Frylhifj. 25 

Michal  Boi-et,      2o 

Jurg  Kaut'nian,      20 

Adam  Ritter,      27 

Peter  Loiiks, 32 

I'hillip  Siiniiner,        20 

r^Jacob  Shop, 38 

Eberhard  Drollinger, 32 

A<laiii  Swartsweldei', 19 

Jurg  Kern, 38 

Wendell  Jacobie, 29 

Hernherd  Eger,      50 

Jacob  Eger, 25 

Micliall  Eger, 23 

Adam  Prollinger 30 

Fredrich  Harte, 20 

Sebastian  Neat, .    .  55 

Henrich  Herner, 46 

I^anil  Kensimer,    ...               45 

Vide  Bechtle 26 

Jacol)  Wagner, 45 

if)anis  lienglie, ' 33 

borents  Houts, 23 

loanis  Kensimer,      17 

Joanis  Fredrich,    .    . 17 

Marke  Smith 34 

Martie  Karcher, 19 

Fredrich  Kink, 32 

Hans  Jiirg  Buck,       40 

Fredrich  Haylie, 20 

Martin  Speek, 35 

Jurg  Kenich, 30 

Johan  Wendel  Brown, • 37 



List  of  Foreigners   Imported  in  the    Snow  Fox,  Chas, 
Ware,  Commander,  prom  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Oct. 

12,   1738. 

Michael  Grrun, 
Adain  Hiesser, 
Philip  Hess, 
Thomas  Reuseh, 
Michael  Potz, 
Hans  Diebalt  Drpg, 
Joachim  Stober, 
Hans  Georg  Wust, 
Martin  Rein, 
Bastian  Felte, 
Jacob  Stieger, 
Johannes  Goldenberger, 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
Philip  Jacob  Bub, 
Christian  Kauff, 
Hans  Goerg  Fetter, 

Jacob  Balmer, 
Adam  Ullrich, 
Adam  Ulmer, 
Johannes  Asper, 
Martin  Cludy, 
Georg  Michael  Balmer, 
Hans  Martin  Rein, 
Hans  Georg  Pauth, 
Peter  Hesterman, 
Michael  Krieger, 
Hans  Georg  Ziinerly, 
Hans  Georg  Frey, 
Christian  Hohhnann, 
Christopher  Bub, 
Ulrich  Hubster. 

[The  original  list,  is  herewith  given.^ 

Name.  Age. 

Michael  Kreen, 85 

Jacob  Palmer, ^ 26 

Adam  Heyser, 29 

Godfred  Kunig, 47 

Adam  Uh-ich,      34 

Philip  Hoos, 25 

Hans  Theobald  Throog 41 

Martin  Browne 34 

Michael  Kevnig, 41 

Michael  Palmer, 45 

Jockem  Stober,         45 

Uh-ick  Kipsier, 40 

Martin  Mayer,     . 38 

Martin  Reyn, 48 

Hans  Martin  Reyn, 20 

Peter  Huterman 45 

Hans  Worster, 50 

Bastian  Felti,     20 

Casper  Decker, 40 

Hans  Jurig  Font,      25 

Michael  Kryger, 53 



Name.  Age. 

Mioliaei  Kryger,  Jr 20 

Jaeol)  Kry^ev,     ...            , IG 

Hans  Adam  (.)liner, 55 

Philip  Jacob  Baart, 19 

Jacob  8teyger 83 

(xarrick  Seinerh, 87 

Tobias  Reesli,      84 

Leariuer  Tzink. 17 



Johu  Asper,  

John  (xoldeberger, 

Michael  ( 'atts,  Senr. , 

Michael  Catts,  Jiiiir. ,         

Mark  Olaudy,      2 

Hans  Fry 33 

Jacob  Hoiriuan. 55 

< Miristian  Hollinan 17 

Joliannes  OstwaUl 26 

Sel)astian  Colnum, 38 

Philip  Jacob  Bonha 55 

Hans  Boulia, 20 

Cliris.  Bouha, 25 

Melchor  Hoiitniaker, 40 

Philip  Jacob  Bonha.  Jnnr. , 30 

Jacol)  Hourg 35 

r'liristian  Canp, 24 

Hans  Jurg  Fetter, 26 

List  of  FouEiaxicRs  Imported  in  tkk  Ship  Davy,  Wm. 
Pattox,  Commander,  from  Amsterdam.  Qualified 
Oct.  25,   1738. 

Martin  Fuclis, 
Steffen  Rous, 
Andres  Born, 
Jolian  Jacob  Kunrzler, 
Theevia  Fautzen, 
Christopher  Zuinnier, 
Johan  Dan  Hetzer, 
Valentin  Ant, 
Conrad  Lange. 
Johan  Adam  Fuch, 
Johan  Adam  Schreyer, 
Joliaii  Jacob  Schluter, 

Nicholas  Stebener, 
Johan  Nic.  Slummer, 
Peter  Doinas, 
Johan  Jacob  Steffen, 
Johan  Nic.  Thys, 
Melchior  Zummer, 
Johan  Wendel  Seyber, 
Johan  Frederick  Barts, 
Chris.  Fuch, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Johan  Nicho.  Scherer, 
Johan  Hildesheimei-, 



Johan  Gfeorge  Pauly. 
Johan  Casper  Stein, 
Hans  Jacob  Knecky, 
Conrad  Kern, 
Johan  Henrick  Pfleck, 
Johan  Hen.  Abiarius, 
Frederick  Schmidt, 
Sebastian  Fehr, 
Valentin  Stempel, 
Johan  Feldfliegel, 
George  Heyer, 
Nicholas  Joost, 
Jacob  Wildsohutz, 
Henrick  Torner, 
George  Job, 
Michael  Straube, 
George  Stoltz, 
Jacob  Geckan, 
Gabriel  Haller, 
Johannes  Deiiner, 
Hans  Mich.  Tilzieffer, 
Andreas  Deck, 
Gottfried  Braune, 
Jacob  Frey, 
Johan  George  Weis, 
Johan  Feyl, 
Johan  Schmack, 
JacoVj  Schrani, 
Johan  Knockell, 
Paul  Weyer, 
Oswald  "Winkelman, 
Johan  Adam  Fua, 
Johan  Nic.  Kinzer, 
Bernard  Seibert, 
Hans  Ad.  Geeik, 

Johan  Matthias  Scherer, 
Valentin  Nichola, 
Stephanus  Klehr, 
Philip  AVicker, 
Henrick  Schneider, 
Christian  Stacker, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Frederick  Stempel, 
Johan  Peter  Olier, 
Jacob  Morgewegg, 
Jacob  Mohr, 
Johan  George  Pieck, 
Simon  Becherer, 
Abraham  Hobler, 
Conrad  Waldman, 
Ulrick  Reiger, 
Johannes  Deck, 
Philip  Gottskind, 
Baltzaser  Lambert, 
Hans  Michael  I^ange, 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
Andreas  Simon, 
George  Sutz, 
Johan  Martin  Priem, 
Johan  Sauter, 
Johan  Geo.  Beck, 
Johan  Lantzinger, 
Jacques  Maronette, 
Phihp  Wettszell, 
Simon  Stoltz, 
Hans  Lansz, 
Johan  Andr.  Kousman, 
George  Crape, 
Joh.  Jaes  Seibert, 
Geo.  Schramp. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Saint  An- 
drew, John  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied, Oct.  27,  1738. 

Peter  Leight,  Han  Yerick  Keil, 

Jacob  Stintz,  Jacob  Seam, 

Johan  Hend.  Reis.  Han  Har.  Deal, 

Manus  Sasamandshouse,  Johan  Soemaker, 



Hans  Ofer, 

Hun  Nch.  8toter, 

Jacob  Keiller, 

Velto  Walter, 

Lewis  Vinsent, 

Victor  Sjieitz, 

Simon  Derrick, 

And.  Sin, 

Jacob  Cinnerley, 

Hans  Rinerd  Bene, 

Jacob  Walter. 

Chris.  Werger, 

Jolian  Slienkell, 

William  Reiser, 

Chris.   Hendrick, 

Anth.  Kinter, 

Hans  Wisler, 

Hend.  Rinewalt, 

Jerick  Hylman, 

Chris.   Souder, 

Nichl.  Sta>  lor, 

Jacob  Shetzer, 

Hans  Herts, 

Michl.  Hellibrand, 

Hendrick  Been, 

Chris.  Light, 

Martin  Fesel, 

Adriesp  Walker, 

Hans  Hambreet, 

Jurigh  Bernard  Lowinan, 

Fiet  Hanibreght, 

Hans  Jacob  (,'atterinan, 

Hans  Michl.  Shetfer, 

Johannes  Hootsinan, 

Johannes  fxroeber, 

Adam  Ambright, 

Hans  Philip  Smit, 

Hans  CasjDr.  Inderlydner, 

Merok  Adams  Brouns, 

Ulrich  Fow, 

Johan  Peter  Vonsing, 

Jurig  Nichl.  Meyer, 

Hendrick  Hoofman, 

Chris.  Mayer, 

Lorentz  Kryger, 

Jurig  Bibighause, 

Johannes  K reive, 
Casi)er  Hnckaback, 
Yerick  Kreil, 
Khris  Wagner, 
Johan  Conr.  Benebender, 
Stephene  Akernian, 
Conrutl  Xeigle, 
Chris.  Kinstler, 
Conrad  Sryer, 
Martin  Teligin, 
(.'hed.   Buckemier, 
Martin  Squartz, 
Tho.  Everhad. 
Hans  Summer. 
Jerick  Bergener, 
Nichl.  Harman, 
Sam  Beem, 
Peter  Yosey, 
Peter  Beem, 
Michl.  Muster, 
Y'erick  Governer, 
Stephen  Beninger, 
Arn.  Sheder, 
Chris.  Trevett, 
Hendrick  Sower, 
Elias  Bald, 
Jacob  Odering, 
Michl.  Syder, 
Hans  Michel  Witsell, 
Hans  Michel  Witsell, 
Hans  Wyligh  Catterman, 
Hans  Michael  She  tier, 
Chris.  Stein  Clarther, 
Thomas  Evei-hard, 
Jacob  Beyer. 
]\[ichel  Scheyvel, 
Jacob  Sterne, 
Jacob  Reslaur, 
Hans  Adam  Brouns, 
Mickel  Fraunk, 
Hans  Geo.  Webber, 
Christophell  Mayer, 
Johan  Neveling, 
Mathias  Hort, 
Johan  Christ  Handluuze, 
Johan  Haldliouse, 



Bestian  Bender, 
Daniel!  Bibigause, 
Conrad  Auibright. 
Andreas  Grunberger. 
Jacob  Walsh, 
Tenwes  Rezer, 
Joan  Hend  Bosveld, 
Johan  Hend.  Hoffman, 
Joost  Willm.  Bleeher, 
Johan  Jacob  Wagner, 

Peter  Bender, 
Wni.  Haldhouse, 
Berth  o.  Mayer, 
Hans  Martin  Welch, 
Johan  Geo.  Weber, 
Johan  Rezer, 
Johan  Joost  Bosveld, 
Joost  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Merker. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Bilander  Thistle, 
Geo.  Houston,  Commandkh,  prom  Rotterdam.  «^uali- 
FIED  Oct.  28,  1738. 

Jacob  Lantz, 
Johannes  Geiser, 
Conrad  Mehrsam, 
Marcus  Reminger, 
Friedrich  Muller, 
Hans  Stegener, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Bossier, 
Casper  Frelich, 
Henrich  Jung, 
Daniel  Muller, 
Friederich  Brotsmau, 
Peter  Huntzicker, 
Hans  Martin  Hertz, 
Samuel  Eberhart  Kopp, 
Hans  Peter  Lantz, 
Friderich  Sculpes, 
Johann  Georg  Grob, 
John  Georg  Lille, 
Ludwig  Joseph  Biehel, 
Hans  Georg  Bintz, 
Uhlerich  Tiech, 

Michael  Lantz, 
Peter  Geiser, 
Peter  Kocher, 
Casper  Masbuch, 
Johann  Jacob  Dietz, 
Hans  Adam  Fehler, 
Nicolas  Liser, 
Ludwig  Meiei', 
Christian  Gysler, 
Michael  Burn, 
Abraham  Huntzicker, 
Johannes  Kleingenny, 
Hans  Nicolas  Ensininger, 
Gottfried  Hardlacher, 
Hans  Georg  Tiech, 
Georg  Miller, 
Hans  Jacob  Sekefuss, 
Johann  Georg  Delp, 
Johan  Peter  Stegel, 
Johan  Georg  Hess, 
Michael  Tiech. 


[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.} 
MeiVs  Names. 

Name.  Age. 

Johaiuiti  (ilyngan, 44 

Haiise  Martin  Frets, .  33 

Hanse  Nicolas  Haiismenger, 39 

Sumuell  Overhard  Coup. 36 

Godfret  Hardlaker,      30 

Haas  Petter  Lauts,      30 

Uriah  Teach, 40 

Jacob  Lants 28 

Micliall  Lants, 32 

Johanas  Gyser, .fJO 

Johanas  Petter  Gyser, 17 

Conerd  Mareoni, 23 

Petter  Coker, 38 

Markes  Remengar, 38 

Gasper  Maspech 29 

Jacob  Teach, 27 

Hans  Harrat  Steggens, 34 

Fredrick  Miller, 2^ 

Peter  Honshooker,      53 

Abraham  Honshooker, 33 

Haneriagh  Toup,      38 

Hans  Jacob  Secefiies,      44 

Nicolas  Leisser, 33 

Hanse  Adam  Feleer, 30 

Cristian  Fireleigh, 17 

Hanse  William  Busier,      33 

Hundrick  Lillie, 33 

Hunderick  Tilp 80 

Loadwick  Myre .^ 35 

Henirick  Young,      38 

Cristian  Gysler, 21 

Daniele  Miller, 33 

Loadwick  .Joseph  Bialle, 35 

Miehall  Burn,      39 

Fredrick  Broatsinan,      43 

Petter  Stickle, 19 

Hendrick  Sculps, 39 

Uriah  Miller, 38 

Hansheria  Benss,      36 

Hansiieria  HesH, 31 

Wold  rich  Teach, 56 

Michall  Teach, 19 


Male  Children  undei'  Sixteen. 

Name.  Age. 

Petter  Teach, 14 

Michall  Stockhaleni, 12 

Daniell  Misler, 14 

William  Stockhalerji, 3 

Loadwiok  Hansuiiiiyt'r, 7 

Philip  Cristopher  Coup, 10 

Hanse  Nlcoll  Lants,     .    .       8 

Yoghaii  Poul  Lants 5 

Michall  Koker, 7 

Uriagh  Carle  Klyn, 3 

Yoghan  Cristan  Gyser,      7 

Andrews  Hinen  Klyn, 13 

Andreus  Secefues,         15 

Hanen  Cristophele  Secefues,       10 

Hanen  Jacob  Secefues.      6 

Powell  Secefues, 4 

Haneriagh  Secefues 3 

Fredrick  Jacob  Young, 11 

Uriah  Jacob  Young, 10 

Cristopher  Hendrick  Y'oung, 9 

Gogham  Young, 4 

Daniell  Razour, 15 

Hanse  Adam  Burn, 4 

Jacob  Hendrick  Broatsma>i 15 

Urian  Adam  Broatsman,  .    .           10 

Yogham  Fredi'ick  Broatsman, 7 

Loadwick  Coup, .4 

Gasper  Stickle, 11 

Daniell  Sculps,  .- 7 

Hanse  Petter  Sents 2 

Urian  Stickle, H 

Powell  Herbolt, 14 

Nicolas  Herbolt, 8 

Hans  Herbolt, 10 

Hans  Adam  Herbolt, 4 

Jacob  Herbolt, 8 

Women  and  Children' s  Names. 

Elizabath  Stockhalern, 36 

Anna  Creett  Hansmingar 35 

Cristian  Hansmingar, 13 

Kattarina  Hansmingar,        10 

Anna  Marrian  Hansminy;ar, 3 

THK  OATH  OF  ALLECt1AN(.'E.  175 

Name.  A{fe. 

Anna  Timber mon, 2i> 

Anna  Marelina  Tiinberniou, 20 

Kattai'ina  Coup, 40 

Marj^areta  Hardlak<>r, 18 

Marelina  Coup,      8 

Cliariet  Margreta  ("oup, 6 

Anneleiss  Bright byle 9 

Anna  Maria  TinUxMMiion, 30 

Hanali  Mariats  Tinibeniion 4 

Mariles  Pitt  (avser,      30 

Elizebath  Litess, 24 

Hanali  Barljara  l^orker 58 

Meriles  I'orker,      22 

Hannah  (^rett  Porker 19 

Marelina  Kattrin  Poi'ker, 14 

Eveles  Koker 29 

Hannah  Maria  Mareom, 24 

Anna  Maria  Hefran, 24 

Elizebath  Renieingar 29 

Elizebath  Resbell, 24 

Anless  Grautson, 15 

Anless  Teach, 28 

Kattarina  Losheart 24 

Marelis  Tiganer, 23 

Mariles  Solfie  Miller, 25 

Maria  Margrat  Berian, 24 

Anna  Maria  Silks, 20 

Oeetts  Honshooker, 18 

("redle  Crighban, 13 

Anna  Lybet  Freligh, 13 

Anna  Margratin  NilJen 24 

Solfie  Klyn,      18 

Susana  Maria  Klyii. 7 

Anelies  Seikefues, 30 

Kattarin  Seikefues,      12 

Anna  ^Nlaria  Seikefus, 5 

Ev^eles  Byle, 18 

Margrat  Myre, 28 

Kattarina  Dorte  Hoffer, 42 

Hosina  Dorte  Hoffer, 10 

Madlin  Young, 28 

Kattarina  Gyslere, 20 

Marria  Barbara  Bushier,      CO 

Kattarina  Barball  Bnslile:- 10 

Hannah  Maria  Rayzor,                                 3 


Name.  Aye. 

Hannah  Solfle  Miller,     3G 

Barball  Burn, 9 

Meriat  Olpon, BV> 

Greet  Olpon, 4 

Maria  Barbar  Broatsman, lo 

Kattarina  Felier, 23 

Mai-grat  Coup, fS 

Maria  Barball  Hickle, Vd 

Anna  Barball  Sculps,     30 

Anna  Maria  Sents, 30 

Kattarina  Barbal  Sents, 8 

Anna  Kattarina  Miller S'") 

Aueria  Hess, 2^1 

Anna  Barball  Herbolt, .  29 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Elizabeth, 
Cteo.  Hodgson,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Oct.  80,  17:^8. 

Ludwig  Nicola, 
Daniel  Heenig, 
Johannes  Meisters, 
Nicolas  Hodely, 
Matheis  Christ, 
Mattheus  Dol)ler, 
Ludwig  Pfant/ler, 
Johan  Georg  Arnold, 
Conrad  Wannemacher, 
Matthias  Bartholoine, 
Hans  Georg  Petery, 
liorentz  Raus, 
Friederich  Kehler, 
Jacol)  Frantz, 
John  Yeites, 
John  Ludwig  Potts, 
Hans  Jacob  Bener, 
John  Adam  Kintzel, 
Hans  Michael  Deinie, 
Ulrich  Raudenbusch, 
Georg  Adam  Yegold, 

Johannes  Muhr, 
Christoph  Egen, 
("onrail  Neidigh, 
Johannes  Carl, 
Chi'istian  Lesch, 
Elias  Beringer, 
Jacob  Schiltknecht, 
Philip  Jacob  Leyderberger, 
John  Jacob  KesJer, 
Hans  Ulerich  Fritz, 
Conrad  Renner,' — 
Philip  Besa, 
Mathias  Poriger, 
Jacob  Kern, 
Georg  Ernst  Meyer, 
Hans  Conrad  Vogelman, 
Andreas  Rothenheffer, 
Hans  Georg  Windlinger, 
Martin  Begenbeck, 
Christoph.  Theophil.  Creutz. 


[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.'\ 

Name.  Age. 

Lodwick  Nicholas, 34 

Jacob  Shilkneglit, 38 

Geoi't^p  Arnolil, 34 

Johannes  Mayer,  . 27 

Philij)  Jacob  Leyderberger 34 

Daniel  Heyning, 30 

Christian  Egan,        17 

Johannes  Honether, 36 

Johannes  Mester, 43 

Tobias  Svvartz, 36 

Bernard  Wainiiiaker, 40 

Hans  Jacob  Kesler, 25 

Mathias  Bartholomew,      20 

Conrath  Nydagh, 19 

Nicholas  Hodele, 36 

Johannes  Harley, 25 

Hans  George  Fritz,      30 

Conradt  Kenner, 23 

Hans  Georg  Petery, 33 

Laurentz  Rous, 23 

Geo.  Adam  Mayer, 19 

Philip  Besa, 16 

John  Lodwick  Potts 29 

Henry  Keoghler, 28 

Matheas  Porigev,      39 

Jacob  Frans, 34 

Jacob  Kern, 18 

Johannes  Yeites, 21 

Hans  Jaeoh  Bener, 38 

Conradt  Fogleman,     35 

Andreas  Rodenhanser, 34 

Hans  Adam  Kinsler, 35 

Mathias  Chris, 50 

Christian  Lesh 41 

Hans  Geo.  Windlinge, 32 

Michl.   Deyne 29 

Martin  Dageaback,      23 

Ulrich  Rodobush,     24 

Mathys  Deolar,      31 

Christian  ('reytz,      26 

Elias  Beringer, 24 

Lodowick  Fansler — 

Geo.  Adam  Yegold, — 

13-voL.  xvn. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  CHABMiNa 
Nancy,  Cha.s.  Stedman,  Commai^jder,  from  Rotterdam. 
QuAiiiFiED  Nov.  9,  1738. 

Jacob  Dieterich, 
Jereinias  Zaiiier, 
Hans  Etimers, 
Petei'  Kreitzer, 
Christ oph  Abel, 
Michael  Klein, 
Christoph  Trenkel, 
Jacob  Corrt, 
Christian  Miller, 
Hans  Fletiger, 
Ludwig  Klotz, 
Peter  Baldesberger, 
Abraham  Hauswirth, 
Abraham   Kunzig, 
Graorg  David  Boos, 
Johan  Michael  Maurer, 
Hans  Siegman, 
Ferdinand  Dortzbach, 
Henrich  Kistner, 
Peter  Butz, 
Hans  Greo.  Strobel, 
Hans  Michael  Rein, 
Hans  Adam  Didel, 
Hans  Jacob  Kuntz, 
Greorg  Michael  Kerber, 
Georg  Frederich  Berlin, 
Hans  Georg  Siegman, 
John  Peter  Waltz, 
Johan  Henry  Kepele, 
Joh.  Stephan  Guthman, 
Hans  Henry  Pohl, 

Markus  Tholhaver, 
Abraham  Berlin, 
Samuel  Schust, 
Andreas  Kreitzer, 
Andreas  Beyerle, 
Georg  Hatz, 
Stephen  Trenkel, 
Conrad  Fleck, 
Hans  BoUman, 
Nicklas  Klagh, 
Joseph  David  Trissler, 
Johan  Adam  Zehman, 
Jacob  Hochstetter, 
Christoph  Siegman, 
Hans  Georg  Holtz, 
Henrich  Meiss, 
John  Siegman, 
Christian  Miller, 
Martin  Utz, 
Jac.  AVannemacher, 
Hans  Christian  Gerber, 
Hans  Georg  Reisser, 
Hans  Philip  Mauerer, 
Hans  Jacob  Kuntz,  jr., 
Hans  Jacob  Berlin, 
Johan  .Jacob  Muller, 
Bernhart  Siegman, 
Johan  Baltas  Kneerster, 
Hans  Georg  Schenck, 
Hans  Jacob  Shank, 
Hans  Jacob  Muller. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 
Name.  -^{je. 

Christian  Kerwer, 46 

Jacob  Didrick, 40 

Hans  Michael  Reyn, 34 

Hans  Georg  Reyser, 36 

Hans  Adam  Didel 30 

Mark  Holhaver, 35 

Pliilip  Mauer,     33 


Name.  Age. 

Jeremie  Semer, 37 

Hans  Jacob  Kuntz,      43 

Hans  Jacob  Kunt/,      31 

Jurigh  Mich.  Kerbel 33 

Hans  Jacob  Barliu 33 

Geo.  Fredk.   Barlin, 18 

Abraham  BarUn,      16 

Johannes  Fayt, 33 

r^eonard  Shust,      20 

Peter  Kreitzer 20 

Anih-eas  Kreitzer 34 

Everhard  Miller 19 

Christophel  Abel, 30 

Joseph  David  Dresser, 33 

Adreas  Beyerlie 23 

Michael  Klen, 32 

Jurigh  Hatts 33 

Peter  Baldsberger 16 

Christophel  Trenkle, 48 

Stephen  Trenkle 30 

Jacob  Gorgh, 36 

Conradt  Felt,      30 

Johan  Adam  Semen 33 

Jacob  Semen,      37 

Abraham  Hostwert, 34 

Jacob  Hostedler 36 

Abraham  Kiinzigh,     34 

Christian  Miller 35 

Christian  BuUman, 20 

Hans  Fletiker, ;    .    .  16 

Nicholas  Klaugh, 24 

Hans  Jacob  Broser, 36 

Jurigh  David  Boos, 34 

Lodowick  Loos, 18 

Hendrick  Spi-ies, 22 

Hans  Georg  Bolts, 35 

Johan  Michl.  Mouse, 18 

Johannes  Sighman 40 

Hans  Georg  Sighman, 30 

Johannes  Sighman 18 

Bernhard  Sighman 16 

Johan  Peter  Wols, 10 

Baltzer  Kritzer 37 

Johan   Hendk.  Kijjpily 23 

Johan  Ferdinand  Dirtzibach, 33 


Name.  Age. 

Hans  Georg  Schink, 37 

Christophel  Segman, 25 

ChristiaQ  Miller 26- 

Hendrick  Keesner, 40 

Johan  Stephen  Goodman 27 

Hans  Jacob  Schink, 32 

Hans  Hendrick  Woll,      23 

Hans  Jacob  Miller, 43 

Hans  Georg  Stroball,      . 21 

Jacob  Wannaniaker, 24 

Jacob  Bour, 20 

Peter  Potts, 20 

Martin  Oadt 24 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Snow  Enterprise, 
Lynell  Wood,  Master,  from  London.  Qualified  Dec. 
(5,   17B8. 

J  no.  Jacob  Vonderwordt, 
J  no.  Righter, 
Jonerot  Hirtzell, 
J  no.  George  Weber, 
Jacob  Rotherwither, 
David  Mansinger, 
Frederick  Erter, 
Jacob  Hirtzell, 
Frederick  Recher, 
Jacob  Restenholtz, 
Hans  Burk, 
Martin  Schudy, 
Conradt  Weiland, 
Jno.  Jacob  Frolick, 
Jacob  Horner, 
Jno.  Michl.  MuUer, 

Vincent  Poller, 
Jacob  Hirtzell, 
Jacob  Saxei', 
Thos.  Lang, 
Jacol)  Mansinger, 
Jno.  Mansinger, 
Fulix  Hoiiser, 
Geo.  Nothart, 
Jno.  Recher, 
Hans  Ruth, 
Henry  Burk. 
Martin  Griedy, 
Ralph  Meyenhoffer, 
Casper  Horner, 
Casper  Keller. 



List  ok  Porki«nkrs  Imported  in  the  Bilandk?r  London, 
Joshua  Pipon,  (JoMMANDKit,  from  London.  Qualified 
Jan.  10,  1739, 

Felix  Laug, 
Henry  Lang, 
Jno.  Pfister, 
J  no.  G-osnian, 
( 'aspar  Weider, 
Christofel  Kocli, 
Jacob  Kocli, 
Miclil.  Bader, 
Jno.  Thomas, 
Melchior  Meyer, 
Jacob  Dispion, 

Jolni  Lang, 
Jno.  Pfister, 
Henry  Ortley, 
Jacob  Bartz, 
Jno.  (jreorge  Albert, 
Mark  Koch, 
Hans  Koch, 
Peter  Thomas, 
Bnrgat  Wever, 
Christopher  Bader. 

TjIst  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  .Iamaica 
(talley.  Robert  Harrison,  Commander,  from  Rotter- 
dam.    Qualified  Feb.  7,  1739. 

Jacob  Muller. 
Henrich  Hauser, 
Peter  Huber, 
Lenhart  Furer, 
Conrad  Ackert, 
Henry  Bettei-, 
Jacob  Fehr, 
Johannes  Wittersinn, 
Hans  Henry  Angst, 
Rudolpli  Baumer, 
Hans  Michael  Schwinck, 
Adam  Schwinck, 
Conrad  Bauchler, 
Jacob  Dunkel, 
Felix  Clatley, 
Hans  Anard, 
Henry  Brunder, 
Henrich  Schellenberg, 
Hans  Jacob  Hopman, 
Georg  Brunder, 
JacoV)  Bucher, 

Hans  Eppli, 
Casper  Mayer, 
Henrich  Muller, 
Henry  Cialler, 
Heinrich  Ackert, 
Ulrich  Schmidt, 
Hans  Conrad  Rosli, 
Henrich  Hostman, 
.Toachim  Hanslay, 
Hans  Henrich  Somraer, 
Christopher  Mujler, 
Rudolph  Decker, 
Andreas  Nabinger, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Henrich  Grantz, 
Henry  Scheil)ly, 
Rudolph  Shutz, 
Jacob  Hopman, 
Felix  Bach  man, 
Christoph  Weidman, 
Heinrich  Bachman, 



Ulrich  Swartzeiiberg, 
Hans  Ulrich  Hoffman, 
Hans  Mogg, 
Jacob  Kuntz, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Jacob  Hiua, 
Henry  Oflattly,  sen. , 
Felix  Bossart, 
Henry  Meyer, 
Rudolph  Schutz. 
Henry  Stally, 
Bernard  Riga, 
Rndolph  Kamp. 
Felix  Leinbaker, 
Hans  Zollinger, 
Hans  Jac.  Baumann, 
Ulrich  Baninger, 
Henry  Overholtz. 
Hans  Ulrich  Naff, 
Hans  Jacob  Schaub, 
Hans  Jacob  Kern. 
Ulrich  Nussli, 
Henry  Wert. 
Felix  Frankfelder, 

Johannes  Bossart, 
Jacob  Schwarber, 
Casper  Freneir, 
Hans  Meier, 
Hans  Nnssli, 
Henrich  Otto. 
Henry  Glattly,  jr., 
Jacob  Bossart, 
Felix  Schutz, 
Lawrence  Rieger, 
Henry  Rokoop, 
Johannes  Trenner, 
Johannes  Seheibly, 
Henry  Leinbaker, 
Jacob  Baumann, 
Melchior  Dunck, 
Hans  Bach  man, 
Hans  Jacob  Baninger, 
Hans  Ulrich  Meyer, 
Heinrich  Dunck, 
Heinrich  Kremer, 
Jacob  Xargang, 
Casper  Wideman. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 
Names  of  Men. 

Name.  Age. 

Hans  Coni-aat  Ruseley, 41 

Johannes  Wilderson, 48 

Jacobus  Muller, 38 

HansApely,    . 30 

Hendrich  User, 33 

Hendrich  Hoofman, o3 

Caspar  Mayer, 30 

Hans  Ulrich  Angst,      25 

Felix  Hubart, 38 

Hans  Ulrich  I\ruller 24 

Leonard  Furrer, 40 

Hendrich  Galler, 17 

.Toachim  Husley, 34 

Uoedolph  Bawmer,  34 


Name.  Age. 

Conraat  Ackeritt, 25 

Heudrich  Ackeritt,      23 

Hans  Hendrich  Somer, 34 

Hendrich  Beter, ...  26 

Ulrich  Smith, ■  .    .    .    .  29 

Jacob  Veer,     35 

Jacob  Swerber,     35 

Hans  Moogh, 38 

Caspar  Frener, 20 

Micliael  Swenk, 50 

Adam  Swenk, 18 

Christoffer  Muller, 24 

Jacob  Eens,      24 

Hans  Mayer, 30 

Roedolph  Decker, 40 

Conraat  Bachler 38 

Jacob  Mayer,      24 

Andrias  Nabinger, 25 

Hendrich  Brunder, 20 

Roedolph  Shuts 22 

Hendrich  Shellenberg, 22 

Jacob  Hopman,     26 

Hans  Jacob  Hopman 18 

Felix  Bachman, 21 

Jurich  Brunder, 19 

Hans  Neusley, 45 

Christopher  Wiedman, 40 

Jacob  Hinne, 35 

Jacob  Bonger, 38 

Heudrich  Bachman, 27 

Hendrich  Otte, 21 

Hendrich  Kladney,      28 

Hendrich  Kladney,      20 

Ulrich  Swarsenbach, 33 

Felix  Bossart 48 

Jacob  Bossart, 20 

ITlrich  Bos.sart, 19 

Hans  Ulrich  Hofman 19 

Jacob  Boeman,      22 

Hans  Jacob  Boeman 18 

Hendrich  Mayer, 30 

Felix  Schuts 22 

Melger  Tinker, 16 

Roedolph  Schuts,      .    .        19 

Ulrich  Peninger,  ...       20 


Name.  Age. 

Lawrence  Riger .    .  34 

Hans  Boognian, 27 

Hendrich  Stally, 25 

Hendrich  Roukop, 28 

Hendrick  Overholds, 34 

Barnard  Riga, 27 

Hans  Friner, 25 

Roedolph  Ramp, 22 

Hans  J  acob  Peninger 24 

Hans  UlrichNef, 29 

Johannes  Shibley, 21 

Hans  Ulrich  Mayer, 33 

Hans  Jacob  Shaup,     . 25 

Felix  Linebaker,          56 

Hendrich  Linebaker,          21 

Hans  Sollinger,      40 

Jacob  Dunke, :    .    .  38 

Jacob  Mayer,      47 

Felix  Klatley 36 

Hans  Anner, 22 

Hendrich  Gfans, 34 

Hendrich  Tinkee, 30 

Hans  .Jacob  Kerne, 20 

Hendrich  Kramer, 24 

Ulrich  Neusley, .    .    .  34 

Jacob  Nargen, 28 

Hendrich  Wert 37 

Hendrich  Shible, 20 

Felix  Franfelder, 38 

Caspar  Wideman, 16 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Samuel,  Hugh 
Percy,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Aug. 
27,  1739. 
Johannes  Fischer,  Caspar  Meth, 

Johannes  Meth,  Henrich  Thorwarte, 

Michael  Adam,  Peter  Rule, 

Jean  Daniel  Bonton,  Johannes  Braiinmiller, 

Michael  Schmohl,  Johan  Leonhart  Hortung, 

Johannes  Schneyder  Johan  Georg  Bar*-mann, 

Peter  Welschans,  Georg  Freeman, 



Afalheis  Clans, 
Michael  Halin, 
Micliael  Simon, 
Peter  ScbofTer, 
^fiohael  Miller, 
fjorentz  Miuich, 
Jacob  Reiss, 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Clirisriau  Schug, 
Otto  Riedy, 
Peter  Nickoiu. 
Daniel  Burger, 
Nicolas  Kueisel. 
John  Michael  Bartmann, 
Johan  Georg  Heyer, 
Johannes  Ermentraudt, 
Job.  Fried.  Ermentraudt, 
Joh.  Daniel  Crub, 
Hans  Adam  Diehl, 
Carl  Adam  Diehl. 
Conrad  Hausman, 
William  Gerhard, 
Georg  Sneyder, 
Daniel  Kockart, 
Ludwig  Geib, 
Sebastian  Doll, 
Philip  Lentz, 
Job.  Adam  Schneider, 
Abraham  H  end  rick, 
Joban  Georg  Nickel, 
Job.  Henrich  Ehrbard, 
Sebastian  Guckert, 
(Jhristian  Schojiffer,  sen. 
Philip  Jacob  Scbell, 
Johan  Peter  Preim, 
Johan  Peter  Stuber, 
Abraham  Sehreiner, 
Johan  Geoi-g  Faust, 
Johan  Friederich  Gabel, 
Johan  Jacob  Kockert, 
Job.  Nicolas  IMonibauer, 
John  Peter  Riedy, 
Casper  Doll, 
Joseph  Bederie, 
Joh.  Adam  Gottwais, 
John  NicolasBach, 

Paul  Michael, 
Johannes  Halm, 
Simon  <Teres, 
Adam  Becker, 
IMichael  Baur, 
Abralutm  F'aust, 
Philip  Hinsch, 
Michael  Miller, 
Peter  Sclioll, 
Simon  Drom, 
Frederick  Nickom. 
Paul  Samsel, 
Peter  Mombauer, 
Johan  Matbeis  Bartman. 
Johan  Lorentz  Hansell, 
Joban  Philip  Ermentraudt, 
Joban  Peter  Dressier, 
Johannes  Biscboff, 
Johan  Daniel  Diehl, 
Peter  Steinman, 
Frederick  Gerhard, 
Peter  Grub, 
Johan  Lamenick, 
Peter  Moor, 
Jacob  Fuchs, 
Christian  Seyfert, 
Joannes  Beyer, 
Peter  Sebwenck, 
John  Nicolas  Hendrick, 
Joh.  Christ.  Zimmerman, 
David  Lautenbach, 
Job.  Adana  Klein. 
Christian  Schopffer,  jr. . 
Johan  Henrich  Freys, 
Joban  Philip  Serfass, 
Joban  Georg  h  chauss, 
Joban  Christopher  Ruth, 
Johan  Adam  Mullor, 
Johan  Philip  Gabel, 
Michael  Mombauer, 
Johan  Jacol)  Riedj', 
Michael  Helffenstein, 
Christophe'-  Doll, 
Job.  Bern.  Bederie, 
Joban  Philip  Klein, 
Abraham  Solomon. 



[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.} 

Men's  Names. 
Name.  '  Age. 

Danl.  Buttong,      48 

Johanes  Fisher, 48 

Johanes  Broumiller 36 

Micbl.  Smeal,     34 

Casper  Mead,     48 

Johanes  Mead, 16 

Conrade  Hartong, 39 

Jurig  Snyder, 89 

Juring  Bartman,      45 

Johan  Michl.  Bartman. 19 

.lohan  Matthias  Bartman, 16 

Henrich  Dorvvart, 40 

Michl.  Adam,      36 

Johan  Adam  Shaffer, 30 

Jui-ig  Hyer 34 

Jjorince  Hentzel,  .    .    . 38 

Peter  Ruhl, 45 

Peter  Millhouse 43 

Jurig  Freman, 33 

Matthias  Clous .  33 

Henrich  Snirtzel, 45 

Johanes  Ermantroud, 33 

Philipus  Ermantroud, 18 

Johan  Fredrick  Ermantroud, 16 

Peter  Hayn, 40 

Conrade  Housman,      36 

Fredrick  Gerhard, 35 

Wilhn.  Gerhard, — 

Peter  Tresler,     35 

Petter  Groub, 40 

Danl.  Groub, 17 

Johanes  Beschoff, 10 

Adam  Diehl, 33 

Danl.  Deihl, 36 

Carl  Deihl, 33 

Jurig  Snyder, 18 

Jacob  Lamenich, 34 

Adam  Snyder, 35 

Danl.  Cookhart, 18 

Peter  More, 36 

Ludwick  Gyb, 17 

Jacob  Fuchs, 33 


Name.  Age. 

SabastiauDoll .'    .    .    .    .  40 

Christian  Syphert 42 

Peter  Swiiik, 49 

Hartman  Swink 20 

Abraham  Hyderick 47 

Johau  >'ichl.  Hyderick,      16 

PhiUpus  Liush 57 

Johau  Jurig  Nichol, 20 

ChristofFel  Timennan 24 

Johau  Heiirich  Erhard, 23 

Johan  David  Loiidiuback, 23 

Johanes  Byer, 19 

Paul  Mioliel, 31 

Miohl.  Haan 24 

Johanes  Haan, 18 

Sabastian  Koockhart, 23 

Niehl.   Simon, 63 

Simon  Gehres, 27 

Peter  Shaffer, 24 

Adam  Becker, 25 

Michl.  Miller 21 

Michl.  Bouer, 27 

Christn.  Shepffer, 52 

Christn.    Shepffer, 16 

Laurince  Minech,      40 

Philip  Schel, ' 23 

Henrich  Frais 21 

Peter  Brem,      39 

Philipus  Serfas, ...  27 

Peter  Stouber, 30 

Abraham  Foust,       24 

Jacob  Kiec, 30 

Philip  Her.sch 22 

•tohan  Jurig  Shous, 22 

Jacob  Woolf, 20 

Peter  Gerhart, 22 

Abraham  Shryner, 20 

Christoffel  Kulh 37 

Jolian  Jurig  Foust,      — 

Michl.   Miller 42 

John  Adam  Miller, — 

Fredrich  Gabel, 37 

Philip  Gabel, 41 

Christn.    Shook, 48 

Jacob  Cookhart, 24 


Name.  Aye. 

Nechel  Mombour, 50 

Johaii  Nichel  Mombour, 18 

Peter  Shool, 28 

Johan  Otto  Reidy 34 

Jacob  Reidy, 19 

Peter  Reidy 16 

Simon  Drum, 50 

Peter  Nickom, 24 

Fredrick  Nickom, 22 

Nichel  Helfenstyn, 44 

Daniel  Burger, 40 

Paul  Samsel, 31 

Philips  Klien,      55 

Johan  Adam  Klein, 30 

Adam  Grotwalt 20 

Nichel  Kneesel, 26 

Peter  Mombour, 28 

OasperDoll .  18 

Abraham  Salmon, .' 19 

Nickel  Bach, 25 

Stoffel  Doll, 40 

Philip  Doll,     27 

Joseph  Beerey, 36 

Johan  Barnard  Pedre, 16 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Snow  Betsy, 
Richard  Buden,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Aug.  27,  1739. 

Nicholas  Leinberger, 
.Johan  George  Scherer, 
Johannes  Keiner, 
Melcher  Keiner, 
Hans  Peter  Hoffman, 
Casper  Herde, 
Peter  Blaser, 
Hans  Jacob  Marum, 
George  Wilhelm  Hoker, 
•Johannes  Martin, 
•John  Daniel  Muller, 
Johannes  Hasselwanger, 

Hans  Jacob  Geiger, 
Daniel  Dalwig, 
Bastian  Unberhent, 
Martin  Adam, 
Christian  Prodenbaer, 
Hans  Martin  Barth, 
Hans  Michael  Ernste, 
Gerhard  Heinrice  Scrutz, 
Friedrice  Leitz, 
John  Daniel  Osterlin, 
George  Beiker, 
Hans  Jacob  Berkel, 



Coeuraad  Becker, 
Valentin  Ertel, 
Joseph  Walte, 
Johannes  Reicharci, 
Conraad  Graaff, 
Matthias  Herrzell, 
Frans  Welhck, 
Jolian  Michael  Roth, 
Andreas  Engelhard, 
Jacob  Laiitz, 
Johan  Godfried  Strauhe, 
Peter  Obenlice, 
Henry  Streckies, 
Johan  Nicolos  Schriner, 
Fredrek  Shuter, 
Vallentin  Unbehandt, 
Juvig  Martin  Borst, 
Mertsion  Hock, 
Jacob  Ollen, 

Velten  l^ecker, 
Johan  Peter  Meyer, 
George  David  bockel, 
Martin  Haag, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Jacob  Good, 
Johan  Henrick  Miller, 
Priedrich  Ehrenfeichter, 
Johannes  Bach, 
Jacob  RulT, 
Jacolj  Hess, 
Conrad  Hakensmith. 
Michell  Baker, 
Jacob  Unbehandt, 
Conrad  Unbehandt, 
Solomon  Weibel, 
Nicoloes  Leynberger. 

List  of  Foreigxkrs  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Robert  and 
Alice,  Walter  Goodman,  Commander,  b-rom  Rotter- 
dam.    Qualified  Sept.  3,  1739. 

Christian  Herjin, 
Hans  Jacob  Snyder, 
Peter  Eversool, 
Michel  Haan, 
Frans  Leyenberger 
Carel  Shalle, 
JacoV)  Rieph, 
Hannis  HoolTman, 
Hannis  Steiner, 
Hannis  Bournan, 
Hans  Miller, 
Joost  Brandt, 
David  Scheffer, 
Jacob  Smith, 
Nicholas  Reitenhower, 
David  Scheffer, 
Johannis  Hawecker, 
Michel  Theobald, 
Christophel  Ovel, 

Hans  Schans, 
Peter  Risser, 
Jooste  Eversool, 
Nioliolas  Elenberi;er, 
Joost  Steel, 
Hendrik  Steinoiir, 
Martin  HoolTman, 
Christopher  Bolinger, 
Jacob  Steiner, 
Casper  Scheffer, 
Samuel  Brandt, 
Peter  Biever, 
Jacol)  Stamliach, 
David  Bielder, 
Hans  Marn.   Bielder, 
Jacob  Sirgier, 
Abram  Piethel, 
Hannis  Schans, 
Jurich  Honing, 



NichoJas  Honing, 

Hannis  Bick, 

Daniel  Hooffman, 

Abrani  Welslians, 

Jacob  Barrier, 

Hendrik  Paniberger,  Senr. , 

Bernard  Youtzee, 

Benedict  Lesser, 

Hans  Peter  Trett, 

Mathew  On  bolt, 

Albert  Vanderlinc, 

Hans  Nichel  Visser, 

Hans  Simon  Leenhuys, 

IjO wrens  Proan, 

Bastiaen  Kleyn, 

Jacob  Keere, 

Hannis  Miller, 

Hans  Leobald  Karlee, 

Conrade  Beser, 

Nicholas  Lesser, 

Johannis  Watering, 
Peter  Hooffman, 
Peter  Fohl, 
Samuel  Burriei", 
Phillip  Burrier, 
Hendrik  Pamberger,  Junr. 
Christiaen  Herart, 
Christiaen  Elenberger, 
Christiaen  Trett, 
Joseph  Oubolt, 
Pliillip  Martsloff, 
Fredrik  Adam  Wilhelm, 
Christiaen  Bleym, 
Lowrens  Pievex, 
Hans  Adam  Keere, 
Joseph  Welshans, 
Leobald  Greber, 
Johan  Peter  Gamberlen, 
Hans  Michall  Lesser, 
Johannes  Conberfose. 

List  of  Passengers  Imported  in  the  Ship  Friendship, 
William  Vittery,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept.  3,  1739. 

Johannes  Mayer, 
Michael  Kraus, 
Nicklas  Schwartz, 
Jacob  Franck, 
Justinns  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Wolfart, 
Martin  Beniger, 
Johannes  Loch, 
Martin  Leid, 
Henrich  Ullerich, 
Michael  Trolers, 
Henrich  Heyl. 
Leonhart  Florer, 
Ludwig  Hevener^ 
Wilhelm  Werner, 
Johan  Philip  Illig, 
Georg  .Tacob  Burchert, 
Daniel  Reinha,rt, 

Egidi  Mayer, 
Michael  Blatner, 
Andreas  Hack, 
Jacob  Kubortz, 
Stephan  Lasch, 
Conrad  Florans, 
Jacob  Loch, 
Johannes  Nicol, 
Jacob  Farne, 
Frantz  Brossman, 
Veit  Miller, 
Conrad  Schwartz, 
Lorentz  Fridtel, 
Johannes  Werner, 
Martin  Jack, 
Balthassar  Hissong, 
Georg  Ernst  Biihler, 
Joh.  Michael  Laub. 



Johan  Jacob  Franck, 
Hans  Peter  Adicli, 
Anthony  Fisclibaoh, 
Georg  Micliael  Wolf, 
Gottfried  Christian, 
Peter  Ziniiuernian, 
Georg  Hein-y  Heiisell, 
Georg  Thomas  Heyl, 
Bernhart  Herbolt, 
Johan  Veit  Baohler, 
Johan  Conrad  Pliilipin, 
Joh.  2sicolas  Mauerer, 

Georg  MicViel  Bender, 
Johan  Conrad  Engel, 
Phihj)  Stanil)ach, 
Johan  Conrad  Wolf, 
Hans  Peter  MuUer, 
Christian  Ehrgott, 
Philii)  Christoph  Werner, 
Hans  Thomas  Heyl, 
Johan  Henrich  Rump, 
Henry  Bleistein, 
Hans  Ad.  Hanshalder, 
Henry  Bleistein, 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.'] 

Name.  Age. 

Hans  Myer,      40 

Johan  Reedy  Myer, 16 

Baltser  Hissing 26 

Johan  Philip  Illig 36 

Jurig  Jacol)  Borkhart, 36 

Malchi  Grous, 30 

Michl.  Platner 50 

Jurig  Arnet  Leghtner,       23 

Nickel  Swart,      20 

Andreas  Haak, 20 

Danl.  Reinhard, 23 

Hans  Michl.    LauV), 22 

Jacob  Frank,      25 

Jacob  Keiport, 20 

Jurig  Michl.  Paynter, 55 

Peter  Attick 33 

Conrade  Engle, 24 

Justin  Hofman, 25 

Stephn.  Lash,        36 

Johannes  Woolfert,     44 

Conrade  Flowres 49 

Michl.  Flowres 25 

Martin  Bennegar, 35 

Anthy.  Fhishbach 35 

Philip  Stompach, I9 

Jacob  Loch, 35 

Johanis  Loch,      16 

Jurig  Michl.  AVolf, 44 

Conrade  Wolf, 20 


Name.  Age. 

Johan  Nickel,      25 

Johan  Marte  Leid, 45 

Gotfrey  Christian, 36 

Hans  Peter  MiUer, 33 

Peter  Zimmerman, 35 

Jacob  Farnee, 18 

Fredk.   Ulerich., 35 

Franci.s  Prossman, 45 

Fight  Miller 25 

Christn.  Ergot, 25 

Henrick  Hoyle,      40 

Conrade  Swartz, 32 

Lenhard  Flower, 29 

Barnhd.  Fredel 25 

Hans  Jurig  Hinkell, 32 

Johan  Ludwk.  Hebner 22 

Henrick  Blestre, — 

Philip  Christian  Vernor, 47 

Hans  Vernor, 20 

Wm.  Vernor, 17 

Jurig  Thos.  Hoyle, 

Jurig  Thos.  Hoyle,  Junr 35 

Lenhd.  Herbott,       '.    .    .  20 

Johan  Henrich  Rump 21 

Johan  Figt  Benner, 22 

Martin  Yoak .  31 

Johan  Adam  Housholter, ^ 20 

Nichol  Mourer, 23 

Conrade  Philipien, 58 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Loyal  Judith, 
Edward  Painter,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  Last 
FROM  Deal.     Qualified  Sept.  3,  1739. 

Bartholome  Jesran,  Jerick  Mickell  Jesran, 

Henrick  Kifer,  Godfrick  Mang, 

Jan  Jerick  Ransier,  Janis  Nickell  Ballmer, 

Adam  Bnllmer,  Peter  Locke, 

Phillip  Snider,  Carle  Heyser, 

Assmes  France,  Johan  Nickell  Klaa, 

Bastian  Pluer,  William  Pluer, 

France  Pluer,  Peter  Marker, 



John  Nickell  Weychell, 
Hans  Adam  Heuerley, 

I'istophel  Shope,   ^ 
Jahaiiis  Heiieriles, 
Jahau  J  uriok  J)ryer, 
Jahau  Nickell  Dull, 
Joost  Lizer,, 
Petter  Hough, 
Valiant iae  Shey, 
Hans  .)  urig  Burghart, 
Nicholas  Schinall, 
Henrick  Ailam  Klyn, 
Christian  Rohrbaeher, 
Jacob  Rolirbaeher, 
Barnet  Waerth, 
Mathias  Rehnier, 
Petter  Bakker, 
Hans  Adam  Tanyn, 
Christian  Heither, 
Phillip  Hasselberger, 
Hans  Nichall  Kley, 
Johannis  Rnperder, 
Henrick  Wolfrom, 
Philip  Burgharl,  ' 
Petter  Bougher, 
Jacob  Stuhl, 
Adam  Shitterhelm, 
Jan  Nikel  Kleser, 
Tobias  Webber, 
Stophell  Smith, 
Piiillip  Risser, 
Abraham  Stout. 
Mathias  Tel  ton, 
Nicholas  Handwerke, 
Jurig  William  Thoor, 
Hans  Jacob  Madery, 

Hans  Adam  Phiets, 
Johan  Jerick  Shope,  "^ 
Jahan  Nickell  Shield, 
Jahan  Nickell  Shield, 
Peter  Wolf, 
David  Fordney, 
Jacob  Hough, 
Casper  Jjeydicker, 
Petter  Rehm, 
Mathyas  Zeberly, 
Jahan  Schmall, 
Jan  Nichol  Chateau, 
Johan  Henrick  Grode^', 
Jahan  Carle  Hey, 
Jahan  Adam  Rehmer, 
NichoU  Rehmer, 
Ludwick  Tanyn, 
Phillip  Tanyn, 
Henrick  Baugh, 
Jahan  Jacob  Thanie, 
Jacol)  Kevining, 
Sabastian  Jacobie, 
Hans  Adam  AVolfrom, 
Petter  Bower, 
Batholmye  Bougher, 
Carle  Shoul," — 
Carle  Keresh, 
Jurg  Loub,    . 
Ludwick  Mous, 
Hans  Nichell  Goun, 
David  Weyser, 
Nicholas  Rodeberger, 
John  Jurig  Stout, 
Henrick  Handwerke, 
Johanis  Tilbouer, 
Martin  Sinefrin. 

IH  -Vol.  XVII. 



List  of  Forkigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Lydia,  James 
AiiiiEN,  Commander,  from  London.  Qualified  Dec.  11, 

Ludwig  Frick, 
Andreas  Krug, 
Henry  Seetz, 
Rudolph  Bar, 
Caspar  Frick, 
Heinrich  Bar, 
Hahb  Jacob  Free, 
Johannes  Schleiffer, 
Henrich  Hobert, 
Hans  Ulerich  Weber, 
Johannes  Reittenaur,  jr. 

Johannes  Frick, 

Uh'ich  Steiner, 

Henry  Seetz,  jr., 

Henry  Grob, 

Hans  Bar, 

Hans  Jacob  Hauser,  » 

Hans  Jacob  Grob^ 

Johannes  Weber, 

Johannes  Kagie, 

Johannes  Reittenaur,  sen., 

Joh.  Conrad  Froinni. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  </i.ven.^ 
Men's  Names. 

Name.  -A-ge. 

Han.s  Jacob  Houser, 23 

Rodick  Frick, 30 

Johannes  Frick, 19 

Andreas  Crook,      ' 45 

Hans  Jacob  Frie,      30 

Uh-ick  Spinder, 23 

Hendrick  Seeds, 38 

Hendrick  Seeds,  junr. ,      28 

Hans  Jacob  Croop, 30 

Johannes  Laypert, 21 

Barthol.  Rodolphus  Barr, 20 

Johannes  AVeljer,      20 

Hendk.  Hober, 40 

Hendrick  Croop, 33 

Caspar  Frick 30 

Johanes  Hakie,      19 

Hans  Ulrick  Weljer, 20 

Hans  Barr 29 

Hendk.  Barr, 20 

Hendrick  Bone, 30 

Johannes  Reytenaar, 40 

Johannes  Reytenaar,  junr., 16 

Conraadt  Frum 36 

Ei-asnius  Hanimand,  in  Nancev 29 



List  of  Fokeigxeks  Imported  in  the  Ship  Friexuship, 
William  Vittehy,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  ^^cal- 
iFiED  Sept.  23,  1740. 

Fredrick  Erash, 
Jacob  Mires, 
Johanes  Cop, 
Jacob  Kensley, 
Morri.s  MilUiiser, 
-  Sebaltian  Shoape, 
Fituas  Hard  wake, 
Mathew  Shalk, 
Cloyce  Brobeck. 
Cloyce  Spainehower, 
Hans  Sailer,   . 
Henrick  Spainehower, 
Hans  Fry, 
Hiney  AVagner, 
Johanes  Seaes, 
Henry  Rickenibacker, 
HanF  Flubacker, 
Samuell  Rickner, 
Hiney  Cieager,  Jun. , 
Jacob  Teager, 
Jacob  Rickner, 
Jacob  Fow, 
Jacob  Brooker, 
Hans  Hansey, 
Hans  Schofner, 

Hans  Cristian, 
Andrew  Eshenback, 
Johanes  Byenard, 
Ruduf  Kensley, 
Hermaues  Hersling, 
Ludiwick  Wisinger, 
Jacob  Lebeik, 
Henry  Rorer, 
Henry  Brobeck, 
Jacob  Spainehower, 
(TOdlip  Brickner. 
Hans  Greorge  Sixider, 
Fredrick  Fry, 
Martin  Rauft, 
Lenard  Werts, 
Jacob  Peaterly, 
Jacob  Flubacker, 
Hiney  ("xeager.  Sen., 
Augustus  Spain, 
Theoar>^  Choape, 
Martinjj  Keller, 
Johanes  Fow, 
Hans  Jacob  Hansey, 
Marring  Halfelliinger. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Lydia   James 
Allex,  Commaxder,  from  Rotterdam.    Qualified  Sept. 


Simon  Hirsch. 
Christian  Holenberger, 
Nicklas  Couwald. 
Johannes  Arnold, 
Peter  Altonius, 
Jacob  Keyser, 
Michael  Eichhart, 
Matheis  Kaffer, 
Philip  Tulujan, 

Christian  Weber, 
Arnold  Schneider, 
Johannes  Wil.  Beck, 
Christian  Coos, 
Philip  Fritz, 
Henry  Keyser, 
Jost  Lang, 
Philip  Petry, 
Daniel  Schneider, 



Daniel  Lucas, 
Matthias  Fuchs, 
Johann  Ditrich, 
Joliannes  Kichier, 
Caspar  Wirth, 
Peter  Lorentz, 
Henrich  Reussen, 
Johan  (jreorg  Loliss, 
Johan  Herman  Lehr, 
Johan  .Tost  Presen, 
Johan  Henry  Beck, 
Johan  H-enrich  Tiewes, 
Peter  Henry  Shook, 
Johan  Nickel  Beckeles, 
Johan  Adam  Fritz, 
Johan  Peter  Loie. 
Christopher  Fuchs, 
Elias  Gottliel)  Stein, 
Johann  Gerhart  Schneider, 
Johan  Peter  Schuman, 
Johannes  Kagelberger, 
Abraham  Kirchhoff, 

Christoph  Geist, 
Wilhelm  Lang, 
Johan  Teis, 
Arnold  Schuman, 
Nicklas  Beyei", 
Peter  Lamm, 
Johan  Georg  Crassman, 
Jolin  Georg  Torenberger, 
Johan  Jacob  Hollenberger, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Folberg.    • 
Johan  Jacob  Beck, 
Christian  Shwaigermeyer, 
Johan  Michael  Jacks, 
Johan  Fried.  Althoniuss, 
Ludwig  Hartenstein, 
Johan  Georg  Brosius, 
Valentin  Pracht. 
Johannes  Berckhyser, 
Johann  Adam  Schneider, 
Wilhelm  Helde brand, 
Johann  Simon  Denner, 
Johann  Jost  Plohger. 

[T/ic.  origindl  list  is  lieretritli  given.'] 
Men's  Tsd.Di.Ps. 

Name.  Age. 

Jacob  Knight, 36 

Johan  Jacob  Ways,         18 

Johan  Geo.   Chressmau 24 

Johan  Geo.  Loss, 19 

Johan  Christian  Garnur, 19 

Johan  Hendk.   Ererberger, 26 

Simon  Hersh,      ....        ! 18 

Johannes  Hersh, 16 

Christian  Weber, 21 

Johan  Herman  Leer,      21 

Christian  Holumberger, 48 

Johan  Peter  Holumberger, 16 

Johan  Jacob  Holumlerger, 17 

Arnoldus  Schnyder, 22 

Johan  Jost  Freesen, 26 

Johan  Wilhelm  Folberg, 16 

Nicholas  Cowalt 18 

John  Hendrick  Peck,      30 


Name.  Age. 

Johan  AVilhelin  Peck 18 

Johan  Jacob  Peck, IG 

.Johannes  Arnold, 25 

Christian  Dihos, ,23 

Christian  Mayer, 33 

Peter  Hendrick  Sinock, 25 

Johan  Michl.  Jacks, 24 

Cliristian  Coos,      20 

Johan  Nichol  Peckoner, 36 

.Tohan  Nichols.  Peckoner.  Jinir 15 

Peter  Aldanios, 40 

Fredrick  AUlanios, 24 

Philip  Fritz, 36 

.Tohan  Adam  Fritz,      18 

Jacob  Kayzer,     .    .           40 

Hendrick  Kayzer, 19 

Michael  Rychart, 18 

Lodwick  Hardastein 28 

Jost  Lang, 25 

Mathia  Kafer, 33 

Philip  Petre, 22 

.Tohan  Peter  Lewi, 29 

Philip  Coleman,     .    .        50 

Abraham  Greenawali .  40 

Georigh  B rosins,  .  42 

l^aniel  Schnyder, 19 

Daniel  Lucas, 24 

Christophl.  Kyst 23 

Christophl.   Fooks, .    .  27 

Mathias  Fooks, 25 

Valantine  Braght, 23 

Elias  Godlif  Stein, 24 

Wilhelin  Lang, 34 

Johannes  Ties  Perkhaysev, — 

Hieart  Schnyder, 42 

Johan  Adam  Schnyder, 18 

.Tohan  Diedrick  Mart, 30 

Johan  Ties  Mart, 18 

.Tohannes  Kieghler,     42 

Johan  Peter  Shoeuian, 30 

Arnoldus  Shoeinan 15 

Wilhelm  Heldibrant, 20 

Johannes  Couklebergh, 45 

Wilhelm  Conklebergli, 15 

Caspar  West, .32 









Peter  Laara, 25 

Christopher  Rysner, 25 

Jost  Pleher, 31 

Simon  Timor,      .    . 
Peter  Sliarpiiagh, 
Urban  Perklioff,    . 
Nicholas  Byer,    . 
Peter  Lorentz, 

List  of  Forkigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Samuel  and 
Elizabeth,  William  Chilton,  Commamder,  from  Rot- 
terdam.    Qualified  Sept.  30,  1740. 

Frantz  Epgardt, 
Peter  Berger, 
Joh.  Peter  Anders, 
Johan  Christ  Kraffeller, 
Jolian  Christ.  Schmidt, 
Johan  Jacob  Fischer, 
Martin  Schmidt, 
Christian  Kirbach,. 
Prjederich  Lohner, 
Joh.  Greorg  Roiich, 
Joh.  Morit/  Kohn, 
Joliannes  Hadorn, 
Jost  Kremer, 
Conrad  Hirsch, 
Joh.  Peter  Schneider, 
Johannes  Wergraf, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Klein, 
Johan  Adam  Meyer, 
Johan  Adam  Muller, 
Johan  Friedrich  Schneider, 
Johan  Hubrecht  Dimott, 
Johan  Simon  Ei-legner, 
Joh.  Gerhart  Luckenbach, 
Joh.  Hubrecht  Haiiuijacher, 
Johann  Theis  Muller, 
Joh.  Peter  Shoemaker, 
Johan  Adam  Rorich, 
Johan  Simon  Huller, 

Johannes  Schnog, 
Johannes  Hoffman, 
Paul  Dunschman, 
Johannes  Theis  Fiser, 
Johan  Christ.  Frantz, 
Christ.  Peter  Fischer, 
Philip  Bosser, 
Cxeorg  Wilhelm, 
J.  Adam  Luckenbach, 
Joh.   Ernst  Rorich, 
Herman  Betzer, 
Henricius  Schneider, 
Theis  Schneider, 
Thomas  Sclm eider,, 
Joh.    Henry  Arth, 
Christian  Schumacher, 
Carl  Jacob  Weymer. 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
George  Wilhelm  Kirbach, 
Johannes  Brandenburg, 
Joh.   Henrich  Luckenbach, 
-»Johan  Georg  Eller, 
Joh.  Adam  Hammacher, 
Johan  Peter  Schreiner, 
Johan  Adam  Bender, 
Joh.  Peter  Harhaussen, 
Johan  Bertram  Klein, 
Hans  Heni-v  Muller. 


[The  oriijinal  list  is  herewith  giveii..] 
J/e/^^s•  Namts. 
Names.  Arje. 

Frist  Ebgent,      =^3 

John  Christ  Christfellen oU 

John  Tys  Puser, 34 

John  Tys  Snoegh, 38 

Peter  Berger ")0 

John  Hofnian 10 

Jolni  Christ  Smith,      30 

John  Christ  Frans i^ 

Jacob  Fisher, -20 

Christ  Peter  Schefifer, 34 

Jolin  Peter  Anders, 33 

Paulas  Duusinan -34 

Martinus  Sniitli, 35 

Phihp  Bosart, 35 

John  Tys  Fuser, 30 

John  Adam  Meyer,      30 

John  Adam  Schnyder, 34 

John  Adam  Muller, 35 

(jreorge  Wm.  Keerback 36 

Christ  Keerback 30 

Anthony  Brandeburger, 29 

Paulas  Leeiiderd,      *    .  22 

John  Houbrig  Tymoet, 31 

John  Adam  Loukenbac^, 24 

John  Henry  Loukenback, 18 

Simon  Belsener, 50 

,  John  Jurigler, 1^ 

John  Gerradt  Loukenbart,      50 

John  fxeorge  Rnrigh, 21 

John  Ernst  Rnrigh, 20 

John  Adam  Hauimacher,  23 

Hubrig  Hammacher,     -27 

John  Peter  Dunsman, 23 

.John  Morris  Hop, 40 

John  Simon  Huler, 40 

Tacob  Wagner, 20 

John  Henry  INIiller .  50 

Haman  Pessert 36 

John  Hadorn 30 

Crymon  Schnyder 50 

John  Peter  Schnyder, 18 

John  Adam  Benter, 30 



Name.  '    Age. 

John  Peter  Shoemacher, 28 

Joost  Craemer, 20 

Tys  Schnyder, 48 

John  Peter  Harhouse, ;50 

John  Fredrick  Schnycier, oO 

Thomas  Schnyder, 50 

Conrath  Hirst, 40 

John  Adam  Rurigli 40 

John  Tys  Miller, 30 

Henry  Reet, ....  84 

John  Peter  (Jaspar, ]6 

Bertrum  Clay, 50 

JohnWm.  Clay, .    .  29 

Christ  Shoemacher, 37 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Loyai^  Judith, 
LovELL  Painter,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
ified Nov.  25,  1740. 

Anthony  Keller, 
Andreas  Beck, 
Georg  Viantt, 
Simon  Wher, 
Wilhelm  Ohl, 
Henry  Wagner, 
Peter  Sheetz, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Oster, 
.lohan  Jacob  Theobalth 
Wilhelm  Jost  Becker, 
Johan  Nicolas  Zoll. 
Henrich  Lindeman, 
Wilhelm  Schmidt,  sen 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Lindeman, 
Jacob  Breem, 
Jacob  Kvimm, 
George  Conrad, 
Conrad  Wishong, 
Carle  Gro. 
Mathias  Schmidt, 
Conrad  Schmidt, 
Johan  Peter  Muller, 

Christian  Brentzer, 
Conrad  Schneider, 
Jacob  Kichler, 
Lenhart  Gerhart, 
Johann  Wolff, 
Friederich  Becker, 
John  Henry  Legire, 
Johan  Abraham  Haas. 
Andreas  Refschneider, 
Johan  Baltzer  Hoffmann, 
Justus  Lindeman, 
Johannes  Keilman, 
Wilhelm  Schmidt,  jr., 
Valentin  Schneider, 
Heinrich  Brem, 
Valentin  Krimm, 
Ulrich  Hartman, 
Adam  Maurer, 
Peter  Becker, 
Johannes  Werbel, 
Peter  Gran  el, 
Johan  George  Esling. 
AVilhelm  Saur, 



Henry  Thielboii. 
Johannes  AVaj^ner, 
(Caspar  Boner, 
Johannes  Diehl, 
Johannes  Ley, 
Johannes  Beclit, 
Conrad  Schney, 
Jean  Gantj', 
Johan  Jacob  Koch, 
Johaii  Nieohis  Broiler, 
Johan  Wilhehu  Betz, 
Johan  Bernhard  See, 
Johan  Nicolas  Fey. 
Johan  Jacob  Schertel, 
Johann  Michael  Bujsch, 
Johan  Peter  Mohr, 
Johan  Friederich  Loritz, 
Joh.  Cieorir  (Tottschalk, 
Johan  Peter  Wolff, 
Johan  Georg  Meier, 
Johan  Xicklas  Haubt 
Joh.  (jreorg  Seyter, 

Johannes  Adam, 

Frantz  Jost, 

Andreas  Schmidt, 

Philip  Kauff, 

Jacob  Wolflf, 

Johannes  Frantz, 

Philip  Wishong, 

Peter  Sell, 

Johaii  Greorg  Schneider, 

Johan  Friedrieh  Engel, 

Johan  Dieterich  Becker. 

Johan  Abraham  Bollenbacher, 

Johan  Ulrich  Sclieier. 

Johannes  Mnller, 

Johan  Peter  Diehl, 

Herman  Heyman, 

Friederich  Wilhelm  Nagel, 

Isaac  Dieterich, 

Johann  Georg  Epple, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Esich, 

Johan  Peter  Hans, 

Jacob  Sell. 

[The  original  list  is  hereirith  given.'\ 

Men's  Names. 
Names.  -^ffe- 

Johan  Henrich  Leshire, 31 

Willm.  Harmany, 32 

Anthony  Keller, 30 

Christian  Prinier, 32 

Willm.   Sower, 50 

Henrich  Dielboen, 16 

Andreas  Beck, - 30 

Joan  Willm.  Oster 36 

Abraham  Hass, 27 

Jacob  Tevalt 4-1 

Conrad  Snyder, 64 

Johans.  Ralphsnyder, ."54 

Andreas  Ralphsnyder, 16 

Jurg  Viant 29 

Joseph  Kickilc-r, 24 

Sinjon  Vear, 20 

Liniherd  Kereherd, 43 


Name.  Age. 

Willm.  Ole, 60 

Willm.  Yoast  Backer, 30 

Johannes  Woolfe, 23 

Balster  Hoofeman, 36 

Goodloop  Hermon, 36 

Henrich  Wackenor, 48 

Fredrick  Backer, 19 

Nickolas  Sell,      43 

Peter  Sheets, 60 

Justus  Lintinian,      49 

Jacob  Lintiman, 18 

Henrich  Lintiman,       ...           i 16 

Henrich  Prim, 40 

Jacob  Prim, 30 

Hanias  Killiand, 30 

Willm.  Smith, 56 

Willm.  Smith 34 

Hanias  Smith, 17 

Feltie  Grim 50 

Jacob  Grim, 18 

Ulrick  Hart 37 

Yerick  Conrad e, 50 

Jacob  (Jonrade, 16 

Feltie  Snyder 39 

Adam  Mouere, 33 

Jacob  Gooke, 31 

Yerick  Snyder 36 

Gonrade  Vishang, 30 

Nickell  Breeder 33 

John  Angell 39 

Peter  Becker,      33 

Willm.  Beets 38 

Garl  Grow 44 

Johanes  Vervell, .  33 

Dtdrick  Backer, 43 

Bernet  Saye, 36 

Abraham  Bulipackei- 35 

Michial  Fie, ■  34 

Mathias  Smith,      38 

Peter  Groll,      36 

Gonrade  Smith, 31 

Johanes  Adam, 37 

Hanas  AVackner, 30 

Nicholas  Shire, 31 

Jacol)  Shatle, 24 

THE  OATH  OF  ALLhldiAJNCE.  203 

Name.  Af/e. 

Johanes  Miller, 20 

Fi-auee  Thoft,      22 

Jasper  Bonner, 20 

Andrias  Smith,      32 

Hanies  Diel 27 

Philip  Kauff, 20 

Midiell  Basil 24 

Peter  Diel, 25 

John.  Peter  Moore, 19 

Hemon  Heinon, 26 

Fredrick  Laurance,     26 

Joliaues  I-ey, 10 

Fredrck.  Willin.  Neagle,      24 

John.  Yurg  Gudshell, 21 

Isaac  Didrick, 16 

Peter  Woolfe, 25 

Jacob  Woolfe .' 20 

Johanes  Back, •     .    .  25 

Yerick  Eply 25 

Yergeorall  Meyer 23 

Willm.  Eseck,      25 

Henicall  Hoj'se, 31 

Peter  Hanse, 40 

John.  Yerk  ]']slin 48 

Haniiis  Frenk 34 

Conrade  Douey, 50 

Philip  Vishang, 26 

Henrich  Hype 40 

Peter  Miller, 25 

John.  Yurg  Seiden,      37 

John.  Candie, 2» 

Peter  Sell, 19 

Jacob  Sell, IT 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Robert  and 
Alice,  AValter  Goodman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Dec.  3,  1740. 

Johannis  Sidle,  Johan  Nichll.  Sidle, 

John  Hendrick  Creytsman,  Philip  Baiter  Chreytsraan, 

Andrices  Wint,  John  Willm.  Hedelman, 

John  Eader,  Uright  Sandlyter, 



JohnMichll.  Boush, 

Hans  Uright  Cromer, 

Andrices  Sheib, 

Hans  Martin  Oonrade, 

Hans  Michll.  Holtzshoe, 

Geo.  Wm.  Nangesser, 

John  Jacob  Timnier, 

Peter  Eber, 

John  Urich  Smith, 

Danll.  Nort, 

John  Adam  Gorsh, 

Joseph  Walter, 

Johannis  Jacob  Grim, 

Johan  Jost  Handzell, 

John  Frederick  Fighthelm 

Urigh  Smith, 

John  Phihp  Heiliger, 

WiUm.   Morris  Fidle, 

Johans  GitHck, 

John  Milleger  Hingering, 

Robt.  Reynbrack, 

Hendricus  Hanrade, 

Jacob  Becker, 

Jacob  Becker, 

Jacob  Kress, 

Jacob  Barthel, 

Joan  Crist.  Bassorer, 

John  Nicks.  Hiple, 

Johannes  Rode, 
Andrices  Cooler, 
Christian  Redibank, 
Andrices  Bence, 
Hendrick  Hainer, 
John  Jacob  Ratger, 
John  Hendrick  Newman, 
Christ.  Magell, 
Uldrich  Hersman, 
Blaziers  Beer, 
Anthony  Feltman, 
Johannes  Crim, 
Joan  Peter  Scobaid, 
John  Wm.  Hullbright, 
Johannis  Beitle, 
John  Jacob  Timmerman 
Urigh  Liugefelt, 
John  J  urich  Rough, 
Hendrick  Gitlick, 
Christ.  Hellebrant, 
Abraham  Curts, 
Philip  Ishemell, 
Joanis  Vogall, 
Jurich  Philip  Kress, 
Conrade  Swettowser, 
Thos.  Bruch, 
Peter  Granser, 
John  Eader. 

List  of  Forkigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Samuel,  Hugh 
Percy,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  QuAiiiFiED  Dec.  3, 

Nicklas  Kuntz, 
Johannes  Schreiber, 
Johan  Konig, 
Nicklas  Zoller, 
Peter  May, 
Paulus  Huey, 
Georg  Keyser, 
Wilhelm  Marx, 
John  Adam  Stump, 
Caspar  Klockner, 

Heinrich  Wolff, 
Conrath  Schneiss, 
Georg  Born, 
Peter  Spengler, 
Jacob  Maurer, 
Henry  Giessler, 
Samuel  Taner, 
Philippus   Kupperter, 
Jacob  Schuster, 
Johan  Henrich  Frohlich, 



Adam  Schneider, 
Jolian  Nicolas  Scliwingel, 
Johannes  -Stool, 
Georj^  Schwinj^el, 
Parthal  Ostrenian, 
Nicklas  CTriiher, 
Jacob  Fnchs. 
Andreas  Miller, 
Henrich  Krel)er, 
Joh.   Peter  Werner. 
Urban  Aschenbrenner, 
Johannes  Zimniermann, 
Joh.  Nicolas  Zimniermann, 

(jeorg  Bombach, 
Johan  Nickel  Schmidt, 
(rottfried  Walter. 
Johan  Nicolas  Zerfass, 
Thomas  Dorner, 
Philip  Leaber, 
Georg  Maus, 
Philip  Kreber, 
Bastian  Vey, 
Peter  Bischotf, 
Abi-aham  Schellberg, 
Johan  Nicolas  Wuff. 

[The  original  list  i.s  Jierewith  given.'\ 

Men\s  Names. 

Name.  A(/e. 

Folentine  Singrove, 33 

Nickel  Conts,      17 

Petter  Kenick, ...  18 

Henrick  Wolf, 25 

Mickel  Burgrett .  33 

Johan  Shribei", ....  24 

Conorod  Snus, 24 

John  Kenick,      21 

Phillip  Ruperter,      30 

Yerick  Burry, 42 

Nickel  Tayler 30 

Petter  Spengler, 26 

Petter  Moay 25 

Lewick  Vivel, 40 

Jacob  Mower, 32 

Adam  Stam, 25 

Danil  Turnah, 24 

Jacob  Shuster, 22 

Petter  Tsawn 40 

Gasper  Clekner 26 

Johonos  Stol,      35 

Jacob  Ruperter. 40 

Mathias  Clain, 25 

Jerick  Boml)ock, 23 

Adam  Snyder, 18 

Poolos  Hoay, 30 


Name.  Age, 

HenrickFrailick, 25 

William  Bishof, 20 

Gfodfritt  Walrler,      : 21 

Henrick  Kaisler, 21 

John  Fuse 31 

Jerick  Kaiser, 26 

Samuel  Taner, 21 

Isack  Hancker 18 

Joseph  Neigh, 23 

Adam  Bushart, •  28 

William  Marks,      37 

Nickel  Crooker 40 

Nickel  Swengel, : 44 

Mickel  Swengel, 20 

Jerick  Swengel, 16 

Nickel  Smith,      40 

Philip  Laper 25 

Jacob  Fox, 25 

Nickel  Surfas,                20 

Bavtelma  Oasterman,      36 

Thomas  Torman, 20 

Jerick  Mous, 25 

Jacob  Bloy, 23 

Andrew  Miller .  24 

Fetter  Veruer, 20 

Fetter  Bishof, ■  22 

Orbinos  Ashenbrander,  37 

Philip  Craber. 27 

Henrick  Craber, 25 

Past  Pheay, 25 

Abraham  Shelerbury, 21 

Gerhartt  Timbernian, 46 

Nickel  Wooff,      36 

Hans  Nickel  Timberman.         16 

Jerick  Kreger, 30 

Fetter  Hagener 26 

Jerick  Rough 43 

Gasper  Tsawn, 30 

Jerick  Rathaback, 22 

Johanas  Hall,      18 

Adam  Kettering, 27 

Fred.  Geyger 39 

Jacob  Aramos, 66 



List  ok  Foreigxkrs  Importkd  in  the  Ship  Frances  and 
Anx,  Thomas  Coatam,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
FROM  St.  Christophers.     Qualified  May  30.  1741, 

Jurgli  Adain  Koch,  Hans  Jiirg  Koch, 

Peter  HoU,  .Johanes  Reisler, 

Conrood  Smitt,  Phillip  Klein, 

Jurg  Adam  Enxst,  Johanes  Emmel, 

Winkell  Horning,  Jacob  Riper, 

Johanes  Kiper,  Johanes  Rieser, 

Martin  Bittner,  Michl.   Biegler. 
Peter  Herpill, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Marlborough 
Thomas  Bell,    Master,    from    Rotterdam.     Qualified 
.  Sept.  23,  1741. 

Peter  Kuhn, 
Ulrich  Naffzir, 
Friedrich  Meyer, 
Johau  Ludwig  Gferman, 
Johann  AVilhelm  Welsch, 
Johan  Georg  Wagner, 
Simon  Vogelgesang, 
Michel  Kreischer, 
Peter  Standt, 
Johannes  Horn, 
JacoV)  Cierdheir, 
Daniel  Kiefifer, 
Johan  .lacoVj  Hegel, 
Johan  Nickel  CEhl,      . 
Georji'  .Jacob  Glug, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Engelman, 
Johannes  Worseheber, 
Joh.  Jacob  Kemper, 
Bernhaid  Kapp, 
Johannes  Doll, 
Jost  Gasserd, 
Jacob  Bernhartt, 
Abraham  Hess. 
Georg  Rntli, 
Philip  Lein, 

Joh.  Jacob  lek, 
Johannes  Ladsher, 
Jacob  Hill, 

Johan  Friederich  Freyss, 
Johan  .Jacob  Kuhn, 
Johan  Nicklas  Beyer, 
Friedrich  Zollner, 
Michael  Seipert, 
Lenhart  Kleim, 
Caspar  Modus, 
Peter  KietTer, 
Michael  Neumer, 
Johan  Michael  Welsch, 
Johan  Daniel  Groninger, 
Johan  Jacob  Nicolaus, 
Johan  Adam  Kascht, 
Johannes  Deiss, 
Johan  Peter  Engel, 
Daniel  Simon, 
.Johannes  Meyer, 
Philip  Kuntz, 
Peter  Deiss, 
Johannes  Kuhl, 
Nicklas  Martin, 
Nicolas  Siiss, 



Peter  Brent, 
Johannes  Kleim, 
Johannes  Dielbohn, 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Peter  Bartoleme, 
Melchior  Stahhnan, 
Henry  Bernhart, 
PhiHppus  Schneider, 
Johan  Adam  Kamp, 
John  Jacob  Person^, 
Johan  Karl  Fishahason, 

Michael  Swyng, 
John  Nicholas, 
Friederich  Bals.  Ratsniith, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Hen.  Kohl, 
Johan  Tobias  Ruhm, 
Hans  Nicholas  Smith, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Schmucker, 
Anthonins  Qilhler, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Hanckstein, 
Johan  Jacob  Dietz, 
Johan  Carl  Metz. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  f)iiien.'\ 
Men's  Names. 

Name.  Age. 

Ludwick  Caennan,                 34 

Fredk  Frace, 34 

William  Wolf 33 

Jacob  Pert 33 

Andrew   Sterp, 33 

Peter  Kin, 18 

Jacob  Kin 31 

Johanis  Wagner, 31 

Oniri  Swider,      60 

Peter  Hawes, 18 

Michal  Pair, .15 

Adam  Haile, .55 

Michal  Welsh,     .        .    .  ' .    .  05 

Joanis  Latcher, 31 

Fredk.    Mayore,      \    .    . 30 

Jacob  Kill, 60 

(J-arret  Plott, 36 

Simmon  Fokle,       31 

Nichel  Eale, 30 

Fi-edrick   Celnor, 40 

Daniel  Crenigor, 30 

Michal  Creier, aO 

Jacob  Loock, 40 

Michel  Giver, 50 

Peter  Stout, 43 

Jacob  Nickolas, 17 

Nickolor  Clean,     37 

Parinhorn  Trap,       20 


Name.  Age. 

Daniel  Simon, 21 

Joanis  Toot,     ...           40 

Joanis  Mayor, 24 

Addani  Casit, 32 

Han  William  Enilman 20 

Michel  Sipart, 30 

Phillip  Kiieut.s 29 

Jacob  Arnold, 28 

l»eter  Dise, 25 

Abraham  Haise, 20 

Joanis  Kaile 20 

Joanis  Welslor, 30 

Joanis  Tise,     30 

Nickolas  Martine, 45 

Phillip  Slin, 40 

Jacob  Kimper, 32 

Peter  Englin 17 

Jeare  Ruth 26 

Dewaile  Poon, 30 

Michael  Hess, 34 

Peter  Praiel 22 

Fredk.  Rotchmick,      24  . 

Fredk.  Ratchmon, 30 

Joanis  Cane, 22 

Ludwick  Cole, 44 

Miekel  Svvinte, 40 

Casper  Skaim, 40 

Peter  Partle, .' 25 

Tobias  Ring, 22 

Nicholas  Spurior, 20 

Milkor  Stalmon, 25 

Joanis  Horn 24 

Han  Nickel  Smith, 17 

Henrich  Filparn, 21 

Mickl.  Shownmaker 23 

Gosber  Mathias, 26 

Philip  Snyder 24 

Antho.  Niler,      22 

Adam  Carn, 26 

Lodwick  Hanston, 22 

Jacob  Pasince, 20 

Jacob  Gerdhire, 19 

Jacol)  Ditts, 19 

Carle  Frieznor, 21 

14-VoL.  XVII, 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  St.  Mark, 

Wilson,   Master,   from   Rotterdam.     Qualified   Sept. 
26.  1741. 

Nicklas  Gebbert, 

Hans  Philip  Ebert, 

Matteas  Foltz, 

Joacob  Mattey, 

John  Henry  Miiller, 

Matteas  Kortt, 

Philip  Meess, 

George  Tarrar, 

Lorentz  Crone, 

Johannes  Maetter, 

Ulerich  Weys, 

Johannes  Hir.shner, 

John  Martin  Speyt, 

Johan  Adam  Von  Erde. 

Peter  Jiiroby, 

John  Frederik  Henry, 

Jacob  Stanibagh, 

John  Staarlinger, 
Nicklas  Mensh, 

Friederich  Hertzog, 

Joh  Willhelin  Hoffman. 

'  Lorentz  Lees, 
Joh.  Nicklas  Stegh, 
•John  Walder  Fishbough, 
Michael  Rees, 
John  Caspar  Ahlas, 
Hans  Adam  Renai't, 
John  Philip  Pinck, 
John  George  Metz, 
Johannes  Currel, 
Joh.  Samuel  Miihl, 
.Toll.  Philip  Maun, 
Joh.  Henry  Mauerer, 
Lenhart  Von  Berge, 
Joh.  Nicklas  Huber, 
Johanne  Bockejus, 
Philip  Yost, 
Henry  Stoll, 
Johannes  Flander, 
John  Knafferig, 
Jacol)  Stoppelbein, 
Jacob  Beyer, 

Peter  Gemling, 

Quard  Stelwa, 

Johanes  Von  Erde, 

Wilhelm  Muller, 

Peter  Bernhart, 

Conrad  Funck, 

John  Henry  Meenker, 

John  Engel  Broun, 

Nicklas  Vogler, 

Wiepertus  Luze, 

John  Herman  Ackell, 

Christoffel  Stump, 

Johannes  Furst, 

Christeian  Von  Erde, 

Michael  Fulper, 

Adam  Shmall, 

Conrad  Michael, 

Philip  Shvveiger, 

Friedei-ich  Reemer, 

Martin  Becker,  ' 

Philip  Haas, 

Arnold  Stegh, 

John  Michael  Gondakker, 

George  Shmall, 

Martin  Edinbourn, 
John  Nicklas  Steinert, 

Peter  Hoffman, 

John  Henry  Kost, 

Jacob  Currel, 

Hans  Maiierer, 

Harry  Jacob  Metziger, 

Georg  Turff,  ' 

Conrad  Finck, 

Martin  Laye, 

Johannes  Mnck, 

Joh.  Bernhart  Denny, 

Friederich  Klapper. 

J.  Jost  Shneyder, 

Jost  Shneyder,  Junior, 

Vallentin  Stoppelbein, 

Jacob  Gevit, 

Johannes  Weller, 



Peter  Gebhart, 
Joliannes  Rewald, 
Philip  rTallbach, 
Christian  OrrentortT, 
J.  Henry  Kroo, 
Adam  Shreiber, 
John  AdaniHebol, 
Philip  Eniniert, 
Jacob  Kraus, 

-  Johannes  Shoitn,   >_ 
Johannes  ImholT, 

Conrad  Stoltz, 
Wilhelni  Hayos, 
Michael  Christ, 
Michael  Treytel, 
Philip  Hoffman, 
George  PfaltzgralT. 

List  of  thk  Palatixe  Mex's  Names  per  the  Lydia,  James 
AiiLEX,  Master.     Qualib^ied  29th  Sept.,  1741. 

Name.  Age. 

Jacob  Brio, 30 

Abraham  Brio 33 

HansNichl.  Philips 18 

Casper  Philips, 35 

Hans  Georg  Jacob ....  27 

Geo.  Sheats, 25 

Hans  Petr.  Wambler, 40 

Hans  Petr.  Wambler,  Juu 18 

Hans  l\Iichl.  Wambler, 16 

Adam  Sclap, 46 

Peter  Stoutsman,     •  .    .    .  16 

Jacob  Welchhans, 25 

Jacob  Many, 50 

Jost  Many, 19 

Hans  Adam  Many, 16 

Jacob  Many, 24 

Nicholas  Kays, 36 

Henry  Conradt 40 

John  Hendrick  liike, 43 

Hendrick  Leer, 45 

Nicholas  Lntz, .    .  45 

Johannes  Oger,      30 

Aliram  Knier,         24 

Jacob  Peter 25 

Bernhard  Kline, 30 

Panlas  Antonie, 22 

Hanii  Geo.   Beavev ' 21 

Dieble  Beaver, 43 


Name.  Age. 

Hans  Jacob  Beaver, 19 

Dieble  Beaver, 16 

Hans  Michl.  Swenk, 45 

Hans  Jacob  Swenk, 16 

Johannes  Sehnyder, 24 

Johannes  Mattheur, 25 

Lorentz  Hoshear, 17 

Johannes  Swartz, ....  24 

Jacob  Rudolph  Heyniour, 23 

Abram  Kessner, 21 

John  Lodwik  Staine, 20 

John  Jacob  Fleek, 36 

Valantine  Puff, 30 

Peter  Clop 30 

Peter  Hensell, 23 

Conradt  Moore 22 

Michael  Weber, 19 

Michl.  Grossman, 26 

John  Peter  Weys, 19 

John  Nicholas  Laani 35 

Charles  Miner, 25 

Wilhelm  Paulus, • 40 

Jacob  Paulus, ; 18 

Hans  Jacob  Sehnyder, 45 

Hans  Jost  Sehnyder, 45 

Hans  Peter  Sehnyder, 29 

Levit  Albright, 27 

Geo.   Hiirter,    , 25 

Peter  Ecker, 40 

Christian  Ecker 19 

Jacob  Leatherinan 32 

Peter  Tussing, 35 

Illrich  Roade, 45 

Christian  Hosser 21 

Abram  Hosser, 18 

Jacob  Greenawelt, 18 

Joseph  Peck,      i.  16 

Hans  Emric  Nunmaker, 45 

Rinhard  Nunmaker, 20 

Henry  Nunmaker, ^  ,    .    .  16 

Michael  Foultz, ! 20 

Philip  Karger, „ 20 

]*eter  Ecker — 



List  OK  FoRKiGNERS  iMPOiiTKn  X  THK  Ship  St.  Andrkw, 
Chas.  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Oct.  2,  1741. 

Johau  Conratli, 
Peter  Voigt, 
Philip  Uliiier, 
Michael  Will, 
Paulas  Micliael, 
Nicolans  ISauer, 
Johannes  Pfeil, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Johan  Philip, 
Jacob  Pfeiffer, 
AVilhelm  Gauflf, 
Nicklas  Neezer, 
Jacob  Aseby, 
Wilhehn  Ludwig  Becker, 
Friederich  Christian  Becker, 
Johannes  Butterweh, 
Carl  Jung  Eurvett, 
Joli.  Georg  Daniel  Kiibortz, 
Johan  Phib'p  Eliartz, 
Hans  George  Lagner, 
Joh.  Michel  Prenger, 
Hans  Philip  Hoffman, 
Rudolff  Steinnian, 
Lorentz  Schwenk, 
Gotfried  Orbig, 
Bernhart  Laehart, 
.Hans  Rutschuian, 
Heinrich  AVeissmuller, 
Johan  Henrich  Walter, 

Peter  Bulil, 

Uh-icli  Sclioiiilg, 

Jacob  Gerges, 

Jacob  Worst, 

David  Delatter, 

Hans  Uhlerich, 

Conrad  Giesy, 

Johan  Peter, 

Frans  Gran, 

Jacob  Klein, 

Johannes  Roll, 

Peter  Miiller, 

Jacob  Meyer, 

Daniel  Henrich  Elch, 

Nicklaus  Jungblud, 

Jacob  Albrecht, 

John  Michael  Behler, 

Carl  Philip  Wirtz, 

Augustus  Kauffmann, 

Johannes  Anthoni, 

Ulrich  Stambach, 

Reinhart  Bockney, 

George  Caspar  Hiille, 

Johan  Moritz  Dupel, 

Joh.  Nic.  Schajjpert  Bernhart, 

Valentin  Sees, 

Jacob  Saltzberger, 

Simon  Heinrich  Hocker, 

Hans  Surber. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  ffiven,} 
Men's  Namea. 

Name.  ,  Age. 

Hendrick  Kugley 33 

Hendrick  Widman, 38 

Michl.  Middelercher, 40 

Paulus  Needscher 50 

Johan  Nichs.  Bouwer 21 

Godfret  Wesel, 23 


Name.  Age. 

Rudolph  Becker, 19 

Johannes  Peyl 50 

Peter  Keys, 17 

Guilliam  Bischon, 47 

Carel  Philip  Wyles, 38 

Jac.  Sousberger, 20 

Hendk.   Soudagh,    ... 31 

Nicolas  Youngblood, 30 

Jacob  Albright, 41 

Johan  Nicol.  Hemelright, 42 

Conradt  Rifard, 33 

Jacob  Pefer,    ...    • 38 

Hans  Jacob  Miller, .  22 

Jacob  Huniland, 25 

Johan  Jac.  Forster, 30 

Johannes  Gfood, 44 

Maurice  Edrebell, 24 

Jerich  Caspr.  Henlen, 17 

Jacob  Mayer, 29 

Hans  Adam  Grahum, 26 

William  Kauf, 24 

Hans  Georg  Lechner, 33 

Bernard  Bussard,    ...       50 

Carel  Crassen, 38 

Valentine  Sies, 40 

Hans  Georg  Miller, 40 

Christian  Supining, '.    .    .    . 22 

Bernard  Reyn, 17 

Hans  Soerber 54 

Hans  Ulrich  Hoober,      48 

Hans  Vileman, 16 

Died  rich  Verner, , 35 

Hans  Michl.  Klyne, 25 

Johan  Philip  Echer, 23 

Conradt  Keyse,      23 

Martin  Hendrick, 32 

Hans  Geo.  Wileman, 24 

Philip  Ullmer 55 

Johan  Petei-  Fut, .'  .    .    .  28 

David  DeLauder, 31 

Daniel  Kieport,     •     .  J  8 

Geo.  Peter  Darand 28 

Walrab  Coamand, 50 

Hans  Philip  Coumand, 18 

Jacob  Aubel, 19 


Name.  Age. 

Godfret  Url)ech 22 

Nicholas  Niser, 20 

Hans  Butterwick, 17 

NMcholas  Schubert '. 21 

Peter  Pool 22 

Ulricli  Shainy, 27 

Hans  Kaufman, 25 

Jacob  Sopen 45 

Johannes  Stilleherd, 31 

Nicholas  Swink, • 50 

Lawrence  Swink, 18 

Johans.  Michl.  Peler, 24 

Philip  JaeoV)  Reniichiiig,      20 

Paniel  Reniiohing, 17 

Hans  Peter  Miller, 22 

Hans  Lodwk.  Miller, 21 

Jacob  Fredk.  Seger, 21 

Uh-ich  Hanbach, 34 

Hans  Philip  Kaufman,      21 

Michael  Will, 22 

Hans  Peter  Miller, 20 

Johannes  Anthony, 32 

Andreas  Ruff 36 

Hans  Adam  Dessler, 38 

Jur.  Fredk.  Ubernesser, 17 

Hans  Adam  Stock,      40 

Hans  Jurig  Wein 20 

Rodolph  Steinman 27 

Johan.  Nicholas  Tringer, 31 

-Hans  Jacob  Alwine, 22 

Frans  Kraw, .    .    .  28 

Michl.   Verner, 45 

Georg  Verner, 20 

Hans  Shutes, 25 

Hans  Richman, 38 

Jacob  Mayer 37 

Peter  Herman, 3tt 

Jacob  Kleyn, 20 

Johannes  Ernst  OH, 19 

Johannnes  Schroll,      .       18 

Richard  Bocking, 38 

Carle  Young, 21 

Conradt  Shereman,     44 

Jacob  Worst, 26 

Andrew  Wisemiller,       29 


Name.  Age. 

Christian  Helbery, 24 

Simon  Hendk.  Hocker, .    .  57 

Wilhelmus  Hocker 16 

Johannes  Hendk.  AV alter, 23 

Lod.  Wilhn.  Becker 27 

Fredk.  Christian  Becker, 18 

Danl.  Hendk.  Esch 24 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Friendship, 
Alex.  Thomas,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Oct.    12,  1741. 

Paulus  Muller, 

Jacob  Diehl, 

Jacob  Herth, 

Andreas  Hubert, 

Wilhelni  Erhart. 

Carl  Schneyder, 

Valentin  Erabs, 

Friedericli  Helwig, 

Jacob  Simon, 

Jacob  Dinges, 

Peter  Durny. 

Johannes  Melchior, 

Joh.  Jacob  Schack, 

Philip  Haldriter, 

Matheis  Schreth, 

Peter  Haldriter, 

George  Hubert, 

Caspar  Rauland, 

Johan  Georg  Embs, 

Johann  Georg  Koch, 

Johan  Nickel  Schuster, 

Johannes  Fiehman, 

Simon  .Jacob  Boor, 

Joh.  Conrad  Lechleiter, 

John  Philip  Oliger, 

Joh.  Christ  off  Schmiickheyde, 

Johan  Jacob  Schleiff, 

David  Dreher, 
George  Hirt, 
Joh.  Geo.  Wiltenberger, 
Johan  Peter  Braun, 
Nicklas  Klan, 
Wilhelm  Antes, 
Cassimir  Wessel, 
Peter  Jung, 
Adam  Weber, 
Peter  Baal, 
Johan  Handeise, 
Andreas  Kranmer, 
Johannes  Erhart. 
Adam  Enler, 
Hans  George  Haldriter, 
Valtein  Scheck, 
Jacob  Lies, 
Daniel  Hubert, 
Nicklas  Bundry, 
Nicklas  Holtzleeder, 
Johan  Caspar  Schneider, 
Valentin  Hohwerder, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Hoster, 
Wilhelm  Zimmer, 
Johan  Georg  Riegel, 
Daniel  Korstmann, 



[The  oriffiiial  Hsf  is  herewith  given,] 

Natnes  of  Men. 

Name.  Age. 

Andrew  Huber, 20 

Peter  Beer,      24 

Paulus  Miller 24 

Jurgeu  Wedleberger, 42 

Peter  Brawn 28 

David  Dicker, £9 

Jacob  Tiel 21 

Jurgeii  Hert, 26 

Jacob  Hert, 20 

William  Erhard 20 

Joanis  Erhard, 21 

Hans  Jurg  Thebold 30 

Andreas  Cramer,      30 

Jacob  Sheik, 24 

Adam  Eyler, ,  •    ■    •    •  ^3 

Valentine  Sheik,      44 

Mathias  Shrood, 31 

Christian  Finstermaker, 40 

Jacob  Lieser,      25 

Jurgen  Kaltreuter,      33 

Philip  Kaltreuter, 25 

Peter  Kaltreuter, 18 

Casper  Rowland, 20 

Daniel  Huber, 22 

Jurgen  Huber 24 

Nickolas  Bundrigg,     . 25 

Nickolas  Kleyne, 19 

Nickolas  Ilolslenard,      25 

Carl  Snyder, 23 

William  Antes, 28 

Joan  Jurgen  Ems, \ 47 

Valentine  Ems, 19 

Casi^er  Snyder, 18 

Johan  Jurgen  Kock, 22 

Valentine  Huberter, 31 

Casmire  Weisell 19 

Johan  Nickell  Shoster,     25 

Fredrick  Helwig,      23 

Peter  Jung,. 23 

Jacob  Simon,     21 

Adam  Weber, 21 

Jacob  Tinges, 25 


Name.  Age. 

AVilliam  Horster, 30 

Johaiies  Flohman, 40 

Philip  Moss, 35 

William  Zimer, 33 

Rudolph  Zimer, 18 

Peter  Baul,      36 

Peter  Turni, 30 

Simon  Croon, 48 

Adam  Sj^ce, 25 

Johannes  Melchier 28 

Jurg  Ruger, 23 

Conrad  Lechleter, 31 

Hans  Eberdecker, 33 

Daniel  Gortman, 33 

Hans  Jurg  Hinger,      35 

Philip  Hinger, 30 

Johan  Jacob  Shlyfe, 33 

Johannes  Crist, ,    .  35 

Nicholas  Hechler, 34 

Jacob  Dundier 18 

Henrick  Engell, 40 

Jacob  Klein, 40 

Nichol  Shidermaidel, .' 36 

Martin  Lamp, 36 

Christofel  Smukhyd - 30 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Molly,  Thos. 

Oliver,   Master,  from  Rotterdam,    last   from   Deal. 
Qualified  Oct.  17,  1741. 

.Joseph  Hobian,  Michael  Miller, 

Martin  Giese,  Michael  Boracker. 

Jacob  Rimli,  Wilhelm  Schwann, 

Veldin  Weissi^,  Daniel  Gillmann, 

Peter  Godfried,  .Johannes  Muller, 

Peter  Mantz,  Daniel  Ecron, 

Michael  Spindel,  Christoffel  Heine, 

Michael  Simon,  Johann  Georg  Druck, 

Johann  Adam  Scheib,  Johan  Ruddiss, 

Daniel  Zinck,  Michel  Seuberlich, 

Martin  Regelman,  Lenhart  Lammer, 



Peter  Krainmer, 
Henrich  Becker, 
Joh.  Michel  Herb, 
Conrad  Riegeliuan, 
Matheus  Meyer, 
Joh.  Peter  Bender, 
Hans  Greorg  Sterrles, 
John  Nicklas  Klein, 
Phil.  Conrad  Weydner, 
Johannes  Stockschleger, 
Bartolomje  Consehuan, 
Johan  Simon  Hein, 
Johan  Michel  Keyser, 
Matheus  Kilian, 
Herman  Sauer. 
Johan  Georg  Kuntzel, 
Johan  Jacob  Gerst, 
Johan  Jacob  Kron, 
Hans  Michel  Schwartz, 
Johan  Michael  Kramer, 
Johan  Michael  Weicker, 
Hans  Georg  Riegelman, 
Johan  Christophel  Stimbi, 
John  Lenhart  Siesler, 
Johan  Jacob  Decker, 

Alex.  Stockschleger, 
Saniuel  Spiegel, 
Diterich  Shweyzey, 
John  Peter  Siesler, 
Bernhart  Switzig, 
John  Geo.  Hubenj% 
Andreas  Unger, 
Johan  Lenhart  Beyer, 
Johan  Jacob  Moltz, 
Christian  Counnens, 
John  Frederick  Schipp, 
Johannes  Mattheis, 
Johannes  Zellman, 
Michael  Hupster, 
Philip  Daum, 
Jacob  Engelman, 
Sebastian  Herlieman, 
Jacob  Engelman, 
Johan  Peter  Eitergall, 
Johan  Henrich  Weydner. 
Joh.   Henrich  Schmitt, 
Georg  Philip  Ruhl. 
Johan  Friederich  Klein, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Saner, 
Johann  Caspar  Gress. 

[TAp  original  list  is  herewith  given. '\ 
Names  of  Men. 

Name.  Age. 

Joseph  Fabion,      41 

Michael  Miller 60 

George  Froke, 27 

Adam  Scaipe 32 

Martin  Greef, 29 

Jno.  Nickel  Klyne,      40 

Jno.  Jacob  Dicker,      20 

Lenerd  Bier, 27 

Conrad  Wedener,     27 

Michal  Broke, 28 

Jacob  Molees, 45 

Joanis  Stochsleger, .  40 

Jacob  Rurapea, .  52 

Willm.  Swarm, 31 


Name.  Age. 

Valentine  Switzick, 49 

Daniel  Gruhnan, 40 

Peter  Godfrey, 40 

Jeremiah  Miller, 27 

Christn.  Comens, 24 

Bartlenieas  Consleymen, 45 

Jno.  Fredel.Schip, 22 

Peter  Muns, 28 

Simon  Hine, 27 

Joanis  Maties, .    .    .  38 

Daniel  Ekron 28 

Mical  Selman,     .    .    .    .  " 17 

Nickel  Kisar, 47 

Mical  Harps, 27 

Mical  Seagle, 28 

Jno.  Yurgen  Creaps, 23 

Christofl.   Hine, .    .  38 

Gooder  Dresel, 28 

Mical  Zeman, 38 

Maties  Schilion, 44 

Philip  Esdan,     62 

Andres  linger, . 50 

John  Jurgen  Reitzel, 45 

Herman  Sower, 47 

Sebastn.  Hexleman, 28 

Andres  Miller 18 

Jacob  Greef, 50 

Jacob  Engleman, 20 

Jacob  Engleman,  Jnnr. , 18 

Hans  Rudolph  Ned, 20 

Jacob  Ekron, 20 

Daniel  Sink, 24 

Peter  Nubergall, 22 

John  Yergen  Ilomeney, 30 

Mical  Seberlen,      40 

Martin  Regelman, 40 

Leonard  Lemar, 30 

Hans  Mical  Swarts 33 

Yergen  Zemen  Waker, 45 

Hendk.  Smith, 38 

Mical  Creman, 3o 

Peter  Creaman, 34 

Alexandr.  Stocksleger,      28 

Hendk.  Backer, 50 

Sam  Speagel 33 


Name.  Age. 

Mical  Hei-p,      30 

Heiidrick  Wedener, 18 

Hans  Mical  Waker,         17 

Jno.  Deder  Switzick,      24 

Yoiirnexfiel  Roul, 22 

Conrad  Reaglenian, 20 

Hans  Yergen  Reaglenian, 18 

John  Fredk.  Cline,     20 

Christofl.  Rnnipea,      18 

Jno.  Wm.  Saner,      17 

Jno.  Lenerd  Sizler, 17 

Jno.  Peter  Sizler, 16 

Maties  Maier,      32 

Bernd.  Switzick, 16 

Peter  Bendring,    . 24 

Jno.  Casper  Grreef, 22 

Johanes  Greef, 16 


In  complyance  with  your  orders  we  have  carefully  e.xamin'd 
the  State  of  Health  of  the  Mariners  and  Passengers  on  board 
the  Ship  Molly  Capt.  Ollive  from  Roterdam  and  are  of  Opin- 
ion they  have  no  infectious  Disease  and  without  Danger  to 
the  Inhabitants  be  immediately  landed. 

Philadelphia,  Octob.  16,  1741. 


To  his  Honour 

the  Governour. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Snow  Molly,  John 
Cranch,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Oct.  26, 

Peter  Schmltt,  Jacob  Schmid, 

Jacob  Theis.  Henrich  Pfeil, 

Johannes  Hess,  Georg  Funk, 

Stephan  Rub,  Friederich  Ott. 

Georg  Keck,  Joachim  Berger, 

Peter  Meyer,  Michael  Jung, 


Peter  Simon, 

Anthony  Adam, 

Johann  Nicolaus  Ander, 

J  oh.   Christoph  Wagner, 

Johan  Wilhehn  Huey, 

Johan  Peter  Her  bach, 

Joh.  Greo.  Wilhelm  Kiisternian, 

Valentin  Benedict  Hardt, 

Johannes  Metzler, 

Johan  Pliilip  Desch, 

Hans  Dewald  Siber, 

Joh.  Henrich  Daniel, 

Philip  Nair, 

Baltzer  Ham  man, 
Peter  Metz, 
Johannes  Corell, 
Johan  Heinrich  Graff, 
John  George  Meyla.nder, 
Johann  Peter  Haass, 
Joh.   Theobald  Brauchler, 
Johan   Michael  Siis, 
Hans  Adam  Sontag. 
Hans  Peter  Hess, 
John  Gothart  Armbriest, 
Johan  Andreas  Krieger, 
Peter  Main. 

[T/tc  original  list  is  herC'Vith  ffiven.} 

Men's  Names, 

Name.  Age. 

Peter  Smith,  . 36 

Johan  Michal  Graff, 53 

Wilhelm  Fey,      53 

Johan  Yerg  Meyiander, 50 

Jacob  Shmith, 31 

Peter  Horbagh, 31 

Jacob  Deys, 32 

Henry  Pfeil, 26 

Johan  Peter  Haas, 25 

Johanea  Haws, 18 

Yerigh  Willm.  Geeseman 23 

George  Funk, 27 

Dewald  Braugler, 20 

Henry  Shneas, .  17 

Stephan  Reep, 32 

Frederick  Up, 30 

Valentine  Yerkharf 24 

Yerigh  Bak 40 

Joackim  Boorger, 32 

Peter  Meyer, 20 

Michal  Young, 25 

Peter  Simon,      20 

Johan  Michal  Fey 17 

Antho  Adam 25 

Balzasor  Hamman,      19 

Johans.   Metzler, 50 



Name.  Age. 

JoliJins.    INfetzler,  Jiinr. , 17 

Hans  Adam  Soutaf^h, 27 

Philip  Tash, 40 

Peter  Metz, 18 

Hans  Peter  Haws, 36 

Hans  Dewald  Sewer, l(j 

Godhert  Arnibreas., 18 

Henry  Daniel. 31 

Peter  AVeber,      43 

Henry  Zep, 19 

Reighart  Fawst, 22 

Dewald  Weber,      17 

Johanes  Erniel 25 

Henry  Fawst 26 

George  Op, 31 

Hans  Adam  Cresman, 17 

Conrad  Pop, 36 

Adolph  Young,      .    .  21 

Sebastian  Walder, 36 

Vitus  Shall, 30 

Christian  Hinkell, 35 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Snow  Thane,  Wil- 
liam Weems,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Nov. 

7,  1741. 

Gabriel  Jung, 
George  Grim, 
Adam  Grim, 
Matteas  Kolb, 
Peter  Semier, 
Johann  Bolander, 
Vallentin  Esman, 
John  Henry  Bob, 
Lenhart  Zarburger, 
John  George  Weyman, 

Jacob  Fortine, 
Carl  Grim, 
Johannes  Boss, 
Ludwig  Essig, 
John  Sebastian, 
Johan  Adam  Kircher, 
Valentin  Winterstein, 
Anthony  Schneyder, 
John  Nicklas  Kelcli. 


[  The  original  list  is  herewith  given.] 
Men's  Names. 
Name.  -^Q^- 

Gabriel  Young,      52 

Nickle  Polander, 36 

Jacob  Fortiner, 20 

Adam  Sercher, 37 

Jerrig  Grime, 30 

Care  11  Grime, 22 

Adam  Grime, " 25 

Hans  Boos, .  18 

Mathias  Scalp,  .    ._ 26 

Joler  Snesman, 19 

Valentine  Vintersteen, 40 

Carell  Loutvith, 22 

Carell  Henrich  Pape, 30 

Anthony  Snider, 17 

Peter  Siner, 28 

Bastian  Hoop 37 

Henrich  Whiteman, 37 

Haas  Adam  Whiteman, 16 

Leonard  Arburgher, 50 

Nickle  Clase, 27 

Jerrig  Wightman, 25 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Europa, 
Captain  Lumnsdaine,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Nov.  20,  1741. 

Joh.  Mich.  Marx, 

Paul  Furman,  sen., 

Caspar  Rubert, 

Peter  Walmer, 

Henrich  Udry, 

Konradt  Rahm. 

Theobald  Gross, 

Andreas  Lann, 

Philip  Crentz, 

Johannes  Corell, 

Johan  Peter  Schreiber, 

Jacob  Lomger, 

Philip  Wirbel, 

Joh.  Christian  Hausknecht, 

Johan  Paul  Bauer, 

Paulus  Furmann, 
Dewald  Shanck, 
Johan  Jost, 
Henry  Kuhntz, 
Johannes  Henrich, 
Simon  Gross, 
Ludwig  Breit, 
Jacob  Shneyder, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Ander, 
Joh.  Christoph  Wagner, 
Nicolaus  Wagner, 
Conrad  Cornman, 
Henrich  Ensminger, 
John  Daniel  Begly, 
Hans  Arnold  Meyer, 



Heiirich  Christinan, 
Jolmn  (^liriistian  Loser, 
Joliiiu  Peter  Eiseuliauer, 
Hans  (yeorge  Shueyder, 
Henry  Nicklas  Hostein, 
I'hilip  Nair, 
Julian  Peter  Krieger, 

Johau  Jacob  Loser, 
Hans  Niclas  Eisenhaner, 
Johann  Isenhaner, 
Michael  Haberstuck, 
Johan  Andreas  Krieger, 
Peter  Main, 
Johann  Henrich  Krieger. 

\  T/ie  orif/ival  lis/  i/^  herewith  f/it'e")!..] 
Men's  I^  a  vies. 

Name.  Age. 

(reo.  Bieghie, 43 

Henry  Ensminger 40 

John  Christian  HoiisUiiight, 24 

Christian  Beckley, 23 

i)aniel  Beckly 21 

ftodfry   Langliane, 17 

Andreas   Fuyst, 24 

Michl.  Mark, 45 

Math  las  Bower, 25 

John  Paul  Bower, 23 

Michael  Bower 20 

Paulas  Fiei-man, GO 

Paulus  Fiernian,  Junr 18 

Dewaldt  Mayer, 27 

Henry  Chrissnian. 35 

Christopher  Ecker,      42 

Johan  Petei-  Welhan 40 

John  Christian  Welhan, 16 

Henry  Kauf 35 

Anthony  Naye,     21 

Nicholas  AVilhelni * 30 

Jacob  Lezer, 18 

Christian  Lezer 32 

George  Righter, 27 

Dieble  8hank, 25 

Caspar  Rupert, 29 

Hans  Jost  Toby,    .    .        23 

Peter  Walnier, 31 

Henry  Kuintz 19 

Henry  Adam, 36 

Johan  Hendrick 40 

Conradt  liaain, 22 

15-Vojo.  XVII. 


Name.  Age. 

Jacob  Sneck,      t 18 

Simon  Gross, 30 

Theobald  Gross, 24 

Fredk.  Wolfariger,  .    .    .    ' 20 

Lodwig  Bread,      21 

Hans  Nichl.  Joshower 50 

John  Joshower 28 

Hans  Peter  Josshower 25 

Johannes  Josshower,      16 

Andreas  Lum, 34 

Daniel  Michaeler, 20 

Hans  J  arigh  Schnyder, 40 

Jacob  Schnyder, 16 

Jacob  Mower, 33 

Michl.  Habersack 23 

Anthony  Swyn, 24 

Hans  Nichol  Horstein, 17 

Philip  Critz,- 26 

Jacob  Lungei", 25 

Conradt  Gorman, 18 

John  Nichol  A  ndre 24 

Sebestian  Stain 25 

Johannes  Correll, 36 

Christo.  Waganer - 20 

Philip  Swerber, •  20 

Peter  Schryver, 27 

Nicolas  Waganer, 20 

Andreas  Kryger 22 

Godfret  Walloweber, ...  45 

Phihp  Naar, 26 

Peter  Kryger, 27 

Henry  Kryger. 29 

Peter  Main,         30 

Philadelphia  Nov  :  17,  1741. 

In  complyance  with  your  orders  we  have  carefully  examin'd 
the  State  of  Health  of  the  Passengers  on  board  three  Shal- 
lops, brought  from  the  Cape  from  the  Europa  Capt.  Lums- 
daine  from  Roterdam  and  found  no  Disease  on  board  that  is 

To  his  Honour 
the  Governour. 

thp:  oath  of  allegiance. 


List  ok  FoRKiOrXKiis  Impor' 


Joliaiines  Brucker, 
Michel  Miesch, 
Henry  Aimers, 
Jacob  Lische. 
John  Adolph  Meyer. 
Paul  Daniel  Bryzelins. 
Michael  Tanne'iherger, 
Johann  Philip  Meurer, 
Georg  Kastler, 
Georg  Schneider, 
Friederich  Post, 
Johann  Leonhart  Schnell, 
Joh.  Christoph  Heine, 
Johann  Reinhard  Rtmne, 
David  Walpert. 

VKD  IX  THK  Snow  Catharine, 
KR.     QrALiKiKi)  May  28.  1742. 

David  Bischoflf, 

Michael  Seidel, 

George  Wiessener, 

.Johan  Brandninller, 

Heinrich  Joachim  Sensemann, 

Johan  Georg  Hardtner, 

Matheus  Wittgie, 

Georg  Enider, 

.Joseph  Moller,  . 

Gottlieb  Petzold, 

Christian  Werner, 

Johan  Georg  Heidecker, 

.Johann  Michael  Huber, 

Geo.  Wissler. 

List   of  Foreigners   Imported  in  the  Brigatine  Mart, 
Master,     from    Rotterdam.     Qualified 

John    Mason 
Aug.  25,  1742. 

Valentin  Kraft, 
.lohannes  Seivei't, 
Martin  Arnold, 
Martin  Schmidt, 
Peter  Burgener, 
Peter  AVelch. 
Abraham  Liettel, 
.Johann  J^hilip  Bertz, 
.John  Henry  Kookes, 
Hans  Georg  Sneyder, 
Christoffer  Danner, 
Georg  Friederich  Heranus, 
Gerret  van  Kouten, 
Peter  Burkner, 

Daniel  Etter, 
Andreas  Straub, 
Jacob  Reeder, 
Georg  Kiester, 
Rupertns  Bender, 
Hans  Trachsell, 
Jacob  Nagli, 
Johan  Michael  Zeister, 
Constaiitinus  Stilling, 
Johan  Friederich  Ricker, 
•Jacob  Baumann, 
•Johannes  BergerhofT, 
.Jan  De  Mars. 
Christian  Bugner. 



List  of  Foreignkrs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Loyal 
Judith,  James  Cowie,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
ified Sept.  3,  1742. 

Berjihart  Janson. 
Johan  Fiaher, 
Grottfried  Schreler, 
Wendel  Vetter, 
Daniel  Lang, 
Johannes  Martens, 
Reyniond  Souflin, 
Simon  Wusclian, 
Johannes  Lehn, 
Simon  Jonas, 
Johan  Jacob  Winterehle, 
Johan  Jacob  Schuler, 
Wilhelm  Anspach, 
Johan  Jacob  Scheier, 
Johann  Henrich  Dilrr, 
John  Adam  Turn, 
Henricus  De  Hooff, 
Joh.  Andreas  Strassburger, 
Philip  Henrich  Erben, 
Tlieobald  Nebinger, 
PhiHp  Cronenbei-ger, 
Johannes  Rab, 
Ludwig  Schott, 
Zacharias  Heller, 
Johannes  Sissel, 
Valentin  Griin, 
Lorentz  Plantz, 
Peter  Barth, 
Johan  Jacob  Grub, 
Johann  Lehnhart  Fuhr, 
Paul  us  Westenberger. 
Johann  Baltzer  Schaffer, 
Hans  Georg  Shaffer, 
Christoph  Plantz, 
Ludwig  Metzger, 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
Jonas  Furtle, 
Martin  Brandt, 
Nicklaus  Jung, 
Peter  Reisinger, 
Michel  Herlein, 
Friederic  Mengel, 

Kilian  Fischer, 
Georg  Metzger, 
Friederich  Kerr, 
Jacob  Berentseller, 
Johannes  Schultz, 
Dieterich  Hobbach, 
Johannes  Dernheimer, 
Friederich  August, 
Peter  Soline, 
Jacob  Taubtshel, 
Johan  Peter  Jung, 
Johan  Georg  AVeimann, 
Friederich  SchoUenberger, 
Johan  Paul  Weytzel, 
Johann  Michel  Sternn, 
Johann  Jacob  Roth. 
Friederich  Germeroung, 
Henrich  Wolffskehl, 
Johann  Henrich  Wagner, 
Johannes  Lorentz, 
Peter  Heu, 
Peter  Klein, 
Johannes  Kehl, 
Friederich  Pfeil, 
Christofiel  Heucher, 
Johannes  Djium, 
Johannes  Ruhl, 
David  Kell, 
Johann  Georg  .lager, 
Johannes  Peter  Frey, 
•Johann  Michel  Paulis, 
Johann  Valentin  Kloninger, 
Samuel  Fortinanx, 
Christoph  Bergman, 
Conrath  Hart  man, 
Christoffel  Geller, 
Johann  Simon  Graff, 
Fritz  Weigert, 
Andreas  Heckman, 
Wilhelm  Bauer, 
Nicklaus  Hedrich, 
Johannes  Wolffskehl, 


Philip  Heini'ich  Erber,  .loluinnes  Kalte, 

Johan  Messenkohl,  Johannes  Sischel. 

Peter  Bort, 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  piv en.'] 

Men's  Names: 

Name.  ,  Ar/e. 

Rarnanl  Johnston,      45 

Kihen  Ficcel, 43 

Kilien  Ficcel, 18 

Hanvinen  Ficcel,      17 

Han  Yarch  Mideier, 34 

Godfrit  Shiller, 24 

Jacob  Towiendicel,      28 

JacoV)  Winderhamer,      40 

Fredrach  Carra, 45 

Han  Peter  Yonnge, .  23 

Jacob  Shiller, 42 

Han  Yarach  Waynian, 30 

William  Hansbach,      24 

Windel  Fadder, 30 

Jacob  Barn  Peter, 23 

Danial  Longe 19 

Maitin  Brand, 20 

Johannes  8houtts 35 

Fredraek  Shuleniburger,      40 

Hannes  Martens,      20 

Peter  Hoback, •  41 

Jacob  Share, 22 

Rouinand  Loufliiner,      34 

Johanpold  Wisiel, 20 

Johannes  Outenhanier, 22 

Henerach  Tarr, 23 

Simmon  Wishon,      41 

Fredrach  Wineart, 22 

Miccal  Starn,       30 

Johanas  Lane, 40 

Hanadan  Tereinger, 24 

Jon  Jacob  Road, 2*j 

Philep  Jonnas. 22 

Heneraches  Teahoaf,                 30 

Fredraek  Tarmeton, 30 

Andrews  Strasburger, 25 


Name.  Age. 

Simon  Jonnas, 22 

Heurach  Woolfscall, 30 

Peter  Part, 48 

Nicolas  Young,      24 

Andrews  Hickman,      34 

Peter  Richfinger,      2S 

William  Sower, 24 

Michael  Henlang, 20 

Niclilas  Hadrach,         28 

Johannas  Ficcel, 35 

Freats  Mingel, 48 

Jonnas  Woolfscall, 46 

Philip  Henrach  Arrwa,                45 

Tabald  Novenar, 28 

Henrach  Wagener, 19 

Jacob  Crys, ' 25 

Jonnas  Lowerance, 43 

Hanyarah  Yeaher, 23 

Philip  Crownabarger, 27 

Tabald  Finck, 37 

Lanard  Power, 28 

Jonnas  Sallar 19 

Peter  Hay,      55 

Peter  Hay 19 

Jonnas  Misacop, 18 

Pol.  Watsenburger,     .    .    .    .  \ 17 

Ludewich  Cline, 46 

Peter  Cline 18 

Ludewick  Shott, 29 

Jonnas  Kiell, 29 

Peter  Wastenburger, 30 

Tacheres  Heller,    .    .                   18 

Fredrach  Pell, 50 

Michel  Polles, 40 

Jon  Balster  Sheffer, 28 

Jonnas  Ficcel, 38 

Cristofel  Higgher, 39 

Philte  Creca, 38 

Phalten  Clownenghan 17 

Johannas  Thoinh, 40 

Hannas  Yearach  Sheffer,     40 

Sammel  Fortenia, 17 

Lorrance  Plance, .    .  44 

Oristefoal  Plance 32 

Cristefoal  Barkman, 30 



Name.  Age. 

Jonnas  Reel, 38 

Ledwick  Midsguer, 40 

Peter  Port,      18 

Conred  Hardman, 19 

Jonuas  Showinaker, 45 

Daved  Keel iii 

Cristefoal  Kelder, 17 

Simon  Crew, 34 

.lonuas  Fortena, 56 

List  of  FoREiaNKRs  Impoiited  in  thk  Shii'  Francis  and 
Elizabeth,  (jeo.  North,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  21.  1742. 

Michel  Kolb, 
Johannes  AVithman, 
Jacob  Geiger, 
Peter  Rubel, 
Frederich  Haussman, 
Christian  Newcomer, 
Christian  H enrich, 
Henry  Cerber, 
Jacob  Sehenck, 
Michel  Coppelger, 
.lohn  Henrich  Stoll, 
.lohan  Micliael  Waidele, 
Joh.  Michael  Kaschstler, 
Hans  Adam  Klein, 
Christian  Newcomer,  jr., 
Christian  Hard, 
Thomas  Heunemyer, 
Johann  Georg  Weith, 
.Morit/.  Zug, 
Johannes  Zug, 
Hans  Georg  Binder, 
Hans  Georg  Shenk, 
Samuel  Wohlegemu+h, 
Hans  Michael  Bauer, 
Rudolph  WoHenweiller. 
Ludwig  Jacol)  Friedburg, 
Johann  Henricli  Rengel, 

Michael  Thesser, 
Ulrich  Halber, 
Johannes  Eckel, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Nicklaus  Walder, 
Andreas  Waltaich, 
Conrad  Basse!, 
Chi-istoph  Schmidt, 
Paul  us  Daterer, 
Johann  Fried erich  lollgo, 
Christian  Adam  Hobel, 
Joliann  Jacol>  Holbein, 
Johann  Henrich  Stes, 
Ullrich  Neuschwanger, 
Johann  Peter  Waller, 
Hans  Michel  Fohl. 
John  Gottfried  Rieger, 
.Johan  Peter  Kochlein, 
Christian  Zug, 
Christof  G^iser. 
Matthaus  Wendnagel, 
Hans  Georg  Knodler, 
Johan  Matthias  Plantz, 
Hans  Georg  Ruthy, 
Johann  Adam  Stam, 
Johan  Henrich  AVolff, 
Nicolaus  Gottschalck, 



Johan  Georg  Sehusslev, 

Johann  Peter  Ott, 

Johan  Hen  rich  Dessler, 

Johan  Henrich  Ahl, 

Johan  Jacob  Bohn, 

Christian  Jotter,  jr., 

Johannes  Knag, 

Uhllerich  Stally, 

Johan  Georg  Fa,ust, 

Johanu  Wilhehn  Werth, 

Wilhebn  Ruff. 

i  .^+er  Laaber, 

Mek^ior  Hirtzel, 

Adaiu  i^'abert, 

Philip  S:  leyhoiiff, 

Hans  Ewei^ 

Conrad  Gerhax't. . 

Anton  Faust, 

Martin  Kirscliner, 

Adam  Ott, 

Conrad  Ott, 

Johannes  Reusswig,        I 

Joha-nnes  Webei, 

Jacob  Yoder, 

Jacob  Kurtz, 

Peter  Faust, 

Jacob  Hanek, 

Johannes  Walther, 

Philip  Deter  HuV>er, 

Stephen  Bopenmeier, 

Johan  Micliel  Truckenmuller, 

Henry  Miller, 

Galtriel  Kohler, 

George  Schultz, 

Christian  Ecket, 

Bernhart  Kober, 

Abraham  Gross, 

Martin  Stouver, 

Georg  Adam  Muller, 

Johann  Henrich  Schertz, 

Hans  Michael  Doll, 

Johann  Michael  Seitz, 

Matheus  Massiman, 

Christian  Muller, 


Johann  Henrich  Odt, 
Leonhardt  Michael  Ruger, 
Johann  Christian  Horner, 
Christian  Jotter, 
Christian  Miller, 
Johannes  Gerber, 
Johan  Adam  Heydrig, 
Jolian  Henry  Creesman, 
Jolian  Nicklaus  Cuntz, 
Martin  Meyer,  ' 

Jacob  Binder, 
Jonas  Metzger, 
Johannes  Grob, 
Andreas  Heintz, 
Joliannes  Schafer, 
Heinerich  Hirt, 
Nicklaus  Rohrig, 
Peter  Stam, 
Adam  Ott,  sen. , 
Johannes  Ott, 
Christian  Rugner, 
Johannes  Bolim, 
Fried  erich  Meyer, 
Jacob  Guth, 
Conrad  Bloss, 
Johann  Peter, 
Hans  Jacob  Huber, 
Johan  Peter  Kohler, 
Abraham  Kolman, 
Jost  Fuchs, 
Ludwig  Huber, 
Jacob  Sarbach, 
Moses  Binder, 
Andreas  Bachman, 
Melchior  Schaner, 
Johannes  Koohn, 
Ludwig  Schmaltzhaff, 
Hans    Michael  Krafft. 
Christian  Dannewald, 
Carl  Philip  Schultz. 
Johann  Michael  Bneher, 
Abraham  Schnutz, 
David  Rotheheffer. 




Ai/iCK,    Mahtlky    Ciisaok, 
Qualified  Sept.  24,  1743. 

Pliilipus  Barger, 
Priderich  Miiller, 
Couracl  Pot)fT, 
Philip  Farenthal, 
Hans  Rub, 
Michel  Axer, 
Joliannes  Heydt, 
I'liilip  Oeris, 
Pauhis  Bang, 
Adam  G acker, 
Michel  Weiss, 
Durst  Ziegler, 
Johann  Greorg  Christ, 
Johanii  Jacob  Metzger, 
Joliann  Jacob  Benedick, 
Simon  Jacob  Theil, 
Hildebrand  Heckman, 
Johann  Christoffel  Peter, 
Dietrich  D-anner, 
Simon  Peter  Diehl, 
Johann  Henrich  Wei'uer, 
.Johann  Jacob  Schmitt, 
Johann  Michel  Koch. 
J  oh.  Abraham  Brosius, 
Johann  Jacob  Riess, 
Jacol)  Weber, 
Lorentz  Riess, 
Joliannes  Herber, 
Johannes  Kerch, 
David  Weil, 
Joliannes  Krape, 
Andreas  Kessler. 
Hans  Adam  Fiirtig, 
John  Jacob  Zervin. 
Adam  Purtig, 
Hans  Peter  Woolf, 
Michael  Danner, 

PKn    i\  THK  Shu*  Robkiit  and 
Master,     kuom    Rotterdam. 

Cornelius  Miller, 
Lmlwig  Miller, 
Veltin  Paul, 
Jacob  Stubigh, 
Friederick  Becker, 
Michel  Wolff, 
Peter  Geris, 
Nicklaus  Hartt. 
Johannes  Binacke!, 
Christian  Gucker, 
Henry  Stave, 
Johannes  Ziegler, 
Georg  Christian  Ulrich, 
Johau  Nicklas  Hyl, 
Hans  Adam  Christ, 
Johann  Georg  Schissler, 
Johann  Philij)  Kerchei-, 
Matheis  Heinrich, 
Johan  Jacob  Borne, 
Johan  Friderich  Heimer, 
Johann  Simon  Drum, 
Johann  Casper  Schell, 
Johannes  Brosius, 
Johann  Georg  Riess, 
Johann  Jacob  Wagner, 
Jacol)  Stein, 
Peter  Herber, 
Andreas  Harter, 
Matheas  Meyer, 
David  Mackly, 
Peter  Maus, 
Hans  Adam  Holdt, 
Friederich  Schmidt. 
Philip  .Jacob  Ehrenfelter, 
Joh.  Pauhis  Reuther, 
Hans  Geo.  Katzenstein, 
Hans  Michael  Spaai . 


:names  of  FOREIGN' ers  who  took 

List  of  Foreignkrs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Francis  and 
Elizabeth,  Cteorge  North,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Aug.  30,  1748. 

Hans  Bucher, 

Hans  Zoblei, 

Hans  Meier,  jr. , 

Henrich  Muller, 

Henry  Leer, 

Henry  Shwitzer. 

Johannes  Hug, 

Kilian  Gikl, 

Henry  Rudsh, 

Hans  Heinrich  Naff, 

Henry  Weidinan, 

Hans  Gutinger, 

Henry  Baumgardner, 

Henry  Sliniit, 

Hans  Jacol)  Wurst, 

Johannes  Boser, 

Lenhart  Alterfer  Schniied, 

Felix  Christ.  Wagner, 

Hans  Jacob  Naff, 

Hans  Uh'ich  Bladnian, 

Henry  Poldesberger, 

Heinrich  Bauerdt, 

Jacob  Weginann, 

Johannes  Meier, 

Henry  Good, 

Henrich  Eck, 

Jacob  Boumer, 

Hans  Dvips, 

Jacob  Bar, 

Henrich  Hitz, 

Henrich  Suter, 

Hans  Jacob  Ruttlinger, 

Henrich  Schleyiifer, 

Jacob  Bachinan, 

Hans  Jacob  Pfister. 

Hans  Ulrich  Hegetsweiller. 

