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Elmwood School 3 


Amy Boyle 

Thank you Mum, Dad and 
Caroline for alt your love and 
support. Brit and Dais we've 
had a fab time darlings! 
Cancun people - I'm never 
going to forget how much fun 
we had! Thanks to all my 
friends for the great times- 
nights out, pool parties, 
cottages, road trips and all the 
other crazy stuff we've done - 

I love you all! 

Dorothy Binkiey 
Head Girl 

Ehthank EByou JCfor Crticas 
helpingBS me IBIiveAm my GM 
dreams DLthe AJ memories 
NSCFers make AMusCH 
who MJwe CRAM girliesareJC 
breathe BEdeep IMSers sing 
my Teachers with KH 
ailJWyour BH might AB and 
DSdance H20 polochicas 
like mommy you'll Daddy 
never DSBstop CriMB love 
the OACsyou IBWSCnever Sg 
forget FMthe McCabes Power 


Elodie Button 
Head of Wilson 

Thank you Mama + Papa for 
everything you have 
sacrificed, I am forever 
grateful. To my amazing girls, 
phenomenal teachers, coach/ 
volleyball team, nscfers, 
Aylmer crew; from Alberta to 
France, thank you for having 
taught me so much. IB was 
worth it!Too loud on the first 
day, still too loud on the last! 

Janet Ciarl 

To my mom and dad thank you 
for sending me to Elmwood 
you do not know how happy it 
has made me. To my best 
friends Dor El Aly and Mich I 
wouldn't be the person I am 
today without you guys. To all 
my teachers that believed in 
me, you don't know how much 
you have helped me thank 

Marty Bogue 

Tomy friends LauraJaymee 
KathEm KateClareHugh 
allthememories thatcame 
with youallpavilmeltdtv 
momdadandfriends lloveyou! 

What a journey 8 years 
rescued and guided by my 
inspirational mentors. Thanks 
ZS, AG, BE, McCabes. JH, JV - 
changed my life forever. 
Rugby/Lookout! MB to the 
future. PW1^'2know. SH kudidit 
breakfast buddies Meg I love i 
you always&forever. Mom, 
Dad, Elli I love you. University 
here I come. 


First and foremost I'd like to 
thank God for taking me so far 
in my life. I thank my family for 
always being there and giving 
me the courage and the 
support. Elmwood has 
broadened my horizon! The 
three years I spent here have 
been wonderful. Samaneh I'll 

miss u. 

Jessica Mooney 





i want to Thank: My Mom and 
Dad, Elmwood, My teachers, 
My Elmwood buddies, Meagan, 
K-Dog, Becca, Patti, and 
everyone else I love which is 
ail of you. Also I would like to 
thankThat 70's Show and 
Cancun for entertainment and 
my sanity. I love California. 
Fuzzy Dawggg! 

Jaymee Normand 

Mom, Dad & three J's- 1 love 
you so much, thank you. 
"Girls" you truly are amazing 
friends, I could not have asked 
for more. This applies to "Les 
Boys " as well. Teddy, your 
importance in my life goes 
without saying "MWAH!" 
Elmwood, staff & fellow 
classmates, its been a great 

Samaneh Saiari 

I could not be where I am 
today: My Elmwood girls, 
Jessica, Kristen, and Patti. My 
Brookfieid girls, Maria, Robyn, 
and Kim. My one and only boy, 
Conor. My baby sister, 
Johanna. Last, but definitely 
not least, my two incredible 
"^i-ents. Thank you from the 

torn of my heart. Love 


Being at Elmwood for the past 
3 years has left me lots of 
good memories. I've learned 
many things and met lots of 
great people that I won't ever 
forget. I would like to thank my 
parents, sisters, friends and 
teachers for always being 
there for me. I love you all. 

alia Shabib 

iddle School Prefect 

Kristen Shamess 

om, Dad, Farrah, Moh: your 

iupport & love mean a lot to 
ie, I wouldn't be the same 
rithout you. Dana: my sister 
^od forgot to give me, we've 
ieen through everything. Amy 
i Brit: the crew can't be 

ieparated we've had a good 
ouple of years. Cancun baby! 
hank God for life, it's up to us 
to make the most of it. 

