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Kducating Public Opinion. 

The President has delivered a series of addresses to 
wboumpea caruine before them the issues of the war and endeavourins to 
hake them consider what their nersonal duty may be. 

In the opening events of the war a seriss of publie lectures 
was siven in the liniversity in Convocation Hall by manbers of the staff, 
one each week for a nerioi of tuo rnonths, which were attended by 
thousands of pnronle. 

Under the [Iniversity Rxtension Comnittes lectures were given 
in the city and in various narts of the Previnece by various members of 
the staff. 79 lectures wsre erranoel for Toronto and 101 throughout 
the Province of Gntario. 

A few lectures were Sivan by visitors from Britain and 
Frence, on subjects releting to the ner. 

During the present winter session the series of extension 
lectures is teins continued, 

tarly in the session there was a meetins of the staff held 
at which it was resolved that efforts shovia he nade by the staff and 
by a special committee appointed for that purpose to keen constantly 
before the students the serious iissues that we are facings. The whole 
University has been visited in ites various classes 

S$, yVear by year and 

Faculty by Faculty for this nur pose. 

University of Toronto bee 

i VY 736 | 

The University co-operated to the fullest extent with the 
Speakers! Patriotic League, and has allowec Professor Abbott to give 
most of bis time for this purpose during the present term. 

In the students! paner a series of short articles written 
by wenbers of the staff are being printed for the purpose also of 
emphasising certain aspects of the present etrusgsle. 

It has been the aim also of the University to bring 
prominent wen who will plece the auestion asain before the students. 
Partly as a result of these efforts end partly to the 
general annrecistion of the situation by the students themselves there 
has been a very large enlistrent, thoush it is impossible to keep track 
of the nares which are beins constantly added to. There are at 
present on active service from the undergraduates of the University 
over o02. Of sraduates there sre at leasst 911. Of the wedical 
students last spring over 40 Want with » Casualty Clearing Station. 
There were two batteries of artillery at the sare tire, esch with 70 men. 

4 General Kase Hospital of 1040 beds has heen sent to the 
front, and is now on active service at Saloniki. Tn this there are 
over 40 of ovr wost distinguished wembers of the Vedical Faculty. 
Through its friends and Alumni over £119,000 and some anhulancss were 
secured for the thorough eaviprent of the Hospital. 

This constant enlistment has reduced the numbers of the 

University sreatly. In the Faculty of Anpnlied Science we have fallen 

from 500 students last year to 440, and 4 few years ago we had 780, 

(University of Toronto 

A yy % 436 

In Arts there is a large reduction of wen students, particularly in the 
later ¥ears. In Forestry. we are cut in two. Medicine is somewhat 
reduced, though the demand for wedical wen is such that we look for less 
reduction here than in other Faculties. 

The C. O T. Cs was established last autumn, and is 
commanded by Colonel Lang, our Professor of Chemistry and officered 
from ovr own staff and students. Last year there was an enrolment 

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of over 1000 and this year there sre somewhat reduced numbers. 

Our staff has been sreatly reduced. There are over 70 
newbers now on active service, and in some deprtments it has been 
Arn ecaaryu te 4nAm thes +} ranmtea ++} t ane Khown t+awth 
necessary to reduce ths subjects that are beins taught, 

A number of the wembers of our staff are engaged in training 

officers. Colonel Lang, Professor of Chemistry, is in charge of the 
Provisional School of Infantry. Hith hin is associated our Assistant 

Superintendent of Fuildings and Grounds, and a number of our staff. 
One of the members of ovr Foard of Governors is chief 
intellisence. Officer for the whole Cimadian Division at the front. 

Our Vodern Langause Department undettook to siv 


instruction in Vodern Languages to officers who were in trainings, 
Our PDepartmrert of Hygiene has undertaken to rnanufacture 
antitetanus serum reovired for the overseas forces and has supplied 

large cuantities to the Red Cross ano the Government, thereby saving 

several thousands cf dollars, 

Cur staff made large contributions to the Patriotic Fund, 

They subscribed $1000 to the Belgian Relief Fund. They raised $1000 

esas } sD or 
XX ‘Toe 
University of Toronto 


to pay a year's salary to 8 Belgian Professor, ene his wife, and he is 
now on ovr staff. for the egttnt Trafalgar Day Fund for the British 
Rea Cross the University raised €4000 from the staff and $4400 from 

the students, in all some $7400, This is in addition to private 
giving and a great jeail that has been and is being eubseribed for the 

upkeso of the University Hospital at the front. 

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