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Full text of "A catalogue of superbly illuminated and decorated mediaeval manuscripts, rare and valuable books relating to the fine arts, sports and general literature (Catalogue no. 190)"

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This is a reproduction of a library book that was digitized 
by Google as part of an ongoing effort to preserve the 
information in books and make it universally accessible. 

Google" books 

This is a reproduction of a library book that was digitized 
by Google as part of an ongoing effort to preserve the 
information in books and make it universally accessible. 

Google" books 

Harbartr College library 


cl-tu. . (PmJLLuJ. i 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 











Armour ...... 13-14 

Arundel Societt ... 14 

Blake's Works . . . . 19 

British Museum Publication* 21 

Burlinoton F. A. Club ... 22 

Dotuit Collection .... 44 

Latin Bibles .2-3 


Litres d’Hf.uri.s 




Naval Science 


Piranesi Opfre 




Sporting Books 


Surtees' Society 



BERNARD QUARITGH, 15 Piccadilly 

London, July, 1899 


he printing and posting of my Rough Lists is a considerable expense to mt 
\erefore appeal to the recipients to favour me occasionally with an ordet 
?rwise the sending of these Catalogues must be suspended. — B. Q. 



One Volume, impl. 8vo. hf. bd., £5. 5s. 

List of the Sections and the Prices at which they may be had: 


not sold separately 1889 

Contents : 

i, 2. Two pages from Henry VIII’s Golden Gospels written in the eighth 
century in letters of gold on purple vellum. 

3. Illuminated Title-page of an Arabic MS. written in Cairo about 1400. 

4. Large Miniature and border from Le Grand Coustumier de Normandie, 

an illuminated MS. written at Rouen about 1470. 

5. A page from the first edition of Quintilian printed at Rome in 1470, 

having an illuminated border added by a contemporary hand. 

6. Illuminated Miniature and border from the Erizzo Juramentum, 

written in Venice about 1475. 

7. Miniature and illuminated border from a MS. of Martial written in 

Italy about 1480. 

8. Illuminated Title-page from Bembo’s vellum copy of the Aldine Petrarch 

of 1501. 


8 unpublished Drawings by William Blake, hf. bd. £1 . 1890 

Part III. MINIATURES from MSS. and Illustrated 

Books selected as giving pictures of the customs and costumes of 
the Days of Chivalry. 

comprising 14 illuminated Miniatures and 5 facsimiles of 
early woodcuts ; altogether 19 plates , hf. bd. 10s 1890 


Cempoallan, painted and written at Tezcuco about 1529-30, on 
16 leaves of a coarse fabric made from the maguey fibre. 

31 plates reproduced and tinted in exact facsimile of the 
original (slightly reduced), hf. bd. £1. is 1890 

Biblical and LITURGICAL MSS. executed in Germany, 
England, France, Italy, and Flanders, between the years 1100 
and 1500; with an introduction and a table for chronological 

comprising 47 plates reproduced in gold and colours from 
Miniatures and decorative pages of MSS. in the possession of 
the editor , hf. bd. £2. 1891 

Digitized by VjOOQLC I 

No. 190] 

London, July, 1899 










From the famous Ashburnham Library, and the 
Collection of M. Henriques de Castro of Amsterdam 


Imp. 4to. MS. ON VELLUM, written in double columns , 
the words of the Gospel in Rustic capitals , and the words of 
the commentary in Caroline minuscules (some headings in 
uncial capitals'), 31 lines to the column; the first three leaves 
supplied in a bold German hand of the fifteenth century; 
in the original wooden boards , re-covered in the fifteenth 
century with red velvet; 

the upper cover overlaid with a frame of enamelled metal 
in eight plaques of blue, green , gold and white; with corner - 
pieces of filigreed metal in which are set oval crystals; and 
four minor settings of coloured stones in filigree; in the 
centre a sunk decoration of five figures {the Paschal lamb , 
flanked by the symbols of the Evangelists') painted in gold 
and colours on a blue ground on medallions encircled in 
gold About a.d. 950 360 0 0 

From Lord Ashbumham’s collection. 

The enamelled border is probably a little later than the original 
MS. and was done perhaps in the eleventh century; but the book and 
binding are in precisely the same condition as they were in, four 
hundred and forty years ago, when the moDastic scribe supplied the 
first three leaves, and added a preliminary table of a harmony of the 
Gospels. His writing looks like that of the region of Cologne, and 
the ancient work is undoubtedly Rhenish. We have therefore in this 
volume a precious art-monument of some old church or monastery on 
the Rhine, between Cologne and Mentz, which has been carefully 
treasured for nearly a thousand years. 

In the writing, the a is usually of the Carslene style, but following 

Digitized by 




£ t. d. 

a l it appears open like «. The combination of et is frequent. The 
diphthong <e is constantly used. The d and 2 and b hare nearly 
always long clubbed heads. There is no division between the words 
except at the ends of sentences. The stops used are the period, the 
colon, the semicolon, and the semi-colon reversed. The combination 
ct is sometimes in the usual well-known form in which the head of 
the e ends the first curve; but it often appears like st with a long s. 

The first words of the Gospel text in the original scribe’s hand, 
are “ virum Mariae de qua natus est ihs qui vocatur xps” (Matthew I). 
A leaf iu the fifth chapter is missing which contained the three lines 
deficient between “ praebe illi et alteram ” and “ qui petit a te.” In 
the sixth chapter there is a gap between “ nolite ergo asaimilari eis ” 
and “ nonne anima plus est qaam aesca.” In the ninth chapter there 
is a loss of three lines or so between “pone mannm super earn et 
vivet ” and “ dicebat enim intra se.” These things were not noticed by 
the fifteenth-century repairer; but the book is apparently otherwise 
perfect down to the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes in Cap. XV. 

N.B. For a facsimile of the enamelled Binding 
see:—Quaritch’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 1, price 25s. 

2 BIBLIA LATINA. Libri Regum, Paralipomenon, Esdraj 

( et Nehemiae] cum praefationibus Hieronymi. Pag. 1: 
ncipit Prefatio sci Ieronimi prbri in librum regvm . 
syrorvm quoq ; et lingua chaldeoru testatur . . Pa. 5 : . . 
FUIT VIR unus de ramata sophim de monte ephraim .. 
Pa. 51: FACTUM EST avtE post quam mortuvs est save . . 
Pa. 87: incipit liber tercius ET REX DAUID 
8ENVERAT . . Pa. 124 : . . EXPLIC . LIB. Ill . INC . LIB. IIII 
PREVARICAT* est aut£ moab . . Pa. 157: Incipit 


SEPTUAGINTA interpretu . . Pa. 161 : ADAM 

lamech . noe . sem . cham . & iafeth . . Pa. 194 : . . 

Pa. 251: . . Uerba neemie filii elchie . . Pa. 259 : . . 
Hue usq 3 refertur quod in comentario scriptum fuerit . 
Exin neemie historie texif. Nonnulli aut£ de principib .. 
Pa. 268 : . . explicit liber esdre primus ET EGIT 
IOSIAS pascha . . Pa. 286 : .. explicit liber esdre 
secundus (i.e. the third book) 

Large folio, MS. ON VELLUM, 268 leaves written in 
double columns in a German Caroline hand , 35 lines to the 

with 8 very large initials illuminated in golden 
interlacements generally upon green grounds and 
decorated with painted figures, in some cases several 
figures in a single picture; and 6 initials of plain interlaced 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 



. .. _ £ 3 . a. 

in a fifteenth-century pigskin binding over thick wooden 
boards, the endleaves being portion of a tenth-century 
Lectionarium About 1070-80 210 0 0 

This grand volume, part of a splendid “ Bibliotheca,” is in two 
hands. The first is a fine upright script; the second is sloping 
forwards and less elegant but striking by its wonderful regularity and 
uniformity. The second is suggestive of a Suabian origin, but the 
former seems to be of more northerly Rhenish character. 

N.B. For a facsimile of one of the''Miniatures 
seeQuaritch’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 1, price 25s. 

3 BIBLIA LATINA (sine Psalterio). Page 1: Epla hieroni 
ad paulinu de oib 9 diuine hystore libris. Primus Prologus. 

Page 915 : . . Explicit lib 9 apocalipsis. Pp. 917-1006 
contain the Interpretationes Hebraicorum Nommum. 

icritten in bold round Gothic characters of perfect uniformity, 
in double columns, with a large number of painted and 
decorated capitals; 

Seventy-five beautiful miniatures, all extended into 
decorative border-stems of various sizes; the very large one 
at the beginning of Genesis being in the shape of a fantastic 
I, about fifteen inches in length and an inch and a half in 
breadth, which encloses eight pictures of the Divinity and of 
Mary in the central row of lozanges, and fourteen medallions 
of saints in the interstices. On the horizontal extension of 
this letter below are two kneeling monks, and on pinnacled 
ornaments behind them a parrot and a cock. 

Blue morocco extra, from the libraries of Count Boutourlin 
and of Lord Ashburnham 1320 330 0 0 

This superbly written and illuminated Bible, which is in wonder¬ 
fully fresh preservation, was, as the colophon informs ns, finished by 
Bartholommeo of Bergamo (magr. bartholomeus de pgo) in the year 
1320, in the month of May. Some notes at the beginning show that 
it was presented (about 1367) to the Monks of Mount Olivet in Perugia 
by Cardinal Niccolo Capocci (Nicola de Capotiis). He died in 1368 
after having built a church and monastery for that order in Perugia. 

These notes which originally formed part of the vellum flyleaf are now 
pasted inside the modem binding. One of them indicates the place of 
the Bible as on the second bench of the library on the east side . 

Some of the border-extensions are decorated with grotesque 
figures.—The Psalter was deliberately omitted by the scribe. 

N.B. For a facsimile of one of the Miniatures 
seeQuaritch’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 1, price 25s. 

4 BIBLIA LATINA (cum Psalterio). Page 1: GENESIS. 
Incipit epla sci ieronimi pbri ad paulinum . . Pa. 7 : IN 
PRINCIPIO creauit deus celum et tram . . Pa. 924 : . . 
Explicit apochalipsis . Incipiut intpretatones hebraico^ 
nominum Pa. 998 : Expliciunt interpretationes . . 


l * 

Digitized by 




s, d. 

WHITE VELLUM, 499 leaves in bold Gothic characters 
by an Italian hand , with an immense number of decorative 
painted capitals . 

Seventy-eight miniatures, with an equal number of 
decorative part-borders ; the first half of the book illustrated 
in French style , the second half in Italian style; in old red 
morocco extra, from the library of the Elector of Bavaria 
{about 1770) whose arms are gilt on the sides 

I^ombardy? about 1320 350 0 0 

This grand and remarkable MS. is very curious from the com¬ 
bination of two styles in its decoration. It belonged to the late 
Mr. Stuart of Aldenham Abbey, and fetched £490 at his sale at 
Christie’s in March, 1895. 

N.B. For a facsimile of one of the Miniatures 
seer—Quariteh’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 2, price 25s. 



120 leaves written in batarde Gothic , 18 lines to the page ; 
with 24 small Miniatures in the Calendar and 39 large 
Miniatures in the text , floral borders to every paqe , those 
which accompany the larger Miniatures enclosing figures of 
beasts and grotesques , with the escutcheons , sometimes conjunct 
and sometimes separate , of Villiers de Lille-Adam and of 
Neele {his wife was Jeanne de Neele) ; in the original red 
velvet binding with gilt clasps 1461-1471 275 0 0 

A fine example of a French Livre d’Heures (k l’usage de Paris, 
apparently) written, decorated, and illuminated for a great French 
lord in the time of Louis XI. The book is illustrated with unusual 
splendour and richness and contains several pictures of unusual 
occurrence. The illumination is abundant in quantity and includes 
a vast number of decorative initials. As Jeanne de Neele died in 1462 
it may be considered likely that the work was done before that, but 
it has the appearance of being a few years later although it must 
evidently have preceded the year (1471) in which Jacques de Villiers 
himself died. A striking picture of St. Adrian amongst the com¬ 
memoration-services at the end may justify us in conjecturing that 
the book was prepared as a present for Adrien de Villiers-de-Lille- 
Adam, son of Jacques and Jeanne. 

The pictures are: one on each of the 24 pp. of the Calendar, 
representing the customs of the month and its zodiacal symbol. Then 
of the 38 large ones in the text, we have: 1, St. John writing in 
Patmos ; 2,3, 4, pictures of Luke, Matthew, and Mark; 5, The Annun¬ 
ciation ; 6, The Nativity ; 7, The Warning to the Shepherds; 8, The 
Adoration of the Magi; 9, The Presentation in the Temple; 10, The 
Flight to Egypt; 11, Coronation of the Virgin; 12, The Crucifixion ; 

13, Descent of the Holy Ghost; 14, King David worshipping; 15, Christ 
sustained by angels; 16, Angels making music for the Virgin and 
Child; 17, Michael beating down the Dragon ; 18, John the Baptist; 

19, Peter and Paul; 20, St. James; 21, Martyrdom of St. Sebastian ; 

22, St. Adrian as a warrior in full armour bearing on his left arm the 
anvil and hammer of his martyrdom; 23, St. Christopher; 24, Cosmos 
and Damian; 25, St. Laurence; 26, St. George and the Dragon; 

27, St. Blaise; 28, St. Nicholas; 29, St. Martin; 30, St. Antony; 

Digitized by 




31, St. Lnpns; 32, St. Hubert on horseback, with honnds, hunting the 
deer; 33, St. Anne and the Virgin; 34, Magdalen washing the 
Saviour's feet; 35, St. Barbara; 36, St. Katherine; 37, St. Apollonia; 
38, St. Margaret; 39, Mary in Heaven. 

N.B. For a facsimile of one of the Miniatures 
seeQuaritch’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 1, price 25s. 

Gothic letter, 16 lines to the page, every page enclosed by 
a border on one side of floral and branchy character with 
gold ivy leaves and fruits and flowers; 19 large and 
borders of leaves, fruits, and fiowers and a magnificent inner 
border of gold on which, within arabesque compartments, 
decorative fioral patterns of various colours are painted ivith 
masterly effect; in marvellously fine and fresh condition with 
full margins; in old red morocco gilt , bound about 1760 in 
Padeloup style, probably by a Spanish binder and lettered 
“ Manuscript ” About 1470 480 0 0 

One of the most brilliant and beautiful surviving examples of 
Franco-Flemish art; the condition of the book being almost incredibly 
fresh and lovely. The paintings look like the work of a great artist of 
the Burgundo-Flemish school, but the precise locality of origin is better 
defined by the French dialect used in the headings (such as “ Ches 
psalmes chi doit on dire le merquedi ” and “ les ymnes . . re se 
cangent point excepte les lichons les quelles sensieut chy apres ”) 
which is of decidedly Picard flavour, and the special veneration shown 
for St. Josse whose office and picture are the last in the book. This 
seems to belong to the region between Abbeville and Valenciennes. 

The Calendar is in the same rude French as the rubrics but is 
very scanty. It contains S. Antonis (17 Jan.); St. Adrian (March 4) ; 

S. Walri (April 1); Sainte Pieronne (31 May); Bieutremieu 
(24 August) ; S. Bave, S. Remi (October 1); S. Denijs (Oct. 9) ; 

5. Donaes (Oct. 14) ; S. Eustaes (Nov. 5). These names are chiefly 
given as examples of orthography, but they all point to Flanders. 

The pictures are: 1. A lady in her oratory kneeling before the deity 
who supports a St. Andrew’s cross, on a chequered and diapered 
background. She wears a green robe with crimson sleeves, and is in 
a green cloak lined with ermine, and having an ermine collar. Her 
headdress is the high construction favored at the time, and like her 
face is delicately painted in grisaille. 2. The Annunciation with 
a chequered background, the chequers formed by a red and blue pattern 
over the gold. 3. The Virgin and St. Elizabeth, with a landscape 
background. 4. The Warning to the Shepherds, a landscape back¬ 
ground. 5. The Adoration of the Magi, a rich diapered background. 

6. Presentation in the Temple, chequered backgrounds. 7. Massacre 
of one of the Innocents before Herod’s throne, background diapered 
above and chequered below. 8. Flight into Egypt, a landscape back¬ 
ground. 9. The Crucifixion, a diapered background. 10. Descent of 
the Holy Ghost, chequered background. 11. The Service for the 
Dead, a diapered background. 12. Three Souls borne to Heaven by 
angels, a diapered background. 13. St. Christopher, landscape back¬ 
ground. 14. St. Katherine, diapered background. 15. St. Margaret, 
chequered backgrounds. 16. The Cross bearing a dead figure clothed 
in black, diapered background. 17. St. Antony, background landscape 

Digitized by 




£ i. d. 

and chequered. 18. Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, chequered and 
landscape background. 19. St. Josse as a pilgrim, with a landscape 

% N.B. For a facsimile of one of the Miniatures 
see:—Quaritch’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 1, 25s. 

7 LIYRE D’HEURES in Flemish. T’heylich Cruys Ghetide . . 

Dat heylich Geest Ghetide . . Onser Vrouwen Getide . . 


190 leaves, Gothic letter, 20 lines to the page; 5 LARGE 
AND 60 SMALL MINIATURES, with landscape on 
architectural backgrounds, and about 60 borders of flemish 
style in ivhich large cut flowers and fruits and insects are 
painted in relief mostly upon a yellow background; bound 
in old French red morocco extra, gilt edges About 1490 500 0 0 

This is a clean, bright and well preserved example of the late 
Flemish school of Art, with admirable borders. The following is 
a list of the illustrations: l. A Crucifixion with nine figures, and 
a border of pale red or pink in which there are flowers, birds, and 
branches. The opposite page has a white initial on a jellow ground 
with flowers, birds, butterflies and branches, on a light maroon ground. 

2 is a picture of the Descent of the Holy Ghost, with a border of roses, 
other flowers, and butterflies, on a yellow ground. On the opposite is 
a letter in gold on a reddish ground with a border of flowers and butter¬ 
flies, and a grotesque figure below. 3. The Annunciation, with a 
border containing peacocks and other birds on a pale reddish ground. 

On the page opposite are figures of peacocks painted on a border of 
the same tint. 4. King David kneeling in his castle yard, with a 
border of flowers and birds in relief on a yellow background. A border 
of similar kind, but including insects, on the opposite page. 5. The 
three Quick and the three Dead in a landscape, within a border of cut 
flowers and butterflies in relief on a yellow ground. On the page 
opposite a corresponding border. Of the smaller pictures there is 
a Visitation, with a border on a yellow ground; a Nativity with 
a similar border ; a Presentation with a border of flowers and birds on 
a light reddish ground; Circumcision with a border of peacocks on 
a pale reddish ground; the Adoration of the Magi, with a border of 
birds, fruits, and flowers on a yellow ground; the Massacre of 
Innocents, with a border of insects, flowers, and fruits on a yellow 
ground; St. Gregory’s Mass without a border; the baby Christ, -with¬ 
out a border; Angels supporting the Chalice, with a border of flowers, 
and insects on a yellow ground ; the Virgin and Child, with a similar 
border; the dead Christ vrith Mary and John, a border of flowers and 
a bird on a pale pink ground ; St. Michael striking down the demon, 
a border of red and white roses with insects on a yellow ground ; John 
Baptist with landscape, a decorative border with birds on a yellow 
ground ; Peter and Paul, a similar border on a pale pink ground; 

John the Apostle, a border of roses and insects on a yellow ground ; 

St. Andrew, a border of flowers on a dark ground; St. James, a 
border of flowers and insects on a yellow ground; St. Christopher, no 
border; St. Anthony, a border of leaves and flowers with insects on a 
pink ground ; St. Roch, a border of daisies and wild flowers on alternate 
pink and yellow ground ; St. Adrian with hammer and anvil, a border of 
flowers and butterflies on a yellow ground; St. Martin, a decorative border 
on a pink ground ; St. Joos (Josse) as a pilgrim, a border of flowers on 
yellow ground, and decorative branches on a carmine ground ; St. Anne 
and the Virgin and Child, no border; Mary Magdalen, a border of flowers 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 



and insects on a yellow ground; St. Catherine, a border of white and 
bine flowera on a dark ground ; St. Barbara, no border ; St. Margaret, 
no border; St. Apollonia, a border of birds and flowers and white 
decoration on a yellow ground ; St. Gertrude, a border of flowers and 
fruit with a butterfly, a peacock and another bird, on a yellow ground; 
St. Lucy, a border of white flowers, green leaves, and a butterfly on 
a dark ground ; St. Ontcommere, a border of flowers and insects on 
a yellow ground; St. Dympna, a border of flowers and insects on a 
yellow ground ; St. Brigitta, a border of white roses and fern leaves 
with insects on a dark ground. 

Thus it will be seen that we have here a beautiful example of the 
Flemish school with an unusually large quantity of ornamental 
illustration. It was executed probably somewhere in Brabant in the 
last decade of the fifteenth century< An inscription on the fly-leaf 
“ A moy Eleonor Da$a,” was written about the year 1600. 

N.B. For a facsimile of one of the Miniatures 
seeQuaritch’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 1, price 25s, 

ILLUMINATED MS. ON VELLUM, which, from the 
richness of its gilding , might he called a Golden Prayer- 
book ; 86 leaves , written in batarde letters , 33 lines to the 
page; 44 MINIATURES painted and gilt with 
marvellous skill and splendour, every page encircled 
with a floral border on a gold ground , and having mottoes 
and citations written on the borders , usually in the lower 
margin; bound in olive morocco extra , lined with green , by 
Thouvenin About 1490 184 0 0 

One of the most magnificently illustrated books of its kind; 
a blaze of gold and colour from beginning to end. There is not 
a single spot of the surface left blank. The borders are luxurious, 
with delicately painted flowers on a ground which is gilt and coloured 
in bands. The portion of the border which occupies the lower part of 
the page is generally arabesque work on coloured grounds. There are 
18 large pictures in the Calendar; one at the head of each month, 
and one at the foot of each pair of months. On the first page of the text 
there are three pictures (the Annunciation, Purgatory, and Hell). 
In front of Lauds of the Virgin, there is a picture of the Nativity. 
At the Matins of the Cross, a full-page design of the Worship of the 
Virgin, this is followed by the Adoration of the Shepherds; by an 
armorial emblazonment of the Heart of Christ; the Presentation of 
Christ in the Temple; a mother with her murdered innocent kneeling 
before Herod; Christ preaching among the Doctors ; Christ amongst 
the women; a Rosary of beads amid flowers ; David in gold armour 
bearing the slain giant’s head, a full-page picture; Meeting of the 
Quick and the Dead, also full-page; the Almighty in majesty with 
various worshipping figures, also full-page; the Virgin received in 
Heaven ; Mary the Comforter; Gauds of the Virgin; an Angel in 
gold armour with little souls in his arms ; St. Cecilia; Peter and 
Paul; St. John Baptist; St. Antony; Mary Magdalen; Margaret, 
Catherine, and Barbara. 

A striking example of that school of excessive splendour which 
became favoured in France towards the end of the fifteenth century. 

N.B. For facsimile of one of the Miniatures 
seeQuaritch’s Facsimiles, N.S. part 1, price 25s. 

Digitized by 



9 PSALTERIUM Latinum (with golden capitals). Small 

4to. fine MS. on vellum, in an extremely regular and 
beautiful hand, 20 lines to the page, with a superb interlaced 
B at the beginning, and several large ornamental capitals in 
rich orange gold upon blue and green; oak boards covered 
with deerskin About 1240 40 0 0 

The B referred to above is elaborately shaped by means of inter¬ 
lacing lines in various colours upon a gold ground, the gold ground I 

resting on a dark blue diaper pattern. The letters eatus via are 
inserted in the lower compartment, but the whole page is occupied. 

The first of the orange-gold letters is a D on leaf 19; the next another 
D on leaf 31; the third a Q on leaf 41 ; the fourth another D on leaf 
42 ; the fifth an S on leaf 53; the sixth an E on leaf 67; the seventh 
a Con leaf 80 ; the eighth a D on leaf 82 ; the ninth a D on leaf 94; 
the tenth another D on leaf 140. Some additions were made towards 
the end of the volume for the purpose of converting the book into a 
Primer, at the beginning of the fourteenth century, by modifying the 
Litany and otherwise. Where this was done is shewn by a rubric on 
leaf 138 “So wer da wilt ein6 selt9 spreche vor di sunde. vnd di 
lcbendige der spreche al se her na geschreben steit.” We may assign 
the origin of the MS. to some dace not far west of Cologne. 

10 BIBLE, French. Psalter, Canticles, Proverbs, Eccles¬ 

iastes. Page 1 : Ci commence le psaultier dont le pmer 
seaume est Beatus vir . . . Beneois est li home qui ne 
ala mieou conseil des felons . . Page 114 . Quiconques 

vuelt estre sauue il est mestier devant toute 3 choses quil 
tiengne la foy catholiq 9 . . This is the Atlianasian creed 
and is left unfinished on p. 114. Pa. 115 begins: sentes. 

Adecertez leurs piez courent en mal et se hastent de 
espandre sang . . (This is the fifteenth verse of Proverbs 

of which the first fourteen are wanting ) Page 152: . . Ci 
comace ecclastes. Les parolles decastes filz de dauid roy 
de ihrlm. Vanite des vanitez . . Pa. 164 : Ci finist 

Folio , fine MS. on vellum, written in batarde letters, 
in double columns, 35 lines to the column; icith five minia¬ 
tures, and as many illuminated borders and large initials, 
besides a great many other illuminated letters; parts of the 
miniatures {which were ivories of first rate quality ) rubbed 
and damaged; red morocco, from the Ashburnham collection 

About 1430 36 0 0 

The leaf preceding the text bears the device of a lance from which 
waves a pennant argent , bearing a pattern of green leaves and blue 
flowers with the letter Z gules; which seems to suggest La Tour- 

11 GREGORII IX DECRETALES cum Glossa. Pa. 1: Gre¬ 

gorius VIIIIEepsseruu8 seruorumdi dilectis filiis doctoribus 
et scolaribus . . Pa. 432 : . . Expliciunt decretales dni 
Bertrandi in prima parte z in seda . . Finito libro 
Referimus grtim atq 3 laude 3 dno yhuxpo . Ego leonardus 
de groxis ciuis mutine hums {sic) apparatu in hac compi- 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 



latioe decretalium Fideliter scripsi in xi nomine die 
mercurii xii intrat Iulio I mill 0 CCxli. Ind 9 xiii dno 
Frederico impat 

Folio, fine MS. on vellum, written in quadruple columns, 
the inner two on each page containing the text, and the outer 
two the Apparatus or Gloss ; with numerous ornamental and 
grotesque initials, and five miniatures, one to each hook; 
bound Modena, 1241 63 0 0 

An early and valuable MS. written in the very year of Pope 
Gregory’s death. It is also interesting and important as giving the 
name of an unrecorded scribe and the exact date of his work. 

The illustrations are: 1. The Pope enthroned receiving the book 
from a kneeling monk, some standing figures and architectural orna¬ 
ment in the blue background. On the same ground to the right of the 
figures the text begins in gold with GRE j Ggl | US U | IIII | To 
the right is a long initial F with a large grotesque bird in its exten¬ 
sion.—2. On a ground of hard burnished gold, a prince with shaven 
crown receives five standing figures, who come to complain that the 
people do not pay the tithes. The colours are red, brown, green, and 
light blue.-r-3. A scene within a basilica ; a priest elevating the host 
at the altar, eight figures bowing behind him, four of them tonsured 
and four laics.—4. A Bishop celebrating a marriage ; the groom (with 
two men behind him) putting the ring on the finger of the bride, 
behind whom are two maids.— 5. A prisoner, with his hands tied, 
with an accuser on his right and a woman on his left, is brought before 
a seated bishop.—A good many grotesque figures of animals are 
found in the pen and ink-decoration, chiefly blue and red, that borders 
each column of the text on every page. 

The second miniature is reproduced in Quaritch’s 
Facsimiles, N.S. Part 2, price 25s. 

