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AMARA 1996-9" 

Window Tq The Work. 








Bosnia and 

Cape Verde 







Central African 





Czech Republic 









Republique Tcheque Danemark 
Ethiopia Fiji 









Korea, North 

Coree du Nord 








1 1 














Coree du Sud 





Burma (Myanmar) 

Burma (Myanmar) 














Ivory Coast 


Cdte d'lvoire 








Costa Rica 

Costa Rica 
El Salvador 

Hong Kong 





Croat ie 

Equatorial Guinea 



Guinee-Equatoriale Erythiree 
Germany Ghana 




1 . Must be a full moon 

2. Waiting for Godot... 

3. I'm missing the 
Smashing Pumpkins 
Concert for this? 

4. Stratford "group" 
picture, (grade 12's??!) 

5. Jeepers Creepers, 
where d' ya get 
those peepers! 

6. I thought this was 
supposed to be fun. 

1. I wear these mittens to 
bed... REALLY!!! 

2. Puuhleease don't drop me! 

3. Sleepover tonight in Room 3.05? 

4. The Daily Queen. 

5. Elmwood's poster girls. 

6. Uhh guys... who was supposed 
to be reading the map? 

7. We've got our friendship to keep 
us warm... 

8. Alicia (Elmwood '97) ... 
Harrison (Elmwood ?) 

Remember: "Never let them see the whites of your eyes"; Friday the 13th; "I bet it will be a torrential down- 
pour"; Friday therapy sessions; Kirby's cottage party; amazing chats and never forget "Die" or "Bambi"; lost in 
deliverance land; Dominican walks, Brent + Derby; hanging out at gas stations. Long live the connection. I'll 
miss our talks. Love ya, Bonny. Blink. Robert Ralpherson is just cool. Things that dent walls. ..hmmm...lL Dr. 
Peppers and unmentionable erotic thrillers. ..Smoke? Without you the aura just won't be the same. Beware of: 
pointy alien faces, cats on the road, aggressive midgets in the men's room and giant concert-goers who rest 
their arms on your chest. Together we'll destroy earth, before we're called back to Nephron-3; Jen. Manotick 
Rules! Subway will die without us and IDA just. won't be the same. I loved morning rides together and b — fests. 
Remember picing N.K + C.R up at the Sportsplex? YD rules! You should re-read that book. Cliff misses you. 
Never forget fireworks +ball game +K.M. Lets go to Caddy Shack when you get back, perhaps we can even sit 
on the patio. 'We gotta watch out for each other dude. I'll miss you, Love Shannon. Dear Butmunch- we've 
been together for years. Too many things to remember: the midget, real world, Geo, Punx, coffees, untamed 
heart, our first trip to Hull, phone calls, gutters, dirties. Top Gun, Bush, The Earl, The Well, GH, NIN, roof 
climbing. Flashes from Canada Day, Dominican, Parties, Cottages. Thanks for listening and being there. You're 
one of my best buds. A toast to all the things we've forgotten. Stay in touch. Hug a Freak, love always, Tara. 
Midknight Outcast- I mean Outspan- are you there? This Marrrroc. "Look, it says right here that you girls should 
use a Black Pen." "So, what are you going to study?" Dinner at St. Hubert's. The ewok woman at Timmy's (your 
spaceship is landing!) Universities... they suck, Kirby. Does Zepline or Thrasher remind you of anything? Never 
forget: New Year's Eve parties at Adele's, the time I fell out of the shower, KILL KYLE chant. Another Roadside 
Attraction, German class, Oktoberfest with the "non-alcoholic beer. We never took advantage of the CAR! What 
are you going to do without me to squeeze? "HEEY, HEY, HEEY , TASH!" Art buddies forever! You're the best. 
I know success will follow wherever you go! Luv ya always, Tash. Niner! Never forget the ultimate job- fashion 
photographer. Keanu fests with Bill+Ted's Excellent Adventure; Classics Club; Mrs. Doetch and her obsession 

with perfection; Mrs. M-T-J; B ly hole; the Canadian shield sucks!; Urban Slayer; dissolving artifacts made 

with play-do, photocopies of photocopies; but we WON! I confess I had a crush on Joshie and the guy in the 
plastic shirt. You better learn how to e-mail! My Will Smith dance! Samara! "Hey, no wories we're only 3 months 
past the deadline!" You were the cropping meister! "Will you accompany me to Magazines Anonymous?!" Erin stapling herself to the computer room. I'll 
love you always and forever, Kate XOXO. So much to say! Pizza Hut, our first "outing", black car, staying at my house and the interesting events, Pete 
& Vik, Oh, so good, Blondie! She's the best! Birthday celebrations, parent-less houses, movies, veg-fests, procrastinating, Canada Days, New Year's, 
Dominican... I know I'm forgetting so much, but you know! "Thanks much that's great!" Now let's see if we end up at McGill together! Luv, Helen. 8 
Years together! Remember: the scissors incident; Mrs. O'Brien's brass jug; Gr.8 English parties; parties; Point Final and my obsession with Tutankamen. 
I'll miss you so much! Love, Caroline. If Plan A doesn't work, resort to Plan B. Matty! We still have to go hunting together. Alicia. Where do I begin? 
Our super long chats, our obsession with Antonio Sabato Jr. and GH! Remember rooming together at Strats.. eating marshmallows and Wonderbars, 
Classics Conference, Archeology '96, it was a blast! So when did we become friends anyway? I'll never forget Dominican and that together we are "Head 
Idiot" and "Head Loser". Love Lexy/Dopey. Well, its been quite the interesting few years. I never thought eight years would be spent here at Elmwood. 
Anyway, I'd like to thank my family for their support and love throughout the years. To my friends, you know who you are, I can't thank you enough for 
all the memories, good times and bad times and for .sticking by me through everything! Love always, Nina. 

Nina Aggarwal 

Grad Committee 

Zenab, I hope your one year at Elm'wood "was good. I'm sure it was memorable. Good 
luck to you , whatever you're upto this year. I'll hopefully "bump into you" in Kenya- 
who knows, it's a small world. Anyway it's been great getting to know you , take care. 
Love, Nina. Ze-nab Princess Warrior! Yes- I did learn about the Marshall Plan and the 
Truman Doctrine! I think you're very brave for taking on the grad pages. Kate. 
CHICKEN!!!!!! You know, like the kind they kill with their bare hands. ..j/k... You can 
always put a smile on my face:):):):):) Roll out the red carpet for Zenab Bagha the Third! 
hee hee! Have fun next year! From Erica:) Hi there! Ooops I mean Assalamualaikum! I'm 
glad we got to know each other better in the last few months, because I found out that 
you're great and hilarious friend, but smart too. Don't forget what we always wanted to 
say... If you think about it now, you'll laugh, I still think it's funny and..., but you know...! 
Remember our walk down hill when it's warm, and remember to always carry your keys!! 
I just want to say one more thing, Thanx sooo much for trying to teach me... I only hoped 
that we would have more time,... but don't worry I'll get my lessons in the summer! Love 
Ratna. PS I'm sure your better at typing by know, and don't have to think about Quick As 
Zenab...!! I think that I can say that you are one of the nicest persons that I have ever met 
here at Elmwood. I look forward to seeing you at Carleton next year, where we will rule! 
Cjoke). Here just for you, "Where the @#!! have you been?" (smile) :) I wish you the best of 
luck for the rest of your life. Thanks for everything, I think that you're the best, Zenab, 
your quacky friend Kendra. Zenab it was so much fun to have you around. Good luck in 
university. I hope I see you again someday. Love Zhemeng. Jambo! Hi Zenab, how are 

you? Can you believe we are graduating? (I can't I'm still IMMATURE!!!) Thanx for your help at the computer lab. You 
always helped me when my brain didn't work (e.g. when I forgot how to shut down the computer ... duh!). Good luck at 
university next year, and keep in touch. Love Yasue. Just when I thought it was over, I ended up back in high school... so 
is this really it? This year was ...DIFFERENT!! New school, new country, new friends! I knew I'd miss my daily quota of 
sunlight, but I never thought I'd have BOMA withdrawal symptoms!! But through it all, my parents have been there for me. 
Thank you for your prayers and your love (and the nagging!!)-don't forget I love you. Special thanks to Mr. Main and Mrs. 
Faguy for halping me get adjusted, and to all my good friends-S.S, K.A, M.B,MJ, S.J.B, CM, A.B, J.P, S.B and Jules Mycroft 
001.5 thank you for all the good times and the lessons you've taught me. Love ya, Zenab. 

Zenab Bagha 

Samara Representative 


My math bud. No more chocolate for you. Take care next year. Love Bianca. 
Hey buddy, well we've been through tons of ups and downs! J. A Rules, always 
remember EPJAC, all the wicked parties, mall dates and the stupid people we run 
into, always remember your B-day party, "oh no they're on a cliff... is that them, 
no it can't be, get the shovel." Well it's been a great year. Love ya lots, Bonny. 
One word: CHINA, aren't you glad you drooped Math? It's been fun. Good chats 
on "Wed. in the pink bathroom. The rugged terrain, cat poo, etc. I want you to 
watch out for psycho men; they're dangerous. Don't ever go to the beach in a 
dress especially at night. Do me a favour , don't get stressed. Eat lots of chocolate 
and drink lots of coke. I love you, Shannon. Never forget when you fainted in 
Bio. "Are you having a bad period? " The time you fell off the chair in French 
class! English classes... "The projector was left on because we were conducting 
an important experiment!", the calculator making crazy sounds, Mrs. Hoy out on 
the balcony, cream explosion, your b-day party... rough terrain, pretending the car 
was stuck, Jacynte showing up with a shovel, "I was just smelling the kitty litter!", 
Kirby's cottage party, expeditions to the Bop, the time we went to Kathryn's and 
the taxi driver forced you to keep a plastic bag with you, missing your race at the 
swim meet, the weirdo swimming the back stroke in a tight blue speedo, Do- 
minican "'We were thrown into the ocean", our daily messages! As Mme. 
Millington would say. 1 11 see you at Carleton! Thanks for always listening to me 

b at Second Cup!! You're a great friend, I'll miss you. Always keep in touch. 

Luv ya, Tash. Hey dude! These last five years with you have been memorable. I remember way back when it 
first started when you and D.M. were banging pots and pans in my ears in Calabogie...and it never stopped! I'll 
always remember when you got stuck behind the couch at St. D, or when we were hiding in the B-room and 
you turned the water on; hummers, your devilish cat and your ugly dog *snort snort* who has a severe breath- 
ing problem, roUerblading (an experience deserving a whole chapter), and all the sleepovers! Bowling, crusty 
herb, rough terrain where we played that trick on your B-day! There's sooo much to say... I think... I can't 
remember? *grin* "Oh, shut up Rick! Just shut up!" Best of luck next year! From Erica :) Remember when Sally 
almost broke your arm in Gr.7, your b-day parties, rough terrain, cat litter. Erica and the herb spoon. 'We've 
shared some wicked times together and don't forget them! Caroline. 


Senior Common Room 

Bianca, I already said that! You didn't hear me! B ! And don't forget there's research involved. When I think of 

you and me at Elmwood, I think-to live away from here would be to live in hell! I guess I'll see you in Hollywood, 
and feel free to visit my mansion at any time, ' you'll be a starving artist, wearing too much eye shadow in a 
dingy cafe while I'm reaping the rewards of my 5th million dollar film. And by the way, you'll always be my Gr. 8 

hero. Sally. Te B ... Always remember our b fests, down the hill. Knock, l adjudant and Thomas Kuhn 

are key words too funny to forget. Remember when you lost my year book, Mme Seguin twice with the same 
book report, Mme. Sab.'s spazzes. Bianca, you are my favourite computer illiterate and I'll always remember your 
famous line "Guy's I'm gonna fail". Best of luck next year and who knows... we might end up at the same "U"; at 
which point we'll have to get together and chat about the good old times! XO Adele. What happened to walks 
down the hill? Slurpees and candy will remind me of you and A.D. Gr. 12 spares, "Why does she always listen? 
Poems +composing songs, totally rad. I'll miss you. Good luck. Luv you. Shannon. Wilson 13 ROCKS. Boyfriend 
talks- look who's addicted now!! Toronto- those pictures with a screw dri\'er w ill haunt you when you're famous. 
"My hair is white!!" I got picked up in an elevator. Les 4 Jeudis- 20 questions. Let's get hammered. Shalamar's 
petting game. Keg parties!! Your B-day. Choir mornings. Fashion show fans. B — fests. SHIT BOX. When y<ui are 
rich and famous remember your friends who've always believed in you! Love ya! Claire. Just one morsel, how 
about some cheese, the window, from Camp O to Elmwood. From box to beaker, tent floor plans, chats and more 
chats, Poon pad, tent fires, T.P.D.C, Tittens, Icey 3, iced tea jug, lets be frank, fatty to skinny, koons, trail mix, 
satellite, china, Dominican, New Year's, we are going to die, Doo, Obelex, Lunch at Andrea's. These are just some 
highlights of our friendship. Dude you rock, I am going to miss you, Krysta xoxo. Never forget French, 
"Are you krusty again?! ". basketball games, .swim training with BIG RED. Bojour i^a va? Sophie est sportive. Mme 
Sab, and her hypochondria, KNOCK! Anybody some Nesquit chips? "Can I see some I.D,?" Does "pussy cat " 
remind you of anything? "Es-ce-que tu est" Cedes, ..Thanks. Never throw out those wicked nune's shoes! 
Thanks for the laughs. I'll miss you, good luck and remember the HERMIT! Luv ya always, Natash, It's been 7 
interesting years. My question to you is, does IB serve a purpose- I think NOT! The IB week was pure hell- I 
know what you are going through and it ain't fun! Good luck next year. Kate. "Bianca I can't BELIEVE you don't 
have your Heart of Darkness!! French video taping at your house, Monton Rouge, crazy red marker in Mme. Sab's 
French class, Bastard, "I'm appalled" says Mrs. Faguy, It smells like Apple Sweet Bubble Gum, "Bianca I'm having 
a heart attack. "Andrea I'm not your chauffeur", MAC makeup and perfume discussions, "I've been there, done 

that, .seen that. , ". You're a b , but I still love you, Rana. PS do you want a doggy bi,scuit? Spanish buddy! Tell u.s about Spain Mme, Don't look at the 

clock! Pepe Rey, year-end picnics, Math 4G,,, China! Thanks for helping me survive! Luv, Helen, Hallo,, .Dr. Manning! Remember the Macbeth project with 
the bloody hands; your grandfather sweater; B-ball; the pu,ssy cat and the chair we painted red! You'll always be my Lady Macbeth. Love, Caroline. We 
have been through soo much these past 6 years. Sedbregh. Rideau Centre, Gatineau. coffee every Friday, breakfa,st every Saturday, The Well. New Year's, 
Florida, lunch at my, boys, Dominican, your back yard in summer, .so many memories, I don't know where to begin or end. Thank you for being 
there for me throtigh happy times and sad times. You're my best friend, and always will have a place in my heart, Andrea T. I the old uniform. 
Mishta McCabe I'lianx to my mom, dad and Matty for putting up with me and my GRUMPS. Matty-you know why? Cause you're the BE.ST. I'll never love 
anyone as much a.s 1 love you. You POOH, And Higs- who do I call when I cry? Referendum, Point Proovy- I'm walkin'.., Wednesday morning skit.s- 
FOREVER, LOVE YOU CROWD. Cra.sters, Camp "O" abyss. Thank you for always caring. So what Madame think I could start clean slated? The hardest to 
learn was the least complicated, (l.G) and by the way it's BIANCA not BIONCA. 

Bianca Brandt- 

Prefect At Large 

Bonny Butt 


Senior Common Room 
and Announcements 

Bonny, 2 years and 2 cottage parties (insane trips there and back- we can't be in 
the same car together), BAMBI!! and of course "Hey you 2 philosophers over 
there!" GAVIN! Stratford... (Grumpy's = Twilight Zone, "I think it's gonna rain"... 
"Thanks Bonny!", 3 Friday the 13ths- only us!) Infamous trip to Dominican- Bonk, 
Brent and others I won't bother with. Our much needed therapy sessions- thank 
you SO much!! Don't even try to lose touch buddy... you're the best! I love you 
always, Nina. Joey Ding-Dong wants to call you. Beware of cops, cleaning ladies 
with rags, giant moths, dingoes, swimming at 6am. and Sarah's corpse in the 
hammock. Por favor no molestar. Donde esta la fiesta? Remember to wear your 
helmet. I'm waiting for Bonny's NWO, Jen. DOMINICAN. Banana Mamas , Cuba 
Libre, Amaretto Sours and Tom Collins... need I say more? The villas, 
Andoromedea EVERY night ,151 proof... Thank you for being my airport buddy 
while we waited and waited... The wine glass stays on my night table to remind 
me of "Dominican Moments". We'll reunite soon and talk about the good old 
days over a couple of slurpees and M 's. Luv ya lots and good luck 

buddy... XO Adele. R-E-A-D- T-H-I-S- S-L-O-W-L-Y- A-N-D- L-O-U-D-L-Y! With 
enough regression therapy we'll get over this yet. Alyssa. Hey dude, got any 
paper towels? Solitaire can't satisfy your boredom forever. Rule of thumb at a new 
school; watch out for flying objects. Our trips across the bridge were fun. Many 
memories, lots of laughs, don't forget the G'S and the tricks we played on them. 
I'll miss you. Love ya. Shannon. Hey dude, remember art with Tara C, Jen, Kathryn and Katie was the best, 
trips to Kirby's cottage, twilight zone, Grumpy's, my party, Jen's party, Elgin St. diner, our room in the Domini- 
can was the best, our channel with no sound, sev, Le Bop, Heaven's, Bikini shopping , Party at the Villas, the 
towel banditos and the leaky ceiling. Take care. Keep up that sarcasm, I love it! Love Always, Tara. After- 
School Club partner! Time for another Bonk check-up. I bet it's poetry! Who knew I'd be right. Sorry for your 
inconvenient b-day present. Never psycho deer. Love Amy. Booonny! Our Finite classes (featuring Mrs. Boyd) 
were sooo much fun. You were quiet (compared to other people), but what you said was quite funny. Keep 
smiling! Love Yasue. 

Things that dent walls... books, kleenex boxes, pencils, soap, beds, erasers. Don't forget Batman, Speed (the Arm), and 
parties ! Another Roadside Attraction, wholesome family dinners, Macbeth (Joanne Whalley). The best our all-night movie 
fests! The poor guy at the video store. Can't forget the cat incident and Merlin, my best bud. Canada Day (strange). 
Stratford (stranger). This year... Robert Ralpherson, Soldier Boys (Frumpy), A&G class (we talk way too loud). Our bizarre 
personality extremes (opposite signs). 'V.K, D.D, L.N, T.R. For everything... theenggkss! You can't escape. ..Love, Nina (aka 
Pika, aka Vidal). Dude, well I guess this is finally it, never forget the wild times, Friday the 13th, Grumpy's, getting lost on 
the way to Kirby's, Hull was fun. ..peach cream and Pink Grapefruit juice the day after. Running through the waves every 
night, never leaving the room. ..wonderful hotel T.V viewing and the Elgin St. diner, it's been the best and there better be 
more. Bonny. Yo, Jen, maybe it's not such a good idea to break your fall with your head, Sally. Jen, you stinkin' martyr! 
Quotes from Happy Gilmour... you eat pieces of what for breakfast? Psycho! Remeber me screamining at the waitress? My 
shoelace broke. Simpsons sayings - Hello mother. Fun at your house; hand, that's cool. Jello has to be arade the way 
that takes forever. Art history - tell us about Architecture. Uh... A&G - 'What? Dominican - Derby and Brent. SOmeone 
call pest control, we have to get rid of the infestation of boys. Hopefully more good stuff to come. Luv ya. Steph (Borf) 
My eternal bus buddy. Thanks for being so down to earth and making me realize that I only have one life to live (don't 
know if that's good or bad yet). New Year's at your place rocked! I hope Bruce won't be too angry with the 90° ski pole. 
Dominican. . .Lm glad you came. Best of luck, Adele. PS I think I just heard round 9 million something ...and usually we 
say something when we do that. The little Jen tried to swim upstream to spawn. Elmwood was in the way, Now Jen is all 
gone...! enjoyed your trombone solo as well as your gastro-intestinal advice. We must get together and go jeans shopping 
some time. Keep up the good work, Alyssa. Dude, take it easy, party favours were great, so was that crazy tape of ours. 
Too bad we didn't find these cigars. Love Shannon. Hey, my roof climbing buddy. Is your body numb? Can you talk 
properly? Your parties rock. Our room in Dominican with soundless channels was the best! Strats, Grumpy's, make out 
point, Le Bop, Sylvie, Kirby's parties, party at my house on the hottest day of the year, Who will Die first? See you in 
detention! Heaven's, Palaces, Liders, Canada Day-you shouldn't talk to yourself. New Year's. Most of our excursions I can't 
remember. Keep partying! Love always Tara. Skiing Gr. 7- you hanging off the chair lift. The TP commandos. Skipping 
Gr.9 math to go to... the humane society? Chicken to ride. Remember these? 12 foot beaver. Le PHARE! What our mothers 
ihink. The lion and the ass. Chief pee-a-lot. Un-politically correct statements. Dog walks + yellow snow. Raisins on the 
lilack lioard during exams. The BUTT page. Fingers over his instrument. Victor- How old are these bottles? Love Klrby. 
Art, New Year's Eve when I bent your brother's ski pole into a 90° angle, my house when we had to peel you off the 

ceiling, Kate Kirby's cottage, Gen's drooping body part, Mishta Pepsi don't like that!", Adele's parties and gatherings, round 1000... Gale. Class, "Usually we say 
something, excuse me!" Bruce is calling you Jen! Watching Bzzz or Silver Bullet, The add. for Sunny D- is he interested in the mother?, the mannequin hand at Strats. 
I lianks for keeping me sane at the Wood. Good luck and keep in touch. Luv always, Tash. Hallo! "Home, Shack or Mansion?" I'll never forget our adventures at Le 
(:.nil)ou, Double Decker with the Tragically Un-hip band, "Card, what card?" "It was a great dinner, but we really have to run!" Do you need another bonk session? I 
Mill owe you aboul a million dollars for room and board. "Suzzy, would you mind backing up slightly?", "Was that Amira?". We have to have an annual Mr. Swayze, Ottis 
|iariy' l.ove Amy. Campbie! Remember sleeping with me , your first year in Stratford and all your gruesome stories. You have the best taste in movies-LOST BOYS- 
liKI'AKI A.ST CLUB!! and of course CLOTHES! I love that dress! NO I love that dress! When we're rich, we'll go .shopping together. I'm not getting married anytime .soon, 
hut I've got the dress planned out! Love, Kate. We have a, Jen. Should we go to a rave? Canada Days, weekends at your house, the roof-we won't go climbing 
again I promise. MIN. Remember, at Elmwood you always have a choice. Merlin...! love your cat, watching Pink Floyd, The Wall. Anyway you know the rest. Good 
luck, luv, Helen. Mellooo! l-'inally school is over and. ..track! Remember you were my running partner! I'm sure you'll be in the next Olympics for 12500km 
run...liee...hee! And. I'll be watching you on TV, telling everyone you were my running panner and I'm sure you'll be the first to reach the line! Go for it Jen! Love, 
Katna I ley! I'll never lorgel you as llie "super eiglilies" Jen! Kemember my wonderful arm hairs- hey ihcy keep me company when you're not around! Lu\' ya, Lexy. 


Grad Committee 



Hey Steph; hand, that's cool. Rod, Tod... You eat WHAT for 
breakfast? Make sure you read about the lion and the ass. Pull 
and peel. "We managed to remain heterosexual"- Northern 
Reflections, There's something wrong with that. 4NIK80R, Jen. 
As the physics court fool, I hope I kept you entertained. Every- 
thing you learnt about slacking off, you learnt from me. Alyssa. 
All I can say is fancy meeting you in the hall! Love always. Amy 
(Beavis). Stephalefalofogus! My little ballerina! You left us but 
you couldn't stay away for long! I STRUCK AGAIN!! The HIP 
concert was amazing, we should go to another one! Love ya, 
Kate. Oh Steph, where do I begin? How about with e-mails, 
coffee and casino! I'll never forget Bunny Ears or our talks 
about "His Majesty". Do you remember Strats.; feeding Henry or 
maybe it was Henrietta, who knows. Fellow GH watcher, so 
who do you think Brenda will choose? There have been so 
many good times and so many memories. Life doesn't always 
turn out how want it to, but as long as there are friends like you around, then its ALL 
GOOD! Always keep in touch so we can continue to party together. Love, Lexy! PS 
let's drive with the top down baby! Hello! Stephanie. You were our special classmate 
in Finite. You never came to class, but you got good marks, I wish I could do that! 
Thank you for your help in choir. Good luck in University! And come back to visit us 
someday! Love Zhemeng. 



OAC Form Captain 


Head of Fry 

B !. Trojan women. Stupid boys. She Catholic? I loved my birthday present. Mishta....Ishmish. My 

paraphernalia of house plays. The library-forever. BARB'S PARTV'-no pants! Dear. You're the best Sally. 

Love Bianca. 'Where's the w ? Is that a doo ? You put your w in there... You have got to be one of 

the funniest people on this earth... Greece? Italy '93. RETARDO couple, when that man picked his nose 
each time we went into a tunnel. Are we going to talk to Susan? Do you want to go outside?, Drama Fest. 
'97... trying to pick up something ...Natasha's office (Tuck Shop)... Jeniffer Haughton, Andrea Gilpin and 
our ridiculous pranks. Never forget the locker room, mosh pit and the TWINS. I'll miss you muchly, so 
keep in touch XO Adele. PS Remember Dominican, David, Christopher, Bip Bip and the blow torch... "stay 
in school, fool!". Remember: German class with the bucket of water incident!, Oktober Fest, English class 
when you pretended you cut your hand, or when you danced and sang in the aisle, "Heart break Hotel", 
Lock-in, Drama Fest. And the pla.stic dog, when you kicked a hole in the wall... when I broke the light in 
the Stone Corridor... " Mr. Main are you shrinking?" September Fiesta and the sombrero, FRANCE BOYS. 
Tom Collins, 'We were the nonconformist prefects. 'We've shared so much together. I know you'll go far in 
life. Luv ya alway.s, Tash. Sally- perhaps my mum should be writing this and not me!! Too many stories- 
too much information and great times in Quebec (hmm... wonder where Sal is?)... math class and play 
rehearsal- you're a crazy chick (e.g. security guard,.) but a heck of a lot of fun (hey- there's a prostitute!! )- 
Sally Crate don't ever lose your touch!! love Steph Lane. Sally, I finally have an answer; Yes I love you and I'll marry 

you! And yes, there is a wire holding the Saguenay River together. Kate. "Are you from Jamaica?" yeh 
whatever man. After school??? AFTER SCHOOL!!! Educational trips to the library... but Mrs._LI wasn't even 
in school on that day. House plays, my wild experiments in Chem. "Oh my God I have hydrochloric acid 
on my face!" Happy B-day- Valentine boy We're on Elmwood's Prayer Hall Of Fame! Remember Sally, in U. 

you have to research. DR- Oh God! Did you have on my bed? Here's 50 Pesos man, can you gimme 

some lines... Tequila Mingurana. B ! Hey Andrea, come over and have a seat... ugh... So what's new 

Andrea? ...I j-j-j-ust had 3 mental breakdowns, and there's my lover, not my boyfriend, my lover... Canada 

Day- the love chain. You're a b , but I still love you, Rana. Hey Sally! M rowing buddy! I'll never 

forget that cold snowy day when ! fell in and then the boat was lost, and you were yelling French obscenities to hear yourself echo. Don't forget 
our gothic parody, that was the best! Have fun next year! From Erica:) You de.serve everything you set out for. No love lost. Kendra. peace, love 
'97. Remember when you tried to .strangle me for singing "O Canada", the brawl in the change room because of an UNFORTLINATE misunder- 
standing, picnics in the park, sewing, September Fiesta, stuk stuk! Love ya, Caroline. You are the craziest person I have ever met. Have fun in 
Paris this summer. Love Andrea T. Sally chan, "Goooda futanoon Mrs. Boyd", you always copied me like that with the funny accent (I believe I 
don't say it like that!). I'm gonna miss you so much next year. I can't think of life without you! (I'm kidding!). Have fun at University. PS Life is 
HARD-CORE, right? Love Yasue. This year rocked in that I rocked in that I managed to keep my head above water, (at least for part of the year) 
and I got into very little trouble. Actually I broke an ancient Crate record... NO SATURDAYS! If that's not to go out and wreck havoc, then 
call me uninspired. Lastly, to all you kids out there... remember if you can't handle the time then don't pull the crime. See you all in grade 14. 

Adele! A few memories... the best party ever New Year's at Tasha's (the door open in the freezing cold, the WHOLE 
countdown), Stratford when Meera punched the bunny, German classes (when Tash/Carol threw the water, Oktoberfests)! 
The many French classes we spent together, more importantly, the parties. Your New Year's Bash, Dominican- you partied 
all the time! You've been a great buddy, we re actually out of here, ready to face whatever is out there! You rock! Love, 

Nina. Philosophy Hi! Bite my head off. Debating Team. 7-11 chicks. BRAIN FREEZE. B sessions are the best. Are you 

crust? Knock (my bandanna) I love your Diet Cokes. Me at a computer? Te B®»*! Kiihn. Adeeleee. I love you forever, you 
crust. I wanna cram philo to you next year. Bianchsh. Hey Party Animal, never forget all the parties + especially 
Dominican, it was a blast, too bad we couldn't have partied more. You're the best! Hope to see you in the summer. Oh 
yeah, Sui Sang rules. Love ya. Bonny. Come talk to me I'm very nice. New Year. IVIothball torture, your mom's cool. Yeah! 
She's all right. Your mom called, don't worry, Tash told her that you were in the bath. . ."Party" Thank you for that 6:00AM 
wake up 171 call. Jen. I'm too cool for school fool! I'm gonna miss getting beat up in the front hall. Well at least I have all 
the bruises to remember you by. Sally. 'Sup with dat? Comp.3A, Comp.OAC- our crazy tactics and screen savers, 1 still 
haven't figured out that password. I will never forget you welcoming people to Elmwood (video taping). Sev was great, 
how about the apple throwing adventure (more like attack)?The fan from Gr. 10 and the beats on the bus. Lot's of luck, 
love. Shannon. Adele, my favourite party animal, I'll never forget hanging out at the bar with you and getting thrown into 
the poll. New Year's, Canada Days, the little art room, the fan- sorry about that, taking the bus with Himmy. Adele you're a 
sweet heart, take care, love always, Tara. Father-Daughter. Math in Gr. 12. French project (Martine! Martine?) Dog day 
chauffeur. So you're going to be a carrot farmer? Hola Yula. Kirby. Stool/fan, rearranging the locker room, "non- alcoholic 
beer". You'll always be Mrs. Backet's *@$ toy!; the false arm, acid, black powder and electric blue substances, taping you 
to a desk, locking Mrs. Hoy out on the balcony, WAI tests, heart in pencil, Stratford, TWO WEEKS! $1.50, "You want some 
coffee?". Dr. Knowlton's sista CK! Dominica- Amaretto Sours, proof rum, Tom Collins, Bruce, Trips to the look-out/woods, 
Secoind Cup. It won't be the same without! Yoiu are one of my closest friends. We will always keep in touch. I'm going to 
miss my crusty A-D-E-L-E! I can't love anyone as much as my sistas! Luv ya always, Tash/Natsqui. Adele! Hallo ma belle! i 
know you love to bug me and I do confess I do love it when you bug me!! Hallowe'en Barretts. Business 4A-AKA-ART. 
Italy in Gr.9! Remember when I got yelled at by the bus driver; we got accosted by those boys and we hung out with those 
girls by the docks! Love ya, Kate. I say yo was up! Data Processing... "Mr. Campbell how do you turn the computer on?" 
"Adele can I borrow your A&G assignment... oh I see you wanted mine!, English with Mrs. Hoy, ...when you told her I was 
crying in the balcony and then locked her out... Coles notes ALWAYS come in handy. What are our chances of becoming 
professional boxers?. alway made my arms black and blue. Do you have a blue marker, an orange one? DR- "have 

you seen Rana- yeh she's with one of the locals- yeh whatever!" I'll miss our crazy time, Thursday b fests, boxing fights 

and the jokes. Love ya, Rana. Sprechen sie deutsch baby! German class will always remain immortal... stuk stuk stuk, how pleasant! Ich mochte...anywho, don't forget 
Montreal, that was the best e! I'll never forget. should I put this. ..the "rough" ride home and those freaks with the "ON" sign (ooops! That was us!) SO was 
memorable, "Mademoiselle Kirby". ..the wind and water, that was mostly water...! plastic tubes... Indian turtle. ..and you're the Turkish Huhn...Best of luck next year! From 
Erica Hey Adele, Pea soup. Robotics, Chem exp. on the floor, rats in tupperware, that stupid tape. So you say you saw a saw sew so! Stratford, all those tiiiies with A. 
H. Those days were fun. Hope you go where your dreams take you. Miss ya, love Caroline. :) Hey Delphi, brainer, history scholar and mathematician, French bud, 
Dominican forever, my lifeguarding skills put to use, Ahora, DOE condensation, meat. Did I run good?, crazy driving, Lewis Dot, 1st cup. I love you forever. Good luch 
next year! Meera. Some of the wildest moments in my life have been here at the "wood" (best institution in the world). Special thanks to the Administration for 
accepting me, putting up with me, listening to me and helping me make decisions. B.B-R., C.H., R.M., S.H. Thanks for listening and "de-stressing" with me at GRAB JAB 
and SEV...T.H, B.B, J.C, A.M, A.R., M.R., thanx for making Dominican memorable and taking care of me when I was "a little"outta control. S.C you are one of the 
funniest people I know! Thanks for teaching me Ebonics and that you gotta laugh under pressure and live life; K.McC and E.McC.I luv making fun of and bugging you 
guys; H.O, A.R, A.H, N.A, K.K, C.R. Thanks for inviting me to wicked parties and having a rockin' time with me. Last but not least are my best bud in the 
entire world. Our MANY memories (good or bad) will make me laugh and remember the good times I can't imagine life without you. Finally, thanx to everyone who's 
had anything to do with me. ..good or bad; it's been memorable. XO Adele. 

Adele Dupont 

OAC Form Captain 


Young Legumes. 
So Awake, 
So Social 

See you at the next Elmwood event, Jen. It's been a long 
hard haul but we survived with the help of Marie G., Cecil, 
Sara D., Hilary T., S.D, D.C., M.M., and all the other freaks 
and walls along the way, Alyssa. Hey Newton, you have 
to let me borrow that Einstein for idiots book, E=mc?, So 
were you awake today, common room chats on Tick and 
Biochem, she hates me now, 2 hours is not bad at all, my 
labs are in, Alyssa, your presence has definately cheered 
up physics and calc. Good Luck whatever you decide to 
do. Love always, Meera. 



Senior Common Room 
and Announcements 

I ll start with Subway (how much money did we spend?), much needed talks, parties, The Pub, 
Caddyshack (if they don't want to karaoke we can still party!). Dominican (good and the bad), IDA 
(glitter, dye, BBB!, many near-death experiences while driving to school, special coffee in special mugs, 
the Crust, hash browns from McDonald's, Stratford, early-morning drives to school before trips "That 
light was red, dad!" It's all been good... well you know what I mean. You've really been a good friend. 
Shay. We'll stay in touch for sure. Love Nina. You Fart (can't say crust) one day we'll have our poems 
published. I chill spares. Punching the arms, DRAMA HAVOC. 'Wicked you and me couch. Let's 
talk about... Why is she listening?, 7-11, girls forever, no cars, must freeze and walk. Hey is this your 
boyfriend Matt? Oh yeah, OOPS. Ben tape. What hair color today? I'll miss our chats, they were always 
so honest, calorie 2000 sucks, but I will always remember your beautiful lashes. Love Bianca. Wow it's 
been an interesting 2 years and to think of all the things that have happened... getting hit by 
carrot juice, getting hit by a shoe, snowball fight in English and to top it all Dominican and the evil G. 
Boys, I'm scarred for life, too bad I have to leave this great place!! Bonny. 1682! Blame it on the rain 
and our tape. We'll have our cigars! Jen. My long distance friend $$$. Strats ice fights... wrong way 
donut shop! Oops! I want to RACE. Countryfest - Geoff 9 & L'ncle Geoff = trouble. City Slickers, pool at 
Crazy Horse, 360, swimming in cancerous waters. My nose won't never be the same... Nicki, Nicki, nine 
doors! WAX anyone? DISCO. Loraine. Comment cards. Nicholas Raiby '@ Cotton Eyed Joe! Is that a 
baby shoe? Who's the cutie in the pet store? Hey Now Now Jean Loius Patron- ski fights and ballet. 
POUTINE. BOYS- I'm becoming a nun! Our Video! Being chased hy a guard in Dominican. ..lots of 
laughs and tears. Remember don't settle for anything but the best- GLOWING. I'll love U 4 ever, Claire. 
Thanks for the wicked chats, BBB, Mom's china, that is not good. Photography lab, tin can mi.x, 
let's try 1 min. Bloody Mary, fstops. Beasties 50c. per sheet, Cardy (the creator), Osgoode suck, English 
class/exam. Hey we're on the honor roll now. Good luck next year. Krysta xoxo. Hey Shay. There's 
just too much to talk about, and some that shouldn't be talked about. The tunes will forever remind me 
of you. The little art room, books, my party, trips to Hull, coffees at Mom's, double spares together, 
coffee down the hill, I am the cancer, boys that plague us. Demolition man, the fan, e-mail, strats, 

balloons and bathtubs, I could never forget the conversations we had, you always understood. I'll miss you, stay in touch. Love always, Tara. 
Consuela, — stain, memories of camping, a pot of spaghetti and a box full of brownies, our OWN campfire, mom's, Dominican, Fri. night 
Nicole buses, sleep-away, Ragedy-Anne and Andy, Good Luch at university and keep in touch. Love Always, Meera. Hey now, now, well 
here we are at the end. So I'll start at the beginning. ..Red Dot, Bucket of Barf, Pancho Villa, dancing in the parking lot to Right Said Fred, the 
Earl, Dyeing hair. ..or trying to, Manotick, Mom's, Caddy Shack, DOMINICAN, Boys are dumb, Cardy! He's the man forever. Poor Cardy was 
locked out of the car! Strats. Tom McCamus, Shopping, food, singing at the coffee house and Christmas assembly... rude like that! So thank you 
my friend, and when in doubt, kick her! Luv, Helen. Remember line dancing, when we wowed them all at City Slickers, waiting at school and 
making snowflakes to decorate the common room, Friday Night Skiing, Shawn our turtle, your accident with Erin, Drama Fest., free Slurpees, 
"Tony, we have to talk!" Should we sing The Rose? NO Shannon might cry! Love, Kate. My friends, this is very good business, it's finally over. 
No more waking up at 6 a.m. to truck all this way. Thanks Mum, Dad and Mikey, you've always made me laugh. Thanks A, M. G, and M for 
spicing up my life. And all the others (you know who you are), I love you all. Shannon. 