Henry  Coughly, 

Rudolph  Mertz, 

Ht^nry  Rudolph, 

Uhllerich  Naff, 

Casper  Spery, 

Casper  Crop, 

Henry  Naff, 

Hans  Myer, 

Hans  Heinrich  Hubner, 

ChristQjjher  Bosser, 

Henry  Hebreclit, 

Hans  Henry  Naff, 

Henry  Zutter, 

Daniel  Harner, 

Felix  Hierlyman, 

Melchior  Steheli, 

Henry  Subydorffer, 

Hans  Rurckons, 

Hans  Heinrich  Schuerer, 

Henry  Leinbacli, 

Hans  Jacob  Usser, 

Rudolph  Kleinpeter, 

Peter  Scheurer, 

Ely  Walder, 

Felix  Leea, 

Joliannes  Buch, 

Hans  Kuhn, 

Johannes  Bar, 

Henricli  Grob, 

Jacob  Franck, 

Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 

Lenhart  Schnebeli, 

Johannes  Schildemrad, 

Casper  Snabily, 

Hans  Ulricli  Dinges, 


[The  orifi'lnal  list  is  herewith  given.] 

Men's  Names. 
Name.  Age. 

Hannes  Barger, 32 

Haiiues  Cockley, 39 

Hannes  Cebeley 20 

Hanes  Cebeley,  2n(l, 20 

Hendk.  Moor, 25 

Rudolph  Merts, 20 

Johannes  Meyer,      2(j 

Hans  Henderifk  Cueser 45 

Henderick  Rutolph, 3G 

Henderick  Miller, 22 

Hans  Henderick  NeafT,      47 

Ulderick  IS  eaff , 40 

Henderick  Miller, 43 

Christophel  Bosser,  ..t—. 26 

Henderick  Wideman 20 

Henderick  Eberick, 24 

Hans  Jacob  Sootter 24 

Henderick  Lear, ;^0 

Gasper  Parrey, 22 

Hans  Hortinj^er, 23 

Henderick  Switser, 25 

Hannes  Sootter, 20 

Gasper  Croope, 20 

Johanes  Hook, 20 

Henderick  NealT, 21 

Philean  Gillok, 24 

Hans  Henderick  NeafT,      19 

Henderick  Poingardiner,                        48 

Hannes  Meyer ...  32 

Hans  Jacob  Scheurmeyer,      30 

Henderick  Groots 34 

Hans  Jacob  Neaff, 4(j 

Rutolph  BJiller, * 44 

Gasper  Hinna, 32 

Hans  Henderick  Hinna, 27 

Rudolph  Smith, 21 

Rudey  Meyerhover, 20 

Hans  Ulderick  Bladnian,      40 

Christopher  Bladman,  ...           IS 

Jacob  Sorber, 20 

Hennery  Sorber, 21 

Henderick  TJneV)ah 22 

Hendrick  Baltisbarger, 28 

23(5       '        NAMES  OF  FOREIGNERS  WHO  TOOK 

Natne.  ^ge. 

Gasper  Gladfelder, 33 

Henderick  Waltter, 30 

Felix  Waltter, 36 

Hans  Jacob  Houser,          20 

Joseph  Frowenfelder, 40 

Henderick  Bower, 25 

Rudolph  Kleynbetter, 21 

Jacob  Wagnian, 38 

Hans  Jacob  Weist, 21 

Felix  Halleman, 23 

Henderick  Goedt,     ...       28 

Johannes  Posser, 34 

Malichiest  Steeley, 34 

Lenoard  Aldorff,      ■ 38 

Henderick  Seibedorfer, 40 

Haus  Fetter  Lee, 62 

Felex  Lee, . 38 

Felex  Groof, '■    ■  36 

Haus  Conrad  Groof, 33 

Hans  Jacob  Meyer, ....  19 

Jacob  Odt, 24 

Henderick  Odt, 22 

Johanes  Buchey. 21 

Hans  Jacob  Rinker, 28 

Haus  Jacob  Reidlinger, 23 

Yacol)  Brommer, 42. 

Haunes  Koor, 36 

Hannes  Poops 34 

Lenoard  Sneabley, ^4 

Joseph  Stelley, 28 

Johannes  Parr,      ...           23 

Jacob  Parr,      ... 30 

Henderick  Groop,        *.    .    .  20 

Henderick  Hitts. 40 

Henderick  Sliffer 37 

Jacob  Freek, 46 

Gasper  Sneabley, 43 

Haunes  Hilderbrand, 26 

Jacob  Bookman 23 

Henderick  Sutter, 23 

Henderick  Sutter,  jr. ,  2d, 30 

Dauiell  Herner, 34 

Jacob  Fister, 35 

Ulderick  Ring(  r, 36 

Henery  Smith, 30 

Hans  Ulderick  Hecetswilder, 24 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  iShii>  Loyal  Judith, 
James  Cowie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qitalified 
Sept.  2,  1743. 

Bartel  Zoller. 
Philip  Christian, 
Johannes  Larer, 
Hen  rich  Maag. 
Johan  Jacob, 
Friderich   Feltherger, 
Nickel  Runckel, 
Adam  Brech. 
Joliannes  Kramer, 
Bernhard  LaufFersweiler, 
Jolian  Conrad  Schutz, 
Johan  Jacob  Gittelman, 
Lorent/  Schmalil. 
Jacob  Haiit^.sman. 
Johannes  Haber.sod, 
Simon  Kustener, 
Georg  FiTTerer. 
Jacob  Mohner, 
Adam  Schmahl, 
Valentin  Grosch, 
Bernliart  Becker, 
Johannes  Bermes, 
Jacob  Keyser, 
Johann  Philipp  Wentz, 
Christopel  Grossert, 
(ieorg  Frederich  Gribel, 
Johannes  Hoffman, 
Johann  "Wilhelm  Becker, 
-lohn  Georg  Miller, 
Johan  Peter  Braun, 
Philip  Carl  Angel, 
Johann  Philip  Beier. 
-Tohan  Adam  Uehrbass, 
Ulrich  Freyhofer, 
Wendel  Horst. 
Gerhart  Fieliker, 
Christian  Weiss, 
Andreas  Walter, 
Adam  Kappel. 
Johann  .lacol)  Hnth, 
Johan  Henrich  Sclieurer, 
Johan  Adam  Revd, 

Johannes  Becker, 
Martin  Dincky, 
Michel  tSeitz, 
Jacob  Maag, 
Johannes  Kirst, 
Lorents  Laflfersweiler, 
Johan  Runckel, 
Johannes  Jager, 
Daniel  Martz, 
Nicklaus  Scherstenberger, 
Johann  Georg  Epjjelman, 
Johan  Wendel  Dannefelser, 
Adam  Schmahl, 
Johannes  Schreyer, 
Mattheas  H offer, 
Peter  Roth, 
Peter  Miller, 
Lorentz  Hardt, 
Wentz  Schmahl, 
Friderich  Fichgus, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Jacob  Bentli, 
Philipp  Hoffman, 
Christoph  AVeisskopff, 
Johannis  Schwindt, 
Peter  Schweikharth, 
John  Valentin  Hammer, 
Johan  Adam  Moses, 
Johannes  Honig, 
Johann  Philip  Ode  welder, 
Johan  Adam  Mohr, 
Johann  Philip  (Tambacli, 
Johannes  Gambach, 
Rudolff  Buchy. 
Valentin  Wentz, 
Bastian  Bougart, 
Joannes  Bott, 
Nicklas  Keller, 
Johann  .Tacob  Wilhelm 
Jacob  Grosskop, 
Hans  Georg  Sheyer, 
Johann  .Jacob  Petry, 



Johan  Adam  Fuchs, 
Johannes  lilondshauer, 
Johan  Phillipp  Bohm, 
Andreas  AVeybrich, 
Johann  Philip  Hardt, 
Johan  Georg  Wolffskehl, 
Nicolas  Maneubach, 
Joh.  Philij)  Schrieger,  jr., 
Johann  Georg  Stcirg, 
Johan  Balthaser  Groh, 
Johan  Daniel  Hoff, 

Johannes  Bruckbauer, 
Johann  PhillipiJ  Bohni,  jr., 
Hans  Wolf  Waltz, 
Hermanns  Hoffer, 
Johann  Emrich  Bott, 
Mattheus  Butterfass, 
Johan  Philip  Schrieger, 
Johan  Henricli  May, 
Hans  Heinrich  Maag, 
Lorentz  Miller, 
Joh.  Jacob  Fossbendler. 

[  The  original 

Bartel  Zeller, 
Hans  Becher, 
John  Conrad  Shutz, 
Jacob  Gidelman, 
Valadin  Hammen, 
Wilhehn  Becker, 


Hendrich  Maag, 
Jacol)  Beyer, 
Georg  Millar, 
Peter  Brown, 
Johannes  Gerst, 
Lorentz  Leberswyler, 
Jacob  Stinckel, 
Johannes  Yeager. 
Johannes  Kremer, 
Adam  Moore, 
Johannes  Gambach, 
Jacob  Naarbass, 
Philip  Hoffman, 
Ulrick  Freyhoffer, 
Wendal  Horsh, 
Valentine  Wentz, 
Stoffel  Krassart, 
Bastian  Bomgerl, 
Johannes  Schwind, 
Jacob  Hoodt, 
Hermanns  Bott, 
Nicholas  Keller, 
Adam  Schmal, 
Hendrick  Scheir, 

list  is  /lerewith  gioen.] 

Barnard  Lauffersweber, 
Nicholas  Shai-fenberger, 
Georg  Ebelman, 
Wendal  Dannefelt, 
Philij)  Chris*-ian, 
Martin  Lind, 
Michael  Steich, 
Jacob  Maag, 
Adam  Moses, 
Johannes  Henig, 
Philip  Adam  Weller, 
Fridei-ick  Fettberger, 
Nicholas  Stinckel. 
Adam  Brech, 
Carl  Angel, 
Daniel  Mey, 
Philip  Peyer, 
Philip  Gambach, 
Fi-antz  Naarbass, 
Adam  Hoffman, 
Rudolph  Bucbie, 
Philip  Wentz, 
Stoffel  Weiskopfe, 
Gerhard  Fishkus, 
Christian  Weiss, 
Jacob  Wilhelm, 
Jacob  Grooskopfe, 
Antoni  Walter, 
Lorentz  Schmal, 
Gerrard  Scheir, 
Antoni  Kapel, 



Jiicob  Hauisniaii, 

Ailaia  Steiss, 

Jacol)  Petre, 

Adam  Pax, 

Peter  Bott, 

Johannes  Brick Imiier, 

I'liilil)  Behuie, 

Peter  Miller," 

Heerniannus  Heefer. 

Philip  Hart, 

Hans  Hendrick  Bott, 

Yoost  Wolfkil, 

Went/.  Schmal, 

Friderick  Fishkns, 

Nicholas  Mannebach, 

Hans  Becker, 

Philip  Springer, 

Hans  Barbas, 

Hans  Hendrick  Maag, 

Balras  Grouw, 

Jacob  Keyser, 

Hans  Hoffman, 

Hans  Jacob  Fossbinder, 

Hans  Schreir, 
Johannes  Habersoot, 
Mates  H offer t, 
Simon  Stuffner, 
Georg  Fitterer, 
Hans  Mandshaw, 
Hans  Wolfe, 
Andreas  Weisbright, 
Jacol)  Manner, 
Lorentz  Hart. 
Georg  Wolfkil, 
Adam  Schmal, 
Valentine  Gesh, 
Mates  Botterfass, 
Bernard  Becker, 
Philip  Springer," 
Hendrick  Mey, 
Georg  Sturick, 
Jacob  Bantlin, 
Georg  Fridrich  Krimbu 
Peter  Schweiger, 
Daniel  Hoffman, 
Lorentz  Miller. 

List  of  Forki«nkrp  Imported  in  thk  Snow  Charlotte, 
John  Masox,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  5,  1743. 

Adolph  Eiler, 
Mattheis  Basting, 
Wilhelm  Bretz, 
Johannes  Lees, 
Johannes  Schiffer, 
Jacob  Enck, 
Anthon  Schneider, 
Nicklas  Wolfart, 
-Johannes  Koch, 
Johannes  Riesset, 
Anton  Zehmer, 
Joliannes  Bopp, 
Johan  Nickel  Schnell, 
Johann  Phili})  Schneli, 

H enrich  Hant, 
Henry  Shoemaker, 
Jacob  Bretz, 
Johannes  Lisch, 
Phillii)pus  Maurer, 
Johannes  Gross, 
David  Dautderer, 
Henrich  Eckenroth, 
Valentin  Lorch, 
Henrich  Meyer, 
Gottlieb  Werth, 
Johannes  Sohn, 
Johan  Peter  Schwager, 
Johannes  Ickrath, 



Johan  Friederich  Thor, 
Job.  Aridoni  Hellenthal, 
Johan  Georg  Heriuaii, 
Johan  Conrath  (juthniann, 
Johann  Jacob  Stain  m, 
Johann  Henrich  Mertz, 
Johannes  Hermann, 
Mattheis  Heimbach, 
Johannes  Albenacht, 
Johannes  Uinstadt, 

Johan  Jacob  Enck, 
Johann  Greorg  Miller, 
Johan  David  Schmidt, 
Johan  Balthaser  Grir, 
Johannes  Niemand, 
Friederich  Kramer, 
Hans  Georg  Albrecht, 
Jacob  Granoble, 
Johannes  Clossheim, 
Johannes  Mumrich. 

List  of  Foreignkrs  Importkdin  thk  Ship  Lydia,  James 
Abergrombie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  20,  174:5. 

Jost  Folmer, 
Dietrich  Fohl, 
Johan  Christian  Walther, 
Joh.  Henrich  Hoffman, 
Johan  Henrich  Gucker, 
Joliannes  Weller, 
Diehnan  Schntz. 
Hieronimus  Weber, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Johannes  Gring, 
Peter  Althen, 
Henry  Sclivvartz, 
Georg  Frieh, 
Andreas  Schmitt, 
.lohannes  Peltz, 
Jeremias  Weidy, 
Casper  Gastner, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Pliilip  Heger, 
Johan  Jost  Dreissbach, 
Johan  Peter  Ruhl, 
Johan  Gerhart  Weick, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Eckroth, 
Johan  Adam  Gaul, 
Joh.  Nickel  Seidenbach, 
Johan  Philip  Ament, 

Johannes  Bender, 
Johannes  Zepter, 
Joh.  Christian  Rischstein, 
Johan  Jacob  Gucker, 
Simon  Dreissbach, 
Johannes  Hunche, 
Johannes  Ax. 
Konradt  Wirdt, 
Hermanns  Bruch, 
Johannes  Ffister, 
Wilhelm  Hehbel, 
Matheus  Jjentz, 
Conrath  Kohl, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Valentin  Roth, 
Frantz  Grenlich, 
Henry  Fry, 
Frantz  Bricker, 
Johannes  Dorr, 
Georg  Ament, 
Johan  Ludwig  Rudolph. 
Johannes  Blattenberger, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Eckart, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Kratitter, 
Johann  Andreas  Gutmari, 
Henrich  licpkucher, 
Johan  Christian  Neff, 



Joh.  Bernliart  (resell, 
Johaii  (reorg  Schwartz, 
•Toll.   Friederieh  Sanger, 
Joliau  Nickel  Sauex", 
Valentin  Kletter, 
Valentin  Heyer, 
John  txoocluuin, 

Johan  Jacob  Hacker, 
Christian  Harhhy, 
Valentin  Schmidt, 
Johan  ChristolTel  Looss, 
Joh.  Friederich  Heyer, 
Conrad  Sallar. 

[T/w.  orir/ijial  iisi  is  herewith  f/iven.] 

Men's  Names. 

Name.  Age. 

Jost  Former, 43 

Johannes  Bender, 30 

Johannes  Bender,  jr., 18 

Frans  Baker 27 

Diedrick  Fcill, 34 

Johannes  Septer,     86 

Johannes  Weller,     27 

Johannes  Kenke, 27 

Tielman  Schutz 42 

Johannes  Ax 25 

Heronimus  AVel  er,      25 

Christian  Walter .  23 

Johan  Christn.  Reistein, 19 

Johan  Hendk.   Hoffman,       35 

Johan  Jacol)  Keeker, 26 

Hendrick  Keeker, 19 

Conradt  Weir, 31 

Simon  Dreisuack 45 

Johan  Jost  Dreisback, 20 

Jolum  Adam  Dreisback, 19 

.Johannes  Young 40 

Heronimus  Brough 21 

Johannes  Kenigli, 38 

Johannes  Fiester 27 

Lodwick  Rudolph 27 

Peter  Owl 25 

Johannes  Platenberger, 22 

Peter  Alden, 29 

Gerard  Wyck, 27 

Willhelm  Api)le 29 

Juriun  Willm.  Eckert 36 

16-VOL.  XVII. 


Name.  ■  Age. 

VVillhelm  Elzeroot, 18 

Hendrick  Swartz, 19' 

Willhehn  Kreiter, .20 

Hans  Adam  Cowl, 20 

Johan  Jacob  Missenhamev, 23 

Rudolph  Goodman 47 

Johan  Willin.   Goodman 16 

Johan  Geo.  Goodman, 18 

]\lathias  Lintz,-* 48 

(ieorg  V^rie, 26 

Conradt  Kool, 24 

Michl.  Reyderbaek 25 

Johan  Mich.  Reyderbaek, 30 

Andreas  Smith, 20 

Hendrick  Leipkiger 30 

Jurigh  Anient, 60 

Philip  Anient 20 

Johannes  Ament, 18 

Johannes  Rood 32 

Conradt  Saler 13 

Christian  Neff 35 

Leonard  Gesell 31 

Johan  Jacob  Ecker 37 

Jiirigh  Swartz, 27 

Christian  Harshe 30 

Johannes  Peltz, 36 

Valentine  Smith 26 

Johan  Fredk.  Ringer, 23 

Valentine  Rood, 35 

Johan  Nichol.  Sower 50 

Jeremias  Wytigh, 37 

Frans  Grayligh, 45 

Casper  Cassner, 20 

Johan  Christo.  Loos.      .    .            23 

Johannes  Sen, 36 

Hendrick  Vry, 40 

Johannes  Bower, 38 

Johannes  Tirn,      28 

Philip  Hayer, 31 

Valentine  Kleter 23 

.Tohan  Fredk.  Hayer 23 

Johan  Valentine  Haver 18 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Rosaana,  James 
Reason,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Sept. 
3G,   1743. 

Jcifol)  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Schauelfele, 

Rudy  Keyser, 

Heurich  Christoph  Heroldt, 

Johan  AVilhelin  Satler, 

(ieoi-g  Christoph  Scliocli, 

Hans  Georg  Markwart, 

Hans  Conrad  Bruner, 

Hans  Muller, 

(iregorius  Muller, 

Henry  Muller, 

Johannes  Fischer, 

David  Schatz, 

Jacob  Leglor, 

Hans  Ferdinandt, 

Samuel  WoltT. 

Andreas  Strele, 

Jacob  Haller, 

Henrieh  Burckart,  Ulerieh  Huber, 

Johannes  Fischer,  jr., 

Hans  Jacob  Reramler, 

Johannes  Ketterman. 

Georg  Philip  Hummel, 

Hieronimus  Henniug, 

Hans  Leonhart  Wyland, 

Johannes  Roodsman, 

Andreas  Spring, 
Jacob  Fincky, 
Johannes  Jooghly, 
Hans  Georg  Bentzinger, 
Hans  Georg  Starner, 
Hans  Georg  Fuchs, 
Hans  Martin  Muller, 
Jacob  Schuster. 
Georg  Muller, 
Hans  Brunuer, 
Martin  Wirth, 
Jacob  Preia, 
Friederich  Stall, 
Casper  Kessler. 
Casper  Meier, 
Leonhai-t  Strobel, 
Christian  Haller, 
Michael  Wyland, 
Hans  Jacob  Gassner, 
Hans  Melcliior  Fischer, 
Bernhart  Pflaugner, 
Hans  Jacob  Hiimmel, 
Georg  Christoff  Herals, 
Hans  Georg  Kater, 
Hans  Georg  Etzweiller, 
Casper  Bindschadler. 

[The  original 

Christaf  Heralde, 
William  Swishler. 
Hance  Yarah  Sturner, 
Christaf  Shake, 
Marty  Markwort, 
Lenard  Fox, 
Polls  Wingart,-s^, 
Hance  Marty  Miller, 
Hance  Felex  Wigmore, 
Felex  Wigmore, 
Jacob  Tinkey, 
Jacob  Kiser, 

list  is  hereivith  given. 1 

Hance  Yarah  Creatsener, 
David  Hufman, 
Androw  Springe, 
Hance  Yarah  Fox, 
Hance  Y'arah  Markwort. 
Jacob  Shuely, 
Johana.s  Shillman, 
Gasper  Castler, 
Casper  Mi  are, 
Hance  Conragh  Browner, 
Roday  Kiser. 
Johanes  Youghley, 



Jacob  Surter, 
Hanas  Miller, 
Heni-ah  Borgaj't, 
Rodlafe  Weaste, 
Hance  Jacob  Hafener, 
Haiias  Browne;-, 
Hance  Yarah  HesAviler, 
Johanas  Fisher, 
Young  Hance  Fisher, 
Jacob  Ciml^ler, 
Fredrick  Stall, 
Hanc  Jacob  Humljle, 
Jacob  Lighiner, 
Samuel  Wolff, 
Hance  Yarah  Cider, 
Lenard  Strebel, 
Jolian  Earah  Hei-aid, 
G-eorg  Elswiler, 
Jacob  Hollard, 
Michael  Wyland, 
Johannes  Roodsman, 

Henraek  Aldorphia, 

Earak  Springar, 

Corise  Miller, 

Conarah  Browner, 

Henrah  Miller, 

Marty  Vearte, 

Hance  Melihar  Fisher, 

David  Strily, 

Jacob  Flougar, 

David  Shats, 

Hance  Michel  Droliner, 

Johanas  Cadiman, 

Y'arah  Christaf  Herald, 

Philap  Humble, 

Yarah  Emmanuel  Martine, 

Heronemos  Hennawesh, 

Androw  Strily, 

Chi'istan  Hollard, 

Hans  Tjeonard  Wyland, 

Casper  Pinchadler. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Phcenix, 
AViLLiAM  Wilson,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.  Quai^i- 
FiED  Sept.   30,  1748. 

Wilhelm  Holty, 
Lenhart  AVintergi'ess, 
Matheis  Treuckel, 
Christoff  Holwer, 
Michael  Bauer, 
Johannes  Schnee,        ^ 
Henrj^  Reydmeyer, 
Phillippus  Bayer, 
Joh.  Nicklas  Lohman, 
Johannes  Gansle, 
Johann  Jost  Kohler, 
Johan  Georg  Sternbirger, 
Johann  Georg  Schaffer. 
Johan  Henrich  Wa,gner, 
Benedict  Nussbaum, 
Jacob  Geiger.  jr., 
Johannes  Biir, 

Otto  Hai, 

Johannes  Dandoneer, 
Johannes  Ungear, 
Jacob  Rubly, 
Michael  Leavy, 
Lorentz  Pi'otzmann, 
Paulus  Behringer. 
Hans  Michael  Stninpf. 
J.   Ernst  ReifTschneider, 
Johan  Frederich  Esch, 
Georg  Klingmann. 
Johan  Valtin  Reul, 
Friederich  Miller, 
Peter  Handwercker, 
Jacob  Geiger.  sen. , 
Matheis  Kent, 
Johannes  Staium, 



Peter  (xilr, 
Melchior  Bar, 
Melchior  liiir,  jr., 
Daniel  Selnvartz, 
Philip  8pegel, 
David  Sausert, 
.lacoh  Silierjer, 
Isaac  Will, 
Dewalil  Hochstadt, 
Henry  Dornig. 
Daniel  Mauss.  ^ 
Pliilipus  Hartheiis, 
Lorentz  Cuntz, 
Conrad  AVirth. 
Niclilas  Hoffman, 
Henry  Georg  Nees, 
Johann  Jost  Vetter, 
Anthon  Bensinger, 
Conrad  Fell)aum. 
Johannes  Reudenauer, 
Christian  Rorbagh, 
JoJian  Adam  Herbes, 
Hans  Michael  Miller, 
Carl.  August  Erlweiu, 

Jacob  Biim. 
Christopheel  Biir,       , 
Melchior  Seydlei;, 
IMiilip  Reesher, 
Jacob  Gansle, 
Frederich  Kohler, 
Michael  Eller, 
Henry  Meyer, 
Johann  Henrich  Hauss, 
Michal  Masserly, 
Peter  Bartolomes, 
Nicklans  Fey, 
Georg  Hu])er, 
Adam  Richman, 
Bernhart  Mackler, 
Johann  Niclas  Gauer, 
]\!ichael  Steckbek. 
Hans  Adam  Felbaum, 
Casper  Reithnaiier. 
Joh.  Michael  Fiiichthorn, 
Johannes  Nusbaum, 
Bernhart  Mulier. 
Johannes  Schmidt. 
Jacob  Keyser. 

IjISt  of  Forkigxers  Imported  in  the  Ship  Robert  and 
Alice,  Martly  Cusack,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Sept,  30,  1743. 

Johannes  Ziiner, 
Nicklas  Baker, 
Andreas  Liess, 
Michael  Deato, 
Christian  Shally, 
Johannes  Schutz, 
Johann  Philip  Emig, 
Johann  Philip  Emig.  sen. 
Philip  Fredrick  May, 
Hans  Adam  Shally, 
Nicklas  Schreiber, 
.Tohan  Kolmangreuer, . 
Hans  Georg  Stucki, 
Hans  Jacob  Koller, 

Simon  Zenger, 
Jacob  Baker, 
Kasper  Strom, 
.Johannes  Shalley, 
Matheas  Baum, 
Karl  Schwartz. 
Johannes  Martin, 
Baltzer  Schwerdt, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Shalley, 
Joliannes  Obenhyser, 
John  Henry  Butz, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Chi'istoff  Sheaneman, 
Peter  Guthman, 



Samuel  Landes, 
Johannes  Bender, 
Hans  Hardt, 
Samuel  Bechtel, 
Joseph  Ziebly, 
Jacob  bhock, 
Abraham  Derst, 
Oswald  Neff, 
Bardel  Miller, 
Felix  Former, 
Conrad  Toll, 
Joseph  Shetfer, 
Christoflf  CEsterlen, 
Johann  Georg  Frey, 
Hans  Georg  Endes, 
Christian  MuHer, 
Henrich  Stertzenacker, 
Hans  Georg  Begtel, 
Felix  Zollinger, 
Wilhelm  Spats, 
Baltzer  Gilbert, 

Conrad  OEsterlen, 

Henry  Gilbert, 

David  Sarbach, 

Johannes  Good, 

Deobold  Bauer, 

Jacob  Bucki, 

Mattheis  Meier, 

Johannes  Young, 

Henry  Former, 

Baltzer  Gilbert, 

Ulrich  Cress, 

Hans  Georg  Oiisterlen, 

Joh.  Ludwig  Truckenmuller, 

Andreas  Hemberger, 

Hans  Michal  Ott, 

Hans  Georg  Muller, 

Philip  Heinetsch, 

Johan  Georg  Schwa,rtz, 

Heinrich  Zwick, 

Jacob  Gillingei-. 

List  of  Fokeignbrs  Imported  ix  the  Ship  St.  Andrew, 
Robert  Brown,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  Quai^ified, 
Oct.  7,  1743. 

Jacob  Walter, 
Johannes  Moak, 
Johannes  Hauser, 
Georg  Gartner, 
Leonhart  Dewalt, 
Johan  Mergel, 
Jacob  Clausser, 
Joh.  Adam  Gerber, 
Hans  Georg  Maurer, 
Hans  Peter  Grumbach, 
Friederich  Jayter, 
Hans  George  Eatter, 
Philip  Jacol)  Buttman, 
Hans  Adam  Sommer, 
Johann  Jacob  Ringer, 
Jacob  Eichhorn, 
Andreas  GuUam, 

Friderich  Stoll, 
Andreas  Wollinger, 
Herman  Busch, 
Lenhart  Stein, 
Gottlieb  Ziigel, 
Gottlieb  Schleer, 
John  Nicklas  Zeisinger, 
Geo.  Mich.  Weissmuller, 
Johan  Simon  Kern, 
Hans  Michel  Striey, 
Georg  Philip  Kuri*, 
Hans  Martin  Fischer, 
Johan  Michel  Wagner, 
Georg  Friederich  Ziigel, 
Daniel  Meidinger, 
Lenard  Fuchs, 
Martin  Ruth, 



Jacob  Hess, 
Hans  Burger, 
Ernest  Anion, 
Johannes  Ulricli, 
Ulrich  Weclilid, 
Jacob  Striey, 
Jolmnnes  Mayer, 
Johannes  Widinann, 
Heinrich  AVa^jner, 
Johannes  Rieger, 
Ludwig  Dewys, 
Valentin  Shutter, 
Jacob  West, 

Hyronimus  Trauttniann, 
J  oh.  Ludwig  Kraft, 
Hans  Jerg  Backastos, 
Hans  Uh-ich  Odt, 
Jac.  Fried.  Dochterman, 
Hans  Jerg  Amon, 
Johan  Georg  Wittmann, 
Michael  Wolfgang, 
Johan  Heiirich  Knauss, 
Joh.  Henrich  Gackenbaoh, 
Niclaus  Kobelentz, 

Heinrich  lirunner, 
Christie  Camper, 
Frederick  Hubely, 
Adam  Hyleer, 
Joseph  Hartnian, 
Peter  Werner, 
Leonhardt  Kern, 
Friederich  Ziegler, 
Ant  lion  Knauss, 
Al)rahani  Huller, 
Henry  Shutter, 
Johannes  Eberhart. 
Bei'uhart  Diibinger, 
Hans  Ulrich  Hegli, 
Hans  Ulrich  Jackly, 
Hans  Henry  Bossart, 
Hans  Jacob  Goldner, 
Melchior  Biihrly, 
Hans  Georg  CEhler, 
H.  Peter  Fronkhousen, 
Daniel  Debus, 
Han  Adam  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Philip  Schneider. 

[T/te  original  list  is  herewith  given,'] 

Name.  ■  Age. 

John  Nicholas  Reytringer, 17 

John  Adam  Garber, 20 

Hans  Jacob  AValter 20 

Geo.  Michl.  Weysmiller, 19 

Geo.  Andreas  Miller, 27 

Fredk.  Stall, 20 

Hans  Geo.  Mower 33 

Johannes  Maak , 40 

John  Simon  Karn -  25 

Hans  Peter  Kranback, 22 

Andreas  Wolinger, I'j 

Ulrich  Creble, 20 

Adam  Kaller, 20 

Jacob  Strevey, 44 

Michl.  Strevey .    .  • 17 

Joseph  Hartman,      29 

Fredrick  Yeiser, 20 



Name .  Age. 

Lorentz  Tibber, 50 

Pliilip  Korr,      33 

Johannes  Hausei-, 23 

Hans  Greorg  Eter 43 

Hans  Martin  Fisher,  .    .    •    " 25 

Georg  Gross, 30 

Philip  Jacob  LoJman, 23 

Michl.  Waganer, 25 

Sebastian  Bych, 26 

Georg  Gardner, 24 

Leonard  Stain, 38 

Leonard  Dewaldt, 28 

Jacob  Wayst 28 

Hans  Adam  Soininer. ...  37 

John  Merkell, 25 

Godliph  Leweys, 26 

Jacob  Clowser, 25 

Jacob  Pringer, , 25 

Daniel  Mylinger 24 

Jacob  Eykliorn 19 

Peter  Clowser 18 

John  Everhart,      24 

Leonard  Fooks, 22 

Heronimus  Troatman, 34 

Bernard  Evenenger 29 

Andreas  Keelhani, 33 

TJlrich  Bower 21 

John  Lodwick  Kratf,      ■ 18 

Martian  Rood, 36 

Jacob  Hiss, 35 

Hans  Ulrich  Jackelie 30 

Hans  Ulrich  Bakersool, 16 

Hendk.  Browner, • 25 

Hans  Ulrich  Jackie 33 

Jacob  Schnyder,      33 

Hans  Weighler,  ' 21 

Hans  Ulrich  Oatt 18 

Hans  Hendk.  Boshart 31 

Hans  Hendk.  Oatt,      35 

Fredk.   Doughterman, 33 

Andreas  Doughterman 18 

Ernest  Anient, 35 

Fredk.  Ziegell, 36 

Hans  Jacob  Goldner, 33 

Hans  Geo.  Anient, 38 


Name.  Age. 

Welohior  Beerlie,      30 

Ezekiel  OcIum-, I^!) 

Johannes  Ulrich, 38 

John  Fredk.  Houbley 25 

Hans  Geo.  Witnian, 25 

Johannes  Mayei", 30 

fieo.  Eler, 20 

Peter  Warner, 35 

Johannes  Wydnian, •.    .  25 

Miclil.  Wolfan^'er, , 23 

Leonard  Kern, 24 

Hendk.  Waganer 28 

Christo.  Sliipert, 20 

Fredk.  Siglar 21 

Peter  Franker 28 

Johannes  Righer, 83 

John  Hendk.   Knoif 30 

Antony  Knoif, 20 

Daniel  Debus 28 

Jacob  Debus,      26 

Lodwick  Debus, 36 

Johan  Hendk.  Catenback, 17 

Hans  Adam  Zimmerman, 20 

Nielli.  Coblentz 45 

Abram  Hobler, 27 

Phillip  Bras  Shnyder 9,5 

Valantine  Shutter,      45 

Hendk.   Shutter, 22 

Godliph  Zeigell 32 

Phy.  Reysner, 
Johan  Mar.  Say, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  i>f  the  Sxow  Endeavour, 
Thomas  Anderson,  Captain,  from  London.  Qualified 
Nov.  10,  1743, 

Matheis  Braunefelder,  Adam  Schaub. 

Jacob  Braunefelder,  Matheis  Braunefelder,  jr. 

Hans  Ulrich  Schaub, 



List  of  FoREiGt:NER5  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Aurora, 
Robert  Pickemam,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Oct.  8,  1744. 

.Tost  Vrevel, 
Conrad  Rorig, 
Joh.  Phil.  Foost, 
Peter  Schaffer, 
Johannes  Bakei', 
Matteas  Meyer, 
Nicklas  Meyer, 
Johannes  Michael, 
Joli.  Christian  Berger, 
Mattheis  Hem, 
Godhart  Lore, 
Jacob  Scheyer, 
Matthis  Noll, 
Marcus  Andres, 
Joh.  Jacob  Henn, 
Joh.  Hen.  Dornbach, 
Joh.  Adam  Geyer, 
Joh.  Geo.  Kell, 
Joh.  Wil    Weiss, 
Joh.  Donis  Shmit, 
Pontius  Wiern, 
Johan  Adam  Hii'ter, 
Johan  H enrich  Bock, 
Johan  Christ  Wirth, 
Hans  Yaltein  Streder, 
Johan  Adam  Meyer, 
Johan  Peter  Sheff, 
Joh.   Henrich  Rorich, 
Joh.  Adam  Schumacher, 
Johan  Konrad  Weyer, 
Johan  Christ  Kohl, 
Johan  Peter  Weingerer, 
Joh.  Peter  Neytzert, 
Johan  Peter  Meyer, 
Johan  Georg  Stiegeler, 
Johan  Henrich  Haflfer, 
Joh.  Georg  Schuster, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Kell, 
Johan  Martin  Kohler, 
Johan  Matteas  Dexter, 

Johan  Dornbach, 
Joh.   Thieffelbach, 
Daniel  Foost, 
Pierre  Aune, 
Johan  Besenger, 
Matteas  Meyer,  jr., 
Jean  P.  Pa  von, 
Philipus  Fackert, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Sage, 
Georg  Nolen, 
Andreas  Pichnoster, 
Johan  Noll, 
Bernhart  Neyzart, 
Joh.  Paul  Krebs, 
Joh.  Peter  Henn, 
Joh.  Harfstenbach, 
Joh.  Geo.  Shuster, 
Joh.  Jac.  Reyman, 
Joh.  Pet.  Jung, 
Joh.  Wilh.  Weyer, 
Johann  Christian  Kell, 
Johan  Adam  Hierte, 
.Tohan  Adam  Shog, 
Johann  Adam  Wagner, 
Johan  Georg  Muller, 
Joh.  Hermanus  Frevel, 
Joh.  Wilh.  Ganderman, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Berger, 
Frantz  Wilh.  Kaulbach, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Lands| 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Koch, 
Johan  David  Dornbach, 
.Toll.  Peter  Feyzer, 
Joh.  Christof  Stiegeler, 
Johan  Bastian  Miller, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schlemer, 
Johan  Peter  Cheert, 
Johan  Ludwig  Ehrman, 
Johan  Peter  Strunck. 



List  of  Foreigxeks  Impouticd  ix  the  8uip  Phcenix,  Wil- 
liam WiLSox,  Captaix,  from  Rotterdam.  Quamkied 
Oct.  20.  1744. 

Henrich  Hartinaim, 
Georg  Schon, 
Adam  Fischborn, 
Nicklas  Peteo, 
Conrad  Fuchs, 
Mattheis  Kolb, 
Friederich  Parteiner, 
Philip  Wendel  Klein, 
Joh.  Henry  Mattinger, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  AVagiier, 
Georg  Odt, 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Johannes  Fluck, 
Paul  Schneider, 
Joh.  Fiehlt, 
Henrich  Piatt, 
AVendel  Benodes, 
Andi-eas  Eshbacher, 
Johannes  Dieckert, 
Peter  Faust, 
Jacob  Stephen, 
Andreas  Sorger, 
Friederich  Hul)y, 
Andreas  Gruljel, 
Basrian  Morjan. 
Herman  DecreiiT, 
Philip  Bretz, 
Lewalt  Laub, 
Johan  Wendel  Metzler, 
Johan  Adam  Morgen, 
Joh.  Philip  Mauck, 
Christoph  Westerberger 
Valentin  Huss, 
Wymar  Strunck, 
Jerg  Wilhelm  Staudt, 
Joh.  Balthas  Fischborn, 
Gerhardt  Schlesser, 
Johann  Philip  Andrese, 
John  Georg  Westberger, 
Fried  rich  Huber, 
Johan  Reiahart  Waltz, 
Johann  Georg  Schaffer, 

Joliannes  Herberth, 
Jjorentz  Erbach, 
Antonius  Fischborn, 
Theobald  Klein, 
Andouius  Weyrich, 
Job.  Georg  Wahnsiller, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johan  Jost  Tizler, 
Johan  Herman  Mohr, 
Jacob  Buchmaii, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Philip  Krebe, 
Paul  us  Eberhardt, 
Martin  Etter, 
Conrad  Hefling, 
Friderich  Gresser, 
Martin  Kiester, 
Johannes  Wayemer, 
Friederich  Stelwag. 
Gerhardt  Fircus, 
Jacob  Wagner, 
Conrath  Jung, 
Anthonius  Hoblich, 
Henry  Pad, 
Hemrich  Liess, 
Philip  Flugh, 
Martin  Koib, 
Jacob  Ran, 
Johann  Adam  Wegel, 
Casper  Schneider, 
Johan  Peter  Gotz, 
Rudolph  Fiehl, 
Johann  Kuntz, 
Valentin  Wiuesheim, 
Job.  Nic.  Messerschmidt, 
Peter  Tauschhaus, 
Friederich  Michael, 
Christian  Ebei-hart, 
Johan  Nickel  Hen, 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Christ ollel  Dinckenschiet, 
Fried.  Christian  Muller, 


Johann  Valentin  Hue, 
Joli.  Greorg  Meisenheim, 
Johan  Philip  Hotlich, 
Johan  Henrich  Kuntz, 
Peter  Philipp  Halm, 
Johann  Dierlhoffner, 
Johan  Peter  Fuchs, 
Chi-istoffel  Fiehl, 
Anton  Schneider, 
Johan  Philip  Roth, 

Joh.  Peter  Breyvogel, 
John  Adam  Klein, 
Johan  Philip  Kerchner 
Johan  Adam  Braun, 
Joh.  Friederich  Sauer, 
Philip  Peter  Grassert, 
Johan  Peter  Kolb, 
Diellman  Diekenschiedt, 
Philip  Jacob  Bader, 
Han  Dewalt  Seltenreich. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Friendship, 
John  Mason,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  (Qualified 
Nov.  2,  1744. 

Herman  Weber. 
Casper  Weber, 
Jacob  Fughs, 
Peter  Bogert, 
Cxeorg  Bernhart. 
Nieklaus  Kusig, 
Christoph  Koble, 
Johannes  Graber, 
Peter  Williar, 
Peter  Hann, 
Dewald  Sperk, 
Johannes  Bieber, 
Wolfgang  Siess, 
Johann  Schlogel, 
Johan  Lobach, 
Philip  Waghmer, 
Debalt  Werner, 
Peter  Gesell, 
Johan  Jacob  Ferher, 
Joh.  Philip  Ehrenhardt, 
John  Peter  Cusick, 
John  Wilhelm  More, 
Adam  Scholkopf, 
Geo.  Emlg  Haartz, 
Johann  George  Weber, 
Andreas  Reiffschneider, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
MicJiael  Bauman, 

Wilhelm  Weber, 
Gefhart  AVill, 
Jacob  Engel, 
Valentin  Vogt, 
(Jonrat  h  Forster, 
Jachim  Joan, 
Albrecht  Muller, 
Johannes  Moll, 
Abraham  Mischat, 
Johann  Wohlleben, 
Georg  Bieber, 
.Dewald  Beaber, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Bernhai-t  Roobe, 
Johannes  Tieze, 
Dietrich  Schattler, 
Philip  Shaffer, 
Joh.  Adam  Radebusch, 
Anthonius  Dillan, 
Joh.  Hearich  Vatter, 
John  Jacol)  Summer, 
Theodorus  Krahl, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Reuel, 
John  Adam  Haartz, 
Johan  Adam  Weber, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
John  Peter  Noss, 
John  Jacob  Bildhous, 


Joliann  Jacob  Stolt/, 
Juliana  ^sickel  Gn)b, 
Heinricli  Jacob  Krebs, 
Johaiiu  Michael  Klein, 
Johannes  Wildt, 
Heinrich  SchelTer,  jr., 
Henrich  Koppelberger, 

Johan  Georg  Schadel. 
Georg  Konrad  (irob, 
Johan  Haltzer  Kohler, 
Johann  Ernst  Soloino, 
Heinricli  SchelTer, 
Henrich  Feyerbach. 


Stevknsoa.    ( 

FiED  Dec.   11,  1744. 

Philip  Stein, 
Johannes  Zorlin, 
Hans  Henry  Dobler, 
Michael  Haur, 
Rudolph  Meeke, 
Philip  Biekler, 
Walter  Miller, 
Michael  Anthon, 
Nicolas  Herman, 
Friederick  Kop, 
Albrecht  Fried.  Binder, 
Baltha/ar  Aringast, 
Jacob  Lambrecht, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Friederich  Deobeld, 
Johannes  Kautz, 

iMPOliTEI)     IN     THE     ShIP     CARTERET, 
'APTAIN,     FROM     ROTTERDAM.      QrALl- 

Jacob  (xraff, 
Han  Peter  Schuhlein, 
Hans  Georg  Klein, 
Johannes  L^ewalt, 
Hans  Forster, 
Jacob  Biekler, 
Valentin  Young, 
Henry  Shwenk, 
Nicklas  Steinnietz, 
Job.  Georg  Schaaff, 
Johan  Philip  Binder, 
Christophel  Weber, 
Christoph  Bittenbender, 
Joh.  Christian  Rehkoi)p, 
Friederich  Deobeld,  jr., 
Wilhelm  Jungck. 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Musclifpe 
Galley,  Georg  Durell,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam, 
LAST  from  Dorsetshire.     Qualified  Dec.  22,  1744. 

Christian  Stauffei-,  Johannes  Stanbe, 

Jacob  Konig,  Henry  Dochtnan, 

Christian  Coots,  Hans  Lynter, 

Stephan  Kurtz,  Hans  Eyer, 

Jacob  Engel,  Jacob  Sharff, 

Christian  Konig,  Samuel  Konig, 



Joliann  Jacob  Meyer, 
Christian  Herford, 
Christian  Krebill, 
Adam  Jacob  Maurer, 
Leonhard  Muller, 
Michael  Trahnian, 
Johan  Adam  Werntz, 
Johan  Jacob  Werntz, 
Hans  Grorg  Schneider, 
HariS  Pexer  Eurye, 
Casper  Schertzer, 
John  Showalter, 
Henry  Thomas, 
Hans  Lichti. 
Val  entin  Heger, 
Christian  Florig, 
Conrad  Notz. 
Pliilip  Haible, 
Uh-ich  Grotter, 
Pliiiip  Vetter, 
Jost  Yotter, 
Jacob  Muller, 
Peter  Looh, 
Jacob  Juncker, 
Jacob  Pregly, 
Hans  David  Ern, 
Johannes  Albrecht, 
Christian  Fratz, 
Peter  Wittmer, 
Rudolph  Herdte, 
Rudolph  Herdte,  jr., 

Valentine  Tallebacli, 
Lenhart  Klopert, 
Abi'aham  Steiner, 
Johan  Adam  Gess, 
Andreas  Henr.  Pattheuer, 
Joh.  Melchior  Bruder. 
Philii>  Ludwig  Werntz, 
Hans  Georg  Graff, 
Hans  Adam  Young, 
Hans  Georg  Dewalt, 
Christian  Mosser, 
Johannes  Mosieman, 
Christian  Lang, 
Frantz  Gernandt, 
Elias  Dietrich, 
Jacob  Hoffling, 
Conrad  Meckes, 
Johannes  Meister, 
Bernhart  Bear, 
Jacob  Ebi, 
Peter  Jutzy, 
Peter  Weiss. 
Peter  Mayer, 
Elias  Rieth, 
Andreas  Mosselman, 
Jacob  Dauerschauer, 
Johannes  Sauder, 
Rudolph  Hand, 
Henrich  Schlichter, 
Josua  Caspar  Herdie,  ir. , 
Geo.  Wilh.  Heydelbach. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Ann  Galley, 
William  Wilson,  Captain,  prom  Rotterdam.  Last  from 
the  Orkneys,  Scotland.     Qualified  Sept.  27,  1746. 

Philip  Bohn. 
•Johannes  Dammer, 
Thomas  Hahn, 
Conrad  Raber, 
Casper  Heydrich, 
Johan  Peter  Herman, 

Johannes  Bohn. 

Christopher  Tliomas, 

Johannes  Hahn, 

Carl  Heydi-ich, 

Daniel  Zwier, 

Johan  Georg  Godschalk, 



Johan  Baltzer  Holm, 
Christoph  Hoiriiiaii, 
Johan  Georjj  Knudel, 
Joseph  Egeiiler, 
Michael  Ej^olf, 
Simon  Doltl'cr, 
Heinrifh  Muller, 
Valentin  Soll'el, 
Jolianiies  !Slu>ck.  jr., 
Johannes  Hiunmel, 
Hans  Georg  Breckel, 
Bernhart  Bohner. 
Georg  Shneering, 
Hans  Georg  Trescher, 
Johan  Baltes  Biitzer, 
Abraham  Rosch, 
Georg  Heidrieh, 
John  Heinrich  Kaltfleisch, 
Johannes  Schiek, 
Jacob  Itzel, 
Andreas  Beck, 
Balthasar  Strais, 
Christian  Lent/-, 
Philip  Ziegler, 
Matheas  Blechle, 
Michael  Dietz, 
Jacob  Siegle, 
Peter  Reshe, 
Georg  Rieth, 
Joseph  Alber, 
Jacob  Dauttel, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  riorst, 
Jacob  Freymann, 
Johannes  Soffel, 
Geo.  Albrecht  Hillegass, 
Michel  Zimmerman, 
Christian  Wagner, 
Michael  Sickel, 
Mathias  Streihle, 

Johan  Balthasar  Damer, 
Johan  Jjudwig  Lauinan, 
Rubert  Hartaflej, 
Johannes  Kauffman, 
Michael  Egolf,  jr., 
Martin  Laiiman, 
Martin  Blicke, 
Hans  Peter  Dannhauer, 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Welnier, 
Johan  Adam  Heindei. 
Joh.  David  Schenheintz, 
Ludwig  Falkenstein, 
Johan  Andreas  Jetter, 
Hans  Mich.   Nuehauser, 
Christian  Kauffman. 
Wilhelm  Schmit. 
Abraham  Zimmerma,n, 
Johannes  Ott, 
Michael  Batz, 
Jacob  Ziegler. 
Johannes  Krautz, 
Mattheus  Hold, 
John  Lentz, 
Christ oph  Lentz, 
Conrad  Dress, 
Johannes  Seigle, 
Christian  Strom, 
Georg  Wram, 
Georg  Bratz, 
Georg  Hetrich, 
Fried  rich  Eichholtz, 
Johann  Schrotler. 
Casper  Schneider, 
David  Kuntzel. 
Hans  Grunwaldt, 
John  Michael  Sickel, 
Melchior  Mell, 
Michael  Klaus. 



List  op  Foreignkus  Imported  in  the  Ship  Neptune, 
Thomas  Wilkinson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Oct.  25,  174G. 

Johannes  Kauffeld, 

Heni-y  Eller. 

Jacob  Shnyder, 

Job.  Friedrich  Windst, 

Jolian  Peter  Funck, 

Peter  Sutter, 

Jacob  Bauman, 

Adam  Kogh, 

Frantz  Reynhart, 

Valentin  Leonhardt, 

Nicklas  Kauffeld, 

Andreas  Reinhart, 

Joh.  Peter  Langenberger, 

Philip  Ginder, 

Joh.  Philip  Reinhart, 

Henrich  Steiner, 

Peter  Willem, 

Jacob  Steiner, 

Michel  Werntz, 

Dewalt  Angny, 

Jacob  Leisser, 

Georg  Ernst, 

Jean  Duesto, 

Franco!  Conrieu, 

Pierre  Vaintvas, 

Conrad  Conrath, 

Henry  Shneyder, 

Christian  Steiner, 

Michel  Fischer, 

Georg  Zimmerman, 

Friederich  Reinhart 

Arenne  Consul, 

Henry  Miller, 

Johannes  Heindt, 

Joh.  Fried.    Windst,  jr., 

Johan  Jacob  Pfeiffer, 

Jacob  Ranch, 

Georg  Kauffeld, 

Daniel  Jacob, 

Nicklas  Felle, 

Jacob  Bauman,  jr., 

Joh.  Christoff  Hausmann, 

Isaac  Steiner, 

Wilhelm  Baussman, 

Johannes  Steiner, 

Lorentz  Baussman, 

Jacob  Baab, 

Johannes  Gobel, 

Georg  Weber, 

Jacob  Huntz, 

Casper  Dewalt, 

Carl  Risch, 

Pierre  Gerro, 

Saul  Ruibec, 

Joseph  Gerra, 

Christoffel  Pausch, 

Philip  Wissner, 

Joh.  Bernhart  Fer, 

Peter  Grosnickel, 

Johannes  Breitenbach, 

Joh.  Christian  Leibrock, 

Alexander  Gibbo. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Bilander  Vernon 
Thomas   Ricks,  Master,    from  Rotterdam.     Qualified 
Aug.  1,  1747. 

Andreas  Biirge, 
Jacob  Steinbring, 
Dewald  Sheyder, 

Christoffel  Biir, 
Christoff  Cressel, 
Jacob  Leesher, 



Marx  Klili, 
Abraliam  Fiinck, 
Felix  Weiss, 
Johannes  Grunwald, 
Heini'icli  Huttner. 
8aiiuiel   Witnier, 
Job.  (reorj^  Meingastner, 
Johannes  Rooghel, 
Hans  Jacol)  Walder, 
Hans  (^aspei*  Waliler, 
Job.  Cliristian  "NVanipller, 
Hans  Bickell, 
Rudolph  Hornet'ker, 
Henry  Herker, 
.lohannes  Walder, 
Riulol]ih  Hnl)er, 
Henrich  Huber, 
Hans  Frietlt, 
Heinrich  Fiett, 
Hans  Nickel  Schmitt, 
Hans  Htfsnricli  Weiss, 
Joh.  Lndwig  Wanipfler, 
Jacob  Steinbrachel, 
Friederich  Wirtz, 

Henry  Croub, 

Jacob  Sliappy, 
Henrich  fStartznian, 
Hans  Michael  Kuntz, 
Hans  Mich.  Buttner, 
Tobias  Wagheman, 
Hans  Casjxir  Feerer, 
Rudolph  Hornecker,  jr., 
Hans  Henrich  AValder, 
Han  Michel  Eyseiiiuann, 
Hans  Jac(jl)  Sliapp>  , 
Jacob  Schnebeli, 
Ulrich  Hornecker, 
Peter  Baw man, 
Ludwig  Weiter. 
Georg  Wanijjfler, 
Henrich  Huber,  jr., 
Kilian  Indorff, 
Wilhehn  Otz, 
Hans  Wilhelni  Weidner, 
Hans  Bleigestaufer, 
Hans  Ni clans  Biir, 
Hans  Greorg  Schar. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Lydia,  Wil- 
liam Tiffin,  Captain,  prom  London.  Qualified  Sept. 
24,  1747. 

•Tohannes  Vogel, 
Hans  Peiffer, 
Peter  Verner, 
Henrich  Panner, 
Hans  IMartin  Wehrner, 
Hans  Jacob  (frullniann, 
Georg  Jacob  Nudeli, 

Jacob  Verner, 
Hans  rxerman, 
Michael  Meyer, 
John  Jacob  Meishter, 
Mich.  Vogelfanger  Tolly, 
Daniel  Heinrichs, 
Thorn.  Hen.  Breyinayer. 

17— Vol.  XVII, 



List  of  PoRKiaxERir^  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Restauration, 
James   Hall,    Captaijn,  from    Rotterdam.      Qualified 
^  Oct.   9,  1747. 

David  Scherch, 
Johannes  Schanz, 
Tobias  Pflieger, 
Johannes  Knecht, 
Hieroniuius  Greber, 
Joh.  Georg  Surnier, 
Martin  Ptiengstag, 
Jacob  Endi, 
Georg  Rohrer, 
Baltas  Mauerer, 
Michael  Wagner, 
Peter  Mosser,  jr., 
Andreas  Beyer, 
Simon  Isbod, 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
David  Kobe], 
Samuel  Rosser, 
Michael  Fnnck, 
Adam  Tamas, 
Henry  Righter, 
Michael  Foss, 
Georg  Beyer, 
Michel  Meyer, 
Joh.  Lorentz  Straueker, 
Georg  Fried.  Klingel, 
Heini'ich  Rosch, 
Joh.  Daniel  Busch, 
Samuel  Wend  el, 
Geo.  Friederich  Kasper, 
Georg  Daniel  Epplcr. 
Joh.  Adam  Kauffman, 
Jacob  Muller, 
Philip  Hinsch, 
Martin  Streicker, 
Thomas  Zigler, 
Georg  Lertschle, 
Hans  Adam  Sebaklt, 
Joseph  Bentzinger. 
Johan  Georg  Wendel, 
Johan  Peter  Lutz, 
Georg  Wollmiller, 
Michael  Hotfmau. 

Martin  Lesch. 

Nicola  us  Miller, 

Leonhart  Horein, 
Andreas  Seitle, 
Johannes  Loffler, 
Joli.  Georg  Kuhner, 
Casper  Ber, 
Georg  Klees, 
Johannes  Yetter, 
Jacob  Hacke, 
Peter  Mosser, 
Hans  Guth, 
Jacob  Wetzler, 

» Christian  Eller, 
Jost  Kol)e], 
Peter  Wittmer, 
Jacob  Beysely, 
Jacob  Gross, 
Christian  Rupp, 
Hans  Lay, 
Bernhart  Beck, 
Martin  Moll, 
Johannes  Leonner, 
Christoph  Wagner, 
Hans  Georg  Klingel, 
Joh.  Philip  Bnsch, 
Joh.  Paulas  lilisyer. 
Christian  Muhleissen, 
Philip  Jacob  Mayer, 
Johan  Peter  Beyl, 
Hans  Georg  Jung, 
Jacob  Roder, 
Davi<l  Dietterich, 
Andreas  Riess, 
Jacob  Houpt, 
Lucas  Flak, 
Hans  Georg  Torr, 
Joseph  Lobwasser, 
Hans  Georg  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Schemnilein, 
Heinrich  Haaptman, 
Joh.  Frantz  Lemndein, 



Job.  Philip  Stoclv, 
l^liilip  Hi'beisen, 
Christopli  HoTiian, 
Conrad  Bisecker, 
Job.  Gottfried  Bobner, 
Hans  Georf^  Eljerburtt, 
Job.  Philip  Hopff, 
Job.  Cbrisioi)h  Sillierberg, 
Johannes  Feldiuayer; 
Hans  Leonard  But/., 
Cliristopb  Muhlei^sen, 
Andreas  Bosshardt, 
Balthes  Zericber. 
Mart  hens  IVIauck, 
Jacob  Sclierich, 
Hermanns  Muuian, 
Christian  Trai^her, 

Job.  Michael  Weckesser, 
Johan  Jacol)  Ebener, 
Fi  iedericb  Rohrer, 
Job.  ])avid  Klennii, 
Michael  Reinardt, 
Haas  Geor^  Sliiiiitzer, 
Gottfried  iliitteuauer, 
Johannes  Hermann, 
Georg  Muckenberger, 
Hans  Michael  Schlauch, 
Gotfried  Lauerer, 
Michel  Scbill, 
Jacob  Roscli, 
Jacob  Hettler, 
Johannes  AVeissman, 
Joban  Jacob  Schof, 
Christian  Schneider. 

List  of   F*^RKifTNERs 
ERS,  Thomas  Aknot 
iFiED  Oct.  13,  1747. 

Johannes  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Adam, 
Perer  Steiumetz, 
Jacol)  Arnold,  sen. , 
Mattheis  Kern, 
Jolian  Peterey, 
Carl  Baumberger, 
Xickolas  Woolfe, 
Georg  Kirch, 
Jost  Fullmer, 
Christian  Eydam, 
Daniel  Sanerwalt, 
Johannes  Enck, 
Joban  H enrich  Knntz, 
Sebastian  Bauer, 
Anthon  Armrester, 
Herman  Wiist, 
Dewald  Knopff, 
Johanes  Scliertli, 
Matbeis  Biscbof, 

Importki>  rx  thk  Ship  Two  Broth- 
T,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.     Qual- 

Jobannes  Bosse, 
Johannes  Buch, 
Johannes  Opji, 
Jacob  Arnold,  jr., 
Johannes  Hermann, 
Joban  Heind, 
Johannes  Eberhart, 
H enrich  Kirch, 
Johannes  BiscbolT, 
Johannes  Wemaer, 
Henricli  Julius^ 
Johannes  Schessler, 
Jacob  Hupjiel, 
Job.  Chri.stof  Muller, 
<feorg  Wendling, 
Heinrich  Scharff, 
Nicklas  Gebhart, 
Georgius  Boron ii, 
Henricli  Kern, 
Johannes  B()bm, 



Joliau  Suutziut?, 
Fraiitz  (rerligh, 
Philip  Ko!p, 
Johau  Niclaus  Straitz, 
Johan  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Joli.  Jacob  Hilgert, 
Johan  Pliilip  Thomas, 
Johan  Frantz  Hammer, 
Jolian  (jreorg  R@tli, 
Jolian  Adam  Krober, 
Joh.  Leonhart  Negele, 
Jolian  Philip  Herman, 
Jho.   Peter  Miister, 
Joh.  Jacob  Bischoff, 
Joh.  Balthas  Hieronymus, 
Adam  Ingebrand, 
Philip  Fidler, 
Costinios  Ortner, 
Johan  Philip  Naehtgall, 
Joh.  Valentin  Harth, 
Johan  Nickel  Wiist. 
Johan  (Jhristoph  Lihr, 
Johannes  Sassemanshanse, 
Joh.  Jost  Bebighausen, 
Frantz  Will  Hahu, 
Baltzer  Mohn, 
Valentin  Buchaker, 
Conrad  Waagen;er, 

Johann  (xeorg  Anstatt, 
Paulus  Dilgard, 
El-nest  Dettenfriser, 
Joh.   Christoph  Strottzman, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Schneider, 
Johan  Peter  Bausmann, 
Johan  Ernst  Knrtz, 
Frantz  Henrich  Graus, 
Johan  Peter  Conradt, 
Joh.  Philip  Klenninger, 
Johan  Conrad  Momma, 
Frantz  Peter  Lorentz, 
Joh.  Wendel  Eberhart, 
Joh.  Diet.   Schmidt, 
Joh.  Frantz  Hieronymus, 
(reorg  Philip  Grroh, 
Henry  Beil, 
Michel  Niederanser, 
Johan  Gearg  Hath, 
Georg  Griinemeyer, 
Frantz  Michel  Bischof, 
Johan  (Conrad  Geib. 
Johan  Jost  Ries, 
Georg  Herrmann, 
Leonhart  Muller, 
Uhllerich  Mohn, 
Adolflf  May. 

List  of  Forkigjjers  Impor 
b"rom  rottkrdam. 

Johannes  Gress, 
Henry  Bangwer, 
Jacob  Frey, 
Wilhelm  Dauber, 
Hans  Scheyer, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Christian  Wenger, 
Johannes  Stumpf, 
Georg  Reith, 
Peter  Kennel, 
Georg  Kiistnet", 

TED — Name  of  Ship  Unknown— 
QtTAi>iFiED  Oct.  20,  1747. 

Peter  Koch, 
Jacob  Spring, 
Niclaus  Lantz, 
Adam  Bui-ger, 
Adam  Schmitt, 
Charles  Schmid, 
Georg  Schafer, 
Ludwig  Tecker, 
Henry  Frantz. 
Peter  Frantz, 
Johannes  Frey, 



Frederic  J)auber, 

.lull.  Christian  Petersohii, 

Jacf)l)  Alleinaiiii, 

.lohii  Henry  Schneyder, 

Johannes  Wenger, 

Hans  Adam  Furne, 

Hans  Georg  Lantz, 

Hans  Philip  Earon, 

.Toll.  Willielni  Yet, 

Hans  Dewait  Leyte, 

Henry  Loelnvahler, 

Hans  Conrad  Beck, 
l^liilip  Henrich  Sejig, 
•facol)  Alleinann,  jr., 
Jacob  Scliw  Jtnger, 
Christoff  Gottschalk, 
Abraliani  Frant/, 
(Jhristian  (fradinier, 
Siiu.  Con.  Krineiis. 
Hans  Michel  Klein, 
Nicklans  Wenger. 

List  of  Forkignkrs  Importkj)  in  thk  8hip  Edinburgh, 
.fAMK.s  RrssKL,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth.     Qualified  Sept.  5,  1748. 

Andreas  Staut, 
Christoph  Kumm, 
Dietrich  Strubel, 
Julian  Lorentz, 
Conrath  Claus, 
Peter  Wingert,  - 
Peter  Pfeiffer, 
Friedericli  Gerhardt, 
Lorentz  Werthes, 
Michel  Gugesk, 
Joh.  Peter  Van  Kannen, 
Joh.  Jacol:)  Eyler, 
Joh.  Nickel  Mayer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schlosser, 
Peter  Wil.  Caffroth, 
Joh.  Nicolas  Dost, 
John  Georg  Kirshnev. 
Rfelchior  Brown, 
Heinrich  Merckel, 
Georg  Jantz, 
Kernhart  Diehl, 
Johannes  Diehl, 
Conrath  Graff, 
Peter  Schaffer, 
Peter  Meetzler, 
Philip  Mook, 
Peter  Krebs, 
Henrich  Klatz, 

Jacob  Sehninacher, 
Lorentz  Reyder, 
Adam  Ranch, 
Thomas  Kirch. 
Sebastian  Barthol, 
Philip  Haller, 
Peter  Ott, 
Peter  Dost, 
Simon  Pllanus, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Gai'tner, 
Joh.  Jacob  Brommer, 
Johan  Nickel  Buch, 
Joh.  Nickel  Leu, 
Joh.  Herman  Clauss, 
Joh.  AVilhelm  Fuchs, 
Caspar  Franckfui-rher, 
Adam  Anders, 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
Michel  Theis.s. 
Matheas  Kramnier, 
Reinharr  (iaul, 
Johannes  Diehl,  jr., 
•Halthes  Erljacii, 
Jacob  Julius, 
Matheas  Betz, 
Baltazar  Essig, 
Lu<hvig  Bronholtz, 
Adam  Reem, 



Martin  Klein, 
Peter  Stein, 
Georg  Erdinayer, 
Johannes  Riehm, 
Valentin  Hutli,  jr., 
Valentin  Muller, 
Jacob  Veirling, 
Joh.  Valentin  Opp, 
Joh.  Adam  Schuster, 
Johan  Peter  Heger, 
Jacob  Hilssheinier, 
Joh.  Valentin  Lorentz, 
Joh.  Leonard  May, 
Henry  Stein, 
Conrad  Fritz. 
Jacob  Ebert, 
AVilhelm  Nick, 
Conrath  Buber, 
Phil.  Reinhart  G-ossler, 
Johannes  Wejalenhauer, 
Joh.  Anton  Bucholtz, 
Johan  Michel  Hoffner, 
Joh.  Ulrich  Hainuian, 
Vallentin  Kubatz, 
Heinrich  Scherei*, 
Wilhelni  Hans  Mann, 
Jolian  Peter  Weber, 
Ludwig  Lindenschniidt, 
Georg  Jacob  Hartnian, 
Philip  Jacob  Koch, 
Joh.  Dan.  Lindenschniidt, 
Michael  Wagner, 
Jacob  Schamnio, 
Georg  Leuthenfer, 
Adam  Uffner, 

Abraham  Stein,  jr., 
Abraham  Stein, 
Paul  Ulrich, 
Valentin  Huth, 
Valentin  Sherer, 
Felix  Sautter, 
Lenhaid  Gilhler, 
Joh.  Philip  Schmitt, 
Joh.  Stephan  Franck, 
Joh.  Valentin  Klages, 
Joh.  Philip  Lorentz, 
Adam  Kirchner, 
Frantz  Peter  May, 
Valentin  Reiner, 
Matheas  Ebert, 
Esaias  Carl, 
Johannes  Upp, 
Johan  Lorentz  Herschfanger, 
Geo.  Lenhart  K  rum  rein, 
Baldazar  Spitfcnagel, 
Johan  Peter  Rronnen,  - 
Joh.  Nickel  Eberhart, 
Joh.  Fried erich  Antes, 
Justinus  Scherer, 
Hans  Georg  Betz, 
Nicolaus  Muller, 
Christopher  Weber, 
Nicolaus  Lenhardt, 
Michael  Hartman, 
Friederich  Herget, 
Dominicus  Radel, 
Johan  Peter  Michel, 
Johan  Julius  Reem, 
Johannes  Foltz. 

List  ok  Forkignkrs  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Hampshire, 
Thomas  Cheeseman,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  Qual- 
ified Sept.  7,  1748. 

Joahnnes  Haust, 
Adam  Mayer, 
Michael  Widman, 
Jacob  Ruhl, 

Philip  Hap, 
Johannes  Bischoff, 
Peter  Ferdig, 
Johannes  Mayer, 



Hartinan  Adam, 
Georj^  ISteyerwald, 
Johannes  Deflithal, 
Jacob  Ruiickel, 
Tobias  Schull, 
Andreas  Hollinger, 
I'hilii)  Merckel, 
Philip  Koch, 
Joh.  Andreas  Riegler, 
Johan  Henricli  BotT, 
Joh.  Lnd  wig  Wagner, 
Johan  Frantz  Noll, 
Joh.  Friederifh  Ritz, 
Philip  Wendel  Hensel, 
Johan  Michel  Didah, 
Jacob  Sherr, 
Anthony  Erinolt, 
Henrich  Cron, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Christoi)her  Rubi, 
Wolfgang  Wolff. 
Anselmus  Schreiner, 
Rev.  Joh.  Albert  Wej'gand, 
Joh.  Georg  Stimmel, 
Adam  Immerhausser, 
Johan  Jacob  Bentz, 
Hans  Peter  Kucheller, 
Johan  Michel  Ohrig, 
Joh.  Erhart  Baumgertel, 
Joh.  Caspar  Lederholt, 
Johan  Daniel  Hamm, 
Philip  Carl  Piller, 
Philip  Henrich  Mohr, 
Joh.  Friderich  Plotz, 

Johannes  Adam, 
Conrath  Maul, 
Nicholaus  Christ, 
Friederich  Hammer. 
Jacob  Holtz, 
Caspar  Hoberling, 
Carl  Engel, 
Michael  Basserman, 
Joh.  Adam  Muller, 
Phil.  Liuhvig  Hutig, 
Joh.  Dietrich  Matthey, 
Joh.  Henrich  Noll, 
Joh.  Anthon  Maul, 
Johan  Tobias  Holt/.e;, 
Johan  Philip  Baum, 
David  Hag, 
Frantz  Grove, 
Johannes  Engel, 
Georg  Lembcher, 
Lorentz  Wentzel, 
Jacob  Hammer, 
Andreas  Miller, 
Joh.  Adam  Wilhelm, 
Johan  Peter  Schafer, 
•Tolian  Adam  Schmid, 
John  Georg  Wabeber, 
Hans  Georg  Hag, 
Johan  Georg  Wiel, 
Johan  Henrich  Krom, 
Joh.  AVilh.  Leymeister, 
Johan  Georg  Weittman, 
Hans  Jacob  Osterman, 
Johan  Adam  Weiss. 

[  The  original  list  is  hereivith  given.'\ 

Name.  Age. 

Hans  Adam  Willhelm, 34 

Johannes  Houst, 20 

Lsaac  Stimell 28 

Philip  Happ, M 

Adam  Mayer 30 

Johannes  Bischoff, 34 

Peter  Scheffer, 20 


Name.  Ago. 

Adam  Imenheyser,      25 

Hans  Yericli  Smith, 18 

Michael  Wydinan,       24 

Johan  Jacob  Ideek, 25 

Hans  Yericli  Webber, 45 

Peter  Ferdigh, 46 

Hans  Peter  Keller, 40 

Yerich  Hack,      41 

Andreas  Keyler 24 

Jacob  Kool, r 49 

John  Adam  Miller, 25 

Johannes  Myer, 53 

John  Hendk.  Bote, 40 

John  Jonas  Bote,      20 

Philip  Lodwick  Hidige, 18 

Hartman  Adam 40 

Johannes  Adam, 16 

Lodwick  AVaganer,       20 

Dudrick  Mathias 23 

John  Frans  Noll,      4C 

John  Hendk.  Noll, ;    .  20 

Y'erick  Styerwald, 40 

Fredk.  Reets,      . 27 

John  Albertus  Wagentbotten, 26 

Anthy  Maul, 27 

Conradt  Maul 25 

Johannes  Duffeydal, 23 

Johan  Misael  Diteoir, 19 

Phillip  Vendell  Hensell, 52 

John  Toljias, 16 

John  Phillip  Bamm 30 

Nicholas  Christ 58 

Michael  Orig, 35 

Jacob  Rungell , 27 

Fredk.  Hamer, 35 

Tobias  Schad, 42 

Jacob  Holtz, 45 

Andreas  Hodenar, 30 

John  Yerick  Wyl 21 

Casper  Keperling, ...  22 

Phillip  Wensell, 48 

John  Boomgirdle, 26 

Michael  Baserman,      21 

Carles  Inglie, 25 

Johannes  Inglie, 22 


Name.  Age. 

Phillip  Kogli 19 

Jacol)  Schear, 28 

Joliii  Hendk.  Croni, 20 

David  Agh 22 

Casper  J^etherholt/, 58 

Anthony  Erniolt, 28 

Johannes  Frans  CTrove 54 

Hendk.  Crown, 17 

Willlielni  Lyniester,        58 

Jacob  Smith,      20 

John  Daniel  Ham 20 

Yerick  Whytman, 34 

Yerick  Lamley,     80 

Phillip  Cabel  Hillei 22 

Casper  Rnpy,      27 

Lorentz.  Wensell, 47 

Wolffgang  Wolff,      36 

Jacob  Hainer, 16 

Mathias  Knip, 48 

Hans  Jacob  Osterman, 28 

Hans  Elhnus  Schrymer. 21 

Johanes  Engel,      22 

Phillip  Hendk.  Moore, 41 

Adam  Wys,      24 

Fridk.  Blaetz,                                  36 

Andreas  Miller, 35 

List    ok    Foreigners  Imported    ix  the    Mary  GtAllkt. 


.    Sept.  7,  1748. 

Niclas  Deederich, 
Nicklas  Thinges, 
jSicolaus  Wolff, 
Caspar  Klehr, 
Conrad  Cnnner, 
Jacob  Back, 
Peter  Hans  Bchneeder, 
Johan  (reorg  Roth, 
Johan  Peter  Ranch, 

Michael  Konig. 

Peter  Edeborn, 

Friederich  Heff, 

Peter  Levan, 

William  Kohl, 

Georg  Weber, 

Heinrich  Schnhen, 

J  oh.  Gottfried  Sommerlad 

Phil.  Jacob  Sommerla<l. 



Johannes  Hieppel, 
David  Sudder, 
Johannes  Willerieh, 

Abraham  Geebs, 
Johan  Adain  AVeber, 

[  The  original 

Abia  Schneider, 

Michael  Konig, 

Peter  Ederborn, 

Henry  Shewhan, 

Georg  Keith, 

Peter  Raugh, 

Philip  Jacob  Sonierland, 

Jacob  Hairs, 

Peter  Barnd, 

Conrad  Brunner, 

Jacob  Back, 

David  Suder, 

John  Adam  Weber, 

list  is  herewith  rfiven.] 

Nicholas  Derrick, 
Nicholas  Dirgris, 
Nicholas  Woolfe, 
Adain  Smith, 
Godfrey  Sonierline, 
Jacob  Fath, 
Casper  Clair, 
John  Kippel, 
Abraham  Giabs, 
William  Kohl, 
Geo.   Waber, 
John  Wilrick. 

List    of    Foreigners   Imported  in  thp:   Two   Brothers. 
Thomas  Arnott,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.     Quampied 

Sept.  15,  1748. 

Johannes  Herrmann, 
Peter  Bier,  jr. , 
Casper  Kieffer, 
Jacob  Scherer, 
Christoffel  Heck, 
Johannes  Worner, 
Jonas  Somerlad, 
Jacob  Hendel, 
Michael  Gunter, 
Phillippins  Stein, 
Conrad  Kohler, 
Johan  Burckhart  Brann. 
Johan  Daniel  Wirth, 
Siegmund  Bassermann, 
Georg  Carl  Hotz, 
Johan  Philip  Steflfan, 
Johan  Conrad  Ranch. 

Peter  Bier. 
Johannes  Knecht, 
Abraham  Kieffer,  jr., 
Jonas  Eberth, 
Nicolaus  Clementz, 
Johannes  Lanbach, 
Johanes  Stein, 
Jacob  Hock, 
.Tohannes  Heckert, 
Johannes  Koller, 
Johannes  Schlegel, 
.Tohan  Casper  Apffel, 
Johan  Peter  Denig, 
Joh.  Friederich  Hotz, 
Johan  Casper  Engel, 
Joh.  Conrad  Viehman, 
Johan  Just  Eberth, 



Johan  Baltes  Schaffer, 
Johau  Nicklau^  Kindt, 
Johaiiii  Jost  Dorr.  Alex.  Hang, 
Joh.  Dauiel  Schneider, 
Joh.  Henrich  Engel, 
Johanne.^  Nenhauss, 
Johixn  Petei-  Engel, 
Johan  Casper  Ranmer. 
Johan  Friederieh  Reher, 
Michael  Reiffsnyder, 
Johannes  Achning, 
Ewalt  Gantler, 
Matteis  Dilhart, 
Candias  Messert, 
Jacob  .Jirarden, 
Michael  Hesler. 
Georg  Engel, 
Peter  Dauber, 
Augustus  Peffer, 
Daniel  Kober, 
Peter  Felte, 
Carl  Marth, 
Jacob  Bretzius, 
Daniel  Angst. 
Johan  Philip  Schwab, 
Joh.  Michael  Brucker, 
Johan  Peter  Lenhart, 
Han  Adam  Stroher, 
Johannes  Stohr, 
Joh.  Mattheis  Strohr, 

Johannes  Bitterwein. 
Johannes  Gestner, 
Johan  Peter  Messert, 
Johann  Georg  Fass. 
Joli.  Wi'.helm  Engel. 
Ludwig  Daub  Niistel, 
Joh.  AV'ilhehn  Muller, 
Johan  Matheus  Etter, 
Johannes  Huntzecker, 
Johan  Paul  Junger, 
Joh.  Georg  Meserschniidt 
ITlrich  Wirth, 
Joliannes  Waltz, 
Johannes  Deyh, 
Joliannes  Nees, 
Johannes  Schlegel, 
Henrir-h  Frantz, 
Johannes  Braun, 
Jacob  Niess, 
Johannes  Muller, 
Nicolaus  Kuntz, 
Michael  Barges, 
Philip  Heiin, 
Jeremias  Runckel, 
Philip  Jacob  Schaffer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Specker, 
Johan  Jost  Runckel, 
Matheus  Hutwohl, 
Joh.  Mattheis  Stroher, 
Michel  Christman, 
Johann  Rouller. 

[T/ie  original  Hs(  ?'.s  herewith  riiven.'\ 

Casper  Apsel.  Daniel  Kreutz, 

Buckhard  13rauu,  Peter  Bier, 

Peter  Bier,  jun. ,  Johannes  Hearman, 

Peter  Deneck,  Simon  Basserman. 

Johannes  Knight.  Fredrich  Hyde, 

Carl  Hyde,  Ciisper  Kiefer, 

Abraham  Kiefer,  Abraham    Kiefer.  jun.. 

Casper  Ingle,  Johan  Sherer, 

Philip  Stevan,  Johannes  Ebert, 

Christoflfel  Hick.  Nicholas  Clemence, 



Johan  Conrad  Fieinan, 
Johannes  Werner. 
Baltzer  Schriver, 
Johan  Peter  Engle, 
Johan  Casper  Krenier, 
Johannes  Neu, 
Hans  Jacob  Kendeil. 
Fritz  Weber, 
Conrad  CTiinter, 
Hans  Eckkai-t, 
Michael  Raffsnyder, 
Conrad  Kehlor, 
Uh-ich  Wirth, 
Johan  Jurg  Messersniith, 
Johannes  Waltz, 
Nicholas  Kind, 
Matthias  Dieder, 
Joost  Durrer, 
Peter  Meffert, 
Jacob  (jrerrardin, 
Johannes  Slegell, 
Peter   Ernst, 
Conrad  Kellor,  .iun. , 
Johan  Jurg  Vaas, 
Daniel  Snyder, 
Eitel  Engell, 
Johan  Engell, 
Peter  Tanbert, 
Dominicus  Presser, 
Ludwg.  David  Ruppell, 
Nichols.   Koontz, 
Michael  Bartjes, 
Carl  Marth, 
Jacob  Bretzius, 
Johannes  Stohr, 
Philip  Swaab, 
Johan  Michal  Brueker, 
Joost  Runkell. 
Mathias  Hutwohl, 
Mattys  Stroher, 
Michal  Christnian, 
Johan  Fulleps, 
Johan  Jurg  Kellor, 

Conrad  Ranch, 
Johan  Jost  Ebert, 
Johannes  Laubach, 
Matthias  Opp, 
Henrich  Kreuier, 
Johannes  Holsecker, 
Johan  Jacob  Hock, 
Michael  (junter, 
Paul  Junger, 
Philip  Steyn, 
Hans  Kellor, 
Hans  Slegell, 
Ewald  Grunter, 
Johannes  Agtung, 
Peter  Antony. 
Johannes  Kesnar, 
Johannes  Tey, 
Egiduis  Meffert, 
Johannes  Holtz, 
Peter  Gerardin, 
Johannes  Slegell,  jr., 
Coni'ad  Kellor, 
Jacob  Reichart, 
Michael  Hasler, 
Henrich  Frantz, 
Wilhehnus  Engell, 
Johannes  Wyandt, 
Jacob  Nyce, 
Johannes  Muller, 
Daniel  Kobir, 
Peter  Velte, 
Johannes  Newhouse, 
Philip  Grim, 
Wilhehnus  Muller, 
Jacob  Schefer, 
Henrich  Spicker, 
Jereinias  Runkell, 
Peter  Leonard, 
Hans  Adam  Stoher, 
Daniel  Angst, 
Mathias  Stroher, 
Johannes  Sumerlauter. 



List  ok  Foreigners  Importk 
James  Tait,  from  Rotterd 
IKIED  Sept.  15,  174«. 

Hans  Peter  Schaler, 
Joliiiu  Aduiu  Leidig, 
Julian  Peter  Fell, 
Conrad  Hirikel, 
Auf^iist.  Ei^jenliert, 
Valentin  Volker. 
Christ  Peter  Sanernian, 
Johannes  Spess, 
Casi)er  Aniheiser, 
Erhart  Miller, 
Uirich  Katliniaeher, 
Saldiu  Tropp. 
Michael  Ungar, 
Johannes  Schui. 
Johan  Michael  Seefried, 
-^  Christian  Dapper, 

Jolian  Elias  Weisskopf, 

Johan  Jacob  Hassinger. 

Johan  Michel  Banssniann, 

Johan  Peter  Hecknian, 

Johan  Henrich  Hauser, 

Thebus  Spies, 

Georg  Nickel  Warmkessel, 

Jacob  Motz, 

Heinrich  Biich, 

Johan  Heinricli  Brosius, 

D  lA-  the  Ship  Juuith,  (Japt, 

AM,  LAST   from  (^OWES.     QUAL- 

Uans  Mich.  Sclialer, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Cosie, 
Johan  Ailani  Meier, 
Philip  Knobel, 
Heinrich  Althani, 
Wilhehu  Kuntz, 
Christian  Schneid, 
Johan  Jjorentz  Weigand, 
Frederic  (rest, 
Johan  Meier, 
Coiiiad  Weigand, 
Johannes  Schnell, 
Nicklaus  Akeruian, 
Jacob  Becker, 
Mattheus  Lescher, 
Jacob  Seibert, 
Johannes  Hassinger, 
Peter  Gluck, 

Philip  Anton  Sauermann, 
Conrad  Rhein, 
Johan  Henrich  Beitzel, 
Paulas  Bender, 
Jacob  Bettentorfer, 
Hans  Ludwig  Arndt, 
Greorg  Melchior  Stuber, 
Christophel  Lauer. 

List  of   Fxdreigners    Importicd    in  the    Ship 
John   Brown,    Master,    from   Rotterdam. 
Sept.  IC,  1748. 

Johan  Geo.   Enders, 

Philii)  Peter  Greiser, 

Johan  Heinrich  Erlenbaoh, 

Jacob  Biege, 

Johan  Geo.  Mack, 

Ernst  Jung, 

Nicklaus  Meisner, 

Geo.  Michael  Rotzermel, 


Hans  Geo.  Rornel, 
Valentin  Runnnel, 
Adam  Kastner, 
Jacob  Heisel, 
Johan  Peter  Loucks, 
Henrich  Deisinger, 
Philip  Carl  Haas, 
Peter  Peteriuan. 


jn^ames  of  foreigners  who  took 

Johan  Casper  Hopple, 

Johan  Conrad  Bohner, 

Valentin  Kotter, 

Dietrich  Sahl, 

Andreas  Rudolf, 

Greo.  Baltus  Hoffelbauer, 

Georg  Kass, 

Friedrich  Hafner, 

Erdman  Koppe, 

Johan  Adam  Dietrich. 

Johan  Gotfried  Kunstmann, 

Sylvester  Weimer, 

Adam  Sommer, 

Sebastian  Leininger, 

Johannes  Bittenbender, 

Ludwig  Weiker, 

Cai'olus  Feier, 

Johan  Jacob  Muller, 

Peter  Mumma, 

Johanes  Miller, 

Heinrich  Schwab, 

Joliannes  Gethner, 

Geo.  Baltzer  Kleber, 

Bernhart  Kuter, 

Hans  Adam  Kunkel.  sen., 

Hans  Kunkel, 

Anton  Weinroth, 

Jacob  Haller. 

Andreas  Bohringer, 

Conrad  Leubert, 

Johannes  Zobingen, 

Geo.  Fred.  Reisiner. 

Casper  Philip  Niedering, 

Jacob  Laudenberger, 

Pierre  Cellier, 

Jacob  Marge], 

Hans  Ulrich  Bucher, 

Lawrence  Eilmann, 

Heinrich  Mutsche, 

Nicklaus  "Wanser, 

Johan  Geo.  Bernhard  Stogie 

Johan  Rudolph  Kendel, 

Stephan  Wenger, 

Christian  Wenger, 

Samuel  Frei, 

Henrich  Adam  Miller, 

Baltus  Maus  Scheib, 
Johan  Peter  Roth, 
Conrad  Reiss, 
Philip  Hoffel])auer, 
Valentin  Casper, 
Johannes  Kunkel, 
George  Nutz, 
Joseph  Pfund, 
Geo.  Anton  Neidig, 
Johan  Ernst  Kiesecker, 
Alberich  Bosch, 
Johan  Jacob  Martin, 
Johan  Jost  Mertz, 
Johan  Conrad  Leininger, 
Johan  Philip  Hertzel, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Weiker, 
Johannes  Mag, 
Michel  Muller, 
Peter  Heisler, 
Philip  Wolff,    . 
Johannes  Herter, 
Frederic  Hagner, 
Geo.  Philip  Rulhaur, 
Johan  Frederic  Forster, 
Hans  Adam  Kunkel,  jr.. 
Johannes  Suminerauer, 
Mattheus  Burger, 
Adam  Bohringer, 
Johannes  Schmit, 
Henrich  Summeraurer, 
Hendrick  Kuyl, 
Heinrich  Peter  Deist, 
Heinrich  Hobele, 
Jacob  Ehrich, 
Jacob  Blikenstorfer, 
Jacob  Stons, 
Justin  Fleiss, 
Christoph  Beck, 
Adam  Hartman, 
Jacob  Weber, 
tz,  Caspei-  Gerster, 
Hans  Menger, 
Peter  Bergtol, 
Hans  Wenger, 
Hans  Geo.  Miller, 
Michael  Christmann, 


Johan  Jacob  Carle, 
Liulwig  El)erlin<^. 
.Johan  Jacob  Scluilfer, 
Carl  (flasser, 
Michael  Kessler, 
Johan  Ailaiii  Kornagel, 
.Johannes  Hols, 

Johan  Caspar  Carle, 
Heinrich  INatlei', 
Andreas  Keller, 
Johan  Nickel  Heid, 
Johan  Christoph  Sprecher, 
Creo.  Adam  Bauman, 
Jacobus  Muller. 

The  original  list  is  hereivith  (jiven.} 


Johan  Yerick  Enders, 

Johan  Yerick  Ronuiiel, 

Valentine  Rommel, 

Hendk.    Ellaback, 

Adam  Ctxssinar, 

Jacob  Beek,    ... 

Jacob  Heysel 

Johan  Yerick  Wack 

Peter  Louck,      

Bartel  Tiesinger,      

Hendk.  Riesinger, 

Nicholas  Mysenar, 

Yerick  Michl.  Rotderman 

Phillip  Carel  Haas, 

Phillip  Peter  Keyslinger 

Peter  Peterman 

Casper  Habler, 

Bartholome  Shewbly, 

Conradt  Booner, 

.Tan  Peter  Fols, 

Valantine  Roder, 

Conradt  Reis,    . 

Diederic  Sol, 

Philip  Hefelbowcr, 

Andreas  Rudolph, 

Valantine  Casper 

Yerick  Baltns  Heifelbower,      

.Johannes  Kungel, 

Johan  Kungel, .        . 

Yerick  Carl, 

Yerick  Vuts 

Fredrick  Hafner,      . 

Joseph  Piper,  




Name.  A  ge. 

Edmund  Cobie, 29 

Yerick  Adam  Nydig, 42 

Johan  Adam  Diedrick 50 

Jolian  Adam  Keisacker 20 

Johan  Grodfried  Honstman, 40 

Diediick  Rash 19 

Silvestor  Patsman 18 

Jolin  Jacob  Martin, • 41 

Adam  Farner, 30 

Joseph  Martsm 23 

Sebastin  Lynenger, 50 

Johan  Conradt  Lynenger, 17 

Johannes  Peterbiner, 23 

Phillip  Herbel,      ]9 

Lodwick  Drager, 23 

Johan  Nicol  Wyker, 18 

Carlos  Boyer,      18 

Johannes  Mack, 25 

Johan  Jacob  Miller ...  21 

Michael  Miller, 24 

Peter  Mumma, 27 

Peter  Heysler, 27 

Johannes  Miller, 24 

Phillip  Wolf, 20 

Hendk.  Swab 18 

Johannes  Grertert, 29 

Johannes  Hinkner 30 

Fridrick  Hacknor, 29 

Yerick  Baltus  Clever, 24 

Phillip  Filhower, 24 

Bernard  Kuter, 18 

Hans  Adam  Kungel,  .  ■ 6(5 

Hans  Adam   Kungel,  jiin 30 

Hans  Kungel, 20 

Hans  Somesower, 33 

Anthony  Winigatt,      .'SS 

Mathias  Burger, 21 

Jacob  Haller, : 17 

Adam  Bieringer, ....          2(5 

Andreas  Beringer, 25 

Johai^nes  Smith 30 

Conradt  J-epold, 33 

Hendk.  SoTuerovver, 20 

Johannes  Soupinger,      29 

Hendk.  Kuyl, 37 


Name.  Age. 

Yerick  Syderspinder, 2H 

Heiidk.  Pougher 24 

Casper  lSche\vl)ly, 2:j 

Hans  Sibley, 30 

Henry  Sibley 18 

Jacob  Laudenberger, 1<) 

Jacob  Orie,      46 

Peter  Seller 33 

JacoV)  Hleykesoffer, 25 

Ulricli  Bourher 17 

Jacob  Clasley, 17 

Jacob  Markie, 45 

Jacob  Stizhons,      " 22 

Jiuwrence  Spleniarr, 39 

Christopher  Beck, '. 2(5 

Henry  Bickie, 22 

Adam  Hastiiian 40. 

Nich.  Waniser 3) 

Jacob  Webber 32 

Barnard  Stiglien, 18 

Casper  Kaster 37 

Rudolph  Keuil,      25 

Johannes  Wengar, 43 

Johannes  Wengar,       16 

Peter  Bartol,      24 

Samuel  Fries, 50 

Hans  Yerick  Miller, ....  38 

Hendk.  Miller, 21 

Michl.    Crasman, 18 

Jacob  Carrel 40 

John  Casijer  Carrel,    . 18 

Lodwk.  Abling, 40 

Hendk.    Neeter, 48 

Hans  Jacob  Shaffer, 19 

Andreas  Keller, 30 

Carol  Glaser, 27 

John  Nichs.  Knnt 24 

Michl.  Keysler,      20 

Phillip  Hungel, 25 

.John  (Christopher  Sprecker, 25 

Yerick  A  dan  Carnagal 22 

Yerick  Adain  Bowman 22 

.Johannes  Holtz, 23 

Jacob  ]\Iiller, 23 

18-VoL.  XVII. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Patience  and 
Margaret.   John    Povan,    Captain,    from   Rotterdam, 

liAST  from  LeITH  in  SCOTLAND.       QUALIFIED  SePT.  35,  1748. 

Johan  Nicklaus  Korndorfer, 
Carl  Baltus  Kei-n, 
Johan  Heinrich  Pfeil, 
Dietrich  Reinhart, 
Andraes  Spieler, 
Heinrich  Seeman, 
Michel  Biehl, 
Johan  Jacob  Matthais, 
Johan  Adam  Gobel, 
Johannes  Kneip, 
Jacob  Deitz, 
Reichard  Langer, 
Johan  Diel  Wentz, 
Peter  Strohl, 
Hans  Clem, 

Johan  Friederick  Geiger, 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Johan  Heinrich  Brethnich, 
Johan  Geo.  Schad, 
Johan  Peter  Galler, 
Wilhelni  Wagner, 
Heinrich  Krapf, 
Eckerle  Schonkbach, 
Johan  Nickel  Pold, 
Johan  Michel  Rinehart, 
Baltzer  Schwab, 
Jacob  Oberkirsch, 
Henrich  Kanter, 
Freiderick  Mass, 
Johannes  Busch, 
Joliannes  Unvezagt, 
Johan  Nickel  Jung, 
Johannes  Lotz, 

Ludwig  Pfluger, 
Johan  Peter  Veith, 
Heinrich  Knobloch, 
Philip  Ziiumer, 
Johan  Ludwig  Seeman, 
Friedi'ich  Panheimer, 
Johan  Peter  Neu, 
Johannes  Fentler, 
Christian  Hahn, 
Johannes  Lantz, 
Johan  Michel  Deitz, 
Jacob  HofTner, 
Geo.   Henry  Fuchs. 
Johannes  Meininger, 
Johan  Peter  Hahn, 
Jolian  Gotfried  Sen, 
Johan  Michel  Dreierling, 
Johan  Philip  Schmack, 
Johan  Melchior  Ki'autter, 
Gottfried  Fremauer, 
Baltzer  Fleischer, 
Peter  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Emrieh, 
Jacob  Landes, 
Antonius  Brost, 
Johan  Matthias  Gelt, 
Michel  Oberkirsch, 
Johan  Casper  Zwach, 
Heinrich  Busch,  • 

Johan  Jacob  Hart, 
Wendel  Kiefer, 
Anton  Hamscher. 

{The  originallist  is  licreivith  given.] 
Names.  Age. 

John  Nicholas  Corondorph, 23 

Ludwick  Fliger, 30 

Baltus  Karne 18 

John  Peter  Fick,      23 


Na?ne.  Age. 

>Hen(lriclv  Poole. " 18 

Heuclrick  Knoblick, 28 

Diedrick  Boynuaiul 27 

Phillii)  Sillier 25 

Andreas  Si)eler, 48 

Lodwick  Seaman, 2(5 

Hendk.  Seymour, 2:5 

Philip. lacob  .Taoobine 17 

Fredk.  Spoonamt'r,      , 50 

Michael  Bayle, 28 

John  Peter  Nay 25 

Jacob  Mathias, 30 

Johannes  Killer 32 

John  Adam  Kebel, 31 

Christian  Han, 19 

Johannes  Knip, o8 

Johannes  Lam, 6 

Johannes  Tiets, 50 

Michael  Tiets 17 

Reighart  Langer, 30 

Jacob  Lierter, 48 

John  Till  VVym 20 

Yerrick  Fookhes 28 

Peter  Strall 34 

Johannes  Jlyenger, 35 

Johannes  Klyn, 24 

John  Peter  Ham, 30 

Fredrick  Geger, 30 

Godfred  Zohara, 29 

Adam  Shnyder, ....  23 

John  Michel  Byerling 33 

Hendk.   Bretnight,      24 

John  Philip  Smick, 80 

Yerrick  Shadd 27 

John  Melchior  Kritzer,      46 

John  Peter  Keller 35 

Godfret  Bremhover 27 

William  Waganer, 42 

Baltzer  Flisher, 20 

Hendk.  Craft, 18 

Peter  Smith, 50 

Carel  Kahaback, . 42 

Johannes  Kahaback 16 

Yerrick  Emerick,          19 

John  Nicholas  Poligh, 40 



Name.  '  -4.</e. 

Jacob  Lantz, - 30 

Michael  Rieghart 27 

Willielem  Greslier, 31 

Anthony  Brost, 33 

Baltzer  Swop, 43 

Matliias  Kebel,      34 

Jacob  Oriker, 30 

Michael  Oriker,      27 

Hendrick  Corwar, 50 

Jolm  Jasper  Brake, 40 

Fredk.  Muys,     38 

Hendli.  Freeman, 30 

Hendk.  Bush ■ 36 

Anthony  Hampire, .  34 

John  Bush,      21 

Jolm  Jacob  Hart, 24 

Johannes  Undersight, 40 

Windel  Kefer, 37 

Nichs.  Young 18 

Johannes  Loch, 34 

Conrat  Van  (xeniita, 16 

Yerrick  Rizer, 30 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Elliot,  Cap- 
tain James  Adams,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Aug. 
24,  1749. 

Peter  Rasch, 
Friederich  Christian, 
Johan  Geo.  Wien. 
Richard  Hoffman, 
Anton  Wolff, 
Carl  Hedwig, 
Conrad  Henrich  Eckhard, 
Johan  Martin  Hoffman, 
Johan  Martin  Breis. 
Gottleib  Beckler. 
Jacob  Arndt, 
Peter  Busch, 
Conrn.d  Wissner, 
Johannes  Jonas, 

Gottheil  Sigwart, 

Johan  Friederich  Boserman. 

Jacob  Hoffman, 

Johan  Jost  Krauscher, 

Johan  Philip  Fautz, 

Johan  Geo.  Bernhard, 

Geo.  Peter  Bestel, 

Johan  Martin  Busch. 

Johannes  Strohschneider, 

Philip  Vorback, 

Matthais  Wagliach, 

Peter  Hopp, 

Johan  Geo.  Kitz, 

Engel  Jonas, 




JMiilip  Kivisc'lier, 
Carl  Liulvvif^  Stuuij), 
Jacob  Kirch, 
Nickel  Anton  J)e\vaUer, 
Joiiau  Ilenricli  .Tacohi, 
Joiiau  J'iiilii)  J^iilil, 
.lohan  Anton  Simon, 
Joiiau  J*hilip  Freidenbacli, 
Michael  J<.)st, 
Johannes  Beier, 
Christoph  Sanil.  Bildiiiau. 
John  (reo.  Riiniisnus, 
Hans  (xeo.  Haas, 
Johannes  Jager, 
Jacob  Fritz, 
Peter  Klein, 
Johan  Geo.  Schneider, 
Johan  Peter  Tressler, 
Johan  Daniel  Miller, 
Phillipns  Willendier. 
Johannes  I'liilij)  Peiffei-, 
John  Conrad  Gentzler, 
Johannes  Heidenreit, 
Philip  AVindermier. 
Simond  Fraiikenfeld, 
Geo.  Paul  Geier, 
Johan  Geo.  Forster, 
Johan  Casper  Grasniuck, 

Johan  Nicklaus  Kreischer, 
Johan  Paul  Jiuss, 
Nicklaus  Necuni, 
Peter  Nickum, 
Johan  Jacob  Jacobi, 
.lohannes  Standter, 
Johan  Geo.  ]^lunie, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Peiei-, 
Nicholas  Hasselbach, 
Johan  Jacob  Hasser, 
Conrad  Gebhart, 
Conrad  Lenner, 
Ji>han  Jacob  Mertz, 
Johan  Nickel  Lang, 
Jonas  Fleck, 
.Tacob  Bauer, 
Heinrich  Anton  Konig, 
Johan  Reinhart  Schinein, 
Jacob  Christian  Gleini, 
Herman  Beltz, 
<feo.  Adam  Gossler, 
Johannes  Bintzel, 
Peter  Markert, 
Anton  Windermier, 
Johan  Adam  Geier, 
Geo.  Frederich  Kuper, 
Andreas  Wolflf, 
Johan  Martin  Bernheusel. 

List  of  Foreignkrs  I 
MiCHAKr,  Jamks,  Maste 
Aug.  30.  1749. 

Hans  .Jacob  Markle, 
Hans  Markle, 
Hans  Erbe, 
Hans  Heinig, 
Hans  Peter  GroiT, 
Hans  Ulrich  Fahr, 
Jacob  Sahle, 
Jacob  Ruber, 
Heinrich  Buser, 
Frederic  Brucker, 
Nickel  Damnier, 

MPORTEP      IN     THK      SHIP     CrOWN, 

R,  FROM  Rotterdam.     Qitalified 

Hans  Geo.  Markle, 
Claus  Bershman, 
Martin  Weber, 
Jacob  GrofF, 
Hans  Grotr, 
Heinrich  Seil, 

Johannes  Tschndi, , ■ 

Samuel  Neunsch wander, 
Michel  Beler. 
Heinrich  Buster, 
Hans  Weber,  sen. , 



Jacob  Stiei-nfelt, 

Hans  Weber,  jnn. , 

Philip  Sclinieid, 

Hans  Jacob  Stelile, 

Hans  Halle, 

Martin  Gi-un, 

Jacob  Guss, 

Martin  Scliutli, 

Rinehard  Guntzenhauser, 

Hans  Jacob  Blonk, 

Hans  Messner, 

Henrich  Gerster, 

Jacob  Seller, 

Adam  Braabach,  jun. , 

Heinrich  Braubach, 

Jacob  Weisner, 

Baltzer  Stronie, 

Jacob  Roller, 

Hans  Flubacher, 

Alexander  Danimer, 

Johan  Rndi, 

Hans  Madere, 

Jacob  Weibel, 

Durst  Animer, 

Leonhart  Buser, 

Matthias  Seller, 

Hans  Scholtes, 

Hans  Buser, 

Heinrich  Thome, 

Hans  Jacob  Hassler, 

Jacob  Walsner, 

Hans  Jacob  Messener, 

Johannes  Marti, 

Blartin  Detwiler, 

Hans  Dege,  '^^ 

Daniel  Ludin, 

Heinrich  Brunner, 

Heinrich  Schneider, 

Johannes  Seller, 

Peter  Litzler, 

Hans  Rudolph  Brobeck, 

Jacob  Luthe, 

Heinrich  Schaffner, 

Sebastian  Hassler, 

Martin  Grunblatt, 

Jacob  Wurtz, 

Heinrich  Stache, 
Matthias  Bubele, 
Joseph  Emanuel  Pfiffer, 
Durst  Halle, 
Martin  Mier-Hoffer, 
Jacob  Durr, 
Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Hans  Wumler, 
Martin  Gascli, 
Johannes  Tschudi, 
Friederick  Schwander, 
Adam  Braubach,  sen., 
Jacob  Tschudi,  --^^^__^ 
Martin  Walleset, 
Hans  Stohler, 
Martin  Seller, 
Hans  Stohler, 
Johannes  Schutzer, 
Ernst  Enders. 
Hans  Ulricli  Ehrenspenger, 
Adam  Weibel, 
Philip  Thome, 
Heinrich  Handsche, 
Christophel  Seller, 
Martin  Scheider, 
Georg  Scholtes, 
Jacob  Danne, 
Adam  Thome, 
Hans  Jacob  Gass, 
Daniel  Messerle, 
Lorentz  Marti, 
Hans  Jacob  Honecker, 
Hans  Messemer, 
Heinrich  Leibe, 
Jacob  Schopj), 
Hans  Jacob  Zaliler, 
Martin  Tschopp, 
Hans  Ulrich  Messmer, 
Hans  Geo.  Reininger, 
Stephan  Spenhauer, 
Jacob  Hassler, 
Bernhart  Romstein, 
Hans  Jacob  Grunblatt, 
Christoph  Wiehlen, 
Jacob  Gruder, 




Leonhart  Hen, 

Mattliais  Spitler,  jun. , 

Martin  Spitler, 

Hans  Gerber, 

Johannes  Meier, 

Jacol)  Fiirman, 

Peter  Zeij^ier, 

Martin  Herbster, 

LTlrich  Fieler. 

Joliannes  Nifiklans  Machold, 

Nioklaus  Hauser, 

Matthias  Spitler.  sen., 
Hans  Jacob  Spitler, 
Hans  Gniber, 
Niclvlaus  Dill, 
Johan  Ludwig  Bnde, 
Conrad  Zeij^ler, 
Andreas  Donner, 
Heinrich  Bude, 
Hans  Jacob  Vorwenger, 
Abraliaiu  Hauser. 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Chesterfield, 
Thomas  Coatam,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  1,  1749. 

Hans  Jacob  Allert. 
Baltazer  Mauerle, 
Jacob  Schlottei'er, 
Martin  Schauwecker, 
Max'tin  Schlotterer, 
Philip  Geo.  Midler, 
Hans  Michel  Lotters, 
Hans  Conrad  Katz, 
Bastian  Meir, 
Maximilian  Speidel, 
Johan  Jacob  Kies, 
Nicklaus  Relan, 
Jacob  Riipper, 
Christ  in  Riipple, 
Jacob  Deible, 
Georg  Linil)ert, 
Hans  Ulrich  SuUer, 
Koster  Meier, 
Baltas  Ziinmernian, 
Jacob  Klotz,  sen., 
Hans  Leonhard  Klotz, 
Elias  Steb, 
Hans  Stuclier, 
Werner  Sutter, 
Siinf)n  Heuche, 
Ludwig  Konig,  sen., 

Rolle  Guide, 
Johannes  Maurer, 
Joseph  Speidel, 
Hans  Conrad  Schauwecker, 
Jacob  Schlotterer. 
Johannes  Keller, 
-Jaques  Moris, 
Johannes  Meir, 
Blartin  Wachter, 
Hans  Geo.  Speidel, 
Lorentz  Schwitzer, 
Solomon  Gense, 
Jacob  Dast, 
.Jacob  Uhler, 
Martin  Schuler, 
Martin  Giitz, 
Georg  Fiickel, 
Johan  Martin  Beck, 
Jacob  Scheufler, 
Jacob  Klotz,  jun., 
Gottfried  Pusch, 
Michel  Steb, 
Christ  Wundeisen, 
Johannes  Heuche, 
Joseph  Gritz. 
Ludwig  Kiinig,  jun., 



Freiderich  Seiter, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Matthias  Sehlotterer, 
Michael  Pfrang, 
Hans  Christ.  Beutler, 
Hans  Geo.  Blatz, 
("hristian  Schafer, 
Hans  Eberhart, 
Baltus  Maier, 
Michel  Treuspach, 
Elias  Eberhart, 
Joseph  Eckert, 
Hans  Jacob  Herr, 
Jacob  Hauch, 
Johan  Michel  Christ  man. 
Michel  Stierlen, 

Adam  Wamer, 

Joseph  Hiller, 

Jolian  Conrad  Sehlotterer, 

Michael  Kiele. 

Jacob  Medscer, 

Hans  Geo.  Heisch, 

Simon  Schneck,, 

Conrad  Kaltenauer, 

Johan  Martin  Heus, 

Matthias  Lautenschlager, 

.Jacob  Reinthaler, 

Ludwig  Hoch. 

Geo.  Friederich  Fischer, 

Hans  Geo.  Hanselmann, 

Johan  Georg  Weiss, 

Philip  Kiibler, 

Conrad  Wolff. 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Albany, 
Robert  Brown,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  2,  1749. 

Johan  Nicklaus  Conrad, 

Johan  Gerber, 

Johan  Heinrich  Metz, 

Johan  Georg  Kraft, 

Johan  Michel  Kabel,  sen., 

Hans  Kabel, 

Hans  Peter  Gembier, 

Johannes  Schimpf, 
Johan  Philip  Bier, 
Johan  Baltus  Hetzler, 
Freidrich  Gotsinger, 
Johan  Michel  Kabel,  jun., 
Geo.  Schwartz, 
Hans  Michel  Gembier, 

Johan  Heinrich  Blumenscheich,  Johannes  Winkler, 

Nickol  Heist, 

Johan  Philip  Heist, 

Matthias  Schock, 

Hans  Peter  Edelman, 

Georg  Drucke, 

Wendel  Schneer, 

Johan  Christoph  Rintzinger, 

Joseph  Scholl, 

Cliristoph  Nutz, 

Johan  Nibling, 

.Johan  Martin  Schuck, 

Hans  Martin  Stroin, 

Hans  Georg  Edelman, 

Johan  Peter  Heist, 
Johan  Adam  Ewalt, 
Valentin  Edelman, 
Hans  Redman, 
Johan  Philip  Hofthurmer, 
Hans  Jacob  Wagner, 
Michel  Buck, 
Johannes  Grauer, 
Johannes  Buchter, 
Hans  Geo.  Fischer, 
Geo.  Michel  Herold, 
Hans  Georg  Dreher, 
Adam  Edelman, 



Johau  Willieliu  Volk, 
Audrejis  Welker. 
Johau  Jacob  Joch,  jun. , 
Johau  Michel  Joch, 
Joliannes  Jetter, 
Cieo.  (jrintner, 
Peter  Schafer, 
Matthias  Nunnenmacher 
Freiderich  Lt'iwe, 
Hans  Baltazer  Schafer, 
Peter  Edehnan, 
Johannes  Miiller. 
Hans  Creorjj  Hassif^, 
Johau  Zacharias  Erdroth, 
J.  Leonhart  Meier, 
Hans  Adam  Peitscli, 
Philip  Laudensch lager, 
Jt)hauues  (jrraber, 
Christophel  Nagel. 
Peter  l^rnuuer, 
Johan  Bern  hart  Grerniau, 
Adam  freistiger, 
Johan  Philip  Georg, 
Martin  Ranch, 
J.  Geoi-g  Volk, 
Geo.   Michel  Frant/, 
Peter  Kill, 
Alexander  Klinger, 
Conrad  Meuges, 
J.  Adam  Rufweg, 
Johan  Adam  Rausch, 
Johan  Geo.  Rettig, 

Gottlieb  Volk, 

.lohau  Jacol)  Joch,  sen., 

Johan  J*eter  Herg, 

Hans  Peter  Jetter, 

Hans  Conrad  Roricli, 

Johan  <Teo.  Menges, 

Casper  Walser, 

Johau  Adam  Heckman, 

Hans  Georg  Nagel, 

J<  haunes  Heckiiiau, 

Johau  Wilhelm  Cufer, 

Adam  Ijuick, 

J.   Nicklaus  Delp, 

Johau  Geo.   Schafer, 

Johan  Geo.  Dressier, 

Johan  Anton  Walther, 

Philip  Jacob  Kreiscli, 

Hans  Philip  Krischbaum, 

Johau  Adam  Gorm, 

Johan  Adam  Goetz, 

Adam  German, 

Adam  Lauteuschlager, 

Johannes  Klinger, 

J.  Balta/.er  .Tegel, 

Valentiii  Schuck, 

Martin  Schafer, 

Philip  Jacob  Walther, 

Nicklaus  Beitzel, 

Johan  Adam  Krichbaum, 

Johau  Wilhehn  Krickbaum, 

Peter  Bruner. 

List  of  Foreigners  Importko  in  the  Ship  Saint  Andrew, 
James  Abercrombie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  pl/ymouth,  england.     qualified  sept.  9,  1749. 

Joseph  Bergstohlt, 
Johannes  Webel, 
Heiurich  Hammer, 

Andreas  Emmert, 
Arnold  Kramer, 
Johannes  Rnnkel, 
Adam  Heiurich  Borger, 
Jacob  Linke, 
Peter  Bauraan, 

Jost  Streithoff, 
Christian  HaJte, 
Jacob  Rohr, 



Peter  Singer, 
Ulrich  EUenberger, 
Christian  Stauft'er, 
Isaac  Schniibie, 
Joliannes  Wussing, 
Michael  AVagiier, 
Cliristian  Hassler, 
Jacob  Hertzler, 
Hans  Durst ein, 
Caspar  Herschberger, 
Jolian  Geo.  Valentin, 
Ub-ich  Blickstorfer, 
Jacob  Maschberger,  jun., 
Johan  Jacob  Kiiblinger, 
Johannes  Buhmer, 
Marcus  Gruel, 
Jacob  Kern, 
Johan  Peter  Bach, 
Christoph  "Weber, 
Leonhart  Kessler, 
Freidrich  Nethoff, 
Jacob  Brandt, 
Ulrich  Stauffer, 
Daniel  Berr, 
Andreas  Keller,  sen. , 
Heinrich  Casper  Racke 
Johannes  Korel, 
Peter  Wilhelm, 
Frantz  Jons, 
Johan  Theis  Hiester, 
Baltzer  Weinberger, 
Valentin  Stitter, 
Ulrich  Hacknian. 
Abraham  Brnbacher, 
Johan  Adam  Staller, 
Jacob  Herbig, 
Johan  Heinrich  Gerndt, 
Johannes  Mellinger, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Christian  Eschbacher, 
Hannes  Wenger, 
Peter  Helmann. 
Christian  Fusch, 
Adam  Hetwig, 
Hans  Jacob  Weise, 
Herman  Feger, 

Christian  Groff, 
Peter  EUenberger, 
Johan  Fried.  Emrich, 
Johannes  Rohr, 
Benedick  Mellinger, 
Samuel  Kauffman, 
Hans  Rudefrei, 
Jacob  Hertzler, 
Christian  Eschbacher, 
Jacob  Herschberger, 
Johan  Flickenstetter, 
Jacob  Maschberger,  sen. , 
Johan  Henrich  AVenig. 
Johan  Daniel  Kiiblinger, 
Peter  Sternemann, 
Nicklans  Jost, 
Johannes  Hahn, 
^Jacob  Leidig, 
Samuel  Meier, 
Johan  Peter  Druck, 
Peter  Ihrig, 
Johannes  Berr, 
Daniel  Stauffer, 
Johan  Frederic  Berr, 
Andreas  Keller,  jun., 
Jacob  Fried.   Debertshauser, 
Johan  Engelbert  Morgenstern, 
Conrad  Hoffman, 
Christian  Hii-schberger, 
Coni-ad  Hiester, 
.Johan  Wilhelm  Frank, 
Heinrich  Stauffer, 
Johannes  Walder, 
Johan  Conrad  Seibel, 
Hans  Geo.  Garner, 
Valentin  Haag, 
Jacob  Eschelman, 
Johannes  Fink, 
Christia,n  Wenger, 
Johan  Brubacher, 
Jacob  Eimann. 
Martin  Schweng, 
Johannes  Eppleman, 
Hans  Adam  Dorr, 
Johannes  Hath, 
Simon  Zehrmann, 



Peter  Alius. 
Johau  Peter  Kramer, 
Jacol)  Weiss, 
Georg  Schambach, 
Ulrioh  Torte, 
Ulrich  Stober, 

Christophel  Hentze, 
Matthias  Weiss, 
Johannes  Hackmauu, 
Heinrich  Staiiffer, 
Hans  (fee.  Hobler. 

List  of  Forktoxkr?  Imported  ix  tiik  Ship  Priscilla, 
Captain  AVilliam  Muir,  from  Rotterdam.  (Qualified 
Sept.  11,  1749. 

Jacob  Baunian, 
Heinrich  Lier, 
Johannes  Miller, 
Heinrich  Barr, 
Johannes  Liihr, 
Heinrich  Stmnpf, 
Jacol)  Stable, 
Hans  Cfeo.  Issler, 
Hans  Schnable, 
Georg  Funk, 
Johau  Rinehart  Uhl, 
Rudolpli  Huljer, 
Jacob  Bar, 
Caspar  Pfister, 
Hans  Rudolph  Gallmann, 
Rudolph  Niiff, 
Hans  Jacob  Gublei*, 
Heinrich  Huber, 
Jacol)  Kuntz, 
Jacob  Mauer, 
Jacob  Hauser, 
Hans  Ho.stedeI, 
Jacob  Schnable, 
Freidrich  Schurj), 
Paul  Schorle, 
Johan  Peter  Miilhott', 
Johau  Michel  Bohi', 
Michael  Frank, 
Freidericli  Stroh, 
Johan  Philip  Kiistner, 
Johan  Jacob  Walt  her, 
Johan  Freidric  Fruschte, 

Johannes  Krauer, 
Rudolph  Ode, 
Heinrich  Huber, 
Melchoir  Lieder, 
Friederich  Stallenweider, 
Hans  Murre, 
Heinrich  Miller, 
Jacob  Giitinger, 
Ulrich  Hofstetter, 
Johannes  Wiss, 
Jacob  Huber, 
Ulrich  Hauber, 
Matthias  Gallmann, 
Hans  Jacob  Meier, 
Jacob  ZS^iiff, 
Casper  Huber, 
Rudi  Kuntz, 
Hans  Kern, 
Rudi  Mauer, 
Jacob  Peter  Seider, 
Rinehart  Schei'er, 
Jacob  Bart, 
Johannes  Schuri^, 
Johan  Philip  Miilhoff, 
Nickel  Peteri, 
Johannes  Lorentz, 
Johan  Peter  Frank, 
Johan  Ludwig  Kiistner, 
Geo.   Dietrich  Diirr, 
Johan  Heinrich  Steiger, 
Johan  ]Siickel  Giibel, 
Johan  Matthias  Bohr, 



Jolian  Michael  Mattier, 
Johari  Adam  Bohr, 
Johau  Nicklaus  Wedertz, 
Johan  Nickel  Neu, 
Johan  Peter  Midler, 
Hans  Zubler, 

Johau  Mattliias  Striiher, 
Johan  Matthais  Becker, 
Johan  Adam  Neu, 
Heinrich  Rutschi, 
Johan  Bernhart  Hoffman. 
Hans  Suber. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Christian, 
Captain  Thomas  Brady,  from  Rotterdam.  (Qualified 
Sept.  18,  1749. 

Friederich  Gelbach,  sen.. 
Fried erich  Gelbach,  jun. , 
Andreas  Vogel, 
Hans  Jacob  Schumacker, 
Hans  Adam  Hoffman, 
Valentin  Kei*n, 
Geo.  Ludwig  Borg, 
Heinrich  Albreclit, 
Frantz  Zeigler,  jun., 
Valentin  DelJinger, 
Martin  Bernliart. 
Hans  Geo.  Mischele, 
Johan  Geo.  Rewig, 
Adam  Casper  Geisinger, 
Adam  Sclmecli, 
Johan  Philip  Horn, 
Michael  Scliumacher, 
Ulrich  Maintzer, 
Geo.  Michel  Derr, 
Andreas  Braun, 
Karl  Walder, 

Jolian  Andreas  Weckesser, 
Georg  Hummel, 
David  Pfautz, 
Carl  Goss, 

Martin  Schlachenhauff, 
Johan  Michel  Meier, 
Hans  Geo.  Haffer, 
Hans  Georg  Shuiner, 
Johannes  Tille, 
Matthias  Ostertag,  jun. , 
Johan  Albrecht  pjshelman. 

Frantz  Gelbach, 
Paulus  Brod, 
Johan  Andreas  Deuler, 
Hans  Jacob  Stotz, 
Friedrich  Erb, 
Cliristoph  Ludwig, 
Ernst  Munkel. 
Frantz  Zeigler,  sen., 
.  Benjamin  Kuni, 
Johannes  Mischele, 
Julius  Christoph  Bachner, 
Johan  Geo.  Lang, 
Johannes  Schaffer, 
Johan  Ludwig  Bauei-le', 
Daniel  Alteck, 
Wilhelm  Foltz, 
Joseph  Ressener, 
Johan  Philip  Henrich  Sauer, 
Geo.  Loenhart  Braun, 
Geo.  Michel  Braun, 
Philip  Raupt. 
Johan  Jacob  Datismann, 
Jacob  Hiemann, 
Michael  Hauff, 
Wibert  Rupp,' 
Michael  Hechelmann, 
Christian  Romich, 
Hans  Geo,  Feucht, 
Michael  Hauff, 
Matthias  Ostertag,  sen., 
Johan  Michel  Sommer, 
Abraham  Stelmann, 



Micliael  Ruinmel. 

Hans  (jreo.  Unangst, 

Baltazer  Glisser, 

Martin  Danner, 

Conrad  Bosh, 

Joseph  Scliniit, 

Christian  Linbacher, 

Johan  Achini  Ehert, 

Johannes  Renter, 

Isaac  Jnng, 

Baltzer  Dock, 

Johannes  Schnierber, 

Hans  Peter  Jung, 

Jacob  Abt, 

Abraham  Ribelet, 

Heinrich  Jock, 

Johan  Jacob  Bauertz, 

Heinrich  Neck, 

Michel  Hauswirth, 

Anton  Ecke, 

Johan  Erhart  Knappenberger. 

Martin  Hirsch, 

Hans  Adam  Kreiger, 

Jolian  Erhart, 
Hans  .lacob  Uber, 
Wilhelm  Heische, 
Hans  (jreo.  Merkie, 
Matthias  AVeiss, 
Jacob  Risterliolt/, 
Jolian  (feo.   Ijinbacher, 
Johan  .Facob  Hirn, 
Jacol)  Wiildle, 
Christian  Estenwach, 
I'eter  Gasse, 
Samuel  Masser, 
Hans  Peter  Ribelet, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Koch, 
D.  Thomas  Hohl. 
Christian  Lenhart, 
Christian  GUisser, 
Peter  Hamrnan, 
Philip  Kugler, 
Jacob  Rummel. 
Christian  Gutknecht, 
Bernhard  Schvveigart., 

List   of  Forkigners 
ERS,  Thomas  Arxot. 
PIED  Sept.  14,  1749. 

.Johan  Gerhart  Schneid 
Johan  Diest  Schneider, 
Johan  Peter  Schneider, 
Jacob  Grubei-, 
Johan  Conrad  Reffe, 
Adam  Heinrich  Heintz, 
Michel  Reisener, 
Heinrich  Wagner, 
Peter  Anns, 
Hans  Peter  Lohr, 
Johan  Jost  Blecher, 
Johan  Hermannes, 
Johan  Peter  Holtasch, 
Johan  Peter  Lai. 
Johan  Peter  Lehmer, 

Imported  ix  the  Ship  Two  Broth- 
Master,  FROM  Rotterdam.     Quali- 

er,  Weigaud  Schneider, 

Johan  Max.  Schneider, 
Christian  Humbold, 
"Wilhelm  Jacob  Gruber, 
Theiss  RefTe, 
Johan  Hermanus, 
Peter  Offner. 
Johan  Heinrich  Wagner, 
Philip  Jjiihr, 
Johiinnes  Peter, 
Johan  Peter  Miller, 
Johan  Jost  Fiesser, 
Johan  Heinricli  Lohr, 
Johan  ('hrist.    Lehmer, 
(jhristian  Birkenbein, 



Johan  Albert  Stecker, 
Jacob  Kambeck, 
Wilhebn  Schafer, 
Johan  Heinrich  Fuchs, 
Johan  Adam  Fuchs, 
Johan  Jacob  ^Virt, 
Johan  Heinrich  KeuJer, 
Johan  Peter  Lapp, 
Simon  Holler, 
Johan  Ernst  Kriiiner, 
Johan  Baltazer  Schmit,  sen 
Johan  Christoph  Klein, 
Johan  Shilling, 
Johan  Adam  Schmitger, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Mallert, 
Johannes  Greiss, 
Johan  Jacob  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Bohmer, 
Wilhelm  Dietz, 
Johan  Adam  Jung, 
Johan  Philip  Becker, 
Johan  Christoph  Ladenhani 
Johan  Peter  Braun, 
Christian  Steltz, 
Johannes  Diewess, 
Johannes  Peter  Dieht, 
Johan  Theiss  Durschmann, 
Johan  Jacob  Haner, 
Johan  Theiss  Rub, 
Johan  Michel  Gessel, 
Michel  Durschmann, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Schmit, 
Johan  Peter  Bath, 
Johan  Adam  Gemmer, 
Johannes  Peter  Sein, 
Johan  Kann, 
Johan  AVilhelm  Jung, 
Christian  Becker, 
Johan  Peter  Miller, 

Wilhelm  Reckhauser, 
Johan  Jost  Schafer, 
Johaii  Heinrich  Hoffman, 
Johan  Heinrich  Schmit, 
Johan  Beisbecker, 
Chris.  Matthias  Gobler, 
Johan  Philip  Sauer, 
Peter  Hum  rich, 
Johan  Philip  Leh, 
Johan  Wemisbacker, 
Johan  Baltazer  Schmit,  jun., 
Johan  Peter  Schuman, 
Johan  Martin  Schmitger, 
Johan  Adam  Spiess, 
Johan  Martin  Greiss, 
Matthias  Traun, 
Wilhelm  Kirsch, 
Geo.    Schafer, 
Johannes  Peter  Jung, 
Matthew  Becker, 
Johan  Adam  Becker, 
mer,  Johan  Peter  Aller, 
'  Johan  Peter  Hess, 
Johan  Jacob  Carl, 
Johan  Geo.  Schultz, 
Bastain  Braun, 
Johannes  Siiger, 
Wilhelm  Held, 
Johan  Christ  Riib, 
Ernst  Becker, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Schick, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Jtiger, 
Johan  Christ.   Schneider, 
Christoph  Lentart, 
Joachim  Henn, 
Heinrich  Scheich, 
Johan  Theiss  Becker, 
Johan  Peter  Schaff. 
Heinrich  Weller, 
Freiderich  Gottfried  Schmit. 



List  of  Foreigxkrs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Edixbijrg, 
James  Rissel,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  Exglaxd.     (Qualified  Sept.  15,  1749. 

Peter  Lang, 

Abraham  .lung. 
Heinric'li  (Joiirad, 
Joliau  Frieilrich  Dietz, 
Philip  Mertz, 
Johan  Philip  Hanne, 
Johaii  .Jacob  i^eeker, 
Nicklaus  Bietluian, 
Friedric  Scheimer, 
Johan  Daniel  Kaller, 
Johan  Philip  Dick, 
Valentin  Heuibelniann, 
Johan  Conrad  Lutz, 
Johan  (xeo.  Mundel, 
Philip  Diehl, 
Julius  Spicker, 
Freidric  Klar,  ' 

Jacob  Hainnian, 
.Tohan  Jacob  Schufer, 
Johannes  Rudinger, 
Walter  Schniit, 
Valentin  Heil, 
Adam  Bauer, 
Anton  Schrehier. 
Johan  Laudenschlager, 
Geo.  Wacker, 
Johan  Geo.  Steiner, 
Adam  Guss, 
Andreas  Stein, 
Bernhart  Scherer, 
Freideric  Schwab.  = 
Wilhelm  Schwerber, 
Samuel  Kerch, 
Michael  Kemmer, 
Stopi^el  Schuhmann, 
Philip  Medsee. 
Michael  Maurer, 
Latharius  Pfannenbecker, 
Conrad  Knepper, 
Johan  Adam, 
.Jacob  Beiber, 
Frantz  Nicklau.';  Faber, 
Johan  Buchhammer, 

Geo.  Conrad, 
Johannes  Schmit, 
Hernum  Mauer, 
Jeremias  Biir, 
Philip  Peter  Becker, 
Diiniel  Scheimer, 
Michel  Scheimer,  * 

Johan  Heinrich  Lang, 
Johan  Freiderich  Blartin, 
Valentin  Scherer, 
Adam  Lambe, 
Heinrich  Miedel, 
Christoph  Lambert, 
Hannes  Spicker, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Peter  Laub, 
— .  Geo.  Fengel,-**- 
Peter  Kutritt, 
Hannes  Senffelder, 
Johan  Heinrich  Seheid, 
Jacob  Wirth, 
Valtin  Patri, 
Johannes  Schnorr, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Michel  Wacher, 
Christ.   Neidlein. 
Geo.   Henry  Rissler, 
Peter  Tamei-us, 
Lorentz  Scherer, 
Stephan  Schwerber, 
Adolph  Schmit, 
Jacol)  Kerch, 
Michael  Peess, 
Johan  Geo.  Hinderschied, 
Heinrich  Schmit, 
Christian  Schmit, 
Nicklaus  Seltzer, 
Johan  Peter  Geiss, 
Andreas  Bieber, 
Hans  Jacol)  Tanner, 
Heinrich  Faber, 



Erasmus  Stockius, 

Johan  Nicklaus  Fellenberger, 

Stephan  Baier, 

Philip  Dinges, 

Nicklaus  Eisenmiiuger, 

Johan  Geo.   Klein, 

Johan  Jacol)  Gosser, 

Philip  Bucke, 

Anton  Hargesheinier, 

Peter  Brauchs. 

Heinricli  Sclimit, 

Johau  Wilhelm  Schreiner, 

Jacol)  Zinn, 

Simon  Horsch, 

Johannes  Halthaus, 

Carl  Siener, 

Benedictus  Schom, 

Johannes  Von  Der  Limit, 

Jacob  Becker, 

Christian  Egger, 

Heinricli  Bender, 

Freidric  Dick, 

Johan  Michel  Konig, 

Conrad  Miller. 

Jacob  Welraann, 

Fritz  Schafer, 

Johan  Gerlach  Huhn, 

Jacob  Mohi", 

Samuel  Reitlinger, 

Jacob  Gutman, 

Georg  Kavick, 

Heinrich  Zoll, 

Johan  Martin  Neubecker, 

Johan  Michael  Hoffman, 

Biistian  Wenig, 

Johan  Peter  Steier, 

Johan  Schormelein, 

Freidric  Conrad, 

Nicklaus  Rauh, 
Christian  Achser, 
Matthias  Bolland, 
('hristoph  Gideon  Myrtetus, 
Frantz  Hartman, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Siiiion  Charmeli. 
Geo.  Michel  Mauer, 
Geo.  Friedric  Siel, 
Michel  Hargesheimer, 
Philip  Rick  hart, 
Jacob  Zerl, 
Johannes  Dietz, 
.Jacob  Schainkuchen, 
(Jonrad  Schweitzer. 
Erasmus  Halthaus, 
Anton  Birsehart, 
(Jhristophel  Klar, 
Johan  Michel  Lawall, 
Jacob  'Brubacher, 
Johannes  Bender, 
Wend  el  Es^ig,, 
Johan  Jacob  Sachs, 
Johan  Michel  Schaffer, 
Nicolas  Grusius, 
Johan  Walter  Schwab, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Pfeil, 
Johan  Daniel  Huhn, 
Gerlach  Stricli, 
Freiderich  Zerfass, 
Philip  Gutmann, 
('hristian  Bernhart, 
Heinrich  Marsch, 
Jacob  Hollebach, 
Johannes  Alder, 
Johan  .Jacob  Klopp, 
Johannes  Seitz, 
Heinrich  Steinmetz. 



List  of  Foukignkhs  Im 
JOHX  Mason,  Mastkk, 
Sept.  Lj,  i74U. 

Sciimiel    Sottering, 
Hans  Ulrich. 
{reo.   Wanneiiinacher, 
.Vndivas  Kriiuier, 
Joseph  Kaufiuann, 
Hans  Geo.  Weidenauer, 
ilans  Adam  Banss, 
Hans  Peter  Wes.ser, 
(xeo.  Hiirter, 
Xickola-i  Rotl), 
Hans  Loenharl  Hinkel, 
.Andreas  Tiefentlial, 
J.  Rudolph  (rinder, 
.Johannes  (rross, 
A  Ijrahani  Nonenaacher, 
Jacob  Messerle, 
Josepli  Hahn, 
Michel  Trachsel, 
Bernhard  Trachsel, 
Johan  Jacob  Mitschied, 
Peter  Gerret, 
Ulrich  Michel, 
Anton  Altemann, 
Hans  Philii)  Bcirsen, 
Theobald  Kuntz, 
Nicholas  Lsseniann, 
Peter  Eiseninann,  jun. , 
.Fohan  Nickel  Koppel, 
Nickolas  Schneider, 
Heinrich  Koppel, 
l*eter  Isch, 
Wilhelni  .Mtmann, 
Hans  Geo.   Fiindt, 
Daniel  Duval, 
Daniel  Darn, 

Johan  Freiderieh  Hiester, 
Samuel  Dormeyer, 
Johan   rjiidwif^, 
Heinrich  Schaaf, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Johannes  Hartz, 

19 -Vol.  XVH. 

poiiTKi)    IX    THK    Ship  Pho<:.\ix. 
FKo.M    Rotterdam.     Qualikied 

Geo.  Caspar  Heuss, 

Caspar  Brunner. 

Jolian  Liidwi}^  Strass, 

Samuel  Wannenmacher, 

Geo.  Frantz  Philij^pi, 

Hans  Michel  Ott, 

Heinrich  Luther, 

Geo.  Adolph  Ki'iiber, 

Jacob  Antoni, 

Nickolas  Rick.sacker, 

Johan  Geo.  Schneider, 

Simon  Walter, 

Johan  Jacob  Mestenbach, 

Conrad  Jo-st, 

Jacob  Schneider, 

Hans  Geo.  Kleiss, 

Heinrich  Guder, 

Geo.  Trachsel, 

Heinrich  Mitschied, 

Dewalt  Steeker, 

Ulrich  Stoller, 

Geo.  Alteneck, 

Johan  Peter  Eicher, 

Solomon  Bachei-, 

Hans  Geo.  Is.semann, 

Peter  Eisenmann,  sen., 

Michel  Koppel, 

Jacob  Koppel, 

Paul  us  Koppel, 

Peter  Koppel, 

Jacob  Altinann, 

Hans  Adcim  Bauerwitz, 

Christoph  Brunisrer, 

Joliaa  i)egrote, 

Johan  l\rickel  Mallo, 

Heinrich  Wilhelm  Miihlich, 

Jai'ob  Dormeyer. 

