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October 4, 1913* 

President, Falconer, 

Toranto, Canada. 

Dear Sir:- 

At a recent meeting of the Board of Regents of The University of 
Wisconsin the Press Bureau of this institution was assigned to the 
Extension Division. In line with its other work the Division will 
endeavor to make the Press Bureau a service instrument to the press 
of the state and the nation. From time to time it will send you im¬ 
partial and complete news reports of the activities affecting the 
University plant directly or indirectly when the news is important 
enough to interest the state papers and papers of a wider area. 

The Bureau will endeavor to serve you these facts in an inter¬ 
esting way, and it will also attempt to he of service to you in other 
ways hy the furnishing of special information when requested hy any 
paper, and hy campaigns to improve conditions within Wisconsin such 
as a weekly health service. This service, begun last month, is some¬ 
what after the plan of the Chicago Tribune column edited hy Dr. W. A. 
Evans, hut it is especially selected to meet the needs of Wisconsin. 
The University furnishes this health service upon request without 
charge and will also furnish electrotypes to he used as department 
headings hy papers which will run these articles. 

- 2 - 

To conduct this Press Bureau the University has selected Mr. 
Charles W. Holman who comes from Farm and Ranch (Balias, Texas), one 
of the leading agricultural journals in the United States. In his 
long connection with this publication Mr. Holman has made thorough 
and exhaustive studies of farmers 5 problems in many parts of the 
United States. He is also a thorough-going newspaper man trained 
in the daily field, and has held down positions from police reporter 
to the editorial page. 

Of course you recognize and we realize very keenly that the im¬ 
portance of its work and the beneficial results that can come from 
this bureau will be best gotten with the cooperation and advice of 
Wisconsin editors. We want you to consider it as your correspond¬ 
ent, and from that point of view we will deem it a favor if you write 
Mr. Holman, giving a full, free, and frank opinion of the character of 
this service in the past and offering suggestions on how in the future 
to increase its efficiency. 

We should like to have suggestions in regard to preparation of 
copy and to the types of stories which you think would interest most 
of your readers. 

Mr. Holman will appreciate your keeping in personal touch with 
him and hearing from you from time to time with suggestions and, most 
of all, a personal visit to his department whenever you come to 

Cordially yours 



October iOth, l91<i 



Dean L. Flu Raber 

University of Wisconsin, 

Vadison, Wis. 

Dear Dean Raber 1 : 

Vany thanks for your letter with its announcenent 
of the extension of the work of the Press Bureau under your Departiren 
We shall be glad to receive fron you any publications that will give 
us sDecial information with regard to your work in Wisconsin and to 
follow as completely as we can any remarkable development in your 


Yours sincerely,