Drama Festival 

Pista Kartley. You're soy. Key 3- Koons, Tent on fire. Where's my top?... in the abyss. Too 
many accidents, hubcap going to Swiss Chalet. Cap at MSM, Rye & Gunger? Spencer bras. 
Your little 'teeps. You skating routines. Love those oatmeal cookies and your funny 
sayings. Piss Blhh. "V8. Shot gun. Fat no muscle, I mean... idiot. Window on your lips... 
can I wear your shoes all year? Stay Funny and always stay in touch. Fll miss your 
funnies. I LOVE YOU, BIANCA. Krusta Kartley- I'll keep in mind your great abstinence 
lecture from the Dominican bathroom area. Jen. We have the cutest cars! Skating stories. 
Mercury Lounge- where are they?. Your crazy sayings. Devon's- shh (wink, wink, nod 
nod). Mike Who?? Talk to the hand... Lunch at Taggart's- Let's share- can I light. Spark it!! 
Which blond? Claire. Krusta, I don't think you should look for vitamins under the seat 
i ' ^'^^^P^^^B without putting the car in park! Never forget: English classes; "We're late 'cause the 
\^ ^^^B common room door was wedged shut!"; pretending we were asleep; you hopping the 

1^ ' fence during soccer practice and stabbing your hand; following me to soccer games; your 

head movement to the song "4am at Devon's"; Bianca's surprise party with the smiley guy 
in white; my problems dumping Graeme; expedition to Andrea's before Wonderland. 
Good luck at Bishop's. Love, Tash. 

Stop letting computers stress you out. Kendra, love, peace '97. Can you draw me a 
perfect 3 please? Math class, china. Thanks for the roadkill pen. And credit to the creator 
of Cardy! What would we do without hiin? Good luck skating buddy. Love, Helen. Dude 
you're the best, let's rock! I am so glad you came to Elmwood, it wouldn't be the same 
without you! Dominican rocked. So many memories " Who the *$@! is Alice?", 
Mississauga, Suzy, Fatty's, chats, lunch at my house. There's so much, I don't know where 
to end. You are one of my best friends. Next year is going to be a blast. YAH BU. Andrea T. We make an awesome team! 
Well Krysta, the icing is made of marshmallows, Shalimars, hammered and pissed, last night in Domin, 2-headed aliens, 
awesome Halloween party, SRB mutual friends. Gofer donuts, discoes. This year has been the best. I loved being Junior 
School Liaison with you. Good Luck next year! Love Always, Meera. How can I call this reality, Hey what is this grad 
write-up? Thanks to all those who stood by me in my Elmwood decision; M.S., G.B., L.W., T.C., M&D&S. Camp O- O my 
God. B.B,R, A.H., S.P.R., R.D., etc. M.A.KM, Lit, P.P.T.P, chats, YAR, Da-Hon, Dominican, Paradise alright GSTH, 
Mi.ssisauga, I'm cut off, Coby Cleo, Sass, We look nothing alike, SKB to long to skate. KT- NC. ES- GB etc. My first gold 
medal, cerveza, tattoos, Hull vs. Ottawa / Ashbury vs. Elmwood, Indigo Girls, Iggy & Allen, Jay, Thanks for all the memo- 
ries and the laughs. Best to all of you! 'BU here I come. Rock the house, I think I'd rather walk to .school than car pool 
!*$@. idiot. Krysta. 

Krysta Hartley 

Junior School 

Claire, remember way back to that first Stratford, witli you, me, Erin and Tara, I'll never forget your "Cheerleading ' lessons and 
long blond hair. There was also the time when we "surprised" Shannon. That was the earliest birthday celebration I've ever 
been to, but the look on her face was priceless. Then we proceeded to tour the wonderful town of Manotick! You'll always be 
the person with the most stories I've ever met! Take care Claire, Love Nina (aka Beanie- I still don't know where that came 
from). DRAIWA FESTIVAL THEME. CLUB MONACO WAREHOUSE SALE. Aux 4 jeudis. Amanetto sours. That guy literally picked 
you up. Claire is that your bag on Sussex? One-way street, Poutine and dry brownie binge. CANDIDE. SIMONE DE 
BEAUVOIR. Ketchup chip diet. Your s — box, I love it. How do you wear your eye makeup? Do highlights at the salon, not in 
the hotel room. MASKEL. Bo. Banana Boat. Dominican nights at heavens. EVITA. STAY WHITE BLONDE and talkative Claire, 
All the best, love Bianca. Claire, I'm going to miss living vicariously through your veritable plethora of stories. Actually, I 
think the entire common room will miss that, Sally. Thanks for all the times you came through for Nat and me, like when 
you met us at James Street Feed Co. ... need I say more? My Riviera nest came in handy those nights. Thanks for stopping by 
and making yourself heard... we'll be eternal law class buddies. Never forget we are the master creators of Cardy! Don't forget 
me when you need expert legal advice. ..remember I'll be billing $600 an hour.. .I'll be a global corporation soon.) Thanks for 
making me laugh and good luck next year...XO Adele. P.S. Dopee says don't do drugs. Hey, now, now, Jean Loius Patron. 
G.W. and G.H. make a great pair. Maybe we should wax off that moustache. Kemptville surprises and Canada Day, call me if 
you get cancer from that water. Dancing in the back of the truck, go-carting. Country Fest., Mad Love (crawling down the 
aisle), one way streets, broken cue, ice fights, video taping, City Slickers and Ballerinas will remind me of you. Don't forget 
to look out for Lorraine at McDonalds, we both know he doesn't know the rules of the road. Love you. Miss you. Shannon 
From a bag of chips to an armed vehicle, charts and lunches at A.T., Dominican (5,6,7,8) all your stories and experiences, I 
am going to miss you. By the way, your grad date is cut from the team, he's cleared out his locker. Krysta xoxo. Hey Claire, 
my little cheerleader, we made good math and chemistry buddies. Don't forget Strats, Seven-eleven, trips down the hill, New 

Year's, Buzz Connections. Good luck Love always, Tara. Thursday b fests at Grabba Jabba; crazy art classes; Our poor pig 

Malinda; Throwing socks around in biology; the time we pretended I was deaf; Adele's apartment; Can you role me a fatty 
Claire?!; my broken finger; you twisting your neck in math class; the mannequin hand in Stratford. Thanks for everything, 
you've been a good friend and I'll miss you. Good luck and keep in touch. Love ya, Tash. Clarice, do you still have my blue 
v-necked t-shirt? Wicked job on the Drams Fest. I can't beleive I won the Picolo Grande gift Certificate- I think the draw was 
rigged. There's been a clerical error! Kate. "Wake me up before you go to school", 7a. m ring, ring. ..Claire your cat's stuck in 
my basement wall. ..7:20 ring, ring...K-laire do you want to stay for dinner, my dad made MEAT ball spaghetti?. ..7:45 a.m. 
ring, ring... cruising highways in your s — box" K-laire you're going to kill me, but I thought I saw it go out of the 
window. ..umm do you see a fire?" 8.00 ring, ring. you feel like going to school? Me neither. Let's go have... shopping and eating at Eager Beaver, who cares if we 
have an exam in an hour. 8:30 ring, ring, Claire why are you hitting on that Ottawa U. Library assistant boy?. know, the one with the receding hairline. Wliy is 
everyone honking. isn't that your bag on Sussex? 9:a.m. ring, ring. ..crazy talks in my driveway. ..BE AGGRESSIVE. Be Aggressive. 9:30 ring, ring, "Can I use your 
phone?" NO. 10:30 ring, ring. .the sun will come out tomorrow. ..I can't walk another step if my life depended on it! 11:30, so how's Queenie..any gossip?. ..let's dance 
down the bowling alley, I need Ibruprofen, an apple and peach juice. ..working at the Ex-, 1:00, ring, ring.. ."Why are you late for choir?"- I swear Mrs. O' Brien, the S — 
box broke down so we had to walk to school. 2:00, ring, ring. ..I'm comatose, come back later. ..Claire, why didn't you pick me up this morning?. ..Oh. my God we're on 
the wrong train!. ..Oh my God, we were on the right train. ..Go and take a nap on the steps. Angel's is pretty cool 3:00 p.m. ring, ring, .."No Diggity No Doubt... Do I 
have to listen to that forever till I die?. ..chatting in my sister's loft...3:20ring, ring,.. "Hello?". ..Rana, I've been calling you for hours, we're late for school." I'll miss you 
the most Claire! I love you, Rana. You have my pens and highlighter to remember me. Dol get a pencil case! Chastity and the gothic play, Dominican, silly string, 
Stratford, We stole Cardy and your not getting him back! Thanks and good luck. Luv, Helen. Clairabelle- chats, chats, chats, that's all we seem to do, on the phone in 
summer about you know what on the way to the barn, at your house etc. Going shopping for Poutine. Thanks, Alicia. You are the best. We have had fun this year; my 
house, your ccutsins, after IBs we have got to get together. Thanks for being my friend. Good luck next year. Andrea T. 

Claire Higgins 

Drama Festival 

Horan, fancy meeting you at school. I know you are busy dancing interpretively 
with musical types. Ja<ded in German? I'm not sure... but I do know how to say 
"16 yr. old and a little too interested in an 18 yr. old." Dressed to the nines, 
Horan? I know you were disappointed when you were informed that "Mud" was 
just a body guard. Tory Cox is calling you. Too bad he doesn't have any time for 
Japanese women. Keep couch dancing, Stay out of paddy wagons and clean 
those Tevas Jimmy Dean. Jen. Was a farmer who had a dog and BINGO was his 
name-o! Alyssa. Slow-mo rapture. Job hunting; Trojan women... Cassandra, give 
me your hand... English extended essays (Are you done? Oh good, me neither!); 
Cottage party; adventures in the world of fax machines; our Gatineau park 
outing: smile!; Uhhh, your dog is still smelling me. IB studying (ha ha ha); your 
dillema; Cory Coxx is here to see you! Love, Kirby. Never forget Stratford- you 
scratching the walls and sleeping with a chair in your bed. The time you thought 
Adele had an accident in her pants; Those psychotic notes I wrote; Kate's cottage 
and Tory #@$ "He doesn't have time for me with all his Chinese women!; When 
I fell out of the shower and you kept singing 1,2, 3,4. ..5, 6, 7, 8, 9...; German men in 
Dominican; men's cologne in the water gun; Math 3AE!; Beetle Juice; 
Echetera..." Andrea, the school is being evacuated!". You are the only person I 
know who sleeps with her eyes open! Thanks for putting up with me. You're 

definately someone I will never forget! Keep in touch and good luck! Luv ya always, Tash. Horski! Remember 
Business 4A or should I say art! The Science Olympics, City Slickers, ABBA at Tash's house, my visiting you in 
the middle of summer to appologize. You're such a thespian - I know I'll see you at Stratford one day! The 
Miracle worker and your sexy dress, "I'll not let you go lest thou bless me!" Talks with Nick "Religions are 
cults!" Love, Kate. We've finally made it! After sharing all those classes together and the stress! Remember 
I^ags & Dreams, or how about the Drama trip to Toronto when we decided to go to McDonalds! Drama IB, 
well was it worth it? It's been great, luv ya, Alex. 

Andrea Horan 

Speakers Program 

what can I fit...GH, Real World, phone talks, Geographie, babe movies, Canada Days, 
New Year's, driving, the Market, roofs, French classes, cottage parties (we're in the 
middle of Deliverance, why can't we just get there?), Stratford (Grumpy's), Friday the 
13ths, all the parties, all the sleepovers, Dominican, boys- you once said to me "I think, 
therefore Fm single"- how true! The unforgettable gutter! Finally legal in Ottawa! 
Acupressure and shopping, Montreal/BC, wherever we end up we will keep in touch. Fll 
always love you, Nina. Hi! my my, so much to say, there have definitely been some 
amazing times. Kirby's first party; going the wrong way on the highway, staying up all 
night at Kirby's 2nd, getting lost again + hanging out in the bathroom all a night. Your 
wicked party, it's all been so fun. ..don't forget Dominican. ..never forget the midget!! And 
we'll always have no towels because of the towel banditos. Bonny. You and me and 
Jen at break forever! Hey who's that in the cab? Ah, dude, it's Dr. Kirby. Damn. Sally. 
Sylvie is in the hood man. We must have another ladies room philosophical conversa- 
tion someday and then frolic in the ocean, then we can have a palace and go find the 
big coke and sing iVlrs. Robinson on the roof and crawl on the floor of Rideau Centre. 
Let's take a trip to Grumpy's in the 4th dimension and go deer watching. After that we'll 
just relax in a stinky room and watch some quality viewing with our plastic belt. Jen. 
This was so much fun . Let's do it again, Alyssa. It's been a long time coming. Wasn't 
exactly sure it would. Gr.lO, lots opf spares, bowling. Demolition Man, Strats., Dikeman, 
hair dye. Shopping down town, crazy outfits, JuUiana. Eddie and the Pumpkins rock my 
world. Don't even loose that tape. It's forever full of memories. Grad (learning how to 
dance), Moms (coffee), crazy friends, e.t.c. I'm gonna miss you. When in doubt, listen to 
I Am the Cancer. Luv you. Shannon. Calculus class... you shoving things in my ear, Adele and Caroline killing each 
other, Jen is belching, Alyssa is sleeping and Erica and Elizabeth are correcting Mrs. Brown. English class... "The common 
room door was wedged shut ", pretending we were asleep. Our expedition to the look-out with Sally, Adele's appartment 
balcony; New Year's Eve; Geography in Gr.9. Thanks for keeping me sane in Calculus class. Good luck. Luv ya, Tash. 
Do I still have your Bangles tape? I don't think the slide show will ever get done- it took us a year to find out we had to 
buy our own film! I'm pumped for your after-grad party- oh ya I learned a lot! Love, Kate. Roofs.... I miss that place. 
Picnics, Pizza Hut, wandering down town, the locks... oops, bus rides home, Canada Days, New Year's, boy dillenias, 
parentless weekends, tunes, movies, Tim Horton's, being extremely hungry and eating way too much! Thanks for the 
memories. Lox e, Helen. You are nicer and far different from what I thought. I wish you much success. Kendra, peace, 
love -97. 

Tara Huckvale 

1987 - 1997 
Samara Representative 

Kathryn Kirby 

Head of Keller 

Maroc, this is Midknight Outspan (aka Midknight Outcast). We actually made it through all the 
university stuff, the IB stuff, the essays and the tests! Your cottage parties have been great (we'll 
actually try to get there on time once!) Try to lay off the caffeine and the sugar for a while okay? 
You've been great through the years, good luck and try to keep in touch. Love, Nina. Gulp! 
Alkenes! Hey mom, guess who my special friend is? K.T, don't put that plastic bag over your head, 
you might die. Kate, do you remember these? Is this cashmere? Jen. Katie Kirby, you make me 
laugh. That's a good thing, trust me. You were a great house-head, probably due to your energy 
levels, but I'm not complaining. Thanks for your cottage. I admire you for your athleticism...! wish I 
had that much motivation. Anyways, good luck in whatever you do. Stepli.C. B-ball, volleyball, 
track. ..The lock-in- "Father, father...", my "like a virgin " dance; "Meera, your dad is here with a 
truck!" Your cottage party, where Andrea confessed her true feeling about Tory @$#!; my twin bro. 
Derek; Wednesday mornings; If I ever need a walker, I'll give you a call; the canoe trip... Chinese/ 
Hindu/Vietnamese torture! The spiritual leader Meera; Strange men who insisted they were fishing 
when they wanted to see you and Amy bathe; The time you saved me by catching my ear, "You 
look like a peacock in those life jackets; The weirdo from Hawaii rushing to your aid; Szechwan 
potatoes. ..gorp...smorce.. .camel's hump... portaging through Snow /Mud; "Your such a spirit Tash!", 
■'^'ours and Amy's little problem; the Berlin Wall, being forced to drip-dry! We've shared so many 
laughs together and I hope we share more! I have a lot of respect for you and know you'll be 
successful in whatever you do. With you, the sky's the limit! Always keep in touch! Luv ya, Tasli. 
Kirby Senior! First Ave, Guides, Oconto, Elmwood- are you following me? Stratford, bicycling to 
prefect meetings- my stupid broken bike. We both know that failing your driving test is the cool 
thing to do! Damn those double examiners! Kate can I borrow your Elmwood sweater? Do you want 
a drive? NO you don't want a drive? Your super cottage parties that got us into trouble 'cause we 
wanted to drive to the ski hill. And never forget the ultimate stress song- Party of Five! I'll dress up as a barn and you can be the fire 
and jump on me! Dealing with A's and B's. Love Kate. Hey there weirdo! (I mean good weird). Aren't you glad school is over? But of 
course, there's still U.! Anyhow, it was really nice knowing you: the funny Katie! Hope we'll see each other again and 
play... VOLLEYBALL and maybe run (gulp!) love. Ratna. Pocohontas, Fearless Leader, Super woman, since seniors, you've always been 
full of life from hanging from rafters to leading us through the bush. Great cottage parties, licking snow, snow angels, skinny dipping, X- 
country, track, b-ball, v-ball. Thanks for being there when I needed you. Keep searching for your truth! Love ya lots, Alicia. Hi Kate! 
You're always... ALWAYS nice to me. I'll never forget your "fabulous" art work. Good luck at U. Love Yasue. You were a great house 
head. I'm gonna miss you!! Love Zhemeng. Well, my last 2 years at Elmwood flew by, thanks to everyone who helped me survive- 
friends and teachers. Thanks Mom and Dad for your support and sense of humor, and Julia, for being the wickedest person I 
know. ..Good luck to everybody in the future! KT (Ye.s, I did have a grad picture, but I seem to have. ..uhhh... misplaced it...!) 

Too much to say- your New Year's party was the best, we're still art buddies forever, abuse me in French!, 
SLUFF OFF, remember when we were left at that psycho school after basketball?!, Slouch, Chuck, Tash- tonight, 
my car, be there! Your breakdown after math, ugly schoolgirl in Egg-cup, our 2 year art project, you sensitive 
side, cheesecake. Rod Stewart, Zepeline, Zeppy and Thrasher, Kill Kyle! (Just kidding buddy!) Your pre-game 
massages and my affectionate "bone-crushing" hugs. Dominican! I know I've missed tons. It's been a great trip, 
please try to stay in touch. You're one in a million (a good thing!). ..I love you Nina. Bonjour Cava? Sophie est 
sportive. Test stresser! Mme. Sab's back injuries. OOPS! Mrs. O. math class, ANDY, B.BALL (Pussy cat) J~aime 
ton QU! 'Wear mascara; you mute. You should've stayed 2 weeeeks, you hermit. 'Whenever I have hangnails or 
hear French swear words, I'll think of CRAZY bebe NATASH. love, Bianca. Bruce wants his 90= ski pole back. 
Do you like black hands in Stratford? Silver bullet was really good. Drooping your body part. Bzzz. Do I look 
like a commercial with Mr. Pepsi, call an ambulance. Queen Anne and don't say the "M" word. Barfaphobia 
Natasha. Jen. YO YO S'UP? LL Cool Tash! Our skits rocked the house this year! We are the definition of the term 
"defect-prefects". But to be honest that's the best kind of prefect. I'll never forget Dominican with you. I bet you 
feel like Phil Collins right about now, don't you? Excuse me, Bip-Bip-ne stress pas! Modis Francaise! No troops, 
we're gonna rack 'em in France this Summer; no matter what our folks say. Lay off the smack, cause if you 
pound my wife, I'll pound you man! Sally. The Ghost, rugged terrain, kitty litter- need I say more? Don't forget 
how you left me with apple chunks in Gr.lO. Mrs. McL. does have eyes at the back of her head. Take it easy 
dude. Shannon. Hey Tash! I shall see you in survivors of calculus support group. Let's see there was that 
excursion with Sally during school, Canada Day, New Year's at Adele's, Kirby's cottage. Eng. with Hoy, we were 
trapped in the C.R, we fell asleep Mrs. Hoy, Alicia's party. Gen's insides are floating, Helen's party. Take care. 
Love Always, Tara. 'Wednesday morning skits- no one's laughing; Will you be my walker?; 'Vi-vi-violin, zzzz; One 
dry boot; YOUR mittens?; 'Volleyball psychology; Catching your earlobe over the swamp; Gorp makes it grow; 
The Berlin Wall of wood; "So, is France really nice?" no. The arCtic; Meera hold the tent. Meera?; Szechwan 
potatoes. (Earth to Meera). ..The hunchback of Portager. I don't want to be a hermit, because.... Love, Kirby. 
Remember Gr. 9 when we hated each other for some unknown reason! 4A Math, "Mrs. Boyd do you remember 
women digging in the streets , wearing slacks in the ^Os? Hiding my black bag and pretending A.H. took it, 
crashing through my shower curtain, giving you spiked juice by accident, "Do you have any cavities?" CHOCK!! 
Do you remember a certain something I had to drop off for you at AEC? Love, Kate. "Get with the 19th century, 
Hun." Dancing in the bowling alley with that crazy lady's purse; English 3A and the musical calculator; "We have to keep the projector on 'cause we're 

conducting an experiment" Mrs. Suthren- Rana, why are you making those noises?, Thursday B fests, stuk, stuck, stuck, 2 fallopian tubes. You've always 

brought a smile to my face. Love ya, Rana. Remember Math class- 3A, then I abandoned you. We're all going to die, punching. Biology, Stratford, 
Dominican, New Year's, boy chats, never having the car- thanks for all the rides. Take care my friend. When are we going for coffee- invite Splinter when 
we go, okay? Luv, Helen. Remember the man who asked me about you? I'm sure you still remember! How could you forget that man who kept asking for 
one dance? Oh well, I won't go too far now 'cuz it's all a joke ! Love Ratna. Tash, what can I say, 5 years as best friends. B-ball camp, Letitia's dog. 
Expedition, missing bags, re-arranged lockers, Florida, OELC Soccer, "You were like can we call you Mile.?" Broken: flashlights, windows, windshield 

wipers. I'm going to miss you more than you'll ever know Love Always, YBF, Caroline. Crocky; Gangsta B ; B-ball players, not to mention a little 

contact football, car chats. Oh master soloer of the green canoe. When are you going to dump Graeme? Our bonding days of Gr. 10! zzzzz- your answer to 
everything. Alicia. Thanx a lot for driving me all the time. You're such a great driver. Remember when you decided to drive in the bus lane on Montreal 
Rd., I was so excited. We never had a class together, but we had lots of fun. See Ya! P.S Turkey shopping! Love Yasue. 

Natasha Kyle 


Sports Captain 

■What ever happened to our coffee? Our proposal? Love. Bianca. Laney! 'Wo'w it's so hard to believe 
I've only kno'wn you for a year. OFmike, OFcoUin, OFFree! Do you feel like a dating service yet? 
Remember my loyalties ■will al'ways be to you. We must vo-w never to become cheesy. Mike- curls! 
Don't even try to convert the religious one. It ain't gonna happen! The Miracle Worker! Go Anniel- 
love that bustle! You have a thing about cars don't you? Let's make a list- Jared, Mike, Collin- to 
name a fe'w. The massive confusion this year! Emailing freaks!! We're going to have a savage 
summer, as Tony 'would say! I'm sorry I missed Montreal. I'm sure it ■was hard to keep your hands 
of Mike. My obsession with gay boys. Stratford ■was a^wesome! Geordi-Gordie-Gay-Guy! We don't 
know he's gay! The problem with guys not dancing- "If you go to Grad, you've got to dance!" 
WONDERLAND! RoUercoaster junkies! Love, Kate XOXO. You are the best, stay sweet and cool. 
Kendra, peace, love '97. Thanks for telling me about the stuff that happened in our old school! 
And thanks for Faye's address. It's interesting that we were actually from the same school and that 
we had the same friends we could talk about. From Ratna. Our drives down the hill, to Hull, 
driving with the windows all the way! Driving around aimlessly, listening to car tape #1 or #2, 
STALKERS, us? No, we weren't following you, we just know that you roller blade home from work! 
McDonalds, Gloucester, skating on the Canal (your idea of course). Going out with "The Boys". 
Always rernember "I don't like used goods". Stratford- "Stop in the name of love!", always keep 
your radar tuned on, I guess we can go to the movies (speaking hypothetically of course) but this 
time try not to stretch my shirt! So how is "Fish Lips" doing? Well it's been a great year, and I know 
it will be a FUN summer! You're the BEST Single, Stephy, Weffy! Love always, Lexy! P.S. When are 

you going to take me to party in Japan? "We are so happy". Stephanie chan, genki? Don't 

forget our funny conversation in Japlish (Japanese + English). Seriously, you know lots of bad 
Japanese (some I've never pronounced) and clubbing in Japan (e.g. Loppongi area). I'll be waiting 

for your visit to me in Japan someday. Keep in touch. From Yasue chan. Mom and dad : yes, I do pride myself in annoying you- 
though I hope I didn't cause any permanent brain damage... I love you both so much,- thank you for taking me around the world 
Love, Steph xoxo p.s. dad- don't forget the great view in Hawaii; and mom- playing with the car seats at the car wash!! my Interna- 
lional buds: Though you're spread all over the world (or right here in Can.) I hold a part of each of you with me at all times Mike: 
sweetest guy in Orleans- loser in mini-putt, my Calvin Klein man!!; Tony; back into any poles lately?; Becce: suicidal tendencies during 
the play, break times, good luck next year babe!! love, (great nicks I got here...) Stefania, Steve, Thurnper, Stiffy, B.T., and Stefff xoxo 
A s[^)ecial message: (^.W.: rest in peace, your memory holds strong. To all rny new friends at Elmwood & around Ottawa & anyone 
else not mentioned htit who knows I love them: thank you for making me feel welcome, a year is a short tirne, but don't forget- we 
have the rest of our lives ahead of us!! "if you look, see, feel, what you want to be you rnay become." 



Special Events 

Amy, you've been here for how many years now? Well, you're finally out! We've been 
through lots together, but since you never write in yearbooks I can't remember it all. I do 
remember our Seinfeld chats back when I was in the after school club, German classes. 
Biology (Claudia, Schwann cells). The various parties (the accident on the way to Kirby's) 
and Dominican. Well it's been great?! I'll miss you next year, Love, Nina. The never ending 
After School Club members. We'll probably still be here next year. The drive to Kirby's 
party was fun, how's your sleeping bag?, Dominican- Brent + Derby following tis around. 
Pineapple stealing from behind the bar, broken glasses at the 'Villas, it's been fun. Bonny. 
Hello; it's Julio, The midget. You like my HOME? Amy, you must remember to always brush 
your shoes before crossing a bridge. But you don't always have to cross the bridge, just go 
see a good , hip impersonation and warm your hands on the eternal flame. The flame of 
the Satanic worshipper in Quebec, who sacrificed Bambi on the fence. Don't take ex from 
pizza men, it's quite spicy (lip?). Forget pizza, just remember candy and Diet 7-Up. Pop 
some tip off the top please. I'll share a bunk with you next year. Card? What Card? Jen. 
Keep on writing your poetry, your talent should be shared with the world. Alyssa. Hey Bio 
Buddy, if it weren't for you I would have gone crazy in class. You are a Schwann Cell, 
Testosterone is the root of all evil, car ride to Kirby's, Bambi, my room in Dominican, 
Heaven's, *@*!! Collasis, Claudia, Seven-eleven, Well you and me and Sally are the only 
lifers that made it, amazing that we got out of here semi-sane. Good luck. Love, Tara. 
Never forget Raoul Futicelli and Albert Desouza!; running around the Twins' house with 
your pants undone; moth ball punishment that Adele inflicted on us, Albert trapping us in 
the basement and saying "Don't disappoint me girls"; laugh attacks in math class; when you 

caught me eating all the food on the expedition; canoe trip; the camel's hump I slept on; those strange men who insisted they 
were fishing when they really wanted to see you and Kate bathe. "Amy, should I keep this mouse antler?"; yours and Kate's 
little problem, changing in the forest and then drip drying; When I broke my finger... It's been an interesting 5 years and I'll 
definitely miss you. Good luck and keep in touch. Luv ya always, Tash. Trips to the lake, Jen's frozen feet, X-country skiing, 
sleeping while Zeus baked, flood in Kingston, sleeping in the bath in Strats. Love, Caroline. Where do I begin? Remember 
Friday night skiing, our accents- "You got the stuff right? ", ROWING, runs or shall we say walks? Steamboat Woman, you 
gonna marry steamboat boy someday! Put a hole in Erica's boat! The years have been great, I'll miss ya lots, so keep in touch. 
Luv ya Alexandra. P.S. Remember years of Latin, Glasgow and my crazy Wednesdays after school. 

Amy Marett 



Senior Prefect 

It's the end of an era. Skiing (<,ur (.iiair lift conver-iations), my horrible .slippery gym floors, Health?- fine 
thanks! "Back off War-child, Seriously ", "I am an FBI Agent!", "We've got a piper down". Bill and Ted! 
Zeppelin, Classics (your yellow outfit, my veil, archaeology), Strats (Bentley, Let them eat cake. Big V 
Drugstore). You will always be Jiminy Cricket! This year. .Biology (attitutle), French (same), what a DON'T go sailing!! Second Cup etc. "Um..,true? " "Been here for S minutes". We've been through a lot 
and you've always been the best! Please .stay in touch. ..I love you, Nina. Spanish bud forever! Let's play 
lingo. Mr. Arculans, Crossing the bar, huh? Can I have a celery stick? Can I not learn anything in IB? Love, 
Bianca. Mr. Pepsi don't like that, we will always speak the same language buddy. I'll expect you to take me 
car dancing someday. See ya, and stop putting your knee up there! Jen. Let's go skiing, how bent down the 
chute? Don't forget to stop at the side of the hill and watch for crazy skiers. Done much sailing lately?? Be 
careful, it's a $75 fine... Demolition Man, City Slickers rocks my world. Too bad it's out of business. Lots of 
luck next year. Love, Shannon. Hey Dude, you survived French! Remember our sleepovers. the movies. 
Point Break. Top Gun etc., staying up for like 3o some hours, getting busted in my room in Strats, dying our 
hair, trips to Hull, Demolition Man, my party, me sleeping on the floor while you shower, teaching Himmy 
to smoke, busing before cars existed. Take care. Love Tara. Erin- you crazy squishy nosed twin!! I enjoy our 
pastimes together at parties- we seem to enjoy the same activities :o) kinky photos at father-daughter can be 
good for .some things!! well- everything else should be censored... especially the HALO story...! luv Steph 
Lane. Guides. Oconto, Friday night skiing, you and the toboggan run at my cottage, "Puddles" at that party. 
Dominican body surfing (is that sand in your Speedo?). Our marsh hike (oh, they built the Titanic). Visiting 
the Brockville Christian Redeemers. We were slightly misled by the size of the operation... Javelin throw to 
hang the pack. Kirby. "What can ya do?"; .swimming; Thrasher, Zepline, KILL KYLE!; the broken 
painting epi.sode in Dominican; Heey, Hey Heyy, Tash!"; the "system" wwe had in Biology; when I fell out 
of the shower; "Am I done yet, or can I leave", Wednesday morning skits; Hi Bill!; Sluff off; Jason hates me!; 
Harsssing you and Kate on the phone; I love the way you skip; need to have a psychological chat about 
Dariene?; Canoe trip- Chinese/Jaapanese/ torture, the camel's hump, Meera- the spiritual leader, 
"Vio,vio, violin", gorp, drip-drying. Women's Retreat, Szechuan potatoes. The Rose, when 1 came out from 
the bush. The 5 years pa.s.sed so quickly. I'll iniss harassing you. Good luck buddy! Keep in touch. Love ya, 
Tash. Erin the Red Baron- Kate the Plate! Love, your big sister and mental superior, Kate a.k.a Princess. XOXO. Can I have .some corn bran? Histoiy 
IB- we should have written what we were going to and then run out of there! Skiing; deznials, taking the bus, we should be actors. ..Ro.sencrantz and 
Guidenstern, our gothic play- Hemlock; Gen. Nieh, the back row; Spanish- too bad I had to move, although we .saved ourselves from ink poisoning. 
Love, Helen. Erin, Ma Belle, remember Mile and Gr.ll French; B-ball- bench singing "Everybody hurts. ..sometimes"; Soccer and other memories. Love. 
Caroline, I Hallo! Phew don't you feel tired after that run? I'm already dead after all the stretching! This year is over, .so I'm going to be honest with you 
here. During my first couple of weeks here, I didn't know you had a twin and every time I .saw one of you guys, I thought you were the same person 
(oops!). Even the time you introduced yourself, I thought you'd already done so (of course that was Kate). Don't worry I won't get confused again. 
Good luck in whatever you do and hopefully we'll see each other again! Ratna. I don't know what I'd tk) without your smile each morning. Kendra. 
peace, love '97. Hey babe, so you'll be in Nightingale soon, hey? Well the year's been great and there are so many meinories. Strats., Cla.ssics Confer- 
ence. Skiing. Sports Days, , , So how about table dancing! ,,, It was good being in the play with you. you old crone. Lots of love, Lexus 

Kay, how's it going? We're finally done! Our memories... Stratford, movie fests, driving (we can both do it 
now!), Second Cup coffee, your magazine fetish... basically muddling through seven years of stuff. Never 
forget My Own Private Idaho (what was that about?), coming over for Indian food, me going over for ribs 
etc. You've been wicked so I'll attempt to jump into the 90's and use e-mail. Keep in touch. Love always, 
Nina. Love those mags. Don't worry, Mrs. Faguy always heard your right answer. You are a wicked head 
girl. Love, Bianca. Kaht MeKlooskay! You are the Queen of the universe, and remember everyone's an 
expert compared to Kate McKlosky. Sally. Dude, let's practice our line dancing skills, quick before they 
get here. I loved City Slickers, Friday night skiing and Strats. It's all good. Good luck. Karaoke rules! Love 
ya. Shannon. Cruachan! Remember Kate, it's the very real shortage... well see you later. Go and boogie 
with dirty dancing musicians. Jen. Hey dude! Can you believe it's over. Never forget our sleepovers, 
staying up for over 30 hours, Strats, your parties, sneaking behind the exhibits in the museum. Demolition 
Man, the movies we would watch for hours, Point Break, Teaching Himaly how to smoke. Sneaking away 
from school with Maryam in the days before cars. Take care. Love, Tara, Skating on the canal and eating 
Chinese food... so much in so litde time. ..and heck- more parties to come!! ciao, luv Steph Lane. Guides, 
Oconto, Getting lost on the way to Tara's (oh, sorry Horan, we kind of ripped your map!). Sam meetings 
on the princess pillows. Party of Five song! Kirby. Never forget when I asked you if you had no cavities, 
and then I threw a piece of cloth in your mouth. When I woke everyone up by falling out of the shower! 
Harassing you and Erin on the phone. Our Wednesday morning skits, when you broke a bamboo stick 
skiing and I took a short cut and ended up getting stuck in the snow, meanwhile my love... 'When you 
spent hours trying to open the wrong car (instead of my car). I'll miss bugging you next year! Best of luck! 
Luv ya, Tash. Hey Kate what's up? No, not the ceiling! It's the sky, duh! Ha ha. ..don't you just love asking 
that question? I do! You're like, "uh... whatever!" Anyhow, it was nice knowing you for this one year. I 
hope we see each other again, someday. By the way, good luck and keep up the head girl work if you 
know what I mean. Love, Ratna. P.S. read Erin's sister's section, 'cuz I think it's funny (sort of). I don't 
know what I'd do without your smile each morning. Kendra, peace, love '97. Hummer, we've come a long way since Gr. 7. Tunics, Alicia and 
me fighting over you, skiing, my dad driving you and Erin home, you and Erin squabbling during history class, carrots, get-togethers at your 
house, being best friends in Gr. 7. Thanks and good luck. Love, Helen. Kate, my darling, do you remember holding hands and turning around 
in Math class? Kate, my manager, never forget me. Love, Caroline. We've made it through years of Latin and Glasgow! So, have you tried 
chain-smoking menthols yet? "Girls you can only do that if I get to watch". Remember Classics and digging up that "" hole or the first year 
when we all piled into my room 'cause we were scared and lonely! Rooming with you in Dominica, my leech, CTYA confusion even if the 'c' 
has dropped out!, Strats.- Georgie Johnson is definitely gay! I can still remember being afraid of you on my first day at Elmwood, but since then 
you've been my best friend and a Super CONFIDANT! Love you. Sexy Lexy (a.k.a. Orinie) It's been 7 amazing and interesting years. Thanks 
to all my friends and family. Special thanks to Teddy, Mr. McCabe, Mrs. Bellamy, Mrs. Faguy, Catty (my heroine, inspiration and speech writer), 
Kyna, Laura, Litty, Amy, Mrs. Boychuk, Mme. Knowlton, Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. Neale. To my mother and father, thanks for footing the bill. Love 


Head Girl 

Well Kathryn, what a nutty year. Dominican? A few things to say... knobby kneed, mushroom- 
cut, jeans-short wearing (well you get the idea), that cold night you completely missed since 
you were in the car, you will always be hyper-hypo and I'm going to have to tie you to a chair! 
Anyway buddy, IT'S ALL GOOD and as for the rest.. .FULLY WHATEVER! Take care, I'll miss 
you. Love, Nina. PS The Lantern! Hi! Boys convo during CHOIR, oops. Choir trip, ripping off 
your necklace in DR. Thanx for the table. Am I still your nutcrust? I love your gray/green/ 
blue/purple eyes. Can I borrow some makeup? Love Bianca. Hey there, have you seen Phil of 
Macadamia lately, ah, he must be at the pub! Have you gone over any really big curbs lately? 
What color are your eyes? Puce did you say? I guess we've fully integrated into Elmwood this 
year. It's been a crazy year, oh never forget going to Manotick and making a short stop on the 
high way... just had to remind you. Ah... must... kill... all... Gloucester Boys... See you at work this 
summer if it still exists. Bonny. If you ever get sick of everyone, come to me. I'll teach you 
how to be successfully anti-social. Alyssa. Party platter. Dude you've gotta be careful. Thanx 
for all the fun times and the great house to sleep at. Dominican was fun. Watch out for that 
knobby kneed red head with hands of stone, he may be missing something up there. Remem- 
ber our pact- no more dumb boys. Good luck. See ya aroud. Love, Shannon. We are the two 
original classics students, count it, hee hee. Harlequin romance novels- to chatty Kathy, 
Ashbury stalker, first day at Elmwood- lipbaim, drugstore Kathryn, art class, good luck next 
year, Krysta xoxo. Dear Kathryn, art was interesting, we'll say. Our trips to Hull, Dominican, 
we make good shopping buddies, Heaven's, my party. For some reason I can't remember 
anything after march break, so if I've forgotten anything sorry. Take care. Love always, Tara. 
Where is everybody? It's o.k. Kathy. The time I got the wind knocked out of me and I was 

convulsing on the gym floor. "She's not David", expeditions to Bop, cab ride to Orleans where Gen was forced to keep a plastic 
bag at her side and I ripped a $10 bill in half! The 40 long space mobile that you insist on driving, our rash, expedition to the 
tanning salon and getting lost!, French class with you constanly applying cream. Mme. Millington was to interested in "Scene de 
Seduction" to notice the window was open in the middle of winter. You're the best! I'll miss you. Love, Tash. BE AGGRESSIVE, 
Be Aggressive- my advice for you next year. DR_ next time we won't carry clothes home in the morning! Stealing the Villas's 
lantern. Mr. Handa...ugh...I hate Grad Committee... we're missing $700. ..I'm going to pull someone's hair out. We've had crazy 
times together. You're the cutest, Rana. So have you e-mailed me lately? Remember the Choir trip with Mrs. O'Brien and all the 
cute Tenors and Bass?; shopping at the Baby GAP!. You are the queen of shopping! Dominican was a blast, but remember that 
(lloucester sucks, well sometimes! You're a great friend. Stay in touch, love Alexandra. 