Hans  Jacob  Witmer, 

Moritz  Klein, 

Hans  .racob  Kuhl, 

Andreas  Grett,  sen.. 



Andreas  Grrett,  jnii. . 
Greo.  Miller, 
Johan  ISicklaus  Miller, 
Jacob  Zollicker. 
Adam  Gi'andaden, 
Humber  Benoit, 
Joseph  Ooutouir, 
Hans  (xeo.    Sprinj^er, 
Michel  Nicke, 
Abraham  Cherdron, 
Johan  Greo.  Mc  llig, 
Herman  Latour, 
Marx  Springel, 
Conrad  Wohlfahrt, 
Jacob  Laudermilch, 
Johannes  Gruss, 
Christoph  Beier. 
Francois  Gxrandadam. 
Hans  Reiss, 
Heinrich  Latter, 
Bastian  Weiss, 
Johan  Adam  Walter, 
Martin  Walt*  r, 
Johan  Bender, 
Anton  Neibe, 
Clirist.  Brost, 
Johannes  Rnhrig, 
Anton  Ruhrig, 
Jacob  Beiber, 
Jacob  Jnnger. 
Hans  Adam  Herjiian, 
Samuel  Perquy, 
Jacob  Schmit, 
Hans  Solli, 

Ulrich  Kindlishberger,  • 
Johannes  Lamotte. 
Jacob  Miller, 
Christian  Miller, 
jSickolaus  Dartwiller, 
Martin  Dartwiller, 
Michel  Fussel, 
Hans  Struber, 
Jacob  Misseler, 
Jacob  Seller, 
Hans  Geo.  Springer, 
.Jacob  Klein, 

Johannes  Girett, 

Phihp  Miller, 

Jeremiah  Schonbach, 

Nickolas  Daton, 

Joseph  G^harlier, 

Johan  Geo.  Acker, 

Peter  Springer, 

Jacob  Schneider, 

Jacob  Nicke. 

Matthens  Kersch. 

Johan  Rinehart  Keller, 

Jacob  Latour, 

Christian  Gfrette, 

Andreas  Rutsiele, 

Weirich  Seltzer, 

Daniel  tTrobei'ger, 

Frantz  Soli, 

Felix  Blei, 

Michael  Schafer, 

Philip  Lauer, 

Nickolas  Babb, 

Jacob  Walter. 

Johan  Mattheus  Schumann, 

Wilhelm  Laugharr, 

Christian  Thathauer, 

Simon  Ruhrig, 

Johannes  <Teiber. 

Anton  Bieber, 

Hans  Michel  Bieber, 

Samuel  Speicher, 

Stephan  Almann, 

Hans  Miller. 

Jacob  Widmer, 

Hans  Meier. 

Johannes  Walter, 

Johannes  Boucher, 

Christian  Fischer, 

Peter  Miller, 

Daniel  Dartwiller, 

•Johannes  KietTer, 

Peter  Rast, 

GJhristoph  Spannler, 

Joseph  Mischle, 

Christian  Staufer, 

Mich.  Adam  Dormeier, 

Abraham  Dreachsel, 



Durst  Dertnicher, 
•  Martin  Ritter, 

•Laeol)  H(inilein, 

Dcivid  Miller, 

Johan  (reo.  Reiurock, 

Jacob  Ki-atzer, 

Anton  Biedeniann. 

Johan  Miefiaei   8ten}^, 

Johan  Michel  Heller, 

Hans  Gea   Kuhn. 

Johannes  Knhn, 

Sebastian  Biller, 

Johan  Jjudwifj  Bentz, 

Christian  Hart  man, 

I'hristiiin  Schwakler, 

Christian  Snnier, 

Johannes  Fames, 

Christian  KautTnian, 

Johannes  Ijanist, 

Jacob  Stanch, 

Abraham  Knrtz, 

JoliaiHies  Rupp, 

Geo.  Christ  Sim, 

Jan.  Henrick  Reckman, 

Theobald  Hf)schar, 

Heinrich  Hoschar, 

Johannes  Reber, 

Andre  Degrange, 

(reo.  Hertzog,  jnn. , 

Peter  Obersteg, 

Cliristian  Hochstatter, 

Johannes  Schwendemann, 

Simon  Steckel, 

Ulrich  Richart, 

Conrad  Waj^ner, 

Peter  Herb. 

Hans  Michael  Meiser, 

Jacob  Mann, 

Caspar  Vetter, 

Frantz  Kriebel, 

.Jolian  Ludwig  Griebler, 

Benedict  Lehman, 
Hans  Lantz, 

Anton  Kratzcr, 
.Jacob  Hoi), 
Simon  Eichler, 
Jacob  Huber, 
Francois  Hognon, 
Peter  Kaullnian, 
Friederic  Wohlfahrt, 
Johan  Philip  Grunewalt, 
Felix  Seiler, 
Geoj'g  Bentz, 
.lacob  Bentz, 
Frantz  Marschall, 
.Toseph  Sumer, 
Matthias  Naftzger, 
Rudolph  Naftzger, 
.Jacob  Kauffman, 
Peter  Grobe, 
Hans  Geo.  Sta^ieh, 
Andreas  von  Gunern, 
.Tacob  Rnpp, 
Peter  Naftzger, 
Christian  Kurtz, 
Erhart  Bohm, 
Hans  Peter  Hoschar, 
Philip  Henkel, 
Daniel  Reinhold, 
Geo.   Hertzog,  sen., 
Kilian  Zimmerman. 
Michel  Riddelsberg, 
Nicklaus  Hochstatter, 
Ulricli  Hochstatter, 
Hans  Schrantz, 
Ulrich  Mischler, 
Mattheus  Seiger, 
Ludwig  Endelmann 
.Tost  Maier, 
Martin  Obersteg, 
Kurwald  Beter, 
.Johan  Mickel  Walker, 



List  op  Foreigjvers  Imported  in  the  Ship  Patience, 
Captain  Hugh  Steel,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  19,  1749. 

Joliannes  Theiss  Schafer, 
Jolian  Jacob  Grisse, 
Heniian  Sclmeider, 
Johau  Jost  Ziniinernian, 
.lolian  Ebert  Stien. 
Johau  Heinrich  Gfuting, 
Hans  Heinrich  AVehler, 
Johan  CTeo.  Heflfner, 
Johan  Jacob  Biihr, 
Hans  Adam  Krunibel, 
Philip  Jacob  Ernst, 
Johan  Martin  Horn. 
Jacob  Richart, 
Johan  Bowman,  sen. , 
Hans  Creo.  Mader, 
Andreas  Hecker* 
Michael  Midler, 
Geo.  Fried  Zangmeister, 
Hans  Peter  Liewitz, 
Geo.  Heinrich  Unanf.jst, 
Geo.  Peter  Glick, 
Johan  Christ.  Ottinger, 
Geo.  Peter  Vogt, 
Adam  Hetlinger, 
Georg  Biedenmuth, 
Carl  Kaiser. 
Johan  Bernhart  Fehr, 
Hans  Geo.  Kanntz, 
Andreas  TInangst, 
Christian  Zimmerman, 
Geo.  Hoffenwerkung, 
Philip  Adam  Bremer, 
Peter  Spohn, 
Johan  Peter  Jjudwig, 
Geo.  Michel  Riiger, 
Hans  Martin  Ischter, 
Ludwig  Lindenmuth, 
Matthias  Lieser, 
Wilhelm  Besch. 
Andreas  Hertig, 
.Tohannes  Enders,  sen.. 
Johannes  Eiiler, 

Herman  Battenberg, 
Engelbert  Jung, 
Johan  Michel  Stoltz. 
Henrich  Hartmann, 
Dietmaun  Greidelbach, 
Johau  Wilhelm  Hart, 
Johan  Friederic  Schulle, 
Geo.   Ludwig  Samer, 
Hans  Adam  Granlich, 
Jacob  Ernst, 
Andreas  Riebmann. 
Heinrich  Richart, 
Johau  Geo.  Bowman, 
Johan  Bowman,  jun. , 
Johan  Willielm  Wittigbach, 
Christian  Eslinger, 
Johau  Adam  Zangmeister, 
Hans  Georg  Bacher, 
Bernhart  Muller, 
A  ndreas  IMuller, 
Conrad  Stoger, 
Caspar  Kilian. 
Johan  Caspar  Sengliaas, 
Georg  Leitz, 
Valentin  (xranle, 
Heinrich  Magasch, 
Christoph  Keilbach, 
Michel  Schliir, 
David  Kanntz, 
Hans  Geo.  Martin, 
Hans  Philip  Bremer, 
Philip  Strahl, 
Hans  Adam  Ludwig, 
Jacob  Ludwig, 
Mattheus  Emmering, 
Hans  Geo.    Hertel, 
Hans  Geo.  Lindenmuth, 
Michel  Billing, 
Andrea:;  Bruschlein, 
Johan  Christ.  Wolber, 
Johannes  Enders,  jun.. 
Martin  Bauer, 



Martin  Reiss, 
Josepli  Weigart. 
Johan  Ludwig  Barth, 
Johannes  Ebert, 
Jacob  Gliisser, 
Pliilil)  Hhit, 
Johannes  AVagner, 
Johannes  Heihiiann, 
Johan  Peter  Ziininernian, 
Joluin  A(hini  Diem, 
Geo.  Michael  Gil)ler. 
Hans  Geo.  Sfhiihinann, 
David  Heinilen, 
Jacob  KaufFinan. 
•Foseph  Hausser, 
Gottliel)  Baumann, 
Pater  Fink, 
Bernhard  Bangert, 
Johannes  Feiter, 
Johan  Heinrieh  Stannes, 
Heinrich  Hiifner, 
Andreas  Muller, 
Adam  Ernst, 

Ferdinand  Reith, 
Johan  Adam  Gerster, 
Georg  Koster, 
Freidric  Dilrllingcr, 
Joseph  Dninmer, 
Daniel  hi li ring, 
David  Keller, 
Georg  Schmit, 
Johan  Freidericli  Gall, 
Johan  Adam  Holfman, 
Geo.  Hofner, 
Matthais  Heimlen, 
Geo.  Himmelberger, 
Michel  Kerr, 
Andreas  Hiihl, 
Abraham  Baumann, 
Daniel  Fink, 
Lorentz  Seyfreidt, 
Daniel  Kurtz, 
Gottlieb  Feiter, 
Peter  Setzler, 
Bernhard  Schniid, 
Thomas  Kast. 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Speedwell, 
Captain  James  (;reagh,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  25,  1749. 

Stephan  Stadler, 
Hans  Gerhard  Woll, 
Christian  Hemmler, 
Christoph  Hausser, 
Hans  Geo.  I'faute, 
.lacob  Greifiing, 
Joseph  Freimiller,  sen., 
Johannes  Bertsch, 
Ludwig  Held, 
Michael  Schoek, 
Michael  Meier, 
David  Hamm, 
Adam  Buchmann, 
Andreas  Gershwiller, 

Hans  Mnller, 
Joseph  Horscher, 
Johannes  Hausser, 
Dewalt  Metz, 
Heinrich  Zimmer, 
Joseph  Freimiller.  jnn. 
Hans  Jacob  Held» 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Christoph  Meier, 
Johannes  Anstett, 
Hans  Morgenthaler, 
Jacob  AVachter, 
Hans  Diebolt, 
Johan  Erliarc  Muller, 



Michel  Kleim, 

Johannes  Sukerniann, 

Andreas  Hamni, 

Johan  Freidric  Leini, 

Johan  Michel  Muiler, 

Ludwig  Moser, 

Jacob  Miller, 

Burkhart  Ertiueier, 

Johan  Egiduis  Dessner, 

Michael  Kintz, 

Fritz  Wichart, 

Philip  Seifert, 

Jacob  Friesel, 

Martin  Wurfel, 

Oswald  Haas, 

Hans  Flach,  sen. , 

Andreas  Sommer, 

Hans  Schwerter, 

Michel  Arngast. 

Geo.  Kappel, 

Geo.  Stoss,  jun., 

Leonhart  Zitte, 

Samuel  Schneider, 

Hans  Jacob  Hemerle.  jun.. 

Josiah  (frieb, 

Geo.  Silber, 

Jacob  Hainrn, 
Hans  Jacob  Scheid, 
Johan  Peter  Kellner, 
Matthias  Onzinger, 
Gilbert  Ignatius  Knipp, 
Adam  Baier, 
Johan  Weidner. 
Johannes  Jauch, 
Mattheus  Schrutt, 
Johannes  Held, 
Hans  Georg  Achenbacher, 
Christoph  Stumer, 
Johan  Conrad  Diss, 
Jacob  Andreas  Boh  me, 
Hans  Flach,  jun., 
Andreas  Flach, 
Hans  Arngast, 
Andreas  Herster, 
Geo.  Stoss,  sen. , 
Hans  Jacob  Stoss, 
Isaac  Vetter, 

Hans  Jacob  Hemei'le,  sen,. 
Hans  Geo.   Moll, 
Mathew  Lorentz, 
Christ  Strahling, 
Hendrick  Workman. 


Browning,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Sept. 
26,  1749. 

Martin  Katz, 
Johannes  Reber, 
Johan  Hans. 
Johan  Schaffer, 
Johan  Conrad  Brust, 
Christoph  Heindel, 
Jacob  Katz, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Geier, 
Johan  Jost  Riedel, 
Hans  Jacob  Sumer, 
Sebastian  Weitzel, 

Jacob  Katz, 

Martin  Glass, 

Philip  Dahn, 

Johannes  Christoph  Brust, 

Jacob  Klenn, 

Johan  Heitzman, 

Johannes  Landman. 

Johan  Conrad  Riedel, 

Johannes  Schneider, 

Jacob  Boiler, 

Friederic  Weitzel, 



Joliaii  Heinrich  Weitzel. 
Johan  Aclain  Appel, 
Jacob  (tvoII, 
Conrad  Lauterljach, 
Nickol  Hess, 
Johan  Liulwig  Hess, 
Joliau  Heinrich  Stnider, 
Dewalt  Scliust, 
jjeonlnvrt  Keiser, 
Thomas  Erricli, 
Jacol)  Sauerwein, 
Johan  Freiiiric  Hock, 
Nicklans  Hess, 
Mattheus  Grail", 
Hans  Jacob  Lutz, 
Johan  Jacob  Reisch, 
Cliristiiin  Stosser, 
Jolian  Messert, 
Aniljrosius  Habermehr, 
Jolian  Heinrich  Printz, 
Adam  Hopst, 
Jolian  8chertel, 
Johan  Adam  Fassnaclit, 
Johan  Heinrich  Leppich, 
Micliel  Henlvel, 
Benedict  AVeiss, 
Carl  Schermann, 
Johan  Conrad  Geier, 
Peter  Baclver, 
Johan  Geo.  Schmaltz, 
-Andreas  Herreder, 
Johan  Peter  Scharmann, 
Johannes  Selig, 
Wolf  Casper  Geier, 
Johan  Thomas  Schinit, 
Johan  Melchior  Lorei, 
Johannes  Appel, 
Johan  Michel  Oberhauser. 
.lohan  Geo.  Heppel, 
Philip  Bebele, 
Johannes  Danderisch, 
Johan  Christ  Maurer, 
Hans  Hahn, 
J.   Henrich  Schressler, 
J.  Michael  Gunkel, 
Johan  Peter  Steigerwalt, 

Thomas  Appel, 
Johan  Philij)  Weigand, 
Philip  LaiUerbach, 
Christian  Kneip, 
Johan  Nicklans  Hess, 
Casper  Struder, 
Johannes  Striider, 
Eckhart  Keiser, 
Geo.  Christ.  Rberhart, 
Johannes  Dilijertii, 
Johan  Heinrich  Lehr, 
Johan  Conrad  Hock, 
Conrad  Liitz, 
Martin  Lutz, 
Hans  Melchoir  Hammer, 
Johan  Geo.  Trippner, 
Andreas  IMessert, 
Jacol)  Fiirster, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Johan  Heinrich  Peter, 
Johannes  Conrad, 
Freid.  Wilhelm  Geist, 
Johan  Conrad  Fassnacht, 
Johan  Philip  Lehning, 
Johan  Peter  Seppel, 
Johan  Caspar  Schniit, 
Peter  Harting, 
Johan  Henrich  Geier, 
Jaochim  Nagle, 
Johan  Michel  Schmaltz, 
Johannes  Herreder, 
Jacob  Engel, 
Geo.  Ernst  Schniit, 
Johan  Rinehart  Rohrlmch, 
Johan  Heinrich  Lorei, 
Philip  Snltzbach, 
Heinrich  Eckel, 
Melchior  Heppel, 
Johan  Heinrich  Heppel, 
Johan  Jacob  Danderisch, 
Geo.  P>nst  Maurer, 
Michael  Reifl'schneider, 
Heinrich  Hart  week, 
Joliannes  Graber, 
Johannes  Steigerwalt, 
Johannes  Landgraff, 



Johan  Jacob  Eckart, 
Coni'ad  Grebhart, 
Erasmus  Rosenberger, 
Conrad  Wagner, 
Johan  Philip  Jung, 
Johannes  Michler, 

Melchior  Gebhart, 
Johan  Adam  Grriill, 
Johannes  Krebs, 
Johan  Daniel  Bauscher, 
Johan  Jacob  Hetrich. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Dragon,  Geo. 
Spencer,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal, 
England.     Qualified  Sept.  20,  1749. 

Johan  Nickel  Kuch, 
Johannes  Gotdel, 
Johan  Geo.  Fodel, 
Johan  Jacob  Peterman, 
Andreas  Peter  Seis.-*, 
Johannes  Eckel, 
Johannes  Huss, 
Hans  Katzenbacher, 
Simon  Richter, 
Valentin  Weber, 
Jacob  Weber, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Hein, 
Johan  Peter  Reisinger, 
Anton  Strasser, 
Martin  Seir. 
Philip  Jacob  Schmit, 
Johan  Heinrich  Spengler, 
Johan  Heinrich  Fuss, 
Jacob  Beischail, 
Heinrich  Brill, 
Jacob  Miller. 
Heinrich  Schmit, 
Mattheus  Miller, 
Freideric  Minler, 
Peter  Huhn, 
Mattheus  Wagner, 
Melchior  Benedick, 
Michael  Zindebach. 
Johan  Nicklaus  Schneider, 
Johan  Diewalt, 
Kilian  Hager, 
Anthon  Miller, 

Christoph  Kuch, 
Christian  Fuchs, 
Johan  Peter  Weind, 
J.  Christ.  Heinrich  Beck, 
Jacob  Leber, 
Geo.  Hoffman, 
Bastian  Priederich, 
Ludwig  Haspelhorn, 
Hans  Gauss, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Johan  Philip  Lauer, 
Johan  Reisinger, 
Johan  Peter  Eckert, 
Thomas  Bohner, 
Anthon  Mohr, 
Philip   Mehre, 
Philip  Jacob  Eger, 
Johan  Nickel  Wentz, 
Peter  Heinbach, 
Jacob  Braun, 
Adam  Gerber, 
Johan  Bergdeller, 
Bernhard  Wacher, 
Willi  elm  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Johannes  Zwalle, 
Caspar  Hirn, 
Kilian  Duringer, 
Tobias  Heu, 
.Tohan  Heinrich  Weber, 
Johan  Peter  Schlabst, 
Leonhard  Waller, 



Adam  Ef^.-irt, 

Fried  rie  Schntz, 

Adam  Ei'unner. 

Valentin  Wel)er, 

Dewalt  Schneider, 

Freideric  Schweikart, 

Jacob  Hit/., 

Jacob  Nays, 

Stephan  Bauer, 

Hans  (jeo.  Hartlieb, 

Cjreo.  Lump, 

Wei  rich  Beck, 

Jacob  Roth, 

Johan  Valentin  Weber, 

Paulus  Hartman, 

Johan  Geo.  Ludwig, 

Philip  Mnller, 

Jacob  Durr, 

Johan  Geo.  Krauss, 

Martin  Scille, 

Geo.  Jacob  Schafer, 

^fichel  Schneider, 

Johan  Fried.  Widman, 

Martin  von  Kunnen, 

Joseph  Heinrich  Echart, 

Anthon  CEliler, 

JacoV)  Wendling, 

Jacol)  Brunner, 

Geo.  Philip  Hertung, 

Johan  Martin  Kalter, 

Johan  Ross, 

Ludwig  Hitz, 

Christian  Hoffstatter, 

Martin  Lorch, 

Jacob  Frei, 

Peter  Dagen, 

Wilhelm  Miller, 

Michael  Loenhart, 

Heinrich  Weber, 

Jacob  Krauss, 

Johan  Heinrich  Hartman, 

Michael  Kilian, 

Ambrosius  Bender, 

Johannes  Durr, 

Tobias  Lauer, 

Johan  Nicklans  Schafer, 

Johannes  Enders. 

Baltazer  von  KiJnnen, 

Jacob  Weidler, 

Johannes  Potz, 

Jacob  Beck. 

List  of  FohkkxNkrs  Import 
TAIN  Robert  Mitchell,  f 
Sept.  27,  1749. 

Heinrich  Grob, 
Hans  Huch, 
Heinrich  (Jrob, 
Peter  Becker. 
Johan  Heinrich  Grund, 
Michel  Riedelmohs, 
Hans  Conrad,  sen., 
Hans  Conrad,  jnn., 
Hans  Jacob  Miigle, 
Heinrich  Gosshart, 
Ulrich  Koppe, 
Johan  Clirist.  Scheidle, 

•KD  in   the   Ship  Isaac,  Cap- 
ROM  Rotterdam.     Qualified 

Rudolph  Haberle, 
Johannes  Grel, 
Felix  Miigle, 
Jacol)  Flehman, 
Andi-eas  Luik. 
Johannes  Sturm, 
Philip  Conrad, 
Johan  Jacob  Stauck. 
Rudolph  Feier, 
Albert  Schutz, 
Johan  Frederic  Krenier, 
Johan  Adam  Schreiber. 



Baltus  Sehreiber, 

Christian  Merkel, 

Johan  Jobler, 

Leonhart  Lascher, 

Johannes  Klippel, 

Andreas  Burhart, 

Hans  Adain  Maurei", 

Wendel  Beclier, 

Jacob  Wissman, 

Johan  Nickol  Feiser, 

Johan  Caspar  Langenberger, 

Johan  Adam  Wolff, 

Rudolph  Laades, 

Mattheus  Echternach, 

Nickolas  Frantz  Grerlich, 

Johan  Friederic, 

Johan  Heinrich  Weimann, 

Johan  Mickeal  Stumpp, 

Frantz  Hemnile, 

Heinrich  Huber, 

Jacob  Vossler. 

Pliilip  Haber, 

Johan  Heinrich  Beck, 

Ludwig  Kern, 

Johan  Heinrich  Kleim, 

Herman  Haust, 

Johan  Schreiner, 

Michel  Fischer, 
Johan  Valentin  Steinberg, 
Mattheus  Kehler, 
Conrad  Weiss, 
wGeorge  Fischer,— 
Jacob  Klippert. 
Johannes  Hemsen, 
Johan  Wedel  Gferst, 
Johan  Peter  Ritt, 
Gfeo.  Adam  Fischer, 
Johannes  Jungblind, 
Heinrich  Landes, 
Johannes  Miller, 
Johannes  Laudert, 
Peter  Markhart, 
Johan  Nickolas  Senderling, 
Johan  Geo.  Schnable, 
Johan  Daniel  Weber, 
Christian  Hemmle, 
Heinrich  Burkhart, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Lorentz  Haffner, 
Ludwig  Krebs, 
Geo.  Schlosser, 
Johan  Geo.  Batx, 
Nickol  Becker. 

List    of   Foreigners  Imported    iist  the    Ship  Ann,  John 
Spurrier,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Sept. 

28,  1749. 

-Philip  Leidig, 
Wilhelm  Ruljel, 
Heinrich  Braun, 
Jacob  Schwab, 

-^Tacob  Wieser, 
Daniel  Schanling, 
Heinrich  Mock, 
Hans  Adam  Hacker, 
Michael  Hengst, 
Johannes  Weber, 

Melchior  Luppert, 
Johan  Damfuss, 
Johan  Spicier, 
Johan  Schwitzer, 
Rudolph  Virnt, 
Daniel  Schnu1)le, 
Peter  Elser, 
Johan  Jacob  Sutz, 
Jean  Tonteanzin, 
Johannes  Straubmann, 



Jacob  LandirralT, 
Michael  Ziinmenuan, 
Tlioiiias  Jjiiljeck, 
Johannes  Mertz, 
Priederic  Meier, 
Lorent/  Henj^er, 
Julian  Paul  Trail b, 
Johan  Peter  Beissel, 
Martin  Eier, 
Eni^elhart   Ivuter, 
Johan  Pliilip  Falch, 
Jacob  Schuri, 
Joseph  CTalhnann, 
Bernhart  Hank, 
Geo    Michael  Schurtz, 
Hans  Rudolph  Kittweiler, 
Johan  Jacob  Kreiss, 
Han.s  Jacob  Vogt, 
Jolian  Ewalt  Hayer, 
Christian  Schott, 
Joannes  Sucher, 
Jacob  Fachs, 
Martin  Brabneth, 
Michael  Breisach, 
Jacob  Schuublien, 
Hans  Michel  Hank, 
Hans  Adam  Ness, 
Henrich  Vogt, 
Jacob  Schnell, 
Hans  Kuhn, 
Jacob  Kohler, 
Johan  Jacob  Fetter, 
Johannes  Hummel, 
Hans  Fried.  Schaffner, 
Gfeorg  Dangei'anfr, 
Sebastian  Schneidmann. 
Johan  Paulus  Eisenlahr, 
Jacob  Sciiupi». 

Johan  Fried.  Zimmerman, 

Johannes  Zimmerman, 

Wendel  Keller, 

Andreas  Scholl, 

Johan  Philip  Weber. 

Jacob  Lejunes, 

Johan  Anthon  Sch\vartzl)acli, 

Johan  (ieo.  Schreiner, 

Hans  Geo.  Schoengarten, 

Kraft  Hnnner. 

Jcicob  Besselathe, 

Hans  Ulrich  Busse, 

Bhisius  Hauk, 

Melchior  Auber. 

Conrad  Renninger, 

Jacob  Scheibethal, 

Caspar  Derfenbacher, 

Adam  Heinrich, 

Hans  Geo.  Huber, 

Geo.  Heinrich  Schott, 

Jacob  AVeichart, 

Hans  Musbrober, 

Hans  Schiinlien, 

Hans  Michel  Schuster, 

Michael  Gassier, 

Jacob  Amman, 

Frantz  Ness, 

Johannes  Vogt, 

Adam  Scherer, 

Hans  Schutte, 

Nickiaus  Matlieri, 

Hans  Michael  Schwab, 

Jacob  Schaffner, 

Gottlieb  Malter, 

Johan  Philip  Hennemann, 

Conrad  Meier, 

Johannes  Duminei, 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in   the  Ship  Jacob  Cap- 
tain   ADOLPH    DeGi-ROVK,    FROM   AMSTERDAM,     LaST    FROM 

Shields,  England.     Qualified  Oct.  2,  1749. 

Johan  Jacob  Sinn, 
Friedx'ich  Buchel, 
Hans  Geo.  Hoffman, 
Christ.   Fursner, 
Conrad  Lauster, 
Martin  Wolff, 
Johan  Heinrich  Hergert, 
Johannes  Huber, 
Geo.  Bachart, 
Joseph  Ritter, 
P^.al  Lehng. 
Geo.  Michel  Laubiuger, 
Freideric  Pforsing, 
Jacob  Ulrich, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Conrad  Riese, 
Martin  Bleimeir, 
Freideric  Hoffman, 
Johan  Conrad  Leithauser, 
Peter  Seitz, 

Christian  Freid.  Haberlen, 
Geo.  Schwiegert, 
Johan  Geo.  Stein, 
.Jacob  Ruhr, 
Bernhart  Gilbert, 
Simon  Grassmann, 
Johannes  Meier, 
Marcus  G5nner, 
Geo.  Karl  Rupert, 
Friedrich  Seidler, 
Mattheus  Hartman. 
Johan  Heinrich  Rahm, 
Hans  Geo.  Menig, 
Jacob  Kautzman, 
Johan  Geo.    Heinrich, 
Johan  Adam  Hiltenbeitel, 
Johan  Martin  Eiholtz, 
Freideric  Detsalt, 
Adam  Schneider, 
Johan  Michel  Schneider, 
Hans  Michel  Giirtner, 
Christ oph  Heible, 

Johan  Geo.  Sinn, 
Hans  Geo.  Keplinger, 
Geo .  Christian  Spiinglei", 
Friederic  Walles, 
Philip  Sturm, 
Michael  Miller, 
Geo.  Hoffman. 
Johan  Christoph  Kress, 
Johan  Geo.  Steigleiler, 
.Tohan  Conrad  Leling, 
Hans  Geo.  Kraft, 
Jacob  Fleischinanu, 
Johan  Heinrich  Knoss, 
Daniel  Freisinger, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Geo.  Eberhart, 
Jacob  Sinder, 
Eberhart  Wiedmeier, 
Martin  Treibel, 
Martin  Kirch, 
Hans  Geo.  Bauer, 
Jacob  Traut, 
Jacob  Gilbert, 
Lorentz  Hoch, 
Johan  Jacob  Biir, 
Adam  Fachler, 
Hans  Philip  Schuster, 
Heinrich  Rupert, 
Wilhelm  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Rahm, 
Heinrich  Kramer. 
Johan  Geo.  Huntzinger, 
Gottfried  Samuel  Waltzer, 
Johannes  Adam  Baumann, 
Adam  Eiholtz. 
Valentin  Philip, 
Johan  Wendel  Kuhner. 
Johannes  Zimmerman, 
Heinrich  Wirth, 
Johan  Jacob  Keil, 
Baltazer  Bauer, 
Peter  Seller, 

THh  OATH  ()!■    A  LLECi  lANCK. 


Philip  Stuinjif, 
Johannes  8chletterer, 
Jacob  Hiel)le, 
Johan  Geo    Grother, 
Melchior  Wolfart, 
Johannes  Vollv, 
Hans  Micheal  (xintntT, 
Mattheus  Dotter, 

Joliaunes  Hartiuan, 
Johan   Adam  Roth, 
Melcliior  Vofjeiniann, 
Joseph  Volk, 
Johan  Geo.  Storner. 
Nieklaiis  Diitter, 
Martin  Dotter, 
Claude  Reiualt. 

List  <)!•'  Forkignkks  Impou'I' 

TAIX  J.   HAliliKNDlNK,   KHOM 
T,  1749. 

Conrad  Valentin, 
Wendel  AVahl, 
Christoph  Geigen herder, 
Peter  (Trunemvald, 
Christoph  Esch, 
•Johan  Adam  Mauer, 
Johannes  Wessner, 
Freideric  Schott, 
Rudolph  Hoffman, 
Johan  Philij)  Krissniann, 
<  'aspar  Klein, 
Johan  Jaeob  Met/,, 
Friederic  Fuchs, 
Anthou  Koch, 
Peter  Kraut, 
Peter  Kurtz, 
.Tohaii  Paul  Wickert. 
.J«jhan  Peter  Stininiel, 
.folian  (reo.  Kind, 
Wendel  Jung, 
.Johan  Michel  Messeinei', 
Friederic  Mai, 
Simon  J^iiumgartner, 
Gottfried  Gruntzweig, 
Philip  Klein, 
.loliaii  Jacol)  Kngler, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Valentin  Patri, 
Peter  Imsvveiler, 
JacoJ>  H(irJ)erger, 

KD   TX    THK    ShII'    LkSI.IK,   (-Al'- 
ROTTKllDA.M.      (^UALIFIKJ)   ( )("T. 

Hans  Hanich, 
JaeoJj  Hammel, 
Martin  Andreas, 
Ulrich  Jehle, 
Johannes  Hess, 
Martin  Stossern, 
MatthevTS  Kraus, 
Johannes  Eckmann, 
Heinrich  Mohler, 
Peter  Klein, 
Johan  Herman  Metz, 
.Johan  Gerhart  Neimann, 
Jost  Paul  Conrad  Grober, 
Michael  Schmeier, 
Philip  Mauer, 
Johan  Peter  Wickert, 
Martin  Schwenk, 
Conrad  Wolff, 
Martin  Kind, 
Christoph  Jung, 
Johannes  Richter, 
Baltzer  Schniid, 
Michael  Klee, 
Hans  Geo.  Scheiffelen, 
Johan  Diehlklein, 
AVendel  Schmelt/.er, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Arrendt, 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
.\nthon  Petersheimer, 
Michael  Huvet, 



Jacob  Wominer, 

Christian  Melchart, 

Philip  Kilrcher, 

Jolian  Jacob  Bennius, 

Johan  Adam  Kari. 

Michael  Kuntz, 

Jolian  Rudolph  Miiller, 

Michael  Diiiges, 

Jacob  Kreuts, 

Gottfried  Sinderer, 

Hans  Geo    Fischer, 

Stephan  Hepp, 

Georg  Hepp, 

Johannes  Miiller, 

Valentin  Behler, 

Hans  Geo.  Brodbeck,  sen., 

Georg  Miiller, 

Johannes  Lans;-. 

Johan  Philip  tSiipper, 

Jacob  Mauerer, 

Peter  Grein, 

Phili[)  Haupc, 

Peter  Miller, 

(xeo.   Inrich, 

Jost  Engeler, 

Johan  Niekolas  Meier, 

Heinrich  Briih, 

Christian  Schneider, 

Philip  Otto  Wai?ner, 

Geo    Schmit. 

Nickoias  Dietrich, 

Michael  Woinuier, 

Christ.  AdainMuller, 

Johannes  Pfeil, 

Johan  Michel  Theobald, 

Johan  Philip  Matthias, 

Jacob  Strauss, 

Peter  Weber, 

Johan  Jacob  Waher, 

Gottfi'ied  Rommel, 

Geo.  Martin  Hausser, 

Bernhard  Hepp, 

Jacolj  Leonhard, 

Johannes  Warner, 

Conrad  Behler, 

Hans  Geo.  Brodbeck,  jun. , 

Johan  Rudolph  Espid, 

Andreas  Supper, 

Johan  Adam  Dorfflinj?, 

Bartolomai  Mertz, 

Adam  Stumm, 

Jost  Fischer, 

Jacob  Jiiger, 

Johan  Rinehart  Bohm, 

Jacob  Meier, 

Johan  Adam  Bath,   • 

Freideric  Bender, 

Nickolaus  Drenins, 

Johan  Ludwig  Sengriss, 

Philip  Adam, 

Johan  Christoph  Fachler. 


John  Randolph,  from  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Oct.  13, 


Jacob  Buch, 
Johannes  Beck, 
Michael  Kipp, 
Mattheus  Oberfeld, 
Heinrich  Hiibner, 
Geo.  Wagner, 
Andreas  Gembler, 

Stephan  Maisch, 
Heinrich  Bechner, 
Leonhard  Meier, 
Geo.  Conrad  Bloss, 
Heinrich  Thomas, 
Bernhart  Miller, 
Heinrich  Heiser, 



Hans  Peter  Sell  in  it. 
Ji)liannes  Hausvvirtli, 
])jivi(l  Bast, 
Micliael  Steinborn, 
Joliannes  Ohliger, 
Adam   Woliner, 
Henricli  JScliafer, 
Philip  Aruolt, 
Joiiannes  Ai'nolt, 
(reo.   Simon  Brassier, 
(xeo.  Bressler, 
Heinrich  Koeh, 
Nicholas  Simon. 
T>n(l\vi<^  H«'rm;in, 
Micluiel  Schark. 
Wilhelm  Schack, 
.Tohannes  Obei'le, 
Conrad  (tIucIv, 
Johan  Geo.  Schreiber, 
Peter  Rapp, 
.Johan  Greo.  Hammer, 
Ambrose  Keinerle, 
Michael  Nosser, 
Johan  Heinrich  Hettich, 
Johannes  Schmit, 
Philip  Hohne, 
Ludwijj  Flach, 
Hans  Michael  Seitz, 
Daniel  Bock, 
Andreas  Vogler, 
Johannes  Bartli, 
Jacob  Schantz, 
Jacob  Baner, 
Michael  Bastian, 
Caspar  Dorn, 
(xeorg  Kurchner, 
Wilhelm  Liible, 
.Johannes  Himmelreich, 
.Johan  Jacob  Weiden, 
I^eter  Krntringer. 
(jreo.  .Jacob  Scheirmann, 
Valentin  Schalles, 
(ieo.  Vogler, 
Hans  Cxeo.  Ran, 
Andreas  Reinhart, 
.lohan  I'hilii)  Hansemann, 

Joseph  Ballert, 
Conrad  Jjiess, 
Johan  Michael  Bast, 
Geo.   Lambert, 
Johan  Peter  Klen)entz, 
Rinehart  Hess, 
Jacob  Adams, 
Peter  Arnolt, 
Jacob  Kneiss, 
Nickolas  Bressler, 
Michael  Borth, 
Ferdinand  .Jving, 
Christian  Lentz, 
Michael  Barth, 
Jacob  Schack, 
Greo.  Jjacob  Wagner, 
Johan  Peter  Obei-le, 
Conrad  Kohl, 
Geo.  Heinrich  Wiisv, 
Cornelis  Van  Stareren, 
Johan  Jacob  Messer, 
Michael  Peter, 
Hans  Geo.  Huff, 
Mattheus  Keller, 
Johannes  Scherer, 
Conrad  Geidlinger, 
Jacob  Schweinfurth, 
Hans  .Jacob  Schumacher, 
Johcinnes  Vogt, 
Johan  Jacol)  Kahn, 
Baltzer  Kiel, 
Hans  Griisch, 
Carl  Schantz, 
Heinrich  Miller, 
Nicklans  Schaffer, 
Johan  Ulrich, 
Johan  Adam  Jjilble, 
Joseph  Gebhart, 
Adam  Lotz, 

.Johan  Philip  Ohlweiler, 
.Johannes  Koch, 
Johan  Geo.    Jjutz, 
Bastian  Schalles, 
.Johannes  Rau, 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Nickolaus  Miiloth, 



Michael  Wiler, 

Philip  Martin  Haminel, 

Bernhart  Strouiinger, 

Jacob  Uliuer, 

David  Kehn, 

Johannes  Geliseii, 

Wilhelm  Karl, 

Georg  Breinig, 

Jacob  Brueker, 

Georg  Krassen, 

Christian  Seider, 

Nicholas  Forschberg, 

Geo.  Ludwig  Hoffman. 

Johan  Peter  Hinkenauer, 

Johan  Stephan  Deiterich, 

Johan  Nickel  Klein, 

Christian  Carl  Brand koenig, 

Johan  Christoph  Heide, 

Jacob  Kautz, 

Jacob  Bertseh, 

Philip  Bodemer, 

Johan  David  Waltzer, 

Jacob  Stadler, 
Jacob  Donner, 
Mattheus  Scheiffien, 
Stephan  Stieffelmeier, 
Christian  Hentz, 
Lorentz  Weiler, 
Nickolas  Gelisen, 
Freideric  Doll, 
Geo.  Christoph  Midler, 
Michael  Brueker, 
Georg  Ktinier, 
Fernandez  ThoU, 
Geo.  Ruthenburg, 
Valentin  Keller, 
Valentin  Schweitzer, 
Johan  Michael  Mintz, 
Johan  Martin  Heide, 
Johannes  Sturm, 
Michael  Kautz, 
Mattheus  Miiller, 
Andreas  Ecker, 
Rupert  Haug. 

iilST    OP     FoHEiaNERS     IMPORTED      IN      THE     SHIP     DrA&ON, 

Daniel  Nicholas,  Master,  prom  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Oct.  17,  1749. 

Martin  SfhWitter, 
Nicklaus  Brickner, 

Andreas  Mohr, 
Hans  Geo.  Wo  in  bach, 
(Jonrad  Roth, 
Peter  Hartmann, 
Felix  Gartou, 
Andreas  Hertz, 
Hans  Peter  Goltz, 
Michael  Schmit, 
Peter  Tuchman, 
Heinrich  Jacob, 
Hans  Geo.  Staml)ach, 
David  Kreidmeir, 
Philip  Fischer, 
David  Schantz, 
Johannes  Steil)ler, 
Stephan  Furmann, 

Wilbert  Gambert, 
Johannes  Gamber, 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Wilhehii  Manges, 
Hans  n)anzel, 
Christjnan  Tuchman, 
Hans  Michel  Kuntz, 
Conrad  Engel, 
Johan  Leonhard  Balthes. 
Heinrich  Hubert, 
Valentin  Bender. 
Andreas  Birker, 
Johan  Adain  Steil)ler, 
Peter  Fischer, 




Jacob  Fischer, 
Andreas  Kirehner, 
Johannes  Saiiter, 
Heinrich  Fisclier, 
Peter  Diehl. 
Johan  Wahl, 
Wilhehii  HofTnian, 
Abraliani  AUes, 
Johannes  Bigler, 
Jacob  Reiber, 
Peter  (froh, 
Tobias  Horlin, 
Baltus  Schneider, 
Johan  Greo.  Krumlauf, 
Georg  Solieid, 
Hans  Michael  Haiders, 
Hans  Nickel  Hadienschild, 
Simon  Eschbach, 
Jacol)  Grunil)ach, 
Johan  Adam  Meier, 
Johan  Martin  Forster, 
Johan  Andreas  Wagner, 
Johan  Heinrich  Theis, 
Geo.  Heinrich  Witter, 
Johan  Jacolj  Wiirth, 
Bastian  Gernandt, 
Johannes  Hoffman, 

Hans  Geo.  Gebhart, 
Johannes  Midler, 
Johannes  Rumpel, 
.lacol)  (iriess, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Weiner, 
Andreas  Eminerling, 
Johan  Jacob  Alles, 
Abraham  Reiber, 
Adam  Sprengel. 
Simon   Metzger, 
Johan  Simon  (iroh, 
Anthon  Zureh, 
Conrad  Wissman, 
Conrad  Scheid, 
Geo.  Heinrich  Scheid, 
Heinrich  Haiders, 
Conrad  Krumbach, 
Caspar  Iba, 
Johannes  Schmit, 
Hans  Michel  Kohler, 
Johannes  Eberle, 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Wilhelm  Zimmerle, 
Johan  Geo.  Schneider, 
Philip  Lorentz  Zimmerle. 
Arnold  Klehass. 

List  of  Fokeigners  Import 

17,  1749. 

Christophel  Graff, 
C^hristoph  Willert, 
Gottleib  Sohner, 
Samuel  Hein.  Abendschime, 
Christian  Al)endschone, 
Christoph  Altrieth, 
Jacob  Schneider,  jun. , 
Christian  Reiner, 
Adam  Seifert, 
Michael  Binner, 

20-Voi..  XVII, 

KD  IX  THE  Ship  Fane.  Captain 
Rotterdam.      Qualified  Oct. 

('hristoph  Graff, 
Johan  Martin  Offner, 
Tol)ias  Mauch, 
Reiuhold  Abendschcine, 
Gottfried  Baumgiirther, 
.Jacob  Schneider,  sen  , 
I^eonhart  Lang, 
Geo.  Reiner. 

Johan  Heinrich  Gerlach, 
Hans  Geo.  HuV)er, 



Johan  Geo.    Huber, 
Paul  Geiger, 
Johannes  Schilling, 
Johan  Adam  Kilinger, 
Georg  Geiger, 
Ludwig  Treiber, 
Mattheus  Stier, 
Leonhart  Plantz, 
Jacob  Plantz, 
Jost  Sasmanshaus, 
Heinrich  Benner, 
Arndt  Althaus, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Jost  Weber, 
Georg  Steuger, 
Conrad  Kremer, 
Ernst  Klinker, 
Johan  Heinrich  Rentzel, 
Johannes  Gross, 
Wilhelm  Schjitz, 
J.  Engel  Stockmann. 
Johan  Caspar  Klein, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Johannes  Pfeil, 
Johan  Graffhof, 
Jacob  Hahn, 
Conrad  Zeller, 
Michael  Meier, 
Christoph  Schneider, 
Martin  Miller, 
Johan  Martin  Heer, 
Christian  Damser, 
Martin  Peterle, 
Jacob  Kisling, 
Geo.  Friederic  Hohn, 
Samuel  Beck. 
Melchior  Heckmann. 
Johannes  Olgeyer, 
Heinrich  Stirf, 
Hans  Geo.  Kern, 
Hans  Jacob  Keller, 
Melchior  Rahm, 
Johan  Freideric  Reiner, 
Wilhelm  Claussenius, 
(iottfried  Dietz, 
Jacob  Adam  Kraut, 

Caspar  Wagner, 

Geo.  Michel  Haas, 

Jacob  Stiei", 

Christian  Stein, 

Adam  Hugle, 

Johan  Christoph  Wettwein, 

Johan  Leonhart  Hausser, 

Johan  JacoV)  Schneider, 

Geo.  Jacob  Plantz, 

Jacob  Weigand, 

Heinrich  Misse, 

Ludwig  Benner, 

Herman  Weber, 

Coni'ad  Stenger, 

Conrad  Kram, 

Johan  Christoph  Kimm, 

Daniel  Marburger, 

Jost  Wilhelm  Rentzel, 

Anthon  Spies. 

Johan  Heinrich  Schmitt, 

Johan  Philip  Stockman, 

Jacob  Klein, 

Darnel  Benner, 

Johannes  Wahl, 

Johan  Geo.  Zacharias, 

Jacob  Zeller, 

Johannes  Zeller, 

Martin  Schneider, 

Johan  Martin  Hausser, 

Martin  Witzerle, 

Johan  Martin  Reisser, 

Christoph  Weimer, 

Johannes  Peterle, 

Hans  Geo.    Meier, 

Hans  Jacob  Ploscher, 

Johannes  Fischer, 

Casper  Kessler, 

Hans  Jacob  Stiitz, 

Hans  Nordhoff, 

Hans  Philip  Rieber, 

Melchior  Reinhold, 

Nickol  Baier, 

Christian  Reiner, 

Paul  Miller, 

Ulrich  Heininger, 

Johan  Conrad  Birn, 



Jolian  Friederic  Sting, 

Lorien   Eisele, 

Johan  Barnhart  Jung, 

Leonliart  Jnng, 
Johannes  Kiviiier, 
Conrad  Hirsch. 


List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Snow  Good  Intent, 
Renj.  Bos  well..  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Nov.  9,  17-19. 

Hans  Geo.  Besmer, 
Johannes  Hausnian, 
Paul  us  Hausnian, 
Ludwig  Mertz, 
Peter  Fetzer, 
Jacob  Heininger, 
Ludwig  Stnnini, 
Hans  Geo.  Kuntzelinann, 
Michael  Jung, 
Georg  Meier, 
Peter  Mattern, 
Freideric  Bascler, 
Ludwig  Wenantz, 

Johan  Christoph  Besmer, 
Joseph  Hausnian, 
Johan  Adam  Kurtz, 
Johannes  Krienier, 
Johannes  Heininger, 
Mattheus  Plenninger, 
Jacob  Miisner, 
Christian  Pfingstag, 
Geo.  Heinrich  Steinel, 
Jacob  Reinhold, 
Johannes  Seirutscheck, 
Johannes  Kessler, 
Heinrich  Seider. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Patience, Capt. 
Hugh  Steel,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Aug.  11,  HoO^ 

Stephan  Beck, 
Peter  Groff, 
Andreas  Muller, 
Jacob  Jacobi, 
Mathelas  .Tacobi, 
Jacob  Burkard, 
Jacob  Conrath,  sen., 
Daniel  Miller, 
Samuel  Werner, 
Peter  AVieland, 
Ja<;ob  Heckendorn, 
Hans  Jacob  Graff, 
Johan  Nickel  Muller, 

Henrich  Leniz, 
Christoff  Bener, 
Georg  Schned, 
Adam  Jacobi, 
Peter  Jacobi, 
Jacob  Biir, 
Jacol)  Conrath,  jr., 
Jacob  Reichert, 
Johannes  Halm, 
Hans  Peter  Treger, 
Hans  Peter  Graff, 
Johannes  Peter  Klein, 
Johan  Nickel  Cuntz, 



Joh.  Wilhehn  Fuchs, 
Johan  Peter  Fitz, 
Joh.  H  enrich  Leineweber. 
Christian  Uh-ich  Lent;',, 
,  Johan  Georg  Kettenian, 
Georg  Friederich  Groh, 
Friederich  AValtzer, 
Jacob  Uannether, 
J.  Micliael  Leidich, 
Georg  Adam  Eckart, 
Jolian  Wilhelni  Whann, 
Johannes  Nickel  Henrich, 
Johannes  Adain  Lauch, 
Johann  Nickel  Brod. 
Jolian  Nickel  Hasber, 
Johan  Peter  Died  rich, ' 
Philip  Jacob  Miiren, 
Hans  Georg  Eslinger, 
Peter  Junge, 
Jacob  Schwob, 
Geo.  Adam  Eckerdt, 
Balthasar  Vetterman, 
Conrad  Velten, 
Nicklas  Miihleysen, 
Henrich  Reinhardt, 

Christoph  Fritz, 
Henrich  Georg, 

Matheas  Oberkirsch,, 

Jacob  Deremot, 

Andreas  Rost, 

Johannes  Eischby, 

Friederich  Gerst, 

David  Smith, 

Stephen  Poland, 

Jacob  Dobeler, 

Christian  Shmitt, 

Jacob  Keellenthal, 

Johannes  Palm, 

Casper  Greiter, 

Hans  Georg  Sing, 

Johannes  Baumgiirtner, 

Joh.  Andreas  Miihlschliigel, 

Johan  Philip  Ost, 

Friederich  Henrich, 

David  Stadelinjiyer, 

Johan  Adam  Fetzer, 

Joh.  Christoph  Oijfertuch, 
Johan  David  Junge, 
Joh.  Conrad  Wolffle, 
Christoph  Kettenian. 
Joh.  Jacob  Rappoldt, 
Johan  Georg  Bader, 
Carl  Vollunte, 
Hans  Michael  Melber. 
Johan  Georg  Bauer, 
Johan  Christoph  Kuntz, 
Johan  Arnold  Reinhart, 
Johann  Peter  Schiitz, 
Johan  Jacob   Weirich. 
Johan  Michel  Conrad, 
Johan  Jacob  Liisbes, 
Johan  Nickel  Jung, 
Johan  Friederich  l^feil. 
Michael  Junge, 
Georg  Loadig. 
Joh.  Peter  Wohner, 
Georg  Hameii, 
Jacob  Miihleysen, 
Wilhelni  Diedrich, 
Johannes  Roller, 
Jacob  Lentel, 
Christian  Mener, 
Niklas  Conrad, 
Abraham  Ritner, 
Paulus  Reylandt, 
Dewald  Gerst, 
Peter  Poland, 
Peter  Foltz, 
Hans  Kawffman, 
Philip  Friiber, 
Michael  Jxmcker, 
Johannes  Reihle, 
Anthoii  Derfuss, 
Johan  Conrad  Bross, 
Hans  Georg  Nagel, 
John  David  Gorges, 
George  Fregerick  Hang, 
Joh.  Adam   Satson, 
Johan  Matheis  Georg, 
Johan  Michael  Leib, 
Bartholomii  Lentziger, 
Johan  Adam  Stiehl, 



Joh.  Albrecht  Velter, 
Joluin  Adam  Dentzell, 
.Johau Jacob  Miiller, 

Johannes  Esbenstein, 
Johan  Uavid  J-rinibech, 

List  ok  Foretgxkrs  Import 
JOHX   Wadham,  Mastkr, 
Portsmouth.     Qualified 

Jacob  Lange, 

Isaac  (xunst, 

(xeorg  Acker, 

Carl  (iustav, 

Peter  Biichs, 

Jacob  Valentine, 

Bentz  Hoony, 

Bastian  Leclig, 

Hans  Ruglity, 

Peter  Funck, 

Michael  Kuntz, 

Johannes  Bley, 

Dewald  Wantlin, 

Jacob  Reis.s, 

Hans  Michael  Beyer, 

Johan  Georg  Ott, 

John  Friedrieh  Ott, 

Johan  Adam  Bayer, 

Michael  Neuman, 

Johannes  Philip  Schmit, 

Heinerich  Lieninger,    • 

Johann  Michael  Kloss, 

H.  Jacob  Sander, 

Christoff  Grindler, 

Wendel  Insel, 

.lohannnes  Jacob, 

Guilliaume  Gunser, 

Casper  Stattler, 

Hans  Georg  Wetzel, 

Hans  Ge<)rg  Schenckel, 

Hans  Peter  Peters, 

Georg  Friederich  Hoon, 

Hans  Michael  Hetzel, 

Henrich  Jacob  VanderVjurg, 

Hans  Michael  Roth, 

KU  IN  THK  Ship  Bennkt  Gally, 
FROM  Rotterdam,  last  from 
August  i;j,  1750. 

Adolph  Riehl, 

Jacob  Dencker, 

Michael  Gallater, 

Johannes  Koch, 

Jacob  Lazarus. 

Peter  Gutman, 

Balzer  Leibrock, 

Jacob  Schiiffer, 

JSicklaus  Merklin, 

Andreas  Miiller, 

Hans  Dii  ringer, 

Benjamin  Kelhover, 

Friedrieh  Reiss, 

Johannes  Hoon, 

Hans  Jacob  Silander, 

Joh.  Jacob  Shiitzlin, 

Johan  Jacob  Wiippel, 

Johan  David  Nenman, 

Hans  Georg  Baldespargel, 

Hans  Peter  Shrantz, 

Johan  Frantz  Fries, 

D.  Cai'l  Gottlieb  Diesbergen, 

Joseph  Eck. 

Adam  Steffan, 

Martin  Bender, 

Peter  Merckel, 

Uhlerich  Steiner, 

Hans  Bergher, 

Hans  Gerg  Haljifas, 

Johann  Georg  Siiss, 

Hans  Georg  Hoon, 

Georg  Friederich  Hetzel, 

Hans  Michel  Reber, 

<'hristoff  Ackerman, 

Julius  Friederich  Vollandt, 



Johan  Greorg  Romster, 
Hans  Greoi'g  Rei chart. 
Christian  Fried.  Knauss, 
Hans  Adam  Miller, 
Benedict  Peter, 
Peter  Lazarus, 
Diebolt  Schwenck, 
J.  Adam  Brunsholtz, 
Hans  Michael  Bonet, 
Joh.  Phil.  Jacob  Schott, 
Johannes  Miller,  sick, 
H.  Nicklas  Blader,  sick, 

Hans  Greorg  Shlaybour, 

Hat'tman  Leibengut, 

Hans  Michael  Hell, 

Georg  Jacob  Briinsholtz, 

Adam  Fixe, 

Georg  Lees, 

Hans  Mich.  Leby, 

Hans  Thomas  Leininger, 

Johan  Nickel  Jost, 

Joliann  Georg  Hafer, 

Friederich  Lauderbrunn,  sick, 

Henry  Peter,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Edinburgh, 
James  Russell,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth.     Qualified  Aug.  13,  1750. 

Johann  Corngibel. 
Johannes  Beyer,  jr., 
J.  Georg  Kirshner, 
Stoffel  Bruning, 
Jost  Schneider, 
Thomas  KIoss, 
Andreas  Kuch, 
Georg  Schiiffer, 
Michael  Lemer, 
Jacob  Schiiffer, 
Joahnnes  Delcher, 
Jacob  Werntz, 
Jacob  Lanish, 
Jacob  Loch, 
Andreas  Ditz. 
Johann  Seybert  Gertz, 
Johann  Philip  Heck, 
Joh.  Peter  Seyfert, 
Johan  Georg  Flour, 
Peter  Marcus, 
Gettlieb  Wyda, 
Michael  Heinle, 
Conrad  Haffer, 
Frantz  Cuntz, 
Peter  Spengler, 
Severimus  Sheffer, 

Johannes  Beyer, 
Michel  Hamburgeis, 
Valentin,  Sosttel, 
Ludwig  Gassier, 
Thomas  Kegel, 
Henrich  Kloss, 
Jacob  Moler, 
Johannes  Wein, 
Daniel  Klein, 
Johan  Fasnacht, 
Johannes  Delcher, 
David  Herbster, 
Georg  Heyle, 
Casper  Strohl, 
Philip  Conrad  Aumiiller, 
Johann  Henrich  Lotz, 
Casper  Broning, 
Johan  Georg  Rabe. 
Johann  Georg  Miiller, 
Conradt  Bcihm, 
Casper  Mug, 
Peter  Collep. 
Theobald  Cuntz, 
Johannes  Shmit, 
Christian  Kempt, 
Jacob  Schaffner, 



Jacob  Michael, 
Antliouy  Heanz, 
Ludwig  Bauer, 
Nicklaiis  Bard, 
Philip  Balbierer, 
Tlioinas  Bougli, 
Casper  (^onradi, 
Johanii  Raden)ach, 
Casper  Dieffebaclier, 
Johannss  Wulschliiger, 
Siiuou  Peter  Feniautz, 
Henry  Dauiuer, 
Johan  Adam  Stein, 
Johann  Creorg  Klein, 
Loreiitz  Baustein, 
Philipus  Buckssll, 
Johannes  Feuerstein, 
Johan  Herman  Dippel. 
Wendel  Renninger, 
Frederick  Brinkmaii, 

Andreas  Spielman, 

Valentin  Reisster, 

Peter  Nees, 

Andreas  Keanig, 

Philip  Shmith. 

Johannes  Kniss, 

Jacob  Flug, 

Johannes  Philips, 

Jacob  Donnerberg, 

Simon  Merckle, 

Johannes  Mohl, 

Johann  Martin  SchiifTer, 

Johan  ChristoHel  Scharff, 

Johannes  Schmidt. 

Johan  Greorg  Dum, 

Johannes  Moller, 

Johann  Bernhard  Christ, 

Jacob  Vornwald, 

Johan  Fried.  Heilbrunn, 

Liidwig  Schreiner, 

Christ.  Sam.  Baehman, 

Joh.  Ludwig  Seysser, 

Hans  Adam  Wagner, 

TiUdwig  Spannagel, 

Johan  Henry  Shiiman, 

Georg  Sebastian  Krausser, 

Jacob  Walter, 
Nicklas  Spiri, 
Henry  Coller, 
Jacob  Metziger, 
Philip  Begtholt, 
Friederich  Hoflfinann, 
Valentin  Ehrtzrieth, 
Michael  Matinger, 
Johann  Jacob  Brang, 
Johan  Ulrich  Dauiner, 
Nickolaus  Wolir, 
Johan  Casper  Rotter, 
Johan  Philip  Holsel, 
Christophel  Mohr, 
Johannes  Gertz, 
Johan  Peter  Leib, 
Hans  Georg  Renninger, 
Johannes  Bilert, 
Ludwig  Pretzman, 
Daniel  Meerbagh, 
Peter  Sickenberger, 
Henrich  Pilgram, 
Peter  Bohre, 
Carle  Keanig, 
Nicklas  Hirt, 
Christian  Haffner, 
Nicklas  Spring, 
Andreas  Bensell, 
Jacol)  Merckle, 
Carl  Stedt, 

Johann  Gottlieb  Rabi, 
Johan  Georg  Holtzer, 
Samuel  Falckenliahn, 
Johan  Philip  Stang, 
Johannes  Haflfner, 
Christoffel  Moller, 
Johan  Adam  Huljer, 
Georg  Fried.  Heilbrunn, 
Johan  Daniel  Biibel, 
Wilhelm  Schreiner, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Widtmann, 
Johan  Georg  Esch, 
Georg  Adam  Hobel, 
Johan  Adam  Regel, 
Andreas  lirandner, 
Johan  Ludwig  Ehrhart, 



Johannes  Pfister, 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Peter  Schmit, 

Matthias  Heiss, 
Nicolaus  Grerlach, 
Deitrich  Kautz. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Royal  Union, 
Clement  Nicholson,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam, 
last  from  Portsmouth.     Qualified  Aug.   15,  1750. 

Jacob  Grob, 
Jacob  Karner, 
Adam  Staub, 
Philip  Prlke, 
Conradt  Arnold  t, 
Hans  Weertz, 
Anthoni  Emrieli, 
Martin  Schrenck, 
Andreas  Hetz. 
Gottlieb  Utz, 
Matheas  Eyrich, 
Johann  Georg. 
Jacob  Steebly, 
Nickel  Faust, 
Jacob  Shniith, 
Nickel  Fuss. 
Johannes  Hartnian, 
Daniel  Diidi, 
Herman  Schwainin, 
Johan  Conrad  Scheffer, 
Christoffel  German, 
Wendel  Bretz, 
Philip  Bauer, 
Valentin  Fidler, 
Christian  Rust, 
Friederich  Paff, 
Johannes  Miesch, 
Martin  Imhoff, 
Jacob  Werking. 
Anthon  Kriiber, 
Petei-  AVolff, 
Johannes  Grimb, 
Frantz  Rriinnholtz. 
Valentin  G.  Bast, 
Georg  Hoffmann, 

John  Brenhauer, 

J.  J.  O.  Driesch, 

Casper  Schmidt, 

Hans  Prike, 

Jacob  Stehr, 

Matheas  Rost, 

Daniel  Braun, 

Andreas  Haas, 

Adam  Long, 

Michael  Eyrich, 

Felix  Jung, 

Philip  Eberhart, 

Martin  Schmitt, 

Abraham  Gerhart, 

Peter  Hambro, 

Matheas  Fesbely, 

Peter  Mann, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Lochmann, 

Frederick  Schnitzer, 

Stephan  Miirlich, 

Philip  Dick, 

Philip  Fuchs, 

Johannes  Bauer, 

Martin  Rubbert, 

Jacob  Handshy, 

Friederich  Miesch, 

Joseph  Zug. 

Johannes  Willar, 

Valentin  Schmeltzer, 

Johannes  Paffler, 

Philip  Welde, 

Philip  Wilhertzbach, 

Philip  Jacob  Stiimpel, 

Friederich  Jacob  Cummer, 

Hans  William  Statily, 



Henry  Ully  Statily, 

Joliiin  Peter  Dick, 

Nicol  Merckhiiusser, 

Henricli  Hanenstein, 

Andreas  Hert/.O'^, 

(Tiistav  Priedericli  Sflileider, 

Michael  Luttiiiaii, 

Johan  Martin  Schwartz, 

Jolianii  (ieorg  Utz, 

IJenilianl  CEsterle, 

Johau  .Jacob  Ebeuth, 

Matheis  Bernhardt, 

Johanu  Adam  ISerger, 

Hans  Martin  Wurtz. 

Johan  Georg  Fitler, 

Joacliiin  AVilhehn  Storck, 

Johan  i\richael  HolUch, 

Johan  Friederich  Bresch, 

Simon  Leyteker, 

Heurich  Miiller, 
Jonas  Vogt, 

Andreas  Roth, 

Johann  Gelberee, 

Martin  Shoiib, 

Wilhehn    Mnller, 

Johan  Adam  Kern, 

Johan  Philip  Ludwig, 

J.  Nickolaus  Sanger, 

Joh.  Nicolaus  Werking, 

Johann  Adam  Schmeltzer, 

Philip  Wendel  Opp, 

Johannes  Gramber, 

Kilian  Ganther, 

Isaac  Widmer, 

Henrich  Wolff, 

Achior  Crebler. 

Jacob  Rincker, 

Friederich  Keeper, 

Henry  Smith, 

Puthy  Weyss, 

Henry  Trolly, 

Johan  Heinrich  Kautzmann, 

Riidol IT  Widmer. 

Weirich  Wagner, 

Jacob  Tlmmy, 

Philip  Bruner, 

Johan  Aniireas  Jiingst, 
Dielman  Fiichs, 
Johau  J)ietrich  Diiey, 
Hans  IMichael  Bauersachs, 
Hieronymus  Schleider, 
Heinrich  Holtzman, 
Hans  (reorg  Young, 
Peter  Ulrich  Bauer, 
Hans  Adam  Kautzmann, 
Joh.   Friedeirch    Giassl)renner. 
Lndwig  von  der  Schmidt, 
-  Johann  Michael  Schiil,  — 
G.  Adam  Renecker, 
Philip  Peter  They], 

Fried.  Christ.  Koppel)erger, 
Johan  Philip  Kirschbaum, 
Johanu  Peter  Perster, 
Johannes  Triimper, 

Jacob  Beensly. 
Wilhelm  Discher, 
Heinrich  Bauer, 
■      Friederich  Siiber, 
>^  Hans  Shonbo=' 

Johann  Christian  Duey, 

Johann  Millerschnrl, 

Johann  Jacob  He!  wig, 

G.  Michael  Kraus, 

Johann  Peter  Schneider, 

Johannes  Schnebli, 

Johannes  Christ.  Brammeret, 

Friederich  Wolfif, 

Matthiins  Basteumev er, 

Johann  Peter  Benner, 

Johannes  Rohr, 

Jacob  Crebler, 

Jacob  Rorrer, 

Melchior  Keeper, 

Johannes  Ziind, 

Henrich  Felty, 

RudolfT  Sherrer, 

Jacob  Bercher. 

Henry  Weyss, 

Hans  Scheurer, 

Henry  Brinker, 

Casper  Waldy, 

Jost  Funck, 



Johannes  Knob, 
Anthony  Sader, 
Joseph  Shomony, 
Henry  Sifry, 
Xjreorg  Prall, 
Tobias  Pfister, 
Jacob  Lostatter,  jr., 
Johannes  Turny, 
Abraham  Arb,  sen., 
Johannes  Housser, 
Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 
Lenhart  Friily, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer, 
Henrich  Koch, 
Hans  Conrad  Steinman, 
Joseph  Lengenhar, 
Friederich  Specht, 
Jacob  Hassler, 
Hans  Georg  Shan, 
Johannes  Weidman, 
Abraham  Im  Oberstiich, 
Hans  Jacob  Biir, 
Liidwig  Engel, 
Uhlerich  Waldmer, 
Andreas  Shneyder, 
Hans  von  Huber, 
Conrad  Weydman, 
Conrad  Bucher. 
Heinrich  Haller, 
H.  Nicholas  Helling, 
Conrad  Kramer, 
Hans  Georg  Hennold, 
Rudy  Hausser, 
Adam  Christopher, 
Johannes  Wiispy, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johann  Adam  Meng, 
Johaii  Paul  Glehas, 
Casper  Weber, 
Hans  Casper  Scharer, 
Henry  Wurtz,  sick, 
Henrich  Hambach,  sick, 
Ludwig  Bretz,  sick, 
Jacob  Werking,  sick, 
Henry  Bousman,  sick, 
Christoph  Eyerman,  sick. 

Rudi  Mauerer, 
Henry  Redlinger, 
Gallus  Fricker, 
Jacob  Schiiredt, 
Jacob  Waasser, 
Jacob  Lostatter, 
Conrad  Tshakky, 
Peter  Balsam, 
Christian  Mosser, 
Isaac  Greber, 
Leonhardt  Vonruff, 
Rudolph  Hemming. 
Conrad  Kuntzly, 
Hans  Michel  Neraker, 
Hans  Jacob  Zuble, 
Johan  Nickel  Jung, 
Melchior  Winkelman, 
Abraham  Hassler, 
Uhlerich  Bitsferkei', 
Johannes  Bimraesdorfer, 
Heinrich  Harneist, 
Heinrich  Aweiss, 
Solomon  Cauffman, 
Heinrich  Bauinger, 
Jbhannes  Zdpner, 
Rudolph  Guttinger, 
Christian  Pfaher, 
Caspar  Bucher, 
Friederich  Almbech, 
Michael  Singer. 
Heinrich  Boshart, 
Felix  Hausser, 
Jacob  Fischer, 
Jacob  Wiispy, 
Joachim  Diehrig, 
Johann  Casper  Schaflf, 
Hans  Adam  Sej^dler, 
Abraham  Aberhaltei-. 
Hans  Ulrich  Sonderegger, 
Hans  Smith,  sick, 
Philip  Bauei*,  sick, 
Henry  Bretz,  sick, 
Sander  Sanger,  sick, 
Lorentz  Ampel,  sick, 
Anthony  Samber,  sick. 





List  of  Forkiwners   Imported   in^  thk    Ship  Anderson, 
HucfH  Campbell,  (Uptaix,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 

COWES.       QUALIFIED  AUU.   21,   IToO. 

Christian  Betz. 
Johaiiues  (jrouilerman, 
Peter  Heintzle, 
Samuel  Luttij?, 
Johannes  Shniit, 
Christian  Widniaii, 
Conrad  Hauser, 
Conrad  Derr, 
Jacob  r>enj;ler, 
Jonas  Miitschler, 
Jolian  Miller, 
Christoph  Miller, 
Gerhart  Birkenbeile, 
Christian  Kauffnian, 
Johan  Georg  Miller, 
Johann  Philip  Enierer, 
Johiin  Pliilip  Kambach, 
Johan  Peter  Weiss, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Brit/.inj^, 
Jacob  Bieber, 
Andreas  Schade, 
Ijenhart  Zebolt, 
Johannes  KautTnian, 
Johannes  Bretz, 
Matheas  Weymer, 
Henry  Reinfeld. 
Johann  H enrich  Pick, 
Johann  Henrich  Cuutz, 
Johannes  Henrich  Horn, 
Johan  Christian  Sturm, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Mauder, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Beel, 
Johan  Henrich  Schneider, 
Johan  Jacob  Huber, 
Joh.ann  (leorg  Reiclnnan, 
Phili[)  Bopp, 
Johannes  Naumann, 
Conrad  Elscher, 
Johaini  Liidvvig  Retter, 
Johann  Peter  Becker, 
Joliiinn  Jacob  Bopp, 

Ludwig  Horst, 
Martin  Weber, 
Gottfried  Biittner, 
Christoi)h  Metz. 
Jacob  Ritter, 
Oswald  Diips, 
Gerhart  Piihr, 
Lorentz  Hauck, 
Valentin  Maitlin, 
Johannes  Hebel, 
Johannes  Sehauerer, 
Michael  Wagenmanu, 
Johan  Baltzer  Schmith, 
Hans  Georg  Steiger, 
Johannes  Jacob  Bliisser, 
Georg  Deobalt  Ahner, 
Hans  Georg  Rath, 
Johan  Christophel  Bretz 
Melchior  Brunner, 
Georg  Melcher, 
Jacob  Ackermann, 
Henrich  Anton  Reinscheidt, 
Johannes  Marquardt. 
Johann  Beck, 
Jacob  Lyme, 

Jofian  Engel  Gonderman, 
Johannes  Peter  Jung, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
Johan  Jacob  Sturm, 
Johan  Heinrich  Schuster, 
Johannes  Lndwig  Beel, 
Johan  Daniel  Rheiner. 
Johan  Michel  Huber, 
Johan  Martinus  Reinhardt, 
Johann  Christian  Rick, 
Jacol)  Heilman, 
Christoph  Steiner, 
Urban  Friebele, 
Johann  Peter  Bat'/, 
Johann  Philip  Moll, 
Reinhart  Hasenbiirger, 



Johann  Theis  Schmidt, 
Johann  Gottlieb  Naumann, 
Henrich  Anton  Reinscheido, 
Joliannes  Kauffman, 

Johannes  Schwartzliide, 
Johan  Conrad  Ruff, 
Henrich  Leuchtliold. 

List  of  Foreigjn^ers  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Brothers, 
Captain  Muir,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
QuAiiiFiED  Aug.  24,  1750. 

Adam  Shnyder, 
Erasmus  Hess, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Philip  Kawtzman, 
Jacob  Keller, 
Joseph  Nagel, 
Adam  Mensch, 
Christian  Freund, 
Friederich  Miller, 
J»)hannes  Blumenschein, 
.Tohann  Georg  Gans, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Helm, 
Johann  Matheis  Schiiffer, 
Johan  Peter  Schmunck, 
Hans  Martin  Kiirfes, 
Johann  Daniel  Hoffmann, 
.lohann  Georg  Herr, 
Hans  Georg  Frey, 
Jost  .Tacoby, 
J.  Jacob  Freisch, 
Martin  Benich, 
Otto  Ban.  Neuer, 
Hans  Geo.  Stanch, 
Johan  Adam  Wohlfahrt, 
Benedict  Kreiger, 
Casper  Karl, 
Nickolas  Rome, 
F.  PhihpHoll, 
Johann  .Tacob  Kimmel, 
Johann  Leonhard  Groh, 
Johann  Henrich  Keller, 
Johann  Adam  Korner, 
.1.  Jacob  Reybolt, 
Hans  Geo.   Ganshorn, 

Adam  Weber, 
Jacob  Gerdner, 
Johannes  Q<]hrle, 
Christian  Shott, 
Johannes  Walder, 
AT^raham  Schneider, 
Abraham  Glass, 
Johannes  Friessner, 
Johann  Philip  Heist, 
Johan  Georg  Horing, 
Johan  Nickel  Gress. 
Joh.  Georg  Schnurberger, 
Jacob  Fi'iederich  Sahn, 
Johan  Georg  Dreher, 
Hans  Peter  Mnller, 
.Tohan  Heinrich  Hauck,   , 
.Johann  Philip  Hiiller, 
Engelhart  AVagner, 
Mattheis  Miller, 
Martin  Ausbach, 
Martin  Weber, 
J.  Leon.  Reisch, 
Georg  Martin  Knhn, 
Peter  Meyer, 
Andreas  Frey, 
Daniel  Cabel. 
J.  Nickolas  Holl, 
J.  Adam  Lucas, 
John  Lenard  Miller, 
Johann  Peter  Seger, 
Johan  Georg  Keller, 
Johann  Georg  Weiss, 
Martin  Uhner, 
Johannes  Stroll, 


G.  Adam  Bartholt, 
Con.  Israel  Oberle, 
Georg  Adain  l^arttel, 
Hans  Georg  Roiiiish, 
Joh.  Jacob  Wagner, 
Georg  Michael  Gamber, 
Johann  Jacob  Bernauer, 
Johan  Georg  Koop, 
Johan  Conrad  Schultz, 
Johann  Adam  Edelniaiin, 
Johan  Ludwig  Ranhzalin, 
Georg  Adam  Young, 

Adam  Eberle, 
Joh.  Hen.  Leaseman, 
G.  Michael  Romish, 
Johann  Jjicob  Schuster, 
Johann  Henrich  Gamber. 
Johann  Peter  Kramer, 
Hans  Philip  Bender, 
Johann  Adam  Franck, 
Johann  Georg  Muller, 
Johan  Peter  Lavitenschleger, 
Johan  Peter  Volker. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Two  Broth- 
ers, Thomas  Arnt,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  (Quali- 
fied Aug.  28,  1750. 

Philip  Peter, 
Christopher  Gerner, 
David  Metzger, 
Christoph  Albrecht, 
Leonhart  Heichel, 
Johannes  B5hmer. 
Johan  Georg  Huber, 
Hans  Georg  Gerner, 
Georg  Michael  Schupp, 
Hans  Martin  Eiche, 
Hans  Adam  Pfisterer, 
Hans  Adam  Battenfeld, 
•lohann  Friedrich  Thomas, 
Johann  Wilhehn  Stoll, 
.Jobann  Wilhehn  KiilV), 
Johann  Wilhehn  Schneider, 
.laeob  Roller, 
Christian  Matheis, 
Andi'eas  Wentz, 
Jacob  Keble. 
Johannes  Becker, 
Martin  Weis, 
Bernhart  Bertsch, 
Tobias  Muller,  jr., 
Peter  Hergedt, 
Stephan  Kneisel, 

Frederich  Prophet, 
Johannes  Kreutzwisser, 
Jacob  Stein, 
Sebastian  Werner, 
Johannes  Stoll, 
Lucaa  Schiiffer, 
Johan  Matheis  Gerner, 
Johann  Adam  Holtz, 
Hans  George  Siegrist, 
Hans  Adam  Pfisterer., 
Pliilip  Peter  Huff. 
Johann  Heinrich  Leiblig, 
Johann  Jacob  Schiiffer, 
Johann  Peter  Bohmer, 
Johann  Pauliis  Muller, 
Michael  Mell, 
Martin  Tuch, 
Jacob  Rosch, 
Michael  Waltz, 
Jacob  Bloss, 
Jacob  Weis. 
Jacob  Paniel, 
Tobias  Muller, 
Matheus  Brundle, 
Baltazar  Loffler, 
Johannes  Kerlinger, 



Daniel  Sommer, 
Philip  Battenfeld, 
Eberhart  Bicliel, 
Jacob  Wolffer, 
Peter  Martin, 
Johannes  Warner, 
Henry  Hillinger, 
Johannes  Jung. 
D.  Bernhart  Rothbaus, 
Jacob  Adam  Nonnemacher, 
Johann  Jacob  Klein, 
Johannes  Biilheinier, 
Hans  Georg  Geltz, 
Johan  David  Buchel, 
Johan  Jacob  Braun, 
Hans  Georg  Muller, 
Joseph  Seufried, 
Hans  Georg  Marich, 
Hans  Georg  Dischler, 
Christ oph  Meyer, 
PhiHpp  Bellinger, 
J.  Daniel  Printz, 
J.  Gottlieb  Weniger,  sick, 
Andreas  Diirr,  sick. 

Johannes  Battenfel 
Mattheis  Seufried, 
Matheis  Stossler, 
Michael  Tybly, 
Mattheis  Martin, 
Lorentz  Spatz, 
Mathias  Berger, 
Hans  Martin  Kolhner, 
Hans  Christoph  Engberth, 
Hans  Balthas  Buck, 
Hans  Georg  Sauerbreu, 
Hans  Adam  Shmit, 
Hans  Georg  Weiss, 
Hans  Georg  Knodel, 
Christoph  Friedrich  Reutter, 
Hans  Wend  el  Seufried, 
Joh.  Christoph  Bretzinger, 
Christoph  Buckbeck, 
Johan  Friederich  Risch, 
Hans  Georg  Saal, 
Joseph  StumplT. 
Hans  Geo.  Kruster, 
Baltazar  Munster,  sick, 
Han  Jacob  Metzger,  sick. 

List  of  Foreignkrs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Phcenix,  John 
Mason,  Captain,  prom  Rotterdam,  i^ast  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Aug.  28,  1750. 

Erdman  Schultz, 

Simon  Peter, 

.Tacob  Saber, 

Johann  Georg  Leyss.    ' 

Johan  Nickel  Vogelgesang, 

John  Henry  Weydigh, 

Jean  Drapet, 

Michel  Peter, 

Hans  Wirheiner, 

Ernst  Bohm, 

Georg  Betzler, 

Ulrich  Seigendaller, 

Georg  Hultzler, 

Jacob  Prison, 

Johannes  Seltzer, 
Christian  Bernhardi, 
Jacob  Patz, 

.Johan  Ludwig  Schleber, 
Johan  Conrad  Protzman, 
Johan  Georg  Kalteisen, 
Henrich  Gerlart, 
Jacob  Moog, 
Coni'ad  Z'.^llner, 
Peter  Seigendaller, 
Johannes  Peter, 
Jacob  Sheel, 
Henry  Yeal, 



<ieor{^  Yure, 
(ti'oi-^  Kop, 
Conrad  Hay. 
Joliii  Georg  DebaUl, 
Michael  Leliniaii, 
Conrad  Mvini, 
Andreas  Muni, 
Michael  Berjjer, 
Nicklaus  Yeisly, 
Andreas  Dienier. 
Dewald  Kuiitz, 
Johannes  ZurbriK'k, 
Jacob  Buchinan, 
(feorj^  Hans  Anthoni, 
(feorj^  Friedericli  Jiintz 
Carl  Seusterditz, 
Adam  Hiltenbrandt, 
Martin  Burcliliardt, 
Henry  Meyer, 
Ulrich  Fooks, 
<jreorg  Lolir, 
Peter  Bern, 
Jacob  Haber, 
Jacob  Reb, 
Jacob  j\Iuni,  jr. , 
Debolt  Beck, 
Henry  Herman, 
Andreas  Hotz, 
Peter  Schmitt, 
Peter  Erhart, 
Debalt  Frantz, 
Georg  Gees, 
Philip  Hind, 
Solomon  Philips, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Hertzog, 
Michael  Forbriiiirer, 
Johann  "Willielm  Wei^s, 
Carl  Ernst  Riiger, 
Johan  Jacol)  Reich, 
Peter  Schirmer, 
Valentin  Mochel, 
Jacob  Paule, 
Abraham  Enderly, 
Carl  Heiser, 
Johan  Solomon, 

Georg  Saling, 
Jacob  Werly, 
Hans  Michel  Nothsteii., 
Henry  Haberman, 
Christian  Muni, 
Hans  Ulricli  Schleppi, 
Christ  opt  Darren  berger, 
Hans  Jacob  Seuter, 
Johann  Georg  Herman, 
Johan  Friederich  Riilni. 
Johan  J)avid  Ziirel, 
Martin  Buchman, 
Nicklaus  Jacob, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Christoph  Fischer, 
Abraham  Shopffer, 
Michael  Straub, 
Georg  Hatzinger 
Michael  Kapp, 
Dewalt  Fooks, 
Jacob  Werner, 
Nicklaus  Hegi, 
Dewald  Theil, 
David  Frarry, 
Jacob  Muni,  sen., 
Peter  Dinck, 
Michael  Cuntz, 
Georg  Hauss. 
Jacob  Riffel, 
Dietrich  Erhart, 
Frantz  Anton, 
Joseph  Waltz, 
Jacob  Anthoni, 
Johan  David  Schmitt, 
Johan  Jacob  Peter, 
Heinrich  Eberhard, 
Johan  Gottfried  Riiger 
Georg  Siegenthaller. 
Philip  Jacob  Volandt, 
Hans  Braun, 
Heinrich  MuUer, 
Johannes  Lips, 
Christian  Gross, 
Jacob  Heck, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Adam  Weiss 



Jacob  Fisher, 
Paul  Weber, 
Hans  Miller, 
Georg  Matler, 
Debalt  Farringer, 
Conrad  Hefer, 
Martin  Jost, 
■  Michael  Fischer, 
Nicklaas  Kiffer, 
•  Philipp  Ferber, 
Peter  Will, 
Anthoni  Grieser, 
Jacob  Friederich  West, 
Johan  Friederich  von  Rohr, 
Gottfried  Thiele, 
Johan  Otniansdorff, 
Michael  Shalleberger, 
Michael  Lederman, 
Christian  Andrae, 
Gottfried  Peuckert, 
Friederich  Zimmerman, 
Joh.  Christof  Heuschekll, 
David  Ensminger, 
Hans  Heinrich  Niicht, 
Paneratius  Reichhelt, 
Adam  Haberling, 
Johan  Georg  Malle, 
Joseph  Gerber, 
Johannes  Phillipi,  jr. , 
Christian  Phillipi, 
Hans  Jacob  Liebenguth,  Jr., 
Johann  Jacob  Leininger, 
Hannes  Gerber, 
Dewalt  Nagel, 
Georg  Clauss, 
Johannes  Phillipi, 
Christian  His, 
Hans  Deterig, 
Jacob  Kloti, 
TJlrich  Eggler, 
Hans  Wagner, 
/     Ludwig  Wohlfahrt, 
Georg  Engelhart, 
Heinrich  Sterchi, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Zichelhart, 
Thomas  Shlighter, 

Johan  Grimm, 
Godlieb  Bobe, 
Henrich  Presler, 
Killian  Jaac, 
Georg  Voltz,   • 
Philip  Finck, 
Gottlieb  Thurm, 
Jacob  Schoch, 
Andreas   Engel, 
Hans  Georg  Etter, 
Georg  Henrich  Etter, 
Johannes  Wedel, 
Joh.  Andonus  von  Rohr, 
Christophel  Pfuller, 
Jacob  Laubenhauer, 
Ernst  Jacob  Dippberger, 
David  Dieterich, 
Johann  Jacob  Heiser, 
Johan  Tobias  Zimmerman, 
Joh.   Michael  Heuschkeh, 
Benjamin  Heuschkell, 
Georg  Reinhart, 
Abi'aham  Rithmuller, 
Hans  AVeckerling, 
Philip  Fi-iedei'ich  Winther, 
Andreas  Wittenmeyer, 
Johannes  Phillipi, 
Andreas  Phillipi, 
Hans  Jacob  Liebenguth, 
Peter  Liebenguth, 
Nicklaus  Jost, 
George  Shep, 
Casper  Shmit, 
Christian  Gurdner, 
Marx  Dahleth, 
Hans  Blasser, 
George  Viet, 
Philip  Stock, 
Sirach  Schultz, 
Adam  Reistebacher, 
Joseph  Peter  Bauer, 
Ludwig  Wittenmeyer, 
Philipp  Waletein, 
Wilhelm  Ehrman, 
Nickolaus  Slilighter, 
Paul  us  Christian, 



Han.  Geo.  Dierenberger. 
Hans  Geovf?  Ludwick, 
Johannes  ISteekel, 

Peter  Haberstick, 
Hans  Georg  Schultz, 
Jacob  Guntzerlmusser. 

List  ok  FouKKiXKRs  T.MPOiiTKi)  in  thk  Ship  Nancy,  Thomas 



Johannes  VoUiner, 
Martin  Muller, 
Josei)h  Stiihle, 
Johann  Gans, 
Georg  Healing, 
Michael  Rieder, 
Michel  Hensel, 
Christoph  Kendtel, 
Jonas  Raub, 
Wilhelm  Gettling, 
Job.  Bernhardt  Riede, 
Bernliart  Bockenstihl, 
Job.  Conrad  Raisch, 
Hans  Georg  Hetler, 
•Tohan  Georg  Baner, 
Johann  Georg  Sieger, 
Geo.  David  Schneider, 
Johan  JacoV*  Cantz, 
Han  Jacob  Beiteniuan, 
Geo.  Henrich  Liitz,  jr., 
.Toh.  Geo.  Marx. 
J.  Henry  Seidensticker. 
Geo.  Frederich  Beirennian 
Henrich  Behringer,  jr., 
Christian  Hanff, 
Michael  Ferster. 
Christian  Hornberger, 
Bernhart  Gilbert, 
Frantz  Kiihlweiu, 
Andreas  Sungel, 
Christian  Blosser, 
Christian  Giebeler, 
.Tohaini  Gitting, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Philip  Grabenian, 

21— Vol.  XVII. 

Daniel  Dosser, 
Lorentz  Schenckel, 
Friederich  (xans, 
Thomas  Gans, 
Johannes  Zweigle. 
Andreas  Brauer, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johannes  Glasser, 
Friederich  Weiss, 
Geo.  Hen.  Lutz, 
Balthas  Federhoff, 
Daniel  Haubersack, 
Job.  Tobias  Rudolph, 
Martin  .Jonimel, 
Job.  Bernhart  Wnnsch, 
Johann  Georg  Miisse. 
Hans  Georg  Kuhne, 
Han  Georg  Beitennian, 
.Toll.  Fried.  Unrath,  jr. 
Geo.  AVilhelin  Marx, 
.Tohan  Henrich  Klein, 
Frederick  Blankenhorn, 
Henrich  Behringer,  sen., 
Johan  Michel  Bock, 
Job.  Jacol)  Weiss, 
.Tereinias  Hornagcher, 
Martin  Prahnf elder, 
Christoph  Wetzel, 
Jacol}  Wiirth, 
.Tohann  Herl)olt, 
.Tohannes  I -owe, 
Dihnan  Creutz, 
.Tohannes  Rehbacb, 
David  Nuss, 
Imnianuel  Boger, 



Henrich  Wil.  Stiegel. 
Han  Gfeorg  Bennei", 
Joh.  Jacob  Gobel, 
Johan  Jacob  Baum, 
Han  Adam  Herbalt, 
Han  Jacob  Gilbert, 
Jost  Heni-ich  Wehler, 
Joh.  Jacob  Brumbacli, 
Dihnanus  Weissgerber. 
Joh.  Henrich  Conrath, 
Joh.  Georg  Braunsberg, 

Joh.   Ludwig  Traber, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Gilbert. 
Joh.  Georg  (jilbert, 
Hans  Georg  Gilbert, 
Joh.  Philip  Haupt, 
Joh.  Jacob  Bartsch, 
Joh.   Peter  Gutelius, 
J.  Daniel  Sheyder, 
Johan  Peter  Kleini, 
Johan  Henrich  Jung. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Prisctlla, 
William  Wilson,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Sept.  13,  1750. 

Christian  Reutzel, 
Conrad  Grack. 
Nicklaus  Weininger, 
Andreas  Schuster, 
Nicklaus  Schiiffer, 
Johannes  Trank, 
Conrad  Hertzog, 
Daniel  Rossler, 
Joh.  Wilhelni  Reutzel, 
Han.  Mich.   Wissner.  sen. 
Joh.  Henricli  Rossler. 
Georg  Ernst  Rosch, 
Joh.  Georg  Rossler, 
Eberhart  Steigerwald, 
Georg  Ernst  Becker, 
Johannes  Stang, 
Wilhelni  Adeluian. 
Carl  Miller, 
Joh.  Michael- St offel. 
Andreas  Oberdorff. 
Johannes  Ommerth, 
Henrich  Lotz, 
Thomas  Bertholt, 
Johannes  Schlott, 
Georg  Waidel, 
Balzer  Jiiger, 

Johannnes  Grack, 
Peter  Hartman, 
Georg  Cunkel, 
Valentin  Born, 
Johannes  Cunkel, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Kasper  Oberdorff, 
John  Henry  Reutzel, 
Friederich  Steinberger, 
Han.  Mich.  Wissner,  jr., 
Geo.  Henrich  Rosch, 
Joh.  Georg  Keyser, 
Joachim  Gottschalck. 
Johan  Adam  Biirner, 
Han  Andreas  Kachel, 
Johannes  Huth, 
Joh.  Simon  Oberdorff, 
Johannes  Diener, 
Johannes  Mauss, 
Friederich  Schneider, 
^'alentin  Corngieber, 
Michael  Roth, 
Peter  G under, 
Johannes  Heyl, 
Ludwig  Shmith, 
Johannes  Foller, 




Balthazar  Filler, 
(Jar  I  Russ, 

J«>li.  Jarol)  Neuinaii, 
Joliaii  kstraiishaar. 
Christian  Hartliiit?. 
Johau  Ailam  Roth. 
Ernst  Phil.  Kirscher, 
Julian  Pi'ter  Jfuth, 
Melchior  Kleinfelter, 
Joh.  Henry  Rulley, 
Conrad  Riissler, 

Johannes  Lamb, 
Andreas  (Et/.el, 
AVendel  LaiMueister, 
]3althazer  Siiniiions, 
Johan  Melchior  Orth, 
Joh.  Baltzer  Stockel, 
Johannes  Schunian, 
Isicklas  l^erninji^er. 
Johannes  Miiller, 
Simon  Schierer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Luft. 

List  ok  Foreigners  I 
William  Hassleton 
FiED  Sept.   17,  1750. 

ChristofF  Reushaw, 
I*eter  Millen, 
Jacob  Winkler, 
Nicklas  Dick, 
Hans  Aniinich, 
Jacob  Fuhrer, 
Hans  Uhlerich  Wunsch, 
Augustin  Schelleler, 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Christoff  CoV)let, 
Hans  Georg  Frey, 
Jacob  Miller, 


,  Captain,    from    London.      Quali- 

Joseph  Rnff, 
Ludwig  Falck, 
Hans  Stober, 
Hans  Stohl, 
Hans  Stober,  jr. 
Jacob  Dick, 
Johan  Gottfried  Kiele, 
Friederich  Schiirchler, 
Hans  Georg  Keller, 
Christian  Stober, 
Hans  Knerr, 
Abraham  Yarsing. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Osgood.  Wil- 
liam WiLKiE,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  29,   1750, 

Hendrick  Bronk, 
.L-ic(.l>  Wus.-ht, 
Jacob  Wiist, 
Michael  Shinit. 
Conrad  Toll, 
Johannes  Sell, 
Henry  Clauser, 

Yerrick  Wischt, 
Laurantius  Wiist, 
Christoph  Shmit. 
Johannes  Greiner, 
Georg  Becker. 
Jacob  Clauser, 
Nicklaus  Biirge, 



Nicholaus  Horner, 
Han  Greo.  Hantzenbieler, 
Hans  Adam  Kney, 
Wilhelni  Humbert, 
Johannes  Schwab, 
Friederich  Reist, 
Mattheis  Schnepp. 
Hans  Baltas  Otz, 
Joh.  Martin  Neher, 
Christian  Eiserloh, 
Christian  Heussler, 
Andreas  Knodler, 
Sebastian  Kaiser, 
Cliristoph  Albrecht, 
Johannes  Schnell, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Christian  Schuler, 
Hans  Greorg  Pj-ietz, 
Andreas  Herther, 
Joh.  Michael  Rietweil, 
Johannes  Dinges, 
Gottheb  Mittelbei'ger, 
Joh.  George  Ackerman, 
Loi'entz  Morgendauk, 
Joh.  George  Ludwig, 
Hans  Jacob  Binder, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer, 
Johannes  Bitzer, 
Joh.  Georg  Spediel, 
Georg  Dick, 
Jacob  Krebs, 
Ja^ol)  Schoch, 
Ludwig  Stotz, 
Rudolph  Christi, 
Jacob  Schlosser, 
Ludwig  Rietweil, 
Philip  Jacob, 
Frederich  Riigs, 
Ludwig  Bitzer, 
Hans  Peter  Weh, 
Friederich  Gauss 
Christian  Schmoller, 
Jacob  Frasch, 
Michael  Reisinger, 
Joh.  Henrich  Binder, 
Job.  Gottfried  Richter, 

Fi'iederich  Hiirner, 
Andre  Baudemont, 
Valentin  Petermann. 
Heinrich  Horner, 
Gabrial  Leide, 
Gottlieb  Kauffman, 
Bartoloin«eus  Eppler. 
Han  Georg  Ziegler, 
Heinrich  Dietmar, 
Emanuel  Breitscheid, 
Michael  Heinrich, 
(Christian  Knotz, 
Johan  Michael  (iuhr, 
Conrad  Bender, 
Joh.  Fried.  Sautter, 
Georg  Scheufelen, 
Jacob  Scheufelen, 
Han  Martin  Wolft'er. 
Johannes  Moritz, 
Johan  Arnold  Runk, 
Conrad  INIittman, 
Nicolaus  Haugendobler, 
Han  Bastain  El)erhard, 
Hans  George  Mauti, 
Hans  Martin  Waltz, 
Johann  George  Gauss, 
Hans  Martin  Kientzlein, 
Johan  Cliristoph  Neidt, 
Michael  I'eterman, 
Christian  Paas, 
Edourd  Deche, 
Peter  Stotz, 
F.  Schweitzer, 
Jacob  Kiinig, 
Lorentz  Dobbler, 
GeoT-g  Ulrich, 
Durst  Cantick, 
Michel  Bele, 
Ludwig  Eiszele, 
Ludwig  Morit ", 
Johannes  WolfTer 
Anthony  Schneider, 
Matheas  Meyer. 
Han  Mart.  Kienstein,  jr., 
Joh.  Christian  Seindel, 
.Toll.  Gottolb  Hoppe, 



Hail  Geo.  Koberstein, 
Jacob  Frit'd.   Kiimmerl, 
Han  (ieoix  Kmkller, 
Han  Geor^  Murr, 
Hans  Geo.  Schnaiiffer, 
Joli.  Daniel  Losch, 
Geoig  Heijjis, 
Christian  Stot/., 
.lacob  Ehrle, 
.lafob  Tjlillerioh, 
Hans  Jac.    Schanker, 
.]olia;i  Jacob  Losch, 
Johan  Peter  Bender, 
Johan  Philip  Mosser, 
Hans  Georg  Meppel. 
Hans  Martin  Miiller, 
Hans  Georg  Bascli, 
Joh.  Wendel  Ackernian. 

Johann  Martin  Kost, 
Han  George  Facklcr, 
Han  Geo.  Schweigart, 
Han  Georg  Kuntz. 
Han  Mich.  Dentzer, 
Valentin  Heigis, 
Matrheis  Miller, 
Bernhardt  Riist, 
Jacob  Libheini, 
Andi-eas  Kertcher, 
Louis  Grizch, 
Hans  (ieorg  Gutekunst, 
Johan  Peter  Bender,  ji-., 
Hans  ]judwig  Zimmerman, 
Hans  Ludwig  Stein, 
Philipjj  Joseph  Schilling, 
Johan  Hen.  Luder, 

List  ok  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Brotherhood, 
John  Thompson,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam.  QuALiii"iED 
Nov.  8,  1750. 

Conrad  Laiibscher, 
Simon  Minch, 
^fatheis  Hoffner, 
Jacob  Sicher, 
Mattheis  Briickert, 
Johann  Nicolans  SchiilTer 
.Jacob  Frey, 
Johannes  Albrecht, 
Nicolans  Bonn 
Nicklas  Weismaii, 
Paul  Tomel, 
Philip  Leister, 
Nicklas  Leister, 
Joseph  Bassler, 
Jacob  Scliowalter, 
Peter  Fahrene, 
Johannes  Rub. 
Johannes  Mast, 
Peter  Stucke, 

Johannes  Schiiffer, 

Teol)a]t  AVittgahr, 

Jacol)  Stark, 

Peter  Sicher, 

Johan  Jacob  Laubscher, 

Johann  Elias  Wittgahr, 

Michael  Fritz, 

Johannes  Kreuss, 

Johannes  Bonn, 

Michcxel  Weisnian, 

Wilhelm  Triin, 

Hans  Tinser, 

Peter  Bassler, 

Jacob  Bassler. 

Henry  Stigel, 

Joseph  Fahrene, 

.Jacob  Lichte, 

Hans  Konig, 

Joseph  Meyer, 



Hans  Zorr, 
Michael  Hiille, 
Philip  Feileiii, 
Ludwig  Fetzer, 
Hans  Blauch, 
Michael  Stake, 
John  Jost  Schwalb, 
Peter  Rothenberger, 
Georg  Weiss, 
Jacob  Behr, 
Paul  Roth, 
Isaac  Jung, 
Johan  Adam  Heiss, 
Johann  Peter  Binkle, 
Hans  Georg  Schauller> 
Pierre  Paris, 
Henrie  Jeune, 
Johannes  Schock, 
Joh.  Christoffel  Henibel, 
Christian  Diiublin, 
Johannes  Showalter, 
Peter  Lugenbiehl, 
Christian  Bleich, 
Christian  Kauffman, 
Johan  Jacoli  Losch, 
Johan  Adam  Stohr, 
Johannes  Bassler, 
Peter  Schowalter, 
Christian  Rub, 
Johannes  Hullei, 
Christian  Fuhrer, 
Peter  Delebach, 
Johan  Georg  Beck, 
Hans  Gundelfinger, 
Christian  Knebel, 
Johannes  Hertzler, 
Georg,  Daniel  Orth, 
Jacob  Mossinger, 
Jacob  Reif, 
Georg  Rebschleger, 
Nicolaus  Schmidt, 
Johan  Georg  Bauer, 

Peter  Fisher, 
Michael  Wurm, 
Peter  Knabe, 
Hans  Knebel, 
Hans  Siegrist, 
Johan  Jacob  Wolkemer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kiiblinger, 
Jacob  Graf, 
Hans  Funk, 
Christian  Neuman, 
Johannes  Hertzel, 
Geoi'g  Friederich  Bayer, 
Johann  Jacob  Maag, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Meek, 
Isaac  Paris, 
Michael  Schwing, 
Peter  Hohn, 
Sebastian  Kappler, 
Johannes  Lehman, 
Christian  Showalter, 
Christian  Eidener, 
Heinrich  Schwartz, 
Johann  Philipp  Eckell, 
Johannes  Rohrer, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Jacob  Schowalter,  sen. , 
Simon  Wisham, 
Jacob  Biirth, 
Nicolaus  Millei-, 
Andreas  Hullei, 
Christian  Neukummer, 
Wilhelm  Werner, 
Jacob  Neftziger, 
Hans  Hertzler, 
Johan  Jost  Weigandt, 
Melchior  Geissert, 
Jacob  Berg, 
Martni  Funck, 
Jacob  Hausser, 
Johannes  Hausser, 
Sam.  Schwing, 
Johan  Anthon  Eckell. 



List  of  Foreignkrs  Importkd  ix  thk  Ship  Sandwich, C apt. 

IFIED,   Nov.  30,  1750. 

Jacob  Simon, 
Peter  Salladin, 
Jacob  Riinniel, 
Jo.xepli  KKiptVr, 
Heinricli  Sc-hiiiidt, 
Adaiu  Weifjel, 
Henry  Hartzel, 
Hans  Jacob  Ingler, 
John  Eastbach, 
George  Brech, 
Philip  Gassman, 
Henrich    Stnin])f, 
John  Martin  SchalTniann, 
Peter  Mantz, 
Johannes  Riehl, 
Johan  Jacol)  Koch, 
Michael  Fiinfrock, 
Martin  Nazurus, 
L'lerich  Tuchsle, 
Georg  Ost, 
Moritz  Wober, 
Martin  Biere, 
Fiederich  Schor,  sen. , 
Lorentz  Klopper, 
Jacob  Bangs, 
Michael  Frankhauser, 
Georg  Philip  Rimniel, 
Leonhart  Rupperter, 
Mattheis  Wilfanger, 
Johannes  Knauss, 
Johann  Peter  Schilffer, 
Peter  Hoflfschniit, 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
Hans  Adam  Biebel, 
Joh.  Beriihart  Kessler, 
Georg  Philij)  T)eu], 
Johan  Adam  Grogs, 
John  Georg  Wagner, 
Wendel  Hermann, 
Michael  Schor, 
Joh.  Friederich  Dager, 

Johan  Jjudwig. 
Cliristian  Fiess, 
Daniel  Fahrer, 
Jacob  Traiib, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Daniel  Debuss, 
Johannes  Moll, 
Andreas  Muntz, 
I'aulus  Grundler, 
Johannes  Leitz, 
Michael  Mogge, 
George  Cooper. 
Henry  Hahn, 
Casper  Retter, 
Friederich  Schenckel, 
Johannes  Fleisher, 
Peter  Schmidt, 
Philip  Becker, 
Rolandt  May, 
Daniel  Bricker, 
Jacob  Pfitler, 
Georg  Habrecht, 
^    Friederich  Schor,  jr., 
Michel  Kampet, 
Jacob  Schmidt. 
Johann  Georg  Gass, 
Johan  Philip  Kijrgert, 
Johannes  Will.  Danger, 
Martin  Deinbei'ger, 
Johannes  Weigel, 
Nicolaus  Lorentz, 
Jacob  Bollinger, 
Johan  Peter  Lamberti, 
Joh.  Christoph  Lanbach, 
George  Christ.  Deul. 
Joh.  Henricli  Waydemaiiii, 
Georg  Adam  Wagner, 
Kasper  Rissnach, 
Hans  Weber, 
Nick  la  us  Schande, 
Joh.  Anthon  Schwartz, 



Joh.    PhiJip  Schwartz, 
Christian  Hagen, 
Lorentz  Schmiedle, 
Jacob  Becht, 
Engelhart  Heiser, 
Caspar  Mayer, 
Johan  Greo.  Swartz, 

Joh.  Anthonius  Korner, 
Konrath  ImhotT, 
Michael  Hans  Weber, 
Wolfgang  Joh.   Hagen, 
Gottleib  Beckle, 
Nicklaas  Hagen, 
Hans  Adam  \Yeber. 

List  of  FoRBiGifERS  Imported  in  the  Ship  Anderson, 
Hugh  Campbell,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Aug.  25,  1751. 

Lorentz  Durst, 

Jacob  Maul, 

Hans  Martz, 

Sebastian  Greim, 

Hans  Ritter, 

Martin  Klein, 

Hans  Adam, 

Philip  Kinder, 

Hans  Jacob  Bernhart, 

Michael  Dannerinborgen,  sen. 

Johannes  Zimmer, 

.Joseph  Riebeli, 

Hans  Michael  Kuntz, 

Matheis  Flach, 

Michael  Karle, 

George  Reiser, 

Otto  Hasse, 

Henrich  Fiirster, 

George  Miller, 

Hans  Peter  Schmidt, 

Hans  Straub, 

Christian  Ritz, 

Peter  Weber, 

.Jacob  Monchen, 

Hans  Geo.  Eisenberg, 

Michael  Schlatter, 

Hans  Geo.  Ulrich, 

Hans  Geo.  Num, 

.Jacob  Miller, 

Hans  Scheffer, 

Mathias  Rost, 
Joseph  Strossle, 
George  Hoozer, 
Adam  Greim, 
Peter  Klein, 
Joseph  Voltz, 
Hans  Schiiffer, 
Andreas  Hyder, 
Hans  Georg  Schneider, 
Michael  Danherinborgen, 
Hans  Casper  Strudter, 
Geoi-g  Arbengast, 
Michael  Sommer, 
Lorentz  Schone, 
Michael  Weidt, 
Adam  Storch, 
.Johannes  Fiirster, 
Valentin  Clamde, 
Joseph  Wittemer, 
Christoph  Fleur, 
Hans  Metz, 
Adam  Gehrich, 
Jacob  Meier, 
Baltzer  Niigle. 
Geo.  Adam  Widershein, 
Martin  Schlatter, 
Johan  Geo.  Anmuller, 
Jacob  Schetterle, 
Peter  Wehrner, 
Michael  Morith, 



Lorentz  Leble, 
Hans  (reorg'  Hunnnerlo, 
Hans  (jreorg  Hoch, 
Johannes  leaner, 
Joh.  Friederich  Geyer, 
Anthony  <^raubel. 
Uh-ich  Jiernhart, 
Daniel  Miller, 
Joseph  Jorani, 
Johan  Jost  Franck. 
Hartholoniiiiis  Kreitl, 
Joh.  Abraham  Arbeitei', 
Wilhelm  Hammer, 
Johannes  Seifert, 
Hans  George  Sping, 
Jacob  Thuringer, 
H.  Michael  IMetz, 
Joh.  Caspar  Jungmann, 
Matthias  Schwartzwekler, 
Johannes  Hildebrand, 
Joh.  Christoph  Ohle, 
Johan  Christian  Alter, 
Peter  Desser, 
Mathias  Snmer, 
Joseph  Schlatter, 
Mattheus  Hess, 
Hans  Geo.  Holdienst, 
Hans  Michel  Alger, 
Franciscus  Eidien, 
Philip  Haas, 
Lorentz  Fischer, 
Anthon  Schneider, 
Hans  Geo.  Siefried, 
Bartolemai  Heist, 
Hans  Schiff, 
Micliel  Rebs, 
Hans  Geo.  Znndt, 
Georg  Backer, 
Andreas  Strand, 
Michel  Kiirman, 
Johan  Jacob  Vogt, 
Georg  Pfotzer, 
Hans  Schott, 
Hans  Rotenbnrger, 

Jost  Stroll, 
Johannes  Frick, 
Michael    ('hrishjick, 
Ludwig  Werner, 
Peter  l^rulinger, 
Abraham  Reiidiard, 
Johanjies  Geiger, 
Heni-ich  Erferdt, 
Henry  Pemanche, 
Carl  Wiederhoit. 
Valentine  Lohmier, 
Joh.  Cliristian  Schauer, 
Joh.  Kilian  Feltmann, 
Joh.  Michael  Peininger, 
Dominique  Fleur, 
Joh.  ])ietrich  Hoffman, 
H.  Martin  Vandalein, 
Jeremias  Taubenheim, 
Hans  Georg  Selber, 
Johan  Georg  Reichwein, 
Joh.  Michael  Gistelbarth, 
Augustus  Milchsack, 
Geo.  Valentin  Hehl, 
Hans  Geo.  Bauer, 
Andreas  Schetterle, 
Geo.  Kurmeyer, 
Michel  Slauter, 
Hans  Geo.  Huber, 
Johannes  Haas, 
Michel  Bauer, 
Georg  Fischer, 
Hans  Michel  Siefried, 
Michel  Kiintz, 
Hans  Heist, 
Joseph  Kautz, 
Hans  IMichel  Blank, 
Georg  Beck, 
Georg  Berg, 
Jacob  Walter, 
Marx  Kiirman, 
Georg  Mertz, 
Mattheus  Kiirman, 
Michel  Kann. 
Johannes  Schutzerlein. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Shirley, 
Capt.  James  Allen,  from  Rotterdam,  last  prom  Ork- 
ney, Scotland.     Qualified  Sept.  5,  1751. 

Leonhard  Maas, 
Mattheus  Reutter, 
Heinrich  Wagner, 
Michael  Schneider, 
•Tohannes  Heist, 
Hans  Georg  Betz, 
Georg  Jacob  Hessel, 
Joh.  Geo.   Schumacher, 
Johan  Martin  KroU, 
Hans  Georg  Kloble, 
Johan  Lorentz, 
Heinrich  Crafft, 
Friederich  Sinn, 
Jacob  Schweigert, 
Henrich  Kur, 
Nickolas  Mildeberger, 
Fredrick  Schetz, 
Georg  Klech, 
Paniel  Pracht, 
Geoi'g  Kreuler, 
Andreas  Ktihn, 
Johann  Martin  Seltzer, 
Cliristoph  Horlacher, 
H.  Michael  Wurtenberger, 
Johan  Conrad  Beyrer, 
Michael  Vogelman, 
Friederich  AVielandt, 
Johann  Georg  Blintzinger, 
Hans  Michel  Ott, 
Johannes  Reiss, 
Barkhart  Heinrich, 
Isaac  Paris, 
Stephan  Schertzer, 
Balzar  Henning, 
Johannes  Gilbert, 
Christian  Mook, 
Lenhart  Snmer, 
Pietrich  Kohm, 
Christian  Rieger, 
Pavid  Frank, 
Georg  Adam  Stcirr, 

Johannes  Fiihr, 
Heurv  Uhrer, 
Jacob  Huth, 
Gottleib  Roth. 
Michael  Weiss, 
Christoff  Ludewig, 
Johan  Michael  Scholte, 
Johan  Caspar  Spring, 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Johann  Gorge  K  i .  , 
Georg  Kiebler, 
Thomas  Geiner, 
Georg  Schorth, 
Jacob  Schaek, 
Martin  Beyer, 
Lorentz  Lndwig, 
Ludwig  Schiittler, 
George  Trantz, 
Johann  Grosskopff, 
Georg  Balsbach, 
Johan  Henrich  Schirm, 
Hans  Georg  Wurteberger, 
Georg  Michel  Gretter, 
Johan  Georg  Riihlein, 
Hans  Jacob  Vogelmann, 
Johann  Michael  Somrner, 
Frederich  Schwartz, 
Georg  Martin  Carle, 
Jacob  Bernard  Panaker, 
Christoph  Gniissle, 
Wendel  Miinch, 
Johannes  Ney, 
Samuel  Shweigert, 
Conrad  Sampel, 
Frederick  Krafft, 
Christian  Seholl, 
Michael  Arnold, 
Peter  Mugler, 
Frederich  Gross, 
Hans  Martin  Seyfeird, 
Hans  Adam  Gramlich, 

THE  OATH   OF  A  l,LK<  i  I  ANOK. 


Job.  liernhard  iSclinink. 
Jolijiim  MiclwK^!  Wji^ium-. 
Hans  Andreas  Zilling, 
Hans  Adam  Franck, 
Hans  Henricl)  Kautzinan, 
F.  Johannes  Scliweit/.er, 
Georg  Simon  JBaum, 
Johann  David  Herbst, 
Hans  Jacob  Schoch, 
Hans  Georg  Hand. 
Johan  Georg  Epson, 
Francis  Edelberger, 
Michael  Felix, 
Hans  tSchfiuman, 
Johan  Michael  Leidecker, 
Andreas  Schmeltzer. 
Johan  Elias  Horcht, 
Johannes  Haas, 

Hans  Georg  Schrank, 
.foliannes  Jacol)  Hraiin, 
(ieo.  I'onrad  Schweigert, 
.lolian  Friederich  Teitz, 
Georg  Michel  Wolker, 
Hans  Stephan  Martin, 
Johan  Georg  Gassinger 
H,  Georg  Ney, 
Melchioi-  Lorael, 
Gabriel   Riissler, 
David  Etllinger, 
Ludwig  Ernst, 
Jacob  Scheider, 
Jacob  Gerringer, 
Melciiior  Reisel. 
Christopher  Ederle, 
Nickolas  Mittel burger. 

List  of  Forkigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Patience, 
Capt.  Hugh  Steel,,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Sept.  9.  1751. 

John  Hendrick, 
Diewald  Hieg. 
Daniel  Tien, 
Stephen  Diirr, 
Isaac  Reno, 
Daniel  Erhart, 
Michel  Harekart, 
Christian  Galle, 
Jean  Henri  Pierre 
Johannes  Strohschneider, 
Michael  Strohschneider, 
Hans  Georg  Worthlein, 
Jacob  Danninger, 
Samuel  Panser, 
Christian  Gabriel  Convex', 
Johan  Henrich  Hiiring, 
John  George  Riehle, 
Johann  Andreas  Hiitig, 
Johann  Andreas  Hecher, 
Johann  Christoph  Wieder, 

Pierre  Balmas, 
Andreas  Bleeher, 
^  Jacob  Weingard,  ^—■ 
Abraham  Wild, 
Matthieu  Moret, 
Christian  Grau, 
Johannes  Bock, 
Jacob  Wolf, 

Johann  Andreas  Bersch, 
Johan  Fried.  Stroh.schneider, 
Hans  Micheal  Mauer, 
Hans  Worthlein, 
Michael  Monch, 
Hans  Peter  Beck, 
H.  George  Gerhart, 
]*hilip  Wendle  Huring, 
Johann  Georg  Sabb, 
Philip  Carl  Jiidi, 
Carl  Anton  Bergman, 
Johann  Georg  Ruoff, 



Johan  JJiterich  Weitzen, 
Johann  Frantz  Huler, 
Peter  Martin, 
J.  Henry  Dietzel, 
Michel  Trarbacli, 
Jacob  Trarbach, 
Nicklaus  Riuiniel, 
Jacob  Wolf, 
Jacob  Enkisch, 
Blasius  Isele, 
Martin  Erdnian, 
Ludvvig  Riminel, 
Peter  Haubert, 
Frantz  HolT, 
Gfeorg  Ludwig  Math, 
J.  Peter  Thomas, 
Henry  Miller, 
Johannes  Rust, 
Jost  Karger, 
Johannes  Block, 
Nicklas  Wolff, 
Friederich  Mobs, 
Philip  Conrad  Zeiler, 
Johan  Martin  Fi-eitag, 
Johann  Peter  Miilier, 
Johann  Philip  Haubert, 
Hans  Peter  Shutz, 
Joh.  Adam  Oberkirch, 
Johann  Jacob  Weil, 
Johan  Adam  Barthnes, 
Johann  Georg  Eberlman, 
Jacob  Leibrock, 
Petrus  Trauenstack, 
Henry  Reichart, 

Johann  Henrich  Weitzel, 

Hans  Peter  Ruber, 

Joh.  Deitz  Schmoll, 

Jacob  Martin, 

J.  Adam  Trarbach, 

Michael  Schneider, 

Michel  Block, 

Philip  Horing, 

Philip  Gob, 

Michael  Wieder, 

Jacob  Stiihr, 

J.  Peter  Andrea, 

Peter  Thomas, 

Peter  Haut, 

Eberhart  Chappelle, 

Conrad  Miller, 

Nicola  Walter, 

Daniel  Hess, 

Melchior  Spehre, 

George  Block, 

Peter  Wolker, 

Bernhard  Bauer, 

Johann  Henrich  Stolir, 

Georg  Henrich  Joseph, 

Johann  Henrich  Deiel, 

Johann  Philip  Litz, 

Johan  Nicol.  l^ass, 

Johannes  Schwarbach, 

Johann  Peter  Heldenbaum, 

Johan  Peter  Stroher, 

Hans  Adam  Didrich, 

Christian  Lindner, 

Jolian  Henrich  Horing. 

List  of  Forkigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  St.  Andrew, 
Capt.  James  Abercrombie,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Sept.  14,  1751. 

Johannes  Lenn,  Peter  Eckman, 

Wendel  Hanst,  Peter  Berringer, 

Jacob  Brandt,  Martin  Schwab, 

Jacob  Kimmel,  Adam  Kimme], 



Christ oph  Poth, 
Joliauiies  Ehriuan, 
Thomas  Osterstock. 
IjiiilwiiT  Dt'wah, 
Peter  Jacob  Weiss, 
Henricli  Seideiibeiuiev, 
Joliaini  Heuricli  ijolinianii, 
Hans  Peter  Henrich, 
Johaiin  Conrad  Baiierle. 
Johauu  Petei'  Sehinehzer, 
Joliaii  Jacob  J)aul»enberger, 
J.  Philip  Liss, 
J.  Jacob  Shuiuber. 
Valentin  Kiniinel, 
Caspar  Weigarr, 
Johann  Creorj^  Feick, 
Georg  Peter  Hiiter, 
Jolian  Henricli  Eisennient>er 
Georg  Simon  Schramm, 
Peter  Henrich  Eisennienger 
Johan  Conrad  Friedle, 
Peter  Arnold, 
Friederich  Biebler, 
Alexander  Holder, 
Martin  Dietz, 
H.  Matheus  Miller, 
J.  William  Volk, 
J.  Adam  J)iersen, 
Abraham  Giisnian, 
J.  Wendel  Schwab, 
Stephan  Reigler, 
Hans  Georg  Scheu, 
Joseph  Ehrman, 
J.  Adam  Kirschbaum, 
Hans  Georg  Uhrich, 
Johann  Georg  Hub, 
Georg  Adam  Allbreeht. 
JohaJin  Georg  Kochendorffer 
Hans  Peter  St  rein, 
Johann  Georg  SchafTer, 
Johann  Gottfried  Stiickle 
Johann  Daniel  Betz, 
J.  Balth.  Eisenmenger, 
Johannes  Georg  Beck, 
Georg  Michael  Weber, 

Jacob  Stall], 
Michael  Spengler, 
Valentin  J)aubenberg<'r, 
\  Georg  Ludwig  Stnllcnberger, 
Rudolph  Schuppi,  ^ 
Johann  Philii)  Kimmcl, 
Georg  Henrich  RiJsch, 
Pliili[)p  Ihringer, 
Hans  Georg  Spengler, 
Johann  jMichael  Friedle, 
Hans  (jeorg  Hiltnian, 
Johannes  Frick, 
Augustus  Hub, 
Melchi<n'  Seib, 
Albrecht  Reinhardt, 
Hans  Adam  Hiiter, 
Joh.  Cliristoi)h  Stiiernschild, 
Johan   Friederich  "Windisch, 
Georg  Thomas  Heimbcrger, 
Johann  Jacob  "WafFner. 
Andreas  Leniel, 
AUirecht  Dederer, 
Tacitus  Geiger, 
Martin  Bender, 
Peter  Bininger, 
Kilian  Destermiiller, 
Conrad  Erich, 
Gottleib  Ihrich, 
Hans  Mauerer, 
Johannes  Frick, 
Andreas  Kramer, 
Joseph  Bender, 
"Weibrecht  Nusshagen, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Friedrich, 
Johann  Jacob  Selig, 
Johann  Ludwig  Ziegler. 
Johan  Georg  Hirer, 
,     Johann  Philip  Deutsch, 
Jf)hann  Frantz  Biebler, 
.lohann  Adam  Stiickle, 
Johann  Dietrich  Sauer. 
Johann  Georg  Feist, 
Michael  Casper  Fuchs, 
.Fohann  Georg  Losch. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Duke  of 
Bedford,  Richard  Jefferson,  Master,  from  Rotter- 
dam, LAST  FROM  Portsmouth.     Qualified  Sept.  14,  1751. 

Friederich  Zabory, 
Johann  Henrich  Weickel, 
Abraliam  Beck, 
Andreas  Beck, 
Samuel  AVeiss, 
Adain  Koch,  jr. , 
Andreas  Knauer, 
Christian  Reich, 
Andreas  Scliaffer, 
Georg  Fetzer, 
Valentin  Huth, 
Simon  Burchart, 
Jacob  Vasar, 
Joliann  Georg  Beck, 
Johan  Jacob  Ziegler, 
Johan  Melchior  Knauer, 
Caspar  Weimer, 
Cliristoph  Albert, 
Johan  Henrich  Krebs, 
Johann  Adam  Koller, 
Jeremias  Geiger, 
Christian  Giinther, 
Johan  Peter  Kammer, 
Valentin  Mutschler, 
Joliannes  Schmuck, 
Johan  (ieorg  Bender,  jr., 
Johannes  Kleinpeter, 
Martin  Mattheis  Schielin, 
Georg  David  Reinhard, 
Johann  Lorentz  Stiiidtler, 
Johan  Georg  Stotz, 
Friederich  Wtirth, 
Johann  Martin  Fleischman, 
Johann  Adam  Brentzingei', 
Jacob  Krug, 
Joseph  Fuchs, 
Erhart  Grimm, 
Abraham  KoU, 
Christoph  Heller, 
Caspar  Miiller, 
Jacob  Thiirig, 

Friederich  Zabory,  juu. , 
Hans  Michel  Schafer, 
Isaac  Wengert, 
Nicklas  Miinder, 
Adam  Koch,  sen., 
Michel  Koch, 
Johannes  Knauer, 
Caspar  Scherffig. 
Michael  Spessert, 
Peter  Gerbrich, 
Michael  Heiler, 
Johannes  Dewetter, 
Jacob  Lallemand, 
H.  Michael  Meyer, 
Joh.  Michael  Koch, 
Hans  Peter  Knauer, 
Georg  Balthes  Wecker, 
Matthaus  Fetzer, 
Michael  Gerbrich, 
Hendrick  Courpenning, 
Joh.  Remigius  Spiegel, 
Johann  Gottlieb  Zinck, 
Friederich  Mutschler, 
Johan  Christian  Lentz, 
Hans  Georg  Bender, 
Johann  Marcus  Beck, 
Hans  Peter  Schififahrt, 
Georg  Adam  Krauss, 
Hans  Michael  Knabe, 
Johann  Philip  Schmidt, 
Johan  Jacob  Gohrmann, 
Johan  Martin  Heugold, 
Henrich  Bernhardt  Diener, 
Jacob  Zabory, 
Michael  Huth, 
Frantz  Bruner, 
Jacob  Hobier, 
Christian  Gall(^, 
Henrich  Heller, 
Philip  Liebner, 
Henry  Schloder, 



Caspar  Metz, 
Johannes  Bender, 
Peter  Weber, 
Peter  Bliigner, 
Johan  (reorfj  Burckhanlt, 
Jolumn  Atluni  Scliick, 
Johann  JMiilip  Uielii, 
Hans  Peter  Klinsteller, 
Christoph  Zieger, 
Peter  Herr, 
Nicklans  SeliiilTz, 
Johannes  Schaller, 
Martin  Miiller, 
Cliristian   Krebs, 
Paulus  Sehiirle, 
Johannes  Stumpp, 
Carl  Shaffer, 
Jacob  Hildebrandt, 
Hans  Georg  Resch, 
Hans  Georg  Miller, 
Hieronimus  Koniniele, 
Hans  Georg  Hausei-, 
Mattheus  Schollhorn, 
Johan  Peter  Heigiss, 
Hans  Georg  Klein, 
Hans  Georg  Merker, 
Johan  Henrich  Haber, 
Johan  (ieo.  Kitz, 

Henry  Decker, 
Valentin  ShalTer, 
Johannes  Wel)er, 
Henrich  Hunuiiel, 
Johann  Andreas  Held. 
Johann  Wendel  Meichstnir, 
Lorent/.  Kunkel, 
Jacob  liewold, 
Andreas  Jnnd, 
Georg  Kleinl)alter, 
Kudoli)h  Holier, 
Peter  Graiiel, 
Andreas  Kolb, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Jacob  Galle, 
Jacob  Geiyer, 
Nicklas  Shuiith  Sclimidt, 
Solomon  Heisch, 
Martin  Henrich, 
Matthias  RiJckele, 
Hans  Jacob  Kurtz, 
Johann  Jacob  Fisclier, 
Johann  Ludwig  Einse], 
Peter  Ludwig  Hiiyer, 
Johan  Adam  Pole, 
Johann  Adam  Stock, 
Nicolas  von  Miinchler, 
Andreas  Runck. 

List  of   Forkigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Edinburgh, 
James  Russell,  Master.     Qualified  Sept.  IG.  1751. 

Jacob  Bauer, 
Lorentz  Kuntzman, 
Johannes  Gottsger, 
Wilhelm  CErdter, 
Henrich  Katz, 
Henry  Stumpff, 
Peter  Fleck, 
William  Saltzman. 
.lohannAdam  Allen, 
Johann  Jacob  Huser, 

Peter  Maurer, 
Conrad  Zanck, 
Gottlieb  Wagner, 
Conrad  Bachman, 
Casper  Wisser, 
Johannes  Doren, 
Joseph  Tomber, 
Henrich  Pfeffer, 
Philipus  Jacob  Wagner, 
Hans  Adam  Miller, 



Hans  Michel  Grerber, 
Jijhann  Henrich  Volkner, 
Adam  P.  Heck, 
Johann  Peter  Mengen. 
Wilhelm  Kupferschmeid, 
Peter  Lang, 
Peter  Rhein, 
Adam  Kober, 
Michel  Bauerman, 
Christian  Hahn, 
Nicholas  Matbias, 
Johannes  Mathias, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Heintz, 
Hans  Adam  Ferber, 
Wilhelm  Adam  Wolff, 
Johann  Gottfried  Kroh, 
Henrich  Wilhelm  Kochler, 
Johann  Philip  Ebertii, 
Johann  Georg  Schnell, 
Johann  Nickel  Weber, 
Johann  Peter  Fitting, 
Johann  Friederich  Conrad, 
Johann  Georg  Reinheimer, 
Job.  Nicklaus  Weyerbach, 
Johannes  Weyerbacher, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Griiff, 
Henrich  Daniel  Deitt, 
Hans  Henrich  Noll, 
Georg  Matter, 
Andreas  Keyser, 
Michel  Hardman, 
Lorentz  Schweissgnth, 
Andreas  Wier, 
Hieronimus  Texter, 
Nicholas  Lindeman, 
Henrich  Pfeister, 
Christian  Scheib, 
Nickel  Weber, 
Michael  Burger, 
Peter  Schlosser, 
Frantz  Hiegert, 
Frederick  Greenewald, 
Johann  Friederich  Fuchs, 
Jacob  Zilcbart, 
Hans  Adam  Kober, 
Johann  Nicklaus  Kerr, 

Johann  Henrich  Guterman, 
Johann  Jacob  Volkner, 
Frantz  Wilhelm  Jerholtz, 
Johann  Henrich  Stein, 
Hans  Adam  Matter, 
Carl  Schell, 
David  Rhein, 
Christian  Kober, 
Johannes  Schloter,. 
Peter  Diitzter, 
Martin  Mathias, 
Friederich  Mehl, 
Philip  Friederich  Meyer, 
Georg  Justanus  Noll, 
Geoi-g  Christophel  Brelim, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Ferber, 
Johann  Michel  Eberth, 
Johann  Nicolas  Eberth, 
Johann  Michel  Stemler, 
Johann  Nickel  Weber,  ji-. , 
Johann  Abraham  Dauber. 
Johann  Nickel  Henrich, 
Johann  Friedrick  Griiff, 
Isaac  Weyerbacher, 
Johann  Andreas  AVagner, 
Christoph  Metz, 
Johannes  Schleich. 
Johann  Adam  Walther, 
Jacob  Keisser, 
Jacob  Matter, 
Balthasar  Jung, 
Peter  Prim, 
Nicolaus  Schoppert, 
Abraham  Schnell, 
Peter  Pfeister, 
Christian  Luther, 
Michel  Weber, 
Johannes  Henrich, 
Johannes  Ort, 
Wilhelm  Weirich, 
Martin  Schuh, 
Carl  Schmid, 
Henirich  Adam  Scherer. 
Johann  Henrich  Rhein, 
Johann  Jacob  Muller, 
Johan  Valentine  Benighoff, 



Johan  Philip  Benighoff, 
Joiiann  Niclilans  Mehl, 
Johaim  Conrad  Jost, 
Hans  Georg  Kast, 
Simon  Burehart, 
Jacob  Fridrieh, 
Frans  Hoover, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Jacob  Funck, 
Nicklas  Zegler, 
Zachary  Reiss, 
Georg  Walcker, 
Johann  Michael  Heuler, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Jacob  Shnande, 
Georg  Segman, 
Daniel  Lehuibacher, 
Israel  Burchart, 
Johan  Peter  Schuch, 
Johan  Philip  Seuft, 
Johan  H enrich  Lang. 

Johan  Friederich  Benighoff, 
Johann  Wilhehn  Nagel, 
Al)rahani  Wenbacher, 
Jacob  Inder, 
Johannes  Arbengast, 
Jacob  Hoover,- 
Johannes  Schmid, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Anthony  Blum, 
Johan   Reiss. 
Blasius  Beck, 
Johann  Philip  Kiister, 
Philip  Hasselbacher, 
Johan  Jacob  Bitter, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Marhoffen, 
Christian  Steyerwaldt, 
Philipp  Henrich  Weiss, 
Johann  Nickel  Schmidt, 
Johan  Sigmund  Stautzer, 
Johan  Henrich  Holtzel, 
Johan  Philip  Christ. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Nancy,  Captain 
Thomas  Coatam,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  10,  IT.")!. 

.Jacob  Guth, 
Conrad  Koder, 
Michael  Friess, 
Johannes  Hopf, 
Andreas  Berenstecher, 
Elias  Biir, 
Conrad  Miiuerle. 
Sebastian  Schnell, 
Hans  Wuchter, 
Christian  Nagel, 
Daniel  Kopp. 
Johann  George  Rijsth, 
Hans  Georg  Miiuerle, 
Johann  Friederich  Wiirster, 
.Johji  n  Georg  Gonner, 
Hans  Michel  Schnauffer, 
23-V^OL.  XVII. 

A.  Conrad  Koder, 
David  Miiuerle, 
Johannes  Hackeler, 
Michael  Capp, 
Jacob  Kauffmann, 
Jacob  Kennele, 
Jacob  Scheible, 
Andreas  Messerschmidt, 
Andreas  Bitinger, 
Jacob  Kopp, 
Hans  Jacob  Klett, 
Hans  Georg  German, 
.Johann  Friedrich  Stoos, 
.Johann  Martin  Lang, 
Hans  Jacob  Pfeffer, 
Johann  Jacob  Super, 



Hans  Conrad  Steiger, 
Hans  Greorg  Reich eniiche?", 
Johannes  Kh-cher, 
Hans  Fredrick  Brendle, 
Hans  Georg  Reinthaler, 
Johann  Ludwig  Nonnemach 
Johan  Jacob  Scherick, 
Hans  Georg  Schnell, 
Michel  Mauser, 
Johannes  Heydel, 
Jacol)  Hauch, 
Hans  Mayer, 
Johannes  Kiinnierlein, 
Melchior  Hammer, 
Johannes  Keuler, 
Jacob  Raub, 
Baltzer  Weit, 
Hans  Jacol)  Wizer, 
Hans  Martin  Kimmerlein, 
Johann  Philip  Georg, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Johann  Balthasar  Geyei', 

Hans  Georg  Schnell, 
Hans  Martin  Entemann, 
Johan  Lorentz  Wilhelm, 
Jacob  Fredrick  Super, 
Johann  Ulrich  Fischer, 
er,  Hans  Georg  Reynthaller, 
Johann  Michel  Riehle, 
Johan  David  Weissmann, 
Johann  Mauser, 
William  Schwinde], 
Elias  Mayer, 
Jacob  Haag, 
Coni'ad  Steiger, 
Daniel  Keuler, 
Johannes  Kohler, 
Hans  Hay, 
Hans  Bernhardt  Messerschmidt, 
Hans  Georg  Koder, 
Hans  Martin  Mohr, 
Johann  Friederich  Billiger, 
Johann  Hay, 
Johannes  Brockeler. 

List    of  Foreigners   Imported   in   the  Ship  Brothers 
Capt.    William    Muir,    from    Rotterdam.      Qualified 
Sept.  16,  1751. 

