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Full text of "Office of the President Correspondence: Ropes, James Hardy"

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19 University Hall 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 

October 24, 1913. 

Hear President Falconer:- 

I promised to let you know 

about the foreigners who were to lecture here this year. 

I enclose a list of the 

lectures at the Lowell Institute, which includes several 
of them. 

I hear that Reverend Hastings 
F’dashdall of Oxford is to lecture at Oberlin Theological 
Seminary, beginning the last of October. 

Professor von DobschUtz is 

giving a regular course in English and knows English enough 
to be entirely intelligible and satisfactory to the students. 
I have not heard him give a formal lecture in English. His 

4 , 

German lectures (on Christianity and Hellenism) are in ex¬ 
cellent form and well delivered. He leaves here shortly 
before February 1st and is to be in Hew York and the West 
in February and kiarch. 

With warm regards, 1 urn 
Yours very truly, 

S r 

President Robert A. Falconer. 


October 29tns, 1913 



Professor 1. H. Rodo's;, 

19 University Fall, 

Cambridge!, Mass. 

U y dear Professor Rones! 

’It was very good of you to keeo in mind rry 
reauest for .information with regard to lecturers who are coning to 
Harvard. 'If Froiessor Von DobschOtz were able to lecture in English 
on "Christianity and Hellenism" he would 7 an sure be interesting to our 
circles, but it ne were to lecture in German;, tne audience would bet much 
smaller. 'If 7 were to send him a letter in your care;, would you kindly 
nave it delivered to him tin case we should be able to arrange- for a viisit 
from hi. nr in Toronto ? 

7 see that you are to nave a se-ries of lectures 
also from Bertrand Russell of Cambridge.. Do you know anything as to his 
movements in the United States ? According to the Lowell 'Institute 
orogramme he is to lecture in cos ton on 121 h ot March. Ferhaos he could 
come to us before or after tnat course tis com Dieted. 

Dr. Hastings Rashdall was here on his way .Vest 
But unfortunately it was before the op-uning of the term?,, and n-?c was unatle 
to be with us after fulfilling his engagements in Anre.r ican Universities. 

» kind regards!, 7 am:, 

Yours sinceirely, 

October 30th:, 1913 

Frofessor .L ft- Ropes;, 

13 Follen Street;, 

Can bridge 1 ., Vass. 

f v v lear Frofeasor Rcoes: 

The nane that occurs to ns as that of a nan 
who could give you a thoroughly satisfactory review ol VcFweri's History 
of tne Church or Scotland in Frofessor Frnest Scott ol Queer's University, 
Kingston. Scott is a brilliant scholar;, a graduate ol Oxford and 
Glasgow. You nay Know his work on "The Fourth Gospel". Possibly 
if you mentioned ny nane, ne might be induced to undertake the< work. 

With kind regards;, 'I ad., 

Yours sincerely, 

Noverrter i?tn, 1913 

Professor J„ HL Podcs., 

Harvard University. 

Vy d?<ar Professor Pones': 

Many thanks for your letter. 'I am sending 
to your care a letter for Frofessor von Dobschftty, asking hi nr to come 
here some tine in tne first week in February. 't hone that it may be 
convenient for hi nr to do 30. Vav T a3k you to give him any further 
information that he nay n^ed ? 

With kind regards:, I air, 

Yours sincerely,