Grad Committee 

It's been a crazy few years Rana, but we finally made it! Editing the yearbool<,..what can I say?! Hours of hard 
work, deadlines come and gone, periods of complete breakdown after school and on those wonderful weekends 
and holidays. But it was all worth it! Those days gave us a chance to talk about, something we continued in 
Dominican. What a crazy trip. the way I should thank you for your "assistance" there! Take care and 

try to stay in touch! Love, Nina. ISHMLSH, MISHTA. CANDIDE, SIMONE. IB. STRESSED. B . MY SMELLY 

PEN. Thanks for the 4a notes. Jack Daniel shots please. Black Tomato Shafts. Our Mel's Friday Coffees. Your 
common room TUCK screams. Where's your coat? You saved me at Stratford. St. Agnes Eve. DEAR? Cataracts. 
Ibuprofen OD Studying for French in my cold room. Moliere w adele. Did you just call me a Bitch? I love P&P. 

(Ben, Barf) Monica's sauna, let's get . Penny. Bianca, I'll miss you. If you leave, I'll give you a marker to OD 

on in England. Love Bianca. Well Ranata, you've .stuck beside me all these years, and for what? Well who else 
are you going to yell at constantly and get away with it! But seriously, I want to thank you for letting me know 
when I'm being a retard. I promise you we will both be spinsters when we are old. But I'll still be there when 
you're pulling all nighters with high school boys, and come home CARRYING YOUR DRESS! . Never forget that 
our room was the ho' room. By the way I know you are seriously in love with Alex Budai. I'll see you at Devry. 
Sally Does anyone have a blue marker? an orange marker? some matches perhaps? Thanx for being my A&G 
buddy. Thursday morning spares down the hill with Claire and Natasha, your laid back walk and your infamous 
laugh when things were tough, will always bring a smile to my face. Someday you, Claire, Natasha and I will 
remember the good times at Beechwood Grabba Jabba (I swear we kept that business alive) I wish you the very 
best, love Adele. Long chats in the loft. What time is it Erin?, Just say no! I swear I'm full. . PLEASE. Ring ring, 
good morning- haven't you ever heard of homework? Crazy men- the axe murderer!! Duke- I'm dying I swear! 
Michael is that you? Pizza Hut- do you deliver to cars? Biology- is that noise coming from your bag? QUEENIE, 
Stratford nights- the black hand, IB shopping- Eager Beaver. Fight, cry, hug. Ice fight with Evan- I said I can pick 
em. You are Annie & I'm Sandy! Is that fire in my back seat? Going into labor infront of Ottawa U., Dominican- 
Ashbury boxer shorts. ..Heart Attack!! horseback riding- my horse got kicked! (remind you of anything- Motebello 
Hospital with Krysten). Aaron says hi! Montreal won't be the same without you. Angel's will miss you- ARE WE 
ON THE WRONG METRO? I love you, friends like you are hard to find- you know me better than anyone. I'll 

miss you with all my heart. Always & forever best buds. Claire. Gr. 12, Stratford, I think I am dying. Thanks for all the chats and good luck next year 
abroad. Krysta xoxo. All 1 can say is... am I proud? Love, Helen. Rana don't be too crazy next year if you're taking any math classes! Of course, I had fun 
sitting beside a weirdo in my A&G class. Ratna. When you came to Elmwood everything changed. Rana you have been a really good friend for the past 3 
years. Remember English with Mrs. Hoy and Penny, my backyard, Dominican. Rana I had a lot of fun with you. Always remember me while you are in 
England. Good luck Andrea T. Will I see you next year at BUM School? Remember Duke of Ed's and the "Wonderful" expeditions; Helen of Troy- me 
slapping you and then stabbing my.self on stage!; dancing to Dominican music in the common room. Good luck, keep in touch. Love ya, Alex. Well, the 
day has finally come and yes it's depressing that next year we'll be starting anew. To the class of '97, you've made school a lot of fun and I'll miss you all. 
Special thanks to my little circle of froends- Claire, Sally, Bianca, Adele, Andrea, Natasha and Krysta. Montreal, Dominican, ob.session with Grad '96, Strats., 
Tm having a heart attack", thursday coffees at Grabba Jabba, educational trips to the library, "Get with the 19th Century huns, prayers. ..To my family- I 
love you; Mom and Dad- I love you both and and thank you for everything you've done. Moh.- I miss you, but hopefully I'll see more of you next year. 
L???- Crusty Gloves, but I still love you. Rima- I'm the luckiest sister to have you and L?? Love, Rana. 

Rana Mokhtar 


Grad Committee 

Erica Morris 


Head of Environment 

Hey my Pepsi-drinking, poultry pal! "Come over some time, we 
can drink tea and strangle live chicken!!" "Hey Erica, did I win 
this time?" "Mochtest du Deutsch sprechen?" "Make way for 
royalty (me-of course!!)" "Are you the one giving me all these 
butter-scotch toffees?" Thank you for all the constant joking- I 
never know when you're being serious! (smile) All the best next 
year. Zenab. Don't worry, there will be many rockets in your 
future, Parachute man will be o.k. He's going to be o.k! Alyssa. 
Hi there, my ICQ pal! In fact, you're not only my ICQ pal but 
also my so-called math tutor! Remember the time you helped 
me with my A&G assignment and you... sort of did everything 
for me, and I got full marks thanks to you! I wish we were 
going to the same university, then you could help me again (he 
he he!). But we can always go on line and chat... if we had time. 
By the way you CAN type! Luv, Ratna. Erica, this year's envi- 
ronment club is the best ever! Congratulations and good luck in 
University. Love Zhemeng. 

Carleen Nimrod 


Head of Environment 

Hey Carleen! "What... you want to repeat myself... sorry, I'll try to 
speak in ENGLISH!!" Want to listen to any of my never-ending 
stories/ problems?! Remember your accident, when we got "sepa- 
rated" at the mall, environment club meetings- "I'll draw a name 
^IL from the box- just as long as it's MY name! "Carleen, the kids don't 

# ^fl^k want me, they want YOU!. Thanks for remembering my b-day! In 
fact, thank you for everything! Good luck next year and take care 
of yourself- Keep in touch. Love, Zenab ("ex EC member!"). 
Fellow physics fan, thanks for leaving me to my own devices. 
Alyssa. Hey Carl! My environment co-head... no I'm not hinting that 
you have 1/2 a head... j'/k... You've been a great friend for the past 
5 years and I'll never forget you. Things I'll definitely remember are 
your tea biscuits, your funny stories and all of our EC experiences. 
"Snap" Have fun next year, I know you'll go far! From Erica :) You 
were my calculus assignment bud. You always helped me check them. Well, thanks so much 
for all your help this year and I wish we could go to the same university so you could help 
me there!!! LoveRatna. Thanks for the rides. You're a sweet person. Good luck in the future. 
Kendra, peace, love '97. Carleen you did a great job in the environment club. We are gonna 
miss you! Good luck at University and drive safe!! Love Zhemeng. 

where do I start? Dumb boys (I'll leave it at that), Dominican (what a mess but furtjWestern philosophy 
(did we actually take that class?), Canada Days, roofs, Downtown, the best and worst days of your life so 
far, The Crow, our many "concerns", vegging at my house (nachos, cake, chocolate etc.), shopping and 
partying, driving, days before tests- "Are you making brownies?", finally seeing Clueless etc. I know I've 
forgotten tons but the important stuff you already know. It's been a tough trip, but we made it. Thank you 
always for being there. I love you, Nina. Hey buddy what's up? Well we've definitely had our moments, 
one comes to mind, picking up Kathryn and going to Manotick, too bad it wasn't that easy! Almost getting 
in trouble on Riverside, listening to wicked tunes, leaving Kathryn in the car. Ha Ha. Hope to see you this 
summer. Bonny. Uh oh Helen, my head is starting to wobble, what does it mean? Canada Day and the 
giant coke. Peter? Hey, I have a good idea, let's go to a rave! We survived to tell the story. No more roof for 
you. The boredom hour. Hey Jen, we have a class! Jen. Yes, I would be the creator of that piece of 
cardboard. Math class, china, Hey you skate too, I can draw a perfect 3, Roadkill pens, good luck next year. 
Thanks for the memories and laughs. Krysta xoxo. Can I borrow a pen?? Where did that highlighter 
go... teaching everyone to be bad!!! Mrs. Hacket's math class buddies. You stole candy ...Stratford - silly 
string fights. Why are there balloons in the trees? DISCO forever - tales of BO. Remember forever - be good 
to yourself. Love Claire. Well, well, well, it's finally over. Cardy says hi, but he needs some help, he 
accidentally locked himself out of the car. He wants to go to Earl so he can dance in the parking lot to RSF. 
I'M TOO SEXY. We have to go to Osgoode again for our bucket o 'beef. Remember: Strats.- silly string, 
ballons, costumes; Dominican- laxative drinks and not enough sun screen. I miss hot chocolate/coffee and 
gingerbread men; Coffee House and X-Mas assembly- we should go into business. Don't forget M.A., A.M., 
B.D. and of course Cuz. I tell ya, that one's a keeper. What'U I do withoput my bathroom buddy? Do me a 
favour, try not to sideswipe any vehicles and when it's raining bring PONCHO VILLA, and when in doubt. 
Kick her!. ..You know the rest. I'll miss you. You've been the greatest. Love you lots. Shannon. Dearest 
Hell, where to begin? English in Gr. 10, Canada Days, New Year's, Cottages, Spike, the locks with Jon + 
Jr., Guy problems, parties, gold truck, Strats, our first coffee at Bagel Bagel, Tim Hortons, Casino, Your party, roof of market mall, the crow. 
Balloons and Bathtubs, picnics, major munchies. Pizza Hut. Take Care. Luv Always, Tara. Jen's house when you kept asking me if I knew how 
to save someone who had O.D-ed!; expeditions to Bop; the time we almost had a head-on collision because I was trying to pass a bus! Our 

Second Cup fests!; the OAC; ISHMISH; French classes and "Scene de Seduction!" The handle of the window was always missing... math class; 

driving from Second Cup in mid-winter with my hand out the window with a hot chocolate; The gathering at your house and Adele's litde 
problem; Summer of '96 (you know what I mean) Have a day! I'll miss our chats, so keep in touch! Luv ya, Tash. Helski-Hellbell! We've sure 
come a long way since Gr.7! So far I'm going to the U. of nowhere, no place, and you? It's almost over and then the partying begins. Kate. Are 
yoLiPROUD? Rana. Remember taking the bus in Gr.7, your nose, the "oui, merci" incident. C.R. Hi e-mail buddy! Remember skating on the Canal 
and going for colfce! Alvi/ays stay in touch, Love ya lots, Alex. P.S. lets go skiing down Canadian sometime. It's time for the end. Thank you 
unc and all, you know who you are. Thanks mom, dad and Peter (TTT). And of course Cardy. Thanks for the memories. I will never forget this 
I)la<c. Helen. 

Helen O'Leary 


Grad Committee 

Before I finish typing this, you'll have me volunteering for one thing or 
another! So where do I start?... I honestly don't know how you put up with 
my moods, my babbling and my crazy humming in computer class!! 
Always remember; busing, chats, keyboard lessons, driving, "Do you 
know what...", fasting, "Go home Ratna!" and your special lessons! Thank 
you for listening to my "ranting and raving"! Remember I'll take you 
around the world as long as you're prepared to WALK!! See you next year. 
Love, Zenab. PS It is now the White house! Australia 2000, Summer 
Olympics. You, me 10000m. See you there. Jen. Volley ball moments (are 
you STILL stretching?) Alicia's party. . .typing (8 words/min for me!) Taxi 
rides to V.B. games, figuring out A&G...the Dog Day brownies(oops!). 
Kirby. Hi! Cyberdude! Just remember one thing: I know which teacher 
you reallllly love...hee hee! You'd better be careful next year! I wish you 
the best and keep in touch via ICQ! From Erica: ) You are a very nice 
person. I hope you have a wonderful life. Kendra, peace, love '97. Yo, 
Ratna Sudani El Alabadi. I hope I haven't driven you too insane. We had 
fun playing volleyball and I feel like I've known you a lot longer than one 
year. Love, Caroline Alabama Al-Bundy. Dear Ratna. Hi how are you? 
We've been good friends since you came to Elmwood. We were "spare 

buds". We always spent our spares chatting, instead of working. I guess our biggest memory was the 
trip to Toronto (lots of sushi, the CN tower, Eaton's Centre, Your grad dress, Tim bits, long distance 
calls, Elmo.. etc.) You were always so cheerful, even when you were tired. I'll miss you so much next 
year. I hope you'll come back to Japan to see me! Good luck at U. Lots of love Yasue. Ratna!! I just 
love shopping with you ! You are my buddy and always will be. So you'd better come back to 
Elmwood to visit me and we can go shopping! Love Zhemeng. 

Ratna Osman 

Special Events 

Well Kendra, the year has ended and you are moving on without me. ..not for long. This year had to 
have been the best. Speaking about jokes, people and our weekends... Donald s coming over. Let's 
go for dinner, let's get drunk (but we never did). Kendra I will never forget this day as long as I live. 
For once the girls from the Bahamas are quiet. 'Well Kendra who the *@!! is he? Who talked abut it 
non stop. Oh my God. MY B-DAY night. What a night. You saw a part of me like no person. Your 
B-day, and who had the spotlight? Why that would be you my dear. Now this is funny; when you 
saw me singing over the water bottle "if I can change the world". Let's be Americans today. "Girl 
friend, I can do that." Don't forget our silly fights. They aren't over yet. Kendra, these things make us 
stronger. You've been there for me during most of my hard times (you know what I mean). Ok, time 
for me to stop because this can go on and on and on. We've been through it all together. I have 
known you for more than half my life and I love you like a sister (NOT). Love, Lilith. PS "Move out 
of my way!!" Sorry "lock your hands back.". Hey there beautiful ! Never 4get our wicked memories, 
biting hamburgers, cards, Man, make my sandwich PLEASE! Rice crispy squares, picnics, Spagucci's, 
wine. Pool, the choo- choo train, dip baby dip, hip dancing (that's our secret shoo) Your legs! 
answering machines "And remember have fun!" The rock, we are law students in blazers! Our hazel 
contact lenses. Haveli's, wax- the cure for all my hairiness. Moose. Low fat diets. Lilith's B-day "Sonya 
+ Kendra to the rescue!" Tuna sandwiches, Grape fruit. Knees. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny! YO! Thanx 4 
being there for me, through the times w/ yucky yucky yellow ooh disgusting blah gross! OK enough! 
I love you always. Look, I said keep dipping. Your friend forever, Sonya xoxo. My favorite jungle 
friend, finally moving out. Get those bananas girl. Well let's get serious now. Remember when we 
met; CLICK. Talks about the "BOYS" and all that STUFF, you know. The bathroom in the mornings. I 
still don't know how you do that. The episodes on the phone, yes I'm a Jamaican, STLIPID. Those 
legs of yours , I don't know where I'll find them next, half here, half there. Jaxno Lyric, you know 
the scene. Our favorite movie we watched that night and paranoia about Corin. Your psycho movements. Your trampoline '@*, my ghetto 
**@!! You know I'll miss you and our demented talks. My time in Hull, the dance. I don't know what to say except we have so many 
memories and yes I'll go to the Bahamas, promise (now it's in writing!). Love, Jodie. Kendra my OAC common room friend. Beginner's 
luck at cards (President). Dance moves. Hip Hop! Labrano-the countdown. The chats in the common room, LANGUAGE. Remember 
"there is no arriving somewhere without leaving somewhere." Love Sharon. "Hey Kendra, why don't you come over sometime!!" Thanks 
for welcoming me here, and being a good friend (and lock smith!!). Remember law class and all our chats! You know I wish you the best 
in all you do. See you next year! Love, Zenab. It's been nice knowing you even though we barely see each other. Don't forget that I'm 
two days older than you! Lastly, stay with the one you love! Love, Ratna. 

Kendra Pyfrom 


Well Carol now you can be sad. 8 years, gone. Anna, those flesh-cutting accidents in 
sewing class, Tara Dear, parties, our phone conversations, Deanna Waterman, Your 
Dairy Queen, all the stories we share. I hardly saw you in OAC. Remember me driving 
you to get books from Alicia?! The good old days when we used to go to dinner at East 
Side Mario's. You calling me for math home work from 2 months ago! You're the best. I 
can't believe it's all over and you've been with me through the whole thing. Stay in 
touch Carol, or I'm going to miss you more than I do already. Love Nina. Carly Man- 
accent and humor. Love, Bianca. Caroline My Darling! I miss sitting with you in math 
class. Those white socks I stole and never gave back! Kate. We've shared so much 
these past 5 years. Fan/stool, TWO WEEKS, the locust, b-ball camp, OELC, Florida, re- 
arranging the locker room, Anti-Phil's, Long Island, summer soccer, "non-alcoholic beer", 
Duke of Ed's, our sound effects tapes, the toilet in Rm.226 is now overflowing!". 
Subway, Oops! Adele en Australie, Stratford, stretching for gym, acid in Adele's binder, 
splinter, "Father, father...", snowboarding, pea soup, grease mop bag, tribal music, 
"Don't be rude", German, food fights in the lunch room, b-ball, volleyball, soccer, 
Softball, "I can never love anyone as much as my sistas!" "To whom it may concern, I've 
blocked the car..", "excuse me Adele!", 30 steps to success, "I know Brenda 
Neale"... We've definitely been through a lot together. Without you, I'd probably still be 
in Gr. 10. The memories we've shared will always have a special place in my heart. 
Good luck. Luv ya always, Tasha Fleurie. Hallo Cowlinekaka! I just couldn't resist 
calling you that... but when you consider the many other options, it's not so bad Q/k) 
There are a couple of incidents that come to mind when I think back...lemme see 
here. you remember rowing? When you and I crashed perfectly? That was hysterical! We were both in the middle of DL 
laughing our heads off! I give you credit for bringing ESM and SC to my world of ignorance, thanks dude! One thing I'll 
definitely miss is you DQ stories and bothering you about all the latest assignments (and believe me there were many :) 
Have fun next year! From Erica :)Our ACJM club. Grade 7/8 bud, summer movies, St. Laurent, you owe me ESM, Kellerite 
sports days, sleepovers, etc. I love you and I'll miss you. Keep in touch! Love Meera. You are just too cool for school. I 
think you are a wonderful person. Kendra, peace, love '97. Don't you just love Alabama? I'm sure you do and that's why 
you changed your name to Carol Alabama Al- Bundy! Do you remember my name? Hope NOT! Well it's been nice Know- 
ing the weird side of you Alabama and I hope I see you again after the summer. Love Ratna. Hey CARO-LINEEE! memo- 
ries of Caroline, the KILT, "My mouth is innocent!", the conversation in Natasha's car.. .etc. But Caroline, trust me, my 
mouth is innocent!! Love Yasue. 


Special Events 

Well Lish, here we are. Years of hard work, over!! (well high school anyway). This year has been 
full of great parties, many of them at your house. Thanks! We really have to go looking for you- 
know-what. Helen's B-Day party... interesting. Hull. ..actually fun! You've been so great in helping 
me the past few years. We must stay in touch. Take care of yourself, Love Nina. Lish, I think this 
goes further than a few words on paper. We were very strange. I won't say anything if you 
won't. You've been a friend to me for a long time even when I went to Montreal and I love you 
for it. Okay, that's enough cheese for now. So much has happened, good and bad. Thanks for 
being around for it. Steph. C Oconto, running, house meetings(I can't believe I forgot her name!), 
McDonalds lunch (sooo...we have 30 packs of Trident) Dominican, Beach Volleyball, New Year's 
Chez toi. PIQUE! Oops I mean Peekae! Canoe trip, navigating, (I for sure recognize this island), 
choosing campsites, hanging the pack. Feeling Minnesota, IB's, Pit stops in the Rockeries, Kirby. 
Remember when I used to call you Ashley?!; All our B-ball, volleyball, soccer seasons; the year we 
almost won the volleyball finals against Ashbury!; Ishmish; New Year's Eve at my house; expedi- 
tions to Bop; gatherings at Adele's; when Sally made a kid eat a cigarette at your party; when you 
took Mr. Yates down during teacher-student b-ball game; Canoe trip...gorp, Japanese/Chinese/ 
Vietnamese torture... Szechwan potatoes... being forced to drip-dry... the spiritual leader.. .our intense 
chat around the camp-fire. ..portages filled with snow and mud. ..the bear... singing The Rose. ..The 
memories go on. Good luck and stay in touch. Luv ya always, Tash. Licia-Delicia! Camp Oconto; 
what a feeling! Roll it up in Saubi; Browner and Muscle Man Mark. John and Robie- you got the 
immature one! I think I have a book of yours- Remember Me- do you want it? The Hip concert 
was amazing- What's that smell ? Wonderland was also super- yet again that familiar smell- I gotta 
say I'm proud of you for doing those rollercoasters. You're now a rollercoaster champ! Now the 
EX is going to seem wimpy in comparison. Remember I'll love you always and forever. Keep 

healthy and keep cool. Love ya, Kate XOXO. Don't forget to stop at the cow crossing! Love Helen. 10 years. Our Montessori days 
were the beginning and they cannot be forgotten. Grade 8B B-days, X-country, 7:15 am by the river, canoe trip, campfire chats and 
cooking, Dominican passing out, Rum, Beach, disco, 1 y classics, crazy math. Thanks for being a great friend, all of these years. 
They have passed faster than the speed of light. Love always, Meera. Hey Lish! Remember the cold winter, which was the volleyball 
season? Well I'm sure you still remember that you always drove me around like my own driver. The thing is I just wanna say thanks 
again for everything (not just the driving part) and good luck wherever you go! Love, Ratna. Hey babe, thanks for letting us use your 
house to PARTY. They were great Take care of yourself; keep in touch. Love always Alex. It's been a long but 7 good years. Thanx 
lo N.A., S.C., H.O., A.D., C.H., K.K., A.M., E.McC, K.McC. and C.R. for the great times. Jason, you're a great bro. Mom and Dad, thank 
you for all the support and allowing me to reach for my dreams. Alicia. 

Alicia Robinson 

Head of Wilson 

\\ hen I look up at the moon at night and see the sun rise in the morning, 1 think my memories of Elmwood will 
last forever. Elmwood, you have offered me the education and have given me the chance to develop the 
closest of friendships. Thanks to my parents for offereing me the best moral support and helping me get througli 
my tough times. I love you. Thanks Raj for making me l.iugh when I needed it and for being ni\ hest hiend. 
La.stly to my friends, E + M McC, K.K., N.K., A.D., A. M., N. A., A.R.. C.J., and M.A. You already know I II treasure 
my memories forever. To the teachers, your are the best staff. That's it! The class of 1997 moves on and we did it 
We graduated! Love always, Meera, Well Meera my math help, my ninety-three DOT nine listening buddy. At 
least I got you back for the music. Did I ever thank you for trying to get me to all those Indian function.s? 
Dominican, Remember when I used to come over to play Nintendo,.. seems like ages ago. Good luck next year, 

hopefully you'll be in Ottawa, so we can keep in touch easily. Take care. Love Nina. Meera , well... I won t 

say it 'cause I know it bothers you. Quite a bit happened in the past two years. Car accidents, physics, 
Dominican (obviously) to name a few. I'm sure many other things, my emotional friend. Good luck in life, Steph 
C. Thanks for taking care of me in Dominican! Whatever you don't take me to Andromedea in this state.. . the villas 
and the .security guards... .SEARCH ME!. ..I kinda noticed you liked my balcony?! Why not come inside? Good luck 
next year XO Adele. Spiritual Leader, are you still obsessed w'ith the moon?, 4 running seasons together- no 
spikes, Canoe trip, "Just go a bit further, Meera, you're almost there" The antler, 'Vi-vi-violin. Let's sing The Rose! 
Gorp, We were slightly misled by the size of the operation... you and Marshmallow (A.K.A. Kirby Jr.). Remember to 
eat your bananas! Kirby. P.S. Thanks for helping .Mrs, Brown with the calculations. Meeerraaa! Duke of Ed.'s 
when Mme. Eaman insisted that we take the blame lor going the wrong way. 'What's that terrible noise... as you 
proceeded to take the side of Mr. 'Vates car. The swim meet when Gen missed her race, the canoe show, when I 
me.s,sed up the times for the Nova Scotia hoy at the JL competition, our NLS recert, fumes at Adele's apartment, 
Meera your dad is here with the truck!", "It's time for your IV", SPOILED KID, spiritual leader. .. women's 
retreat... "Never forget the Chinese/ Hindu/ Vietnamese torture, the gorp...Hiden Lake "Meera, is this 
one of those moments you'll treasure?"; "I think I'm obses,sed with the moon, guys!" ...singing The vio, vio, 
violon! And the clonker. I'll you. Keep in touch. Love, Tash. Meera Peera! This is a press release to 
announce that the pentium is MINE! The loser computer!! Cat-how do you u,se the computer? Cla,ssics! Archaeology! 
Man-Ego; digging in 100°C rains; photocopies of photocopies; f.ishion shows- Mrs. Doetch yelling "Meera you're Venus". Act Sexy!" Latin class with Mr. G; 
"Meera try menthols, they're better for you! "Trenchie- the se.\y lilack trench coat boy! Plastic shirt boy! Coffee runs down the hill to Second Cup. Trips to St. 
Laurent to buy Daquiri Ice- I .swear we re going to drop off Samara film! Your obsession with Red Blazer guys!! Wonderland- crashing in Romeo +Juliet. Love 
Kate. I still remember the first Biology class and I didn't know everyone, BUT you were sooo nice that you .sat with me! Thanks for taking me to the mall! 
By the way if you need to ask tliat someone something, iu,st go for it, I'm sure you won't regret it. Love, Ratna. Meera, my Spiritual Leader, we've spent 10 
years together and we'er still going strong. Always push yourself. You're stronger than you think- you practically soloed a canoe tor 2km.! Alicia. Do you 
remember when I first came to the swim team meeting. You were so kind to me and made me feel relaxed. Thanx a lot Meer.i Keep smiling, because I love 
your smile. Love Yasue. Remember French and Biology- sorry for driving you crazy and cracking myself on you! .iiul Red jacket men! Latin 
class and Mr. Glasgow, Cla.ssics conference and you being Venus! Stay in touch. Love ya lots, Alex. Meera! Smile, Smile and Smile, ^'ou always look like the 
happiest girl at Elmwood. I'm gonna miss you and your smile. Love Zhemeng. 


Junior School Liaison 

Andrea Taggart 

Grad Committee 

Your toaster Fredrich has to go. What garcon. Stratford naughties. Stair master? 
Can I borrow some clothes, I don't have any clothes! Our first 2 days in Domini- 
can, Nice bikinis. Can you lose more of my clothes. Shot gun. The ■w'ell...*@%$! 
you Chris! The station. James . Montreal Rave Dear. MUSHROOMS all the NEW 
YEARS. You kno'w "^'hat?.,,! don't care. Hava Java. Dan Psycho. As if you have 
your license, Kyle rules. BOKO. RICKSHAW RIDES. BOHEMIAN. There's too 
much to say for you. You've been my Elnwood friend through and through. 
Thanks for making me see life not so seriously. It's only life after all. Love, 
Bianca, Thanx for keeping lunch/diner open for all these years and tell your 
mom thanx for that bacon sand-wich I had a couple of years ago. It -was good. 
Sall'y. Let's do lunch!! La'w Hook me up baby! Fatty, ..Devon's. My 
poor bag. Tip toe through the daffodils. Lady in red. Rana's heart attack... these 
pants are so long, picked up by trash outside the Court house. Love, Claire. Let's 
rock, guess -what time it is, I forgot it -was Tuesday! Mississauga, Paradise all right, 
Ready or not, house game, whatever M&T, my butt's pretty high, 1:00, damnit 
we're late again, thanks for lunch and all those chats, Grabba sandwiches, 
running tab, hoity toity, TMN, pickles, Just call Molly, We've had plentiful 2 yrs., 
but it's only just begun. B.U. here we come. Krysta xoxo . "Here's $40, we'll see 
you in Vi an hour." I'm having a heart attack... "Oh don't worry Rana, your lungs are probably collapsing!" You 
always knew how to make me feel better. I'll miss you and lunches at your house. Luv ya, Rana. My two- 
weeker buddy in Dominican, It was worth it. Thanks for being a nice person the last 7 years. Love always, 
Meera. "The best thing you've ever done for me is make me take my life less seriously, it's only life after all". 
I've had the time of my life since Gr. 8. I want to thank eveiyone who has ever affected my life; B.B.R., 
K.H., M.T., A.T., my family. Bianca, I will love you forever, Dominican rocked! New Year's MSM, lunch at my 
house, running from SS at the Rideau Centre, The Well, Missi.ssauga, my cottage. "Love baby it's what I got ", I 
love you, Andrea. 

Yasue-chan, I knew that you were special, the moment you bounded into the room, way bacl< in Gr. 10 and .said 
"Hiyee! My name is Yasue!!" in your trademark chirpy tone. You've been a wonderful special friend. 1 can always 
count on you to support me and in only a few minutes, cheer me up immensely. How can I condense into a few 
words our experiences together? Always remember: food fantasies at Rideau Centre after school; German guys; 
tobogganing and being chased by dogs; strange old men who speak Japanese and seem to like you; Skiing 
accidents #1,2,3- and we weren't there; your first time skiing- big pizza!; being eaten by swans in Stratford; Tom 
McCamus (no need to say more); "Girls just wanna have fun..." ; I'll miss you next year. Remember to take your 
maturity seriously- after all, you have the T-shirt! I promise to visit Japan, and you'll get those free tickets one day- 
don't forget! Love you always, Cat. 3 years and all these good memories. Taking the bus together daily; window 
shopping at Rideau Centre; our spares together; talking about fashion trends; b-day party at your aunt's house; 
surprise party at the Quiney's; lock-in; "A Walk In The Clouds" etc. 'We had so much fun together. I can hardly 
believe you are leaving. You taught me so many things about life- thank you. 'Well, we're still going to keep in 
touch, right buddy? I wish you all the best. I'll miss you. Have fun and don't forget all of us._Love, Zhemeng. 
Yasue I can't believe you're graduating without us. 'We're going to miss you! Your hyperness, smiles and boyfriend 
stories (cute). Your million calling cards, but its worth it. Thanx for listening to me about Thomas. Remember: 
Math, Tim Morton's, Tim bits and cookies. Good luck in University and everything else! Love Always, Elly. Sure 
you're leaving, but don't think you'll get rid of us. Parties with 'Vanessa and your dancing struts, too bad KEANU 
couldn't come... math parties with lots of sweets, chocolates in the morning shouldn't be permitted. You always 
being lost, common room card games and the lovely mess left... never failed. Always remember we're here 
toughing it out, but ready to hear from you. Your smile will never be forgotten. Love forever, Litty. It's going to be 
strange without you. Your generosity and smile will be greatly missed. I'll always remember our walks to school, 
massage sessions on the bus from skiing. Your skiing improved so much , you're speeding past the whole group 
of us. Love you and miss you . Succeed wherever you go. Olivia. Hey Honey! Will you play your sax.?- "In the 
Mood, oh yeah..."- Now, let's tango (with a rose between your teeth)- "Hey, macarena!"- "When I fall in love, it 
will be" with Indiana (not Jones!). How many hours did you talk to him on the phone? Two, six? To keep fit in 
Japan, take A Walk In the Clouds, with Keanu (ahhh! KE-A-NUUU!). Pingu forks; Pingu pens; Pingu pencils; Pingu 
erasers; Pingu candy... "Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married..." just be sure he doesn't have 3 wives! 
(airband- big pink flower). Thanks for all the Crispers at break. Potato chip sandwiches. SAT'S. TOEFL. "Are you 
abnormal?" Yes, for sure! Keep laughing, luv ya lots! 'Vanessa. The past couple of years have been awesome. 
There have been ups and downs, but you were always there with your smile. We had some good times this year, but one I clearly remember is the 
Christmas party. I wish you luck and hope you are successful wherever you go. Luv, Tanya. I'm so sad that you're leaving! It won't be the same without you 
at or Elmy. So many things to remember about you! Our little band dance. Stray Cat Strut! Your money! Me, Mrs. Duchovny. Indiana (yours). Not telling 
your Aunt about Indy. "In the Mood". SWEETIE! Your sax playing. Hippie Day dress up! Say hi to Saori. Love ya babe! Nicola. Hey Sweetie! Hey Honey! My 
fellow Chocoholic and roUercoaster junkie!! All the best next year! I'll miss you, so keep in touch! Zenab. Goorafta nune Missas Boyde! Yasue, you need to 
.start taking frown lessons, man you are seriously way happy all the time! But that's cool. By the way, I still have your pens! Sally. Genki? I know I'm a 
segoi henna gaijin- but then I'm not hima or baka!! we have to meet up in Japan in the future sometime- go to Roppongi and Toshimaen!! It's been nice 
talking to you about "home". Yasue-chan: aishteru!!, ja ne, bye bye- Stefu-chan PS: anatano segoi genki tomodachi!! Hi Yasue! Good luck next year in Japan 
and with all you do! Love Kate. It's been great having you for a friend. Never forget our trip to Toronto. Remember how we tried to get a card, just to get 
cheaper tickets? Our favorite cafe 'M'. By the way are you still going to "COLLECT" phone cards when you're in Japan? (you know what I mean!) High school 
is over, hut we still have II.... the beginning of our "very independent" life! Good luck in your exams! You'll do great! GAMBARE! Lots of love. Ratna. 

Yasue Takeda 


Hello Sarah! So the Elm-wood chapter is finally over, shux!! I'll al'ways remember 
all the parties, hanging out after school, dancing in the common room, going to 
Hull and having deep conversations in the after school club. See you at Edgefest, 
Bonny. Kirk and Sandy and our bizarre night. Horan and the paddy wagon. 
Don't take any more sleeping pills Space Cadet. You -will always be a bad influ- 
ence on me in classes? What classes? Don't take the 5. California Dreams and the 
special night-time viewing. You're my date. Stay away from local twits. No more 
collapsing on hammocks. Ninja Kids 3 man, that's just sick! Jen. Sarah, you seem 
to be somewhat accident prone. That's alright. Fun times in Dominican-the hotel 
room, Eddie, that one night when... I'll stop there. You've come to be a good 
friend and I hope you'll remain one. Luv ya, Steph. C. Do you have your license 
yet? Time to give one a ride. Alyssa. We ARE going to Montreal-one of these 
years. ..and we WILL have a great time. ..I'm sure of it- realllly. Champlain college 
trip coulda been better if they had some aspirin and more English speakers! love 
Stephanie Lane. Dear Sarah, you were always mean to me (sniff, sniff!). Yasue, 
Sarah, I'm gonna miss you next year, so you better come back and visit us 
someday! Love Zhemeng. I'll never forget my 2 years at Elmwood. I want to 
thank everyone for making me feel so welcomed was quickly assimilated). To all 
my friends at Elmwood: thanks for making these years interesting. I'll always 
remember: Common room dramas; Hull incidents- Oh no! The cops are here; 
quick hide Kate!"; Kirk and Sandy (the loves of my life *grin*); Hey Amy! That's my seat (Let's take it outside!); 
A.M. & A.H., thanks for keeping me awake during Chem.; Alyssa, could I borrow your car? (maybe someday); 
Jen, I really don't think I'm a space cadet or am I?; Andrea, I can't come, I just took a sleeping pill!; What's 
wrong Bonny?; Wake up Bonny! (sorry, I couldn't resist); Horan, where's Horan?; Dominican (Eddie, that's my 
boyfriend over there). These moments will be with me forever. I wouldn't have survived this year, if it hadn't 
been for my family ( especially my mom). I miss you and love you Dad! I love you Rob! L.R. and C.B., thanks 
for being there when I needed you guys the most. Love, Sarah (the clumsiest girl alive). 