Johannes  Leinberger, 
Johannes  Bieber, 
Paul  Mercker, 
Friederich  Miihlefeld, 
Michel  Bieber, 
Christoph  Weber, 
Peter  Abert, 
Valentin  Matter, 
Andreas  Klein, 
Peter  Dingis, 
Johannes  Seifart, 
Johann  Philip  Schneck, 
Hans  Jacob  Farni. 
Friederich  Entzminger, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Anthony  Graff, 

Henry  Schneider, 
Joseph  Kennel, 
Henrich  Seitel, 
Erhart  Miihlefeld, 
Henrich  Bieber, 
Georg  Hacker, 
George  Matter, 
Michael  Oberle, 
Peter  Mohr, 
Peter  Heiser, 
Johann  Jacob  Ziegenfuss, 
Joh.  Melchior  Schwerer, 
Hans  Adam  Wagner, 
Johan  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Conrad  Meintzer, 
David  Bieboh, 



Mioliacl  IJieljoh, 
Liulwig  Weltner, 
Daniel  Zoller. 
Christi<aii  Peter, 
Valentin  Bluniensteiii. 
Job.  (ieorg  Kirchner, 
Martin  Miiintzer, 
David  Mnssf^niii^, 
Johann  Nieolaus  Merclvel, 
Philip  Brentz, 
Johan  Adam  Stein. 
,  Lndwig  Friedland, 
Johann  Jaeolj  Blum, 
Joh.  Peter  Schissler, 
Jacob  Ludwi}^, 
Henry  AVolff, 
Friederich  Kirchner, 
Christoph  Hauer, 
Sebastian  Nagel, 
Jacob  Heit, 
(Tef)rg  Oljermeyer, 
Andreas  Mohr, 
Michael  Raul),  "" 

Anthony  Hauer, 
Anthony  Nagel,  sen., 
Hans  Georg  Dillman, 
Hans  Georg  Uhlerich, 
Georg  Bastian  Eigelberger, 
Johannes  Monitzer, 
Georg  Hoffnitz, 
Johan  Henry  Paff, 

Jacob  Rotli, 
Jacob  Hitter, 
Jacob  F rant 7., 
Joh.   Jacolj  GerHng, 
Johan  Wendel  Beilstein, 
Bernhard  Hauer, 
Johann  Michael  Haus, 
Johannes  Scimiit, 
Georg  Conrad  Messert, 
Johann  Jacob  Ahleni, 
Johannes  Leissler, 
Joliann  Michel  Mohr. 
Johan  Jacolj  Maul, 
Johann  Georg  Hotzeler, 
Martin  WoltT, 
AdauT  Adams, 
Christoff  Hauer, 
Jacolj  Hauer, 
Jacob  Lehme, 
Joachim  Nagel, 
Michael  Weber, 
Georg  Meintzei'. 
Johann  Georg  Stiihlein, 
Anthony  Nagel,  jr. , 
Hans  Georg  Kappes, 
Johannes  Miinster, 
Johan  Adam  Heiser, 
Ludwig  Sehliicker, 
Friederich  Daniel  Midler, 
Ludwig  Bender, 
Henrich  Mag. 

List  of  Forei«xers  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Two  Brothers, 
Thomas  Akxot,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  21,  1751. 

Johannes  Bausum, 
Johannes  Decker, 
Jacol)  Jung, 
Johan  Steinmetz, 
Jacob  Pender. 
Joh.  Christ.  "Fried.  Wolff, 
Johann  Henrich  Decker, 
Caspar  Steinuietz, 

Philippus  Bausum, 
Johannes  Kalin, 
Abraham  Jung, 
Georg  Romel, 
Melchior  Jung, 
Eitel  (ierhart, 
Melchior  Jung, 
Johan  Jacob  Steinmetz, 



Johan  Christian  Lupp, 
Johannes  Henrich, 
Valentin  Fey, 
Andreas  Grriitz, 
Conrad  Giesstein, 
Philipp  Thomas, 
Ludwig  Kleissinger, 
Georg  Straub, 
Mattheis  Hunolt, 
Jacob  Sehauer, 
Johannes  Schraut, 
Henry  Matheas, 
Johannes  Bentz, 
Jacob  Heinberger, 
Johann  Georg  Schiick, 
Caspar  Kalckglosser, 
Georg  Henrich  SoUnus,  ■ 
Hans  Michael  Herzog, 
Johan  Conrad  Hass, 
Johan  Jacob  Molsberger, 
Johan  Wilhelin  Stautter, 
Johan  Georg  Etzler, 
Johannes  StanfFer, 
Andreas  Brendle, 
Johannes  Lupp, 
Caspar  Augenstein, 
Gregorins  Richter, 
Carl  Luher, 
Daniel  Becker, 
Johan  Conrad  Ki-eger, 
Jo'iann  Georg  Henricli, 
Johan  Henrich  Heine, 
Johann  Daniel  Hoffman, 
Joliann  Henrich  Hartman, 
Johan  Jacob  Hoffheintz, 
Joli.    Henry  Manerbach, 
Johan  Jost  Kring, 
Johan  Martin  Kreuder, 
Johan  Daniel  AVill, 
Johan  Friederich  Perler, 
Johannes  Kristmann, 
Friederich  Kloiiper, 
Fried.  Wilhelm  Herman, 
Johan  Jacob  Gijbler, 
Johan  Henrich  Adam, 
Joh.  AVilhehn  Cromberg, 

Johannes  Hein, 
Johannes  Orth, 
Johannes  Lappe, 
Anthoniiis  Seemisch, 
Jacob  Eberhart, 
Philipp  Hetz, 
Johannes  Werbung, 
Jacob  Fegert, 
Wilhelm  Hnnolt, 
Simon  Lung, 
Baltzer  Kentiler, 
Nicolaus  Stoltz, 
Han  Martin  Schors, 
Wolfgang  Ruttegel, 
Johan  Philip  Eyeter, 
Henrich  Kalckglosser, 
Johann  Willi  elm  Weymenci. 
Hans  Georg  Schmit, 
J.  Jost  Freidwirth, 
Geo.    Henry  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Michael  Lung, 
Christian  Rohr, 
Simon  Weier, 
Geoi-g  JjUpp, 
Adam  Lung, 
Ludwig  Berckle, 
Henrich  Arndt, 
Johannes  Konig, 
William  Molsberger, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Johannes  Heintz, 
Johan  Jost  Giersbach, 
Johan  Henrich  Gring, 
Johann  Georg  Deckei', 
Johan  Henrich  Ebbes, 
Joh.   Henrich  Nicodemus, 
Philip  Henrich  Noll, 
Johan  Michael  Wieg, 
Johan  Adam  Schmidt, 
Martin  Christoph  Rilder, 
Johannes  MolsV)erger, 
Joh.   Christoph  George, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Weinandi, 
'  J.  Gerhart  Zimmerman, 
Joh.  Gerhart  Schuhmacher, 
Joh.   Wilhelm  Badenheimer. 



IjIst  ok  Forkiqxers  Importkd  IX  THK  Ship  Neptune, 
James  Weir,  Captai>-,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  2:3,  1751. 

Anthom  Steiner, 
Johannes  Gies, 
"Ailani  Wei.ser, 
J.  Conrad  Koch, 
Herman  Miiller, 
Joliannes  Kreis, 
Johannes  Sclilotz, 
Johannes  Busch, 
^lic'liael  LanlTer, 
Johannes  Vetter, 
Johannes  Beer, 
Johannes  Hombert, 
Balthas  Kressniann, 
Joh.   Engl.  Eniinerd, 
Joh.  Georg  Christ, 
Andi-eas  Steiger, 
Henry  Ziuiinerman, 
Joh.   Phil.  Berger, 
Joh.  Engel  Bucher, 
Christian  Hopper, 
Johan  Phillippus  Bohnier, 
J<jlian  Heinrich  Vetter, 
Johan  Bernhart  Blatt, 
.Johan  Alexander  Schiitz, 
Johan  Conrad  "Wolleweber, 
Johan  Henrich  Riisling, 
Johan  Philip  Anhorn, 
Johanii  Peter  Schaaflf, 
Johannes  Peter  Reusel, 
J.  Jost  Walter, 
J.  Henry  Schmit, 
Philii)  Henry  Sfhlotz, 
Hans  Jacob  Midler, 
•lohan  Christian  Bauni, 
Johan  Christian  Leidtorff, 
Georg  Andreas  Cai'le, 
Johan  Henrich  Bucher, 
Johann  Christian  Schmidt, 
Johan  Henry  Reinhart, 
.Toh.  Peter  Flick, 
.rohan  Martni  Flick, 
Gerlach  Paul  Flick, 

Jacob  Hetzel, 
Michael  Weiniert, 
Mattheus  Lii)poth, 
.Johannes  Manderbach, 
Jacob  Puhl, 
Henrich  Gerhart, 
Nicolas  Reibolt, 
Joliannes  Meyer, 
J.  Michael  Lauffer, 
Johannes  CEple, 
Paulus  Groninger, 
Johannes  Backer, 
Mat  he  is  Jjutz, 
Johannes  Geistweit, 
.Tohann  Thomas, 
Everhart  Thomas, 
.Tost  Heinrich, 
Joh.   Ebert  Steiner, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Wilhelm  Fein, 
.Johan  Wilhelm  Biilimer, 
Johan  Friederich  Getner, 
.Johann  Georg  Seckel, 
Johan  Ludwig  Klein, 
Johan  Christ.  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Henrich  Kreiss, 
J.  Henry  Tillman, 
Johan  Engel  Weber, 
.Johannes  Engelberth  .Tung, 
J.  Friederich  Schreiber, 
Johan  Philip  Krum, 
Johan  Jacob  Gonderman. 
.Johan  Michel  Naipp, 
Johan  Christian  Benner, 
Joh.  Phil.   Daniel  Pfeiffer, 
Herm.  A(lo][)li  Schonpenmeyer, 
Johann  Egidus  Hecker, 
Johann  Henrich  Schmidt, 
.Johannes  Henrich  Peiffer, 
Joh.  Philip  Flick, 
Joh.  Christian  Zimmerman, 
•Johan  AVilhelm  Stiissner. 



List  of  Foreignbrs  Imported  iist  the  Ship  Neptune,  Capt. 
John  Mason,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.  Qual- 
ified Sept.  24,  1751. 

Christian  Arinbriister, 

Conrad  Nenmeier, 

Jacob  Sclieier, 

Abraham  Pons, 

Johannes  Horing, 

Johannes  Redig, 

Melchior  Trautniann, 

Adam  Pfeilfer, 

Georg  Kleinbach, 

George  Crope, 

Frantz  Moen^ 

Johannes  Gessner. 

Conrad t  Scliinidt, 

Jacob  Huber, 

Balthaser  Hess, 

Joliannes  Hock, 

Daniel  Erhart, 

Andreas  Miller, 

Jacob  Summer, 

Nicklaus  Schey, 

Caspar  Kessler, 

Jacob  Nagel, 

Johannes  Vetter, 

Henrich  Hall, 
Casper  Hoffman,  jr., 
Jacob  Buck,  jr., 
Georg  Schill, 
Conrad  Bauer, 
Baltes  Laub, 
Georg  Kriesch, 
Siegmund  Costle, 
Henry  Schroder, 
Frederick  Sullinger, 
Jacob  Peterman, 
Georg  Eppenzeller, 
Johannes  Schnuringer, 
Jean  Pierre  Arnou!, 
Hans  Georg  Anstein, 
Henrich  Lautenschleger, 
Johann  Adam  Trinkauss, 
Johann  Georg  Erhardt, 
Joh.  Michael  Knetz,- 

John  Pieters, 
Henderich  Boous, 
Philip  Klmger, 
Johannes  Horing, 
Johannes  Daum, 
J.  Adam  Ewig, 
Bernhart  Tagel, 
Christoph  Kotz, 
Michael  Link, 
Johannes  Hirsch, 
David  Maisheller, 
Elias  Emminger, 
Jacob  Tritsch, 
Conrad  Rauher, 
George  Kimmel, 
Johannes  Geiss, 
Peter  Beniger, 

Johannes  Laurentius  Schmidt, 
Ludwig  Knoll, 

Adam  Weiss, 

Johannes  Welt, 

Christoph  Schropp, 

Stephan  Herth, 

Casper  Hoffmann, 

Jacob  Buck, 
Johannes  Werner, 

Andreas  Berlib, 

Jacob  Frey, 

Jean  Coutier, 

Conrad  Schaffer, 

Benedict  Ervig, 

Michael  Sattler, 

David  Kulm, 

Peter  Klases, 

Georg  Adam  Weiss, 

Mattheus  Armbrnster, 

Leonhart  Mentzinger, 

Johann  Ludwig  Horing, 

Johann  Bernhart  Gotz, 

Johann  Adam  Wirdeberger, 

Johann  Philip  Meyer, 

Jacol)  AValter  Wagner, 




Conrad  Scheffuit, 
Joliiin  Geoi-f?  Schiifer, 
Johaun  Adam  Geiss, 
Andreas  Driichsel, 
Wilhelm  Giittinan. 
Hans  Geor}^  Spohn, 
.Tolian  Georj?  Heist, 
Johann  Peter  Trautmann, 
Joh.  Adam  Issener, 
Friederick  Zimmerman, 
Georjj  Zettelmeyer, 
Jacob  Bogus, 
Clementz  Frey, 
Johann  Georg  NoUert, 
Johann  Michael  Hag, 
Johan  Ludwig  Bilger, 
Antonius  Lambrecht, 
Joh.  Daniel  Scharmann, 
Christin  Hoffman, 
Christoph  Vanterberg, 
Martin  Schaickel, 
Ewald  Trummaner, 
Albrecht  Schleppe, 
Joseph  Zugmayer, 
Johan  Bernhard  Schiiffer, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Miiller, 
Joh.  Michael  Diirr, 
Uhllerich  Schwenkel, 
Martin  Kogel, 
Hans  Georg  Stehle, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Grell, 
Joliann  Peter  Schindel, 
Martin  Heckenthurn, 
Johann  Georg  Eisenbeiss, 
Hans  Georg  Heise, 
Johann  Adam  Heist, 
Tobias  Daumiller, 
Christoph  Hollebach, 
Andreas  Reybold, 
•Jacoli  Zettelmeyer, 
Caspar  Spann, 
Henry  Dentsch, 
Lorentz  Schnuringer, 
Heinrich  Eisenmenger, 
Johann  Georg  Heist, 
Joliann  Jacob  Gottwalt, 
Johan  Jacob  Artzt, 
Johan  Jacob  Schneider, 
Conrad  Selhoff, 
Johan  Conrad  Esse, 
Joseph  T;ehmann, 
Jacob  ZiJllerman, 
Johan  Georg  Must, 
Phillip  Mallecot, 
Johan  Leon.  Trautman, 
Johan  Peter  Klump, 
Joh.  Georg  Hummer, 
Ludwig  Klemmer, 
Michael  Hahn, 
Jacob  Horn. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Phcenix,  Capt. 
John  Spurrier,  from  Rotterdam,  last  prom  Ports- 
mouth.    Qualified  Sept.  25,  1751. 

Martin  Maurer, 
Christian  Laufner, 
Cfeorg  Volpp, 
(xeorg  Stu'n, 
Jacob  Jordan, 
Jacob  Heege, 
Michel  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Bauer, 
Michael  Meyer, 
Antoni  Stirn, 
Conrad  HofHer, 
Andi'eas  Roth, 
AH)ert  Schneck, 
Christian  Pfeister, 


^'AMES  OF  foreig:ners  who  took 

Martin  Wagner, 

Balthas  Widenmeyer, 

David  Dentsel, 

Martin  Herter, 

Hans  Kolili, 

Jacob  Riger, 

Simon  Widniayer, 

Carlle  Heu, 

Matliias  Haufer, 

Georg  Holtzinger, 

Peter  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Reigenbaser, 

Bait  us  Schlichter, 

Johann  Geoi'g  Gehringer. 

Gottlieb  Lunenmacher. 

Fried ericli  Veitschantz, 

Joseph  Boliringer, 

Elias  Stocli^i, 

Christoph  Liick, 

Martin  Ott. 

Matheus  Kern, 

.Jacob  Kauher, 

Samuel  Schikle. 

Frederick  Heins, 

Jacob  Waltz, 

Philip  Miiller, 

Jacob  Hartz, 

Thomas  Fischer, 

Michael  Jjaver, 

Bernhard  Bi-and, 

Matheis  Bastian, 

Johannes  ( 'onrad  Lauer, 

Johann  Adam  Bauer, 

John  Geoi'g  Kappis, 

Joh.  Michael  Lerchenzieler, 

Philip  Ernst  Wagner, 

Johan  Friedericli  Fiirber, 

Johann  Conrad  Freeh, 

Joh.  Michel  Schumacher, 

Michael  Lantenschlager, 

Johan  Tobias  Haag, 

Hans  Jacob  Stambach, 

Ludwig  Teussel, 

Johan  Gottfried  Schmelger, 

Johann  Gottfried  Fuchs, 

Georg  Friederich  Baisch, 

Martin  Engelbert, 
Martin  Ziegler, 
Martin  Ende, 
Jacob  Kohli, 
Georg  Kohli, 
Georg  Gimssle, 
David  Herrmann, 
Albrecht  Heu, 
Jacob  Pfeister, 
Jacob  Maurer, 
Michael  Huder, 
Conrad  Hoff, 
Albrecht  Hiibscher, 
Johannes  Dietrich, 
Friederich  Dannwolff, 
Samuel  Dirstein, 
Kraft  Hannold, 
Jacob  Geigle, 
Jacob  Hauber, 
Jacob  Huber, 
Jacob  Ott, 
Georg  Hetzei', 
Jacob  Feller, 
Georg  Teuffell, 
Mathias  Diesch, 
Christian  Neuffer, 
Jacob  Fischer, 
Dieterich  Lofflei", 
Baltzer  Biimbel, 
Anthoni  Blesinger, 
Georg  Matias  Weig, 
Hans  Georg  Weber, 
Hans  Michael  Braiinich, 
Hans  Jacob  Schletzer, 
Johan  Melchior  Mill, 
Joh.  Valentin  Hoffman, 
Joh.  Balthas  Scholhorn, 
Johann  Georg  Kiderer, 
Johann  Conrad  Kriigele. 
Andreas  Hildenbrandt, 
Hans  Georg  Bertsch, 
Hans  Georg  Hiigele, 
Hans  Jacob  Gloss, 
Hans  Georg  Schlotterbeck, 
Christian  Kiichler, 
Michael  Bossert,  / 



Johannes  CTramm, 
Michael  Kaucher, 
Jacob  Heriuann, 
Michael  WiJrnner, 
Michael  Mayer, 
Frieilerich  Hiisch, 
Geoi"}^  (,'arle, 

Christ.  Frieilerich  Weiler, 
Matthei.x  Plocherr, 
Johannes  Albrecht, 
Johannes  Weltschiedt, 
Christian  Blaser, 
Martin  Eiltintj, 
Hans  Conrad  Kurt/le, 
Christian  Christein, 
Johannes  Deniuth, 
Philipp  Jacob  iieis, 
Jean  Diedier  Moret. 
Lorentz  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Pfeiffer, 
Jacob  Wijrner, 
Michael  Hudere, 
Conrad  Host, 
Gabriel  AVachter, 
Theopbilus  Hiibber, 
Georg  Bauniann, 
Konrad  Leaser, 
Hans  Georg  Ehrnian, 
Jacob  Kohler, 
Hans  Georg  Schotebecker, 
Christian  Kiichler, 
Michael  Bc^ssert, 
Mattlieis  Hij3!«cher, 
Christoph  Hofman, 
Bait  has  Sch  winker, 
Johan  Jacob  WiJrnner, 
John  George  Blaser, 
Jacob  Bind, 

Mattlieis  Hiibscher. 
Michel   Ei-iisr, 
Matheis  iSchinipll', 
Simon  Brener, 
Philj])  Baiituiand, 
Joh.  Siegnnind  Kiihier, 
Frajiciscus  Stiir, 
Jacob  Biickel, 
Hans  Jacob  Kichner, 
Johannes  Hanei", 
Johannes  Kathgeb, 
Bernhardt  Schneider. 
Hans  Georg  Christein, 
Peter  Christein, 
Friederich  Kerchel, 
Johan  Adam  Stoltz, 
Jacob  von  Konnen, 
Mathias  Laufer, 
Georg  Hollinger, 
Peter  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Veigenbaser, 
Joh.  Georg  Fined.  Bayer, 
Adam  Hettinger, 
Samson  Mittelberger, 
Michael  Altrith, 
Michati  Beuttel, 
Nickolas  Schrift, 
Johann  Gottfried  Fuchs, 
Georg  Friederich  Baisch, 
Johannes  Gramiii, 
Michael  Kaucher, 
Jonas  Rnpp, 
Phillipp  Miiller, 
Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 
Hans  Georg  Blaser, 
Hans  Georg  Blaser,  jr., 
Johannes  Schilling. 
Christian  Schneider, 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Queen  of  Den- 
mark, (teo.  Parish,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
FROM  CowES.     Qualified  Oct.  4,  1751. 

Christoph  Bevg, 
Hartmann  Fritz, 
Baltzei-  Martin, 
J«,cob  Wolff, 
Balzar  Konig, 
Georg  Jacob  Ullrich, 
Hans  Georg  Erbolt, 
Andreas  Fridli, 
Andreas  Roth, 
George  Hapiaes, 
Jacob  Joder, 
Hans  Reitzer, 
Micliael  Meyer, 
Wilhehn  Bosch, 
Johannes  Shulte, 
Caspar  Fisher, 
Martin  Friess. 
Coiarad  Weiss, 
Heni'ich  Seitz. 
Heinrich  Stehle, 
Nicklas  Weiss, 
Georg  Wolff, 

Johann  IMichel  Hartmann, 
Johann  Philip  Bieg, 
Caspar  Wagner, 
Melchior  Ziegler, 
Fredericli  Sallade. 
Hans  Georg  Martin, 
Hans  Suter, 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Heinrich   Stohler, 
Johannes  Maj'tin, 
Georg  Grauss, 
Johann  H enrich  Graff, 
Hans  Schneeberger, 
Marx  Oberhiiussle, 
Casper  Schneider, 
Hans  Schallenberg, 
Martin  Dreisbach, 
Johan  Henricli  Hoffman, 
Hans  Henry  Shneider, 


Georg  Wolff, 
Daniel  Meyer, 
Valentin  Brock, 
George  Liicker, 
Johann  Friederich  Bering, 
Michael  Remer, 
Jacob  Giessler, 
Stephan  Bieg, 
Nick  las  Rippel, 
Durst  Griiner, 
Hans  Blanck, 
Henry  Siiss, 
Christian  Blanck, 
Friederich  Ruthe, 
Bastian  Mangold, 
Conrad  Fuchs, 
Andreas  Lantz, 
Hans  Geisser, 
Jacob  Stelile,  ' 
Jacob  Shob. 
Heinrich  Grell, 
Friederich  Dirkerhoff, 
Heinrich  Lachman, 
Horian  Peter  Kostler, 
Johannes  Andreas, 
Martin  Scheuerman, 
.Tacob  Grosjean, 
Jacob  Kiigel, 
Jacob  Regenes, 
Peter  Rechrer, 
Johannes  Ochseman, 
Johannes  Carmane, 
Conradt  Schneider, 
Christian  Bernhart, 
Hans  Jacob  Weiss. 
Hans  Ulerich  Hess, 
Johannes  Schaad. 
Johannes  Eidmeier,  , 
Johan  Friederich  Martin, 
Hans  Henrich  Wiest, 
Johannes  Campus, 



Antonius  Stiitte, 
Jjicol)  Reitliliii^tT, 
-^Veiubert  Tscluidi, 
Joh.  Friederich  Steiner, 
Johannes  Possert, 
Geoi-^  Scliweiler, 
Valentin  Meyer, 
Anthony  Carniane, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Friess, 
Heinrich  Stelile, 
Johannes  JStruh, 
Friederich  Lander, 
Johann  Friederich  Metzer, 
Hans  Mclclnor  Anderegg, 
Daniel  WoUf. 


William    Cunningham,   from    Rotterdam,      (.^kalikikd 
Oct.  7,  1751. 

Johannes  Waller,, 

Peter  Gans, 

Philip  Pfeiffer, 

Adam  Jacobi, 

Adam  Beckenbach, 

Peter  Ulmer, 

Kilian  Hausser, 

Henry  Carle, 

Georg  Bigler, 

Christ.  Peifer, 

Bernhart  Kreiling, 

Adam  Jordan, 

Carl  Wagner, 

Philip  Ennes, 

Leonhart  Biickel, 

W^ilhelin  Ewig, 

Matlieas  ZS^ass, 

Heinrich  Friedle, 

Ja(!ob  KiJnig, 

Jacol)  Sprecher, 

Hewald  8torch, 

Philip  Jacob  Kiinbe, 

Friederich  Hnmbert, 

Jacob  (Tall man, 

Johan  Michel  Schmit, 

Jacob  Walter, 

Jacob  Diether, 

Leonhardt  Simon, 

Johan  Georg  Beckenbach, 

Johan  Valentin  Sonimer, 

Michael  Holstein, 

Peter  Rossburger, 

Mathias  Pfeiffer, 

Marx  Breinig, 

Caspar  Beckenbach, 

Georg  Welter, 

Nickolas  Stein, 

Martin  Bigler, 

Johannes  I^app, 

Stephen  Zweier, 

Michael  Alt, 

Jacob  Holtz, 

Abraham  Kiinig, 

Jacob  AVeimer, 

Johannes  Hahn, 

Michael  Leonhart, 

Henry  Haushalter, 

Melchior  Krautter, 

Enoch  Weber, 

Jacol)  Weimmer, 

Hans  Georg  Sprecher, 

Jacob  Hahn, 

Diewald  Matter, 

George  Schend, 

Michel  Fink, 

Christian  Ewig, 

Ehrhardt  Thiirwiichter, 

Georg  Adam  Beckenbach, 

Georg  Bernhart  Beckenbach, 

Nickolas  Eschwin, 



Jacob  Hatiswirth. 
Heini-ich  Hetzel, 
Johannes  Kauffmann, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Andreas  AltendorlT, 
Johann  JacoVi  Lapp, 
Han  Greorge  Zweiev, 
Hans  Greorge  Odewalt, 
Greorg  Jacol)  Sch inner, 
Hans  Conrad  Baunian, 
Johann  Niclilas  Wolff, 
Johan  Jost  Schweiger, 
Johann  Simon  Shober, 
Abraham  Bitilion, 
Johan  Michael  Hoffmann, 
Matheus  Konig, 
Christ  oph  Ketterman, 
Hans  Georg  Wollhnter, 
Philip  Jacob  Humbert, 
Philip  Jac   '    Mf  der, 

Jacob  Ktimmerer, 
Johann  Nickel  Stumm, 
Johan  Adam  Best, 
Johan  Peter  Schang, 
Johan  Lenardt  Gosel, 
Joh.  Christoph  Weisbach, 
Hans  Adam  Diem, 
Joh.  Andreas  Engelman, 
Michael  Wiihrlich, 
Johann  Georg  Geislei-, 
Johan  Valentin  Ross, 
Johann  Jacob  Welt/., 
EVierhart  Sahnat, 
Johann  Georg  Busch, 
Philip  Jacob  Hagenbuch, 
Hans  Jacob  Hiibbert, 
Jacoli  Schaffer, 
Johann  Georg  Steiner, 
Johann  Michael  Driou, 
Andreas  Kisselberff. 

List    of    Foreigners 


QuAiiiFiED  Oct.  16,  17 

Ludwig  Heinrich, 
Theodor  Larber, 
Andreas  Schlenckfer, 
Conrad  Rahm, 
Michel  Umensetter, 
Mattheus  Reich, 
Johannes  Schott, 
Friederich  ZoUer, 
Friederich  Hei'ing  , 
Andreas  Tjeadej-er. 
Martin  Doll, 
Peter  Stiickel, 
Johannes  Meiger, 
Leonhart  Behl, 
Georg  Adam  Brockeber 
Conrad  Klingemeyer, 
Georg  Adam  Gaab, 

Imported   ix    the    Ship   Duke    of 


A.  Mattheis, 
Johannes  AVissner, 
Ulrich  Briiitinger, 
Jacob  Umensetter, 
Christoph  Siindel, 
Michael  Weihenger, 
Christian  App, 
Johannes  Cirauttler, 
David  Dutte. 
Johannes  Doll, 
Johannes  Not::, 
Martin  Ecker, 
El^erhardt  Martin, 
Balthas  Giitz, 
ger,         Georg  Michael  Kern, 

Joh.  Conrad  Leibbrand, 
Hans  Jacob  Baum, 



Daniel  Batiiiiiinii, 
Conrad  MerKle, 
Jacol>  Zeoh, 
Martin   El)l>le, 
Jauol*  Beyerle, 
Jacob  Stahhnan, 
A<laiii  Herman. 
Jacol>  Scherrer, 
Ulrich  Hirscliniann, 
Johannes  Stncke, 
Joliannes  Augenstein. 
Philip  Nagel, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Johannes  Bischoff, 
Michael  Fritz, 
Casper  Meyer, 
Christian  Fusch, 
Jacob  Karg, 
Conrad  Brendingler, 
Jacob  Schiiffer, 
Graff  Pillab, 

Georg  Christoph  Reichle, 
Johann  Georg  Mayer, 
.lohann  Adam  Merkle, 
Johann  Georg  Maisch. 
Jacob  Ludwig  Ciippele, 
Johannes  Brobeck, 
Georg  Wilhehn  Bantlion, 
Hans  Georg  Schiiffer, 
Conrad  Eisenhardt, 
Christophel  Schlegel, 
Johannes  Wunderlich, 
Mattheus  Sabererick, 
Michael  Rosch, 
Jacob  Esch. 
Christoph  Folk, 
Philii)  Miiller, 
Michel  Waltz, 
Conrad  Grietzinger, 
Dieterich  Kiimmerer, 
Christian  Kiiniraerer, 
.Tohan  Georg  Send  el, 
Hans  Georg  Heim, 
Christ.  (Tottleil)  Scheiberle, 
Job.  Friederich  Steindt)rf, 
Johannes  Schultheiss, 

Conradt  Grietzinger,  jr., 
Friederick  Keppert, 
Johannes  Winter. 
])avid  Ansel, 
Friederich  Wibel, 
.Joseph  Ahnern, 
Jacob  Jiingling, 
.Tohann  Mader, 
Matheus  Hirschman, 
Jacob  Sclnvartz, 
Simon  Nagel, 
Michael  Deiss, 
Johannes  Mayer,  jr., 
Bernhardt  Merkle, 
Ludwig  Feick, 
Peter  Printle, 
Joseph  Karg, 
Johan  Geo.  Englert, 
Johannes  Messner, 
Bernhart  Frick, 
Jacob  Greiner, 
Johann  Andreas  Mayer, 
Johan  Andreas  Mayer,  jr.. 
Johann  Georg  Weisser, 
Christian  Grietzinger, 
Johan  Conrad  Held, 
Johannes  Weihenger. 
Christ.  Friederich  Bantlion, 
Hans  Georg  Dutte, 
Georg  Adam  Schlegel, 
Caspar  Wander, 
•lohann  Georg  Hoch, 
Joseph  Brendlinger, 
Michael  Rosch,  jr., 
Baltas  Folk, 
Conrad  Stiihr, 
Stephan  Katz, 
Martin  Brodbeck, 
Johannes  Brodbeck. 
Peter  Kiimmerer, 
Jf)hann  F.  Brodbeck, 
Hans  Georg  Winter, 
Hans  Georg  Wehr, 
Hans  Peter  Spath, 
Joh.  l\richael  Zehntbaner, 
Andreas  Hirschman, 



Johan  Adam  Hir^^hinau. 
Matthea?  Dullnick. 
Johau  Friedericli  Stiess, 
Philip  Jacob  "Weidner, 
Hajis  Philip  Roth, 
LfOrenTz  Wes«eDer, 
Hans  Marrin  Seisser, 
Hans  Georg  Himneiten, 
Adam  Emmer. 
Johaan  Geor^  I>aiT, 
Hichael  Kacz^ 
Johan  Bardel  Gx>Ttwalt, 
Johaun  Jacob  Walte, 
Hans  Georg  Eckert, 
Wilhelni  Koch, 
Abraham  Eckert. 
Conrad  Gensly, 
Johannes  Eberhart. 
Hans  Gec»rg  Schneck. 
Andreas  Kappler, 
Hans  Georg  Christ, 

Hans  Micba«?l  Moser. 
Johau  a  Georg  Hainan, 
Hans  Georg  Augenstein, 
Hans  Lndwig  Roth, 
Hans  Martin  Bischon, 
Hans  Adam  Meyer, 
ilichael  Hirnneisen, 
Andreas  Schlenker, 
Michael  Hehnle. 
JacoV^  Wellenman, 
Hans  Georg  Schneider, 
Hans  Bemhart  Frantz, 
Andreas  Wichthom, 
Michael  Werner, 
Beueiiict  Funck, 
Andreas  Lattich, 
Fried erich  Heyl, 
Johannes  Eberhan,  jr., 
Michael  Wolfif, 
Hans  Georg  Elge. 

List  of  Foreigker^  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Two  Brothers, 
Thomas  Arxot.  Captaix,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowKS.     QrAU^FiED  Sept.  15,  1732. 

G«oi^  Eisenmen^er,  Friederich  Mayer. 

Joh.  Christo.  Friederich  Kohler,  Kilian  Eisenmenger, 

Jacob  Mnller. 
Nolgen  Kremmer, 
Peter  Hommer. 
PhiUp  Bonn, 
Jaccib  Mnller, 
Bertram  Banm, 
Mori  tz  T^enn, 
Johannes  Gerhardt. 
Jost  Ferschbach, 
Conrad  Welder, 
Joh.  Peter  Bonn, 
Johann  Peter  Lentz. 
T-ieopoldt  Valentin  Gross, 
Johann  Friederich  Beck, 

Christ oph  Arnold, 
Peter  Schock, 
Paulus  Gross, 
Wilhelm  Haner. 
Conrad  Winegarden, 
Panltis  Hecker, 
Jacob  Andres, 
Peter  Dilss. 
Johannes  Lntz, 
Joh.  Silas  Bonn, 
Johann  Martin  Gans, 
Johan  Peter  Schock, 
Johannes  Henrieh  Metz, 
Georg  Michael  Eberle, 



F.  Conrad  LebteTliug, 
John  Peter  Rodehagtu 
Diedrieh  Wilhelm  I>i£ehoiig. 
John  Peter  Bloni,  sen. , 
Herl>ert  Sehaiuaefaer. 
Wilhelm  Peter  Walter, 
•^'oorath  Schneider. 
Joh,  Antoniuf  Krimer, 
Johan  Gt»ttfrie«cl  Krioj^, 
Jobann  Jacob  Beyer. 
Johan  Theis  Wehr^ 
Caisper  Krimer. 
Adam  Beet, 
Anthon  Schmidt, 
Wendel  Frey, 
Jacob  Buss. 
Caeper  Liehtenberger, 
Jm^eph  Htonijg'^ 
Borkhardt  Unan^gst, 
Jacob  Helliach 
Johan  Christ.  Kalenl>er^ 
Joluuin  Christ.  Meyer, 
Johan  Stephan  Deubler, 
Johan  Christian  Al  baiter, 
Johann  Henrieh  Wirth, 
Johaim  Wilhelmi  Bottjger, 
Geor;^  Andneas  Raab. 
Jcriian  Gerlach  Meyer, 
Conrad  Lonenberg, 
Jacob  Dills, 
Joh.  Peter  Aller. 
Johan  Sebastian  Unangist, 
Simon  Lndwi;^  Himroth, 
WiL  Henrieh  Brandenbarger, 
Johan  Peter  Fatterbach. 

Georige  Michael  Miller. 
John  Peter  Blom, 
J<rfian  Wahelm  Ahlhach. 
John  Christian  Ottinger, 
Johann  Theis  H<^nian. 
Johan  Wilhelm  Meyer. 
Joh.  Herbert  Imt, 
Johan  Adam  Imhoden. 
Johann  Chrtstian  Seyler^ 
Paolns  Bohm, 
Conrad  Hahn&, 
Johannes  Wilhelmojs, 
J((rfiaiinee  Jacob. 
John  Antoni  Statt, 
Titomas  Gtamlieh, 
Gottfried  Kappes, 
Michael  IHetrieli, 
Johannes  Mattsrai, 
Jonas  Po(ri  CPohlA^ 
Joachim  Statt, 
Joh.  Christ.   Li'ehT^i.:iiil]>er. 
Johan  Paalos^  Se>el, 
Johan  Peter  Hammer. 
John  Jacob  Cdgajden, 
Hans  Henrieh  Munch. 
Johann  Geoi^  Meizger, 
Georg  Michad  GeUianu 
Johan  Georg  Spiess, 
Nicolas  Lunenbei^g, 
Moritz  Wilh.  Dills, 
Joh.  Wilh.  WeDer, 
Johan  Peter  Schmidt. 
,- Johan  Herbert  Wingwrt,    "^ 
Johan  Thomas  Schnmacher, 
Johan  Herr. 

List  of  Forkigstkrs  Ijiportki*  ix  the  Ship  ErtrsTBiTRGnu 

FROM  COWKS.   EXGULSTJ.      «^rALIFIKD  SEPT.   19,  llSi. 

Peter  Kenan,  Johau  FehUnger, 

Henry  Hollinger,  Panlns  Hartnng, 

Frantz  Beuao,  Jacob  Hirt- 



Jacob  Beck, 
Nicolaus  Mayer, 
Paul  us  Mauerer, 
Ciiristoph  Hummel, 
Peter  Miihe, 
Joliannes  Roth, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Georg  Herman, 
Christian  Shneid, 
Tjeonliard  Lauter, 
Johann  Georg  Demler, 
Joh.  Samuel  Huth, 
Johann  Martin  Schnepf, 
Johannes  Bernhardt, 
Johan  Georg  Bauman, 
Andreas  Gabriel  Dietrich, 
Bartholomihis  Lederer, 
Johan  Cai'l  Hiiger, 
Johan  Fi'iederich  Kiess, 
Martin  Kuntzman, 
Christoph  Hardtmann, 
Michel  Kiimell, 
Siegfried  Billing, 
Adam  Christoph  Behning, 
Hans  Jacob  Roth, 
Stephan  Neriinger, 
Sebastian  Dreher, 
Jos.  Bernhard  Spath, 
Johannes  Ziirn, 
Jacob  Hauser, 
Isaac  Buck, 
Johannes  Gemser, 
Friederich  Rosslein, 
Adam  Stock, 
Friederich  Fens, 
Joseph  Schonal, 
Johannes  Hendel, 
Joh.  Friederich  Huss, 
Johannes  Hitzer, 
Jacob  Wiedemann, 
Michael  Friedreich, 
Valentin  Briittschiedt, 
Hans  Jacob  Feltzer, 
Christoph  Bauer, 
Johannes  Kerlin,  sick, 
Jacob  Miiller,  sick. 

Paulus  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Fried, 
Wilhe'.m  Keller, 
Paulu    Walter, 
Jacob  Kiiber, 
Friederich  Roth, 
Georg  Shneyder, 
Michael  Fetzer, 
Christian  Unger, 
Sebastian  Maas, 
Jacob  Bildniann, 
Georg  Casper  Bohrmann. 
Georg  Leonliardt  Pfiiffer, 
Michael  Hibscher, 
Johannes  Reiuhard, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Trautwein, 
Georg  Antony  Scheble, 
Johan  Jacob  Helm, 
Hans  IMartin  Kirschmann, 
Hans  Michael  Weismeyer, 
Francisns  Lilier, 
Leonhart  Claus, 
Martin  Harsh, 
Johannes  Schwartz, 
Johann  Christoph  Bentz, 
Johan  Christian  Benig, 
Jacob  Friedrich  Klasser, 
Johan  Jacob  Hiiydt, 
Georg  Schild, 
Jacob  Rinker, 
Jacoli  Meysel, 
Carl  Korn, 
Tjeonhardt  Rosslein, 
Andreas  Fetzer, 
Michael  T)iirr, 
Frantz  Fischer, 
Johan  Adam  Schwartz, 
Johann  Jacob  Kerfer, 
Heinrich  Ottinger, 
John  Adam  Reihe, 
Johann  Rischerd,, 
Johannes  Schweller, 
Joseph  Schonal, 
Johan  Christian  Gollnitz, 
Erhart  Kurbocker,  sick, 
Johannes  Jung,  sick. 



Caspar  Deiliiif^er,  sick, 
Michael  Karg,  sick, 
Geor-j  Braun,  sick, 
Coiirad  Guth,  sick, 

Jacob  Weller,  sick, 
Jacob  Roth,  sick, 
Michael  Schiiffer,  sick, 
Baltzer  ThuriuLjer,  sick. 

List  of  Forkignkrs  iMroiiTKi)  ix  tmk  Ship  Brothers, 
Wii^LiAAi  Muiu,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  i.ast  from 
CowES,  England.     Qualified  Sept.  22,  1732. 

Johannes  Stanch, 
Martin  Karg, 
Peter  Helling, 
Johannes  Unruh, 
Stephan  Goss, 
Peter  Bechtel, 
Johannes  Babb, 
Bastian  Helhnan, 
Georg  Lent/., 

Johan  Michael  Lindemnth, 
Johannes  Edehnan, 
Wilhelm  Heckman, 
Joh.  Jacob  Rudisel, 
H.  Nicolaus  Barringer, 
Johan  Peter  Gable, 
Hans  Peter  Edehnan, 
Hans  Ulrich  Beutler, 
Heinrich  Rahausser, 
Hans  Georg  Holtzschuh, 
Nicklaus  Heckman, 
Hans  Adam  Edehnan, 
Georg  Heurich  Gramlich, 
Lenhart  Hertell, 
Jacob  Lorentz, 
Matheis  Geyler, 
Hans  Gergrich, 
Jacob  Iliach,  sen., 
Diebolt  Dietrich, 
Peter  Bensel, 
Jaeol)  Braun, 
Peter  Hickman, 
Conrad  Hvleman, 
.Joseph  Scheffer, 

23— Vol.  XVII. 

Carl  Pucht, 
Andi-eas  Leisser, 
Jacob  Seltzer, 
Daniel  Ut/-, 
Johannes  Eckert, 
Peter  Seit, 
Jacob  Milier, 
Andreas  Ott, 
Samuel  Herrman, 
Johann  Peter  Schwartz, 
Hans  Adam  Heckraann, 
Joh.  Conrad  Kriechbaum, 
Johann  Jacob  Wintei-, 
Johan  Jacob  Wilhelm, 
Hans  Adam  Gerig, 
Anthony  Zimmermann, 
Abraham  Billing, 
Hans  Georg  Sommer, 
Johannes  Kolus, 
Jost  Edelman, 
Georg  Jacob  Ehresmann, 
John  Georg  Edelman, 
Antonius  Miiller, 
Hans  Schulterle, 
Andreas  Geyler, 
Michael  Lai^p, 
JacoV>  I  bach, 
Hans  Moltz, 
Mattheis  Hoff, 
Johannes  Sommer, 
Philip  Seydehnau, 
Killian  Fiihrer, 
Jolianu  Geoi'g  Schmeltz, 



Johann  Greorg  Esser, 
Johann  Erhard  Lobstein, 
Hans  Georg  Mauss, 
Hans  Adam  Lehr, 
Andreas  Kernberger, 
Hans  Jacob  Hage, 
Hans  Jacob  Burghen, 
Johan  Georg  Werner, 
Johann  Nicklas  Schneider, 

Han  Georg  Edeler, 
Hans  Georg  Damnier, 
Philip  Jacob  Gottsclialck, 
Hans  Georg  Marquard. 
Hans  Jacob  Merckel, 
Hans  Adam  Schnabele, 
Hans  Martin  Sommer, 
Jacob  Lasch,  sick. 


List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Halifax,  Capt. 
Thomas  Coatam,  from  Rotterdam,  x,ast  from  Cowes, 
England.     Qualified  Sept.  22,  1752. 

Christophel  Witmer, 
Nicolas  Kohler, 
Martin  Decker, 
Hans  Feltz, 
Johannes  Paul  us, 
Jacob  Olenthin, 
Bartholomae  Evar, 
Peter  Reeb, 
Johan  Conrad  Blecher, 
Michael  Springer, 
Johannes  Josephus  Roth, 
Hans  Georg  Porter, 
Johan  Ludvvig  Borse, 
Hans  Micliael  Geyer, 
Anthony  Rush, 
Friederich  Schaff, 
Jacob  r>ietrich, 
Peter  Wendling, 
Michael  Conradt, 
Johannes  Riegele 
Joseph  Held, 
Georg  Riibel, 
Martin  Hutter, 
Hans  Jacob  Muhle, 
Johannets  Siirber, 
Hans  Heinrich  Meyer, 
Hans  Casper  Schladter, 
Hans  Michael  AVeigel, 

Philip  Engel, 
Friederich  Eberhart, 
Johannes  Griese, 
Anthony  Zinck, 
Christian  Herman, 
Philip  Hoffman, 
Jonas  Imschmiedt, 
Jolian  Melchior  Brombach, 
Johann  Georg  Kuntze, 
Johann  Georg  K re y bach, 
Pavid  Sasmanhaussen, 
Johan  Jacob  Bersey, 
Johan  Jacob  Brucker, 
Michael  Wentz, 
Jacob  Hanick, 
Matheis  Kientz, 
Jacob  Juncker, 
Andreas  Streiber, 
Jacob  Sieg, 
Augustus  Urban, 
Joseph  Riibel, 
Johannes  Patt, 
Leonhart  AVeidman, 
Conrad  Miillei-, 
Hans  Jacob  Riimmen, 
Hans  Conrad  Wirth, 
Wilhelm  Hausemer, 
Georg  Hans  Pietrich, 



Johann  Philip  Goress, 

Hans  (xeorj^e  Gleysler. 

Johannes  Miiller, 

Hans  Michael  Hiilincr, 

Han  Jac.   Serber  Ziuiniernian, 

Henry  Meyer, 

Heinrich  M^nck, 

Philip  Hirt, 

Jacob  tSiirber, 

Henry  Kuntz- 

Caspar  Wincker, 

Frie<lerich  Hdrsch, 

Johannes  Jordan, 

Friederic  Kiiinmer, 

Jacob  ScliaalT, 

Matheas  Rotli, 

Martin  Varninger, 

Hermanns  Ache,  — 

Lorentz  Reinliart, 

Joli.   David  Wilderniuth, 

Johanu  J.acol)  Hess, 

Johann  Kraffthorn, 

JoliaTi  Henricli  Giitting, 

Johannes  Michael, 

Joli.  Daniel  SteinseifTer, 

Herinanus  Limper, 

Johan  Jacob  Brentz, 

Johann   Dieterich, 

Johan  Wennertblecher, 

Ulerich  Gliikil, 

Conrad  Ziegler, 

Jacob  Gross, 

Johan  Nicklans  Hoffman, 

Jos;'ph  Onzemiller. 

Jacob  Roth,  sick. 

Cliristian  Jirnclihart,  sick, 

Matheis  Miiller,  siok, 

Hans  Dewald  Wandlin.  sick, 

T.  Nicklas  Manser,  sick, 

Johannes  Kottring.  sick, 

Johannes  Ludwig,  sick, 

Hieronimns  Sclmeider,  sick, 

Hans  Jacolj,  sick, 

Johann  Georg  Weber, 
Jacob  Weisseberger, 
Paahis  Schiiffer, 
Huns  Philip  Elter, 
I"'riederich  Fleckstein, 
Peter  Dnweiler, 
Lorentz  Diirr, 
Jacob  Miiller, 
Heinrich  Zolli, 
Ulrich  Kreiser, 
Heiirich  Mercki, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Johann  Rudolph, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Johannes  Gehr, 
Otto  Pegy, 
Johan  Lud^vig  Ache, 
-Joseph  Weingard,- 
Mctrtin  Brungart, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Miiller, 
Georg  Ludwig  Marburger, 
Johannes  Jacob  Ache, 
Hieronimns  Spies, 
Johannes  Schreiber, 
Hans  Henrich  Kauffer, 
Joli.  Michael  Kanzter, 
Johan  Georg  Hiissung, 
Joh.  Jacob  Miiller, 
Johan  Miehal  Backer, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Joseph  Altheer. 
Hans  Nickel  Qnierer, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Farringer, 
Rudolph  Zoll, 
Henrich  Frey,  sick, 
Johannes  Bruchhart,  sick, 
Daniel  Fischer,  sick, 
Hans  Georg  Manser,  sick, 
Ludwig  Gross,  sick, 
Peter  Bring,  sick, 
Johannes  Ewers,  sick, 
Georg  Adam   Schiitz,  sick, 
Michael  Gross,  sick. 


jS'ames  of  foreigners  who  took 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  St.  Axdrew, 
Capt.  James  Abercrombie,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Plymouth,  E:<  gland.     Qualified  Sept.  23,  1752. 

Jacob  Baltzer, 
Hans  Dommi, 
Ulricli  Schercg, 
Jacob  Orth. 
Christian  Biihl  -r, 
Andivas  Liiitz, 
Daniel  Klein, 
Leonhait  Bremer, 
Nickolas  Blanck, 
Johannes  Ruts, 
Hans  Blanck, 
Ulrich  Hauser, 
Ulrich  Fischer, 
Hans  Martin  Seller, 
Hans  Martin  Hang, 
John  Philip  Steinle, 
Jacob  Hiestand, 
Johan  Georg  Knoch, 
Gabriel  Spannagel, 
Simon  Brand, 
Daniel  Gerhart, 
Johan  Georg  Gramlieh, 
Piantz  Jacob  Hiiussler, 
Jacob  Bernbart  Friederich, 
Georg  Adam  Eberth, 
Johan  Georg  Kupper, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Wilhelm  Reiter, 
Jacob  Kan ff man, 
Johan  Valntin  Kriiss, 
Justus  Schmiicker, 
Dorst  Alleman, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Eytel, 
Joseph  Kahl, 
ISickolaus  Wissler, 
Peter  Mack. 
Eberhart  Luttman, 
Christian  Stabler, 
H  enrich  Sehenck, 
Jacob  Lntz, 
Jacob  Schiiffer, 

Christoph  Horn, 
Andreas  Bartruff, 
Abraham  Zetee, 
Philip  Becker, 
Valentin  Becker, 
Illerich  Zurger, 
Ulrich  Scherr, 
Jacob  Blanck, 
Mat  bias  Ecks, 
Nicolas  Buch, 
Joseph  Krop. 
Leonard  Hedle, 
Johan  Friederich  Seller, 
Johan  Christoph  Rossel, 
Dewalt  Biilman, 
Philip  Rubelinger, 
Johannes  AVebrecht, 
Ludwig  Siiannagel, 
Ulrich  StaulTer. 
Frantz  Kammer, 
Michael  Lindesweiler,- 
John  Georg  Kiiffei-, 
Bastian  Bohrman, 
Johanu  Peter  Lang, 
Hans  Georg  Bader, 
David  Katterman, 
Hans  Georg  Nasser, 
Johan  Jacob  Bauer, 
Johan  H  enrich  Kriiss, 
•Daniel  Arnoldt. 
Johan  Jacob  Boltz, 
Joh.  Michael  Mauerer, 
Ulrich  Lautenbach, 
Jacob  Fried, 
Johannes  Mack. 
Dietrich  Sehuutzer, 
Michael  Opp, 
Stephan  Meyer. 
Heinrich  Gebhart, 
Andreas  Zorn, 
Christoph  Carl, 




Christian  Lutz, 
Peter  Adam, 
Jereinias  Eberle, 
Pliilip  Schauer, 
Hans  Jacob  Berner, 
Jacob  Steinbrenner, 
J  oil.  Leoiiliart  Reiichert, 
Johan  Georg  Hattenbach, 
Jolian  Michael  Streeker, 
Christoph  David  Schauei-, 
Hans  (xeorg  Fiesch, 
Johan  Peter  Langiitan, 
Jacob  Reiter, 
Valentin  Wiedt-l, 

binion  Reiht, 
Friederich  Blanck, 
David  Aller, 
Friederich  Miiller, 
Martin  Steinbrenner, 
Matlieus  Breitswert, 
Hans  Michel  Hattenbach,  • 
Hans  Jacob  Eljerle, 
Jolian  Heinrich  Riedel, 
Johan  Georg  Eberle, 
Hans  Georg  Fiesch, 
Johan  Caspar  Gunther, 
Christoph  Heinrich  Reinhold, 
.facol)  "Worne,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Axn  Galley, 
Capt.  Chas.  Kenxeway,  from  Rotterdam  and  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Sept.  '2'i.  1752. 

Bartholonise  Eibaeh, 

Philip  Heyde, 

Wilhelm  Conrad, 

Andreas  Kissel, 

Johan  Friederich  Sendtner, 

Johan  Ludwig  Biischler. 

Eberhart  Christoph  Schret, 

Johan  Georg  Steiner, 

Henry  Angerle, 

Michael  Schnoor, 

Martin  Miiller, 

Phillip  Bleck, 

Jacob  Midler, 

Johan  Valentin  Seidel, 

Johan  Gabriel  Springer, 

Martin  Georg  Wahl, 

Hans  Georg  Hipp, 

Ludwig  Conrad  Schneider, 

Ulrich  Spohn, 

Josejih  Mayer, 

Simon  Zeiner, 

Peter  Spengler, 

Andreas  Braun, 
Sebastian  Lippoldt, 
Jacob  Mattler, 
Michael  Obrist, 
Albrecht  Hofmeister, 
Johannes  Jacob  Rau, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kuntz, 
.Tohan  Georg  Riehm, 
Martin  Schall, 
Jacob  Boaz, 
Johan  Elias, 
Christian  Thorn. 
Jost  Martin  Waltz, 
Johan  Friederich  Springer. 
Johan  Casper  Spohn. 
Friederifh  Reicheuder, 
Daniel  Nonnemacher, 
Martin  Wolff, 
Balthaser  Mank, 
Rudolph  Schaub, 
Nicklas  Leydecker, 
Henry  Valentin, 



Peter  Compos, 
Clementz  Ober, 
Michael  Meek, 
Thomas  Heidler, 
Peter  Inubmit, 
Hans  Georg  Schaal, 
Benedict  Spitzfadeu, 
Hans  Martin  Miick, 
Johan  Conrad  Sehenck, 
Joh.  Jacol)  Wintzberger, 
Johan  Friederich  Braun, 
Georg  Jacob  Schneider, 
Wilhelm  Conrad, 

Jean  Rigonie, 
Georg  Ludwig, 
Michael  AVuth, 
Christian  Mohr, 
Joh.  Michael  Miller, 
Joh.  Georg  Spengler, 
Hans  Georg  Miick, 
Han  Georg  Schley, 
Hans  Georg  Baiter, 
Joh.  Georg  Schwinederer 
Johan  Georg  Braun, 
Hans  Georg  Schwartz, 
Rudolph  Schoff. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Richard  and 
Mary,  John  Moore,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Sept.  26,  1753. 

Peter  Rommer, 
Casper  Baltzer, 
Johannes  AVeyant, 
Michael  Biihm, 
Peter  Hollebach, 
Gabriel  Armbruster, 
Johan  Daniel  Allsbach, 
Jacol)  Daniel  Scherrer, 
Johan  Georg  Gensheimer, 
Johan  Philip  Paules, 
Peter  Hut, 
Conrad  Miller, 
H enrich  Mosser, 
Jacob  Klar, 
Adam  Bernhart, 
Daniel  Cramer, 
Baltzer  Dickhans, 
Georg  Seider, 
Antonius  AValter, 
Joh.  Philip  AVentz, 
Johan  Henrich  Scherr, 
Philip  .lacob  Lehr, 
Johan  Heinrich  Strap, 
Valentin  Schmidt, 

Peter  Emmer, 
Johann  Diehlbeck, 
Nicklas  Bernhart, 
Andreas  Ham, 
Johannes  Conrath, 
Henrich  Jacob  Knerr, 
Johan  Nicklas  Karger, 
Johan  Georg  Emmerich, 
Theobald  Becker, 
Ludwig  Schmidt, 
Peter  Bar, 
Michael  Graff, 
Andreas  Petri, 
Dewalt  Grub, 
Michael  Bauer, 
Johannes  Kiistner, 
Casper  Lademan, 
Joh.  Henrich  Steinhammer. 
Joh.  Benedict  us  Miiller, 
Joh.  Theobald  Bauer, 
Johan  Jacob  Siegfried, 
Geo.  Fred  Emrich, 
Johan  Henrich  Kipp, 
Johan  Peter  Kahler, 



Johan  Philippus  Hoffman. 
Job.  Peter  Pfaiikuchen, 
Heiirich  Heidelbacli, 
Martin  Schinitt, 
Michael  Roth, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Elias  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Samm, 
Adam  Samm, 
.Tohan  Adain  Derting, 
Johan  Nickel  Henid, 
Martin  Holtzhiiiisser,     - 
Henrich  Miissemei*, 
Jacob  Steinbach, 
Jost  Schonwald, 
Johan  Georg  Haut, 
Johan  Friederich  Stuber, 
Hans  Georg  Eheller, 
Georg  Peter  Eckel, 
Hans  Jacob  Gebhardt, 
Joh.  Henrich  Henkenius, 
Elias  Hummel, 

Georg  Reit, 

Nicklaus  Winchel, 
Michael  Schleyer, 
Jacob  Schumman, 
Johannes  Was, 
Andreas  Jiickle, 
Nicolas  Samm, 
Johan  Henrich  Hummel, 
Dewalt  Dannfeltzer, 
Johan  Georg  Beck, 
Johan  Thies  Herman, 
Johannes  Kiinig, 
Henrich  Bierbauer, 
Simon  Schumacher, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Stuber, 
Johan  Philip  Stuber, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Strieker, 
Simon  Herrmann, 
Peter  Leonhard  Henkenius, 
Michael  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Herman. 
Nicholaus  Walter, 

List  of  FoREiG^fERS  Imported  in  the  Ship  Andersox, 
Capt.  Hugh  Campbell,  from  RotterDxVm,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Sept.  27,  1752. 

Leonhart  Bender, 
Urelich  Volck, 
Peter  Miller, 

Johan  Martin  Schweitzer, 
Hans  Georg  Marquart, 
Christian  Durr, 
David  Weyfailer, 
Michael  Schelline, 
Andreas  Betz. 
Johannes  Kurtz, 
Johannes  Altig, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Peter  Ansell, 
Moritz  Bauer, 
Johannes  Deissher, 

Christ oph  Mauerer, 
Georg  Riegert, 
Jacob  Beiltel, 
David  Haussman, 
Johannes  Striitter, 
Nicolaus  Schuder, 
Christojih  Osterle, 
Martin  Betz, 
Andreas  Eppler, 
Pierre  Lageau, 
Adam  Weisbart, 
Andreas  Weh, 
Cliristoph  Gisterer, 
Thomas  Kniffel, 
Wilhelm  Garein, 




(jrottlob  Herman, 

Thomas  Piel, 

Jacob  Blessing, 

Jeremias  Lud.  Engelmann, 

Mattheis  Krugel, 

W.   From, 

Johannes  Weill, 

Daniel  Reiitter, 

Peter  Piel, 

Michael  Schmidt, 

Friederich  Steinle, 

Leonhardt  Gniirr, 

Johannes  Waltz, 

Carl  Friederick  Muekenfuss 

Simon  Zimmerman, 

Michael  Ritter, 
Christian  Peistly, 
Jacob  Keiser, 
Johannes  Schnieder, 
Nicklaus  Henschler, 
Johan  Frederic  Lanble, 
Michael  Heim, 
Philip  Euler, 
Philipp  Straff, 
Peter  Dickert, 
Georg  Wetzel, 
Christian  Rapman, 
Wilhelm  Fried.  Schumann, 
John  Georg  Breymeyer, 
Jacob  Frederich  Fischer, 

AVilhelm  Christoph  Kessbohrer,  Johan  Friederich  Fuchs, 

Christ oph  Rothacker, 
Joh.  Caspar  Wender, 
Johannes  Wascher, 
Johan  Georg  Maul, 
Georg  Michael  Beltz, 
Hans  Michael  Kretel, 
Joh.  Georg  Riest, 
Joh.  Friederich  Konig, 
Joh.  Friederich  von  Rahden, 
Balthas  Fried, 
Johan  Henrich  Speh, 

Andreas  Scheibling, 
Joachim  Briluchle, 
Johan  David  Harlacher, 
Johan  Jacob  Beltz, 
Johan  Jacob  Hetzel, 
Georg  Ernst  Lindenberger, 
Joh.  Georg  Schilger, 
Matheus  Kulbach, 
M.  Jacob  Fried.  Schertlein, 
Friederich  Masser. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  President, 
Capt.  DuNiiOP,  PROM  Rotterdam,  last  from  England. 
Qualified  Sept.  37,  1753. 

Johannes  Haiifer, 
Johannes  Lutz, 
Michael  Riiss, 

Johannes  Ent tiger, 
Hans  Bauer, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
Jacob  Nast, 
Michael  Fischer, 
Carl  Kluge. 
Conrad  Huber, 
Michael  Gantner, 
Solomon  Westle, 
Christoph  Strobel, 
Johann  Faber, 

Gottfried  Stanch, 
Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Wolfgang  l.ehner, 
Johan  Briining, 
Jacob  K  upper, 
Jacob  Miiller, 
Adam  Sorg, 
Peter  Baltzly, 



Jacob  AVild, 
Andreas  Weste, 
Jacob  I^an^, 
Georg  Dietweiler, 
Frantz  Tiilipaii, 
Joliaimes  Scliinidt, 
Joliauiies  Denj^ler, 
Job.  Martin  Kranniiller 
Joban  Martin  Hiiber, 
(reorg  Albrecbt, 
Johan  Martin  Pfeiffer, 
Micbael  Pladerniiller, 
Johan  Georg  Haidenberger, 
Georg  Friederich  Schertlen, 
Hernbart  Honiise, 
Christoph  Schmid, 
Caspar  Beint/.igboffer, 
Jobann  Henricb  Kostenbader, 
Johannes  Schnecker, 
Hans  Georg  Looser, 
Johannes  Schwencke. 
Martin  Scliillinger. 
Andreas  Schwartz, 
Johannes  Schiirtle, 
Philip  Samuel  Stahl, 

George  Wild, 
Fredericii  Shwenk, 
Mattheis  Eoser, 
Jacob  Theur, 
H enrich  Hassler, 
Bernhart  AIj), 
Johan  Georg  Haas, 
Georg  Christoph  Krnss. 
Johannes  Folnier, 
Hans  Martin  Scheme, 
Pbiiii)  Jacob  Nass. 
Ulrich  Michael  Bauer, 
Uhich  Crackberger, 
Johan  Peter  Erman, 
Hans  Georg  Beck, 
Johan  Georg  Weidt, 
Jobann  Georg  Wagner, 
Johann  Christoph  Peter, 
Melchior  Beitzhuber, 
Johann  Jacob  Lang, 
Adam  Angermeyer, 
Johan  Bernhard  Bauer, 
Hans  Georg  Boser, 
Georg  Friederich  Hengel, 
Johannes  Albrecht. 

List  OF  FoRKiGNERS  Imported  Tx  THK  Ship  Naxcy.  Capt. 
John  Ewing,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Sept.  27,  1752. 

JacoV)  Schweiler, 
.Jonas  Bastian, 
Carl  Fr.  Siebert, 
David  Xander, 
Konradt  Weiss, 
Georg  Wenig, 
Friederich  Baisch, 
Christoph  Breisser, 
Michael  Eyroh, 
Georg  Grass, 
.Joseph  Bernhart, 
Hans  Kintz, 

Jacob  Schmidt, 
Georg  Hanher, 
Philip  Jacob  Wunder, 
Johann  Michael  Hauss, 
Andreas  Bastian, 
Matheis  Deibel, 
Jacob  Baisli, 
Johannes  Butz, 
Joseph  Stiindel, 
Jacob  Dietrich, 
Joseph  Bernhart,  jr., 
Johannes  Shwitzer, 



Jacob  Zinchffer, 

Jaque  Molann, 

Balthas  Bauinin, 

Israel  Eberliu, 

Valentin  Hagner. 

Martin  Fromni, 

Henrich  Schlachter, 

Paul  Waag, 

Samuel  Miisse, 

Johan  Friederich  Danninger, 

Hans  Stass. 

Joh.  Philip  Bietrighoffer, 

Joh.  Gfeorg  Friederich  Bayer, 

Jacob  Bauerschniiedt, 

Georg  Friederich  Jauss, 

Johann  Andreas  Roth, 

Jacob  Arnibriister, 

Jacob  Stiitzmann, 

Christian  Haniberg, 

Hans  Georg  Kautz, 

Frantz  Saltznian, 

Johan  Martin  Doser, 

Jos.  .facob  Ernst, 

Hans  Georg  Heinlopel, 

Casper  Underweg, 

Joh.  Martin  Riidelmayer, 

Georg  Friederich  Schwartz, 

Hans  Paul  Henrich, 

Johannes  Griess, 

Jaque  Peirot, 
Michael  Doser, 
Cliristoiih  Euibich, 
Philip  Soller, 
Ludwig  Erich, 
Andreas  Jiiger, 
Christoph  Mast, 
Rudolph  Klaar, 
Philip  Mall. 
Jacob  Mussgenug, 
Jacob  Kautz,  jr. , 
Adam  Friederich  Weiss, 
Jacob  Bauerschmied.  jr., 
Cliristoph  Rothbaust, 
Johann  Friederich  Uhlandt, 
Georg  Michael  Spatz, 
Johaun  Ludwig  Seller, 
Johannes  Herrmann. 
Hans  Jacob  Lertch, 
Peter  Haldeman, 
Christian  Miihlheim, 
Hans  Jacob  Neuferdt, 
Georg  Balthas  Ernst, 
Johann  Marx  Klopfer, 
Herman  Matsh, 
Hans  Georg  Krebs, 
Johann  Georg  Brauu, 
Hans  Michel  Weller. 
Ludwig  Thuringer, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Neptune,  Capt. 
John  Mason,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes,  Eng- 
land.    Qualified  Oct.  4,  1752. 

Adam  Hartman, 
Christophel  Feichtner, 
Johann  Ludwig  Leib, 
Hans  Michael  Dock, 
Nickel  Nahlich, 
Georg  Mewes, 
Johannes  Bernhart, 
Georg  AVerner, 

Valentin  Litman, 
Nicolas  Barron, 
Hans  Michel  Gutknecht, 
Hans  Georg  Hartman, 
Henry  Henle, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Stephan  Nicklaus, 
Michael  Hoch, 



Stoffel  Hnssung, 
Daniel  Conrail, 
Joliauucs  Coiii-ad, 
Paul  Hollniaiin, 
Adam  Beiner, 
Micliael  Biiseh, 
Weudel  Bis.sel, 
Balthasar  Schwartz, 
Tlieobald  Schwartz, 
Geor<je  Meyer. 
Thomas  Straub, 
Johannes  Kress, 
Caspar  Kress, 
Hans  Adam  Weber, 
Johau  Michael  Heinecke, 
Nicklaus  Schweyer, 
Johanu  Andreas  Gross, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Andreas  Dormyer, 
Peter  Schneider, 
Samuel  Schnltz, 
Philip  AVentzel, 
Mattheis  Haller, 
Johannes  SchiifFer, 
Johannes  Nicolas, 
Christian  Bauer, 
Johannes  Zippfle, 
Johannes  Arries, 
Isickolas  Schall, 
Conrad  Ru^ch, 
Simon  Schmitt, 
Johannes  Fehle, 
Johan  Jacob  AVolfF, 
.Johan  Valtin  AValter, 
J.  Christian  Bohneblutt, 
Hans  Georg  Kurtz, 
.Johan  H enrich  Noel, 
Georg  Friederich  Kiinig, 
Christian  Rohrbacher, 
Johann  Georg  Werner, 
Joh.   Signnind  Hagelgans, 
Johann  Michel  Harfer, 
Wilhelm  Trautmann, 
Hans  Georg  Schwartz, 
Michael  Hutzner, 
Dewalt  Witterspohn, 

Daniel  Stattler, 
Anthony  Roth, 
Casper  Fell, 
Jacol)  Schwartz, 
Nicklaus  Hohe, 
Matheus  Andr^e, 
Jacob  Haberstich, 
I'aulus  Seip, 
Philip  Seip, 
Jacob  Kiihn, 
Johannes  Hortig, 
Henry  Kress, 
Johann  .Jacob  Friess, 
Georg  Lautenschliiger, 
Johan  Adam  Heinecke, 
Johann  Christian  Gross, 
Johan  Hen  rich  Niess, 
Joel  Doriin  er, 
Jacob  Dormyer, 
Conrad  Schneider, 
Jjudwig  Kiister, 
Johannes  Geiss, 
Peter  Molsbach, 
Henry  Jjipps, 
Joseph  Bernhart, 
Peter  Uhrich, 
Johannes  Hirni, 
Carl  Kress, 
Andreas  Schall, 
Jacob  Zieget, 
Geoi'ge  Unckel, 
Matheas  Ebener,  i 

Hans  Peter  Hertzog, 
Hubert  Bauragiirteu, 
Hans  Nicolaus  Stephan, 
Joh.  Jacob  Becker, 
Hans  Georg  Kuhn, 
Philip  Jacob  Roth, 
Christian  Hoffmann, 
Philip  r^hristian  Weller, 
Johann  Jacob  Dietrich, 
Johan  Adam  Wild, 
Christian  Haberstich, 
Wilhelm  Stauch. 
Jolian  Adam  Dietz, 
Johan  J'eter  Isheim, 



Nickolas  SchaU,  jr. , 
Jolian  Georg  Weber, 
Johannes  Hoifer,  sen., 
Nicolas  Lotz, 
Johannes  Kaatz, 
Gebhart  BerthoUl, 
Joh.  Henry  Lohniiller, 
Johann  Georg  Jung, 
Joh.  Michael  Schmidt, 
Christ ophel  Keller, 
Johan  Philip  Breuning, 
John  Georg  Nicholas, 
Johann  Jacob  Baiiniann, 
Johann  Casper  Donim, 
.lohan  Heinrich  Heiss, 
Johann  Jacob  Hipge, 
Johan  Philip  Miiller, 
.lohannes  Glas, 
Georg  Meyer, 
Christian  Sterge, 
Michael  Hessler, 
Ulrich  Feitz, 
Peter  Dunter, 

Johan  Georg  Kriegenmeyer, 
Johannes  Lohniiller, 
Johann  Peter  Schmidt, 
Christian  Kautz, 
Johan  Caspar  Kindt, 

Christopher  Blumer, 
Johan  Philip  Grech, 
Johannes   Hoffer,  jr., 
Jacob  Gross, 

Johannes  Conrad  Streuber, 
Georg  Philip  Kiister, 
Johann  Georg  Riibsamen. 
Johannes  Hufnagel, 
Johann  Philip  Haffner, 
Heinrich  SchutTer, 
Johan  Adolph  Gilman, 
Peter  Zungrig, 
Joliann  Michael  May, 
Johannes  Schwatzer, 
Joh.  Adam  Arries, 
Friederich  Zurbiichen, 
Johann  Peter  Miiller, 
Hans  Kuntze, 
Ulrich  Sterge, 
Michael  Spatz, 
Johannes  Blockinger, 
Peter  Shneyder, 
Valentin  Lautensch lager, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Lotz, 
Christoph  Kistling, 
Johan  Daniel  Becker, 
.Johannes  Diehl, 
Johann  Georg  Nonius. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Forest,  Capt. 
Patrick  Ouchterlony,  frOxM  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Oct.  10,  1753. 

Michel  Banner, 
•Johann  Jacob  Wilbi'ant, 
Jacob  Reinardt, 
Peter  Sander, 
Peter  Pfelll, 
Peter  Girstopher, 
I.  Daniel  Junger, 
Johannes  Hirschman, 
.Johannes  Clauss, 
Johannes  Tillman, 

Johannes  Schreiner, 
Johan  Georg  Englehart, 
Balthas  Maute, 
Johannes  Rubemiller, 
.Jacob  Heller, 
Johannes  Wolff, 
Conrad  Feuh, 
Valentin  Braun, 
Johannes  Schell, 
Conrad  .Jung, 



Christoph  (rerliardt, 
Johannes  Ladeiuacher, 
Henry  Kihlbach, 
Caspar  Hul)ert, 
Hans  Erling, 
Michael  Englehart, 
Mattlieis  ]\IiJler, 
Johannes  Huss, 
Wilhelm  Kveutz, 
Johann  Georg  Hiinner, 
Johan  Friederieli  Gass, 
Johann  J'hihp  Weller, 
Hans  Martin  Keiser, 
Joliann  Georg  Oltenwaldt 
Joliaini  Dietrich  Riess, 
Daniel  Leiht, 
Joh.  Jacob  Lerch, 
John  Henry  Schroin, 
Emanuel  Heintz, 
Christoph  StafTel, 
Johan  Antonius  Henner, 
Johan  Peter  Schonfelter,  Jr.. 
.Johann  Caspar  Fitting, 
Friederich  Jacob  Kuntz, 
Johan  Carl  Wolff, 
Georg  Martin  Vott, 
Christian  SchneckenVierger, 
Johan  Conrad  Mack, 
Johan  Junger  Jung, 
Johann  Conrad  Fay, 
Joliann  Clirist    Riess, 
Johann  Georg  Bruder, 
Johann  Simon  Schreyer, 
.Tohan  Peter  Steinbach, 
Michael  Bitzer. 
Johannes  Retter, 
Michael  Georges, 
Jean  Christoph  Markel, 
.Tohann  Peter  Archbiss, 
Johann  H  enrich  Beil, 
Lf)rentz  Dolle, 
Matheis  Bader,  sick, 
Conrad  Luntz,  sick. 
Clans  Henrich  Gross,  sick. 

Jacob  iS'otz, 
•fohannes  Helters, 
.Fohaunes  Adam  Sontert, 
Johannes  Schi'oyer, 
Jacob  Dickel, 
Johannes  Hayner, 
.Johannes  Mayer, 
Henrich  Kreut/., 
.Johan  Henrich  HumriclL 
Joh.  Teis  Reichel, 
Johan  Engelriider, 
Georg  Henrich  Gross, 
Johan  Leonard  Harrigner, 
Johan  Michael  Biintzel, 
Hans  Adam  "Werner, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schwartz, 
Johann  Engelschreter, 
Jacob  Tilliger, 
Johan  Jost  Georg, 
Hans  Georg  Bader, 
Johan  Peter  Schonfelter,  ser^ 
Johann  Georg  Hoffmann, 
Johann  Adam  Schissler, 
Johann  Adam  Wolff, 
Johan  Dietrich  Schwartz, 
Hans  Georg  Sulger, 
Johann  Conrad  Mack,  sen., 
J.  Henry  Herman, 
Johann  Peter  Clossmeyer, 
Johann  Henrich  Wiesteir, 
.Tohann  Peter  Jung, 
Johann  .Taeob  Wagner, 
Adam  Leonhart  Schreyer, 
Johann  Peter  Sheffer, 
Mattheis  Bitzer, 
Peter  Grimm, 
Johannes  Adam  Adam, 
Johan  Georg  Beck, 
Johann  Martin  Walter, 
Johannes  Jacob  Donatt, 
Johan  .Jacob  Miller, 
Nicolaus  Ruth,  sick, 
Johannes  Teis,  sick. 
Christian  Freilich,  sick. 



List  of  Foreiqnkrs  Imported  in  the  Snow  Kettey,  The- 
oPHiLus  Barnes,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
FROM  Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Oct.  16,  1752. 

Friederich  Jacquart, 
Wilhebn  Lenhardt. 
Philip  Bideljunjj, 
Joseph  Mey, 
Leonhart  Seuffert, 
Johannes  Henn, 
Henrich  Miller, 
Johan  Bhith, 
Philip  Albrecht, 
Andreas  Mack, 
Johan  Joachim  Tolcker, 
Johann  Georg   Hertranft, 
Johan  Jacob  Decker, 
Johann  Jacob  Miiller, 
Philip  Jacob  Mack, 
Joh.  Daniel  Weisenberger, 
Conrath  Thomas  Ijied, 
Georg  Michael  Egert, 
Johan  Jacob  Heintz, 
Christoph  Siiss, 
Jacob  Hoen, 
Jacob  Welde, 
Henrich  Weidner, 
Michael  Baker^ 
Johann  Daniel  Miitschler, 
Johan  Conrad  Ruth, 
Johan  Christophel  Volck, 
Johann  Jacob  Neumeyer. 
Johan  Wilhelm  Strempel, 
Nickolas  Salladin, 
Henry  Hess, 
Jacob  Hey], 
Georg  Welde, 
Peter  Konig. 
Johannes  Kallenberger, 
Jacob  Sinister, 
Heinrich  Schenckel, 

David  Welsch, 
Christian  Gloss, 
Daniel  Klein, 
Johannes  Gachon. 
Georg  Schneyder, 
Andreas  Heck, 
Christian  Wentz.  ^ 

Philip  Scheffer, 
Caspar  Bauer, 
Christian  Sand, 
Johan  George  Frey, 
Johan  Michael  Lied, 
Johann  Peter  Holl, 
Johann  Heinrich  Heyi, 
Johann  Tobias  Eberle, 
Georg  Philip  Lied, 
Philip  Carl  Schenckel, 
Georg  Michael  Hain,     ' 
Georg  Brauss, 
Joseph  Weber, 
Georg  Welsch, 
Martin  Griin. 
Johan  Dieter  Marckbach, 
Johan  Conrad  Oestriech, 
Johan  Christian  Burg, 
Johann  Peter  Niedenthal, 
Johann  Philip  Schneider, 
Jonas  Ruderluft. 
Friederich  Miiller, 
Georg  Gass, 
Henry  Sees, 
Nicklaus  Konig,    ' 
Abraham  Sontag, 
Hans  Georg  Brenner, 
Philipp  Schenckel, 
Balthaser  Kunig. 
John  Dewalt, 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Duke  ok  Wir- 

TERDAM, LAST  FROM  COWES.       QUALIFIED  OCT.   20,  1752. 

Jacol)  (Tilth, 

Georf^  7Ae'r^]er, 

Michael   Meiig. 

Johannes  Kleitz, 

Tobias  Taub, 

Tobias  Mick, 

Matheis  Bruder, 

Baltliasar  Lotz, 

Friederich  Stuhr, 

Iniuianuel  Fred.  Weckerlin, 

Antliony  Katterer, 

Johann  Ludwij^  UV)er, 

Johann  Geor*^  Fissler, 

Hans  Jacol)  Kelhier, 

Johann  Lausch, 

Johan  Simon  Vogler, 

Jacob  Michel  Hel, 

Johannes  Seitz, 

Johannes  Fachmeyer, 

Johann  Jacob  Bauman, 

Johannes  Miller, 

Jacob  Bauman, 

Andreas  Gering, 

Joel  Waltz, 

Friederich  Mag, 

Peter  Haller, 

Jacob  Schuler, 

Martin  Haug, 

Jacob  Heitter, 

Johannes  Braun,  jr. , 

A  ugustin  Stahl. 

Christian  Hebling. 

Johannes  Het/el, 

Hans  Henninger, 

Christian  Adrian, 

Matheus  Stahl, 

Johannes  Lemle, 

Jacob  Wessener, 

Johann  IMichael  Gutli, 

Samuel  Bahner. 

Conrad  Feuerbohner, 

Michael  Stuhr, 

Jacob  Bosch, 

Christian  Ziirn, 

Mathiius  Hibler, 

Johannes  Blickle, 

Christian  Lutz, 

Johannes  Wehing, 

Jacob  Schaibler, 

Friederich  Kilguss, 
Johannes  Schwartzwulder, 

Johannes  Decider, 
Johann  Michael  Fissler, 

lians  Georg  Kellner, 

Sebastian  Wegner, 
Johann  Conrad  Hesser, 
Johannes    Schwartz, 

Hans  Georg  Heitzman, 
Michael  Hauer, 
Michael  Gunter, 
Johann  Georg  Ott, 
Michael  Bach, 
Christian  Braiin, 
Matheis  Bruchli, 
Georg  Habei', 
Michael  Herr, 
Jacob  Hewass, 
Jacob  AVein. 
Joseph  Lang, 
Johannes  Braun, 
Friederich  Schmidt, 
Johannes  vVigold, 
Georg  Haffner, 
Matheis  Zager, 
Heinrieh  Schwab, 
Friederich  Dehan, 
Michael  Fohme, 
Michael  Lemle, 
IMattheus  Lang, 
Johan  Georg  Guth, 
Johan  Martin  Beth, 
Jacob  Bernhart  Schwab, 



Johann  Friederich  fxross, 
Martin  Lang, 
Jacob  I-anck, 
Jacob  Griindner, 
Mattheis  Wessener, 
Jacob  Braun, 
Mich.  Matlieis, 
Jacob  Bub, 
Mattheis  Van, 
EHas  Finslainier, 
Michael  Lick, 
Hans  Michael  Schatz, 
Hans  Martin  Raible, 
Christian  Ziegler, 
Johannes  Lochmeier, 
Johannes  Shutz, 
Joseph  Bontaux, 
Ulrich  Scheerniesser, 
Mattheis  Kirsch, 
Johannes  Leix, 
Hans  Georg  Fritz, 
Anthoni  Burell, 
Johann  Jacob  Masser, 
Hans  Georg  Gottle, 
Johan  Adam  Schwab, 
Georg  Berger, 
Johan  Jacob  Keyser,  sick, 
Hans  Jacob  Van,  sick. 

Jacob  Mass, 
Jacob  Stehle, 
Jacolj  Morhardt, 
Jacob  Walter, 
Jacob  Beyerle, 
Jacob  Braun.  sen., 
Cliristian  Haas, 
Christian  Stahl, 
Hans  Geo.  Finkbein, 
Johannes  Zinsser, 
Johannes  Lick, 
Johannes  Raible, 
Christian  Getz, 
Johannes  Kugler, 
Albrecht  Walter, 
Christian  Koch, 
Friederich  Schmeltzle, 
Christian  Singer, 
Friederich  Gesser, 
Hans  Martin  Lang. 
Andreas  Westnian, 
Johannes  Fleit, 
Hans  Georg  Haak, 
Chiistoph  Fried.  Biller, 
Johan  Georg  Hausser, 
Gottlieb  Zink, 
Michael  Frick,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Bawlky,  Capt. 
John  Grove,  from  Rotterdam,  l,ast  from  Plymouth. 
Qualified  Oct.  2R,  1752. 

Adam  Ship, 
Heinrich  Klein, 
Christoph  Reyter, 
.Johannes  Heil, 
Peter  Schwab, 
Hans  Bauss, 
Jacob  Hottenstein, 
Moritz  Schadig, 
Daniel  Hatzel, 

Adam  Tesch, 
Jacob  Wann, 
Christian  Metzger, 
Georg  Heil, 
Johannes  Bauss, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Johannes  Schmit, 
Jacob  Frey, 
Gottfried  Schutz, 



Andreas  Haag. 
Andreas  Jaiich, 
Henry  Haiith, 
Andreas  \'ey, 
Kilian  Bauer, 
.Joli.  Wilhelm  Enfjesbach, 
John  (jreorg  Wende], 
jVicholas  Miller, 
Johannes  M tiller, 
Hans  Peter  Lein, 
Johannes  Thurui, 
J  oh.  Philip  Titshler, 
Wilhehn  Gfottlieb  Jaysser, 
Jolitinnes  Lincker, 
Leoidiart  Spang, 
Johan  Nicklas  Ott, 
Job.  Nicklas  Stans, 
Hans  Greorg  Stiedinger, 
Lorentz  Haushalter, 
Johannes  Seitz, 
Matheis  Miller, 
Matheis  Kron, 
Friederich  Kern, 
Philip  Fisher, 
Conrad  Gohl, 
Andreas  Perger, 
Valentin  Stall, 
Georg  Hartman, 
Christian  Hngel, 
Johanne.'-.  Roth, 
Stephanas  Lotz, 
Ulrich  Miller, 
John  Georg  Dager, 
Philip  Henrich  Gross, 
Joh.  Michael  Breiner, 
L^^oidiart  Baunian, 
<Teorg  Wilhelm  Di'inges, 
Johan  Friederich  Wiihel, 
Johannes  Graushar, 
Ellas  Gohl. 
Uavid  Jung, 
Michael  Wilhelm, 
Carl  Bent/., 
Philip  Caryess, 
Johannes  Hebeisen, 
24— Vol.  XV^II. 

Michael  Riittger, 
Martin  Jiiger, 
Peter  Simmon. 
Michael  Kirt, 
Baltzer  Simon, 
Johan  Adam  Zey. 
Johann  Georg  Gros>. 
Jolicin  Henrich  Cress, 
Nickolas  Griiffenstein, 
Johann  Simmon, 
Daniel  Machleit, 
Johannes  Glassier, 
Johan  Georg  Strobig, 
Joh.  Geoi-g  Eberle, 
F.  Peter  Bauer, 
Andreas  Frischkorn, 
Jacob  Gumeringer, 
Joh.  Philip  Fretz, 
Joseph  Burgstahler, 
Michael  Lang, 
Jacol)  AVeil, 
Conradt  Endres, 
Elias  Most, 
Daniel  Schmidt, 
Hans  Merkel  Schmitt, 
Conrad  Ahter, 
Henrich  Simon. 
Andreas  Hohl, 
Nicolaus  Bohm, 
Justus  Derbert, 
Johannes  Lotz, 
Georg  Braun, 
Henricli  Peter  Tesch, 
Joh.   Friederich  Gackly, 
Melchior  Katteman, 
Hans  Georg  Schmitt. 
Conradt  Donges, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Graushar, 
Bernhart  Mauer, 
Johannes  Stocker, 
Chi-istiau  Kress, 
Andreas  Brauss. 
Johannes  Stehr, 
Gottfried  AVeyland. 
( 'hristian  Herrmann. 



Johannes  jNIiiller, 
Cliristoph  Haucker, 
Han's  (ieorg  Wiiehter, 
Greorg  Henrich  Bentz, 
Johann  Georg  Wunderlich, 
Cxeorg  Friedericli  Klein, 
Georg  Eberhart  During, 
Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Johannes  Anneiie, 
Georg  Adam  Kern, 
J.    Henry  Staal)ach, 
Johan  Tobias  Kenner, 
Georg  Christoph  Steinert, 

Joliannes  Bohu, 
Hans  Georg  Mock, 
Johan  Gottlieb  Friilich, 
Johan  .lacob  Schuppert, 
Hans  Georg  Gardner, 
David  Hottenstein. 
Lenhard  Schweitzer, 
Joh.  Nickolas  Bender, 
Jacob  Suhzberger, 
Johan  Henrich  Gattung, 
Theobaldus  Eberhardt, 
Joh.  Conrad  Triinckler, 
Jost  Henrich  Miiller. 

List  of  Forkignkrs  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Phcenix,  John 
Spuhribr,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Nov.  2,  17;)3. 

Bastian  Kender, 
Georg  Hore, 
Peter  Ahleniann, 
Conrad  Ross, 
Tiioinas  Geissler, 
J.  Jacob  Scliellbacker, 
Jacobus  Sautranck, 
Johann  Jacob  Wetzel, 
Hans  Michael  Fries, 
^latheis  AVilhehn  Heming, 
Johann  Wolf  Wissler, 
Jolian  Henrich  Katzbach, 
Johan  Wilhelni  Backer, 
Johannes  Stehlert, 
Leonhai't  Wassnni, 
Frant!;  Hems, 
Abraham  Eduman, 
Johannes  Schmid, 
Johan  Ludwig  Peister, 
,Tolu«nnes  Potzelnian, 
J.  Jacolj  Gotzelman, 
Joh.   Melchioi'  Hiirner, 
Jacob  OberdorlT, 
Hans  Thomas  Dihm, 

Lorentz  Michel, 
Johannes  Riess, 
Heinrich  Becker, 
Joachim  Strober, 
Philip  Herdel, 
J.  Henry  Scholtes, 
Johann  Henrich  Schleich, 
Joh.  Baltzer  Kleinschmidt, 
Philip  Jacol)  Hore, 
Johann  Michel  Wissler, 
Johann  Caspar  Wissler. 
Joh.  Philip  Schelbacher, 
Johan  Micliael  Burger, 
Johannes  Wassum, 
Christoph  Kuhn, 
Philip  Kurtz, 
Johannes  Schmid, 
Andreas  Bauer, 
Johan  Christian  Heydt. 
Hans  Michel  Itzel, 
Johan  Adam  Einner, 
Joh.  Jacob  Hiirner, 
Veit  Fetterling, 
Hans  Caspar  Haag, 



Ludwii;  Haltt'incvfr, 
Hiius  Melcliioi-  tStieflel, 
Job.  Georg  Sauselin, 
Joliau  Friederieli  Herj^er, 
Job.  Heuric'li  Kinsel, 
Hiiiis  Peter  Afeyer, 
Joliiiu  Michael  Schrom, 
(reorg'e  Adam  Frederick, 
Joliann  Peter  Weiclieil, 
Cliristiau  Tobias  Heiisel, 
Johan  Friederieli  V'olck, 
Hans  Georj^  Hand, 
Hans  Michael  Beck, 
Georg  Hopengartner, 
Anilreas  Altberger, 
Michel  Bauer, 
(jeorg  Htirner, 
Peter  Dihin, 
J'eter  Drach, 
Friederieli  Hirsch, 
Johaiiu  Bausch, 
Adam  Rochia, 
^richael  Leiberich, 
Jacol)  Gil)ler, 
Johannes  Hiirner, 
Lorentz  Kuntz, 
Peter  Ross, 
Georj^  Midler, 
Jacob  Wolff. 
Andreas  Biittel, 
Joh.  Georg  Hob, 
Johan  Conrail  Wassuin. 
Hans  Cliristojih  Schlesman, 
Johan  Eissendal, 
Nicolaus  Weigant, 
Philip  8iem, 
Johannes  Kraus, 
Johannes  Scholtes, 
Johannes  Enders, 
lacob  Darner, 
Valtin  Ehrhart, 
Christopli  Waltz, 
Andreas  Klein, 
Carl  Sclimid. 
Hans  Georg  Sell, 
Jacf)b  Kriichnian, 

David  Haltemeyer, 
Hans  Adam  Stielfel. 
.Tolian  Georg  Wimmer, 
Job.  Phil.  David  Spindler, 
Job    Conrad  Dnntz, 
.Johan  (Jaspar  AVisner, 
John  Christopli  Weydner, 
Johan  Nicklas  Klein, 
Johan  (Jhristoi)h  Biitner, 
Hans  (ieorg  Augenschweller, 
Joh.  Henrich  Scblessman, 
Johan  Michael  Lntz, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Ott, 
Conrad  Kiiiel, 
Stephan  Bauer, 
Hans  Seuberr, 
Andreas  Senbert, 
Jacob  Bauer, 
Veit  Garrecht, 
Michael  Hoffman, 
Conrad  Kurtz, 
George  Bier, 
Jeremias  CEsterlein, 
Nicklaus  Strauss, 
Jjudwig  August, 
Andreas  Dressier, 
Andreas  Hnrauff, 
Johannes  Fintzel, 
Andreas  Eyrich, 
Hans  Fertig, 
Hans  Philip  Dosch, 
Job.   Georg  Wassuni, 
Michel  Schi'inlein, 
Christopli  Schande, 
Michael  Hundt, 
Sebastian  Leyl)olt, 
Nicklas  Ingeliioff, 
Johannes  Weisgerber, 
Joliaiuies  IMiller, 
<  'hristian  Schiiffer, 
Johann  Schiiffer, 
Barthel  Scliotzlie, 
Simon  Balmer, 
Hans  Gerliricb, 
Andreas  Sell, 
Jacob  Will, 



ToV^ias  Ketter, 

Johannes  Hotman, 

Johann  Heffner, 

Lorentz  Rohrig, 

Peter  Miiller,  sen., 

Hans  Greorg  Fintzel, 

Johann  Petei'  Reeg, 

Adam  Hems, 

Joh.  Michel  Biider, 

Andreas  Lein. 

Hans  Peter  Steur, 

Hans  Michel  Wenner, 

Johan  Melchior  Feder, 

Caspar  Beuschlein 

Baltzer  Lautz, 

Hans  Peter  Schiiflfer, 

Johan  Henrich  Munch. 

John  Ludwig  Bender, 

Christoph  Kuhlemann, 

Johan  Martin  Noll, 

Johan  Adam  Herdel, 

Lorentz  Joseph  Dennschertz, 

Joh.  Chi'istoph  Schaber, 

Joh.  Stephaniis  Horn, 

Hans  Georg  Biittel, 

Joh.  Ferdinandus  Leiss, 

Heinrich  Fleischer, 

Joh.   Peter  Miiller, 

Johan  Conrad  StOdter, 

Johan  Heyser,  sick, 

Johan  Henrich  Scholtes,  sick, 

Joh.  Henrich  Koch,  sick. 

Heni'ich  Korn,  sick, 

Michael  Dinkel,  sick, 

Joseph  Sommer, 

Lorentz  HelTner, 

Johannes  Honnig, 

Peter  Fleischer, 

Hans  Georg  Lang, 

Hans  Martin  Franck, 

Nicklas  Winterhalter, 

Johan  Sewach,  ' 

Thaddeus  Dohler, 

Johan  Peter  Schmidt, 

Hans  Franck, 

Carl  Ludwig  Miickellnirg, 

Paulas  Jacol)  Wolff, 

Hans  Henry  Forster, 

Hans  Adam  Schiiffer, 

August  Henrich  Schriiter, 

Hans  Adam  Hoh, 

Johan  Georg  Strauss, 

Joh.  Conrad  Biitefisch, 

Carl  Fried.    Dan.  Christian, 

Johan  Georg  Kallmeyei-, 

Hans  Georg  Engelberr, 

Joh.  Niclaus  Schlossman, 

Johan  Philip  Buch, 

Hans. Ant onius  Seger, 

Johann  Heinrich  Muth, 

Christian   Damer, 

Hermanns  Cronenberg, 

Andreas  Drach,  sick, 

Johann  Leonhart  Wieder,  sicrk, 

Henrich  Bed,  sick, 

Michael  Kugel.  sick, 

John  Leonhard  Karg,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Queen  of  Den- 
mark, Geo.  Parish.  Commander,  from  Hamburg,  i-ast 
FROM  CowEs,  England      Qualified  Nov.  3,  1753. 

P.  Wortman,  •  Christopher  Pabst, 

Zacharias  Bach,  A.   Dietrich  Schell, 

Johan  Zwiebler,  Andreas  Schott, 



Jacob  Schott. 

Laiuhrecht  Philii), 

Ma^nii.s  tSchriider, 

Jolmiiu  Si'Iilnter, 

J.  Jacob  Lautzen, 

Joli.  Oliuscliild, 

Joli.   Atlam  (fiirtiit'r, 

H.   Freil  Lannin, 

Frantz  Scliiitz, 

Frie;leric-li  Sclireyer, 

LTeorj;  Thomas  Giinpel, 

pasper  Friederich  Liatz,     . 

J.    Cliristiau  Morenroth, 

(xeoi-i^  (xottlieb  Paff, 

(t.   Heiiric'h  Herold, 

J.  ^Nicolas  Triinckuer, 

Joacliim  Henrich  Petloff, 

Xieliolas  J^auiel  Noss, 

Joh.  Casper  Fried.  (TriiininetT, 

Christoph  Ludvvif?  Crriiiiiinet, 

<T,^or}^  Christoph  (iiinder, 

H.   Zacharias  Hagelberg, 

J.  (.Christian  ^esseh-oth, 

Andreas  Ulsch, 

ffeorg  Cxartner, 

Michael  Stahl, 

Johan  Kreger, 

Cliristopli  Meyer, 

Frnst  Horn:iffer, 

J.  Henry  Shultz, 

Joh.  Ernst  Hein, 

Henrich  Andreas  Nagel, 

Joh.  Henrieh  Sackman, 

Joh.   Sebastian  Voght, 

Christ.  Dietrich  Meyer, 

Henrieh  Caspar  Putscher, 

Joli.   Valentin  Claudius, 

Henrieh  Nothdurst, 

Casper  Gal).   Miller, 

T'hrist.  Lndwig  Mueneh, 

Christian  Henrieh, 

Friederich  Zimnier, 

Johannes  Biber, 

J.  Andreas  Horniiffer, 

Jf)h.  Gottfried  Zassiger, 

Hen.  Rudolph  Stoltze, 

P.   Maiheis  Ebel, 
Johan  Egen, 
l^eler  Hruns, 
Simon  Marcus, 
Peter  Wlese, 
H.  Mich.   Menneke. 

F.  Christo  Tor.son, 
Zacharias  Straubel, 
Johan  Meyer, 

Henrieh  Purehard  Gabriel, 
Georg  Hastiau  Fischer, 
Hans  Zacharias  Longer, 

G.  Leopold  Heinig, 
.Tohan  C^aspei-  Oberman, 
Julian  Adam  Stoltze, 

J.   I  >aniel  Metzler, 
Hans  Casper  Hatram, 
Johan  Henrieh  Baner, 
L.  Ludwig  Winekler, 
M.  Friederich  Kippenberg, 
Georg  Christoi)h  Miick, 
Georg  Michael  Ham.scher, 
Georg  Christian  Klem, 
Conra<l  Schiiffer, 
Christian  Nagel, 
Hen.   Van  Hoven, 
Joachim  Hairloff, 
J.  Fried.  Lutzer, 
f'hrist.    Wilgenson, 
Henrieh  Magnus, 
Christian  Henrieh  Habicht, 
Hen.  Jacob  Struckmeyer, 
.Joachim  Andreas  Briiutigam, 
.Toll.  .Juaehim  Gijrtler, 
Johan  Georg  GiJlliell, 
J.  ^lartin  Riittger, 
Johan  Carl  Menneke, 
J.  Christo  Schletz, 
Joh.   Geo.  Biirfuss, 
Carl  Fred.  Grobler, 
Fried.  Solomon  Weis, 
Pietrieh  Volkman, 
Joh.  Henrieh  Sanger, 
Pierrichvon  Bieren, 
Johan  Daniel  Eekel)ert, 
Joh.  Friederich  Griissler, 



Job.  Bartho  Mulilhahii, 
Job.  Greorg  Reinbard, 
Joban  Cbri^topb  Winter, 
J.  Thomas  Kubu,  sick, 
Johannes  Minck,  sick, 
H.  Christian  Willfeld,  sick, 

Casper  Henricli  Griinm, 
Jolian  Zacbarias  Jalm, 
Job.  Henrich  Hefthar,  sick, 
Gottfried  Wilbeha  Allbeim,  sick, 
Jolian  Gustavus  Kuntz,  sick, 
Georg  Cliristian  Mayer,  sick, 

Jolian  Friedericb  Giinter,  sick,  Johan  Ernst  Holland,  sick. 

Georg  Friedericb  Tescli,  siei'C, 
Henrich  Rudolph  Nagel,  sick, 
David  Mursen,  sick. 
Job.  Ernst  Simon,  sick. 

Joban  Henricb  Klem,  sick, 
Cliristopb  Mayer,  sick, 
Gottfried  Reinknecht,  sick, 
J.  Friedericb  Bergban,  sick. 

Friedericb  Albrecht  Scheller,  sick,  Joli.  Henricb  Weiidel,  sick, 
David  Henricb  Heyer,  sick,         JS^icklans  Ruel,  sick, 
A.  Matheis  Molin,  sick,  Hans  Georg  Brennhan,  sick. 

Joban  Lndwig  Stotterman,  sick,  Johan  Adolpb  Flock,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Snow  Louisa,  Capt, 
John  PiTTCAiRNE,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  ('owes, 
England.     Qualified  Nov.  8,  1753. 

Michael  Deeg. 

Cliristopb  Kurt/, 

Ulrich  Meyer, 

Johannes  Meyer, 

Casper  Krieger, 

Cliristian  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Hoffmann, 

Hans  Georg  Hausser, 

Joban  Herman  Rosenblatt 

Joban  Christian  Friess, 

Johan  Michael  Geiger, 

Georg  Michael  Schmidt, 

G.  Friedericb  Hottenbacber, 

Wilhelm  Fortenbacher, 

Leonbardt  Scbindler, 

Job.   Pliilip  Sell  wart  liiiider 

Joliann  Georg  Meyei-, 

Hans  Michael  Schmidt, 

Conrad  Scbindler, 

Frantz  Schmid, 

Balthaser  SchoU, 

Georg  Gobel, 

Matbeus  Kester, 
Jacob  Holder, 
Johannes  Seller, 
Johannes  Ullman, 
Adam  Pabst, 
David  Mellinger, 
Frantz  Carl  von  ( -anipe, 
Hans  Georg  Reiscli, 
Johan  Ijeonbardt  Bopii, 
Jobann  Martin  Holder, 
Hans  Georg  Lantzer, 
Albrecht  Miiblfelder, 
Hans  Adam  Stabl, 
Johannes  Geiler, 
Hans  Georg  Kautz, 
John  Pbilip  Welsh,' 
Georg  l^bilipp  Bock, 
Johan  Philip  Odenwald, 
Johannes  Romig, 
Konrad  Pfau, 
Peter  Diem, 
Cliristopb  Giilberth,  . 



Joseph  Beyrer, 
Cliristiau  Kast, 
Jacob  Haa^, 
Johaune.s  Ooss, 
Georg  Karr, 
Hans  Michael  Carl, 
Johann  Peter  Scholl, 
Georg  Haltzer  Schelling, 
Johanu  Jacob  Rather, 
Johau  Georg  Laubinger, 
Jae.  Halthasar  vou  Caiiipe, 
Johann  Micluiel  I'ath, 
Johan  Jacob  StoU, 
Simon  Leitel  Huber, 

Tobias  Stahl, 
Johaune.s  Schneider, 
Johannes  liailer, 
Jacob  Krieg, 
Friederich  Schrailer, 
Johan  Georg  Koch, 
Joliunu  Geoi'g  Sturm, 
Johann  Georg  Gilbert, 
Johann  Jost  Bauer, 
Andreas  Gilbert, 
Georg  Michael  Miiller, 
Johan  Martin  Haussleiter, 
Georg  Christian  Hiiseer. 

List  of  Foreigxers  Imported  ix  the  Shii'  Phcknix, 
Capt.  Rki^bex  Hoxor,  from  Rotterdam,  i^ast  from 
CowES,  ExwLAXD.     QrALiFiEi>  2sov.  2'3,  ITV.'. 

Josias  Sehert/.er, 
Jacob  Hiiwit, 
Michael  Burgen, 
Friederich  Steiler, 

Peter  Antel, 

Johann  Klos, 

Rudolph  Hottnian, 

Ulrich  ^sicholai, 

Leonhart  Steiler, 

Lambert  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Roth, 

Jacob  Scheurich, 

Ludwig  Henrich  Nnssbiickel, 

Johan  Nicklas  Althol, 

Georg  Christoph  Baunuui, 

Johann  Henrich  Biirser, 

Han  Georg  Rohrer, 

Jacob  Friederich  Scluu  ider, 

Frantz  Joseph  Pfeifer, 

Jacob  Zaller, 

David  Jochnal, 

I'eter  Gilliou, 

Henry  Straub, 

^latheis  KauTh, 

Peter  Jung. 

Simon  Schneider 

Jacol)  Liiper, 

David  Zimnn-ruiaini, 
Johannes  Mohr, 
Valentin  Scheurich, 
Christoi)h  Dosch, 
Johan  Adam  Lotz, 
Johann  Peter  Suter, 
Johan  Adam  Geiger, 
Jean  Jaques  le  Roy, 
Johan  Henrich  Becker, 
Johan  J'hilip  Albert, 
Rudolph   Egy, 
Johann  Wurt/, 
H.  Wetzel, 
Daniel  Lav.all, 
Jac(jb  Guyer, 
Johannes  DielT, 
Wilhelm  Albert, 
Christoph  Henrich. 
Johannes  Haltermeyer, 



Bernharcl  Zendineyer, 
Johann  Greorg  Stuber, 
Johann  Adain  Speck, 
Johann  Georg  Gingenhan, 
Johann  Peter  Lehniann, 
Johan  Peter  Conver. 
Joliann  Jacob  Schelhng, 
Hans  Georg  Zanger, 
Joliann  Henrich  Schat, 
Johan  Matheis  Scheurich, 
Hans  Michael  Adehnan, 
Johannes  Frolich, 
Hans  Shneyder,  jr.. 
Christian  Kuhbach, 
Abraham  Peter, 
Paul  Walleisen, 
Johannes  Statler, 
Angustin  Fieng, 
Henrich  Lolleninger, 
Johannes  Fischer, 
Jacob  Grauss, 
Rudolph  Dijbele, 
Henry  Gesler, 
Ulrich  Ott, 
Hans  Georg  Meyle, 
Johan  Peter  Pfannkuchen, 
Michael  Ulhnann, 
Georg  Nebeling, 
John  David  Henknl, 
Hans  Martin  Scheurich, 
Johan  Peter  Frenibes, 
Johan  Rudolph  Ferrer, 
George  Henry  Kocli, 
Johan  Michael  Christian, 
Hans  Jacob  Back, 
J^auiel  Kuhn, 
Frant/  May, 
Anthon  Weinbrener, 
Wolfgang  Weinbrener, 
Johann  Philip  Straub, 
Johann  Rudolph  Kraft, 
Jacob  Froelich,  — 

Andreas  Bollinger, 
Geo.  May, 

Hans  Georg  Backofen.  sick, 
Johan  Ludwig  Mickel,  sick, 

Joh.  Jacob  Winter, 
Guiliani  Sibrik, 
Johann  Georg  Jock, 
Hans  Georg  Dosch, 
Jean  Michel  Lanblene. 
Hans  Michael  Glaus, 
Johan  Georg  Merckling, 
Johann  Michel  Ihl, 
Johann  Thomas  Beck, 
Johan  Martin  Dostman, 
Ludwig  Weiner, 
Philip  Jacobi, 
Jean  Botesman, 
Daniel  Giigenhahn, 
Michael  Peter, 
Jacob  Oglie. 
Bartholonieus  Hoffman, 
Abraham  Fritz  Ott, 
Andreas  Roth. 
Jacol)  Gartman. 
Christian  Roth, 
Johann  Schadt, 
Joseph  Imfeld, 
Johann  Burckhard, 
Mich.   Frie<lei"ich  Buch, 
Johan  Adam  Klein, 
Hans  Michael  Hoff, 
Johan  Ludwig  Lawall, 
Hans  Michael  Lutz, 
Adam  Le  Roy, 
Johann  Georg  Roth, 
Georg  Henrich  Kop, 
Georg  Bernhart  Kapp, 
Martin  Johann  Bauer, 
Johan  Melchior  Ensler, 
Piere  Guilluinie, 
Kilian  May, 
George  Hoffman, 
Johann  Jacob  Miller, 
Michael  Schiiffer. 
Johan  TheoVjald  Closs, 
^Vinhert  Tschudi, 
Bernhard  Neff, 
Johannes  Lenstche.  jr. ,  sick, 
Thomas  Leyerig,  sick, 
Johann  Dietirch  Eckel,  sick, 



Jacob  Reij^ert,  sick, 
Hans  (jreorjj  Beicht,  sick, 
Abraham  Freilicii,  sick, 
Joliaii  (iottfried  List,  sick. 

Jacob  Uiibele,  sick, 
Georg  Huher,  sick, 
Jacob  Liipfer,  sick, 
Jacob  Scheywisch,  sick. 

List  of   Porkigxeus   Imported    in   the   Two   Brothers, 
Thomas  Arnot,  Mastkr,  from  Rotterdam. 

[This  hst  is  without  date  of  arrival  or  qualification,  but  being 
found  anionj?  the  papers  of  17~)2-8,  it  is  here  placed.] 

Johan  Gerhard  Suyiler, 

Johan  Chrisn.  Snyder, 

.Johan  Chrisn.  H umbel, 

Wilhehii  Grubert, 

Tys  Reffie, 

Herman  Hurler, 

Peiter  Reifenaar, 

Johan  Hen  rich  Wagenaar, 

J'hilip  Leur, 

Johannes  Asseloer, 

Johan  Peter  Miiller, 

Johan  Herman  Heis, 

Hobrick  Leur, 

Christn.    Bemer, 

Christian  Hierkenbeyl, 

Wilhelm  Strikhausen, 

Jost  Schefer, 

Henrich  Hofman, 

Johannes  Smith, 

Teys  Hacker, 

Christn.  Mathias  Gubler, 

Henrich  Jong, 

Peter  Lap, 

Simon  Hueller, 

Ernst  Kraemer, 

Henrich  Wilier, 

Fredrick  Smith, 

Peter  Shumaii, 

L  lid  wig  Sjjies, 

Adam  Smitten, 

ifartin  Grys, 

Mathias  Traen, 

Wyant  Snydei-, 
Johan  Peter  Snyder, 
Jacob  Grubert, 
Johan  Coni-ad  Reffie, 
Henrich  Pi-eius, 
Michael  Reifenaar, 
Hendrick  Wagenaar, 
Pieter  Anioes, 
Johan  Peter  Leur, 
Johan  Jost  Bleiker, 
Jost  Fisser, 
Peter  Hulljus, 
Peter  Lie.s, 
Peter  Bemer, 
Albert  us  Herk, 
Jacob  Kambeck, 
AVilhelm  Peifer, 
Henrich  Fox, 
Adam  Fox. 
Jerrig  Werth, 
Henrich  Kueler, 
Philipus  Souer, 
Petei*  Homerick, 
Philipus  Liest, 
Tonis  Backer, 
Baltzer  Smith, 
Chistn.  Klein, 
Christl.    Hulbues, 
Martin  Smitten. 
"Wilhelm  Maeler, 
Johannes  (rrys, 
Jacobu.-i  Hofman, 



Wilhelm  Koets, 
Arnold  Schiefer, 
Peter  Jong, 
Teys  Baeker, 
Christn.  Badeheinier, 
Peter  Broun, 
Christian  Stels, 
Johan  Tevis, 
Peter  Dick, 
Theis  Dinsman, 
Jacob  Huuier, 
Tlieis  Rueb, 
Michal  Gessel, 
Michael  Dinsman, 
Wilhelm  Smith, 
Peter  Hats. 
Adam  Geiraei', 
Peter  Sein, 
Peter  Gimbel, 
Andreas  Jong, 
Christn.  Baeker, 

Johannes  Bemer, 
Wilhelm  Dieds, 
Adam  Jong, 
Philii)  Baeker, 
Peter  Allen, 
Peter  Haes, 
Jacob  Biarb, 
Jerg  Schultz, 
Bastn.  Bronn, 
Theis  Seier, 
Wilhelm  Helmt, 
Christ  Riieb, 
Arnst  Baeker, 
Philipus  Smith, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Jaeger, 
Christn.  Sneyder, 
Stoffel  Leonard, 
Hendrick  Bemer, 
Wilhelm  Jong, 
Theis  Baeker. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  St.  Michael, 
Thomas  Ellis,  Commander,  from  Hamburg,  last  prom 
Co  WES,  Englajnd.     Qualified  Sept.  8,  1753. 

Joh.  Fried  Deer, 
Christian  Warner, 

John  Henry  Deer, 
Henry  A.  Deer, 
Peter  Knnckel, 
Andreas  Boger, 
Johannes  Rehr, 
Wilhelm  Latink, 
Lorentz  Shiiler, 
J.  Peter  Millberg, 
Michael  Kind, 
Conrad  F^ichler, 
Christian  Aterholt, 
Ehler  Herse, 
Herman  Inbuss, 
Fred.  Henrichs  Barthals, 
Joh.  Josephus  Meinersen, 
John  Henry  Gross, 

Andreas  Shweishelm, 
J.  George  Sachse, 
Friederich  Ranberg, 
Christian  Latink, 
J.  Henry  Krape, 
J.  Christian  Heil, 
Christoph  Wegener, 
Ludwig  Tojiper, 
Johannes  Resch, 
Andreas  Linden. 
Henrich  Meyer, 
.Tohn  Jacol)  Port, 
John  Henry  Keller, 
Johann  Henrich  Ahrens, 




.loll.  Henrich  BillingHsleben, 

J.  Fi'iedfrieli  Fisclier, 

Jolijiu  ]S'ic;klaus  Rehfopp, 

J.  Henr>   Seytiliiij^, 

J.  Andreas  Vogt. 

Conrad  Henry  Sander, 

Johunn  Daniel  Klennii, 

H.  Cliristoph  Gall, 

Job.  Benedictus  Breittenfeldt, 

Johann  Gerliart  Mayer, 

Frantz  Arnt  Kosn, 

J.  Henry  Gutjalir, 

Matlieis  Kirsclier, 

Johan  Friederich  Sachse, 

Chrit^tian  Wili'.ehn  Coll, 

J.  Henry  Messershinit, 

Joliann  Christian  t?ju!hse, 

.1.   ( 'aspar  Latink. 

.r.  l-'rietlericli  A  Her, 

G.  (Jhristoph  Wariiiken, 

Clas  Casten  Kriij^er, 

Hieroniniujs  Eiclielei', 

Job.  Hen.  Eberbart  Hansen, 

Friedericb  Henricb  Stern, 

Hans  Henry  Tete, 

J.  Henry  Ratiker, 

Johann  Kirscher, 

Johann  Erich  Renter, 

John  Henry  Saecbs, 

George  Wilbehn  Hooker. 

l^The  following  "list  of  passengers^^  differing  in  orthograjjhy  from 
the  foregoing  is  also  printed."] 

Heinrich  Christophel  Hartels,    John  Heinrich  Dubin, 

John  Friederich  Dubin, 
Joban  Jacob  Port, 
Johannes  Joseph  lis  Mayners, 
John  Heinrich  Gross, 
Andrew  Scbweishelm. 
John  Heinrich  BiLsingleben, 
-Vndreas  Bleger, 
John  Christian  Sachse, 
Johannes  Kebr, 
Joban  Nicklaiis  Regkop, 
Wilhelin  Lading, 
Heinrich  Seitling, 
Friederich  Teller, 
Cbristophel  Warntber. 
Gonrt  Heinrich  Santher, 
Cast  on  Kriiger, 
Micliael  Kind, 
Christoph  Wegner, 
Coniad  Eichler, 
Christf>I)h  Gall, 
Eberhard  Hansson, 
Benedik  Dues  Breitenfeid, 
Ellers  Friessen, 
Herman  Imbusb, 
Franss  Arnt  Rosse, 

Henricb  Harman  Dubin, 
Christian  Warnex*, 
John  Heinrich  Keller, 
Peter  Kunkel, 
John  Heinrich  Arnst, 
Hanss  Henrich  Messersinith, 
John  Friedericb  Fiscber, 
Johan  George  Sachse, 
Friederich  Rantenberg, 
Joban  Caspar  Lading, 
Christian  Lading, 
Lorence  Scblicter. 
John  Andreas  Vougt, 
Heinrich  Krapp,  - 
Peter  Muh]l)erg, 
John  Christian  Heil, 
Daniel  Keim, 
Hironimus  Eichler, 
Jjudwig  Deberwell. 
Christian  Oderbold, 
Johannes  Roescb, 
Friedericb  Stern. 
Andivas  Lindner, 
Heinrich  Mayer, 
Heinrich  Raertiger, 



Heinrich  Gfrodion, 
Heinrich  Fetter, 
John  Friederich  Sachse, 
Willhelm  Dill, 
Mathes  Kerscher, 

Gerhard  Moger, 
John  Erich  Reither, 
John  Heinric'li  Sachse, 
Johan  Kersclier, 
Geoi'ge  Wilhelm  Hookert. 


RiCHEY,  FROM  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.    Qualified 
Sept.  10,  1758. 

Jac.  Bisliop  Berger, 
Vincentius  Beggari, 
Friederich  Ziirn, 
Stephan  Lay, 
Moses  Bauer, 
Peter  Ueber, 
Friederich  Gruber, 
Bait  ins  Zweig, 
Erliard  Schief, 
Andreas  Frey, 
Friederich  Kast, 
Albreclit  Heckman, 
Micliael  Kuhii,  sen., 
Sebastian  Hoffman, 
Valentin  Korn, 
Lorentz  Hoffert, 
Martin  Hedinger, 
Stephan  Frantz  Volch, 
Johan  Michael  Bauer, 
Johann  Simon  Schmieg, 
Joliann  Matheus  Braun, 
Georg  Heinrich  Alter, 
Johann  All)recht  Fessler,  sen. 
Johann  Andreas  Fessler, 
Johan  Stephan  Riegler, 
Johann  Michael  Krauss, 
Johann  Matheus  Mayer, 
Johan  Philip  Kohleder. 
Johan  Pliilip  Berberich, 
Georg  Friederich  Schweitzer, 
Johan  Georg  Ziegler, 
Johan  Christoph  Nieth, 
Johann  Friederich  Bauer, 

J  oh.  Georg  Rab, 
Johan  Perass. 
Christian  Bchiedt, 
Andreas  Lay, 
Simon  Walther, 
Thomas  Bietz, 
Jacob  Michel, 
Christoph  Zweig, 
Ludwig  Schick, 
Jacob  Wein. 
Hans  Georg  Wilt, 
Georg  Arnold. 
Michael  Kuhn, 
Johannes  Hoffman, 
Martin  Biirger, 
Hans  Waltz, 

Johan  Michael  Groffenstein, 
Georg  Friederich  Volch, 
Georg  Friederich  Braun, 
Johann  Friederich  Freund. 
Johann  Henrich  Hoft'mann, 
Johann  Jacob  Alter, 
Johann  Albreclit  Fessler, 
Georg  Conrad  Braun,  sen., 
Georg  Conrad  Braun, 
Johann  Geoj-g  Braun> 
Georg  Martin  Lobele, 
Johan  Michel  Ungerer, 
J.  Friederich  Hiltzbeck, 
Johann  Henrich  Gebert, 
Johan  Michael  Lang, 
Johann  Peter  Bauer, 
Johann  Willielm  Riith, 



Georg  Schallner, 
Jacob  Saimnt, 
Geor}^  Sc'liiiniiiel, 
H.  Atlaiii  Brenner. 
Job.  Andreas  Schniiejj, 
Georg  Friederich  Schall, 
Job.  Lndwif^.  Soinnier, 
Geo.  Friedricb  Alter, 

Peter  Triickeniniller, 
Andreas  Klein, 
Job.  Jacob  Keppner, 
Job.  Ernst  Saueltbaler, 
Georjj  Henrieb  tScbaHer, 
Joban  Micbael  Franck, 
Joban  Georj^  Diet/., 
Geo.  Baltbas  Lebner. 

[The  ^^list  of  passengers"  differ 

Jacob  Bisbopber^er. 

Stepbn.  Frans  "Walk, 

Jvirg  Rap, 

Jurg  FredU.  Brown, 

Fredrick  Freundt, 

^fatbias  Brown, 

Jobannes    Hartnian, 

Fredrick  Zern, 

Jiu-^  Henrieb  Alter, 

Jnrg  Fredk.  Alter, 

Albrecbt  Fisber,  jun. , 

Stephen  Lye, 

Moses  Banr, 

Peter  Hoeber, 

Micbael  Rap,  14  years  old, 

Fredrick  Gruber, 

Jurg  Conrad  Brown, 

Jxwi^  Brown, 

Jurg  Martin  Debily, 

Bait  lies  Scbwy, 

Philip  Roleterin, 

Pbilip  Berbering, 

Erbard  Schick, 

Jurg  Henrieb  Schweitzer, 

Jnrg  Ziegler, 

Joban  Christ.  I^iet, 

JacoV)  Wyn, 

Jurg  Wilett, 

Jurg  Arnold. 

Friederick  Banr, 

Michael  Kubn, 

Bastian  Hoffman, 

Valentin  Korn, 

Ijorentz  Hoffner, 

iiiff  somewhat  is  herewith  given.] 

Michel  Groefestyn, 
Frediick  Walk. 
Joban  Michael  Bani-, 
Simon  Smick, 
Vincent  Peckary, 
Henrieb  Hoffman, 
Joban  GratT  Kolp, 
Christian  Schick, 
Jacob  Alter, 
Albrecbt  Fisher, 
Anderas  Fislier, 
Anderas  Lye, 
Simon  Banr, 
Conrad  Brown, 
Tliomas  Diets, 
Stephen  Ruler, 
Michael  Krauts, 
Matts.  ^lier, 
Jacob  Michael, 
Stophel  Scbwy, 
Micbael  Unger, 
Jurg  Fredk.  Hiltzebeck, 
Ludwick  Schick. 
Henrieb  Gebhard, 
John  Michl.  Long, 
Anderas  Frey, 
Fredrick  Kast, 
Albrecbt  Heckman, 
Peter  Baur, 
William  Read, 
Miebl.  Kuhn,  jun., 
Johannes  Hoffman, 
Martin  Burger. 
Henrieb  Schyfner, 



Jurg  Fredk.  Sholl, 
Martin  Hepinger, 
Hans  Jurg  Shaller, 
Ludwig  Sominer, 
Peter  Druckmiller, 
Christopher  Diet/, 
Hans  Jurg  Kauip, 
Michael  Tiber, 
Joackini  Kepler, 
Ernst  Statteldaller, 

Adam  Walley, 
Balthes  Leonard, 
Michael  Frank. 
Jurg  Grots, 
Jacob  Sauiniett, 
Andreas  Klein, 
Ludwick  Roseniiller, 
Jnrg  Shiniiiiel, 
Adam  Brenner, 
Anderas  Smngg. 

List   of   Foreigners  Imported    in   the   Ship  Queen   of 

Denmark,    Capt.    Cteo 
FROM  CowEs,  England. 

Caspar  Griinberg, 

Henry  Borgfeld, 

Thomas  Fochtnicht, 

J.   Ernst  Kurt. 

Christian  Arendt, 

Ludwig  Brail, 

Lorentz  Petri, 

Nicolaus  Schiiffer. 

Johannes  Taubert, 

J.  Jacob  Feucht, 

.1.  Friedrich  Dehern, 

J.  George  Gerang, 

Christian  Hiebe, 

Wilhelm  Bremer, 

Christoph  Gut,  jr., 

Hans  Georg  Dissier, 

H.  Christopher  Shadecke, 

Jost  Henrich  Behe, 

J.  Andreas  Rudolph, 

Joh.  Henry  Engel, 

Johann  Christian  Temme, 

J.  Valentin  Neumeyer, 

Anthon  Barthol.  von  Brunck, 

Joh.  Wilhelm  Schisle, 

Johan  Christian  Bolle, 

Johau  Christian  Schneider, 

Joh.  Christoph  Gobrechr,  jr., 

Joh.  (Christian  Gobrecht, 

Parish,    from    Hamburg,    last 
Qualified  Sept.  11,  1753. 

Ludwig  Raflfgarn. 
Georg  Bostman, 
Ernst  Delitz. 
John  Ewald, 


J.  Henry  Frey, 
Andreas  Grotheim, 
J.  Jost  Werning, 
David  Albrecht. 
J.  August  Frey  bach, 
Christoff  Endik, 
George  Fischer, 
Christian  Luig, 
Johann  Reichman, 
Johann  Valentin  Elte, 
Johan  Henrich  Marteiiberg, 
Deiterich  Broppstenstadt, 
Joh.  Friederich  Lngar, 
J.  Andreas  Bolthauer, 
Hans  Herman  Arendt, 
Johan  George  Distner, 
Ludwig  Wil.  Bockrantz, 
Joh.  Carl  Rauschenuach, 
Johann  David  Fischer, 
Johan  Valentin  Rausch, 
Jost  Henry  Kinige, 
Gorge  Wilhelm  Reburg, 
Frantz  Henrich  Ernst, 



Johann  Ernst  Blaiiwart, 
Johanu  Dinj^ler, 
Wilhelm  Krehs, 
Nieolaiis  (Jliri.stian  Otto, 
Henrich  Julius  Bott, 
J  oh  an  Bayer, 
Geor<j  Feniine.  jr..  sick, 
J.  Dietrich  Wild,  sick, 
Christoph  Weidner,  sick, 
Clii-istian  Nice,  sick, 
Erhart  Reindel,  .sick, 

Geo.  Wilhelm  von  Liide, 
Chrlstiau  Gollstiid. 
Peter  Fred.   Nienieyer, 
Joh.  Friederich  Wauibeck, 
J.  Rudolph  Bolste:tt, 
Johan  Ludwig  Starck.  sick, 
Friederich  Jordan,  sicli, 
Hans  Herman  Brand,  sick, 
Joh.  Philip  Preising,  sick, 
Johan  Georg  Miiller,  sick, 
Christoph  <Tut,  sen.,  sick. 

[  This  "  list  of  passengers  " 

Valentine  Etting. 
Casper  Gronndberg, 
Henr.  Christo.  Gutige., 
Joh.  Ludwig  Starke, 
Henr.  Fermau, 
Ciiristo.   Welhausen, 
Thomas  Frochteniclit, 
Augt.  Ernest  Deliz, 
Joh.  Fred.  Junger, 
Ernst  Cord, 
Joh.  Andres  Rudolph, 
Rudolph  Goltstad, 
Hans  Henr.  Ahrens. 
.Tohn  Henr.  Engell. 
Joh.  Ijudwig  Bralil. 
Joh.  Jurgei-  Kistner, 
Ludwig  Wilhelm  Poeki-anz, 
Andrew  Grotheim, 
Johs.  Paul  Rauschenbach, 
Nicholas  Shefer, 
.Toll.  Taberton, 
Wilhel)u  Scheie, 
Joh.  Did  rick  Witte, 
Joh.   Augt.  Frydag, 
Christian  Tolle, 
Christian  Sciineyder, 
Hans  Hermon  Brand, 
Christo.  Gobrecht, 
Peter  AVeidemer. 
Geo.   Wilhelm  Rel>erg, 

differing  from  foregoing  is  given.l 

Hans  Jurger  Disseler, 

Joh.  Henr.  Valtenberg, 

Ludwig  Rafliahr, 

Henr.  Borgfeld, 

Joh.  Geo.  Gottschalhs, 

Geo.  Bott  man. 

Diedrich  Dropenstod, 

Johan  Henr.  Besen, 

Geo.  Tern  me, 

John  Evalts, 

Joh.  Andres  Balthaur, 

Joh.  Ernst  Soiumer, 

Christn.    Ahrens, 

Joh.  Augt.  Spangenberg, 

Joh.   Christn.   Domme, 

Valentine  Nortmeyre, 

John  Henr.  Freyre, 

Anton  von  Brunks, 

Frederick  Jordan, 

Joh.  Jobst  Werning, 

David  .\lbricht, 

David  Fischer, 

Jacob  Voght, 

Joh.  Frederick  DeVehrn,     , 

Valentine  Rauscli, 

Jobst  Henrich  Kunshe, 

Christn.  Lanthan, 

Christo.   Ebeche, 

Joh.   Philip  Preising, 

Christn.  Gobrecht, 



Joh.  Jurgen  Greraiike, 
Frans  Henrich  Ernst, 
Greo.  Fi.scher, 
Christn.  Hippe, 
Tobias  Starke, 
Erhard  Reindeil, 
John  Reichnian, 
Christo.  Cord,  jnn. , 
Greo.  Wilhelni  von  Lude, 
John  Dingier, 
Joh.  Jurgen  Temme, 
Christo.  Bechel. 
Nicholas  Christn.  Otto, 
Joh.  Fred.  Wanibeck, 
Hen.  Julius  Bohte, 
Daniel   Ranberg. 
Nicholas  Ulrich. 
Christn.  Ludwig  Hardman, 
Peter  Freder.  Neuieir. 
John  Frederich  Unger, 
Christopher  Evigher. 

Christian  Neice, 
Lawrence  Petere, 
Joh.   Erich  Miller, 
Joh.  ■Willielui  Klencke, 
Christian  Lecke, 
Wilhelm  Breinar, 
Christo.  Cord,  senior, 
John  Hlankart, 
Joh.  Gfeo.  Schefer, 
Joh.  Basen  Sanders, 
John  Beyr, 
Christn.  Goldstad, 
Conrad  Brandfass, 
Geo.  Christn.  Jordan, 
Wilhelni  Kabls, 
Jacob  (ieber, 
Ernst  Ulrich, 
Christ  Siu.ith, 
Christian  Goultstet, 
Johan  Bawl  Roushenbaclit, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Edikburgh, 
Capt.  James  Russell,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Sept.  14,  1753. 

Johann  Hindorff, 
Julius  Brecker, 
Peter   Miller, 
Johannes  Miller, 
Jacob  Braun, 
Philip  Miihlhof, 
Jacob  Dewalt, 
Conrad  Guth, 
Peter  Schuh, 
Jacob  Miiller. 
Michael  Lang, 
Adam  Hanischer, 
Carl  Arendt, 
Georg  Mai'tin, 
Peter  Steiner, 
Johann  Jacob  Hauiui. 
Johannes  Laffer, 

Michael  Halberstadt. 
Samuel  Maus, 
Dewald  Kreutz, 
Abraham  Miller, 
Philip  Ijantz, 
Con  rath  Kleim, 
Conrath  Guth,  sen., 
Andreas  Hestrich, 
Heinrich  Schupp, 
Bastian  Mohr, 
Ludwig  Busch, 
Joseph  Zwisdle, 
Andreas  Scher, 
Johannes  Limberger, 
Philip  Henry  Gabel, 
Jacob  Schott, 
Peter  Rod  tier, 




F'riedericli  May, 

Jacob  Zomlirei. 

Philip  Prietz. 

Jacob  Bauer, 

Jacob  Heck, 

Peter  Bader, 

David  Schinitt, 

Martin  Grils, 

Wilhelin  Spiere, 

Adolph  Meyer, 

Jacob  Bollinger, 

Philip  Weber, 

Ulricli  Weber, 

Bernhart  Beck, 

Martin  Braun, 

Marcus  Angst, 

Georg  Gohringer. 

Priederich  Jackie, 

V^alentin  Hoffmann, 

Frantz  Henry  HiiiT'nagel, 

Joliann  Jacob  Wiesinger, 

Michael  Zinmiernian, 
Johann  Adam  Kreischer, 

Ernst  Christoph  Adam, 
Conrad  Kl enter. 
Johannes  Schwalb, 
Johann  Jacob  Beck, 
Johann  Georg  Jost, 
Johann  Christoph  Mauerer. 
JacoV)  KaulTmanu, 
Johann  (reorg  Leonard, 
Christian  Jutzner, 
Johann  Nickel  Jacoby, 
Johann  Peter  Jacoby, 
Jacob  Krier, 
JVter  Kuntz. 
Valentin  Kohhnann, 
Priederich  Schwartz, 
Johann  Jacob  Bach  man, 
1^'berhart  Schmitt, 
Johann  Entzmenger, 
Joh.    Henry  Bintzel, 
Paulus  Girardin, 
Johann  Kraff  (toss, 
Peter  Plickinger, 

25- Vol.  XVH. 

Jacol>  Threyer, 
Jacol)  Knab, 
Johan  Raiill'bohm, 
JacoV*  Bach  man, 
Daniel  Heck, 
Samuel  Strack, 
Betman  Lentz, 
Peter  Klein, 
Johannes  Pellentzer, 
Daniel  Hahn, 
Jt)hannes  Stotzel, 
Andreas  Kamstein, 
Johannes  Prey, 
]N[atheis  Ewalt, 
Conrad  Poltz, 
Paulus  Hartman. 
Ludwig  Volmer, 
Christoffel  Renuerr^ 
Jean  Pierre  du  Corbier, 
Andreas  Beck, 
Philip  JacoV>  MiihlholT, 
Johann  Georg  Kuhn, 
Johann  Sebastian  Kreischer, 
Joliann  Casper  Ross. 
Johann  Peter  Bote, 
Balthaser  Pemeller, 
Johann  Relnhardt  Rahmer. 
Johann  Priederich  Vogeler, 
Christopli  Preydel. 
Johann  Nickel  Michel, 
Conrad  Wagner, 
Johannes  Herg-ith, 
Johann  Nickel  Jacoby.  sen.. 
Wilheliii  Stein, 
Carl  Bernhart, 
Johann  x^dam  Bohm, 
Theobald  Angene, 
Philip  Henry  Linn, 
Lorentz  Bachman, 
J^udwig  Jung, 
.Tohaun  Bintzel, 
Johannes  Bintzel, 
Jacob  Bollinger, 
J.    Henry  Schnur. 
Joh.  (Jhiist.  Huffnagel, 



Joliau  Georg  Weyshaar, 
John  Henry  Wunderlich, 
Conrad  Mentzin^^er, 
Johannes  Kornhaas, 
Johannes  Buchtel, 
Gregorius  Butsclie, 
Wilhelni  Hartuian, 
Andreas  Huttenbach, 
Johan  Cliristian  Dcirr, 
Heinrich  Adam  Hoffman, 
Johannes  A  tier, 
Eberhart  Hartman, 
Johannes  Kremer, 
Heniieh  Strack, 
Jacob  Ott, 

Johan  (xeorg  Miirker, 
Valentin  Fleck, 
Johann  Conrad  Met/, 
VAiiiH  Kneller, 
Johan  Jacob  Albert, 
Michael  Decker,  sick, 
Henrich  Rodhaf,  sick. 