12 GREGORII IX Decretales cum Glossa. Fa . 1 : 

Gregorius eps Seruus seruorum di dilectis filiis. . Pa. 707 : 

. . Explicit apparatus dectalium editus a bernardo cu 
omnib 9 additonib 9 nouis z uet’ib 9 deo gcias amen. Thoma 
normanno milleno scribitur anno | et ducenteno domini 
nouies quo3 deno 

Folio, MS. on vellum, written in quadruple columns , the 
two inner columns for the text, the two outer for the gloss; with 
a large number of illuminated initials, and five beautiful 
miniatures by a french hand of the utmost skill ; 
in boards covered with rough white leather 1290 84 0 0 

The first Miniature represents a seated Pope receiving a book from 
a kneeling monk behind whom two Cardinals are standing, on a 
chequered background. The second has four figures of three monks and 
a nun discussing, on a diapered background. The third has three 
figures, a priest preparing the chalice, and another priest expelling a 
woman from the chamber, on diapered grounds. The fourth is a 
Marriage, with five figures on a diapered ground. The fifth represents 
a Bishop hearing the complaint of one black monk against another. 

There is a good deal of fine grotesque work in and about the 
illuminated initials; from which an interesting grotesque alphabet 
might be formed. 

The first miniature is reproduced in Quaritch’s 
Facsimiles, N.S. Fart 2, price 25s. 

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13 GREGORII IX DECRETALES cum Glossa. Folio, 

fine MS. on vellum in quadruple columns; 326 leaves , 
with a great number of illuminated and painted initials , but 
wanting the first five leaves and having , therefore , only four 
exquisite Miniatures painted in delicate French style on 
diapered grounds; bds. covered with modern stamped pig- 
skin About 1300 78 0 0 

The Initials and the Miniatures are of purely French execution. 

The writing of the book itself was done in Italy about 1300. The four 
miniatures are : 2, Discussion of Monks and Nuns; 3, nine figures of 
Clerics; 4, a picture of a Marriage with nine figures; 5, a Bishop 
receiving a complaint, with nine figures. All are on diapered 
grounds. The large illuminated initials are strikingly fine work 
throughout the book. 

14 GREGORII IX DECRETALES cum Glossa. Pa. 1: 

Decretales . . Pa. 2: list of contents. Pa. 4: Gregorius 
eps seruus suorii dei dilectis filijs doctoribus et scolarib 9 . . 

Gloss: Gregorius in huius libri principio qnq 3 precipue 
sunt prenotanda . . Pa. 180: . . Explicit liber 'primus 
dec . . Pa. 181: .. Incip. liber ij . de iudicijs. . Pa. 325 : 

... Explicit prima pars apptitus decretalium . . Pa. 327: 

Incipit liber tertius de vita et honestate clericorum . . Pa. 

457, at foot of the gloss: bernar dus. Pa. 460 : . . Explicit 
liber tercius . . Pa. 461: . . Incip. lib. iiij de sponsalibus z 
mijs . . Pa. 510: Explicit lib. iiij. Incipit 1. v. de 
accusatioib 9 .. Pa. 634: Explicit liber v. Textus decretalium 
. Et est finis . Deo gratias Amen. At foot of the gloss: 

Explicit aparatus decretatalium {sic) s’e ptis decretalium 
Deo gratias Amen . . 

Roy. folio, fine MS. on vellum, each page containing 
two columns of text written within two columns of gloss; 
with a great quantity of handsome painted initials, three 
by a contemporary of Giotto; in wooden boards partly 
covered with leather About 1300-1310 85 0 0 

The pictures are remarkable examples of early Italian art. They 
represent the first period of emancipation from the sombre colouring 
of the thirteenth century. Some parts of the burnished gold ground 
have flaked away; but the designs and figures are untouched. The 
first Miniature represents the Pope enthroned listening to the argu¬ 
ments of two ecclesiastics who kneel while they urge their cases, four 
assessors sitting on each side of the Pope. 2, 3. Two initials in the 
text below contain half-length figures. The fourth represents Christ 
enthroned, two angels behind Him, three seated figures on each side 
of Him (including Apostles), and below Him two men kneeling in 
prayer. The fifth is the figure of a hooded doctor enclosed in an initial. 
The sixth is a bishop in council receiving a roll from a kneeling monk ; 
the seventh, below this, is a reading figure within an initial. The 
eighth contains thirteen figures all kneeling except the celebrant who 
lifts the holy bread above the altar. The ninth is a bust in an initial 

below. The tenth represents a wedding, the groom just placing the 
ring on his bride’s finger, with five other figures. The eleventh is a 
bust in an initial below. The twelfth contains six figures and shows 

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a kneeling man complaining to a higher bishop or Pope against an 
inferior bishop who turns away behind him. The thirteenth is the bust 
of a prince in the initial below. 

15 LE ROMAN DE LA ROSE. Cy est le roman de la rose 

Ou lart damour est toute enclose . . Pa. 3 : En ycelle 
saison nouuelle | Cousant mes manches a videlle | Menuois 
lors tous seulz esbatant | Et les oisillons escoutant . . 
Pa. 314: A meqdillec me remuasse | Ou mon vueil encor 
demourasse | Par grant Jolivete cueilly | La fleur du bel 
Rosier joly | Ainsi oy la rose vermeille ] A tant fu iour 
et Je mesueille. | Explicit. Square small folio, MS. ox 
vellum, written in a batarde hand in double columns , 34 
and 35 lines to the column; with ornamental initials , and 
13 mixiature-designs executed with pen and ink in a manner 
closely resembling grisaille-work; in an old parchment 
binding over wooden boards About 1380-90 

The first miniature was added in the seventeenth century on a 
leaf of vellum inserted to supply the loss of the first leaf of the MS.— 
Miniature No. 2 ou the sixth leaf represents seven figures dancing, 
two blowing horns, and a tenth looking on. No. 3 is the lover doing 
homage to Cupid, two figures. No. 4 is the lover and the lady on leaf 
29, just at the place where “ comece maistre iehan de meun dit 
clopinel.” No. 5 Reason bidding good bye to the lover. No. 6 Faulx 
semblant, Jalousie, and Love. No. 7 Jean de Meun writing. No. 8 
Malebouche, Abstenance, and Faulx-semblant. No. 9 Love addressing 
the armed Barons, six figures. No. 10 Venus in a cart drawn by 
doves. No. 11 Genius hearing the confession of Nature. No. 12 
Genius as a bishop preaching to seven persons. No. 13 Venus setting 
fire to a tower in which three persons are visible. 

16 VALERIUS MAXIMUS. Pp. 2, 3 contain list of chapters. 

Pa. 5 : Valerij maximi factorum dictol£ q 3 memorabilium 
ad Tiberium Cesarem liber primus Incipit . . Pa. 244: 
Explicit liber nonus Valerij maximi Deo gratias Amen.— 
On the first of three fly-leaves at the end, besides other 
matter: Mccccxviij fuit completus. 

Small folio, fine MS. ox vellum, written in double 
columns, 35 lines to the column , with a considerable number 
of ornamental and illuminated letters , besides nine beauti¬ 
morocco, from the Didot collection {Florence) 1418 

A bright and handsome volume from the banks of the Arno, which 
is probably a few years earlier than 1418, and cannot be later. The 
large border on the first page of text contains the arms of Popoleschi 
of Florence, with an in-escutcheon which represents probably the 
marriage of a daughter and the alliance of a new family. The first 
miniature represents a doctor with red hood and gown, lined with 
white, and having green sleeves, writing with scholars beneath him.— 
No. 2 a man in a green gown and brown cloak watching two doves 
fly apart.—No. 3 a young Doctor with bushy golden hair and a 
crimson gown, speaking.—No. 4 three men hammering and one 
ordering.—No. 5 a judge ordering prisoners to be untied, altogether 
six figures.—No. 6 the Death of Lucretia. No. 7 a sovereign on his 
throne.—No. 8 a prisoner brought before a judge, nine figures.—No. 9 
four figures swimming in a bath. 

Digitized by Google 

80 0 0 

95 0 0 



17 UGUCC10 PISANO, Vocabulabium. Pa. 1 : Principia 
partium libri Ygutionis . . Pa. 12 contains 153 emblazoned 
escutcheons of Venetian families. Pa. 13 : the text begins 
with the words Cum libri Ygutionis sententia maxime 
vtilitatis existat . . Lower down the Alpahabet of the book 
begins with Abauus ui pater proaui . . Page 426 : Explicit 
expositio Vocabulor 9 ex sententia Ygutionis compillatione 
Jacobi quondam magistri Ysaac phisici de Padua completa 
Clugie anno natiuitatis dni nri Yhu xji Millessimo 
trecentessimo vicessimo quarto de mense nouetnbris z 
scripta per me Johannem odam dui siluestri de luxa 
Veneciar 9 originariu 3 z taruisij ciue z completa die Martis 
primo mensis Februarij Mccccxxvj. In castro catari 
cuius castri pro serenissimo z excellentissimo ducali dno 
veneciar 9 tunc fueram caste! anus hunc cum librum scripsi 
ad honore serenipsimi principis z excellentissimi dni mei 
singularissimi dni Francisci Fuscari dei grati incliti ducis 
Venecia^, etc. 

Folio, MS. on vellum, beautifully icritten and having 
twelve decorative p>ages; orange morocco , from the 
Ashburnham collection 1426 25 0 ( 

This valuable Index to the yet unpublished Yocabularium of 
Uguccio, is in itself an important mediaeval Latin Dictionary. It gives 
the explanation of nearly 30,000 words.—The compiler was Jacob son 
of Isaac, a Paduan physician, in 1324; and the copy was made in 
1426 by Zuan, or Giovan di Silvestro di Luxa, commander of the 
citadel of Cattaro. The Doge Foscaro, to whom it is dedicated, was 
afterwards deposed. 

18 Academic Correspondence on the Present State and Cultivation of the 

Arts of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, 1803, published by 
Prince Hoare, 4to., with a plate; sewed 1804 0 2 

19 Academic Annals, published by authority of the Royal Academy of Arts, 

1804-5; collected by Prince Hoare, 4to. sewed 1805 0 2 

20 Academy Notes, edited by H. Blackburn, Nos. 1-13, 15, 16, 17, 19, and 21, 

8vo., with upwards of 2000 illustrations of pictures exhibited at Bur - 
lington House; fourteen parts bound in three vols. half calf, the rest in 
parts 1875-95 1 4 

21 - the same, Nos. 2-8, 10, 11, and 16, 8vo. with upwards of 1400 

illustrations; sewed 1876-90 0 10 

22 AGRIPPA (H. C.) The Vanity of Arts and Sciences, small 8vo. with 

portrait; old calf 1676 1 16 

23 *- the same, without the portrait; sm. 8vo . half calf 1694 1 0 

24 ALPINE JOURNAL (The) : a Record of Mountain Adventure and 

scientific observation by members of the Alpine Club. A complete 
set from the beginning in March, 1863, to 1893, inclusive; forming 
vols. I—XVI, with a General Index to the first fifteen vols.;—17 vols. 

8vo. with maps , plates , and woodcuts; sixteen vols. in calf gilt, marbled 
edges, the index vol. in half calf', very scarce 1863-93 

25 Alpine. Kino’s (S. W.) Italian Valleys of the Pennine Alps, 8vo. plates, 

cloth 1858 

25 0 

0 10 

Digitized by v^.ooQLe 



tociety of Antiquaries of London: 

26 ARCELEOLOGIA ; or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity, 

Vole. I—LVI, part 1, complete, with a General Index to the first fifty; 
4to. with a large number of fine plates ; UNCUT THROUGHOUT, very scarce 
in this state 1770-1898 

27 Archjioloq ia. A Series from 1839 to 1897 inclusive, forming 

Vols. XXVIII—LV, with a General Index to the first fifty—29 vols. 
4to. (published at £72. 8s), uncut as issued 1839-97 

28 Arcksologia. A Series from 1866 to 1897, or Vols. XL—LV. 16 vols. 

in 32 parts, 4to. (published at £49. 6s), cloth 1866-97 

!9 ARGNANI (Fed.) il Rinascimento delle Ceramiche Maiolicate in Faenza, 
2 vols. impl. 4to. one of them consisting of forty large folding plates , 
coloured ; and the other containing the text with plates ; sd . Faenza , 1898 

This is a continuation of the author’s former work on Le Ceramiche e Maioliche 
Faentine, which carried the history to the beginning of the sixteenth century. In the 
Rinascimento he begins with the later part of the fifteenth century, and carries his 
history down to the seventeenth. 

“ The illustrations, which occupy the second volume, are admirable, mostly drawn 
directly from the objects themselves and successfully executed in chromo-lithography. 

“ The book is eminently Faentine, written by a learned professor of that city, by 
whose able hand the drawings were also made, printed, illustrated, and published by 
a Faentine firm, it does honour in itself to the old Aemilian city. The first volume 
containing the printed Texts is divided into, firstly, the author’s Rayione di questo 
secondo volume, thus implying that this work should be considered as a second volume 
to that published in 1889. 

“ To this follows a descriptive account of such pieces of wares, attributed by the 
author to the potteries of Faenza, as he had been able to examine in the museums and 
private collections of Northern Italy and Tuscany. These were especially visited 
by him under direction of the Minister of Public Instruction, with a view to a careful 
study and elucidation of the subject.”— C. D. E. Fortnum, The Nineteenth Century , 
February, 1899. 


30 ALBUM of JACOBE, Master Workman at the Armoury , Greenwich, 
1590, 35 coloured plates , in facsimile , by W. Griggs , on handmade paper 
in demy folio, with Monograph by Viscount Dillon, f.s.a. 

For Subscribers 

It is proposed to publish in facsimile the above-mentioned work as a valuable 
record of the Armourer’s art as practised in England in the second half of the sixteenth 

The Album contains drawings in ink and colours of suits of armour made by 
this master for several of the most famous courtiers and soldiers of the reign of 

Amongst these are suits for the Dukes of Finland and Norfolk ; the Earls of 
Leicester, Sussex, Worcester, etc.; Lord Scrope; Sir John Smith, Sir Henry Lee, 
Sir C. Hatton, etc. 

Special interest attaches to this MS. as it formerly belonged to the Harleian 
Library, and of the suits of armour therein figured some of the finest are still in 
existence. Of these the following may be mentioned :—Earl of Pembroke, k.g. now at 
Wilton ; George, Earl of Cumberland, at Hothfield ; Sir Christopher Hatton, sold last 
year from the Spitzer collection for £2080; Sir Henry Lee, k.q. Master of the 
Armoury to Queen Elizabeth and James I, now in the ball of the Armourers’ and 
Braziers’ Company ; the Earl of Worcester, in the Tower of London. 

Although armour in England was, at the time referred to, fast disappearing 
from use, the suits shown in the work were all of a high class of workmanship and 
remarkable for their excellence, no less than interesting as the personal and intimate 
panoply of some of the brightest stars of the golden age of Elizabeth. 

It is hoped that the publication of this unique MS. may lead to the identifi¬ 
cation of other suits and portions of armour still scattered through the country, ar d 
as yet not correctly connected with famous names in English history. 

The reproductions will be accompanied by a short note on the MS. and brief 
notices of the individuals for whom the suits were made. 

31 Egkbton (Hon. W.) Illustrated Handbook of Indian Arms; being a 
Catalogue of the Arms exhibited at the India Museum, royal 8vo. 
with map , coloured and plain plates f sd . 2s 6d ; cloth 1880 

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£ t. i. 

40 0 0 

21 0 0 
10 0 0 

4 0 0 

3 3 0 

0 3 6 



Armour, continued :— 

32 MEi RICK (S. R.) Critical Inquiry into ANTIENT ARMOUR, as it 

existed in Europe, but particularly in England, from the Norman Con¬ 
quest to the Reign of Charles II, Second [and Best] Edition, corrected 
and enlarged [by the Author himself, with the assistance of Literary 
and Antiquarian Friends (Albert Way, etc.)], 3 vols. atlas 4to., illus¬ 
trated by more than 100 plates, splendidly illuminated, mostly in gold 
and silver, also a new plate of the Tournament of Locks and Keys (pub. 
at £21.), half red morocco extra , appropriately tooled 1842 

The first edition of this work, published in 1824, was printed without the super¬ 
vision of Sir Samuel Meyrick, who always repudiated it as full of faults, especially in 
the colouring. Every leaf and plate of the present edition was submitted to his cor¬ 
rection, and it was published with his entire approval. 

“This most superb Archaeological work is animated with numerous novelties, 
curious and historical disquisitions, and brilliant and recondite learning—Learning 
going to Court in the full rich costume of the Order of the Garter—Plates as fine as 
the monuments of Westminster Abbey. Really and truly the work is admirably 
executed, and deserves every eulogy."— Edinb. Review. 

“ While the splendour of the decorations of this work is well calculated to excite 
curiosity, the novel character of its contents, the very curions extracts from the rare 
MSS. in which it abounds, and the pleasing manner in which the author's antiquarian 
researches are prosecuted, will tempt many who take up the book in idleness to peruse 
it with care. No previous work can be compared in point of extent, arrangement, 
science, or utility, with the one now in question. 1st. It for the first time supplies to 
our Schools of Art correct and ascertained data for costume, in its noblest and most 
important branch—historical painting. 2nd. It affords a simple, clear, and most 
conclusive elucidation of a great number of passages in our great dramatic poets— 
aye, and in the works of those of Greece and Rome—against which commentators 
and scholiasts have been trying their wits for centuries. 3rd. It throws a flood of 
light upon the manners, usages, and sports of our ancestors, from the time of the 
Anglo-Saxons down to the reign of Charles the Second. And, lastly, it at once 
removes a vast number of idle traditions and ingenious fables, which one compiler of 
history, copying from another, has succeeded in transmitting through the lapse of four 
or five hundred years."— Edinb. Review. 

33 MEYRICK. Engraved Illustrations of ANCIENT ARMS and 

ARMOUR, 2 vols. atlas 4to., with more than 150 very highly finished 
etchings of the Collection of Llewelyn Meyrick at Goodrich Court , 
Herefordshire; engraved by Joseph Skelton , with descriptions by Sir 
Samuel Bush Meyrick , half morocco y £4. 4 s ; or uniform with the larger 
work in three volumes 1854 

“We should imagine that the possessors of Dr. Meyrick’s former great work would 
eagerly add Mr. Skelton's as a suitable illustration. Indeed, they are essential com¬ 
panions. In the first they have the history of Arms and Armour; in the second work 
engravings of all the details.”— Gentleman's Magazine. 

34 SWEDISH ARMOUR AND COSTUME : A. Lagrelius, l’Armurie 

Royale, folio, 50 photo-lithographic plates of Swedish Armour and 
Weapons , the text by Ossbahr , in Swedish and French , cloth 

Stockholm , 1897 

Only a few copies were privately printed. This is the only authentic work on 
Scandinavian Arms and Armour. 

sisting chiefly of Chromolithographic Facsimiles of 
Paintings in Fresco, Altar-Pieces, and other paintings 
of Christian Subjects, by the Old Italian and German 
Masters, also of Engravings and Literary Works : 

A complete set of these publications as issued to the original 
subscribers, from the beginning in 1849 to 1895 ; and to 
the subscribers to the second series from the beginning in 
1867 to the close of this series in 1893, and also the 
Occasional or Extra publications [which were brought 
out for separate sale and are similar in character to, but 
differing in subject from, those issued to subscribers] up to 

Digitized by 


£ t. i 

8 8 ( 

4 10 ( 

2 8 ( 



Arundel Society’s Chromolithographs, continued.— & *. a. 

1895 inclusive;—comprising in all about 200 chromo¬ 
lithographs, 107 engravings , and 17 vo/s. of text; the 
plates enclosed in two strong portfolios, and 1 vol. oblong 
folio , half morocco 1849-95 150 0 0 

Most of the best plates are oat of print, especially those of the 
occasional or extra series, as the impression of these was limited to 
500 copies. Complete sets have therefore become very scarce. 

A Descriptive Notice of the Drawings and Publications of the 
Arundel Society from 1849 to 1873 inclusive, illustrated by photo- 
graphs of all the publications, and forming two folio volumes, in cloth, 
is presented with the above set. 

The following is a list of those publications which are sold 
separately , the price being affixed to each. The dimensions 
are in inches, and do not include the mounts or margins. 


36 View of the Interior of the Arena 

Chapel at Padna, drawn by Mrs. 
Higford Burr, representing Giotto 
at work on his frescoes visited by 
Dante. £6 by 22}. A fine plate , 
and very scarce, £1. Is 1866 

37 Marttrdom or Saint Sebastian, 

from the fresco by Pietro Psrugtno 
at Panicale, 23 by 23, scarce, 16s 1866 

38 Madonna and Saints, from a fresco 

by Nelli in S. Maria Nuova at 
Gnbbio, 10 by 14}, scores, 16s 1856 

39 Christ among the Doctors, from 

the fresco by Pjnturicchio at Spello, 
25 by 23, scarce, 15s 1857 

40 The Nativity, from the fresco by 

Pinturicchio at Spello, 25 by 21, 
scores, £1. 1858 

41 Virgin and Child with Saints, 


from a fresco by Giovanni Sanzio 
in S. Domenico at Cagli, 21} by 16}, 
scarce, 17s 6d 1869 

42 Dante, facsimile of a portrait by 

Giotto, from the Bargello at 
Florence, 18 by 13}. 10s 1859 

43 Death of St. Francis, from a fresco 

b? Domenico Ghirlandaio in S. 
TriaitA at Florence, 20} by 27}, 
scores; and Two Heads from the 
same; on onsshsst, £l. 16s 1860 

44 The Annunciation, from a fresco by 

Pinturicchio in S. Maria Maggiore 
at Spello, 24 by 26. £1. 5s 1861 

45 The Fall by Filippino Lippi, and 

The Expulsion by Masaccio, from 
frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel, 
on one sheet, 6s 1861 

46 Tribute Money by Masaccio, from 

the same, 12s 1861 

47 -Two full-size Heads from the 

same, on one theet , 5s 1861 

48 St. Peter Preaching and St. Peter 

Baptizing by Masolino, from the 
same place, on one sheet, 9s 1861 

49 SS. Peter and John healing the 

Cripple and St. Peter raising 
Tabitha, by Masolino, from the 
same place. Also a fall-size Head 
from the same, 14s 1862 

50 S. Peter in Prison visited by St. 

Paul, and St. Peter delivered 
from Prison, by Filippino Lippi, 
from the same place. Also a full- 
size Head from the former, 14s 1862 

51 The Madonna del Sacco, from a 

fresco by Andrea del Sarto in the 
Cloister of the Annanziata Convent 
at Florence, 14 by 25. 18s 1862 

52 Alphabet of Capital Letters 

from Italian Choral Books of the 15 th 
and 16th cent. Folio, letter F printed 
in colours, cloth, 14s 1862 

59 Christ among the Doctors, from a 

fresco by Luini at Saronno, 16} by 
22}. 16s 1864 

60 The Presentation in the Temple, 

from a fresco by Luini at Saronno, 
27 by 23. Also a full-size Head, 
18s 1864 

53 The Burial of S. Cecilia, from a 

fresco by Francesco Francia in 
the Oratory of S. Cecilia at Bologna, 
20} by 20. £1. 1862 

54 The Marriage of St. Cecilia, from 

the fresco by Francesco Francia 
in the Church of S. Cecilia at 
Bologna, 20 by 18. £1. 1*63 

55 SS. Peter and Paul raising the 

King’s Son and the Homage to 
St. Peter, by Masaccio and 
Filippino Lippi from the Brancacci 
Chapel, 15 by 29. Also a full-size 
Head, 16s 1863 

56 SS. Peter and JonN healing the 

Sick by their Shadows, and SS. 
Peter and John giving Alms, by 
Masaccio from the same place. 
Each 15 by 11 . Also a full-size 
Head, 16s 1863 

57 The Conversion of Hebmogbmss 

the Sorcerer, from a fresco by 
Andrea Mantegna in the Eremifc- 
ani, Padua, 19} by 15{. 9s 1863 

58 St. Augustine Lecturing, from a 

fresco by Benozzo Gozzoli in S. 
Agostino at S. Gimignano, 24 by 29. 
18s 1863 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 



Arundel Society’s Chromolithographs, continued.— 

61 The Adoration of the Magi, The 

Nativity, The Presentation, St. John 
the Baptist and St. Veronica, from 
the Triptych by Mkmling at Bruges. 
Five on three sheets , £3. 1865 

62 The Marriage of the Virgin, 

from a fresco by Luini at Saronno, 
16} by 22}. 16s 1865 

63 St. James the Greater before 

Herod Ageippa, from a fresco by 
Andrea Mantegna in the Church 
of the Eremitani at Padua, 19} by 
15}. 6s 1865 

64 The Last Supper, from a fresco by 

Ghirlandaio in the Church of the 
Ognissanti at Florence, 16} by 27J. 
£1. 5s 1866 

65 The Adoration of the Magi, 

from a fresco by Luini at Saronno, 
27} by 23}. 16s 1866 

66 St. John the Baptist Preaching, 

from a fresco by Ghirlandaio, from 
S. Maria Novella at Florence, 18 by 
26}. 12s 1867 

67 The Ecstacy of St. Catherine, 

from a fresco by Bazzi, in San 
Domenico at Siena, 24 by 18. £1. 