Sarah Wiles 

Special Events 

Oh iioy! Actually, that's exactly it. Remember our phone conversations, the Head loser and Head Idiot. 
Then Dominican- things changed. Remember GH (Antonio), the classic Wunderbar and Marshmallows, 
Strats, your e-mail, the Glengary Highland Games, cracking, the Department of Justice (M.C.). Your 
Church stories. ..and friends. The Cave at 4:00 in the afternoon. Who's annoying you today? Our trip to 
Montreal to look for a certain someone. All parties =fun! Going back to Dominican- our 10 mile ".stroll" 
along the beach. "'Where did the mountains go?" Please .stay in touch wherever you are- I need you to 
help me through all of this. I love you Alex/Lexy/Alexandra. Love, Nina. Alex, Lexus, Lexy. So many 
things, where to begin? Actually more like where to stop. .So much happened this year: locking me in 
my room, parties, po.stcards (real and virtual), Dominican of, e-mails, page-long in-class notes, 
and Candy! I'll keep in touch with you in cyberspace and reality is better than anything else. Luv ya 
always, Steph. C. (B.E) Sexy Lexy. ..Friday the 13th is when you should stay in, stalking in Rockcliffe, 
our car tapes "I'm so. ..happy" and "dreamland", the boys. Van Gogh's, driving aimlessly. the other 
side of the border!! friendly friends, special friends and all that jazz... my loved one!! ever figured out 
why we e-mail each other when we live so close?? luv you babe. Steph Lane xoxo Super Sexy Lexus 
Toyota! Are you still scared of me? Dominican was so much fun. Welcome to the room Leech Boy! 
Did that dress end up on the beach? Alex is sick upstairs in bed- the instant boyfriend? Mrs. D-Bam, 
Bat, Bat. Mr. G- "You can only do that in class if I get to watch! "Ahhh! He was always out for a 
breath of fresh air." Your bowling b-day in Gr.8. I won a Teen mag! Classics! Archaeology! Mrs. 

Mierins- Taylor- John.son- which one to pick? Digging the b ly hole in a torrential downpour; "I 

hate the Canadian Shield"; "Those are artifacts?!?". "Well we basically have no idea where the site is". 
But We WON and we deserved that trophy! Urban Slayer ruined our box. The plot cake Maithili made 
for Mrs. M-T-J. "I know let's be Samara editors! BAD IDEA!" I think Jay had a contract out on our lives. 
The Drama Festival was awesome. Nick trailing behind us. He was .sweet! Then there's Mike, Tony, 
Colin and of course CTA confusion, although the C sort of dropped out. The e-mails, phone calls and 

more e-mails. Love ya always. Kate XOXO. I still feel horrible about that fateful day skiing... Canadian. I'm sorry! Love, Helen. Thanks for 
showing me around on the 1st day of school (and the 2nd!) even though I didn't where exactly you were taking me! Ratna. Well it's been 
great girls. I'll never forget any of you or our memories. We've finally made it, I don't know how but we have! I love you all and thanks for 
being there and being the greatest friends ever, especially S.L., S.C., N.A. and K.McC. I'll never forget partying, trips to Stratford and our 
final outing to Wonderland. Dominican was the best, going to villas, banana boating! Mum and Dad, I Love you so much. Thanks for 
everything, especially letting me have the car all the time. I promise I'll slow down some day. A.M. I'll always remember you. F.C. you're 
the best Gr.ll, keep dancing, don't do IB and don't worry about your future; it will all work out! To the BOYS, you're the best! So, I guess 
this is it. I take with me so many special memories. Love always, Alexandra (a.k.a. Sexy Lexy). 


Head of Nightingale 

As per usual, Fry House took over the school once 
again. We captured the three Interhouse Trophies, 
and came in an easy first in third term House Games. 
The Penny Campaign (although treacherous, flithy, 
and a generally unpleasant experience) managed to 
raise a tidy sum for the Elizabeth Fiy Society. We 
also did well at House Plays, taking 2 awards for 
Special Effects, and Set Design. Special thanks goes 
to Rachel Azoulay for being the world's most consis- 
tently, exuberant Fryer, and good luck to Sharon 
Lazier next year. 

Interminably yours, 
Sally Crate 

One! We are the best! 
Two! We can't be beaten! 

Three! A little louder! 
Four! More, more, more! 
S-U-P-E-R! Super, that's what we are! 
S-U-P-E-R S-T-A-R! 
Super Star! 

Fry House is: Grade One - Jacqueline Azoulay, Elizabeth Daly, Stephanie Grand, Sarah Merkley; Grade Two - Nadine 
Azoulay, Alexandra Fottinger, Joshua Sirs; Grade Three - Alexandra Grand, Lorena Mason, Margaret McClure, Michael 
O'Keefe, Robert Wilson; Grade Four - Tania Kirk, Christine Olthof. Jessica Venables; Grade Five - Emma Allen, Soraya 
Azzabi, Jennifer Blakney, Amanda Gregory, Carina Olthof, Susanna Rothschild, Catriona Benzie; Grade Six - Nicola 
Benidickson, Emily Colton, Jessica Wilson, Cynthia Yeh; Grade Seven - Caroline Andison, Kathiyn Flanery, Stephanie 
Kersey, Naomi Kirk, Marisa Lee, Christine MacPhee, Rachel Azoulay, Melanie Chin, Fiona MacDonald, Stephanie Verhey; 
Grade Eight - Michelle Bissada, Robin Harnden, Darcie Wilson, Jill Blackman, Alison Hanvey, Jennifer Hulseman, Heather 
Maclaren, Lisa McVeigh, Cristina Venables, Angela Lang; Grade Nine - Jennifer Grimsey, Sara Ikeda, Jenjen Lee, Sophia 
Vakopoulos, Emma Whitehead, Danielle Charbonneau, Isbel James, Maiy Shearman, Maryam Southam; Grade Ten - 
Stephanie Chin, Christina de Diego, Heather Hancock, Emma Peacocke; Grade Eleven - Kyna Boyce, Allison Grimsey, 
Judy Lazier, Becce Merkley, Jennifer Payne, Genevieve Trickey; Grade Twelve - Heather Donohoe, Vanessa Quiney, 
Jordana Segal, Litharitza Vakopoulos, Jessica Bayne. Catriona James, Sharon Lazier; Grade Thirteen - Shannon Hancock, 
Tara Huckvale, Kathryn Mehr, Jennifer Campbell, Sally Crate, Alyssa Gillen, Amy Marett, Rana Mokhtar. 

Picture a house team, all dressed in blue... light blue 
that is... We've had another wicked year, Keller, and 
even if we didn't win everything, our spirit was heard 
loud and clear. 

We started off the year with Sport's Afternoon, where 
the baby blue banners could be seen from miles away, 
each of our teams being led by great grade 12's. Keller 
then went on to place second overall for basketball in 
house games and had by far the highest participation 
rate (even though many of you seem to be in constant 
need of a new pair of gym shoes...). 

House plays was yet another success as four talented 
actresses became waitresses, novelists and... murderers? 
in our attempt at a parody of Miller's Death of a Sales- 
man . 

The used stamp collection at Christmas raised a 
significant amount of money for the Guide Dogs, as did 
Dog Day, with an amazing $852 in profits. Thanks to 
everyone who helped make it a success - 1 could not 
have done it without the bakers, BBQ-ers, judges, 
decorators and dedicated cashiers. Thanks also to the 
other Keller OACs, especially Meera, Ratna and Zenab, 
for all your support. 

Good luck next year Isabelle, you'll be a terrific 
house head, and you have a great team to work with. 
Remember Kellerites: always create a sensation!!! 

Love, Kate. 

Niamber one is Tvho we are! 
Forget tine rest 
^KTe're the best 
^X7e can ^w^in at any test! 
Yeah! Keller! 


KeUer House is: Grade One - Matthew Wall, Anita Nadin-Davis, Jennifer LePan, Jennifer Fuller, Michael Howard, 
Rebecca Lefevre; Grade Two - Kirsten Williams, Liz-Marie Bolink, Rachel Rodrigues, Sarah Taylor; Grade Three - 
Christopher Hunter, Lauren Lauderdale, Janelle Barth, Andrew Doran, Iris E, Katharine Howard, Sandy Miller; 
Grade Four - Sarah McDonald, Erin Taylor; Grade Five - Elizabeth Bragg, Tessa Wood, Sheila Egan, Elizabeth 
Miller, Ayiini Osman, Anne Houston, Katie MacGillivray; Grade Six - Shayli Hill, Veronica Howard, Sarah Russell, 
Linda Lin, Jessica Barth, Nazia Charania, Nadia Potoczny; Grade Seven - Sylvia Simson, Caitlin Scanlan, Clare 
Brunst, Christina Ellis, Meg Southee, Ashley Ham Pong, Tara Hunter, Courtney Hanna, and Rachel Robb, Sarah 
Liebel; Grade Eight - Kathleen Berube, Elizabeth Gillingham, Nikolina Duvall-Antonacopoulos, Jen McGaw, Janet 
Lunau, Sulafa Silim, Laura Argument; Grade Nine - Veronica Classen, Natalie Pilon, Michelle Davidson, DanHee 
Park; Grade Ten - Rania El-Hawary, Christine Kim, Ginny Strachan, Jenny Yoon, Julia Kirby, Ginger Hull, Grade 
Eleven - Michelle Jun, Kinga Petrovai, Katie Mills, Alison Booth, Allyson Tighe; Grade Twelve - Jodi Roche, Sonya 
Arora, Isabelle French, Olivia Waters, Tanya Magnus, Zhemeng Wang, Liette Berube; Grade Thirteen - Meera 
Ruparelia, Caroline Richards, Helen O'Leary, Zenab Bagha, Ratna Osman, Kendra Pyfrom, Sarah Wiles. 


Oh my dear Nightingale, where do I begin? This has been 
another awesome year filled with tonnes of spirit and loads of 
fun. What else can I say besides YOU'RE THE BEST!! From 
Sports day to House Plays, for charity or for fun, win or lose, you 
guys never failed. With all your enthusiasm and support you 
have made this year a truly memorable one not only for me but 
also for the entire school. Whether you "forgot" your running 
shoes on all those Wednesdays or whether you played whatever 
sport Natasha threw at you, you always showed remarkable 
sportsmanship and a wonderful spirit! Speaking of spirit, you 
guys also shone bright on Sports Day and Sports Afternoon 
where, although we were slightly edged out by FRY to come 
second, we were still the best! One of our teams won for most 
points overall and your cheering was outstanding! Fd like to 
thank all the team captains, all the runners, all the OACs and 
every single Nightingale-ite for making both those days and the 
entire year such a success. Working, cheering and playing 
together is what has made Nightingale such a great team and I 
hope that this will always continue. Not only have we helped 
each other to grow but we have also managed to help those less 
fortunate than ourselves by raising money for "Sleeping Children 
Around the World". This is an achievement that we should all be 
very proud of because we worked as a team to help others. Fd 
like to thank all the folks who helped and supported me through 
the year and I would also like to wish the best of luck to both 
Amy and Laura, two of next year's prefects, Laura, you are the 
head of a great house, and you will no doubt only make it 

Good Luck to everyone, keep cheering and keep having FUN! 
Love always, Alexandra XOXO 

Pepsi cola, Coca cola, Royal Crown! 
We're gonna hypnotize you, boomerize you, 
knock you down! 
'Cause when we're up, we're up, 
And when we're down, we're down. 
When you're on our team you're the best in 



Nightingale House is: Grade One - Riyaz Basi, Megan Cody, Adriana Genovese; Grade Two - Graeme Benzie, Evan 
Helge.sen, Nichola.s Hogg, Taylar Reid, Morgan Wallack; Grade Three - Maura Furlong-Maclnnis, Alexandra Genovese, Jena 
Hall, Jennifer Rombouts, Geoffrey Le Fevre; Grade Four - Aye.sha, Aiix Dudley Danyal Klioral, Lsabel Lopez, Kristina 
Medow, Reshmi Roy, Lisa Wright; Grade Five - Emily Cushman, Alexandra Vincent, Zenah Surani; Grade Six - Katie Hermon, 
Nicola Young, Tamera Dion, Laura Pearson, Amna Silim, Fiona Stewart; Grade Seven - Michelle Beauregard, Maarianne 
Goldberg, Brittany Hughes, Bella Lamb, Caitlyn McFadden, Emily Pitt, Martine Esdaile, Stephanie Hogg, Julia Murray, Elizabeth 
Toller, Catherine Vincent; Grade Eight - Angela Genovese, Jade Puddington, Megan Throop, Vanessa Arnold, Klara Boadway, 
Sarah Bragg, Rachel Buxton, Dominique Jacobson, Mar>' Pitt, Christina Bouchard, Anni Choi, Catherine Dubuc, Emily 
Jamieson, Sarah Valiant, Brinkley Zagerman; Grade Nine - Stephanie Crabb, Emily McQuillan, Hee Ju Choi, Laurel Ditz; 
Grade Ten - Julie Crabb, Amanda Genovese, Mona Lemp, Tiffany Semple, Sarah Berlis, Natalie Piazza, Amira Sultan; Grade 
Ele\ en - Meredith Gillespie, Robyn Kern, Sharon Nimrod, Nagin Razavi, Karen Selody; Grade Twelve - Renuka Bauri, Malinda 
Helgesen, Laura Pitt, Elisabeth Berman, Margo Francis, Yasue Takeda, Amy Throop, Sarah Wright; Grade Thirteen - Nina 
Aggai^wal, Genevieve Barbeau, Krysta Hartley, Andrea Taggart, Alexandra Young, Carleen Nimrod. 

Well Wilson, congratulations on another amazing 
year! You are by far the best house. From Sports Day 
to house games you were the most spirited house of all 
(well, in my opinion anyway!). We won both 
SPEEDBALL and FLOOR HOCKEY, showing not only 
spirit but also our skill. To end it all Wilson proved 
again that no one can compete with our enthusiasm by 
having the most spirited team! YEAH WILSON!! 

As usual our candy cane sale at Christmas was a 
success, selling over 1800 candy canes. Thanks to all 
the OAC's who helped me sell and tag all the candy 
canes; your help was greatly appreciated! The 
McDonalds day, although not quite as successful, also 
raised money, especially through the sale of the beanie 
babies. Thanks Katie for organizing it with me. Those 
two fundraisers along with civies money, helped Wilson 
surpass our fundraising goals. This money will go to a 
worthy cause. Interval House , which is a house for 
battered women. 

Thanks to Nicole Choo, the Junior head; you did a 
great job in your junior house games. Good Luck to 
next year's head, Carolyn. Have a great time being 
head of the best house in the school ande make sure it 
stays that way! 

Luv ya lots, 

We are from Wilson and we are the best! Da na 
na na Our spirit will never rest! Da na na na 
We're number one, da na na na, we're lots of 
fun, da na na na, we are from Wilson and we are 
the BEST!!! Yaaaaaaaah WILSON!! 

Wilson House is: Grade One - Alina Blain, Michelle Choynowski, Kira Heymans, Kenji Mason, Robert Meyer- 
Robinson, Alexis Reiter; Grade Two - David Leenen, Jordan MacRobbie, Amelie Meyer-Robinson, Ashwin Ramasubbu; 
Grade Three - Sascha Alles, Charlotte Blain, Anna Foster, Abigail O'Connor, Julia Rowe, Anneka Sirs, Bryant Lazaro; 
Grade Four - Jessica Dhaliwal, Marisa Heymans, Rebeka Lauks, Sarah Leenen, Caroline McLoughlin; Grade Five - Sasha 
Lauks, Julie Trudel, Gabriele O'Connor; Grade Six - Laurelle Barr, Ashley Burk, Emily Kent, Marcela Lazaro, Julia Betts, 
Stephanie Fathi, Stephanie Kerrigan, Alana MacEwen; Grade Seven - Lucy Hay, Elizabeth Macklem, Muriel Rowe, 
Rebecca Willems, Alexandra Zarama, Martha Bogue, Elissa Cohen, Kate Edelson, Mika Mason, Kyley Sroka, Jessamy 
Tedlie-Stursberg, Patti Willhauk; Grade Eight - Lindsay Appotive, Tara Pryor, Kelly Haynes, Alexandra Low, Sarah 
Burns, Nicole Choo, Lacy Lauks, Kelly Maclaren, Maria 'Valenzuela; Grade Nine - Esther Guillen, Mollyanne Kerr; Grade 
Ten - Pam Chuchinnawat, Andrea Dhaliwal, Stephanie Dostaler, Margaret Guillen, Erica Choi, "Veronica Feigel, Nicola 
Krishna, Nina Rytwinski; Grade Eleven - Celine Bissonnette, Fiona Charlton, Lyndsay Kennedy, Ayela Khan, Nikki Lee, 
Priya Narula; Grade Twelve - Lillith Smith, Carolyn Laporte, Christina Quiney, Elly Tam; Grade Thirteen - Adele 
Dupont, Claire Higgins, Andrea Horan, Stephanie Lane, Alicia Robinson. 

Prefect-At-Large's Page 

Prefect at LARGE! What exactly 
does that mean? Literally... I 
mean... What is this? My own 
page? IDIOT. Just kidding. 
OK... I'll be serious. I want to 
firstly thank my fellow prefects 
(especially my cherished defects). 
Mme. Knowlton for guiding me 
though my new found position. 
Dr. Kirby for giving Elmwood 
and it's presence a well needed 
face-lift, and for her heart warm- 
ing winks when I was grumps. 
And lastly to everyone who made 
it easy for me to give my 100% to 

"I don't know the key to 
success, but the key to failure is 
trying to please everyone." -Bill 

"Be an optimist. There is not 
much use being anything else." - 
J.S. Mill 

-Biancs - You've been good to 
me Elmwood. And now it is 
time to say Buh-Bye. 

World in Our Hands 

i—— ^i-^M mniim rmi fir r ~ " m^ fim mh r rii fi • r 

Back row, left to right: Elizabeth Lloyd, Elizabeth Daly, Adriana Genovese. Megan Cody, Stephanie Grand. 
Sarah Merkley, Riyaz Basi, Rebecca LeFevre, Alina Blain, Alexis Reiter, Vi Thomas. Front row, left to right: 
Michael Howard, Matthew Wall, Jennifer Fuller, Michelle Choynowski, Anita Nadin-Davis, Jacquie Azoulay, 
Robert Meyer-Robinson, Kira Heymans, Kenji Mason. Absent: Jennifer Le Pan. 

Back row, left to right: Mrs. Thomas, Evan Helgesen, Sarah Taylor, Joshua Sirs, Rachael Rodrigues. 
Alexandra Fottinger, Graeme Benzie, Nadine Azoulay, Amelie Meyer-Robinson, Ms. L. MacLeod. 
Front row, left to right: David Leenen, Taylar Raid, Nicholas Hogg, Kirsten Williams. Morgan Wallack. 
Jordan MacRobbie, Liz-Marie Bolink. Absent: Ashwin Raniasubbu, Davis Gregory. 

Grade One Limericks 

There was a young girl named Jaccpaie 
Who was very afraid of a bee, 
She stayed in every day 
Never going out to play, 
TiU her mom locked the door with her key 

There was a young boy named Matdiew 
Who liked computer games old and new, 
He played them all night 
Till he lost all his sight. 
Let this be a warning to You! 

Tlierc was a French teacher named Low 
Who loved all her boys and girls so, 
She played a guitiir 
For near and far. 
And put on a really neat show. 



D - Daredevil 
A - Always Asking 

V - Very Excited 
I - Interesting 
S - Serious 

G - Great 
R - Rowdy 
A - Athletic 
E - Energetic 
M - Monkey 
E - Enthusiastic 

E - Engineer 

V - Vibrant 
A - Attractive 
N - Neat 

A - Artistic 
L - Laughter 
E - Excellent 
X - Xenophobic 
A - Amazing 
N - Nice 
D - Darling 
R - Respectable 
A - Attractive 

T - Talkative 
A - Adventurous 

Y - Yes! 

L - Lovable 
A - Athletic 
R - Runner 

A - Awesome 
S - Shy 
H - Hero 
W - Winner 
I - Interesting 
N - Neat 

N - Nice 
A - Astounding 
D - Delightful 
I - Intelligent 
N - Neat 
E - English 

K - Kind 
I - Intelligent 
R - Radiant 
S - Super 
T - Terrific 
E - Excellent 
N - Neat 

D - Delightful 
A - Amazing 
V - Vivacious 
I - Interesting 
D - Devoted 

N - Nice 

I - Indestructible 
C - Charming 
H - Happy-go-lucky 
O - Outstanding 
L - Lucky 
A - Awesome 
S - Sincere 

M - Merrily 
O - Outstanding 
R - Radiant 
G - Gorgeous 
A -Artistic 
N - Noisy 

A - Adventurous 
M - Magic 
E - Excellent 
L - Lucky 
I - Interesting 
E - Elf 

R - Rambunctious 

A - Alert 

C - Careful 

H - Helpful 

A - Active 

E - English 

L - Loving 

S - Super 
A - Astounding 
R - Revolutionaiy 
A - Adventurous 
H - Happening 

J - Joyful 

0 - Outstanding 
R - Radical 

D - Delightful 
A - Awesome 
N - Nice 

L - Lovely 

1 - Intelligent 
Z - Zilly 

M - Marvellous 
A - Awesome 
R - Radical 
I - Interesting 
E - Excellent 

J - Jolly 

O - Outstanding 
S - Silly 
H - Happy 

Back row, left to right: Mrs. Mayes, Jessica Venables, Kiistina Medow, Geoffrey Le Fevre, Ayesha 
Basi, Biyant Lazaro, Erin Taylor, GJiiistopher Hunter, Alix Dudley, Caroline MacLoughlin, Sarah 
Leenen. Front row, left to right: Marisa Heymans, Becky Lauks, Jessica Dhaliwal, Sarah McDonald, 
Sandy Miller, Cliristine Olthof, Reshmi Roy, Isabel Lopez, Danyal Klioral. 

Grade 3/4 in the year 

I will get along with my sisters and 
help around the house. - Rebeka 

I will eat my supper, and clean my 
brother's diapers. - Christine Oltliof. 
For my New Year's resolution I 
promise not to fight with my brothers, 
David and Peter. I also want to 
improve my skating. - Sarah Leenen. 
My New Year's resolution will be to 
write neater and to be nicer to my 
sister. - Sarah McDonald 
I will be a good aunty and be kind to 

Grade 3 - In the Future... 

Sascha Alles: When I am 20 I will be a 
workl-famous teacher I will have a pony 
and a house in Bemiuda where I will 
write my novels. 

JaneUe Barth: When I am 29 I want to 
get married and I want to be a famous 
writer. I want to own a whole forest witli 
a pond and a lot of animals to live in my 
backyard. I want to have two dogs, one 
cat, one parrot, ten fish, and five iguanas. 

Charlotte Blain: When I am twenty-five 
I will be an explorer who discovers 
another continent in the ocean. My 
submarine will be blue with pink flowers 
and I will have a pet fish called Wanda. I 
will live alone with my friends. 

Andrew Doran: When I am twenty- 
five I will be living in L.A. I will have six 
dogs and two cars. I will have tliree 
children and I wOl have a wife. 

Iris E: WTien I am twenty-five I plan to 
study to be a periodontist. I'm going to be 
a concert pianist for a career. I am going 
to get married and have a healthy fainily. 

Anna Foster: WTien I am tliirty-tliiee I 
will have three adopted children, I will 
have two horses and tlieir names wOl be 
3Moon and Star, and four caLs named Coco, 
Pum, Kitatrafi and Terot. I will be a jokey 
and a libraryean. I hope that I will live for 
1 long time. 

Maura Furlong-Maclnnis: Wlien I am 
nineteen I will be a famous tennis player 
and a famous artist. I will go to college to 
become a fully educated and sniiirt 

Allie Genovese: When I am 27 I want 
to get married and have a child. I will go 

all people. I will help my mom bake 
and clean my room. - Lisa "Wright. 
I will be nice to my oldest sister and 
help my parents around the house. 
- Jessica Venables. 
My New Year's resolution is to try 
and help Mrs. Mayes so she can 
finally rest. - Ayesha Basi. 
My New Year's resolution is to try 
and help my dad shovel the drive- 
way. - Tarda Kirk. 
I will try to be better in work and 
clean my room. - Erin Taylor. 
My New Year's resolution will be to 
get along with my family and not 
argue with them. - Bryant Lazaro. 
I'm going to celebrate by having a 

to university and saidy geography. I will 
also study acting. My husband's name will 
be Walker. We wHl live inTexas. When I 
quit being an actress I will be a hair stylist 
and make the coolest hairdoos for people. 

Alexandra Grand: Wlien I am twenty 
my hair will be long and liighlighted with 
blond streaks. I'll wear short skirts with 
beOy T-shirts (if tliey are still in style). 

Jena Hall: I will live in a mansion and I 
will drive in a limo. I will live alone and 
sometimes invite my parents over. Instead 
of having three children I will have two 
kittens and one hamster. 

Katharine Howard: I'm going to live 
with my friends and I'm going to have a 
castle that is new. I will be a lifeguard 
and teach little cMdren to swim! Wlien 
I'm retired I will die and live a happy life 
in heaven. 

Christopher Hunter: Wlien I am 
twenty-three I will be playing spoils. I will 
have a pet parrot named Spiff. My best 
friend will be a detective that wears the 

Geoffrey Le Fevre: When I'm twenty- 
five I will be making money being a 
moving star. I will have a 200 horeepower 
boat and a convertible BMW 

Lauren Ltiuderdale: Wlien I am 23 I 
would like to become a scientist and find 
a way to bring dinosaurs back to life by 
taking frog DNA and dinosaur DNA and 
putting them together. 

Lorena Mason: "Wlien I am 25 I am 
going to be a dentist. I would like to live 
in an apartment and have two cliildien. I 
will have a husband who is smart. 

party! - Reshmi Roy. 

I will celebrate by having a big party 

with my family and some friends. 

- Marisa Heymans 

I will celebrate by inviting all my 
cousins and having a big party all 
night and light fireworks too. - Danyal 

My New Year's resolution is: helping 
my friends and family. - Alix Dudley. 
My New Year's resolution is: getting 
along with my family and friends. 

- Kristina Medow 

My New Year's resolution is to be nice 
to my brother. - Caroline McLouglilin. 
My resolution will be to try to help the 
poor. - Isabel Lopez. 

Margaret McClure: When I am 24 I will 
have been to a university in England to be 
educated. Then I will retire to an Island 
witii my turde called Elvis. 

Abigail O'Connor: Wlien I am sixteen, 
I want to be an Olympic Champion. 
Instead of having eight children, I will 
have four cats and four dogs. 

Michael O'Keefe: When I am 25 I will 
be an Engineer and move to Hollywood. 
I wOl live in the huge letter O. I will 
invent the flying car. I will have a nice 
wife and a child named Fox. I will make 
every thing in my cave. 

Jennifer Rombouts:..When I am 25 I 
want to be an actress. I want to have two 
children who will be brought up to be 
independent and enteiprising. I would like 
to have a puppy and a kitten.I would like 
to work half time so I can spend a lot of 
time with my children. 

Julia Rowe: When I am twenty I will 
be a vet. I will not have children. I will 
have two cats. I will be rich owning a 
large house in the countiy, probably in 
the forest in the middle of Quebec. 

Anneka Sirs: When I am twenty nine I , 
will have four King Charles Spaniel 
puppies called Lucky, Jumpy, Spotty and 
Sparky. I will have a husband and two 
cliildi'en. I would like to be a vet and live 
in the countiy in England. 

Roloert Wilson: Wlien I am nventy five 
I will i:ie a businessman and I will have 
four cars and I'd get a dog which I would 
name Mike. I would also have a huge 
house and I will live by myself. I will go to 
university for two years. 


Jennifer's Dog 

Jennifer was sad. Her whole family was sad 
because her dog was lost. His name was Scottie. He 
was 13 years old. His collar was red. Tliey looked 
and looked and they finally found Scottie. Tliey were 
very happy. by Elizabeth Daly, Grade 1 

My Recipe for Happiness 

Mix 2 cups of hugs 
Add 1 cup of smiles 
Blend in 3 cups of Kindness 
Add a sprinkle of kisses 
Mix 1 spoonful of sharing 

Bake in laughter 
Serve everyday with love 

By Joshua Sirs, Grade 2 

by Geoffrey Le Fevre, Grade 3 

by Miciiael O'Keefe, Grade 3 

Back row, left to right: Julie Truclel, Emily Cushman, Carina Olthof, Soraya Azzabi, 
Tania Kirk, Anne Houston, Susanna Rothschild, Elizabeth Miller, Mrs. Huggins. Front 
row, left to right: Kate MacGillivray, Jennifer Blakney, Ayuni Osman, Sasha Lauks. 

Back row, left to right: Veronica Howard, Katie Hermon, Nicola Young, Ashley Burk, 
Emily Kent, Linda Lin, Laurelle Barr, Gabi O'Connor, Ms. Bowers. Front row, left to right: 
Nazia Charania, Catriona Benzie, Tessa Wood, Fllizabeth Bragg, Sheila Egan, Zenah Surani. 


S tephanie f^, 

"Oar iignr-K«<*^« 

Our sv>i\l\'^Q 

" TKfi. ar+i'shc 


7B is Passion. We are passionate about what we do! What is 7B doing 
when the teacher is talking? 

Caroline Andison: "Listening of course!" 
Alexandra Zarama: "Day-dreaming." 
Caitlyn McFadden: "Finishing my homework for the 
next class (just kidding... sort oO 

Christine MacPhee: "I'm poking Rebecca to get my pen 

Rebecca Willems: "I'm drawing horses with Christine's 

Michelle Beauregard: "Doodling and sleeping." 
Tara Hunter: "Throwing my agenda to Kathy and 
falling backwards off my chair." 
Kathy Flanery: "Writing in Tara's agenda." 
Courtney Hanna: "Being an angel!!" No, she doesn't 
mmm understand!! 

Lucy Hay: "Rocking on my chair and doodling and 

Sarah Liebel: "Writing notes to everyone." 
Emily Pitt: "Writing notes to friends." Sarah perhaps? 
Brittany Hughes: "Talking to someone. It's always my 

Naomi Kirk: "Crabbing at Brittany Hughes!" 
Elizabeth Macklem: "Humming, arguing, doodling and 

Marisa Lee: "Wondering if they found the bomb yet." 
Stephanie Kersey: "A countdown to the end of class!?!" 
Bella Lamb: "Dreaming about what I will do when I 
get home." 

Meg Southee: "Waiting for the bell to ring." 

Muriel Rowe: - "Trying to get organized." 

Ms. Baird: "Dreaming about an African Safari." 

7E Funny Fonn Sayings 

Martina: "I don't know, is it?" 
Christina: "Silly girl!" 
Caity: "Veeerry interesting!" 
Rachel: "Hello!" "Mers" "Mrs. 

Wackipoo" " MOOOO" 
Mika: "No, you cannot borrow my 

History notes!" 
Catherine: "Can I have some?" 
"But I didn't study!" 
Liz: "Whatever..." 
Patti: "That's sooo mean!" 
Kyley: "Oh 'Fudge'!" 
Fiona: "Lisgar Loser" 
Ashley: "Where's my...?" 
Stephanie H.: "Have you seen 

Elissa: "I am NOT short!" 
Jessamy: "Do you feel all warm 
and mooshy?" 

Melanie: "Wanna play cards?" 
Kate: "Oi Vey!" 
Julia: "Catherine? Mel?" 
Stephanie V.: "Funkidoo!" 
Clare: "Oh, shut up!" 
Martha: "Ell sit with you!" 
Sylvia: "You're so cute!" 

Back row, left to right: Mrs. K. Leeman, Michelle Davidson, Sara Ikeda, 
Sophia Vakopoulos, Judy Tarn, Jenjen Lee, Emily McQuillan. Front row, left 
to right: Jennifer Grimsey, Natalie Pilon, Stephanie Crabb, Emma Whitehead. 

Natalie: at U.C.L.A. studying sciences. 

Emma: managing a modem resort in a warm country with 

all the necessities. 

Jennifer: a marine biologist in Cuba. 

Jenjen: in my first year out of fQm school or a starving artist. 
Sophia: finished travelling the world. 
Steph: in Japan protesting Sailor Moon. 
Sara: walking on Mars communicating with Martians. 
Emily: a teacher teaching little kids. 
Michelle: studying psychology. 
Judy: a taste tester for a gourmet magazine. 
Mrs. Leeman: retired and on the slopes in Seventh Heaven. 
Danielle: in a witness protection program being stalked by 

Veronica: a world famous fashion designer. 

Laurel: in the farthest comers of my mind with Ezekiel the 

Spoon and company... 

Esther: Lt. Estlier Guillen; up for promotion. 

Isbel: in a cave in the Himalayas wondering what happened. 

Mollyanne: an Olympic gold medalist in standing long jump. 

Mona: a person who can cope with stress, math homework 

and high-pitched voices!! 

Mary: looking perfect and married to a rich plastic surgeon. 
Maiyam: still in highschool. 
Danhee: in Korea. 

Back row, left to right: Amiia Sultan, Ginny Strachan, Sarah Berlis, Julia Kii-by, Nina 
Rytwinski, Christine Kim, Mr. McCabe. Front row, left to right: Emma Peacocke, 
Veronica Feigel, Ginger Hull, Natalie Piazza. Absent: Nicola Ki-ishna, Erica Choi. 

12 N 

Laura - most likely to: be buried in a snowbank head first, least likely 

to: hate fishes and mooses. 
Renuka - most likely to:become a biologist and trek tlie Canadian 

Nordi, least likely to: ever drink decafFeiniited coffee. 
Lillith - most likely to: become the Bahamian Queen, least likely to: 
have anything to do with " Fort Dmm " again. 
Vanessa - most likely to: be living witli my paients, least likely to: be 
in showbiz. 

Jodi - most likely to:open a nail salon, least likely to: ever stop eating. 
Sonya - most likely to: stalk Will Smith and Metliod Man, least likely 

to: ever stop waxing. 
Litty - mostly likely to: play alongside John Leclair in the NHL, least 
likely to: end up a couch potato. 

Liette - most likely to: win the Indy 500, least likely to: get my Grade 
12 math credit. 

Heather - most likely to: own a car dealership, least likely to: go to 

Malinda - most likely to: soccer punch Jean Chretien, least likely to: 
give up snowboarding, 

Jordana - most likely to: work in a sunglass hut, least likely to: leave 

home without my sungliisses. 
Olivia - most likely to; skipper on a tiill ship sailing the seven seas, 

least likely to: ever talk slowly and clearly. 
Mrs. Neale - most likely to: mn around the world in 90 days, least 

likely to: become as brunette. 

12 P - In an Alternate Life... 

Isabelle was a pair of skis. 

Catriona was Shakespeare's quill pen. 

Yasue was John Coltrane's saxaphone. 

Zhemeng was the first calculator. 

Amy was a carton of milk. 

Margo was a race car. 

Carolyn was a goal post. 

Sharon was cheddar Kraft Dinner. 

Elly was a late slip. 

Jessica was a cellular phone. 

Elizabeth was a Lisgar student. 

Tanya was the first ever volleyball. 

Sarah was a lollypop. 

Christina was the exploding tribble on 

the set of Star Trek. 
Mrs. Page was the first ever periodic 

table of elements. 


Summer 1996... "Jump Start Programme" 

Getting ready 
for classes in 
These Elmwood 
students and 
friends enjoyed a 
busy week of 
academics, sports, 
arts and computer 

Grade 9 Orientation 

The first Friday back at 
school the OACs seized the 
opportunity to "torture" the 
Grade Nines under the 
pretence of instructing them in 
the ways of the school. The 
evening involved a number of 
"instructive" activities such as 
taping the Grade Nines to trees 
and writing on them, and a 
game of tag involving 34 OACs 
to 19 "minor-niners". Everyone 
had a wonderful time, and the 
OACs greatly appreciated the 
Grade Nines' enthusiasm. 

Grade 1 1 - OAC Trip to Stratford 

September lldi - I4th, 1996 

A grey, early morning did not 
diimpen our spirits as we set off for 

Our first play on Wednesday 
afternoon was Waiting for Godot, 
which still sparkles with newness and 
apt connection witli how we feel 
about life in 1996. The evening's 
perfonnance of As Yon Like It formed 
an excellent contrast. 

On niursclay we saw an even more 
sliarply contrasted pair of plays, The 
Music Man, and an excellent produc- 
tion of King Lear. Fridays offerings 
were Tennessee William's Sweet Bird 
of Youth and Christopher Plummer in 
IBarrymore, ho\h brilliantly acted. 

We also niiinaged to visit St. Jacobs, 
and have a backstiige tour at the 
Festival Theatre (where mysteries of 
production were revealed, such as tlie 
facT tliat tlie dead Cordelia carried in 
by Lear at the end of the play is not 
reiilly flesh and blood but a dummy.) 

A good time was had by all fifty- 
one students and die accompanying 
stiiff, Mrs. Bellamy, Mrs. Faguy, Mrs. 
Boychuk, and Mrs. Hoy. 

