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Full text of "Office of the President Correspondence: Lefroy, Augustus Henry Fraser"

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Vay 29tn, 1914 

Professor Au H. ft. Lefroy, 

401 Vanning Chambers', 

72 Queen Street West!, Toronto. 

Dear Frofessor Lefroy 1 : 

I will bring ud at the treating of the Finance 
Cornrittee on Monday your letter dealing with tne payirent for exarrinations 
in your department. I hope to be able to give you a definite answer 
before the close of this tern. This is a natter that really rests with 
the Governors and I cannot state one way or another what they are likely 
to do. 

With kind regards;, I air., 

Yours sincerely, 


Jure 9tn, 1914 


Professor Ai. B. Bu Lefroy, 


Dear Professor Lefroy: 

At a nesting of tne Finance Connittee 
Held yesterday afternoon it was agreed to rectoirnrend that $100 
be added to your salary tor next year. The Cosrrrittesi were of 
opinion that it wa3 only right that tni3 addition should be 
naae at your salary. 

tfitR Kind regards', I an, 

Yours sincerely,