Jennifer Walters 















I would like to thank the staff 
and students at Elmwood 
(especially Meagan, Jess, 
Patti, Cancun Girls). The 
School has helped me to 
become the person I am today. 
I would also like to thank my 
parents who provided me the 
opportunity to attend 
Elmwood. Manisha, you've 
been a wonderful friend over 
the years. 

Rebecca Willems 
Junior School Prefect 

Thanks to my teachers; my 
parents, especially my mum, 
for being pillars of strength; 
my friends JM, LH, LC, PL, KR, 
JG, Cancun girls, equestrian 
team, & many more; Stephane 
I love you! "A very great vision 
is needed and the man who 
has it must follow it as the 
eagle seeks the deepest blue 
of the sky." - Crazy Horse 

Elizabeth Agbi 

GrisGrlsGrls 3LngYrsOfH eiBut 
WeMade ItWhich GanOnly 
MkeUsStrngr *JuULIOLets 
Gwhere 2begn FALALALA 
hijckd Firin FaceDrve 
bysXANDERthaLIST Cntinus 
TWETIEBRD!*RichUmean Tha 
WrIdGRLSSu CanBwa 
Uwnt2BILuv UALL! 


Julie Ashton 

My iove and thanks goes to: 
my friends - for making me ^ 
smile for years "b82rez2g4"; jH 
my boys - for keeping me 
happy with the randomness 
and tickling; my family - for HP 
giving me have the ™ 
opportunity to come to this 
school. I don't know who I'd 
be without you all. Love, ? 
schmoolie xox. 

■k Nicola Benidickson 

^H^k Thanks Mum and Dad for 

everything, I love you! Jess I'll 
' ■ always treasure our memories 

I together. Alana Always good 

' times. KT I'll always admire 

your humour and optimism, 
you're a great friend A! you are 
y"^, a friend I never want to lose. 

Bread, mmm! The girls you're 
amazing people to be around. 

Julia Betts 

Oh! Goodness the years at 
Elmwood are over. Luckily I 
will be left with many 
memories and good friends 
that i will always remember. 
Thank you to my teachers, 
friends, family, Mummy, 
Daddy, and all those other 
invaluable little green elves. 

Jessica Alien 

6yrs@daWood Wow Congrats 
Girls, Good Luck In The Future. 
Woodtang Gang Thx4 All The 
Memories N'GoodTimes-Parties 
@ Sophies House! Carina My ' 
BestestSophielil'sis.Lauren. ..USgrls 
WrdsCantSayMyLuv4u. Whitney 
U've Helped Me See More 
Clearly SARS!- Nicola 
MiaN'Charlie/ Uran Incredible 

Love and support are the 
essence of success, i know 
that, without the devotion of 
my family and friends, I would 
not be where I am today. I 
would like to thank everyone 
who has contributed to my 
happiness and success, and 
wish everyone the best of 
luck in their future endeavors. 

Tamera Dion 

Papa thank you for your 
unconditional love & support. 
SkSrchap, Damol, MPH, 
Density, Vulume, XNNB! 
Mrs. Bradley Thank you for 
everything. Jared "If I know 
what love is, it is because of 
you.' CUBA! Good memories 
ladies.. .good memories! 
Women were made to be 
loved, not to be understood. 

V i 

Sophie Culver-Grey 

Wood Tang Gang 
unfortunately you girls know 
who you are . . . ahah . . . wow too 
many good times. ..parties 
Chez moi. FIO Rebels '99 
Jessicallen.cory, & Whit, 
much of who I am would be 
different without 

Kyla Dowden 

Year 201 5: Dearest friends 
and colleagues, I write you by 
candle light from my dark 
lonely stove at Blinds to Go. 
Life here is rough: customers 
just don't understand 
German, so they put me on 
the night shift, i have reached 
my weight goal: 490 lbs. Ich 