Grade Nine and Ten Montreal Trip 

while the most 
"senior" Seniors went 
off to Stratford for 
the dramatic 
experience the nines 
and tens slipped off 
to Montreal for two 
days of "serious" 

As we rocketed along 
die higliways of die 
Ontario and Quebec 
countryside, we decided 
that we should sample 
some francophone food 
and hospitality, and pulled 
otf at a typical local eatery, 
Les McDonalds, for a 
sumptuous repast. 
Completely sated, we 
waddled on to the bus to 
finish tlie fust part of our 
adventure, which was a trip 
to a Science Centre. Tliere 
we dived right into an 
academic adventure on the 
Canadian Space 
Programme. We 
e.xperienced the feeling of 
weiglide.ssness (Mr. 
McCabe really enjoyed diat 
after his Happy Meal) and 

got to sit in a Shutde 
Simulator... we left with our 
heads and tummies 

By late afternoon it was 
time to register at our 
lovely litUe Chateau. We 
only had a few mintues to 
freshen up as we liad to 
huny to keep our 
reservations at one of THE 
hottest spots in Montreal... 
the Olympic Stadium. We 
wandered dirough die 
Biodome planning our 
dinner priorities... the 
Biodome cafeteria or the 
snack bar at die Olympic 
Stadium. Mrs. Boyd 
mentioned some of die 
bigger animals were eyeing 
us and we hoped diey had 
been fed prior to our 
arrival. Tlie baUgame had a 
level of excitement all its 
own as one of die players 
fouled off a ball diat 
rocketed towards our 
section of the stands and 
Mrs. Leeman snagged the 
vicious line drive 
barehanded as a souvenir 
for her young son, 

The game went into 
extra innings, which 

disappointed those ladies 
who wanted to sample 
some "real" nighdife. Our 
elaborate plans had to he 
postponed due to to our 
midnight curfew (we didn't 
round up all the "sports" 
fans until close to 11:30 - 
diey must have taken a 
wrong turn.'). Next 
morning we were loosed 
onto the unsuspecting 
population of touristy Old 
Montreal. Some of us 
wandered into the Port area 
and visited the Cathedral, 
but mosdy we SHOPPED, 

some more. Lunch was at 
one of a diousand, quaint 
outdoor cafes amidst the 
sun, ardsits and trendy 
folk... Mrs. Hackett said we 
fit right in... and we did! 

Our dianks to Mrs. 
Boyd, Mrs. Hackett (and 
Mary), Mrs. Leeman and to 
Mr. McCabe. It was a blast, 
c'etait magnifique! Can't 
wait 'dU next year BUT can 
we help plan the itinerary? 
The girls of the Junior- 
Senior School. 

Grade Five Trip to Camp Cameron 

Sq3tember 25 - 
27, 1996, will be 
remembeiied by 
grade five students as 
a time -when they left 
such conveniences as 
flush toilets behind 
and got just a little 
doser to nature at 
Camp Cameron 
Outdoor Education 
Centre near Perth. 

The girls 
participated in a 
liighly active 
programme that 
included such 
outdoor games as 
Seeker, the Deer 
Hunt game, and tlie 
Stirvival Game. They 
itlso tricxJ thcnr kind 
at panning lor gold 
while learning about 
oliicT minerals found 

on the Canadian 
Shield. A trek 
through a peat bog, 
a night hike, 
canoeing on the 
pond, orienteering, 
and a campfiie 
singsong -with a view 
of the lunar eclipse 
rounded out the 

Everyone took 
tums preparing a 
meal and some even 
volunteered for the 
dreaded job of 
cleaning the 
outhouse before our 

The biLsy ful- 
filled days (and 
nights) left several 
giiis wLsliing they 
could .stay longer! It 
v^as a wonderftil 

Grade Six Trip to Upper Canada Village 

On Wednesday, October 2nd the 
students of the two grade six classes 
made the annual pilgrimage to 
Morrisburg. With a giant step back in 
time, students and teachers alike 
donned the costumes of early Canada at 
Upper Canada Village. Life in 1866 
began for all. 

Everyone had chores to do. There 
were cows to be milked, pigs to be 

slopped, dishes to 
wash, mattresses to 
be stuffed, apples to 
press and baking to 
do. When these 
chores were done the 
■ boys" helped out at 
the blacksmith's shop 
and at the tinsmith's 
too. With the time 
that was left over, 
and copybooks in 
hand. e\cr\'one 
headed l( )r the 

After our very full 
days the evenings 
were spent in the 
parlour. Checkers, 
I, hess and chatting 
w ere quickly quelled 
when more lively 
entertainment was 
suggested. Everyone 
sang and danced 
until it was bedtime. 

On Friday, 
October 4th we left 
the village behind, 
but not the memo- 
ries. It was an 
experience to be 
time-travellers a truly 
etluc.itional way to 
li\ c our Canadian 

history, and appreci- 
ate those who have 
gone before us. 

The teachers, who 
were always 
enthusiastic and 
joined in on all of the 
activities, are owed a 
huge thank you. Mrs. 
Ann Hopkins and 
Mrs. Jody O'Brien 
were ably assisted by 
Mrs. Gail Gavan, who 
brought the spoons 
along to liven up the 
reel! Finally I would 
like to thank Mrs. 
Paulette Richer, who 
prepared the 
delicious chicken 
soup and beef stew, 
and to all the parents 
who sent cookies and 
cakes to satisfy the 
sweet tooth. 
Everyone enjoyed the 
fruits of your labours. 

The whole 
experience was worth 
the time and energy 
spent to put this 
activity at the top of 
the list of "To Be 

Mrs Carol .Schmidt. 

The Auction, April 19th: Not Joust Another Knight! 

Voyage a Quebec: 
Quebec City Trip 

Dimanche le 6 octobre, les etudiantes de huitieme annee d'Elmwood 
sont parties pour leur fameux voyage a Quebec. Cinq heures plus tard 
(vers 16 heures), nous sommes finaiement arrivees au Manoir du Lac 
Delage. Nous avons immediatement ete impressionnees par ie 
decor pittoresque et les nombreuses facilies sportives. Roch, notre 
guide, a distribue les cles et les filles se sont dirigees vers leurs 
chambres. Apres avoir deguste un magnifique repas, les filles ont fait 
une promenade nocturne autour du Manoir. Avant d'aller se coucher, 
elles ont profite de la piscine et de la salle d'exercices. 
Lundi n'a pas tellement bien commence. Apres notre petit-dejeuner 
, notre chauffeuse d'autobus nous a annonce que I'autobus ne pouvait 
pas demarrer. En attendant un garagiste, nous avons pris des photos 
de groupe et nous avons joue au mini-golf. Vers 10h30, nous sommes 
enfin parties vers la ville de Quebec. Nous avons mange notre diner 
et magasine sur la rue St-Jean. Apres avoir accueilli Ms. Doyle, nous 
sommes allees a la baselique de Ste-Anne de Beaupre. Notre visite 
s'est poursuivie sur la Grande Allee. De I'autobus, elles ont vu les 
plaines d'Abraham et I'universite Laval., Elles ont ensuite magasine a 
Place Laurier. 

Mardi, nous avons rencontre des filles de I'ecole Marie-Moisan, une 
ecole privee a Quebec. Nous prevoyons rencontrer de nouveau ces 
filles le 23 mai lorsqu'elles viendront a Otawa. Ensuite, nous avons eu 
une visite rapide de divers sites touristiques du Vieux Quebec. Puis, 
nous nous sommes dirigees vers le Vieux Port pour une croisiere sur 
le Louis Joliette. Le paysage etait magnifique! Apres, nous sommes 
allees au Centre d'interpretation du Vieux Port. La journee s'est 
terminee avec une periode de magasinage dans le Vieux Quebec. 
Mercredi, nous avons remercie tous les employes du Manoir pour leur 
gentillesse et nous sommes retournees satisfaites vers la capitale 
nationale. Les professeurs et les etudiantes ont grandement apprecie 
leur voyage a Quebec. 

Nou voudrions dire un grand merci a Mrs. Bellamy pour avoir organise 
ce magnifique voyage. 

Grade Seven Outdoor Education Trip: Challenge by Choice 

The colourful 
October leaves, 
the Ottawa River 
and the YM-YWCA 
Outdoor Education 
Centre made a 
perfect setting for 
the Grade 7 trip. 
The girls met the 
challenges of 
canoeing, archery, 
initiatives, rock 
wall climbing, 
hiking and 
cooking out of 
doors. Camp fire 
songs. Native 
dramas, the egg 
drop, cabin mates, 
hopper duties, 
journal writing all 
bring liack 
memories. The 
spirited Grade 7's 
know how to have 
a good time! 
Ms. Baird, Ms. 

Grade Nine Trip to Calabogie 

Each year 
Elmwood's ninth 
graders spend three 
diiys at Camp 
Gilabogie, die field 
saidies facility for 
Carleton University^'s 
Geography Dep:irt- 
ment, located near 
Pertli. At Calabogie, 
saidents do cross- 
cTjrricular work in a 
field setting. This 
year, physics, 
biology, geography 
and physical 
education were the 
foc\LS of the 

Raiely do 
Elmwood saidenLs 
get the opportunity to 
have meals cooked 
by teachers - and 
survive! Survive as 
they did, as another 
memorable trip to the 
field centre at 
Calabogie provided 
speculation on 

whether the rigours 
of country living 
were to take any 

For two days and 
nights, a wide range 
of academic 
fieldwork was done, 
interspersed witli 
compass training, 
orienteering, and 
games of capture the 
flag' under cover of 

Each trip involves 
a core set of 
fieldwork exercises 
(spatial analysis, soil 
and vegetation 
studies, .scale drawing 
and field .sketching) 
to wliich a variety of 
exercises tliat 
complement tlie 
ethos of tlie tiip are 
added. In past years, 
modem languages, 
Latin and biology 
have been under- 
taken. This year 

Mrs. Boyd worked 
witli exercises 
involving measuiing 
heiglits in tlie field as 
well as the use of 
laser technology to 
distances. Next year, 
the theme will be 
music and drama, 
and saidents will 
write, direct, act and 
produce shoit plays, 
using Calabogie's 
lilstory as a source for 

At Calabogie, 
.students develop 
.skills tliat enliance 
tlieir learning totli in 
and out of the 
classroom. Students 
leave Calabogie 
understanding tliat 
exciting things do 
happen in the 
classroom, and tliat 
classrooms do not 
need to have four 
walls and a rc»f 

Who said that tliey 
saw Elmwood's 
own "Cathy the 
Ghost" in the 
Junior School? 
Tlie halls were full 
of gliosts and 
goblins, and 
monsters, and 
even a queen! It 
was Friday, 
October 25, the 
day of the OAC 
Hallowe'en party 
for the students in 
grades 1 through 
6, and a scary day 
it was. 

creatures led tlie 
Juniors through 
haunted houses - 
there were two - 
played games and 
told .stories to chill 

your bones. Tlie 
prizes were 
plentiful and the 
treats were so 
gooey. Late in 
tlie aftemoon 
some small 
partners watched 
movies and ate 
popcorn in the 

Our tlianks go 
to Krysta Hartley 
and Meera 
Ruparelia who 
mustered the 
OAC gliosis and 
ghouls into a 
fine, frightening 
team. Well 
done! As grades 
go, you and your 
team received a 
"GS" for Great 

Hallowe'en Party 

Museum of Science and Technology 


National Museum 
of Science and 
Technology offers 
many exciting 
programmes for 
children. On 
November 14 our 
grade one and 
two classes took 
advantage of their 
entitled Scoop on 

After an 
infomiative lesson 
by Diane, our 
educator for the 
aftemoon, the 

children explored 
such subjects as 

microscopes, and 
telescopes and 
were thrilled with 
the various 
illusions and 
tricks our eyes 
play on us. The 
Museum's hands- 
on approach to 
learning enabled 
the children to 
experience first 
hand some very 

A visit to the 
Museum cannot 
be complete 
without a walk 
through the crazy 
kitchen, a short 
stop at the Space 
Exhibit and a 
chance to climb 
aboard a train. 

Our thanks go 
out to our three 
parent volunteers 
Mrs. Grand, Mrs. 
Helgesen, and 
Mrs. Sirs, who 
very willingly and 

accompanied us 
on our field trip. 

Father-Daughter Banquet, 12th February, 1997 

International Night 


'1 n I I'll 

11 ILCl 1 IdLl^l idl 

1 <Xi IZidl lid <Xi in 

l\Ti O" n 1" i~wcwrt^r\ 

LllC vviicriiL 

avf^ fo 0"0 to thf=» 

tllC \XJ L^ LllC 

l\J IJ\Z clllL^LllC:! 

1 ir\r\ 1 n 

cll ILl cll 1 

w/'ort n Yx/n i 1 
w \Ji Li 1 w 1 iiitr 

ri^iil i rrntri 1 1 
LlCll^l 111 Lll 

All tifrci 1 ici n 

r"^ \ 1 / //7 

d i roo n H fo 

H^inrp mi 1 sir 

namp hi if 'A 

The "Mastprs" 


of dprptTionips 

rif^l ir^ioi 1 *i foorl 

WCIC V>1«;111C 

1 1 ic 

fnofoi 1 rri^lA/ 
LI 1*^1 Kjyji^i 11 y 

ill^^lllC), ivd-lld. 

LJ C 1 1 U 1 1 1 lid. 1 1 C C o 

CI llvjy CLl LI IC 

IVlUlvl 1L<11 , <al Id 

"A ttrn rti VP 


CvJLll ill ICo llL^lli 

inti^mifioTTi 1 
11 ILCl 1 1<3.L1L/1 Icil 

T?i 1 oci vf^y ii 

c\.l wLH IVI LI 1V_ 

mpni 1 th:^it 

TThp fp^irhpr 

world and 

awaited them 



after the 

were Mr. Main 



and Mrs. 

music, fashion 

All proceeds 



Elmwood had two 
official exchanges this 
school year. In term one, 
Emilie Bachy in grade 1 1 , of 
Le Havre, France, stayed 
with Julie Crabb in grade 
10. In term two, Eleanor 
Ross, in grade 12, of Otago, 
New Zealand was hosted by 
Stephanie Chin in grade 10. 

Victoria Exchange 

Nina Rytwinski, 
Ginny Strachan, 
Julia Kirby and Ms. 
Trinca spent a 
fantastic week in 
Victoria, B.C. this 
spring at St. 
Margaret's School. 
Residence life 
(other than the 
food) was excellent 
and we got to see 
all the interesting 
sights in Victoria. 
Highlights were the 
beach, wax 
mu.seum, and the 
expenses of high 
tea at the Empress. 
Julia was right, we 
shf)uld have asked 
about the price! 

The Junior School Speaker Program 

Throughout the year the Junior School 
has had a series of speakers come to the 
School during their Tuesday morning 
assemblies to introduce a variety of 
professions to them. Our thanks goes to 
Mrs. Judy Peacocke who has arranged for 
each one to join us. It was a great year! 

Some of the speakers included: 
ane Dunlop was born and grew up in 
Ottawa. She has a degree in Computer 
Science from the University of Waterloo and 
is working as a manager of software tools at 
Nortel. In her spare time, she enjoys taking 
Modern and Jazz dance classes, as well as 
camping, travelling and working with the 
environmental group CPAWS (Canadian Parks 
and Wilderness Society). She likes languages 
and speaks French pretty well, as well as 
some German and Spanish. 

Vickie Westcott, works at Arbour Environ- 
mental Shoppe. She is a Carleton University 
student, and has completed her first year. 
She volunteers in Central America to help 
preserve rainforests and showed our 
Elmwood students many interesting items 
such as recycled computer boards, recycled 
tire backpacks, and a human and solar 
powered radio. 

Veronica de Pencier studied Architecture at 
McGill University and was awarded a 
scholarship to study housing in Japan. After 
graduation, she apprenticed at such notable 
firms as Arthur Erickson Architects in 
Toronto. Ten years ago she moved to 
Ottawa. She is now attempting to balance 
young family life and a career. 

# 1. 

# 2. 

# 3. 

Jane Dunlop. # 4. 

Veronica de Pencier and Elmwood Students. # 5. 
Vickie Westcott. # 6. 

Reshmi Roy and Jane Dunlop. 

Judy Peacocke and Dr. Hilary de Veber. 

Nazia Charania and Veronica de Pencier, 

St. Donat 

The grade 10 
trip to St. Donat 
this year was a 
great success. We 
skiied every day 
and partied every 
night. We met a 
cool guy named 
Michel, who I think 
we all will 
remember. The 
hills at St. Donat 
were great 

considering we 
were used to Ski 

One night we 
had outdoor 
activities. We 
played snow 
soccer and broom 
ball, but the best 
was sliding on the 

Many of us 
went snowshoeing 

for the first time. 
We had a bonfire, 
and were told a 
really... weird story 
by Michel. 

There were 
dances every night 
where we 
socialized with 
people from other 
schools. There 
was talent night 
and lots of other 
fun activities. 


Dog Day 

This year Dog Day was a big success! We had many different dogs of different shapes and sizes. There were huge 
dogs that were bigger than some of our juniors and some really small dogs that could almost fit in your pocket. This 
year we had some new competitions to enter, such as longest tail and most drool. There were wonderful prizes that 
all the winners loved. As usual, the money raised at Dog Day went to Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, Keller's 
charity. There were people from Guide Dogs for the Blind at Elmwood that day to lead people around the tennis 
court with a guide dog so they could experience how it feels to be blind (at least for a few minutes)! Thanks should 
definitely go to Kate Kirby, for all her hard work and effort put into this affair. 

March Break Trip 

Tlie trip this year 
was a fantastic- 
one. Nine of us 
travelled to 
Pompeii, Rome 
and Florence for 
ten sunny days of 
incredible siglits. 
The students 
involved were 
Celine BLssonette, 
Klara Baadway, 
Elissii Cohen, 
Michelle Jun, and 
Zliemeng Wang. 

The adults were 
Mrs. BLssonette and 
Mrs. Cohen, Ms. 
Ellison and Mrs. 
We liad an un- 
planned and rather 
ckillenging stop- 
over in Paris but tlie 
rest of the Qip went 
very sniootlily. 
Tlie students 
enjoyed Pompeii, 
gelato, St. Petei^s, 
gelato, the Pope, 

gelato, die Colosseum, 
gelato, tlie Forum, 
gehto, die catiicombs, 
gehto, David, gelato, 
Botticelli, gelato... I 
diink you get die 
picture. A word of 
caution, Lisa... gelato 
can expensive... 
Don't worry, parents, 
we did get to see lots of 
museums like die 
Aaidemy, die UlRzi, as 
well as die Ponte 
Vecchio. We loved it! 


Miracles do happen! Ask Angela Boychuk, 
Elmwood's theatre arts teacher extraordinaire. 
Last minute rehearsals, stage directions, props, 
and sets all came together for the opening night 
of The Miracle Worker. Playing to packed 
houses at each of the four performances, the 
production was professional in every way. 
Particularly demanding roles were of Helen 
Keller, played by Tara Hunter (Grade 7), and 
Annie Sullivan, played by Stephanie Lane 
(OAC). Tara left nary a dry eye in the house 
when, at the play's climax, she stammered her 
single word, indicating that Annie had finally 
broken through to Helen. Performances by 
Catriona James (grade 12) as Helen's grand- 
mother, Rebecca Merkley (grade 11) as Helen's 
mother, Alexandra Young (OAC) as Helen's 
great aunt, and Andrea Horan (OAC) as Helen's 
half-sister, showed an appreciation of the 
interplay between the Keller family members. 
Indeed, as Mrs. Boychuck writes in her 
director's notes, "This is a story about powerful 
female relationships ... ". 

Since Keller House is named after Helen 
Keller, the play held special meaning for our 
students. Focusing on the accomplishments 
and relationships of women with enormous 
obstacles to overcome, it also provided our 
young women with still-needed encouragement. 
An autographed photo of Helen Keller hangs in 
Dr. Kirby's office, and it is thought that she 
might have visited Elmwood in her later life. 

Message from Angela Boychuk, Director 

Last summer, while I was researching 
potential scripts for production at 
Elmwood, I happened to read again 
William Gibson's play, The Miracle 
Worker, and was struck by the power 
and sense of timelessness this compel- 
ling and true story of Helen Keller 
continues to wield. When a character is 
confronted with apparently insurmount- 
able obstacles, and we, the audience, are 
permitted to participate in the process 
that takes that same human being 
forward to a moment when the impos- 
sible is achieved, we cannot help but be 
deeply moved by the event. We are all 
presented with obstacles, some more 
visible than others, but the true test is in 
the level of dignity we each can achieve 
in the face of adversity. Helen Keller s 
dignity was profound, as was the dignity 
of the most important people in her life. 
The characters in this play are all based 
on the lives and events of real people 
(although admittedly we have taken 
some dramatic licence with gender in 

Elmwood school was very pleased and 
honoured to host the 23rd annual Indepen- 
dent Schools Drama Festival on Friday, 
April 25 through Saturday, April 26, 1997. 
The last time Elmwood undertook this role 
of host was fifteen years ago and on that 
occasion space was so limited that we were 
compelled to stage the festival at another 
venue. Since then, Elmwood has under- 
gone several expansions and while still 
modest in size (but hopefully not in 
stature!), it was with enormous pleasure that 
we were able to welcome 140 theatres arts 
.students from eleven visiting schools from 
as far away as Ridley College in St 

At the opening ceremonies the theatre 
arts students attended a live performance of 
An inkling of Nirvana, written and 
performed by Katherine Sandford, 
directed by Linda Balduzzu. with original 
music and piano by Deborah Thomson. 
Critically acclaimed when it was first 
produced last summer at the Edmonton 
Fringe Festival, the one-woman show is a 
humorous, moving and reflective piece 
based on Kathy's own personal response to 
the loss of both her parents within just two 
years of each other. The young audience 
was especially moved as the author/ 
performer, not much older than themselves, 
dealt with love, death, and recovery in a 
very personal, spirited way. 

Over the course of the two days the 
students were involved in practical work- 
shops conducted by professional artists from 
Ottawa's artistic community who brought 
with them expertise in many areas including 

our interpretation of the play) and 
without exception, each of them comes 
away deeply affected by their shared 
experience. This story however is not 
only about the blind, deaf and mute 
Helen Keller but also about her 
governess, Annie Sullivan, who is in 
fact, the 'Miracle Worker'. Her strong 
will and forceful character influenced not 
only the life of her pupil but also that of 
the entire Keller family. This is a story 
about powerful female relationships - 
mother/daughter, mother/daughter-in- 
law, grandmother/granddaughter, 
teacher/student - and their interdepen- 
dency on each other, which our almost 
entirely female cast have worked hard to 

Producing this play is a gentle 
reminder of the strength of the 
remarkable woman after whom 
Elmwood's Keller House was named. 
We hope you were as moved by her 
story in performance as we were often 
times in rehearsal. 

stage fighting, playwriting, lighting design, 
shadow puppetry theatre, mask work, and 
movement/physical theatre. Workshop 
leaders included John Koensgen, Laurie 
Fyffe, Mary EUis, Lynn Cox, Barry Karp, 
Andre Perrier, Susan Yendall and Peter 
Ryan; their participation was made possible 
in part through a generous sponsorship 
from the National Arts Centre English 
Theatre 1996/97 Skills Shop Programme. 

The annual festival has been non-competitive 
for the .several years but the tliirty minute 
peifomiances presented by each of the 
participating schools are adjudicated by a 
professional with an tn-depth knowledge of 
theatre. Tliis year Ottawa-ba.sed actress, director 
and teacher Kate Hurman was pleased to tiike 
on this teacliing role. The calibre of perfor- 
mances was exceptionally high as was measured 
by the response of the audience who did not 
hesitate to audibly express their enthusiasm and 
support for the artistic endeavors of their peers. 
(Elmwood's own production of The Miracle 
Worker had tlie entire front row of .students 
sobbing during the final touching scene, ,so 
moved were they, followed by an instant 
standing ovation at cuitain call!). 

The weather co-operated (the only brilliant 
and sunny weekend all spring) making it 
passible to .stroll down the hill for the inevitable 
Grabba-Jabba, as well as an outdoor bariiecue 
on the final evening. 

The ISDF was an intense and involving 
festival and witliout questk^n the theatre arts 
.students came away spiriaially eniiched by the 
experience. We cannot wait for next year when 
we get to do it all over again! Good things 
always invite an Encore! 

Mrs Boychuk and her co-director 
Kathy Langston - the true miracle 


October sa-w the second annual 
successful Staging of the House 
Plays featuring four one-act plays 
presented to the students over two 
consecutive lunch periods. Fry's 
play Blackout directed by Sally- 
Crate (OAC), -was awarded best 
set and special effects. Best 
director and production went to 
Nightingales's Meredith Gillespie 
(Grade 11) for her presentation of 
Wake, featuring Megan Throop 
(Grade 8), the youngest meinber 
of the acting company, who won 
best actress. Nightingale's 
Alexandra Young (OAC) played 
opposite Megari in a lovely, strong 
performance. A dedicated thes- 
pian, OAC student Andrea Horan 
is to be congratulated for produc- 
ing this year's House Plays. 

By Mrs. Angela 

Theatre Arts Teacher 



Senior Choir 

Several members of the Senior Choir 

participated in the Independent Schools' 
Music Festival in Toronto, April 17 - 21. This 
year's festival was hosted by Crescent School. 
Mrs. O'Brien and Ms. Weeks prepared the 
choir for the difficult SATB music at hand. 
The performance at Roy Thompson Hall was 
superb, as was the visit to Toronto. 

Senior Choir: (Grade Nine) 
Sara Ikeda, Jennifer Grimsey, 
Veronica Classen, Stephanie 
Crabb, (Grade Ten) Julie Crabb, 
Nicola Krishna, Ginny Strachan, 
Pam Chuchinnawat, Stephanie 
Chin (Grade Eleven) Fiona 
Charlton, Sharon Nimrod, Alison 
Booth (Grade Twelve) Catriona 
James, Olivia Waters, Christina 
Quiney, Quiney, Amy 
Throop, Zhemeng Wang, Jessica 
Bayne, Tanya Magnus, (OAC) 
Bonny Ikitt, Katherine Mehr, 
Alexandra Young, Genevieve 
Barbeau, Bianca Brandt- 
Rousseau, Cariecn Nimrcjd, 
Stephanie Coleridge. 

Classics Club 

Back row, left to right: Catriona James, Jennifer Payne, Priya Narula, Kyna Boyce, Tanya Magnus, 
Kinga Pretrovai, Emma Peacocke. Front row, left to right: Ms. Ellison, Christina Quiney, Judy 
Lazier, Amy Throop, Vanessa Quiney, Yasue Takeda, Zhemeng Wang. Absent: Jennifer Grimsey, 
Erica Choi, Celine Bissonnette. 

Every year, 
Elmwood School's 
Classics Club 
dedicates nine or 
ten months to 
preparing for the 
annual Ontario 
Students' Classics 
Conference, held at 
various university 
campuses across the 
province. The 
social life of the 
school is pulled into 
the ancient world as 
the students begin 
raising money to 
pay for the ex- 
penses of the 
Conference and the 
trip; we began this 
year with the first 
(hopefully annual) 
Classics Club Coffee 
House, and also had 
a very successful 
Roman Banquet 
where a mixture of 
authentic and 
modern food was 
served to approxi- 
mately 130 people 
during an evening 
of nonstop enter- 

The venue for 
this year's classics 
Conference (May 8- 
11) was Brock 
University, where 
almost 600 students 
from 23 schools 
participated in 80 
competitions such as 
History and 
Mythology at 
different levels. We 
are the only school 
in Ottawa which 
participates, and the 
one farthest north! 

This year, 8 
students spent lots 
of time preparing 
for these events: 
Celine Bissonnette, 
Amy Throop, Emma 
Peacocke, Priya 
Narula, Kinga 
Petrovai, Judy 
Lazier, Jennifer 
Payne, Kyna Boyce. 
They worked on 
making authentic 
Greek costumes, 
including jewellery 
and even real 
leather sandals! In 
addition, they made 

a display board, 
models, painted a 
chariot, and many 
other activities. 

The 8 girls who 
Elmwood well in 
competition of 
much larger 
groups. The 
Elmwood team 
earned a ranking 
of second per 
capita in the entire 
Individual prizes 
were awarded as 


Fashion Show- 
1st place; School 
display-2nd place; 
place; Scrapbook- 
5th place; Senior 
Derivatives and 
Cursus Senior 
Peacocke ( 1st, 3rd 
place) Cursus 
Junior Derivatives- 
Celine Bissonnette- 
4th place; girls 
Throop-4th place; 
large model 
(artistic)- Katherine 
Mehr-4th place; 
Chariot Design- 
Yasue Takeda and 
Zhemeng Wang- 
5th place. 

They accom- 
plished a lot for 
their size and all 
should be proud. 

A special 
thanks to Mrs. 
McCabe, Mrs. Hoy 
and Mr. Main, for 
all their support 
and help. Having 
expressed our 
gratitude we feel it 
is only fair to warn 
you all: we are 
already planning 
for next year! 
Ms. Ellison 

Elmwood School 

Board of Governors 

1996 - 1997 

Elmwood is a non-profit organization, accountable to a Board of Governors. The 
Board is responsible for setting administrative and academic policies which are adminis- 
tered by the Headmistress and Vice-Principals, with the assistance of the Bursar. 

Mrs. B. Robinson, Chair of the Board. 
Mr. R. Boadway, Executive, Finance. 
Mrs. L. Bon, Executive, Fundraising, Planning and Profile, Chair. 
Ms. J. Burke-Robertson. 
Mrs. M. A. de Chastelain, Planning and Profile. 
Mrs. N. Davies, Executive Secretary, Eundraising, Planning and Profile. 
Mr. J. Doran, Property and Facility. 
Ms. E. Heatherington, Fundraising. 
Mr. T. Houston, Executive, Finance Chair, Technology. 
Mr. K. Kappagantula, Education. 
Mrs. C. Kern. 
Mr. L. Lauks, Executive, Technology Chair. 
Mrs. A. Magnus, Executive, Education Chair. 
Mr. D. Mason, Executive, Finance Chair. 
Mrs. L. Near, Fundraising. 
Mrs. J. Nelson, Executive Past Chair, Planning and Profile. 
Dr. J. C. Russell, Education. 
Mr. D. Schryburt, Finance, Property. 
Mr. B. Strachan, Planning and Profile. 
Mrs. L. Terroux, Executive, Fundraising Chair, Education. 
Mrs. S. Vomer Kirby, Education. 
Mrs. B. Young, Education. 

Message from the 

approximately one 
year ago I was first 
Headmistress of 
Samaras of the 
past became part 
of my personal 
orientation to the 
school. It is hard 
to believe that my 
first year is 
drawing to a close 
and that it is now 
my tum to 
contribute to the 
yearbook. As I 
look back over 
these first few 
months at 
Elmwood, I reflect 
on a wonderful 
mind filled with 
the widest variety 
of impressions and 
There are classes 
and competitions, 
drama and dances, 
art and athletics, 
each activity 
bringing its own 
challenges, its own 

As in Samara, 
the focus of my 
review is on the 
people who make 
Elmwood all that it 
has been, all that it 
is and all that it 
can become. 
Teachers, parents, 
and untiring 
volunteers provide 
the role models of 
commitment that 
make it impossible 
to contemplate 
giving less than 
your best. But for 
all of us, it is our 
students who 
provide the 
inspiration to 
approach each 
challenge with 
energy and joy. 

It is an exciting 
time to be 
involved in the 
education of 
young women. 
The demanding 
opportunities of 
our shrinking 
world are available 
only to those who 
have the 

knowledge, skills 

and confidence to 
explore broadly 
and focus clearly. 
Elmwood must 
meet the challenge 
of its mission 
statement by 
excellence in an 
enviroment that is 
nurturing and 
morally sound. I 
feel proud to be 
involved in this 
mission and 
convinced that 
Elmwood's future 
wiU be even 
stronger than its 

The staff of 
Samara provide 
one of the many 
examples of the 
striving for 
excellence that 
helps Elmwood 
defme its future. 

to you aU - 
Summa Sumarum. 

Dr. Carol Kirby. 

Place of Birth: 

Hobbies: Reading, 

Langu^es Spoken: 

St. John's, 

movies, theatie, 

Much English 


travel and 

some French 

Hair Colour: 


and some 

I've forgotten! 

Favourite Place 


Eye Colour: 

"Visited: India. 

Favourite Saying: 


Place You Want to 

'TomoiTOw is 

Height- 5 ft 4 

Visit: China, 

anotlier day!" 


Message from the Vice-Principal of School Life 

"We live in a 
moment of history 
where change is so 
speeded up that 
we begin to see 
the present only 
when it is already 
R.D. Laing, The 
Politics of Experi- 

As this school 
year disappears 
quickly from view, 
I am astounded 
once again at the 
variety and 
frequency of the 
new and renewed 
experiences we 
have shared. 
These have helped 
all of us become 
more accomplished 
as individuals, and 
closer as a commu- 
nity. It is hard to 

believe that this 
year's OAC class, 
which has lead 
the school with 
such creativity, 
enthusiasm and 
dedication, will 
be moving on to 
different cam- 
puses next year. 
They were my 
first homeroom at 
Elmwood and I 
shall miss them 
greatly. There is 
comfort to be 
found in the fact 
that their places 
will be taken by 
students obvi- 
ously ready and 
eager to continue 
the tradition of 
leadership which 
is so important to 
our school life. 

This leader- 
ship at the senior 

level was reflected 
throughout the 
school. Grade 11 
students made the 
most significant 
contribution in our 
history to the 
Canadian Cancer 
Society's daffodil 
campaign. In April, 
the school hosted 
what several 
participants called 
"the best ever" 
Independent Schools 
Drama Festival. Our 
grade 7 and 8 
students enjoyed 
success in the Math 
Olympics and the 
Regional Science 
Fair. As usual, our 
sports teams made it 
to various semi-final 
and final series and 
the ski team was 
once again a 

participant in the 
Ontario Champion- 
ship Series. This is 
indeed an exhaust- 
ing, if not an 
exhaustive, look at 
the highlights of 
1996-97. Through- 
out it all the staff 
and students have 
been an incredibly 
creative and 
supportive group. 
When I do catch a 
fleeting glimpse of 
this past year, what 
shines brightest are 
the moments when 
together we made 
something special 

Mme Suzanne 

Place of Birth: A sea 

Favourite Place 


Visited: The Locker 

Hair Colour: *321 


Eye Colour: Always 

Place You Want to 


Visit: Natalie's Hideout. 

Height: More 

Languages Spoken: 

impressive when 

Too many to list. 


Favourite saying: You 

Hobbies: Schcjol life 

are a uniform poster- 

says it all. 


Message from the Vice-Principal of Academic Life 

This has 
been a year of 
change with 
new ideas and 
throughout the 
school. As 
always, Samara 
captures the 
events of the 
school year for 
us. I often find 
I refer to past 
editions (this 
will be the 
fifteenth on my 
looking some- 
times for a 
forgotten last 

name, some- 
times for the 
of a graduat- 
ing class or a 

This past 
year is some- 
what of a blur 
as I write this 
in May. 
Beginning in 
September we 
were working 
with a new 
computer lab 
and record 
enrolment in 

classes. We 
quickly began a 
new project - 
linking the 
school for the 
internet and 
installing an 
ISDN line. We 
were "on line" 
by January. In 
between, we 
were processing 
applications for 
the prestigious 
Shad Valley 
program and 
investigating a 
new co-op 
course. Five 
students have 
been accepted 
for Shad Valley 

this summer 
and twelve 
students are 
preparing for 
summer co-op 
work place- 

As ever, 
anything new 
in the school 
only adds to all 
of the other 
activities and 
keeps the 
Samara Com- 
mittee even 
busier chroni- 
cling them for 
us. The com- 
mittee is to be 

congratulated for 
their fine work and 
Linda McGregor 


Message from the Vice-Principal of the Junior School. 

Is it really that 
time of year again? It 
must be close to the 
end of our academic 
year because the 
Samara Committee is 
scurrying around the. 
School, scooping up 
all of the pictures, 
write-ups and 
activities which have 
chronicled this year's 
events, to produce 
yet another fine 
yearbook. They are 
an industrious and 
keen group! 

The Juniors joined 
the rest of the 
School's community 
in wishing Mrs. 
Gundy all the best for 
her retirement, and 
welcoming Dr. Kirby 
to our wonderful 
school. The Junior 
School never lacked 
for activities which 
were generously 
sprinkled throughout 
the year. Many 
things that were 
learned in the 

classroom or in 
the playground 
were supple- 
mented with 
enriching activities 
th'-oughout the 
the K Classes 

ips out of 
the ^ - .tool to the 
Apple Orchard, 
Upper Canada 
Village, Camp 
Cameron, the 
theatre and 

The Citizen- 
ship Awards 
continued to be a 
most worthwhile 
endeavor, with 
twenty students 
receiving this 
honor this year. 

Our speaker's 
program contin- 
ued to flourish 
under the 
guidance of Mrs. 
Judy Peacocke. 
In addition to this 
program special 
appearances were 
made by Brad 

Marsh, who spoke to 
the students about the 
necessity to stay in 
school, and Rosie 
Emery, who visited us 
one morning with her 
"Rainbow Road Tour". 
She explained the 
environmental message 
so that it is "all 

Special events like 
the Halloween party, 
two Sports Days, 
Winterfest, Christmas 
and our Parting Picnic 
to Avalon Llamas 
added even more 
variety to an already 
packed year. 

For the first time a 
prize will be given to a 
student in grade three 
who has been at 
Elmwood School for 
the last two years, and 
who is remaining at the 
school for grade four. 
The recipient will 
selected for her 
academic achievement, 
sportsmanship and 
citizenship. The 

decision for our first 
recipient is yet to be 

We are indeed a 
truly busy place. Each 
year I am amazed at 
just how much goes on 
in the Junior School. 
The staff and many 
senior students all 
contribute to a fun- 
filled environment for 
all. This is truly one 
big family held 
together by a common 
purpose. This 
wonderful yearbook 
will be a reminder of 
that purpose and we 
will enjoy turning it's 
pages to see where we 
belong. Among these 
pages lies the clues to 
our future. As we look 
to this future let's 
remember this year 
with fondness. 