Johann  Georg  Steinbock, 
Justus  Henrich  Weber, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Weljer. 
Johannes  Wohlfart, 
Christian  Fischer, 
Friederich  Hartman, 
Friederich  Widmeyer, 
Jeremlas  Kisterle, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Georg  Melchior  Hiebner, 
Jacob  Knodel. 
Adam  Roser, 
Jacob  Polweller, 
Jacob  Miller, 
Philip  Lehi-er, 
Paulas  Hochstrasser, 
Johan  Micliael  Hanber. 
Friederich  Stephan, 
Sebastian  Gabel, 
Friederich  Kriimer,  sick, 
Rudolpli  Wolte.  sick, 
Friederich  Hartman,  sick. 

List  of  Forkigners  iMPORTKn  in  thk  Ship  Patience, 
Capt.  Hugh  Steki..  from  Rotterdam,  i^ast  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Sept.  17,1753. 

Gottfried  Haberle,     • 

Paul  Caffarel, 

Jaquea  Gourier, 

Jacob  Gerhart, 

Jacob  Fisher, 

Joseph  Knittel, 

Jacob  Borman, 

Michael  Scheible, 

Martin  Kiiyser, 

Pierre  Gautier, 

Hans  Conrad  Voi-gucker, 

Ferdinand  Wiirtz, 

Christoph  Fehr. 

.lohann  Georg  Striissinger, 

Daniel  Staube, 

Michael  AUer, 

Hans  Hentzinger, 

Taques  Balme, 
Matter.  Tut-e. 
Lorie  Nirf)n, 
Adam  Seit/, 
Jaque  Berger, 
Johannes  Singer, 
Friederirh  Fensel, 
Charles  Shownet, 
Martin  Fauss, 
Jean  Bonnet. 
Hans  Georg  Bross, 
Friederich  Reinholdt, 
Johann  Caspar  <fro8S, 
Johannes  Preuss, 
Jacob  Bornle, 
Johannes  Bodner, 
Johannes  Hiller, 



JMiilip  Weiss. 
Henricli  Knodel, 
Tobias  Kurtii. 
Joliaim  Jackobi, 
Joliaimes  iJraiinig, 
Peter  Grrobel, 
Peter  Laudifi-, 
Peter  Biililer, 
Simon  Kerber, 
Elias  N ester, 
Jacob  Saufjiiinet, 
Pierre  Jean  Ariiiiii, 
Jeremie  C'liappelle. 
Henri  Roclion, 
Michael  Riistler, 
Hans  (xeorg  Feller, 
Hans  (jreorg  Scholter, 
Andreas  iNEiinchinf^er, 
Johannes  Wiirnile, 
Etieuue  Brnn, 
Grabriel  Lausch, 
Creorg  Martin  Kreidler," 
Georg  Afichel  Daciier. 
Jolian  Priedericli  Werner, 
J  oil.  Friederich  Stiihle, 
Greorg  Adam  Weit. 
e.  Wilhelm  Rieser, 
Hen.  Christo.   Hleicherdt, 
HanSxGeorg  Schiittinger. 
Philip  Adelberger, 
Heinrich  Hackman, 
J.  Dietrich  SteinbrecluM-. 
Sebastian  Knartsch, 
Samuel  Bosserman, 
Johan  Georg  Federhort, 
Isaac  Grad,  sick, 
(Christian  Bauer,  sick. 

Bernliart  Jung, 

Matheas  Alher, 

Johannes  Kleintoj)f, 

Adam  Winhart, 

Casper  Hasslei', 

Bastian  Eh  rig, 

Leonhartl  Schauer, 

Michael  Kerber, 

f'hristoph  Schinit, 

Jaques  Bach, 

Tjenhart  Heller. 

.Tean  Pierre  rhapj)elle, 

Pierre  Rochon, 

Jean  Jaques  Servier, 

.Toll,   (reorg  Knodel, 

.Tean  Richardou, 

Georg  Valentin  Bernhardt, 

Theodorus  Friedhaiift, 

Gottlieb  Heinrich  Facundiis, 

Jacob  Gerber, 

Michel  R(im, 

Johannes  Schweitzer, 

JacoVj  Ochsenreiter. 

Job.   I'^'riederich  Ochsenreitei-, 

Johan  Caspar  Sieg, 

Hans  Georg  Roller, 

Christoffel  Klein t opt". 

Joh.  Matthias  Sclimidt. 

Hans  Georg  Adelberger, 

Hans  Adam   Sehiitfer, 

Hans  Mnssleman, 

J.  Lenhart  Gervvig, 

Johan  Michel  Ran, 

Friederich  Oswald, 

Christoph  Arndt, 

Christoph  Larg,  sick. 

Hans  Georg  Leib.  sick. 

[  The  original  h'.st  i.t  herewil/i  i/iven.} 

Men'.i  Names. 
Name.  -I.'/'- 

Pierre  Arineson 40 

Godfret  Giverly, 17 

Peter  Schiljilt BO 


Name.  Age. 

Jacob  Bald :^') 

Paul  Caiisferel,      4r) 

Mathias  Doar, -jO 

Jacolj  Doar, 18 

Jeremias  Cliappel, 2") 

Peter  Roshoii,            2-2, 

Hendrick  Roslion, 20 

Adain  Siets, :!(• 

Jacol)  Cxoodier,      37 

Jacol)  Zerway, .    .    .    .  2'J 

Lodvvick  Hriiiie 24 

Jacob  Fisher, 23 

Michael  Ressel,      20 

Yerrick   Nodel JiT 

Jacques  Berge,      ;5i> 

Hans  Yerrick  Feller,      2.") 

John  Richardon, 2") 

Hans  Yerrick    Sholtei- :50 

Yerrick  Valatine  Rynhanl 27 

Andrias  Minchinar, 28 

Joseph  Nodle, 40 

Johannes  Siger, 2i» 

Jacob  Bornian 2.-) 

Fredk.  Ginsel, 38 

Theodorus  Fredk.  Honks, .'JO 

Johannes  Worinley, .    .  21 

Cfodliph  Hendk.  Facundus, 27 

Hans  Yrrk.  Bros, 21 

Miciiael  Schibley 21) 

Carel  Shonnk, 40 

Ferdinand  Wetz, ;!5 

Hans  Greorg  Federhaft, — 

Martin  Keyser,      ?,0 

Martin  Yoss 41 

Fredk.  Rynholt, 2S 

Peter  (xoodier IM 

John  Bonnet, 22 

Christopher  Hair, .    .  21 

Elias  Nisler, '.    .  30 

Jacob  Baron, 2S 

John  Casper  Gross, 22 

Jacob  Synket, 2:1 

John  Yerrk.  Grissingei', :>2 

Johannes  Price :!0 

Yerrick  Kreytler,     33 


Name.  Age. 

Isaac  (jrroKS, 20 

Hiinit  Hiler 23 

Daniel  Stowser, 20. 

Jacob  Bickler, 21 

MiPhael  Alex 27 

.loliaiiiies  Boatamayer 21 

Joliaiuies  Heiisinger,  2G 

Johannes  Switzer, 24 

Johannes  Hilleir,      24 

Michael  Dicker, 24 

Jacob  Oxeryter 40 

Fredk.  Verner,       27 

Fredk.  Oxeryter 28 

Philip  Wye, 27 

Bernard  Yonn}?, _2X^ 

Uh-ick  Nodel,      .    .    .""T".    . 27 

Fredk.  Kilie, 22 

Yerrk.   8heyligii, 24 

Cas[)er  Simon 29 

Adam  AVoost,      24 

Marinas  Alher, 33 

John  Frederick  Foucundies, — 

Yerrk.  Roller 37 

Jf)hannes  Knrtz, 24 

Philip  Ri.sser 27 

Johannes  Klintop, 23 

Cliristr.  Klintop 27 

Christr.  Klykroot, 30 

Mathias  Smith 21 

.lacob  Ackrivman, 24 

Ynrrk.  Strattinger,      33 

Adam  Wynhard 34 

t;hiistr.    Largh 33 

Christian  Bower,      .    .        37  Bower, 34 

Johannes  Brynigli,      23 

Casper  Fayster 32 

.Tohn  Adleberger, 31 

Philip  AdleV>erger, 27 

Pf-ter  KiblH 40 

.\daMi  ShefTer 41 

Haltus  Irigh,      40 

Peter  Landis 24 

Henry  Hackman, 23 

]..eonard  Ishenaver, 41 



Name.  Age. 

Peter  Buler 27 

Huus  Musieuiaii, 22 

Michael  Grarber,    .    .' 20 

Diedk.   Staiiibruker 25 

Leonard  rxerbick, 21 

Simon  Gerbick 22 

Christn.  Smith, 21 

Lodwick  Smith, 22 

Stephen  Brun, 21 

Sebastian  Kijjts, 22 

Michael  Row .  27 

Jacob  Grerber, 21 

Lodwick  Priserinnn.  . 22 

(iabriel  Sns, 27 

Fredk.  Oswald, 27 

Michl  Riem, 30 

Johan  Friederich  Fetiei-haiif, — 

List  of  FoRKifrXKHS  iMPouTKn  ix  thk  Sriir  Richard  and 
Mary,  Johiv  Moofie,  (Jommandkr,  from  Rottkrdam,  i^ast 
FROM  CowBs.     Qualified  Sept.  17,  17515. 

Ulrich  Saberlich, 

Joseph  Phillipp, 
Peter  Juncker, 
F.  Wilh.  Ziirn. 
Geo.  Adam  Schober, 
HaniS  Michael  Rau, 
•lohan  Henrich  Juncker, 
Johann  Ernst  Juncker, 
iMartin  Siihrer, 
Johannes  Siglin, 
Joseph  Lainpater, 
Joseph  Wild, 
Adam  Stall, 
Abraham  Lang, 
Friederich  Kuclier, 
Peter  Jansou, 
Joh.  Ernst  Nagel, 
Johannes  Kuchen, 
J.  Georg  Metzger, 
Adam  Obendortl, 

Joh.  Martin  Jacoli, 
Joh.  Knapschneider,. 
Johan  Caspar  Kayer, 
Joiian  Jacob  Kayer, 
Johan  Carl  Siegle, 
Johan  Christian  Kniess, 
Andreas  Diehm, 
Conrad  Tjampater, 
Johannes  Lampater, 
Casper  Weschner, 
Adam  Grim, 
Michael  Volimer, 
Josephus  Friederich, 
Paul  us  Brantigan, 
Christoph  Mohl, 
Han  Jacob  Adam, 
Peter  Rahm, 
Peter  Hitschner, 



Jacob  Scblauchter, 
H.  Albert  Hcinier, 
Job.  CliritJtopb  Beck, 
Job.    Henricb  Miiller. 
(jeorg  Ailaiu  Wirtiiiaim, 
Hans  Htirtljel  Heck, 
.lobaii  Caspar  Areiidi, 
J    Cfotttried  Kaiit'rotb, 
.lobannes  Scbreiber, 
l*.iiiUis  Hepp. 
OlirisTofl"  Waltz, 
Perer  Seller, 
.lobannes  (riirt/, 
Jobannes  Bebrin^, 
Pbiiij)  Hanuner.scbniit, 
Job.  JMichael  Scbubert, 
Joban  Georg  Stmiii), 
.lob.  (xeorg  Maiscb, 
Hans  Martin  Gelinder, 
Jobau  Adam  Kijrner, 
Georg  Friedencb  Stift. 
Carl  Friedericb  Weidaii, 
Job.  Daniel  Druss, 
Job.  Friedericb  Hess, 
Joli.  Wilbeliii  Eiigelbardt, 
Hans  Tjudwig  jNlabl, 
Job.  Henricb  Oberlender, 
George  Nicklas  Straus, 
Joban  Georg  Bick, 
Herman  Weyskirk, 
JacoV)  Schenck, 
H.  Georg  Gramly, 
Pbilip  Grindelmeyer, 
Job.  Matbeiis  Pfanner, 

Jobannes  Sucb, 
Job.  Pbilii)  Stein, 
Job.   Conrad  Steinmetz, 
Job.   Micbael  Spannagel, 
Jobann  Georg  Klein, 
Hans  Geo.  Scbullbamnier. 
Ernst  Wilbeliii  Kagerotb, 
Georg  Friedericb  Heininger, 
Jacob  Wittman, 
Valentin  Scbobig, 
Cbristopb  Heinickel, 
Cbristopbel  Gref, 
Jobannes  Zollzeit, 
Simon  Sark, 
David  ReilT, 

Job.  Nicolaiis  Schubert, 
Joh.  ('asper  Warm, 
Georg  Friedericb  Pfiiiger, 
Joh.  Georg  Gelinder, 
Hans  Jacob  Kemmerli, 
Joh.  Geoi'g  Gersteninayer, 
Job.  Lenbart  Hembd, 
Joii.  Cbristopb  Herth, 
C.  Friedericb  Hntman, 
Job.  Friedericb  Satter, 
Georg  Paul  Langenbach, 
Hans  Georg  Kreis, 
Johan  Adam  Wolff, 
Hans  .lacob  O.swald, 
Joiian  Peter  Rnhter, 
Michael  Kolb, 
Johannes  Schmit, 
Hans  Georg  Seydelmeyer, 
Hans  Georg  Harst, 
.Toll.  Georg  i^raim. 

[The:  follow  ^Hisf  fliff'ei-int/  .•i07)i.cir/Kit  is  printed  in  connection.'^ 

Job.  Casper  Geyer,  Joh.  Jacob  Geyer, 

Hans  Micbael  Ron,  Jo.seph  Pbilip  Ron, 

ririch  Zuyberlig,  Carell  Zeegele, 

Job.   Ernst  Jonckee,  Job.   Hendk.   Jonckee, 

Peter  Kicker,  Martin  Jacob, 

Fredk.    Zern,  Jolian  Knapschnyder, 

Adam  Shober,  Jolian  Eys, 

Martin  Ztirer,  Anderas  Thiem, 



Joli.  Nicholas  Schubert, 

Casper  Weyinaii, 

Johans.  Zieghii, 

Josepli  Ijampader, 

Jurij  Fredk.  Fleger, 

Joh.  .1  urg  Mhider, 

Joh.  Kiinmerly, 

Hans  Adam  Hitiier, 

Casper  Wirshou, 

Adain  Stall, 

Abraliain  Longer, 

Fredk.  Qua, 

Joseph  Fredrick, 

Peter  Janseni, 

Fredk.  Heys, 

Paul  Hruydighain, 

Joh.  Ernst  Nagel, 

William  Engelfried, 

Christ oplier  Mahl, 

Johan  Qua, 

Johan  Matcher, 

Adam  OverdorfT, 

Peter  Hitsner, 

Henry  Overlender, 

Johan  Schick, 

Hans  Donner, 

Joh.  Christr.    Heck, 

Hendrick  IVfiiler, 

Joh.  Michael  Si)annage1, 

Jurg  Adam  Witman, 

Valentine  Schoper, 

Hans  Jurg  Kley, 

Peter  Nass, 

Hartol  Hick, 

Hans  Jiirg  Schelhammer, 

Casper  Aven, 

Johan  Kerts, 

Simon  Sack, 

David  Rief, 

Hans  Jacob  Ostwalt, 

Jurg  Bick. 

Herman  AVeyshit, 

Philip  Grantemier, 

Jurg  Ramly, 

Hans  Jurg  Hough, 

Matthias  Fonner, 

Joh.  Michael  SchuV)ert, 
Haas  Jurg  Stump, 
Joh.  Conrad  Lampader, 
Johannes  Lampader, 
Joh.  Jurg  Meys, 
Hans  Martin  Minder, 
Joseph  Wielt, 
Hans  Jurg  Gerstemeyer, 
Jurg  Fredk.  Sthieff, 
Adam  (ihruen, 
Jacob  Folmer, 
Charles  Sims, 
Carl  Fredk.  Wiedach, 
Christoi)her  Hei't, 
Christn.  Hotteman, 
Joh.  Daniel  Thys, 
Fredk.   Souter, 
Jurg  Paul  Langebach, 
Christn.   Mailes, 
Hans  JacoV)  Adam, 
Peter  Ehm, 
Hans  Jurg  Gries, 
Jacob  Schlachter, 
Adam  Wolf, 
Nicholas  Strousin, 
Philip  Steyn, 
Conrad  Steinmetz, 
Johans.  Schribei", 
Jacob  Witman, 
Paul  Hep, 
Christopher  Waltz, 
Christor.  Heykill, 
Christopher  Giief, 
Peter  Seyl, 
Joh.   Holscheyt. 
William  Galterot. 
(Totfried  Knaper, 
Johan  S  war  in, 
Jurg  Fredk.  Hemminger. 
Philip  Hammersmith, 
Peter  Richter, 
Jurg  Seytelmier, 
Micahel  Kolp, 
Joh,  Jacob  Schink, 
Johs.  Smith. 
Joh.  Jurg  Brown. 



List  of  Forkigners  Importkd  jx  thk  Ship  Lkathlky, 
Capt.  John  Licklky,  from  Hamburg,  i.ast  from  Cowks. 
Qualified  Sept.  id,  iToo. 

Andreas  Foil, 
Christoi)h  Amelou. 
J.  Christoph  Hiliiier, 
Caspar  Hillebrecht, 
Daniel  Lange, 
Henr>  Neyineyer, 
J.  Carsten  Tlioniian, 
J.  Henry  Hinsey, 
Chi'istiau  Raiuberg-, 
Hiram  Alleman, 
Henry  Werner, 
Johan  H enrich  Sievert, 
J.  Kart  Halster, 
Friederich  Vethej-, 
John  Henry  Hening, 
J.  Wilhelni  Voss, 
Job.  Gottfried  Golde. 
Fried.  Wilhelm  Schlencker. 
Christ.  Andreas  Jsichtedt, 
.]oh.  Andi'eas  Meyer, 
Hans  Henry  Busman, 
Job.  Philip  Fertinbaeh, 
Joli.  Chi'istoph  Appach, 
Casper  LadAvig  Sievert, 
And.  Christoflf  INfeinken, 
Johan  Fred.   Stit'ter, 

Christian  Schlemmer, 

Christotiel  Termel, 

H.  Henry  (Juffer, 

C.  Rudolph  Rec'hner, 

Henry  Busman, 

Andreas  Busman, 

Ludwig  Sc'hmit, 

Michael  Uhl, 

Henry  Shreoder, 

Johan  Heneman. 

J.  Henry  Probe, 

Johan  Christian  Alleman, 

Conradt  Shmit, 

Valentin  Wegmeyer, 

Johan  Peter  Koch, 

J.  Dietrich  Sehr, 

(Miristophel  Schlencker, 

Frantz  Hen.   Schlencker, 

Joh.  Ludolpli  Welmeyer, 

Johan  Jost  Miiller, 

Ernst  Henrich  Stiille, 

Johan  Stats  Koch, 

Johan  Nicklans  Klein, 

Georg  Casper  Hiippener, 

Joh.  Fried.  Christian  Alleman. 

[The  "?i'.s^"  of  forer/oiii.t/  differing  someivhat  i»  hero  r/iren.] 

Jol).  Hen.   Hening, 
Peter  Coch, 
Joh.  Died.  Sheer, 
Chri^tr.   Ramblcn, 
John  Wm.  Slinker, 
Christr.  Termell, 
Frans.  Hen.  Slinker, 
Casper  EleV)richt, 
Rud<}li)h  Frechtnicht, 
Lndolph  WeThcijiieh*, 
John  Justice  Miller, 

And.  Full, 
Han.  Wm.  Foss, 
Cliristr.  Slinker. 
Joh.   Godfrey  Colte, 
Fred.  Wilhelm  Slinker, 
Christr.   Bremer, 
Hans  Enert  (JustanI, 
Christn.  Neinsted, 
l)aniel  Tjang. 
Ands.  Meyer, 
Heiir.  Busman, 



Helming  Nemeyr, 
Kaseu  Doruian, 
Christn.    Sleiner, 
Ludwig  Smith, 
Michl.  Uel, 
Hei..   Schreder, 
Joh.   Cliristr.  Abach, 
Johs.  Heynaman, 
Casper  Ludwig  Seymer, 
Veraer  Ruhniont, 
Hen.   Seibas, 
Coui-ad  Schmidt. 
Joh.  Cord  Olster, 
Valentine  Niermeyer, 
Fred.  Alamau, 

Ernest  Still, 
Hen.  Bosnian, 
Philip  Furtenbach, 
Hen.  Hinsey, 
Christn.  Ramberg, 
Joh.  Stas  Cock, 
Hermon  Alaman, 
Nichs.  Klein. 
Ands.  Busman, 
Joh.  Hen.  Proby, 
Christn.  Alanian, 
John  Fred.  Fischer, 
Fred.   Vecher, 
Casper  Hipner, 
And.  Cliristr.    Minger. 

List  op  Foreignkrs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Neptune,  John 
Mason,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
QiTALiFiED  Sept.  24,  1754. 

Friederich  Melcher, 
Peter  Diimmig, 
Joii.  Michael  Schiirphlein, 
Jolian  Greorg  Wenckert, 
Peter  Keytel, 
Peter  Wnndt, 
Sebastian  AVerlein, 
Andreas  Bolch, 
Andreas  Schneffer, 
Joh.  Peter  Riess, 
Johannes  Ross, 
Michael  Hollebach, 
Johannes  Reiss, 
Simon  Echt, 
Georg  Leming, 
Johannes  Fleischer, 
Johann  Michael  Dosch, 
Joh.   Sebastian  Ham  meter, 
Joh.  Philip  Fern, 
Hans  Thomas  Winckler, 
Joh.   Bernhardt  Wahnsnch, 
Johaii  Georg  Hariiioff, 

Johann  Wilhelm, 

George  Keytel, 

George  Nicolas  Weugiiterr, 

Hans  Michael  Rather, 

Sebastian  Hore, 

Nicklas  Hebling, 

Michael  Kretz, 

Philip  Kiester. 

Jacob  Ol^erilorff, 

Georg  Weiss, 

Conrad  Winckler, 

Caspar  Dollmann, 

Nicklas  Hollebach, 

Georg  Falock, 

Melchior  Eisnert, 

Christian  Reysing, 

Joh.  Lenhart  AViittninger, 

Joh.  Christoph.  Freemhaber, 

Hans  Jacob  Winckler, 

Johan  Georg  Hollenbach, 

Johan  Nicklas  Saul, 

Georg  Peter  Fuchs, 



Joh.  Nicklaus  Heckser, 
Epliraiiu  Benedit-r  Kaulx-l, 
Johaii  Tlioinas  ]>tMiiiicli, 
Hans  Casper  Fiichs, 
Joh.  Heiiriuh  Graf, 
Johau  Caspar  Schne-rr, 
Hans  Michael  Horner, 
Johaii  Georg  Beck, 
Johau  Mej'er, 
Audreas  Sahiii, 
Georg  Wollf, 
Pauliis  lilitz, 
Christoph  Biittel. 
Baltliaser  Seuberth, 
Georg  Horn, 
Philip  Weiss, 
Peter  Lennick, 
Joh.  Ad<>li)h  Ott. 
Willielni  Wiirtz,  jr., 
Joh.  Georg  Raal), 
Andreas  Kriel)efh, 
Casper  Hefikel. 
Get).  Wilh.  Morasii, 
Jacob  Lever, 
Georg  Schwenkert, 
Bartel  Raunberger, 
Johau  Georg  Sfliwab, 
Joh.  Pliilip  Eyrich, 
Joli.  Michael  Heidt, 
Hans  Adam  Dierlieiu, 
Johanu  Georg  Wnnder, 
Nicklas  Reinliart, 
Christoph  Korn, 
Michael  Senberth. 
Jacob   Willger. 
7^eter  Hiibiing. 
Hans  Schreck, 
Valentin  Obenlortl", 
Johau  Heinrich  Ord, 
Johau  Michael  Seelig, 
Johanu  Adam  Scliat/., 
Georg  Philip  Kalck, 
John  Michael  Schat/.. 
Balt/.er  Georg  Christian, 
Johann  Peter  Flifk, 
Johau  Philip  Meyer, 

Hans  And.  Wickert, 

Georg  Henry  Bauer, 

Hans  Georg  8tautz, 

Hans  (feorg  Carl  Voick, 

J  oil.  (leorg  Conrad  Hiuck, 

Jolian  .\dam  SSanii, 

Jolian  (ieorg  OberdoitT, 

Hans  Michael  KdIIcm-, 

Jacob  Schiiffer, 

Haltzer  O  herd  or  ft", 

Adam  Scheck, 

Jacob  Roil, 

Johannes  Horn, 

Hans  Adam, 

Michael  Hoiienbacli, 

Adam  Hauck, 

Sebastian  Hiinier, 

Johannes  Schreiner, 

Wilhelm  Wiirtz,  sen., 

Beruhart  Shop, 

Sebastian  Riess, 

Johannes  Hnke, 

Andreas  Hommer, 

Lorentz.  Friederich  ('roy, 

Johannes  Ti-ump, 

Johanu  i\richael  Werlein. 

Joli.  Christopti  Breitenhardt, 

Joh.  Michael  Erdners, 

Johan  Paul  Schwab, 

Johau  Adam  Saner, 

Hauues  Schnepper, 

Nieklatis  Beringer, 

Martin  Semniel, 

Simeon  Burger, 

Johannes  Stihliug, 

Carl  Milde, 

Andreas  Sen  berth, 

Christian  Ernst  Nieman, 

Johau  Christian  Keyser, 

Joluinu  Adam  Bolch, 

Joh.   Heni-ich  Schafer, 

Philipp  Hoffman, 

Jolian  Peter  Stnmpf. 

Georg  Philip  Biirger, 

Joliann  Paiilns  I'latz, 

.Johanu  Leniiart   Saul), 



Johannes  Burkhardt, 
Johan  H  enrich  Meckelein, 
Johann  Michael  Wassem, 
Adam  Nicolans  Platz, 
Johan  Len.  Sauer, 

Hans  Meckelein,  sen., 
Hans  Meckelein, 
Johan  Adam  Schantz, 
Johan  Scharp. 

[The  ''list  of 

Fredrik.  Millger, 
Peter  Tiinniick, 
Pieter  Cidele, 
Nicolas  Winegarden, 
Jerig  Wiger, 
Laurence  Coy, 
Hans  Trump, 
Baltzer  Rembinger, 
Sr.  Bastn.  Werline, 
Jerig  Sweyell, 
Michl.  Greats, 
Michl.    Enties, 
Paulus  Swert, 
Adam  Theem. 
Adam  Finsick, 
Andreas  Sniper, 
Jerig  Wonder, 
Michl.  l^osch, 
Sr.  Bastn.  Hanierter, 
Johan  Rose, 
Christn.  Fernaber. 

Conod.  AVinkler, 

Thos.  Whikler, 

Hans  Rees, 

Michl.   Holeback, 

Simeon  Jost. 

Jerig  Lennick, 

Milker  Hisener, 

Christn.  Priseingei', 

Jerig  Founeg, 

Peter  Foux, 

.Tohan  Weighelt, 

Philip  Weys, 

Adam  Hank, 

Thos.   Linnich, 

Hans  Seytz, 

Jnrg  Wo]g, 

passengeyrs"'  is  herewith  c/iven.} 

Michl.    Hiltner, 
Michl.   Schertlin, 
Jerick  Cidele, 
Johan  Righter, 
Bastian  Horn, 
Jerig  Swingard, 
Peter  Clump, 
Nicols.   Heblin, 
Michl.  Werline, 
Ciiristop.  Bridleheart, 
Philip  Yirig, 
Michl.  Heart, 
Andreas  Bolk, 
Philip  Keesecker, 
Adam  Soul, 
Jacob  Oberdorff, 
Peter  Reese, 
Leonard  Rutinger, 
Jerig  Weal, 
Philip  Neer, 
Jacob  Winkler, 
Casper  Dollman, 
Jerig  Holeback, 
Nicols.  Holebacli, 
Jerig  Folk, 
Barnet  Pankoce, 
Johans    Flesher, 
Nicols.  Soul, 
Michl.  Holenback, 
Hans  Fixer, 
Ep'riraim  Garbell, 
Jurg  Baur, 
Jurg  Horp, 
Peiter  Linnich, 
Casper  Foux, 
Bastn.   Hinney, 
Johan  (rrafT, 



Johaii  Adolpluit, 
Johaiis.    Scyner, 
Jiirjj  liiiik, 
BaJ'iierd  Shop, 
Perer  Wertz, 
Aiulrs.  PrieV>ieg, 
Michl.  Hoxener, 
Jjenord  Sower, 
Caspr.  Hiuckele, 
Hans  Miohl.  Keyleu. 
Joliauues  Vover, 
Andreas  Hammer, 
Joliaii  Diedich  "Weyer, 
.Tohan  (Jhristopl.  Keyser, 
.loll.  Henry  Maeklen, 
Ands.  Sybert, 
Adam  Xit-hl.  l^latz, 
Jacob  SliatTer, 
Johan  Sclineh, 
Henrich  Schaffer, 
Johannes  Horn, 
Johau  Peier  StompIT, 
Martin  Semmel. 
Jurfj  Philip  Burger, 
Jiicol)  Wilcduirt, 
Johannes  Borj^herr, 
Hans  Schat/, 
Jurg'  Wolf, 
Jacob  Schell, 
Philip  Hoffman, 
Hans  Adam  Schnepper, 
Christop.  Horn, 
Christopl.  Orth, 
Johan  Paulus  Platz, 
.Johannes  Stickling, 
Charell  Milder, 

Wiihelm  Wert/., 
.lurg  Rap, 
Casper  Sner, 
Johan  Saul, 
Sebs.  Rie.s, 
Adam  Shriek, 
Juig  01)erdortr, 
Johan  .Jurg  Beck, 
Clnrstop  Ernst  Nieuian, 
Juig  Philip  Moras, 
.Jacob  Leyer, 
Hendrick  Oort, 
Michl.  Seelig, 
Hans  Macklen, 
Joh.  Michl.  Wasoiii. 
Johau  Bolig, 
Baltser  Ol)erdorff, 
Johan  Watzin, 
Jvirg  Philip  Kc^ggell, 
Balr/er  Suyber, 
Nicohis  Beringer, 
Balf/.er  Giegh, 
Peiter  Flick, 
Hans  Leonard  Saul. 
Peiter  Hel)liug, 
Andrs.  Zoani. 
Paulus  Blitz, 
(Jhristn.  Bettel, 
Johan  .\dam  Schantz. 
Nichols    Reinheart, 
Michl.  Suybert, 
Johan  Simeon  BergeV, 
Philip  Meyer, 
.Tohan  AVilhelm  Hiltner, 
James  Sihott. 

List  OK  FoRKiaxERS  Importkd  ix  the  Shii' Pkuciy,  Jamks 


Pi.YMotrTH.     Qualified  Sept.  24,  17.'>3. 

Martin  Bauer,  Christian  Roth, 

Johannes  Let/,  ClirisToph  P^'rantz, 

Christoph  Hoff,  Michael  Voltz, 



Holfern  Holtzman, 
Jolianues  Natterle, 
Casper  INliiule, 
Nifklas  Schreck, 
Christian  Friederich  Pause, 
Johaiin  Adam  Zweyer, 
.loliann  Carl  Erliardt, 
Johan  Casper  Nlll, 
Pliilip  Leonard  Sell  war  tz, 
Johan  Adam  Oberweiler, 
Casper  Scliaff 
Michael  Baum, 
Johannes  Steinman, 
Ijjnatius  Fiehtel, 
Jacob   Eberhart, 
Jacob  Stromschild, 
Johan  William  von  Engel, 
Johan  Jacob  Kleinbub, 
J.  Dieterich  Oppenheiin, 
Henrich  Philipp  Brumm, 
Friederich  Dannwiend, 
Johan  Michael  Sorg, 
Johan  JacoVj  Blecker, 
Job.  Wilhdlm  Knuff, 
Jf>hannes  Francis  Panlns, 
AVilhelm  (xonder, 
Jacob  Hetrich, 
Michael  Miiller, 
Conrad  Jiiger, 
Martin  Beck, 
Georg  Mattsohn, 
Jacob  Berger, 
Philip  Krebs, 
Jacob  Hirsch, 
Henry  Hassler, 
G.  A.  Daser, 
Martin  Schneider, 
Joseph  Graflf", 
Anton  Rantzler, 
Carl  Degreiff, 
Philip  Zorge, 
Carl  Weininiller, 
Jean  Frans  Baptist e, 
Georg  Anton  Linder, 
Georg  Adam  Geiss, 
Georg  Adam  Siegrist, 

Jacob  H.   Herle, 

Jacob  Miller, 

Ferdinand  Gene, 

Johan  Andreas  Buch, 

Johan  Jacob  Kautz, 

Johannes  BemighofF, 

Johannes  Bachman, 

Johan  Michael  Schumacher, 

J.  (reorge  Pinner, 

Carl  Friederich  Waag, 

Jacob  Hohr, 

Johann  Fortmeier, 

Ignatius  Vogt, 

George  Baker, 

Conrad  Winttemeyer, 

Johan  Andreas  Schrodlier, 

Hans  Jacob  Steigelmann, 

Joh.  Michael  Herorn, 

G.  Wilhelm  Albrecht, 

H.  Georg  Leysig. 

Joh.  Theobald  Sternberger, 

Johan  Martin  Bettinger, 

Georg  Peter  Delp, 

Joh.  Wolfgang  Seilen, 

Peter  Casper  Schon, 

Peter  Heifes, 

Georg  Tjange, 

Diebolt  Soi-g, 

Michael  Brauer, 

Jacob  Schmidt. 

Johannes  Walder, 

Valentin  Schiiffer, 

Jacob  Krininger, 

Carl  Ebersohl, 

Abraham  Coriell, 

Conra<lt  Hiiber, 

Philip  Jacob  Meyer, 

Isaac  Miiller, 

Jacob  Nagel, 

Jacob  Haller, 

Hans  Michel  Zonal, 

Georg  Philip  Ziegler, 

Johan  Jacob  Zucker, 

Johan  Jacob  "Walther, 

Nicklas  Turmeyer, 

Michael  Feierstein, 

THE  OATH  OK  ALLEGIANCE,                        809 

Joh.  Geoi-fj  Sautter,  Jos.  ('onrad  Haussinan, 

Joli.  Nicoliius  Bartholoin*,  Johan  Casper  Riiiiieisdi, 

J.  Georji  Scliweickhart,  (reorj^  Christ.   Reiiihoklt, 

.Toll.  Friederich  Eugelhart,  .    .Toll.   Wolfgang  Leitzel, 

Johau  Adam  Seliock,  Joliau  Friederich  Uebel, 

Jolian  Carl  Jacciiiart,  Jolian  C'onrad   Kogel, 

Joliann  Cliristia::  Krebs,  Joliau  Mickel  Spohn, 

Johannes  Rndel,  sick,  Johan  Jac.   Miiller,  sick, 

Nicklas  Harter,  sick,  J.  .Tacob  Selwiiiger,  sick, 

Panliis  A.  Daser,  sick,  J.   Casper  Weicheufel<ler,  sick. 

Men's  Names 

Niiine.  Ay- 

Martin  Hower, 44 

(Jhristiaii  Roth, ;^7 

Johannis  Lintz, 19 

Christopher  Trouts 27 

ChrJstoi)her  Hosp. 30 

Michael  Folts, 38 

Hendrick   Holtsman 42 

Jolin  Andreas  Bock, 25 

Jacob  Hendk.  Herle 3.) 

Christian  I'redrick  Banser, 84 

■Tohaii  .Tacob  Kants, 20 

Fredrick  Fetterle, 20 

Johan  Casper  Nill, 33 

Jacob  Miller, 25 

Casper  Meyly, 34 

.Tohaiines  Backniaii 26 

.Tohan  Adam  Zwiriiei- 33 

Fretinant  Kney,  ...           38 

.Tohannis  Rndel 28 

Carle  Erliart 34 

.Tohan  Michael  Shoemaker, 23 

l*hilip  Schwartz 24 

Johan  .Jacob  Aller, 30 

Nicholns  Shrack, 34 

Michael  Spann, 84 

Casper  Schaiick, 42 

.lacob  Hoor, 27 

Johan  Jerick  Bhimer 26 

Johan  Michl.   Bohnicr 84 

.Tf>han  Fortiiiayer, 26 

Johannes  Steiniiian 40 


Name.  ""^^f- 

Johan  Adam  OberAvinder, ^^ 

Carle  Waay, '^^ 

Carle  Wiuchiiiller '^*^' 

Jerick  Zeigler '^ 

Franciscus  Ratity, " 

Ignatius  Voght.     .    .• '^[^ 

Johan  Jacob  Ziicher '^" 

Ignatius  Fiechel,      "^ 

Nicholus  Herter,  ...        •    •        ■  ^" 

Jerick  Anthony  I.inder, 

Jolian  Andreas  Shredlin '^"^ 

Johan  Wilhelni  Mengel, "^'J 

Jerick  Backer, 

Jacob  Eliorhart, JJ_* 

Jacob  Steigeluian, ^'' 

Beridiard  Winterman, ^^ 

Johan  Jacob  Kleinbub, ^■* 

Johan  Miclil.  Eberhauf, ^^ 

Jacob  Streeuichild,      'a 

Johan  Diedk.  Opperheiiuer ' 24 

Wilhehn  All)reght,      J* 

Philip  Jacob  Brum ^^ 

Wilhehu  Oanter, 

Peter  Fies,       

Jacob  Hetrick, ' 

Jacob  Zerbinger, 

Hans  Jerick  Lyssey, ^ 

Jerick  Blanck, 

Michael  Miller, ■ ^■'* 


Fredrick  Dornvvind "' 


Johan  Sternberger, ^~^ 

Johan  Michael  Sa.wriij,- 

Pewald  Sawrig, 

Johan  Martin  Bedinger, 

Conrad t  Jeger,      

Michael  Bower ^' 

Martin  Beck, ~ 

Jacob  Smith, '^ 

Jerlclv  Matzer, '  ' 

Johan  Jacob  Blucker, 

Jerick  Peter  Tell) "^ 

Melchior  Kanipf ■    • 

Johan  Wolfgang  Rhinler " 

Peter  Musculus, ' 

Casper  Sheen, 


Name.  Aj/e. 

Hans  Waltt'v, :5;"i 

Jacob  Walter, 2r> 

Jacol)  Herjijer, 3'2 

ValieiiTiiie  Shallei- -iO 

Philip  Kreps 18 

Jacob  Kreiiiuf^er, -50 

Jerick.  Ailaiii  Kiiys 3J> 

Jacol)  Harscli, ' 23 

Carle  Ebersholl 21 

Nichohis  JHilliuayer, •>2 

Adam  Sigerist, 28 

Nicholns  Fyresteiii 40 

Nichohis  Fyresteiii,  jr..    , 21 

Heiuirick  Hashare,      2() 

Abraham  Borell, '$4 

Johaii  Jtirick  8aiiter ;W 

Coiiradt  Hausiiiau,                  •>4 

Nicholus  Bartholemy,    ...        2.'3 

Casper  Rometch,      24 

Paiilus  Passer, 4") 

AgaTuis  Passer, 17 

Jerick  Shweykert, o4 

Conrad  Huber, 4G 

Martin  Shnyder 26 

Philip  Jacob  IMayer 22 

Jerick  Rhinholt, oO 

Fredrick  Engelhart, :'>0 

Johan  Wolfgang  Leitzel, ;>0 

Casper  Phhigfelder, 4] 

Adam  Shack, :?♦> 

Joseph  riraff, -'lO 

I.saac  Miller, 2:^, 

Johan  Ubel, :iO 

Anthony  Cantzler, 37 

Jacob  Nagel, 40 

Johannis  BinnigholT, 

Carle  PeerafTt, - 

John  Michl.  Jacob,      — 

John  ( 'arle  Shakar — 

Johan  Coni'ad  Kjirhel — 

Christian  Kreps, — 

Jacob  Holle'r,      — 

Philip  Zurg, — 

2(i     \<)L.   XVII. 



List  of  Foreigners  Importkd  in  the  Ship  Brothers, 
AViLLiAM  MiiiR,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Cowes.     Qualif-ied  Sept.  26,  1753. 

Peter  Eyseiibreit, 
Matheis  Bloclier, 
Johannes  Karg, 
Ludwig  Jb'ischer, 
Daniel  Wunderlich, 
Johannes  Kuss, 
Melchior  Rieckhert, 
Michael  Setzer, 
Jacob  Mann, 
Johannes  Zaberer, 
Nickolas  Miller, 
Hans  Jacob  Finkbohner, 
Martin  Schidenhehn, 
Hans  Greorg  Hay, 
Hans  Greorg  Baltns  Sonder 
Johan  Ludwig  Wieth, 
Johan  Martin  Kreidler, 
Christoph  Jacob  Kiircher, 
Hans  Wendel  Huber, 
Johan  Paul  Schott, 
Haiis  Georg  Franenfeldei-, 
Georg  Alberth  Dill, 
Hans  Joseph  Poss, 
Philip  Hoffman, 
Lenhart  Diterich. 
Jacob  Miiller, 
Ludwig  Hertz, 
Martin  Flisterer, 
Andreas  Keyser, 
Paulus  Bohler, 
Georg  Peter  Wilhelin. 
Lenhart  Beckerniann, 
Hans  George  Mann, 
Friederich  Lay, 
Mattheis  Rdstlein, 
Johann  Casper  TNIarburg, 
Johannes  Herlein, 
Jacob  Mann, 
Friederich  Kiinstlpr, 
Johannes  Mann. 
Martin  Schneider, 

Christian  Diem, 
Michael  Wiisener, 
Jacob  Heiser, 
•Lorentz  Kalkery, 
Melchior  Minalt, 
Burckhart  Lindeman, 
Johannes  Joder, 
Stephan  Kreidler, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Stephan  Reybolt, 
Hans  Georg  Hop, 
Michael  Schidenhehn, 
Johann  Casper  Koch, 
Johann  Simon  Jiiger, 
weg,  Georg  Christoph  Eberle, 
Philip  Jacob  Kreidler, 
Johan  Philip  Schreher, 
Johan  Philip  Kliestadt, 
Georg  Friederich  Reinhard, 
Hans  Georg  Martstaller, 
Georg  Friederich  Andrse, 
Melchior  Fliesbach, 
Friedei'ich  Mergel, 
Jacob  Hester, 
Christoph  Miiller, 
Friederich  Miiller, 
Johannes  Strohm, 
David  Kind, 
Isaac  Vendner, 
Eberhart  Stallner. 
Friederich  Henrich  Knabe, 
Christoph  Schen«'k, 
Bendiart  Schneider, 
Johannes  Weierbacher, 
J.  Andreas  Ehrman, 
Johannes  Limbach, 
Philip  Geyer, 
Friederich  Leinbach, 
Johannes  Steidle, 
Jean  Hart  man, 
Michael  Schneider, 

THE  OATH  OI-^  Al.LKdl ANCE.  403 

Hans  Ofeorjj  Fisoher,  Joliau  Jacob  Miiller, 

Hans  (Teovp;  Mann,  Hans  tieor^  SehweiT/er, 

r-reorg  Jacob  Schrannn,  Jacob  Scliweitzer, 

Valentin  Klein,  Johan  Weisner. 

[The  oriijincil  list  is  herewith  f/ivr7i.] 
Men's'  NaiiieA. 

Name.  Age. 

Hans  Yerrick  Tlioni.       .    .'      30 

I'eter  Isintrbvid 27 

Christian  Dim, 30 

Jacob  Finkboner,                ...  37 

]\[athias  Plouglier ;>1 

Michael  Shitahell, 24 

Martin  Shitahell,     33 

Michael  Wysnen, 31 

Jann  Ecken,               32 

(Jasper  Thock, 37 

Hans  Yerrick  Ley, 21 

Frans  Joseph  Boss,     21 

Jacob  Honeysen, 32 

John  Simon  Jager, 37 

Jjudwick  Fisher,      33 

Hans  Yerrick  Under wegh,      21 

(reorge  Christopher  Eberly, 24 

Lorentz  Kilkere, 21 

Daniel  Wondelrigh, 27 

Melehior  Finhold, 22 

Johannes  Roots, 2S 

J >nd wick  Welts, 24 

l^hilips  Jacol)  Threydlen, 23 

John  Martin  Threydlen.       30 

VJurchare  Tiindaman, :Jo 

Hans  Philips  Smycken, 34 

Melehior  Rieger, 23 

Joliannes   i'eater, 31 

I' red  rick  Mei-kley, 2*^ 

<'hristopliei-  Kirger 30 

I'iiilip  Hoffman, 27 

Jacob  ffesten 34 

Leonard  ])iedrick, 31 

Christopher  Miller, 34 

Jacob  Miller 27 


Name.  ^9^- 

Fredrick  Miller,    .  ' J^'* 

Hans  Philip  FlinsDack *^3 

Lod wick  Fritz,  .    .       .  ' ^J 

Hans  Windel  (Tal)er '"'^ 

Johannes  Meysabacher 21 

George  Fredrick  Rynhard,      -^^ 

John  Pauius  Shul ^^ 

Hans  Yerrick  Morstall,     ^'^ 

Johannes  Stronie, "^ 

Martin  Festerer, 

Hans  Ulrick  Fraenfulder, 24 

Yerrick  Andre, '^JJ 

David  Kunly, "    '    '    '  "' 

Andreas  Keyser, 

Philips  Jacob  Endner, -^ 

Paulus  Woolen '^o 

Yerrick  Albright :    •       •    •  ^7 

Melchior  Flintsback 24 

Jacob   Sibzer '^^ 

Stephen  Kreyder, • •       ■    •  "'[ 

Everhard  Solomon "' 

John  Jacob  Man '"^^ 

Peter  Wilhelm 27 

Thomas  Kogh 2^ 

Fredrick  Knab 24 

Johannes  Zaberer ■-^ 

Stephen  Riebold, 21 

Leonard  Lukerow 27 

Christopher  Shenk 20 

Nicholas  Muller, 24 

Johannes  Liml)ack, 

Joliannes  Heleren, "'* 

Philip  Geyer,      [^' 

Hans  Yerrick  Man, ^^ 

Jacob  Man •    ■ 

Bernard  Snyder, ^^ 

Fredrick  Lye, , 24 

Johannes  WeyerV)acker, ^i 

Mathias  Riesy, ^' 

Andreas  Ackerman *" 

John  Casper  Marbook, ~~ 

Martin  Snyder 

Michael  Snyder, ~ 

Fredrick  Limback — 

Fredrick  Ken, ~~ 


Name.  Age. 

Hans  Steitly _ 

George  Fisher, 

Johannes  Man, — 

Jacob  Miller, _ 

Hans  Wolfinetrer, — 

Hans  (reorge  Man, — 

Adam  Sweigert, — 

John  Hartjnans — 

Valentine  Rein,      — 

George  Adam  Shieini, — 

Jacob  iSweitzer, — 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Windsor,  Capt. 
John  Good,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.  Qual- 
ified Sept.  27,  1T5.S. 

Rudolph  Banninger, 

Daniel  Sclmeider, 

Christian  Schober, 

Caspar  Liitz, 

Samuel  Siittel, 

Joliannes  Thomas, 

Georg  Mossbach, 

Johan  Nicklin, 

Philip  Reiss, 

JacoV)  Reiss, 

J  oh.  Peter  Diehm, 

Adam  Lei)pert, 

Joli.  .Jacol)  Loshart, 

Joli.  Martin  Kietzmiller, 

Georg  Stephauus  Wallhauer 

Joliann  Georg  Sclimidt, 

Sigmund  Bondeli, 

Johannes  Grjiber, 

Christian  Weiss, 

Jolian  Ferdinand  Ijehrer, 

Hans  Georg  Ijiitz, 

Hans  Adam  Schatzman, 

Johan  Peter  Hiirn, 

Joliaim  Jacob  Friess, 

Johan  Peter  Beltz, 

Marcus  Tomer, 

Martin  Vogler, 

Daniel  Speck. 

Heinrich  Siittel, 

Christian  Keller, 

Georg  Hoff, 

Cas2)er  Kappes, 

J.  Jacob  Martin, 

Simon  Reiss, 

Henry  Estrich, 

Jacob  Slirei. 

J.   Wilhelm  Tistel, 

Joh.   Reinhart  Batz, 

Jolian  Ludwig  Beck, 

Johann  Georg  Rfann. 

Johan  AVilhelm  Kromer, 

Henrich  Ptister, 

Henry  Bauer. 

Reinhart  Dietrich  Kercher, 

Johann  Christoph  Rein, 

.Joh.  Martin  Bruckeumiiller, 

Henrich  Gottfried  Meier, 

Johann  .loachim  Kaysor, 

Johann  J^eter  (irub, 

Michael  MilJ)erger, 



Johannes  Bauinann, 
Johan  Jacob  Ostewald, 
(xeorg  Friedericli  Stadtever, 
Johann  Philippus  Pix. 
Andreas  Grriinau, 
Adain  Hoppaeher, 
Johanu  Michael  Hobbaer, 

Johann  Casper  Diehl, 
Wilhehn  Berckhiiuser, 
Johan  Jacob  Streibig, 
Simon  Peter  Strauch, 
Nicklas  Mensch, 
Johann  Greorg  Betz, 
J.  Greorg  Soninier, 

l^The  '■Hist  of  jiassenffers^^  is 
"  Newlander.'''''] 

Jacob  Bowman,  Newlander, 

Rodolph  Phaningar, 

John  Rinehard  Potts, 

John  Ludawick  Peck, 

Martain  Failster. 

Georg  Stafon  Walhower, 

Sickmont  Bondliock, 

John  Craber, 

Hendrick  Bower, 

Daniel  Spack, 

Michael  Bi-oder,  Newlander, 

Jno.  Ferdinand  Larer, 

Jno.  George  Lutes, 

John  Martin  Frenkamler, 

Hendrick  Shettle, 

Hendrick  Good  Fredmore, 

Christian  Roller, 

John  Jacob  Frice, 

John  Tomas, 

Georg  Hauf, 

George  Molsl^oh, 

Casper  Deal, 

Nicholas  Tiinn, 

Wilhelm  Berksheirs, 

Jacob  Streboh, 

Philip  Slieap, 

Simon  Trice, 

Hendrick  Aushenech, 

Peter  Dean, 

Simon  Drop, 

William  Teasel. 

John  Michael  Hoober, 

Nicholas  Mans, 

Adam  Ho  bach. 

alsv  given  including  those  marked 

Jacob  Bushart,  Newlander, 

Mark  Stoinmer, 

John  Martin  Rackmiller, 

Phalick  Snyder, 

Christian  Shobart, 

John  George  Man, 

Hendrick  Fiester, 

John  Geprg  Smith, 

CHristian  Wise, 

Jno.  Willhelm  Cromer, 

Rinehart  Dedrick  Kergar, 

Jno.  Christ  of  Rean, 

Casper  Lutes, 

Adam  Sheatsman, 

Samawiele  Settle, 

John  Peter  Horn, 

John  Yoham  Yeiser, 

Peter  Groof, 

Peter  Palts. 

Michael  Melberchar, 

John  Kowmer, 

Caspar  Cobis, 

Jacob  Aswalt, 

Fredrick  Stillinger, 

Jacob  Martin, 

Philip  Rice, 

Jacob  Rice, 

John  Snow,  Newlan 

Jacob  Schorl, 

Adam  Labort, 

George  Patts, 

Andriss  Cronowar, 

George  Sominers. 




Thomas  (.'oatam,  kuom    Kotikudam,  jlast   from  Cowes, 
England.     QuAmFiKD  Sept.  28,  1753. 

Friederich  Keener, 
Heinricli  Tluinei, 
Adam  ISyrvci, 
Daniel  Hreimer, 
Christian  Banner, 
Jacob  Rein, 
Johanne.»<  Hossert, 
Isaac  Biidenian. 
Andi'eas  Hatli, 
Joseph  ScliHiitt, 
Johannes  Heppener, 
Johainies  Haass, 
Ludwig  Wiirtz, 
Joiiannes  Mayer, 
Christian  Heillniann, 
Greorg  Michael  Wetterman, 
Georg  Baldas  Ungerer, 
Solomon  Hartman, 
Michael  Grossclaus, 
Jbst  Fischbach, 
Paulus  Weygant, 
Mattlieis  Zacharis, 
Herman  Gilbel, 
Hans  Michael  Gock, 
Johan  Henrich  Praester, 
Andreas  Staub, 
Jost  Conrad, 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Christoph  Weber, 
Joh.   Caspar  Weiss. 
Johan  Jacob  Welter, 
Johan  Conrad  Hess, 
Johann  Georg  Schriister, 
.Johan  Georg  Hiniroth, 
Johann  Georg  Krauskopf, 
Johan  Peter  Brun, 
Martin   Mayer, 
Nicoiaus  Kreiner, 
Mattheiis  Gromlich, 
Jacol)  Urban, 

Johannes  Kolle, 

Lndvvig  Luther, 

Andreas  SeytUe, 

Henrich  Mercke, 

Paulus  Wolffe, 

Johannes  Biich, 

Johannes  Wagner, 

Talio  Repair, 

Christoph  Schiitz, 

Jacob  Streder, 

Gottfried  Streidtz, 

Henrich  Kolin, 

Johannes  Heuckel, 

C.  Friederich  Maagg, 

Johannes  Peter  Hann, 

Georg  Michael  Megert, 
Johannes  Danwisch, 

Heister  Hiingarten, 

Rudolph  Meyer, 
Bernhart  Schmid, 

Daniel  Zacharis, 
J.  Henry  Stoffel, 
Johan  Georg  Acker, 
Joh.  Daniel  Hagen, 
Daniel  Amman, 
Felix  Gerber, 
Andreas  Ingan, 
Conrad  Bornn. 
Joh.  Ludwig  Hester, 
Ludwig  Henrich  Karcher, 
Joh.  Georg  Stocker, 
Johan  Georg  Moritz, 
Johan  Conrad  Beties, 
Johan  Georg  Prost, 
Johan  Georg  Fillips, 
Jacob  Ringwald, 
Johaimes  Heyr, 
Georg  Bishotf, 
Georg  Fiihrling, 
Michael  Laiib. 
J.  Georg  Steyb, 



Johannes  Laub, 
John  xVdaiii  Bald, 
Joliann  Jost  Schmidt, 
Johan  David  Deiibei-, 
Peter  Katzenmeyer, 
Johann  Casper  Koch, 
Gottfried  Korschniick, 
Johannes  (jreorg  Henne, 
Jacob  Meyer,  sjck, 
Johannes  Manbauer,  sick, 
David  Bisstel.  sick. 
Johannes  Schwartz,  t«ick. 

Johannes  Theis. 
Johannes  Achenliach, 
Jolian  (leorg  Sonnehorn, 
Christian  Rohrbach, 
Hans  Nicklas  Boi'ger, 
Johan  Adain  Forsch, 
A(hiia  Milch  sack, 
Christopher  Getzelnian,  sick, 
Felix  Miller,  sick, 
Jacob  Kreyder,  siclv, 
Jacob  Schaafbahn,  sick. 

[  The  original  list  is  herewith  given.'\ 
Men's  Names. 

Name.  Age. 

Fredrick  Kunner, 29 

Johannes  Kolle, -5 

Henrick  Dhenne 35 

Lodwick  Luther,      31 

Christopher  Fredrick  Maclie, 34 

Christopher  Getzebnan, 34 

Johannes  Adam  Zhiir, 33 

Christian  Heilman, 44 

Peter  Hann ,23 

Jerick  Michl.  Vaterman, 20 

Johan  nis  Michl.  Moeherly,      20 

Jerick  Pattus  lingerer,         22 

Andreas  Seidler, 2!) 

Daniel  Drenier, 29 

Johannis  Adam  Schmit, 20 

Henrick  Merhe, 3G 

Daniel  Auman, 33 

Andreas  Staup 41 

Felix  Gerber, 2(3 

SoloTnon  Hartman ...  20 

Christian  Henker, ■.    .    .    .  34 

Jurs  Conrad, 37 

Michael  Grosscdous, 21 

Andreas  Engold 21 

Johannes  Knut/., 20 

Rudolph  Myer, 1") 

Felix  Miller 30 


Name.  Age. 

Johaunis  Joseph  Fishback, 20 

Bernard  tSchiiiitt, 20 

Joliauuis  I'aulus  Neij^ant,       20 

Daniel  Zacliaries,      19 

Johaunis  Uirich  Per 88 

Graft  Verber 83 

Mathias  Zaoliaries, 29 

Christian  J*anner 20 

Johannes  Paiihis  Wolff, 24 

Johannes  Henriv.   Stoftle,         23 

Johannes  Harnian  (rebel, 19 

Johannes  Jacob  Rhine, 20 

Johannes  Book, 24 

Johannes  Jeriek  Anaoher, 23 

Johannes  Michl.  Kock,      21 

Johannes  Possart 19 

Johannes  Wagener, 20 

Johannes  Danll.  Hugo, 29 

Isaee  Pntenion, 23 

Daniel  Repert,      24 

Lodwick  Ester,      27 

Johannes  Casper  Weit/, •  .  21 

Amlrea^'^  Heck, 42 

Johannes  Christopher  Sehntz, 33 

Johannes  Ernst  Munibaubeir, 28 

Joseph  Schniit, 23 

Jacob  Streter 30 

L  ml  wick  Hen  rick  Karchar, 26 

Johannes  Kepner, 24 

Jacob  Velter 23 

Johannes  Jeriek  Stecher, 23 

Johannes  Conrad  Ketz, 18 

Johannes  Henrk.  Preasterin 21 

Johannes  Henrk.  Mauri tz, 38 

Godfrey  Striete, 27 

Conrad  Pules, 19 

Johannes  Jacob  Kriter, 31 

Johannes  Jeriek  Kiniorth, 28 

Johannes  Jeriek  Prost 27 

Johannes  Jeriek  Krausgkeep, 25 

Johannes  Haas 20 

Johannes  Jeriek  Pfhillips 29 

Johannes  Peter  Heun, 25 

Johannes  .Terick  Roan, 28 

Lodwick  Vertz, 25 


Name.  ^P^- 

Johannes  Heinckle, 29 

Joliaunes  Arnt  Bate,      38 

Johannes  Achenbach, 21 

Johannes  Jost  Schniit, 31 

Johannes  Jerich  Soneborn, oO 

Johannes  Myer, V    '    "  ''~ 

David  Deuber,  .'.... 30 

Johannes  David  Pistor, 24 

Jacob  Rengolt, 24 

Joliannis  Martin  Myer, 18 

Johannes  Heir,      26 

Jacob  Schanfberk,      2(i 

Nicholas  Krieuier, 27 

Joliannes  Jerick  Bisoph, 20 

Matliias  Kranibich,      20 

Christian  Rorbach, 24 

Jerick  Veriting 23 

Adam  Faciz 30 

Johannes  Michl.  Lanp, 20 

Joliannes  Schwartz, 21 

Jacol)  Urban,      28 

Peter  Katzenniyer,  .    .       20 

Jonannes  Jerick  Staiip 18 

Johannes  Lavxp, 18 

Johannes  Nicholas  Burger, 33 

(lodferd  Kaarschnock, 32 

Casper  Kock, 32 

Johannes  Adam  Fersh, 22 

Adam  IVfissach, — 

Johannes  Theis, — 

Johan  Greorge  Haney — 

Johannes  Shueberger,  Newlander,     50 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  tn  the  Ship  Two  Brothers. 
Capt.  Thomas  Arnot,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ply- 
mouth, Englamu.     Qualified  Skpt.  28,  1753. 

Johannes  Spiith,  Mattheis  Dischong, 

Wilhelm  Dischong,  Frantz  Klein, 

Conrad  Liitzing,  Leoahart  Liitzing, 

Johannes  Wagner,  Martin  Jung, 

Johannes  Miiller,  Debalt  Bosseng, 



Perer  8taul)er, 
Jolmiines  Wii'tz, 
"NVilliaiu  Tillhouer, 
J.  (feorg  VolcU, 
J.  Adam  Kohlniau, 
Michael  Hotmail, 
John  PritHlerk'li  Schiiy, 
Joh.  Jacol)  Hel{), 
.rohanii  Theis  Scliiitz, 
Johaii  Fraiitz  Koch, 
Joliaii  Peter  Jtiiif^, 
Christian  Tresseiistiitt, 
Jacob  Kohl, 
Friederich  Haiiimau, 
Joliari  Adam  J^abst, 
Johaii  Peter  Koch, 
Johan  Stephan  Dieter, 
Joh.  Wilhehii  Hardtstang, 
Johauu  Hahaser  (xotz, 
Johaii  Philip  Gesseler, 
Johan  Philip  Dill, 
Johann  Peter  Halin, 
Johann  Adam  Meyer, 
Johan  Jung  Richler, 
Johan  Adam  Pfetzer, 
J.  (xeorge  AVinter. 
J.  Adam  Lang, 
Conrad  Schmaus, 
Matthias  Nied, 
J.  Wilhelm  Shiitz, 
J.  Henry  Jiiekel, 
Israel  Matzfeld, 
Joseph  Beck, 
Johannes  Schey, 
Johannes  Feiser,  « 

Friederich  Kroh, 
Johannes  Peter  Held, 
Joliann  Philij)  Schneider, 
Jolian  Wilhelm  SchiiHer, 
Frans  Theis  Schmidt, 
Johan  Christian  Znjirian, 
Joli.  Henrich  Siignisch. 
Johan  Georg  SeiiTert, 

Joliannes  Lein, 
Joh.  Theis  Huss, 
Joliannes  Graii, 
J.  Joacdiim  Seehnrt. 
Hieronimiis  Biiiiipr. 
Jacob  Hering, 
Rudolph  Zimmerinaii, 
Johan    Henrich  Liitscli, 
Joh.  Henrich  Heesman, 
Johan  Phili[)  Heyman, 
Jolian  Matheis  Schneitler, 
Joh.   Valentin  Wieber. 
Johan  Kohl, 
Johan  Leonhart  Midler, 
J.  George  Hechtol, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Lohiier, 
J.  Jacob  Kisenhauer, 
Johan  Adam  Sclimit, 
Johann  Adam  Giltz, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Miiller, 
Johan  Adolph  Gesseler, 
Johan  Adam  Wirth, 
Joh.  Gerhard  Midler, 
Johannes  Klias  Arnold  t, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johannes  Nedig, 
Heinrich  Schmaus. 
Johannes  Schmaus, 
J.  Adam  Shwartz, 
Johannes  Feck, 
J.   Georg  Jiiekel, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Conrath  PfiUips, 
.Jacob  Hahn, 
Johannes  Pauli, 
J.  Lndwig  Shook, 
Johannes  Weitman, 
Johan  Georg  Bechtoldt, 
Joh.  Paulus  Scliiiliei-, 
Johan  Philip  Klein, 
Joh.  Henrich  Heymann. 
Filias  Conrad  Stegman. 



[  21ie  "  list  uf 

.Job.   Fredk.  Schie, 
Matthias  Dishon, 
Frans  Kleyn, 
Conrad  Lessing, 
Joh.  Jacob  Httlpes. 
Joli.  Thys  Schuts, 
Joli.  Hendk.  Heins, 
Job.  Pliilip  Heiinan, 
Joh.  Martin  Young, 
Jolis.    Miller, 
Peter  Stoiibe, 
Christian  Tresenstatt, 
Joh.  Phihp  Kesselar, 
Joh.  PhiHp  Dill, 
Julians.  Kiintz, 
Joh.   Adam  Wirth, 
Joh.   (Terhardns  Miller, 
William  Dill>raner, 
Johs.  Cram, 
Joh.  Jurg  Folk, 
Joh.  Adam  Fatzer, 
Joh.  Adam  Colman, 
Joh.  Adam  Babst, 
Joh.  Jaeol)  Hering, 
Joh.  Jnrg  Backholt, 
Joh.  Nicholas  Lones, 
Johannes  Niedig, 
Joh.  Adam  Long, 
Joh.  Wm.  Hortstong, 
('onrad  Smous, 
Matthias  Nied, 
Baltzer  Gilk, 
Joh.  Adam  Swartz, 
Jobs.  Sack, 
Joh.  Hendk.  Eckil, 
Israel  Motstel. 
Jobs.  AVydmau, 
Jobs.    Young, 
Johannes  Beck, 
John  Wm.  Shiver, 
Frans  Smith, 
Joh.  Chris.    Lupream, 
Jacob  Haan, 
Jobs    Paule, 
Valentine  Weaver, 

pause )i.gers"  is  also  given. ^ 

Johannes  Spudt, 
Wilheim  Disbon, 
Adolph  Zimmerman, 
Leonard  Lessing, 
Joh.  Hendk.  Lutsch, 
Joh.  Wm.  Schuts, 
Frans  Koch. 
Johans.  Wagoner, 
Joh.  Peter  Young, 
Teobalt  Bossong, 
Joh.  Matthias  Snyder, 
Johannes  Limp, 
Joh.  William  Miller, 
Adolph  Kesselar, 
Joh.   Peter  Soon, 
Joh.  Adam  Mier, 
Joh.  Thys  Huss, 
,Iob.  Jurg  Kigelar, 
Joh.  Nichos.  Arnholt, 
Joh.  Jacob  Severt, 
Joh.   Lenert  Miller, 
Hireminus  Brunner, 
Michael  H  of  man, 
Johs,  Snyder, 
Job.  Peter  Kock, 
Job.  Jurg  Wintter, 
Stephan  Peter, 
Joh.  Jacob  Eysenhimer, 
Joh.  Hendk.   Smous, 
Johs.   Smoas, 
Joh.   Adam  Smith, 
Job.   Adam  (rits, 
Wm.  Schitz, 
Joh*   Ludwick  Schrick, 
Joh.  Jnrg  Eckil, 
Jobs.    Peter  Helt, 
Job.   Philip  Snyder, 
.Job.  .lurg  Beckholt, 
Conrad  Philips, 
Joh.  Paul  Schetter, 
Joh.  Philip  Kleyn, 
.Johs.  Skie, 
Johs.  Riser, 
Fredk.  Croue, 
.    Joh.  Jacob  Coll, 



Hauiies  Ooll, 

Jbh.  Hendk.  Saeynish, 

Elias  Coura'l  Stackniaii, 

Jiili.  Ht'inlk.  HitMiian, 
Fredk.    Hainan, 
John  rreort;  Sivert. 

List  ok  ForkictXkrs  Importkk  in  thk  Hhw  Rowaxd.  Cai't. 
Arthur  Trax,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  (Iowks. 
Qualified  Sept.  29,  175;i 

Philippus  Seliniidt,  I>aniel  P"'l(Mider, 

Job.   Peter  Wiejjel,  Johannes  Bncimer, 

Christian  Mann.  Jonas  Mann, 

Ludwig  Liipp,  Johann  Oreorg  Starck. 

Joliann  ( 'hristian  AVeinfirenn'^r,  Jolian  Stephan  Kl<»ekuei-, 

Christ.   Henrich  (rreb, 

G.  Peter  Baer, 

David  Cxiessler, 

Peter  Muller, 

Joh.  flen.  Krntz, 

Joh.  Conrad  Gran, 

Joh.  Henry  Held, 

Joliannes  Georg, 

Pliilep  Pool, 

Philip  Schunian, 

Sebastian  Weber, 

Jacob  Biiller, 

Henrich  Laiier, 

Henry  Westenhaber, 

Matthias  Schiit/., 

Henry  Kiinipll'er, 

Christian  Mann, 

Johan  Friederich  Sohinidt, 

Johan  Christian  Greebel, 

Johan  Peter  Kolb, 

Johan  Henrich  Buchner, 

Jost  Henricli  Meller, 

Johan  Christ.   Koll), 

Johan  Wilhehn  Jnng, 

Joh.  Z.  Pruntz, 

Martin  Helfe\sen, 

Johfinnes  Seibacli, 

Joh.  Jacob  Haass, 

Conrad  Becker, 

Johan  Philip  Seyu. 

Johan  Theis  Greb, 
George  Hoover,  *.^ 
Jacob  Hetrig, 
Johannes  Miller,  Hindert, 
Christian  Riibsanien, 
Johannes  Thomas, 
Johannes  Freund, 
Peter  Kolb, 
Jacob  Shiitz. 
Joliannes  Keller, 
Theiss  Laner, 
Joiian  Frantz  GVinini, 
Johannes  Schalfer, 
Martin  Diel, 
Johannes  Kregeloch, 
Panlus  Kruni, 
Johan  Philip  Sonner, 
Joh.   Wilhehn   Bohnier, 
Joh.  Martin  Biichner, 
Johan  Theis  Brand, 
Johan  Peter  Tjadenham 
Johan  Adam  Mass, 
J'ohan  Peter  Meyer, 
Bernhart  PfeilTer, 
Joh.   Phil.   Foss, 
Johan  Engel  Strack, 
Frantz  Zeiler, 
Jolumnes  Selbach, 
Ji>h.    Heinrir-h  BtUiiiie, 



Johaii  Elias  Steuerdach, 
Christian  Blickensdiirffer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Lingentelter, 
Johaiiu  Theis  Hissger, 
Johan  Henrich  Held, 
Joh.  (reorg  Gfeorg, 
Johan  Christ.  Bentz, 
Joh.  Henrich  Spiith, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schiiffer, 
Wilhelni  Becker, 
Johan  Tlieis  Kiihneman, 
Jolian  Theis  Schmidt, 
Joli.  Henricii  Strnnck, 
Johan  Tlieis  Riibsainen, 
Joli.  Grerlacli  Stahl, 
Matheus  Ziinniernian, 
Andreas  Ecker, 
Henry  Panix, 
John  Peter  Kraiiniier, 
Johan  Peter  Braim, 

.Johan  Peter  Schviiiiacher, 
Jost  Blickensdortt'er, 
Johan  Peter  Roch, 
Joh.  Gerhart  H umbel, 
Johan  Engel  Thomas, 
Joh.  Greorg  Knortzer, 
Johan  Philip  Spiith, 
Joh.  Bastian  Heun, 
Joh.  (ierlach  Schiiffer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kuhneman, 
Joh.   Wilhehn   Schiiffer, 
Joh.  Henricii  Pilger, 
Johann  Peter  Leiss, 
Joh.  Christ.  Stahl, 
Bastian  Shneyder, 
Johannes  Krum. 
Johannes  Kreutz, 
Herinanus  Zimiiierman, 
Johan  Engel  Braun. 

[r/jc  ^'■list  of  passrnr/crs^'' 

Philip  Smith, 
Christian  Winebrenner, 
Peter  Wile, 
Christian  Krebb, 
William  Young, 
Philip  Schmid, 
Peter  Baudenheiiner, 
John  William  Bamell, 
Martin  Bugner, 
Henry  Bugner, 
Matthias  Brand, 
Ludowick  Lupe, 
Bernard  Piper, 
Philip  Folks, 
Engle  Strnnck, 
Francis  Zeiler, 
Henry  Miller. 
Henry  Baumer, 
Philip  Steinbach, 
Peter  Shoemaker, 
David  Kisler. 
Jo-it  Blichenderfer, 

differing  from  the  foregoing  is  also  given,'] 

(ifeorge  Stark, 

Daniel  Flinter. 

John  Steven  Gleckner, 

Matthias  Krebb, 

Peter  Myer, 

Philip  Bosoner, 

John  Kres  Kribly, 

Peter  Kelp, 

John  Bugner, 

Christian  Mann, 

Jonas  Mann, 

John  Saring, 

Martin  Hellsinheiser, 

John  Saill)acli, 

Jacob   Hass, 

i'onrad  Becher, 

Philil)  Seg, 

John  Sailbach, 

(xeorge  Bare, 

George  Hutt, 

Christian   Blichenderfer, 

Jacob  Ijingenfeilder, 



I'eter  Riich, 
Peter  Millei*, 
John  Heiidriek, 
Conrad  (ri-au, 
^Iiithiu.s  Hutz^en, 
John  Henry  Hel<l, 
John  Kngle  Thomas, 
John  (reor^e, 
Jolm   Freind, 
Philip  Hool, 
Philip  Speat, 
Peter  Kolh. 
I'hilip  Sfdiennian, 
Bastian  Haine, 
Jolin  Sclialler, 
Jolin  Keller, 
Mattliias  Lauer, 
Francis  Cronim, 
Henry  Wisthafer, 
Matthias  Knnenian, 
John  William  Sohatter, 
John    Henry  Filger, 
Martin  Diehl. 
Henry  Kempf, 
Christian  Mann, 
John  Matthias  Rul)sa,n, 
John  Cramiii, 
(.xerlock  Stall), 
Andreas  Eker, 
Manuel  Zimmerman, 
John  Henry  Benix, 
Entile  Brown, 

Jacob   liass, 

John  Miller, 

John  Henry  Grreitz, 

John  C'liristian  Uiehsomen, 

John  (jrerhard  Hummell, 

Henry  Held, 

Adam  Thomas  Sterh, 

(xeorge  (xf^orge, 

Greorge  Kiiert/.er, 

Jno.  Christian  Kens, 

Henry  Speat, 

Christian  Koib, 

Jafol)  Schuster, 

John  Henry  SchalTer, 

John   Bastian  Weaver, 

Jacf)b  Behler, 

Henry  Lauer, 

JohnAVilliam  Bechker, 

John  Henry  Kuneman, 

Jolm  Schaffer, 

Matthias  Schmidt, 

Matthias  Shit/, 

John  Henry  Stranck. 

John  Kregilo, 

Peter  Lice, 

Panlns  Cramm, 

Christian  Stall, 

Jno.  Bastian  Schneider, 

Matthias  Zimmerman, 

John  Kreitz, 

John  Peter  Ki-amer, 

John  I'etei"  Brown. 

IviST  OK  ForkktXKRS  Importkd  in  thk  Ship  Good  Hopk, 
Capt.  John  Trump,  from  Hambitrg,  i^ast  from  Cowks. 
QuATiiBTED  Oct.  1,  1753. 

Ulrich  Re'.ing, 
H.  (leorj^  Heiicker, 
J.  Henry  Niederhut, 
Christoph  Miidiael, 
Christofel  Alill.orn. 
Johan  Kiiicrinien, 

Peter  Knobe, 

J.    Heni'v  Klai^jier, 

Andreas  Feigner, 

Christofel  Ohms, 

J.  Henry  Nederman, 

Simon  Shriider, 



Jeremias  Pflug, 
Elias  Aue, 
Christian  Ki'mig, 
Christopli  Reinman, 
Simon  Eberle, 
Gerdt  Hiirrehnan, 
Carl  Ahlborn, 
Andreas  Erkhard, 
Joh.  Hen.   Christo  Runcker, 
J.  Henry  Sellignian, 
Jolian  Peter  Dippel, 
Joh.  Erich  Sclmeeberg, 
Hans  Christoph  Engel, 
Johan  Jacob  Niecke, 
Joh.  Andreas  Forster, 
Hans  Joacliiui  Meissner, 
Joli.  Urban  Kaalitz, 
Joli.  Tlieodor  Martini, 
Joh.  Wilhelin  Riiber, 
Jean  Jaquet  Lapierre, 
Georg  Henrich  Doreges, 

Christopher  Pock, 
J.  Henry  Worm, 
Conrad  Hartman, 
Christopli  Kneply, 
Jacob  Rinmann, 
Joh.   Peter  Piigner. 
J.  Martin  Weinberg, 
Johan  Conrad  Kleikam, 
Hans  Henry  Steedeberger, 
Joach  Conrad  Stein wehner. 
H.   Andreas  Wigman, 
Johan  Georg  Lauman, 
Henrich  Christoph  Diedricli, 
Joh.  Henrich  Ziegeler, 
J.  Christoph  Lenian, 
Joh.   Gottlieb  AVecker, 
Joli.  Christoph  Mosmeyer, 
Justus  Carl  Wil  Martini, 
Joh.   Christian  Hachman, 
Joh.  Andreas  Friederichs. 

[The   " h'.s< "  as  furyiished  by  the 

Friederick  Reliing, 

Hans  Henry  Tutterling, 

Beams  Stunbear, 

Henry  Georg  Baker, 

Henry  Nechotock, 

John  Peter  Tippills, 

John  Sniber, 

Christoph  Homes, 

Henrich  Lowman, 

John  Henrick  Naderman, 

Jacob  Nicker, 

Henrick  Sigher, 

.Jeremiali  Fhig, 

Christopher  Pock, 

Johann  Christoph  Lemann, 

Christian  Konock, 

Got  leap  Wacker, 

John  Martin  Wenberg, 

Conrod  Hartman, 

John  Theodore  l\[artnie, 

Christoplier  Rinemau, 

master  of  the  vessel  is  also  r/iven.  ] 

Henry  Christophel  Ring, 
Jost  Henry  Selegman, 
Peter  Knock, 
John  Henry  Klampert, 
Andreas  Figener, 
Henry  xVndreas  Wiggman 
Christophel  Michael, 
Christophel  Hoi  borne. 
Hans  Chris.  Ingel, 
Henry  Christoph  Diderick, 
Hans  Kineream, 
Simon  Shroader, 
Johan  Andreas  Foster, 
Elias  Oner, 

John  Henderick  Worm, 
Hans  Jockam  Mesnar, 
John  Arlian  Coutas, 
Andreas  Lowrence  Acord, 
Johan  Christopher  Momoyr, 
.Tost  Carols  Martine, 
Simon  Everley, 




Jacob  Reman, 

Johau  William  Kiver, 

Johau  Laper, 

Johaun  Peter  Pickner, 

Johaiin  Andreas  Fredreas, 

(iaret  Hai'tman, 

Johan  Cliii^iian  Backnian. 

Jolian  Conrad  Klitheim, 

Ernest  Alborn, 

Jorj^an  Herrich  Durgess. 

List  of  Fort;ic4xers  liiPouTKn  ix  the  Ship  Edixburg, 
Capt.  John  JjYox,  from  Rottkrdam,  l,ast  from  Cowks. 
Qualified  Oct.  2,  175;}. 

Joh.  Engel  Jung,  Joh.  Conrad  Scherer, 

Joh.  Hen.  Knodt,  Friederich  Kohler, 

Joh.  (ieorg  Cliristoph  Hering,  Joh.  Henrich  Wessing. 

Philip  Wagnei', 
Andreas  Gerlach, 
Johannes  Heyl, 
Anthon  Kensch, 
J.  Henry  Cronro, 
Friedericli  Schrieg, 
Jacob  Loos, 
J.  Jacob  Wie.sser,  -^ 
Michael  Hauss, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Buhl, 
J.  ])an.  Maunshagen, 
Johanes  Aurandt, 
Johannes  Jiingst, 
Christ oiDhel  Hebener, 

Daniel  Schlappig, 

J.   Peter  Meyer, 

Michael  Tasch, 

Johan  Schneider, 

J.  Peter  Kirchoffer, 

.lost  Henrich  Weyerhause 

Johannes  Midler, 

Johan  Peter  OrndorflF, 

Joh.  Philip  Schneider, 

Johannes  J)enig, 

Wilhelm  Cossler, 

Philip  Valentin  Kuessele, 

Johan  Georg  Miiller, 

J.  Ueorge  Friederich  Loser, 

Johan  AVilhelm  Ahl, 
27— Vol.  XVII. 

Gottfried  Krum, 

Wilhelm  Schadell, 

Henry  Gimper, 

Christian  Dijiler, 

Anthon  Casper  Kamm, 

Christian  Jauch, 

J.  Peter  Lehr, 

Joh.  Adam  Krum, 

J.  George  Rosdorff, 

Joh.  Georg  Stahl, 

Andreas  Schnyder, 

Joh.  George  Schwartz, 

Adam  KliJckner, 

Johannes  Reiischmit, 

Georg  Schiiffer, 

J.  Christian  Schmit, 

Anthon  Krum, 
Johannes  Kregele, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Hoffer, 
Joh.   Friederich  Schall, 

Johannes  Griiff, 
Joh.   Henrich  Otto, 
Friederich  Burner, 
Johannes  Raup, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Hohle, 
.Toll.  Solomon  Heim, 
.Tohann  Peter  Baldns, 
Andreas  Erdmaii  Liinsman 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Steir, 



Johan  Conrad  Schneider, 
Johan  Jacob  Katz, 
Johann  Henrich  Kuntz, 
Johan  Philip  Kobel, 
Johan  Jacob  Hoffman, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Schweit:,er, 
Joh.  Gerlach  Bernhutter, 
Joh.  Friederich  Weitzell, 
Johan  Cxerlach  Klein, 
Joh.   Henrich  Steinseiffer, 
Joh.  Conrad  Orndorff, 
Johan  Greorg  Waller, 
Hieroninius  Schneider, 
Johan  Henrich  Stoltz, 
Johan  Greorg  Schneider, 
F.  Conrad  Schinit, 
Joh.  Jost  Schlappig, 
J.  Wilhehn  Wisser. 

Johann  Georg  Loos, 
Johann  Daniel  Rnppert, 
Johan  Henrich  Printz, 
Johan  Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Johann  Georg  Schneider, 
Joh.  Baltzer  D  acker, 
Johan  Anthonius  Huhn, 
Philip  Hen.  xlrndorff, 
Joh.  Gerlach  Muttersbach, 
Joh.  Wilhehn  Stumpf, 
Joh.   Georg  Stiefel, 
Joh.  Wilhehn  Wollenweber, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Weller, 
Ernst  Ludwig  Krauss, 
Johan  Peter  Stoltz, 
J.  Gerlach  Wisser, 
Joh.  Henrich  Jung. 

IThe  original  list  is  hereiuith  given,] 

Men's  names. 

Name.  Age. 

Christoph  Hering, 25 

Conrad  Scherer, 18 

Jon.  Engel  Young, 40 

John  Henrich  Knoth, 33 

John  Henrich  Massing 19 

Henrich  Otto 20 

Friederich  Kehler 33 

Johanes  Philip  Sneiter, 33 

Friederick  Behnier, 33 

Johanes  Wilhelm  Haefler 36 

John  Dennis. 48 

Jost  Henrich  Weyershauson, 23 

Johannes  Ruhtrauff 22 

Johannes  Friederich  Scholl, 21 

Gott.  Fried.  Hehller, 20 

William  Cassel,      ^ 20 

Philip  Valentin  Knefely, 16 

Philij:)  Wagner,      44 

John  Solomon  Heim,     24 

Gottfried  Krum 33 

John  George  Miller, 37 

Nicolaus  Gerlach, 26 


Name.  Age. 

Urban  Schettel 30 

Jolin  Petter  Haltof 37 

Johannes  Heith, 32 

Friederich  Loesser,      23 

Andreas  Erdnian  Ijeynaw, 29 

Henrich  Kiniber,      20 

Anthon  Reish, 27 

Wilhelm  Ehel 20 

Cliristian  Detter 49 

John  Wilhehu  Stoehr, 38 

Johannes  Henrich  Cronraw, 37 

Conrad  Sneider, 25 

Johannes  Preisser, 22 

John  (jreorge  Loss 38 

Anthonius  Hafferlani, 22 

Friederich  Schnuk, 24 

Jacob  Katz 22 

John  Daniel  Rubert,      23 

John  Henrich  Heinse,       19 

Christian  Youeh, 23 

Johannes  Henricli  Kant/, 19 

Jacob  Loss 24 

John  Philip  Kebeel, 80 

John  Petter  Laehr, 29 

John  Jacob  Schweitzer, ^, 22 

John  Joachim  Wiesser, 28 

Jacob  Hoffman, 20 

John  fieorg  Sneiter, 30 

Adcim  Nicodemus 30 

John  Adam  Krnm, 19 

Michael  Faust, 34 

John  Jost  Rostdorff 25 

Jolin  Ludwig  Schweitzer, ;    .    .    .    .  38 

John  Baltzer  Dickert, 19 

J  oh.  Gerlach  BornhekMi-, 29 

John  Anthon  Houn, 19 

Willielm  Bulil],      23 

John  Georg  Stahlsmit,      35 

Joh.  Daniel  Mauenshagen,      30 

John  Friederich  Weitzel, 18 

Philip  Heinrich  Ahrendorff, 38 

Andreas  Snei<-er, 18 

Johannes  Anrant, 28 

John  George  Schwartz, 48 

Hen.  Godfried  Till,     24 


John  Gei-lach  Klin, •    •  '^'^ 

Johannes  Tungst, ^^ 

John  Geriach  Mutterspach, '^-^ 

Anthon  Klecknev '^^ 

Wilhehu  Stunipff, ^'^ 

Christoph  Huhnev,      ~^ 

Johannes  Heinrich  Steinsayfer, 28 

John  George  Reichel, ^2 

Johannes  Rein  Shmit, 2a 

John  Daniel  Schlapig, 29 

Jerg  Scheffer, '-';;; 

John  Fetter  Mayer, -'^ 

Conrad  Ohrendorff, -^^ 

Wilhehn  Woolenweber,      '■^^ 

Joh.  Christ.  Srait 47 

John  Georg  Waller, 26 

John  Wilhelm  Waller,    . " 20 

Michael  Tasch "^'^ 

Anthon  Krum,      "^^ 

Hieronimus  Snieter, ^j 

Ernst  Ludwig  Krauss, 43 

Johannes  Sneiter '"' 

Johannes  Fetter  Stoltz, 20 

John  Heinrich  Stoltz, 49 

Johannes  Kegenlo,      '^5 

John  Fetter  Kirchhott'er,      28 

—John  Wilhehn  Weisser, 43 

John  Georg  Sneiter 30 

^Tohn  Gerlach  Weisser, 24 

John  Conrad  Smit, 1^ 

Johannes  Fetter  Ohrendorff, 19 

John  Heinrich  Young 


John  Jost  Schlapig, ^^ 

Johannes  Muller,      -"^ 

Ernst  Christian  Miller,       21 

Jacob  Nickel,      -^^ 

Johannes  Grave, 



List  of  Foukk+nkrs  Impoktkd  ix  thk  Ship  Louisa,  John 
PiTCAiKNK,  Captain,  from  Rottkruam,  l,ast  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Oct.  3,  1703. 

Conrad  Kiilil, 
Ernst  Jacoby. 
Philip  Klein. 
Johannes  Bulihiian, 
Johannes  Preyss, 
Andreas  Kratz, 
Hans  Geort^  Janse, 
Frietlericii  Heyer, 
Johannes  WiirlTer, 
Stephan  Riei, 
Friederich  Diirck, 
Philip  Hetric'k, 
Herman  Eiurich, 
Peter  Thran, 
Peter  Maner, 
Henry  Fleck, 
Georg  Priedrich  Kol))e('k, 
Johan  Georg  Zenlanh, 
Michael  Pfiocher, 
John  Bastian  Datz, 
Jacob  Neundorf, 
Benedictus  Neidlinger, 
Johcin  Adam  Datz, 
Johan  Peter  Speilnian, 
Joh.  AVilhelm  Riick. 
Johan  Georg  Grul), 
Johann  Philip  I m  bach, 
Johann  Albert  Maurer, 
Johann  Henrich  Schniit, 
Georg  Adam  j\Iandel, 
Johann  Jacob  Nieman, 
Johan  Christian  Schweiler, 
Johan  Philip  Wachs, 
Hans  Michael  Miiller, 
Joh.  Georg  Hasselbacher, 
Johann  Peter  Schuiick, 
Achilles  Stan, 
Joh.   Wilhelm  Volb.-l, 
Friederich  Zillow, 

Balthaser  Vorbach, 
Mathias  Becker, 
Johann  Dach, 
Philippus  Teche, 
Christian  Weber, 
,     Johannes  Fuss, 
\^    Christophel  Schiipf,  i 
Conrad  Koberling, 
Joh.  Georg  Braun, 
.1.   Henry  Wemyer, 
Johannes  Miiller, 
Henrich  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Bauman, 
Johannes  Kipp, 
Lotharius  Richard, 
Carl  Einrich, 

Johan  Henrich  Seeberger, 
Johannes  Blocher, 
Andreas  Heister, 
Conrad  Speilman, 
Philip  Brendtle, 
Johan  Philiii  Hehnel, 
Joh.   Georg  Henimersbach, 
Johan  Christian  Lauer, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Herd, 
Johan  Peter  Stadel, 
Johann  Carl  Volbel. 
Johan  Conrad  Strott, 
Johan  Philii)  Zinlanb, 
Johan  Christian  Mandel, 
Henrich  Wilhelm  Becker, 
Johan  Peter  Grub, 
Georg  L.  Gundrum, 
Hans  Casper  Luderraan, 
Johan  Peter  Nickel, 
Philip  Friedrich  Warth. 
Carl  Wenig, 
Joseph  Geiger, 
Hans  Georg  Priese. 


[  The  original  list  is  herewith  given.} 

Men's  Names. 
Name.  Age, 

Conradt  Riel -40 

Benedict  Nitlinger,     24 

Philip  Fanel,      38 

Baltzer  Fortback, 30 

Ernst  Jacobia, 22 

Mathias  Becker,      27 

Adam  Datz, 21 

Sebastian  Datz 19 

Gerril  Bulman,      22 

Philip  See,      27 

Philip  Klyen,      22 

Joh.   Henrich  Klyen, — 

John  Peter  Speelman, ■       27 

Johannes  Fries, 31 

Christian  Lauer, 27 

Wilhelm  Ruke,       24 

Wilhelm  Hart, 18 

John  Yerrick  Grub, 19 

Christian  Weber,      27 

Peter  Statil, 29 

Andreas  Kratz, 40 

John  Philip  Zinlaul),      32 

Carl  Philipby, 27 

Johannes  Preys, 33 

John  Albright  Mourer, 24 

Hans  Yerrick  Jants, 27 

Conradt  Strol> 30 

Christian  Shew, ....  27 

Hendrick  Smith, 29 

Phihp  Zinlaub,      22 

Yerrick  Adam  Mantel, 24 

Christian  Mantel,     27 

Fredrick  Heyer, 27 

Jacob  Neyman, 21 

Conradt  Kebling,     24 


Lodwick  Sinser,     .    .    .    . 

Yerrick  Brown,      22 

Stephen  Kiel,      27 

Yerrick  Wilhelm  Baker 24 

John  Christian  Schyber, 25 

John  Hendrick  AVeymaer, .  24 

John  Peter  Grub, 27 

Fredrick  Turk,      29 


Name.  Age. 

Johannes  Muller 27 

Philipus  Wax, 24 

Philipus  Halerigh, 27 

Yerrick  Philip  Conleron,      28 

Hendrick  Smith,      24 

Herman  Emerick, 27 

Johannes  Bowman, 24 

Diedrick  Trau, 27 

Johannes  Keep, 24 

Michael  Miller,    ...               27 

Hans  Casper  Briderman,      24 

Peter  Mowrer, 27 

John  Yerrick  Hasselberger. 22 

Peter  Nichol,      21 

Lutherus  Righart, 27 

Peter  Smith, 27 

Henrich  Fleck,      22 

Philips  Fredrick  AVarth, 27 

Yerrick  Fredrick  Browback,      22 

Carrel  Eramerick, 27 

Jacol)  Neyendorj)!!, 22 

Hendrick  Lebergen, 21 

Philip  Brenly, 27 

Peter  Glaucher, — 

Andreas  Leister, — 

Achilles  Raugh, — 

Daniel  Zinlaub.     .    .    .  ^ — 

Johannes  Glaucher,        — 

John  Wilhelm  Phllpel, — 

Joseph  Guyer, — 

Conrad  Speelinan, — 

Carl  Lehnley, — 

Frederick  Zinlaul), — 

Hans  George  Price, — 

Johan  George  Hoffman, — 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Eastern 
Branch,  James  Nevin,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Oct.  3,  1753. 

Johannes  Butt,  Johan  Brey, 

J.  ^lartin  Fanan.  Sebastian  Stauzer, 

Christoph  Curfes,  Joh.   David  Hiess, 



Conrad  Fausser, 
Henrich  Leiner, 
Sebastian  Schaber, 
Ulrich  Stierlein. 
Jacob  Anthoni, 
Peter  Bilhinger, 
Johannes  Chirme, 
Ludwig  Christian. 
Matheis  Stoll, 
Peter  Kas, 
Christoph  Wolff, 
Daniel  Parisien, 
Georg  Eyseniann, 
Johannes  Dorflinger, 
Hans   Georg  Heintzebnan, 
Johannes  Rouner, 
Joseph  Haanelam, 
Michael  Basseler, 
Samuel  Betzor, 
Johannes  Glasser, 
Jacob  Weininger, 
Johan  Michael  Roller, 
Johan  Martin  Feyle, 
J  oh.  Andreas  Lohrman, 
Hans  Ulrich  Stohner, 
Georg  Wilhelin  Schlatterer, 
Michel  Ludwig  Feitter, 
Johan  Michel  Schoneck, 
Johann  Casper  Hopflf, 
Johan  Georg  Forg, 
Joh.  Philip  Vogelgesang, 
Hans  Philip  Klein, 
Georg  Fried  rich  Theis, 
Andreas  Schnabel, 
Andreas  Deeg, 
Jost  Peter, 
Friedrich  Deeg, 
Jaeol)  Schmertzka. 
Hans  Georg  Michael, 
Henrich  Friederich. 

Christ.  Miiusfall, 

Jacob  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Hopff, 

Johannes  Lobss, 

Johannes  Lieek, 

Jacob  Schneider, 

Johan  Christian, 

Gottlieb  Miischlitz, 

Friederich  Schiiflfer, 

Tobias  Wandel, 

Wilhelm  Decker, 

Johann  Michael  Brodbeck, 

Johann  Ludwig  Hellers, 

Johan  Nicklaus  Zeitz, 

Philip  Daniel  Gross, 

Hans  Georg  Schenok, 

Casper  Kreiter, 

Conrad  Hart, 

Friedrich  Glasser, 

Adam  Dornberger, 

Henrich  Stollzol, 

Johan  Friederich  Bleich, 

Joh.  Andreas  Lohrman,  sen. , 

Johan  Martin  Kielman. 

Hans  Michel  Ketterer, 

Christoph  Henrich  Spiegel, 

Georg  Philip  Feuerstein, 

Hans  Georg  Veiht, 

Joh.  Henrich  Krauss, 

Johan  Jacob  Reneb, 

Johan  Georg  Beck, 

Johan  Lorentz  Siegrist. 

Michael  Hermann, 

Michael  Vogel, 

Joseph  Crisby, 

Johan  Peter  Lorie, 

Jacob  Friedericli  Schenck, 

Johan  Conrad  Giessler, 

Johan  Conrad  Ludwig. 




[Tkc  '■'■list  of  men  passenyers^^  as  given  by  Captain  Nevin  is  as 

Joliann^s  Doet, 
Michael  Rullcr, 
Joli.  Martin  Ej^ely, 
Joh.  Martin  Fonau, 
Andreas  Lohrniaii, 
Christ n.  Conrfas, 
Jolian  Martin  Keehnan, 
Hans  Micha]  Hitterer, 
Hans  Conrad  Fouser, 
Christ n.  Ney, 
Christ.  Fredrick  Spiegel, 
Johan  Jacob  Smith, 
Hans  Michal  Schenick, 
Sebastian  Shaber, 
Johannes  Hop, 
Ulrieh  Spieriy. 
Jacob  Anthony, 
Johan  Jacob  Reinp, 
Peter  Belftnger, 
Johan  Philip  Vogelgesang, 
Joh.  Jnrg  Christian, 
Johan  Jurg  Beck, 
Jacob  Mosletts. 
Fredrick  Faxis, 
Fredrick  Steefer, 
Michal  Herrenian, 
Christof  Wolfell, 
Jiirg  Isenian, 
Joh.  Liidwig  Steller, 
Nicholas  Seytz, 
Johan  Fredk.  Glasser, 
Adam  Dornberger, 
Hans  Jurg  Heyselinan, 
Casper  Grevser, 
Michal  Basseler, 
Johannes  Runner, 
Michal  Nogel. 
Joseph  Hannekam, 
^Andreas  Feck,'— 
Jacob  Smotska, 
Jacob  Schenk, 
Joh.  Jurg  Michael, 
Joh.  Conrad  Ludwig, 
Bernard  Swaal,  Newlander. 

Stepn.  Tey, 
Freilrick  Bleigh, 
Samuel  Bestner, 
Sebastian  Steiger, 
Andreas  Lohrman,  jun., 
Johan  David  Fees, 
Hans  Ulruh  Boner, 
Hans  Hitterer, 
George  Willm.  Slatterer, 
Henrich  Seynart, 
Michal  Ludwig  Keyder, 
Jurg  Philip  Feyersteyn, 
Hans  Jurg  Wolff, 
Casper  Hop, 
Johan  Henr.  Craus, 
Johannes  Leaps, 
Joh.  Jurg  Firk, 
Johannes  Linder, 
Jacob  Snyder, 
Johannes  Sherney, 
Ludwig  Christian; 
Johan  Philip  Kleyn, 
Lorentz  Leekrits, 
Matthys  Stoll, 
Peter  Kees, 
Tol)ias  Wandel, 
Michal  Brobeck, 
Wilhelm  Decker. 
Johans  Derflinger, 
Daniel  Parisum, 
Johannes  Glasser, 
Jacob  Weyminger, 
Henry  Stultzell, 
Conrad  Harr, 
Philip  Daniel  Gros, 
Andreas  Schnabbel, 
Fredrick  Teck, 
Peter  Lorrie, 
Joseph  Crispen, 
Hans  Jurg  Schenk, 
Henry  Fredricli, 
Joh.  Conrad  Gersler, 
Jost  Peter. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Friendship, 
James  Sbix,  Master,  from  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes, 
Qualified  Nov.  19,  1753. 

Johann  Petz, 

Johaii  Tabel, 

Christoph  Wachter, 

Johan  Volks, 

Gottfried  Forster, 

Jacob  Bramer, 

Conrad  Auhage, 

H.  Ulrich  Rossel, 

Joachim  Dietrich  Molil, 

Andreas  Gerlach, 

Johan  Lorentz  Vogel, 

Joh.  Fred.  Franciscus  Corsini, 

Joh.  Fried.  Landgraff, 

F.  Michel  Lorentz, 

Johan  Andreas  Klein, 

Johann  Christian  Zeise, 

Henry  Jacob  Noll, 

Joh.  Henrich  Bauermeister, 

Johan  Friederich  Beltz, 

Johan  Hartman  Enmiel, 

Joh.  Henrich  Pott, 

Gottfried  Nebe, 
George  Kneeling, 
Valentin  Reyling, 
Christophel  Auhage, 
Gottfried  Leman, 
Andreas  Bletz, 
Andreas  Singneitz, 
Ciirirttoph  JVattheseu, 
Adam  Stein, 
Lorentz  Biischle, 
Joli.  Heinrich  Schneider,  Henrich  Jjutterman 
Joh.  Henrich  Barenlan, 
Conrad  Henrich  lorens, 
Johan  Georg  GortUer, 
Johan  Peter  Schmit, 
Joh.  Henrich  Comiilder, 
Hen.  Cliristoph  Delikamp, 
Andreas  Henrich  Lanneger, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sammann, 
Johan  Dat.  Haveshild. 

[The  original  list  is  herewith  given.'\ 
Name.  Age 

John  Beltz,      19 

Godfrid  Neve, 35 

Jno.  Dabel,       20 

Henry  Sneider,  • ■ 

George  Knelling,      

Frederick  Franciscus  Coi-senez 

Henry  Lutterman, 

Jn.  Frederick  Langrave,      

Christ.  Wachtler, 

Valentine  Rehling, 36 

Jno.  Folkes, 38 

Christ.  Auhauge,      20 

Jno.  Hin.  Raventlan, 20 

Gotfred  Foster, 29 

Gotfried  Leman, 34 



Name.  A(je. 

Fretlk.  M.  Lorensen, 21 

Coard.   H.  lorus, 42 

Jno.  And.  Klein, 28 

Juo.  Geo.  Gantler,      35 

Jno.  Chr.  Seise, 40 

Jacob  Bre-nien, 24 

Jno.  Peter  Siuidt, 30 

And.  Blitz 22 

Henr.  Jac.  Nolte, 30 

Jno.  Henry  Coniinellder,      32 

Jno.  Diedk.  Havenshildt 38 

Jno.   Henry  Bohrniister, 44 

Henry  Chrs.   Delcanip,      37 

Conrd.   Aiiliauf^e,      43 

Ands.   Segenitz, 43 

Henry  Ulr.  Riissell,      44 

Chr.  Mathieson, 19 

Jno.  Predk.   Beltz 44 

Andreas  Henry  Lange 37 

Jno.  D.  Mohl, 24 

Hartinan  Emmell, 38 

John  Henry  Saman — 

John  Henry  Folke,     — 

John  Henry  Pott, — 

Lawrence  Berkley,     — 

Andrew  Gerlach,      — 

Adam  Stein, — 

Seven  sick  on  Ijoard  whose  names  are  not  in  this  list. 

Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Nancy,  Captain  John 
EwiNG,  from  Rotterdam,  took  and  Subscribed  the 
USUAL  Oath  and  Declaration  on  Saturday  the  14th  of 
September,  1754.     [Lnhahitants  of  Lorain.] 

Abram  Huguelet,  Autoine  Hogar, 

Charles  Huguelet,  Jeania  Quepic, 

Johannes  Wolf,  Peter  Riimmy, 

Simon  Keppler,  Johannes  Seyser, 

Friederick  Kramer,  Abram  Joray, 

Johannes  Biir,  Abraham  Gobat, 

Frederick  Showay,  Peter  Smith, 



Carl  Steiss, 

Adam  Maier, 

Christian  Cully, 

Jacob  Miiller, 

Pierre  Vautie, 

Albert  Otto  Steg, 

Johan  Henrich  Steitz, 

Hans  Michael  Conradt, 

Heinrich  Eisenhuth, 

Joh.  Daniel  Zimer, 

Johan  Jacob  Kuntzehnann, 

Johan  Jost  Latz, 

Jean  Pierre  Monin, 

Johan  Nickel  Bauer, 

David  Marchand, 

Abram  Zuille, 

Pierre  Dechin, 

Philip  Sponsler, 

Frantz  Balird, 

Caspar  Riegel, 

Georg  Dessloch, 

Jacob  Bauer, 

Joh.  Georg  Steubesant, 

Nicklaus  Schwartz, 

Joh.  Daniel  Meylander, 

Abram  Le  Roy, 

Abram  De  Die, 

Johan  Henrich  Hiiusser, 

Valentin  Huidenberg, 

Joh.  Gottfried  Herring, 

Abram  Bouthert, 

J.  N.  Pechin, 

Gabriel  Seger, 

Johannes  Sciiilling,       9 

Jean  Periter,  jr., 

Jean  Pierre  Belle, 

Thomas  Bauer, 
Michel  Haag, 
Christottel  Waltz, 
Johannes  UIl, 
Franc  La  Maer, 
Johan  Peter  Wedel, 
Christoph  Scharlle,   • 
Johan  Adam  Wagner, 
Michael  Klenck, 
Joh.  Conrad  Ziiumer, 
Johan  Dietrich  Gompff, 
Jean  Pierre  Monin,  sen., 
Johan  Jacob  AViller, 
Jaques  Barberat, 
Pierre  Griene, 
Georg  Gott, 
Philip  Hosslinger, 
Wilhelm  Bahrd, 
Christian  Biiss, 
Jean  Mathiat, 
Alexander  Zuille. 
Jacob  Craunwald. 
Mattheus  Schendt, 
Johan  Jacob  Voll, 
Adam  Le  Roy, 
Ludwig  Schreiner, 
Jean  Jaque  Allemand, 
Michel  Amacher, 
Jean  Christoph  Pechin, 
Alphonse  Louis  Willemin, 
Frantz  Philip  Weis, 
Daniel  Fischer, 
Jean  Periter, 
David  Butner, 
Johan  Thomas  Bernhard, 
Johannes  Schellenbach. 



FOKKIGXERS      iMroKTKI)     IN     THK     ShIP     BARCLAY,     CaPTAIX 

John  Bkown,  from  Hottkrdam,  last  from  Cowes.    Took 

14,    1754. 

Georg  Voltz, 
Nieklaus  Bauer, 
Daniel  Weiss, 
Nicklas  Ash, 
David  Pfeller, 
Jacob  Traub, 
Jacob  Kriiber, 
Tobias  Resener, 
Jacob  Geissler, 
Georg  Michael  Fautzer, 
Michael  Hostiiian, 
Jean  Pierre  Rottei, 
Georg  Peter  Loth, 
Bernhard  Winder, 
H.  Georg  Hechler, 
H.  Michel  Unangst, 
Joh.  Priederich  Haller, 
Philipp  Katteniuaun, 
Christian  Hoffbauer, 
Frantz  Ludwig  Uehlein. 
Johann  Adam  Dorr, 
H.  Georg  Hafifner, 
Michael  Korinvalther, 
Hans  Michael  Berr, 

Johan  Conrad  Ber, 

Andreas  Bowman, 

Matheis  Schreiner, 

Johan  Schranck, 

H.  Peter  Engels, 

Johanne.s  Georg, 

Andreas  Kreissel, 

Michel  Letz, 

Joseph  Sudtner, 

Johannes  Kiihler, 

Lndwig  Stanger, 

Caspar  Kaan, 

Jacob  Bilckhle, 

Peter  Thnui, 

Matheas  Wagner, 

Otto  Biirgestrass, 

Abrani  Duton, 

Joliannes  Craus, 

Ludwig  Haas, 

Georg  Schniit. 

G.  Peter  Locheg, 

Michael  Riiel), 

Friederieh  Schenck, 

Joiianes  Jiingst, 
*Tohan  Conrath  Mock, 

John  Adam  Fass, 

Nicolas  Steinman, 

Joh.  Adam  Traub, 

Christophin  Pierman, 

Valentin  Zaneichel, 

Samuel  Tallebach, 

Lorentz  Schcinman, 
'  Willielm  Jacob  Fack,    —^ 

Bernhard  Mirbach, 

Johan  Car]  Greiss, 

Georg  Waffunong, 

Johaune.s  Schnarrenl)erger. 

Hans  Georg  Stanch, 

Bernhart  Ochsenbacher, 

Johan  Martin  Unangst, 

•Toliannes  Bahs, 

Gottlieb  Nagel, 

Johan  Back  of  en, 

Joseph  Miller, 

Ludwig  Schuster, 

Matheu.s  Reuchler, 

Martin  Hochler, 

Bastian  RnsT, 

Nicklaus  Ehrhardt, 
Michael  Hauch, 

Georg  Niiwiss, 

Michael  Kiinle, 
Martin  Scliranck, 

Frantz  Rotham, 

Han  Nickel  Kiinle. 

Michael  Stanch,  ir. 



Jacob  Eichely, 
Wilhelm  Zetzel, 
Chi-istoph  Gans, 
Andreas  Stanch, 
Hans  Georg  Fey], 
Joh.  Jacob  Strohnienger, 
J.  Michael  Seiffer. 
Dewald  Braunhohz, 
Johannes  Schuman, 
Joh.  Christian  Jauss, 
Sebastian  Muschler 
Michael  Stauch,  sen. , 
Mattheus  Fautz, 
Hans  Michael  Bleich, 
Johannes  Kleinfeld. 

Philip  Hentzer, 
J3ernhart  Meyer, 
Matheus  Alt, 
Bernhart  Rebhuhn, 
Jacob  Rethacker, 
Helfrich  Knierienien, 
Christoph  Laichingei-, 
Hans  Georg  Fuchs, 
liiidwig  Bernh.  Zwissler, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Martin, 
Johan  Jacob  Ranch, 
Philip  Jacob  Griedier, 
Michael  Werther, 
Johan  Jacob  Seitz, 

Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Adventure,  Captain 
Joseph  Jackson,  from  Hamburg.  Were  Qualified  be- 
fore THE  Mayor,  in  the  Court  House,  Sept.  25,  1754. 

Johann  Hartniann, 
Johan  (xeorg  Jager, 
Johannes  Weiss. 
Frantz  Gansbusch, 
Johannes  Weil, 
Joh.  Adam  Kohlass, 
Hans  Peter  Rehvan. 
Johannes  Anderoler,  sen. , 
Johan  Adam  Zollbach, 
Johannes  Seitz, 
Balthaser  Raab, 
Joseph  Gasser, 
J.  Zacharias  Stokel, 
Anthon  Lembach. 
Henrich  Georg, 
Joh.  Jacob  Reineck, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Nagel, 
Johann  Jost  Beck, 
Joh.  Martin  Gardert, 
Joh.  Martin  Matterstek, 
J.  Jacol)  Cornelius, 
Johannes  Deitrich, 

Christian  Schiiffer, 
Andreas  Weiss, 
Johannes  Anderoler, 
Christian  Letzberger, 
Joh.  Andreas  Hoffmann, 
.Tohn  Georg  Shmit, 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Johan  Jacob  AVeinman, 
Joh.   Conrad  Spanenberg, 
Johannes  Keim, 
Johannes  Reidiger, 
Philip  Michael, 
Herman  Werner, 
Christian  Nehlich, 
J.  Philip  Tamhoffer, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Schai. 

I  Minist.   Candit.  a 

Johan  .lacob  Ruhlein, 
Joh.   Frid.   Kunstrand, 

I  George  Kohler, 

'  Johannes  Liebach, 
Joh.  Jost  Will, 



Job.   Nickel  Bech, 
Johannes  Ditniar, 
Joh.  Geoi'f^  Slunit, 
Christian  Fuuci\, 
Adolpli  Url)acii, 
Georg  Steinweg, 
Georg  Steinweg,  jr., 
Johan  August  Straube, 
Joh.  ChrisH)ph  Dienier, 
Johan  Christian  Eser, 
Joh.  Michael  Weiss, 
Johan  Georg  Jung, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Handt, 
Joh.  Matthias  Miiller, 
Joli.  Christoph  Miiller, 
Joh.  Leonard  Rohnuann, 
Nicklaus  Susport, 

Caspar  Schreiber, 
Philip  Deringer, 
Johannes  Mardersteck, 
Johan  Oberst, 
J.  Friederich  Ebernicht, 
Johannes  Riitiger, 
Christian   Gasser, 
Johan  Georg  Giitsell, 
Joh.    Dietrich 
Joh.  Henrich  Neumann, 
Joh.   Henrich  Rohrnian, 
Joh.  Daniel  Franck, 
Joh.  Georg  Rausch, 
Joh.  Henrich  Huppel, 
Johan  Conrath  Lot, 
Math.  Andonius  Riitiger, 

Foreigners  Importep  tx  the  Ship  Richard  and  Mart, 
FROM  Rotterdam,  Capt.  Moore.  Qualified  Sept.  30, 

Michael  Fischer, 
Caspar  Dietz, 
Michael  Staiger, 
Andreas  Zinck, 
Christoph  Zinck, 
Jacob  Saltzer, 
Michel  Wolff, 
.Jacob  AVoltT, 
Johannes  Bether, 
Michael  Wolff, 
Georg  Hohl, 
Georg  Grau, 
Johannes  Scholtz, 
Herman  Fonnedu.s, 
Johannes  Scluiner, 
Jacf)b  Schnerenberger, 
Michael  Libelt, 
Johan  Michael  StroVjel, 
Jar-f)b  Welthe, 
Jolianni.'S  Schiessle, 

Raymond  Fischer, 
Hans  Casper  Berger, 
Johannes  Schnerenberger, 
JacoVi  Zinck, 
Gottlieb  Bnnte, 
David  Kohl, 
Jacob  Adam. 
Ludwig  Strobel, 
Adain  Knoblich, 
Johannes  Hohl, 
Johannes  Laner, 
Daniel  Stumpp, 
Valentin  Leman, 
Henrick  Kiigele, 
Christian  Kramer, 
Johannes  Kiirthner, 
Hans  Martin  Miiller, 
Michael  Welthe, 
Lndwig  Moss, 
Hans  Georg  Bether, 



Hans  Georg  Welte, 
Jacob  Adam  Wendel, 
Christoph  Pfeister, 
Georg  Heisel,  jr., 
Ulricb  Rost, 
Fi'iederich  Deiler, 
Jacob  Marier, 
Caisper  Zinck, 
Jacob  Busch, 
David  Wolff, 
Jacob  Zuch, 
Christian  Zinck, 
Johannes  Miisler, 
Johan  Georg  Busch, 
Joh.  Michael  Mossinger, 
Ludwig  Ziniuiermann, 
Joseph  Peinauer, 
Mattheis  Siiss, 
Wolfgantr  Wolff, 
Johan  Caspar  Zintz, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer, 
Hans  Georg  Heidle,  sen., 
Hans  Georg  Riisse], 
Georg  Ludwig  Kraft, 
Friederich  Roniinger, 

Hans  Georg  Mejer, 
Michael  Herman, 
Georg  Heisel, 
Martin  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Blessing, 
Frieder'ch  Burr, 
Johannes  Wetzel, 
Jacob  Steubler, 
Wolfgang  Ulmer, 
Chi'istoph  Walters, 
JacoVj  Ramsberger, 
Georg  Fried.  Dockesledel, 
Hans  Martin  Schiiffer, 
Jean  Jac.   Foulquier, 
Daniel  Bluinenschein. 
Anthonius  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Christoph  Beyrle, 
Hans  Georg  Ramsberger, 
Georg  Friederich  Zintz, 
Georg  Adam  Engell, 
John  Martin  Alisch, 
Hans  Georg  Heidle, 
Hans  Friederich  Klinger, 
Ludwig  Wilhelm  Zeller, 
Johannes  Bernbard. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Brothers, 
Captain  William  Muir,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  30,  1754. 

Joh.  Georg  Kol, 
Joh.   Peter  Hahn, 
Henry  Weidman, 
Wilhelm  Staut, 
J.  Georg  Lucker, 
Jacob  Kauffman, 
Michael  Riitch, 
Henrich  Graff, 
Jacob  Schnable, 
Johannes  Forrer, 
Johannes  Schore, 
Anthony  Weitzel, 

Johannes  Miller, 
Johannes  Aller, 
Jacob  Bernhard, 
Joh.  Ansthoch, 
Carl  Heinrich, 
Joliannes  Schadel, 
JacoV)  Huber, 
Valentin  Stoldt, 
Johannes  Knipe, 
Jacob  Brubacher, 
Peter  Weitzel, 
Stephan  Wohler, 




Frantz  Bnrgart, 
Jacob  Pfister, 
Valentin  Urlettig, 
Frederick  Andreas, 
Christopliel  V^olckrath, 
Jolum  Georu^  Humbert. 
Cfeorg  Christoph  Diiuber, 
Johan  J)ielil  Kleinman, 
Johann  Tiel  AVertz, 
Hans  Jacob  Ofeist, 
Johan  Nicolaus  Stimmel, 
Leonhart  Krunibein, 
Hans  Mich.  Koppenhiiflfer. 
Daniel  Sander, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Abraham  Mellinger, 
Johannes  Eicher, 
Abraham  Hackman, 
Michael  Burghart, 
Johan  Christian  Freundt, 
Friederich  Hehre, 
Heinrich  Zumbrun, 
Johannes  Ritschart, 
Joh.  Wolfgang  Miihring, 
Christian  Eicher, 
Johann  Georg  Diemer, 
Hans  Jacob  Schaflfner, 
Joseph  Lemann, 
Martin  Herman, 
Philip  Metzger, 
Jacob  Becker. 
Wendel  Gilbert, 
Philip  As, 

Johan  Jacob  Wittmer, 
Johannes  Miiller, 
Wilhelm  Eschelman, 
Joseph  Bubickofer, 

Joseph  ZielT, 
Daniel  Ott, 
Hans  Georg  Krans.s, 
David  Hemgerberer, 
.Tohannes  Bartel  IMishni, 
Philip  Jacob  Spiith, 
.Johan  Conrad  Schmidt, 
Johan  Balthas  Schmidt, 
Johann  Peters  Werth, 
Johann  Georg  Spies, 
Oswald  Andreas, 
Johann  Georg  Becker, 
Conrad  "Wagner, 
Conrad  Mercke, 
Joh.  Lud.  Ernst  Schiller, 
Johannes  Herschberger, 
Georg  Michael  Schultz, 
Joh.  Jacob  Brubaeher, 
Georg  Ludwig  Meittinger, 
Hans  Georg  Zieff, 
Augustias  Schaad, 
Christian  Wolst, 
Hans  Miildaler, 
Balthas  Reiner. 
Abraham  Bleistein, 
Johan  Valentin  Webel, 
Joh.  Christian  "Wittmer, 
Jacob  Dettwiller, 
Adam  Kuntzel, 
Johannes  Frey, 
Peter  Pfister, 
Johannes  Seithss, 
Caspar  Knag, 
Christian  Huber, 
Abraham  Strickier, 
Henrich  Heistandt, 
Johanxies  Kantz. 

28— Vol.  XVII. 



List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Edinburg^h, 
James  Russel,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Sept.  30,  1754. 

Jacob  Schlotter, 
Herman  Gerlach, 
Johannes  Hirsch, 
Christophel  Giihtt, 
Paul  us  Loshorn, 
Georg  Wessig, 
Andreas  Wegel, 
Casper  Zahn, 
Philip  Besteres, 
Johannes  Lincker, 
Andreas  Hiibner, 
Georg  Lohr, 
Georg  Eberhart  Miihl, 
Johan  Conrad  Schiippler, 
Adam  Strehm, 
Henri ch  Buch, 
Jacob  Kern, 
Michael  Wentz, 
Peter  Paul, 
Johann  Henle, 
Conrad  Grim, 
Conrad  Philips, 
Peter  Diel, 
Werner  Dickel, 
Hans  Decker, 
Georg  Diel, 
Peter  Bigger, 
Conrad  Geysel, 
George  Sorge, 
Georg  Burster, 
Samuel  Haubt 
Jacob  Hammerstein 
Eberhard   Diehl, 
Henrich  Gebhart, 
Joh.  Daniel  Krug, 
Georg  Gottfried  Volcker, 
Johan  Georg  Wilhelmi, 
Johannes  Matthiius, 
Bernhard  Matthiius, 
Conrad  Weichart, 
Conrad  Ludwig, 

Henrich  Weil, 
Georg  Hilt, 
Philippus  Spetzlus, 
Melchior  Schlmpf, 
Herman  Summer, 
Anthon  Petry, 
Ludwig  Rahm, 
Andreas  Dein, 
Johannes  Bott, 
Jacob  Ludwig, 
Rudolph  Drach, 
Friederich  Wilhelm  Frich, 
Johan  Henrich  Pfeiffer, 
Johan  Henrich  Blecker, 
Valtin  Beltzer, 
Erhart  Weber, 
Matheus  Kern, 
Christ oph  Essig, 
Adam  Maurer, 
Michael  Georg, 
Johannes  Grim, 
Georg  Grim, 
Conrad  Meiser, 
Peter  Dickel, 
Jacob  Giebel, 
Ernst  Menge, 
Heinrich  Weiss, 
Herman  Geysel, 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Soudein, 
Joh.  Nickel  Haubt, 
Valentin  Ulrich, 
Henrich  Wenckler, 
Peter  Weissman, 
Hans  Michael  Esper, 
Christian  Merckell, 
Johan  Peter  Walchner, 
Bernhard  Matthiius,  jr., 
Georg  Henry  Rahm, 
Johannes  Ludwig, 
J.  Jost  Bingeman, 




Friederieli  Schinii)f, 
Heiurich  Walther, 
Engelharil  Lndwig. 
Joh.  Jacob  Sell  mess, 
Casper  Erb, 
Peter  Hecht, 
Pliilip  Liidwig, 
Conrad  JBaner, 
Johannes  AVeber, 
Adam  Bocheldt, 
Heinricli  Hock, 
Johan  Georg  Weitzell, 
Georg  Henrich  Haas, 
Johann  Chrunz, 
Andreas  Krauthaniel, 
Joh.  Dan.  Langsdorff, 
Friederich  Hilderbrand, 
Johannes  Bender, 
Conrad  Schneider, 
Johannes  Kemmerer. 
Peter  Derdler, 
Lorentz  Aalbahn, 
Jacob  Hellbrich, 
Johannes  Geisel, 
Frank  Baltzer  Schalter, 
Joseph  Norilheimer, 
Georg  Renner, 
Henrich  Herter, 
Casper  Becker. 
Jacob  Renner,  jr.. 
Hans  Georg  Kroh, 
Philip  Rohrig,  sick, 
Georg  Metzger, 
Johannes  Kopping,  sick, 
Casper  Ziegler,  sick, 
Mathias  Ludwig,  sick, 

Daniel  Vetzberger, 
J.    Henry  Langsdorff, 
Ludwig  Winckler, 
Balthaser  Fanlstick, 
Johannes  Haubt, 
Conrad  Lohr, 
Johannes  Huber, 
Conrad  Enders, 
Georg  Kopp, 
Joli.  Henrich  Strehm, 
Anthoni  Hecht, 
Christoph  Rehble, 
Anthon  Merckell, 
Joh.  Conrad  Schneider, 
Joh.  Sebastian  Fritz. 
Joh.  Conrad  Langsdorff, 
Herman  Mathiius, 
Joh.  Conrad  Bender, 
Johannes  Rupp, 
Heinrich  Lupii, 
Joliannes  Menge, 
Gerhardt  Aall)ahn, 
Christoph  Hellbrich, 
Hans  Conrad  Diehl, 
Johannes  Knabe, 
Michael  Kiinstler, 
Jacob  Renner,     — 
Johannes  Becker, 
Henry  Stecker, 
Johannes  Schmeh, 
Philip  Sommer,  sick, 
Philip  Tauberman,  sick, 
Jacob  Rehble,  sick, 
Henrich  Peterson,  sick, 
Georg  HoU,  sick. 

List  of  Forkigxkrs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Neptune,  Capt. 
Ware,  from  Rotterdam.     Qualified  Sept.  30,  1754. 

Georg  Meyer,  Jacob  Bersding, 

Mathias  Hniner.  Andreas  Hiiigel, 

Gottfried  Gebhard,  Georg  Boltz, 



Johannes  Re  be, 
Georg  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Philip  Wilt, 
Jacob  Weyant, 
Jacob  Weyant,  jr., 
Philippus  Frey, 
Philip  Wild, 
Benedictus  Forster, 
Valentin  Dalick, 
Joh.  Georg  Decher, 
Valentin  Clementz, 
Hienrich  Cappis, 
Jereniias  Herbel, 
Jacob  Graulich, 
"Christian  Bauer, 
iVIichael  Miller, 
Christian  Andreas, 
Friederich  Betz, 
Henrich  Haun. 
Johannes  Lentz, 
Andreas  Riehl, 
Jacob  Schoff, 
Ludwig  Herring, 
Conrad t  Wirl, 
David  MiUer, 
Johannes  Keyser, 
Johannes  Volck. 
Burchart  Shneyder. 
Peter  Hilliger, 
Philip  Becker, 
J.  Henry  Shneider, 
Hans  Georg  Kamni, 
Georg  Michel  LShr, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kurcht, 
Johann  Peter  Decher, 
Joh.  Georg  Traxel, 
Georg  Jacob  Haassman, 
Hans  Adam  Beckenhaub, 
Johan  Adam  Edelman, 
Phil.  Friederich  Wiinger, 
Joh.  Paul  Geniberling, 
Joh.  Cai-1  Geniberling, 
Eberhart  Krichniann, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schneider, 
Philip  Dietrich, 

Friedrich  Schneider, 
Daniel  Stegner, 
Henry  Klein, 
V.  Briicke, 
Friederich  Preis, 
Johannes  Schober, 
Christian  Rietz, 
Georg  Hechler, 
Henry  Schiiffer, 
Christoph  Sjjeck, 
Conrad  Wagner, 
Christian  Hoch, 
Johannes  Biickel, 
Georg  Weyman, 
Henry  Shneyder, 
Peter  Stotzel, 
Friederich  Betz, 
Henrich  Holtzhansser, 
Conrath  Nie, 
Johannes  Schmitt, 
Frederick  Brand, 
Jacob  Becker, 
Peter  Step, 
Daniel  Schrein, 
Reinhart  Stein, 
Peter  Shamer, 
Wilhelm  Grauss, 
Henry  Hain, 
Philip  Lang, 
Arnholt  Becker, 
Georg  Reiger, 
Georg  Christoph  Dietz, 
Geo.  Mich.  Vitzthum, 
Joh.  Henricli  Brumbach, 
Joh.  Adam  Michael. 
Johannes  Schunten, 
Joh.  Thomas  Bisshantz, 
Johann  Carl  Herinsdorff, 
Johan  Bernhard  jMeck, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Hauer, 
Hans  Adam  Bleier, 
Hans  Nickel  Ensininger, 
Aug.  Sigfried  Eichler, 
Philip  Jacob  Fosig, 
J.  Adam  Angold, 
■•(.wPeter  Rubel, 



Joh.  Christian  Wisf^bach, 
J.  Jost  StruberliiiK, 
Julian  Philip  NoUl, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Wt)lfT. 
Joh.  (ieoig  Weiitz, 
J.  Peter  Schrot, 
Johannes  Bartenbach, 
Joh.   Michael  Schrott, 
Gr.  Michut4  Andreas, 
Abraham  Holtxhausser, 
Johannes  Keller, 
Johan  Christian  Haim, 
Johannes  Herman, 
Arnholt  Scheretz, 
Joh.  Georg  Kribel, 
J.  Jacob  Dorsham, 
Valentin  Gosper, 
Johan  Peter  Denger, 
Martin  Neimiger, 
Johan  Micnael  Rapp, 
Johan  Just  Gack, 
Georg  Ludwig  Rosenmiiller, 

Joh.  Georg  Grnndloch, 
Johannes  Kleiiibehi, 
Joh.  Philip  Kcilb, 
Joh.  Philip  Bresel, 
J.  Adam  Thomas, 
Daniel  HofTman, 
Balthaser  Bergjnann, 
J.  Jacob  Zimmei'Mian, 
Johan  Henrich  Hanlf, 
Ad.'im  Hollerinan, 
Johan  Peter  Haiin, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Eisenmiiller, 
Joh.  Peter  Scheuerinan, 
Joh.  Conrad  Meiger, 
Joh.  Philip  Dietz, 
Johann  Georg  Gack, 
John  William  Kurtz, 
Ludwig  Gach, 
Joh.  Henrich  Krantz, 
Johannes  Krayly, 
Conrad  Scherrer, 
Georg  Michael  Dauber. 

List  of  JPoreigxkrs  Importkp  in  the  Ship  Phck:;? ix,  Capt. 
Spurrier,  from  Kotteudam.     C^ualified  Oct.  1,  1754. 

Johannes  Jung, 
Ludwig  Gottgen, 
Peter  Streier, 
Philip  Wesger, 
Ulrich  Fiissal, 
Johannes  Gebhart, 
Johannes  Andreas, 
Lorentz  Alberth, 
Hans  Kissiger, 
Andreas  Felt, 
.Johannes  Heilberr, 
Lenhart  Ott, 
Adam  Gieg, 
Matheus  Stumpf, 
Georg  Schiiffer, 
Adam  Diehm, 

Jacob  Schneider, 
Abraham  Stein, 
Peter  Henrichs, 
Hans  Reisch, 
Johannes  Alberth, 
Johannes  Sauer, 
Peter  Mviller, 
Adam  Dass, 
Johannes  Beck, 
Andreas  Fertig, 
Johannes  Scliiiffer, 
Henrich  Ott, 
Michael  Biirrei, 
Adam  Miller, 
Peter  Schiiffer, 
Peter  Heiges, 



Heinrich  Danii, 

Hans  Adam  Diehm, 

Melchior  Wei^pert, 

Andreas  Cunckel, 

Joh.  Heinrich  Miiller, 

Joliannes  Gabel, 

Micliael  Seitner. 

Baltlias  Hohl, 

Matheis  Reinliart, 

Lorentz  Cramer, 

Martin  Shreier, 

Peter  Thomas, 

Caspar  Haas, 

Hartman  Haas, 

Andreas  Fertig, 

Peter  Bechler, 

Andreas  Grub, 

Jacob  Fries, 

Daniel  Ditloh, 

Lndwig  Schott, 

Georg  Rau, 

Caspar  Jost, 

Andreas  Gerbrich, 

Carl  Henrich  Werckhuuser, 

Johannes  H enrich s, 

Michael  Flatter, 

Burckhardt  Kiich, 

Frantz  Weidinger, 

Hans  Adani  Sauer, 

J.  Michael  Teubel, 

Joh.  Lenhart  Bingel, 

John  Georg  Bopp, 

Christoffel  Solium, 

G.  Philip  Epsenhaar, 

Jean  Jaques  Raignel, 

Johannes  Hartman, 

Casper  Oberdorff, 

Andreas  Briischlein, 

Peter  Rohrbach, 

Andreas  Hiiter, 

Daniel  Schmidt, 

Nickel  Neumann, 

Nicklaus  Schindelmnn, 

Balthaser  Rabaur, 

Baltzer  Schneider, 

Henrich  Messersehmidt, 

Thomas  Diehm, 
Thomas  Bimmer, 
Johan  Georg  Heist, 
Peter  Cunckel, 
Martin  Sentner, 
Heinrich  Haag, 
Dietrich  Gerhart. 
Lorentz  Riidtner, 
Coni'ad  Kern, 
Johannes  Hertz, 
Valentin  Kaiser, 
Ludwig  Kuntz, 
Michael  Kriehl, 
Marheas  Bopi>, 
Johannes  Gey  man, 
Johannes  Beyl, 
Philip  AVagner. 
Frederick  Christian, 
Peter  Guth, 
Peter  Ney, 
Dietrich  Weirig, 
Andreas  Schmidt, 
Valtin  Horner, 
Johan  Nickel  Dibs, 
Jost  Schonauer, 
Lorentz  Mangel, 
Marcus  Weidinger, 
Hieronimus  GriinewaUl, 
Hans  Michael  Sauer, 
J.  Georg  Ruttenwalder, 
Joh.  Bernhard  Bopp, 
J.  Henry  Unckelbach, 
Andreas  Schwartz, 
Hieronimus  Gleg, 
Jean  Pierre  Voisin, 
Nicolaus  Bindei-, 
Hans  SeniTbeber, 
AVilhelm  Weiss, 
AVilhelm  Albert, 
Wendel  Kremer, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Reinhart  Wolff, 
Joh.  Philip  Schindelman, 
Abraham  le  Roy, 
Lorentz  Sandmann, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Armheiner, 



Georg  Philip  Diehl, 
Joliau  Peter  Fischer, 
Wilhehn  Metzger, 
J.   Nicklas  Gerhart, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Joliaiiiies  Schneider, 
Jos^eph  Reichard, 
J.  Willielm  Zwib, 
Phil.  Friederich  Schaffer, 
Nicklas  Ijehnier, 
Johanii  Leliiaer, 
Johannes  Kanffnian,  jr., 
Abrahimi  Eilinger, 
Jolian  Georg  Gerlach, 
]>aniel  Hun^icker, 
Joli.   Daniel  Pfeil, 
Johan  Peter  Stimuiel, 
Jacob  Herman, 
Jacob  Miller, 
Henry  Shedle, 
Peter  Biehl, 
Georg  Friess, 
Adam  Midler, 
Johannes  Zinn, 
Conrad  Dewa, 
Johannes  Veit, 
Nicklas  Paul, 
Henry  Gielman, 
Peter  ^shelmann, 
Joseph  Wiinger, 
Frantz  Zechler, 
Hans  Schwartz, 
Christoph  Pantzle, 
Christian  Heilhoff. 
Christoph  Widerich, 
Christian  Schwartz, 
Georg  Hartweig, 
Christoflfel  Miiller, 
Johan  Georg  Junius, 
David  Schroder, 
J.  Nicklas  Lorentz, 
Johann  Michael  Saner, 
Wendel  Wendeliug, 
Matthias  Miiller, 
Christian  Brengel, 
Jacob  Hussing, 

Johann  HellTer  Cramer, 
Bernhard  Thomas, 
Johan  Jacob  Heldei*, 
Philip  Adam  Paul  us, 
Philipp  Schiich, 
Hen.  August  Grimier, 
Jacob  Bernhart, 
Johann  Jacob  Angst, 
Bernhard  Pranckfiirter, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sachs, 
Hans  Peter  Schott, 
Johannes  Kauffman, 
Adam  Heinbach, 
Thomas  Hunsicker, 
Joh.  Adam  Batziuss, 
Joh.  Albrecht  Stimmel, 
Michael  Dietrich, 
Peter  Dorrnis, 
Adam  Schmit, 
Henry  Hather, 
Daniel  Biehl, 
Philip  Zepp, 
Christian  Koch, 
Ludwig  Wirth, 
Friederich  Miller, 
Peter  Dick, 
Elias  Jentes, 
Daniel  Fiihrer, 
Hans  Jantz, 
Ulrich  Engel, 
Ulrich  Richte, 
Hans  Schiitz, 
Christian  Newcomer, 
Peter  Baltzey, 
Peter  Schwartz, 
Nicklaus  Moser, 
Lorentz  Enders, 
Friederich  Herman, 
Joh.   Henrich  Schmitt, 
Jacob  Rathebach, 
Gerhart  Martins, 
Georg  Magnus  Conrad, 
J.  Lenhart  Burchart, 
Jacob  Theissinger, 
Jacob  Brengel, 
Christian  Conrad, 



Peter  Becker, 
Christian  Fiilirer, 
Hans  ^sclielinann, 
Hans  Ueberreist, 
Hans  Jacob  Moser, 
Christian  Burckhalter, 
Uli'icli  Newcomer, 
Christian  Geimmer,  jr., 
BarthoJomais  Beringer, 

Cliristian  Braclitbiil, 
Nicklaus  Schantz,, 
Jost  Neuenschwander, 
Uh'ich  Biirglialter, 
Hans  Burckhalter, 
Sebastian  Neuenscliwander, 
Christian  Geimmer, 
Abraham  Breclibiilil. 