68 Zacharias naming his Son John, 

from a fresco by Ghirlandaio in 
S. Maria Novella at Florence, 18} by 
26}. 16s 1867 

69 Poetry, an allegorical figure by 

Raffaelle, from one of the Stanze 
in the Vatican, 14} by 14}. 12s 1867 

70 The Vision of St. Bernard, from 

an altar-piece by Filippino Lippi 
in the Badia at Florence, 20 by 19, 
scarce, £ 1.5s 1868 

71 The Procession of the Magi to i 

Bethlehem, from a fresco by I 
Andrea del Sarto in the Cloister 1 
of the Annunziata Convent at ; 
Florence, 19}by 16},scarce,£l. 1868 j 

72 SS. Peter and Paul before Nero 


from the fresco by Filippino Lippi 
in the Brancacci Chapel, 15 by 30. 
12s 6d 1868 

73 Van Eyck. The Adoration of 

the Lamb, and 19 other subjects 
forming the great altar-piece in S. 
Bavon at Ghent, including those 
parts of the original work now at 
Berlin and Brussels. A complete 
set, forming 20 subjects on 7 sheets, 
very scarce, £21. 1868-71 

74 The Virgin and Child, from a 

fresco by Fra Bartolommeo, now 
in the Convent of St. Mark at 
Florence, 18} by 11}. £3. 3s 1869 

75 The Adoration of the Kings, 

from a fresco by Percgino at Cetta 
della Pieve near Perugia, 22 by 18}. 
16s 1869 

76 S. Filippo Benizzi healing Child¬ 

ren, from a fresco by Andrea del 
Sarto in the Convent of the Annun- 
ciata at Florence, 20 by 20. 12s 1869 

77 The Four Apostles, from pictures 

by Albert DOrer in thePinakothek 
at Munich. On two sheets, each 22 
by 10. 17s 6 d the pair 1870 

78 Jesus and His Disciples at 

Emmaus, from a fresco by Fra 
Bartolommeo in the Convent of S. 
Marco at Florence, 19} by 16}. 
12s 1870 

79 Philosophy, an allegorical figure by 

Raffaelle from one of the Stanze in 
the Vatican, 14 by 14. 12s 1871 

80 The Madonna among the Meyer 

Family, from the picture by Hans 
Holbein in the possession of the 
Princess Carl of Hesse Darmstadt, 
22} by 17. 15s 1871 

81 The Prophet Jeremiah, from the 

fresco by Michael Angelo on the 
ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at Rome, 
18} by 14}. 10s 1871 

82 St. Benedict preaching toWomen, 

from the fresco by Bazzi in the 
Convent of Monte Oliveto, 21} by 
22}. 8s 1872 

83 Monuments of the Cavalli Family 

in the Church of S. Anastasia, 
Verona, large folio, 1 plate and 6 pp. 
of text by Ruskin. 9s 1872 

84 The Figure of the Saviour, from 

the fresco of the Miracle of the 
Loaves and Fishes by Bazzi in the 
Convent of S. Anna, Monte Olivetto. 
near Siena, 24 by 11}. 14s 1872 

85 The Madonna with the Violet, 

from the painting by Meister 
Wilhelm in the collection of the 
Archbishop of Cologne, 19} by 10}. 
10s 6d 1873 

8 > St. Francis before Pope Honorius 
III, from the fresco by Giotto in 
the upper Church at Assisi, 24 by 24, 
18s 1873 

87 St. Anthony of Padua healing 


fresco by Titian in the Scuola del 
Santo at Padua, 22 by 14}. 7s 1873 

88 The Virgin and Child, with 

Saints, from the picture by Giro¬ 
lamo Dai Libri in the Church of 
S. Giorgio at Verona, 22} by 17. 
£2. 1874 

89 St. John the Baptist with St. 

Benedict, and St. Nazarus with 
St. Cel8u§, from the pictures by 
Bartolommeo Montagna in the 
Church of SS. Nagzaro e Celso at 
Verona, 2 on 1 sheet, each 18} by 7. 
12s 1874 

90 Pope Sixtus IV giving audience, 

from a fresco painted cir. 1476 by 
Mblozzo da Forli, now in the 
library of the Vatican, 24} by 22. 
18s 1875 

91 The Deposition from the Cross, 

from the fresco by Pietro Loren- 
zetti (but commonly ascribed to 
Puccio Capanna) in the lower 
Church at Assisi, 17 by 23. 12s 1875 

92 St. Lucy sentenced to death by 

the Roman Prestor, from the 
fresco by Jacopo d’Avanzo in the 
Church of St Anthony at Padua, 
21} by 18. 14s 1875 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 



Arundel Society’s Chromolithographs, continued.— 

93 Events from thb Lifr of Mosbs, 109 Theology, an allegorical fignre by 

from the fresco by Luca Signorelli Raffaelle from one of the Stanze 

in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, in the Vatican, 14 by 14. 14s 1883 

18$ by 29$. £1. 4s 1876 110 St. Stephen’s Ordination and his 

94 The Crucifixion, and eight other distribution op Alms, from the 

sabjects forming the triptych altar- fresco by Fra Anoelico in the 

piece by Hans Memlinc in the Chapel of St. Lawrence in the 

Cathedral at Lubeck, on five sheets , Vatican, 20$ by 30. £1.11a 6 d 1883 

various sizes, £4. 4s 1876*78 111 Angels Adoring, two plates from 

95 Christ’s Charge to St. Peter, from frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli in the 

the fresco by Perugino in the Riccardi Chapel, Florence, each 30 

Sistine Chapel, 18$ by 29$. 16s 1877 by 18$. £2 . the pair 1884-85 

96 The Madonna and Child with S. 112 The Supper and Miraculous 

John the Evangelist and S.Francesco, Vision of S. Domenick, from a 

from a fresco attributed to Pietro fresco by Fra Bartolommeo and 

Cavallini, in the lower Charch at A. G. Sogliani in the refectory 

Assisi, 9$ by 19$. 7s 6 d 1877 of the Convent of St. Mark, Florence, 

97 The Delphic Sibtl, from the fresco 23 by 32$. £1. 8s 1884 

by Michael Angelo on the ceiling 113 S.Bernardino healing a Wounded 

of the Sistine Chapel at Rome, 18$ Man, by Fiorenzo di Lorenzo in 

by 15]. 14s 1877 the Pinacoteca at Perugia. 14s 1885 

98 Virgin and Child with several 114 St. Catherine of Alexandria 

Saints, from an altar-piece by pleading before her Judges, 

Benozzo Gozzoli in the Monastery from tbe fresco by Pinturricchio in 

of S. Francesco at Montefalco, 25 by the Vatican, 18] by 32. £1.8s 1886 

26. 12s 1878 115 The Madonna and Child, with 

99 The Adoration of the Holy attendant Saints, from the altar- 

Trinitt, from the picture by Albert piece by Niccolo da Fuligno in the 

D Orer now in tbe Belvidere Palace Communal Palace at Gnaldo Tadino, 

at Vienna, 29 by 25$. £1. 8s 1879 26 by 19. £1. 8s 1886 

100 The Resurrection of Christ, from 116 The Procession of the Three 

the fresco by Piero della Fran- Kings, from the fresco by Benozzo 

cesca at Burgo San Sepolcro, 17 by Gozzoli in the Chapel of the 

16. 5s 1879 Riccardi Palace at Florence, 30 by 

101 The Virgin in Glory, with two 19* £1.8s 1887 

Saints, from the altar-] iece by 117 St. Jerome in his Study, after the 

Pinturicciiio at Monte Oliveto, 25 picture by Carpaccio in the Church 

by 17$. £ 1. Is 1880 of S. Giorgio dei Schiavoni at Venice, 

102 View of the Interior of thePicco- 17$ by 27. 10s 6d 1887 

lomini Library at Siena, 25$ by 118 St. George baptising the Prin- 

22$. £ 1.1 Os 1880 cess Cleodolinda, after the picture 

103 The Transfiguration after the by Cakpaccio in the Church of S. 

fresco by Perugino in the Scala del Giorgio dei Schiavoni at Venice, 15 

Cambio at Perugia, 22$ by 20. 14s by 30. 14s 1888 

1881 119 The Betrothal of tiik Virgin, 

104 St. Catherine finding tiis body from the fresco by Lorenzo di 

of St. Agnes, from the fresco Viterbo in the Church of S. Maria 

attributed to Pacchiarotto in the della Verita at Viterbo, 15] by 30. 

Oratory of St. Catherine at Siena, 14s 1889 

24 by 22. 7s 6d 1881 120 Christ Bound to the Column, 

105 The Prophet Ezekiel, from the from the fresco by Bazzi, now in the 

fresco by Michael Angelo in the Academy of Fine Arts at Siena, 18$ 

Sistine Chapel at Rome, 18$ by 15$. by 14$. 14s 1889 

12s ’ 1881 121 The Calling of St. Matthew, 

106 RichardU before the Madonna after tbe picture by Carpaccio in the 

with Saints and Angels, after a Church of S. Giorgio dei Schiavoni 

picture by an unknown painter at at Venice, 21 $ by 17. 14s 1889 

Wilton House. Two on one sheet , 122 The Hunt, after tbe fresco by 

each 18 by 12. £1.4s 1882 Komanino in tbe Castle of Malpaga, 

107 Aeneas Silvios Piccolomini re- near Bergamo, 20$ by 32. 14s 1890 

ceiving the Cardinal’s Hat, after 123 St. Peter enthroned as Pope, 

Pinturricchio, from the Piccolo- from the picture by Gran Vasco, 

mini Library, 25 by 16$. 10s 1882 1 Vizeu, Portugal, 10s 6d 1892 

108 Prophets and Sibyls, after the 124 Death of S. Fina, from the picture 

fresco by Perugino in the Snla del j by D. Ghirlandaio, S. Gimignano, 

Cambio, Perugia, 22$ by 27. 10s 1883 ' 10s 6d 1892 


125 St. Lawrence distributing Alms, 

from a fresco by Fra Angelico in 
the Vatican, 6s’ 1849 

126 St. Stephen before the Council, 

from a fresco by Fra Angelico in 
the Vatican, 6s 1850 

127 St. Buonaventura, from a fresco 

by Fra Angelico in the Vatican, 
Is 1850 

128 St. Matthew, from & fresco by 
Fra Angelico in the Vatican, 6s 


Digitized by 



Arundel Society’s Engravings, continued .— 

tt s. i 

129 St. Thomas, from a fresco by Fba 

Angelico in the Vatican, 61 1850 

130 St. Lawrence before the Em¬ 

peror Decids, from a fresco 
by Fra Angelico in the Vatican, 
6s 1851 

131 The Pieta, from a fresco by 

Giotto in the Arena Chapel, Padua, 
rare, 8s 1851 

132 Five Outline Heads, from Peru- 

gino’s Martyrdom of S. Sebastian, 
15s 1856 

133 Two Heads from Nelli’s Virgin 

and Child, 5s 1857 

134 Two Heads from Pinturicchio’s 
Christ among the Doctors, 6s 1857 

135 Two Heads from Pintubicchio’s 

Nativity, 5s 1858 

136 Two Heads from Luini'b Burial of 
St. Catherine, on one sheet , 5s 1858 

137 Head of an Angel, supposed to be 
a portrait of Raff aelle, from Giovanni 
Sanzio’s fresco at Cagli, 7s 6d 1859 

138 Head of the Virgin, from Leon¬ 
ardo da Vinci’s fresco in the 
Monastery of St. Onofrio, 6s 1859 

139 Giotto. Arena Chapel, Padua. The 

frescoes of Giotto illustrating the 
Lives of the Virgin and our Saviour. 
1 vol. oblong large folio, 38 wood- 
cuts, £ 1 . Is 1860 



140 Three Heads, from Pinturricchio’s 
Annunciation at Spello, 10s 1861 

St. Stephen distributing Alii*, 
from a fresco by Fra Angelico in 
the Chapel of Nicholas V, 5s 1862 
St. Peter thrust out before hi* 
Martyrdom, from a fresco by Fra 
Angelico in the Chapel of Nicholas 
V, Is 1863 

143 St. John the Evangelist, from 
the fresco by Fra Angelico in the 
Chapel of Nicholas V, Is 1864 

144 The Conversion of Saul, from 

the tapestry in the Vatican designed 
by Raffaelle, 7s 1864 

145 St. Sixtus giving money to St. 
Lawrence for Alms, from the 
fresco by Fra Angelico in the 
Chapel of Nicholas V, 8s 1865 

146 The Martyrdom of St. Stepukn, 
from the tapestry in the Vatican 
designed by Raffaelle, 6s 1867 

147 The Ordination of St. Lawrence,. 
from the fresco by Fra Angelico in 
the Chapel of Nicholas V, 5s 1869 

148 Ten Engravings, from Pinturr- 
icchio’s frescoes in the Piccolomiui 
Library, in 1 vol., impl. folio, 10s Gd 


Literary Works. 

149 Vasari. Life of Giovanni Antelico 

da Fiesole, translated from . . Vasari 
by Giovanni Aubrey Bezzi. Rojal 
8vo.with 21 plates; bds. 18s 1850 

150 Ruskin (J.) Giotto and hi« works in 

Padua, 3 parts, royal 8vo. sewed , 
5s 1853-9 

151 Wyatt (M. Digby) Notices of 
Sculpture in Ivory ; and a catalogue 
of specimens in various collections, 
by E. Oldfield, 4to. with 9 photo¬ 
graphic plates; bds. scarce, 6s 1856 

152 Layard (A. H.) The Madonna and 

Saints by Ottaviano Nelli. Royal 
8vo. 13 pp. 2s 6 d (1857) 

153 -Giovanni Sanzio and his fresco 

at Cagli. Royal 8vo Is 1859 

154 -Domenico Ghirlandaio and his 

fresco of the Death of S. Francis. 
Royal 8vo. 2s 6d 1860 

155 -Frescoes of Pioturiccbio. Roy. 

8vo. scarce, 2s 6d 1858 

156 Weale. Hans Memlinc, his life and 

works. Royal 8vo. Is 1865 

157 Layard. The Brancacci Chapel and 

Masolino, Masaccio and Filippino 
Lippi. Royal 8vo. 2s 1868 

158 Kitchin. Life of Pope Piu9 II as 

illustrated by Pinturicchio’s frescoes 
in the Piccolomiui Library at biena. 
Impl. 8vo. Is 1881 

159 Layard’s Notices of Ghirlandaio, 
The Brancacci Chapel, Perogino, 
Sanzio. Pinturicchio nnd Nelli; 
Worn cm’s Hans Holbein ; and 
Weale’s Hans Memlinc ;—8 works 
in 1 vol. royal 8vo. interleaved and 
extra-illustrated by 18 photographs 
from Maynard’s “Notice of the 
Arundel Society;" hf. bound , £1. 5s 


160 - Notices of Perugino, Ghir¬ 

landaio, Nelli, Pinturicchio, and 
Sanzio ;—5 works in l vol. hf. mor¬ 
occo, 10 s 1856-60 

161 AumOller, Les petits Maitres Allemands: I. Bart, and H. S. Beham. II. 

J. C. Bink, A. Claas—together 2 parts, 8vo. sd. Munich , 1881-93 

162 BARTOLOZZI. Tier (A. W.) Bartolozzi aud his Works, a biographical 

and descriptive account of his Life and Career, together with a List of 
upwards of 2000 of the Engraver’s Works, 2 vols. 4to., IS plates from 
the original coppers engraved by Bartolozzi , vellum [1881] 

163 BARTSCH, lk PEINTRE GRAVEUR, 21 vols. in 18, 8vo. Large Paper, 

the original issue, with all the plates, hf. bd. vellum , gilt tops , uncut 

Vienne , 1803*21 

164 Bartsch, le Peintre graveur, nouvelle edition, 21 vols. 8vo. plates , also the 

Extra Series in 4to. sd. Leipzig , 1854, and Vienne , 1821 

The usual mixed issue. Entirely unmixed original copies in stock for £7.10s 
and above. 

1 0 

2 12 

18 0 
3 10 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 



165 BLAKE (William) Book of The!, 4to. consisting of 7 engraved pages , 

designed and coloured BY Blake, uncut, in paper cover , preserved in 
a morocco case, by Riviere 1789 

‘* A strange mystical allegory, fall of tender beauty and enigmatical meaning. 
The designs are of the utmost sweetness ; Bimple, expressive, grand ; the colour slight, 
but pore and tender.”— Qilchrist , Vol. I, page 76. 

Tuk copy possesses exceptional interest prom the pact that it was 
Stothard’s ; donbtless presented to him by Blake, as the two Artists were on terms 
of warm friendship in 1789. In fact Gilchrist states (vol. I, p. 77) I may mention,, 
in corroboration of a previous assertion of Stothard’s obligations as a designer to Blake, 
that the copy of Thel formerly Stothard’s bears evidence of familiar use on his part, 
in broken edges and the marks of a painter’s oily fingers.” The broken edges and the 
oily finger marks still remain in evidence, and the following old pencil note is on the 
cover, “ Stothard’s copy. Bought of Hamilton, 1856.” The Gaisford copy, with cut 
edges, realized £29. 

166 Blake. Descriptive Catalogue of Pictures $ poetical and historical inven¬ 

tions painted by William Blake, in water colours . . . and Drawings, 
sm. 8vo. green morocco extra, from the Beckford library 1809 

167 BLAKE. Illustrations of the BOOK of JOB, in 21 plates , invented and 

engraved by William Blake, folio, Proofs, sd. 

Wrapper dated March , 1826 

168 - the same, folio, India Proofs, bds. 1826 

169 - the same, folio, re-issue, bds. (1826) 

170 Blake's DANTE, Divina Commedia, seven p^tes (all published) ; Scenes 

from Hell, atlas folio, India proofs before all letters (1827) 

171 - the same, LinnelVs re-issue 

£ s. </. 

25 0 0 

10 10 0 

10 10 0 
12 12 0 
G 10 0 

10 0 0 

Mr. William Muir’s Facsimiles of the Works of Wm. Blake: 

Only 60 copies of each Book have been produced. 

Mr. Muir does not print with type. He works by methods as like those of Blake 
himself ns the need of faithfnlly following- Blake’s own results will permit. Almost 
all the labour is hand work, and the result has all that charm which belongs to hand 
work alone. 

172 THE SONGS OF INNOCENCE, 1789, small 8vo. with margin to quarto 

size, all chastely coloured from the very early copy given by Blake to 
Flaxman 0 

173 THE SONGS OF EXPERIENCE, 1794, uniform with the above, all 

richly coloured from a choice copy in the British Museum, sewed 5 

The Songs of Innocence and of Experience form perhaps the most beautiful book 
that has ever been produced in England. 

174 Tub Book of Thel, sd. 1 

“This is even finer and more delicate in colouring and touch than ‘The Visions of 
the Daughters of Albion.’ Of course every copy thus produced may—indeed must— 
differ from the others. Nothing coaid be better than that before us.”— Athenaeum, 
August 23rd, 1884. 


“We con hardly expect to see finer transcripts of the plates in any published 
form. Only a draughtsman of very choice skill could famish a better copy of the 
whole work than that before us. The reproduction of the outlines is simply perfect; 
the colours are repeated with vigour and delicacy, and lack only some of the parity of 
Blake’s own handiwork. The process of colouring snch copies by hand is the only one 
which promises fortunate results.”— Athenaeum, August 16th, 1884. 

176 THE MARRIAGE OF HEAVEN AND HELL, 4to. coloured, from 

the Beckford copy 1885 0 

177 MILTON, sd. £8; or morocco extra 10 

(This book contains some of Blake’s finest plates. Its reproduction has required 
two years’ very tedious work.) 

“Has been made from the very choice example in the British Mnsenm, and, 
having compared the copy sent to ns with its original, we are glad to bear witness to 
its remarkable excellence and rare fidelity. Among the choicest and most faithful 
pages are the famous and noble concluding design, ‘To go forth to the great harvest 
of the Nations,’ and the group of sleepers on plate 38, over whom the eagle hovers. 

Both happily reproduce that peculiar colouration which is an element of Blake’B poetic 
design. The beautiful little figures in the margins of the pages retain all or nearly all 
the spirit of Blake.”— Athenaeum, June 26tb, 1886. 

0 0 
5 0 

1 0 

2 0 

0 O 
0 0 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 


Mr. William Muir’s Facsimiles of the Works of Wm. Blake, £ <• <'• 

continued :— 

178 There is no Natural Religion, preface and 21 tinted plates 1886 0 0 0 

44 A very carious and important tract—this reproduction comprises the sub¬ 
division, 1 All Religions are One.* It has been reproduced with equal success.”— 

Athenaeum, June 26th, 1886. 

179 The Act op Creation, single plate 1 1 0 

180 America, a Prophecy, 1793 4 4 0 

“As good as it can be. Includes several of Blake's finest designs."— Athenaum, 

April 9th, 1887. 

181 Little Tom the Sailor, broadsheet 0 5 0 

182 EUROPE, a Prophecy, 1794, 17 coloured plates 5 5 0 

183 The Gates op Paradise, 1793 3 3 0 

184 The First Book op Urizen, 1794 6 6 u 

This book, “ like thunders of autnmn, when the cloud blazes over the harvests "— 
dimly discloses an account of Creation as it presented itself to the imagination of 
Wm. Blake. 

185 On Homer’s Poetry, 1 leaf 0 2 6 

186 THE SONG OF LOS, 1795, 8 coloured plates (pub. at £5. 5 s) 3 3 0 

“The exact extent of hand*work in Blake^s poems and poetic books is still a 

problem. The marvellous designs in the fine copy of 4 The Song of Los ’ in the 
British Museum greatly exercised the criticism of D. G. Rossetti; they could not, he 
admitted, be absolutely the work of Blake’s band ; yet he was unable to detect the 
auxiliary process employed by the artist. When Mr. Muir undertakes 4 The Song of 
Los/ we trust that he and his able fellow-labourers will consult the British Museum 
example.”— Saturday Review, Augus*29th, 1885. 

This book completes the series. 

187 - a complete set of the above 15 works, sold together, 

bonnd into 8 vols. six in 4to. two in folio, olive moroeco,gilt tops [1884]-9U 40 0 0 

Fifty copies only were produced. 

188 BLAKE. Works, Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical, edited, with Litho¬ 

graphs of the Illustrated “ Prophetic Books” and a Memoir, by Edwin 
John Ellis and William Butler Yeats, 3 vols. large 8vo., with por¬ 
traits and 290 Facsimiles of Blake's privately-printed and coloured works , 
cloth , with gold design on sides 1893 3 3 0 

189 -the same, large paper, 3 vols. 4to., half bound morocco, gilt tops 1893 4 4 0 

44 Messrs. Ellis and Yeats, in a most comprehensive work in three volumes, including 
additional biographical particulars and copious illustrations, which comprise the pre¬ 
viously unpublished ‘Vala/ have striven to present Blake's mysticism as a coherent 
system of thought. ”— Dr. Richard Qamett. 

“It cannot be said that Messrs. Ellis and Yeats have entirely overcome the 
difficulties of reproduction ; yet, perhaps, for those unable to obtain access to the copies 
tinted by the artist, or even to the uncoloured plates in the original edition, nothing so 
well displays the wilder and more weird aspects of bis genius as the reprints in their 
third volume, especially those from Jerusalem**—Dr. Richard Qamett. 

44 4 On the day of his death,’ quotes Gilchrist, the biographer of William Blake, 4 he 
composed and uttered songs to his Maker, so sweetly to the ear of his Catherine that, 
when she stood to hear him, he, looking upon her most affectionately, said : 44 My 
beloved 1 they are not mine. No I they are not mine l ** * It is interesting to find in 
the splendid 4 Works of William Blake,' by E. J. Ellis and W. B. Yeats (just published 
by Mr. Bernard Quaritch), that Blake often extemporized music to his songs in the 
freedom of social life : 4 We would give much now for a single note of these melodies. 

It is said that musicians were present who actually took down the airs, but valuable as 
the merest scraps of such records would be to-day, they roust be considered as hopelessly 
lost. One result remains at least. The reader of Blake's mystic poems is able to believe 
that, when he finds music spoken of, it is not alluded to for mere literary effect. Blake 
was really what too many poets are called by mere courtesy and conventionality—a 
bard. He himself claimed the title. The talent never left him. It was his last source 
of happiness on his death-bed.' Time must tell whether the records of Blake's extem¬ 
porized music are 4 hopelessly lost.' There is no need to despair. What would one 
give for a few phrases of song from the wonderful man who wrote, in a barren age of 
English poetry, 4 The Songs of Innocence and Experience’ ? ''—Joseph Bennett, in 
an article 44 Music of the Day." Daily Telegraph, February 4th, 1893. 

190 Gilchrist (A.) Life of William Blake, with Selections from his Poems 

and other Writings, new and enlarged edition with additional letters, 

2 vols. 8vo. numerous facsimiles by W. J. Linton and in photo-lithography , 

also with a few of Blake'8 original plates, cloth 1880 2 2 I 

191 Swinburne (A. C.) William Blake, a critical Essay, 8vo., coloured and 

plain facsimile illustrations from Blake's designs, cloth 1868 1 5 | 

Digitized by 




192 Blanc (C.) Grammaire des Arts du Dessin: Architecture, Sculpture, 

Peinture, thick royal 8vo. with numerous woodcuts; half bound 

Par is, 1867 

193 BOCKLER (G. A.) Architecture Curiosa Nova, das ist Bau und Wasser- 

Kunst, 4 parts in 1 vol. folio, First Edition, 231 plates of Fountains , 
Grottoes , and Garden Decorations , Palaces, Country Houses, etc. brilliant 
impressions, in original calf Numberg, 1604 

This copy contains 25 additional views of Gardens and Fountains. 

191 Bocklek (G. A.) Schauplatz der mechanischen Kiiusten von Miihl- und 
Wasserwercken, folio, 2 engraved titles and 154 fine copperplates of 
Machinery, old calf Noribergae , 1662 

To understand the mechanical aids to labour in the 17th century this work is 


Zeichnungen von Sandro Botticelli zu Dante’s gottlicher Komodie, 
nach den Originalen im K. Kupferstichkabinet zu Berlin, heraus- 
gegeben von Friedrich Lippmann. 84 facsimile plates , atlas folio. 
Descriptive Text, in German, 1 vol. sm. folio, accompanied by 20 fac¬ 
simile plates of Botticelli'8 designs to the Florence edition of 1481. 
Supplement : Die acht Hand zeichnungen des Sandro Botticelli zu 
Dante’s gottlicher Komodie im Vatikan, herausg. von Dr. Josef 
Strzygowski. 8 plates, atlas folio. Text, small folio. In all, 112 plates , 
with text, forming the work complete; in portfolios and wrappers, as 
issued Berlin, 1885-87 

Collation of the 92 plates : Inferno, 28 (titelblatt, and nos. 1, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15 
to 34, and 34a) ; Furgatorio, 33 ; Paradiso, 32 (31 and 32 being on one sheet). 

196 BOTTIGER (Dr. John) La Collection des Tapisseries de l’etat Su6dois, in 

Swedish with French Translation, 4 vols. folio, 224 photogravures and 
78 minor illustrations, unbound , £28, or in red morocco extra, gilt tops, 
uncut Stockholm, 1898 

The work has been strictly limited to 200 copies. 

The Author is the Conservateur des Collections artistiques to the King of Sweden 
and Norway. In this work he has given a history of the origin and growth of the 
wonderful Royal Swedish collection of Tapestry since it was first formed at the 
beginning of the 16th century. In addition the author gives an able account of the 
technical development of the manufacture in Sweden, and the various ceremonial and 
utilitarian purposes to which tapestry was put. 

“ Les riches illustrations dont le livre esl ornk forment, en outre, pour le travail 
actuellement poursuivi en divers endroits k Feffefc de classer des collections analogues, 
mutant de mat£riaux de premier ordre, et il semble bien que ce soit encore, avec le 
catalogue de la collection imp^riale de Vienne, le seul inventairc descriptif de ce genre 
qui ait £t£ jusqu’ici public dans le monde entier. Aussi a cet £gard copie est-elle 
donate de loutes les tapisseries et les signatures qui y figurent sont reproduces dans le 
texte. ,f 

197 BRAND (C.) Cris de VIENNE, folio, 40 beautifully coloured plates, 

engraved after L. Brand by F. A. Brand, Mansfield Feigle, A. Merk, 
Conti, Schiitz and Moesmer, in hf. red morocco portfolio Vienna, 1775 
A very important collection, the costumes throughout are most artistic. A full 
series uncoloured is scarce, in this coloured state it hardly ever occurs for sale. 

British Museum: 

Published by permission of the Trustees of the British Museum. 
9 61 fine photographs of Statues, Bas-reliefs, Vases, etc., etc., by Stephen 
Thompson, mounted, and bound in 15 vols., royal folio, half red morocco , 
gilt edges 1872 

Very* few sets were .thus gathered and bound. 


Pee-historic and Ethnographical Series, 157 plates, 9 vols. 

Egyptian Series, 118 plates, 2 vols. 

Assyrian Series, 248 plates, 4 vols. 

Grecian Series, 207 plates, 3 vols. 

Etruscan and Roman Series, 97 plates , 2 vols. 

Antiquities of Britain and Foreign Mediaeval Art, 46 plates, \ vol. 

Srals of Corporations, Sovereigns, etc., 91 plates, 1 vo\ 

This fine series was published, unbound, at £120.1C*. 

Digitized by Google 

£ s. d. 

0 5 0 

7 0 0 

5 0 0 

12 0 0 

34 0 0 

17 10 0 

50 0 0 


British Museum, continued 

199 Reproductions of Prints, Part I. (Early Italian.) 30 plates. Folio, 

out of print 1882 

200 -Part II. (Early Italian.) SO plates. Folio, out of print 1883 

201 - Part III. (Early German.) 32 plates, folio 1884 

202 - New series. Parti. (Early Italian.) 20 plates, folio 1886 

203 -Part II. (Early German.) 22 plates, folio 1889 

204 -- Part III. (German, Dutch, and Italian.) 18 plates 1890 

205 -Part IV. (Italian, 16th century.) 18 plates, folio 1892 

206 -Part V. (Specimens of early mezzotint engraving.) 

16 plates, folio 1895 

207 -Part VI. (Specimens of line-engraving by Masters of 

Germany and the Low Countries, 1530-1620.) 15 plates, folio 1896 

208 Reproductions of Prints in the British Museum. New Series, Part 

VII. Specimens of Line-Engraving by Masters of the Netherlands 
Schools under the influence of Rubens and Vandyck ( about 162U-1670). 
Imperial folio, with 12 fine plates 1898 

209 Catalogue of Drawings by British Artists, and Artists of foreign 

origin working in Great Britain, preserved in the Department of 
Prints and Drawings, Vol. I, A-C, royal 8vo. cloth 1898 

210 Catalogue of the Bronzes (Greek, Roman, and Etruscan) in the 

Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, with 
collotype plates, 8yo. 1899 

Just published: 

211 An Index to the Early Printed Books in the British Museum. From 

the invention of printing to the year MD. With Notes of those in 
the Bodleian Library. By Robert Proctor. Complete four parts: 
(1) Books printed in Germany; (2) Italy; (3) France, Netherlands, 
England, Spain; (4) The Tables. 