Mrs. Carole Scmidt. 

Place of Birth: The 


"Picture Province" 

teaching/teaching, I 

to be sure! 

love it! 

Hair Colour: IVlulti- 

Favourite Place 


Visited: A little town a 

Eye Colour: Azure 

long the Miramichi. 

blue - like the 

Place You Want to 


Visit: Ditto! 

Hobbies: Teaching/ 

Languages Spoken: 


Maritime drawl. 

The Adinini.slrativc Staff - from left to right: Dr. Carol Kirby, Headmistress, Mrs. Linda McGregor, 'Vice-principal of Academic Life, 
Mrs. (^arol Schmidt, Vice-principal of the Junior School, Mrs. Suzanne Knowlton, Vice-principal of School Life. 

A. ...ii. 

Ms. Leslie Baird 

Computer Studies, History, Keyboarding 
Cross Country running, Computer Club, 
Save the Children Canada, Valetine Tree, 
Grade-7 trip to outdoor education 
centre. House Points coordinator. 
Environment Club. 

Place of birth: Vancouver, 

Hair colour: Brown 
Eye colour: Green 
Height: 5'3" 

Hobbies: Skiing, canoeing 

gardening and travelling 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Nancy, France. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Ancient Egypt. 
Languages Spoken: 

English, un peu de 

Favourite Saying: "Don't 

get your blood in a 


Mrs. Annette Bellamy 

Jr. & Sr. English, Senior 
ESL, Philosophy, OAC 
Homeroom ; Stratford 

Place of birth: Cambridge, England. 
Hair Colour: Assisted brown 

(Clairol Light Ash Brown) 
Eye Colour: Assisted hazel 

(blue-tinted contacts on 

brown irises) 
Height: Five feet five inches 

and shrinking. 
Hobbies: Teaching and 

reading English and 

Philosophy. Oh for three 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: Three varieties 

of English, French, German, 

Swedish and tourist Italian. 
Favourite Saying: "The 

unexamined life is not worth 


Mrs. Julie Boyd 

Finite Math OAC, Math 4A 
& gr.7, Physics 4A & OAC, 
Technology gr. 5-8; 
Partnership Coordinator, 
Science Olympics, gr. 9, 10 
orientation trip. 

Place of birth: Gloucester, 

Eye colour: Blue 
Height: 5'7" and decreasing 
Hobbies: Watching football, 

baseball, playing bridge, 

enjoying my family and 2 

cats and 1 dog. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: English 
Favourite Saying: "That's 

Dandy" (C'est Dandy?) 

Mrs. Angela Boychuk 

Drama gr. 3,6, 3A & OAC. 
Director of School production 
presented at the 1997 Independant 
Schools Drama Festival at 
Elmwood. Coordination of Drama 

Place of birth: Bulawayo, 

Hair colour Dramatic! 

Eye colour Grey 

Height: 5'8" 

Hobbies: I used to have 
hobbies until 1 came to 

Favourite Place Visited: Bath, 

Place You Want to Visit India 

Languages Spoken: English 

Favourite Saying: In a final 
letter received fi'om my 
grandmother in Zimbabwe 
two months after her death: 
"May God hold you in the 
Palm of His hand. " 

Place of birth: Belleville, 


Hair Colour: Light brown 

^^^^^^^^ (. i^^^^^H 

Eye Colour: Green 

Height: 165 cm 

Hobbies: Music, sailing. 

reading, skiing. 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Cornwall, England 

Place You Want to Visit: 

The Queen Charlotte Islands. 

Ms. Deirdre Bowers 

Languages Spoken: 


Math gr.5. Music gr. 1- 

Favourite Saying: "You're 

6, Jr Recorder En- 

only young once but you 

semble, Elmwood 

can always be immature. ' 



Ms. Colleen E. Brown. 

Math for Grades 9 - U, 
Calculus OAC, Algebra 
and Geometry OAC. 

Place of Birth: Windsor, 

Nova Scotia. 
Hair Colour: When? Brown. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: On my passport - 


Hobbies: Cooking, travel, 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Santorini, Greece. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: English 

and Mathematics! 
Favourite Saying: 2! 4! 6! 8! 

Now we differentiate. 

Mrs. Shirley Carter. 

Student applications and 
marks for universities, 
student records. 

Place of Birth: Tunbridge 
Wells, Kent, England. 

Hair Colour: Brown 
(Going white!) 

Eye Colour: Brown. 

Height: 5'4" 

Hobbies: Porcelain 
painting, crafts, cross- 

Favourite Place Visited: 
Yugoslavia (many years 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 

English and a smattering 
of French. 

Mr. Ross Campbell 

Computer Systems 
Administrator, Samara, 

Place of Birth: The Grace. 
Hair Colour: Light brown. 
Eye Colour: Blue-green. 
Height: One fathom. 
Hobbies: Elmwood, Elmwood, 

Elmwood... family. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: Smaltalk, 

C, Pascal, English. 
Favoiuite Saying: I can't fix 

what's between the keyboard 

and the chair. 

Place of Birth: Montreal 

Hair Colour: Chatains. 

Eye Colour: Verts. 

Height: 157 cm. 

Hobbies: Prof., traductrice, i 

cinema, lecture, velo. 

Favourite Place Visited: 


Place You Want to Visit: 

la Nouvelle-Orleans. 

Languages Spoken: le 

Ms. Jane Chambre 

Primary, Intermediate 
and Sr. French, Cine- 
Club, Red Cross Com- 
mittee, Samara. 

fran^ais, I'anglais, I'italien 
(fonctionnel), le portugais 
(un peu) 
Favourite Saying: On pren 
un petit cafe? 

Place of Birth: Hamilton, 


Hair Colour: Brown. 

Eye Colour: Hazel. 

Height: 5 ft, 5 1/2 in. 

Hobbies: Reading, 


Favourite Place Visited: 


Place You Want to Visit: 


Carol Clubine. 

The Serengeti in Africa. 

Languages Spoken: 

Primary and Junior 


Science, Junior Sewing. 

Favourite Saying: I need 

some chocolate! 



Ms. Josee Couture-Luc 

Primary, Junior, and 
Intermediate French, 
Grade 8 Quebec City 
trip. Samara. 

Place of Birth: Trois- 

Rivieres, Quebec. 
Hair Colour: Brown, with 

red highlights. 
Eye Colour: Noisette 

Height: not tall enough 
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, 

skiing and tennis, mother. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Chamonix, France. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Provence, France. 
Languages Spoken: French, 

English, a littleCantonese. 
Favourite Saying: "Mets ta 

chemise dans tes 


Ms. Helen Dellaire. 

Office Administration 

Ms. Lise Eaman 

Intermediate and Senior French, 
Geographie 9e, Histoire 7e, History 8, 
Sciences Sociales 5/6, Co-ordinator/ 
Leader of Duke of Edinburgh's Award 
Progranne; Bronze, Silver, Gold levels. 
Grade 7 trip to Outdoor Education 

Place of Birth: Oxford, England. 
Hair Colour: Brown (with silver 

Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: 5'8 1/2" 
Hobbies: Canoeing, piano, 

cycling, choir, cottage, 

swimming, reading, hiking, 


Favourite Place Visited: 

New Zealand. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Peru, Thailand, Argentina, 

Tibet, Australia. 
Languages Spoken: English, 

French, "survival" German., 

Spanish, Russian. 
Favourite Saying: II n'y a jamais 

de temps! 

Ms. Wendy Dennys. 

Admissions, exam 
typing, newsletter. 

Place of Birth: "Jolly Old" 
Hair Colour: Distinguished 
Eye Colour: One blue, one 

brown and blue! 
Height: Just right! 
Hobbies: Thinking, writing, 

watching people. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Beach in Barbados. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

New Zealand. 
Languages Spoken: English, 

some French, smattering 

of Mohawk. 
Favourite Saying: "Today is 

the first day of the rest of 

your life." 

Ms. Erin Doyle 

Maths 7/8, Phys-ed 5/6, Tech 
Grade 6, Science Grade 8, Cross 
Country Running, Track and 
Field, Badminton, Friday Night 
Skiing, Science Fair. 

Place of Birth: Pembroke, 

Hair Colour: Blond 
Eye Colour: Blue 
Height: almost 5'5" 
Hobbies: Teaching, 

running, reading, most 

Favourite Place Visited: 

South America. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 

Favourite Saying: "do da 

do da do" 

Ms. Beth Ellison. 

Latin, Latin LB., Classical 
civilizations, English, 
Roman Banquet, Coffee 
House, March Break Trip 

Place of Birth: Sydney, 

British Columbia. 
Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Brown. 
Height: 5' 8" 
Hobbies: Music, reading, 

movies, sketching, making 

costumes and jewelry for 

the Classics Conference. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Italy and Greece. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Egypt, Britain. 
Languages Spoken: English, 

French, Italian, Greek, 


Favourite Saying: carpe 
diem (sieze the day). 

Mrs. Jennifer Faguy 

English 7, 8, 12, OAC 
I, and OAC III, History 
Grade 8. 

Place of Birth: Toronto, 

Hair Colour: Dark blond 
Eye Colour: Grey 
Height: 5' 7" 

Hobbies: Opera fanatic and 

an obsessive reader 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Egypt, Tanzania 
Place You Want to Visit: 

India, China 
Languages Spoken: English, 


Favourite Saying: "Summer 
afternoon"-to me those have 
always been the most 
beautiful words in the 
English language 
(Edith Wharton). 

Mrs. Rowena Gerspacher 

Grade 3 teacher, Drama 
1, 2, 3. 

Place of Birth: 


Hair Colour: Honey gold. 
Eye Colour: Green. 
Height: 5' 7.5" 
Hobbies: Music, swim- 
ming, cycling, art gallery 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Albi, France. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Florence, France. 
Languages Spoken: 

English, German. 


Mrs. Nuala Hackett 

Mathematics, Drama 
Production ticket 

Place of Birth: Dublin, 

Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Brown. 
Height: 5'4" 
Hobbies: No time for 

Favourite Place Visited: 

New Mexico. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

New Zealand. 
Languages Spoken: 


Mrs. Anne Hofmann 

Office Administration. 

Place of Birth: Inverness, 

Cape Breton. 
Hair Colour: Dirty blond. 
Eye Colour: Green. 
Height: 5'3" 

Hobbies: Volleyball, crafts, 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Cape Breton. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 

English, Gaelic. 
Favorite Saying: "How 

long have you taught 


X/ 1 

Mrs. Ann Hopkins 
Teacher's Aide. 

Place of Birth: Gravesend, 

Kent, England. 
HairColoiin Naniral. 
Eye Colour Blue. 
Heigjit: 5 '6" and shrinking. 
Hobbies: Reading, sewing, 

knitting, crafts. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Hell's Corner. 
Place You Want to Visit 

Somewhere warm! 
Languages Spoken: 

Favorite Saying: "Put 

your lips in park! " 

Mrs. Brenda Huggins 

Grade 5/6 homeroom, 
Phys-Ed 6, Friday night 
skiing, Jr Swimming 
training, Sr Swim team. 

Place of Birth: Peterborough, 

Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: 5' 5" 
Hobbies: Swimming, x- 

country, skiing, spending 

time with my dogs. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Wine Counties, Northern 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Great Wall of China. 
Languages Spoken: 

Favorite Saying: "Outside of a 

dog a book is a man's best 

friend. Inside a dog it is two 

dark to read! " (Groucho Marx) 

Mrs. Judy Kearley 

Kitchen staff 

Place of Birth: St. Alban s, 
Bay d' Espoir, Newfound- 

Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: 5'4" 

Hobbies: Cleaning, reading. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Prince Edward Island. 
Languages Spoken: English. 
Favourite Saying: Sorry, 

what's that...? 

Mrs. Heather Hoy 

Intermediate & Senior 
English, Classics 
Conference, Stratford 

Place of Birth: Elgin, 

Hair Colour: Greying 

Eye Colour: Brown. 

Height: 5'3" 

Hobbies: Reading, cross- 
word puzzles, gardening, 
bird watching, piano. 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 
English, French. 

Favorite Saying: "It could be 

Mrs. Kimm Leeman 

Grade 9 homeroom, 
science 5-8, Phys-Ed 7 
and 9, Friday Nignt 
skiing coordinator. 

Place of Birth: Belleville, 

Hair Colour: Light brown. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: 160 cm 
Hobbies: Skiing, cooking, 

sewing, sleeping. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 

Favorite Saying: "If you 

don't vote, you can't 


^^^^^ S ^^'^P 



Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd. 

Grade 1 Homeroom, 
Primary Tae Kwon Do, 
Junior Entertainment. 

Place of Birth: MacKinleyville, 

New Brunswick. 
Hair Colour: Brown with 

"silver high-lights". 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: Taller than my 

Hobbies: Daydreaming of life 

in the Cayman Islands; 

walking my dogs. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Grand Cayman Island. 
Place You Want to Visit: The 

Matterhorn, Zermatt. 
Languages Spoken: What 

you hear is what you get. 
Favourite Saying: "Are my 

hands busy?" 

Mrs. Judith Low. 

French Grades 1-6, 
Music Grades 2 and 3, 
Primary Entertainment. 

Place of Birth: Cambridge. 
Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Green. 
Height: 5'6" 
Hobbies: Singing, skiing. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Valais, Suisse. 
Place You Want to Visit: 


Languages Spoken: French, 

English, Spanish. 
Favourite Saying: Etre bien 

dans sa peau 

Mr. Mark McHardy. 

Maintenance of school 
grounds, preparation for 
school activities, plus 
"special" requests from 

Place of Birth: Montreal, 

Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Green. 
Height: 5'5" 
Hobbies: Any sports; 

building models. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 

English and a bit of 

Favourite Saying: No 


Ms. Leslie MacLeod. 

Grade 2 Homeroom, Jr. 
cross-country running. 
Grade 3/4 House games. 
Ski Day. 

Place of Birth: T he wheat fields 
of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 
Hair Colour: Auburn/Brown. 
Eye Colour: Green/Blue. 
Height: 5' 51/2" 

Hobbies: Photography, skiing, 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Sardenia, St. Marten, P.E.I, 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Thailand and Australia. 
Languages Spoken: English. 
Favourite Saying: "Been there, 

done that..." 


Mr. Iain Main. 

Economics OAC and IB, History 
Grade 10, Law 3A and OAC, 
Calabogie Field Trip, Music 
Appreciation and Debating 
Clubs, International Night. 

Place of Birth: India. 
Hair Colour: Grey. 
Eye Colour: Grey. 
Height: 5' 11 1/2" 
Hobbies: Gun control 

advocation. Bonsai, biking 

and gardening. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: English. 
Favourite Saying: Age is an 

attitude of mind. 


A2 .-'.i. 

Mrs. Kathy Mayes. 
Grade 4 Homeroom and 
taecher, Grade 5 Art and 
Social Studies, Junior 
Entertainment and Junior 

Place of Birth: England. 
Hair Colour: Blond. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: 5'5'/2" 
Hobbies: Piano, cooking, 

gardening and quilting. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Santa Fe. 
Place You Want to Visit: 


Languages Spoken: 

Mr. Mike McCabe. 

History Grades 7, 10 - OAC 
and IB, 5/6 Social Studies, 
McGill United Nations 
Symposium, Safety Committee, 
Samara, Grade 9/!0 Orienta- 
tion Tfip. 

Place of Birth: Ottawa, 
Ontario, on a dark and 
stormy night many years 

Hair Colour: What's left is 

greying quickly... 
Eye Colour: Piercing puce. 
Height: Under 6 feet, but over 

4 feet. 

Hobbies: Teaching historical 

seminars and watching my 

childten grow up. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Penzance in southern 

Cornwall, England. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

The Great Wall of China. 
Languages Spoken: Mostly 


Favourite Saying: May you be in 

Heaven a half hour before the 
Devil knows you're dead. 

Mrs. Sarah McCabe. 

Grade 8 Homeroom, Art 
and Art History Grades 6 - 
OAC, Jr. and Sr. Clay 
Club, International Night. 

Place of Birth: England. 
Hair Colour: Brownish gold. 
Eye Colour: Blue as the sea. 
Height: 5'5" 

Hobbies: Art, Yoga, dog and 

cat care! 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Japan and New Zealand. 
Languages Spoken: English. 
Favourite Saying: The mind is 

like an umbrella - it 

functions better when open. 

Mrs. Beryl Millington. 

Exchange Programme, 
French and German, 
Guidance administrative 
responsibilities. Grade 10 
trip to St. Donat. 

Place of Birth: Ireland 
Hair Colour: Dark brown. 
Eye Colour: Brown. 
Height: 5'6" 

Hobbies: Reading, gardening 

travel, entertaining, 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Cape Town, S. Africa. 
Languages Spoken: English, 

French, German, Spanish. 
Favourite Saying: "Things 

will evolve." 

Mrs. Brenda Neale. 

Phys-ed/Health Gtades 9 - 
OAC, House Games, junior/ 
Senior Volleyball, Sports 
Afternoons and Sports Day and 
Assembly, Senior Soccer. 

Place of Birth: North Bay. 
Hair Colour: Blonde. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: 5'6" 

Hobbies: Sports - playing/ 

coaching/ spectating, 

crafts, jogging. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

St. Marten. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

St. Marten. 
Languages Spoken: 

English, Ungatunga! 
Favourite Saying: Are you 



Mrs. Jody O'Brien 

Grade 6 Homeroom, Grade 6 
English, Grades 5, 6,7 & 8 
Phys-Ed; 7/8 Badminton, 
Soccer, Volleyball, Track & 
Field, Senior Choir.. 

Place of Birth: Vancouver, 

Hair Colour: Red. 
Eye Colour: Brown. 
Height: 5'6" 

Hobbies: Singing, travelling 

and tennis. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Paros Island in Greece. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 

English, French, a little 

German and Latin. 
Favourite Saying: "For 

crying in the sink." 

Mrs. Darlene Page 

Gr. 12 Home room Chemistry 
3A and OAC, General 
Science, Senior Guidance; 
Health and Safety Commit- 
tee, Science Fair. 

Place of Birth: Thunder 

Hair Colour: Variable. 
Eye Colour: Red/Green 
Height: Short. 
Hobbies: Bridge. 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Japan, Bora Bora. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: 

Some English, some 


Mrs. Cheryl Rich 

Place of Birth: Halifax, 

Nova Scotia. 
HairCoIoun L'Oreal#18. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Hobbies: Trying to keep 

teachers from spending too 

much of the school's 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Island of Nevis in the West 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Wilhelmsharen, Germany, 

to visit my son and his new 


Languages Spoken: Debit/ 

Favourite Saying: How 

much is it gonna cost? 

Mrs. Paulette Richer 
Kitchen Supervisor 

Place of Birth: Vanier, 

Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Brown. 
Height: 5'4". 

Hobbies: Cooking, cooking, 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Prince Edward Island 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Medicine Hat, Alberta. 
Language Spoken: French, 

Favourite Saying: What's up 

pussy cat? 

Mrs. Wendy Ross 
Librarian, Library 

Place of Birth: Parry Sound, Ont. 

Hair Colour: Yes 

Eye Colour: Leather-book brown. 

Height: 0.92 fathoms 

Hobbies: Reading, travelling, 

Favouiite Place Visited: Florida 
(beach), Algonquin Park 
(wilderness), Hawaii (rain forest, 
volcano, waves). Palm Springs 
(deserts). Nova Scoria ( seashore, 
waves), Alps (mountains). 

Place You Want to Visit: 
Australia and New Zealand. 

Languages Spoken: English, 
French (un peu), German (ein 
Bischen), Taiwanese. 

Favourite Saying: Shhhh! 

Ms. Annette Rossiter 

Grade 1 1 Homeroom, 
Accounting OAC, ITGS, 
Computer Studies OAC, 
Data Processing 3A, House 
Games; Assistant Softball 
Coach, Volleyball Coach. 

Place of Birth: The oldest city 

in North America, St. John's, 

Hair Colour: Dishwater blond. 
Eye Colour: Hazelnut green. 
Height: Not tall enough for a 

centre in basketball. 
Hobbies: Reading, golf- golf & 

more golf oh and puzzles. 
Favourite Place Visited: Walt 

Disney World. 
Place You Want to Visit: Every 

golf course in the world. 
Language Spoken: Newfie-ish 

Favourite Saying: "Ladies! " 

Mrs. Judy Sabourin 

Senior French & 
Spanish, Spanish LB. 

Place of Birth: Noranda (on 
dirait un mot espagnol). 

Hair Colour: Blanc+Noir = 

Eye Colour: Bruns. 
Height: 1,68m. 
Hobbies: La Vie!! 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Island where Julio Iglesias 

lives every 2 weeks. 
Language Spoken: More than 


Favourite Saying: Que c'est 
beau la vie. 

Mrs. Lindsay Suthren 

Biology 3A, OAC & 
LB., Guidance, 
Science 9 & 10. 

Place of Birth: Providence, 

Rhode Island, USA. 
Hair Colour: Brown, but the 

pigment genes are slowly 

turning off. 
Eye Colour: Recessive Blue. 
Height: Not tall enough to pull 

down the screen. 
Hobbies: Travelling as often as I 


Favourite Place Visited: Puerto 

Place You Want to Visit: Terra 

del Fuego. 
Language Spoken: Biology, 

English, French. 
Favourite Saying: Have a good 


Ms. Jennifer Trinca 

Sr. Music, Chamber 
Choir, Orchestra, Choir 
Trip to Toronto, Gr. 10 
Exchange to Victoria. 

Place of Birth: London, 

Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Brown. 
Height: 5"2' 

Hobbies: Music and dance 
Favourite Place Visited: 

Home at the end of 

the day. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Favourite Saying: Oy! 

Mrs. Violet Thomas 

Teacher's Assistant in 
the Gr. 1 & 2 

Place of Birth: Bristol, 

Hair Colour: Brown. 
Eye Colour: Brown. 
Height: 5 feet. 
Hobbies: Skiing, Skating, 

Travelling, RoUerblading, 

Swimming, Reading & 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Lanzarote (Canary Islands). 
Place You Want to Visit: 

Language Spoken: English. 

Mr Mark Whitwill. 

Maintenance, keeping 
the school running in 
good order. 

Place of Birth: Brantford, 

Hair Colour: Light brown 

with silver streaks. 
Eye Colour: Blue. 
Height: 6 feet. 
Hobbies: Photography and 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Place You Want to Visit: 

Languages Spoken: English. 
Favourite Saying: Give us 
the tools and we will finish 
the job. (Churchill) 

Mr. Andrzej Wisniewski. 

Maintenance, keeping the 
school in good order and 
people happy. 

Place of Birth: Mild part of 
Europe, in a 1000 year old 
historic site. 

Hair Colour: See-through on the 
top and brown all around. 

Eye Colour: It depends on my 
contact lenses. 

Height: I am not "overheight" for 
my weight. 

Hobbies: Books, movies, 

electronics, music and comput- 

Favourite Place Visited: 

My girlfriend's place. 
Place You Want to Visit: 


Languages Spoken: Polish, Canadian 
English and body language. 

Favourite Saying: No Problem! (in 

Mr. Gary Yates. 

Grade 9 Homeroom, 
Geography Grades 7-9, 
Phys-ed Grade 4, Jr./Sr. 
Basketball, Sr. Basketball, 
Jr. Touch Football. 

Place of Birth: The Steel 

Hair Colour: Mostly brown. 
Eye Colour: Brown on most 

Height: 6'5 " (in my youth 

and in my dreams.) 
Hobbies: Music - guitar and 

singing, landscaping, 

Favourite Place Visited: 

Rhine River, Germany. 
Place You Want to Visit: 

North Pole. 
Languages Spoken: English, 


Favourite Saying: "What an 

Welcome to Ms. Rand and Ms. Szymanski. 

Mon amour, que 
je t'airrie 

Chaque fois 

Que je ferme les yeux, 

Je pense a toi. 

Je pense a toi.. 

Chaque fois 

Que je ferme les yeux, 

Je vois ton visage, 

la devant moi. 

Je desire m'envoler 
M'envoler a tes cotes 
Vole, vole, mon amour 
Mon precieux amour. 

Essaie de trouver 
La lumiere du succes 
La lumiere de I'enfance 
De ton appartenance. 

Tu es le nuage doux 
Le coeur pur d'une 

L'ame libre d'un enfant 
Habille tout en blanc. 

La lune se levera 
Le soleil se couche 

Tu resteras tout pres 

de moi 
Je te retiendrai la. 

Par Natalie Pilon 9L 

by Nikki Lee IIR 
by Jenny Yoon lOB 

by Stephanie Chin lOB 
by Mika Mason 7E 

I I 

Always the same 

Time walked over this hill 
long ago, 

and in its wearing prints, 
made in past, 

is a remnant of heat, warmth 
fading fast, soon cold. 

We lived when the sun was 
bright, harmless. 
We're still same in step, 

but you left, 

gone; as I remained, moved 

only memories 

As I swim in the stream to 
the sea, 

I see you through the tears, 
years pass by, 

but you are untouched, ask- 

why, life left, kept you 
on the beach, 
out of reach, 
while I changed 
and swam on. 

by Isbel James, 9Y 

by Brittany Hughes 


Beyond your fears 
A darkness hides 
And in the shadows 
My pain resides 

It hunts you down 
Like birds of prey 
And in your fear 
My pain will stay 

I loved you once 
Now faith is gone 
A hallowed heart 
Where you belong 

Inside a jar 
Of fragile glass 
Too weak are you 
You can not last 

I taste the blood 
Of failed attempts 
To shine a light 
On my resentments 

I'll keep you here 
Inside my pain 
Inside your fears 
On Victim Lane 

I'll pay you back 
I owe you so 
for showing me 
That hate could grow 

You'll thank me 
In the end 
I saved your soul 
With wounds to tend 

by Jenjen Lee, 9L 

by Ginger Hull lOM 
1 ^'iT ^ 

by Sarah Berlis lOM 

by Taylar Reid 2M 

by Karen Selody IIR 

Les eleves 

Nous sommes tous 

nes au Cananda, 

Mais nos parents ne 

le sont pas. 

Trois parents 



Et deux des Etats- 


Les parents d'Iris 

sont de Tliailande 
et du Cambodge. 
Ceux de Jessica, 
d'Inde et de Burma. 
Il reste la mere de 
Robert qui vient de 

Savez-vous ou sont 
situes ces cinq pays? 
En Asie! 

by Michelle Jun IIR 

L'hiver froid 

Tu ne m'as pas soulagee. 

Mais je t'aime, a jamais. 

En voyage, 

Ti; me soulageras... 

Je t'aime, a jamais. 

On s'envolera 
Tous les deux... 

L'hiver froid 

Le printemps reviendra 

Je t'aime. 

Par 'Veronica Classen, 94. 

by Pam Chuchinnawat lOB 

byEllyTam 12P 


by Megan Throop 8D 

Ma saison 

Le soleil. La 
chaleur. L'eau 
m'accueille. J'aime 
beaucoup I'ete, 
mais I'automne me 
plait encore mieux. 
Meme si parfois je 
trouve le temps 
froid et les vents 
forts, et je reve a 
i'ete. . . 

I'automne car tout 
cc que j'ai fait I'an 
passe est oublie. 
Je commence la 


annee sans fautes 
et avec une 
nouvelle serie 

Le premier 
semestre est 
toujours charge. 
En plus du travail 
habituel, il y a 
aussi les activites 
parascolaires: les 
concerts, la 
natation, la 
production d'art 
dramatique, le club 
classique et 
Samara. Avec cet 
emploi du temps 
bien rempli, 
I'arrivee des 

Emma Whitehead 9L 

vacances de 
I'Action de Grace 
et de mi-trimestre 
est bien appreciee. 
Ces deux week- 
ends me 
permettent de 
reprendre mon 
souffle avant la 
periode des 

Les examens 
arrivent. lis 
finissent aussitot. 
Soudain, le 
trimestre est fini. 
L'automne aussi. 

Une saison si 
belle ouje ne 
m'ennuie jamais. 

by Marisa Lee 7B 

By Sara Ikeda 9L 

by Pam Chuchinnawat lOB 

by Stephanie Chin lOB 

by Mona Lemp lOB 

A Comfortable Hand 

When our neighbours came in from a faraway land. 

All they needed was a comfort able hand. 

They did not know the people or their way around 

But we taught them and soon they found, 

That Canada is a very nice land, 

all they needed was a comfortable hand. 

We helped them when their baby was sick, 
We helped them decide which school to pick. 
It became very easy for them to understand, 
all they needed was a comfortable hand. 

by Susanna Roth.schild 5H 

A Comfortable Hand 

My puppy Grace, 

I remember her face, 

It was cute but sad, 

And she looked almost bad. 

All by herself in the petshop window. 
Wishing to go outside in the snow. 

My mom and I, 
As we walked by, 
We saw the cute dog. 
Who sat alone for so long. 

We thought her quite nice, 

Then we saw the price, 

My dad would need some convincing! 

The very next day, 
My dad said he'd pay. 
And in less than an hour, 
The cute dog was ours. 

When we got to our house. 
She was as scared as a mouse. 
She missed her mother, 
Her sisters and brothers. 
She needed a comfortable hand. 

That night she was fed. 
And then carried to bed. 
With a story I read, 
About a rabbit named Ned. 

After a while. 
She began to smile. 
And the runt of the litter 
Began to grow bigger. 

Now the sad little puppy. 
Is nothing but happy. 
All she needed was a 
Comfortable hand! 

To my dog. The sad little mnt 
who is now anything but! 
by Elizabeth Miller, 5H 

by Stephanie Chin, lOB 

On Friday 
we are 
going to 
the movie 
Zeus and 
Also we 
will go 

picture and 
story by 
Taylar Reid, 

by Maryam Southam, 9Y 

At International 
Night I was on 
stage, I sung a 
German song. 
I felt a little 
scared but I 
tried my best juj 
like on the rule 
list that is on thf 

picture and story h\ 
Amelie Meyer- 
Robinson, 2M 

by Caity Scanlan, 

by Marline lisclaile, 71v 

Dear Franklin, 
If you are 
bossy you 
won't have 
any friends. 
Play fair 
with others! 
Please be nice 
to each other, 
by Morgan 
Wallack, 2M 


Leaving Home 

I left my house in London to come where I live now. 

But at the beginning it was so hard and I just didn't know how. 

I tried to compare myself with others and see what they have to face. 

And though I know they have it harder . 

It was sad to leave my place. 

I know I'll never forget it there. 

That situation was just so sad and I .still really care. 

I'd be strong and I'd be brave so I wouldn't spoil my day. 

But many times I cried because I really wanted to stay. 

My bags were packed, I had my things and I was ready to walk out that door. 
But before I left I took a from the ceiling down to the floor. 
I said goodbye to all my loved ones and then it was time to go. 
It won't be the same anymore and how I miss them so. 
by Katie Hermon, 5/6B 


The creatures are dacing; 

The squirrels are dancing in the forest. While the birds are 
singing in the trees. And the frogs are jumping in the 

The fish are s-wimming in the stream. 

While the tadpoles are hatching in the pond! 

the creatures of the "world are fascinating. 

by Jordan MacRobbie, 2M 

by Muriel Ro-we, 7B 


Mummy is in the kitchen 

Sorting out the bin, 

Oops there goes daddy's soup tin. 

The blue box all big and wide, 
Takes tins, jars and bottles of any size, 
The black sacks are tied in a knot, 
The paper and card are stacked on 

Along comes the dustmen. 

And takes it all away. 

Ready to come back another day. 

by Joshua Sirs, 2M 

by Angela Genovese, 8D 

by Michael O'Keefe, 3G 


by Morgan 

A Comfortable Hand 
My grandma died, she left me 

Here on this bank, my full face 
of tears. 

I miss her so but now I know, 
she had to go 

"She was too ill" the doctors said 
She had cancer through and 

I was sad and I was mad 
because she was so dear. 
Now she is my guiding light, 
She is an angel in my life. 
She takes me through step by 
step until I reach the end. 
Someday I'll join her but until 

She will remain my good 
And loving friend. 
I will live with her beside me 
through the sleet and through 
the snow. 

There is no more this is the end 
but until then 

She will remain my good and 

loving friend. 

by Kate MacGillivray, 5H 

by Maryam Southam, 9V 

Trouble Matthew 
Wow, am I ever in 
trouble! Yesterday I was 
playing in my yard. I 
hiad enough. I went to 
Kenji's house, my mom 
came and got me. I had 
to stay in my bedroom 
for 2569 years with 
nothing to eat and I 
died. I went to hell. I 
had to work for the 
devil. I was the devil's 
assistant. I was shouted 
at a lot in hell. I had to 
stay in hell forever. 
Picture and story by 
Matthew "Wall, Grade 1 

by Jenny Yoon, J 015 


by Reiiecca Willems, 7B 

hy Tiffany Semple, lOB 

Trees by giving diem carbon 

I love trees and I monoxide, 
hope you do too. Trees also give 
If I see any people small animals like 
cutting down trees birds and squirrels 
I \Vill tell them to shelter from the 
stop! sun, wind 

Trees help us by and from the rain, 
giving us oxygen By Sarah Taylor, 
and we help them 2M 


3KC aKrcoMc aooc hohjun 

bv Bella Lamb. 7B 

h\ Takcda,12P 

ly Nikki Lee, IIR 

Reconciliation I 

We will bury liim 

in summer. 
Requiem of 
And blue sky, 
So far from grey 
Autumn death. 
In open grave, 
For flowers. 
We shall cast 
Selfish sorrow 
Pointless grief 
Empty, thieving 

And we shall not 

For whom 
To whom 
We pray. 

by Cauiona 
James, 12P 


by Mona Lemp, lOB 

by Catherine Vincent, 7E 

by Zhemeng Wang, 12P 

Something fiom 

Joseph's grandfather 
loved him very 
much. When 
Joseph was a baby, 
he made him a 
wonderful blanket. 
Soon his blanket 
was torn, and his 
mother wanted to 
throw it away. 
"Grandpa can fix it", 
Joseph said. So 
Grandpa made it 
into a wonderflil 
jacket, pi^etty soon 
the jacket was too 
small. Grandpa 

by Nikki Lee, IIR 

by Rachel Azoulay, 7E 

Nature is a nature 
however it is, do not 
pollute the air and 
leave it as is. My 
way is to use 
wisely, not waste 
water, to share 
nature with animals, 
to have a dean 
world. Roses are 
red violets are blue if 
you protect nature it 
will look like new. 
by Ashwin 

made it into a vest. 
Joseph got paint 
and glue on his 
vest. So Grandpa 
made it into a tie. 
He spilled soup or 
his tie, so Grandpa 
made it into a 
handkerchief Soo 
Grandpa made it 
into a button. 
Joseph lost his 
button, but he hac 
enough material tc 
make a wonderflil 

By Jenny Le Pan, 

i-'.-opte''--^. H'epii&iK: China 

A World of Opportunity 

^HeLLo, how are you, 1 Hej da I Hur mlr du ? Z A. ll IX , ^ ^^V^^ ^^^f^.i^v?, 









Le Cine-Club a pour 
objectif de 

sensibiliser les eleves 
a divers genres de 
films fran^ais ainsi 
que de leur fournir 
un apergu de 
plusieurs courants 
dans revolution du 
cinema. Le club est 
ouvert aux cinephiles 
du niveau secondaire. 
On s'amuse et on se 
detend, tout en 
s'initiant a la culture 
franfaise. Cette 
annee, les eleves ont 
fort apprecie, parmi 
d'autres, Le Grand 
chemin, La Mariee 
etait en noir, et A 
bout de souffle. 

Left to right:: Mine Chambre, Jenjen Lee, Danielle Charbonneau, Jennifer Grimsey, Isbel James, Mona 
Lemp, Celine Bissonnette, and Mme Zarecki. 








Back row, left to right: Mme Chambre, Jordana Segal, Krysta Hartley. 

Front row: Jennifer Grimsey, Nina Rytwinski, Genevieve Barbeau, Zenab Bagha. 

Red Cross 

The members of the Red 
Cross Committee take part in ; 
blood donor telephone 
recruiting program run in 
conjunction with Elmwood 
and the Canadian Red Cross 
Society. A workshop was 
held in term one, some of the 
procedures being complex in 
nature. The students are then 
provided with lists of potentia 
donors to be contacted for 
upcoming mobile clinics. Ouij 
student volunteers are free to [ 
work at their own pace, as i 
they can call as few, or as 
many potential donors as the) 
wish. Upon completion of thi 
program, the students are 
issued a letter of recognition, 
a noteworthy addition to any 
resume, in appreciation for 
their dedication. The mem- 
bers of the Red Cross 
Committee perform an 
invaluable community service 

>^>.->*» tS<J^ f^JlM^ <x trha.Sibh^'! Zo mora. I>uix. rtLi-fc- . Simio. Sp 

rood bi^cl Actjo dLl ^ t.^fjr^,^fz^ i 0^ »^#*a Totsren-s . Sien. jou, tatcir^ 

Imagine if you were stranded for years on a 
desert island. You alone had to survive on 
your wits and intuition. The one thing 
recovered from the disaster was a solar- 
powered stereo system and, still intact 
wrapped in waterproof material, your six 
most meaningful pieces of music. This 
music would keep you sane indefinitely. 
What are the six pieces? 
Music plays such a big part in the lives of us 
all. For young people it possibly offers 
consolation, comfort, even comtemplation. 
It makes sense then, to have a club within 
Elmwood that offers students the opportu- 
nity to share their music and to increase 
awareness of the role it has in everyday life. 
Each Monday from September to March we 
have met in the music room with lunch and 
a CD player. Turns are taken to play music 
that means something to the player. The 
rest of us listen and discuss what we have 

It would not be unusual within one lunch 
break to hear Metallica and Mozart, Bach 
and Boogie and A Capella and Country. 
Such a club is as good as the sum of the 
parts. This year we have witnessed the 
beginning of what we hope is an enjoyable 
sharing of music for the years ahead. 


Left to right:: Jenjen Lee, Danielle Charbonneau, Stephanie Crabb, Lsbel James, 
Sarah Ikeda, Mr. Main, Rachel Azoulay, and Marisa Lee. 


