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Full text of "Office of the President Correspondence: Price, Frederick W."

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January ?6th, 1914 

Dr. F«- W.. Price, 

lob Harley Street West, 


Dear Dr. Price’: 

T have your letter of January lbth whicn T have read with 
a great deal of interest, and which 1 shall keep beside ire. There will 
be no vacancy T succose rcr 3 while , and we have net yet trade any decision 
as to nrethods ot conducting the work of the chair when the vacancy is to 
be filled. 1 at keecing one of the two articles you sent, but I air 
returning that or "The Action of Aconite" at your reouest. 

I percenter suite well your visit:, and the interest that you 
elicited while her* 1 . I arr glad to know that tne Faculty of Vedicine of 
the University has a refutation sufflatent to attract rren of anility front 
abroad. With kind regards, I arr, 

Yours sincerely, 


February 20th, 1&JL4 

Dr* F. W<* Price, 

133 Harley Street', 

London, W. 

Dear Dr. Price 1 : 

As far as I see at oresent there is no likelinood of 
the : t*^ being a vacancy in the Deoartirent to which you refer for sone tirre 
to cone, and I an: at oresent unacle to nake any suggest ions as to the 
nethod that we nay adoot in tilling the vacancy when it does arise. 

There are several Questions of Dolic.y that will have to be carefully 
considered when we are confronted with tne natter. I fancy, however, 
that these will nave been clear in ny last letter to you which 
crossed yours. With kind regards, 1 an:, 

Your3 sincerely, 


r ! 

b s 

133,Harley Street,W. 

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