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Blue Bottle® Technology for 
CFC Recycling 

From the beginning Hcdozone 
recognized that to reduce the emission 
of ozone depleting siibsttinces you had 
to hare practical solutions and these 
solutions had to make sense both 
technically and economically. It is only 
this combination that would encourage 
ozone depleting substance (OUS) users 
to make ODS management and reduction 

Dusanka Filipovic 
Halozone Technologies Inc. 
Mississauga, Ontario 


Halozone, a Canadian corppany, 
was established to market proprietary 
refrigerant capture, reduction and 
reclamation technologies. Building 
from the base of its Blue Bottle 
technology, the company has ex- 
panded to offer a variety of environ- 
mentally sound solutions to problems 
associated with ozone depleting 
substances (ODS). 

The company is recognized for its 
leadership and commitment to 
providing innovative, economically 
viable solutions to the problem of 
ozone depletion. Halozone has 
annual sales of about $5 million in 
Canada and more than $2 million in 
exports. The company currently 
employs 40 people. 


Every year thousands of tonnes of 
ODS are vented into the atmosphere. 

Halozone saw that there were two 
steps to solving this problem. The first 
step was to eliminate the venting by 
recapturing the ODS during normal 
operation, servicing and 
decommissioning of air conditioners, 
refrigerators and chillers. The second 
step was to process the recaptured 
ODS so that they fit the specifications 
of the original manufacturer and could 
be used again. 

Double Cfiarge Guard capable of storing 2400 lb. of low pressure refrigerant. 


There are two keys to the 
Blue Bottle technology; 

1 ) Halozite '" — This is a proprietary 
molecular sieve which selectively 
adsorbs halogenated hydrocarbon 
gases such as chlorofluorocarbons 
(HCFCs) and hydrofloruorocarbons 

2) Halozone's proprietary process 
for desorbing the gases from the 
Halozite without chemical 

Halozone's Blue Bottle cylinders 
adsorb halogenated hydrocarbons in 
gas streams with corK;entrations as 
low as 50 parts per million. Halozite, 
the active ingredient in the Blue Bottle 
cylinder, is highly selective, does not 
deteriorate with time and repeated 
use and can capture virtually 
100 per cent of the refrigerant gas. 

Ministry of Environment and Energy 

Halozone's reclamation plant 
operates a patent protected process 
for desorbing the halogenated hydro- 
carbons from the Halozite. There is no 
chemical breakdown in the process 
and the ODS are returned to an ARI- 
700-93 level of purity. 

The cylinders and Halozite are 
regenerated in the process. Both are 
immediately reusable. 

The plant is capable of handling 
up to 500 tonnes of ODS annually. 
Further, it offers distillation processes 
for reclaiming large quantities of used 
or contaminated refngerants from 
conventional pressurized containers. 

Results of demonstrations show 
that the Blue Bottle technologies work 
forCFCII, 12, 113, 500, 502;HCFC 
141b, 22: HFC 134a and halon 1301. 


Halozone has marketed this 
technology successfully. Further, the 
company has developed commercial 
products and services to help techni- 
cians capture refrigerant when they 
are servicing refrigeration and air 
conditioning equipment. 

Purge Capture System — 

It monitors and captures purge 
emissions from low pressure 
centrifugal chillers. 

Zero Emission Purge Canister — 

It captures chiller refrigerant from 
the dilute air stream of a high 
efficiency purge so that no 
emissions escape. 

Charge Guard — 

It transfers liquid refrigerant from a 
low-pressure centrifugal chiller to a 
high-pressure secured vessel. The 
Charge Guard starts working when 
It senses that the pressure is 
building up in the chiller so that the 
liquid IS transferred before a burst 
disk or ruptured relief valve vents 
refrigerant. The Charge Guard may 
also be used to transfer liquid 

refrigerant safely back and forth 
from chiller to container during 
major service work. 

Refrigerant Monitoring 
Systems — They feature 
microprocessor-based control 
circuits with four to 16 field sensors 
which are capable of sensing CFC, 
HCFC and HFC refngerants. This 
ensures an accurate early warning 
of refrigerant gases escaping in the 
mechanical room. 

More than 100 customers, many of 
them blue chip companies, are using 
Halozone's refrigerant capture prod- 
ucts and reclamation services regu- 

Halozone's On-Site Division has 
taken the Halozite sieve and used it to 
capture another ODS, methyl bromide. 
The Bromosorb"^" unit captures the 
methyl bromide used in agricultural 
fumigation chambers. 

The company applied a similar 
design to the Halosorb^" unit. A large 
American chemical manufacturer has 
bought this unit to capture CFC 
emissions in the manufacturing 
process. Halozone is negotiating with 
many other companies which are 
interested in buying Bromosorb and 
Halosorb units for their industrial 


The products and services built 
around the Blue Bottle technology are 
helping to reduce the volume of ODS 
released into the atmosphere. 




The initial phase of the develop- 
ment of this technology was funded 
partially by the Ontario Ministry of 
Environment and Energy. Subsequent 
commercialization of the technology 
was supported in part by Industry 

Industrial companies located in 
Ontano may participate in ministry/ 
industry programs which will help them 

* reduce, reuse and recycle solid 


* remediate historic pollution and 

destroy hazardous contaminants; 

* reduce or eliminate liquid effluent 

and gaseous emissions; 

* use energy and water more 


Equipment and service supply 
companies can benefit from the 
information provided on technologies 
identified for business development. 



Dusanka Filipovic 

Halozone Technologies Inc. 

4000 Nashua Dr. 

Mississauga, Ontario 

L4V 1 P8 

Tel. 905-405-8200 

Fax 905-405-8333 

Doug Vallery 

Industry Conservation Branch 

Ministry of Environment and Energy 

SeWellesley St., W. 

14th Floor 

Toronto, Ontario 

M7A 2B7 

Tel: (416) 327- 8329 





For information on the Ministry of 
Environment and Energy assistance to 
industry, please contact the Industry 
Conservation Branch at 
(416) 327-1492 or 
Fax (416) 327-1261. 

Publication of this project profile does not imply product endorsement. The ministry does 
not warrant the accuracy of contents and cannot guarantee or assume any liability for the 
effectiveness or economic benefits of the technologies described herein or that their use 
does not infringe privately owned nghts. 

In addition, the ministry cannot be held liable for any injury or damage to any person 
or property as a result of the implementation of any part of this profile. 

Renseignements en frangais : Ministere de I'Environnement et de L'Energie 

56 rue Wellesley ouest. Toronto (Ontario) M7A 2B7 Telephone : (416) 327-1253 ou 

Telecopieur : (416)327-1261 

This project profile was prepared and 
published as a public service by the 
Ontario Ministry of Environment and 
Energy. Its purpose is to transfer 
information to Ontario companies about 
a new technology or product. 


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