Julia Doran 
Prefect at Large 

KtlLvU Thanx4 
BeingThereFrom The StartN 
ThrultAIILUr A beautiful Person! 
mGladlMet KIAdmireUr 
Strength WoodGrlslts Been 
Great IIIMissUGLuck NxtYear 
Guapas Neva Forget Spain 
BumwiggI RufioNasty Food 
GrisWho Borow Razors Kings 
tone DMontrealCuba(BX) 
Gtmes NOttawaN 
Elsewhere.. Late Nyte 

DramaGrlsThanx CttgGrlslLvU 


Eleni Deacon 

'A rew words of thanks; To my 
family, who have given me all 
their love. To my teachers, for 
their encouragement and 
attention.To my friends, for 
the constant silliness, and, of 
couise, the card games. I will 
miss you and be thinking of 
you always in years to come 
(when I have grown wiser and 


Jenifer Dunbar 

Well, these past few years 
have been great! Thanks to 
my teachers for their 
patience and support, and to 
my friends for all the fun and 
great memories. . .Smuggs, 
Friday Skiing, Montreal, the 
"missions", interesting 
nicknames... Good luck to 
everyone next years. I'll miss 
you guys! Thanks M + D too. 

Lily Kadivar 

the most complete woman I 
know. Dad, you always make 
me happy. Sisis: "I love ya!" 
S & S, you showed me life 
can be fun, even if it is not 
always the way I want it to be. 
Thanks to all my Elmwood 
friends and TEACHERS!! 
"Dare to be different!!" 





r*!l IVi II i'i'iS WKWatCa 1 


Emilie Major 

The past 6 years have certainly 
been interesting. Thanks iVIama 
& Papa for giving me the 
opportunities that i received. I 
hope I've made you proud. My 
friends who supported me 
through a tough start and given 
me terrific memories that I will 
carry wherever life may bring 
me( KN, SF. EO. BG. JH's KG. 
thank you for your love, keep in 

Alana MacEwen 

Nine years later.. .my friends- 
from shopping to parties to 
phone calls, you were always 
there for me. So many 
incredible memories. Class 
was too long and nights out 
too short. Skiing, tennis, and 
rugby are the best sports 
ever. Bill & Pete - thanks for 
everything. Work hard, but 
always play harder. Ciao. 

Kimberly Ng 

3yrs @ the wood &whts 2shw? 
Friends 4 lyf! Mom&Dad 
Thx4SendingMeHere,lm Proud2 
Bur Daughter. Sue: Eva: Karen: 
Al: Popo: Derek Thx4 Evrythng. 
Marchand Thx. SF: JH: NS: EM: 
Love U4ever, Thnk U4 Being My 
Angel. Mem: MTL & CubaS 
Phone.Thx4 All The Mem & 

Nitasha Nayar 

Thanx to my friends. I iuv you 
all. Mum I couldn't have done 
any of this without you, love 
you always. Isaac, you're my 

love buq. Costa Rica 4 life. 

Kyla Macleod 

To my giriz Liz(B)u hould 
model, Juls-u'r my hero .Ro- 
u'ra party. GRLs.. nevs forget 
gtimes in Cuba, butt shaking 
Spain(Mother Goose) Angel- 
Mti,street2 Spice air bands, 
bladding 4 golden 
cosminators, n'days in the 
wood. Thanks to all my 
teachers, big ya 
Mom, Dad, Joshy and obvs 

Christine O'Connor 

When I came to Eimwood I 
wanted to be an astronaut- 
this school is the reason I'm 
going to be. Ma and Pop - I'm 
so lucky to have you. Thanks 
to all those who believed in 
me. There are only a few 
amazing people in this world- 
I'm lucky enough to know 
most of them, i love you all. 

Jennifer Pelland 

Three long years of hard work 
and late assignments; but most 
of all three years of great 
experiences and amazing 
people. To my family and 
teachers, thank you for your 
everlasting support and 
guidance but most of all for you 
PATIENCE. To my friends, thank 
you for the laughs and the 
comfort through ail the good 
times and the bad. Good luck 
and I'll miss you. 

