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Full text of "Office of the President Correspondence: Loudon, Thomas Richardson"

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October 13 th, 1913 


It. H.- Loudon, tiso., 

President, Students 1 Council. 

Dear Mr. LoudoP: 

I spoke to tne Superinlenient this rrornlng about the 
reouest that was mde by your connittee that Christie iright be given 
authority to act in co-operation with your Discipline Committee should 
such occasion arise for doing so. Vr. Can obeli will speak to hit 
about the natter, and you nay take action on the line of your reouest. 

I have also asken kr. Campbell to set aside the room 
down stairs in tne Undergraduates‘ Union for tne use ol students, and 
the upper rooms for tne us*- of tne Parliament. 

Yours sincerely., 



Varcn 12th, 

Vr. T.. R:. Lcuaon, 

University of Toronto. 

Dear Vr. Loudon': 

Vr. Langton na3 sooken to tie aocut nis being 
unable to get front you a volutie that is i.Tirediately needed in 
the Library. 'I atr sure that you nave overlooked his letter. 
The volutie is Tecnnolosisches .Vftrtertucn . Will you kindly 

return the cock to niir ? 


Yours sincerely. 


Aoril litn, 1914 

Tt. ft. Loudon, Psa., 

President:, Students 1 Council., 
University of Toronto. 
Dear Mr. Loudon: 

Tne Bursar tells me tnat no rr-oney has been paid for 
"'Varsity' 1 since January 1? ana tnat tnere is a balance now due of 113%. 

As it is now getting late tne students will soon be going and I an afraid 
tnat unless the money is collected we snail be left in a serious condition. 
Would you kindly nave tne Executive of tne Students’ Council taae the 
matter up ana set tnem to nave the collecting done as soon as possible? 
Naturally I feel myself in a way responsible for having allowed "Varsity" 

to go on and accumulate such a deficit:, and the Boara of Governors will 


expect tnat 1 shall give an account 

With kind regards:, 

of tne matter very soon. 
I am, 

Yours sincerely,