Subscription price for the complete work, 4 parts, sm. folio, sewed, 
£2. 10*; or in roxburghe binding , £3. Single parts, 16* each. 

The work is limited to 350 sets. 

A bibliographical work of the highest importance. There is of course no detailed 
description of each of the 3200 articles indexed, but they are all assigned to their 
proper place and dates, and classified in such a way and on such a scale as has never 
been done before except in small sections, by the late Henry Bradshaw and his disciples. 

212 BOYDELL. COLLECTION OF PRINTS from pictures painted for 
the purpose of illustrating the DRAMATIC WORKS OF SHAKE¬ 
SPEARE, by the Artists of Gt. Britain, 2 vols. atlas folio, Hannah 
Boydell’s copy, with 100 plates by Bartolozzi, Sharps, and others , from 
paintings by Reynolds, Opie, Smirke, Fuseli, Romney, etc., beautiful 
old impressions, half morocco 1803 

BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB, Exhibition Catalogues: 

213 Exhibition Catalogues : a collection of 33, as detailed below. 4to., 
nineteen bound in one vol. hf. morocco; the rest as published 1868-96 
Contents (those priced are sold separately) : 

Marc Antonio Raimondi, 1868, 3* 6d; Michel-Angelo Buonarroti, 1870; 
Drawings in Water-Colours, 1871. 2* Gd; Old Masters, 1871 ; Turner’s Liber 
Studiorum, 1872, 2s Gd: English and Continental Porcelain, 1873, 3* 6d; George 
Mason, 1873, 2s; David Cox and Peter de Wint, 1873, 3s Gd ; Illuminated MSS., 1874, 
5s ; Thomas Girtin, 1875, 3s 6 d; W. Hollar, 1875, 2s 6d; Painted Glass, 1876, 2s; 
William Blake, 1876, 3s 6d ; Etched Work of Rembrandt, privately printed , 1877, 
with 3 plates. 10s ; Middleton’s Notes on the Etched Work of Rembrandt, 1877 ; H. S. 
Beham, 1877 ; John Samnel Raven, 1878, 2s 6 d ; Drawings by Dutch Masters, 1878, 
Japanese aod Chinese Works of Art, 1878. Charles Meryon, 1879, 2s; Bronzes and 
Ivories, 1879, 2s ; Drawings in Water Colours, 1880, 2s 6 d ; Engravings in Mezzotinto, 
1881, 3s 6d; Woodcnts of the German School, 1682 ; Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 18S3 ; 
Etchings by R. Zeeman ard Karl dn Jardin, 1883; Architectural Subjects, 1884 ; 
J. S. Cotman, 1888 ; Bookbindings, 1891; Netherlandish Pictures, 1892; Luca 
Signorelli, 1893 ; Ferrara-Bologna School, 1894 ; Chinese Porcelain, 1896. 

The bound vol. includes Catalogue of the Museum of Mediaeval Art collected by 
L. N. Cottingham,tenth t ooodcuts, 1850; and the R. A. Exhibition of Old Masters, 1872. 

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0 0 



BURLINGTON PINE ARTS CLUB, Exhibition Catalogues, 

continued :— 

214 Exhibition Catalogues : a collection of 29, forming a series complete 

from 1879 to 1897 inclusive. 4to., unbound as published 1879-97 

215 Exhibition of PORTRAIT MINIATURES. Atlas 4to., large paper, 

lxviii pages of Introduction , giving a history of the Art; 160 pages of 
descriptive catalogue of the objects exhibited; and 36 plates representing 
upwards of 200 portraits; cloth, rare 1889 

216 Exhibition of BOOKBINDINGS; with introductory remarks by 

C. Gordon Duff and Miss S. T. Prideaux. Atlas 4to., large paper, 
with 113 plates mostly executed in chromo-lithography ; cloth 1891 
The great number of faithful reproductions, executed by W. Griggs, will give this 
catalogue a permanent value. 

217 Exhibition of PICTURES by Masters of the Netherlandish and allied 

Schools of the XV and early XVI Centuries. Atlas 4to., large paper, 
with 29 plates; cloth 1892 

218 Exhibition of PICTURES, Drawings, and Photographs of works of the 

School of Ferrara-Bologna, 1440-1540; also of Medals of Members of 
the Houses of Este and Bentivoglio. Atlas 4to., large paper, with 22 
fine plates; cloth 1894 

219 Exhibition of the ART of ANCIENT EGYPT. Atlas 4to., large 

paper, with 27 full-page photographs , mounted on boards; cloth 1895 
The special and novel character of the illustrations is that they represent the 
industrial and domestic Arts of Ancient Egypt; and thus reveal the customs and 
civilization of the people, rather than the magnificence of the kings. 

220 Exhibition of a Collection of EUROPEAN ENAMELS, from the 

Earliest date to the End of the XVIIth Century, exhibited in 1897, 
imperial 4to. Illustrated Edition, having 72 fine plates representing 
about 100 specimens , cloth Privately printed , 1897 

The Catalogue and Introduction are by J. Starkie Gardner ; the Frontispiece is 
a facsimile, in gold and colours, of a Triptych attributed to Nardon Penicand, circa 1490. 

221 Exhibition of Pictures by Masters of the MILANESE and allied 

Schools of Lombardy, exhibited in 1898, imperial 4to., with 27 fine 
plates ; cloth 1899 

Catalogues of Art Exhibitions : 

222 Blenheim. Catalogue of the collection of Limoges Enamels from 

Blenheim Palace ; comprising upwards of eighty specimens, 8vo. with 
MS. prices and 79 photographs; cloth 1883 

223 Bartolozzi. Catalogue of a Loan Collection of Engravings and 

Etchings by F. Bartolozzi, with Introduction by A. W. Tuer, square 
8vo. half vellum 1883 

224 Franks (A. W.) Catalogue of a collection of Oriental Porcelain and 

Pottery lent for exhibition in the Bethnal Green Museum, second 
edition, 8vo. 25 plates; cloth , scarce 1878 

225 Hamilton Palace Collection (Pictures, Miniatures, Porcelain, 

Decorative Objects, etc.). Illustrated Priced Catalogue, 4to. with full- 
page and other engravings of the more remarkable lots; cloth 1882 

226 Hailstone (Mrs.) Illustrated Catalogue of Ancient Framed Needle¬ 

work Pictures, by S. H. Lilia Hailstone. 4to. cloth 

Privately printed , 1897 
The Seventy-three Illustrations in this Work, portrayed in Sixteen Plates, from 
Photographs, reproduced in Half-Tone, are full of beauty and instruction, shewing 
what the needle has done in days gone bye, and also what it can do at the present time, 
and cannot fail to be of interest to all connoisseurs and antiquarians. 

227 Joseph. Catalogue of the collection of Objects of Art and Decoration 

of Mr. E. Joseph, of New Bond Street, 3 portions in 1 vol. royal 
8vo. with 37 plates; bds. Christie’s, 1890 

228 [Maskell (Alfred)] Catalogue of a collection of Paintings, Engravings, 

Sculpture, Oriental and European Porcelain, Tapestry, etc. at Norman- 
burst Court, Battle, 8vo. cloth 1878 

£ s. d. 

3 10 0 

26 5 0 

10 10 0 

3 12 6 

3 16 0 
2 2 0 

7 7 0 

3 3 0 

1 1 0 
0 2 0 
0 7 6 
1 1 0 

0 10 0 

0 5 0 

0 7 6 

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Catalogues of Art Exhibitions, continued 

229 Notice sur le Mus£e de Tsarskoe-S61o renfermant la Collection 

d’Armes de S. M. l’Empereur, 8vo. 35 woodcuts; neatly bound 

St. Petersburg , 1860 

230 Catalogue of the National Gallery of Scotland, 1886—Fiihrer durch 

die Waffen-Sammlung, Wien, 1889—Catalogue of the Royal Picture 
Gallery, Dresden, 1887; and five other Catalogues, in 1 vol. cr. 8vo. 
cloth 1879-89 

231 Stowe. The Stowe Catalogue, priced and annotated by H. R. Forster, 

4to. with frontispiece and numerous illustrations ; half bound 1848 
Objects of Art and Vertu, Pictures, Statuary, Furniture, etc. ; the sale realised 
£75,562. 4 a 6 d. 

232 Sykes. Catalogue of the collection of Prints of Sir Mark Masterman 

Sykes. 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. with prices and names in MS .; cloth 

Sotheby's , 1824 

The first part (1324 lots) consists of a remarkable series of British Portraits ; the 
rest of Dutch, English and Italian prints. 

233 Vertue. Catalogue and Description of King Charles the First’s capital 

Collection of Pictures, Statues, etc.; published from an original MS. 
at Oxford, 1757—Catalogue of the curious Collection of Pictures of 
George Villikrs, Duke of Buckingham, including that of Rubens; 
with the Life of the Duke, by Fairfax, 1758—in 1 vol. 4to. calf 1757-8 
The advertisements prefixed were written by Horace Walpole. 

234 WALPOLE. uEdes Walpoliane : or, a description of the collection of 

Pictures at Houghton-Hall, the seat of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of 
Orford, 4to. 3rd edition, with portraits , plans, and views, half bound 1767 

235 CAUS (Isaac de) Novvellb Invention de lever l’eav plvs havt qne sa 

source auec quelques machines mouantes par le moyen de l’eau . . 
small folio, engraved title , 32 pp. of letterpress, and 26 full-page plates ; 
fine copy in vellum cover Imprime a Londre Lan 1644 

236 - another copy, which has in addition a letterpress title ; old calf 1644 

One of the most important of all early works on the application of Hydraulic 
Science. Although there are two copies here, it is a very rare book. 

237 CHALCOGRAPHICAL Society’s Reproductions of Rare Prints, to 

illustrate the development of Engraving in Italy, Germany, and 
the Netherlands. A complete set of the publications from the first 
year of issue, 1886, to 1896, as further described below, comprising 
in all 329 plates in three vols. atlas 4 to. and ten portfolios (subscription 
price, £24. 10$) Berlin , 1886-96 

Comtents: 1886, 11 plates; 1887, 14 plates; 1888, 13 plates; 1839, 13 plates; 
1890, 18 plates; 1891, 36 plates; 1892, 15 plates; 1892, Special Ncmree. The 
Playing Cards of the Master E. S. of 1466, 45 plates on 13 sheets ; 1893-4, the Wood- 
cuts of the Master I. B. with the Bird, 11 plate*, and the Master of the Amsterdam 
Cabinet, 89 plates; 1895, The Seven Planets, with 38 plates and illustrations in the 
text; 1896, Engravings and Woodcuts by Jacopo de’ Barbari, with 26 plates. 

238 Chalcographical Society. A series of the publications from 1886 to 

1890 inclusive, comprising 69 plates in § portfolios (subscription price, 
£10.) Berlin, 1886-90 

Sold separately: 

239 The Master op the Amsterdam Cabinet, by Max Lehrs. Atlas 4to., 

with 89 plates containing facsimiles of 119 engravings ; buckram 1893-4 

240 Woodcuts op the •Master I. B. with the Bird, by F. Lippmann; 

with 11 fine plates ; portfolio 1894 

241 Chantrey. Memorials of Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A., Sculptor , in Hallam- 

shire and elsewhere, by John Holland, post 8vo., calf gilt (1851) 

242 China. BERESFORD (Lord Charles) The Break-Up of China, with an 

account of its present commerce, currency, waterways, armies, rail¬ 
ways, politics and future prospects, 8vo. maps, cloth 1899 

An acconnt of Lord Charles Beresford’s recent visit to China at the request of the 
Associated Chambers of Commerce. Under the heading of each place visited, Lord 
Charles gives a clear report of its present commercial value and future capability in 
competent hands. 

£ s. d. 

0 10 0 

0 5 0 
10 0 

0 4 6 

2 10 0 

0 10 0 

9 9 0 
10 10 0 

15 15 0 

4 10 0 

4 4 0 
2 2 0 
0 7 6 

0 10 0 

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243 LIBER VERITATIS; or a Collection of Prints after the designs of 

CLAUDE LE LORRAIN ; in the Collection of the Duke of Devon¬ 
shire, 3 vols. 3 portraits, and 300 mezzotinto engravings by Earlom , 
scored russia, gold borders on the sides, gilt edges Boydell , 1819 

244 -another copy, 3 vols. folio, portraits and 300 plates, well bound in 

hogskin 1819 

The early Boydell issue, much preferred to that made by H. G. Bohn. 

245 COLLIER (J. Payne) Bibliographical and Critical Account of the Rarest 

Books in the English Language, which, during the last fifty years, 
have come under the notice of J. Payne Collier, 2 vols. 8vo. half 
bound 1865 

Cologne press : 

246 AUGUSTINUS (S.). Page 1 : Incipiut Omelie beati Angustini z pmo 

de | eo qd. psalm iata ait. Quis est homo qui vult | vitam et cupit 
videre dies bonos | Sm. 4to. 24 leaves, lit. gotf). long lines , 2 7 to the 
full-page, small wormhole, fine large copy with the three blank leaves, calf 
gilt ( Cologne, Ulrich Zell, about 1467) 

A rare and very early example of the first Cologne press, to which Holtrop assigns 
the date of 1467. —The first, twenty-third, and twenty-fourth leaves are blank. The 
mark which indicates that a word is broken at the end of a line is a little oblique stroke 
outside the limit of the regular press-work. This custom was not used by Zell after 
1467. On the other hand, in the character for ho, the curve of the h comes below the 
line, and this form was not used before 1466. Consequently the date may be Bet 
precisely in 1467. 

247 AUGUSTINUS (S.). Page 1 : Incipit soliloquium beati Angustini 

episcopi | [V] Erbum m est . . Small 4to. 8 leaves, lit. gotf). long lines, 
27 to the full-page, fine large copy, half bound 

( Cologne, by the printer of JDictys, about 1471) 
Rake. The tract of St. Augustine ends on leaf 7. Leaf 8 is filled up with 
a tract of 2 pp. by St. Thomas Aquinas: Tractatus fratris thome au liceat vti 
Judiciis astrorum. 

248 PROPOSITIONES RESPONSIVE. Page 1: [V] Niuersis presens 

documetu inspectu | ris Decanus et facultas . . Pa. 12: . . Expliciut 
ppones responsiue ad questione | de obseruantia dominicaliu dierum z 
preci | puorum sollemniu festoru : et cetera: 

Small 4to. 6 leaves , 27 lines to the page ; sd. About 1471 

A rare piece of early Cologne printing generally ascribed to the press of Arnold 
Ther Hoernen, but in reality the work of the anonymous printer best known as the 
printer of Dictys. 

249 COLVIN (Sidney) A Selection from Occasional Writings on Fine Art, 

sm. 4to. 160 pp. sewed; scarce Privately printed, 1873 

Contents : The Mausoleum of Halikarnassos ; Old Masters at the Royal 
Academy, 1870 ; From Rigaud to Reynolds ; etc. etc. 

250 Costume. GIRONI, Toletta delle Dame Greche e Private Costumanze 

dei Greci si Antichi che Moderni, folio, 19 coloured plates, purple morocco 
extra, uncut Milano, 1825 

Only 80 copies printed. 


Diirer’s Apocalypse of St. John, a Series of 15 superb 
woodcuts, with co-temporary German text , in a portfolio , 
a bargain Munich , s.a. 

Very few copies remain of this wonderfully cheap work of Art. 

The first edition of Durer’s Apocalypse appeared without a date, 
the second was dated 1498, the third in 1511. A Strassburg edition 
by Martin Graeff was issued 1502, here newly produced. 

Dakce of Death : Die Baseler Todtentanze in getreuen Abbildungen. 
Nebst geschichtlicher Untersuchung, so wie Vergleichnng mit den 
ubrigen deutschen Todtentanzen, ihrer Bilderfolge nnd ihren gemein- 
samen Reimterten. Sammt einem Anhange: Todtentanz in Holz- 
schnitten des 15*“ Jabrh. von-H. F. Massmann, 12mo. text, and 4to. 
atlas of plates, cloth Stuttgart, 1847 

Digitized by 


£ s. d. 

10 0 0 
12 0 0 

15 0 

5 5 0 

2 10 0 

1 12 0 

0 15 0 

2 10 0 

0 G 0 

14 0 



253 The Dilettanti Society, 1736-1898: History of the Society of Dilettanti, 

compiled by L. Oust, and edited by Sidney Colvin, stoat royal 8vo. 
with 14 •photogravures of portraits, and 3 phototypes, cloth 1898 

Three hundred and fifty copies printed. An excellent Society having produced 
many valuable works, such as no publisher could have afforded to publish. 

254 Egypt. MISSION AMELINEAU. Les Nonvelles Fouilles d’Abydos 

1895-1896 . . description des Monuments et objets d£couverts par 
E. Amelinean, 4to. map, plans , inscriptions , illustrations from the 
monuments, and 43 plates; sd. Paris , 1899 

A great deal of interest has been excited by the result of these diggings, and large 
discussions have taken place upon the subject. Here for the first time the public is put 
in possession of the investigator’s full account, with all his theories and condasioos, and 
the illustrated pieces of evidence on which they are founded. 

Embroidery. Shortly will be ready a new book on Embroidery. It will 
be the combined work of Mr. Lewis F. Day, who is just completing 
a course of lectures on the subject at the Royal Institution, and of 
Miss Mary Buckle, an accomplished embroideress, and teacher of the 
Art. Its scope is practical, and it is addressed to all interested iu 
embroidery and embroidery design. It will be fully illustrated by 
reproductions of needlework on a scale large enough to show the 
stitch, and the artistic and technical sides of the art will be treated 
with equal thoroughness. 

255 ESTAMPES (Les) en COULEURS du XVIIIe Siecle (1774-1799) 

Texte par Ernest Chesneau. 25 parts, atlas folio, 50 beautiful 
reproductions of the most celebrated French coloured printed engravings 
marvellously printed in colours, with a duplicate set of the plates in 
black, published at 2500 francs 1885-88 

The engravings reproduced are after Debucourt, Laureince, Fragonard, Janinet, 
Hnet Taunay, Descourtis, Kegnault, Saint Aubin, etc. 

The work is sumptuously printed on Japanese vellum, with a large number of 
vignettes, initial letters and culs-dc-lampe printed in colours, with a duplicate of each 
printed in black. 

Only 100 copies were printed for subscribers, all of the same state. 

256 Eaux- Fortes de Rabelais par Bracquemond, 8vo. portrait and 16 etchings, 
half polished morocco , gilt tops, uncut ib. 1872 

All with Alfred Cock’s bookplate. 

257 FERGUSSON (J.) Illustrations of the Rock-Cut Temples of India, 1 vol. 

8vo. and roy. folio atlas of 19 plates, hf. bd. 1845 


giving reproductions of the 99 superb Drawings of full-length Costume 
figures, with an illustrated descriptive text by Sidney Colvin, Keeper of 
the Prints in the British Museum. Cloth , £10. 10$; or, elegantly 
bound in pigskin September , 1898 

4 ‘ The Keeper of the Prints at the British Museum, Mr. Sidney Colvin, has collected 
a variety of evidence to prove that the artist in question was the famous Florentine 
goldsmith, Maso Finiguera, and his reasons for this ascription are set out in the critical 
and descriptive text which he has provided for the album of full-sized facsimile 
reproductions of Finiguera’s work, which Mr. Bernard Quaritch will shortly publish. 
The collotype plates have been produced under the superintendence of Dr. Lippmann, 
at (he Imperial Press of Berlin, while, in addition to the above reproductions, there will 
be about as many subsidiary illustrations in the text, executed by Messrs. W. H. Ward 
and Co. These smaller pictures are taken partly from contemporary works of 
sculpture, painting, and architectural decoration, selected in order to illustrate the 
special artistic influences which surrounded and inspired the Master of the Chronicle 
Series, partly from certain drawings and engravings which can be proved or surmised 
to be by bis own hand. 0 —The Mon'ning Post. 

“The whole of the drawings themselves are admirably reproduced in photographic 
facsimile, the work having been done by the Imperial Press in Berlin, under the super¬ 
intendence of Dr. Lippmann. The book is to be welcomed as a serious and important 
contribution to the history of art. Primarily indeed it is merely an attempt to fix the 
authorship of certain drawings, but incidentally it calls back to life an artist who bad 
almost faded into myth, while it throws new light upon many sides of the artistic activity 
of Florence at the most interesting moment of her history.”— The Times, October 
I3tli, 1898. 

“ The thinks of all students of Florentine art are due to Mr. Colvin for having 

Digitized by 


£ #. d. 

15 0 

2 0 0 

50 0 0 

0 7 6 

2 2 0 

16 16 0 



once and for all defined, not only the real nature of these drawings and engravings, but 
also the character of Finiguerra as an artist, about whom has grown up so vast a mass 
of obsolete and erroneous literature. Not less admirable are the facsimiles of the 
Chronicle, than which nothing could be better done. Now charming, now naive, 
decorative or amusing, these drawings illustrate, in a hundred different ways, the 
popular mind and the historical notions of the ‘ Mcrcato ’ of Florence during the 
middle of the fifteenth century. To the student of manners they present an inexhaust¬ 
ible storehouse of forgotten lore. As works of art they are facile and floridly 
inventive.”— Saturday Review, December 17th, 1898. 

259 Florence Gallery. Galerie de Florence et da Palais Pitti, 4 vols. impl. 

folio, large paper, 200 fine plates , proofs before letters, half hound , 
uncut 1789-1804 25 

With the rare concluding Livraisons 49, 50. The above is the best state of this fine 
Gallery. Copies printed on India Paper are modern impressions. 

260 FOSTER’S British Miniature Painters and their Works. By J. J. Foster. 

Illustrated hy over 120 choice examples from the Royal Library , Windsor, 
and from the Collections of Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire , the 
Baroness Burdett-Coutts, the Dukes of Richmond and Gordon , Rutland, 
and Beaufort, the Earl Spencer , etc., of which 46 are reproduced in Photo¬ 
gravure , the remainder in Half-tone . 

425 copies only of the work printed foi % sale, each of which are 
numbered — viz., 300 copies on superfine paper at £3. 3 s each, and 125 
large paper copies 1899 5 

“ Mr. J. J. Foster has been engaged for some years upon a work on * British 
Miniature Painters.' His book will contain nearly fifty photogravure and over seventy 
other representative illustrations from the Royal Library, Windsor, the collection of the 
Duchess of Devonshire, and other well known sources. It will also include several 
valuable appendices, containing some thonsands of named examples .”—The Athenceum , 
October 2nd, 1897. 


261 Chancellor (A. E.) Examples of Old Furniture, 4to. 1898 

262 Measured Drawings of French Furniture (from the Collection in South 

Kensington Museum), by W. G. Paulson Townsend, in 12 parts, impl. 
4to. each 

Part 1—Escritoire a Toilette and Oak Cabinet. 

Part 2 —Cabinet or Secretaire, Small Table, and Carved Door. 

Gardening Books: 

263 An Old English Garden. By the Countess of Warwick. A delightful 

description of an Essex Garden, illustrated by numerous picturesque 
photogravure Illustrations of Lady Warwick’s Garden near Easton, 
Essex, folio, cloth 1898 

The entire edition of 350 copies is out of print. 

264 The Honorable Alicia Amherst’s History of Gardening in England, 

in one volume royal 8vo. xiv and 404 pp. A New Edition. With 67 
Illustrations of old English Gardens and a revised text , extra chth 


The First Edition was sold within two months of its publication, and many were 
the disappointments of unsuccessful would-be buyers. 

w A remarkable ceremony was performed at the meeting of the * Worshipful Company 
of Gardeners/on Thursday last, in the Grafton Gallery, in the bestowal of the freedom 
of the guild upon a young lady. The statement might seem curious were it not that 
the young lady was Miss Alicia Am hurst, daughter of Lord Amherst, of Hackney, 
whoee new book on the History of Gardening in England has won for her celebrity 
as the chief authority on the subject. Even os to the records of the Company itself, 
Miss Amherst probably knew a great deal more than any of the officers who called the 
meeting in her honour. At least, they will admit that much of their early history (in 
the time of James I) was made clearer to them by her book, which has indeed achieved 
a success so sudden and so great (considering the nature of its subject) as to assume it 
a permanent place in English literature .”—The World. 

265 Practice en gemeine Landhuizen, Lusthoven, Plantagien en Cieraeden, 

4to. many folding plates of Garden Architecture , calf Leiden , 1737 

266 Robinson (W.) The Parks, Promenades and Gardens of Paris, 8vo. 

upwards of 400 illustrations, uncut 1869 

Digitized by Google 







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1 0 

5 0 

10 0 

18 0 

10 0 
12 .0 

£ t. d. 



267 Heinrich Heine’s sammtliche Werke, 6 yols. 8vo. portrait , hf. calf 

Philadelphia , 1856 

268 LUCAS* (N. J.) English-German and German-English Dictionary, 

4 stout vols. large 8vo. hf. bd. calf Bremen , 1854-68 

The best German Dictionary. 


269 Borrow’s Romano Lavo-Lil: Word-Book of the Romany, or English 

Gypsy Language, post 8vo. cloth 1874 

270 Smart and Crofton’s Dialect of the English Gypsies, 8vo. second edition, 

revised and enlarged, cloth 1875 

271 GOTCH (J. A.) Architecture of the Renaissance in England, 2 vols. roy.folio, 
illustrated by a series of views and details from Buildings [1560-1635], 
145 plates , and numerous illustrations in the text , half morocco gilt , very 
rare 1894 

272 GRAVINA. II Duomo di MONREALE illustrato e riportato in tavole 

cromolitografiche per D. Domenico-Benedetto Gravina, 2 vols. atlas 
folio, 226 pp. and 90 superb plates, of which 64 are printed in gold and 
colours (pub. at 800 fr.), half plain morocco Palermo, 1859 

273 - the same, 2 vols. atlas folio, hf. bd. red morocco extra, joints, gilt 

edges 1859 

This Cathedral was built by William II, surnamed the Good ; it was begun in 
1174 and is tho latest and most splendid of the works of the Norman Kings. The 
interior is magnificent, for every part of its walls is covered with mosaics on a gold 
ground These mosaics are fully represented in gold and colours in the sixty-four 
superb chromolithographs contained in this work. 

274 GRIFFITHS (J.) The Paintings of the BUDDHIST CAVE-TEMPLES 

of Ajanta, Khandesh, India, 2 vols. impl. folio, 159 large plates of 
Paintings and Decorative details, mostly in colours , and many illustrations 
in the text, extra cloth, uncut London, privately printed, 1896-7 

“ The cave temples and monasteries of Ajanta furnish a continuous narrative of 
Buddhist Art during 800 years, from shortly after the reign of Asoka to shortly before 
the expulsion of the faith from India. The oldest of them are assigned to about 
200 b.c. ; the most modern cannot be placed before the year 600 a.d." — Hunter's Isqp. 
Gazetteer of India , pp. 113-116. 

These are two noble volumes, the colour printed plates of the Ajanta Picture* on 
the Walls and Ceilings of the Caves being reproduced with marvellous accuracy; 
careful descriptions are added with copious illustrations for the use of scholars. 

Messrs. W. F. Sinclair, J. Lockwood Kipling, J. M. Campbell, and Dr. Burgess 
have given valuable help in the preparation of the volumes. 

275 GRUNER’S GREEN VAULTS of Dresden : Das Grune Gewolbe, folio, 

portrait and 28 coloured Illustrations of the choicest works in that 
Museum of Art, with English text, Ids. 1862 

276 - another edition, folio, with portrait and the same coloured plates, 

English text, hf. bd. morocco 1876 

Particularly rich in Ivories and rare old Glass. 

277 HAMERTON (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, royal 8vo., first edition, 

with 35 fine Etchinas, some of them hitherto unpublished, half morocco . 
gilt edges 1868 

This beautiful book is sought by collectors on account of the etchings, nearly all of 
which are from the original coppers/ 

“ Desirable as the New Edition is as a possession, we cannot rate it as highly as 
the First with regard to its illustrations ."—The Academy, January 8th, 1881. 