Top row, left to right : Caity Scanlan, Marisa Lee. Bottom Row, left to right: 
Elizabeth Macklem, Tara Hunter, Caroline Andison, Martha Bogue. 


Debating at Elmwood throughout 
this year has been entirely the 
property of the students of grade 

The pleasure in this is watching 
unfettered talent, irrepressible 
willingness, and oblivious enthusi- 
asm gradually transform into 
controlled debate. This takes time, 
effort, and perseverance, all of 
which manifest themselves regu- 
larly during Tuesday lunches 
throughout Fall, Winter and Spring. 
With the help of resolutions such 
as, "Christmas is such a waste of 
time" and, "*" the young debaters 
have mastered the formal structures 
of different styles of debate. 
Hopefully, with such young talent 
the benefits will manifest them- 
selves early and by the time mid- 
teens are reached the skills will be 

Right now we have fun, learn, and 
grow in confidence with 

Debating Coach, Mr. Main 






Junior Science Club 


c« • 













The Junior Science Club met on Wednesdays at 
Junior lunch during the winter time. The twelve 
members from grade 3 and 3/4 were Maura 
Furlong-Maclnnis, Anneka Sirs, Margaret 
McClure, Katie Howard, Iris E, Jennifer 
Rombouts, Lauren MacLeod, Jena Hall, Sarah 
McDonald, Jessica Venables, Marisa Heymans 
and Caroline McLoughlin. The activities 
included constructing mobiles of the planets in 
our solar system and microscope work. All club 
members increased their interest in science. 
-Carol Clubine 

Science Club members include: Mrs. Clubine, Maura Furlong- 
Maclnnis, Jennifer Rombouts, Margaret McClure, Iris E, and 
Anneka Sirs 

Grad Committee 

This years grad committee worked hard to prepare a wonderful night 
out on Saturday, 14 June. The pre grad cocktail party was held at the 
Taggart's residence and was followed by a delicious dinner in the salon 
of the Museum of Nature. Each grad was presented with a personalized 
gift. Many thanks to the Grad committee and Mme Millington for all 
their hard work and dedication. Good luck to all the grads! 

Ixli in right; Mmc Millington, Nina Aggarwal, Kathryn Mehr, Helen 
O'Leary, Rana Mokhlar, Andrea Taggart, and Jennifer Campbell 


h!>^ l5 J6 fSU Ciamar a thaSibh/? Zo mora Duix zait . Siwio. Slliii 

!|rooc(bijftl Mjoili V ioti^'b.i/j^a ' fl^-^-^tuJ^-^JL'- Totsieas, Sien jou. lateir 

Science Olympics 

The annual 
event was once 
again held at the 
Museum of 
Science and 
Technology, on 
February 25. 

We had 
entries in every 
category and a 
lot of time and 
thought went 
into them. 

The Bionic 
Ami proved to 
be a very 
difficult problem 
to solve, but 
Trickey and 
Allison Grimsey 
were very close 
to making a 

working model. 

We had two 
fun machines. 
Ms. Rossiter's 
grade 9 class 
made a very 
creditable attempt 
and hopefully 
will have another 
go next year. 
Erica Morris, 
Adele Dupont 
and Natasha Kyle 
took their 
machine to the 
competition, and 
it performed well. 
Meera Ruparelia 
and Alison Booth 
were so enthusi- 
astic, but the 
energy machine 
had too many last 
minute problems. 

Bemian stepped 
into the breach 
and made a 
super last minute 
presentation on 
the "World Wide 


it to the 

nately the 

event. A 



brdige which 


took so 


lllUi^ll CllwlL 

CllClll L IICIIJ. 

From the 


grade 9 crew 


did not make 


■ r 

made a superb 
pasta bridge. It 
was extremely 
strong. iLs only 
diiiwback was 
tliat it was loo 
heavy. Next year 
tliough Kinga! 
Julie Boyd 

Back row. Ictt to 
right: Mrs. Boyd. 
Adele Dupont, 
Natasha Kyle, 
Jennifer Grimsey, 
Kbel James, Sophia 
Laurel Ditz, Alison 
Grimsey, Elizabeth 
Berman, and 
Genevieve Trickey 
Front row: Erica 
Morris. Meera 
Ruparelia, Maryam 
Southam, Ali.son 
Booth, Kinga 
Petrovai, and Sarah 




This year, the Math Club, 
under the fearless and 
wonderful leadership of 
Mrs. Brown, encountered 
many challenging and 
mind-boggling problems 
and puzzles. These were 
provided to stimulate 
intellectual enrichment, A 
thoroughly good time was 
had by all. We met 
Mondays at lunch, while we 
chomped on our sand- 
wiches and fOled our mind 
with math. From radicals to 
fractions and exponents to 
logarithms, the members of 
our Math Club always had a 
jolly good time doing 
nothing other than MATH!! 
We hope that we will be 
able to go on to new 
challenges and have greater 
aspirations for next year. 

Math Club 

Left to right: Kinga Petrovai, Emma Peacocke, Zhemeng Wang and Yasue : 

Takeda. Absent: Mrs. Brown. 'S'** 

117 ^ 

HeLLojhow are 


c • The Samara 
^ Committee 
'— » worked very hard 

this year and 
^ managed to 
^ create a wonder- 

ful yearbook. 

gOur editor, 
^ Catriona, patiently 

showed us how 
^ to work the 
JC computers, crop 
; the pictures and 
_9 basically how to 
id put together the 
entire yearbook. 
* MrMcCabe 
,5 helped us by 
<S bringing in 
^ donuts on 
g Saturdays and 
' — showing (or 
2 doing) all the 


Samara Committee 




I must admit I 
began the year 
terrified at the 
prospect of being 
the sole editor of 
Samara. Before 
long, I discovered 
that I need not 
have worried; I 
had the support 
of some 
dedicated and 
prepared to do 
almo,st anything I 
asked of them. 
My most sincere 

stuff we didn't 
understand. We 
would like to 
extend our 
thanks to Mme. 
(who had to 
leave because 
Sebastien took 
precedence... for 
some reason) 
Mr. Campbell, 
Mrs. McCabe, 
Mme. Chambre et 
Mme. Zarecki for 
all their help with 
Samara. There 
were dedicated 
members who 
came every 
Tuesday and 
Thursday to work 
on their sections 

(September 10 
saw 35 Samara- 
wannabees but by 
May 10 as I write 
this commentary 
there are 9 fully- 
fledged Samara- 
ites working with 
me to finish this 
year-long project). 

They managed 
to produce a 
yearbook every- 
one would enjoy. 
I hope that 
everyone at 
Elmwood enjoys 
the yearbook, and 
appreciates the 
hard work of 
everyone in- 

Editor's Page 

thanks goes to those 
"Samara-ites" who 
willingly gave up 
their Ivlarch Break, 
hours after school 
and seemingly 

Saturdays.. .you all 
know who you are! 
The yearbook would 
also not be possible 
without Mr. 
Campbell, who dealt 
with all our technical 
problems, and of 
couse, Mr.McCabe. I 
am more than 
greatfiil for your 

understanding and 
advice, during those 
times when I 
seemed to be doing 

everything else 
except the yearbook. 
I hope that I have 
not caused too many 
headaches over this 
year, and also that 
one year you get an 
editor who does 
nothing but the 

It is difficult to 
capture the vitality of 
a school such as 
Elmwood. We have 
certainly done the 
best we could with 
this yearbook. I am 
proud of it, and so 
offer it to the school 
in the hope that it 
will be received the 
same way. 

Catriona James. 

^ii^ YJUu CiamoLT a thasibh/? Zo mora, Duix zai't. Simio. Stti 

G-oocibijCl Miodli V 4:ot/6,i/^43 ' 8^^>tB34«!L! TotSiens.Sien joa late 

Junior Computer Club 

Once a week these computer keeners 
could be found in die computer lab using 
MiCTosoft Publisher, exploring the Intemet, 
and having a good time. Members 
included: Soraya Azzabi, Jennifer Blakney, 
Ayuni Osman, Tessa Wood, Emily Kent, 
Lincki Lin, Julia Betts, Emily Colton, 
Stephanie Kenigan, Cyntliia Yeh and Alana 
MacEwen, Marisa Heymans, Rebeka Lauks, 
Jessiaca Dhaliwal, Jessica Venables, Kristina 
Medow, Erin Taylor, Isabel Lopez and 
Sarah Leenan. 





Back row, left to right: Ms. Baird, Linda Lin. Julia Betts, Marisa Lleymans, 
Rebecca Lauks, Isabel Lopez, Mrs. Gerspacher. Front row: Jessia Venables, 
Soraya Azzabi, Tessa Wood, Erin Taylor. 

Library Club 


All over the 'lib'ry' we scurry and roam, 
many jobs yet to do before we go home. 
Many loved books to card, shelve and repair 
cards for books taken, to be filed witli great care. 

Birthday Club letters to tliank all of you. 
who gave for your biitlidiiy, a book bright and nev.' 
Colourful favours we make for tlie wall 
then tack tliem up finnly so tliey cannot fall. 

At the end of the year we take out the tacks, 
and send overdues to those guys' who are lax. 
Athena assures us, although she's new here, 
the critters will guard our books weO 'never fear". 

Back row, left to right: Mrs. Ross, and Mrs Schmidt. Middle 
row: Kinga Petrovai, Vanessa Quiney, Christina Quiney and 
Isbel James. Front row: Nicola Krishna, and Sara Ikeda. 


HeLLo,howare yoa? Hejda! HurTnardu? Zkii^iX ,tirui{,C^t;^^,Uipl) 

Earth Celebrations 

^ This year the Environment Club put together 
,2, many exciting activities for the rest of the school. 
A» Some of these included: Rainforest tours on the 
^ Internet, a poster and a poem contest. Wasteless 
Wednesdays, and the Trophy contest. 

Duke of Ed's Pictures 

tCx^^-i^a ^ j6 Ciamar a thasibh/'! Zo mora Vuiz zait . Simio. Sh 

roodki^ci Mjodli V i:oti^t>,i>::4ii ' QH^^^i^^V Totsi'ens. Sien joa late^ 

Clay Clubs 

Under the supervision of Mrs. McCabe, there were three clay clubs at 
Elmwood this year. They were held in consecutive terms to accomodate 
the large turnout. There were many enthusiastic and creative students who 
attended the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Clay Clubs whenever 
possible. They all had a great time making different creations every week 
and for those who could not attend regularly, the art room was always 
open for them to work on their projects at any time. 

Junior Clay Club 

Back Row, left to right: Zenah Surani, 
Stephanie Fathi, Linda Lin, Julie Trudel, Ayuni 
Csman, Amna Silim, Nazia Charania. 
Middle row: Elizabeth Miller, Kate 
MacGillivray, Nicola Young, Shayli Hill. 
Front row: Emily Kent, Emily Colton, Tessa 
Wood, Katie Hermon, Nadia Potoczny, Jessica 
Venables, and Tanya Kirk. 
Absent: Sasha Lauk,s. Guest: Elissa Cohen. 







Intermediate Clay Club 

Back Row, left to right: Vanessa Arnold, 
Elizabeth Gillingham, Jennifer McGaw. 
Middle Row: Alexandra Zarama, Mika 
Mason, Meg Southee, Sarah Liebel, Kathy 

Front Row: Caroline Andison, Elizabeth 
Macklem, Rebecca Willems. 
Absent: Maria Valenzuela, Caity Scanlan, 
Lucy Hay. Caitlyn McFadden. 

Senior Clay Club 

Back row, left to right: Pam Chuchinnawat, 
Veronica Classen, Sarah Ikeda. 
Middle row: Kendra Pyfrom, Nicola Krishna, 
and Kinga Petrovai. 

Front row: Lillith Smith. Absent: Isbel James. 


HeLLo , how are yoa ? Hej da I Hur mar dml Zkil^H ^iifi^tr^ <7M.T.i}p§ 

Environment Club 









Left to right: Erica Morris, 
Jennifer Grimsey, Carleen 
Nimrod, and Ms. Baird. 

Land, Wind, and Sea 
Long ago, God made the land and 

He made creatures, creatures like me. 

He made Mother Earth, 

Who gave birth to all the plants, and 


The Earth is our mother, 
God is our father. 

The sun is our uncle, who shone his 

bright light. 

To give us sight. 

The Moon is our Aunt, who gave us 

To see in the night. 
I am a child, 

Learning the lessons of like. 
The wind is my brother. 
The sea is my sister. 
The animals are my cousins. 
And the trees give us shelter. 
When we are bad Mother Earth 
punishes us. 

Now we have caused much damage. 

And she is growing weak. 

Her strength is fading. 

Her big arms protecting, 

Us from the Sun's hot rays 

Are now resting. she is very sick. 

Mother Earth took care of us. 

Now we must take care of her. 

Do your part before it's too late. 

-Linda Lin (grade 5/6) 

I Hear a Sound 

I hear a sound 
Blowing in the breeze, 

I hear a sound 
In between the trees, 

I hear a sound 
Of rustling leaves too, 
I must do my part to save the Earth 
And so must you! 
-Ashley Burk (grade 6) 

Green Day Story 

The stars whizzed by the little silver 
spaceship as it flew through space. 
Inside three little aliens sat and decided 
on plans for the following day. 

"What shall we do tomorrow?" 
Sioban asked the group. 

"I am very tired of flying through 
dark space all day. I'd like to visit a 
place that has many beautiful colours," 
replied Gibby. 

For a while they all sat and thought 
about where they could go to see a 
thousand different colours. 

Then Java spoke up, "I've heard of a 
place that has lots of beautiful colours." 

"Well, tell us about it," replied 

"I've heard that there's a place called 
Earth. Apparently on Earth there are 
beautifully coloured oil spills in the 
oceans and there are many brightly 
coloured empty packages scattered all 
over the green fields." 

"Wow," said Gibby. "The lifeform 
on that planet must be very smart and 

-Natalie Piazza (grade 10) 

^ rem embe 

Q \^ <0 V? vj 



^ - 

c x: 


--^ 3 n <^ 

l/^ ^ 

3^ (A 

.0 ex ^\ y) 

ic^Jy^ ipS Cramar a thasibh/? 7o mora Duit rait . Simjci S 

oo(i^ci Mjodli V QH^^'^i^^V Totsiens.Sienjoa later 

Tliis is another 
proud year for 
Elmwood's "Duke of 
Ed's" program, with 
Silver and Gold 
Expeditions and 
awards, including 
our first Gold Award 
achiever prior to 
graduation from 
Program history: 

Established by 
Prince Philip, the 
Duke of Edinburgh, 
25 years ago, this 
award program en- 
courages young 
people (aged 14 to 
24) to take on indi- 
vidual challenges 
beyond their normal 
home and school 
life. The participants 
set personal goals in 
four areas: Fitness, 
Community Service, 
Skill and Expedition, 
tlien work to achieve 
their goals over a 
prescribed time pe- 
riod under the su- 
pervision of a quali- 
fied adult assessor. 
Upon completion of 
each section of their 
program and upon 
presentation of a 
written evaluation 
by the four asses- 
sors, participants ap- 
ply to the Provincial 
Office in Toronto, 
where a committee 

Duke of Edinburgh 

meets once a month 
to select award recipi- 

Bronze level 

Eight girls (grade 
9 to 11) are cuirently 
working towards 
their Bronze Award: 
Stephanie Chin, 
Pam Chuchinnawat, 
Stephanie Crabb, 
Isbel James, Laurel 
Ditz, Sara Ikeda, 
Nina Rytwinski and 
Kinga Petrovai. 
Upon completition of 
training, they hope to 
complete their Expe- 
ditions in the fall. 
Silver level 

Having completed 
eight months of train- 
ing in outdoors skills 
(First Aid, navigation 
with map and com- 
pass, clothing, equip- 
ment, food planning, 
emergency proce- 
dures, wilderness 
code ) , Tanya Magnus 
(Grade 12) and Rana 
Mokhtar { OAC) com- 
pleted their Practice 
Expedition with Mile 
Eaman in Gatineau 
Park in late Septem- 
ber. They then un- 
dertook their three- 
day Qualifying Expe- 
dition in Frontenac 
Park in late Septem- 
ber. They trod 36 
challenging kilome- 
ters, with backpacks, 

braving rain, cold, wind, 
mud, wet firewood, 
many slippery log 
bridges and hills, deter- 
mined to complete their 
goal despite the most 
difficult weather condi- 
tions Elmwood's 'Duke 
of Ed's" girls have faced 
in 12 years. 'We all 
remember our emer- 
gency bivouac, food 
caches from 'critters' and 
the joy of warm clothes 
and shelter our last night, 
a total contrast from the 
beautiful fall colours and 
clear lakeside views of 
the first day. Tanya and 
Rana are to be com- 
mended on facing a 
major challenge and 
overcoming all obstacles 
en route! We also thank 
Ms. Baird for her cheer- 
ful participation in our 
strenuous hike. 

to Catriona James and 
Olivia 'Waters (Grade 
12) on their completion 
of their Silver Award. 
They received their 
awards from the Lieu- 
tenant-Governor of 
Ontario, the 
Honourable Al 
Jackman, at the Legis- 
lative Assembly in 
Toronto on November 
23, 1996. Tanya 
Magnus( Grade 12) and 
Dena Roberts ( class of 
'95, second year 

Carleton University) also 
completed their Silver 
Award and will receive 
it from the Lt. -Governor 
in the fall. 
Gold level 

Gertrude 'Wong, 
Monica Agarwal, 
Jenny Fannin, Meera 
Ruparelia, Catriona 
James and Olivia Wa- 
ters chose to work to- 
wards their Gold Award . 
They completed ad- 
vanced training for their 
expedition, in naviga- 
tion by triangulation, 
survival methods, canoe 
techniques, safety and 
trip planning. 'We spent 
a day on the Gatineau 
River in October and 
three days at a cottage 
in Quebec in May to 
practise bow and stern 
strokes for a lake trip 
Qualifying Expedition in 
the summer. 

Following a three- 
day Practice Expedition 
to test skills, six intrepid 
students and two ac- 
companying adults un- 
dertook the five-day 
Qualifying Expedition 
June 27- July 1st in the 
Lac des 31 Milles-Lac 
Pemishangan-lac 'Vert 
area of Quebec. The 
girls planned and car- 
ried out all aspects of 
the journey, each dem- 
onstrating her talents as 
group leader and chief 

navigator for a day of 
the journey. 'Whenever 
possible, the adult as- 
sessors camped at a dif- 
ferent campsite nearby 
and were treated to 
gourmet campfire meals 
by invitation. 

■We paddled and 
portaged in variable 
weather (rainy, foggy, 
windy) and enjoyed the 
beautiful Shield land- 
scape, swimming, tem- 
porary detours, lots of 
laughter and Meera's 
18th birthday in the rain, 
with camp-fire, 2 cakes 
and candles! None of us 
will forget 'Portage'& 
and soggy cards, Mr. 
Expert Scout, water 
fights, Mr. & Mrs. 
Canoehead, the LONG 
portage, miraculous tent 
repair, and "I see blue 

Sincere thanks to 
"Veronique French 
(class of '96) for her 
capable help during the 
Practice Expedition and 
M. Pierre Maillette( ex- 
perienced Scout leader) 
for his cheerful assis- 
tance and assessment of 
the participants in the 
Gold Qualifying Expe- 

Conratulations and 
kudos to the six won- 
derful Gold Award 

participants who all 


completed Elmwood's 
first Gold level expedi- 
tion and agreed it was 
'the trip ever!'. 

On June 29, 1997. 
Olivia 'Waters (Grade 
12) received her Gold 
Award in Toronto frcim 
His Royal Highness, 
Prince Philip, Duke of 
Edinburgh, accompa- 
nied by H.R.H. Queen 
Elizabeth. Olivia is the 
first Elmwood student 
to complete her Gold 
Award prior to univer- 
sity, a rare and com- 
mendable achievement. 

On November 5, 
1996 Pamela Home, 
(Old Girl & McGill 
M.Sc), received her 
Gold Award from 
H.R.H. Prince Philip, 
Duke of Edinburgh at "~ • 
Hart House, University *~" 
of Toronto. 

OF ED'S" GIRLS!!! You *^ 

work long and hard to <"~" 
earn this prestigious ^ 
award and deserve to c\- 
be proud of your*— » 






123 ^"^^ 

HeLLo,how are yoa? Hejda! HurTnardu? t: -felA 

Chamber Choir 


Members of Chamber Choir: (Grade eight) Jade Puddington, Christina 
Bouchard, Rachel Buxton, Sarah Valiant, Maria Valenzuela, Dominique 
Jacobson, Nikolina Duvall-Antonacopoulos, Jennifer Hulseman, Jill Blackman; 
(Grade nine) Sara Ikeda, Stephanie Crabb, Laurel Ditz, Jennifer Grimsey, Esther 
Guillen, Veronica Classen; (Grade ten) Nicola Krishna, Julie Crabb, Stephanie 
Chin, Pam Chuchinnawat, Margaret Guillen; (Grade eleven) Sharon Nimrod, 
Alison Booth; (Grade twelve) Tanya Magnus, Christina Quiney, Vanessa 
Quiney; (OAC) Carleen Nimrod, Bonny Butt. Director: Ms. Trinca. 

1996/1997 saw the addition of a 
chamber choir at Elmwood. The 
group performed at the Remem- 
brance Day assembly, International 
Night, Elmwood's Carol Service, 
Island Lodge, McPhail Church, 
Parliament Hill, Rideau Club, and 
the Arts Night. The high point (and 
definitely the high notes) was the 
combined choruses of Lisgar and 
Elmwood for Handel's Zadoc the 
Priest performed at "Friends in 
Concert" in February. (The choir is 
presently preparing for closing.) 
Many thanks to the spirited and 
dedicated members. You're worth 
much more than timbits! 

Choir Director, Jennifer Trinca. 


Mcmher.s of the Orchestra: (Grade six) Julia Betts; (Grade seven) Tara Hunter, Mika 
Mason; (Grade eight) Klara Boadway, Jade Puddington, Nikolina Duvall- 
Antonacopoulos, Darcie Wilson, Emily McQuillan; (Grade nine) Isbel James, Stephanie 
Crabb, Jennifer Grimsey, Sara Ikeda, Esther Guillen; (Grade ten) Nicola Krishna, Nina 
Kytwinski, Emma Peacocke, Erica Choi; (Grade eleven) Fiona Charlton, Celine 
Hissonnette, Allison Grimsey, Genvieve Trickey, Sharon Nimrod, Jennifer Payne, Robin 
Kein, Alison Booth; (OAC) Carleen Nimrod. Conductor: Miss. Trinca. 

The Elmwood Orchestra had a 
very successful building year. 
These dedicated members awoke 
very early on Fridays all year round 
in order to rehearse for a busy 
concert schedule. Performances 
began in November for 
Remembrance Day and continued 
into late December with the Holly 
Tea, Carol Service, McPhail Church 
Concert, Island Lodge, and a 
performance at the Rideau Club. In 
Febmary, the orchestra joined forces 
with Lisgar for "Friends in Concert" 
and in May the group performed at 
Arts Night and prepared for the 
closing ceremony. We hope next 
year will be twice as busy! Many 
thanks to the ambitious and hard 
working members. You're worth 
much more than timbits! 
Jennifer Trinca 

mora Duii^ zait. Simici SI' 

Elmwood Singers 

This talented group 
comes from the junior and 
intermediate grades. They 
sing a variety of music, 
from Bach to pop, and in a 
variety of languages, which 
this year included German 
and Japanese. 

The girls performed at 
McPhail Church, the Rideau 
Club, and Island Lodge this 
year, as well as several 
concerts at the school. 

I have really enjoyed 
working with the group for 
both their talent and their 
fine attitude — attendance 
at practices has been the 
best ever! 
Ms. Bowers 



Back row, left to right: Zenah Surani, Sasha Lauks, Nicola Young, Julia Hermon, Emily Colton, Ayuni 
Osman, Rebecca Lauk.s, Marcella Lazaro, Kate MacGillivray, Veronica Howard, Julia Betts, Gabi 
O'Connor. Middle row: Elizabeth Miller, Susanna Rothschild, Linda Lin, Soraya Azzabi, Reshmi Roy, 
Maura Furlong-Maclnnis, Jessica Earth, Jennifer Rombouts, Stephanie Kerrigan. Alana MacEwen. 
Front row: Catriona Benzie, Stephanie Hogg. Tessa Wood, Emily Kent, Elizabeth Bragg, Tania Kirk, 
Jessica Venables, Caroline McLoughlin, Christina Medow, Nicola Benidickson, Fiona Stewart, Ms. 
Deirdre Bowers. 


Recorder Ensemble 

The Recorder Ensemble 
has had a busy year with 
performances at McPhail 
Church, Island Lodge, The 
Rideau Club, and 
Elmwood. We were 
pleased that the auction 
chose a medieval theme 
this year so we could be 
authentic 13th cenairy 
musicians, complete with 
costumes by Vicky 

A great year from a 
talented group who even 
managed to be lively and 
enthusiastic at 8:00a.m. 
Ms. Bowers 



Back row, Ictl to right: Jessica Wilscjn, Julia Murray, Meianie Ciiin, Asiiley 
Ham Pong, Jill Blackman, Ms. Bowers, and Christine MacPhee. Front row: 
Catherine Vincent, Rebecca Willems, and Shayli Hill. 


HeLU,howare yoa? Hejda! HurTnlrdu? Zkil^il ^iitkC^^^'lUivI^ 


# 1 - Kinga, Vanessa and Christina advocating peace 

and love. 

4» * 2 - It's scary seeing teachers in pyjamas! (Sara Ilceda, Mollyanne 

. Kerr, Sophia Vakopoulos, Ms. Rossiter, Stephanie Crabb) 

^ # 3 - DEEEEELICIOUS!!!! (Tanya Magnus) 
^ # 4 - Ain't I beautiful? (Mollyanne Kerr) 


* 7 - 1 know we look like we are having fun, but... (Natasha Kyle, Alicia Robinson, and Kate Kirby) : 

* 8 - NOBODY SNEEZE!! (Nicola Young and Marcela Lazaro) Ig"", 



From left to right: Erica Morris, Natasha Kyle, Litharitza 
VakopoulosCseen below), Liette Berube and Mrs. Neale. 


It was a very short season - we went to a driving range (we received advice on our swings from Mr. Armstrong 
- Mrs. Neale's father); we played 9 holes at the Carleton Golf Club in Manotick, and then the meet was held 
on September 30 at the Chaudiere Golf Club in Aylmer. Elmwood was once again the only school to field 
a full women's team (a team consists of 4 players)! We all had a fun round of golf and we took home medals 
plus the female team trophy. 

Memories of the season: Liette's slice, the "toothpick" bag, Natasha missing the ball 6 times, Litty hitting the ' 
house twice, Mrs. Neale and Litty hiding behind their golf bags when Natasha hits the ball... and many more. 
Congratulations to the team! Fore! 
Coach Mrs. Neale 

The Elmwood Tennis team didn't 
play individual matches this year, 
but instead practiced very hard for 
the city championships. 
Our great new coach Rob taught us 
a lot and always encouraged us. 
The City Championships were held 
at the Rideau Tennis Club on a rainy 
day (of course this is not ideal for 
tennis!). All team members worked 
hard at the championships as well 
as throughout the season. 
It was then on to the O.A.C. for the 
City Finals for Nicola (accompanied 
by Rob and Mrs. Neale). Congratu- 
lations to Nicola on her 4th place 
finish in the city! 

Thank you to Ms. MacLeod and Mrs. 

From left to right; 
Whitehead (absent: 

Laurel Ditz, Nicola Krishna, Stephanie Crabb and Emma 
Emelie Bachy - french exchange student) 


Back row (from left to right): Clare Branst, 
Isabel Celis, Melanie Chin, Tara Hunter, Ashley 
Ham Pong. Front row (from left to right): Jade 
Puddington, Nicole Choo, and Kelly Hanes. 

The Junior Cross-Country mnners trained at 7:15 am with the seniors (lots of will power was required). 
But did it pay offl!! All runners improved their fitness and their performance in races. The Elmwood 
Bantam team placed 2nd in the CRCIAA CROSS COUNTRY MEET and the top individual finishes were 
Nicole Choo - 2nd Midget, Jade Puddington - 6th Midget, and Tarah Hunter - 4th Bantam. Tlie BANTAM 
team consisted of: Isabel Celis, Melanie Chin, Clare Brimst, Ashley Ham Pong, Kelly Haynes, Tarah 
Hunter. The MIDGET team, with only nvo members: Nicole Choo, Jade Puddington did extremely well. 
Congratulations! Keep running during the summer and see you all on the trails in the fall. 

.\bove Left (from left to right): Ms. Doyle, Kate Kirby, Alicia Robinson, Isabelle French, Meera Ruparelia, Julia Kirby; 
(absent: Kyna Boyce). Above Right: Julia Kirby at the National Capital Championships. 

The 1996 high school cross country amning season was an eventful one for Elmwood Athletes! In addition 
to competing in a number of meets, the athletes joined ainners from many other Ottawa area schools in special 
Wednesday afternoon training sessions. These sessions were not only fun but also provided great training hints. 

In the National Capital Championships in late October, Kate Kirby and Alicia Robinson led the senior team 
to a fifth place finish. In the midget girls race, Julia Kirby placed second and qualified for OFSAA. Julia travelled 
to Toronto where she ran extraordinarily well and finished tenth in the prcwince! 

Congratulations to all and a special thanks to Kate Kirby, Alicia Robinson and Meera Ruparelia, our 
graduating seniors. 

Back row (from left to right): Stephanie 
Fathi, Ashley Burke, Nadia PotocznyJ 
Fiona MacDonald, Elizabeth Toller 
Mrs. Hugggins. Front Row (from left u ; 
right): Alana MacEwen, Emily Colton 
Katie Hermon, Nicola Young. 
Below left Nicola Benidickson. 
Stephanie Kerrigan, Sarah Russell. 
Fiona MacDonald, Sarah Valiant, Ali 
Low, Sarah Burns, Angela Lang, Chri.s^ 
tina Bouchard; (absent: MeganThroop. 
Dominique Jacobson). 

The junior swimuniing training program consisted 
once again of students in grades five to eight 
The aim of this program is to introduce the girl,"- 
to the skills of competitive swimming in the hope 
of generating interest in swimming and a? 
preparation for the senior team. Although the 
girls did not compete in meets, they trained hare 
and improved their stamina and skills as a result 

Back Row (from 
left to right): 
Mrs. Huggins, 
Nina Rytwinski. 
Isabella French, 
Nicola Krishna. 
Front Row (from 
left to right): 
Ginny Strachan, 
Kennedy, Kyna 
Boyce, Natasha 
Kyle. (Absent: 
Julia Kirby, 
Allyson Tighe, 
Meera Ruparelia, 
Sarah Wiles). 

The Senior Swim Team completed another successful season on December 4th, 1996. The team competed in two min 
meets in November in order to be prepared for other meets in December. On December 3rd and 4th, tliis dedicated grouf 
of swimmers participated in a qualifying meet and the city championships at Carleton University. Many personal best time.' 
were recorded over the course of these two days. The award winners from the City Championships were: Lyndsay Kennech 
(silver medal in Senior Girls 50m butterfly and bronze medal in Senior Girls 100m individual medley), Julia Kirby (2nc 
consolation final in Junior Giris 50m backstroke), and Judy Lazier (2nd consolation final in Novice Girls 50m breaststroke ) 
A successful season is measured not only by awards won but also by the enthusiasm and dedication to the sport of tin. 
team members. No sport is ever free from injuries. This was proven by Lsabelle whose shoulder dislocation preventei. 
an inevitable win. This year, the team welcomed many new faces: Kyna, Natasha, Lsabelle, Judy and Sarah a' 
well we said a great many goodbyes to: Meera, who has been an enthusiastic member of tlie swim team for 5 years, Sarah 
who always was smilling, Natasha, who always made us laugh, and Genevieve, whose hardwork over the past few yeiU'.'i 
.serves as an example to us all. Congratulations to all! 

Back row, left 
to right: Jessica 
Wilson, Shayli 
Hill, Emily 
Colton, Nicola 
Young, Sasha 
Lauks, Katie 
Marcela Lazaro, 
Anne Houston, 
Carina Olthof, 
Ms. MacLeod, 
Catriona Benzie; 
Front Row, left 
to right: Amna 
Silim, Jessica 
Barth, Lincla Lin, 
Elizabeth Miller. 

This year there were twenty-one enthusiastic saidents who ran during their lunch breaks in all types of 
weather. They have worked very hard developing endurance skills for next years' competitions. 

I hope to see the same grade five students again next year for ainning and look forward to meeting any 
new students. Good luck to the grade six students who will be moving on to grade seven. They will 
certainly be ready for the city meets! 

We ended off the cross-country running year with a lovely lunch at Sasha Lauks' residence. Well done! 
Ms. MacLeod 

We retvimed to the Glebe Girls' Softball Tournament as defending champions. After many days of cool 
and wet May weather leading up to the tournament, the day of the tournament was appropriately cold 
and rainy. With victories against Laurentian and Lisgar, we qualified for the finals. Losing the 
championship game to Glebe, we finished second. A respectable outcome in less than ideal conditions. 
Good bye and good luck to Erica Morris, Caroline Richards, and Natasha Kyle (who played softball the 
three previous years.) 


This year's 
team participated 
in the CRCIAA 
Tournament in 
late February. 
The athletes all 
played well and 
advanced past 
the first round. 
Special congratu- 
lations were 
extended to 
Melanie Chin. 
She placed 
second in the 
grade seven girls' 
singles category. 

Thanks to all 
the team mem- 
bers who woke 
up so early to 
attend morning 

Miss Doyle. 

Left to right: Tara Hunter, Clare Brunst, Melanie Chin, Kelly 
Haynes, Ashley Ham Pong, Nicole Choo, Jade Puddington. 

From left to right: 
Alison Booth, 
Robyn Kern, 
Mona Lemp, 
Rebecca Merkley, 
Allyson Tighe, 
Mme Knowlton. 

This year's Novice Ski Team consisted of Allyson Tighe, Robyn Kem, Rebecca Merkley, Alison Booth, an( 
Mona Lemp. When the season started, most of us had never even seen a race course before. Under th^ 
guidance of Mike and Mme Knowlton, we were transformed into lean, mean, skiing machines. Bravin; 
icy courses, blizzards, and sore knees, we finally made it to the City Novice Championships. Seeing a: 
we had no boys on our team, we combined with Lisgar's team, as they had no girls. We had an incredibl 
meet, achieving many personal bests. Robyn Kem won an individual gold medal, despite a fall in th< 
second race. The girls on our team came second overall, and combined with the Lisgar boys, we woi 
the CLip! Many thanks to Mike, Mme Knowlton, Mme Low, and the other ski teams for tlieir support. 

The Level 1 Ski Team had another amazing season! At the Bell Invitational, a strong showing by all 
the team members led us to a 4th place finish. It was at our next race, the Convenors Cup that we 
achieved the most success. Isabelle placed 9th, Elizabeth placed 10th and Mollyanne placed 25th. 
These outstanding results lead us to victory. At our following meet, the City Championships, we once 
again skied extremely well. The team placed 4th in giant slalom and 5th in slalom. The following are 
our results in each race respectively: Elizabeth placed 9th and 11th, Isabelle placed 12th and 22nd, 
Mollyanne placed 30th and 33rd, Julia placed 31rst and 29th, and Laura placed 33rd and 24th. A big 
thanks to Mme Low, who came out to support us when Mme Knowlton's school duties prevented her 
from being there. Our coaching from Mike allowed us to really excel. Mollyanne, don't forget to watch 
out for the skating rinks up there! We hope to see more people out on the ski slopes next year! 

Vhal a fantastic and successful season! With great results and having the opportunity to race at O.F.S.A.A. yet again, the Level 
' ski team is stiU alive. All of this is due to three dedicated coaches: Mme Knowlton, Mrs. Low and Mike. Without them our team 
vould not have been as organized or successful. 

All the hard work on Friday nights at Camp Fortune paid off when we finally raced in February. The Level 2 team, a small 
et mighty team, consisted of Kate Kirby (OAC), Erica Morris (OAC), Tanya Magnus (Gr. 12), and Natalie Piazza (Gr. 10). Even 
mailer and mightier was the Level 3 team, consisting of Amy Tliroop (Gr. 12) as an independant, because of her talents as a racer. 
)ur first race was the Convenors Cup, where Natalie, Erica, and Tanya all came in the top ten and had a first place result as a 
-im. Amy Throop, in a league of her own, placed in the top three. Finally came the NCSSAA Alpine Ski Meet, which decided 
I 'ho got to go to O.F.S.A.A, held this year at Edelweiss. The "Woods" came through yet again, coming in second place at O.F.S.A.A.. 
'hroughout the two days of GS and SL, Erica, Kate, Natalie and Tanya came 14th and 18th, 12th and 9th, 10th and 7th and 1st 
nd 1st respectively. At O.F.S.A.A., high school .students from all over Ontario came to Ottawa for three great days of competition. 

!| Inder tough conditions, and with seventy-six other Level 2 skiers and over 4oo students, we did well. We borrowed Lsabelle 
rench and Elizabeth Berman from the Level 1 team to make up for some who could not attend. On day one of the slalom Natalie 
ad Erica came in the top sixty, Lsabelle in the top thirty, Tanya in the top three. On day two of the giant slalcjm, Isabelle, Natalie 
nd Erica came in the top fifty, Tanya came in the top five and Amy came in the top fifteen. 

H il With all this success, Elmwood can be proud of itself Until next year! 

The 1996 basketball season, one of the most enjoyable coaching seasons in my seventeen 
years at Elmwood, brings an era of basketball to a close. The senior Eagles as a team is losing 
the bulk of its players due to that common high-school phenomenon... graduation. 