List  of  Forkigners  Imported  tn  the   Ship  Peggy,  Capt, 
James  Abkrcrombik,  bKOM  Rottkkdam.    C^uaiiIKied  Oct. 

16,   1754. 

Marcus  Weckfort, 
Frantz  Sticliling, 
Ferdinand  Frantz, 
Peter  Gebel, 
Jacob  Shutt, 
Henry  Rubrecht, 
Jacob  Frey, 
Peter  Wudo, 
Hans  Luppoldt, 
Friedericli  Koch, 
Matthiius  Dies, 
Andreas  Heckenleib, 
Joliann  Dammel, 
Josepli  Boger, 
Stephan  Kraus, 
Martin  Haas, 
Jacob  Henrich  Zluhen, 
J.  Joliannes  Herrmann, 
Hans  Micliael  Dies, 
H.  Michael  Hiipbisch, 
Henrich  Ludwig  Worn, 
Johannes  Schumacher. 
Michael  Werster, 
Lorentz  Martin  Seherer, 
Johannes  Class, 
Johannes  Ricker, 
Hans  Glee, 
Johannes  Meyer, 

Henrich  Hust, 
Wendel  Warner, 
Jacob  Freyljerger, 
Andreas  Bon  jour, 
Georg  Kohl, 
Bernhart  Egel, 
Abraham  Trestel, 
Johannes  Luppoldt, 
Matheus  Arnoldt, 
Johannes  Hiisser, 
Friedericli  Hausel, 
Michael  Koster, 
Johannes  Hammel, 
John  Shuster, 
Johannes  Wersum, 
Hans  Georg  Zinn, 
Georg  Henrich  Bauer, 
Johan  Friedericli  Linck, 
Joh.  Conrad  Moschler, 
John  Georg  Braucher, 
Hans  Georg  Ratze, 
Johannes  Biecheler, 
Johannes  Walcherr, 
Michael  Rossnagel, 
Michael  Krebs, 
Jacob  Thuni, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Michael  Klein, 



Hans  Schiile, 
John  Carl  Krumholtz, 
Balthaser  Wisser, 
Greorg  Adam  Distler, 
Hans  Philip  Flachs,    . 
Johan  Valentin  Meyer, 
Hans  Georjj  Kraus, 
Michael  Schenck, 
Hanss  Martin  Drang. 
Ludw.  Fried.  Freisinger, 
•Toll.  Adam  Schnelleberger, 
Matthias  Wassermann, 
Georg  Michel  Felt, 
Hans  Meyer, 
Johannes  Vaubel, 
Wilhelm  Reichly, 
Christoph  Kress. 
Georg  Adam  Grombeer, 
Johann  Georg  Kress, 
Georg  Peter  Kochendiirfler, 
Georg  Weber,  sick, 
Melchior  Jordan,  sick, 
Jacob  Graaf,  sick, 
Michael  Tietz,  sick, 

Michael  K«ilier, 
Antony  Kettinger, 
Christ.  Henrich  Fiedler, 
Hans  Michael  Slimit, 
Jacob  Friederich  Meyer, 
Daniel  Hingerer, 
Georg  Schlei, 
H.  Georg  West, 
Hans  Georg  Tram, 
Hans  Georg  Armbriister, 
Jacob  Hikenleibly, 
Christian  Reck,  sen.. 
Christian  Reck,  jr., 
Martin  Marckel, 
Johannes  Kutz, 
Adam  Grand, 
Johan  Adam  Ptisterer, 
Johann  Peter  Schlembnel, 
Hans  Georg  Schiettinger, 
Jacob  Andreas  Sprecher, 
Johan  Friederich  Hauser,  sick, 
Anthon  Wallbeyer,  Kick, 
Johan  Georg  Kreyer,  sick, 
Jacob  Eberliart,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Friendship, 
Capt.  Charles  Ross,  prom  Amsterdam.     Qualified  Oct. 

31,  1754. 


Gabriel  Keber, 
Joseph  Weissert, 
Martin  Shnyder, 
Gregorius  Grim, 
Andreas  Bommer, 
Henrich  Steller, 
Johannes  Schmitt, 
Joh.  Christoph  Lang, 
Joh.  Philit)   Schol)erger, 
Johann  Jost  Berger. 
Johann  Wedelscheider, 
Johan  Peter  Hasbach, 
John  Georg  Shiuit, 

Johannes  Zeller, 
Albrecht  Miller, 
Jacob  Feiner, 
Dreyf  Dersch, 
Johannes  Manckell, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Adam  Steinbach, 
Johannes  Shellenberger, 
Johan  Georg  Weissert, 
J.  Henry  Kautz, 
Reinhard  Werkheiser, 
Joh.  Dietrich  Kalckbrenner, 
John  Michael  Hoch, 



Johan  Gfeorg  Sfcen, 
Johanii  Georg  Stahl, 
Joh.  Balthaser  Harff, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Johan  Jacob  Mohr, 
Greoi'g  Friederich  Auger, 
Joh.   Marcus  Weylthoffer, 
Johannes  Reuber, 
Christian  Dielil, 
Carl  Wender, 
Jacob  Fries, 
Anthon  Russ, 
Johannes  Vogt, 
Bernhart  Schaffer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Scheid, 
Plailip  Schweiger, 
Conrath  Spenner, 
Joliannes  Iniuiel, 
Moritz  Grobel, 
J.  Friederich  Korn, 
Joliannes  Freyling, 
Henrich  Reyel, 
Conrad  Schmitt, 
Baltzer  Schaltzer, 
Peter  Stein, 
Johannes  Buss, 
Anthon  Dauber, 
Henrich  Scharr, 
Georg  Pott, 
Jolian  Philip  Schreidt, 
Johannes  Seybolt, 
Joh.  Bender,  sen.,  •Ji 

Konrad  Freitenberger, 
Joh.  Michael  Reinhart, 
Johan  Conrad  Kriig, 
Herman  Wetzler, 
Johannes  Riell, 
Arnold  Dannhoffer, 
Heinrich  Esch, 
Johannes  Schaffstall, 
Johannes  Danneheim, 
Johan  Henrich  Voss, 
Johan  Ludvvig  Bernhart, 
Friederich  vStein,  sick, 
Michael  Dinges,  sick, 

Johan  Casper  Freyberg, 
Johann  Michael  Stahl, 
Johan  Henrich  Bercheira 
Johan  Willie  Im  Mohr, 
Henrich    Wilhelm  Miiller 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Becker, 
Johannes  Straul, 
Balthaser  Stetz, 
Martin  Bender, 
Johannes  Miiller, 
Philip  Seybolt, 
Nicklas  Rab, 
Georg  Kriig, 
Reinhart  Schmitt, 
Henrich  Peter  Kollmer, 
Jacob  Kahl, 
Lorentz  Altliart, 
Christoph  Stedtler, 
Georg  Steiner, 
Johannes  Harff, 
Johannes  Welirne, 
Johamies  Amnion, 
Peter  Klein, 
Johannes  Kiick, 
Peter  Buss, 
Philip  Luar, 
Johannes  Stoldt, 
Johannes  Mebur, 
Blattheus  Dielil, 
Johan  Jacob  Laux, 
Nicolaus  Heister, 
Johan  Bender, 
Joh.  Henrich  Ratlischlag, 
Wil.  Henrich  Brubaker, 
Matheus  Achenbach, 
Reinhard  Kuntz, 
Conrath  Langsdorff, 
Johanii  Peter  Bernhardt, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Joh.  Daniel  Burkhardt, 
Johan  Georg  Meyreiss, 
Johann  Georg  Voss, 
Johan  Christian  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Miiller,  sick. 



List  of  Forkigxkrs  Imported  ix  thk  Ship  Bannister, 
Capt.  John  Doylk,  kkom  amstkkdam.  (^ualifiku  Oct. 
:J1,  1754. 

Jacob  Horman, 
Ofeorg  Wittiner, 
Hans  Michtiel  M'ller, 
Joh.  Conrad  Jauch, 
Jf)liannes  Heintz, 
Joliannes  Geisler. 
Martin  Toorwanl, 
Jaques  Taljnoii, 
Jaques  Carel, 
Adam  Ege, 
Christoph  Diger, 
Pete:-  Butz, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Joh.  Peter  Kel)ler, 
Valentin  Jiiger, 
Johan  Georg  Jiiger, 
Nicklaiis  Ba.sernian, 
J.  Henry  Ashman, 
Joh.  Jacob  Modi, 
Joh.  Peter  Wolff, 
Adam  Mirtorum, 
Johannes  Drey, 
Ludwig  Lang, 
J.  Peter  AVeber, 
Leonhart  Weber, 
Jacob  Ludwig  Baiiniling, 
Joh.  David  Krauss, 
Friederich  Schieliel, 
(j.  Daniel  Uhll. 
Hans  GeorgKnauss, 
.Johannes  Laucher, 
Philii)pe  Rouchon, 
8.  Bastian  Geyer, 
Hans  Georg  Dolcker, 
Joh.  Biirchart  Hiius.ser, 
Christoffel  Miiller, 
Georg  Wiirthmann, 
Johan  Adam  Gebhart, 
Jolian  Christoph  Barrell, 
Johannes  Fiedler,  sick, 
Pierre  Tolman,  sick, 

Basriun  Wittmer, 
Anilreas  Eberliarth, 
Jt)han  Peter  Rademacher, 
Matheis  Heinlein, 
Konrath  AVeber, 
Joseph  Connet, 
Martin  Toorwarp,  jr., 
^    Jaques  Carel,  sen., 
Simon  Ege, 
Balrhes  Miiller, 
Georg  Wirst, 
Philip  Modi, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Matthias  Buchman, 
Joh.  Jacob  Wolff, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Derscher, 
William  Leeb, 
Joh.  Conrad  Georg, 
Jon.  Georg  Hofman, 
Abraham  Gehr, 
Conrad  Kemp, 
Peter  Meister, 
Elias  Hartmann, 
Johannes  AVeber, 
Conrad    Giidner, 
Georg  Reissdorff, 
Christoph  Scharfrichter, 
Alexander  Finck, 
Hans  Mich.  Biihlheim, 
Hans  Jacob  Stoss, 
Joh.  Michael  Schickel, 
Johan  Valentin  Keller, 
Philipp  Sarions, 
Johan  Jacob  Weber, 
Johan  Nickel  Minck. 
Johan  Henrich  Miiller, 
Wenzel  Boteschwag. 
Johan  Peter  Emrich,         [sick, 
s4ck,   Johannes  Bernhard  Wench, 
Jacob  Kress,  sick. 



List  of  Foreigne-rs  Imported  in  the  Ship  Henrietta, 
Capt.  John  Ross,  prom  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  22,  1754, 

Johannes  Keipp, 
Jacob  Seyboldt, 
(jreorge  Stohr, 
Noali  Hagy, 
P.  Henry  Behr, 
Jacob  Vobner, 
Friederich  Haysner, 
Peter  Stroh, 
Simon  Higdal, 
David  Ernstmeyer, 
Johannes  Karch, 
Christoph  Sauther, 
Joh.  Casper  Bopp, 
Joh.  Anthon  Graff, 
Georg  H enrich  Heck, 
Johannes  Rothenbiirger, 
Joh.  Georg  Freck, 
Johan  Adam  Rohlandt, 
Georg  Franck, 
Michael  Tomm, 
Peter  Franck, 
Ludwig  Zuckei-, 
Joseph  Schmidt, 
Jacob  CEhler, 
Johan  Christoph  Priess, 
Joh.  Bernhard  Ressing, 
Johan  Daniel  Zier, 
Jacob  Schiefferdeclier, 
Georg  Adam  Klee, 
Albrecht  Scliweinfarth, 
Joh.  AVoh-ath  Kriiger, 
Georg  Friederich  Stubert, 
Bernhard  Speck, 
Hans  Jacob  Mayer, 
Gottfried  Ludwig, 

Christian  Scliwartzweldei", 
Peter  Dietrich, 
Jacob  Knodler, 
Simon  Behr, 
Philip  Badert, 
Hartman  Rausch, 
Jacob  Haysner, 
Philip  Gruss, 
Conrad  Bohl, 
Simon  Leible, 
Balthas  Thiiringer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schwalbach, 
Johan  Georg  Bader, 
Joli.  Georg  Neuman, 
Johan  Michael  Jetter, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
Conrad  Schlemmer, 
Georg  Vetter, 
Elias  Tomm, 
Albertus  Roosin, 
Jeremias  Eckert, 
Michael  Kohr, 
Johannes  Koch, 
.Jacob  Sehner, 
Jacob  Kaltmiller, 
Johan  Reinhard  Steiner, 
Johan  Georg  Reith, 
Johan  Georg  Herbst, 
Hans  Mich.  Schaare, 
Johannes  Reinhart, 
Johan  Georg  Heiges, 
Joh.  Henrich  Giinther. 
Johan  Philip  Beuerle, 
Johan  Georg  I  hie. 



List  ofForkigxkrs  Importkh  ix  thk  Ship  Halifax.  Capt. 
Thomas  Coatam,  from  Rottkrdam,  liAST  from  (Jowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  23,  1754. 

Johann  Haas, 
Hans  Creorg"  Merliu}^ 
Micliael  Scline(!k, 
Bongred  Nietzel, 
Henry  Heinnitsch, 
Anthoni  Sultzer, 
Julian  Gunderbuseh 
Conrad  Biielder, 
Bernhard  Kreith, 
Lorentz  Senkler, 
Johannes  Geigei", 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Johannes  Schwab, 
Peter  Matheis  Ganshon, 
Hans  Georg  01)erholtzer, 
J  oh.  Wolfgang  Greinbach, 
Joh.  Michael  Abehnan, 
Hans  Adam  Schmidt, 
Johan  Casper  Wahl, 
.folian  Michael  A'on  Berg, 
H.  Thomas  Schlosser, 
Johan  Jacol)  Roth, 
J.  Jacol)  Wetherholt. 
Joliann  Michael  Koch, 
Elias  Gordan, 
Georg  Richter, 
Jacob  Strach, 
.Tacob  Grassel. 
H  enrich  Fleiss, 
Andreas  Freck, 
Conrath  Casper, 
Jacob  Wol finger, 
i^avid  Blanck, 
Martin  Rarr, 
Anthony  Brann, 
Hans  Jacob  Frey, 
Albrecht  Biirckert, 
J  oh.  Leoidiard  Ilgenfritz, 
Weebehand  Walter, 
Johan  Christian  Giith, 
Hans  Michael  Swenk, 

Johann  Forch, 
Johan  Georg  Zest, 
Leonhard  Schmit, 
Bastian  Geringer, 
Albrecht  Rabenstein, 
Andreas  Schober, 
.Fohan  Reckert, 
Hans  Oberzeller, 
Anthony  Gruber, 
Michael  Klein, 
Michael  Poobagh, 
Martin  Briell, 
Joh.  Michael  Kleinschrot 
Joh.  Georg  Getinbaur, 
Joh.  Philip  Hofmann, 
Joh.  Michael  Trister, 
Joh.  Michael  Kauffman, 
H.  Friederich  Schmit, 
Johan  Georg  Riess, 
Paulas  Fussweg, 
Hans  Georg  Ilde, 
Johan  Nickel  Wetterhardt, 
Hans  Adam  Haner, 
Martin  Dorsheimer, 
Jacob  Darm, 
Gnstavus  Reb, 
Johann  Ihle, 
Adam  Breck, 
Nicolaus  Felix, 
Anthony  Dirner, 
Peter  Fegele, 
Jacob  Weis, 
Jacob  Stegman, 
Henrich  AVerni, 
Joh.  Henry  Amrein, 
Joh.  Fried. 

Johan  Simon  Schelberger, 
Jotian  Adam  Ewa, 
Johan  Daniel  Heck, 
Johan  Dietrich  Brecht, 
Christophel  Heil, 



Johannes  Bacliman,  ' 
Joh.  Henrich  Briehll 
Hans  Jacob  Dirner, 
Joh    Bernhaj-fc  Wilier, 
Jacob  Lang, 
Hans  Greorg  Schiitz, 
Joh.  Lenhart  Kochendurffer, 
Martin  Volcknieyer,  sick, 
Matheis  Tar,  sick, 
V  Andreas  Schopp,  sick, 
Johan  Henrich  Haas,  sick, 

Johan  Jost  Koch, 
Hans  Martin  Schierch, 
Johan  Greorg  Maull, 
Philip  Grese], 
Martin  Pfeiffer, 
Jacob  Hanengrath, 
Hans  Michael  Diissing, 
Johan  Michael,  sick, 
Nicolaus  Roniberger,  sick, 
Nicolaus  Gerringer,  sickj 
Johan  Albreth  H  en.  Birkee,  sick 

JiiST  OP  Foreigners  Imported  i:;^  the  Snow  Good  Intent, 
Capt.  John  Lasly,  from  Amstkkdam,  liAST  from  Gos- 
PORT.     Qualified  Oct.  23,  1754. 

Friederich  Holtzappel, 
Jost  Marthin, 
Casper  Schwing, 
Johan  Phil.  Leib, 
G.  Friederich  Klein, 
Peter  Staub, 
Christian  Meyer, 
Johannes  Aumiiller, 
Johannes  Lang, 
Conrad  Loray, 
Johannes  Gliick, 
Friederich  Deussinger, 
Mich.  Rehbock, 
Frantz  Peter  Schultz, 
Joh.  Nicolans  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Wohleinder, 
Johan  Georg  Goss, 
Joh.  Leonhard  Rost, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schiiff  er, 
John  Valentin  Henkel 
Johannes  Heyser, 
Johan  Georg  Hoff, 
Joh.  Peter  Bleichenbacher, 
Joh.  Casper  Loray, 
Joh.  Wilhehn  Chiistian, 
Johan  Adam  Zolhnann, 

Johannes  Linck, 
Johannes  Orlt, 
Paalus  Fal)in, 
Andreas  Zwanzger, 
Andreas  Schaffer, 
Matheas  Stanb, 
Conrath  Aumiiller, 
Johannes  Bock, 
Johannes  Vogel, 
Anton  Zolhnann, 
Christoph  Koj^p, 
Mich.  Leinberger, 
Nicklas  Tillman, 
Marcus  Anthon  Schultz, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Heckardt, 
Ludwig  Hen.  Krutter, 
Johan  Christoph  Lang, 
Joh.  Wilhehn  Weiss, 
Johan  Wilhehn  Lieber 
Conrad  Hejser, 
John  Peter  Zoll, 
John  Jost  Meyer, 
Georg  Friederich  Walber, 
Georg  Henrich  Walber, 
Joh.  Wilhehn  Hecher, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schwiirtzel, 



Johanu  Tit'tzwortzer, 
Joh.  Philip  (jliick, 
Nicholas  Resch, 
Friederich  Stiinztel, 
Lorentz    AriioUl. 
Wilhelm  Aniold, 
]^hi]ip  Kieth, 
Peter  Rosi)er, 
Johiin  Adam  Blihle, 
Johannes  Briedenbach, 
Joliannes  Stephanas, 
Joh.   Casper  Bock, 
Christian  Scheldt, 
Johan  Wilhehn  Niese,  sick, 

Joliann  Teitzwortzer,  jr., 
Joh.  Georg  Hinckel, 
Jacob  Koller, 
Fnedericli  Pe[)]er, 
Johannes  Hauck, 
J.  Friederich  Nebel 
Balthasar  Frietz, 
Johannes  Abachlendei 
Johan  Christian  Heintz, 
Joh.  Philip  Kleiss, 
Sam.  Friederich  Riigerr,-* 
F.  Reinhardt  Fisclier, 
Frantz  Jacob  Miller,  sick, 
Michael  Soinmer,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigxers  Imported  ix  the  Brigaxtixe  Mary 

AXD  Sarah,  Capt.  Thomas 
Qualified  Oct.  20,  1754. 

Jacob  Visser, 

Michael  Wenhar 

Carl  Menges, 

Jacob  Storner, 

Adam  Schaffer, 

Joseph  Dohner, 

H.  Peter  Carel, 

Anthon  Kling, 

Johannes  Roll, 

Herman  Neyman, 

Peter  Menges, 

Johan  Christoph  Heiss, 

Nicolaus  ffillenschlager, 

Leonhard  Joh.  Kessler, 

Johan  Georg  Brincker, 

Johan  Nickel  Lehr, 

J.  Dieterich  Zieller, 

Kans  Adam  Meister, 

H.  Philip  llartman, 

J.  Leonhart  Drumheller, 

Philip  Jacolj  Schwenck, 

Johannes  Brnruier, 

H.  Adam  Reybolt, 

Brodrick,  from  Amsterdam. 

Michael  Lehr, 
Adam  Brej'dinger, 
Peter  Volc'k, 
Jacob  Shunibert, 
Jacob  Haller. 
Anthony  Rohr, 
Nicholas  Seewald, 
Nicolaiis  Carl, 
Peter  Edelman, 
Lorentz  Mauerer, 
Jacob  Care), 

Joh.  AVilhelm  Schneider, 
J.  Adam  Schwiibel, 
J.  Conrad  Menges, 
Hans  Georg  Aeiichle, 
J.  Michael  Schlanch, 
J.  Leonhart  Neidig, 
Joh.  Adam  Weber, 
Johan  Philip  Kuhl, 
Hans  Peter  Joch, 
■J.  Adam  Heckman, 
Joh.  Jacol)  Helm, 
Nicolas  Leberinan, 



Johaunes  Edelmann. 

Georg  Adam  Ranser, 

Hans  Petej-  Menges. 

Adam  Menges, 

Matheas  Krauss, 

Peter  Weygand, 

Friederich  Volck, 

Peter  Schnurr. 

Adam  Neidig, 

Samuel  Lowe, 

Philip  Staab, 

.Toliannes  Pfeiffer, 

Johannes  Reist, 

Peter  Joh, 

.Toll.  Peter  Krauss, 

Bastian  Schraader, 

Johan  Michael  Schall, 

Joh.   Leonhart  Kistner, 

Johan  Georg  Michel, 

Joh.  Georg  Edelman,  sick, 

Jost  Witt,  sick, 

Georg  Kauffman,  sick. 

Johann  Bartman, 

Philip  Sommer, 

Johann  Georg  Menges, 

Jacob  Schmit, 

Michael  Hubert, 

Michael  Wirth, 

Conrad  Geyer, 

John  Ihrig, 

Jost  Reichel, 

David  Lowe, 

Hertz  Kiest, 

Martin  Kistner, 

Georg  Schoff, 

J.  Georg  Krauss, 

Georg  Lud.  Nonnenmacher, 

Daniel  Neidig, 

Joh.  Bernhart  Mayer, 

Joh.  Jost  Schlitz, 

Johan  Jacob  Helm, 

Hans  Edelman,  sick, 

Hans  Schnellenberger,  sick. 

Johannes  Breslaiier,  sick. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  John  and 
Elizabeth,  Capt.  Peter  Ham,  from  Amsterdam,  IjAst 
FROM  Portsmouth.     Qttalified  Nov.  7,  1754. 

Conrad  Herman, 
Georg  Hochreittei", 

Nicklaus  Lang, 
Wendel  Fritzius, 
Henry  Wi3lfling, 
Henry  Eyler, 
Johannes  Nees, 
Johann  Schiller, 
Berthold  Henry  Pott, 
Carl  Friederich  Schultz, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmid, 
Johannes  Roley, 
Johannes  Weygandt, 
Burchart  Hentz, 
Nicklaus  Klein, 
Johannes  Flinner, 
Johannes  Hoi-atz, 

Martin  Krebs, 
NicolaTis  Desch, 
Johannes  Winholt, 
Leonhart  Peteri, 
J.  Georg  Birchenmeyer, 
Joh.  Fried.  Thebardt, 
Melchior  Meichler, 
Friederich  Adam  Derst, 
Michael  Scheck, 
Johannes  Shuster, 
Friederich  Mangel, 
Johannes  Miining, 
Henry  Shneyder, 



Michael  Homaii, 

Peter  Fischer, 

Albert  Schunck, 

Christian  Aldt, 

Georg  F]t)iii'i, 

Jacob  Gander, 

Andreas  Schwartz, 

Adam  Bartlioloinye, 

Daniel  David  Heiner, 

Johan  .lost  Siisser, 

Johannes  Meister, 

Job.   Ernst  Fronheuser, 

Daniel  Leuckel, 

Philip  Achebach, 

Joh.  Henrich  Franck, 

Georg  Wilbeliu  Schneider, 

Martin  Reinliarrh, 

Joh.  Gebhart  Letheisser, 

Jacob  Amnion, 

Johannes  Klein, 

Theol)ald  Pein, 

Christian  Kramer, 

l^aul  H  off  man, - 

Wilhelm  Schneider, 

Johannes  Plecher, 

Christoph  Mengel, 

Casper  Diiinei", 

Micliael  Neyflf, 

Jacob  Werthmiiller, 

Joh.  Georg  Kiilhnan, 

Joh.  Jacob  Schliitzer,  sen.. 

Johann  Georg  Fey, 

H.  Georg  Miller, 

Joh.  Michael  Uhting, 

Hans  Nicolaus  Dech, 

Hans  Georg  Kleinpeter, 

Johannes  Diirendinger,  sen., 

Henry  Scliwart  zenbach. 

Joh.  Wendel  KtlnigsfeldT, 

Jacob  Weingart,    " 

Carl  Gleim, 

Daniel  Pfad, 

Joli.  Conrad  Steil, 

Johan  Philip  Klein, 

Joh.  Jacol)  Gross. 

29— Vol..  XVil. 

Michael  Krug. 
Henry  Bock, 
Adolph  Flohri, 
Johannes  Rentz, 
Michael  Schmit, 
Phili[)  Roger, 
Jacob  Dogent, 
Joseph  Del  jeer, 
Bartholonn  La  Gnean, 
Johannes  Heldmaiin, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
Henrich  Dresbach, 
Jean  Jaque  Cuvier, 
Johannes  Griiffenstein, 
Johan  Adam  Miinnig, 
Joh.  Gedrg  Gerner, 
Johan  Georg  Heck, 
Georg  Meissner, 
Herman  Henger, 
Johannes  Hahn, 
Jacob  AVagner, 
.Tacob  Ende, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Georg  Uder, 
Mai'tin  Cachler, 
Michael  Staub, 
Joh.  Adam  Zehner, 
Johan  Martin  Losch, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schlotzer,  jr., 
Johan  Wendel  Lentz, 
Johann  Peter  Hauss 
■    Hans  Georg  Abel, 
Jacob  Bernhardt. 
Andreas  Gebhart, 
Johannes  Diirendinger,  jr., 
Johan  Heni'ich  Schuster, 
Christian  Hauswirth, 
Joh.  jSicklaus  Seidel, 
Christoph  Mai, 
Christian  Keller, 
Jacob  Midler, 
Joh.  Peter  Bannot, 
P.  Christian  Gross, 
Joh.  Andreas  Gotz, 



Johann  Georg  Schutz, 
Joh.  Valentin  Briinckinann, 
Johan  Adam  Niis<,  sick, 
Hans  Minnich,  sick, 

Johann  Peter  Herrmann, 
Caspar  Fahnstock,  sick, 
Ricliard  Ntis,  sick. 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Neptune, 
Capt.  William  Mallane,  from  Hamburg,  last  from 
CowBS.     Qualified  Dec.  13,  1754. 

Andreas  Scliindler, 
J.  Andreas  Knochen, 
Joh.  Georg  Bolich, 

Anthon  Giinther, 
Ludwig  Leib, 
Conrad  Zorn, 
B.  Christian  Barkel, 
J.  Peter  Usbacli, 
Joli.  Offenhauser, 
Joliannes  Liebentraut, 
Walter  Wittraann, 
J.  Christian  Kiihnman, 
Friederich  Wiederhohl, 
Christopher  Ruthelmann, 
Johan  Simon  Kiihler, 
Joh.  Martin  Martine, 
Julius  Casper  Srrebig, 
Andreas  Jacob  Emeyer, 
Jerome  Diederich  Soltan, 
Joh.  Christian  Schrader, 
Joh.  Abraham  Glimpff. 
Johan  Henrich  Schlesse, 
Johan  August  Konig, 
Henrich  Frid.  Stammann, 
Georg  Hen.  Heller, 
.Toil.  .Tulius  Sorge, 
Johann  Arntberger, 
Peter  Henry  Hentz, 

Gottfried  Ficke, 

Nicolaus  Alliers, 

J.  Gottlob  Basler, 

Wilhelm  Antheis, 

Adam  Miiller, 

Elias  Israel, 

Joh.  Ernst  Ziegler, 

J.  Christoph  Urich, 

W.    Claar, 

J.   Christian  Kruger, 

J.  Caspar  Oilrrig, 

Christian  Kalckbrenner, 

Joh.'inn  Holter. 

Joh.  Henrich  Schaffer, 

Hen.  Sven, 

Joh.  Christoph  Zachriss, 

Joli.    Christian  Werlisch, 

Johan  Henrich  Weidner, 

Georg  Christoph  Maschcat, 

Joh.  Gottlob  Kiintzelman. 

Christian  Gebhart  Ziegler, 

Conrad  Schnueheim, 

Jac.  Friederich  Shroder, 

Christ.  Hen.  Jacobi, 

Joh.  Philip  Alberti, 

Joh.  Gottfried  Ritter, 

John  K otter, 

Johan  Philii3  Kuchstein. 



The  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Neptune,  George 
Smith,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  krom  Gossport. 
Qualified  Oct.  7,  1755. 

Reiiner  Landr, 
Christian  Ocker, 
Israel  Josep, 
Joseph  Steiniuan, 
Jacob  Bertsli, 
Jacob  Wiirtz, 
Peter  Finck, 
Albrech  Shabert, 
Adam  Weniger, 
Michael  lilaass. 
Wilhehn  WaUler, 
Christian  Stiihr, 
Jacob  Buch, 
Michael  Worer, 
Friederich  Ege, 
Andreas  Missner, 
Johannes  Steiney, 
Sebastian  Senlieder, 
Johannes  Malther, 
Cliristian  Bausiuiin, 
Henrich  Eniert, 
Friederich  Schiedt, 
Jean  Frentier, 
Christoph  Kauffman, 
Joh.   Adam  Chretschenbach, 
Joh.  Casper  BittonfT, 
Georg  Friederich  Dillinan, 
Henrich  Henckell, 
Sebastian  Schmidt, 
Hans  Michael  Kraass, 
Michael  Schindel, 
Joh.  Casper  Zincke, 
Joh.  Henrich  iMiJser, 
Hans  Georg  Schiiffer,    ^ 
Conrad  Baumann, 
Andereas  Htifflinger, 
Johan  Nickel  Gast, 
Philipp  Jacob  Bar, 
Joh.  Adam  HelmstiUler, 
Johan  Melchior  Hirtli, 
Johan  Michael  Weise, 

Bodo  Otto, 
l^hilip  Grieg, 
Henrich  Metz, 
Christian  Re  utter, 
Nicklaus  Rein, 
Friederich  ].>iet7., 
Thomas  Leitz, 
Jacob  Stierle, 
Hans  Reinger, 
Johan  Kaiser, 
Casper  Ulerich, 
Hans  Bach, 
Michael  AVer, 
Christoph  Mayer, 
Johannes  Schitz, 
Mathias  Prei.s.sgartner, 
J.  Philip   Fischer, 
Conrath  Midler, 
Friederich  Adam, 
Matheas  AVeis, 
Johan  Petter, 
Georg  Klineer, 
Georg  Peter  Hiisser, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Dantzebecher, 
Thomas  DantzeVjecher, 
Joh.  Conrad  Eirheim, 
Johan  Henrich  Finck, 
Gottfried  Zergiebel, 
Casper  Hinderstieff, 
Johannes  Backner. 
Joh.  Jacob  Schock, 
Christ.  Ludwig  Kunig, 
Hans  Georg  Schneider, 
Christian  Baumann, 
Joliannes  Erbshensser, 
Mathiius  ObergfiiU, 
Johann  Christian  Gast, 
Joh.  Peter  Hickman, 
Johan  Michel  Kiirner, 
Georg  Christ.  Webrecht, 
Adam  Lorent  Dietrich, 



Johannes  Schneider, 
Bernhart  Eilsheimer, 
Hans  Greorg  Kellei-, 
Joh.  Georg  Blanckenbiller, 

Jacob  Albrecht  Haass, 
a.  Michael  Schwab, 
Johann  Gfeovg  Volclv, 
Samuel  Fraatsrach. 

[T/ie  "/is^"   as  furnished 

Christian  Acker, 
Peter  Half, 
Stophel  Kaufman, 
Potto  Otta, 

Thomas  Tanzenbecher, 
Josejih  Kleyman, 
Conrad  Wiriiiine, 
Christian  Reyter, 
Nicholas  Reem, 
Fredk.  Dietz, 
Johan  Henry  Finck, 
Henrich  Hinekle, 
Sebastian  Smith, 
Casper  Henderstief, 
Hans  Michl.  Kra'us, 
Adam  Wenig, 
Christoph  Henor, 
Michl.  Schintel, 
Jolian  Casper  Zinchei', 
Joli.  Henrich  Messer, 
Hans  Jnrg  Snyder, 
Casper  Ulrich, 
Hans  Jurg  Scheffer, 
Christian  Backman, 
Jacob  Buck, 
Michael  Werner, 
Andreas  Hofier, 
Fredk.  Aegie, 
Johan  Peter  Rietel, 
Joh.   Christ.  Kast, 
Joh.  Peter  Heckman, 
Joli.  Michl.  Spitz, 
Andreas  Mesner, 
Melchor  Hirt, 
Joh.  Philip  Fisher, 
Conrad  Mellir, 

the  Provincial  authorities  is   hereivith 

Philip  Haey, 

Jurg  Peter  HofEner, 

Henry  Metz, 

Joh.  Adam  Deutchenbach, 

Ludwig  Tanzenbecher, 

Casper  Petorf, 

Fredk    Dielman, 

Jacob  Perch, 

Jacob  Wertz, 

Peter  Finck, 

Thomas  Lutz, 

Gotfried  Zwigebul, 

Carl  Houser, 

Albrecht  Shappert, 

Jacob  Stierle, 

Han  Henor, 

Michl.  Claus, 

Jacob  Schoch, 

Christian  Ludwig  Konig, 

Johannes  Keyser, 

Wilhelm  Walter, 

Christian  Stohr, 

Hans  Buck, 

Conrad  Backman, 

Johannes  Herbsheyser, 

Michl.  Werner,  jr., 

Chi'istoph  Mier, 

Maths.  Oberfehl, 

Joh.  Nichl.  Kast, 

Philip  Jacob  Behr, 

Joh.  Adam  Helmsteter, 

Maths.  Pregs, 

Wilhelm  Kerner, 

Johannes  Steynll, 

Sebastian  Sunleyder, 

Johannes  Maltthaner, 



Adam  Vogel, 
Christoph  Weybrick, 
Adam  Loreutz  Dietrick, 
Jacob  Ulrich  Hass, 
Mathi;«5  Weys, 
Hans  Jui*}^  Kellor. 
Henrich  Emmert, 
Jur^  Kliiigensmith, 
Haniies  Kran. 
Lsrael  Manhiin, 
Reymer  Laut, 

C'hristii.  Hantor, 
J  oh.  Miclil.  Weys, 
Johannes  Smierer, 
Bernhart   Eygelsheymer, 
Jurg  Michl.  Swab., 
Hans  Juig  Volk, 
Peter  Frutche, 
Jurg  Bhmlienbnller, 
Samuel  Backrack, 
Isaac  Levy. 

FoREiftXERs  Imported 
Charles  1-yox,  from 

Friederich  Leydig, 
Andreas  Rietel, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Conrad  Timpe, 
Johan  Valentin  Renter, 
Johan  Greorg  Koch, 
Joh.  Henrich  Fischer, 
Johan  Just  Hoijman, 

IN  THE  Ship  Pennsylvania,  Capt. 
London.     Qualified  ISov.  1,  1755. 

Lorentz  Seitz, 
(reorg  Friederich  Weber, 
Joh.  Philip  Fischer, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Albers, 
(reorg  Ludwig  Hochheimer, 
Joh.  Daniel  Briiutigam, 
Joh.  Melchior  Hornung, 
Andreas  Nicolaus  Falling. 

[  The  "  list"  furnished  the  Provincial  authorities  is  here  given.] 
Fred.  Libeck,  Fatten  Ryder, 

Law.  Sites, 
Lodowick  Oakima, 
Frederick  Waber, 
Hendrick  Fisher, 
Melchior  Hornan, 
Fred.  Hopeman, 
Conrad  Timl)er, 
And.  Nicholas  Atten. 

And.  Riddle, 
Greo.  (Jook, 
Dan.  Bridegam, 
Johannes  Young, 
Uste  Hopeman, 
Philip  Fisher. 
Hendrick  AUbes, 



Foreigners  Imported  in 
Lawrence,  x,ast  from  L 

Bernhard  Uehlein, 
Elirliardt  Conradt, 
Leonhard  Diiri', 
Caspar  Bernhart, 
Johann  Peter  Kliinck, 
Simon  Hengel, 
Michael  Midler, 
Johannes  Sombero, 
Adam  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Schoff, 
Casper  Biener, 
Friederich  Walther, 
Johannes  Haas, 
Georg  Ludwig  Crucius, 
Wolfgang  Nicolaus  Hey  man, 
Johann  Heinrich  Klopper, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Stiernkorl), 
Johan  Geoi'g  Wei  nig, 
Johan  Nickel  Wagner, 
Christian  Pauli, 
Rudolph  Fulleweiler 

THE  Ship  Snow  Chance,  Capt. 
ONDON.   Qualified  Nov.  10,  1756. 

Paul  us  Kamp, 
Georg  Doll, 
Georg  Lndwig  Eberle, 
Johann  Andi-eas  Kliinck, 
Johann  Michael  Kuhn, 
Nicklaus  Hahn, 
Nicklas  Pauli, 
Baltes  Schinf, 
Johan  Sack, 
Frantz  Wanei*, 
Johannes  Weytzel, 
Christian  Segnitz, 
Valentin  Diirr, 
Hans  Wolff  Gundel. 
Johann  Peter  Korner, 
Johan  Valentin  Pauli, 
Johan  Georg  Schmit, 
Johann  Peter  Weber, 
Joh.  Nickel  Zimmerman, 
Hans  Epplinger, 
Johan  Michael  Wagner. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Snow  squirrel, 
John  Benn,  Master,  prom  Rotterdam,  last  prom  Ports- 
mouth.    Qualified  Oct.  21,  iTGl. 

Peter  Mischler, 
Christophel  Bomberg, 
Andreas  Graff, 
Daniel  Schaab, 
Valentin  Anwaldt, 
Johann  Wilhehn  Serger, 
Joh.  Nickel  Hertzog, 
Nicolaus  Schweitzer, 
Wilhelm  Becker, 
Henrich  Holtzapfel, 
Friederich  Probst, 
John  Henry  Diessinger, 

Eberhart  Disinger, 
Johannes  Beyerle, 
Stephan  Danner, 
Friedei'ich  Lieberknecht, 
Casper  Knobaluch, 
Johan  Simon  Mayer, 
Johann  Conrad  Serger, 
Johan  Nickel  Becker, 
Georg  Vogelgesang, 
Hans  Eckardt, 
Joh,    Jacob  Vogelgesang. 
Georg  Friederich  Rohrer, 



Johann  Friederich  Diehl, 
Johan  Ludwig  Probst, 
Johaiiii  Dietrich  Taub, 

Johann  Jacob  Hackiuan, 
Johaun  Nicolaus  Diehl, 
Johau  Jacob  Probst. 


Young  Husband,   b'uom  Rottkhdam.   i,ast  from   Ports- 
mouth.    Qualified  Out.  5,  1T63. 

Joh.  Jacob  Peitfar, 
Joliannes  Schuutz, 
Johannes  Schiitz, 
Peter  Cratz, 
Heinrich  Danm, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Frantz  Miiltz, 
Conrad  Betis, 
Joseph  Born, 
Johannes  Hiinner, 
Henrich  Dietz, 
Johannes  Chius, 
Peter  Humberd, 
Jost  Heintz, 

Joh.   Phihp  AVahrenholtz, 
Johann  Jost  Dietz, 
J.  Henrich  Liick, 

Johann  Henrich  Paulas, 

Johann  Micliael  Matz, 

AVilhehn  Vijltnier, 

Johann  Peter  Ginsberg, 

Johannes  Basel, 

Andreas  Dress, 

Andreas  Mertz, 

Henry  Wagner, 

Johan  Sollberg, 

Johannes  Just, 

Johannes  SchalT, 

Georg  Bastian, 

Johann  Theis  Kroinm, 

Johann  Engel  Becker, 

Johan  Peter  Schneider, 

Andreas  Holtzniann, 

Friederich  Schonleber, 

Johannes  Zimmerman, 

Johannes  Klappert, 

Rudolph  Hehr, 

Jacob  Gatz, 

Ludwig  Agrioola, 

Joseph  Fischer, 

Georg  bender, 

P.  Pautz, 

August  Hemerlein, 

Paul  Grin, 

Peter  Gotz, 

Daniel  Paulus, 

Jacob  Otho, 

Johann  Henrich  Niess, 

Johann  Jost  Hiinner, 

Johan  Christian  Scheidt, 

Johann  Henrich  Paulus,  sen. 

Johann  Friederich  Stiill, 

Herman  Janler, 

Johann  Georg  Ginsberg, 

Johannes  Engel  Ginsberg. 

Casper  Miiller, 

Wilhelm  Dick, 

Matthias  Lockner, 

Johann  Daub, 

Martin  Hasch, 

Johan  Marbes.  / 

Henry  Bonnet, 

Johan  .Tacob  Hoffman, 

Johann  Herman  Klappert. 

Johann  Michael  Becker, 

D.  Dietrich  Burchardt, 

.Tohan  lonas  Scholl, 

Johan  Daniel  Royscher, 



Johann  Georg  Hibler, 

Johann  Engelhut, 

Lorentz  Knori, 

Martin  Schaffner, 

Dilman  Becker, 

Jacob  Bergmann, 

Georg  Friederich    Huber, 

Coiirath  Wolff, 

Johan  Heinrich  Stilsener, 

Hermann  Donat, 
Jacob  Gliissner, 
Heinrich  Beinoller, 
August  Eissinger, 
Philipp  Warner, 
Friederich  Berginann, 
Jolian  H enrich  Wensell, 
Johannes  Wick  el. 

Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Chance,  Capt.  Charles 
Smith,  from. Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.  Qualified 
Nov.  1,  1763. 

Joseph  Seifferdt, 
Philip  Casner, 
Johannes  Ludy, 
Pliiljp  Schappert, 
Henrich  Alsbach, 
Jacob  Spiehnan, 
Georg  Giinther, 
Johannes  Gern, 
Jacob  Baltzel, 
Adam  Sammuel, 
Johannes  Schellenberger, 
Jean  Henri  Gaijdon, 
J  oh.  Jacob  Schnorss, 
.Tohan  Peter  Kessler. 
Philip  Zumstein, 
Georg  LudAvig  Kesselrinck, 
Johann  Nickel  Kotter, 
Johann  Georg  Henninger, 
Johann  Peter  Hauck, 
Michael  Becker, 
Michael  Zeiner, 
.Johann  Michael  Altz, 
.lohann  .Jacob  Sonntag, 
.Johan  Peter  Becker, 
Jacob  Schiidt, 
Jacob  Schlick, 
Peter  Wolff, 
Friederich  Arnold, 
Adam  Schmidt, 

Valentin  Giinssel, 
David  Solter, 
Georg  Ebert, 
Nicolaus  Schappert, 
Philip  Schmit, 
Casper  Huber, 
Jacob  Jantz, 
Andreas  Feger, 
Carl  Baltzel, 
Georg  Jantz, 

Henrich  Debarts  Hiiusser, 
Johann  Georg  Vetter, 
Johannes  Schatt, 
Johan  Christian  Schwab, 
Johan  Georg  Dorneh, 
Bernhard  Ranhert, 
Johann  Georg  Miihlheim, 
Georg  Jacob  Baltzel, 
Hans  Peter  Studi, 
Hans  Georg  Zeiner, 
Johan  Henry  Shuntz, 
Jacob   Ebersohl, 
Johann  Hoffman, 
Georg  Fischer, 
Johannes  Dorst, 
Jacob  Behr, 
Christian  Wangolt, 
Peter   Krafft, 
Michael  Schmidt, 



Daniel  Ziitter, 

Henry  Seliwantz, 

Joliannes  Engelbert, 

Autlion  Hausain, 

Sjiinuel  Miiller, 

Georj?  Henrii'li  Fiackenliarcit, 

Friederich  Wilhelm  Stahl, 

Joliana  Weudel  Fackler, 

Johannes  Jacob  Hud, 

Joliann   Enj^el  ffirter, 

Jost  Henrich  Schmidt, 

Joliannes  Becker, 

Michael  Stotlej, 

Samuel  Cyriaci, 

Johannes  Striitzer, 

Valentin  Nicodemus, 

Emanuel  Meisterei", 

Philip  Greorg  Kneiliet, 

Ballhasar  Ziitter, 
Joliannes  Weller, 
John  Henry  Miller, 
Martin  Braun, 
Johan  Valentin  Hauck, 
Johannes  Dorbaiiin, 
Joliann  Benedictus  Grieben, 
Johan  Thomas  Gil, 
Joliann  Peter  Munner, 
Johan  Eckert  (Erter, 
Joliann  Henrich  Keil, 
John  Bernhart, 
Heinrich  Menges, 
Bait  baser  Christ, 
Johann  Ernst  Thiele, 
Michael  Spielman, 
Nicolaus  Wistadius. 

Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Brigaxtixe  Success,  Capt. 
William  Marshall,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Nov. 
25,  1703. 

Abraham  Neu, 
Leonhardt  Wass, 
Anton   Niiryes, 
Johann  Henrich  Hedrich, 
Charles  Christman, 
Joh.  Matheis  Stephan, 

Jacob  Helm, 
John  Georg  Bauman, 
Johann  Kopher, 
Johan  Jacob  Miiller, 
Mat  bias  Christman, 
Johan  Henrich  Fetzer. 

FoREiGXERS    Imported   in  the    Ship    Pallas,    Richard 

MiLXER,  Master,    from 
mouth.     Qualified  Nov, 

Isaac  Droqunt, 
Conrad  Mayer, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Jacob  We^ssei't, 
Ludwig  Amaus, 
Peter  Opp, 

Rotterdam,  last   from  Ports- 


Georg  Kiihnele, 
Georg  Wagner, 
David  Jansohn, 
Johannes  Schaaff, 
Gottlieb  Koll, 
Johann  Weudel, 



Martin  Helder, 

Lewis  Stutz, 

Johannes  Georg, 

Henrich  Flick, 

Johannes  Blum, 

Georg  Friederich  Hammer, 

Georg  Willielm  Janson, 

Friederich  Holtzhausser, 

(Conrad  Scherer, 

Martin  Schneider, 

Wilhelm  Bleininger, 

Johan  Martin  Merck, 

Johann  Conrad  Keiser. 

Johann  Adam  Hoffheintz, 

Wilhelm  Ritter, 

Peter  Schiitz, 

Andreas  Obmann, 

Martin  Stephan, 

Baltzer  Schaff, 

Philip  Faust, 

Christian  Pfeiffer, 

Peter  Wercken, 

Jean  Andrie  Stockinger, 

Johann  Georg  Prestel, 

Johann  Schittenhelme, 

Gerlach  Wittenstein, 

Jacob  Hauser, 
Jost  Vohi, 
Jacob  Heintz, 
Henrich  Graff, 
Henrich  Just  Rcihrig, 
Ulrich  Biirkholder, 
Johann  Henrich  Strauch, 
Sfichael  Braun, 
Johann  Georg  Hochst, 
Johannes  Freirief, 
John  Henry  Miller, 
John  Henry  Freind, 
Johann  Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Johann  Daniel  Hoffheintz, 
Georg  Thomas  Gerhard t, 
Casper  Reider, 
Lorentz  Obmann, 
Henry  Pfeiffer, 
Friederich  Hiittner, 
Philip  Miller, 
Valentin  Seipel, 
Abraham  Senner, 
Jean  Louis  Seiz, 
Leonhart  Frischkorn, 
Johann  Christian  Schreiber, 
Georg  Miller. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ijf  the  Ship  Chance,  Capt. 
Charles  Smith,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified  Aug.  8, 

Sebastian  Bender, 
Henry  C.  Shiel, 
Philip  Shifferer, 
Valentin  Metzger, 
Johannes  Strenger, 
Adam  Wanner, 
Matheus  Roth, 
Philip  Brogli, 
Peter  Grosh, 
Andreas  Amraann, 
Johannes  Rittesheim. 

Peter  Neyer, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Balthas  Kappes, 
Bdrnhard  Geiger, 
Michel  Bandelo, 
Georg  Sleig, 
Friederich  Altherr, 
Johannes  Tandt, 
Georg  Haag, 
Ludwig  Schad, 
Antoni  Vogt, 



Andreas  Sclioll, 
Jacobus  A  rand  t, 
Micliael  Breniich, 
Daniel  Dexbeinier, 
Johann  Pliilii)  Thonia, 
Johann  Martin  Hes. 
Joh.  Frieilerich  Miiller, 
Georg  Peter  Heck, 
Johann  Jacob  Sties, 
Johan  Herman  Mayer, 
Maitliias  Kemper, 
Georg  Scherer, 
Georg  Leonliart  Stutz, 
Stephan  Freundt, 
Johannes  "Wencli. 
Johan  Jacob  Schiffner, 
Johan  Stephan  Saam, 
Johann  Georg  Hundt, 
Johannes  Kebner, 
Heinrich  Schiiffer, 
PhiHp  Bhim, 
Johannes  Vogel, 
Ludwig  Feter, 
Peter  Riicker, 
Johannes  Theiss, 
Ludwig  Huber, 
Friederich  Ringer, 
Johan  Georg  Strein, 
Herman  Zonnerer, 
Johan  Christian  Descher, 
Johannes  Rick, 
Friederich  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Weinberger, 
Valentin  Bauer, 

Peter  A'andt, 
Peter  Urapff, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Dexheimer, 
Johann  Peter  Schnudt 
Johann  Adam  Schiffer, 
Joh.  Michael  Habiizel, 
Johann  Georg  Haass. 
Johann  Wilhelm  AVeiss, 
Johann  Nickel  Mayer, 
Frantz  Schwartz, 
Andreas  Druckenbrodt, 
Johan  Peter  Durst, 
Johannes  Gerhard, 
Johan  Georg  Gebhardt, 
Johan  Jacob  Grob, 
Matheus  Bremich, 
Johann  Adam  Bremich, 
Philip  Abraham  Hornich, 
Jacob  Eckfeldt, 
Peter  Ziirn, 
Andreas  Bartel, 
Andreas  Meiseh, 
Joseph  Chasseur, 
Peter  Haas, 
Philip  Will, 
Georg  Gielbert, 
Michael  AVilhelm, 
Friederich  Wahl, 
Simon  Descher, 
Johannes  Pfalth, 
Johann  Georg  Theiss, 
Daniel  Weniger, 
Sebastian  Seyberth, 
Geo.  Wendel  Zimmerman, 

List  of  FoREiftXERS  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Polly.  Capt. 
Robert  Porter,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Sept.  19,  1764. 

Bernhardt  Beck, 
Johannes  Schadt, 
Hans  Guiner, 
Jacob  Berchel, 

Nichl.  Schluhte, 
Fiiederich  Galle, 
Joh.  Jacoli  Reudt, 
Joh.  Jacob  Maui:i, 



Christian  Bergman, 
Jacob  VVenger, 
Joh.  Daniel  Konig, 
John  Martin  Stoll, 
Joliannes  Eulman, 
Cliristian  Lang, 
Joh.  Jost  Sclireclvenangst, 
John  Melchior  Hollebach, 
Johann  Peter  Trein, 
Joh.  Casper  Gfiittenberg, 
Johan  Friederich  Strass, 
Johann  Carl  Laiiljach, 
Johan  Georg  Weyckel, 
Johan  Adam  Franck, 
John  Georg  Schvvaab, 
Peter  Marks, 
Peter  Grebiel, 
Conrad  Bauer, 
Peter  Dietrich, 
Carl  Schmidt. 
Frantz  Peter  Hackert, 
Joh.  Fried.   Zimmerman, 
Anthon  Noschang, 
Christian  Ernst  Beschler, 
Wilhelmus  Moser. 

Baltzer  Wenger, 
Nicklaus  Lugebiit, 
Geo.  Adani  Graff, 
Johannes  Beiser, 
Peter  Steigelman, 
Johann  Christoph  Schmidt, 
Johann  Jacob  Graft', 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
Johann  Georg  EUer, 
Joh.  Michael  Bergman, 
Johan  Conrad  Strass, 
Johan  Henrich  Ehls, 
Johan  Nicklas  Franck, 
Johan  Henrich  Schell, 
Johan  Nicltel  Heibst, 

Andreas  Grebiel, 
Iieonhart  Bauer, 
Antoni  Jutz, 
Adam  Mishell, 
Anthoni  Welte, 
Johan  Valentin  Dumin, 

Peter  Thormeyer, 

Johan  Mathias  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Neblinger. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Sarah,  Capt. 
Francis  Stanpeli,,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ports- 
mouth.    Qualified  Sept.  30,  1764. 

Paul  Hoffman, 
Conrad  Bischoff, 
Michael  Lauth, 
Peter  Giitte], 
Theobold  Lehman, 
Israel  Grob, 
Peter  Hiib, 
Adam  Liidy, 
Christian  Meyer, 
Daniel  Frick, 
Micha,el  Hoffecker, 
Joh.  Peter  Weber, 
Johann  Lichtenfeld, 

Godfrey  Keyser, 
Georg  Scherer, 
Adam  Gottel, 
Henrich  Eich, 
Jacob  Hoch, 
Peter  Schwaab, 
Theobold  Weber, 
Frantz  Kettering, 
Jacob  Allspach, 
Conrad  Frick, 
Jacob  Kieffer, 
Leonhard  Lenckner, 
Andreas  Vollprecht, 




Joliannes  Welte, 
Martin  Hoirinan, 
Jolian  Ludwij?  Betz, 
Jolian  Adam  ScliafT, 
H enrich  Wettern, 
J.  Henry  Kisauer, 
Oswald  Rap, 
Morit/  Master, 
Johannes  Geoi'jj  Specht, 
Jacob  Treiu, 
Martin  Ranch, 
Johann  Wilhehn  Weber. 
Christian  Fnimdling, 
Johann  Jacob  Kaufman, 
Johannes  Spielman, 
Daniel  Dansman, 
John  Georg  Hubacher, 
John  Georg  Drachsel, 
Hans  Georg  Scheyre, 
Hans  Dietrich  Hofl", 
Johann  Matheis  Diebel, 
Johann  Philip  Welde, 
Jacob  Feiock, 
Michael  Metzgei-, 
Georg  Fischer, 
Johannes  Dtirr, 
Carl  Gerhard r, 
Arend  Krissing, 
Christel  Konig, 
Georg  Knhn, 
Johannes  Gass, 
Johannes  Hegenstill. 
Johan  Christoffel  Bintz, 
Johaini  Georg  Wetzel, 
H  enrich  Nickel  Raque, 
Johann  Daniel  IjiJlir, 
Johan  Peter  Steiler, 

Michael  Funck, 
Georg  Jacob  Scherer, 
Johan  Urban  Betz, 
Friederich  Conrad  SchelTer, 
Theobold  Itzbeiger, 
Johannes  Blitz, 
Peter  Giittel, 
Joliann  Christ.  Schanb, 
Conrad  Fischer, 
Heiurich  Schreiner, 
Johan  Henrich  Fashaus, 
Johann  Jost  Strack, 
Jacob  Altvatter, 
Simon  Friederich  Schober, 
Johan  Daniel  Fruhmann, 
Philip  Hoffecker, 
Johan  Michael  Thran, 
Henrich  Ochssenbecher, 
Johann  Henrich  HotT, 
Johann  Georg  Grossglass, 
Johann  Friederich  Kiichner, 
Jacob  Schantre, 
John  Schuster, 
Jacob  Giinsel, 
Johannes  Finniger, 
Johan  Herman, 
Peter  Knhn, 
Wendel  Sheets, 
Georg  Schmeck, 
Johannes  Hitz. 
.Tohann  Peter  Ottershelt, 
Frantz  Thomas  Hart  man, 
Georg  Henry  Hartman, 
Johann  Philip  Kuhn, 
Hans  Christ.  Raque, 
Conrad  Schiiffer, 
Johann  IVIichael  Jung. 



List  of  Forkigis^ers  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Brittania, 
Capt.  Thomas  Arn6t,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
September  26,  1764. 

Christopli  Heger, 
John  Weber, 
Nicholas  Smith, 
Theobahl  Roth, 
Andreas  Vogt, 
Jacob  Gitt, 

L.  Gersclilieimer,  / 

Joliann  Bauni, 
Gottfried  Lamphardt, 
Andreas  Kettenian, 
Joliann  Henricli  Wolker, 
Peter  Wiser, 
Ja.cob  Schiiffer, 
Peter  Pauh;s  Leielit, 
Joli.  Valtin  Horter, 
Erhard  Bodenstein, 
Phil.  Henry  Miller, 
Christoph  Briickert, 
Abraham  Messer, 
Christian  Eberhard, 
Georg  Lehner, 
Georg  Kuntz, 
Jacob  BiiyerleJn, 
Nicklas  Staller, 
Dietrich  Gerhart, 
Johann  Bernhart  Ott. 
Christian  Haushalter. 
Johannes  Georg  Freiberger, 
Friederi'ch  Pautzler, 
Georg  Philip  Karwin, 
Henrich  Marschheimer, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Ersterger, 
Adolph  Carl  Schneider, 
Thomas  AVagner, 
Johannes  Weibel, 
Adam  Miller, 
Justus  Lechleider, 
Valentin  Stettler, 
David  Schneider, 
Johann  Friederich  Vogel, 
John  Conrad  Loinbach, 

Johannes  Zopp, 

Augustus  Weiss, 

Daniel  Reig, 

Martin  Jetter, 

Johannes  Gitt, 

Adam  Finck, 

Jno.  Geo.  Reiff, 

Casper  Erhardt, 

Job.  Paulus  Grasteinbrenner, 

Georg  Michael  Schmitt, 

Georg  Santer, 

Johannes  Krombach, 

Johannes  HochsT, 

Joh.  Andreas  Velck, 

J  oh.  Adam  Rau, 

Joh.  Friderich  Koch, 

Jacob  Briickert, 

Johannes  Kalbfleisch, 

Fried.  Joachim, 

Andreas  Jiiger, 

Georg  Lambarth, 

Henrich    Wegner, 

Christian  Rup, 

Friederich  Bachman, 

Christoph   Keller, 

Johann  Andreas  Schmidt, 

Georg  Heinrich  Schmitt, 

Johann  Martin  Ott, 

Johann  Carl  Schmitt, 

Georg  Adam  Zepp, 

Jacob  Tieschmar, 

Georg  Michael  Oeltinger, 

Philip  Lautenschliiger, 

Christian  Schellman, 

Stephan  Weibel, 

Andreas  Freiberger, 

Carl  Garaus, 

Jacob  Masohlder, 

Christian  Fleckstein, 

Georg  Wilhelm  Schmitt, 

Johann  Philipp  von  Nieder, 



Johan  Friederich  Mopps, 
Georg  Friederic^li  Helid/., 
Johunn  Adam  (frail", 
Georg  Valentin  Dengen, 
Johanii  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Johan  Philip  Racke. 
Johann  Aiich-eas  Spir/.er, 
Johan  Dietrich  Hauck, 
Johann  Philip  Schaetler, 
Hans  Michael  Titiiiipari, 
Joh.  Henrich  Fal.)riciui5, 
Johann  Michel  Michel, 
Hans  Adam  Tapler, 
Hans  Michael  Rescher, 
Martin  Biihler, 

Gerhart  Steinbrucker, 
Johann  G»'org  Graff, 
Johann  Georg  Kaintz, 
Joh.  I'nilip  Seidenstricker, 
PhiliiJ  Henrich  Engel, 
Joliaun  Henrich  Spit/.er, 
Johan  i^'riederich  Beyermeister, 
Han.s  Georg  Schusterdreher, 
Henry  Seidenstricker, 
Johann  Ludwig  Schiiffer, 
Joh.  George  Menges, 
Christian  Saclisman, 
Jacol)  Bartscherer, 
]*hilip  Deitrich  Fishier. 

List  of  Foreignkrs  Importep  ix  the  Ship  Kixg  of 
Prussia,  Capt.  James  Robixsox,  from  Loxdox.  Qiiai,I" 
PIED  Oct.  3.  17G4. 

Jacob  Haidel, 
Johann  Miiller, 
Gerlach  (fran. 
Ludwig  Schell, 
Frantz  Schweitzer, 
Andreas  Finck, 
Wend  el  Apffel. 
Henrich  St  roll  m, 
Georg  Ridle, 
Nicklas  Seller rer, 
Albertus  Haffner, 
Elias  AptTel, 
Christian  Apffel, 
Johann  Peter  Vadel, 
Georg  Peter  Deisert, 
Johannes  Ott, 
Joh.  Philip  Rauschkolrer, 
Johan  Nicolaus  Dippel, 
.lohan  Philip  j\Iattes, 
Georg  Schwerdt, 
Johan  George  Ernst, 
Michael  Pilati. 
Philip  Jacob  Suder, 

Henrich  Schell, 
Jacob  Weljer, 
Philip  Rescher, 
Heinrich  Urckart, 
Johan  Nickel  Horst 
Johannes  Stutz, 
Georg  Schlemb, 
Georg  Apflfel, 
Paul  Schreck, 
Christian  Wickert 
Georg  Kentner, 
Jacob  Specht, 
Georg  Dolle. 
Johann  Georg  The» 
(Jhristian  Weber, 
Matthias  Hendrich, 
Philip  Jacob  Breszler, 
Jolian  Philip  Steinmetz, 
Ernst  Ludwig  Reinbold, 
Thomas  Pilati, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Schwerdt 
Johan  Peter  Fischer, 
Johannes  Kolb, 



Georg  Michael  Hart, 
Johann  Georg  Gantz, 
Johannes  Koster, 

Johan  Martin  Hierdt, 
Johann  Nickel  Wagner, 
Joh.  Philip  Miihlmichel. 

List   of  Forkigners   Imported  iis   the   Ship  Richmond, 


FiED  Oct.  20,  1764. 

Jacob  Nill, 
Jacob  Korber, 
Christoph  Weber, 
John  Alliuan, 
Johannes  Rupert, 
John  Adam  Heck  man. 
Conrad  Jacoby, 
Jacob  Hasbach, 
Albert  Giilchei", 
Frantz  Kuhn, 
Sebastian  Stier, 
Samuel  Stauffer, 
Georg  Taub, 
Gottfried    Schott, 
Johannes  Seitz, 
Paul  Kober, 
Jacob  Metz, 
Abraham  Jacob, 
Jno.  Geo.  Haffner, 
John  Erlenheiser, 
Jacob  Schneyder, 
Jacob  Breisch^ 
Jacob  Rardon, 
Nickel  Kilmerer, 
Peter  Hanner, 
Nickel  Gotz, 
Johannes  Spongier, 
Daniel  Weichel, 
Johann  Peter  Gerhard, 
Eberhard  Kirsheyer, 
Johan  Conrad  Kauflfman, 
Johann  Martin  Rupert, 
Gottlieb  Bockle, 
Wendel  Heiss, 
Valentin  Hackenbach, 

Friederich  Gebberdt, 

Christoph  Weber,  sen., 

Bernhart  Schneider, 

Samuel  Starck, 

Joh.  Wendel  Bartholmai, 

Michel  Halm, 

Wendel  Runckel, 

Michel  Heiser, 

Balthas  Sumer, 

Johannes  Gluck, 

Henrich  Kurtz, 

Michael  Reiner, 

Daniel  Siitzler, 

Michael  May, 

Peter  Miiller, 

Henrich  Allman, 

Jno.  Geo.   Ort, 

Conrad  Minger, 

Jacob  Kleli, 

Michel  Becker, 

Christian  Jung, 

Wilhelm  Feikert, 

Peter  Hardtman, 

Adam  Rieth, 

Johan  Balthaser  Hiiusser, 

Joh.  Christoph  Ulrich  Krenser, 

Johann  Christian  Thiel, 

Johann  Georg  Diebert, 

John  Georg  Fullman, 

Johann  Adam  Sebiner, 

Michael  Mayer, 

Georg  Stattler, 

Johann  Peter  Schell, 

Johann  Friederich  Henrich, 

Matheis  Koch- Weber, 




Friedericli  Hirsclifeklt, 
Joseph  Breisch, 
Hans  Georj^  Kurtz. 
Hans  Georg  Ha^jenbach, 
Nickla.s  LaclintT, 
Michael  Reitlebach, 
Johanu  Adiini  Schiitz, 
Johauues  Mensch, 
Joh.  Jacob  Engelhardt, 
John  Peter  Beckel, 
Johannes  Henricli  Ham, 
Frederick  Kiihlnian, 
Hans  Michael  Welsz, 
Peter  Reidenbach, 
Conrad  Dieffenbacher, 
Philip  Friedrich  Midler, 
Johan  Peter  Chypfeius, 
Johann  Nickel  Reidenbach, 

Christoph  Martin  Generdt, 
John  Geo.   Geiger, 
Jolm  Martin  Knoblauch, 
Johann  :\ndreas  Kolb, 
.Jolian  Pliilip  Miiiler, 
Wendel  Guttiinder, 
Johann  Michael  StofT, 
Wolfarrh  Reinhart  Edinger, 
Johannes  Jacob  Quandel, 
Johannes  Erlenheiser, 
Georg  Leonhard  PfeilTer, 
Johan  Nickel  Grinmi, 
Hans  Michael  Henrich, 
Johann  Dietrich  Heiss, 
Wilhelni  Spengler, 
Johan  Adam  Weber, 
Melchior  Edinger. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Hero,  Capt- 
RaLiPH  Forster,  from  Rotterdam,  last  erom  Cowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  27,  1704. 

Johannes  Hufer, 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Andrew  Wolff, 
Peter  Miiiler, 
Jost  Meyer, 
Jacob  Lossle, 
Jacob  Hauck, 
Peter  Schauer, 
Martin  Herwald, 
Peter  Wedel, 
Friederich  Eppling, 
Daniel  Strickler, 
Lazarus  Herbei, 
Johannes  Ludwig, 
i^sJacob  Schibb, 
Jolianne.s  Diirr, 
Jo'iunii  ;\lichel  AValter, 
Abraham  Fetter. 
Johann  Michael  Klein, 
30— Vol.  XVII. 

Jacob  Karch, 
John  Berg, 
Jacob  Hass, 
Georg  Siel, 
Georg  Etter, 
Matheis  Peter, 
Johannes  Hauck, 
Peter  Scheide. 
Gustavus  Schlosser, 
Gottfried  Eppling, 
Johannes  Will, 
Michael   Shub, 
•Jacob  Honig, 
.Tohannes  Gress, 
Conrath  Dorr, 
Lorentz  Diirr, 
•lohan  Philip  Kiintsch, 
Jacob  Diissardt, 
Hans  Nickel  Bauer, 




Johannes  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Ring, 
Urban  Weidennieyer, 
Nicholas  Anthony, 
Johann  .Jacob  Gross, 
Peter  Nickles, 
Adam  Meyer, 
Henrich  Fuchs, 
Michael  Schlff, 
David  Konig, 
George  Wilhelm, 
Henrich  Kohl, 
Johannes  Sellheim, 
Georg  Heyman, 
Andreas  Keck, 
Bernhard  Steiner, 
Joseph  Renau, 
Johannes  Wittig, 
Philip  Ecker, 
Adam  Philipi, 
Adam  Fagle, 
Ulrich  Eyman. 
.Johannes  Walsch, 
Johann  Christian  Gernet, 
Wilhelm  Henrich  Biegel, 
Johann  Adam  Rudolph, 
.John  Reinhard  Kauffman, 
Jacob  Sauerheber, 
Rudolph  Schuman, 
Johannes  Fuhrmann, 
Martin  Heylman, 
Johann  Adam  Rausch, 
Johann  Ernst  Daniel, 
Hans  Georg  Gotz, 
Michael  Nieth, 
Georg  Sachs, 
Michael  Walter, 
Andreas  Michael, 
Martin  Heitz, 
Daniel  Brennemann, 
.Tacob  Seitz, 
Rudolph  Kjigy, 
Georg  Altsehuh. 
Johann  Nickel  Kahl, 
.Johann  Henrich  Jjutz, 
Abraliam  Schantz, 

Johannes  Fellman, 
.Joh.    Georg  Weidenmeyer. 
Eberhardt  Weidenmeyer, 
Ludwig  Friehiirger, 
Conrad  Bingman, 
Johannes  Gernet, 
Paulus  Pauh, 
.Johannes  Frietsch, 
Georg  Wintz, 
Conrad  Kiinig, 
Egidius  Jung, 
Nicholas  Ott, 
Joseph  Hertel, 
Martin  Schupp, 
Simon  Fischer, 
Jacob  Rippert, 
Henrich  Baum, 
Dietrich  .Tiiger, 
Michael  Philipi, 
Johannes  Deehr, 
Adam  Neiss, 
Johann  Georg  Wagner, 
.Johann  Andreas  Schad, 
Leonhard  Biichler, 
Johann  Lorentz  Beck, 
Georg  Adam  AVeickel, 
Henrich  Schwerdt, 
Johann  Schuman, 
Christopher  Radebach, 
Johan  Ludwig  Sewaldt, 
Johann  Georg  Wetzel, 
.Johannes  Dage, 
Johan  Adam  Seyberth 
Henrich  Roth, 
Gottlieb  Nieth, 
Georg  Deh, 
Samuel  Schober, 
Michael  Schaffer, 
Nicolaus  Breidehach, 
Christian  Brubacher 
Daniel  Joder, 
Peter  Grebil, 
.Johann  Georg  Adam, 
Johan  Adam  Bruchhauser, 
Friederich  Haffner, 
Conrad  Hassentrager, 



.lacoh  Kauffiiifan. 
.Johaiiu  Georg  Heyl, 
Johaiiii  .faeob  HhvI, 
JoIniiiu  Jacob  Leiniaii, 
Johann  Valtin  Becker, 
Jost  Dettweiler. 
Georg  Philip  I'ettri, 
.Toliauiie.s  Prenser, 
Joliann  Daniel  Fraiick, 
Albrecht  Schunmchei-, 
.fohanu  Phili[)  Gattiuan, 
.roliann  Ludwig  Weber 
Johannes  Kugelwerth 
Johannes  Kiester, 
Christian  Stauffer, 
Johan  Henrich  Tjannert, 
Nicliolas  Ueberroth, 
Valentin  Volck, 
Georg  Bortz, 
Adam  Ruth, 
Peter  Ziefus, 
(Christopher  Hess, 
Jacob  Kianini, 
Johann  Glasser, 
Philip  Letz, 
Priederich  Lossing, 
Herman  Wittscher, 
Johann  Michael  Nagel, 
Michael  Resmeyer, 
Georg  Simon  Rieger, 
Priederich  Wiirtzbaclier, 
Johann  Martin  Mader, 

Joliann  Henrich  Heyl, 
Johann  Conrad  Heyl 
J«)liaini  Peter  Hostadt.  Henrich  iiausch, 
Cliristian  Schowalder, 
Johann  Michael  Bredebach, 
Carl  Ijiidwig  Baiim, 
Melchior  Weidenmeyer, 
Johann  Georg  Scherer. 
Benedictus  GiiUe, 
Johann  (xottfried  Weiss, 
Johann  Michael  Hirsclilag, 
Johann  Martin  Klein, 
Johannes  Knndelinann, 
Henrich  Schneider, 
Adam  Herman, 
Johan  Jacob  Nagel, 
Peter  Harris, 
Nickel  rierisch, 
Peter  Ambrose, 
Peter  Jung, 
Simon  Klos. 
Abraham  Peter, 
Michael  Biittner, 
Johann  Adam  Biich, 
Hans  Georg  Baumant, 
Georg  Peter  Zenteler, 
Johann  Andreas  Unangst, 
Georg  Michael  Klamm, 
Johann  David  Schadt. 
Johann  Henrich  Schuneberger. 
Conrad  Hiildebrand. 

List  of    Foreignkrs    Imported   rx  thk   Ship  Jkxkffer" 

Capt.     Georgk    Kerr, 
CowEs.     Qualified  Nov. 

Johannes  Fuhrman, 
Frantz  Kramer, 
Frantz  Kriimer, 
Antonius  Kromm, 
Simon  Georg, 
Peter  Hiirstman, 
Johann  Ludwig  Degen, 

from    Rotterdam,   last    from 
5,  1764. 

Hans  Penger, 
Jost  Ranter, 
John  Jager, 
Henrich  Kromm, 
Georg  Schiln, 
Christian  Roth, 
Johann  Philip  Endres, 



Johaim  (xottfried  Meyer, 
Frantz  Riibsainen, 
Johanii  Kroinin, 
Johann  Best  Weber, 
Joliaiin  Grerlach  Fiiick, 
Johann  Wilhelui  Strunck, 
Joliann  Peter  Peteri, 
John  (reorg  Maur, 
Joli.  Dietrich  Sohniidt, 
Jost  Henrich  Frantz, 
Johann  AVilhehn  Frantz, 
Grottfried  Stock, 
Christian  Zinimer, 
Johannes  Landes, 
John  Miller, 
Johannes  Ochse, 
Jno.  Geo    Opper, 
Thomas  Weller, 
Frietlerich  Decker, 
Martin  Scheller. 
Henrich  Stockel, 
Jacob  Meisset, 
Jno.   Wm.  Miller, 
Christian  Hantzel, 
Jacob  Wern, 
Peter  Kriebihl, 
Johann  Christ.  Heusser, 
Johann  Andreas  Wentzell, 
Johan  Adam  SSteinwacks, 
Valeuti:i  Schuster, 
Hans  Georg  Schmidt, 
Heinrieh  Wilhelm  Gruck, 
Johann  Adam  Binger, 
Balrhasar  DielTenbach, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Weynan. 
Johann  Peter  Haclienberg, 

Johan  Georg  Leininger, 
Johann  Martin  NeV), 
Johann  Christ.  Lindorff, 
Johann  Gerlach  Traut, 
Johann  Peter  Weber, 
Johann  Henrich  Au, 
Johann  Georg  Reyman, 
Johann  Jacob  Schlosser, 
John  (Jhrist.  Fuhrsbach, 
Johann  Jacob  Frantz, 
Johannes  Volck, 
Conrad  Braun, 
Jac(jb  Landes, 
Ulrich  Bieber, 
Andreas  Braum, 
John  Cond.  Shiebel, 
Jno.  Diet  Fehring, 
Johannes  Riibelucht, 
Jno.  Charles  Hetrig, 
Johann  Wantzl)ach, 
Nicklans  Meisset, 
Phihp  Schmidt, 
John  Schwab, 
Abraham  Rappler, 
Stephan  Petri, 
Joh.   Eiigel  Stocker, 
Johannes  Georg  Reutch, 
Johann  David  Mehn, 
Johann  Henrich  Giehl. 
Hans  Georg  Wuther, 
Johann  IMichael  Braun, 
Johann  Henrich  Helensteuer, 
Johann  Jacob  Hortz, 
Johannes  Gerhard  Klein, 
Jac<^)b  Brennemann, 
Joliann  Wilhelm  Klein. 

List  ok  Forkjgxers  Impok'I'kd  ix  the  Ship  Prince  op 
Wales,  James  Eugar,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
FROM  CowES.     Qualified  Nov.  5,  17(54.  , 

Peter  Romen,  .Tohannes  Muth, 

Philip  Becher,  Philip  Golb, 

Karl  Ulil,  Nicolaus  Booss, 

thp:  oath  of  allec^iancje. 


Henrich  Happel, 

Peter  Dorr, 

Peter  Rasbach, 

Paul  Bicliler, 

Johannes  iScrhertzer, 

Adanx  Henneberger, 

Jatiob  Schenckweiler, 

Georjj  Wilhehu  Resler, 

Cxeor-^  Peter  Hessler, 

Wilheba  Henrich  Kuss, 

Johanu  Valentin  Schneider, 

Johannes  Schneli, 

Johannes  Knntz, 

Adam  Kiilser, 

Casper  Fries, 

Peter  J  alien, 

Johannes  Orth, 

Philip  Barth, 

Adam  Gless, 

Jacob  Petry, 

Sebastian  Thiel, 

Peter  Hesler, 

Martin  SeyViert, 

Johan  Jacob  Mattheis, 

Peter  LauV)enstein, 

Johann  Philip  Schen, 

Georfj  SchiifFer, 

Peter  (Jiirins, 

Christopher  Heidrich, 

Johannes  Schneider. 

Johannes  "Weisgerber, 

Jacob  Dorsheiiiier, 

Johannes  Eckel, 

Peter  Haerbarj^er, 

('hristolTel  Sehniiilt, 

Johannes  Starcrk, 

.JohaiHi   Philip  Bittuian, 

Conrad  KorfTniann, 

Johannes  Manderfelth, 

Charles  Norheinier, 

Johann  NickJas  Schneider, 

Philipp  Mictniann, 

Wilhehn  Kuntz, 

Georjj  .Jiif^er, 

Heinricii  Jiiger, 

Ludwig  Mader, 

Carl  Stasz, 

Gottlieb  Becker, 

Peter  Wann, 

Peter  Unistatt, 

Greorg  Schniit, 

Thomas  Kolhans, 

Georg  Horster, 

Johann  Conrad  Stoltz, 

Johan  Christoph  Huch, 

Johan  Peter  Jjaubenstein, 

Jacob  Espenschied, 

Henrich  Rihin, 

Georg  Adam  Diickel, 

Henrich  Berninger, 

Joh.  Burchardt  Knhlmann, 

Wilheim  Kircher. 

List  of  Foreigners  Importkd  in  the  Ship  Boston,  Mat- 
thew Carr,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  CowKf-. 
Qualified  Nov  10,  1764. 

Henrich  Spahr,  Johannes  Schwarni. 

Anthony  Koley,  Johannes  Wentz, 

.Johannes  Walther,  Johannes  Pflaum, 

Diebolt  Jjentz,  Andreas  Koppel, 

Lorentz  .Inng,  Ludwig  Schaffer, 

Michael  Geo^g,  John  Schdppling, 

Deibolt  Beit,  Jaqne  Depre, 

Isaac  Bertsch,  Adam  Lampart, 



Johan  Andi-eas  Fuchs, 

Johan  Casper  Keipper, 

Johan  Greorg  Muth. 

Hans  Georg  Biittner, 

Greorg  Adam  Sultzer, 

Nickolaus  Reidenauer, 

Simon  Peter  Baidemann, 

Johann  Teobald, 

Johan  Philip  Weytzel, 

Philip  Glass, 

Peter  Wentz, 

Georg  Reidenauer, 

Christian  Miihleisen, 

John  Lampart, 

Henry  Bauer, 

Peter  Hahn, 

Henry  SchelTer, 

Peter  Geiss, 

Henrich  Fuchs, 

Peter  Steffen, 

Jacob  Conrath, 

Rupertus  Waller, 

Philip  Jacob  Bausmann, 

Wilhelm  Bernhardt, 

Coni-ad  Fried.  Bientelheimer. 

Johannes  Spanckncibel, 

Henrich  Bachmann, 
Johann  Peter  Schahl, 
Johan  Valentin  Dickes, 
Johan  Carl  Boley, 
Hans  Adam  Hartnian, 
Andreas  Schneider, 
Christian  Jacob  Klein 
Lewis  Siiimfassel, 
Henrich  Herberger, 
Johannes  Kessler, 
Peter  Kendtner, 
Frantz  Lambert, 
Peter  Westermann 
Jacob  Buss. 
Michael  Week, 
Justus  Eckhard, 
Henrich  Fuchs, 
Peter  Fuchs, 
Nicklas  Hittel, 
Johan  Nickel  Week, 
Andreas  Baussinann, 
Bernhart  Loss, 
Casper  Bernhardt, 
Johann  Diter  Blodel, 
Johan  Georg  Sttittlc^r, 
Philip  Gerber. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  SnowTbyall, 
John  Clapp,  Master,  from  Amsterdam,  last  b'rom  Ply- 
mouth.    Qualified  Dec.  4,  1764. 

George  Bender, 
Johannes  Grans, 

Jacob  Keppel. 
Andreas  Emrich, 
Johannes  Bender, 
Heinrich  Lautzenhausser, 
AV)raham  Schiiffer, 
Johannes  Roscher, 
Philippus  Stein, 
Bastian  Bender, 
Carl  Jost, 

Nickolaus  AVjerthal, 
Johannes  Gaul, 
Valentin  Braun, 

Henrich  Stauffer, 
Peter  Lautzenhausser, 
Christopher  Mathias, 
Jacob  Lautzenhausser, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Anthony  Opp, 
Johan  Daniel  Gross, 
Johann  Jacoli  Enck, 
Kasper  Schiinbruck. 



List  op  Foreigners  Importe 
Porter,  Master,  from  Ro 
Qualified  Aug.  24,  1765. 

Jacob  Hunt/.ickHi-, 
Jucob  Jsiigele, 
Josepli  Stecher, 
Christian  AVunder, 
Elias  AVerner, 
Jacob  Cxeinberling,  sen., 
Christoph  Stugel, 
Andreas  Ehresmann, 
Lorentz  ixronninger, 
Peter  Sigfried, 
Jacob  Mays, 
Jacob  Wander, 
Jacob  Faut, 
Jacob  Treuttle, 
Jacob  Behr, 

Johunn  Philip  Harttung, 
Pauhis  Sturm, 
Cliristoph  Grinilhle, 
Hans  Georg  Schneck, 
Johan  Jacob  Hanjniiller, 
Jacob  Thorwartli, 
Jacob  Schneck, 
Henrich  Hopff, 
Geoj'g  Ufer, 
Rudolph  Mam  beck, 
Joliannes  M tiller, 
Micliael  Hoff, 
Johannes  May, 
Anthony  Rhein, 
Peter  Gress, 
Gottfried  Munch, 
Michael  Widerick, 
Georg  Simon  Haushalter, 
Christoph  Dietrich, 
Henrich  Bethgiss, 
Johann  Jacob  Hofelen, 
Johann  Jacob  Schressel, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Bender, 
Martin  Klaubach, 
Johan  Georg  Kohler, 
Johan  Martin  Obermiller, 

;i>  IN  THE  Ship  Polly,  Robert 


Andreas  Heinrz, 
Jacob  Gay, 
Jacob  Gemberling, 
Conrad  Hauenstein, 
.loh.  Adam  Friederich  Doll, 
Georg  Jacob  Hauenstein, 
•Toll.  Leonard  Deville. 
Andreas  Buchhecker, 
Joh.  Michael  Gronninger, 
Coni-atl  Munch, 
Peter  Zeiler, 
Elias  Wiegandt, 
Peter  Gram, 
Jacob  Schultz, 
Samuel  Behr, 
.Jacob  Schwenck, 
.lohannes  Rathacker, 
Hans  Georg  Schneck,  sen., 
Christopher  Hanmiiller, 
Johann  Barthma,n, 
Jacob  Hetzel, 
Georg  Stadtler, 
Friederich  Hippel, 
Christian  Maurer, 
Johannes  Yoltz, 
•lohannes  Schmidt, 
John  Mich.  Bishoff, 
Jacob  Muller, 
Michael  Mensebach, 
Johan  Bernhai-t  Dietrich, 
Georg  Adam  Bressler, 
Valentin  Kauffmann, 
Georg  Adam  Teis, 
Henrich  AVilhelm  Mayer, 
Christian  Hiiuffrer, 
Johann  Georg  HolT, 
Johann  Nickel  Fischer, 
Frantz  Arnold  Leihn, 
•Tohann  Jacob  Mohr, 
Peter  Rudolph. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Chance, 
Charles  Smith,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowEs,  England.     Qualified  Sept.  9.  1765, 

Georg  Krebs, 
Jacob  Miiller, 
Peter  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Schissler, 
Henrich  Lambert, 

Peter  Kebbler, 

Charles  Grrim, 

Jacob  Geiger, 

Jacob  Deinius, 

Caspar  Roth, 

Balthas  Breitenbucher, 

John  Phihp  Hafferstock, 

Jacob  Georg, 

Daniel  Meyers, 

Jacob  Krafft. 

Jacob  Guth, 

Jacob  Kendel, 

Johan  Erendorff, 

Georg  Christian  Miiller, 

Michael  Kettenring, 

Joh.  Georg  Paul  Christmann, 

Philip  Henrich  Mayer, 

Joh.  Wilhelm  Schaffer, 

Joh.  Wendel  Kiibeler, 

Matheis  Hartmeyer, 

Eberhard  Liittig, 

Martin  Weber. 

Friederich  Keller, 

Nickla'us  Ludi, 

Jonas  Dill, 

Wendel  Schanck, 

Rudolph  Brengel, 


Isaac  Frantz, 

Michael  Ritter, 

Michael  Miiller. 

Johann  Christian  Les.sig, 

Joh.  Adam  Grseim, 

Joh.  Burchard  Krelss, 

Joh.  Henrich  Gernardt, 

.Toh.  Michael, 

Johann  Philip  Miiller, 

Johannes  Giedehnann, 

Christian  Briitzius, 

Johann  Georg  Bauer, 
CJiristopher  Kessler, 
Johannes  Fecher. 
John  Dauchawirt, 
Henrich  Jviigel, 
John  Kleui, 
Jacob  Kehl, 
Valentin  Metzger, 
Johan  Philip  Melter, 
Johan  Jacol)  Kettenring, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Niisser, 
Joh.  Christophel  Kurtz, 
Joh.  Conrad  Escher, 
John  Henry  Reichard. 
Chrisiian  Hohl, 
Michael  Heyl. 
Israel  Bockreider, 
Peter  Beixitsch. 
Johan  Deinius. 
Christoph  Kettering. 
Johannes  Preiss, 
Jacob  Kebel, 
Valentin  Robach, 
John  Geo,  Ferer, 
Matheis  Hora, 
Joh.  Georg  Philip  Lessig, 
Johan  Gottleib  Gampffer, 
Johannes  Ernst  Kaps, 

Johan  Friederich  Weyrer, 
Abraham  Breitenbiicher, 
Johan  Daniel  Miiller, 
Johan  Michael  Hoyer, 
Andreas  Franck. 



List  OF  Foreigxkrs  Importkd  ix  tiik  Ship  Betsy,  John 
OsMAN,  Commander,  krom  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Co  WES.     Qualified  Sept.  Iti,  ITU.!. 

Tjiidwij^  Haurer, 
Daniel  Kobel, 
Jacob  Idler. 
Henrich  Hermann, 
Michael  Lihvenstein, 
Johan  Jacob  Brattler, 
Abraui  Schwing, 
Jacob  Zehner, 
Job.  Treorg  Pletz, 
Wilbehn  F  re  and, 
Johann  Jest  Frieck, 
Benjamin  Grassmann, 
Job.  Carl  Gabriel, 
Jacob  Friederich  Scbiiffer, 
Johan  Jacob  Thiel, 
Johan  Henrich  OhrendorfT, 
Johann  Christian  Betz. 
Stephan  Hopffer, 
Lorentz  Rinckle, 
Daniel  Zweigart. 
Peter  Garthner, 
John  Heins, 
Jacob  Sauss, 
Hans  Merckle, 
Jacob  Blaus  Klan, 
Jacob  HiJler, 
Christian  Wehi-, 
Jacob  Licht, 
David  Gotrschall, 
Johannes  Braun, 
Abraham  Gleding, 
Johannes  Riemer, 
Johannes  Peter  Zepperfeldt, 
Friederich  Heckel, 
Johan  Nickel  Licht, 
Johan  Henrich  Clement, 
Philip  Peter  Laplace, 
Jacob  Rockenbiluch, 

Jacol)  Printz, 
Henrich  Pfeiffer, 
Isaac  Art  man, 
Johan  Mat  ens  Dollmann, 
Hans  r.iicliael  Brattler, 
Phil.  Gottfried  Mathias, 
Martin  Becker, 
Wilhelm  Scbiiffer, 
Peter  Schneider, 
Job.  Ebert  CErter, 
Johann  Henrich. 
Gottfried  Griimbach, 
Hans  Georg  Ochs. 
Gottlob  Jacob  Loffler, 
Johann  Georg  Schneider, 
Johan  Adam  Schneyder, 
Johann  Adam  Arnsterger, 
Philip  JacoVj  Stockel, 
Johan  Jacob  Licht, 
Georg  Schiff, 
Michael  Zehner, 
Martin  Segner, 
Benedict  Schmit. 
Johannes  Wolff, 
Darius  Strauss, 
Martin  Ostertag, 
Andreas  Heckel, 
Joshua  Metzger, 
Conrad  Schuler, 
Hans  Georg  Printz, 
Johan  Philip  Miiller, 
Georg  Deschner, 
Johan  Jacob  Birki. 
Johan  Ruben  Weller, 
Johan   Conrad  Lang. 
Johan  Philip  Schn elder, 
Johan  Friederich  Eiiist. 



List  op  Fobbi&ners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Myrtilla, 
Capt.  James  Caton,  from  London.  Qualified  Sept.  31, 

Martin  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Kapp, 
Martin  Behr, 
Jacob  Dieterich, 
Samuel  Funck, 
Andreas  Heidenich, 
Jacob  Burgholdter, 
Adam  Eckel, 
Ludwig  Jollier, 
Hen  rich  Frey, 
Jacob  Naumann, 
Jacob  Wissler, 
Job.  Michael  Meyer, 
Ludwig  Schehlman, 
Josue  Dedie,* 
Abraham  de  Roche,* 
Jean  Richard  Vierisard,* 

Christian  Hauss, 
Martin  Frey, 
Philip  Behr, 
Johannes  Burgholdter, 
Christian  Burgholdter, 
Christoffel  Dieterich, 
Henrich  Keller, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Jean  Pierre  Dedie,* 
Johannes  Krebiel, 
Ulerich  Wissler, 
Henrich  Kuhne, 
Sebastian  Still, 
Johann  Christian, 
Jean  Dedie,* 
Jean  Jaques  Etienne.  * 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Cottntkss  of 
Sussex,  Capt.  Thomas  Gray,  from  Rotterdam.  Quai,!- 
FiED  Oct.  7.  1765. 

William  Hacker, 
Rudolph  Kaupper, 
Georg.  Michel  Hertle, 
Melchior  Metzler, 
Christian  Schneider, 
Johannes  Brombach, 
Joh.  Christ.  Schonfelder, 
Joh.  Leonhard  Hirsch, 
Joh.  Jacob  Scheppach, 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Ponce,  jr. , 
Joh.  Henrich  Heyde, 
Joh.  Christoph  Schultz, 

David  Vohl, 
Henry  Stephen, 
Joh.  Thomas  Metzler, 
Jacob  Sandemeyer. 
Conrad  Brombach, 
Andreas  Hubert, 
Frantz  Carl  Beaujacques, 
Johan  Theodor  Hofius, 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Ponce,  sen., 
Joh.  Henrich  Bender. 
Johann   Henrich  Mell. 


♦Swiss  French  Protestants. 




List  of  Forkignehs  Imtorted  in  thk  Ship  Chance, 
Chaki.ks  Smith,  Captain,  kkom  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowKs.     QuALiFiKn  Sept.  2:^,  ITGG. 

(Joiirjul  Stoerekell, 

Joliannes  Jlfii, 

Joalmues  Miiller, 

Johannes  Conradi, 

Jufol)  Weit/.el, 

Nicholafi  Arnold, 

Johau  Friederich  Altvetter, 

Michael  Siilheinier, 

Johann  (xeorj^  Enrich, 

Johan  H enrich  Kerne,   . 

Andreas  "Weiss, 

Henrich  Locher, 

Johannes  Miesemer, 

Adam  Schiiffer, 

Georg  Trump, 

Joh.  Creorg  Weber, 

John  Peter  Trump, 

Johannes  Kehl, 

Simon  Bichler, 

Johannes  Reb, 

Johannes  Huger, 

Anton  Mimdorlf, 

Joh.  Christian  Kunkel, 

Michael  Griinewald, 

Johan  Friederich  Helme, 

Johan  Georg  Seip, 

Johann  Peter  Faist, 

Johannes  ]\Ieister, 

Philip  Blitz, 

Martin  Lantz. 

Joh.   Greorg  May, 

Friederich  Liideritz, 

John  Hasler, 

Gabriel  Becker, 

Johannes  Matteus, 

Henrich  Kossel, 

Joh.  Nicklaus  Seitz. 

Joh.  Valentin  Klcipper, 

Joh.  Michael  Weingartner, 

Joh.  Dietrich  Kijster, 

Joli.    Daniel  Frischmuth, 

Johatines  Groll, 

l^eter  Hlass, 

Johannnes  Lipp, 

Conrath  Eurich, 

Henrich  Gross, 

Johann  Georg  Freytag. 

Johan  Friederich  Ulrich, 

Johann  Georg  Ehrenholdt, 

Johan  Peter  Mehrling, 

Paul  Conrad, 

Friederich  Locher, 

Henrich  Dewalt, 

Sebastian  Heckman, 

Peter  Burging, 

Geo.  Conrad    Seip, 

Heinrich  Ehrhart, 

Johan  Hirschl)irg, 
-   Peter  WeV)er, 

Joseph  Schmidt. 

Christoph  Huger, 

Johannes  Weber, 

Francis  Beler, 

Johan  Jacob  Viigler, 

Johan  Peter  Hor, 

Johann  Adam  Ohl, 

Joh.  Benedict  Schneider, 
,   Johan  Franciscus  Faist, 

Johannes  Vogt, 

Johannes  Emrich, 

Johannes  Graub, 

Johannes  Leiss, 

Joh.  Adam  Flick, 

Johann  Borthlehr, 

Henrich  Frey, 

Zacharias  Endres, 

Joh.  Ludwig  Waltmann, 

Joh.   Wilhelm  Klopper, 

Joh.  Gabriel  Grober, 

Joh.  Henrich  Detzel, 

Hannes  Waldtmann, 

.Johan  Nickel  Martin, 



(xeorg  Gramlich, 
Job.  Jacob  Steinhart, 
Joh    Friedevick  Miiller, 
Hans  Georg  Sohnepp, 
John  Adaui  Sand, 
Joli.   Georg  Zimmerman, 
Christopher  Unger, 
Johan  Michael  Kuh, 
Johan  Michael  Lauer, 
Johan  Nicolaus  AVeibel, 
Joh.  H enrich  Leuthiiusser, 
Johannes  Schnabel, 

Hanrich  Jungst, 
Johan  Peter  Lowe, 
Joh.  Jacob  Matzenbacher, 
Johan  AVilhehu  Seip, 
Johan  Christoph  Simon, 
Simon  Peter  IrnT)ard, 
Pliihp  Colman  Riimlander, 
Joh.  Christoph  Kampff, 
Johan  Georg  Ott, 
Johan  Georg  Allsbach, 
Simon  Gickert. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Betsy,  John 
OsMAN,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  13,  176(5. 

Joliannes  Brickert, 
Michael  Rath, 
eToseph  Stanch, 
Jacob  Schiiffer, 
Joseph  Singer, 
Fred.  Hoflfman. 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Jonas  Barone, 
Jacob  Kern, 
Louis  Robert, 
Jacob  Hiihn, 
Johannes  Linck, 
Peter  Liitter, 
Johan  Hage, 
Christoph  Willemann, 
Christian  Wolff, 
Johannes  Mosser, 
John  Keller, 
Georg  Bub, 
Daniel  Ziramermann, 
Johan  Danl.  Asterbach, 
Andreas  Liitter, 
Jacob  Henckel, 
Johann  Georg  Becker, 
Jost  Henry  Volmer. 

Nickolaus  Biihler, 
Daniel  Benner, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Jacob  Kauffman, 
Gottleib  Geyer, 
F.  G.  Hirschmann. 
Johannes  Dahm, 
Lorentz  Borie, 
Jacob  Giinther, 
Johannes  Hoff, 
Jacoli  Wagner, 
Valentin  Schiirling, 
Michael  Weiss, 
Peter  Reyt, 
Jacob  Greiithef, 
Johannes  Hiiuser, 
Valentin  Hamm, 
Peter  Guite, 
Jost  Kuntz, 
Johan  Herman  Karl, 
Jacob  Shittlehelm, 
Johannes  Schmid, 
John  Jacob  Karl, 
Johannes  Gelesener, 
Georg  Schildtwiichter, 




Joliann  Geor^  Voliuer, 
Jolianu  Jost  jAIiller, 
Joli.  Melchior  Endlicli, 
.Toll.  Heiiricli  Frantz. 
Friederich  Schitteiihelm, 
Johau  Jaool)  Haussinanii, 
Joliuiiu  HtMirieli  Fessler, 
Geoi-fj  Fri»"<lerich  Iiinniet), 
Joliami  ( 'hristoph  (icit/,, 
Hans  Martin  Ziegler, 
Johaa  Mieliael  Kaiser, 
Johan  Filbert  Slach, 
Ijenharr  Eckert, 
Christian  Frey. 
Lorentz  La(lenl)erger, 
Christ oph  Becker, 
.Toll.  Georg  Schneyder, 

•Tohan  Georg  Miller, 
Johann  Georg  Fiesser, 
.loh.  Hen  rich  l^iir. 
•Toll.  PJiilip  Jjamhach, 
Georg  Michael  Scherer, 
.Tohan  PJernhard  Borst, 
.Toliann  Jacob  Fesler. 
^..,Jenrich  Fi-antz  Feck,  = — " 
•Tohan  Georg  Lichtenberger. 
.Fohan  Georg  Adelbert, 
Johan  Michael  Schiiflfer, 
•Tohannes  \Viist, 
Johan  Bernhard  Kiirtz, 
T^liilip  Bnchinan, 
.Iosei)ii  Haller, 
David  Wallman. 

List  of  Forkigners  Imported  ix  thk   Ship  Cullodian, 

Richard   Huxtkr, 
Qualified  Oct.  i'), 

Pedro  Oberlander, 
Francis  Frey, 
Francis  Fisher, 
Peter  Schotter, 
Carl  Geissinger, 
Johannes  Keck, 

Master,    from    Lisbox,    Portugal. 


Ignacio  Onder, 
.Tolin  Meyer, 
Peter  Polo, 
Paul  Abzeiger, 
Erhard  Sclilagel, 
Nicholaus  SchoUer. 

List  of  Foreigners  Impoktrp  ix  the  Ship  Polly.  Robert 
Porter,  AfASTER,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes, 
EXGLAXD.     Qualified  Oct.   18,  1766. 

Christian  Reiss,  Georg  Schiittel, 

Nicolas  Stoltzfus,  Christian  Stoltzfns, 

Jacob  Heifer,  Jacob  Holler, 

Jacob  Dieiner,  John  Brodnier, 

Johannes  Penther,  Joh.  Jacob  Lentz, 

Ernst  Wilh.  Clirist,  Joh.  Hen.  Miiller, 

Johan  T.  Lupp,  Johannes  Geitling, 


!names  of  foreigners  who  took 

Johannes  Schwen, 

Philip  Walter, 

John  W.  Herman, 

Andreas  Stetzel, 

Valentin  Wild, 

Michael  Friederich  Gutekunst, 

Michael  Schottel, 

Hans  Georg  Horn, 

John  Georg  Herman, 

Hans  Georg  Kuntz, 

Hans  Jacob  Duchman, 

Johannes  Peter  Stockinann, 

Johan  Hen.  Eissenberger, 

Johan  Eberth  Michael, 

Johan  Georg  Schreiber, 

Hans  Georg  Petri, 

Georg  Valentin  Steiner, 

Johan  Conrad  Erich, 

Johan  Casper  Trump, 

Abraliam  Donner, 

John  Edelinan, 
Johannes  Bloch, 
Peter  Miiller. 
Hans  Jacob  Metz, 
Johannes  Schrag, 
Ernst  Schmidt, 
Johau  Conrad  Scheppen, 
Joliann  Nickel  Wiertt, 
Frantz  Herman, 
Philip  Henrich  Hecht, 
Johan  Philip  Jacob, 
Johan  Jacob  Schreiner, 
Johan  Adam  Widerstein, 
Johan  Philip  Gielberth, 
Georg  Friederich  Steiner, 
Joh.  Philip  Weltzhenner, 
Joh.  Philip  Schreiner, 
Joh.  Henrich  Herdel, 
Johann  Jacob  Heuninger. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Sally,  John 
Davi'dson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ports- 
mouth.    Qualified  Nov  4,  17G6. 

Paulus  A  meeker,  Johannes  Lemp, 

Jacob  Brandenberger,  Christoph  Henrich  Angustinns, 

Georg  Jacob  Elsass,  Georg  Friederich  Grob&. 
Joh.  Georg  Sturmfels. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Juno,  John 
Robertson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ber- 
wick-on-Tweed.     Qualified  Jan.  13,  1767. 

Johann  Bekenne, 
John  Henry  Hirsh, 
Johannes  Mass, 
Johan  Georg  Seiiberth, 
Johann  Henrich  Kiiche, 
Johan  Clemens  Gulich, 

Michael  Gotz, 
John  Peter  Boll, 
Joh.  Hen.  Lebo, 
Johan  Georg  Huber, 
Joh.  Hen.  Holdinghaxiser, 
Georg  Mich.   Kittelmeyer. 




List  OP  Foreigners  Imported  i\  the  Ship  Sally,  John 
OsMAX,  Master,  khoai  Roiterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  5,  1707. 

Henrich  Kleiher. 

(xeorg  Leidirli, 

•lohannes  Sf)mmer, 

Stephan  Tuchman, 

Joli.   Eiiiericli  Ailaiii, 

Michael  Giitlieil. 

Wendel  Bernhardt, 

Christo.  Ludwig  Detwciler, 

Johau  (Tei)rg  Wiitzer, 

(ieorg  Henrich  Kintz, 

Johan  Philip  Huff, 

Joliann  Petrygandt, 

Joh.  Nicklaiis  Weygand, 

Joli.  Henrich  Krafft, 

Joh.  Michael  Bast, 

Johannes  Miiller, 

Frantz  Hohe, 

Jacob  Berndt, 

Henrich  Weber, 

Caspar  Acker, 

Michael  Miller, 

Valentin  Hohe, 

Jacob  Linn. 

Jacob  Kert, 

Konrad  Hener, 

Frantz  Wilhelm, 

Jacob  Laniliert, 

Simon  Hcihe, 

Dewald  Ziegler, 

Adolph  Dill, 

Adam  Dorr, 

Andreas  Sperling, 

Johannes  Keniperling, 

Georg  Henrich  Voght, 

Friederich  Kampfendahl, 

Joh.  Theodore  Hartinan. 

Walter  Heyl, 

Frederick  Rass, 

Jacob  Cxortlar, 

JacoVi  Reder. 

Hans  Georg  (j-raberth, 

Georg  Kleiber, 

.Jacol)  Durwieg, 

Peter  Wilrich, 

Philip  Krimke, 

Bernhart  Eglin, 

Peter  Auchmann, 

Georg  Bernhardt, 

Hans  Adam  Bauer, 

Johan  Andreas  Seiiling, 

Adam  I'hilip  Kintz, 

Wilhelm  Diewalt. 

Joh.  Conrad  Bertsch, 

Georg  Keller  Werth, 

Joh.  iS^icolaus  Liidwig, 

Joh.  Hieronimus  Augustine, 

Joh.  Jac.  Hufer,  ^ 

Jacob  Eckenberger, 

Jacob  Berndt,  jr., 

Nickel  Huber, 

Adam  Huber, 
Adam    Miiller, 

Philip  Huber, 
Jacob  K lifer, 
Peter  Diehl, 

Peter  Miller, 

Adam  Reyter, 
Jacob  Urger, 

Philip  Dietz, 
Hans  Ziegler, 
Theobald  Fischer, 
Christian  Miiller. 
Leonhart  Beyer, 
Gabriel  Bran, 
Adam  Knoblauch, 
Martin  Borntrager, 
Hans  Georg  Mattheis, 
Jacob  Zebalt, 
Henrich  Kiess, 
Caspar  Spies, 
Jacob  Riimmel, 
Johann  Adam  Lechler, 



Johann  Philip  Lutz, 
Job.  Bernhard  Hofifinan, 
Philip  Frolich, 
i)anieJ  Lauth, 
Johann  Adam  Reb, 
Johan  Henrich  Fushse, 
Wiibelm  Renter, 
Michael  Klein, 
Hans  Georg  Bucbman, 
Adam  Eickenber^er, 
Johann  Jacob  Appel, 
Job.  Wilhebn  Benneburg, 
Jonan  Caspar  Schneider, 
Balthaser  Heinrich, 
Michael  Lnch, 
Fred.  Rimmel, 
Jacob  Reiter, 

Johann  Simon  Hohe, 
Hans  Schonenberger, 
Johann  Georg  Miller, 
Jacob  Lauth, 
Georg  Adam    Kefler, 
Hans  Adam  Palm, 
Leonard  Albrecht, 
Peter  Schweitzer, 
Joh.  Friederich  Schlemb," 
Job.  Carl  August  Kiess, 
Philipji  Rottmann, 
Jacob  Stellwagen, 
Phil.  Leonhart  Hartman, 
Nickolaus  Kabel, 
Geo.  Hepleman, 
Johan  Nickel  Alberto 

List  ok  Foreigners  iMPOuTKn  in  the  Ship  Hamilton, 
Charles  Smith,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.  Quali- 
fied Oct.  6,  17G7. 

Christophel  Henritzi, 
Geo.  Leon.  Zeller, 
Friederich  Satler, 
Michael  Wanibach, 
Joh.  Henrich  Beideman, 
Joh.  Friederich  Anspach, 
Hans  Michael  Dreher, 
Matheus  Kuntz, 
(>hrist.  Wineman, 
Johannes  Hoche, 
Peter  Neuscb wander, 
Peter  Diether, 
Henrich  Seyler, 
Jacob  Euher, 
Leonhart  Knor, 
Johannes  Huber, 
Conrad  Mahler, 
Heinrich  Dietx, 
Joh.  Nic.  Smith, 
Philip  Christian  Schrader, 
Johan  Gottlieb  Bliimler, 
John  Peter  Hess, 

Job.  Phil.  Thoniger, 
Peter  Rothrock, 
Nicklans  Schilffer, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Frick, 
Joh.  Henrich  Gx'osshard, 
Johann  Peter  Krumm, 
Andreas  Dreher, 
Michael  Merlock, 
Henerich  Felton, 
Peter  Krassel, 
Peter  Neusch wander,  jr., 
Casper  Vitrins. 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Jacob  Nuss, 
Wendel  Haintz, 
Conrath  Rau, 
Jacob  Weiochs, 
Philip  Baltzer, 
V   Dlebalt  Kelhoffner, 

,Toban  Conrad  Schliipp,  "^ 
Friederich  Mollinger, 
Johan  Melcbior  Reuschling, 






Johan  Friederich  Haintz, 
Frid.  Wiliielin  Rauliman, 
Johan  Jafol)  Beiu'kl«M% 
Jolui  Philip  Meuick, 
Johannes  Burckert, 
Christian  AVinseher, 
Martin   KalckhantVr, 
Georg  Peter  Kostel, 
Henricli  Medart, 
John  E\vig, 
Heinrich  Ketterer, 
Conrad  Hen  rich, 
Georg  Kuntz, 
Caspar  Waker, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Adam  Lotz, 
Georg  Hoock, 
Ludwig  Hort, 
Conrad  Gramni, 
Joseph  SchJeser, 
Jacob  Hochstrasser, 
Henrich  Nickel  Heidnck, 
Geo.  Micliael  Fuss, 
Joh.  Michel  Kulman, 
Coni'ad  Bohmer, 
Johann  Georg  Butz, 
Michael  Haintz, 
Christophel  Schiedtert, 
Adam  Humbert, 
Sebastian  Ettel, 
Michael  Kiesser, 
Jiicob  Bodel, 
Michael  Erhart, 
Peter  Bollinger, 
Andreas  Neiman, 
Phil.  Jacob  Kuntzmann, 
Casimir  Bernhard  Alberti, 
Frans  AV.  Schwig, 
Johan  Gottlieb  Hauck, 
Philip  Eiilmann, 
Quirinus  Michael, 
Mattheis  (xr-issel, 
Philip  Smith. 

31- Vol.  XVI  L 

John  Bernhard  Hoch, 

Peter  von  Hulen, 

("hristoph  Harinian, 

John  Adam  Beck, 

Johann  Jacob  Friek, 

Johan  Georg  Biss, 

Peter  Michael  Klein, 

Johann  Conrad  Reiss, 

Johan  Zacharia.s  Donselt, 

Friederich  Hart, 

Daniel  Bartsh, 

Michael  Entires, 

P.  E.   Leonie, 

Daniel  Sollberger, 

Christian  Steiner, 

Johannes  Hedinger, 

Peter  Seekatz, 

Henry  Wagner, 

Frantz  Hopp, 

Joseph  Blisch, 

John  Wistermeyer, 

Joh.  Christ.  Kirschenmann, 

Georg  Jacob  Baumann, 

Geo.  Michael  Rhoades, 

Joh.  Nickel  Stuck, 

Christoph  Seller, 

Friederich  Bohmer, 

Conrad  Wagner, 

Georg  Jacob  Siiss, 

Heinrich  AValther, 

Henrich  Horn, 

Fried.  Vogel, 

Gottlieb  Geiss, 

Jacob  xVlbrecht, 

Jacob  Schell, 

Johan  Schultz, 

Friederich  Stimmel, 

Friederich  Conrad  Hoff. 

Georg  Friederich  Knoblauch, 

Lorentz  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Fiitter, 

Hans  Philip  Bott, 

Johan  Peter  KJatz, 

Joseph  Duber.nock, 

Nicklas  Mettern. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported   in   the   Ship  Brittania 
AiiEXANDER    Hardy,    Master,    from  Rotterdam,    last 
FROM  Portsmouth.     Qualified  Oct.  26,  1767. 

Johannes  Horn, 
H enrich  (Torgi, 
Johannes  Hirsch, 
Johannes  Kistner, 
Carl  Rohrig, 
Michael  Griintzler, 
Johannes  Gliick, 
Johannes  Kleinpeter, 
Johann  Peter  Hocli, 
Friederich  Flussman, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Johannes  Kunckel, 
Friederich  Stegel, 
Johan  Philip  Faick, 
Johannes  Kunckel. 
Johannes  Breitenbach, 
Johan  Henrich  Lorey, 
Johannes  Kohler, 
Peter  Schuster, 
Matheus  Kohler, 

Casper  Dietrich, 
Michael  Kohler, 
Henrich  Hessei-, 
Joha,nnes  Keyser, 
Lorentz  Schuster, 
Jacob  Plat, 
Johannes  Hem, 
Friederich  Steigerwalt. 
Johannes  Steigerwalt, 
Michael  Jacob  Bach, 
Johannes  Staub, 
Henrich  Kunckel, 
Adam  13ieterich, 
Leonhart  Kromer, 
Johan  Michael  A  1st  at, 
Valentin  Breitenbach, 
Johannes  Christian, 
Johannes  Bach, 
Johan  Peter  Uhl. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Brigantine  Gtram- 
pus,  Henry  Robinson,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam. 
Qualified  Nov.  4,  1767. 

Adrian  Granget, 
Peter  Dertwa, 
Johan  Peter  Cxlackler, 
Johan  Bernhard  Weite. 

Christian  Schunber, 
Nicolaus  Miiller, 
Michael  Unseld, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Minerva,  John 
Spurrier,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Nov.  9,  1767. 

Johannes  Nauman,  ,  Johannes  Naiiman,  jr. , 

Jeremiah  Nauman,  Nicholas  Blacher, 

Johann  Detmolder,  John  Miller, 



Peter  Scliuiiiaclier, 
Johannes  rierr, 
Jacob  Helliuan. 
H.  Hanil)ach, 
Valentin  Falier, 
.lacob  Horsch, 
Anthony  Schocli, 
Jac'ol)  Weiss, 

Joli.  Matlieis  Schleeniann. 
Geopfj  Wittennieyer, 
Johau  Martin  Motzer,  sen. , 
Valentin  Kaniper, 
Hans  Georg  Haaga, 
Johan  Thraubach, 
Christian  Calmstrom, 
Geo.   Kessel, 
Gottfried  Haaga, 
Bastian  Dauber, 
Johan  Cl'.risr.  Dauber, 
Pliilip  Jacob  Gentzier, 
Jacob  Drill, 
Jerc-mias  Algeier, 
Michael  Seitz, 
Valentin  Stahl, 
Johannes  Fusser, 
Hans  Georg  Mtiyer, 
Johan  Peter  Schumacher, 
Joh.  l)ietrich  Hennenljerg, 
Johannes  Georg  Hefer, 
Joh.   Valentin  Battinger, 
Johann  Georg  Schiiflfer, 
Deiterich  Reidenmeyer, 
Johan  W  olfgang  Bolschner, 
Johann  Jacolj  Lang, 
Johan  Daniel  Schmolt/.e, 
John  William  Jasper, 
John  Ludwig  Baucher, 
Francis  Flamer, 
Friederich  Hahn, 
Jacob  Mich.  Holber,      v 
William  Zills, 

John  Fischer. 
John  Miller. 
Friederich  Kopp, 
Christian  Faber, 
.Jacob  Faber. 
Peter  Fuchs, 
Joh.  Masshalder, 
Christian  Kauffinan, 
Valentin  Fal)er,  sen., 
Georg  Adam  Wetterbauer, 
.Tohan  Martin  Motzer, 
Johan  David  Bordele, 
Conrad  Schneider, 
.John  Adam  Roltbetzer, 
Johan  Geo    Schar, 
Mattheus  Fischer, 
Eberhart  Leitenberger, 
John  Melchior  Blankenburg, 
Johan  Xeiitzert, 
Michatl  Buch, 
Henrich  Lauchs, 
Philip  Hitzler, 
Peter  Midler, 
Johainies  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Hohhvein, 
Hans  Bernhart  Mayer, 
Johann  Simon  Schuey, 
Johan  Wilhelm  End  res, 
Johan  Jacob  Zechiel, 
Georg  Adam  Deutsch, 
Nicolaus  Albrecht, 
JS'icodemiis  Ungerer, 
Johan  Daniel  Wilhelm, 
Johann  Adam  Pfeiffer, 
Johau  Ludwig  Dieteiich, 
John  Will.  Beane, 
Johan  Bremer, 
John  Andreas  Kirchner, 
Jacob  Wockenhaut, 
Michael  Trahn, 
Joseph  Kund 



List  op  Forkigners  Imported  iJf  the  Ship  Sally,  Patrick 
Browi^^,  Master,  from   Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes, 

QOALIFIED   Nov.    in,   1767. 

Adam  Heiterger, 
Lorentz  H  ulier, 
Martin  Waller, 
Simon  Stein, 
Conrad  Hearing, 
Simon  Boni, 
Henrich  DoUe, 
vMartin  Nicolaus  Tsciiudi, 
Georg  Car]  Miindel, 
Johann  Tschndi, 
Martin  Tschudi, 
Uaniel  Ernst, 
Johannes  Hiinner, 
Hans  Michael  Boni, 
Johannes  Bur  man, 
Michael  Lilnhart, 
Christoph  Lochner, 
Johan  Christian  Roth, 

Johannes  Egel, 
Hans  Tschop, 
Martin  Stohler, 
Frederich  Btintz, 
Johann  Giinssle, 
Valentin  Neissel, 
Johannes  Glotz, 
Georg  Wachter, 
Johannes  Stuch, 
Jacob  Stobel, 
Martin  Miiller, 
Jacob  Erschberger, 
Christian  Althaus, 
Georg  Fried.  Wiedmayer, 
Adrian  Habliitzel, 
Joh.  Rudolph  Bopp, 
Philip  Jacob  Fuchs, 
Henrich  Schaub. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Pennsylva- 
JNIA  Packet,  Robert  Gill,  Master,  from  London.  Qual- 
ified Oct.  ?,,  17G8. 

Martin  Pontzius, 
Jacob  liinder, 
Jacob  Koch, 
David  Pontzius. 
Jacob  Mauss, 
Frans  Peter  Brenner, 
David  Higenell, 
J.  Frantz  Helm, 
flans  JaeobHoffman, 
Johan  Peter  Midler, 

Ludwig  Brenner, 
Wilhelm  Pyni, 
Jacob  Kulmann, 
Jonas  Apfel, 
Johan  Georg  Jung, 
Reiehart  Schell, 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
Nickias  Kulmann, 
Johan  Georg  Wiirtz. 



List  of  Forkiuxkrs  IjiroRTKi)  ix  thk  Ship  Mixkrva. 
Thomas  Arxott,  Mastkr,  kuom  Rottkhdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth.     (Qualified  Oct.  10,  17GK 

Joliannes  Mohr, 
Priederich  Stapf, 
Weiulel  Engel, 
Jacob  Htihl, 

Johan  Strol)auh, 
Philip  Onint/.^e, 
Henrich  Miiller, 
Jacob  Franenf elder, 
Michael  Eilj^entz, 
Michael  Schiesler, 
Jereinias  Klein, 
Jest  Gotz, 
Jacob  Neu, 
Frantz  Haininet, 
Erhard  Griel)elhauss, 
Johaii  Klemnier, 
Philip  Scheckler, 
Wilhelui  Philip  Knecht, 
Hans  Jacob  Rippast, 
Johannes  Schrath, 
Conrad  Liickhaub, 
Johann  Poffenbiirg, 
Johan  Lenhard  Wagner, 
Joh.  Andreas  Wiest, 
Johannes  Stiickerd, 
Johan  Valentin  Krauss, 
Joh.  Nickel  Ruber, 
Johannes  Kuster, 
Ludwig  Orth, 
Friederich  Brand, 
Michael  Wolff, 
Michael  Ehrnian, 
Johan  Peter  Graff, 
Joh.  Christian  Steynienn, 
Johan  Anthon  Stephan, 
Joh.  Conrad  Ran, 
Paul  Weitenbacher, 
Johan  Adam  Meyer, 
Mathiius  Kockenbach, 
Johannes  Theis  Midler, 
Johan  Peter  Merckel, 

Jolumnes  Kunckel, 

Rudolph  Derscli, 
Philip  Hold, 

Weiulel  Decker, 

Johannes  Sostner, 

Christian  Phiil, 

Oeorg  Miihl, 

Johan  Lenhard  Herr, 

Christian  Koch, 

Jacob  Blautsch, 

Thomas  Seyberth, 

Maximilian  Neutzert, 

Christian  Bchternacht, 

Michael  Lehe. 

Paul  Biichert, 

Joh.  Peter  Meier, 

Johan  Christian  Holland, 

Johan  Jacob  Hohl, 

Henrich  Straumay, 

Casimer  Hembd, 

Valentin  Sand  el, 
Johan  Wolfgang  Seyboth, 
Christian  Wilhelm  Friitz, 
Joh.  Georg  Mich.  Strecker. 

Joh.  Georg  Eisenman, 
Joh.  Peter  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Philip  Schleicher, 
Michael  Latsch, 
Daniel  AVeber, 
Conrad  Bi-aun, 
Peter  Karp, 

Johan  Christopli  Weick, 
Joh.  Balthasar  Graff, 
Joh.  Balthaser  Kroh, 
Johannes  Schimdt, 

Georg  Adijm  Ran, 
Jacob  Zimmerman, 
Georg  Henry  Seyberth, 
Philip  Peter  Hautz, 
Philip  Jacob  Ohler, 
Joharui  Mathias  Miiller, 



Johan  Wilhebn  Kleman, 
Johan  Jacob  Walther, 
Johan  Jacob  Hiinnanii, 
Michael  Heiber, 
Josephiis  Heibler, 
Wilhelm  Fuchs, 
John  Hasselberger, 
Peter  Obersheimer, 
Peter  Fisher, 
Johan  Wilhebn  Paul  us, 
Joh.  Greorg  Scheuernian, 
Joh.  Henrich  Haut, 
Joli.  Daniel  Kauff, 

Georg  Henrich  Haug, 
Johan  Jacob  Dietrich, 
Johan  Peter  Sieffert, 
John  Peter  Meyer, 
Philip  Sahl, 
Michael  Mauerer, 
Melchior  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Zoll, 
Georg  Emniiger, 
Joh.  Marheis  Best, 
Johan  Tobias  Mohr. 
Johan  Jacob  Schaftner, 
Johannes  Scheyzer. 

List  of  Foreigners  Importer  in  the  Ship  Crawford. 
Charles  Smith,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Oot.  20,  1768. 

Gottfried  Schiang, 
Franc  Gouche, 
Peter  Barnai, 
Georg  Erlinger, 
Conrad  SchetTer, 
Jacob  Welcker, 
Michael  Welcker, 
Henrich  Blum, 
Jacques  Dedie,     . 
Abram  Vdisin, 
Gottlob    Schwartz, 
Philip  Gotz, 
Georg  Hoffman, 
Joh.  Jacob  Escher, 
Johan  Georg  Scher, 
Gabriel  Aescher, 
Philip  Huf, 
Joh.  Wil.   Hartman, 
Sebastian  Hinderle, 
Georg  Henrich  Fischer, 
Georg  Jacob  Waltmann, 
Jacob  Seltzer, 
.loh.  Jacob  KiijTimel, 
Johan  Christophel  Keller, 

Jacob  Schmidt, 
John  Gerste, 
Johannes  Schaffer, 
Andreas  Ussener, 
Johannes  Schiitz, 
Johannes  Welcker, 
Johannes  Kreiter, 
Araham  Saruain, 
Samuel  Saldret, 
Jacob  Stehm, 
Henrich  Herschberger, 
Hannes  Weickert, 
Martin  Schnabel, 
Johan  Samuel  Amweg, 
Christian  Aescher, 
Jost  Hen.  Miiller, 
Isaac  Cochet, 
Joh.  Nick.  Hartman, 
Joh.  Matthias  Hartman, 
Emanuel  Waltmann, 
Johan  Isaac  Cochet, 
Johan  Eichman, 
Johan  Valentin  Priess, 
Carl  Ludwig  Staudehauer, 



Georg  Wilheiin  Becker, 
Johau  Antonius  Frolich, 
Fried.   Samuel  Heller, 
Jean  Pierre  Welle, 
Johan  Samuel    Giidtner, 
Johau  Henrich  Fohrman, 
Michael  V.  Huher. 
Joh.  Friederich  Schnabel, 
Daniel  Spies, 
Martin  PafT, 
Caspar  Liitsche, 
Joh.  Jacob  Dietz, 
Ludwig  Kiehl, 
John  Geov'^  Beilstein, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Heckmann. 
Joh.  Heman  Oberineyer, 
Joh.   Erhardt  Schneider, 
Johan  Henrich  Strom, 
Andreas  Gotthard  Lobe, 

Johan  Philip  Haass, 
Friederich  Hoffmann, 
.J<ilian  Georg  Griin, 
Martin  Sciiart/, 
Jacob  Ulrich  Siltzel, 
Joliann  Philip  Michell, 
Ignatius  Hengerle, 
Joh.   Conrad  Schnabel, 
Conrad  Friihs, 
Joh.  Phih'p  Fries, 
Peter  Galloe, 
Joh.  Hen.   Leis, 
Joh.  Adam  Staud, 
Johau  Wilh^lm  Diehl, 
Joh.  Henrich  Walterschen, 
Jost  Henrich  Schneider, 
Georg  Dietrich  Coehet, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Waltmau. 

List  of  Foreignkrs  Importkd  in  the  Ship  Betsy,  Capt. 
Samuel  Hawk,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 
(Qualified  Oct.  26,   1768. 

Solomon  Stenger, 
Jacob  Anthony, 
Jacob  Berentz, 
Jacob  Stenger, 
Johannes  Niess, 
Adam  Anthony, 
Jcjhann  Gernst, 
Gerhard  Krug, 
Adam  Stenger, 
Adam  Horn, 
Joseph  Emrich, 
Johan  Gerhard  Thiel, 
Stephani  Felix, 
Martin  Felix, 
Georg  Schiitt, 
Nicolas  Shory, 
Jacob  Mayer, 
Henry  Bender, 

Peter  Kammer, 

Joh.  Phili])  Naas, 

Michael  Bieber, 

Jacob  Pasche, 

Philip  Miinsch, 

Valentin  Bieber, 

Jacob  Bieber, 

Jacob  Motz, 

Andreas  Hauck, 

Frantz  Schnell, 

Jacob  Stenger, 

Jacob  Anthony  Jlannwiller, 

Michael  Lang, 

Martin  Bauer, 

Valentin  Midler, 

Peter  Sieber, 

Peter  Monnel, 

Friederich  Mahler, 



Hannes  Grriessell, 
Georg  Miitz, 
Nicolas  GUisev, 
Jacob  Stoll, 
J  ohannes  Gess, 
Andreas  Bacli, 
Michael  R  luiu, 
Nickel  Buhr, 
Adam  Klein, 
Johannes  Felix, 
Jaeolj  Gotz, 
Ch.  Frantz  Christman, 
Christian  Sej^fert, 
Nicklaus  Rauscher, 
Peter  Reissdorff, 
Johan  Philip  Opp, 
Johannes  Schalheis, 
Henrieh  Jockel, 
Johann  Nicklas  Miiller, 
Martin  Weisshardt, 
Mathias  Miiller, 
Christian  Kuntz, 
Georg  Dupont, 
Johan  Jacob  Lorentz, 
Johann  Nickel  Lintz, 
Philip  Micher, 
Philipp  Schammo, 
Johannes  Dedweiler, 
Johan  Peter  Frick, 
Michael  Wilhelm, 
Hans  Adam  Shory, 
Johannes  Pfan, 
Georg  Wend  ling, 
Johann  Peter  Jacquart, 
.Jacob  Hausknecht, 
Adam  Bernhart, 
Georg  Etehvein. 
Christian  Stenger, 

T'eter  Driesler, 
John  Matheis, 
Andreas  Schmidt. 
Georg  Huber, 
Nicholas  Hardt, 
Henrieh  Hiebig, 
Philip  Kippel, 
John  Cottringer, 
Christopher  Kirchsettin, 
Joh.  Matheis  Mannwilier^ 
Abrahani  Mattseil, 
Johan  Peter  Gerhart, 
Theobald  Pfaff, 
Jacob  Schulheis, 
Peter  Armenbefer, 
Johann  Friederick  Leihe, 
Johann  Henrieh  Marx, 
Johannes  Schweyer, 
Fried.  Willi.  Hoffmann, 
Daniel  Stenger,  . 
Wendel  Giinther, 
Hans  Georg  Racher, 
Johan  Georg  Threin, 
Johann  Nickel  Lint/,,  jr., 
Johann  Nickel  Scholl, 
Hans  Adam  Miiller, 
Friedrich  Bracklohr, 
Hans  Ludwig  Herman, 
Daniel  Gerhard, 
Michael  Zimer, 
Hans  Georg  Ban, 
Daniel  Kammer,  , 

Joh.  Henrieh  Hermann, 
Joh.  Hen.  Kramer, 
Johan  Adam  Stenger,  sen., 
Daniel  Kammer, 
Daniel  Hauer. 



List  of  Poreignkrs  Importkd  ix  thk  Ship  Nancy  and 
SuKKY,  Capt.  William  Kkys,  from  London.  Qualified 
Sept.  1,  1769. 

Frederlch  Rotli, 

Joh.  Balthaser  DeruheiiiiHr 

IJli  Sell  rack, 

Nicklans  Frest, 

Joan  (Tiiilielmus  Pytlian, 

Johanu  (jeorg  WumU'r, 

Joseph  Schantz, 


Joh.  Hen.  Christ opli  Koth, 

Christian  Roth, 

Jacob  Crrob, 

Nicklans  Ernst, 

Johannes  Gabriel. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  London 
Pacquet,  Capt.  James  Cook,  from  Lisbon.  Qualified 
Sept.  29,  1769. 

Wentzel  Serl), 

Johannes  Miller, 

Martin  Giith. 

Adrian  Briist, 

Hermanns  Cazo, 

Hen.  Michael  Dahnier, 

Frantz  Gonib, 

Joh.  Her.  Fried.  Lippenkan, 

Martin  Long, 
Thonnis  Briist, 
Fried erich  Uiess, 
Pitre  Indes, 
John  Henry  Block, 
.Joseph  Schmenell, 
Joel  Franciscus  Todt, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Minerva,  Capt. 
Thomas  Arnott,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ports- 
mouth.    QuALiii'lED  Oct.  13,  1769. 

Andreas  Heier, 
Friederich  Grommel, 
(Jonrad  Bock, 
Michael  Bauer, 
Abraham  Mellinger, 
Philip  Moses, 
Philip  Seyfert, 
Johan  Theobald  Einrich, 
Johann  Adam  AVeller, 
Joh.  Henrich  Maiiderbach, 
Joh.  Henrich  Dischardt, 

Lorentz  Heier, 

Hans  Georg  Bopp, 

.Joh.  Jacob  Bentz, 

Friederich  Kesseler, 

Peter  Ulrich, 

Bernhard  Karg, 

Joseph  Farni, 

Johann  Adam  Klein, 

Johannes  Theis  x\rndt, 

Joh.  Henrich  IManderbacli,  ji". , 

Johann  Wilhelm  Scliuh, 



Georg  Friederich  Riick. 
Johann  Nicklaas  Dobler, 
Jacob  Musselniann, 
Johan  iVIatheus  Dock, 
Henrich  Klein, 
Nick.  Bernet, 
Christoph  Pasch, 
John  Bollig:, 
Johannes  Herd, 
Anthon  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Joli.  Jacob  Fritz, 
Jacob  Farni, 
Michael  Hertz, 
Michael  Neff, 
Daniel  Scheffer, 
Johan  Philip  Becker, 
Johan  Christoph  Fertig, 
Joh.  Matheis  Katzenbach, 
•  Theobald  Hess, 
Peter  Si'iwel, 
Antoni  Dunkel, 
Henrich  Porster, 
Theobald  Schramm, 
Philipp  Conrad  Hiiussler, 
Philip  Peter  Rothenheusser, 
Johann  Bernhard  Printzel. 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johan  Jacob  Walther, 
Johan  Casper  Panli, 
Johan  Christoph  Scherer, 
Joh.  Andreas  Strasbiirger, 
Johan  Valentin  Klein, 
Johan  Michael  Rademacher, 
Stanislaus  Matter, 

Johan  Greorg  Zundel, 
Hans  Greorg  Jacob, 
Jacob  Siilger, 
Johann  Jacob  Walter, 
NickeJas  Weber, 
Jacob  Diehl, 
Jacob  Fryer, 
Heinrich  Fentz, 
Christian  Jung, 
Andreas  Heger, 
Georg  Siematt, 
Michael  Hier, 
Jacob  Miiller, 
Conrad  Hoffman, 
Michael  Dosch, 
Jacob  Berg, 

J  ohan  Georg  Goltmann, 
Philip  Henrich  Bohlender, 
Johan  Nicklas  Schaffer, 
Hans  Vogt, 
Manuel  Eberth, 
Johann  Hemrier, 
Geoi'g  Martin  Fentz, 
Jacob  Henrich  Arnold, 
Henrich  Carl  Stumph. 
.Georg  Henrich  Ziegler, 
Daniel  Naumann, 
Johann  Philip  Frey, 
Johan  Henrich  Pfeffer, 
Johan  Ludwig  Wasser, 
Johan  Adam  Stock, 
Johann  Adam  Steuer, 
Johan  Jacob  Kiefer, 
Johan  Philip  Hentz, 
Geo.  Henrich  Jacob. 