278 - the same, third edition, much enlarged, impl. 8vo. 48 etchings and 

photogravure reproductions of famous etchings , roxburgh binding , uncut 


The plates were newly selected for this edition, and differ entirely from those in 
the first. 

279 Hamilton Palace. Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures, etc., of the 
Duke of Hamilton, 8vo., with some prices in MS.; cloth 1882 

• The seventeen days’ sale fetched £397,662. 

Digitized by 


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1 10 0 
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11 11 0 

18 0 0 
22 10 0 

12 12 0 

3 10 0 

4 4 0 

6 10 0 

5 5 0 

0 2 6 



280 Hewitt (J.). Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe, 3 vols., 8vo., with 

numerous cuts ; cloth 1855-60 

A valuable work dealing with the armour used by European countries, from the 
iron period of the Northern nations to the end of the 17 th century. 

281 HOLBEIN. Imitation of Original Drawings by HANS HOLBEIN, in 

the Collection of His Majesty, for the Portraits of Illustrious 
Persons of the Court of Henry VIII, with Biographical Tracts [by 
E. Lodge], published by J. Chamberlaine, atlas folio, the complete set 
of 94 portraits (on 93 plates ), engraved by Bartolozzi, untinted Proofs 
before Letters on India Paper, half red morocco , gilt tops , uncut , very 
rare 1792 

The great delicacy of the engraving, which in the ordinary copies is obscured 
by the colouring, is only shewn in the untinted proof impressions. 

It is very rarely indeed a set like this occurs iu the market. From their rarity 

1 conclude that these untinted Proofs before letters were not published for sale. 

282 HOUGHTON GALLERY. A Set of Prints engraved after the most 

capital Paintings in the Collection of H.I.M. Catherine II, Empress 
of Russia, late in the possession of the Earl of Orford, at Houghton in 
Norfolk. 2 vols., atlas folio, with 2 engraved titles and 1 dedication 
each containing a vignette, portraits of Catherine II and Sir Robert 
Walpole , and 129 superb line engravings and mezzotints of the earliest 
state, all , with but one or two exceptions, having the full margins ; old 
russia extra , joints , gilt edges; with the bookplates , and from the library , 
of John Toumeley, of Towneley, Lancashire 1788 

This is the work as first published ; two, if not more, issues were subsequently 
made. The later copies contain some plans and views of Houghton Hall, which are 
not included in this earliest issue, but being merely architectural, they are of little 

283 Houghton Gallery. 2 vols., atlas folio, a copy (containing the 28 plans 

and view of Houghton Hall) of the original issue, the majority of th° 
plates with the full margins, the others mounted ; old russia extra 1788 

284 Houghton Gallery. 2 vols. in 1, atlas folio, half red morocco, uncut ; or 

in 2 vols., red morocco extra, gilt edges 1788 

In consequence of the freshness of the coppers, caused by the under-printing of the 
original issue, the 6uperb mezzotints which have long been esteemed as being the very 
finest of their kind, have not deteriorated to any appreciable extent in this later issue. 

The reprehensible practice indulged in by certain dealers of breaking up copies for 
the sake of the separate prints, tends to make the complete work more and more 

285 JAMIESON (Mrs.) Sacred and Legendary Art. 2 vols. 1848 

- Legends of the Monastic Orders, as represented in the Fine 

Arts 1850 

- Legends of tbe Madonna, as represented in the Fine Arts 1852 

- The History of Our Lord as exemplified in Works of Art, 

2 vols. 1864 

- together, 6 vols. sq. 8vo., First Editions, with beautiful impressions 

of the many choice illustrations; cloth, uncut 1848-64 

Had Mrs. Jamieson lived longer, doubtless she would have added to this beautiful 
series. Owing to her death, the History of Our Lord was completed by Lady Eastlake. 

286 Jamieson. Sacred and Legendary Art. Second Edition. Sq. 8vo., 

with illustrations; cloth , uncut 1850 

237 - Legends of the Monastic Orders. Sq. 8vo., with illustrations ; 

morocco extra , gilt edges , with Arms on sides 1850 

2&& KELLER (Dr. F.) The Lake Dwellings of Switzerland, etc. 2 vo’s. roy. 

8vo. second edition, enlarged, illustrations, cloth, uncut 1878 

Kbisteller (P.) Die Italieniscben Buchdrucker—und Verlegerzeichen 

bis 1525, impl. 4to. large facsimile illustrations , sewed 1893 

pqO LEIGHTON (Frederick, Lord, p.r.a.) An Illustrated Chronicle by Ernest 
Rhys, with 12 photogravures and 83 illustrations, impl. 8vo. cloth 1898 

Digitized by 


£ s. d. 

1 II 6 

36 0 0 

48 0 0 

3*3 0 0 
30 0 0 

II 10 0 

1 15 0 
1 16 0 

2 2 0 
15 0 
15 0 



£ s. d . 

291 LETAROUILLY (Paul) LE VATICAN et la basilique de SAINT 

PIERRE de ROME. Monographic inise en ordre et completee par 
M. Alphonse Simil, 3 vols. atlas folio, 264 plates, some in colours , half 
morocco Paris , 1882 

This forms a complete architectural description of the Vatican and S. Peter's, 
from the time when their site was occupied by the Circus of Caius Caligula. Every 
possible detail of the present edifices is given, the interior decoration, ceilings, frescoes, 
many of the monuments and art treasures, as well os the rejected plans for the building 
of the Cathedral. 

292 LIEVEN (Princess) Correspondence with Earl Grey, 1824-1841, 3 vols. 

8vo. portraits and facsimiles of Letters (pnb. at £1. 16s), cloth 1890 
The Princess de Lieven resided with her husband, the Russian Ambassador, from 
1812 to 1834 in London ; she figured during that time as a very Queen in the highest 
Society ; she was beloved by everybody for her kindness of heart and esteemed for her 
wit and sound common sense. Her remarkable individuality is well displayed in this 
important correspondence on all social and political questions. 

293 Little Masters. SCOTT (William Bell) The Little Masters: Albr. 

Altdorffer, Hans S. Beham, Bartel Beham, H. Aldegrever, G. Pencz r 
Jacob Binck, Hans Brosamer, square 12mo. with numerous illustra¬ 
tions 1880 

Professor Middleton’s extra-illustrated copt, containing, besides the 
14 plates and 21 woodcuts which belong to the book, 32 small original engravings by 
Little Masters, of which 1 is by Diirer, 1 by Schongauer, 1 by Lucas van Leyden, 5 by 
Aldegrever, 2 by Bartel Beham, and 20 by Hiids Sebald Beham, besides two by others. 
On all but one of them Prof. Middleton has marked the reference to Bartscb. 

294 Emblems. Picinelli (Phil.) Mundus Symbolicus . . 2 vols. in 1, thick 

folio, with a qreat number of Emblematic enqravinqs in the text : vellum 

Colonice , 1681 

295 LITTRE (E.) Dictionnaire de la Langue Fran 9 aise avec le Supplement, 

5 vols. roy. 4to. half morocco Paris , 1889 

296 [M. (J. C. L.)] Manuel des Amateurs d’Estampes, 12mo. cloth 1821 

297 Maffei (Scipio) Compleat History of the ancient Amphitheatres; more 

peculiarly regarding the Architecture of those buildings, and in 
particular, that of Verona, by the Marquis Scipio Maffei. Translated 
by Alex. Gordon, 8vo. with 15 plates ; calf 1730 

298 MARGUERITE de NAVARRE. Heptameron Fran^ais : les Nouvelles 

de Marguerite, Reine de Navarre, 3 vols. 8vo. 73 plates after Freuden- 
berg, engraved by Guttenberg, Halbou , dfc. numerous vignettes and culs- 
de-lampe after Bunker, Eichlcr and others (with a double set of the plates 
in vol. Ill), fine copy in green morocco extra , dentelle borders , gilt edges 

Berne, 1792 

299 MASTERS of MEZZOTINT : The Men and their Work. By Alfred 

Whitman, of the Dept. Prints and Drawings, British Musenm, with 
60 selected specimens reproduced in Collotype from important and perfect 
impressions, imperial 8vo. 1899 

300 -Large Paper Edition. On hand-made paper, with the plates printed 

by hand on Japanese vellum, small folio, 50 copies printed 

301 Merrifield’s Original Treatises, dating from the XHth to the XVIIIth 

Centuries on the Arts of Painting, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth 1849 

302 MOLJNIER (E.) Les Ivoires, folio, pp. 245, 24 engraved plates of Antique 

Carved Ivories and over 100 illustrations in the text , half bound, gill top 

(ctVc. 1885) 

The most complete work on Carved Ivories. The headings of the chapters are : 
Les Ivoires de la Decadence Romaine, Les Ivoires Byzantine, Les Ivoires de l’epoque 
Carolingienne, L’6poque Komane, L’6poque Gothique, La Renaissance, Le XVII* et le 
XVJII° si&cle. 

303 MORRIS. The Art of William Morris, a Record by Aymer Vallance, 

numerous beautiful reproductions from designs and fabrics, printed in 
the colours of the originals, examples of the type, etc. used at the 
Kelmscott Press .... also a classified Bibliography by Temple Scott, 
folio, boards uncut 1897 

Only 220 copies printed. 

16 0 0 

0 10 0 

30 0 0 


4 4 0 
0 l 0 

0 3 G 

10 O 0 

2 12 t 

5 o ( 

I 10 4 

4 O 

10 o 

Digitized by 




304 Muir (J. B.) Catalogue of the engraved works of J. F. Herring, senior 

(1795-1865), with memoir and portrait , 4to. cloth 1893 

305 Music. KIRCHER1 (Athanasii) . . . Mvsvrgia Vniversalis sive Ars 

Magna Consoni et Dissoni in x. libros digests ... 2 vols. in 1, thick 
sm. folio, with front., portrait of the Archduke Leopold of Austria , with 
a j)ortrait of Kircher pasted on reverse, numerous plates and woodcuts, 
and with 2 ll. of a MS. treatise on sound inserted ; Butch vellum, fine 
copy Bomce , 1650 

Naval Science: 

306 Collins. The Sector on a Quadrant, or a Treatise containing 

the Description and Use of four several Quadrants ... Of great 
use to Seamen and Practitioners in the Mathematicks. Written 
by John Collins . . . Also an Appendix touching reflected Dyailing 
from a glass placed at any Reclination. . . . 1659, 3 pts. in 1 vol. 
sm. 4to., with woodcuts and folding plates ; old calf 1659 

307 Navy. Lists of the Flag Officers, and other Commissioned Officers 

of H.M.’s Fleet, with the dates of their respective commissions, for the 
years 1822, 1823, and 1828 to 1832—together 7 vols. 8vo., half 
calf 1822-32 

308 -List of the Masters, Medical Officers, and Pursers of H.M.’s Fleet, 

with the dates of their first warrants, for the year 1827, 8vo. half 
calf 1827 

309 H.M.S. La Magtcienne, Astkea and Galatea, a series of 10 clever Water 

Colour and 3 Pencil Drawings of actions and scenes in which these 3 ships 
were engaged, signed H. R. G. (? Midshipman Henry Richard Glynn) 
(1816 etc.) mounted in a folio volume, in which are also inserted some 
original pencil sketches of Indian Ports, 14 Water Colour Views of the 
Taj and neighbouring buildings at Agra, and 36 other drawings, etc. 
hf. hound circ. 1820 

310 SBOUSKI de PASSEBON (H.) Plan de plusieurs B&timents de Mer 

avec leures proportions, roy. folio, frontispiece and 17 plates of ships 
of every description under full sail , of the period of the early part of the 
18 th century after paintings by Baudon , original calf Massiliac [1750] 
The ships represented in this volume are those which were in use chiefly in the 

311 NIGHTINGALE (J. E.) Contributions towards the History of Early 

English Porcelain from contemporary sources, to which are added 
reprints from Christie’s Catalogues of the Chelsea, Derby, Worcester, 
and Bristol Manufactories from 1769-1785, 8vo., sd. 

Salisbury, printed for private circulation , 1881 

312 Norway. BOYDELL’S Picturesque Scenery of Norway, a series of 80 

large coloured plates of the grand scenery of Norway, in imitation 
of the original drawings, 2 vols. in 1, folio, half red morocco 1820 

A most handsome volume descriptive of a tour by the Christiana route to the 
magnificent Pass of the Swinesund. 


3L3 JONES (Owen) Grammar of Ornament, illustrated from Examples 
of Various Styles, impl. folio, 100 chromo-lithographs, half morocco 

Day Sf Son, 1856 

Published at £17. 17 k ; now scarce. 

314 VIOLLET le DUC. Compositions et Dessins. Royal folio, with 
portrait and 100 plates illustrating Architecture, Gold and Silver Work, 
Sculpture, Ornament, etc.; in a portfolio (pub. 150 fr.) Paris, 1884 
“ Devoting himself chiefly to medieval art, M. Viollet le Due, like our own Pugin, 
mastered the details of ancient furniture, iron work, tapestry, glass, and other subsidiary 
applications of design in a manner which made him the highest authority on this vast 
subject.'*— Athmceum. 

315 Ottley (H.) Biographical and Critical Dictionary of recent and living 
Painters and Engravers, forming a Supplement to Bryan’s Dictionary, 
royal 8vo., cloth 1866 

£ 8. d. 
0 3 6 

5 0 0 

14 0 

0 15 O 

0 3 G 

15 15 0 

7 10 0 

0 10 0 

3 10 0 

7 10 0 

3 10 0 

Digitized by v^.ooQle 

0 7 6 



316 Panoramas. A collection of Descriptions of the Panoramic Views 

exhibited during the years 1803 to 1832, in the Panoramas at 
Leicester Square, and the Strand; in one volume, 8vo., with large 
folding plates ; cloth, scarce 1803-32 -1 

Including: View of the City of St Petersburg; Two Views of Paris; View 
of Rome; View of Flushing; Grand Cairo ; Grand Harbour of Malta; The 
Battle of Waterloo ; Siege of Badajoz; North Coast of Spitzbergen ; View of Venice ; 

Bern, and the Hi^h Alps ; View of Naples; Island and City of Corfu ; Coronation of 
George IV; Ruins of Pompeii; View of Madrid ; View of Mexico ; View of Rio 
Janeiro; etc. etc. 

317 Pavia. The Certosa at Pavia. Twenty original Photographs by A. Noack, 

with index, in a royal 4to. portfolio Leipzig , n . d. 0 

318 PINTURICCHIO, LES FRESQUES DU, dans les Salles Borgia au 

Vatican. Reproductions- Phototypiques. Commentaire par F. Ehrle 
et H. Stevenson. Impl. folio, with 133 beautiful plates (2 coloured ), 
reproduced by the phototype process; oak boards , leather gilt back , with 
a chased metal clasp Borne , 1898 6 

This volume has been prepared by order of Pope Leo XIII on the occasion of the 
re-opening of the Appartamento Borgia, in 1897, after a complete restoration. The 
plates reproduce for the first time all the paintings of the Appartamento, giving not 
only each picture singly, but also all the details of interest. The text is divided into 
three parts, viz., I. History of the Appartamento Borgia. IT. History of the Paintings 
of Pinturicchio. III. Description of the Paintings. The binding is an accurate 
imitation of that used in the Altcmps Library. This publication, of which only one 
hnndred numbered copies have been prepared, will be indispensable to all who are 
interested in the History of Art at the Renaissance Period. 

Playing Cards: 

319 SCHREIBER (Lady Charlotte) Plating Cards of various Ages and 

Countries, 3 vols. folio, 479 plates (pub. £11. Os 6d) 1892-93 7 

Specimens from Lady Charlotte Schreiber’s Collection, 100 copies printed. 

-Vol. I. English, Scotch, Dutch, Flemish, 144 plates (pub. 

£3. 13s 6d) Not sold separately 

320 -Vol. II. French and German, 156 plates (pub. £3. 13s 6d) 2 

321 -Vol. III. Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish and 

Portuguese, and other Countries, 149 plates (pub. £3. 13$ 6d) 2 

322 POLYCHROMATIC MASTERPIECES of Monumental Art in Italy, 

from the Fifth to the Sixteenth Centuries, represented by Twelve 
Perspective Views in Coloured Plates. By Henry Rohler, Hanover; 

No. 1 1899 1 

This Work, of which the first number only is published, is one of the most 
charming on Architecture and Art yet placed before the public. The volume is being 
issued in six parts, each containing two large exquisitely coloured chromolithographs, 
executed in the finest style of workmanship, representing, when complete, twelve 
masterpieces of Italy ; and, judging from the specimen number, each plate is, from 
a financial point of view, worth more than the subscription. The letterpress is in 
English, German, French and Italian, and printed on India proof paper—in fact, the 
printing, paper, colouring, and artistic finish of the whole work is as near perfection as 

323 Pompei. NICCOLINI. Le Case ed i Monumenti di Pompet, disegnati e 

descritti [da Fausto e Felice Niccolixi]. Vols. I and II in 3 vols., 
impl. folio, with 196 superb plates , the majority of which are magnificently 
coloured; half vellum 21 

This magnificent work is the most beautiful and complete of any which have 
appeared on this interesting branch of the history of art. 

324 The PORTRAITS of all the reigning families of Europe: Cte F. U. 

WRANGEL les maisons souveraines do l’Europe, ordinary edition, 

2 vols. 4to. cloth , gilt edges 3 

325 - or the 2 vols. in red morocco extra 4 

. 326 -Edition de luxe, 3 vols. limited to 150 signed copies , red levant 

morocco extra , gilt edges 20 

Cet ouvrage comprend les portraits, aunombre de 850 environ, de tons les membres 
vivants des maisons princi^res qui r^gnent actuellement en Europe ou qui r£gnaient 
encore dans le courant de notre si£cle. 

Digitized by 


s. •! 

0 0 

10 0 

0 0 

0 0 

2 } 

2 0 

10 0 

0 0 

0 0 

0 0 

0 o 



L’auteur, le Comte F. V. Wrangel , chambellan, s’est rendu dans different* pays de 
l’Europe en vue d’obtenir des personnes princteres l'autorisation de publier leurs 
portraits. Sa deman de a rencontre partout l’accueil le plus favorable. Non seulement 
le Comte Wrangel a obtenu personnellement l’autorisation ecrite de reproduire les 
portraits formant la prdsente collection, mais en outre la majeure partie de ces photo¬ 
graphies lui a et6 gracieusement presentee par les augustes personnages eux-mcmes : 
or, dans plus d’un cas, il eut 6t6 absolument impossible de se les procurer par une autre 
voie. Les autres portraits ont 6t6 approuvds par eux dans la plupart des cas. Les 
photogTaphes qui ont ex6cut£ ces portraits en ont egalement autoris£ la reproduction. 

Le texte, qui est du 4 la plume si autoris6e de M. le Comte Wrangel, se compose: 

1° d’un aper$u succinct du developpement historique de chaque maison actuelle- 
ment ou autrefois souveraine; 

2° d’un tableau des rapports de parents qui relient to us les membres vivants de 
chaque maison. 

L’illustration de l’ouvrage a 6t6 confiee 4 un artiste Eminent, M. Agi Lindegren , 

Architect© du ch4tean royal de Drottningholm. 11 s’est acquits de sa tache delicate 
de la fa$on la plus heureuse. En 45 planches entires environ, il a reproduit les 
principaux palais de residence ou chateaux de plaisance des souverains, avec leurs 
armoiries, etc. De plus, il a orn6 l’ouvrage d’environ 450 vignettes, de grandeur 
variee, repr^sentant divers embl4mes, des motifs tires des armes ou des insignes d’ordres, 
etc. et formant un ensemble de renseignements importants au point de vue b^raldique. 

En un mot, on n’a rien neglig6 pour aue cet ouvrage de luxe, si dminemment 
intdressant par son objet, rdpondit 4 tons les 6gar<ls a son but. L’ouvrage, qui se 
publie simultan&nent en fran 9 ais et en allemand, comprendra 750 4 800 pages et 
formera 2 tomes, dont It premier est en rente. Le second tome paraitra sans le courant 
de l’annfe 1899. 

327 ITINERARIUM, das ist historiche beschreibung, weilund Herm 
Georgen von Ehingen raisens nach der Ritterschafft vor 150 Jaren 
in X underscliidliche Kdnigreich verbracht, etc. portraits of royal and 
illustrious personages , including that of James King of Scotland 

Augsburg , 1600 

CUSTODIS (D.) leones. Decern illnstr. Baronum et Fuggeromm gente, 
fine portraits of the Fugger family , B. Custodis sculp, et ex. Ant . 1592 
(unknown to Brunet) and 104 other portraits of illustrious persons of the 
XVIth century , engraved by 1). Gustos , proofs without letterpress on 
the backs , in vert fine condition, with large margins , interleaved, in the 
original vellum 1592, etc. 14 10 0 

This volume sold in Sotheby’s rooms, February 14th, 1888, for £21. 10s. 


328 Brononiart (A.) Traite des Arts Ceramiqucs on des Poteries, con- 

sid£rees dans leur liistoire, leur pratique, et lenr th^orie, 2 vols. 8vo. 
and 4to. atlas containing 60 plates of various kinds of pottery from the 
most ancient to modern times , machinery , potters ' marks , etc. Paris , 1844 

329 -the same, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. and 1 vol. oblong 4to. hf. bd. 

Paris , 1854 

330 DELANGE. Recueil de FAIENCES ITALIENNES des xv, xvi, et 

xvii siScles, par C. Delange et C. Borneman, texte par Darcel et 
H. Delange, impl. folio, 100 fine plates in colours, in 10 parts, sd. £7.10s; 
or, 1 vol. hf. morocco Paris, 1826-69 

Most of the objects represented in this beautiful work are not only priceless, but are 
locked np in museums and not likely to occur for sale. The amateur of these choice 
works of art, however, can easily content himself with their resemblance, given in 
a marvellous manner, in these plates. 

331 GULLAND (W. G.) Chinese Porcelain, with notes by Larkin, 8vo. 

with 485 illustrations , cloth 1898 

A most useful handbook to China Collectors. 

332 Kidson (J. R.) and F. Kidson. Historical Notices of the Leeds Old 
Pottery, with a Description of its Wares, 4to., portrait and 20 photo¬ 
graphic reproductions , cloth Leeds , 1892 

One of 250 numbered copies. 

3:33 M. L. SOLON, Author of “ The Art of the Old English Potter.” 
The AnciEx\t Art Stone-Ware of the Low Countries and Germany, 
or “ Gr&s de Flandres and Steinzung.” 

Its principal varieties and the places where it was manufactured 

Digitized by 

0 16 0 
1 1 0 

10 0 0 

0 9 0 

1 1 0 


Pottery, continued :— 

during the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, 2 vols. imp]. 4to. with 25 
copperplate etchings and 210 illustrations, sd. 

Privately printed for the Author at the Chiswick Press , 1892 
Subscription price, £5. 5s. 

Only 300 copies were printed for Subscribers at £ 5. 5s each ; to non-Subscribers 
Mr. Solon charged £7. 7s. 

The Author’s work 1 ‘ The Old English Potter,” 1 vol. folio, cost Subscribers £5. 5 s, 
is entirely out of print, $ nd sells at a premium. 

The above, “ The^ Art Stone-ware of the Low Countries and Germany,” 2 vols. 
folio, forms a com pan on to “ The Old English Potter, 1 ’ will soon be equally rare, and 
sell at an advanced price. 

334 Old Wedgwood. The Decorative or Artistic Ceramic Work, in colour 
and relief, invented and produced by Josiah Wedgwood, f.r.s., etc., 
at Etruria, in Staffordshire, 1760-1794. With 67 full-page illustrations 
in the colour of the Originals, and smaller wood-blocks. Biographical 
and descriptive chapters, a list of marks used at Etruria and explana¬ 
tory text to each object illustrated, by Frederick Rathbone, l vol. 
impl. folio, with 67 coloured plates, cloth , getting scarce 1898 

835 Worcester China, a Record of the Work of 45 years, 1852-1897, by 
R. W. Binns, 8vo. with 32 plates of fine specimens of Worcester Porcelain, 
parchment binding 1897 

Of the 250 copies printed, only a fow remain for sale. This volume may be 
considered a Supplement to the Author’s “ Century of Potting in the City of Worcester, 
8vo. 1865.” 

‘"The illustrations are reproduced from photographs of the pieces themselves, 
which have been selected for the purpose, from a vast number of examples equally fine, 
and the endeavour has been made to render the collection as representative as possible.” 

836 [r. b.] Occasional Reflections upon several subjects whereto is premis’d a 
discourse about such kind of thoughts, 12mo. original calf 1669 

This volume consists of a series of entertaining essays on every conceivable 
subject, such as “ Fishing with a counterfeit fly,” “ The Magnetical Needle of a Sun - 
Dyal ,” “ Upon Roses and Tulips ,” etc. etc. 

337 RACINE (Jean) Theatre, orne de vignettes, gravees a l’ean-forte sur 

lee dessins d* Ernest Hillemacher, par Fred. Hillemaoher, 4 vols. 8vo. 
with very pretty vignettes , blue morocco extra , gilt edges 

Paris, Librairie des Bibliophiles, 1873 

338 RADIRUNGEN herausgegeben von der Gesellschaft fur Radirkunst 

zu Weimar, royal folio, 29 fine Etchings by A. Brendel, O. Koken, W. 
Linnig , E. Weichberger , etc., in two portfolios Weimar, 1880-81 

Issued under the patronage of the Grand Duke of Saxony. 

339 Raffalle. Franco de Amicis. Raffaello Sanzio e la Scoperta di un suo 

Quadro. Roy. 4to. with 7 large reproduction* ; sd. Amsterdam, 1898 

340 REMBRANDT. CEUVRE COMPLET, decrit et catalogue par M. 

Engine Dutuit, et reproduit a Paide des proc^des de l’heliogravure 
par M. Charreyre. Catalogue raison n6 de toutes les estampes du 
Maitre ; accompagn6 de leur reproduction en fac-simil6 de la grandeur 
des originaux au nombre de 360 environ, precede d'une introduction 
sur la Vie de Rembrandt et Pappreciation de ses GBuvres, avec 
Supplement, contenant un catalogue historiqne et descriptif avec 
25 planches; 18 portfolios, imperial 4 to. ^14 and 15 atlas folio) 

Paris , 1881-5 

Partie 10 contenient: “Sniets libres et figures Acadcmiques ”; qnelqnes 
nnmdros des planches n’ont pas 6te prodnites. Prix de sonscription 600 francs. 

341 REMBRANDT. The same, a Special Set with Etchings in two states, 
“ Papier de Hollande,” and “ Papier de Japon,” 40 parts and 
Supplement in 35 portfolios, impl. 4to. {Nos. 14 and 15 in Atlas folio), 
also “ Catalogue Historiqne ’* (subscription price, 1200 francs), qnite 
complete, as described Paris, 1881-5 

Complete sets like the above rarely occur in the market. 

Digitized by 


£ i. d. 

3 3 0 

10 10 ( 

1 1 ( 

0 12 < 

4 4 

1 11 

O 8 

12 O 

25 O 




342 Mirabilia Urbis Romae, nova recognita, 16mo. woodcuts , bds. 

Romae , 1550 

313 Les Maravilles de Rome ; pelerinages, esglises, corps sainots et lieux 
dignes avecqnes les idnlgeces et remissids qlz. acquiret, 16mo. lit. gotfj. 
arms of France on title , cut of Romulus and Remits on reverse , arms of 
Tuscany , and & fine full-page woodcuts {top plain margin of title cut off), 
old calf gilt 

Imprimees a Romme par Maistre Estienne Ouillery de Loregne , 1519 
A vbry rare and early French version of the “ Mirabilia Romae,” unknown to 
Brunet, who mentions only that of A. Bladns in 1524. 

344 PIRANESI (G. B. and C. F.). OPERE. A Collection of the superb 
Engravings issued by these celebrated Artists and Architects. Bound 
in 19 vols, impl. folio, comprising above 1220 plates of the old Roman 
Issue ; hf bd. old vellum Rome , v. d . 