Ainsley Winter 



5 years at Elmwood. I finally 
made it. Thanks to my girls: 
Nadz monsieure is spesho 
Jo shake dat ting MELTY 
dena Slurpees Hab time 
warp Julie rollerboy Tasha 
the PICKLES My best friend 
Azzer luv ya lots - green 
cushions and all. Can't forget 
the NNB- Damol misses the . 
good times. Booyakasha! 
Rock on. 

Lara Zabel 

Big thanx Mom + dad, your 
support + guidance are much 
appreciated, to all my friends, 
you know who you are, the 
"Elmwood girls", the "Ashbury 
guys", we've had so many 
good times over the years, 
good luck in the future. Thanx 
to all my teachers, your 
interest + enthusiasm has 
been contagious (Mrs. Faguy, 
thank you for your constant 



Talia Zajac 

J.M. Barrie said that memory 
gives us "roses in December." 
For all those who have given 
me that wonderful gift, please 
accept my heartfelt thanks: 
my family, my teachers, and 
my friends. I have never met 
such a wonderful group of 
warm-hearted girls. Thank 
you all! 

I have enjoyed the unforgettablf 
two years here. To my family, 
thank you for your unconditioPc 
love and support for everything 
To my host family, the Venables 
thank you for being supportive, 
you are my family in Canada 
and we have had plenty of 
invaluable memories, and i will , 
cherish them forever. I also wisi 
all my friends and teachers to be 
prosperous for everything. 


Junior Kindergarten 

Ms. Blagg & Mrs. Hoffman 

Front Row, left to right: Mrs. Hofmann, Kimberly Lui, Paul 
Rodrlgues, Olivia Smart, Nicola Denison, Grace 
MacLeod, Samantha Burton, Ms. Blagg Second Row, left 
to right: Hannah Dolhai, Jonathan Hindo, Brooke Mierins, 
Nicholas Morrison, Chloe Lucas, Adam Groper 

What I really like about school. 

Alana: my teachers. 

Alex: the "Mystery Guest." 

Benjamin: outdoor gym. 

Brooks: playing with the dalmatian toys. 

Claire: working hard. 

Evangeline: playing outside. 

Kelli: playing outside. 

Kerson: straws and connector blocks. 

Kim: counting by two's. 

Kyler: sliding down the hill 

Larissa: playing outside and the teachers. 

Patrick: playing outside. 

Rebecca: wearing dress-up clothes. 

Robert: doing artwork. 

Grade 1 

Mrs. McCaffrey 

Front Row, left to right: Amelia Palumbo, Priyanka Goel, Priya 
Muradia, Jordan Donovan, Anna Regan Second Row, left to right: 
Mrs. McCaffrey, Rati Mamdani, Emilia Pawlisz, Sarah Melloul, 
Matthew Coyne, Trevor Haebe, Ms. Farrell Third Row, left to right: 
Emily Groper, Alexa Naccarato, Bradley Nesrallah, Connor McLaren, 
Brendan Lucas, Scout Frewer 

34 Undergrads 


When I grow up, I want to.... 

dam: play basketball and golf . 
Irooke: be an artist. 

/hloe: be a ballerina, a doctor, and a Mom. 

a race: be an author. 

lannah: be a court lawyer. 

onathan: be just like my Dad. 

jmberly: be a princess. 

Jicholas: be a painter and paint paintings. 

iicola: be a Mommy princess (Queen). 

)livia: be a grown up. 

^aul: be a doctor. 

>ammy: be a doctor and a Mommy. 

Senior Kindergarten 

Mrs. Hoffman & Mrs. Wiley 

ront Row, left to right: Mrs. Hofmann, Alana Bobra, 
vangeline Bedos, Larissa Bobra, Rebecca Godin, Kim 
odin, Claire Avisar, Mrs. Wiley Second Row, left to 
ght: Kyler Wang, Alex Montgomery, Patrick Bourque, 
obert Hartley-Robinson, Benjamin McSweeney, Kerson 



When I grow up, I want to be.... 

lexa: a cheerleader because I want to cheer for football. 

melia: a swimming teacher because I can swim under water. 
vRna: a doctor because I like helping other people. 

radley: a pet store owner so I can sell pets. 

rendan: a reptile and amphibian handler because I play with 

these animals in my backyard. 