The maturity and experience of this team led them to a third place finish as well as a strong 
showing in the playoffs. Next year our basketball team will have a very tough act to follow. 
Goodbyes go out to many strong and dedicated members: Natasha, Alicia, Sarah, Erin, Kate K., 
Kate Mc, Erica and Nina. Thanks for your help over the years. Best of luck in the 
future... Elmwood basketball will remember and miss you. 
All the best... Mr Yates 

P.S. The 36 point game in Brockville had to be the best Natasha!!! 

This year the Jr/Sr Basketball team improved significantly throughout tlie season. The many new 
additions to the team this year brought with them skill, spirit and enthusiasm. Our supportive and 
devoted coacli Mr. Simpson kindly shared with us his expertise and his love of the game. His time 
and effort helped us improve our skills greatly. All in all, we had a great season. 

Back Row (from left to right): Kyley Sroka, Dominique Jacobson, Jade Puddington, Mary Pitt, Christina 
Bouchard, Emily Jamieson, Nicole Choo, Maria Valenzuela, Megan Throop, Lacy Lauks, Robin Hamden, Lisa 
McVeigh. Heather Maclaren. Front Row (from left to right): Vanessa Arnold, Emily Pitt, Lyndsay Appotive, 
Michelle Bissada, and Alison Hanvey. 

This year the Junior Basketball team ha(d a very successful season. Our fairly large team 
enable(d us to develop great teamwork skills. We greatly improved throughout the season 
and as a result all our goals set at the beginning of the season were met. The team wishes 
to thank both Ms. Adams, our wonderful coach from who we learned a great deal, and 
Alison Hanvey, our helpful team manager. See you on the courts! 

Back Row (from 
left to right): 
Jacobson, Jade 
Puddington, Mary 
Pitt, Christina 
Bouchard, Emily 
Jacobson, Nicole 
Choo, Tara 
Pryor,and Lacy 
Lauks, Jill 
Blackman, Janet 
Lunau, Heather 
Maclaren. Front 
Row (from left to 
right): Emily Pitt, 
Sarah Bragg, 
Megan Throop 
and Kelly 

A wise person once said "character is destiny". That statement rings taie for the members of the 7/8 Volleyball 
team. Many of the members of this team are destined to become the focus of Elmwood's futLire senior volleyball 
teams. They have the desire and heart to play as a team and the hunger that says they want to win. 

I applaud the ladies on their willingness to risk changing their playing style and roles to try something new. 
In their first game under a new coach, the ladies won their first set, though we lost that game to Lester B. Pearson 
3-2. With more practice and hard work the girls went to St. Mathews and had a strong showing, defeating them 
3-1. We lost our next game but were eligible to make it to the playoffs. In the semi-finals we met St. Pauls 
from Bells Corners. In this game we played our best to date eventually losing 3-2 in an emotionally hard played 

As a coach it was encouraging to see the effort the ladies put into each practice and game. I would also 
like to thank the team for allowing me to help them. It was greatly appreciated. Good luck next year as many 
of you enter high school and begin a new experience with high school volleyball. 

Jr./Sr. Volleyball Team 

Back row, left to right: Maryam Southam, 

Ginger Hull, JuUe Crabb. 

Middle row, left to right: Jen Payne, Ginny 

Strachan, Stephanie Crabb, Sophia 

Vakopoulos, MoUyanne Kerr. 

Front row, left to right: Julia Kirby, Stephanie 

Chin, Pam Chuchinnawat. 

Absent: Emma Whitehead and Natalie P. 

This year the Jr./Sr. Volleyball team consisted of 5 Grade 9's, 
6 Grade lO's and 1 Grade 11. We had a wicked season; we 
inade it to the quarter finals but unfortunately lost to Canter- 
bury. We all improved tremendously with the help of our great 
coach, Mrs. Neale. More thanks to our manager JuUe Crabb, 
the scorekeepers, temporary coaches and our fans. We have 
great memories: candies from Mrs. Neale, ponytaUs and great 
spirit. Hope to see everyone again next season! 

Senior Volleyball Team 

Back row, left to right: Caroline Richards, Natasha Kyle, Ms. Rossiter (coach), 
Alicia Robinson, Allison Grimsey. Middle row, left to right: Litharitza Vakopoulos, 
Amy Throop, Tanya Magnus, Elly Tain, Jordana Segal, Sharon Lazier, Alison Booth. 
Front row, left to right: Kate Kirby, Olivia Waters, Ratna Osman. Absent - Carolyn 
Laporte and Genevieve Trickey. 

The Senior Volleyball team had 
another great season! Seventeen 
young ladies represented our school 
this year in Senior Volleyball. Our 
season began with the usual match 
against Canterbury High School. The 
match format changed this year from 
a best of five affair against one team 
to a best of three against two teams 
per day. This type of stmcture 
seemed to be our downfall as we 
usually take two games to warm up. 
As the season progressed so did our 
ability to play a set penetration 
offense. Our team consisted of six 
returning players and eleven new 
players. This means that next year 
we should be much better prepared 
for the season. We played many 
close games but unfortunately lost 
fifty percent of the matches in the 
third game resulting in our not 
making it to the play-offs. The team 
would Uke to take this opportunity to 
wish the graduating players success 
in tiieir futLire endeavors and to 
tliank our manager, Genevieve 
Trickey, for her dedication to the 
team. Hope to see all the returning 
players on the court next year. 

Back Row (from left 
to right): CaitlinScanlan, 
Mrs. O'Brien, Sarah 
Bums, Angela Lang, 
Lacy Lauks, Mary Pitt, 
Alison Hanvey, Emily 
Jamieson, Michelle 
Bissada; Middle Row 
(from left to right): 
Lsabel Celis, Janet 
Liinau, Robin Hamden, 
Vanessa Arnold, Meg 
Southee, Laura Argu- 
ment, Nicole Choo, 
Alyssa Cohen, Cliristina 
Bouchard, Naomi Kirk, 
Dominique Jacobson; 
Front Row ( from left to 
right): Stephanie Hogg, 
Emily Pitt, Megan 
Tliroop, Julia Murray, 
Brittany Hughes. 

The Junior Soccer Team had another wonderful season! In September, the team started practising for 
a one-day tournament held in late October. The countless hours of practice could easily be seen 
throughout the entire tournament. The team's goalie, Megan Throop, took on the position with apparent 
ease. Both skills and the team's ability to play together improved greatly throughout the season as well 
as the tournament. Many referees commented on the team's spirit and sportsmanship. Thank you to Mrs. 
O'Brien for being a wonderful coach. 'We wish the best of luck to all the players moving on to high school 
and eagerly anticipate the arrival of next year's grade seven students. 

Back row (left to 
right): Mrs. Neale, 
Carolyn Laporte, 
Adele Dupont, 
Laurel Ditz, Erin 
Caroline Richards, 
Natasha Kyle, 
Julia Kirby, Kate 
McCloskey, Krysta 
Hartley. Front 
row: Litharitza 
Jordanna Segal, 
Mollyanne Kerr, 
Stephanie Crabb, 

The 1997 Senior Soccer Team competed this May and battled constant cc:)ld weather, bitter winds, rain and 
mud. Despite the weather conditions, they had a terrific season, and ended up in 1st place after regular season 
play!! We defeated St. Pat's, Rideau (2X), Lycee Claudel, Charlebois and tied Canterbury. 

The team was a talented group of 18 players with Amy Tliroop being our sensational goalie, Caroline Richards 
anchoring our defence, and Natasha Kyle leading the offence (where in one game she scored 4 goals). 

'We did advance to the quarter finals where we unfortunately lost to Laurentian in overtime penalty kicks. 
The team improved greatly and had a wonderful time during the many, many hours that were spent practising 
and playing. Congratulations to all players! 


This year's track and field team had great fun while 
preparing for the season's meets. Who would have 
guessed that they would get soaked by the rain and 
therefore, have "bad hair days" every Monday? The 
team welcomed Michelle Davidson and Mollyanne Kerr 
as the youngest members and the team will truly miss 
this year's OAC members: Kate Kirby, Natasha Kyle, 
Erin McCloskey, Alicia Robinson and Meera Ruparelia. 
Kyna Boyce , Isabelle French and Julia Kirby will return 
next year to lead the team. 

Special congratulations are in order for Kyna Boyce 
(800m), Julia Kirby (1500m, 3000m) and Kate Kirby 
(1500m). These three athletes ran very well at 
W.C.S.A.A (the National Capital Meet). Julia Kirby went 
on to mn great 3000m races at both the Regional 
Championship and O.F.S.A.A. ( the Ontario Champion- 
ship, 15th place). 

Tliis year the rowing team had two very 
successful seasons, out on Dow's Lake. Mrs. 
Leeman was our wonderful rowing coordinator, 
who was so cheerful each morning at 6:45. 
Throughout the spring and fall, we learned 
many rowing skills and improved immensely. 
Many thanks to Bytown Boat Club for offering 
us this wonderful oppoitunity. 

Another most successful year has drawn to a 
close for all of our prima ballerinas. Under the 
continued direction of Ms, Francesca Filleul the 
girls continued to grow in their dance expertise. 

Early in the year the class was split into two 
one-hour classes which continued throughout 
the year. This enabled the students and Ms. 
Filleul to work on techniques more specific to 
the needs and abilities of each dancer. 

The year ended with our dancers performing 
at the School's evening of musical presentations. 
The ballet students were each presented with 
special dance skirts which they wore that night 
and were allowed to keep. It was a wonderful 
way to end an excellent year of Classical dance. 

This has been another successful year for 
TaeKwon-Do at Elmwood. Tlie girls with 
liigher belts have been joining other stvi dents 
of Lu's Dojangs across the Ottawa area, in 
tournaments and specialized training. 

Mr. Phap Lu, currently a Sixth Degree 
Black Belt, is soon to be promoted by the 
founder. General Choi, to Seventh Degree 
Black Belt, the Master Level. Mr. Lu has been 
patient with the junior students and motivat- 
ing for the higher belts. 

The Tara Chauhan Cup for TaeKwon-Do 
was awarded to Vanessa Arnold for tlie 
fourth time. 

Students of TaeKwon-Do benefit from 
physical fitness, discipline and concentration. 
Mr. Lu emphasizes self-defence, which is 
important for every girl to learn. 

Sports Day had a demonstration, complete 
with span'ing and board-breaking. 

The 1997 Sports Assembly, held on Friday May 30, was a memorable one with many of Elmwood's athletes 
honoured. A warm welcome was made by Madame Knowlton followed by a motivational talk by the guest 
speaker, Nadeane McCaffrey. She delivered an interesting talk and had the audience participating in some 
mental exercises. Her message was directed to everyone whether it be in sports or other aspects of life. "Set 
some goals and then go out and achieve those goals." Following the guest speaker was a Tae Kwon Do 
demonstration. Thank you to Vanessa Arnold, Celine Bissonnette and Ashley Burk for showing us all a few 
skills they have learned in Tae Kwon Do. 

Once again this year, Elmwood School was awarded the CAHPERD Award. This was presented by 
Mrs. Anke Magnus. 

The assembly then continued with the presentation of the trophies and medals. Then the toast to the 
coaches made by this year's Sports Captain, Natasha Kyle triggered an emotional response from many of those 
present. Congratulations to Elmwood's athletes! Congratulations to Elmwood's coaches who offer amazing 
athletics!! And Congratulations to Natasha Kyle for her excellent year as Sports Captain and the fun and spirit 
filled Sports Afternoon which went on after the assembly. 





Jr. Soccer 

Megan Throop 

Emily Pitt 

Jr. Volleyball 

Kelly Haynes 

Tara Pryor 

Emily Jamieson 

Jr. Basketball 

Emily Jamieson 

Heather McLaren 

Jr. Badminton 

Melanie Chin 

Darcie Wilson 

Cross-Country Running 5/6 

Katie Hermon 

Tessa Wood 


Jade Puddington 

Tarah Hunter 

Sr. Cross-Country Running 

Julia Kirby 

Isabelle French 

Sr. Track and Field 

Kyna Boyce 

Meera Ruparelia 

Sr. Swimming 

Lyndsay Kennedy 

Julia Kirby 

TaeKwon Do 

Celine Bisonnette 

Ashley Burk 

Sr. Tennis 

Nicola Krishna 

Emma Whitehead 


Allyson Tighe 

Sr. Softball 

Jr./Sr. Basketball 

Sharon Nimrod 

Stephanie Crabb 

Sr. Basketball 

Natasha Kyle 

Erin McCloskey 

Kate McCloskey 

Novice Skiing 

Robyn Kern 

Alison Booth 

Level 1 and 2 Skiing 

Tanya Magnus 

Isabelle French 

Erica Morris 

Jr./Sr. Volleyball 

Sophia Vakopoulos 

Ginny Strachan 

Pam Chuchinnawat 

Sr. Volleyball 

Alicia Robinson 

Kate Kirby 


Erica Morris 

Liette Berube 

Sr. Soccer 

Natasha Kyle 

Julia Kirby 

Andrea Horan 

Stephanie Crabb 

Fauquier Junior Cup 

Mary Pitt 

Crowdy Weir Bantam Sports Cup 

Megan Throop 

Tara Chauhan Cup for TaeKwon Do 

Vanessa Arnold 

Inter House Sports Day Cup 

Fry House 

First House Cup 

Fry House 

Tennis Cup 

Nicola Krishna 

Tennis Award 

Grade 7E 

Green Form Drill Cup 

Grade 10 

Sportsmanship Award for Grade 9/10 

Mollyanne Kerr 

Stephanie Crabb 

Maynard Sr. Sportsmanship Cup 

Kate Kirby 

Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup 

Julia Kirby 

Wilson Senior Sports Cup 

Natasha Kyle 

Physical Education Gold Medal 

Litty Vakopoulos 

Sports Captain Award 

Natasha Kyle 

Great Yoi Honour Athletic Award 

Natasha Kyle 

Alicia Robinson 

Caroline Richards 

Message From the Sports Captain 

The 1996- 1997 athletic season at Elmwood has been a successful one! The year began with the annual Sports' Afternoon 
where the four houses displayed their spirit, their cooperation and their sense of fun. 

As the year progressed Elmwood's many teams demonstrated perserverance and good sportsmanship. To all the team 
members, as well as those who tried out, thanks for your outstanding participation and I wish you continued success next 
year. Without the support of our loyal fans we may not have made it as far as we did. Thanks must also go to the team 
managers, the score keepers as well as the seniors who were the referees. To all the OAC's who showed up at the crack of 
dawn on Wednesday mornings - thanks muchly - as well as all those who helped with the two Sports' Afternoons. 

From volleyball to floor hockey to the M&M toss, it was seen that House Games emphasized fun and participation over 
competitiveness. Thanks to all those who came out and helped make it enjoyable for everyone. 

How could any of these activities happen without the coaches? They give up countless hours to help us improve not only 
our skills but out attitudes. The values they instilled in us have always emphasized sportsmanship over winning. The list of 
coaches is lengthy and includes: Mrs. Neale, Mr. Yates, Mrs. Huggins, Ms. Tweedie, Mrs. O'Brien, Ms. Doyle, Ms. Rossiter, Mr. 
Campbell, Mrs. Leeman, Ms. Baird, Mr. Hallett, and Mme Knowlton. 

As for myself, I have enjoyed my position as Sports Captain, a job that would have been impossible without my mentor - 
Mrs. Neale who was always there to lend a helping hand. Thanks for all the laughs and I'll really miss you next year. 

"A teacher affects you for eternity; he/she can never tell where his/her influence stops." 

Coaches and teachers indeed leave an indelible impression on the minds of young athletes. 
-Natasha Kyle 

Grade Eight Graduation 

The grade 8 grad is a time for celebration. You are celebrat- 
ing friendships, the ending of yet another school year and saying 
for some, goodbye to their school. 

This year, the grade 8 grad was held on Monday 30th, 1997. 
To start the evening off, everybody was invited to the Appotives 
where we were offered cake. Then, much to our surprise, a hi<^ 
yellow school bus came to pick us up in front of the Appotives. 
The driver took a tour around Michael Copeland's house and thcr 
dropped us off at our final destination: Elmwood School. 

The dance was held in the Auditorium where we enjoyed 
good food, good friends, good prizes and music. What was that 
music? The DJ's were then again something else! However, aftei- 
a few threats, they smartened up and the music was really quite 
enjoyable. (For those who know what I'm talking about, I told 
him I'd beat him up!) 

All and all, the night was a great sucess! The chaperoning b^ 
some of the grade 12's and OAC's was quite welcome. Everybody 
had a great time, thanks to Elmwood. We'll be prepared to mo\ c 
forward wherever we go! Dominique Jacobson ; 


1 1 r r- ; 


Junior Closing 

Closing Ceremonies for Grades 

Order of Ceremonies 


Welcoming Remarks - Mrs. Carole Schmidt. 
School Hymn 
School Prayer 

Grades 3, 4, and 5 Singers and Players, 
accompanied by Mrs. Rosalind Weeks: 
Mama Don 't low, by Aden Lewis. 
Headmistress' Remarks - Dr. Carol Kirby. 
Presentation of Certificates to Grades 1 to 4 
Mrs. Carole Schmidt and Homeroom 

Grade 5 and 6 Recorder Players: Pavaneand 

Bouffons, l6th century. 
Presentation of Certificates, Pins, Chains 

and Prizes to Grades 5 and 6 - Dr. Carol 

Kirby, Mrs. Carole Schmidt, Mrs. 

Bonnie Robinson and Homeroom 


Remarks by Head Girl - Kate McCloskey. 
Choir: The Skylark and the Nightingale, by 

Rossetti/Snyder; Pass it Along, by Linda 


Closing Remarks - Mrs. Bonnie Robinson. 

O Canada 


Prizes for Grades 5 and 6. 



Linda Lin 

Computer Studies 


Linda Lin 



Katie Hermon 



Elizabeth Bragg 


Jessica Wilson 



Nadia Potoczny 



Elizabeth Miller 


Jessica Barth 



Stephanie Kerrigan 



Elizabeth Miller 

Social Science 


Tessa Wood 

Science Sociales 


Ashley Burk 


Alana MacEwen 

Schultz Prize for Effort 

Emily Colton 

Laurelle Barr 

Graham Form Trophy 


Nazia Charania 

Academic Scholarship for Grades 5 and 6: Sarah MacDonald 
Academic Scholarship for Grades 7 and 8: Ashley Burk 
Elmwood Primary Prize for Academic Achievement, good Citizenship 
and Sportsmanship: Maura Furlong -Maclnnis. 

Merit Pins and Chains for averages of 80% and over: Grade Five - Soraya 
Azzabi, Catriona Benzie, Jennifer Blakney, Elizabeth Bragg, Emily Cushman, 
Sasha Lauks, Elizabeth Miller, Gabriele O'Connor, Susanna Rothschild, Zenah 
Surani, Tessa Wood; Grade Six - Jessica Barth, Julia Betts, Ashley Burk, Nazia 
Charania, Tamera Dion, Stephanie Fathi, Katharine Hermon, Emily Kent, 
Stephanie Kerrigan, Marcela Lazaro, Linda Lin, Laura Pearson, Nadia Potoczny, 
Sarah Russell, Amna Silim, Jessica Wilson, Cynthia Yeh. 

Valedictory Address 

Madame Chair, Members of the Board, Dr. Kirby, Mme Knowlton, Mrs. McGregor, Mrs. Schmidt, Staff, students, parents and friends. Welcome to 
Elmwood's 1997 Closing Ceremonies. 

I am honoured to stand before you as a proud representative of the graduating class of 1997. The 1996-97 school year at Elmwood is aptly nicknamed 
tlie "^'ear of Change". To start off we welcomed a new headmistress. Dr. Kirby, whose bright personality and innovative ideas promise to change 
Elmwood for the better. This year there was also an addition to the school building, which caused great confusion for sttidents trying to find the sitting 
room phone. There w ere four new additions to the OAC class all joining us from different countries around the world. Stephanie, Kendra, Ratna. and 
Zenab: thank-you for joining us for your last year of high school, and I hope that it's been a successful and enjoyable one for you. This year we also had 
a Grade 12 YasueTakeda, who decided to accelerate her studies and graduate with us. 

The graduating class you see before you is unique in its own right, especially because of the size of the class itself. We found out during the year that 
it certainly is a challenge for 34 girls to make up their collective minds about anything at all. In fact we were so large, that at tlie end of last year the 
administration decided that we needed an eighth prefect position and revived the Prefect-at-Large. This year those duties fell to Bianca Brandt-Rousseau, 
who prefomed them with enthusiasm and grace. 

In the of all this change and progress there was also an emphasis on the traditional activities that make Elmwood so special. We kick-started the 
school year with a Sports Afternoon in September that brought school spirit back to the halls of Elmwood after a long summer. Throughout the year this 
spirit was sustained by weekly House Games, where die four, Wilson, Fry, Keller, and Nightingale, competed for the First House Cup in floor- 
hockey, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Tliis year Fry beat out all the other Houses to win the First House Cup, and the Inter-House Sports Day Cup. 
All this spirit came to a head in May with our highly successful Sports Day, again won by Fry House. Congratulations Fry for this tremendous achieve- 
ment. All of these events could not have taken place without the hard work and dedication of our Sports Captain Natasha Kyle. Natasha was also 
responsible for our weekly Wednesday morning skits which were usually planned, written and cast five minutes before they were performed, not always 
profe.ssional but with hilarious results. 

Other memorable events at Elmwood were the triumphant Halloween paity organized by our two junior school liaisons Krysta Hartley, and Meera 
Ruparelia; Spirit Week, when we learned that more people want to saiff pies in OACs' faces than originally planned; and a revolutionaiy Enivii'onment 
Club headed by Carleen Nimrod, and Erica Morris. 

Altliough we work hard to develop our school community'. Elmwood realizes that it is important to give back to the community at large. This year 
events were organized and contributions made to benefit the Valentine Tree Program The Cancer Society, The Warm Clothing and Food Drive, and 
the Christmas Hampers. Tlie Houses also raised funds for their individual charities; Fry for the Elizabeth Fry Society. Keller for the Guide Dogs for 
the Blind, Nightingale for Sleeping Children Around the World, and Wilson for Interval House Being a House Head is not an easy job. It involves 
directing over fifty students ranging in ages 6-19 towards spirit, co-operation, and charit>'. On behalf of the saident body I'd like to thank the House Heads 
Sally Crate, Katie Kirby, Alicia Robinson, and Alexandra Young for their leadership, and encouragement. You have helped the smdents in your 
houses realize the potential they ha\ e to help others in need. All four of you are shining examples of Elmwood's deep involvement in the community. 

If I was to thank all the people that have supported me my seven years at Elmwood, then we would be here all night. Elmwood is a caring community 
full of staff willing to help at any time; thank you staff for your patience, and generosity. A special thank you must go out to Mrs. Bellamy, and Mrs. 
Faguy, our two homeroom teachers - tliank you for putting up with us. We know it is not easy to drag us down to assembly eariy in the morning. To the 
students who are always eager to participate in all sorts of activities, thank you for your spirit. To next year's graduating class and prefects, I wish you the 
best of luck, and remember Elmwood is what you make it. To next year's Head Giri, Catriona James, you have wonderful supportive people to work 
with you throughout the year. I have every confidence you will succeed. To all my friends, new and old, thank you for loving and supporting me. To 
my twin sister, and the Senior Prefect, Erin, thank you for keeping me grounded throughout the year, for being my right-hand woman, and for sust:iining 
me in all tht I do. To my mother and father, thank you for your love and for originally forcing me to come to Elmwood. Even though when I entered in 
Grade Se\ en I was detemitned lo have a miserable time, things quickly turned around, and well, I think I turned out all right in the end. 

And finally to the Grads; thank you for a wonderful year and a life-time of memories. When I look back on my years at Elmwood I know above all I 
will remember and cherish the friendships that I made heie. These friendships are precious and unique. They are the foundations on which to build the 
rest of our lives. I would like to share with you and excerpt from one of my favourite books, called Oh, the Places YouH Go! by Dr. Seuss; 

Today is your day. 
You're off to Great Places! 
You're off and away! 

You have brains in your head, 
You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 
You're on you own. And you know what you know. 
And YOU are the gals who'll decide where to go. 

You'll look up and down streets. Look em over with care. 
About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there." 
With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, 
you're too smart to go down any not-so-good street. 
And you may not find any 
you'll want to go down. 

In that case, of course, you'll head straight out of town. 

Out there things can happen 
And frequently do to people as brainy 
and footsy as you. 
And when things start to happen, 
don't worry. Don't stew. 

Just go right along. You 11 start happening too. 

Grads, one part of our lives ends here tonight. But another part is just beginning; take the skills and the friendships you have made here and use 
them to move your own mountains. Goodbye and thank you. 

Kate McCloskey. 


Merit Pins for Averages of 80% and Over 

Grade 7: Caroline Andison, Rachel Azoulay, Clare Brunst, Melanie Chin, Christina Ellis, 
Martine Esdaile, Maarianne Goldberg, Ashley Ham Pong, Stephanie Hogg, Brittany Hughes, 
Tara Hunter, Bella Lamb, Marisa Lee, Sarah Liebel, Fiona MacDonald, Elizabeth Macklem, 
Christine MacPhee, Mika Mason, Caitlyn McFadden, Julia Murray, Sylvia Simson, Meg Southee, 
Jessamy Tedlie-Stursberg, Elizabeth Toller, Catherine Vincent. Grade 8: Laura Argument, 
Vanessa Arnold, Michelle Bissada, Jill Blackman, Klara Boadway, Christina Bouchard, Sarah 
Bragg, Sarah Bums, Rachel Buxton, Anni Choi, Nicole Choo, Catherine Dubuc, Nikolina 
Duvall-Antonacopoulos, Elizabeth Gillingham, Robin Hamden, Jennifer Hulseman, Dominique 
Jacobson, Emily Jamieson, Angela Lang, Lacy Lauks, Alexandra Low, Janet Lunau, Heather 
MacLaren, Jennifer McGaw, Mary Pitt, Jade Puddington, Megan Throop, Maria Valenzuela, 
Sarah Valiant, Cristina Venables, Darcie Wilson. Grade 9: Veronica Classen, Stephanie Crabb, 
Laurel Ditz, Jennifer Grimsey, Sara Ikeda, Isbel James, Jenjen Lee, Mary Shearman, Sophia 
Vakopoulos. Grade 10: Erica Choi, Stephanie Chin, Pam Chuchinnawat, Julie Crabb, Andrea 
Dhaliwal, Rania El-Hawary, Veronica Feigel, Margaret Guillen, Julia Kirby, Nicola Krishna, 
Mona Lemp, Emma Peacocke, Nina Rytwinski, Tiffany Semple, Ginny Strachan, Amira Sultan, 
Jenny Yoon. Grade 11: Celine Bissonnette, Fiona Charlton, Meredith Gillespie, Allison 
Grimsey, Robyn Kern, Ayela Khan, Judy Lazier, Nikki Lee, Rebecca Merkley, Katie Mills, Priya 
Naaila, Sharon Nimrod, Kinga Petrovai, Nagin Razavi, Karen Selody, Allyson Tighe, Genevieve 
Trickey. Grade 12: Sonya Arora, Elizabeth Berman, Isabelle French, Malinda Helgesen, 
Catriona James, Carolyn Laporte, Sharon Lazier, Tanya Magnus, Christina Quiney, Vanessa 
Quiney, Jordana Segal, Yasue Takeda, Litharitza Vakopoulos, Zhemeng Wang, Olivia Waters. 
OAC: Nina Aggarwal, Zenab Bagha, Bianca Brandt-Rousseau, Bonny Butt, Jennifer Campbell, 
Stephanie Coleridge, Adele Dupont, Shannon Hancock, Krysta Hartley, Claire Higgins, Andrea 
Horan, Tara Huckvale, Kate Kirby, Natasha Kyle, Stephanie Lane, Amy Marett, Erin 
McCloskey, Kate McCroskey, Rana Mokhtar, Erica Morris, Carleen Nimrod, Helen O'Leary, 
Caroline Richards, Alicia Robinson, Meera Ruparelia, Sarah Wiles, Alexandra Young. 

Grades 7&8 

Art: Bella Lamb 

Creativity: Lucy Hay 

Drama: Tara Hunter 

French 7: Elizabeth Toller 

French 8: Klara Boadway 

Geography: Caroline Andison 

German: Catherine Vincent 

History: Jade Puddington 

Keyboarding: Sylvia Simson 

Latin: Jill Blackman 

Math: Darcie Wilson 

Music: Nikolina Duvall-Antonacopolous 

Sciences: Dominique Jacobson 

Spanish: Alexandra Zarama 

Nancy Chance Prize for English: 

Sarah Bragg 

MacDonald Cup for Math Effort and 
Progress: Stephanie Hogg 
Schultz Prize for Effort: Alexandra 

Special Award - Nominated by staff, 
selected by tiie Headmistress, to the 
student involvement, 
enthusiams, cominitment, and hard 

work contribute to the life of the 
School: Christina Bouchard 
Laidler Cup - Awarded to the girl 
who, not necessarily the highest in 
the form in studies or sports, has 
made her mark on the Junior School 
by her good character and depend- 
ability. It is given to a girl who can 
be relied upon at any time and is 
always helpful and thoughtful of 
others: Dominique Jacobson 
Southam Cup: Awarded for the 
highest endeavour in all phases of 
school life in the Junior School. It is 
the equivalent of the Summa 
Summamm in the Senior School. It 
is given to the girl who best lives up 
to the ideals of Elmwood, who 
shows leadership, friendliness, and 
helpfulness to others in the school: 
Mary Pitt 

Parents and Friends Scholarship: 

Jill Blackman 

Grade 9 Scholarships: Jade 
Puddington, Mary Pitt, Darcie Wilson 

House Point Awards 

House points are given for academic 
performance, atheletic participation, 
membership in clubs and helpful and 
cooperative behavior. In order to recieve a 
House Letter a total of 150 points must be 
accumulated by Juniors or 250 by Seniors. 
A Silver "E" is awarded for 300 points and a 
Gold "E" for 500 points. This year the 
following students are being honoured: 
Silver "E": JiU Blackman, Sarah Bragg, 
Nicole Choo, Lacy Lauks, Sarah Valiant, 
Catherine Vincent, Darcie Wilson. 
Special Mention: Jade Puddington 
Golden "E": Nina Aggarwal, Catriona 
James, Natasha Kyle, Tanya Magnus, Erin 
McCloskey, Kate McCloskey, Erica Morris, 
Alicia Robinson, Alexandra Young. 
Special Mention: Meera Ruparelia. 

Grades 9&1Q 

Art: Stephanie Chin 
Drama: Stephanie Chin 
French: Tiffany Semple 
Geographic: Isbel James 
History: Ginny Strachan 
Latin: Isbel James 
Math: Erica Choi 
Orchestra: Stephanie Crabb 
Science: Mona Lemp 
Technology: Nina Rytwinski 
Grace E. Knowlton Prize for 
Progress: Sarah Berlis 
Rothwell Prize for English: 
Emma Peacocke 
Special Award - Nominated by 
staff, selected by the Headmistress, 
to the student whose involvement, 
enthusiasm, commitment, and 
hard work contiibute to the life of 
the School: Stephanie Chin 
Milena Sigmund Scholarship: 
Ginny Strachan 

Weston Foundation Scholar- 
ship: Rania El-Hawary 
Old Girls' Scholarship: Emma 

Grades 11 & 12 

Business: Olivia Waters 
Chemistry OAC: Zhemeng Wang 
Computer Studies OAC: Tanya Magnus 
Drama: Rebecca Merkley 
French OAC: Isabelle French 
History 4A: Catriona James 
Law OAC: Sharon Lazier 

Math, with special mention in Philosophy: Elizabeth 

Philosophy OAC: Catriona James 

Spanish 3A: Meredith Gillespie 

Spanish OAC: Olivia Waters, Litharitza Vakopoulos 

Margaret Doetsch Cup for Latin OAC: Nagin Razavi 

Graham Form Trophy: Grade 1 1 
Heather Hoy Prize: Catriona James 

Bruce Hicks Memorial Award for Public Service: Catrif )na James 
The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award: Olivia Waters 
Microstar Technology Scholarship: Genevieve Trickey 
Jadwiga Basinski Award -Science: Zhemeng Wang 

-Arts: Catriona James 
Special Award - Nominated by staff, selected by the Headmistress, 
to the student \\'hose involvement, enthusiasm, commitment and 
hard work contribute to the life of the School: Jennifer Payne 
Grade 12 Scholarship: Allyson Tighe 

Lieutenant Governor's Medal for highest achievement in grade 

12: Elizabeth Berman 


special mention for outstanding academic achievement 

in Biology, English, Calculus, Algebra & Geometry, and 

French: Nina Aggarwal 

Biology: Alicia Robinson 

Choin Carleen Nimrod 

Classics: Helen O'Leary 

Drama: Sally Crate 

Economics OAC: Bonny Butt 

French: Kate Kirby 

German; Zenab Bagha 

Math: Erica Morris 

Phys. Ed. OAC: Caroline Richards 

Physics: Stephanie Coleridge 

Elizabeth Davis Prize for English: Kate Kirby 

Keary-Taylor Prize for Excellence in Drama: Stephanie 


McKee Fine Arts Cup: Kate Kirby 

Outerbridge Cup for Senior Mathematics - for achievement 
through determination, diligence and perserverance: Meera 

Philpot Science Prize - presented to the OAC science saident, 
who in the view of her science teachers, demonstrates a 
geniune interest in science tlirough her powers of observation, 
inquisitiveness, analytic and abstract thought. Not simply given 
to the OAC student who achieves the highest marks in science 
subjects: Erica Morris 

University of Toronto National Book Award: Kiite Kii by 
Whitwill History Prize Bianca Brandt-Rousseau 
Governor General's Medal for the Highest Proficiency in 

Grade 13: Nina Aggarwal 

Mitchell Thomas Prize - given to the girl who shows interest and 
support to tlie Junior School: Krysta Hartley, Meera Ruparelia 
Headmistress' Prize: Bianca Brandt-Rousseau, Carleen Nimrod 
Mai^aret White Cup - given to a girl in her gi^aduating year who has 
been in tlie school since grade 9 and made outstanding contiibutions 
to '.school life': Nina Aggarv\'al, Erica Morris 
Ewing Cup for Character: K:ite Kirby 
All-Roimd Contribution to School Life: Meera Ruparelia 
Old Girls House Motto 

Fry - Friendship for All: Litliaritza Vakopoulos (Winner) 

Keller - Fair Play: Tanya Magnus 

Nightingale - Not for Ourselves Alone: Amy Tliroop 

Wilson - To Give Ourselves and Never Count tlie for Otliers 
Greater Need: Carolyn Laporte 
Prefect Awards 

Sports Captain: Natiisha Kyle 

Prefect at Large: Bianca Brandt-Rousseau 

Fry: Sally Crate 

Keller: Kate Kirby 

Nightingale: Alexandra ^"oung 

Wilsoru Alicia Robinson 
Philpot Token - for cheerful help, loyal support, effective leadership 
throughoLit tlie school body this year: Erin MCloskey 
Summa Summarum - awarded to tlie .senior girl who has tried 
faitlifully to live up to ideals and ti'aditions of tlie School and who 
possesses die qualities of integrity, tnistwoithiness, tlie spiiit of 
comradesliip and tlie capacity to achieve. Tlie winner's name to lie 
added to tlie illustiious li,st on tlie placjue in die iiall: Kate McClo.skey 


Head Girl's Page 

As head girl of Elmwood I get to do 
tons of fun stuff. This year I got to 

help the four houses with their 
fundraising. I got to go to a Llama 
farm and speak in front of rooms 
full of people. Thanks Ellmwood 
for one year in the best job on the 


P.S. Catty, feel free to rewrite this- I 
know it is really cheesy!! 

Senior Prefect's Page 

Well I had a lot of fun being the Senior Prefect (or Defect as 
some prefer to call me) this year. Thanks to all my teachers and 
friends who helped me through the stress. Good luck next year 

Tanya. Love always, Erin. XO 

Junior School Parting 

A mixture of sun, rain and hail 
greeted us on Friday, May l6, the day of 
this year's Junior School Parting Picnic. 
We were not daunted by the sometimes 
threatening skies as we made our way to 
the village of Hexton and Avalon Llamas. 

The students enjoyed a day of fun in 
the fields with all of the llamas who 
appeared to be quite oblivious to our 
presence. A friendly dog and an old 
white horse seemed quite at home with 
the 125 students shooting soccer balls 
around their feet, playing Red Rover, 
climbing on stone mountains and 
wading in the mud. 

TVlthough it was a day to play and 
enjoy our surroundings, it was also a 
time to say good-bye and good luck to 
our two OAC Junior School liaisons, 
Krysta Hartley and Meera Ruparelia. 
Throughout the year these two young 
ladies have contributed greatly to make 
all of our special events even more 
memorable. Kate McCloskey, our Head 
Girl, and Bianca Brandt-Rousseau, our 
Prefect-at-large, were also thanked for 
their good sportsmanship in accompany- 
ing us to the farm. We also bid a fond 
farewell to our girls in Grade 6 who 
throughout the year have helped with 
the daily needs of the Junior School. 
Even though they won't be far away as 
they move into Middle School, we'll 
miss seeing them daily and relying on 
their good humour to help us whenever 
and wherever they have been called to 
do so. 

At the end of our visit we headed 
back to school where everyone was 
treated to drinks and doughnut holes. It 
was a fun way to end our day full of 
fun... that's our parting picnic! 









Sierra Leone 

Sierra Leone 




Marshall Islands 





Vatican City 













ifrrr imiiMillit 


Republique Slovaque 

Switzerland Syria 




New Zealand 


New Guinea 

St. Lucia 



Saint-Kitts et Nevis 
Slovenia Solomon Islands 



Western Sahara 

Sahara Occidental 





j States of Moldova 

leres de la Moldavia 




San Marino 

South Africa 

^'1 Republique 









Northern Cyprus 





Nord de Chypre 


Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia 
* * 

Sao Tome et Principe 

Arable Saoudite 
Sri Lanka 



Tanzanie Thailande 
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom 


United States 

Emirats Arabes Unis Royaume-Uni 










Northern Mariana 


lies Mariannes 

















Trinidad and Tobago 

Trinite et Tobago