Contents : Vedute di Roma, 132 plates , 2 vols.—Antichita Romano, 4 vols.— 
Campus Martius—Antichiti d’ Albano e di Castel Gandolfo—Della Magnificenza 
e d* Architettura de* Romani—Lapides Capitolini—Haccolta di Tempi Antichi— 
Monumenti degli Scipioni—Teatro di Ercolano—Opere Varie di Architettura— 
Diverse Maniere d’ adornare i Cam ini—Colonna di Trajano e Colonna Antonina— 
Statue Antichi—Rovine di Pesto. 

A thoroughly genuine collection (in the original binding) including the Vedute di 
Roma and the Pesto , the scarcest of all the works issued by the Piranesi family. 

45 Romanes (G. J.). Mental Evolution in Man. Origin of Human Faculty. 

8vo., pp. ix, 452, with chart; cloth 1888 

46 RUSKIN (John) Notes on his Collection of Drawings by the late J. M. 

W. Turner, exhibited at the Fine Art Society’s Galleries, 4to. 85 plates, 
hf . bound , gilt top 1878 

17 SAINTE-BEUVE. CEuvres. 36 vols., 12mo., half calf gilt 1857-75 

Contents Causeries du Lundi. 15 vols. 1857-62—Portraits Litt5raires. 3 vols. 
1862-64—Nouveanx Lnndis. 13 vols. 1864-70—Souvenirs et Indiscretions. 1872— 
Premiers Lundis. 3 vols. 1874-75—C. A. Sainte-Beuve, sa vie et ses oeuvres, par le 
V* d’Haussonville. 

{8 Sainte-Beuve. Port-Royal. 3 vols., 8vo., crimson morocco extra , gilt 
edges Paris , 1840-48 

mvageot Collection: 

349 MusfiE Imperial du Louvre : Collection Sauvagcot, dessinee et grave© a 

l’eauforte par E. LikvRE, accompagn£e d’une Texte historian© et 
descriptif par A. Sauzay, 2 vols. large folio, 120 plates , India Proofs, 
half morocco, uncut Pans, 1863 

350 -the same, 2 vols. large folio, India Proofs, olive morocco , gilt 

edges , bound by Holloway 1863 

The magnificent collection of Works of Art <?f the Renaissance period, formed by 
Sauvageot, is here figured and described. Made half a century back, when amateurs 
paid no attention to snch precious relics, it is a museum of the choicest objects, and by 
means of Lidvre’s beautiful etchings is rendered accessible to lovers of art. 

L SHARPE (R. Bowdlkr). Monograph of the Paradiseidj:, or Birds of 
Paradise, and Ptilonorhynchida, or Bower-Birds. Pts. VII—VIII 
(completing the work), impl. folio, with 19 coloured plates; bds. (pub. 
£6. 6s) 1897-98 

\ Smith (John) Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of the most eminent 
Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters, with Biographical Notices of 
the Artists, and a copious description of their principal Pictures, also 
the price at which they have been sold, complete with the Supplement; 
9 vols. royal 8vo. portraits 1829-42 

atli Kensington Museum: 

53 Catalogue of the Special Exhibition of Works of Art of the Medieval, 
Renaissance, and more recent periods, on loan to the South Kensington 
Museum, June, 1862. Edited by J. C. Robinson, large paper, 4to., 
cloth 1863 

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•. d. 

16 0 

12 0 

10 0 

7 6 

16 0 
10 0 

16 0 

10 0 
10 0 

4 0 

0 0 

7 C 


South Kensington Museum, continued £ * * 

354 IVORIES. Description of the Ivories, Ancient and Mediaeval in the 

South Kensington Museum, by W. Maskell, royal 8vo., large pater, 
with 24 fine photographs, numerous woodcuts, and 15 additional photo¬ 
graphs ; half green morocco, uncut 1872 2 2 ( 

355 WATER COLOUR PAINTINGS. Descriptive Catalogue of the 

historical collection of Water-Colour Paintings in the South Kensing¬ 
ton Museum, with an introductory notice by S. Redgrave, royal 8vo., 
with 21 chromolithographs and etchings; half morocco 1876 0 10 I 

Spanish Works: 

356 LAPIDARIO del REY D. ALFONSO X codice orginal [reproducido 

en foto-litografia, con prologo de Jos6 Fernandez Montana], roy. 4to. 
an exact facsimile of the MS., 264 pp. with all the Miniatures (of which 
there are some hundreds ) reproduced in tlieir proper colours; hf. bd. 

Madrid, 1881 2 16 l 

The original MS. is in the Escuri&l. It was translated into Castilian from Arabic 
sources in the years 1276-1279, by order of Alfonso the Wise, and contains a descrip¬ 
tion of the virtues of Stones, of which 360 are treated. The writing and the 
miniatures are beautiful examples of thirteenth century art of very high order; and 
the text is a philological monument showing the Castilian language in its earliest 
polished state.—The MS. was in the sixteenth century in the possession of Diego de 
Mendoza, and after his death came into the hands of Philip II, who put it in the 
Escurial. The artistic reproduction was done by Don Antonio Selfa. 

357 CARDERERA Y SOLANO. Iconografia Espanola, coleccion de 

Retratos, Estatuas, Mausoleos, y demas Monumentos ineditos, de 
Reyes, Reinas, Grandes Capitanes, Escritores, y otros personages 
celebre; de la nacion, desde el siglio XI basta el XVII, copiados de 
los originales; con texto biografico y descriptivo, en Espanol y Frances, 

2 vol8. royal folio, 92 fine plates of Portraits, Sculptures, Bas-reliefs, 
etc., taken from original Paintings and Sculptural Monuments , nine of 
which are beautifully illuminated in gold and colours, half morocco, 
gilt tops, uncut Madrid, 1855-64 5 5 

358 -the same, Grand Paper V61in, hf. bd. uncut 1855-64 10 0 

359 - the same, a magnificent copy in maroon morocco super-extra, joints, 

gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf 1855-64 16 0 

One of the most magnificent books on the Art-Monuments of Spain, and probably 
superior to any other in the accuracy and learning of its author. The aeries of illus¬ 
trations was selected from works of art which were excellent by reason of their 
historical character or the beauty of their execution. Only 275 copies were printed, of 
which about 150 were absorbed by subscribers amongst the aristocracy of Spain. The 
book may therefore be regarded as virtually unpublished, and as likely before long, in 
consequence of its intrinsic worth and the short supply of copies, to beoome a costly 

“His great work, the‘ Iconografia Espanola,’ published in 1855 and 1864,contains 
seventy-four * portraits, statues,and mausoleums/ dating ‘from the eleventh to the seven¬ 
teenth centuries.’ Not only the original drawings, but the text in Spanish and French, 
was his own work. Amongst the gems of this collection may be named the bas-reliefs of 
Charles V and his Empress, attributed by Cean Bermudez to Fompeo Leoni, and now 
in the Museum at Madrid; portraits of Philip II when young, and in his old age ; the 
unhappy Don Carlos, Don Juan de Austria, Philip’s wives, and the famous ‘ one-eyed ’ 

Princess of Eboli. That of H6rnan Cortes is exquisitely finished. He executed several. 
copies of portraits after Goya, which have never been published, notably that of the 
famous Andalusian beauty ( La Duquesa de Alva.’ The mantilla, maja jacket, short black 
lace dress, silk stockings, and high-heeled shoes indicate the provincial costume of the 
* duchess of the period ’ to perfection. That of Maria Luisa, the less beautiful and 
austere wife of Charles IH, indicates Goya's character. He seems never to have 
flattered his sitters, even when nature had been gracious to them. Maria Luisa de 
Bor bon, Duchess of San Fernando, figures in an empire dress, with a head-gear of 
feathers; and albeit nature had forgotten to favour her, the wayward artist painted 
her as she lived, plain and dowdy.”— Athenmum, April 10th, 1880. 


COS de ESPANA, publicados a expensas del Estado bajo de la 
direccion de nna Comision Especial creada por el Ministerio de 
Fomento. Parts I to LXXXIX (all published), atlas folio, with 279 


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Spanish Works, continued .*— 

fine large plates, of which 78 are beautifully printed in COLOURS, 
heightened with GOLD, vignettes on letterpress and capital letters copied 
from Illuminated MSS. in colours, parts (published at £93. 9s) 

Madrid , Imprenta y Galcografia Nacional , 1859-86 

361 - the same, arranged and bound in 8 vols. atlas folio, hf. bd. green 

morocco , uncut 

One of the grandest works ever published on the Architecture and the Architec¬ 
tural Decoration of any country. The Art-Treasures deposited in a building are also 
described and figured. The additional range of subject obtained by this means gives 
the publication an interest to all Art-Lovers, for whose convenience the text is written 
in both French and Spanish. Mr. Quaritch is the sole agent in England. 

£ s. d. 

50 0 0 
75 0 0 

3porting Books: 

362 SAGE (Dean) The Ristigouche, and its Salmon Fishing: with a chapter 
on Angling Literature, impl. 4to. one of 105 copies , with brilliant proof 
impressions of the etchings , and other illustrations , uncut Edinb. 1888 31 10 0 

363 “THE SALMON RIVERS OF SCOTLAND,” by Augustus Grimble. 0 0 0 

It may interest you to hear that under the above title the Author is publishing a 
uniform scries of four books, the first of which will appear in August next, the others 
following at short intervals ; they will be similar in size and get up to the Author's 
books of 44 Deerstalking,” 44 Shooting and Salmon Fishing,” 44 Highland Sport," and 
44 Deer Forests of Scotland ” ; the volumes will contain numerous Swantype illustra¬ 
tions, and only two hundred and fifty copies of each will be printed. Every river dealt 
with will be described from the author’s personal knowledge, as well as from infor¬ 
mation gathered from owners, renters, their employees, and anglers in general; the 
rivers will be taken in the following order, and for convenience of reference, the name 
of each one will appear on the back of the volume in which it is described—thus, at a 
glance, Anyone may be able to see reliably and quickly the following details :— 

1. Course—length and characteristics from the angler’s point of view. 

2. The marches and extent of each fishery. 

3. Positions of fords, foot and carriage bridges. 

4. Duration of net and rod season and the best months for salmon and grilse. 

5. Length of rod required and regulations as to use of gaff and landing net. 

6. The right size and patterns of flies to use, and dressings of any special local 

7. How each fishery is let and to whom to apply. 

8. Lures, other than the fly, that may be used with advantage on rivers where 
bait fishing is recognized. 

9. Names and addresses of head fishermen on well known reaches. 

10. The numbers and names of all pools on each water, the length of time required 
to fish it, and notes on any pools requiring special casting. 

11. Whether trousers, stockings, or neither are required. 

12. The river habits of fish at different seasons, with some remarks on the 1898 
Report issued by the Fishery Board for Scotland on 44 Investigations of the Life History 
of Salmon.” 

13. The number of nets at the mouth, with names and addresses of owners and 

14. Most suitable weather, best size of water, and how long remaining in order 
after a flood. 

15. Various ways of packing fish and some hints thereon. 

16. Record catches and remarkable angling incidents. 

17. Average take to rod and net, and average size of salmon and grilse. 

18. Sea trout flies and sizes. 

19. Rivers capable of improvements, with suggestions for carrying them out and 
so increasing the supply of salmon for food and sport, while augmenting alike the 
values of net and rod fisning. 

20. Mention of historical, traditional and legendary events not generally known, 
that have taken place on the banks of rivers. 

The subscription for the set of the four books is £10. 10s, but single copies can be 
subscribed for pro rata, and should you wish your name to be plated on my list, kindly 
let me know. 

364 Jesse (E.) An Angler’s Rambles, sm. 8vo. cloth 1836 

365 MARKHAM (Gervase) Markham’s Master-Peece, containing all 

Knowledge belonging to Smith, Farrier or Horse-leech, devided into 
two bookes, the seventh impression, corrected and enlarged by the 
Author, sm. 4to. fine front, in compartments by Elslrack , and woodcuts , 
original calf \ clean and sound copy W. Wilson , 1651 

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0 3 6 

2 16 0 



Sporting Books, continued .-— 

366 SCROPE (W.) Art of Deer-Stalking, first edition, royal 8vo. engrav¬ 

ings , and tinted plates after E. and (7. Landseer and the author , a nearly 
uncut copy , in dark green morocco extra , top edges gilt 1838-9 

367 Tweedib (Col. W.). The Arabian Horse: his country and people; 

with Portraits of typical or famous Arabians. Royal 4to. xx and 411 
pages , the portraits coloured ; cloth gilt (pub. at £3. 3s) 1894 

368 STIRLING (William) Annals of the Artists of Spain. 3 vols., 8vo., 

cloth , uncut 1848 

369 - The extra volume of daguerreotype illustrations. 8vo., 66 

plates , cloth 1847 

Only 25 copies printed. 

370 -the same, Largest Paper, with the extra volume of Talbotype 

illustrations, 1847; together 4 vols. impl. 8vo., cloth , uncut 1848-47 
Only 25 copies were printed in this size, and none for sale. They are consequently 
now of extreme rarity. 

371 - Annals of the Artists of Spain, new edition incorporating the 

author's own notes, additions, and emendations, 4 vols. large 8vo., with 
portrait and 24 steel and mezzotint engravings , and numerous engravings 
on wood , 1891—The Cloister Life of the Emperor Charles V, 4th ed., 
incorporating the author’s latest notes, additions, etc., large 8vo., with 
8 mezzotint engravings and fine illustrations in colour, engraved from the 
original water-colour sketches , also numerous wood engravings , 1891— 
Miscellaneous Essays and Addresses; also biographical note and 
bibliography, large 8vo., with 6 fine portraits , etc., 1891—together, 
6 vols., cloth , new 1891 

372 -the same, Large Paper, 6 vols. 4to., with all the plates , cloth , new, 

as offered to the Subscribers for £12. 12 s 1891 

373 STRUTT’S (Jas.) Biographical Dictionary of Engravers, both on Copper 

and on Wood, 2 vols. 4to. numerous engravings of rare prints , russia , 
gilt edges 1785-86 

Surtees Society’s Publications: 

374 A complete set from the commencement in 1834 to the last volume issued: 
99 vols. 8vo. cloth 1835-98 

IS* Many of the volumes are now offered at the reduced prices affixed. 

375 Reginaldi Libellus de Admirandis 
Beati Cuthberti Virtutibus, 15* 1835 

376 Durham Wills and Inventories, ptl, 

£1.5* 1835 

377 Towneley Mysteries, or Miracle 

Plays, £2. 2* 1836 

378 Testamenta Eboracensia, Vol. 1,12* 


379 Sanctuarium Dunelm. et Beverlac.; 

or, Registers of the Sanctuaries of 
Durham and Beverley, 6* 1837 

380 The Charters of Finchale Priory, 9* 


381 The Catalogues of the Old Monastic 

library at Durham, etc. 6* 1838 

382 Miscellaneous Biography, the Lives 

of King Oswin and SS. Cuthbert and 
Eata, 5* 1838 

383 The Three Historians of Durham, 

Coldingham, Graystanes, and 
Chambre, etc. 7s 6 d 1839 

384 The Ritual of the Church of Durham, 

Latin and Saxon, 15s 1840 

385 Jordan Fantosme’s Anglo-Norman 

Chronicle of War between England 
and Scotland in 1173-4, 5* 1840 

386 The Correspondence, Inventories, 

etc. of the Priory of Coldingham, 
7* 0d 1841 

387 The Liber Vit« of the Monastery 

of Durham, 7s 6 d 1841 

388 The Correspondence of R. Bowes, 

Esq., Elizabeth’s Ambassador to 
Scotland, 6s 1842 

389 A Description of the Monuments, 

Rites and Customs of the Church 
of Durham, prior to the Dissolution, 
£1. 10s 1842 

390 The Anglo-Saxon and Early Eng¬ 
lish Psalter, Vol. I, 10s 1843 

391 The Correspondence of Matthew 
Hutton, Archbishop of York, 5s 1843 

392 The Accounts of the Bursar of 

the Monastery of Durham, from 1530 
to 1534, 5s 1844 

393 The Anglo-Saxon and Early Eng¬ 
lish Psalter, Vol. II, 10s 1844 

394 The Life and Miracles of St Godric, 
of Finchale, by Reginald, 6s 1845 

395 Depositions, etc. from the Ecclesi¬ 
astical Court of Durham, 10s 1845 

396 Ecclesiastical Proceedings of Bp. 

Barnes, £1. 5s 1850 

397 Latin Hymns of Anglo-Saxon 

Church, 7s 6d 1851 

398 Memoir of Robert Surtecs,£ 1.1 Os 1852 

399 Boldon Duke, a Survey of the See 

of Durham, £1. 10s 1852 

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Surtees Society’s Publications, continued-.— t 

400 Wills and Inventories from the 
Archdeaconary of Richmond, £1.10s 


401 Pontifical of Egbert, Archbishop of 

York, 723-766, £2. 10s 1853 

402 Lindisfame and Knshworth Gospels, 

7s 64 1854 

403 Inventories of the Benedictine Houses 
of Jarrow and Monk Weannonth, 10s 


404 Testamenta Eboracensia, Yol. II. 

£1. 10s 1855 

405 Obituary Roll of Ebchester and 

Burnley, 9s 1856 

406 Bishop Hatfield's Survey, 7s 64 1856 

407 Rural Economy in Yorkshire in 1641, 

£1. 16s 1857 

408 Acts of the High Commission 

Court of Durham, lue 1857 

409 Fabric Rolls of York Minster, £1.10s 


410 Dugdale’s Visitation of Yorke, 
1665-66, out of print, £3. 3s 

411 bis. Armytage (Geo. J.) Index to 
the Visitation of York by William 
Dugdale, 8vo. sd. 10s 

By private subscription , 1872 
“ The pages of that book (Surtees 
Soc. Vol. 36) have been used in 
this Index for reference numbers, 
but the Index will be equally useful 
to any person possessing a manuscript 
copy of the Visitation. . . .” 


412 Miscellanea, rare , £1. 5s 1858 

413 Wills and Inventories from the 
Registry atDurham, part 2,£ 1,5s 1860 

414 The Lindisfarne and Rush worth 

Gospels, Anglo-Saxon and English, 
part 2, 7s 64 1861 

415 Depositions from the Castle of York, 

relating to Offences committed in 
the Northern Counties in the XVIIth 
Century, £1. 10s 1861 

416 Tonge’s (Thomas, Norroy King of 

Arms ) Heraldic Visitation of the 
Northern Counties in 1530, ed. by 
Longstaffe, with Coats [of Arms , 
scarce , £2. 2s 1863 

417 Walbran’s Memorials of Fountains 

Abbey, VoL I, woodcuts qf seals , etc. 
16s 1863 

418 The Lindisfarne and Rush worth 
Gospels, Part III: St. Luke, 7s 6 d 


419 The Priory of Hexham, its Chron¬ 
iclers, Endowments, and Annals, 
edited by Reine, Vol. I, comprising 
ancient Chronicles and other docu¬ 
ments, numerous plates, and woodcuts 
of Monuments, etc. £1. 5s 1865 

420 Testamenta Eboracensia, a selection 

of Wills from the registry at York, 
Vol. HI, 8vo. cloth , 15s 1864 

421 Priory of Hexham, by Raine, Vol. 

II, containing Title Deeds , Black 
Book , etc. Is 6 d 1865 

422 Remains of Dean Granville, selections 

from his correspondence , diaries , etc. 
4s 1865 

423 Lindisfarne and Roshworth Gospels, 

Vol. IV (the last), containing St. 
John, with facsimile, 7s 64 1865 

424 The Survey of the various Fees 
and Manors within the County of 
York, taken by John de Kirkby in 
the reign of Edward I, 12s 1868 

425 The Diary of Ambrose Barnes, an 
Alderman of Newca9tle-on-Tyne in 
the seventeenth Century, 7s 6 d 1868 

426 Symeonis Dunelmensis Opera et 
Collectanea, with English preface 
and notes , by Hodgson Uinde, 7s 64 


427 The Correspondence of John Cosin, 

Bishop of Durham, 7s 64 1868 

428 Testamenta Eboracensia, Vol. IV, 

£1. 1869 

429 Pryme’s Diary, 12s 1871 

430 Cosin’s Correspondence, Vol. II, 

7s 64 1872 

431 Gray (Walter, Archb. of York) Re¬ 

gister or Rolls, facsimile of Seals, 
10s 1872 

432 Register of the Guild of Corpus 

Christi in York, edited by Skaife, 
facsimile of Seals, 12s 1872 

433 Fodariurn Prioratus Dunelmensis, a 

survey of the Estates of the Prior 
and Convent of Durham, 12s 1872 

I 434, 435 Missale ad Usum Insignis 
Ecclesise Eboracensia, 2 vols. £1. 16s 


436 The York Pontifical. Liber Ponti¬ 

ficalia Chr.Bainbridge Archiepiscopi 
Eboracensis, edited for the Society 
by Dr. Henderson, 8vo. with the 
music 1875 

437 Thornton (Mrs. Alice, qf East 
Newton, co. York) Autobiography, 
edited by Ch. Jackson, pedigrees , 9s 


438 Mannale et Proceesionale ad nsum 

Insignise Eclesice Eboracensis, edidit 
Henderson, with music, 18s 1875 

439 Ripon Charter Acta: Acts of Chapter 

of the Collegiate Church of SS. 
Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon, 1452 to 
1506, edited by the Rev. J. T. Fow¬ 
ler, facsimile of seals , 12s 1875 

440 Yorkshire Diaries and Autobio¬ 

graphies in the 17th and 18th cen¬ 
turies, thick 8vo. 500 pp. with pedi¬ 
grees , 16s 1877 

441 Newminstcr Chartulary (the) : Car- 
tnlarinm Abbathi® de Novo Mo¬ 
nastery, ordinis Ciaterciensis, fan- 
date anno 1137 ; edited for the 
Society (with Introduction, Notes, 
and Index) by the Rev. J. T. 
Fowler, map and front, qf Seals, 10s 


I 442 Walbban (J. R.) Memorials of the 

I Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains, 
Vol. II, Part I, 8vo. view of the 
Abbey and 4 plates of Seals, cloth , 
7s 64 1878 

443 Selections from the Household 
Books of the Lord William Howard 
of Naworth Castle, with appendix 
containing some of his papers and 
letters and other documents, edited 
by the Revd. George Ornsby, plan , 
portrait of W. Howard and Lady 
Elk. Dacre,\S$ 1878 

Digitized by 


s. 4. 


Surtees Society’s Publications, 

444 Cartularium Abbathiw de Whiteby 

Ordinis S. Benedicti fuodat® anno 
mlxxviii, Vol. I, 7 s 6 d 1879 

445 Laurentii Dunclmensis Dialogi, 
edited, with an historical Preface, 
by James Raine, xxxviii and 92 pp., 

6# 1880 

446 Breviarium ad nsnm insignis Ec- 
clesie Ebokacensis, edited by Hon. 
and Rev. S. Lawley, Vol. I, £1. 5s 1880 

447 Cartularinm Abbatbi® de W hiteby, 

Vol. II, 7s 6d 1881 

448 Stcjkelby Memoirs, Vol. I, 15s 


449 Memorials of the Chnrch of SS. 
Peter and Wilfred, Ripon (ed. by 
the Rev. J. T. Fowler) Vol. I, 
facsimile of part of Jtthelstan’s 
Charter; and of various Seals, 12s 

1828 | 

450 The York Brkviart. Breviarium 

ad nsnm insignis Ecclesi® Ebora- 
censis, Vol. II (with five Appendices; 
edited by the Hon. and Rev. Stephen 
Lawley), cloth, £1. 5s 1883 

451 Stukelet Memoirs. Family Me¬ 

moirs of the Rev. William Stnkeley, 
m.d. and the Antiquarian and other 
Correspondence of William Stukeley, 
Roger and Samuel Gale, etc. Vol. II, 
15s For 1883 

452 Yorkshire Diaries and Autobio¬ 
graphies in the 17th and 18th cen¬ 
turies, vol. II, with portraits of Sir 
Walter Calverley and of his wife, 

7s 6 d 1886 

Contexts: Memoirs of the Family of 
the Priestleys, by Jonathan Priestley, 
1696, and Nath. Priestly, 1779. 
Memorandum Book of Sir Walter 

453 Memorials of the Church of SS. 

Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon, vol. II 
(and last), 12s 1886 

454 Testamenta Eboracensia, vol. V, 

£1. Is 1884 

455 Stukeley*s Diaries and Letters, Vol. 

Ill, £1. 5s 1885 

456 Memorials of the Church of SS. 
Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon, Vol. Ill 
(conclusion) (edited by James 
Rains) xxxi and 378 pages, 12s 

continued :— £ s. </. 

mote Court or Manor Rolls of the 
Prior and Convent of Durham, 

1296-1384, 12s 1889 

458 Cartularium Abbathia de Rievallc 

Ordinis Cisterciensis fundata 1132 
(edited by the Rev. J. C. Atkinson) 
cxiii and 471 pp. with facsimiles of 
Seals , 15s 1889 

459 Churchwarden’s Accounts of Pit- 

tington and other Parishes of Dur¬ 
ham, 1580-1700, 15s 1888 

460 English Miscellanies, illustrating 
the History and Language of the 
Northern Counties of England, 7s 6d 


461 The Gnisbro’ Chartulary, edited by 
W. Brown ; Cartularium Prioratus 
de Gysebnrne Ebor. Divec. ordinis 
S. Augustini fundati a.d. 1119, Vol. 

I, 15s 1889 

462 Life of St. Cuthbert, in English 
verse, c. a.d. 1450, from the original 
MS. in the Library of Castle 
Howard, edited by the Rev. J. T. 

Fowler, with a facsimile of the MS., 

15s 1891 

463 Three Early Assize Rolls for the 
County of Northumberland, sac. 

XIII, edited by W. Page, 15s 1891 

454 The Guisbro Chartulary. Cartu¬ 
larium Prioratus de Gyseburne, Vol. 

II, 15s 1891 

465 The Chartulary of Brinkburn 
Priory, edited by W. Page, 10s 1892 

466 The Certificates of the Commis¬ 
sioners appointed to survey the 
Chantries, Guilds, Hospitals, etc. in 
the County of York, Part I, 15s 1894 

467 — the same, Part II, 15s 1895 

468 Extracts from the Records of the 

Merchant Adventurers of New¬ 
castle-upon-Tyne, Vol. I, 15s 1895 

469 Pedes Finium Ebor. a.d. MCXCIX. 

—a.d. MCCXIV., 15s 1897 

470 Memorials of St. Giles’s, Durham,be¬ 
ing Grassmen’s Accounts, £ 1.5s 1896 

471 Register of the Freemen of theCity of 
York, Vol. I, 1272-1558) £1.5s 1897 

472 Inventories of Church Goods, from 

the Counties of York, Durham, and 
Northumberland, 15s 1897 

473 Memoirs of Beverley Minster, Vol. 

I, £1. 5s 1898 

474 Extracts from the Account Rolls of 

the Abbey of Durham, 15s 1898 


457 Halmota Prioratus Dunelmensis, 
containing extracts from the Hal- 

475 TAPESTRIES in the Royal Palaces at MADRID and the ESCURIAL. 

A collection of 236 photographs of the finest examples, mounted in 
2 oblong folio albums, hf. morocco {cir. 1880) 12 0 0 

Although so little known, owing to their not being exposed for exhibition, the 
collection of Tapestries in the possession of the Spanish Crown t is one of the finest in 
Europe. Many of those represented here have evidently been carefully folded and 

The majority of the examples are early 16th century Dutch and Italian work, the 
latter being marked by exceptional beauty and richness. There are also a few 
specimens of French and Spanish work of the middle and end of last century. 