List  of  Foreigj^ers  Imported  tn^  the  Ship  Crawford. 
Chas.  Smith,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam.  Qualified 
Oct.  24,  1769. 

Georg  Rudecker, 
•lohannes  Hinckel, 
Anthon  Miiller, 
Johan  Wilhelm  StoU, 

Michael  Satt, 
Friederich  Kneiss, 
Johan  Adam  Barnietet, 
Valentin  Hoffman, 



Johann  Wilhelin  Flick, 
Joliannes  HofT, 
Wilhelin  Muller, 
Christopher  Schmidt, 
Johan  Bernhart  Kempff, 

;I)ieter  Beyerle, 
Peter  Thorn, 
Jost  H enrich  Theil, 
Johann  Theis  Keni])!!', 
Johan  Theis  Miller. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Snow  Neptune. 
Thomas  Edward  Wallts,  Commander,  from  Lisbon, 
Portugal.     Qualified  July  2T,  1770. 

John  Nuttier, 
Johann  Paul  Kapp, 
G-eorg  Heinrich  Bremer, 
Johann  Greorg  Bratfisch, 

Francicio  Weytzer, 
Jean  Baptiste, 
Philip  Jacob  Michael, 
Michael  Muttler. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Brig  Doi-phin, 
Capt.  (teo.  Stephanson.  from  London.  Qualified  Au- 
GiTST  29,  1770. 

Peter  Miller, 
Jacques  Monier, 
Johann  Jost  Klem, 
Nicola  Paris. 

Joseph  Solomon, 
Georg  Alison, 
Geo.  Paris, 
Jean  Serieux, 

Piere  Paris, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Snow  Rose,  George 
Ord,  Master,  from  Lisbon,  Portugal.  Qu aliped  Sept. 
10,  1770. 

Johannes   End, 
Autoine  Bore, 
Johaini  Krii-sser, 
Gillc  Sarier, 

Peter  Mohr, 
TiOuise  Patier, 
Petro  Claude. 




List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Minerva, 
Thomas  Arnott,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Oct.  1,  1770. 

Georg  Mengs, 

Johanne.s  Schell, 

Jacob  Kuntz, 

Valentin  Hess, 

Lorents  Fiichs, 

Georg  Gelle, 


Jacob  Greiner, 

Jacob  Schniit, 

Georg  Liick, 

Peter  Schmit, 

Johannes  Spriith, 

Hans  Georg  Schell, 

Michael  Nonnenniacher 


Math  las  Weber, 

Frederich  Helilhoffer, 

Johan  Georg  Pfall, 

Johannes  Scheib, 

Jacol)  Jjiiek, 

Christian  Werfer, 

Jacob  Philip  Harn, 

Jacob  Ketterer, 

Martin  Scherer, 

Johan  Georg  Bastian 

Georg  Nickel, 

Heinrich  Freyer, 

Peter  Miller, 

Philip  Simon, 

Georg  Weier, 

Christian  Schiiltz, 

Jacob  Coblantz, 

Georg  Ferber, 

Jacob  Doll, 

Dieterich  Offenbach, 

Andreas  Kiefer, 

Georg  Paul  Freyer, 

Philip  Jacob  Bessinger, 

Hans  Georg  Herrmann, 

Michael  Fiinfrock.  jr., 

J  oh.  Henrich  Hornberger, 

Michael  Schmitt, 
Georg  Mil  Her, 
Jacob  Marx, 
Philip  Heitz, 
David  Ott. 
Adam  Lieber, 
Theobald  Biisch, 
Sebastian  Hitz, 
John  Seiffer, 
Jacob  Liick, 
John  Weyer, 
Georg  Jacob  Sturm, 
Johann  Georg  Kammerer, 
Johann  Georg  Schnepp, 
Caspar  Pletsch, 
Johann  Peter  Biissinger, 
Friederich  Gi'einer. 
Georg  Heinrich  Maurer, 
Johann  Georg  Miiller. 
Mathias  Scheuermann. 
.Conrad  Sebastian  Roller, 
Michael  Lossinger, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Philip  Prei.ssman, 
Joh.  Henrich  Bastian, 
Conrad  Holsteiu, 
Jacob  Paulus, 
Michael  Schock, 
Jacob  Heintz. 
Johan  Schantz, 
Michael  Gerst. 
Michael  Schaffei-, 
Henrich  Gartner, 
Jacob  Offenbach, 
Johannes  Gaul, 
Johannes  Hembert, 
Matheis  VVidmer, 
Wilhelm  Schlemilch, 
Stephan  Fiinfrock, 
Hans  Georg  Mallo, 
Joh.  Geo    Zimmerman, 



Hans  Georg  Weidman, 
Georg  H enrich  Braunig, 
Martz  Olftheintz. 
Martin  Wager. 

Michael  Kaninier, 
David  Hirschberger, 
Johan  Henrich  Wiildte. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Britannia, 
Richard  Eyres,  Master,  from  Lisbon,  Portugal. 
Qualified  Oct.  3,  1770. 

J.  Didier,  De  Labeaume, 

Jean  Izard,  *  Guilliauine  Montmaton, 

Jean  Vinettier,  Matheis  Kreis. 

List  of  Fori^igners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Sally,  John 
Osmond,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  39,  1770. 

Joh.  Anton  Trager, 
Francis  Stein, 
Peter  .Joseph, 
Bernhard  Seip, 
Johannes  Ditnian, 
Dietricli  AVilh.  Biicking, 
Johan  Friederich  Hester, 
Johan  Krafft  Achebach, 
Johann  Henrich  Eul, 
Andreas  lachte, 
Johannes  Kriess, 
Jacob  Schnell, 
Johannes  Kocli, 
Johan  Henricii  Weyandt, 
Johan  Theobal'l  Franck, 
Johann  Nicklaus  Walter, 
Jolian  Balthas  Klein. 
Johann  Adam  Haar, 
Johan  Chrisitan  Brechner. 
Johann  IVickel  Bach, 
Johannes  Reichel, 
Martin  Hebeisen, 

Christoph  Miiller, 
.loll.  Georg.  Altefried, 
Paul  MingeJ. 
Daniel  Volmer, 
Georg  Christian  Volcker, 
Thomas  Engelhardt, 
Joh.  Jost  Sasuianshausen, 
John  Henry  Denner, 
Johan  Jost  Birckelbach, 
Johannes  Lichte, 
Jacob  Schneyder, 
Christoph  Beck, 
Jolian  Henrich  AfTterbach, 
Joh.  Christopher  Diet/. 
Ludwig  Daniel  Staudt, 
JoTiann  Georg  Schleicher, 
Johan  Henrich  Klieberstein, 
Georg  Andreas  Wagner, 
Johann  Nickel  Hass, 
Matthew  Merkel, 
Henrich  Weiterstein, 
Joh.  Georg  Dentzel, 



Christian  Furbe, 
Henry  Wei'nle, 
Johannes  Volliner, 
Johannes  Francic; 
Justus  Schmidt, 
Henricus  Horn, 
Peter  Vogt, 
Paridon  Petersen, 
Rudolph  Miller, 
Daniel  Mise, 
Johan  Christ,  von  HofT, 
Georg  Ludwig  Fischer, 
Johan  Martin  Gaul, 
Friedericli  Willi.  Bauinann, 
Johan  Jacob  Heinriegel, 
Christ.  Ludwig  Heinriegel, 
Johannes  Hothern, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 

Paulus  Stolhe. 
Johannes  Bibighauss, 
Johannes  Peck, 
Johannes  Weyandt, 
C.  G.  Ha  nek, 
Jacob  Biihler, 
Jacob  Hubacher, 
Friederich  Borsch, 
Hans  Christian, 
Johann  Jost  Weyandt, 
Johann  Peter  Kreb, 
Johannes  Bachneid, 
Joh.  Martin  Bauman, 
Christian  ^schelniann, 
Halzar  Heinriegel, 
'ifeorg  Emmert, 
Johan  Valentin  Franck. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Crawford, 
Chas.  Smith,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Nov. 

Daniel  Stauffer, 
Wilhelm  Gramni, 
Cornelius  Gramm, 
Peter  Miiller, 
Carl  Wilhelm  Keck, 
Johannes  Diehl. 
Andreas  Serenus, 
Francis  Kuhhnan, 
Johannes  Jauss, 
Andreas  Gutting, 
Jacob  Geiger. 
Johannes  Siimmi, 
Heinrich  Geiger, 

;,   1770. 

Jacob  Rohrer, 
Johannes  Heistand, 
Tobias  Hartmann, 
Johannes  Luft, 
Johannes  Ginther, 
Carl  Adolph  Seitz, 
Jacob  Els, 
Ernst  Berg, 
Henrich  Haub, 
P.  F.  Drotz, 
Georg  Kleiderlein, 
Andreas  Schwend, 
Cornelius  Braun. 





List  of  Forkignkus  Importkd  in  thk  Ship  PKNNSYiiVANiA 
Packet,  ]^ktku  Osbounk,  JIastkr,  from  London.     Qual- 

IFIKD   Jl'NK   17,   1771. 

Conrad  l^a>'liman, 
Liulwi^  Roliivr, 
Philip  Jacob  AVeiss, 
Johanii  Adam  Lautli, 

Ahraliaiii  Mayret, 
Johannes  Heyler, 
Joh.  Georg  Fried.  Bechtei. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  tx  thk  Brig  America, 
William  Copeland  Lattimore,  ('ommander,  from  Lon- 
don.    Qualified  Jt'ly  27,  1771. 

Johannes  Eeknian, 
Justus  Dornsi'heur, 
Jacob  Russ, 
Johann  Georsr  Hals.  , 
Joh.  Martin  von  Nietiyr, 
Valentin  Krig, 

Johannes  Hepp, 
Lorentz  Stahl, 
Geo.  Jacob  Kiiller, 
Johann  Dietrich  Hepj), 
John  Jacoli  von  Nieder, 
Joh.  Georg  von  Nieder. 

List  ok  Foreigners  Impo 
Thomas  Arnott,  Captain, 
CowES.     Qualified  Sept. 

Jacob  Wentz, 
Georg  Miller, 
Philip  Miiller. 
Jacob  Beier, 
Henrich  Schaffer, 
Johann  Peter  Geissler, 
Caspar  Osser, 
Jacob  Jung, 
Alexander  Oran, 
Jacob  Wentz, 
Michael  Waldenau, 
Friederich  Hirsch, 
Carl  Welcker, 
Philip  Helig, 
Ulrich  Kaiser, 

RTED     IN     THK     SUIJ'     MiXKIlVA, 

FROM  Rotterdam,  last  from 

17,  1771, 

Henry  Spiess, 
Gabriel  Gasch, 
Christian  Knebe, 
Peter  Hert el, 
Johann  Peter  Kuntz, 
.Tacob  AVeiss, 
Conrad  Oster, 
John  Werg-e, 
John  Geo.  North, 
Ad.aiii   Wagner, 
AVilheliu  Heiss, 
Valentin  Linn, 
Jacob  Welckei", 
Henrich  Kurtz, 
Mattheis  Engel, 



Andreas  Hertziger, 

Johannes  Kost, 

Christian  Gaul, 

Jacob  Hantser, 

Ludwig  Wegner, 

Jacob  Tjauchs, 

Petrus  Meyer, 

Erasmus  Busch, 

H enrich  Wiedlandt, 

Joh.   Earth.  Rohm, 

Wilhelm  Friederich  Seeger, 

Johan  H enrich  Schmaltz, 

Johan  Georg  Jordi, 

Johann  Geo.  Friederich  Schell 

Johann  Georg  Christmann, 

Johannes  Giintert, 

Michael  Hieberge, 

Johan  Jacob  Moder, 

Johann  Georg  Stierle, 

Fi-iederich  Seigmiiller, 

Johann  Adam  Wall, 

Johann  Friederich  Dorsch, 

Johann  Conrad  Schneider, 

John  Henry  Peterman, 

Valentin  Saslavo  Stadecker, 

Philip  Jacob  May, 

Jacob  Kuhlman, 

Johan  Michael  Straiib, 

Joh.  Gerhard  Kaltschmidt, 

Johan  Jost  Otterback, 

Philip  Henrich  Knapp, 

Georg  Christoph  Hebebold, 

Friederich  Dewald, 
Jacob  Rnss, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Anton  Glantz, 
Peter  Kurtz, 
David  Drexler, 
Joh.  Peter  Lehr, 
Dionisius  Busch, 
Henry  Dieterich, 
Johan  Daniel  Schroder, 
Carl  Philip  Ebert, 
Georg  Jacob  Stot/el, 
Johan  Peter  Liitsch, 
er,       Henrich  Matterkens, 
Johan  Henrich  Schee, 
Johannes  Reinholdt, 
Johann  Michael  Schmidt, 
Andreas  Hettmansterger, 
Johann  Michael  Hoel, 
Jacob  Griinenwaldt, 
Johann  Georg  Siiss, 
Johan  Conrad  Roth, 
Hans  Balt^er  Peterman. 
Johann  Philip  Schenckel, 
Theobald  Liebran, 
Seba.stian  Marckei-. 
Adam  Mollethor, 
Jacob  Huthmacher, 
Joh.  Stephan  Guck, 
Joh.  Erhardt  Gayer, 
Philip  Conrad  Christ, 
Michael  Trussler. 

List  of  Foreigxers  Imported  in  the  Ship  London 
Packet,  Capt.  Cook,  prom  Lisbon,  Portugal.  Quali- 
fied Sept.  19,  1771. 

Henrich  Berger. 
Paulas  Gottlob  Grell, 
Jean  Baptiste, 
Michelle  Devignaii-, 
Piere  Gabori, 

Peter  Schunke, 
Gerardius  Vestens, 
Michael  Esteuer, 
Etienne  Teisser. 



List  ok  Forkigneus  Imported  ix  tkk  Brio-antine  Rkcov- 

KRY,  Bull,  Master,  KRo>r  Rotterdam,  last  from 

CowEs.     Qualified  Oct.  81,  1771. 

•lolm  Havei. 
Michael  (rundere, 
(Jhristian  Fiirinan, 
Paul  Ackermau. 
Daniel  Nietlerhiius.s, 
Peter  Schneider, 
Christian  Weber, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Philip  Gniff, 
Jacob  Welsch, 
Valentin  Thomas, 
Michael  Schiiffer, 
Johannes  Schnell, 
Gottfried  Lebrecht  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Henrich  Ortmann, 
(xottfried  Henrich  Diehoff, 
Johann  Michael  Lahm, 
Johann  Peter  Schneider,  sen. 
Johannes  Christian  Horster, 
Jacob  Henrich  Wilhelm, 
Alexander  Schumacher, 
.lohann  .fost  Schneider, 
Hans  Jacob  Schiiffer, 
Johannes  Eckstein, 
.Tohannes  Schnell,  jr., 
Joliann  Henrich  Filger, 

Jacob  Schupp, 
.lohannes  Ortmann. 
•Tohannes  Herschman, 
Philip  Burbach, 
Nicholas  Becker, 
Albert  Delitz, 
Albertus  Kratz,  • 
Andreas  Schneider, 
John  Martin, 
Wilhelm  CErtter, 
Jacob  Schiiffer, 
Peter  Becker, 
Adam  Recliel, 
Johann  Georg  Reiss, 
•Tohannes  Nicklaus  Neu, 
Christophel  Bertges, 
Johannes  Peter  Schneider, 
,  Johann  Jacob  Denkircher, 
Ludwig  Schneider, 
•Tohann  Nickel  Welseh, 
•Toliann  Adam  Leonhardt, 
Johan  Conrad  Spangenberg, 
Wilhelm  Ernst  Felbach, 
•lohann  Martin  Hisger, 
.Tohann  Jacob  Becker. 

List  ok  Forkigners  Imported  tx  the  Ship  Ti«er,  George 
.roHXSTOx,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  i,ast  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Nov.  19,  1771. 

John  Kreble, 
Nicholans  Scheuerman, 
Ludwig  Schneider, 
Hans  Gef)rg  Benner, 
Sebastian  WiUe, 
Nicholas  Griinenwald, 

32-VoL.  XVII. 

Peter  Wagner, 
•Tacob  Wagner, 
Johannes  Midler, 
•Tohann  •Tacob  Beyerle, 
Dominicus  Heyrom, 
•Tohann  Lautenschliiger, 



Peter  Wasser, 
Henry  Apple, 
Anthony  Klein, 
Johannes  Heigle, 
Caspar  Beyer, 
Nickhius  Kohler, 
Jacob  Burg, 
Georg  Hann, 
Jonas  Blesch, 
Gustavus  Miiller, 
Peter  Odern, 
Wilhehn  Kumi)f, 
Johannes  Ihrig, 
Henrich  Ricker, 
Georg  Eissenring, 
Joli.  Gottlieb  Steinbecker, 
Johann  Adam  Low, 
Jolian  Caspar  Lorentz, 
Johan  Wilhehn  Schneider, 
Johann  Nickel  Martin, 
Johann  Ludwig  Starck, 
Johan  Conrad  German, 
Johannes  Peter  Reusch, 
Johannes  Schott. 
Johannes  Nitzel, 
Georg  Volck, 
Peter  Kessler, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Jacob  Marx, 
Peter  Trexler, 
Jacob  Kessler, 
Georg  Michael  Weiss, 
Jacol)  Samuel  Golde, 
Johann  Michael  Beltz, 
Georg  Mich.  Raffenberger, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Fleck, 
Hen.  Jac.   Raubenlieimer, 
Joh.  Hen.  Lautenschliiger, 
Xxeorg  Henrich  Kindle, 
Joliannes  Waltman, 
Johann  Christ.  Jtiger, 
Johann  Peter  Weill, 
Johann  Daniel  Cleiss, 
Lewis  Noy, 
Sebastian  Unilcht, 
Martin  El)erts, 

Adam  Steiner, 

Henry  Webber, 

Nicholas  Jost, 

Matlieis  Fauth, 

Johannes  Motte, 

Friederich  Foltz, 

Jacob  Hoffman, 

Nicholas  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Ihrig, 

Joliannes  Lupp, 

Christoph  Storner, 

Henrich  Miilberger, 

Martin  Grahn, 

Johann  Friederich  Dorr 

Johann  Peter  Schrig, 

Johann  Georg  Horn, 

John  Bernard  Layer, 

Hans  Heinrich  Zimmerman, 

Gottfried  Kulmer, 

Johannes  Leonhardt  Henn, 

Johann  Adam  Dracker, 

Johann  Leonhard  R;igel, 

Conrad  Meyer, 

Johannes  Miiller, 

Leonard  Kessler, 

Johannes  Schneider, 

Carle  Benner, 

Martin  Benner, 

Adam  Grosshart, 

Michael  Trexler, 

Conrad  Haasse, 

Joh.  Daniel  Schwanfeldei', 

Johann  Nicolas  Fuchs, 

Jolin  Le  Port, 

Hans  Georg  Ackermann, 

Georg  Simon  Griin, 

Johannes  Wucherer, 

Johannes  Willmann, 

Niclavis  Samuel  Golds, 

Georg  Friederich  Kiichle, 

Wilhelm  Schmidt, 

Johan  Geoi'g  Scheuermann, 

Johann  Michael  Ihrig, 

John  Noy, 

Johannes  Schletzer, 

John  Jorts, 



Jacob  Scheibly, 

Adam  Als, 

Johannes  Reusch, 

Johann  Jacob  Menges, 

Johannes  Kiebel, 

Hans  Midi.    liautenschliig 

Anton  Eberhartlt, 

PhiHi)  Egle, 

(]hrisr.  Jereniias  ychniidt, 
<Jonia(l  Kallmann 
Jacol)  Sanner, 

Jolian  Cxeorg  Tjaiitenschliiger, 
Conrad  von  Halt, 
Andreas  Ehmer. 

List  of  Forkigxers  Imported  ix  thk  Ship  Crawfoeid, 
Charles  S.\irrH,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
FROM  CowES.     Qualified  Nov.  25,  1771. 

Michael  Mohrlock,  Daniel  "Wolff, 

Mathias  Krauss,  Gottfried  Stoll, 

Jacob  Friederich  Hocklen,  Johann  Peter  Kiich, 

Johann  Stephan  Sulger,  Chrlstoph  Gottlieb  Theileman. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Brig  Betsy,  Andrew 
Bryson,  Commander,  from  London.  Qualified  Dec  1, 

Jacob  Frey, 
Heiurich  Meier, 
Jacob  Biiy, 
Henrich  Dicke, 
Rndy  Funck, 
Wilh.  Becker, 
Johannes  Heintz, 
.facob  Flubacher, 
Martin  Thoinan, 
Mattheis  Fiisselbach 
Johannes  Staub, 
Heinrich  Fichter, 
•Facob  Herr, 
Johan  Henrich  Hester, 
Jean  Gaspard  Hathe. 
Conrad  Schwesteriniiller, 
Johaime.s  Klapperr, 
Sebastian  Harth. 
Martin  Funck, 

Jacob  Schneider, 
Friederich  Biinley, 
Jacob  Stiigger, 
Hermanns  Dicke, 
John  Koch, 
Michael  Frey, 
Johannes  Flubacher, 
Heinrich  Busser, 
Christophel  Winder, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Kugier, 
Peter  Stein, 
i'aulus  Bauersachs, 
Jacob  Zimmerman, 
Sebastian  Stranman, 
Wilhelm  Schumacher, 
Johann  INfartin  Frey, 
Daniel  Volck, 
Jacol)  Schumacher. 



List  of   Forkig^nkrs    Importkd    in    the    Ship    Gtknkral 

WoLiFE,    Richard   Huntkr, 
Qualified  Dec.  10,  1771. 

Charles  Smith, 
Francs  Pross, 
John  Carle, 
Nich.  Biiss, 
John  Fajon, 

Commander,  from  Lisbon. 

Casper  Berger, 
Casper  Treible, 
Anton  Ernst, 
Joannes  Baptista, 
Johannes  Schnutt. 

List  OF  Foreigners  Importkd*  IX  the  Ship  Hope,  Capt. 
John  Roberts,  bmiom  London.     Qualified  Feb.  24,  177'^. 

Henrich  Meisner, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Phil.  Wilh.  May, 
Friederich  Heetor, 
Leniiiel  Lober, 
Martin  Sudten, 
Joh.  Friederich  Hiinninger, 
Johann  Jacob  S^diwentzer, 
Johann  Henrich  Voigt, 
Johann  Andreas  Fritze, 
.Tohann  Georg  Triihansser, 
Jol\au  Melchior  Vast, 

Hieronimus  Henricii, 
Christian  Wohler, 
Dietrich  Muntzer, 
TheoV)ahl  Klein, 
Theobald  Bastian, 
Geo.  Adam  Jacob, 
Johan  Ernst  Ziegler, 
Johann  Henrich  Steitz, 
Johann  Jacob  Hartmann, 
Johan  Ulrich  Bilyer, 
Johann  Georg  Meyer. 

List   of    Foreigners   Imported   tn   the   Ship   Minerva. 

James  Johnston.    Commander,    from   Rotterdam,   last 

PROM  CowES.     Qualified  Sept.  30,  1772. 
Johannes  Mayer,  Caspar  Wintz, 

Hans  Plattner,  Johannes  Hauck. 

Hans  Schen,  Ludwig  Miller, 

Gotrlob  Hempel,  Henri  Perret, 

.Tacob  Schanb,  Chi-istian  Apffel, 

Henrich  Schweitzer,  Jacob  Ballmer, 

Thomas  Math,  Jacob  Schwele, 

Frant/.  Beck,  Heinrich  Schiinblin, 



Ulrich  Herberger, 
John  Christian  Fleit, 
Hans  Peter  Kiiiniiier, 
Johan  Frietlerich  U liner, 
Hans  Casper  Heier, 
Hans  Jacob  Moller, 
Johann  Pavid  Bentz, 
Jonn  Arnoklii><, 
Martin  Rudy, 
Henrich  Wissich, 
Gottfried  Zeppernic, 
Johann  Georg  Kuhr, 

Jacob  Hoffacker, 
Hans  Baltzer  Biisch, 
Johan  Martin  Ziiinncr, 
Johannes  Washng, 
(ireorg  Henrich  Delni, 
Johann  Georg  Kessler, 
Joliannes  Schwerdle, 
Jacob  Uberer, 
Wilni.  Meyer, 
Hans  Jacob  Weier, 
Jolm  Georg  fcjtander. 

List  OF  FoRKiGNERS  Imported  ix  thk  Ship  Crawford, 
Charles  Smith,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Oct   16,  1772. 

Andreas  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Denmiel, 
Jacob  Schwartz, 
Gottfried  Wittman, 
Johannes  Horner, 
Gottfried  Fechty, 
Joliannes  Schmidt, 
Marx  Schneider, 
Samuel  Schoch, 
Christian  Rettig, 
Henrich  Zercher, 
Johan  Pliilip  Fitting, 
Johan  Tlieobold  Merckel, 
Joliann  Teeter  Ochner, 
Johann  Henrich  Wagenhorst. 
Hans  (ieorg  Preis, 
John  Henry  Zimmei-man, 
Michael  Wartliman, 
Georg  Martin  Biichtner, 
Jonathan  Treuttle, 
Friederich  Linck, 
Bernhardt  AVieland, 
Joliannes  Buchmiiller, 
Johann  ('hrisfof)h  ^cheibe, 
Joh.  David  Ziegler, 

Martin  Hanck, 
Joliannes  Fischer, 
Valentin  Welcker, 
Friederich  Beyer. 
Jacol)  Scherer, 
Martin  Wieton, 
Joha;nnes  Keitzi, 
Jacob  Rupp, 
Georg  Fran  ok, 
Wilhelm  Baltzer, 
Andreas  Miiller, 
Johan  Christian  Nerbler, 
Henrich  Franckforther, 
Hans  Martin  Mayer, 
Johann  Carl  Wagenhorst, 
Joh.  Georg  Wartliman, 
Matheus  Lindenmeyer, 
Samnel  Friederich  Winter, 
Michael  Stanffer. 
l^eter  Hamnian, 
Johann  Georg  Banm, 
Andreas  Holtzbarth, 
Henrich  Weissmiiller, 
Jacob  Friederich  Ijanser, 
Joh.  Jacob  Eberly, 



Joh.  Georg  Einwiiclitei', 
Christian  Schlauch, 
L.  Smith, 
Jacob  Arbreiter. 
Philipp  Haniman, 
Jonathan  Linck, 
Christoph  Mohi-, 
Martin  Mollinger, 
Jacob  Lautermilcli, 
Johann  Hebeisen, 
Peter  Galte, 
Peter  Lambert, 
Joseph  Stump, 
Rudolph  Seltzer, 
Isaac  Bergthal, 
Martin  Fischer, 
Jonas  Nothstein, 
Joseph  (rraff, 
Friederich  Wilhelm  Hess, 
Johann  Peter  Harbach, 
Johann  Friederich  Betz, 
PhiUp  Jacob  Sartorins, 
Friederich  Linck, 
Peter  Weymer,  sen. , 
Johann  Wendel  Wiegele, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Frantz  Peter  Drexler, 

Jacob  Mullinger, 
Johann  Wertli, 
Johannes  Sauter, 
Henrich  Vogel, 
Andreas  Weissart, 
Frederick  Feitmeyer, 
Jolian  Conrad  Disclier, 
Johan  Leonhard  Fichler, 
Albrecht  Kiimmerle, 
Johannes  Beer, 
Johann  Hess, 
Andreas  Lambert, 
Michael  Miiller, 
Georg  Shuman, 
John  Gramer, 
Balthas  Bertsch, 
Johann  Kram, 
Geoig  Henrich  Maurer, 
Frantz  Carl  Widman, 
Georg  Friederich  Betz, 
Georg  David  Scherm, 
Georg  Michael  Miller, 
Abraham  Kohler. 
Christoph  Saudrich, 
Georg  Adam  Haaraus, 
Johannes  Quast, 
Peter  Weymer. 

List  of  Forkigners  Imported    in  the  Ship  Catharine, 

Sutton,    Master,    from    Rotterdam,   i,ast    from 

London.     Qualified  Oct.  19,  1772. 

Leonhard  Miiller, 

Francis  Stephani, 
IJlrich  Otho, 
Georg  Bardeck, 
Francis  Geisse, 
Henrich  Gerding, 
Charles  Fi-iederich  Kndri, 
Christian  Tvindeman, 
Henrich  Richmer, 
Joh.   Christoph  Lotspach, 
Frantz   Wertz. 

Georg  Keller, 
Martin  Schule, 
Frantz  Friedle, 
Peter  Paul, 
.Tohan  (^aspar  Koch, 
Gotthard  David  Flickwir, 
Frantz  Fideli  Schrenckenbiirger, 
Peter  Mohrmann, 



List    ok  Fohkigners    Imported    ix  the    Ship  Phoebk, 
Capt.  Castle,  from  London.     Qualified  Oct.  19,  1772. 

Nicholas  Jacobson, 

Georg  Rehfeld, 

Joh.  Friederich  Bahlwdorf, 

Frederick  Schrikler, 

Joli.  Reinhardt  Schiibelle, 

Friederich  Klette. 

IjIST  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Sally,  John 
Osmond,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Nov.  3,  1773. 

Gerlach  Hass, 

Daniel  Weiss, 

Carl  Meier, 

.Tohn  Holtz. 

AV^illielin  Lehman. 

Weynandt  Rohr, 

Jacob  Albrecht, 

Johann  Jacob  Eller, 

Joh.  Adam  Matzenbacher, 

Johan  Matheus  Bottger, 

Johan  Henrich  Hartmann, 

Johan  Gerlach  KupfFer, 

Joliann  Georg  Kubbel, 

John  Miller, 

.Johannes  Fritzinger, 

"Wilhelin  Reiss, 

Conrad  Ruder, 

J.  W.  Lopfer, 

Christian  Schmid. 

Christian  Reeste, 

.Nicolaus  Frauwein, 

Johan  Georg  Knebelbach, 

Bnrchard  Heier, 

Hans  Georg  Schuderfer, 

Gottlieb  Schlichter, 

Johann  .Jacob  Boll, 

Johau  Nicolaus  Schuhriem, 

Joh.  Geo.  Ostertag, 
Samuel  Reiss, 
.Johan  Freyinuth, 
Karl  Geissler, 
Christian  Trautmann, 
Henrich  Roland, 
Johannes  Krom, 
AVilhelm  Henrich  Ritter, 
Ernst  Henrich  Fritzinger, 
Jo.  .Tost  Langebach, 
Johannes  Schieberstein, 
Johan  Daniel  KofFer, 
Johannes  Peter  Schneider, 
Peter  RothenVierg, 
Jacob  Michel, 
Henrich  Dieterich, 
Jean  Halewyn, 
Jacob  Theis, 
Mathias  Pauli, 
.Johannes  Theis  Schnell, 
.lohann  Henrich  Georg, 
Philip  Peter  Schneider, 
Nicklas  Paulas, 
Johan  Philip  Bauer, 
Johan  Jost  Betz. 
Johann  AVilhelm  Meyer. 



List  of  Foreigners  Importkd  in  the  Ship  Hope,,  Gteorgk 
Johnston,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  £,ast  prom  Cowes. 
Qualified  Dec.  ;j,  1772. 

Henrich  Lehr, 
Johannes  Ohlwein, 
Johannes  Losch, 
Johannes  Elgerth, 
Jacob  Bingler, 
Arnold  Peters, 
Joh.  Zacharias  Langhein, 
Philip  Hardiiiann, 
Johan  Jacob  Gieb, 
Wilhelra  Friederich  Damp, 
Herman  Roosen, 
Philip  Martin  Keilhaiier, 
Henrich  Schuler, 
PauJus  Hoover,  * 
Antony  Auer, 
Christian  Stucke, 
Isaac  Heuman. 
Justus  Bottenfeld, 
Johann  Jacob  Pfaut::, 
Johan  Jost  Dahlmer, 

Jacob  Finck, 
Johannes  Hentz, 
Peter  Keller, 
Wilhelm  Becker, 
John  Frickhiiffei-, 
Jacob  Cacheau, 
Johann  Georg  Pflinder, 
Johan  Philip  Miller, 
Friederich  Jacob  Lauchs, 
Philip  Wilhelm  Schuiidt, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Lehr, 
Georg  Kirchner, 
Johann  Adam  Funck, 
Anthon  Rausch, 
Jacob  Masser, 
Georg  Films, 
Friederich  Steinhauer, 
Christian  Sahm, 
Johan  Jost  FrickhiJffer, 
Carl  (Ohlwein. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Brig  Morning  Stab, 
(jeorg  Demster.  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Dec.  24,  1772. 

Gottfried  Fisterer, 
John  Weickel, 
Will.  Kemp, 
Jacob  Nusser, 
John  Runkel, 
Johan  Feirabend, 
Anthony  Schiiffer, 
Johann  Lemer, 
Bernhard  Nickel, 
Friederich  Winder, 
Georg  Schwartz, 
Johan  Ludwig  Magseiner, 
Andreas  Stetling, 

Jacob  Weltner, 
Jacob  Kuster, 
Conrad  Underseel, 
Abraham  Richards, 
Jacob  Hess, 
Friederich  Hoffmann 
Peter  Nonnelter, 
Ludwig  Reinick, 
Philip  Suppert, 
Christian  Wenger, 
Frantz  Mentzer, 
Henrich  Magseiner, 
Johannes  Hamscher, 



Nicklaus  Ladinacher, 
Courad  LangHl)aoli, 
Johann  Heniich  Kiintz, 
Wil.  Francis  Turner, 
Johann  Adam  Esch, 
Johan  Gotfried  Grossiuehr, 
Johann  Jacob  PfeilTer, 
Frantz  flenricus  Hegert, 
Johann  Peter  Uh'ich, 

Jno.  Jacob  Nanciker, 
Ludwig  Henrich  Deisiiian, 
Jo))n  .Jacob   Gerendt, 
Johann  Georg  Kessler, 
Johan  Heinrich  Messert, 
Joliann  Adam  StoU. 
Joliann  Carl  Miller, 
Johann  Frantz  Kelter, 
Jacob  Niebergall. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  thk  Ship  Pennsyi^va- 
NiA  Packet,  Peter  Osborne,  Commander,  from  Lon- 
don.    Qualified  April  30,  1778. 

Edeme  Halbon, 

Arnold  Bodeker, 

Conrad  Gabel. 

Henrich  Kese, 

Ado'ph  Strohl, 

Josepli  Burchell, 

Johan  Friederich  Rintelman, 

Anton  Le  Roy, 

Andreas  Kleinschmidt, 

Christoph  Reinche, 

Sebastian  Kleinschmidt, 

Gerhard  Meyer, 
Johannes  Miiller, 
Charles  Kliicknei-, 
Philip  Bahn, 
Gottfried  Hebauer, 
Plere  Carle  Pouponnot, 
Johannes  Hartman, 
Johan  Christoph  Hebiegt, 
Johan  Philip  Rieffenaeh, 
Johann  Daniel  Lehmann, 
Friederich  Basermann. 

TiisT  OF  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Catharine. 

Sutton,    Commander,  from    London.     Qualified 

April,  30,  1773. 

Henry  Mollwitz, 
Pierre  Factzedy, 
Ulrich  Bastig, 
Johannes  Schmitt, 
Robert  Hall, 

Etienne  Moret, 

Philippe  Sunbert, 

Jean  Gourdain, 

Henrich  Savet, 

Ch.  Friederich  Obarliinder, 

Johan  Christoph  Schweigerts,  Henrich  Conrad  Boger, 
Job.    Bap    Ooudeniand,  Georg  Banmann, 

Jean  Daniel  Pouriot,  Simeon  Meyland, 

Etienne  Morlier,  Augustin  Gage  Mercier. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Brigantinb  Dolphin^ 
Arthur  Hill,  Commander,  b^rom  London.  Qualified 
May  ^1,  1773. 

Friederich  Heyii, 
Henry  Cautz, 
Michael  Horn, 
Mathiius  Borelle, 
Andreas  Heinlich, 
Erliard  Ahlmann, 
Friederich  SchleifF, 
Peter  Kappus, 
Jacob  Leshong, 
Nicli.  Heyer, 
Johann  Martin  Weber, 
Christian  Bashedich, 
Andreas  Reinhardt, 
Philip  Jacob  Arcularius, 
Christian  Pfeiflfer, 
Christopher  Keeger, 
Christopher  Biegel, 
Eberhart  Vareffens, 

Georg  Pfetzer, 
Jacob  Grube, 
Nichl    Bardoe, 
Johannes  Engel, 
Ludwig  Reinhart, 
Johann  Birstodt, 
Andreas  Franck, 
Nicholas  Gottman, 
Friederic  Frey, 
Michl.  Flyder, 
Johann  Georg  Kuntz, 
Henrich  Meister, 
Henrich  Arcularius, 
John  Wiseman, 
Zacharias  Bohret, 
Johann  Georg  Vogele, 
Baithasar  Paulssig, 
JacoV)  Marx. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Carolina, 
Ben.i.  Loxley,  Jr.  ,  Captain,  from  London.  Qualified 
June  4,  1773. 

Gab.  Valin, 
Hennricus  Martin, 
Johann  Georg  Egert, 
Johannes  Andreas  Schmidt, 

Louis  Demarer, 
John  Ellers, 
Joachim  Hartko[)flf, 
GilH  Doutremer. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Sally,  John 
Osmond,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth,  England.     Qualified  Aug.  33,  1778. 

Christopher  Mingel, 
John  W.  Petri, 
Ernst  Mengeting, 
Christian  Leuthe, 

Mathias  Ham, 
Daniel  M^sre, 
Joseph  Shemltn-, 
Heinrich  Briiser, 



Herman  Heklich, 

Henry  Beck, 

Philip  Keyser, 

I.sjiiic  Jjevi, 

Johann  Henricli  Thiele, 

Joliann  Carl  Biittner, 

Johann  Conra«l  Haseinann, 

Adoiph  (fottf, 

Johan  Friederich  Kukuci\. 

Joliann  Jacob  Enj^el, 

Johann  Jacf>l)  Hasrian, 

Carl  van  Wuwenhiiys, 

G.  Werner  Hininiel, 

Burchanlt  Jung, 

Peter  Liisch, 

Anton  Hen.  Rirter, 

W.  Dollendorp, 

John  Daman, 

Mark  WolfT, 

Adolph  Unfug, 

John  Feig, 

J.  Conrad  Arnd, 

Frantz  Mutscliler, 

Andreas  AVagner, 

Andreas  Hanpe, 

Bernhard  Horning, 

Johannes  (Jadecke, 

Johannes  Briicher, 

Jean  I'eiters, 

Christian  Lndwig  Bussel. 

Johann  Mathias  Hinck, 

Johann  Georg  Vanberg, 

Jolmn  Gottfried  Fischer, 

Casimir  Leitz, 

Tobias  Bohnet. 

Conrad  Maurer, 

Georg  Sfhenok, 

Job.  Emanuel  Klos. 

John  Henry  Fratscher. 

Johan  David  Mandeler, 

H.  Conrad  Hieron.  8chulTze, 

Joh.  Gottlieb  Strietzel, 

John  Vanderhnyst, 

Johan  Peter  AValter, 

Joh.  Tobias  Hess, 

Johan  Gottfried  Neinrich, 

Friederich  BriefT, 

Georg  WollV, 

Gerhard  Henry  Nobel, 

George  Reininger, 

Joiui  Henry  Bartrain, 

John  Loreutz  Tempel, 

Johan  Henrich  Dreyman, 

('aid  Rose, 

Christopher  Schlachman, 

Johann  Jacob  Miillei-, 

Johann  Jacob  Becker, 

J.  Christ.  Schultz, 

•Fno.  Nich.  Harm, 

Andreas  .Tung, 

J.  Daniel  Weismuth, 

J.  Gottfried  Nestlei*. 

Ernst  Paul  Petri. 

Martin  Frechineyer, 

Pierre  Deinje, 

Gottfried  Vogel, 

Theoljold  Stephan, 

J.  August  Just, 

Johannes  Bi-aun. 

Joh.  Adam  Schmidt, 

Mathew  Faliiez, 

William  Ubung, 

Henrich  Hilgert, 

Albertus  Schilack, 

Mathias  Friederich  I^iiiibler, 

Carl  Gottlob  Fridler, 

Joh.  Hen.  Philip  Wehr, 

Johan  Frantz  Fuchs, 

Johann  Peter  Giibrich, 

Frantz  Frischte, 

Ignatius  Graffenberger, 

John  Kirshner, 

Bartel  Metilmolshke, 

Friederich  Marcus  Montelius, 

John  Henry  Schwitger, 

John  Bernhard  H.abner, 

Johan  Christoph  Bosse, 

.foil,  ("arl  Rosenkrantz, 

John  Henry  Kelraan. 

Carl  Enoch  Schildbach, 

Jf)han  Friederich  Beck, 

.John  Christoph  Bautz, 



Francis  van  Bauke, 
Valentin  Christian  liehnig, 
Johann  Andreas  Merck, 
Johann  Christoph  Fasel, 
John  Valentin  Kin  berg, 
Henrich  Wiihehn  Busser, 
Georg  John  Raucli, 

Joh.  Conrad  Bracktnann, 
John  Herman  Rudolph, 
Johann  Christian  Merck, 
Johann  Joachim  Welsmann, 
Henry  Fred.  Shuckers, 
Joli.  Hen.  Christ.  Bremmer, 
Andreas  Fahrenkorn. 

List  of  FoREiaNKRS  Importk]>  in  the  Ship  Brittannia, 
James  Peter,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowES.     Qualified  Sept.  i8,  17 To. 

Clirstoph  Zern, 

Simon  Scliunok, 

Johan  Grrein, 

Johann  Henrich  Liihr, 

Johann  Dietericli  Bonig, 

Paul  Matz, 

Andreas  Lob, 

Peter  Eckel, 

Johannes  Mertz, 

Philip  C'onrad, 

Hans  Joch, 

Lndwig  Gerlinger, 

Jacob  Deque, 

Adam  Kiimminger, 

Midi.  Runckel, 

Johannes  Aal. 

Dan.  Cieo.  Jung, 

Philip  Bomeich, 

JacoT)  Schott, 

Joh.  Jeremias  Buemich, 

Johann  Georg  Cxunckel, 

Johann  Georg  Huss. 

.Tohan  Balthaser  Kramer, 

Johan  Simon  Linck, 

JoUann  Nickel  Staudt, 

Johan  Christian  Fabritzius, 

Joh.  Michael  Kirsclibau 111, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Frack, 

Joh.  Michel  Ellig, 

Michel  Haas, 

Daniel  Genter, 
Georg  Miller, 
Georg  Adam  Vogelsang, 
Johann  Georg  Ehrefried, 
Hans  Georg  Klein, 
Henrich  Saner, 
Jacob  Liick, 
Christian  Stacker, 
Anthony  Weber, 
Augustin  Hes, 
Henrich  Schultz, 
Christian  Leibioh, 
Christian  Schiitz, 
Christophel  Orth, 
Andreas  Ott, 
Daniel  Spiess, 
Michael  Jung, 
Jacob  Wenner, 
Joh.  Georg  Wenner, 
Herinannus  Scholer, 
Johann  Carl  Wentzel, 
Georg  Martin  Ebei'hardt, 
Johann  Adam  Kramer, 
Johann  Georg  Luck, 
Johann  Priederich  Becker, 
Johannes  Welthshans, 
Hans  Adam  Weiss, 
Hans  Geo.   Slettebauer, 
Gottlieb  Mayer, 
Johannes  Daub, 




Micliael  RulT, 

Martin  Kramer, 

Josoph  Schaak. 

Thomas  Banmaiin, 

Philip  Rnnckel, 

Jacol)  Weiiuer, 

Stofel  Nen,- 

Hans  Treorg  Weyl, 

Johan  Friederich  Kammerlicli 

Johan  Nieklaiis  Bastian, 

Philipp  Aloertliner, 

Johann  Peter  Sohott, 

Johann  Georg  Kramer, 

Johan  Pliilip  Piiieger, 

Johan  Martin  Kramer, 

Jolian  Pliilip  Lnck, 

Johann  Adam  Engertt, 

Carl  Anton  Maas, 

Peter  Haas, 

Wilhelm  Voltz, 

Jacob  13egen, 

Henry  Erb, 

Jacob  Schneider, 

Jacob  Schneider, 

Conrad  Voltz, 

Georg  H enrich  Geek, 

Johan  Michael  Fischer, 

Johann  Georg  Reiner, 

Johan  Michael  Thome, 

(Christian  Will, 
Liuiwig  Kramer, 
(Miristoph  Henckel, 
Bernftart  Webert, 
Bernhard  Schmitt, 
Jacob  Nen, 
William  Rockenbrod, 
Johannes  Reiidiardt, 
Johan  Henrich  Herbst, 
Johann  Jacob  Waiblinger, 
Jacob  SchaufHer, 
Traugott  Labrecht  Biehzer, 
Johan  Nickel  Reuthnauer, 
Johan  Jacob  Beheling, 
J  ohan  Georg  Kramer, 
Johan  Conrad  Emich, 
Johann  Conrad  Netscher, 
Johann  Daniel  Roth, 
Michael  Jung, 
Jacob  Hertz, 
Franc  Smith, 
Daniel  Schiitz, 
Michael  Kieffer, 
Johann  Georg  Hereshler, 
Andreas  Hii'schee, 
A(him  Schmel, 
Andreas  Groner, 
Adam  Schneider, 
Michael  Satt. 

List  of  Foreigners  Importeo  in  thk.  Ship  ('atharink, 
James  Sutton,  Commander,  from  JjOndon.  Qitalified 
Sept.  21,  177B. 

Georg  Lullt, 
Pliilipp  AVild, 
Casimir  Delbig, 
Georg  Bancher, 
Conrad  Trippel, 
Johan  Henrich  Becker, 
Michael  Hohbach, 

Johann  Schrecka. 
Johannes  Sander, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Jac.  Lud.  Videbant, 
Henrich  Andreas  Meyer, 
Christian  Kiihn, 
Martin  Eberhard. 



List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Union,  Andrew 
Bryson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ports- 
mouth.    Qualified  Sept.  37,  1773, 

Christophel  Leinn, 
Johannes  Brand, 
John  Peter  Fuchs, 
Daniel  Bernhard, 
Christian  Gotz, 
Jacob  Smith, 
Johannes  Bauss, 
Joliann  Peter  Schworer, 
John  Pliilip  DilTebacli. 
Johan  Michael  Lenhardt, 
Johann  Jacob  Horner, 
John  Georg  Stortzenieyer, 
John  M'chael  Clements, 
Johan  Henrich  Bauch, 
Johan  Zimmerman, 
Joh.  Adam  Krausser, 
Jacob  Arnoldt, 
Ludwig  Schenckel, 
Hannes  Schmidt, 
John  Georg  Sheffer, 
Christian  Beck, 
Johann  Georg  Keihlhanr, 
Johann  Adam  Hartman, 
Johann  Nickel  Schmaus, 
Johan  Jost  Leideck, 
Nicklaus  Leonhard, 
AVilhelm  Spies, 
Herman  Spies, 
J.  Leonard  Riidel, 
Joh.  Bourquin, 
Conrad  Mardorff, 
Joh.  Egel, 
John  Hartman, 
Georg  Hartman, 
Wilhelm  Michael, 
Philip  Andreas  Erhardt, 
Johan  Jacob  Aurandt, 
Johann  Valentin  Stegmiiller, 
Johan  Peter  Schmid, 
Johann  Adam  Rinehart, 
Jacob  Nicklaas  Fiernhaber, 

Balthaser  Hammer, 
John  Gennett, 
Ludwig  Bachman, 
Valentin  Gotz,  / 

Georg  Shreier, 
Johannes  Schutz, 
Johannes  Kiffer, 
Johannes  Wicke, 
John  Henry  J)aml>eiler, 
Georg  Philip  Gruber, 
Georg  Adam  Wendel, 
John  Adam  Zeitz, 
Johan  Zacharias  Conradt, 
Johan  Lenhart  Ihrig, 
Johannes  Adler, 
Johan  Spaniiman. 
Riiben  Stier, 
Johan  Renscher, 
Phil.  Dan.  Graff, 
Johannes  Fiernhal)er. 
Philij)  Peter  Gruber, 
Johann  Joachim  Gruber, 
Johann  Nickel  Horn, 
Adam  Rossmeissel, 
Fried erich  Grams, 
Andreas  Fischer, 
Johann  Pfeitler, 
Wilhelm  Busch, 
J.  Georg  Ihrig, 
Johannes  Batz, 
C.   Varlet, 
Joh.  Geo.  Egel, 
Johannes  Herstein, 
Jacob  Gercke, 
Johannes  Schiiffer, 
Johan  Matheis  Flach, 
Johann  Philip  Donnges, 
Henrich  Valentin  Storches, 
Johan  Philip  Henck, 
John  Georg  Holtzchuh, 
Andreas  Friederich  Schwentzel, 



Johann  Georg  Leonhardt, 
Johann  l*eter  Stohr, 
Joliauu  (iottlieb  Metzger, 
Johann  Philip  Griiber, 
Joliu  Conrad  Keibel, 
Johann  Jost  Lenhard, 
Johan  Wilhehii  Kriiger, 
Johannes  Shaeffer, 

Joliann  Leonliard  Giittniann, 
Jacob  von  Laliner, 
Johan  Henricli  Weber, 
Johann  Henrich  Brausser, 
Johann  Jacol)  Holl, 
Georg  Adam  Biickel, 
Johannes  Millhaiusei'. 

List  op  Forkigxers  Imported  ixthe  Ship  Hope,  Georgb: 
JoHNSTOx,  Master,  krom  Rotterdam,  last  b^rom  Cowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  1.  1773. 

Andreas  Denjjler, 
Matthias  Wexler, 
Johann  Peter  Webei-, 
Johan  Henri(^h  Biisch, 
Henry  Steinbrink. 
David  Nies.s, 
Christian  KeberHng, 
Andreas  Oberdorif, 
Kraft  Weyand, 
Fried.  Volckel, 
Johannes  Huss, 
Johannes  Hesse, 
Andi'eas  Adam  Seitz, 
Philip  Yeman, 
Henry  Millej-, 
Leonhardt  Schmidt, 
J  oh.  Hen.  Klein, 
Johannes  Wilhelm  Carle, 
Johann  Carl  Mattisus, 
.Tohann  Michael  Conrad, 
Johann  Michael  Oberdorff, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Seemann, 
Joh.  AVilhelm  Eckhardt, 
Philip  Adam  Schuok, 
.lohan  Michael  Hirsch, 
Johann  Conrad  Jung, 
Johann  Friederich  Welckel, 
Johann  Georg  Seidel, 
Johan  Ludwig  Pfeiler, 

Matthias  Wall, 
Jonas  Do! linger, 
Johann  Jost  Busch, 
John  Christian  Gnth, 
Michael  Stumi^f, 
John  Karn, 
Michael  Bannian, 
Jost  Althaus, 
Conrad  Gerhard. 
Henry  Meyer. 
Georg  Wunderlich, 
Franz  Schmidt, 
Jose  Welckel, 
Friederich  Koser, 
Johannes  Strackbein, 
Jacob  Schlatter, 
Nicklaus  Henrich  Stephan, 
Johann  Jost  Bruch, 
Carl  Ferdinand  Conrad, 
Johann  Bernhart  Ran, 
Joh.  Fried.  Sasmanhanser, 
Joh    Jeremias  Ballenberger, 
Joh.  ChrLstoph  TheiS, 
Johan  Lorentz  Dihm, 
.Tohann  Henrich  Dau, 
Johann  Ludwig  Hantz, 
Johann  Michel  Seidel. 
Joh.  Hen.  Sasmaidiauser. 



List  of  Poreigxers  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Charming 
Molly,  Robert  Gill,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
FROM  Portsmouth,  England      Qualified  Oct.  23,  1773. 

Christian  Ernst, 
Valentin  Dietz, 
( Jassiniiv  May, 
Friederich  Wilhelm, 
Pierre  Mi  lot, 
Engelbert  Classen. 
Johann  Patteiss, 
.lohan  Henrich  Hensle, 
Johan  Michael  Fuchs, 
Johann  Filliberg, 
Johan  Ludwig  Schwanz, 
Johannes  Eberhart  Ohl, 
Johann  Henrich  Wentzel, 
Jacob  Elgart, 
Christian  Schiinfeld, 
Daniel  Weibel, 
(Caspar  Geissinger, 
Henrich  Kleyn, 
Georg  Buckart, 
Johannes  Hartman, 
Christian  Lambert, 
Arius  Schulicus, 
Friederich  Baltzer  Scherr, 
Joseph  Cauflfman, 
Johann  Friederich  Vogel, 
Johann  Georg  Vogel, 
Johann  Adam  Lang, 
Carl  Heinrich  Hartig, 
Johann  Georg  Miiller, 
Johau  Friederich  Bastnei, 

Nicola  Chaillot. 
Thomas  Krebs, 
Johannes  Steckel, 
Johan  Lechleitner, 
Mathias  Astimer, 
Andreas  Emmrich, 
Johann  Martin  Puflf, 
Hans  Adam  Weitzel, 
Joh.  Conrad  Leonhard, 
Joh.  Friederich  Preytag, 
Johann  Christian  Jetter, 
Johan  Joost  Blecher, 
Joseph  Friederich  Honstein, 
Henry  Dayberer, 
Eberhard  Meyer, 
Jacque  Dubret, 
Friederich  Dietrich, 
Friederich  Miiller, 
Caspar  Adam, 
Johannes  Hock, 
Jacob  Graff, 
Johann  Daniel  Bonn, 
Nicholas  Zxitheimer, 
Johannes  Friederich  Bratin, 
Johann  David  Steinmann, 
Johann  Peter  Geyer, 
John  Peter  Ermolt, 
Bernhard  Bauer, 
Johann  Georg  Theys, 
Valentin  Cliaret. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Crawford, 
Charles  Smith,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
CowEs.     Qualified  Oct.  25,  1774. 

Johannes  Bud, 
John  Schlichter, 
Wilhelm  Schneyder, 
Andreas  Zahele, 
Johannes  Klappert, 

Christian  Mertel, 
Joh.  Math.  Weber, 
Joh.  Bap.  Nonn, 
Joh.  Geo.  Stiner, 
Henrich  Ober, 




Johannes  Geistweit, 

Joh.  Philip  Keefi, 

Jno.  Wm.  Humer, 

Diisid  Reich, 

Johannes  Dieber, 

Johann  Henrich  Dittnum, 

Johann  Conrad  Trewitz, 

Johannes  Henrich  Kiel, 

Johann  Henrich  Achen, 

Carl  Christ.  Fried.  Lisr, 

Joh.  Georg  Birckelbach,  sen., 

John  Daniel  Hess, 

Joh.  Jost  Mat/., 

Johann  Georg  Reichman, 

Joh.  Siegesinund  Stedtekorn, 

Liidwig  Giithing, 

Johann  Ulrich  Sieffner, 

Michael  Midler, 

Matthias  Hofer, 

Henry  Brum, 

John  Fisher, 

Wilhelni  Walther, 

Andreas  Hiid, 

Johann  Henrich  Dorner, 

Johann  Henrich  Loos, 

Johan  Jacob  Schwissfnrth, 

Johannes  Demandt, 

Joachim  Stremmel, 

•loh.  Nickel  Tliomas, 
Killian  Keller, 
Johann  Fiirst. 
Daniel  Meyer, 
Christian  Meyer, 
Johann  Jost  Strackbein, 
Johannes  Peter  Stahl, 
Johan  Friederich  Man  wait  her, 
Johan  Carl  Gentzhimer, 
Johann  Henrich  Graff, 
Joh.  Geoi-g  Birckelbach, 
Jacob  Trewitz, 
Jacob  Henrich  Bast, 
Johan  Henrich  Schumacher, 
Georg  Philip  Zissler, 
Johan  Ludwig  Becker, 
Johan  Peter  Rostweiler, 
Adam  Michael, 
AVilhelm  Scholer, 
Georg  Lebank, 
Joh.  Geo.  Hartman, 
Adam  Hamm, 
Johannes  Peterman, 
Johann  Georg  Schnei<ler. 
Hans  Henrich  Schreiner, 
Johan  Henrich  Hoffman, 
Joh.  Daniel  Schweitzer, 
Johan  Thies  Siepner. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  thk  Sxow  Neptune, 
Thomas  Edward  Wallace,  Master,  from  Lisbon  . 
Qualified  Nov.  23,  1773. 

Joseph  Le  Beau,  Charles  Capeli. 

William  Blach,  Anthony  Sinclaii'. 

Joseph  Martin, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Fame,  James 
Duncan,  Master,  from  Lisbon.    Qualified  Nov.  24,  1773. 

Geo.  Ravere,  John  Martine. 

Daniel  Shapue, 

33— Vol.  XVII. 



List  of  Foreignkrs  Imported  ix  the  Ship  Clementina, 
Patrick  Brown,  Master,  from  Lisbon.     Qualified  Dec. 

7,  1773. 

John  Pepper, 
Maro  Seroni, 
Francis  Villeneaue, 
Francis  Duchand, 

Charles  Zemraer, 
Joseph  Louvat, 
Francois  Pechenet. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Montague, 
William  Pickels,  Commander,  from  London.  Quali- 
fied Dec,  8,  1773. 

Jacob  Furst, 
Peter  Arendt, 
Philippe  Engeroth, 
John  Henry  Lau, 
Christian  Hallitschke, 
.Tohan  Adam  Handel, 
Mathias  Conrad, 
Joachim  Neubauer, 
Joseph  Watjner, 
Johannes  Fessler, 
Trauffott  Gottfried  Miiyer, 
Anthqn  Henrich  Gniischler, 
Johan  Georg  Speiser, 

Friederich  Waltz, 

Joh.   Ijudwig, 

Jacob  Rissner, 

Johan  Friederich  Rieckert, 

Joh.  Wendel  Andreas, 

Johan  Heinrich  Krauel, 

Friederich  Eberle, 

Joseph  Walcker, 

Joh.  Matthey, 

Joh.  Friederich  Zinckenritz, 

Georg  Lndwig  Kelmold, 

Johann  Adam  Schancweiler, 

Johann  Christian  Duncker. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the   Ship  Snow  Sally, 
Capt.  Stephen  Jones,  arrived  August  15,  1774. 

Conrad  Bernhard,  Conrad  Seifert, 

Michael  Lillienthal,  .John  Georg  Gesel, 

John  Ulrich,  .John  Sauter, 

Joh.  William  Sauter,  John  iiiehl. 



List  of  Forkignkhs  Importkd  ix  thk  Brigantink  Nancy, 
Thomas  Armstroj^g,  Mastkr,  from  Hamburg.  Quali- 
fied Junk  31,  1774. 

Christopher  Fuse, 
Cornehus  Smith. 
Joseph  Lorentz  Herrmann, 
Carl  Fried erich  Miiller. 

Herman  Schumen, 
Johan  Fried.  Matz, 
John  Matthias  Bauer. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Charming 
Molly,  Robert  Gill,  Master,  from  London.  Quali- 
fied Sept.  29,  1774. 

Henrich  KiintzeJ, 
Christian  HeU, 
Georg  Fried.  Frick, 
Joh.  Henrich  Moser. 
Georg  Paulus  Merckle, 
Carl  Christoph  Nicht, 
Johan  Georg  Fritzler, 

Laurens  Frost, 
Peter  Stephan, 
Johannes  Schwenck, 
Georg  Jacob  Weiss, 
Christian  Langspech, 
Johan  Georg  Schneegantz, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Bettman. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Union,  An- 

FROM  Rotterdam,  last  from 
30,  1774. 

drew  Bryson,    Captain, 
Co  WES.     Qualified  Sept. 

Caspar  Nuyne. 
Heinrich  Dorr, 
Johan  Wilhehn  Miiller, 
Matthias  AVild. 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
Adam  Stam, 
Philipp  Miiller, 
Christian  Rossin, 
Alexander  Otto, 
Leonhart  Opp, 
Nicholas  Bayer, 
Fabian  Kortz, 
Johannes  Schaum, 

Georg  Rummell, 
Andreas  Schiieynow, 
Johan  Martin  Schweikart, 
Carl  Kurfur, 
Adam  Seibert, 
Lauchs  Kochges, 
Jacob  Eyler, 
Jost  Spengler, 
Peter  Kuhner, 
Friederich  Gantz, 
Samuel  Schenck, 
Peter  Schimmel, 
*    *    *     Riitticher, 



Jacob  Voltz, 
Frederich  Weyler, 
Friederich  Bayer, 
Martin  Weiuier, 
Peter  Wall  man, 
Johann  Walter, 
Johann  Anthon  Riihl, 
Heinrich  Heidt, 
Caspar  Steinmetz, 
Carl  Buhrin^er, 
Friederich  Kolheffer, 
Philipp  Thiebaut, 
Johan  Georg  Gottfried, 
Heinrich  Engelfried, 
Martin  Schwartz, 
Friederich  Beyerly, 
Johannes  Holtz, 
Michael  Miiller, 
Johan  Adam  Leber, 
Ludwig  Schwabeland, 
John  Georg  Baltz, 
Hartman  Winck, 
Phdip  Jung, 
Michael  Klein, 
Carl  Steinmetz, 
Jacob  Boss. 
.  Peter  Spruckmann, 
Johann  Zimmermann, 
Philip  Jacob  Wagner, 
Henrich  Adam  Weltman,  - 
Gotthold  Fried.  Enslin, 
Johan  Adam  Schlott, 
Friederich  Bergman, 
Peter  Sch\val)eland, 
Johann  Gotf.  Paul  Zimmerman, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Melchior  Wickert, 
Valentin  Gilttert, 
Johan  Adam  Steinbach, 
Jacob  Heibenzeter, 
Nicholas  Guit, 
Ulrich  Weber, 
Ludwig  Au, 
Daniel  Wolff, 
Mir-hael  Schilling, 
Johan  Conrad  Eiselen, 

Christian  Witmer, 
Matheis  Feiring, 
Daniel  Rickert, 
Nicklas  Seilei*, 
Peter  Sietz, 
Heinrich  Thering, 
Johannes  Heimbach, 
Abraham  Stoffel  Jacoby. 
Heinrich  Steinmetz, 
Michael  Miiller, 
Adam  Koningsfeld, 
Joh.  Bartholomeus  Ney, 
Christopli,  Herbster, 
Friederich  Freytag. 
Caspar  Uhl, 
Johannes  Carolis, 
Israel  Leypold, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Quast, 
Carl  Christian  Liidig, 
Christian  Schwabeland, 
Nicklas  Grauss, 
Bernhard  Schwing, 
Philip  Klein, 
Jost  Leibinger, 
Johannes  Had, 
Johan  Adam  Pecht, 
Nicklas  Fitingher, 
Nicklaus  Schneppenhiiusser, 
Valentin  Beyer, 
Johann  T)etweiler, 
Johan  Friederich  Streuch, 
Johannes  Stoffel, 
Johan  Carl  Reutzheiner, 
Johan  Adam  Friederich, 
Michael  David  Esch, 
Christ.  Wilh.  Rathardt, 
Christoph  Eufer, 
Johann  Georg  Bauer, 
Johann  Nicol  Ahr, 
Johann  Adam  Miller, 
Friederich  Held, 
Joseph  Fiitsch. 
Jacob  Leber, 
Johan  Kurtz, 
Georg  pjckhart, 
Jacob  Gucker, 



Johann  Jacob  Roth, 
Priedevich  Schiiuinenkessel, 
.Toliann  Christian  Wilms, 
Joliauu  Adam  Stock, 
Greorg  Adam  Marggrander, 
Erhardt  Freytag, 
Johann  Georg  Miiller, 
Johau  Peter  Kurtz. 

.John  Georg  Rutter, 
Johann  Jacob  Medert, 
Johau  Daniel  Nisler, 
Johann  Jacob  I.>ieterle. 
Georg  Jacob  HiUissler, 
Christian  Glaufliegel, 
Leonard  Kroneman, 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Patty  and 
Peggy,  Robert  Hardie,  Master,  prom  Lisbon.  Quali- 
fied Oct.  29,  1774. 

Jono  Morauble,  Jono  Contono, 

Franco  Barrera,  Jono  Cameti, 

Franc  Cloter,  i'ranz  Boz, 

Jabopet  Hoquedas.  Manuel  Rodrigues, 

Francisca  Rabane,  Hipolito  Poncelli, 

Juan  Domingo,  Juan  Hinanso. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Sally,  John 
Osmond,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Qualified  Oct.  31,  1774. 

Christian  Miiller, 

Hans  Keller, 

Andreas  Biihler, 

J  oh.  Maximilian  Hake, 

Georg  Katz, 

Adam  Segel, 

Philip  Lautenberg, 

Wilhelm  Bramer, 

Ludwig  Fister, 

.ToUannes  Schaffer, 

Jacob  Klein, 

Anthony  Weber, 

Pierre  Maison, 

Johann  Jaco))  Weleker,  sen., 

Frederick  Mayer, 

Christian  Ehmig, 
Ludwig  Seltz, 
Caspar  Miller, 
Jacob  Stoff, 
Geo.  Habel, 
Peter  Lautenberg, 
Diewalt  Klein, 
Peter  Bartholomai, 
Johannes  Kiinsinger, 
Daniel  Zittel, 
Joel  Klein, 
Christian  Schrochs, 
John  Henry  Klein, 
J<)hann  Jacob  Weleker, 
Joh.  Peter  Cronenberger, 



Balthaser  Eberhardt, 
Joseph  Shem, 
Johann  Jacob  Kanckel, 
Christian  Schwiev, 
Christian  Rommel, 
Carl  Earth oloraai, 
Gfeorg  Schmaltceit, 
Johann  Conrad  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Cronenberger, 
Johann  Georg  Burcknard, 
Jacob  Mussgenug, 

Peter  Kohler, 
Johann  Philip  Weber, 
Christoph  Triebela, 
Henrich  Oberkircher, 
Friederich  Lowenberg, 
Michael  Bartholomai, 
Johann  Paul  Thomas, 

Wilhelm  Wenner, 
Conrad  Lindenberger. 

List  op  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  Catharine, 
John  Baron,  Commander,  from  London.  (Qualified 
Jan.  16,  1775. 

Caspar  Beaufort, 

David  Zabern, 

Joh.  Georg  Fried.  Wagner, 

Joachim  Jacob  Brandt, 

John  Adam, 
Thomas  Klenee, 
Johan  Jacob  Holtzer. 

List  of  Foreigners  Imported  in  the  Ship  King  of 
Prussia,  William  Potts.  Master,  from  Rotterdam, 
last    from    Falmouth,    England.      Qualified    Oct.    9. 


Ludwig  Eller, 
Jacob  Miiller, 
Johannes  Obersheimer, 
Conrad  Tresenreuther, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Schilack, 
Johann  Philip  Kohlman, 
Johann  Michael  Hans, 
Joh.  Paul  Bein, 
Johannes  Eckenberger, 
Nicholas  Rudy, 
Mathias  Kohler, 
Carl  Ritter, 

Georg  Bernhardt, 
Nicolaus  Sandmeier, 
Joh.  Georg  Lintz, 
Johann  Georg  Weihl, 
Johann  Michael  Trump, 
Johann  David  Weber, 
Johann  Peter  Geissheiner, 
Thomas  Rentzheimer, 
Valentin  Hohe, 
Nicolaus  Grail, 
Leonhard  Gotz, 
Johannes  Fauth, 



Michael  Bremer, 

John  Seip, 

Casper  Nickel, 

Christian  Viitter, 

Jacob  Teutzel, 

Joh.  Kilian  Boos, 

Philip  Weber. 

Johan  Friederich  Huey, 

Jacob  Jost, 

Nicol.  Heustang, 

Johannes  Rentzheimer, 

Johann  Nickel  Meyer, 

Henricus  Denner, 

Johannes  Kriedelbach, 

Stephanas  Spach, 

Nicolaus  Borman, 

Johan  Ernst  Kessler, 

Christian  Weissbach, 

Georg  Friederich  Grawan, 

Johan  Simon    Schlars, 

Peter  Horbach, 

Christian  Gottfried  Wiilert, 

Carl  Toller, 

Jost  Atstatt, 

Johan  Herrman, 

Jacob  Viitter, 

Conrad  Becker, 

Jacol)  Kohlman, 

Johann  Sigwalt, 

Georg  Conrad  Busch, 

Theils  Zerfas, 

Ludwig  Weiss, 

Johan  Nickel  Wendeling, 

Johan  Friederich  Meyer, 

Joh.  Jacob  Schmidt, 

Joh.  Valentin  Miindel, 

Nicklaus  Ziminer, 

Philip  Peter  Midler, 

Joh.  Jacob  Knabenschuh, 

Friederich  Schonholtz, 

Johan  Jacob  Grawan, 

Johannes  Sahler, 

Jacob  Henrich  Krammer, 

Paul  Stormfelz. 



Names  of  Foreigners 

Arriving  in  Pennsjlvania. 







List  of  Passengers  ox   Board  the  Ship  Cajsdide,  Capt. 
Adrian  Lakrnoks,  from  Amsterdam.    August  1'.),  l?8G. 

J.  F.  Weyland, 
John  Hafke, 
Jacob  Vey, 
J.  Kinsei, 

Christian  Reifwinar, 
Catliarine  Reifwinar, 
Margt.   Bibeling, 
Fridk.   Snider, 
Philip  Oakly, 
A.  Maria  Bartje. 
Christn.  Bartje, 
Martin  Kelsel, 
Jolin  A.  Botly, 
Wm.  Clutland, 
Danl.  Heys, 
Anth.  Reynard, 
Anthy.  Manener, 
Lewis  Sneider, 
Jacob  Lehman, 
Cliristian  Esby, 
Peter  Cloos, 
Christian  Hoofraan, 
Christian  Teresa, 
Dorothy  HofTinan, 
Willieiniina  Hoffman, 
Tuk  Lorman, 
Hans  Plambak, 
Jos.  Grreinar, 
Claus  Lexo, 
J.  Manar, 
J.  F.  Weyland, 
Jacob  Abrams, 
Maria  Booger, 

Jos.  Berenger, 
Lefreght  Ken, 
F.  Anthony, 
Leonard  Pering, 
Lotart  Riefwinar, 
Chria.  Reifwinar, 
Susana  M.  Neugebran, 
Adam  Speck, 
Cristr.  Bartje, 
Christn.  Bartje, 
Johan  Bartje, 
Andw.  Lengblood, 
Hendk.   Andre, 
Johan  Heys, 
Werhard  Thomas, 
Nichs.  Riess, 
Wm.  Thildinar, 
Abraliam  Dicks, 
Peter  Andreas, 
Jacob  Andreas, 
Wentzele  Hoofman, 
J.  F.  Hoofman, 
Jolian  Christoffa  Hoffman, 
Fried.  Barhard  Hoffman, 
Christr.  Bull, 
Francis  Stutt, 
John  Wolter, 
Jos.  Arbor, 
J.  T.    Dubbendorf, 
Carl  Friedk.  Brothak. 
Ludwk.  Kleywer, 
Jacobus  Vander  Booger, 
Maria  Booger, 



Johanna  Heintin, 
A.  Maria  Heintin, 
Johan  Gotleb  Klinger, 
Jolin  Klinger, 
Maria  Klinger, 
J.  Chas.    Bettig, 
Hans  Peters, 
J.  Fredk.  Vognits, 

Susann  Heintin, 
Maria  Sojihia  Klinger, 
Joliu  Friedk.  Klinger, 
Fredk.  Coosky, 
Sophia  Klinger, 
Henry  Pekell, 
Ludwig  Rediken, 
Johan  Kepky. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Patsey  Rutledge, 
Capt.  William  Bell,  from  Hamburg.     Sept.  27,  1786. 

Mr.  John  Harpst, 
John  Vich, 
J.   Ednion  Ochnie, 
Gotlib  Eickler, 
John  Sclienell, 
Georg  Anders  Irig, 
Nicholas  Folcass, 
Cliristian  Caws, 
J.  Friderik  Caws, 
Hanna  Cobbier. 
Frederica  Charles, 

Mrs.   Harpst, 
John  Mart, 
J.  Chris.  Konig, 
Gottfried  Kennig, 
Georg  Proskey, 
Frances  Joseph  Lewdwig, 
J.  H.  Cruniburg, 
Dorothy  Caws, 
J.  Ct,  Caws, 
Hanna  Nerner. 

List  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Nassau,  Josiah  Hunt, 
Master.     October  10,  178(5. 

Mr.   Apple,  wife  &  son, 

Peter  Salcon,  wife  &  son, 

Georg  Caysel, 

Wni.  Kinnick, 

Ludwick  Jack, 

Tobias  Sliipherd, 

Jno.  Butcher, 

Joh.  Feit, 

Georg  Malk, 

Joh.  Martin, 

Henry  Snavell, 

Jno.  Eatman,  wife  &  2  daughs, 

Fridk.   Riderliand, 

Jno.  Christian,  . 

Michl.  Harpers, 

Henry  Shrouder, 

Adam  Symons, 

Jno.  Farrell, 

Joh.  Suvers, 

Joh.  Rickard, 

Friedk.  Shrond, 

2  cabin  passengers. 



List  of  Passknukrs  ox  Board  thk  ShipHaxxaii,  (Jai'taix 
Andrew  Davis,  from  Amsterdam.     Oct.   17,  1780. 

Jacob  Ob, 

Daniel  Steigelman, 

Carrel  Henry  Sliwanigel, 

Frieclerich  Grime, 

John  Henna,  wife  &  child, 

Georfj  Sugwald, 

Ludwick  Steigelman, 
Georg  Miller, 
Melcher  Bang, 
Philip  Carrel  Wood, 
Jacob  Fratschii, 
John  Henrich  Kobel. 

List  op  German  Passengers  on  Board  the  Brig  Dis- 
patch, FROM  Rotterdam,  Capt.  John  Veder.  Oct.  31, 

Mathies  Berenloren,  Ludwig  Vorlender, 

Wenlel  Pyroth,  Georg  Eyden, 

Johan  David  Maternus,  Antoni  Pullig, 

Jo.  Jos.  Bauman,  Christoph  Gerrecht, 

Eberhardina  Christiana  Lot teren,  Adam  Bantz, 

Franz  Bangest, 
Friederick  Weinman, 
Christina  Blankelmin, 
Elizal)eth  Blankenheimerin, 
Jacob  Kappes, 
Georg  Martin  Regele, 
Johannes  Heinrich  Mailer, 
Johann  Martin  Horn, 
Nicolas  Hamburger, 

Mathis  Cawein, 

Georg  Bernhard  Steigelman, 

Philippina  Fischerin, 

Barbara  Dollin, 

Joseph  Krigner, 

Johann  Peter  Schivab, 

Johannes  Wekerle, 

Jacob  HufFer, 

Susanna  Lorsing, 

AnnaMagdalenaTeklenburgin,  Amalia  Teklenburgin, 

Martin  Vogel, 
Peter  Steitz, 
Christoph  Loh, 
Heinrich  Peihl, 
Henirk  Pieter  Mallesie, 
Barl)ara  Dorshin, 
Johann  Adolph  Winkler, 
Johann  Henrich  Henning, 
Gef)rg  Henrich  Sclnvein, 
Johann  Heinrich  Hiirner, 

Wilhelm  Striebel, 
Andreas  Heerdt, 
Johann  Christoph  Lilly, 
Fredk.  Reichencker, 
Adam  Dorsh, 
J  oh.  Georg  Nus, 
Michael  Fliker, 
Johan  (Teorg  Bindlaub, 
Franz  Kummelmaii, 
Jbliann  Philip  Hoiner, 


Names  of  Children. 

Henrich  Pieter  Mallesie,  Johannes  Mallesie, 

Willem  Pieter  Mallesie,  Anna  Maria  Mallesie, 

Maria  Salloniie  Dorshin,  Margarieta  Dorshin, 

Orchil  Maria  Horner,  Maria  Elizabeth  Gatharina  Horner, 

Maria  Catharine  Horner,  Maria  Dorothea  Flikker, 

Maria  Dorothea   Horner,  Johan  Michel  Flikker, 

Jolian  Ghristoph  Flikker,  Jolian  Greorg  Nus, 

Anna  Elizabeth  Flikker, 

(The  other  child  of  Nus  died  near  the  Willemstad. ) 
Johan  Michel  Erich  Garrecht,     Oatharina  Garrecht. 
Orchille  Garrecht,  Pieter  Willena  Andreas  Garrecht. 

List  of  Passengers  on   Board  the   Ship  Bristol,  Capt. 

Earl.    Dec.  14, 1786. 

John  Rokir,  wife  and  child,         Chris.  Wm.  Sahn, 
Marg.  Eliz.  Durin,  Johana  Sophia  Barleates. 

Elisa  Meyers, 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Patsey  Rutledge, 
William  Bell,  Master,  from  Hamburg.     May  22,  1787. 

Name.  Age. 

Conrad  Nics.  Sommer 40 

Andrew  Peter  Roos, 32 

Anna  Maria  Roos 30 

John  Andrew  Paetz, 28 

Herman  Wida, 32 

John  Gottfried  Stunger, 32 

Anna  Christina  Stunger,     36 

John  Veizapff, 36 

Carl  Friederich  Schmidt 31 

John  Christian  Meyer, 28 

Hinrich  Gerhard  Schalke, 20 

Meinhd.  Matth.  Rabenau, 28 

Friederich  Pietz, 27 

John  Chris.  Peterssen, 24 


Name.  Age. 

Friederich  Voss,    , 18 

Hinrich  Willm.  Sundbei  g, 17 

Martn,  Ph.  Peterssen 19 

Nichs.  Strent, 18 

Herman  IMedk.  Beckfi-, 27 

Christr.  Kielhuann, 32 

Christr.  Albert,     G9 

Carl  Edw.  Ahrend,      28 

Christn.  Adler, 36 

John  Greorg  Heiitsler,      35 

Jens  Jochini, 40 

Joh.  Gottfd.  Jiirgens, 35 

Johan  Jahnke, 32 

Matias  Rieper, 36 

Hans  Michl.  Steflfens 29 

Hans  Caspr.  E.  Schoniacker, 34 

Friedk.  Albert  Vaye,     . 24 

Women'fi  names 

Anna  Elizth.  Baumann, ...  28 

Anna  Maria  Buck, 28 

Catha.  Marga.  Drenbargs, 30 

Elizth.  Panimann, 25 

Christ.  Cath.  Eckhoff, 16 

Cathn.  Eliza.  Gerken, 34 

E.  M.  Dorothea  Stelniers, 28 

Charlo.  Elizth.  Hiissen, 21 

Anna  Sophia  Hammers, 24 

Chn.  Gerdnik  Horns 29 

C.  C.  W.  Jasprams, 36 

Catha.  Marga.  Jahnken,      37 

Maria  Elizth.  Kuliner, 44 

Anna  Abel  Lohsen, 30 

Anna  Catha.  Langloh 22 

Catha.  Margt.  Moller, 46 

Maria  Monings,      34 

Anna  Margt  a.  Nelling, 31 

Maria  Elizth.  Rugen,     38 

L.  C.  Sophia  Friedleber 29 

Marga.  Elizth.  Struven, 33 

Catha.  Corns.  Schmidt, 19 

Anna  Catha.  Stacks 19 

Lucia  P]lizth.  Schmidt 40 

Anna  Catha.  Schuttsen, 38 

Catha.  Elizth    Siemonsen, 39 


Name.  Age. 

Catlia.   Ma.  Wagener, 38 

Anna  Mai-ga.  Zimmermann 27 

Anna  Marga.   Erbs, 22 

Cath.  Elizth.  Frahms 33 

Hanna  Eliz.  Kenning, 24 

Anna  Kocks, 27 

Anna  Christa.  Meyer, 20 

Anna  Elizth.  Moller, 25 

Anna  Meyer, 20 

Elizth.   Magda.    Meyer, 25 

Elizth.  Sucken, 45 

Anna  Catha.   Seeman, 27 

Catha.  Marga.  Kiinig, 24 

Anna  Marga.  D.  Fransen ^ 32 

Elizth.  Boden, 25 

Dora.  Lutkens, 23' 

Dora.  Rosenbusch, ', 33 

Dora.  Marga.  Martens,      18 

A.  C.  E.  Messen, 30 

Anna  Maria  Wohlers, 19 

Mrs.   Smith, — 

Juliana  Smith, — 

A  child  Smith, — 

JonAs, 20 

Mr.  Ham, — 

Mr.  Hein, — 

Hinrich  Kleinworth,       — 

A  List  of  thb  Passkngers  on  Board  thk  Dutch  Ship 
NoRD  America,  Capt.  Tys  dk  Haas,  from  Amsterdam. 
Oct.  10,  1787. 

Joseph  Nyzel,  Johannes  Horning, 

Casper  Gryyner,  Adam  Haaf, 

Adam  Schwartz,  Catharina  Richterin, 

Georg  Fey  with  his  wife  and  two  children  under  4  years, 

Peter  Stark,  Balthasar  Mulder, 

Nic.  Roth,  Anna  Maria  Rothin, 

Jacob  Haginian,  Anna  Maria  Ha-giman, 

Christian  Roth,  Heinrich  Roth, 

Grita  Rothin,  Anna  Margreta  Rothin, 



Margrnta  Roiliin, 
Susanna  Rotliiu, 
Nicolas  Rotli. 
Casp.  J  uny;t-rr, 
Nicolas  Knauf, 
Joh.   Pauls, 
Job.  (jreorg  Pauls. 
Joh.  Adam  l^auls, 
Daniel  Phil.  Buttinger, 
.lohn  L.   V^isser, 
Fraus  Schaffer, 
Heinr.  Koch, 
Elisab.  Kocliin, 
Johannes  Naeel. 
Maria  Eva  Javkinsni, 
Maria  Eva  Jarkinsin, 
Jacob  CTUcker, 
Adam  Segeler, 
J.  M.  Hildebiand, 
Jan  Valentin, 
Corn.  Stonfield, 
Daniel  Andre, 

Engel  (Nieulander), 

J.  P.  Gruvlig, 


F.  Hesshuyzin  in  the  cabin, 
JoUannes  Seitz, 

Eliza  Rotliin, 
Michial  Roth, 

Edmer  Ruap, 
Pieter  Neumaii, 
Carl  Swartz. 
l)orethie  Pauls, 
Joh.   Hend.  Pauls, 
Anna  Maria  l^iuls, 
Elizabeth  Fluckin, 
Johannes  Flucks, 
Anna  Maria  SchiitTerin, 
Cath.  Kochin, 
John  Simons, 
J.  F.   W.  Jarkins, 
Johanna  Margreta  Jarkinsin, 
Susan  Doroth.  Jarkinsin, 

Fred,  rfneker, 
C.  W.  Sander, 
J.   Ritbert, 
Soph.  Dor.  Wolffin, 
John  Jae.  Wild, 
Hend.   Hildenbrand. 
Jacob  Schwartz, 
J.  W.  Kumpf, 
P.  Theobald  in  the  cabin, 
J.  M.  Bnchner, 
Wm.   Mart.  Wieland. 

List  of  Gkrmax  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Ship  Rosetta, 

FROM  Amsterdam,  Capt.  Ede  Corneliss.    Aprii.  5,  1787. 
Joh.  Jos.  Terner,  Frdk.  de  Wein. 

J.  G.  L.  Benner. 

List  of  Germax  Passengers  who  arrived  at  the  Port 
OF  Phtt.adelphia,  tx  the  Ship  Dorothea,  Severus  Dal- 
sted,  ^Master,  from  Rotterdam.     Oct.  14,  1787. 

Carel  Moeller,  Georg  Priedk.  Arnold, 

Georg  Epler,  Jacob  Stuckh;r, 

Jacob  Knntz,  .loh.   Henrich  Nischwitz, 
34— Vol.  XVII. 



Jacob  Volkel,  his  wife  &  4  Children,  viz  : 
Maria  Elizabeth  Volkel,  Toos  Volkel, 

Johannes  Volkel  Ludk.  Volkel, 

Maria  Volkel, 

Mai'tin  Kruger,  and  six  children,  viz: 

Anna  Margretha  Kruger,      Maria  Madelaina  Krnger, 
Anna  Christina  Kroger, 
Anna  Elisabeth  Kruger, 

Jan.  Philip  Spelshns, 

Anna  Christina  Glaan  &  2  children,  viz 

Johann  Ladk.  Kruger, 
Catha.  Elisabeth  Kruger, 

Margeritha  Glaan, 
Johan  Peter  MuUer, 
Johan  Georg  Weysz, 
Johann  Balthazar  Dietz, 
Johann  Schatz, 
Joh.   Rudolf  Vos, 

Christina  Glaan, 
Nicolaas  Fritzgen, 
Anna  Catrut  Liese, 
Jacob  Stumpf. 
Johan  Henr.  Sieppert, 
Anna  Christina  Vos, 

Maria  Marga.  Kaubergerin  &  2  children,  viz : 

Peter  Hauberger, 
Anna  Elizabeth  Gerinanin, 
Jacob  Lex, 
Georg  Rosseier, 
Johan  Betz, 
AVilhelm  Betz, 
Johan  Richter, 
Johau  Sahner, 
Anna  Maria  Sniit, 
Clara  Schneider, 
Charlotta  Faulhaberin, 
Johan  Daniel  Bohni, 
Jacob  Ewi, 
Hend.  Phil.  Dornet, 
Michel  Fautz, 
Johan   Heymerdingen, 
Georg  Jacob  Rodel, 
Chvistophel  Ruckert, 
Magdalena  Ruckert, 
Martin  Schneider, 
Magdalena  Lever, 
Roeloft  Hayenants, 
Isaac  Solomons, 
Johann  Conrad  Godschalk, 
Margera.  Guthman, 
Nicolas  Guthman, 
Henrich  Gutenberger, 
Carel  Ludk.  Wilhm.  Albertus, 

Johannes  Hauberger, 
Georg  Diederich  Lex, 
Henrich  Bret/, 
Christian  German, 
Dorothea  Betz, 
Jn.  Jacob  Richter, 
Johann  Bernhd.  Ran, 
Nicolas  Fritz, 
Maria  Dorothea  Ran, 
Catha.  Welden, 
Johan  Jacob  Hem, 
•lohan  Daniel  Spenscheid, 
T.  Adam  Nees, 
Wilhelm  Troll, 
Fredrik  Miller, 
Martin  Herniker, 
Johan  Nic.  Probst, 
Hartman  Ruckert, 
Hartman  Ruckert,  junr. 
Adam  Lever, 
Charlotta  Hexamerin, 
Ernst  Fredk.  Geyer, 
.lohan  Cai'l  Kolier, 
Peter  Guthman, 
Philip  Guthman, 
Anna  Guthman, 
Adam  Gutenberger. 
Johan  Hendk.  Neereinan, 



Johaiia  Kolb. 
Juliana  AVeber, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Jolian  Henrich  Weber, 
Johan  Henrich  Knebel, 
Anna  Gertrut  Knebel, 
Joha.  Jula.  Elisth.  Bnchener 
Catha.  Liei>e  WnndHi-licli, 
Johann  Wuuderlich, 
Maria  Annetta  Wunderlich, 
Joha.  Eli.^abeth  Knoch, 
Christina  Wieth, 
Anna  Catlia.  JJirkborfh. 
Mathia.s  Baldt, 
Johannes  Hesselbach, 
Johan  Henrich  Hesselbach, 
Pieter  Engel, 
Christophel  JoIks.   Engel, 
Christian  Engel, 
Philii)  Peter  En^jel, 
Anna  Sopha  Biennan,widw. 
J.  Carel.  Tob.  Geyer, 
Henrich  Geyer. 
Johan  Pliilip  Eeker, 
Fredk.  Kroeg, 
Baltzer  Martin, 
Nicolas  Voltz, 
Anna  Liese  Voltz, 
Engelica  Voltz, 
Georg  Flcischouwer, 
Johan  Georg  HofFruan, 
Johan  ^[attheus  Stranb, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Diehl, 
Nelly  Kelly, 
Johanna  Regenstein, 
Andries  Schreuder, 
Dorota.  Bopp, 
Carl  Srrohe, 
Philips  Jacob  Strobe, 
Daniel  Bopp,  junr. , 
John.  Simon  Joncker, 
Hans  Hen.  Joncker, 
Johann  Henrich  Joncker, 
Andreas  Dorscheyner, 
Adam  Rech, 
Peter  Bekker, 

Pietnr  Webei-, 

Johann  Henrich  AVeber, 

Craft  WeV)er, 

Johan  Fredk    Welder, 

Anna  Elisabeth  Knebel, 

Susanna  Knebel, 
in,  Johann  Joost  Wunderlich, 

Anna  Liese  Wunderlich, 

Joost  Wunderlich, 

Coenraad  Knoch, 

Pieter  Wieth, 

Johan  Henrich  Birkborch, 

Johann  Toost  Birkborch. 

Catha.  Baldt, 

Anna  Elsa.  Hesselbach, 

Herman  Knoch, 

Sevila  Catha.  Engel, 

Johann  Philip  Engel, 
Jacob  Engel, 

Maria  Catha.  Engel, 
Scholten,         Wilhelm  Scholten, 

Catha.   Geyer, 
Mathias  Eeker, 

Jacoli  Eeser, , 

Jacob  Sckinkel, 

Johan  Michl.  Kayser, 

Anna  Maria  Voltz, 

Barbara  Voltz, 

Jacob  Voltz, 

Philip   Hendk.  Schieliendantz, 

Johan  Fredk.  Schatzig, 

Philip  Wilhelm  Boiler, 

Sophia  Kelly, 

Magdn.  Christn.  Regenstein, 

Henry  Regenstein, 
Daniel  Bopp, 
Sophia  Bopp, 
Madn.  Strobe, 
Daniel  Strohe, 
Salomea  Bopp, 

Henrica  Joncker. 
Henrica  Joncker, 
Johann  Elias  Kirberger, 
Susanna  Maria  Germanin, 
Henrich  Strolm, 
Johannes  Seitz, 



Abraham  Schiiiutz, 
Johanu  Daniel  Bona, 
Johan  Ohristn.  Bohin, 
Peter  Ulrich, 
Aiiiip.  B.  Nagelerin, 

Coeiiraatl  Heyiuan, 

Georg  Zeb, 

Jacob  Giitz, 

M.   nirich, 

The  Reverd.  Petrus  Heilbrun, 

The  Rev^erd.   Johauu  Baptu.  Heiibruu. 

List  of  Germax  Passengers  Arrived  i^^  the  Schooner 
Commerce,  Captain  Casper  Faulk,  from  Amsterdam. 
Nov.  5,  1788. 

Job.  Henrich  Stiele, 
Catliarina  Stiele, 
Friedericli  Andreas  Haase, 
John  Ludwig  Wernwag, 
Jacob  K upper, 
John  Friederich  Teutsch, 

Elizabeth  Catharina  Stiele, 
Aug.  Carl  Frederick  Loeftier, 
John  Mattliys  Sanders, 
Daniel  Huniel, 
(Christian  Haars. 

List  of  German  Passengers  who  Arrived   in   the   Ship 
Amsterdam  Packet,  from  Amsterdam.     Nov.  5,  1788. 

Fredrack  Wasts,  Joanis  Sadellor, 

Daniel  Buuipgardner,  Catrena  Lanianning. 

Hendrick  Wise, 

liisT  OP  German  Passengers  who   Arrived  in  the   Brig 
Laurel,  FROM  Amsterdam.     Octobers,  1788. 

Pr.  Ansbach, 
A.  Zultz, 
P.  Leonard. 

Simon  Keppelar, 
Christn.  Bait, 
G.  M.  Smith, 


God.  Ban, 

Michael  Elvker  &  Son, 


Wm.   Zotinan, 
Ch.   Blisser. 



P.  Aiispack, 
CatheriiKi  Boiizin, 


Schutts  &  1^  rot  her, 
J.  Lottter. 

IjIst  of  (ikrmax  Pass 
Mary,  from 

M.  Kurtz  and  wif<^, 
H.   Masselierr, 
P.  Ze- 

E.  L.  Bacsoli, 

F.  Notteniiis, 

G.  E.  (iramer, 

J.  D.  Knapsshneids, 

Mar<^a.  Ritzenea, 

J.  A.  Schmidt, 

Anna  Susaiia  Scharfer. 

Joh.  Melhirger, 

P.  Call, 

John  Berstiend  &  wife, 

J.  Boce. 

KXfiKRS,   -WHO  ArRIVKP    TX     THE    BRIG 

Amstkri)A.m,  Auui'ST  5,  1788. 

J.  Frend, 

J.  C.   Weed  man, 

J.  P.  Comniin^, 

Eal  Frish, 

G.  F.  Alar, 

fx.  Welspach, 

J.  Allmendinger, 

A.  Margretha  Scharfer, 

J.  G.  Kate, 

Anna  Mad.  Scharfer, 

Angnita  Scharfer, 

J.  G.  Melhirger. 

H.  Georg  Herman, 

John  Schareaum. 

List  of  Passexrers  who  Arrived  at  Philadelphia,  from 

LoxDOx,  July  7,  1788. 

Le  l\!inistre  et  Docteiir.  Albert  Fresne,  sa  feme  Lidie,  2  enfans 

Albert  et  Albertine. 
Jean  Henry  Visard,  sa  feme  Madelaine,  3  enfans  A bram  Louis, 

Marie  Anne,  et  Mai-garitna. 
Abram  Bonrqiiin,  sa  feme  Suzanne,  2  enfans  Jasne  et   Pierre 

Jean  Pierre  Villiat,  sa  feme  Marie  Salome.B  enfans  Jean  Henry, 

Marie  Anne,  et  Jean  Geofrois. 
Jean   Jaques  Villard,  sa  feme  Husanne  Marie,  7   enfans  Marie 

Anne,  Suzane,   Jacol),    Marie,   Jean    Henri,    Elizabeth,   et 

Jacob  Gossin,  sa  feme  ^fadeleine,  2  enfans  Suzanne  et  Emanuel. 
Abram  Esteman,  sa  feme  Anne,  2  enfans   Anne   Catherine   et 



David  FredeT'ick  Gobat,  sa  feme  Suzanne. 
Jean  Pierre  Sauvain,  sa  feme  Catherine. 
Charles  Frederick  Dubois. 
v  Daniel  Girard. 
>  Abram  et  Frederick  Raiguel. 
David  Chevallier. 
David  Eche,  sa  feme  Suzanne. 
David  Pretre,  sa.  feme  Catherine. 
David  Carnal. 
Jean  Aplizner. 
Jean  Zeler,  sa  feme   Anne  Marie,  5  enfans,  Jean,  Anne  Marie, 

Frena,  Anne  et  Barb. 
Jacob  Senn,  sa  feme  Elizabeth,  8  enfans  Anne  Marie,  Jacob  et 

Jean  Henri. 
Jean  George  Pfremmer,  sa  feme,  Anne,  1  enfant  Catherine. 
Jean  SchlTner,  sa  feme  Anne,  1  enfant  Catherine. 
Jean  Jaque  Vaihel,  sa  feme  Ursule,  5  enfans  Jacob,  Martin, 

Cathei'ine,  Barbe  et  Frederick. 
Jean  Vaihel,  sa  feme  Ursule,  3  enfans  Jacob,  Jean  et  Noe  Yil- 

Ma.rtin  Guetigeuer. 
Martin  Schaub. 
Frederick  Toma.  i 

Johannes  Frichi. 
Susanne  Gerr. 
Maria  Neuschvander. 

Abram  Sauvain  de  vingestre  en  Virginia. 
Abram  Captiaine  Marchand. 
Abram  Saupi. 
Jean  Pierre  Complaire. 
David  Sauvain. 
Elizabeth  Guntzehausere. 

Cabin  Passengera. 

Edwd.  Hawkins,  James  Cocheroft. 

Mrs.  Winship, 

List  op  German  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Patsey 


10,  1789. 

Baltzar  Smith.  Jacob  Alterman, 

Henry  Alterman,  Henry  Kaihl. 

Christian  Treichel, 



List  of  German  Passengers  who  Arrived  at  the  Port  ok 
Philadelphia,  from  Amsterdam,  in  the  Brigantine 
Philadelphia  Packet,  Captain  John  Earl,  Commandku. 
Sept.  39,  1789. 

Joliannes  Brandhover, 
Christina  (rertraut  Strohii, 
Johannes  Yenny, 

Sarali  Brandhover, 
Johann  Jacob  Strohn. 

List  of  ^IERMA^  Passengers  on  Board  the  Brigantine 
Mary,  Captain  Kernen  Fitzpatrick,  from  Amsterdam. 
October  1,  1789. 

Mai's  Names. 

Carel  Waggener, 
Jacop  Win, 
Adam  Weiler, 
Lanibrigh  Wad, 
Lewdright  Mingh, 
Jacop  Berkelbach, 
Cristian  Pornhoaf, 
Henrioh  SheafTer, 
Henrich  Heaf. 
Jacop  Hornevius, 
Jonna  Peter  Schitz, 
Jacop  Wast, 
Johanne-s  Miller, 
Johanna  Georg  Hoffheintz. 
Johan  Gorg  fi^lert,  (Swiss), 

Henery  Smith, 

Daniel  Counts, 

Justice  Harknat, 

Carel  Ludwigh  Bamgat, 

Cristian  Frank, 

Johanes  Faner, 

Johanes  Waggener, 

Peter  Hosut, 

Adam  Arnolds, 

Leis  Henery  Bast, 

Johan  Jost  Weber, 

Henrich  Wilhelm  Zimerman, 

Johanes  Sneider, 

Johan  Georg  Elert, 

Conrad  Dederich. 

Women^s  JNames. 

Johana  Hai'knat, 
Ana  Elizabeth  Road, 
Ellizabeth  Frank, 
Anna  Magdelenie  Find, 
Elizabeth  Hornevius, 
Ana  Cathena  Hornevius, 
Ellizabeth  Zimmerman, 
Anna  i\Iaria  Hoffheintz, 
Anna  Maria  Dederich, 

Jusina  Renald, 

Maria  Bamgat, 

Susana  Craft  in, 

Anna  Maria  Berkelbach, 

Elizabeth  Cristiana  Horneviu.<, 

Justinia  Hai't, 

Anna  Maria  Miller, 

Anna  Magdelena  Elert. 



Girls'  Naines. 

Cristina  Havknat, 
(Jharlote  Harknat, 
Philipine  Bamgat, 
Friedericka  Frank, 
Cristinia  Buckle, 
Henneratia  Shitz, 
Willeinenia  Weber, 
Henerita  Weber, 
Catherina  Weber, 
Maria  Sliefenbaum, 
Anna  Catherine  Millar, 
Ana  Catherina  Hofflieintz, 
Anna  Magdelina  Elert, 
Philipina  Dederich, 
Maria  Cristine  Dederich, 
Justine  Busserm, 

Anna  Cristinia  Harknat, 
Anna  Elizabeth  Bamgat, 
Cristina  Bamgat, 
Leuise  Sharp, 
Hiuerita  Bast, 
Willemenia  Shitz, 
Carolinia  Weber, 
Margarita  Weber, 
Caterinia  Maria  Weber. 
Louisa  Sliefenbaum, 
Aiina  Maria  Zimmerman, 
Anna  Elizabeth  Hoffheintz, 
Elizabeth  Elert. 
Catarina  Dederich, 
Anna  Margreta  Dederich, 
Elizabeth  Dederich. 

Boys'  Names. 

Cristina  Harknat, 
Honer  Wad, 
Luddight  Toolet, 
Philip  Frank, 
Cxottfried  Shitz, 
Frederich  H enrich  Weber, 
Friedejch  Earl  Weber, 
Anthon  Sleifenbaum, 
.Tohanes  Elert, 
Jacob  Elert, 
Johanes  Dederich, 
Johan  Jacop  Dederich, 

Caral  Harknat, 
Han  Crist.  Wad, 
Friederich  Bamgat, 
Cristina  Frank, 
John  Wilhem  Shitz, 
Johan  Henrich  Weber, 
Wilhelm  Sleifenbaum, 
Jacob  Hofflieintz, 
John  Just  Elert, 
Johan  Georg  Elert, 
Sebastian  Dederich, 
Laudwight  Frank. 

List  op  German  Passengers  who  Arrived  at  Philadel- 
phia, IN  THE  Ship  Philadelphia  Packet,  prom  Amster- 
dam, John  Earl,  Master.     March  31,  1790. 

Elizabeth  de  AVilde, 
Johanna  Dam  ess, 
Wilhelm  Bloede, 

Jacobina  Faust, 

Philip  Haman, 

Peter  Gans,  cabin  passenger. 



List  of  Passkngers  ix  thk  Brig  Mary,  from  Amsterdam, 


Georg  I.  Wigbtennan,  Adam  Finck, 

Wilheliniua  Larin,  Joli.  Georg  Haselhach, 

Daviil  Sclineider,  Johau  Adam  Ho] tz wand, 

Jonathan  Schaaf,  Christian  Becker, 

Sam  Fried.  Schoch,  Joli.  Jacob  Hainan, 

Job.  Knant/,  Job.  Geoige  Schnitz, 

Fried.  Heitz,  Job.  Jacob  Chur, 

Job.  Jacob  Scbell,  Peter  Wedel, 

Job.  G.  Knecht  with  bis  wife  and  three  children,  viz: 

John  Dan  Kneclit,       G 

Job.  God.  Knecht, 3 

Anna  Cath.  Knecht, 3 

Heinz  Ernst  Burck,  Johan  Carp.  Bertram, 

Pavid  Rind,  Adam  Rothbaas, 

Moses  Nathan,  Jan  Kuyper, 

Lud.   C.  Kubn,  Jos.   Scbreiber, 

Job.  Cb.  Bhimmer,  Anna  Chi'ist.  Bertra?n, 

Job.  Co?nrad  Rothhaar,  David  Israel, 

Christ.  Heinz  Borett,  Job.  F.  Bottinger, 

Hans  G.  Laubengayer,  Casper  ZoUecofer. 

List  of   Passengers  on  Board   the   Brig  Union,  James 

Dysburg,  Master.  Philadelphia,  Feb.  9,  1793. 

Cristian  Schlicbting,  John  Friedk.  Bachmann, 

John  Samuel  Anters,  Anne  Catherine  Koster, 

Anne  Jurgens,  Mr.  Chas.  Dacbenbauren. 

List    of    Passengers    from   Amsterdam,    Pr.  Columbia, 
Capt.  AVm.  Haley.     Arrived  March  8,  1793. 

Fred.  Ludewig  Gutt,  Sophie  Salmia  Gutt, 

Glarie  Charlotte  Reinhard,  Frederieb  Gutt, 

Elisabeth  Charlotte  Reinbard,  Frederika  Fueating. 
Louis  Pignot, 




List  of  Passengers  per  the  Ship  John,  William  Whit- 
well,  Commander,  from  Amsterdam.     July  19,  1793. 

Charles  v.  Hanierik, 
Georg  Friederichg, 
Louis  Mathew, 
Sophia  Ellewin, 
Catharina  EUewiii, 
Johan  Michael  Ellewm, 

V.  Hanierik, 


Aime  Brandt, 
Andrias  Ellewin, 
Friederich  Ellewin, 
Margaretha  Ellewin, 
Johana  Catai'ina  Ellewin, 
Anna  Brus.sin, 
Ruticius  Haake, 
Johana  Catharina  Seynj% 
Johana  Maria  Soutling, 

Johan  Gottlieb  Richter, 

Franey  Eyman, 

Engel  Everst, 

Hanna  Mipers, 

Hanna  Marg-aretha  Ekliman, 

Anna  Maria  Christiana  Sybrand,       Henriette  Camphuyj^en, 

Wilhehnina  Tysen, 
Frunje  de  Ronde, 
Peter  Sables, 
Hendrick  Hoige, 
Maria  Schniit, 
Fried    Christelmyer, 
Ellisabeth  Ellerkamp, 
Johan  Carel  Miiller, 

Gosse  Scheles, 
Nicolaus  Jacobus  Bonir; 
Hiendrck  Worhy, 
Cornelia  Ebl)e!ing, 
Alida  Korrich, 
Friederich  Ellerkamp, 

Ellisabeth   Ellerkamp, 
Friederich  August  Friederichson, 
Dorothea  Catharina  Friederichson,    Johanna  Friederichson, 
Friederich  Augs.  Friederichson,     Caert.  Conraadt  Friederich- 
Adam  Nuknlus,  Carl  de  Man  Trotz.  [son, 

Engel  Cathi".  Friederichson, 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Brig  Union  Capt.  Wm. 
Bell,  from  Hamburg.    August  16,  1793. 

Mr.  Laffert,  Molter. 

Johnson,  citizen  of  New  York, Oppelt, 

Benade,  Heinze, 

Caske,  Heine. 

Gehbe,  Miiller, 

Frederic  Saalig,  Braunschweiger, 


Christian  Gottlob  Chalybaeses,  shopman, 
Gottlieb  Steuernagel,  shoemaker, 
Frederic  Gottlieb  Lange,  shoemaker, 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Solberig,  printer, 
Charles  Andrew  Thalman,  printer. 





his  cliildren. 

[    jiis  chilili-en. 

List  of  Passkxgkrs  ox   Board  Ship  (Joltjmbia,  AVilliam 

Malky,  Mastku,  from  Amsterdam.     Sep.  17,  1793. 
Joseph  Faurie, 

Johaim  Friederich  Jost  Fabritiiis, 
Johanii  Pilip  ]Sorthiiagel, 
Jjudig  Nothhiuigel, 
James  Borrawdale, 
Ann  Rosetta  Borrowdale,  his  wife, 
Johann  Michel  jN'icolas, 
Philip  Harig, 
Sabilla  Harig,  his  wife, 
Catharina  Salanie  Harig, 
Louisa  Margaretha  Harig, 
Maria  Elisabeth  Harig, 
Clement  Rentgers, 
Catharina  Rentgers,  his  wife, 
Wilhelm  Rentgers, 
Christian  Rentgers, 
Peter  Rentgers, 

Catharina  Rentgers,  j 

Heniieh  Schuster, 
Dorothea  Catharina  Schuster,  his  wife, 

Caroline  Schuster, 

Friederich  Schuster, 

Catharina  Margaretl>a  Schuster, 

Henrich  Schuster, 

Christian  Schuster, " 

Louisa  Schuster, 

Frantz  Becker, 

Maria  Johanna  Becker,  liis  wife, 

Carohna  Elizabeth  Becker,  ) 

Anthon  Jacol>  Becker,  \ 

Henrich  Lauer, 

Anna  Margaretha  Laner,  his  wif«^, 

Maria  Sophia  Lauer,  | 

Henrich  Liidwig  Baltser  Lauer,       I 

Christian  Lauer,  j 

Greorg  Ludwig  La.uer, 

Georg  Christian  I'lrich, 

Maria  Margretlia  Ulrich,  his  wife, 

Louisa  Ulrich,  \ 

his  children. 

-   his  childern. 

his  children. 

Johan  Jacob  Ulrich 
Philip  Cramer, 
Louisa  Cramer, 
Jacob  AVolff. 


his  children. 


Rieneldt  Tons, 

Peter  Grund, 

Hans  Michel  Kost, 

Christian  Schrani, 

Christina  Klein, 

Elizabeth  Trinkels, 

Susanna  Jones,— 

Elizabeth  Fulmer, 

Johann  Ludwig  Wilhehn  Franke, 

Friederich  Kertorel, 

Johann  Friederich  Wilhehn  Chrenstin, 

Jan.  Pieters, 

Elizabeth  Maria  Pieters,  his  wife. 

Christian  Pieters,  )    ^^.^  children. 

Laurens  Pieters,  ) 

Elizabeth  Betts, 

Coenraad  Betts,  her  son, 

Christina  Bergs, 

Hanna  Lehmkiols, 

Johanna  Meisander, 
Johanna  Sansen, 

J  oh.  Jacob  Frank, 

Lebilla  Michlenbach, 

Emanuel  Friederich  Schults, 

Johann  Peter  Frohwein, 

Johann  H enrich  Lihrs, 

Georg  Ludwig  Reipenhausen, 
—  Christian  Schube, - 

Johannes  Kurst, 

Michel  Siebenlist, 

Juliana  Muth, 

Maria  Muth,  her  daughter, 

Jan  Pistor, 

Andries  Pistor, 

Johann  Cristophter  Tack, 

Jacob  Malambre, 

Johann  Henrich  Sicniezing, 

Johann  David  Otto 

Arnold  Heins, 

Johann  Mat  bias  Metzger, 

Gerritje  Mailer. 

Louis  Dominique, 

Jacob  Opp,  I 

Jacob  Loesch,  V  Americans. 

John  Bohlen, 


0  41 

Li.sT  OF  (teu.^ia^  Passenoers  Arhivkd  IX  the  Siiu'  Broth- 
ers, Caleb  Earl,  Commander,  from  Hamburg.  Sept. 
35,  1798. 

Philip  Hemlrick  Bastrop, 

Georgine  Wdlfeline  Francoi.^e  Lycklaniii  Bastrop. 

Susana  Maria  Bastro}). 
Marta  Rinnema  Bastrop. 
Maria  Neinian, 
Louis  Witlerholt, 
Jolin  "Wiiiclear, 
John  Cruse, 
Betsav  Alll)ring, 

Cristiiia  Maria  Hastrop, 
Augustina  Bastrop, 
John  Jlanns, 
Louis  Sigfrid, 
Jolin  Stignian, 
James  Shults, 
Dalbov  Beans. 

List  of  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Brig  Samuel,  Bex- 
.TAMix  G.  Dexter,  Master,  from  Copexhagex.  Sept.  '37, 

John  Georg,  John  Hileni. 

Francis  Merckel, 

List  of  Germax  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Brig  Polly, 

James  Dryburgh,  from  Hamburg.  October  4,  1793. 
Johann  Bhuue,  Philipp  Baltaaser. 

Joliann  Honn,  Carl  Benecke,  senior, 

Julius  Benecke,  junior,  Wilhelm  Hanniball, 

;<.hann  Loeg,  Andreas  Gronaii. 

A  List  of  Passengers  by  the  Ship  Jeax,  Baxl.   TMcPher- 
son,  Master,  from  Hamburg.     12th  Novbr.  1793. 

Georg  Hinrlch  Burght,  Elizabeth  Myer. 

54  !i 



John  J5LLIOT,  Master, 

Jos.  Guied  Doornauiver, 

Jas    (In  Boir, 

Corl  Peters. 

Corn.   Wm.   Engleliart, 

Malik  King, 

Van  Off  en, 

Jolan  Boiler, 

Jol  Malthert. 

Adam  Berstroser, 

Joh.  Rol, 

Jacob  Kraut t, 

Fried  Hottz, 

Jacob  Selzer, 

Valent  Eszevein, 

Johan  Schetter  &  wife, 

Carl  Crom, 

Philip  Von  Dessen, 

Croui  Vonder  Beek, 

M.  Meyer, 

Frans  Becke, 

Benjamin  Hare, 

ON  Board  the  Ship  Peggy,  John. 
FROM  Amsterdam.    Nov.  10,  1793. 

Pierre  Jos.   Porteur, 
Leon  Engelbert, 
Adrian  Churvest, 
Wesselman  Ting  &  Son, 
Joseph  Helzel, 
Antji  Caspers, 
Elizabeth  Bollerin. 
Jol  Kiser, 
Micl    Rings, 
Jacob  Hod  el, 
Petan  Koi-rel, 
Heinz  Bedtlof, 
David  Strolm, 
Jacob  Tyd  Goart  &  wife, 
Philip  Hes.s, 
Joh  Ran, 
Henz  Smith, 
Godf  Burusel, 
D.  Schumachei', 
Magdaline  Ingte, 
Hein.  Mol linger. 

List   of  German  Passengers   Arrived   in  the  Ship  Ap- 
poLiiO  C.  Fitzpatrick,  Captain,  from  Amsterdam.   Feb, 

18,  1794. 

Johan  F7'ed.-rir'li  Kohde,  Bergmaister, 
Marie  Sophie,  his  wife, 

Their  children. 
Johan  Deitrich  Ernst  Valentin,   Geo.  Fred.  Hein  rich. 
Georg  Ludvvig  Tr6der.  Johannette  Catharine  Elisabeth, 

Mariane  Friederika  Henrietta.   Ehrgott  Ferdinand  Wilhelm, 
Heinrich  Freidrich  Stegnerus.   Carolina  Christina  Elizabeth. 

These  relatives. 

Henrietta  Marie  Vieter. 
Ludwig  Ernst  Eigenbrodt, 
Louisa  Preiderika  Scheuber, 

Gertraud  Elisabeth  Vieter, 
Carl  Rinehart  Gottfried  Stand- 
Marie  Lotharine  Kann.  [inger, 





Geo.  Daniel  Kluj^, 

Mathews  Hiister, 

Anna  Elizabeth,  his  child, 

Joseph  tShrau, 

Mar<^aret  Engle, 

Michael  Holman, 

J.  Ct.  Jiiger, 

Johan  Hels, 

Fredi-ieh  Nach, 

Philipina  Nach,  his  child, 

Philip  Christian  Krau.ssharr, 

Marie  Elizabeth,  his  wife, 

J.  C.  Ruler, 

P'Jiza  Ellery, 

Stephen  Buble, 

Michael  Mante, 

Michael  Joler, 

J.  J.  l^urg, 

Christine  Nacli,  his  wife, 

Jean  F.  Lautenger. 

List  of  Passkxgers  of  Ship  Johx,  William  Whitewell, 
Master,  from  Amsterdam.     March  12,  1794. 

Johan  William  Welke, 

Johan  n  Vogel, 

Francis  Anibrust, 

John  Jager, 

Johan n  Ungar, 

Daniel  Pieper, 

David  Koenig, 

Andreas  Bosdorff, 

Joharin  Gecke, 

Anthony  Krigler, 

Fredericiv  Hottz, 

Heinrich  Bnchveld, 

Johann  Kuyper, 

Johann  Kas, 

Dominica  Steinwyk, 

Johanne  Tipo, 

Johann  Herbst, 

Maria  Magdalina  Herbst,  his  wife, 

Maria  Magdalena  Herbst,      j 

Johannes  Herljst.  r  his  children. 

.Tohannes  David  Herbst, 

Helena  Paapers, 

Anna  Maria  Huttenbaug, 

.Johannes  Hartman, 

Matji  Hartman.  his  wife, 

Maria  Tnnuiates, 

Anna  Liiggins, 



Elisa  Feis, 

William  Steinberg, 

Maria  Weegenaar, 

Juriau  Keppelar, 

John  Friederich  Godmann, 

John  F.   Ohernhanser, 

Agala  Obernhauser.  his  wife, 

Maria  Elisabeth,  | 

Jan,  [ 

Friederik,  *  |- 

William,  | 

Sinaon,  i 

Catharina  Viege.- 

Christina  Maasin, 

Dorothea  Muthen, 

Eliz.  Hattenbaug, 

John  "Miilier, 

Agnes  Monsienrin, 

Marie  Anna  Verylie, 

Geoig  Nicolas.  , 

Johann  Caspar  Werschiede, 

Anthony  Kollebem, 

Conrad t  Hyde, 

Jacob  Sauerheben,  (American) 

his  children, 

List  of  Passe:^gers  on  board  the  Ship  Columbia,  Capt. 
Wm.  Malhy,  Bound  to  Philadelphia.     May  31,  1794. 

Name.  -l.'/e. 

John  Dorneck, — 

Anna  Magaretha  Dorneck,      — 

Heinrich  Jacob  Dorneck, 13 

John  Michel  Klapthor.      .    .    ; 13 

Magdalena  KlaiJthor.      •    •• .    .  9 

P.  W.  Eichbaum — 

Jane  Eichbaum — 

Charlotte  Eichbaum,      — 

Arnold  Eichbaum, 8 

Willielmina  Eichbaum,      4 

William  p]ich])aum, f> 

Eii/.abetha  Eichbaum 3 

John  Swetman — 


Name.  Age. 

Nicolaus  Fertner, — 

Cathariiiii  Fertner,       — 

Ludwig  Fertner 12 

Mattis  Fertner, — 

Elizabetha  Fertner, — 

George  Fertner, — 

Louis  Fertner, — 

Basilaur  Fertner, — 

Eli/abetha  Fertner, — 

John  George  Friederich, — 

M.  Magdaleiia  Friederich, — 

Nicolaus  Friederich, , 5 

Pnilipp  Friederich, 3 

Ludwig  Friederich, 1 

Jolm  Carl  Martin, — 

Jjohn  Conrad  Koch, — 

Friederich  Holfinan, — 

John  Peter  Scliiizel, — 

Jolm  Adam  Midler,      — 

A.  Dorothea  Miillerin — 

John  Adam  Muller, — 

Conrad  Ebel, — 

Ba!rhas?er  Spiess, — 

Michel  Bui) — 

Catharina  Kifferdorffin, — 

Aiuia  Maria  Veitin, — 

A.  Catharina  Kochin, — 

Jacob  Seyboldt, — 

Dorotheii  Korberin, — 

Heinrich  Wastgan,      — 

John  Riebel, — 

C.  ilaria  Riebel, — 

John  Friederich  EickhofI', — 

Georg  Eickhoff, 11 

Conrad  Eickhoff, 10 

Eberhard  Eickkhoflf — 

Johanna  Bell, " — 

Margaretha  Hellt, — 

Catharina  Weingartin, ■    .       — 

Henriette  Sussanna  Friilich,       — 

John  Gottlob  Knrs^ner,      ^- 

Johanna  Sophia  Kohlstates, — 

!Maria  Elizabetha  Staal, — 

John  Gade, — 

3o-VoL.   XVIL 


Name .  Age. 

Christian  Zauerling, ...,,... 

John  Beutel,       — 

Jolin  Casper  Mattis,    .,.....' — 

Dorothea  Mattis,      — 

Friederich  Christian  Mattis,      11 

Phihpp  Heinrich  Mattis,       9 

Andreas  l^usli, 

A.  Regina  Bush, — 

Carl  Eberle, ...  — 

Catharina  I'^berle, — 

Friedricli  Eberle,      — 

Wilhelniina  Kirchnerin,  , 1 

George  Andreas  Eberle — 

Henrich  Jacob  Eberle, - 

Gerrit  Kemp,      — 

Henrich  Joseph  Diederieli,      .    .    .' *  .    .    .    . 

Cathrina  Ewig,      — 

Henry  Vaucker, — 

Peter  Bewyr,     13 

Abraham  Bewyr,  dead, 10 

Adolph  Marx, — 

Catharina  Marx, — 

Christiana  Marx, 11 

Andreas  Marx, 8 

Jacob  Marx, 6 

Gertruth  Marx,      3 

Augusta  Waldberg, — 

Catharina  Shaefferin, -r- 

Anna  Bewyr, 11 

Margaietha  Bewyr, 9 

Clara  Mollen — 

Sophia  Klinkel — 

Catharina  Korbin, — 

Friederich  Muller, • — 

Carl  Kniess, — 

Georg  Datt, — 

Casper  Rielmah, — 

Philip  Rittner, 

John  Volk, .  — 

George  Christ.  Kohler,      , — 

Lorens  Otto, — 

Justuz  Christ.  Stockman, — 

John  Jacob  Krall, — 

John  Humler, .    . — 

Maria  Humler — 




Peter  La;:er 

CaMiavinu  Lazer, 

Liulwiy^  I'jUterz 

Marj^arerha  Eiiterz 

Marfjaretha  Holzin,  .... 
Willifliuiua  Kiiie.sliii.  .  .  . 
.lohu  (reoi-f^e  Kniest,  .... 
Johaiina  ('livif-tifiua  Kniest, 

Carolina  Kniest, 

Dorotlie^a  Kniest 

A.   Elizabetli  Diehn,     .    .    .    . 

AViihehn  Leonard, 

Jacob  Greller,      

Franz  Meyerlioff,      

Martiia  Helena  Rubenthal, 
Johannes  Rubenthal,     .    .    . 
Andreas  Rnlx-nthal,    .... 
Christiana  Riibentlial,  . 
Nicoians  Fri«-dinger,  .... 

.7.  W.  Hoffman 

Annatje  Schensema,      .    .    . 

Richard  Crown, 

George  Haas,  

David  (rerad, 

Catharina  Gerad, 

Geertruvde  Soeter,  .    . 

A  f/e. 

LrsT  OK  Gkrman  Parskngkrs  .Arrived  at  thk  Port  of 
Philadelphia,  ix  thk  Brig  Uniox,  Capt.  Folgkr,  p^rom 
Hamburg,  Jink  3,  1794. 

John  Hen-^rich  Idie, 
Willm.  Poyte, 
Johan  Henrick  INfaries, 
Geori^  Fridriek  Newde, 

Baldid  Goldner, 
Hendrick  Dewbeck, 
Fridrick  Brown, 
C.  L.  Jonderinan, 

Elizabeth  Jondernian,  his  wife,  Cristian  Jondernian,  daughter, 
I.uavess  Charlote  Melego,  Jo.seph  Daniant, 

Henry  Robf-rts,  George  Perkins, 

Edwanl  Peikins,  Martha  Perkins. 



LAST  FROM  HAMBURG    TO    PHILADELPHIA.       JULY  14,   1794. 

C.  E.   Ewald,  P  A.  Tietjens, 

A    H.  Kohn,  J  H.   Moller, 

P.  H.  Jaron,  F  C.  Schmidt. 
J.  C.     Musculus, 

List  of  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Ship  Holland,  Capt. 
C.  Franklin,  Jr.,  from  Amsterdam.     August  20,  171)4. 

Muller  Prevot,  jr.,  &  A.   de 

Van  Keste], 
William  Follendorff,  Newland- 

er,  free, 
Hans  Jaco  Shiman, 
Josei^h  Hullebrade  &  wife, 
Juliana  AVertmans, 
Ann(!  Maria  Gottliebs, 
Wilbelmina  Ostendorf, 
Ant.  Hurtgen, 
Maria  Foncke  Goetz  with  a 

Catharina  Aildens, 
Cb.   Miller, 
J.   L.   Menger, 
J.   W.   Greimel, 
J.  H.  Fensch, 
Carl  Sartorius, 
CorneP  Van  den  Weldenberg, 
Louis  Baultin, 
John  Keves, 
Daniel  Cobet, 

F.  de  Fresnays, 

Isaac  Win.  Bartets, 

Lel)art  Hayler, 

Anth.  Buckman  &  wife, 

Christ.  Benedickt, 

Catharina  Tollendorfl, 

Peter  Platz  &  Avife, 

Anne  Maria  Johansing, 

Hein  Schilling, 

Johannes  Goetz, 

Carl  Lud.  Burch, 

J.  J.  Conrad, 

Maria  Opman, 

C.  H.  Cordes, 

Anthy.  Henricks, 

J.  C.  Ilmen, 

J.  H.   Siebert, 

Anne  Cath.  Metger, 

Hendk.    Busoh, 

Ab.  Cobet, 

C.  Andrewsen. 

John  Klvn. 

List  of  Passengers   in   the    Ship   Birmingham  Packet, 



George  Lockyer,   from  Hamburg.     August  25, 

Monsr.  Borthoud, 
Mons.  Peroehea, 
Mons.  Journell, 

Madin.   Berthoud, 
Mons.   Terasfon, 
Mons.  Bertlioud, 



Gothiff  Nicolas  Lntzens, 
Susana  Barbery  Lutzens, 
Lnd.  Henrifk  Von  Storicli, 
John  Johauu  Strauble, 
Frederick  Bode, 
Jos.  Frey, 
Christiance  Frey, 
Catlierine  Witt, 
Catli.  Baumanin, 

Christiance  Wilhelniina  Lutzens, 
Francis  Gotliiir  JiUtzens, 
Heiieiick  Hook, 
Cliristian  Luders, 
Rudolph  Bode, 
Carolina  Bode, 
Barba.  Frey, 
Gustaviis  Wilt, 
Johan  Witt. 

List  of  Passex(^krs'  Name^  ox  Board  thk   Ship  Pkgoy, 
John  Elliott,  Master,  from  Amsterdam.     Nov  6,  1794. 

John  Hamnion, 

Abraham  Cohan, 
Jon  Sweers, 
John  Ritz, 
Peter  Erliiif^hurst, 
Godfrid  Rt-inhart, 
Jasper  Ki-aft, 
Casper  Helliquest, 
Christian  Kopping, 
Kenry  Eggell  Hania, 
Francis  Dessalaur, 
Matthias  I)e  Koning, 
Gnstaf  Wetckiiid, 
Elinora  Woodsand, 
Si  in  on  Keiiler, 

Elizabeth  Hainniori, 
Angel  Cohan, 
Antonio  Honius, 
Zwanan  Veyal, 
Margaret  Erlinghursr, 
Maynus  Stultz, 
Tedrie  Frake, 
Henry  Lepper, 
Fedrick  Rosenthal, 
Danl.  Holstein, 
Francis  Van  Tilhas, 
Willin.   Aulhorn, 
Thos.  Woodsand, 
Elizabeth  AVoodsand, 
Jacob  Elderst. 

Litt    op  Passengers     Arrived   from  Hambttrg,  in   the 
Brigantine   Sarah,    Daniel  May,    Captain.      Nov.    11, 


Lewis  Bourdillon  &  2  children, 
.lean  Louis  Duby, 
Antoine  Charles  Cazenove, 
Andrr  Jerret, 
David  Martier, 

Alexander  Croin, 
.lean  Salomon  Fazy, 
.Jean  Antoine  Cazenove, 
David  Gandou, 
Jacolj  Buffle, 


IjIST  of  Passengers  iisr  the  Ship  Sophia  Caroline,  Peter 
Ehler,  Commander,  from  Hamburg.     NoA^  12,  1794. 

H    Johmas  Leufft^r,  wife  and  9  children, 
H.  Eckstein,  wife  and  children,    • 
H.  G.  H.  Liiers.  H.  F.  Iden, 

H.  F.  F.  Rahn,  H.  A.  Scheel. 

H.  F.  Schleicherd, 

List  of  Passengers  Arrived  from  Amsterdam,  in  the 
Ship  John,  Wm.  Whitewblu  Captain.     Jan.  2,  1795. 

Mr.  Stnnie  with  wife  &  .six  Mr.  Azony, 

cliildren,  Mr.  Meyer, 

Mr.  Ludwig,  Mr.  Kraz, 

Mr.  May,  Mr.  Newman. 


List  of  the  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Levonia,  from 
Amsterdam.     Feb.  27,  1795. 

Christian  Brand, 

Jounes  Frederick  &  his  wife  &  two  children. 

Names  of  the  Passengers  on  Board  the  Concord,  from 
Hamburg  to  Philadelphia.     July  7,  1795. 

Mrs  Jeanne  Elizabeth  Maler  Prevost, 

Andre,  1 

Henry,  j  her  children. 

Andr6  Louis,      j 
Mr.  Peter  Galline, 
Miss  Francis  Gay, 

Mr.  Zacharie  Faugnelvey  said  liaroche, 
Doctor  Heinrich  Zolfers  &  wife, 



Johann  Gottfried  Ga<lecke, 

Johiiun  Friedrich  Wilhelm  Neumann, 

Jolin  Dohrn, 

Louis  Houssage,  1 

Louis  Cr.  Houssage,  Lepinp,     |  tliree  brothers  &  their  servant 

Ijouis  Rene  Houssage,  | 

Henry  Gallon, 

August  H.  Schmid,  wife  &  two  children, 

Johann   George   Hummel,  his   wife    Anna    Maria    &    his   son. 

Christian  Hummel, 
Christian  Friederich  Ludwig  Priister, 
George  Dickelmann, 
Lion  Massina, 
Levy  Hirsch, 
Soren  Royen, 

John  Stone,  seaman  of  the  United    States, 
Captu.   William  Campbell,  citizen  of  the  United  States. 

Passengers  o^  Board  the 
JOHX  Meaney 

H.  Newman, 
Jno.  Newman, 
Filton  Newman, 
Jno.  Lefart, 
Jno.  Ritkar, 
Jence  Venan, 
Barbara  Kesliener, 
EfTeren  Tigerin, 
Gorgon  Fred.  Buraach, 
Jno    Intelbinger, 
Moses  Quin, 
Simon  Newman, 
Betsey  Stonis, 
George  Bourben, 
Jno.  Jacobs, 
Abm.  ]\hirkel, 
Jno.  Fritch. 
Edwd.  Clarke, 
Jno.  Belk, 
Mary  Enar, 
Charles  Enar, 

Rose,   from  Hamburg,  Capt. 
,     Sept.  18,  1795. 

Mary  Newman, 
Martin  Newman, 
Henry  Christ, 
Peter  Spertzel, 
Hans  Adam  IMiller, 
Ursela  Kiugenen, 
IMargaret  Spert:,el, 
Michl.  William, 
Robt.  Steinberk, 
Gabriel  Zelinger, 
Philip  Lagam, 
Benjamin  Wolfe, 
Christian  Steltty, 
Godfrey  Keller, 
Henrich  Bremer, 
Henry  Eckart, 
Henry  Baker, 
AViiliam  Clark, 
Francis  Marshall, 
A  manual  Enar, 
Jno.  Newman. 


:names  of  foreigners 

List    of    Passengers    from    Hamburgh,    in    Hamburgh 
Packet,  Caleb  Earl,  Master.  Oct.  5,  1795. 

R.  Campbell, 

Rebecah  Campbell  &  child, 

P.  S.  Schild, 

Elizabeth  Lants, 

Annah  Sizbald, 

Louis  Emanuel  de  la  Flechore, 

Johann  Jacob  Seidel,  doctor, 

Fi'iederich  Gottlieb  tSegel,  clerk, 

Johann  Heinr.  Georg  Pax,  servant, 

Johann  Ernst  Droy,  cooper, 

Johann  Michael  Deiken, 

Anna  Maria  Deiken, 

Elsi  van  Leuvel, 

Ludolph  Heinr.  Ludwig  Kiegel,  joiner, 

Johann  Jacob  Lents,  joiner, 

Johannes  Mecke,  joiner, 

Johann  George  Leytman,  joiner, 

Johann  Heinr.   Nurenberg,  baker, 

Heinrich  Siegmon  Zucker,  miller, 

Friederich  Knorr,  miller. 

Names  of  the  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Thomas 
Chalckley,  from  Rotterdam,  Capt  Robert  Rice.  Oct. 
13,  1795. 

Jon.  Henrick  Stiever, 
Jacob  Kernn, 
Jon.  Coenraied  Berkman, 
August  Ludwick  Hark, 
Fredrick  Kouflour, 
Johanes  Bruyn, 
Hendrack  Diearman, 
Liena  Sudiea, 
Maria  Roenes, 
George  Bloodhart, 
Hendrick  Donnett, 
Jan.  David  Benter, 
John  Harps, 

Johannes  Miller, 
Joseph  Crumber, 
Josshiea  Berkman, 
Louis  Hark, 
Jon.  Fill  Graftt, 
Fredrick  Sevou  Boone, 
Cathn.  Elisabeth  Frielang, 
Julina  Wieling, 
Rebecca  Velveriss, 
John  Mesner, 
Fredrick  Fiering, 
Jan.  Fredrick  Sckierer, 
Jurien  Roode. 



Anna  Kiirter, 
Micliol  Antony, 
Ciirieliena  Gain, 
Peter  Hansen, 
Lotte  Kenipers, 
Joliana  Everstene, 
Eva  Maria  iScutts, 
Jacob  Williams, 
Peter  Niewill, 
Jacob  Rnbhel, 
Earnft  Leamen, 
Cathirina  Keatrer. 
Mathias  Everstine, 
Hendriciv  Rintrop, 
Carolina  Rinetrop, 
Hendrick  Rinetrop, 
Marj^riatha  Trapp, 
Pliilip  Chen, 
Johana  Crutte, 
Grasper  Booms, 
Gorit  Frieser, 
Jan  Newinghnzen, 
Arnoldes  Niewinghuzen, 
David  Pristore, 
John  Brldenba, 
Fredrich  cJtones, 

Mietie  Roode, 
WilHam  Dieckman, 
William  Hendrick, 
Fredrick  Stratsburg, 
Elisebeth  Kloss, 
Jacob  Scntts, 
Jacob  Frederick  Scutts, 
Jolian  Wilhelm  Oartan, 
Gerard  Peisons, 
-JPredrica  Rnbbel, 
Jnr  Jacob  Keatrer, 
Elisaebeth  Van  Orn, 
Jon.  Hendrick  Bearin  Boone, 
Elisabeth  Rintrop, 
Fredrick  Rinetrop, 
John  Conrad  Hubner, 
Daniel  Allen. 
Christinea  Clien, 
John  Allof, 
Gasper  Hierman, 
Johannes  Bolb, 
Mariea  Molendel, 
Jacobus  Hutchins.sen, 
Johanes  Selb, 
John  Nechlos  Koutz, 
Cf.   Charlotte  Meyer. 

