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Full text of "Office of the President Correspondence: Coffin, H.S. (NYC)"

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October loth, 1913 

Dr. H. 5. Coffin, 

Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, 


New YorK City. 

Dear Dr. Coffin': 

Last year I wrote to you asking whether you woull not 
core to Toronto and deliver one of the sermons to the University on Sunday 
morning. You reolied that you were afraid that your other engagements 
would not permit you to do so. Meantime T nave seen Professor Johnston Ross 
wno promised to use his powers of persuasion upon you to reverse your 
iudgirent and to take a day for us. 

May I also add as a further argument tnat we were counting 
on Professor Hugn Macintosh giving us a sermon last soring, but he had 
promised beforenand to oreach in your ohurch on the only day tnat was 

For all these reasons will you not cnange your mind and 
take one of our vacant days:, January 1&, February 22, March 1;, March 15, 
and Varcn 22 ? I have written to Professor Hugh Black asking him to take 

one of these days also. If you can come will you kindly consult with him 
what day would be most convenient for both ? 

Yours sincerely,