476 Taylor (W. B. S.) Manual of Fresco and Encaustic Painting, post 8vo., 

cloth 1843 0 2 6 

477 TEXTILE ARTS. Gbrspach, les Tapisseries Copies, 4to. 153 plates, 

bds. Paris , 1890 0 9 0 

M. Gerspach is the Director of the French Gobelins. 

“ Les tapisseries de 1 A 73 sont A deux couleurs ; les diverses vari£ti6s do pourpre 

Digitized by 




et du bran mentionn6es a la page 7 forment lea parties fonc^es, lea clairs en jaune 

“ Da nombre 83 an nombre 153 pieces sont polychromes, sou vent k fond rouge ; 
lea carnations ainsi que queiques fleurs sont d'apres le naturel ; les motifs sont cn 
coulenrs varices dont les reproductions du nombre 74 au nombre 82 fournissent des 

478 Theophilus’ (a Monk) Essay upon various Arts, forming an Encyclopcedia 
of Christian Art, translated with notes by Hendrie, 8vo. facsimile , 
doth 1847 

•179 TOSCHI (Paolo) The Works of CORREGGIO at Parma, reproduced in 
photography by Stephen Thomson from the celebrated engravings by 
P. Toschi, with biographical and descriptive notices by Louis Eagan, 
royal folio, 22 permanent photographs of Toschi 8 fine engravings , hf. 
morocco , gilt edges 1873 

480 Vade, CEnvres Poissardes, suivies de celles de l’Ecluse, 4to. large paper, 

4 plates beautifully printed in colours after Monsiau , half-bound calf 
uncut Paris , Bidot , 1796 

481 VANDYCK’S Pictures at WINDSOR CASTLE (and Buckingham 

Palace, impl. folio, 30 superb plates in photogravure , with text by 
E. Law, printed on Dutch handmade paper , bds. 1899 

The 30 plates include several portraits of Charles I, his Queen Henrietta-Maria, 
and their Children, of the Duchess of Richmond, the Countess of Carlisle, and other 

482 WAAGEN (Dr.) Treasures of Art in Great Britain, being an Account 

of the chief Collections of Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Illu¬ 
minated MSS., etc., 3 vols. ; with the Supplemental Volume, entitled 
Galleries and Cabinets of Art in Great Britain j—4 vols. 8vo. calf 
gilt 1854-57 

483 Wedgwood. Handbook to the collection of Old Wedgwood Ware, 

formed by R. and G. Tangye. With a sketch of Wedgwood’s Life, 
1885—Guide to the Exhibition of Chinese and Japanese Paintings 
in the British Museum, by S. Colvin, 1888—Catalogue of the 
Pictures, etc., in the National Portrait Gallery, Kensington, by G. 
Scharf, 1884—Catalogue of the Portraits of Naval Commanders, 
exhibited in Greenwich Hospital, 1887 5 and 6 other Catalogues, in 
1 vol. 8vo., cloth 1877-90 


Work, by Alfred Whitman, of the Department of Prints and Draw¬ 
ings, British Museum, the Ordinary Edition , small colombier 8vo. with 
60 illustrations, cloth 1898 

485 -Also, a few copies on handmade paper , with the plates printed by 

hand on Japanese vellum , crown folio, cloth 

486 Whymper (E.). The Ascent of the Matterhorn. 8 vo., with numerous 

illustrations; cloth; scarce 1880 

487 WOOD-CARVING: 36 Designs for Wood Carving, Drawn by Frank 

B. Bell, at his Wood Carving Studio, Bristol, folio, 36 plates (pub. 
£2. 4$), in portfolio 1891 

1. Vescica Wild Rose panel. 2. Pomegranate panel. 3. Half of Geometric 
panel. 4. Oval Arabesque panel. 5. Oval Arabesque panel. 6. Repeating Semi¬ 
circular pattern. 7. Wild Rose panel. 8. Pomegranate border for table top. 9. Fleur- 
de-lis cornice. 10. Wild Rose panel. 11. Repeating patterns with intersecting 
bands. 12. Repeating Semicircular border. 13. Maple panel. 14. Oak and Ivy 
circles. 15. Panel of Oak Leaves and Acorns. 16. Conventional repeating pattern for 
cornice. 17. Apple panel. 18. Ivy panel. 19. Oak panel. 20. Hawthorne panel. 
21. Bramble panel. 22. Conventional repeating pattern for cornice. 23. Medlar with 
Flowers panel. 24. Medlar with Fruit panel. 25. Bramble panel. 26. Wild Rose 
panel. 27. Hawthorne panel. 28. Panel with Bird and Caterpillar. 29. Panel with 
Bird and Snake. 30. Hawthorne and Bramble panel. 31. Hop panel. 32. Straw¬ 
berry panel. 33. Hazel-nut panel. 34. Black Bryony panel. 35. Red Bryon 
panel. 36. Bramble panel. 

188 WILTSHIRE (Dr. W. H.) An introduction to the study and collection of 
Ancient Prints, 2 vols. 4to. large paper, half morocco 1877 

Twenty-eight copies were printed on large paper at £6. 6s each, of which this is the 
entire remainder. 

£ s. d. 

0 12 0 

2 16 0 

8 8 0 

6 6 0 

3 16 0 

0 10 0 

2 2 0 
5 5 0 
2 10 0 

1 1 0 

3 15 0 

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OF ST. JOHN, a Series of 15 superb 
woodcuts, 4 times larger than the 
reduced facsimile on the next page, 
with co-temporary German text, in a 
portfolio, a bargain Munich, s. a. o 6 i 

Very few copies remain of this wonderfully cheap 
work of Art. 

The first edition of Diirer’s Apocalypse appeared 
without a date, the second was dated 1498, the third in 
1511. A Strassburg edition by Martin Graeff was 
issued 1502, here newly reproduced. 

Digitized by v^ooQle 


DORBR'S apocalypse 

Digitized by v^.ooQLe 



Vie/it de paraitre : 




£ s. d. 

Superbe volume in folio de 4 ff. preliminaires, 328 pages et 
42 planches hors texte en noir et en couleurs Tirage limit e d 
350 exempt aires numerates, Prix de P exempt air e 8 0 0 

La Biblioth&que formee depuis plus de soixante ans par M. M. 
Eugene et Auguste Dutuit esfc une des plus importantes et des 
plus celebres qui existent en France. Elle se compose d’admirables 
manuscrits, de nombreux incunables et raretes tjpographiques, 
d’ouvrages ornes de figures, de livres de literature des XV e , 

XVI C et XVII e siecle et de volumes dans de magnifiques reliures 
avec ou sans armoiries. 

Ce catalogue contient la description raisonnee de 789 ouvrages; 
il renferme de nombreuses et importantes notices bibliographiques 
sur beaucoup d’ouvrages d^une grande rarete. Imprime avec le 
plus grand luxe par L. Danel de Lille, sur beau papier de 
Hollande fabrique aux papeteries du Marais, toutes les pages etant 
encadrees d’un filet rouge, le volume est orne : 

1° de 33 planches en couleurs tirees sur papier du Japon donnant 
la reproduction de somptueuses reliures ou de tr&s remarqu- 
ables miniatures. 

2° de 9 planches et noir en heliogravure tirees sur papier du 
Japon, reproductions de miniatures et de reliures. 

3° de 70 figures dans le texte, reproductions de titres, de figures, 
de caracteres, etc. 

Le volume est contenu dans un elegant cartonnage de M. M. 

Bernard Quaritch 

Digitized by Google 





CURTIS’S BOTANICAL MAGAZINE: English and Latin General 
Indexes to the Plants contained in seventeen volumes of the New or 
Second Series (being from Yols. LIY to LXX inclusive, of the whole 
work) of the Botanical Magazine, royal 8vo. sewed , 5s 1862 

PINETUM BR1TANNICUM (The), a descriptive account of Hardy Trees 
of the Pine Tribe cultivated in Great Britain, 52 parts forming 3 vols. 
imperial folio, illustrated with maps , photographs , facsimiles of the original 
water-colour drawings made expressly for the work , and 643 engravings on 
wood , complete (pub. unbound, £27. 6s) t hf morocco , £18. Edinburgh y 1866-84 

This beautiful work was commenced by the eminent firm of Peter Lawson and Sons, 
Nurserymen, of Edinburgh, in 1866, and thirty-seven parts were published up to 1875, the 
work remaining unfinished for eight years : it is now completed. 

Subscribers who require back parts to complete their copies are requested to make applica¬ 
tion without delay, as very few odd parts remain on hand, and perfect sets cannot be broken. 

As the number of perfect sets is limited, orders should be at once sent direct to 
Mr. Bernard Quaritch. 

Ch. Sprague SARGENT’S Silva of NORTH-AMERICA : a description of 
the Trees which grow naturally in North-America, illustrated with figures 
and Analyses by C. E. Faxon, engraved by P. and E. Picabt, Vols. I, II, 
atlas 4to. plates , Ids. £10. 10a Boston and N. York , 1891 

Vol. I. Magnoliaceae—Illicineae, plates 1—50. 

H. Cyrilliaceae—Sapindaceae, plates 51—97. 

The whole will be completed in 12 vols.; none of them is sold separately. 

Chamberlaine’s Imitations of Drawings from 

the Great Masters in the Royal Collection, engraved by Bartolozzi 
and others, impl. folio, 74 fine plates , mostly tinted , including, in 
addition, “ Ecce Homo” after Guido, and the scarce Series of Ana¬ 
tomical Drawings (pub. at £12. 126*), richly hf. hound morocco, gilt 
edges , £5. 5 s 1796 

Claude’s Liber Yeritatis, a Collection of 300 Prints after 

the original designs of Claude; in the Collection of his Grace the 
Duke of Devonshire, Richard Payne Knight, the British Museum, &c., 
engraved by Richard Earlom, in the manner and taste of the Draw¬ 
ings. To which is added a descriptive Catalogue of each Print; 
together with the names of those for whom, and the places for which, 
the original Pictures were first painted (taken from the handwriting 
of Claude at the back of each drawing), and of the present possessors 
of many of the Original Pictures. 3 vols. folio (pub. at £31. 10$), 
morocco, £10. 10$ Boydell (1819) 

Early impressions before Bohn worked the coppers. 

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Bby (de) Voyages, in German ; Collation of the first editions, 2 leaves, folio, 
suitable for binding with the work, 7s Qd 

Hulsius* Voyages, Collation of, 8 pages , sm. 4to. printed for binding with the 
work , 7 s 6d 

East India Company : The Register of Letters of the Governor 

and Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies, 
edited by Sir Geoege Biedwood (U503-1618), 8vo. above 500 pp., cloth , 

£2. 2s 

This important contribution to the 
History of English enterprise in the East 
is very nearly out of print; only 210 copies 
were printed for sale. 

44 It is customary to say of a book such 
as this that it is more interesting than any 
novel, if this volume of correspondence 
may not be to that extent enthralling to 
the majority, to the few who are interested 
in the extremely picturesque beginnings of 
our Indian Empire it will be found most 
fascinating. Nor could it have fallen into 
better hands for editing than into those of 
Sir George Bird wood. Briefly, it is * The 
Register of Letters, etc.,* of the Governor 
and Company of Merchants of London 
trading into the East Indies. It is the 
first Letter-Book and Register of the 
4 London,’ or * Old ’ East India Com¬ 
pany, and its value lies in the early date 
and value of the documents which it con¬ 
tains. It reveals the manner in which the 
Company grew into importance from its 
very earliest stages, because of the letters 
which it contains over one-fourth are of 
the first six years (1600 to 1606) of the 
existence of 4 The London East India 
Company,’ usually called 4 The Old East 
India Company.* Covering this period 
thero are, according to Sir George Bird- 
wood, only fifty-four original manuscripts 
in the India Office, and of this number 
forty-eight are here included. They carry 
the history of the Company on in unin¬ 
terrupted sequence from the formation of 
the 4 London ’ Company, in 1600, down 
to its absorption in the * English Company 
trading to the East Indies * in 1709, a 
period which Sir George Birdwood divides 
into three well-marked subperiods, which 
may be quoted as showing what few people 
understand—viz. the different associations 
which are vaguely grouped together as the 
4 East India Company. The first, from 
1600 to 1623, the date of the 4 Massacre of 
Amboyna,* during which the Company 
pushed its trade in the East Indies under 
the greatest difficulties, but without excit¬ 
ing much popular attention; the second, 
from 1623 to 1660, during which, partly in 
consequence of the national solicitude 
aroused by the massacre of the Company’s 
agents at Amboyna, a geneal competition 
was rapidly developed throughout the 
country for a participation in the commerce 
of the East Indies j and the third and last, 


| from 1600 to 1709, during which this 
i disastrous rivalry at length resulted in the 
amalgamation of the 4 London ’ or 4 Old,* 
and the ‘English’ or 4 New,’Companies, 
in the 4 United Company of Merchants of 
England trading into the East Indies,’ 
commonly known as 4 The Honourable 
| East India Company,’ whose great com¬ 
mercial empire was sequestrated to the 
British Crown in 1868. Incidentally, apart 
| from the insight which they give into the 
commercial transactions of the day, these 
| letters give a most delightful insight into 
I the relations which existed between the 
Company and its employes, one of whom 
writes home most pathetically to tell how 
business suffers through his having fallen 
I under the influence of some dark-eyed 
| Eastern beauty. In fact, throughout the 
I letters show a strong, even devout, sense of 
1 the responsibility which Company and 
servants alike felt in each others welfare, 
for at the time of its foundation the feudal 
traditions of the affiliation of servants to 
their masters had scarcely become obsolete 
in England. Sir George Birdwood would 
I like to see a Walter Besaut make this 
| period the background for a series of his¬ 
torical stories, and it needs little or no 
effort of the imagination to see how 
I picturesque a setting might be made ; for, 

1 apart from the romance which is always 
supposed to cloud about Oriental countries 
I and doings, there is something which lends 
| itself well to romantic treatment in these 
typical Englishmen of the period implanted 
I in the midst of such surroundings—rather 
susceptible, very pious, and laboriously 
conscientious, keeping open house and table 
for the entertainment of passing European 
travellers, who afterwards abused them 
for their extravagant hospitality. Every 
credit is due to the editor, and also to the 
publisher, for the admirable way in which 
the book has been produced, especially 
I when it is remembered that it could only 
have been produced from public-spirited 
motives, and at a financial loss.”— The 
Graphic, April 16th, 1893. 

“ This first letter-book 4 of the Company 
of Merchants of London trading into the 
j East Indies * presents a life-like picture of 
the manners, customs, thoughts, feelings, 
and aspirations of our countrymen in the 
| days of Elizabeth and James I.”— The 
i Athenaeum, May 27th, 1893. 

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Entomology : 

the Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula, complete in twelve parts 
royal 4to., with 44 coloured plates, containing several hundred 
specimens, £3. 3 s 1882-86 

•-- the same, royal 4to. hf. bd. morocco, gilt top, £4. 4s 1882-86 

In this work is given a Monographic Revision and Synonymic Catalogue of the Butter¬ 
flies of the Malay Peninsula, inclnding the Islands of Penang and Singapore. The 
Fauna of the western side of the Peninsula is at present best known, and is here principally 
treated. This area extends from Qnedah to Johore, and thus comprises the Straights 
Settlements of Province Wellesley, Perak and Malacca. 

STEPHENS (J. F.) Illustrations of British Entomology, or a Synopsis of 
British Insects; containing their generic and specific Distinctions; with 
an account of their Metamorphoses, Times of Appearance, Localities, 
Food and Economy (being a complete Description of all the known 
British Species, arranged in two great Classes of Haustkllata and 
Mandibulata)— together 12 vols. in 11, royal 8vo. with 100 beautifully 
COLOUBE o plates, containing numerous figures, bds. leather backs , £4. 4 s 

Loud . 1828-46 

-the same, 12 vols. roy. 8vo. half morocco , gilt tops, £5. 5s 1828-46 

Contents : Haustellata, 4 vols. 1828-34—Mandibulata, 7 vols. 1828-35—Supplement, 1846. 

coloured, sd. 5s 

Sold separately: 

IV, •plates 33-34, 

Mandibulata (llymenoptera), Vol. Yl,plates 
28-34, coloured , hf. bd. uncut , 20s 183 

- Vol. VII, plates 35-40, coloured, sd. 183 

a descriptive Handbook of all the known Species of Rhopalocerous 
Lepidoptera inhabiting that Region, with notices of allied species occurring 
in the neighbouring countries along the border, by Major G. F. L. 
Mabshall, Royal Engineers, Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, 
and Member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, and of British Ornithologists' 
Union; and Lionel de NicGville, assistant in the Entomological 
Department, Indian Museum, Calcutta, and Member of the Entomological 
Society, London, and of the Asiatic Society, Bengal, numerous illustrations 
drawn by Bobu Oris Chunder Chuckerbutty , and Babu Behari Lall Bass , 
the wood engravings by George Pearson , the autotype plates by the Autotype 
Company of London, the chromo-lithographs by Messrs . West, Newman and 
Co. Calcutta, 1886-90 

Vols. I-I1I arc now ready, price £4. 8s. 

The book will be completed in four or five volumes, the remaining volumes to be issued 
as prepared. The exact period of publication cannot be guaranteed, nor the precise cost of 
the total work, but every effort will be made to keep the cost within £6. 6 s for the 
entire work. 

with Indexes according to the Systems of Linnaeus and Fabricius, 
new edition, with additions by Westwood, roy. 4to. 50 coloured 
plates containing 220 figures (sells £5), half red morocco, scarce, 
£3.3s 1842 

The coppers have been sold for old metal. 

Evans (A. j.) Antiquarian Researches in Illyricum, 4 parts in 2, 
4to. 272 pp. maps and engravings of Roman Inscriptions, £1. 

Westminster Society of Antiquaries, 1883-5 
Very rare ; very few copies were printed separately from the Archaeologia. 

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Lippmann’s Facsimiles 


MASTERS. Sec. XV-XIX, reproduced in facsimile by 
the Imperial Press at Berlin, and published under the 
direction of Dr. Fr. Lippmann, 10 Parts, impl. folio, 
500 splendid Engravings, cloth • 1893-99 

The Ten Series taken together are charged £42. 

Only 2 copies remain for sale. 

Issued under the direction of Mr. George William Reid, f.s.a., Keeper of 
Prints and Drawings in British Museum, hy permission of the Trustees . 

Fac-simile Reproduction of the Works of the 


This Series commences with the three illustrations to IL MONTE 
SANCTO DI DIO, published at Florence in 1477, which have been 
assigned to Baccio Baldini, executed from designs by SANDRO BOTTI¬ 
CELLI, followed by 

The twenty illustrations to the DIYINA COMEDIA of DANTE, which 
have also been assigned to the same artists, and were published by Landino 
at Florence in 1481. 

The six engravings to the TRIUMPHS of PETRARCH, attributed by 
Adam Bartsch to Nicoletto db Modena, but which more probably were 
the conceptions of Fra Filippo Lippi,— together 29 engravings, reproduced 
in exact facsimile from copperplates , with text , in portfolio , nearly out of 
print, £1. 10a 1883 

As an indication of the extreme care which is being taken in selecting the best prints 
for these reproductions, it may be stated that the Dante Series comprises examples cboeen 
from seven different copies of the work. 

To show the high value set npon these early works of art, the Royal Library of 
Berlin paid £1200 for a proof set of the plates to Dante, and the Trustees of the British 
Museum have purchased a set of early impressions of the Triumphs which came from the 
Sunderland Library at Blenheim at the price of £2050. 

Fagan’s WILLIAM FAITHORNE: A Descriptive Catalogue of the 
Engraved Works of William Faithorne, by Louis Fagan, impl. 8vo. xiii and 
104 pp. cloth , 21* 1888 

- the same, vellum paper, impl. 8vo. Id. £2. 2s 1888 

“ Mr. Fagan's compilation attests his industry and the ample resources to which he has 
had access in the British Museum, which is peculiarly well endowed with specimens of 
Faithorne. One of the best draughtsmen of his time, Faithorne left his work on the 
practical methods of his art in this country, and may be said to have secured, if he did 
not lay the foundation of, that great reputation which it enjoyed in the middle of the 
last and the earlier part of the present century .”—The Athenaeum, August 18th, 1888. 

Falconer’s and Cautley’s Fauna Antiqua 

Sivaleusis, or the Fossil Zoology of the Sewalik Hills in the North of India, 
9 parts, royal folio, map and 107 plates hy Ford, representing in many cases 
the fossils of the natural size, with Letter-press description to Part 1 , all 
issued —Murchison's (0.) Description of the Plates of Fauna Antiqua 
Svalensis, from Memoranda by the late Hugh Falconer, 8vo. J867 (pub. 
at £10), in parts, ,*61. 16* 1846-49-67 

Parts 1-VI contain Pkoboscidea.— Part VII, Hippopotamid.®.— Part VIII, Suidjb 
and Ruinocebotidjc.— Part IX, Equida Ruminantia, Camelid^, and Sivatheeium. 

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Falconry : habting’s bibliotheca accipitbabia: a 

Catalogue of Books, Ancient and Modern, relating to Falconry; with 
Critical Notes, Glossary and Polyglott Vocabulary, by James 
Edmund Harting, Librarian to the Linnean Society of London , 1 vol. 8vo. 
viii and 254 pp. with 16 plates of famous Falconers, the frontispiece in 
colours , Boxburghe , subscription price , £1. 11s GJ 1891 

Only 300 copies are printed. 

Falconry, like other Field Sports, has its literature. It would be strange if it were not ao ; 
for, on tnrning over the pages of the world’s history, it is apparent that for centuries it has 
played a conspicuous part amongst the diversions of people of all nations. 

But the literature of the subject has been much neglected. The older treatises in all 
languages have become scarce and costly, and of the rest the booksellers are unable to supply, or 
even to name, a tithe of them. 

This, perhaps, is partly due to the cireumstances that ne Bibliography of Falconry having 
any claim to completeness exists. 

Fitzgerald (Edward) Portrait of the Translator of the 
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, etched by Costello, 2s 6d 1886 

Paorassoa Cowell writes as follows : 

“ Cambridge, April 3 rd , 1886. 

Mr Dear Sir,—-I am very much obliged to you for the portrait of Edward Fitzgerald 
which you have kindly sent me. The portrait vividly brings back my dear old Friend to me. 
We shall never look upon his like again. “ I remain, yours sincerely, E. B. COWELL.” 

Gilbert (William) of Colchester , Physician of London , on the 

LOADSTONE and MAGNETIC BODIES, and on the great magnet of the 
Earth. A new physiology demonstrated with many argumeuts and 
experiments. A translation by P. Flkuby Mottklay, 8vo. portrait , 
figures, and numerous facsimiles, cloth , 1 7s 6d New York and London , 1893 

The translation De Magnete has been a task of no ordinary difficulty; it has brought up 
problems innumerable, the solution of which has involved much laborious research—as the result 
was meant to be a clear and competent presentation of the author in idiomatic English, and not 
merely a substitution of English words for Latin. Nor would I have ventured to appear as the 
English interpreter of the great Gilbert, “ father of the Magnetic philosophy,” but for the hearty 
encouragement and very material aid, in translating and otherwise, extended by many literary 
and scientific friends, amongst whom must be especially mentioned Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald, Mr. 
E. McMillan, Mr. Josepy Wetzler, Dr. Joseph V. Livingstone, Hon. Park Benjamin, and Prof. 
Alfred H. Mayer. I am likewise indebted to Prof. Ckas. Sanders Pierce, to Mr. Latfmer 
Clark, F.R.8., to Dr. Isaac H. Hall, and to Dr. Charlton T. Lewis for valuable suggestions as to 
the general treatment of the work ; and, in the word of the celebrated mathematician, Edward 
Wright, I doubt not that our united efforts “ will find the heartiest approval among all 
intellectual men and children of the magnetic science.” 

“The year 1600,” observes the English historian Henry Hallam, *• was the first in which 
England produced a remarkable work in Physical Science ; but this was one sufficient to raise a 
lasting reputation for its author. Gilbert, a physician, in bis treatise on the Magnet, not only 
collected all the knowledge which others possessed on the subject, but became at once the 
father of experimental philosophy in this island ; and, by a singular felicity and acuteness of 
genius, the founder of theories, which have been revived after a lapse of ages, and are almost 
received into the creed of Science. . . . Gilbert was one of the earliest Copemicans—at least as 
to the rotation of the earth—and, with his usual sagacity, inferred, before the invention of the 
telescope, that there are a multitude of fixed stars beyond the reach of our vision.” 

While Dr. Whewell observes that “ Gilbert’s work contains all the fundamental facts of the 
science, so fully examined, indeed, that even at this day we have very little to add to them,” Dr. 
Thomas Thomson says that De Magnete “ is one of the finest examples of inductive philosophy 
that has ever been presented to the world.” Poggendorff, from whose “ Geschichte der 
Physik ” (page 286) this is extracted, calls Gilbert “ the Galileo of Magnetism.” By Dr. Priestley 
be was named “ the father of modern electricity.*’ 

In an article written not long since, Mr. Conrad W. Ceoke, of London, notes the high 
opinion of Gilbert’s work entertained—more particularly by Nathaniel Carpenter, William 
Barlowe, Francis Bacon, Galileo, aud Humboldt, and he adds : “ There is abundant testimony 
extant that this De Magnete of Gilbert’s produced a profound sensation, not only in this 
coontry bat throughout the then civilized world ; and it is a singularly curious fact that the 
brilliancy of a reputation so great and so original should have been allowed io subsequent 
generations to have been lost sight of.”— Preface. 

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Gruner’s Italian Frescoes. An almost unique copy, 

all the frescoes coloured by hand, atlas folio, red mor. extra, by 

Bedford , in a leather case, £90. 1854 

This magnificent work is no less valuable to the Architect than to the 
Painter, It does not profess (says the Quarterly Review in an elaborate 
article) to exhibit fresh decorative painting in that highest walk chosen by 
Michael Angelo and Raffaelle (except as a handmaid), but as a purely decora¬ 
tive Art and subservient to Architecture . Owing its very existence to the 
exigencies of the sovereign art, and deriving its appropriate locality, scale and 
effect from the edifice, it no less assists tne Architecture , in return, by its 
arabesques and other tasteful accessories. 


%• The progressive number of the Plates is to be found at the bottom in the centre of each Plate, 


Cortile of San Damaso in the Vati¬ 
can, by Raphael and his School. 

1. 1. Perspective View of the First Loggia. 

2. 2. Section of Part ef the same. 

3. 2 a. Raphael's Loggia in the Vatican. 

4. 3. Perspective View of the third Loggia. 

5. 4. Details of the Pavement. 

6. 5. Elevation, Section, and Architectural 

Details of the whole Loggiato. 

Villa Madama, by Raphael, Giulio 
’ Romano, and Giovanni da Udine. 

7. 6. Plan, View, and Section of the House 

and Gardens. 

8. 7. Longitudinal Section of the Loggia. 

9. 8. Decoration of the Dome A. 

11. 9,10. Decorations of the Arched Ceilings. 

12. 11. Details of the Decorations of the Ves¬ 

tibule B, and of the Walls. 

13. 12. Details of the Paintings on the Arched 

Ceilings C and D, and the Mosaics of 
Hie Fountain f. 

Various Palaces. 

14. 13. Ceiling in the Villa Poniatowski. 

15. 14. Ceiling and Frieze in the Vestibule 

of the Palazzo Montalto. 

16. 15. Ceilings and Details in the Vestibule 

of the Palazzo Alderi. 

Palazzo Famesina, by Baldassare 
Peruzzi, Raphael, and Sebastian 
del Piombo. 

17. 16. Front and Flank Views. 

18. 17. Plans and Details. 

19. 17 a. Loggia of Psyche, in the Palazzo 


20. 18. Paintings of the Ceiling A. 

Villa Lante. Giulio Romano. 

21. 22. 19, 20. Decorations of the Arched 

Ceilings and Frieze. 

23. 20 a. Decorations of the Arched Ceiling 

of the Third Room. 

Palazzo dol T, in Mantua, by Giulio 
Romano and his School. 

24. 21. Plan, Elevations, and Details. 

25. 22. Decorations of the Hall of David. 

26. 23. The Casino and Terra Cottas. 

Ducal Paleco in Mantua, by Giulio 
Romano and his School. 

27. 24. Decorations of the Uffizio della Scal- 


29 26 } Galleria de' Marmi. 

30. 27. Arabesques and coloured Stuccoes of 
the Giardino Pensile. 

31 27 a. Decorations of a Small Loggia over¬ 

looking the Giardino Pensile. 

32. 28. Le Camere di S. Paolo, in Parma. 

By Correggio. 