List  ok  Passengers  on  Boarp  the  Brig  Friendship, 
Nathan  Clarke,  Master  from  Amsterdam.  Nov.  17, 

Doctor  of  M.  &  D.  D. ,  J.   De  Jongh. 

Christian  Westfahlen,  his  wife  and  two  children. 

C.  A.  F.  Otto,  his  wife  and  three  children. 

Elizabeth  Seibel  an<l  child 

Jolian  Nickel,  his  wife  and  two  children. 

Johan  Ulrich    Ammer,  his  wife  and  six  children. 

Hen  rich  Schroider,  his  wife  and  child. 

Michael  Faust,  his  wife  and  three  children 

Christian  Moller  his  wife  and  child 

Barbara  Ga.5s  and  child. 

.Tohan  Peter  Blankard,  his  wife  and  child. 

Daniel  George  Schailer,  his  wife  and  two  children. 



Anna  Gabriels. 

Jolian  Geenan. 

Nicholas  Schreb. 

Conrad  Kratz. 

Cornelle  Casaly. 

Leonard  Evers. 

Anna  Elizabeth  Durmans. 

Casi^er  Henkel. 

Johan  Michael  Lehr. 

Conrad  Fryberger. 

Johan  Justus  Wiel. 

Johan  Jacolj  Herman!. 

Johan  Frans  Pflaume. 

Anna  Elizabeth  Dalhoff. 

Johan  Christoph  Rhode. 

Jan  Berler. 

Johan  Jacob  Vander  BiecJielaar. 

Johan  Christian  Nagel. 

Johan  Godfried  Pflag. 

Mai-ia  Kegelin. 

Johannes  Kerkhuis. 

Klaas  Peters 

Harnian  Henkel. 


The  Names  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Brig  Mary, 
FROM  Hamburg  to  Pnit-ADEiiPHiA,  Wm.  Bei,i<,  Master. 
Nov.,  1793. 

Jonathan  Reynolds, 
Christian  Fried r.  Schaaf. 
Johann  Friedr.   Rudolphi, 
Charles  Moelien, 
Michael  van  Kuk  and  wife, 
Conrad  Kreuser, 
Christian  Samuel  Michael. 
Christoph  Ijupach, 
Mathias  Friesd, 
Johann  George  Zurikel, 
Johann  Koelling, 
Johann  Schomermel, 
Johann  Gottfred  Kaelbel, 
Phillip  Jacob  Volmer. 
Christoph  Brickmann, 

Andrew  Benade, 
Madame  Schaaf, 
David  M.   Michael, 
Carl  Ludwig  Schmid, 
Heinrich  Danker  and  wife, 
Christian  Gottlob  Paulus, 
Johann  Gottfried  Pictsch, 
Gottlieb  Byhan, 
Heiirich  Matthiesen, 
Carl  Kayne, 
Henrich  Poppe. 
H enrich  Meitzel, 
Carl  Gottleben, 
Carl  Witte, 
Henrich  AVitrand, 

arriving;  t\  pknnsylv^ania. 


Christian  Friedr.  BlHiue. 

Benjamin  Augst, 

JuLiauu  Cliristoph  Su\  friiuuiii 

Johann  Gottlob  Schwartz, 

Johann  Adam  Kreyii, 

Andrew  Uhle, 

George  ]iernhard  Schranini, 

Johann  August  Geiger, 

Friedrick  Wilhehu  Mayer, 

Anna  Peterson, 

Cliristian  Heinrich  Malehowff, 
Johann  11  niipe, 
.  Johann  Ga!<per  Frisch, 
Friedr.  Wilhehu  Herzog, 
Johann  Carl  Weiss, 
FriedricJi  Uhle, 
Johann  Conrad  Philip  Geiger, 
Phillip  Gottlob  Frank, 
Christina  Friederica  Seybottin. 

List  of  Passkngers  Arrivkd  in  thk  Brig  Minkrva, 
Capt.  James  Sxeli.,  Master,  from  Hamburg.  Dec.  15, 

Johan  Jacob  Behn, 
Geoi'ge  Yoder  Horst, 
Jacob  Dilhnan, 
Christian  Herder, 
Marie  Lothavina  SchreiVjer, 
Johannes  Schrei, 
Marie  Marietta  Daub, 
Friederich  Peking, 
Andreas  Vitsta'ch, 
Johannes  Birkelbach, 
Henry  Louis  Martander, 
Johan  Brazilius  Moller, 

Andrias  Ducheue, 
Gerlach  Liif, 
Anna  Maria  Dillman, 
Johannes  Peter  Schreiber, 
Henii-ich  Ahlmann, 
Johannes  Daub, 
Dilhnan  us  Daub, 
Jacob  <Jhristoph  Schnnrer, 
Daniel  Schorrer, 
Heinrich  Rittner, 
Margaretta  Carolina  Elizabetta 


IjISt   of    Passengers  on    Board    the    Ship    Henry    and 
Charles,  from  Hamburgh.     March  29,  1790. 

Catherine  Claussen,  .         I^icholas  Bowers. 

Passengers  on  Board  the  Brig   Molly,  Wm    Campbell, 
Master,  from  Hamburgh.     April  13,  1796. 

Job.   B()<lt^i. 



A  List  of  Passengers  o:>f  Board  the  Ship  America,  from 
Hamburgh,    Capt.   James  Ewing.     Junk  3,  1796. 

Christian  Martin  Oldenburg,       Maria  Elizabeth  Oldenburg, 

H enrich  Oldenburg, 
Ludwick  Graff, 
Geo.  Frederick  Reguit, 
Johan  H.  Brurcke, 
Ohristfan  Rauiskarl, 
Margaret  Frieds, 
Edward  Boyson, 

Christiana  Oldenburg, 
Lois  Wernick, 
Christopher  Roller, 
George  Plumstock, 
Ludwig  Frieds, 
Andrew  Zeifs. 

List  of  Passengers  ox   Board  the  Ship  Harriet  Balti- 
more, Capt.  Thomas  W.  Norman.     .Fuxk  17,  1796. 

Fedrick  Moller, 
(Miristen  Less, 

Fedrick  Harrshoff, 

List  of   Passengers   on  Board  the  Ship  Harmony,  Cap- 
tain James  Moore,  from  Hamburg.     July  35,  1796. 

Joh.  Gobhard  Cunow, 
Augusta  Henrieta  Cunow, 
Johanna  Lehmann, 
Johann  Christian  Ebbeke, 
Joseph  Metzler, 
Gustar  Lukendoff, 
Louis  Marquis  Rangoree, 
Louis  Willinans, 
Earl  Gastell, 
Henry  Streider, 
Hannah  Dillon, 
Weigan  Miller, 
Frederick  Clear, 
Just.  H.   Vaspar, 
William  GilJand, 

Beniciua  Sophia  Cunow, 
Carolina  Louise  Cunow, 
Johann  Caspar  Freytag, 
Johann  Gottlable  Rentrer, 
Jean  Baptist  Chauibaud, 
Ludewig  Krumbharr, 
Johan  Nyromeen  Geetze, 
Cristopher  Cake, 
Cliarlotte  Philippine  Cunow, 
Hannah  Streider, 
Jolm  Otto, 
Fredk.  Jjong, 
John  Glassniann, 
John  Long, 
Christian  Denny, 

Anna  Denny  &  three  children,  John  Wall, 




Joliii  Vouiij^, 
Frederick  Goodry, 
Gunther  AValspir, 
John  Walsh, 
William  Gillihan, 

Christian  Sholtz, 
Benjamin  Ganny, 
George  Walsh, 
John  I'"'ukeenner. 

Passkxgkhs  on  Board  thk   Biiici  Mary.  Oapt.  Earl,  f 
Hambirg.     JuiiY  30,  17!>G. 

Name.  I 

William  Hlppenst.'el,  farmer,     

Ann  Sophia  liippenstiel,  woman, 

Ann  Justina  Hippenstiel,  woman, 

Mary  Elisabeth  Hipjienstiel,  wonum, 

John  Weber,  farmer, 

Mary  Elisth.  Wolf,  woman 

Conrad  Bald,  farmei',      

Ann  Sophia  Bald,  woman, 

Frederic  Bald,  farmer, .... 

Christina  Bald,   woman,  and  one  ciiild  G  mth.  old,     .... 

Jost  Flemmer,  farmer, 

Ann  Gertrout  Koenig.  woman,     ...  

John  Jost  Menn    smith 

Ann  Mary  Menn,  woman,  and  one  child  of  1  year,     .... 

Elisabeth  Menn,  w'oman,      

Philip  Menn,  farmer, 

John  George  Menn,  farmer 

Ann  Catharine  Menn,  girl, 

John  Henry  Meini,  boy, 

George  WilUam  Menn,  boy,    .... 

Jost  Henry  Menn,  boy 

John  Jost  Bickel,  farmer, 

Mary  Cath.  Weyand 

Jost  Aflerbach,  smith,      

John  Henry  Greve,  farmer 

Ann  Elisabeth  Greve,        

Mary  Elisabeth  Gre^e, 

Jost  Strackbein,  farmer,      

Ann  Mary  Strackbein 

Mary  Eli.sabeth  Strackbein, 

Jost  Henry  Strackbein,  farmer, 

Valentine  Strackbein,  farmer, 

Ciitharine  Strackbein, 







Name.  Age. 

John  Jost  Strackbein,  child,      5 

Christoph  Raff,  fanner, 21 

John  Ulvich  Frauk,  farmer, 20 

Philip  Widman,  fa,i-mer, 18 

Philip  Mayer,  farmer, 20 

John  TTlrich  Kusinaul,  farmer 18 

Frederic  Seyfried,  farmer,       20 

George  Spies,  farmer, 26 

Elisabeth  Spies,  one  child  1  month  old 26 

Ludwick  Strackbein,  taylor,      30 

Richard  Stremmel,  farmer, 35 

Elisa  Gertrout  Strennnel, 36 

Ann  Gertrout  Stremmel, 20 

Ann  Catharine  Stremmel, 18 

Caspar  Spies,,  taylor, 50 

George  Spies,  farmer, 22 

Philip  Spies,  farmer,      20 

Henry  Eckart,  farmer,      19 

Pens  Bauman,  farmer 19 

John  Jost  Voelkel,  farmer, 27 

Mary  CatharineVoelkel,  one  child  1  mth.  old,      26 

George  Sasmanshaus,  farmer, 22 

George  Walter,  smith, 26 

Sophia  Schreckegast 22 

Philip  Strackbein,  farmer, 36 

Ann  Gertrout  Strackbein, 37 

Christian  Strachbein,  farmer,    .    .        16 

Ann  Elisabeth  Strackbein,      14 

Catharine  Strackbein 12 

Elisabeth  Strackbein, 10 

Daniel  Strackbein 8 

John  Henry  Strackbein, 6 

John  Jost  Strackbein, 3 

George  Lud.  Henk,   wheeler, 32 

Ann  Mary  Henk, 25 

Mary  Elisabeth  Henk, 50 

Ann  Gertrout  Henk, 24 

Ann  Elisabeth  Henk, 14 

John  George  Henk, 11 

John  Jost  Henk, ,. 8 

John  Henry  Henk 7 

Philip  Henk 4 

Jost  Bald,  farmer, 36 

Ann  Mary  Bald,        33 

Ann  Sophia  Bald, 20 


Name.  '  Age. 

Mary  Elisabeth  I>akl 12 

John  Jost  Bald, 9 

Louisa  Hald,  and  one  child  of  2  years,      G 

Jacob  Gladen,  farmer, 28 

Mary  Gladea, 28 

John  (i laden 5 

Pliilip   Miller,  smith,      26 

Elisabeth  Miller, 23 

George  Koch,      40 

Mary  Liinda  Koch 40 

Josrr,  Henry  Koch, 11 

Elisabeth  Koch, 7 

Jacob  Rudolph,  carpenter.      50 

Ann  Mary  Rutlolph 48 

Mary  (]!atharine   Rudolph 18 

Christian  Rudolph,      ig 

Abraham  Rudolph,      14 

Mary  Ann  Rudolph 7 

Francis  Rudolph 5 

George  Deiniger,      37 

Regma  Deiniger,  with  two  children. 24 

William  Deiniger 16 

Catharine  Deiniger 14 

Michael  Deiniger      12 

Lena  Elis.  Deiniger, 18 

Messr.  Joseph  Donatt  &  nis  Lady,  cabin  passengers. 

JjISt  of  Passk^tgers  by  the  Brig  Amiable  Matilda,  Capt. 
Michael  Burke,  from  Hamburg.     [No  Date.] 

Daniel  Godlob  Strabe,  Daniel  Sehwartzstrauber, 

Jaoob  Sehwartzstrauber,  Johannes  Dihring. 

List  of  Passengers  by  the  S\ow   Industry,  Capt.  Rob- 
ert Miller,  from  Bremen.     [No  Date.] 

William  Spickwall,  man,  Johanna  Dinnee,  woman. 

Anna  Maria  Holm,  woman, 



List  of  Passengers  on  Board  Ship  CoiiUMBiA,  Capt.  Wil- 
liam Maley.     [No  Date.  ] 

Hind  Jager, 
Gottlieb  Jager, 
Frantz  Jager, 
Fred.  Willi.  Ibach, 
Frelia  Ibach, 
Gottlieb  Ibach, 
Giedion  Ibach, 
Biniainin  Hiitz, 
Hindraieta  Hiitz, 
Joh.  Peter  Hiitz, 
Abrm.  Kornbusch, 
Chrifetiau  Zeger, 
Peter  Bond, 
Peter  Horsberg, 
Engel  Tesche, 
Helena  Hasendever, 
Lodewig  Estinghausen, 
Johannes  Mayweg, 
Willie! ui  Mayweg, 
Jacob  Henn, 
Arnold  Muller, 
Alidar  von  Kempen, 
Raegus  von  Kempen, 
C.  Hend.  von  Lohn, 
C.  Doretha  Ibach, 
Carl  Fred.  Ibach, 
C.  Wilhelniina  Ziiters, 
Wilhelmina  Ziiters, 
Dort.  Drucks, 
O.  Margreta  Hanimes, 
Gottlieb  Hammes, 
Joh.  Peter  Hammes, 
Johannes  Hammes, 
Carlina  Hammes, 
Willi  elm  Hanimes, 
Arnold  Gran, 
Margreta  Berteram, 
Joh.  Hiersfeld. 
Gottlieb  Kuhler, 
An.  Catrina  Wilhelm, 
Johannes  Wilhelin, 
Arnold  Sehniter, 

Catrina  Jager, 
Fei'd.  Jager, 
Wilhelmina  Jager, 
Magdalena  Ibach, 
Franfczsisca  Ibach, 
Ferdenand  Ibach, 
Justaff  Ibach, 
Margreta  Hiitz, 
Carlina  Hiitz, 
Carl  Hiitz. 
Joh.  Lindeman, 
Danil  Kiilih, 
Abrm.  Woifers, 
Adam  Zeiseler, 
Catrina  Tesche, 
Peter  Heller, 
Wilhelm  Hemmeruhs, 
I  sack  Mayweg, 
Wilhelm  Prucks, 
Johanes  Berker, 
Bernadus  von  Kempen, 
Elisabeta  von  Kempen, 
Biniamin  Schlieper, 
Carl  Ibach. 
Fredr.  Dort.  Ibach, 
Carl  Ziiters, 
Derth.  Ziiters. 
Jana  Ziiters, 
Wilhelm  Hammes, 
Abramina  Hammes, 
C.  W.  Hammes, 
Abrm.   Eieher  Hammes, 
Wilhelmina,  Hammes, 
Lowise  Hanimes, 
Abrm.  Berger, 
Wilhelm  Berteram, 
Dort  Berteram, 
Catrina  Marg.  Hiersfeld, 
Andreus  Wilhelm, 
Elisabeta  Wilhelm, 
Margreta  Sehniter, 
Abrm.  Sehniter, 



Abraham  Hohenholt/, 
Catrina  HoheiilKjltz, 
Davitl  Hoheuliolrz, 
Dort.  Freclericlis, 

Jacob  Schneider, 
Hars  Ijuliiiwiiin, 
Joh.   Meckels, 
Giedriit  Klein, 
Willieuiiua  Klein, 
J.  Peter  Klein, 
J.   H.  von  (ler  ]\.hll, 
Prantzcisell  Westliofi", 
Gronirnus  Westhoff, 
Joh.  Peter  Scluiiiv, 
A.  Mar}^.  Scluiir, 
Peter  Halbach, 
Helena  Halbach, 
Wilhelinina  Halbach, 
Peter  J.  l^luniljach, 
Carl  Blumbach, 
Eli.sabeta  Hodenbacli, 
Abrni.  Hoden1)ach, 
Jaeb  Hodenbach, 
Gottheb  Forhoff, 
Daniel  Alte, 
Dort  Bonsniann, 
Isack  Kulienl)erg, 
Jolianna  M.  Herder, 
Wilhelinina  Fredericks, 
Jacob  Lingenfelder, 
Gierdruth  Brockelniann 
Al)rin.   Brockelniann, 
Carl  Briickehnann, 

jlar^^rcra  Hohenholtz, 
Abrni.   Hohenholtz, 
HciMuann  Frt^lerich  ;. 
Abrni.   Hilt/., 
Tender  Meyniann, 
Jiii-f^en  Mise, 
Peter  Klein, 
Catrinu  Klein, 
Lowisa  Klein, 
W.   Bachlcikirken, 
Frantz  We.srholT, 
A.  Mar{^reta  Westhoh. 
Wilhelin  WesthotT, 
Anna  Catrina  SchatV. 
Barbera  Jjethar, 
Gierdruth  Halbach, 
Dort.    Halliach, 
Gottlieb  Halbach, 
('a.  Mary^reta  Blunibacli, 
Teodor  Hodenbach, 
Williehuina  Hodenbach, 
Isaak  Hodenl)ach, 
Binianiin  Hoden))ach, 
George  Baner, 
Docktonr  Straus, 
Nelle  Borneniann, 
Wilhelniina  Knllenlierg, 
Abrm.  Frederichs, 
Carl  W.  Frederichs, 
Wiib.  Brockelniann, 
Wilhelinina  Brockelniann, 
AVilhelin  lirockelmann. 

A  List  of  Passexgkrs  by  the  Ship  Jeax,  Capt.   Daxiki; 
McPhkiiso;\'.  from  Hambi'iig.     [No  Date.  ] 

Name.  Ar/e. 

Adolph  Hoofenagel. /31 

Anna  l\!aria  Hoote  i.4gel, 4G 

Anna  Barbara  Hoofenagel,      ]8 

30-VoL.  XVII. 


Name.  Age. 

Anna  Sabina  Hofenagel, 16 

Adolph  Hoofenagel .    .      13 

Johannes  Hoofenagel, 11 

John  Adam  Hoofenagel, 8 

Barbara  Elizabeth  Hoofenagel 6 

Johannes  Eckart, 45 

Elizabeth  Eckart,     .    .    ■ • 44 

Anna.  Sabina  Eckart, 20 

Schiilota  Eckart, 18 

Elizabeth  Eckart, 16 

Johannes  Eckart, 14 

Gatrina  Eckart, 13  Eckart, 6 

Justus  Eckart, 5 

Daniel  Stenger, 40 

Anna  Sophia  Stenger, 35 

Gatrina  Stenger, 15 

Johannes  Stenger, 13 

Daniel  Stenger, 9 

S^ritz  Stenger ,        5 

George  Stenger , 1|- 

Johannes  Gordon, 37 

Anna  Margreta  Gordon, 34 

Anna  Mai-greta  Gordon, 13 

Elizabeth  Gordon, 11 

Lova  Gordon, 7 

Johannes  Gordon, , 3^^ 

Johan  Andreas  Vernike, 

Car]  Cliristian  Blume, 

John  George  Vrick, 

Cliristian  Lambe, 

Gotlib  Ernst  Graflf, 

Johan  Daniel  Panlie, 

Hieronimtis  Nicolas  Heitman, 

Carl  Beulow,  wife  and  son, 

Didi'ich  Beulow  and  wife, 

Cyprian  Wilhner, 

Christian  Nicolas  Phemoler, 

Francis  Mayerhoof, 

Peter  Malow, 

Alexander  Malow, 

Mr.  Livingston,  a  citizen  of  New  York. 



LiSTK  DKS  PaSSAGKRS  A  POUII   1)1'  Vaisskau  Hollaxd,  Com- 

Crentien  Achenback, 

Anne  Marie  Alirenholtz, 

Justine  Bluliiu, 

Jean  liuin, 

Jean  Beltz, 

Jean  Beltz, 

KrafTt  Beltz, 

Jean  Henry  Beitzel, 

Marie  Catherine  Beitzel, 

Catherine  Bentfern, 

Refjine  Elisabeth  Baldt, 

Catherine  Baldt, 

Jean  Henry  Baldt, 

Gnillauine  Baldt, 

Jean  Josse  Baldt, 

Jean  Eckhardt, 

George  Eckhardt, 

Sophie  Eckhardt. 

•Jean  Georj^e  Foebel, 

Frederic  Fobel, 

Fridriqiie  Foebel, 

Jean  Nicolas  Fischer, 

Anne  Marie  Friel)e, 

Jean  George  Friebe, 

Chretien  Friebe, 

Jean  Fobel, 

Chretien  Friedrich, 

.Tean  Friedrich, 

Jean  George  Friedrich. 

Henry  Fi-anck, 

Henry  Franck, 

Catherine  Franck, 

Anne  Franck. 

Fredric  Giiillaiime  Fischbach, 

Fredric  Fijbel, 

.Taques  Grote, 

George  Grnbe, 

Henriette  Horchler, 

Adolph  Horchler, 

Marie  Kh'sabeth  Hencke, 

Anne  Marie  Hencke, 

Chretien  Hencke, 

Adolph  Arenholtz, 
Antoine  Binhni, 
Dani»'l  Bard, 
•Justine  liorn, 
Sophie  Beltz, 
Anne  Elisabeth  Beltz, 
George  Beltz, 
('atherine  Beitzel, 
George  Bandholtz. 
Guillaume  Baldt. 
Fredrique  Foebel, 
Snsette  Baldt, 
Anne  Marie  Baldt, 
Jean  Henrj^  Baldt, 
Dietrich  Baldt, 
Catharine  Eckhardt, 
Marie  Eckhardt, 
Jean  Engel, 
Anne  Marie  Foebel, 
Conradine  Foebel, 
George  Fredric, 
Jean  Friebe, 
M.  Catherine  Friebe, 
Jean  Henry  Friebe, 
Jean  Angust  Frank, 
Catherine  Fobel, 
Catherine  Friedrich, 
Catherine  Friedrich, 
Guillaume  Friedrich, 
Marie  Franck, 
Jean  Franck, 
Madelon  Franck, 
ElisaVjeth  Franck, 
Elisabeth  Fischbach, 
Madelon  Fobel, 
Jean  Jaques  Giirther, 
Chretien  Horchler, 
CMiarlotte  Horchler, 
Chretien  Hencke, 
Marie  Catherine  Hencke, 
Jean  Josse  Hencke. 
Jean  George  Hencke, 



Jean  George  Hencke,  senior, 

Jean  Hencke, 

Catherine  Hencke, 

Jean  George  Hencke,  junior, 

Chretienne  Hencke, 

Louise  Hencke, 

Jean  Josse  Junge, 

Elisabeth  Jung, 

Daniel  Jung, 

Henrj^  Jung, 

PhiHpp  Kahm, 

Clireteinne  Kel^erin, 

Marie  Elisabeth  Lepold, 

Valentin  Ijepold, 

Jean  Lepold, 

Jean  Lei  be, 

Louise  Lepold, 

George  Lepold, 

Chretienne  Lepold, 

Anne  Elisabeth  MuUerin, 

Conrad  Metzger, 

Jaqnes  Metzger, 

Jean  Miiller, 

Chretein  Pfeil, 

GuiMaumette  Pfeil, 

Daniel  Pfeil, 

Madelon  Pfeil, 

George  Petry, 

Marie  Gertrude  Pheil, 

Jean  Pheil, 

Elisabeth  Gertrude  Pheil, 

Marie  Margaretha  Pheil, 

Jean  Reinhard, 

Marie  Rath, 

M'arie  Elisabeth  Rath, 

Anne  Marie  Rath, 

Conrad  Riehl, 

Jean  Riel, 

Catherine  Riehl, 

Catherine  Risstein, 

Gottlob  Schultz, 

Chretien  Sassuiann, 

Josse  Sassmann, 

George  Sassmann, 

Anne  Marie  Saltzmannin. 

Anne  Marie  Sassmannhaus/,,' 

Elisabeth  Hencke, 
Madelon  Hencke, 
George  Hencke, 
Chretien  Hencke, 
Jean  Hencke, 
George  Daniel  Hencke, 
Catherine  Junge, 
Jean  Junge, 
George  Junge, 
Marie  Jung, 
Henry  Kauffmann, 
Valentin  Ijepold, 
Anne  Marie  Lei^old, 
Jaques  Lepold, 
Jean  Philipp  Lepold, 
Jean  Lepold, 
Valentin  Lepold, 
Charles  Lepold, 
Tjouise  Lepold, 
Henry  Meyer, 
Daniel  Metzger, 
Jean  Miesse, 
Pierre  Pfeil, 
Anne  Marie  Pfeil, 
Anne  Elisabeth  Pfeil, 
Conrad  Pfeil. 
Catherine  Pfeil, 
Jean  Henry  Pheil, 
Marie  Elisaberh  Pheil, 
Jean  Josse  Pheil, 
Catherine  Elisabeth  Pheil, 
Jean  Jost  Risstein, 
Bernard  Rath, 
Marie  Rath, 
George  Henry  Rath, 
Nicolas  Rath, 
Catherine  Riehl, 
George  Adam  Riehhl, 
Jaques  Risstein, 
Christine  Risstein, 
— —  Schweinitz, 
Marie  Sassmann, 
Elisabeth  Sassmann, 
Gertrude  Sassmann, 
Fredric  Sassmannshausz, 
George  Guillme  Sassmanhausz, 





(Teorge  Henry  Schreckegast, 
Marie  hjlisabeth  Schreckegast, 
(reorge  Schreckei^ast, 
Krafft  Scliueidei-, 
Josse  Schneider, 
Oatharine  Schmidt, 
Marie  iT-lisaheth  Schmidt, 
Justine  Schmidt, 
George  Spiess, 
Henry  Josepli  Schmidt, 
Jean  Josse  Scijueider, 
Jaqiies  Schneider, 
George  Schneider, 
Jjouise  Schneider, 
Marie  Schneider, 
AnnH  Stegm idler, 
Elisa'jeth  Schneider, 
Jean  Schneider, 
George  Scliinidt, 
Catlierine  Spiess, 
Krafft  Spiess, 
Giiillanme  Schneider, 
Louise  Sclineider, 
George  Schneider, 
Elisabeth  Marie  Schneider, 
Elisabeth  Schneider, 
Jean  Thum. 
Guillaume  Vogel. 
Krafft  Vfilckel. 
George  Volckel, 
Anne  Elisabeth  Volckel, 
]\Iarie  Catherine  Volckel, 
Catherine  Weber, 
Jean  Weber, 

Jean  Henry  Wiedersprecher, 
Krafft  Wied, 
Francois  Wied, 
Sophie  Wied, 
George  Wunderlich, 
Marie  Gertrude  Wagner, 
Jean  Ohrerien  Wagner, 
Marie  Catherine  Wuchbohrin, 
Pierre  Weber, 
Henry  Wulff, 
Elisabeth  Wnlff, 
Jean  Widir, 
Marie  Pheilin. 

Sophie  Schreckegast, 
Floriane  Schreckegast, 
Daniel  Schreckegast, 
Marie  Elisabeth  Schneider, 
Josse  Schmidt, 
Jaques  Schmidt, 
Marie  Schmidt, 
Guiliaumette  Schmidt, 
Jaques  Saltzmann, 
Josse  Stanger, 
Margarethe  Schneider, 
Louis  Schneider, 
Christine  Schneider, 
Justine  Schneider, 
Adam  Stegmiiller, 
Jean  Henry  Schneider, 
August  Sander, 
Catherine  Schneider, 
Francois  Spiess, 
George  Spiess, 
George  Speiss, 
Catlierine  Schneider, 
Chretienne  Schneider, 
Chretien  Schneider, 
Guiliaumette  Schneider, 
Jean  Schneider, 
Anne  Elisabeth  Thum, 
Dorothea  Voogel, 
Marie  Catherine  Volckel, 
Philipp  Volckel, 
Florentine  Volckel, 
Josse  Weber, 
Catherine  Webe. , 
Marie  Elisabeth  Weber, 
Anne  Elisabeth  Weberinn, 
Justine  Wied, 
Chretien  AVied, 
George  Wied, 
Jean  Wagner, 
Marie  Wagner, 
Jean  Conrad  Wagner, 
Jean  Wunderlich, 
Anne  Weber, 
Anne  Wulff, 
Jean  Wulff, 
K  raff  c  Weber, 
Freulin  Harriet  Kinc. 



Mr.  Soss, 
Mr.  Soss,  jr., 
Mr.  Holbecker, 
Napper  Tandy,  Esq., 

Cabin  Passengers. 

Madame  Soss, 
Mr.  Biilfuld, 
Mr.  Holbeck. 

Passengers  by  the  Ship  Voltaire,  Ezra  Bowen,  Master, 
FROM  Hamburg.     August  29,  1796. 

Joseph  Douey, 
Leon  Masan, 
Henry  Mayerhoff, 
Frederic  Damisch. 
Andrew  Zeinier, 

Gabriel  Brehant, 
John  F.  Gianque, 
Jacob  Hebb  &  wife. 
Frederic  Gotlieb  Friz, 
Noel  Senison. 

List  op  Passengers  per  Ship  Concorb,  John  Thompson, 
Master,  from  Amsterdam.     October  15,  1796. 

John  W.  Godfrey,  of  Philadelphia. 

Fredrick  Habel,        ) 

Julian  Robreacht,    i 
Rochus  Sylva, 
Herman  us  Joseph  us  Sylva, 
Bebramvis  Josephus  Reus, 
Hermanns  Josephus  Reus, 
Anna  Maria  Elisabeth  Reu 

-    servts.  to  John  W.  Godfrey. 

Maria  Christina  Sylva, 
Mai-ia  Thereza  Sylva, 
Maria  Dorothea  Reus, 
Antonius  Reus, 
Mathieu  De  Prez. 

List  of   Passengers  on  Board   the  Ship  Bachus,  Capt. 
Richard  George,  prom  Hamburg.     Oct.    15,  1796. 

Augusta  Mai'ia  Fischer,  the  mother. 

Frederica  Augusta  Amalia  Boetzsch,  born  Fischer. 

Albertine  Henrietta  Carolina  Fischer. 

Johanna  Augusta  Adolphinna  Fischer. 

Augusta  Sopliia  Juliana  Fischer. 

Frederich  Fischer. 


Carl  Fischer. 
Adolph  Fischer. 
Johan  Boetzsch. 
Ernst  Neumann. 
Henry  Moellinger, 
Johannes  Guth. 

List  of  Passengers   ox   Board  the   Ship  Mary,  Samuel 
Parker,  Master,  from  Hamburg.     Oct.  20,  1796. 

Colonel  More  de  Pontgebeau.      Johan  Venbleck. 

List  of  Passengers   on   Board  the   Brig  Polly,  Capt. 

William  Campbell,  from  Hamburg.     Oct.  24,  1796. 
Thomas  H.  Pratt,  Jno.  Metzger, 

Will.  Erpson,  Bartw.  Orron. 

A  List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  America,  Capt. 
James  Ewing,  from  Hamburg.     Oct.  24,  1791. 

1j.  C.  B.  Orleans,  Peter  Bodevain, 

Mr.  Denion,  Nicholas  Mascard, 

William  Leamford,  Alexander  Joseph  Lefever, 

Harmon  Sase,  John  East. 
Mathias  Dembrouiskie, 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  Ship  George  of  Port- 
land, Francis  Waite,  Master,  from  Rotterdam.  Oct. 
26,  1796. 

Peter  Casper  Kimpel,  Anna  Gertruth  Kimpel, 

Johann  Abram  Kimpel,  Johann  Arnold  Jansen, 

Heinrich  Sartou,  Andrew  Hegenbein, 



Wilhelm  Jansen, 

Cornelia  Creiner, 

efeorge  Walter, 

Mathias  AValter, 

Alida  Walter, 

Carolina  Dan  Streven, 

Catharina  Sanders, 

Maria  Magdalena  Hehmann, 

Nathaniel  Hehmann, 

Christoph  Clausen, 

Adam  Keb, 

Mina  Keb, 

Abraham  Blumhost, 

Gertruth  Rcemer, 

Rulophs  Sohnuth, 

Anna  Gertruth  Testhe, 

Isaac  Testhe, 

Johannes  Testhe, 

Peter  Orth, 

Catharina  Orth, 

Stephen  Ortli, 

Anna  Gertruth  Friebaldt, 

Helena  Questro, 

Abram  Nippes, 

Wilhelm  Nippes, 

Martin  Wansther, 

Catharina  Hesthsthin, 

Wilhelm  Hesthsthin, 

Elizabeth  Cirokler, 

Helena  Meyerin. 

Perer  Valtk, 

Lorentz  Demeer, 

Anna  Catharina  Franck, 

Anna  Kau, 

Anna  Catharina  Hoohstin, 

Catharina  Brook, 

Hanna  Brook, 

Anna  Eliz.  Knipping, 

Jacob  Knipping, 

Anna  Elizabeth  Schroader 

H.  Cath.  Kruins, 

Helena  Meyer, 

Cecilia  Meyer, 

Philipp  Neuhost, 

Heinrith  Soli  watt er, 

Theordor  Schreiber, 

Johanna  Amend, 

Christiana  Trossenberg, 

Alida  Walter, 

Peter  Walter, 

Elizabeth  Manime, 

Maria  Si  mans, 

Henerieu  Hehmann, 

Samuel  Hehmann, 

Christox^h  Ott  Kamptz, 

Catharina  Elizabeth  Clausen, 

Elizabeth  Keb, 

Simon  Abraham, 

Wilhelm  Roemer, 

Gertruth  Roemer, 

Isaac  Testhe, 

Wilhelmina  Testhe, 

Daniel  Testhe, 

Anna,  Catharina  Testhe, 

Catharina  Orth, 

Brigita  Orth. 

Anton  Friebaldt, 

Ary  Questro, 

Anna  Christina  Nippes, 

Daniel  Nippes, 

Anna  Catharina  Nippes, 

Thomas  Hesthsthin, 

Frona  Hesthsthin, 
Dorir  Hesthsthin, 

Johannes  Denorn, 

Ludwig  Gumder, 

Catharina  Groth, 
Elizabeth  Forss, 

Maria  Graeffin, 

Maria  Catharina  Hoohstin, 
Wilhelmina  Hoohstin, 
Anna  Catharina  Brook, 
Carl  AV.  Brook, 
Anna  Marg  Knipping, 
Cathrina  Danitkers, 
Gertruth  Schroader, 
Christina  Ludwig  Meyer, 
(Jarolina  Meyer, 
Johann  Friederich  Schroeder, 
Friederith  Huth, 
Carolina  Schreiber, 
Anna  Maria  Vogel, 



Alida  Maria  Vogel, 

Joliaunes  Zeller, 

Anna  Gertruth  Roth, 

Sarah  Roth, 

Johannes  Rotli, 

Anna  Chariot ta  Roth, 

Friederiek  Breniic-ker, 

Anna  EhzaVietha  Futtinf?, 

Johanna  M.  Futting. 

Maria  Cathariua  Futting, 

Catharina  Stephans, 

Joh.  H.  Plade, 

j'ohann  Christophel  Plade, 

Joh.  Geo.  Plade. 

Anna  Maria  Plade, 

Abraham  Levi, 

Helena  Meyuers, 

Conrad  Marx, 

Matthew  J.  Weingarten, 

George  F.  C.  Friese, 

Heinrich  Klein, 

Saiiter  Philipp, 

Arnold  Kartiiause, 

Johann  G.  Leignes, 

Johanna  Eliz;al:)etha  Leigne?;, 

Carl  Alexander  lieiguerf, 

Johannes  Leigues, 

Anna  Stramann, 

Clasina  Rateninacher, 

Petronella  Boos, 

Peter  Tjibert, 

Johann  Gottlieb  Libert, 

Barbara  Aubie, 

Christian  Plnsel, 

Johannes  Rliinihare, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Rahel  Roth, 
Anna  Catharina  Roth, 
Anna  Maria  Roth, 
Hartiiiann  Teusfer, 
George  Michel  Futting, 
Peter  Johannes  Futting, 
Johann  H.  Futting, 
Peter  lifer. 
Elizabeth  Doos, 
Anna  Juliana  Plade, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Plade, 
A  mold  us  Plade, 
Gertruth  Plade, 
Johannes  Meyuers, 
Lanierdje  van  Kleve, 
Gerhard  us  Marx, 
Johann  Schneill, 
Walter  BetHer, 
Hertzog  Levi, 
Maria  Elis.  Legin, 
Joseph  Starck, 
Elisabeth  Leigues, 
Catliarina  Leigues, 
Johann  W.  Legiues, 
Johann  Ludwig  Joseph  Hansen, 
Johann  George  Fickkelie, 
Elizabetha  Becker, 
AVilhehn  Boos, 
Anna  VVilhelmina  Libert, 
Anna  Willhelmina  Libert, 
Herrmann  Hoommel. 
Engelina  Pinsel. 

A  List  of  Passengers  on  Board  thk  Ship  Two  Friends, 
Captain  Caleb  Hathaway,  from  Hamburg.  Oct.  31, 

Johan  Fredk.  Wille, 
Joachim  Valentine  Benthin, 
Fredk.  Wm.  Otto, 
CIn-istopher  Hamermann, 
John  Jodirm  Prit, 

Charles  Henry  Ferdenand, 

Wm.  Manfsin, 

Johan  Fortart. 

Charles  Christ.  Baxman, 

Wm.  Peter  Parits, 


David  Johnn,  Zacharias  Bricham, 

Frederick  Cliristoph  Brijehot,    John  David  Moeller, 

John  Barman,  John  Peter  Sawer, 

Charles  Fredk.  Klana,  John  Henry  Sclilotsnian, 

Christopher  Frederick  Dutent,   Adam  Charles  Stichet, 

John    Stichet,  Michael  H utter, 

Charles  Schaltser  and  wife,  John  Prinfinger, 

Christ.  Fredk.  Huna, 

Henry  Schwatz  and  wife  and  3  children, 

Joseph  Dominick  Millant,  Andreas  Zimdecker 

John  Henry  Hornberg, 

Moritz  Henry  Koepper  wife  &  one  child, 

Henry  Koeni^. 

The  Commissioners  of  Relief  to  Gov.  Mifflin. 

To  Thomas  Mifflin,  Qovernor  of  the  Commonwealth  of  Penn- 

The  Commissioners  appointed  by  the  Act  of  the  Legislature, 
dated  the  13th  day  of  January,  1796  to  afford  relief  to  certain 
distressed  French  Emigrants. 

Report  that  they  have  endeavored  to  fulfill  the  benevolent 
views  of  the  Legislature,  by  personally  distributing  the  sum 
of  fifteen  hundred  Dollars  granted  for  that  purpose,  in  money, 
wood,  cloathing,  and  other  necessaries,  to  about  two  hundred 
and  twenty  necessitous  French  People,  as  by  the  annexed 
Schedule;  many  of  whom  were  old,  and  some  of  them  lame, 
blind,  sick,  or  otherwise  nnable  to  support  themselves. 

It  was  a  very  seasonable  relief  to  them  during  the  last  win- 
ter, and  spring,  for  which  many  of  them  have  expressed  their 
gratitude,  on  leaving  the  Continent,  to  return  to  their  own 
country.  Others  remain,  endeavoring  to  habituate  them- 
selves to  our  language,  customs,  and  modes  of  life;  of  whom  a 
number  will  we  hope  in  future  be  able  to  gain  an  honest  liveli- 
hood, with  but  little  assistance  ;  yet  some  worthy  Individuals 
will  probably  continue  entirely  dependant  upon  the  aid  of 

Signed  in  Philadelphia  the  5th  day  of  November,  1796. 



An  Account  of  Money,  Food  and  Clothing,  distributed  Amongst 
the  Necessitous  French  Fmigrants  by  the  Commissioners 
named  in  the  Act  of  the  Legislature  of  Pennsylvania,  passed 
the  VSth  of  Jammry,  179G,  granting  Fifteen  Hundred  Dollars 
for  that  Purpose. 

Francis,  a  child  deserted. 

Morand,  aiul  child,  husband  abseijt. 

Ducasse,  3  children,  widow  aged. 

Martin  Grarnier,  woman  jjvegnant. 

li'leur  Delys  and  wife,  infirm. 

Chevernet,  two  women. 

Delame,  wife  and  2  children,  infirm. 

Clastner  and  son,  aged. 

Niel  and  wife,  infirm. 

Rigel,  man. 

Sophia  Polier,  young  woman. 

Felicite,  and  3  children,  lying-in. 

Widow  Paquot,  and  daughter. 

Widow  Darey,  woman  and  child. 

J.  Savage,  wife  and  3  children,  blind. 

Gaya  and  3  children,  sick. 

Widow  Belleyarde,  daughter  and  grandchild. 

Constance,  woman. 

Combilaire,  widow  with  3  children. 

Brestet,  widow,  and  daughter. 

Pestel,  man,  aged. 

Jean  Leuis,  man,  sick. 

Sophia  and  child. 

Caroline,  woman. 

Abzira,  woman. 

Coquigny,  woman  and  2  children. 

Francois  Laurent,  orphan  child. 

Sanitte,  woman. 

Henn,  man,  sick. 

Honen,  3  children. 

Luise,  a  child. 

Sylvie,  woman. 

Angele,  married  child. 

Justine,  woman. 

Adelaide  Andre  and  mother. 

Nanon  and  Charlorte,  women. 

Rosalie,  woman. 

Froment,  man. 

D'Owrle,  woman. 

Claire  and  Zayre,  women. 


Lavoche,  woman. 

Dan.  Saureani,  man. 

Faick,  Avife  and  3  children. 

Madelain,  and  2  children. 

Mane  Modat,  and  2  children. 

Tourtunce,  woman  and  child. 

Carrang,  and  2  children. 

Gemaine  Launay,  woman. 

Francois  Lersel,  destitute,  and  3  children. 

Belzan,  sick  man. 

Souchet,  aged  man. 

Sauvage,  sick  woman. 

Dermarets,  woman  and  2  orphans. 

Mallerive,  woman,  blind. 

Jonrdan,  sick  man. 


Lamouroat,  woman  and  daughter,  blind. 

Le  Grard,  sick  woman. 

Mail  lard. 

An  nay. 

Cockbnrn,  aged  man. 





La  Feve. 


Mechaud,  sick  man. 



Boudier,  old  woman  and  grandchild. 


St    Roiin. 











Leger,  old  woman,  lame. 








Olivier,  old  man  and  infant. 

Saxie,  widow,  sister  and  o  cliildi-en. 

Gue,  widow  and  0  children. 





Leberte.  \ 




Rose  Genian,  man  and  wife,  aged. 

Bedane,  aged. 

Cornel  He  Jnene,  a  woman. 

The  whole  number  of  persons  relieved  are  about  two  hundred 

and  twenty  persons. 

Amount  of  bills  for  clothing,  bedding,  &c.,      .    .    .    .£3ir.l().6 

Divto.   Ditto,     for  bread 41.    7.8 

Ditto.  Ditto,     for  wood • 31.11.11 

Ditto  of  money  distributed  at  different   times  and 

paid  for  sundry  necessaries, 171.19.11 

Total  received  of  the  State  Treasurer,      ....  £562. 10. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Shii>  Enterprize,  ('apt. 
Thomas   Norris,  from  Hametirg.     Nov.  6,  1796. 

Francis  Bruno,  Bernard  Brant, 

Joseph  Fiekart,  Peter  Dayor, 

Joseph  Dayor,  Fran/  Dayor. 
M.   Rouwer, 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  Brigantine  Fair  Hebe, 
Phineas  Eldridge,  Master,  from  Amsterdam.  16th 
March,  1797. 

J.  L.  AVinchins,  J.  IMaria  Sara  AVinchins. 



List  of  Passexgers  on  Board  the  Ship  Columbia,  Reuben 
Mason.  Captain,  froim:  Amsterdam.    Arrived  Feb.  12, 1797. 

Godfrey  Sendt, 
Mariana  Aleryly, 
Eady  Croun, 
Carl  Gersing, 
Caroline  Gersing, 

George  Neunian, 
Anthon  Knesins, 
Martin  Wagenaar, 
Margaretha  Gei'sing, 
Ant  lion  Gersing. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the ^— 

Joseph  Johnston,  from  Amsterdam. 

Laniherdus  V^elds, 
Hermanns  Schols. 
Catherina  Schols, 

Feb.  24, 

-,  Capt. 

Catherina  Rees, 
Maria  Sauerland, 
Anna  Nyenian, 
.Johana  Schilling, 
Anna  Schilling, 
Maria  Roth, 
Henrica  Neukanip, 
Jan  Coidon, 
Carl  Flaeg, 
Henrica  Alterman, 
Peter  Schurnian, 
Maria  Geener, 
Christian  Pinsel. 
Nicholas  Daring, 
Gertruy  Appeldoorne. 
Elisabeth  Moolehangs, 
Elisabeth  Muller, 
Wirnart  Wiseman, 
Everhard  Gerdorf, 

Susanna  Velds, 
.Tohanes  Rees, 
Casper  Sauerland, 
Engel  Nyeman, 
Peter  Nyeman, 
Jan  Schilling, 
Wilhelmus  Roth, 
Gerrit  Neiikamp, 
Anna  Rypse, 
Johanna  Coidon, 
Regina  Flaeg, 
Sophia  Alterman, 
Renier  Geener, 
Otto  Keyser, 
Eaglia  Pinsel, 
Dorothea  During, 
Maria  Moolehangs, 
Catherina  Moolehangs, 
Casper  Cause, 
Philipina  Wiseman, 
A  tin  a  Vos. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the   Ship  Good  Friends, 
John  Smith,   Master,   from  Hamburg.     Arrived   Feb. 

13,  1797. 

Ignace  Lobez,  William  Geinly. 

Mr.    Gafer, 



List  of  Passengkrs  ox    Board  thk   Bri«   Pkggy.  David 
Hardie,  Master,  from  Amsterdam.     Feb.  15,  1797. 

Jacob  Dowiie,  Peter  Couper, 

Williaiu  Stock,  John  Preyra. 

List  of  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Ship  America,  from 
Hamburg,  David  Hardie,  Master.    May  4,  1798. 

John  Hooffiiian  of  New  York. 
Frederick  MourniaUing,  of  Philadelphia. 
Louis  Divernois:,  from  Swiss  land. 
Ct.  J.   Favre,  from  Swiss  land. 
Francis  Meissonire,  from  Swiss  land. 
Miss  Fal:)ry,  young  lady,  from  Swiss  land. 
Francis  Saudry,  from  Swiss  land. 
Charles  Gauiden,  from  Swiss  land. 
John  Ellice,  from  Swiss  land. 
Mathews  Weaver,  from  Swiss  land. 

List  of  the  Germax  Passexgers  ox  Board  the  Ship  Pexx- 
SYLVAMA,  David  Williamsox,  Master,  from  Hamburg. 
Aug.  26,  1798. 

Andreas  Dotter, 
Fredrick  Schwelger, 
Johan  Henrich  Neil, 
J.    F.   Sander. 
Cathrina  Franzin, 
Maria  Franzin, 
Daniel  Lange. 
Henrich  Reiter, 
Henrich  Reiter, 
Jacob  Philips, 
Jacob  Kelser, 
Aiuia  ^faria  Schneiderin, 
Anna  IMaria  Jung, 
Elizabetli  Berner, 

Margaretha  Elhartin, 
Christian  Schwelger, 
Carl  Wilhelm  Westpalen, 
Sousanna  Fietcherin, 
Maria  Eliz.  Franzin, 
Johannes  Fein, 
Jacob  Bondcker, 
Susanna  Reiter, 
Frans  Bargo, 
Elizabeth  Philipsen, 
Christian  Jostedl, 
Joh.  Henrich  Jung, 
Jacob  Benen, 
Emericus  Berner, 



Maria  Anna  Berner, 
Maria  Catliarina  Berner, 
Maria  Eliz.  Beigel, 
Maria  Cath.  Tresbachin, 
Fraiis  Schutt, 
Anna  Maria  Schutt, 
Johannes  Fiseal, 
Johannes  Gassauer, 
Maria  Gassauer, 
Peter  Gassauer, 
Ehzabeth  Beckerin, 
Maria  Eliz.  Groth, 
Anna  Eliz.    Groth, 
Johannes  Gi'oth, 
Maria  Cath.  Winter, 
Maria  Cath.  Killerin, 
John  Philip  Richstein, 
Cath.  Eliz.   Cai)ann, 
G.  C.  Lachennieyer, 
Sophia  Bilderbaclv, 
J  oh  an  Peter  Lach, 
Anna  Maria  Tresbachin, 
Johan  August  Rothe, 
Johannes  Lach, 

Mr.  Philipson, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Berner, 
Bernhard  Beigel, 
Jurgen  H enrich  Beigel, 
Anna  Margt.  Tresbachin, 
Cathrina  Schutt, 
Mannes  Lime, 
Anna  Maria  Fiseal, 
Cathrina  Gassauer, 
Elizabeth  Gassauer, 
Daniel  Gassauer, 
Johannes  Groth, 
Anna  Maria  Groth, 
Johan  Jurgen  Grotli, 
Jacob  Winter, 
Anna  Marga.  Nolnierin, 
Elizabeth  Richstein, 
Philip  Capann, 
Joh.  Nichs.   Schum, 
Joh.  Bilderl^ack, 
Johan  Kepple, 
Maria  Eliz.  Lacli, 
iJatlirina  Tresl)achin, 
John  G.  Bissen, 
Andreas  Sonibej'ty. 

In  the  Cahhi. 

Miss  Philipson. 

List  of  Passengers   on  Board  the   Ship  Triton,  from 
Bremen,  Zacharias  Spilcker,  Master.     Oct.  31,  1798. 

Sebastian  Gester,  Nicolaus  Hake. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Brig  Pallas,  Henry 
Hutchinson,  Master,  from  Hamburg.    Nov.  1, 1798. 

Frederick  Henning  Stahl, 
Ferdinand  Schmidt, 

Anthony  Henry  Todmann, 
Christian  Holm. 



List    op   Passengers  Arrived    in   the    Ship    CohUMBiA, 
Henuy  Lelar,  Master.     Dec.  19,  1798. 

Michael  Gurts, 
Gerrit  Halm, 
Erhanl  Koller. 

John  Peter  Friedriks, 
John  Fries, 
John  P.   Mensing, 
Ant.    Engelhard, 
Jacob  Bender, 
R.  C.  Kosterman, 
Dan.  Backei*, 

Ellas  Kappeler, 
SanuitU  Gutlile, 
Fried.  Knuni. 
John  (xeoig  AVirth, 
John  H.  Koll, 
John  George  Kocher, 
Mich.  Sensowke, 
Ant.  Sehade, 
John  Braschloss, 
Wni.  Ten  Katen. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Fair  AMEiiicAN, 
FROM  Hamburg,  John  C.  Brevoor,  Master.  Oct  0, 

Johann  Petennan,  and  6  children, 
J.  G.  Frank,  widow, 

John  T.  Spies, 
Wilhelm  Mnller, 
George  Frank, 
Elizahetli  Troll, 
Jacobina  Troll, 
Louisa  Kenterg, 
Gnstaf  Heinrich  Dalman, 
Johan  Ludwig  Eberhard, 
Johannes  Frank, 

Johann  Geo.  Stolle, 
Maria  Troll, 
Carl  Hopfelnt, 
Christian  Minckler, 
Gideon  Hellwig. 
Mvndert  riinrich  Brahins. 

Names  of  the  Passengers  on  Board  the  Boston  Packet, 

17,  1799. 

George  Gotz,  and  wife. 
Fred  Bockel,  and  wife. 
George  Vobell.  and  wife. 
Wilhehn  Smidt,  and  wife. 
Jacob  Dantzebecker,  and  wife. 
Da^id  Gentech,  Gott.   Weidner, 

Joh.  Wassenuiann,  Hen.  Beck, 

37— Vol.  XVII. 


John  Kurtz,  Hen.  Teyen, 

Martin  Reif,  Beck, 

Beck,  Beck, 

H.  Musse,  John  Meyer, 

Jos.  Barthen,  Moller. 

John  Guillich, 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Brig  Amiable  Creole, 
Phineas  Eldridge,  Master,  from  Hamburg.  Nov.  19, 

Christian  Frederick  Lange,  Caspar  Lange, 

Sophia  St.  Emelia  Lange,  Christian  Ludwk.  Lange, 

Johann  Paniel  Muller,  Pierre  Cenas, 

Gasper  Verdal,  G.  W.  R.  Hogerdorn. 

List    of    Passengers    on  Board   the    Brig  Juno,   John 
Philip  Albens,  Master,  from  Bremen.    Feb.  25,  1800. 

John  George  Selbert. 
Barbara  Selbert,  his  wife. 
Casper  Selbert,  his  child. 
Adam  Selbert.  his  child. 
Maria  Selbert.  his  sister. 
Valentin  Apple. 
Margaretha  Apple,  his  wife. 
Elisabeth  Elgedin. 
Catharina  Kochin. 
John  Adam  Suss. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  thh  S'  David  L'Homme- 
DiEu,  from  New  York,  who  were  Passengers  on  the 
Brig  Ocean,  Captain  Markau,  from  Bremen,  for  Phila- 
delphia, Wrecked  on  Long  Island.      Arrived  March 

27,   1800. 

Henry  Schlag. 

Anna  Margt.  Schlag,  wife. 

Anne  Marg.  Schlag,  daughter. 


Anne  Savine  Sclilag,  davighter. 
Miclil.   Schlag,  .son., 
Fredk.  Handschuli. 
Mart.  Handschiili,  wife. 
Andw.  IlaiidsrJiuh,  son. 
Jean  Adam  Handscluih,  ?ou. 
Eliz.  Handschuli,  daughter. 
Catlie.   Handsel) nil,  (laughter. 
Guilui.  Handschuh,  son. 
Michl.  Jordan. 
Catharine  Jordan,  wife. 
Valentine  Kuhnrioh. 
Dorethea  Kuhnrich,  wife. 

List  of  Passengers  Arrived  in  the  Ship  Ann,  Jan  Jur- 
GENS,  Master.     August  19,  1800. 

Job.  Diedr.  Nenstiel,  with  his  wife  and  four  children. 

Andreas  Nenstiel,  Joh.  Andr.  Mitz, 

Joach  Friedr.  Krickel, 

Joh.  Andr.  Maurer,  wife  &  three  children. 

Hinr.  Muller,  Carl  Sam.  Prentzel, 

Joh.  Jac.  AValter,  Joh.  Andr.  Schmidt, 

Franz  Schaehamayr,  J  oh.  Valt.  Unger, 

Friedr.  Dittmer,  Joh.  David  Papst, 

J.  Gr.  D.  Fiedler,  John  Godfrey  Daniel, 

Marcus  Jacob,  Friedr    Krick, 

J.  C.  Hoffmann,  Peter  Hinr.  Otaner, 

Pierre  P.  Ignou,  wife  and  tw^o  children. 

C.  T.  Hannibal  Suiter,  Gertd.  Hinr.  Lange, 

Joh.  Tjudw.  Metsch,  Moses  Nathan, 

Abraham  Isaac,  Ernst  Friedr.  Schumann, 

Jonas  Isaac,  Conrad  Reuter, 

Conrad  Weyl, 

Gottfd.  Fichtner,  wife  and  one  child. 

Rosina  Senfen,  with  lier  child.      Johann  Christ.  Weise, 

Mart.  E.  Gottfd.  Scheffler,  Christ  Heinr.  Kiich, 

Johann  Ramm,,  wife  and  one  child. 

Joseph  Reitzenbohn,  Franz  Spitzer, 

Jonas  Heinemann,  with  his  wife. 

Wilhelm  Preppernau,  Johann  Christ.  Saltzmann, 

Carl  Ladw.  Czolbe,  Joh.  Fischer, 



Kaafm.  Isaac  Beyfusz, 

Petei'  Liiick, 

Job.  Jac.   Weber, 

Friedr.  Tilarquard, 

Job.  Heiur.  Weber, 

Franz  Adolpb  Wilke, 

Job.  Georg  Gottid  Miiller, 

Carl  Fried.  Wohn, 

Joli.  H.  Lienau, 

Cbrist.  Liidw.  Kniger, 

Job.  Henr.  Teiger, 

C.  F.  Krister, 

Valentin  Volkel, 

Gotttd.  M.  Steckniar, 

J.   G.  Polle, 

J.  H.  Henning, 

Anna  Oorotbea  Klockuiann, 

Job.  Henr.  Lange, 

Jobann  Pobl, 

Jobann  Jacob  Welck, 

Wolf  Simon, 

Salomon  Jacob, 

Georg  P.  Heiland,  wife  and  tb 

Job.  Cbrist.  Petscb, 

Heinr.  Knorre, 

Fried.  Augt.  Scbultz,  witb  wife 

Abrab.  Hertz, 

Job.  Hem-.  Moller, 

Christ.  Hiilsmann, 

Louis  David  Girard, 

Pierre  Reaud, 

Gottfd.  Scbafer, 

M.  J.  Ettenbofer,  ■ 

Job.  Marquard, 

Jobann  Seidel, 

Carl  Friedr.  Mervier, 

Job.   Hen.  Schlotke, 

Heinr.  Georg  Wagner, 

Job.  Wilh.  Walter, 

Cbrist.  Miillei-, 

George  Kraflft, 

Job.  Fried.  Hobmann, 

Carl  Scblimmer, 

Louis  Volkel, 

J.  L.  Krinckborn, 

Natban  Gerson, 

Christ.  Vollmer, 

Christ.  Scbultz, 

F.  Gottl.  Pflug, 

Heinr.  Wilbelm  Wilking, 

Jobann  Jacob  Halle, 

Jette  Mosen, 

Aron  Abraham, 
ree  children. 

Levy  Hirsch, 

Job.  Casp.  Kolbe, 
.  Job.  Fried  Krald, 

Job.   Math.    Reich, 

Job.  Henr.  Lapp, 

Micliael  Pascb, 

Joli.  Henr.  Lange, 

Job.  Carl  Hecbt. 

Namks  op  the  Passengkrs  on  Board  the  Ship  Diana,  Wm. 
Hess,  Master,  from  Bremen.     Dec.  3,  1800. 

Eimer  Boerman,  wife  Anna. 

Catharina  &  Kichgy  Boerman,  children. 

Sopiiia  Boerman,  sister  to  Eimer  Boerman. 


List  OF  Passkxgkhs  in  thk  Brig  Tiyphkxa,  Thomas  A  r- 

X01,D,   MaSTKR,  from  AMSTKRDAM.      Se[)t.  30,  1800. 

Bapt.  Loro,  Mich.  Latjni, 

J.  W.  Longenarto.  Lucca  Massa, 

Anto.  Pojjgi,  B.  ^Iiiliuari, 

A.   L.  Laiige,  P.  J.    Priesterback, 

JacoV)  Lessee,  Ch.  Korfes, 

Hub.  Raderinacher,  I.  D.  Suer  Richd, 

J.  Mehelars,  Hendric  van  Henriing,  5  years, 

Jank  Schmidt, Sarah.  3  y.  •  Joh.  Bayer, 

Christfer  Ruuiprli,  Sophia,  3  y.   l^orath  Eisnin, 

Marlh.  Elis.  Reistin,  Wilhel  Wachterholt, 

Chrisn.  B7*andiii,  M.  O.  SaHon, 

Maria  Leer,  T.  Van  Wyngarde,  Peter,  (i  y. 

J.  H.  Crolus,  Henry  Fredk. 

List  of  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Brig  Venus,  from  Ham- 
burg,   James    Stevenson,    Master.      Arrived    July   3, 


Taylor  White,  Wilhain  Jolmson, 

Christian  Viett,  Henry  Karl. 

Grodhart  Jereon,  and  wife. 

List    of    Passengers   on    Board   the    Brig    Delaware, 
FROM  Hamburg,  James  Dunphy,  Master.     Arrived  July 

11,  1801. 

Mr.  Shenafield,  Mr.  Smith, 

Mr.  Mehea,  Christian  .Tones,  a  boy. 

List  of  Passengers  of  the  Ship  New  York,  of  New  York, 

FROM  Hamburg,  John  Seaward,  Master.    Sept.  8,  1801.  Lafouche,  George  Erich. 

Joachim  Green,  Priederich  Kiesling, 



Peter  Schmidt, 
Pieter  Sharp, 
Friederich  Schumann, 
Joh.  Clirist.  Lehmann, 
Cavl  Schaaf, 
Maria  Becher, 
Johan  Becher, 
Anna  Weber, 
Conrad  Midler. 
Heinrich  Rang,  _ 
Maria  Rang, 
Johan  Becker, 
Mattheus  Reuter, 
Magdalena  Schmitt, 
Magdaiena  Schmitt, 
Anna  Pezel, 
Catliarina  Schmitt, 
Daniel  Spiess, 
Maria  Spiess, 
Jolian  Spiess, 
Wilhehn  Spiess, 
Catharina  Schmitt, 
Maria  Schmitt, 
Anna  Schmitt, 
Johannes  Schmitt, 
Friedrich  Kleiss, 

Heinr.  Fortnninii, 
Gi-eorg  Mecke, 
Matthias  Kiehn, 
Georg  Schuster, 
Friedrich  Becher, 
Jacob  Becher, 
Alexander  Weber, 
Johann  Messerschmidt, 
Conrad  Weber, 
Johan  Rang, 
Jost  Rang, 
Magdalena  Becker, 
Anna  Reuter, 
Johan  Schmitt, 
Johan  Pezel, 
Johan  Schmitt, 
Johan  Schmitt, 
Maria  Spiess, 
Anna  Spiess, 
Johan  Jost  Spiess, 
.  Jacob  Schmitt, 
Maria  Becher, 
Joh.  Christ  Schmitt, 
Catharina  Schmitt, 
Peter  Kollhagen. 

List  of  Passengbrs  Arrived  in  the  Brigantine  Express, 
Capt    Resolve  Gardner,  from  Rotterdam.     Sept.   19, 


H  end  rick  Sann, 
Johan  Pieter  Sann, 
Adam  Sann, 
Johanna  Sann, 
Maria  Sann, 

Johanna  Sann, 
Barnendina  Sann, 
George  Sann, 
Jacoba  Sann, 
Johanna  Sann. 

Passengers  in  the  Brig  Molly,  Benjn.   Huggins,  Master, 

FROM  Hamburgh.     Sept.   30,  1801. 
George  Frederick  Miller,  wife  Margaret  &  two  children. 


Passkngers  Namks   on    Board    thk   Ship  Livinia,  Capt. 
Tristram  Gtardnkr,  from  Hamburg.     Sept.  30,  1801. 

Catharina  Wiegaud,  Johanii  Heinr.  Fischer, 

Christu.  Pliillip  Beuschel,  Job.  Saiuuel  Beech, 

Marrin  FoUer,  Joh.  Henrich  Ungevvickell, 

iTOttlieb  Boraiuann,  Wilhn  Mauber. 

List  of  Passengers  Arrived  at  the  Port  of  Philadel- 
phia IX  THE  Ship  Bliederman,  Capt.  Bereson,  from 
Hamburg.     Nov.  5,  1801. 

Joh.  Wilhehu  Humel.  Anna  Magaretha  Hamel, 

Joh.  Gotthardt  ileyer,  Bouchardt  Heiinetz, 

Frantz  Peter  Maanke,  H.  T).  Wilhelm  Graach. 

List  of  Passengers  Arrived  in  the  Brig  Polly,  Capt. 
MuLLER,  prom  Hamburg.     March  8,  1803. 

J.  F.  Leffler,  5  feet  4  inch,  high  ,  bi-o\vn  complexion  ;  black  hair. 
H.  Rude,  5  feet  6  inch,  high  ;  brown  complexion;  black  hair. 
J.  C.  Miller,  5  feet  3  inch,  high  ;  fair  complexion ;  dark  hair. 
C  D.  Buchholz,  5  feet  2  inch.    ;  fair  complexion;  gray  hair. 
NB.   All  Priisian  Measure. 
Lewis  Combe,  "i  feet  4;  black  hair;  dark  complexion. 

List  of  the  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Belvidere, 
John  Dorson,  Master,  Bound  to  Philadelphia,  from 
Amsterdam.    Aug.  :)0,  1802. 

Passage      Money 
Money.    Advanced 

Valentin  King, $180  f34  05 

Johannes  Elbt, 18q  22  05 

Michael  Kneisel, ISO  35  05 

Conrad  Kneisel 180  36  05 


Passage  Money 
Money.    Advanced 

Margareta  Mallerin 180  25  00 

Jacob  Jang, 180  36  GO 

Wm.  Justi, 180  36  05 

Philip  Weber 180  37  05 

Frantz  Linde, 180  33  05 

Michael  Schaffer,      180  21  10 

Johan  Hasselbach 180  83  10 

Andries  Schaffer,      1«0  20  00 

George  Jung 180  40  00 

his  wife 180  24  00 

Jacob  Hoks 180  34  00 

Peter  Linnekam,       180  34  10 

Wilhehn  Heppel 180  82  10 

Peter  Fratemacker, 180  31  10 

Johan  lyncher, 180  16  08 

his  wife, 180  16  08 

Carohna  Bucherin, 180  16  08 

Rebecca  Bekkenbachin, 180  35  10 

Jacob  Hasselbach, 180  37  10 

Andries  Fhck, 180  33  10 

Christian  Acker,  ...       180  83  10 

Jacol)  Nell, 180  35  10 

Margart  Hasselbackin 180  87  10 

Catharina  Hasselljaclvin,      180  37  10 

JacoV)  Jung 180  38  10 

his  wife 180  28  10' 

Wilhelm  Spies 180  37  10 

his  wife, 180  28  10 

Andreas  Guttenberger 144  — 

NicolHeld, 180 

Wilhelm  Stroch 180  9  10 

Bernard  Krebs, 180  12  16 

Johan  Adam  Rothenmelk, •    .    .  180  35  10 

Isaac  Kalker, 180  — - — 

Phihp  Sauer,      .    .     - 180  83  10 

Clements  Smeltz,      180  89  10 

Jacob  Beckerbach, 180  35  10 

George  Romer, 180  38  10 

Anton  Schroder, 180  38  10 

Joseph  Volker 180  35  10 

Martin  Eller 180  9  00 

Moses  Wolf 180  6  10 

Salomon  Joseph, 180  8  10 

Henr.  Pfeffer, 180  37  10 



Passage  Money 
Money.    AJvanced 

Joh.  Trants,       144 

Joh.  Fried  Ulrich,    .    .    .  ' 180  IG  10 

Joh.  JJaiiseinaii, 1(50 

Johanna  Jonin, 180  18  06 

Joseph  Kusett,      144 

Andr.  Na^e, 144 

Christ.  Taarts, 180 

Philip  Taarts, 180 

Johannes  Kraiitnian, 180  33  10 

Valentin  Kraut  man, 180  3.5  10 

Joh.  Lud.   Remie, KJS 

Johanna  Maufrer, 180 ■ — 

Wilhehnina.  Piannekack, 180 

Joh.  Ollicli 144    

Fried  Zeigler, 144 

Hend.  Burkhard, 180 

AVilheliu  Harms, 180  6  10 

Died.  Koch, 180  3  18 

Fred.  Adolp,       180  9  10 

Hend.  Jacob, 180  912 

Johannis  Faust, ISO 

Philip  Thorter 180 

Godfried  Massenger, 180 

Joh.    Carl  Schadel 180  6  00 

Hend.  Otterrte, 180  G  00 

Jacob  Valet, 180  G  00 

Fried  Michte, 180  6  00 

Wilhelm  Kreis 180 

Adam  Miller, ISO 

Johan  Duckliardt, 180 

Hend.  Drister, 180  14  00 

Frans  Telbrey, 180  16  00 

A.  Durheimer, ' 144 

John  Riebel  (Newlander), ,    .  free. 

his  wife, ,  144 

List  of  Passexgers   ox  Board  the  Brig  Uraxia,  Capt. 
Wm.  Geerskx,  from  Brkmex.     August  20,  1802. 

Andreas  Totter,  Anna  Maria  Totter,  geb  Rohrig. 

Johann  Adam  Totter,  Christiana  Totter, 

Carolina  Frideriea  Llmbertin,    Catharina  Weissmantel, 


Johann  Ziegeler,  Johann  Ziegelei", 

Anna  Margaretha  Ziegeler,  Catharina  Ziegeler, 

Hinrich  Walter,  Joseph  Brand, 

Sebastian  Keinig,  Nicolaus  Scheel, 

Johann  Creorge  Miiller,  Johan  Caspar  Wenzell,        [inn, 

Peter  Selpert,  Rosine  Selpert,  gebohrne  Rotli- 

Hanne  Eva  Selpert,  Jacob  Selpert, 

Johannes  Hofmaixn,  MagdalHofmann,  geb  Briickner, 

Johann  Georg  Hofmann,  Christina  Hofmann, 

Anna  Sabina  Hofmann,  Jost  Heinrich  la  Roche, 

Anna  Maria  la  Roche,  gebohrne  Fornialdinn, 

Nicolaus  la  Roche,  Joliann  Fritzius, 

Gertruda  Fritzius,  gebohrne  Meinhardenn, 

Johann  Fritzius,  Conrad  Fritzius, 

Margaretha  Fritzius,  J.  G.  Fritzius, 

Eva  Cath.  Fritzius,  gebohrne  Jordan, 

Nicolaus  Leibold, 

Anna  Cathar.  Leibold,  gebohi-ne  Heinicken, 

Johann  Georg  Leibold,  Elisabeth  Zehnern, 

Catharina  Zehnern,  geboh.  Steinbach, 

Elisal)eth  Zehnern,  Johann  Schiisslei", 

Margarat  El  is.   Schiissler,  geb.   Werner, 

Anna  Barbara  Schiissler,  Anna  Martha  Schiissler, 

J.  G.  Bartheleniy,  Barthel  Schlag, 

Mariane  Schlag,  gebohrne  Barthelemy, 

Georg  Friedrich  Schlag,  Johannes  Schlag, 

Johannes  Kaufinann,  Hinr.  Kaufniann, 

Conrad  Eulei',  Johannes  Reinig, 

Maria  E.  Reinig,  gebohrne  Maulinn, 

Johann  Adam  Miiller, 

Anna  Mar.  Miiller,  gebo.  Kesslerin, 

Anna  Maria  Miiller,  Johann  Miiller, 

Johann  Rohrig, 

Anna  Margar  Rohrig,  geb.  Birksin, 

Jacob  Euler,  Michael  Werth, 

EvaWerth,  geliohrne  Kiinreich,  Catharina  Werth, 

Adam  Schmidt, 

Margaretha  Jarges,  gebohrne  Scheit, 

Catharina  Miillerinn,  Anna  Margaretha  Mullerin, 

Jacob  Miiller,  Traugott  Jarges. 



List  of  Passengers  ox  Board  the    Ship  Pexxsylvania, 
Capt.  Peter  Yorke,  from  Hamburg.     Sept    7,  1802. 

L.  A.  Xeckshers, 
Charles  Sellee, 
Henry  Dornham, 
Jos.  A.  Mant^uzer, 
Philip  Bloom, 
Mrs.  Snell, 
Johst  Snell,  boy, 
John  Reamer, 
Henry  a  boy. 

Pr.  Berjj, 
John  Miiller, 
Berman  Machel, 
Peter  von  Metz, 
Lewis  Snell, 
Lewis  Snell,  boy, 
Ana  Sophia  Snell, 
Mrs.  Reamer 

List   of   the    Passengers    ix    the    Brig  Maria,  Capt. 

David    Hardie,  Master,    from   Bremen  to  Philadel- 
phia.     Oct.  5,  1803. 

Name.  Age.     Occtipaiion. 

Siemon  Christian  Bolze,       22  Barber. 

John  AV.  Friedr.  Stedler, 20  Tajior. 

John  Friedr.   Wolleben 26 

Lornez  Spillner, •.    .    .    .  18 

Friedr.  Lasch,        15 

Caspar  Erb,     19  Farmer. 

Elisabeth  Fischer, 41 

John  Fischer  Sr., 40  Coachman. 

John  G.  Fischer, 17  Weaver. 

Catharina  Fischer, 11 

Cri.stian  W.  Fischer 2 

Jacob  Anspach, 56 

Henrich  Ehlers 25  Farmer. 

Andrea  Echhard,      28 

John  Wiilers, 26 

Daniel  Wiedemann,     .    .        26 

John  Henry  Weitzel, 18 

John  Hanfling 45  Farmer. 

Zacharius  Ullrich, 52 

Gerhard  Henry  Burger, 34 

Christoph  Teiehmuller 20  Farmer. 

Margaretha  Zimmerman, 18 


Name.  Age      Occupation. 

John  Henry  Korstenbrug, .  44  non. 

Siinon  Sainliard, 
Amelia  Sanihard, 
Henrich  Sanihard, 
Louise  Samhard, 

Christ.  Oppermann, 45  Taylor. 

Cath.  Oi:)pc;rniann. . 26 

Conrad  Oppermann. 15 

Elisabeth  Oppennan 13 

Maria  Oijperniann 4 

Conrad  Schaefer 31  Butcher. 

Elisabeth  Scheafer, 2G 

Louise  Schaefer, 5 

John  Schaefer, 2 

Charles  Penecke.      47  Millwright. 

Elisabeth  Denecke,     48 

Anna  Martha  Denecke,        21 

John  Christoph  Denecke, 20  Millwright. 

Catharina  Denecke, 13 

Henriette  Denecke, 11 

Jacob  Nuckell, 40  Farmer. 

Maria  Cath.  Nuckell,      14 

John  Friedr.  Nuckell 13 

Christian  Nuckell, .  7 

John  Nuckell, 4 

Andrea  Diederich, 30  Cooper. 

William  Schau,      .    .    .    .' 3(5  Taylor. 

Charles  (xuth, 35  Gardner 

Nicolaus  Helmstead, 26  non. 

Adam  Rodelsberger, 21  Turner. 

Henry  Heitgrress,      20  Baker. 

John  Andrew  Holtz, 45  non. 

Friedr.  Andrew  Holtz, .  15  non. 

Anthony  Schmith, 19  Barbei'. 

Albert  Pisch 23  Waiter. 

Charles  Schmith,      19  Barbei*. 

Charles  Peterson,     ...... 21  Waiter. 

Andrew  Hister, 23  non. 

Henry  Schroeder, 23  Farmer. 

John  Danser,      25  non. 

John  Andrew  Baker, 21  Soap  boiler. 

Job.   Burke, 33  Barber. 

Gottfried  Sailor, 28  Cooper. 

Christoph  Ludw.  Notnagel, 19  Shoemaker. 

Charlotte  Elers, 26 


Name.  Age.     Occuj^iatinn. 

George  Schmith, 4G  Taylor. 

Anna  Oath.  Schniith, 33 

Maria  Schmith,      13 

Jolianne  Schmith, 5 

EHsabetlie  Schmith, 1 

Heiirich  Kaiy.ser, 45  Gardner. 

John  Begener, 22  Stonecutter 

Henrich  Nebehng, 45  Turner. 

Anna  Cath.  Nebeling 47 

Samuel  Nebeling, 10 

Cabin  Passengers. 
William  Geisse. 
Frantz  William  Geisse. 
Doctor  (j.  Christ.  Gerlach  and  wife  Christiana. 

Report  of  Alien  Passengers  on  Board  the  Hamburg 
Ship  Juno,  H.  H.  Walters,  Master.  Arrived  Oct. 

T.  Briethaupt,  aged  23  years,  from  Saxony,  merchant,  mid- 
dle size,  round  face,  blue  eyes,  common  nose,  dark  brown 
hair,  &c. 

Erich  Fauts,  aged  30  years,  from  Hanover,  farmer,  long  and 
strong,  fresh  faced,  blue  eyes,  sharp  nose,  yellow  hair,  well 
shaped  otherwise. 

List  of  Passengers  Arrived  at  the  Port  op  Philadel- 
phia, ON  THE  Ship  Devotion,  Captain  William  Waters, 
from  Amsterdam.     Oct.  6,  1802. 

Peter  Orllig,  Fredk.  Brodbeck, 

Carl  Theodor  Breuning,  Joh.  Melch  Trirapie, 

.Toll.  Jac.  Schiser,  Joh.  Schafer  his  wife  &  child, 

Christiana  Fred  Manger  &  daughter, 

Joh.  Fred  Volck,  Wilh.  Weinel, 

Peter  Traut,  Walter  Keivet 

Joh.  Horn,  Daniel  Poller, 

Joh.  Litzemberger,  Jac.  G  ussier, 



Casp  Coenr.  Ludwig, 

Heiu,  Vinct.  Ludwig, 

Martin  Scham, 

Christian  Usenberg, 

George  Jos.  Seil, 

Heinr.  Israel, 

John  Balth.  Werlin, 

John  Turnhng, 

Joh.  Gottl.  Wils.   Hunter, 

Joh.  Chri.  Brenner, 

Phil  Jacob  Wolsey, 

Adam  AVeiltz, 

George  Michl.   Lorentz, 

George  Adam  Gentb, 

Martin  Engel, 

Jacob  Brodbeck, 

John  Mumra, 

Neck  Peters, 

Wilch  Heinr.  Scriba, 

Joh.  Weirt, 

Joh.  Joah  Widding, 

Christian  Hoffman, 

John  Gat  List, 

Joh.  Geo.    Hiokler, 

George  David  Hartnian, 

Jan.  Van  Brink, 

Joh.  I>av.  Kaufman, 

With  Hassel, 

Joh.  Jacob  Winkebah, 

Joh.   Geo.  Kellner, 

Isaac  Vorman, 

Jacob  Swever, 

Jan.  De  Vert, 

Natys  Alters, 

Joh.  Veil, 

Jacob  Storm  wife  &  four  child 

Medurtas  Schmidt  &  wife, 

Theobald  Lichtembeiger, 

Jacob  Weigand, 

Albert  Kergar, 

Joh.  Heinr.    Ott, 

Joh.  Fred.  Franch, 

Isaac  Wilch  Wolcte, 

Heinr.  Meyr, 

George  Wilch  Lutze, 

Ulf.  Stroemberg, 

Heinr.  Dietz, 
Andreas  Zimba, 
Christian  Schnitzel, 
Heirne  Bentz, 
Joh.  Jas.  Suckler, 
John  Geo.   Kurter, 
Joh.  Geo.   Kler, 
Henry  Guntrum, 
Georg  Fred  Rachel, 
Heinr.  Bortheld  Bohrs, 
Augt.  Orth, 

Johan  Michl.  Geisendorfer, 
Joh.   Berkenhauer, 
Joh.  Muller, 
Joh.  Schnitzel, 
Frantz  Gittinger, 
Jacob  Buquit, 
Casper  Graft, 
Heinr.  Kleyn, 
Fredk.  Martin  Reis, 
John  Diet  Widding, 
Philip  Chr.  Greyder, 
Casper  Hanch, 
George  Leonh.  Schaffer 
Frantz  Schnitter, 
Joh.  Geft  Arnold, 
Turkif  Hattelsinan, 
George  Jacob  Hassel, 
Joh.  Brukhafer, 
John  Fredk.  Schober 
Chr.  Kum, 
Geo.  Heil, 
Philip  Burhe, 
Fridk.  Wilch  Kopper, 
Peter  Haj'^el  &  wife  Maria, 
Joh.  Georg  Drufild, 
Andreas  Simon, 
Gottl  Glose, 
Benjamin  Hahn, 
Jac.  Hend.  Henne, 
Joh.  Euselin. 
Fred  Voght, 
Fred.  Wilch  Gross, 
August  Gerke, 
Balth  Mallerchon, 



Nicola  DeVal,  Christian  Haar, 

Anton  Ternos,  Matliias  Thomas, 

Peter  Nott  his  wife  &  five  children, 

Georg  Rhan  his  wife  &  two  children, 

Cath  Ebeleu  &  two  children, 

Heinr.  Schutter  his  wife  &  four  children, 

Nicolas  Weineit,  wife  &  two  children, 

Dorothea  Neithnian,  Ernestina  Weinert, 

Agnes  Kenrin,  Barbara  Mackin, 

Arthar  Ebelin.  Anna  Laiibe, 

Jan  Dirk  Benjwoi-t,  Cath  Wohnfiedt, 

Maria  A  ui,  Elizabeth  Van  Ahler, 

Jacob  Bui  his  wife  &  three  children, 

Susanna  Van  Busen, 
Eliza  (irotnover, 
Benjamin  Siloz, 
Philip  Hassinger, 
Joh.   Schiffeld, 
Jos.  Kuhns, 
Fi'ancis  Limtich, 
Adolf  Katterfeld, 
Leont.  Gunter, 
Jacob  Mich, 
Jacob  (-fagel, 
Joh.  Berg. 
Jacob  Becker, 
Jacob  Bauer, 
Johannes  Pfeau, 
Snssanna.  Slein, 
Martin  Zink, 

P.  Willi.  Krugman, 
Christn.  Fick, 
Johndre  VVelzet, 
Francs.  Vellin, 
Jacob  Stein, 
Joh.  Fred  Schick. 
Andreas.  Schrehers, 
Carl  Ludw.  Wischneske, 
Martin  Lanbs, 
Wilh  Fager, 
Coenir.  Hoenig, 
Jacob  Schwartz, 
Fredk.  Wilh.  Seibald, 
JacoVj  Hachstorz, 
Jannett  De  Viz, 
Peter  L.  Freidersdorf. 

List  of  Passengers  per  the  Ship  Tom,  Capt.  F.  P.  C. 
Permeix,  Master,  from  Hamburgh.  Arrived  Oct.  13, 

Johan  Philip  Schnell.  * 

Jacob  Stacher  &  wife. 

Johan  Schneider  &  wife. 

Anna  Elizabeth  Baldt. 

Johannes  Klippert  &  wife ;  did  not  come  in  the  ship. 

Frederich  Kneippel. 

Chrisn.  Klippert. 

C.  Aerie  Klippert. 


Henry  Christn.  Klippert. 

Johann  Geo.  Stertzing  &  wife,  and  Jost  Henrich  small  child. 

Debus  Baldt  &  wife  &  small  child. 

Johannis  Volchel  and  wife. 

Maria  Magdalena  Schmidt. 

Elizabeth  Becker. 

Samuel  Hiller. 

Johannes  Gessener  &  wife. 

Anne  &  Catharine  Gessener. 

Johann,  Henrich  &  Louisa  Gessener. 

Maria  Elizabeth,  Johan  Geo.  &  Johan  Jost  Gessener. 

Peter  Moller  &  wife. 

Geo.  Christian  Burger  &  wife. 

Anna  Maria  Bni'ger. 

Anna  Martha  &  Johannes  Burger. 

Johan  Henrich  Grupe. 

Anthoin  Rath  Grupe. 

Anna  Margaretta  Grosien. 

Johan  Matheas  Schneider. 

Johan  Henrich  Schneider. 

Anna  Catharhia  Schneider. 

liUdwig  Sclineider  &  wife. 

Elizabeth  &  Catharine  Schneider. 

Johann  Heinrich  &  Johannes  Schneider. 

Johan  George  Reymann, 

Johan  Henrich  Gessener  &  wife. 

.Johan  Jost  &  Johann  Henrich  Gessener 

Johann  Christ.  Gessener. 

Catharhia  &  Christina  Gessener. 

•Tohann  Jost  Schnell  &  wife. 

Anna  Elizabeth  Schnell. 

Johann  Jost  Schneider  &  wife 

Elizabeth  Schneider. 

Jost  Henrich  Henchell. 

Johann  Conrad  Ritter  &  wife. 

Henrich  Gotze  &  wife. 

Henrich  &  Wilhelm  Gotze. 

Johann  Geo.  Hohmann. 

Philip  their  son. 

Johann  Durfeldt. 

Kasemir  Hesse. 

Margaretta  Schneider. 

Maria  Elizabeth  Schneider. 

Dirch  Gossen.  / 

David  Thimm. 

Gerhard  Wieler. 



Johann  DriJger. 
Johann  Gundelach. 
Johann  Gotfried  Bosse. 
Samuel  Stob, 
Valtin  Wahm. 

List  of  Passengers   on   Board  the   Brig  Union,   Jonas 
Warren,  Master,  from  Hamburg.     November  22,  1803. 

John  Dandelot,  Charles  Weymann, 

Jacob  Keller,  Moses  Jacobs. 

James  Wagner, 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Jacob,  .Iohn 
Moore,  Master,  from  Amsterdam.  Arrived  Nov.  15, 

Hartman  Neef, 
George  Lindberger, 
Peter  Endey, 
Jacotj  Urbay  Weyts, 
John  Meyer, 
William  Klief, 
H.   Myer, 
George  Pitz, 
Henry  Christ.  Martin, 
Martin  T'.  Wachter, 
John  Gouper  Geyer, 

Weissenbank  (three), 

Wilhelmina  Sonimer, 
Peter  R.   Olgate, 
Martin  Hartey, 
Henry  Janser, 
John  Leder, 
Anna  L.  Leinkuhl, 
Frederick  Helling, 
Jacob  Frederick  Me>  er, 
Herman  Criil, 

38- Vol.  XVII. 

George  Chr.  Wagely, 


Joseph  Thup, 
Henry  Renter, 
Casper  Zeveizel, 
Jacob  Schedie, 
Michael  Harg, 
Christian  Koot, 
Benjamin  Jerry, 
JohnHenry  Geise, 
John  Adam  Herer, 
Dieterson  Sommer, 
Jacob  Fredrick  Boehnier, 
Grevar  Gaeome  Olgate, 


John  Eckstein  and  wife, 

John  Peter  Soltzer, 

John  Wolfgang  Stall, 

John  Frederick  Steyseniann, 

Charles  Storll, 

Michael  Metiliman, 



John  Holler, 

Samuel  Booker  and  wife. 
Joseph  Mellman, 
John  iVlichael  Sebald. 
Henry  Meyer, 
Henry  Suchnitz, 
Maths.    Lambrechts, 
Hector  Klein  and  wife, 
Lonavan  Eonsonn, 
John  Henry  Pickel, 
Joseph  Rune, 
J.  J).  Daniel, 
William  Janier, 
Henry  Batmann, 
John  Kooh. 


Jacob  Leeher, 
Johanna  Steier, 
Johanna  D.  Neith, 
Fredk.  Gessner, 
Herman  Runkhorsff, 
Conrad  Kramer, 
Willhelmina  van  Giller, 
Andrew  Sooman, 
Jacob  David, 
G.  A.  Gross, 
Anna  Schelvieck, 
William  Melius, 
George  Friedk.  Pabst, 
Henry  Toking, 
Martin  Ombony, 
F.  C.  Daneger, 
Frederick  Myer, 
B.  Hamer, 
Maria  lamphe  Lautiere, 

van  Zurdiogh, 

John  Wolters, 
Peter  Piersenson, 
Teri  Isaaie, 
Paul  Hoefleck, 
Chas.  Bachman, 
Jacob  Backer, 
Philip  Toll, 
John  Decker, 
Gerret  Ross, 

August  Johr, 

Antoni  Ringold, 

Philip  Mergether, 

Charles  Bookenhagen, 

Mathias  Tom, 

John  Buchmann, 

Isaac  Jacobs, 

John  E.  Seivening, 

Solomon  Philip, 

John  Henry  Scuhltz, 

Abraham  Gometz  Palyetso, 

Henry  Muller, 

Vilaas  Schipper, 

Maria  F.  Fick, 

Frederick  Ungrier, 

August  Davitl  Ehrick, 

Frantz  Joseph  Dreichs, 

Gottlub  Snyder, 

John  Henry  Pohn,        .» 

Chr.  Emanuel  Voget, 

J.  Eberhard  Klymar, 

G.  Reyntzer, 

Gertruit  Everhauser, 


John  Paul, 

Anton  A.  Rook, 

Frantz  Roier. 

Philip  Kuhner, 

Antony  Nagel, 

Jacob  Gresemyer, 

Christ.   Henry  Denn, 

Michael  Stiezel. 

Philip  Cars.  Zypher  and  wife, 

Charles  Lautiere, 

George  Lauer, 

Pierre  Montermann, 

William  Driesman, 

Antonie  Roemer, 

W.  J.  Lam  pay, 

John  Zoitler, 

B.  F.  Kniper, 

John  Crey  Runk, 

John  Tieander, 

Casper  Ross, 

John  Andi-ew  Marlack, 

J.  G.  Grievagel, 



J.  J.   (jrrievaj^el, 
Merty  Koppe, 
Sebastian  Herinan, 
Naat/.e  Krooii, 
Chr.  Notlierysieler, 

F,  Leesenbeg, 
George  Sc-hinolt/, 
Paul  Boysobo, 
Henry  Kurt, 

G.  F.  Boyer, 
\V.  Nevtoogel, 

Maria  Holeinan, 
Frantz  BurV^atli, 
Carolina  Scholtniaini 
Jausey  Neblinjj, 
F.   Raner, 


Peter  Meng, 
George  Dill, 

Engelbrecht  Scherbaune, 
Charles  Clesire, 
Caroline  Leckenber. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Traveli^er,  Capt. 
George  Billups,  from  Amsterdam.     JIjne  22,  1803. 

Elisabeth  Sallete, 
Anna  Barbara  Sallete 
Elisabeth  Sallete, 


Hans  Adams  Sallete, 
Heinrich  Sallete, 
Anna  Maria  Sallete, 
Hans  Adam  Sallete, 
Ursala  Sallete, 
Elisabeth  Rude, 
Dorus  Rude, 

Johann  Jacob  Ruile,  10  yr. 
Barbara  Rude,  13  yr. , 
Maria  Rude, 
Magdalena  Reyenhause. 
Anna  Tominer, 
Trina  Tommer, 
Elisal)eth  Lotze, 
Frjederich  MoUer, 
Barbara  Reyginaas, 
Elisabeth  Reygenaas,  13  yr. 
Christoffel  Reygenaas.9  yr 
Eva  Keller, 
Helena  Keller, 
Anna  Maria  Keller, 

^  Anna  Schop, 

^  Anna  Schop,  8  yr. , 

Hans  Adam  Weirts, 
(  Heinrich  Weirts, 
^-Usula  Schop. 
Hans  .Jacob  Buser, 
Johannes  Rolle, 
leronimus  Rolle, 

Friederick  Sallete, 

Doras  Rude, 

Friederick  Rude, 

Johannes  Rude  12  yr. , 

Elisabeth  Rude, 

Heinrich  Rude, 

Rummeyer  Reyenhause, 

Hans  .Jacob  Tommer, 

Martin  Tommer, 

Heinrich  Lotze, 

Heinrich  Lotze, 

Hans  Jacob  Reyginaas, 

Hans  Jacob  Reyginaas, 

Trina  Reygenaas,  12  yr., 

Martin  Keller, 

Martin  Keller, 

Henerich  Keller, 
_^  Wernard  Schop, 
.    Christoph  Schop,  11  yr. , 

Johannes  Weber, 

Margareth  Weirts, 

Heinrich  Schop, 
-  Jacob  Schop, 

Barl).  Buser, 

Jacob  Rolle, 

IT] rich  Wagenaar, 


:n'amks  of  foreigners 

Andreas  Wagenaar, 

Martin  B use, 

Friderick  Tonimer, 

Kicolaus  Snyder, 

Christian  Hagelaar, 

Barbara  Weber, 

Peter  Sechniund.  Cook. 

Johann  Sechmund, 

Garret  Henrich  Tej'le, 

Barend  Bruuder, 

Johann  tStortz, 

Joh.  Fr.  Bach, 

Carl  Jacob  Bernard e, 

Pliihp  Heterish, 

Joh.  Jac.    Theeman, 

Joh.  Carl  Cromblioltz, 

Rud  Rudbrock, 

Casper  Heintzler, 

Frantz  Joseph  Binie, 

Joh.  Christ.  Ehrenfried,  I. 

Frantz  Pott, 

Joh.  Fry, 

Partricuis  Abt.  Sager, 

]Sricolaus  Klyn, 

Georg  Bauer, 

Geirts  Lieve  Borrs, 

J.  Ch.  Gerkels, 

Jolianna  Jacoba  Lindrot. 

Fr.  Glockner, 

Joh.  And.  KliV)erg, 

Gerret  Krugli, 

Jacob  Heyberger, 

Jacob  Harsel  &  his  AvitV  i: 

Jolianna  Anton  Schreudei 

Joliaune  Martins, 

AVilliam  Roelof  Krourven, 

Johannus  Schude, 
Martin  Tuchter, 
Heini'ick  Kreyeveller, 
Hans  Jacob  Kriiler, 
Fritz  Rude, 
Heinrich  Lutenecker, 
Catharina  Sechmund, 
Carl  Henristo  Sechiuund, 
Johann  Martin  Eitel, 
Christ.  Fried.  Bozeto, 
Philip  Heird, 
Fried.  Becker, 
T.  M.  Betist, 
Barand  Minne, 

F.  L.  Reineke, 

G.  L.  Schelfer, 
Joh.  W.  Kleist, 
Laurentz  Kerteling, 


Cath.  Pott,  /• 

F.  Nestler, 
Philip  Krum, 
Everen  Begenfield, 
Georg  Reichmann, 
Joh.  F.  Philipson, 
C.  F.  Schusler, 
Peter  Christiaan, 
Joh.  Th.   Zunein, 
Josepli  Stop. 
Barthold  Laar, 

two  children, 

Johanne  Bursehe, 
Engeliue  Gesine  Brourven, 
Nancv  Barlles. 

List  of  the  Passexger.*;  ox  Board  the  Ship  C'harlotte. 
WHEREOF  Thomas  H0RT9X  is  Master,  from  Hamburgh. 
Sept.  5,  1803. 

Adam  D rocker, 

.Tohannes  Glaucer,  Avife  and  two  children, 

Taidwig  Harpell,  wife  and  five  children, 


Frederick  Harpell,  wife  cind  four  childrtMj, 

George  Frittz,   wif^  and  one  child, 

Peter  Smitli, 

Frederick  SeJler, 

Christian   Estricker.  wife  and  four  children, 

Christian  Raw,  John  Hurkolt, 

Conrad  Wilpley,  Alias  Dauhaiir, 

Christian  Keans,  George  Cook  and  wife, 

Martin  "Wilpley,  Christian  Wilpley, 

George  Neysinger,  George  Siinbernian, 

George  Rickell,  Jacob  Wiker, 

Peter  Hartline.  Adam  Laybolt, 

Johannes  Bandele.  Johan  Riley, 

Godleip  Schwarts,  Matthews  Prizer, 

Hendrick  Bender,  wife  and  child, 

Conrad  Cabell,  Wilhehn  Mardoff, 

George  Striker,  George  Dippele, 

Wilhehn  Banghest,  Henry  Jordan, 

Christopher  Koffman,  John  Wilt, 

Jacob  Nestle,  Jacob  Poor  bait, 

Christian  Poorbalt,  Christopher  Princekoffer, 

Jacob  Shine,  Christian  Koffman, 

Wilhehn  AVoolf,  Johan  Estricker, 

Frederick  Rickell,  Frederick  Cunsman. 

Martin  Fullbrake,  Gonrad  Blank, 

Bernard  Horgg,  Gabriel  Englehart, 

Peter  Hausenbeck,  Johan  Harm, 

Tobias  Swink,  Christopher  Aspell, 

Charles  Straup,  Martin  Jacobson, 

Peter  Byder,  Johan  Peterson, 

Frederick  Keppell.  John  Rockholt, 

Henry  Lovenfort,  wife  and  two  children, 

Christian  Gaadyard,  John  Danhaur, 

Johan  Riddle,  Christian  Vandele  Antle, 

Jacob  Poies,  wife  and  three  children. 

List  of  the   Passengers   ox  Board   the    Ship  Fortune, 
Caleb  Earl,  Master,  rrom  Hamburg.     Sept.  S,  1803. 

John  Heinr.  Fried  Tuym. 
Jacoli  Kohl. 
Joh.  Benjn.  Zeibig. 
John  Christh    Danicke. 
Joseph  Niwatel. 


Fi'iedk.   Trerking. 

John  And.   Carpo. 

Christian  Kuntz, 

Hans  fxath. 

Elias  Hertz. 

Johannes  Seip. 

Anna  Catharina  Seip,  his  wife. 

Anna  Catharina  Seip,     j 

Johannes  Seip,  [    their  cliildren. 

Johann  Peter  Seip,         j 

John  George  Bolim. 

Margaretha  Bohm,  b.  Seipen  his  wife. 

John  Peter  Bohm,  his  son. 

Johann  Vulgarn. 

Leopold  Muller. 

ElHnger  Motig. 

Franz  Konig. 

Peter  Muller. 

Anna  Catharina,  his  wife. 

Martha  Willielmina,  )_    ^^^^.^,  children. 

George,  * 

Heinr.    Conrd.  Hern.  Schrader. 

John  Christn.  Wilhm.  Tager. 

Arnold  Hesse. 

Maria  Margaretha,  his  wife. 

Eberhard,      1 

Christoph,      I  .      ,  .,  , 

Catharina,      [  ^^^<^"-  children. 

Johannes,       j 

Adam  Seip. 

Jacobine  Seip,  his  wife. 

John  Friedk,)    their  children. 

Albertus,  > 

Leopold  Rudolph. 

Anna  Catharina,  his  wife. 

Anna  Elisabeth,     1 

Caspar,  I 

.  TXT     .  y  his  chudren. 

Anna  Maria, 

Maria  Catharina,    | 

Jacob  Friesen. 

Johannes  Gerke. 

Anna  Maria  Gerke,  b.  Bunkerdren,  his  wife. 

Maria  Gertrut,        ] 

Anna  Maria,  I      ,     .      ,  .,  , 

T  V-  y  their  children. 


Marianne,  i 


Geoi'ge  Ludwig  Altliaus. 

Chiistian,  his  wife,  with  one  child. 

George  Wm.  Reimschneider. 

Maria  Schutter,  >    ^^^  ^j^^^,.^ 

Elizabeth  Schutter,    ) 

Just.  Heinr.   Holdinghausen. 

George  Holdinghausen,  his  son. 

George  Andr.  St eideliu tiller. 

Carl  Bauuagarten. 

Christian  Hinze. 

Friedrich  Kuntze. 

Johannes  Wetter. 

Jacobus  Han. 

Maria  Gertrud  Han,  b.  Gerke 

Mathias  Han,  ».   ^j,^.,.  ,.,,i,^iren. 

Anna  Catharina  Han.  > 

Joichini  Heinr.  Maack. 

Gottlieb  Nitscko. 

Friedk.   Hupfenstiel, 

Maria  Elizabet,  his  wife 

Johann  .Tost,  their  son. 

Joh.  Kraff  Goebels. 

Magdelena,  his  wife. 

Johannes  Franck. 

Magdelena,  his  wife. 

Hinrich  Bode. 

Louise,  his  wife. 

John  Hinr.  Franck. 

Louise,  I 

John  Ludwig,  {-  his  children. 

Maria  Elizabeth,     ] 

John  Hinr.  Frank. 

Catharina,  his  wife. . 

Jurgen  Sctineider. 

Gerdruth,  his  wife. 

Jacob.  1 

Johannes,  !    their  children. 

Anna  Elisabeth,      | 

Catharina,  J 

John  Wilhm.    Koth. 

Catharina  his  wife. 

Johannes  Debes. 

Rosina,  his  wife. 

Freiderica,  I 

George  Heinrich,    '   their  children. 

Maria  Catharina.    i 


John  Jurgn.  Weber. 

Maria  Elisabeth,  his  wife.  , 

Maria  Magdalene,     , 

Johan  J  urgen,  f  his  children. 

Wiih.  Chri.stiari,       J 

Louise  Schneidern, 

Anna  Margaretha,  her  sister. 

Elias  Kirschtein. 

Catharine  Sneider,  his  bride. 

Jost  Berckelbach. 

Christina  Inihofin,  his  bride. 

Ludwig  Richstein. 

Heinr.  Kramer. 

Maria  Gertde.  Webern,  his  bride 

J  urgen  Kesster. 

John  Pliilip  Lange. 

Maria  Gertrude,  his  mother. 

Johannes  Martin. 

Anna  Elis.    Schmidtin,  his  bride. 

John.  Jost  Roth. 

Louise  Rodepiller,  his  wife. 

John  Hinrich,       j 

Ludwig,  1- their  children. 



John.  Jost  Rodepiller. 

Catharina,  his  wife. 

Maria  Elisa,      )    their  children. 
Anna  Elise,      > 
Magdalena  Weilin. 
Jacob  Weil,  her  brother. 
Hinrich  Boden. 
Hinrich  Blumenstiel. 
John  George  Afterbach. 
John  Danl.   Eckel. 
Johannes  Wiess. 
Christina,  his  wife. 
Joh.  Christ.  Weber. 
Friedk.   Messerschniidt. 
Maria  Elisa,  his  wife. 
Maria  Elisa,  his  daughter. 
Jer.  Messerschmidt. 

Johannes,  )^    his  brothers. 

Joh.   Hinrich,     > 

Carle  Buck. 

Anna  Maria  Buckin. 


T.  Weber,  a  child. 
Wilheliie.  Buckin. 
Ludwig  Schmidt. 

Bernhardt,         j 

John  Christr.     ;    his  brothers. 

Johannes,  , 

Anna  Maria  Ehsa,     ).    j^j^  ^j^^^^^ 

Dorothea,"  > 

John  Danl.   Pfeiffer. 

Wilhehn  Saure. 

Anna  Catharina,  his  wife. 

Henrietta  Friderica,      j 

Anna  Maria,  |-  his  children. 

Elisabeth,  | 

John  Ludg.   Bremer. 

Maria  Cath. ,  his  wife. 

Catharina  Elisa,     i 

Catharina,  ,    ^j^^j,.  pj^ii-n-en. 

Joli.  Ludwig,  I 

Anna  Elisa,  J 

Joh.   Hinr.  Schmidt. 
Catharina,  his  wife. 

Ludwig,  I 

Johannes,  r  their  children. 

Anna  Catharina,    | 

Joh.  George  Bremer. 

Maria  Elisa,  his  wife. 

John  Peter,       | 

Joh.  George,     I     ,     .      ,  .,  , 
.  „,.  their  children. 

Anna  Elisa, 

Anna  Maria,      j 

Gertrud  Jacobs,    )_    brother  &  sister. 

Mathias  Jacobs,    > 

Johannes  Rischstein. 

Louise,  his  wife. 

Catharina  Elisa,      | 

John  JacoV),  | 

Johannes,  I-    their  children. 


John  Jost,  J 

Catharina  Elisa  Dresbach. 

Anna  Elisa  Dresbach,  her  child. 

Anna  Elisab.  Groth. 

Peter  Otto. 

Cath.    Elisa  P^rankin,  his  loride. 


Jacob  Spies,  a  child. 

Michel  Bergei: 

Sybilla,  his  wife. 

Conrad,  )     ,  ,  .,  , 

,'      .       ;    two  ciiildren. 
Anna  Maria,  ) 

Jolm  Gfottlieb  Schlichteweg. 

Victor  de  Ville. 

Elizabeth,  his  wife. 

John  Cxottfd.  Nevvmanii. 

J  oh.  Conrd.  Schaul. 

Francois  Serrurier. 

Johan  Junkhaiis. 

List  of  Passen&ers  Arrived  at  the  Port  of  Philadel- 
phia, ON   BOARD    the    BriG    MORAVIA,  WiLLIAM  GrEERSEN, 

Commander,  from  Bremen.     Oct.  3,  1803. 

Herman  Samniler,  and  3  children. 

Mathias  Zacharias. 

Johann  Greorge  Kraul. 

Reinhard  Drescher. 

Catharina  Jungerin. 

Johann  Daniel  Biirn. 

Casper  Lorenz,  wife  and  3  children. 

•Joseph  Bnbeck,  wife  and  4  children. 

Dorothea  Ulrich,  and  3  children. 

List  of    Passengers   Arrived    in  the   Ship   Commkrck, 
Nathaniel  Ray,  Capt.  ,  from  Amsterdam.     Oct.  9.  1803. 

Henrich  Potzin,  Mattheus  Giste  and  wife, 

Hans  Jacob  Giste,  Daniel  Wagner  and  wife, 
•Johannes  Hunzinger  and  wife,   Elizabeth  Hun/inger, 

Margaret  Hunzinger,  Dorst  Studi  and  wife, 

Jacob  Studi,  Anna  Studi, 

Durst  Studi,  Jacob  Weber  and  wife, 

Johannes  Weber,  Christian  Weber, 

Marie  Weber,  Daniel  Hoffman  and  wife, 

Anna  Hoffman,  Elizabeth  Hoffman, 



Daniel  Hoffman, 

Elizabeth  Grraff. 

Anna  Maria  Miller, 
I  Heinrich  Mangold, 
MCathrina  Sehop, 

Martin  Mathery, 

Jacob  Martin, 

Jacob  Hoch, 

Benedict  Berger  and  wife, 

Barbara  Berger, 

Hans  Jacob  Gas, 

Hans  Jacob  Grieder, 

Han8  Jacob  Grnber  and  wife, 

Anna  Maria  Gruber, 

Anna  Gruber, 

Catliarina  Miitzenberg, 

Johannes  Binger  and  wife, 

Johannes  Binger, 

Hans  Jacob  Binger, 

Adam  Briegel, 

Peter  Raus," 

Nickolaus  Mang, 

Frederich  Burchard,  sen. , 

Daniel  Anspacli, 

Philip  Jacob  Bauer  and  wife, 

Jacobim  Miiller, 

Jacob  Meyer, 

Johannes  Speck, 

Cathrina  Speck, 

Nicklaus  Kuhlenkampf,  jr., 

Aric  Hall, 

George  Reidt, 

Johan  AVein, 

Conrad  Zingermann, 

Frantz  Noffeneyer  and  wife, 

Magdalene  Noffeneyer, 

Philip  Wiedemann, 

Antoine  Tech  eld, 

T.  H.  Roestleyn  and  wife, 

Hefner  Bieber, 

Henrich  (irraff  and  wife, 
Anna  Barl)Hra  (iraff. 
Hans  JacoV)  Miller  and  wife, 
Heinrich  Mangold  and  wife, 
Hans  Gast  and  wife, 
Anna  Gast, 
Jacob  Biichlin, 
Heinrich  Martin, 
Adam  Borli, 

Anna  Maria  Gas  (Berger), 
Elizabeth  Berger, 
Anthon  Gas, 
Hans  Georg  Gast, 
Martin  Gruber, 
Elizabeth  Gruber, 
Christian  Miitzenberg  and  wife, 
Maria  Binger, 
Terena  Binger, 
Catharina  Bernhard, 
Philip  Heinrich  Blum  and  wife, 
Johan  Georg  Peter 
Friederich  Burchard,  jr.. 
Johan  Georg  Branch, 
Freiderich  Kramlich,  ♦ 
Anna  Maria  Schmetzer, 
Daniel  Weingesser, 
Studarth  Speck, 
Nickolaus  Kuhlenkampf,  .sen. 
Lorentz  Sallade, 
Carl  Henche, 
Georg  Adam  Klenk, 
Georg  Philip  Enler, 
Georg  Heinrich  Runckel, 
Johan  Nickolas  Keuffer, 
Barbara  Noffeneyer, 
Egbert  Dersch  and  wife, 
Bernhard  Wiedemann, 
Joseph  Gremond, 
Johan  T)avid  Deeg, 
Peter  Sieboldt, 

Johan  Christopn  Gottleib  Schleich, 

David  Gidaud, 

George  Freiderich  Schaufele, 

Johan  Georg  VVrieman, 

Thomas  Walter, 

Philip  Neujahr, 

Jacol)  Eggert, 
Georg  1^'riederich  Diem, 
Carl  Harmstadt, 
George  Stumm, 
Johan  Lindek'Ugel, 



Philip  Stoppel, 

Lucas  Eggerinan, 

Andreas  Kretz, 
I    Samuel  Grerster  and  wife 

Adam  Schaub  and  wife, 
^iBarbara  Schaub, 
-A^  Martin  Schaub, 

Hans  Georg  Hassler, 

Hans  Jacob  Freiburger  and 

Johannes  Freiburger, 

Jacob  Schaflfner, 

Anna  Rudy, 

Johannes  Egger, 

Magdalene  Hohl  (Andereg), 

Michael  Gloss, 

Johan  Rosenstellner 

Peter  Kroneburger, 

Adam  Bernhard. 

Christian  Binger, 

Bernhard  Herges, 

Andreas  Bernhard  and  wife, 

Johan  Joseph  Herges, 

Hans  Bessener  and  wife, 

Mattheus  Bessener, 

Hans  Ulrich  Ische  and  wife, 

Hans  Ulrich  Ische  and  wife,  j: 

Hans  Jacob  Ische, 

Freiderich  Ische, 

Catharina  Schweitzer, 

Adam  Tschudi  and  wife, 

Johannes  Thomme, 

Anna  Thomme. 



Conrad  Ijampe, 
Johan  Jacob  Wagner, 
Johan  Heinrich  Rickers, 
Johannes  Gerster, 
Hans  Jacob  Schaub, 
Anna  Schaub, 
Johannes  Schopp, 
Anna  Sehn, 


Hans  Jacob  Freiburger, 
Henrich  Rudy  and  wife, 
Johannes  Rudy, 
Jacob  Andereg  and  wife, 
Geo.  Ludwig  Kin;de, 
Johannes  Reif, 
Johan  Andreas  Beck, 
Michael  Walsch, 
Hans  Ulrich  Binger, 
Werner  Schittler, 
Michel  Kauffer  and  wife, 
Jacob  Bernhard, 
Ulrich  Schmit, 
Freiderich  Bessener, 
Hans  Bessener, 

sen. , 

r. ,  Johannes  Ische, 
Marie  Ische. 
Danl.  Weltger, 
Bernhard  Schweitzer, 
Hans  Georg  Thomme, 
Elizabeth  Thomme. 

List  of  Passengers  on  Board  the  Ship  Canton,  Thomas 

MiT-LS,    Master, 

from   Amsterdam.      Arrived   Oct.    7, 

Mr.  Prediger  and  sister, 

Mr.  Schryver, 

Mr.  Teleken  and  servant, 

Mr.  Boon, 

Mr.  Beeresteen, 

Mrs.  Prediger, 
Mr.  Everts  and  2  servants, 
Mr.  Pletts  and  wife, 
Mr.  Van  Enst  and  clerk, 



Mr.  Roberts  and  2  little  brothers. 

P.  F.  C.  Halbee,  Gro.  Rap, 

C.  Muller,  Go.  Myer, 

C.  Walker,  J.  Smith, 

F.  Elj%  Jasper, 

Jon.  Rap,  Mr.  Prediger's  man. 
Black  Gridle, 

List  of  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Ship  Fatorite,  John 
AiiPTOX,  Master,  from  Amsterdam.     Nov.  lo,  1808. 

Blasius  Sl^knieyer  and  wife, 
.Johannes  Schlorser, 
Jo.sepli  &  Maria  Hummel i,  minors, 
Maria  Lindman, 

Scud  de  Harts  Becket, 
Joseph  Bible, 
B.  Hummel  and  wife, 
Francis  Wessells, 
Carl  Fred  Erdman, 
Gerrit  C.  Senden, 
Jacob  Hannig, 
Dirk  Pom  pies, 
Marus  Kolen. 
Joseph  Pomplier, 
Josei^h  Brocheck, 
Wilhelm  Hulsenberg, 
Fred,  fjafava, 
Michael  Herns, 

B.  Dolman. 
Christiana  Salveyler, 
Jacob  Moses, 
Pieter  Greenwood, 

C.  Sauten, 
Barend  Everet, 

J  oh.  George  Eberlpin, 

Kaufman  Isaac  Bayje, 

.facoba  Sobe, 

Anna  Elisab.  Teock, 

Jacob  Van  Achten, 

Jan  Land, 

John  .Juist. 

M.  A.   Welnagle, 

Peter  Flaming, 

Schuniman  a  girl, 

Peper  Seel, 
Cath.  Hive, 

Peter  Bockhoart, 
Johannes  Streignagle, 
Jan.  Plankman, 
Bram  Hieman. 
Johan  George  Huisman, 
Christiana  Spier, 
Jacob  Luh, 
Anthoy  Herbold, 
Aaron  Philips, 
Ludoff  Otte. 
Henrick  Pothoff, 
Barend  Beerends, 
Jacob  Epsteina, 
Jan  Earner  and  wife, 
Joh.  Gertr  Sauten, 
Jan  Jacob  Dobler, 
Senf.  Mois.  Schiff, 
Joseph  Robeson, 
Magdalen  Reiter, 
Christian  Corneliese, 
Jan  Hendrick  Keuberen, 
.Johannes  S.  Smitt, 
John  George  Girke, 
Coena  Serbel  Broun, 
Carl  Ehlers, 
•Tohanna  Schnap, 
Wilhelmina  Bos, 
Conraad  Kehl, 



Johan  Jacob  SchedeJ, 

Philip  S.  Jurken, 

G.  Berz, 

Isaac  AVatter, 

B.  Venden  Berht, 

John  C.  Kerber, 

Maria  Weithard, 

John  Ren  it, 

Msyer  Poplak, 

Janna  Kagee, 

Wilhehn  N.  Preeper. 

Maria  C.  Preeper, 

H.  Honiberg  and  wife, 

H.  Homberg,    )     ^.^^^.^ 

A.   Horn  berg,    ) 

Maria  N.  Regnier, 

Engel  Raddeuiaus, 

Hend.  Kraanier, 

Wm.  Fred.  Hink, 

Johannes  Kuller  and  wife 

Johanna  Kiiller, 

George  Scholder  and  wife, 

John  Scholder,  | 

George  Scholder,      I 

Eva  Scholder,  I 

Andrew  Scholder,  j 

Frederick  Dorr, 

Jacob  Diehl, 

Elizabeth  de  Young, 

Jacob  Wirtman, 

Nic.  Van  Mervont, 

Barb  Estel, 

Jacob  Estel, 

Lamb  Koener, 

Roger  Toutenhoofd-and  wife, 

Magdel  Toutenhoofd, ) 

Cath.  Toutenhoofd,     > 

Job.  Dubrannuer, 

H.  Better. 

S.  L.  Conteret, 

Jan  Magel  Fet, 

Johantette  Fet, 

Johanna  Fet, 

Catharina  Fet. 

Anthony  Fetts, 


Johan  C.  Kunso, 

Henry  Richman, 

Hend  de  Jong, 

John  Van  Mausorn, 

Fred  Boene, 

John  Pieterse, 

John  Wilh.  Keldwick, 

Maria  de  Lernn, 

A.  Wolf. 

John  Preeper  and  wife, 

Jacob  Preeper, 

Ehris.  Winter, 

Jacob  Gaiman  and  wife, 
M.  Warninck, 
•Jacob  Kuntrell, 
Johan  Scheligs, 
Ronna  W.  Kuller, 
Philipina  Kuller, 

John  Ham  mar. 
Van  der  Wamer, 
Rosetta  de  Young, 
Dr.  Hoffman, 
Frederick  Girtman, 
Carth  Estel. 
Fred  Estel, 
George  A.  Doll, 
Hend  Williams, 


Otto  Van  Wingaarde, 
Gutze  Van  Tellage, 
Dort  Hoffman, 
Eva  Sebina  Fet, 
John  Peter  Fet, 
Margretta  Fet, 
Ludwiek  Luner, 
Philip  Ulmer. 



List  of  Passkngers  ox  Board  the  Brig  PEXxsYiiVANiA, 
Peter  F.  Moody,  Master,  from  Amsterdam.  Nov.  1.5, 

Justu.s  Walter, 

Elisal  Krebsin, 

Adam  Risinger  and  wife. 

Adam  Gerenstein,aged  9  years, 

Jolian  Seltenreich, 

Herm.  Olyslage, 

Abraham  Coster, 

Anna  Coinelisse, 

Care  Opits, 

Job.  W.  Krugman, 

Godf.   Schermacker, 

John  Ab.  Winter, 

N.   Dingelwein, 
Helena  Krebsin,     • 
Philip  Bechtel, 
J.  G.  Voegt, 
Engell  Walter, 
Frideriek  Coster, 
Fi-ederick  Heintz, 
Catharine  Schmit, 
Fred.  Jac.  Vanderhuvell, 
JetJwir  Fricke, 
Phillip  Frolick, 
M.   Mackie. 

List  of  Passexgers  Arrived  at  the  Port  of  Philadel- 
phia, ON  Board  the  Ship  Carolina,  Ph.  Moore,  Master, 
Feb.  21,  1804. 

P.  F.  Corvoisier  Sandoz,  a  Swiss. 
C.  Fishei",  a  German. 
C.  G.  Schneider,  a  German. 
William  Rodir,  a  German. 

List  of  German  Passengers  on  Board  the  Brigantine 
Union.  Capt.  Hause,  from  Tonningen.  Arhived  at 
THE  Port  of  Philadelphia,  March  19.  1804. 

Charles  Seagel,  John  Sneider. 


List  op  Passengers  ox  Board  the  Brig  Newton,  John 
Riley,  Master,  from  Hamburg.  Arrived  August  11, 

\Name,  Occupation,   Age,  Height.  ] 

Henry  Pressell,  sadler,  28,  five  feet  10  inches. 

his  wife,  24,  five  feet  JO  inches, 
(i.   A.   Simon,  sailler,  24,  five  feet  10  inches. 
T.  E.  x\.  Janna,  jjrocer,  26,  five  feet  4  inches. 
G.  Fischer,  shoemaker,  18,  five  feet  4  inches. 

his  wife,  18,  five  feet  4  inches. 
H.  But/.,  no  trade,  18,  five  feet  4  inches. 
Joseph  Nagle,  no  trade,    22,  five  feet  4  inches. 
G.  A.  Seebert,  miller,  38,  five  feet  5  inches. 
G.  A.  Whilimack.  weaver,  34,  five  feet  4  inches. 
G.  Tausch,  farmer,  30,  five  feet  6  inches. 
A.  D.  Scheile,  blacksmith,  21,  five  feet  6  inches, 
A.  Siligman,  no  trade,   15,  five  feet. 
G.  Comeke,  chairmaker,  43,  five  feet. 

C.  Jardner,  distiller,  36,  five  feet .8  inches. 
L.   Knuppel,  carpenter,  18,  five  feet. 

H.  Bauer,  butcher,  28,  five  feet. 

H.  Kruges,  clerk,  37,  six  feet. 

A.  Sueke,  clothmaker,  25,  five  feet. 

G.    F.  Weyrick,  sockmaker,  26,  five  feet  6  inches. 

Franz  Hoffman,  taylor,  45,  five  feet  8  inches. 

J.  W.   Enieke,  farmer,  30,  five  feet  4  inches. 

P.  H.  Minan,  shoemaker,  24-,  five  feet  4  inches. 

J.  J.  Betz,  taylor,  19,  five  feet  4  inches. 

H.  G.  Porch,  turner,  23,  five  feet. 

J.  ('.   Becker,  blacksmith,  24,  five  feet  8  inches. 

D.  Heigening.  watchmaker,  30,  five  feet  8  inches. 
J.   Maul,  farmer,  24,  five  feet  5  inches. 

G.   Stahd,  farmer,  29,  five  feet  5  inches. 

J.   J.  Salm,  farmer,  36,  five  feet  4  inches. 

W.  G.   Liiikel,  carpenter,  20,  five  feet  8  inches. 

G.  Lauber,  farmer,  21,  five  feet  5  inches. 

P.  Sasmanehans,  farmer,  20,  five  feet  5  inches. 

J.  Sasmanehans,  farmer,  26,  five  feet  5  inches. 

J.   H.  Beltys,  carpenter,  30,  five  feet  8  inches. 

E.  Bantzs,  taylor,  22,  five  feet  8  inches. 
J.  Bnch,  miller,  21,  five  feet  6  inches. 
H.  Beitzil,  taylor.  21,  five  feet  4  inches. 
H.  F.  Ehlers,  taylor,  29,  five  feet  2  inches. 


Cammassasea,  no  trade,  19,  five  feet  4  inches. 
Hauff,  no  trade,  19,  live  feet  5  inches. 

B.  Bestells,  slu^einaker,  2."),  live  feet  4  inclies. 
F.  Keimh,  carpenter,  27,  live  feet  4  inches. 
H.  Kliginburg,  taylor,  21,  five  feet. 

E.  Reiter,  loclvsniith,  29.  five  feet  3  inches. 
J.  Scliinidt,  no  trade,  38,  five  feet  8  inches. 
J.  Reiter,  taylor,  25,  five  feet  8  inches. 

J.  H.  Hahs,  locksmith,  20,  five  feet  8  inches. 
J.  Fisher,  farmer,  31,  five  feet  9  inches, 
his  wife,  20,  five  feet. 

F.  Schewetzer,  butcher,  32,  five  feet  8  inches. 
J.  Baltzer,   weaver,  22,  five  feet  8  inches. 

C.  Fucks,  linen  weaver,  25,  five  feet  6  inches. 
L.  Fucks,  linen  weavei",  23,  five  feet  6  inches. 

L.  G.  Bourm,  maid  servant,  27,  five  feet  G  inches. 

J.  H.  Wahl,  taylor,  19,  five  feet  5  inches. 

J.  Jockeln,  servant,  woman.  51,  five  feet. 

Johs.  Wahl,  boy,  11. 

E.  Sheider,  maid  servant,  22,  five  feet. 

A.  Dickie,  farmer,  30,  five  feet  G  inches. 

J.  G.  Netz,  farmer,  30,  five  feet  G  inches. 

his  wife,  farmer,  31.  five  feet. 

his  2  children,  7  &  4  years. 
Lud.  Netz,  farmer,  40,  five  feet  4  inches. 

his  wife,  35,  five  feet. 

his  child,  10  y^ears. 

his  sister,  servant  maid,  3G,  five  feet. 
P.  Spies,  farmer,  49,  five  feet  4  inches. 

his  wife,  39,  five  feet. 

his  8  children,  21,  19,  17,  15,  13,  11,  9,  4  years  old. 

G.  Ruhs,  fai-mer,  36,  five  feet  4  inches. 

his  wife,  40. 

his  2  children,  12  &  14  years. 
P.    Fucks,  Sadler,  32,  six  feet. 

liis  wife,  40  yuars. 

3  children,  17,  6  &  3^  years. 
M.  Banz,  farmer,  48,  six  feet. 

his  wife,  40  years. 

6  children,  25,  14,  13,  10,  8,  7  years. 
.T.  Donners,  farmer,  32  years,  five  feet. 

his  wife,  24,  five  feet, 
p.  H.  Brann,  farmer,  32,  five  feet  8  inches. 

his  wife,  29,  five  feet. 

his  sister,   19,  five  feet. 
39 -Vol.   XVII. 


J.  G.  Mohle,  shoemaker,  29,  five  feet  2  inches, 
his  wife,  34  years. 

2  children,  4  yrs.  &  18  weeks. 

J.  Bochen,   farmer,  28,  five  feet  8  inclies. 

his  wife. 
J.  C.  Eulers,  carpenter,  32,  six  feet. 

his  wife,  33,  five  feet. 

3  children. 

H.  C.  Bertels,  shoemaker,  30,  five  feet. 

his  wife,  29  years. 

2  children. 
C-  Donnier,  taylor,  29,  five  feet  0  inches. 

his  wife,  24  years. 

1  child,  4  years, 
his  sister,  15  years. 

H.  Kuhn,  carpenter,  26,  five  feet  6  inches. 

his  wife,  20  j'ears. 
A.  Gungheim,  shoemaker,  31,  five  feet  8  inches. 

his  wife,  30  years. 

2  children,  4  &  li^  yrs. 

Jusn.  Sasraannhaus,  farmer,  86,  five  feet. 

his  wife,  34  years. 

his  2  children,  12  &  8  yrs. 
G.  Strachbein,  farmer,  36.  five  feet  6  inches. 

his  wife,  29  years. 

his  2  children,  7  &  H  years. 
A.   E.  Strachbein,  farmer,  31,  five  feet  4  inches. 

1  child,  4^  years. 
G.  H.  Trite,"farmer,  16,  five  feet. 

his  sister,  maid  servant,  19.  five  feet  2  inche 
Just  Trite,  farmer,  45,  six  feet. 

his  wife,  85  years. 

5  children,  19,  16,  13,  4,  1  years  old. 
E.  F.  Huster,  tallowchandler,  44,  five  feet  4  inches. 

his  wife,  83,  five  feet. 
G.  Kiiiiimerer,  tanner,  31,  six  feet. 

his  wife,  29,  five  feet 

his  mother,  61,  five  feet. 

3  children,  12,  6,  4  years. 

M.  Kelmer    farmer.  40,  five  feet  6  inches. 

his  wife,  27  years. 

1  child,  7  years. 
G.  Wahl,  farmer,  37,  five  feet  5  inches. 

his  wife,  27  years. 
J.  Schune,  farmer,  30  years,  five  feet  2  inches. 

his  wife,  30,  five  feet. 

1  child,  3  years. 



P.  NelTny,  farmer,  44,  five  feet  8  inches. 

his  wife,  28,  five  feet. 

his  mother,  70  years. 

4  cliildren,  14,  13,  (i,  4  years. 
Leid  Kadebacli,  farmer,  27,  five  feet. 

his  wife,  25,  five  feet. 

2  chihlren,  3  &  U  years. 
A.  M.  iSchiuitter,  farmer,  42,  five  feet. 

1  child,  9  years. 
Rnmenshid,  no  trade,  21,  five  feet  4  inches. 
Mary  Klein,  maid  servant,  22,  five  feet. 
Andw.  Waunbolr,  cook,  28,  five  feet. 
W.  Turner,  cabin  passenger. 
Mr.  Rochhendorf  &  lady,  cabin  passengers. 
J.  Malcolm  and  lady,  cabin  passengers. 

List  of  Passengers  Arrived  at  the  Port  of  Phila- 
delphia, IN  the  Ship  Ixdostajv,  Captain  John  (jreen, 
FROM  Hamburg.     April  17,  1804. 

Gottfried  Wilhelm  Pliilip, 

Christ.  Gottl.  Schmidt, 

J  oh.  Wilhelm  Ruting, 

Michael  Kiisner, 

Christ.  Nitscher, 

Woliner  .Julias  Heinr.  Meyer, 

Joh.  Friedch.  Meiseh, 

Nicol.  Adolph  Suck. 

Frantz  Becker, 

Joh.  Joachim  Stoltz. 

Joh.  Herman  ISchaeffer, 

Ernst  Midler, 

Christn.  Griinberg, 

Hinr.  Munseulieimer, 

Joh.  Eberhard  Wehhagen, 

.Toll.  KrafTt  Wunderlich, 

Joseph  Korff, 

xVnton  Christ.   Schroder, 

,Toh.  Friedch.  Breege, 

•Toll.  Anson, 

Joh.  Christ.  H.  Lanckan, 

Jacob  Marsch, 

Carl  Philip, 
Joh.  Carl  Philip  Klein, 
.Joh.  CasjDer  Everling, 
Hans  Nicolaus  Kros, 
Joh.  Andr.  Brandt  , 
.Tohann  Wilschiitt, 
Heinr.  Uberhoff, 
Peter  Becker, 
.Jacob  Hampst, 
Joh.  Heinrch.  Harthmann, 
Georg  Weidemann, 
Joh.  Joachim  Giinther, 
•Joh.  Hinr.  Aim, 
Anton  Rasch, 
Gottl.  Strahlheimer, 
Joh.  Christ.  Schultz, 
Joh.  Dav.   Peter  Mittelstaedt, 
Wilhelm  Keyser, 
Julias  Salomon  Papiienheimer, 
Christ.  Riihle, 
Joh.  Nicolans  Beyer, 
Herman  Mich.  Bosseck, 



Joseph  Ublond, 

Joh.  Bernh.  Stciltzner, 

Nicolaus  Beyersdorff, 

Joh.  Adam  Proebster, 

Sam.  Hinrick  Kroll, 

Jacob  Gerson, 

Joh.  V.  Bergen, 

Friedoh.   Holtz, 

Thomas  Hoffmann, 

Joh.  Albert  BilUioch, 

AVolff  Isaac, 

Jacob  Siemon, 

Bernhd.  Kriiger, 

Dettloff  Joenicke, 

Friedch.  Gottfr.  Fuhrmann, 

Friedch.  Kadwitz, 

Joh.  Gottl.  Tiippel, 

Joh.  Christ.  Schmoch, 

Christ.   Emmerliug, 

Lasch  Joliannsen, 

Hinr.  Andr.  Schnlenburg. 

Carl  Wilh.  Trewill, 

Joh.  Friedch.  Holte, 

Friedch.  Miiller, 

Heinr.  Roth, 

Beriihd.  Kantzler, 

Casper  Fahts, 

Egeroth  Franck, 

Heinr.  Rotjeroth, 

Heinr.  Werkentin, 

Aug.  Friedch.  Rehlmann, 

Joh.  Gottfr.  Herschelmann, 

Joseph  Wilh.  Berber, 

Joh.  Philip  Thiel, 

Peter  Fiihles, 

Joh.- Hinr.  Kreutzburg, 

Aug.  Christ.  Hesse, 

Benjamin  Kann, 
Joh.   Hinrch.  John, 
Jean  Frans  Pinard, 
Luis  Alexander. 
Georg  Pappler, 
Paul  Hoffmann, 
Christ.  Gotti.   Weis, 
Joh.  Christ.  Holtz. 
Joh.  David  Borst, 
Moses  Levy, 
Levy  Kohn, 
Joh.  Clans  Pfeil, 
Joh.  Heinch.   Schmidt, 
Joseph  Ahrends, 
Benjamin  Samoel, 
Peter  Nicol.  Lippert, 
August  Miiller, 
Samuel  Wessel, 
Ephraim  Munthan, 
Joh.  Joseph  Claus, 
Jiirgen  Mich.  Liitjohan, 
Christ.  Jac.  Dreyer, 
Joh.  Fried.  Zahn, 
Asmus  Heia.  v.  Miinden, 
Jiirg.  Heinch.  Schultz, 
Carl  Krauss, 
Joach.  Carl  Kronstiiber, 
Joh.  Gotti.  Lungwitz, 
Joh.  Andr.  Gehres, 
Friedch.  Alexander  Grundl, 
Jacol)  Meyer, 
Heinr.   Lohr, 
Joh.  Christ.  Grassmann, 
Georg  Friedch.  Quedenfeldt, 
Joh.  Gottf.  Miiller, 
Joh.  Herm.  Kriiger, 
Carl  Friedch.  Niculai. 





Married  &  Women. 

Anna  Cath.  Maria  Miiller, 
Anna  Munsenheimer, 
Cath.  Margar.  Wehhagen, 
Juliana  Schultz, 
Maria  Margar.  Breege, 
Maria  Cath.  Hoffmann, 
Maria  Dorothea  Schmoch, 

Anna  Cath.  Giinther, 
Jeanette  Rasch, 
Cath.  Elisabeth  Wunderlich, 
Bergitta  Christina  Keyser, 
Friederica  Carol.  Christ.  Kroll, 
Anna  Maria  Dosch, 
Maria  Elisabeth  Rotjeroth, 



Henrietta  Rotjeroth,  Barbara  Elisab.  Ottoin, 

Margaretha  Elisab.  Winkeluieyer, 

Anna  Sopliia  Kollen,  AVilhelmina  Christ.  Grund, 

Anna  Margar.    I>lanien, 


Anna  Juliana  Hinrietta  Giinther, 
Joli.  Hiav;  Munsenhenner,