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Full text of "Office of the President Correspondence: Hall, Morton E."

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Noverrber iotti, l9l4 

Dr. y,. e..: Hall, 

11125 - ft9tn Avenue, 

?3ffonton., Alcerta. 

Dear Sir: 

In the !|j|eence of Fresiaemt Falconer T ce^ to acKnowlea^e the 
receiot of your let,ter of the 14th Inst, asking for a letter of reco!i!r3ndation j 
t,o President Tory,' President Falconer is in Fdrronton at the creseint tio-e j 

ana if you adaressed a letter to hirr in care of Presid-^iut Tory I atr sure he |c 

I ^ 

would coirnly with your request while he is there. 

Yours very truly, 

President’s S’lcr^tary. 



/ ^/.jLAyC^ 




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^X.^(/-UyU, V ^ /^ ' y- 

/f ■ ScyLf 

(r~'(i^ C- C-'</ 't<>t/^ y 

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