33. 29. Palazzo M&rtincngo, in Brescia. By 


34. 30. Decorations of various Ceilings. 

Castle of St. Angelo at Rome. 

35. 31. Bath-Room of Pope Clement VII. 

By Giulio Romano. 


The Certosa, near Pavia, by Ambro- 
gio da Fossano, Bramantino, and 
Bernardino Luini. 

36. I. Exterior of the Church. 

37. II. Interior of the Church. 

38. III. The principal Front of the Vestibule. 

39. IV. North Front of the Vestibule. 

40. V. South Front of the Vestibule. 

41. V a. Spandrils and their Soffits, from the 

42. VI. The Ceiling of the Vestibule, with 

43. VII. The Groined Ceiling of the Church. 

44. Vin. Decorations of the Groined Ceiling 
in the side Chapels. 

45. IX. Mural Decorations of the Transept. 

46. X. Details of the Decorations. 

47. XI. The Monastcro Maggiore at Milan. 
By Bernardino Luini. 

48. XII. Libreria of the Cathedral of Siena. 
By Pinturiccliio. 

49. XIII. The Groined Ceiling of the Choir in 
St*. Maria del Popolo, in Rome. By Pin- 

Cathedral of St. Cocilia, at Alby* 

50. XIV. Paintings of one of the Compart^ 
raents of the Groined Ceiling. School oi 
Ambrogio da Fossano. 

Villa Belcaro, near Siena. 

51. XV. The Chapel, built and painted by 
Balthazar Peruzzi. 

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Miscellaneous books 


Published under the patronage of H.M.’s Government. 

Gruner’s Specimens of Ornamental Art; 

Selected from the best Models of the Classical Epochs 
(Raphael, &c.), atlas folio, 80 very large plates , most of which 
are most splendidly executed in gold and colours, with a 
4to. yoI. of Descriptions (pub. at £12. 12s in cloth), 2 vols. 
new hf. morocco , gilt edges , £6. 10s 1850 

The work has now become very scarce, and is in general request as the best BOOK of 
CLASSICAL ORNAMENT. Copies hare sold at sales for £14. 14s and upwards. 

A mors magnificent volume than the above has never been produced in any country. 
It is difficult to conceive the gorgeous yet harmonious effect of the colours, which could only 
have been produced by the Lxth^chrvmatographic process. The plates are of a very large 
size, and present some of the most tasteful specimens of Decorative Art of every description by the 
greatest Masters, including Raphael. Giulio Romano, Primaticcio, Holbein, Giotto, &c. 



1. Doors of the Classical Orders. 

2. Mode of Constructing the Curves of some 
of the Etruscan Vases. 

3. Bronze Candelabrum. Museum of Naples 

4. Two Bronze Candelabra. Same Museum. 

5. Richly Chased Arms. XV and XVI 
Centuries. Historical Musenm, Dresden. 

6. Cup designed by Holbein for Henry VIH. 
British Museum. 

7. Bookbinding, XVI Century. From the 

8. Flowers from Nature, ornamentally ar¬ 

9. Hawthorn in Flower and Frnit, from 

10. Convolvulus and French Bean, from 

11. Part of a Frieze, XVI Century. 

12. Capital of a Pilaster, from the Temple of 
Mars the Avenger, at Rome. 

13. Greek Frieze in Terra Cotta, from the 
Collection of the Cavaliere Caropana, at 

14. Two Friezes in TerraCotta, from the same 

15. Part of an Ancient Pilaster in the Villa 
Medici at Rome. 

16. Ancient Car or Biga, from the Vatican. 

17. Part of an Ancient Column, ditto. 

18. Frieze by Andrea del Monte Sansovino, 
XVI Century. 

19. Festoon by the same. 

20. Tarsia or Inlaid Wood, by Fra Giovanni, 
XV Cent S. Maria in Organo, Verona. 

21. Inlaid Wood, by the same. 

22. Inlaid Wood, by the same. 

23. Inlaid Wood, by the same. 

24. Inlaid Wood, by the same. 

25. Inlaid Wood, by the same. 

26. Inlaid Wood, XV Century. 8. Ambrogio, 

27. Ancient Roman Tessclated Pavement, 

28. Tesselated Pavements from the earliest 
Christian Churches, Rome. 

29. Parts of Two Pavements in “Terraizo 
Vencziano,” Palazzo del T. Mantua. 


30. Arrangement of the Paintings in the 
House of the Second Fountain. 

31. Portion of the same. 

32. Column from a Wall-Painting. 

33. Portion of a mural Painting in the Casa 
do’ Bronzi. 

34. Frieze with Children, from a similar painting. 

35. Painted Wall in the House of the 

36. Mosaic Fountain in the Honse of Mednsa 


37. Mosaic Lunette above the High Altar 
of St. Clemente. Rome, XII Century. 

38. Mosaic Lunette in St. John Lateran, by 
Jacobo della Turreta, XIII Century. 

39. Mosaic Arabesks by Jacobo della Turreta, 
in the same Church. 

40. Painted Details of Lower Chnrch of San 
Francisco, Assisi. 

41. Painted Pillar and Ribs by Giotto, Assisi. 

42. Painted Frieze and Zocle, Assisi. 

43. Painted Wall Hangings. 

44. Details of Church of St. Andrea, Vercelli. 

45. Borders from the same. 

46. Ditto, in outline. 

47. Paintings in the Chnrch of St Anas¬ 

tasia, Verona. 

48. Details of Paintings, plate II. 

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CUNNINGHAM (Sir Alexander) Coins of the Indo-Sky thians: Sakas 
and Kushana, 5 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. map, 27 plates of Coins, alphabets , etc.; 
cloth, 80s 1893 

This is a collection of six papers printed in tbe Numismatic Chronicle, but here reduced to a 
whole in order to facilitate the attentive study which they demand. Their combination forma the 
most serious and important contribution yet made to the history of the dynasties that ruled in the 
countries between fersia and Sind during a few centuries before and after the Christian era. 
The art in the coins, and much of tbe lettering, is borrowed from the Greek kingdom of Bactria, 
was declining when the Scythian invasions began. 

EVANS, COINS OF THE ANCIENT BRITONS, arranged nnd described 
by John Evans, d.c.l., ll.d.,, f.b.s., f.g.s., President of the Society of 
Antiquaries, and of the Numismatic Society, etc.; with the Supplement, one 
stout volume, 8vo. map and numerous plates and woodcuts by Fairholt and 
Sellier, Roxburghe , scarce 1864-90 

-The Supplement separately, entitled: 

THE COINS OF THE ANCIENT BRITONS, by John Evans, 8vo. map 
of England and Wales, showing the Localities where ancient British inscribed 
Coins have been found, all dating from the first century after Christ, 10 
engraved plates and some woodcuts, cloth, 12# 1890 

This Supplement will be bought by all who possess Dr. Evans's original work, u The Coins 
of the Ancient Britons,” 1 vol. 1864, now out of print 

“THE HORSEMEN” OF TARENTUM: a Contribution towards the 
Numismatic History of Great Greece, by Arthur J. Evans, 8vo. cloth, 
12 s 6d 1889 

EVANS (A. J.) Syracusan Medallions, in the light of recent finds, 8vo. 
xvi and 216 pp . and 10 plates , cloth , £i. 1# 1892 

Includes an Essay on some new Artists* signatures on Sicilian Coins. 

KENYON. THE GOLD COINS OF ENGLAND, arranged and described 
by R. Ll. KENYON, Editor of the second edition of “ Hawkins's Silver 
Coins of England ,” 1 vol. demy 8vo., 218 pp ., and 24 plates, engraved by 
F. J. Lees, Member of the Numismatic Society, Roxburghe, gilt top , 24# 1883 

This work contains a complete account of the English current gold coins, from the earliest 
Saxon times to the present reign, with 200 illustrations, and includes a description of gold coins 
attributed to the first half of the seventh century. It is uniform with the second edition of 
“ Hawkins’s Silver Coins,” and it is hoped that the light which an examination of the gold coins 
throws upon the proper appropriation of the silver, as for instance in the reigns of Henry V and 
VI and of Edward V, together with the information about the history of the coinage which this 
volume contains, may make it acceptable to collectors, even though their cabinets may not 
contain a great number of gold coins. 

HAWKINS’ SILVER COINS OF ENGLAND arranged and described, 
with remarks on British Money, previous to the Saxon Dynasties, 
by E. Hawkins, Keeper of Coins and Antiquities in the British 
Museum, third edition, revised and enlarged by R. Ll. Kenyon, Esq. 
thick 8vo. viii and 508 pp., 55 plates containing figures of about 650 Coins, 
by F. W. Fairholt and F. J. Lees, Roxburghe, 3G# 1887 

“ A third edition having been called for. the text has been carefully revised, and the coins 
found and published during the last ten years have been described in their proper places. Several 
additions have been made to the lists of the mints before tbe Conquest, and some additions aud 
alterations have been made throughout the work. But the most important alteration has been 
in the reign of Edward III, where it is shown that all the coins hitherto attributed to him were 
strnck subsequently to 1361, and that those struck before, during, and after the Treaty of 
Brctigny may be distinguished by the titles inscribed on them ; in accordance with the arrange¬ 
ment adopted by the editor in his book on English Gold Coins. This will clear the way for n 
more satisfactory arrangement than has hitherto been possible of the coins which hare 
been attributed to Edward I and II, but some of w'hich must now' be given to the first half of 
Edward Hi’s reign ; but such a redistribution can only be made after careful examination of n 
very large number of these coins, and for such examination the editor has lately had neither 
time nor opportunity.”— Preface io the Third Edition . 

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N umismatics— continued. 

LANE-POOLE, Some private collections of Mohammadan Coins, and 
other Essays in Oriental Numismatics, thibd series, by Stanley 
Lane-Poole, Author of the Catalogues of Oriental and Indian Coins in 
the British Museum and iu the Bodleian Library; the Art of the Saracens 
in Egypt; the History of the Moors iu Spain; the Life of Viscount 
Stratford de Redcliffe, k.g. ; etc. etc. with a Synoptic Table of Mohammadan 
Dynasties, A Table of the Successors of the Seljuks in Asia Minor, and 
two Autotype Plates of Coins, 1 vol. 8vo. cloth , £1. Is London, 1892 
Only 21 numbered copies printed. 

“The following essays in Oriental Numismatics are reprinted, like the two previous series, 
from the transactions of learned Societies. All those included in the present volume originally 
appeared in the Numismatic Chronicle during the past thirteen years, with the exception of the 
notice of the Successors of the Seljuks, which was first published in the Journal of the Royal 
Asiatic Society, vol. xiv. The majority treat of the Private Cabinets of various Collectors who 
have been good enough to place their Coins at my service, for the purpose of compiling the 
corpus of Mohammadan coin-inscriptions which I have for several years been preparing for the 
Oxford Clarendon Press, and which is fully described in the first article in this volume. The 
catalogue of the late Rogers Bey’s Khalifate coins was compiled by their owner, and I am only 
responsible for its revision for the press. Collectors will find the table of Mohammadan 
Dynasties at the end of the volume a useful aid in their study of the complicated succession of 
Oriental princes.”—S. L.-P., Athenamm Club, September loth , 1892. 

LEAKE'S NUMISMATA HELLENIC A, with Supplement and Appendix, 
completing a descriptive Catalogue of Twelve Thousand Greek Coins, 
with Notes Geographical and Historical, Map and Index, 4to. out of 
print 1856 

-the SUPPLEMENT, separately, 4to. 189 pp. and key plate to size 

of Coins, cloth, 10s . 1859 

Tin and Bronze Coinage and Patterns for Coins of England, from the Reign 
of Elizabeth to that of Her present Majesty, royal 8vo. numerous woodcuts of 
Groats, Pennies, Halfpennies and Farthings, 10s Qd 1893 

NUMISMATICS (GREEK): A Numismatic Commentary on PAUSANIAS, 
by Percy Gardner and Imhoof Blumer, 8vo. with SO plates comprising near 
300 Greek Coins, cloth, 15s 1885-87 

A valuable companion to every edition of Pansanias, and a Supplement to the works of 
Leake and Mionnet. 

RUDING. Annals of the Coinage of Great Britain and its Dependencies. 
By the Rev. Rogers Ruding. Third [and best] edition, 3 vols. 4to. with an 
immense number of engravings; calf \ £5. 5s 1810 

This, the great standard work on British Coins, has now become veiy scarce. 

Ireland, etc., in detached pieces. Seven works in one volume, imperial 4to. 
about 70 plates and vignettes with text, hf bd. russia, £3. 16s 1762-69 

List of Contexts : 

I. Gold Com and Coinage of England, 

from Henry III to the present time. 
9 plates 1763 

II. Silver Coin and Coinage of England. 

from the Conquest to the present time. 
19 plates 1762 

III. Copper Coin and Coinage of England 

including Town Pieces and Tradesmen’s 
Tokens. 10 plates 1766 

IV. Silver Coin and Coinage of Scotland, 

from Alexander I to the Union of the two 
Kingdoms. To which is added Four Plates 
of the Gold Billon and Copper Coins of that 
Kingdom. 10 plates 1774 

V. Gold, Silver, etc. Coins struck in France 

by English Princes.—Coins struck by the 
East India Company.—Coins struck in the 
West India Colonies, and in the Isle of 
Man. - Pattern Pieces for Gold and Silver 
English Coins.—Gold Nobles struck abroad 
in Imitation of English, and Counterfeit 
Sterlings. 11 plates 1769 

VI. Irish Coins in Silver and Copper, 
before and from the Conquest to the present 
Reign, being a Supplement (with great 
Additions) to Simon’s Irish Coins. 3 plates 

VII. Origin, Nature and Us* of Jettons 
or Counters, especially those called Black 
Money and Abbey Pieces, and the Manner 
of Reckoning with them. 6 plates 1769 

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Monograph of the Tetraonin®, 

or GROUSE FAMILY, 5 parts iQ 4, forming 1 vol. complete, imperial 
folio, 27 coloured plates, Ids. £8. 10* New York 1864-66 

-the same, 1 vol. imperial folio, vellum, gold borders, gilt edges , £9. 10* 


A necessary work for the ornithologist and sportsman alike. Eyton’s copy sold 
for £23. 

Monograph of the Phasianidae, 

or FAMILY of the PHEASANTS, 2 vols. in G parts, imperial folio, 84 

coloured plates , boards, rare, £55 * 1870-72 

-the same, 2 vols. imperial folio, splendid copy in green morocco super extra, 

sides and back richly gilt, gilt edges, £60 1870-72 

Monograph of the Paradiseidae, 

or BIRDS of PARADISE, in 7 parts, imperial folio, 37 coloured plates , 
unbound , £11 1873 

-the same, half red morocco, uncut, £12. 10* 1873 

Eyton’s copy sold for £21. 

Monograph of the Bucerotida3, 

or FAMILY of the HORNBILLS, 10 parts, forming 1 vol. imperial 
4to. 69 coloured plates, and 2 of Generic Characters, with text (pub. 
£11. 11*), £8. 8s 1877-82 

-the same, imperial 4to. half morocco, gilt top, £9- 9* 1877-82 

-the same, large paper, imperial folio, £21 1877-82 

Only 25 copies were printed on Large Paper. 

This work contains illustrations of all the known species of the Family ; the small 
paper issue is uniform with Tcmminck’s Planches Coloriecs, Sclatcr and Slavin’s Exotic 
Ornithology, etc., the Large Paper with the Author’s works in folio, and Gould’s works. 

“ The very peculiar appearance of the majority of the birds contained in this volume, 
as well as the extraordinary habits and structure common to all, which make them to differ 
from other feathered creatures, together with the generally meagre accounts of many of the 
species, only to be met with by searching numerous publications, were the chief reasons 
that induced me to select this family as the subject of my fifth illustrated monograph. 

“ The drawings, the happy results of Mr. Kculeman’s talented pencil, most character¬ 
istically depict the strange forms and attitudes of these curious birds.”— Preface. 

The Birds of North America (the new and heretofore 

unfigured Species of), 2 vols. in 1, impl. folio, 72 coloured plates, superbly 
bound in red morocco extra, elaborately tooled , gilt edges, the plates mounted 
on guards throughout, £40 New Ywk, 1866-9 

Elliot (D. G.) The Felidae, or family of the cats, 

11 parts forming one vol. impl. folio, 49 superbly coloured plates of Lions, 
Tigers, Leopards, etc. (subscription price £27. 10«), hf morocco, uncut, £24 


The graceful forms and beautifully coloured dress of the living members of the Felidae 
excite the admiration of all who see them, and they afford most attractive subjects for 
pictorial representation. 

One hundred and fifty copies only were printed ; and the Drawings are erased from the 
stones, thus making it impossible to increase the edition. 

The plates of these magnificent works were drawn in the highest style of Art; those 
of the Birds of North America chiefly by the Author, those of the Pitiidae by the Author and 
W. Hart, and those of the Tetraonime, the Phasianidae and Paradiseidas by the celebrated 
Joseph Wolf and J. Smit The colouring has been effected by the best Colourists of London. 

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cum Indice per Einsch, 3 vols. in 1, roy. 8vo. Vol. I,pp. 513, II, pp. 232 
(all published ), Index, pp. 12, gilt, £2. 2s 1850-05 

-the Index, sold separately, 5s 

BUTLER (Capt. E. A.) Catalogue of the Birds of Sind, Cutch, Ka’lhia’wa'r, 
North Gujara’t, and Mount A boo, 8vo. sd. Is Bombay , 1879 

u These references have been confined as much as possible to Jerdon’s Birds of India, 
Mr. Home's Raptores and Stray Feathers, works which all who take an interest in the 
subject shonld be in possession of.”— Author. 

Butleb. Catalogue of the Birds of the southern portion of the Bombay Presi¬ 
dency, 8vo. map of the bekkan and 8. M. Country , sd. Is Bombay, 1880 

This Catalogue describes 1005 species of Birds, 426 of which are known, up to date 
for certain to occur within the stated region. The rest are such as hare been procured in 
other parts of the Malabar coast. The work is arranged on the plan of Jerdon's Birds of 

general de planches peintes d’Oiseaux, pour servir de suite et de 
COMPLEMENT aux planches Enluminees de BUFFON et aux planches 
colorizes de TEMMINCK et LAUGtER do Chartrouse, avec texte, 
figures par PREYOT et OUDARD, 12 parts complete, LARGE PAPER, 
impl. folio, £4. Paris , 1845-49 

This beautiful work, now out of print, and very scarce, forms a “ Complement ” to 
BufFon’8 Planches Enlumin6es and Temminck and Laugier’s Planches Colorizes. The 
plates, from the pencil of M. Oudard, are beautifully executed. The new work, “Exotic 
Ornithology,'* by Messrs. Sclater and Salvin, now complete, forms a suite to the “ Icono¬ 
graphies Those who possess the works of Buffon or Temminck, and all subscribers to 
the “ Exotic Ornithology *' should also have this fine work of Des Murs. 

EYTON’S OSTEOLOGIA AVIUM; or, a Sketch of the Osteology of 
Bibds, by T. C. Eyton, f.g.s., f.l.s. Complete with all the Supplements 
in 1 vol. 4to. 185 plates and descriptive letterpress , an important Ornitho¬ 
logical Work ( j published at £ 10 . Is in parts), now offered , half bound morocco , 
for £2. 2s 1867-75 

GRAY (G. R.) The Genera of Birds, comprising their generic characters, a 
notice of the habits of each Genus, and an extensive list of Species referred 
to their several Genera, 3 vols. folio, with Appendix and Index, illustrated 
by about 350 superb plates , the Birds fully coloured, details of structure 
plain, by D. W. MITCHELL, hf morocco, £18. 1844-49 

Plain Song Society: 

I. “The Musical Notation of the Middle Ages,” 1 vol. folio, with 20 

facsimiles, red cloth , rare, £2. 10s 1890 

II. “ Songs and Madrigals by English Composers of the Fifteenth 

Century’,” issued by The Plain Song and Mediaeval Music Society, 
Subscription price, 21a 1891 

III. “ Graduale Sarisburiense,” issued in 2 parts, folio, £4. 1892-93 

“Mr. Bernard Quaritch sends us a collection of songs and madrigals of the fifteenth century 

which should be welcomed by musical students. The work begins with a critical analysis on the 
music by Dr. H. W. Pearce, containing much valuable and interesting information on the 
different forms of old English compositions which will prove helpful to the right understanding 
of them. There is further a learned description of the original MSS. by Mr. A. Hughes-Hughes. 
The songs and madrigals themselves are charmingly quajnt, and strike upon the ear educated to 
modern music with a strange bnt refreshing simplicity. Perhaps the most noticeable example of 
the songs is 4 In May that lusty season,’ by Thomas Farthing. The accompaniments are ably 
furnished by Dr. U. W. Pearce. The second part of the volume consists of six madrigals and 

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an instrumental piece by Henry VIII. The original notation of the compositions is given, as 
well as a compressed score for the use of pianists. With one exception—* The farther I go/ by 
William Newark—they are written in three-part counterpoint The progression of consecutive 
fifths and sevenths occurs many times in this music ; but, as the introduction wisely points oat, 
these seeming errors serve bat ‘ to illustrate the experimental nature of the early Polyphonic 
School.’ We cannot resist giving here a quaint remark made by Thomas Morley on the 
madrigals of his day :—* As for the musick it is, next unto that of the Motet, the most artificial, 
and to men of understanding the most delightfull.’ The book before us contains also facsimiles 
of the MSS. of the madrigals, with a very necessary explanation of the value of notes in the 
ligatures.”—Saturday Review , January 9th, 1892. 

Ray Society, for the publication of works on Natural History. 
A complete set of the works issued since its foundation in 1844, down to 
1893 inclusive, consisting of 45 vols. iu 8vo. cloth , and 24 forming 16 in 
folio 1845-95 

The following is a detailed list of the works, with the prices at which they are sold separately: 

A. The 8vo. Series. 

1 Reports on the Progress of Zoology and 

Botany, 2s 1845 

2 Stebnstrup on the Alternations of Genera¬ 

tions, 3 plates , 5s 1845 

3 Memorials of John Ray, 2s 1846 

4 Reports and Papers on Botany, plates 


5 Mbyen, Botanical Geography, 4s 1846 

6 Reports on Zoology, 5s 1847 

7 Okbn, Elements of rhysiophilosophy, 5s 


8 Correspondence of John Ray, port. 

9 Agassiz, Catalogue of Books, etc. on 

Zoology and Geology, 4 vols. (sells £4.) 


10 Reports and Papers on Botany, by 

Henfrey, 2s 1849 

1 1 Baird on British Entomoetraca, 36 plates , 

rare, 20s 1850 

12 Darwin, Monograph of Cirripedin, 2 vols. 

with 40 plates, £2. 1851-54 

13 Leighton on Angiocarpous Lichens, 30 

coloured plates 1851 

14 Botanical and Physiological Memoirs, 

with 6 coloured plates, 7s 6d 

15 Hofmeister on the Higher Cryptogamia, 

65 plater, 20s 1862 

16 Bowerbank on the British Spongidre, 

4 vols. over 150 plates, £3. 1864-86 

17 Douglas and Scott’s British Hcmiptera, 

Vol. I.: Hemiptera-Heteroptera, 21 plates, 
10 s 

18 Brown (Robt.) Miscellaneous Botanical 

Works, 2 vols. with Atlas, 15s 1866-67 

19 Masters’ Vegetable Teratology, numerous 

cuts, £2. 10s 1869 

20 Lubbock’s (Sir J.) Monograph of the 

Collembola and Thysanura, 78 plates, 
many coloured, cloth, \0s 1873 

21 Buckton (Geo. Bowdler) Monograph of the 

British Aphides (Plant-Lice), 4 vols. with 
86 coloured plates, £3. 15s 1876-82 

22 Brady (G. Stewardson) Monograph of the 

free and semi-parasitic Copepoda of the 
British Islands, 3 vols. 8vo. plates, cloth, 
£2. 10 s 1878-80 

23 Cameron (Peter) Monograph of the British 

Phytophagous Hymenoptera, 4 vols. 84 
plates, those qf Caterpillars coloured, 
£3. 16s 1881-92 

23* Buckler (William) the Larva of the 
British Butterflies and Moths, edited by 

H. Stainton, 6 vols. 8vo. 105 ooXowred 
plates, each having several figures, doth , 
£5. 10s 1885-95 

B. The Folio Series. 

24 Burmeistbr on the Organization of Trilo- 

bites, by P. Bell and Forbes, 6 plates, ids. 

I 6s 1846 

25 Forbes (Prof.) Monograph of the British 

Naked-Eyed Medusa, 13 platss , portly 
coloured (published at £1. Is), bds . 5s 1848 

26 Alder and Hancock’s Monograph of the 

British Nudibranchiate Molllsca. 
complete in 7 parts, forming 2 vols. folio, 
82 plates , most of them beautifully 
coloured 1845-55 

27 Allman (G. J.) Fresh Water Polysoa, 11 

coloured plates, scarce, 30s 

28 Williamson’s Recent Foraminifera, 7 

plates, 9 s 1857 

29 Huxley’s Oceanic Hydroioa, 12 plates , 

7s 6d 

; 30 Blackwall’s Spiders of Great Britain and 
Ireland, 2 parts forming 1 vol. impL 4to. 
29 finely coloured plates, containing a 
i large number qf figures , £4. 10s 1861-64 

31 Carpenter’s Foraminifera, 22 plates, 30s 

I 1862 

32 GCnther’s Reptiles of British India, 26 

fine plates, 20s 1864 

33 Flower’s Recent Memoirs on the Cetacea, 

by Eschricht, Reinhardt, and Lillejeborg 
6 plates, 7s 1866 

34 Nitzsoh’s Pterylography, translated from 

the German, edited by P. L. Sdater, 10 
plates, 7s 6d 

35 Parker on the Structure and Development 

of the Shoulder-girdle and Sternum In 
Vertebrata, 30 coloured plates, 10s 1868 

36 Brown’s Miscellaneous Botanical Works, 

Vol. Ill, being the Atlas qf 39 plates 

37 Allman (Geo. Jas.) Monograph of the 

Gymnoblastic or Tnbularian Hydroids. 
2 parts forming 1 vol. 23 plates, including 
numerous coloured and plain figures . 
£2. 2s 1871-72 

38 McIntosh’s Monograph of the British 

Annelids, I: the Nemrrteans, in 2 parts, 
23 plates, some finely coloured, 17s 6<2 1873 

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Now in Preparation 

Quaritch's Facsimiles 


Illuminated Manuscripts 


Remarkable Examples of Binding 


n continuation of the volume published in 1889-91 



n the same size and style as the British Museum 
Facsimiles of Illuminated MSS. recently issued 

his New Series will consist oj 10 parts, with 100 
/lustrations in gold and colours ; price per part 25s 

' Any gentleman preferring to prepay for the complete set of 
parts, may secure the entire New Series for the sum (instead of 

2 . 10 s) of .£ 10 . 1 os 

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Quaritch’s Facsimiles from Illuminated Manuscripts, &c. 

Part I, Price 25s, will contain 


Rabani Mauri Commentarius in Matthaei Evan- 
gelium, a MS. of the Eleventh Century 


sance style, from a sixteenth-century Armenian 
MS. of the Gospels; executed for a Monastery 
at Caesarea in Cappadocia 

4. BIBLIA LATINA, Sec. XI. An ornamental page 

with a Miniature. German work 

5. BIBLIA LATINA, Sec. XIV. The first page of 

Genesis with Miniatures. Italian Work, A.D. 


LILLE-ADAM. A page from a French MS. on 
vellum, executed about 1460 

7. LIVRE D’HEURES, Sec. XV. A page from a MS. 

of Flemish work, executed about 1460-70; from 
the Henriquez de Castro collection 


pages from a Flemish MS., executed about 1490- 
95; lately in the Henriquez de Castro collection; 

9. LIVRE D’HEURES. A page from a French MS. 

on vellum, executed probably in Paris about 1490, 
lavishly adorned in gold 

10. KURAN. The ornamental heading of a Sur; 
from a grand Arabic MS. executed in Egyj 
about 1490 


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:ed by CjOCK^Ic