)onnor: a pet store owner because I like animals. 

imilia: a teacher because it would be fun. 

imily: a swimming coach because I love swimming and I take 

swimming lessons. 

ordan: a cowgirl because I like to ride horses, 
/latthew: a magician because I would love to be a big star, 
riya: a dentist because I want to save peoples' teeth, 
^riyanka: a doctor because I want to help people, 
^afi: a Concorde pilot. 

5arah: a veterinarian because I want to help animals. 

5cout: a bird scientist because I like birds. 

frevor: a hockey player because I like to play hockey. 

Elmwood School 35 



Grade 2 

Ms. MacLeod 

Front Row, left to right: Morgan O'Dea, Ameera Moledina, Justin Yan, 
Sarah Seward-Langdon, Victoria Mclntyre Second Row, left to right: 
Ms. MacLeod, Mitchell MacDonald, Ivy Bregman, Jordana Polisuk, 
Melissa Noel, Olivia Kotarba, Emily Montgomery, Vaughan Rawes, Ms. 
Wright Third Row, left to right: Hannah Boomer, Charles-Albert 
Asselin, Samantha Buchanan, Julia Hewitt, Rebecca Boucher, Mario 

I will... 

Ennma R: I live to make the world a better place by helping people. 
Yuliya: My purpose is to learn new things, try new things, and never give up. 
Christopher: I live for art, music, and adventure, but mostly for friends, family, and sport. 
Sophie: My life will be great and I will be with people I love. 

Laila: I want to be a photographer because I want to discover and learn about my world. 
Jennifer: I will cure all of the diseases that make animals sick. 
Cameron: In 25 years, I hope to be in a band with my friends in Los Angeles. 
Emma D: I plan to read lots of books and meet lots of new people. 
Patrick: When I'm 24 I will work on a U.S. military base. 
Margot: I will study music because that is something I love. 
Alice: I'll not forget all the rules that Mrs. G taught me in grade 3. 
Stephanie: I hope to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. 
Amy: In my spare time I will help poor people. 
Dylan: I want to be a veterinarian who helps little animals. 
Stanley: I live to learn, have fun, and co-operate. 
Surain: I live to be a genetic engineer. 
Emma L: I live to be loved and I love my school. 
Kristen: My goal will be to reach the Olympics in figure skating. 

Grade 4 

Mrs. Johnson 

Front Row, left to right: Victoria Loeb, Sonya Ruddy, Anuja Sinha, 
Kelly Coultry, Taylor O'Dea Second Row, left to right: Mrs. Johnson 
Alessandra Cinotti, Christina Jacobsen, Alicia Smart, Priya Wadhera 
Kelly Hunter, Heather McDonald Third Row, left to right: Charlotte 
O'Neill, Stephanie Pratapas, Julia Fottinger, Juliet Caragianis, Sarah 
Bouzanis, Lyndsay Kotarba, Irena Wight 

36 Undergrads 

'H 1 ' 


Grade 3 


ont Row, left to right: Stanley Leong, Lalla Murray, Sophie Berube, 
nma Regan, Kristen Brazeau, Juliana Assaly, Christopher Hales 
jcond Row, left to right; Margot Whittington, Surain Roberts, Yuliya 
3lik, Emma Dolhai, Dylan Toms, Quincy Batson Third Row, left to 
jht: Mr. Adams, Amira El-Defrawy, Stephanie Black, Cameron 
orrison, Jennifer Maginnis, Patrick Rhodes, Emma Lynn, Alice Bifield 
rs. Gerspacher 

Elmwood School 37 

Front Row, left to right: Julia E, Laura Brazeau, Sabrina 
Villeneuve. Second Row, left to right: Madeline Oster, 
Cleo Clatney, Taylor Flynn, Rachel Liu, Natasha 
Duncan, Haley Abugov. Third Row, left to right: Mrs. 
Beggs, Kailey Richards, Amanda Lewis, Rachel 
Garbutt, Ruth Lark, Jacki McMurray, Emily Alexander. 
Absent: Sabina Dewfield Lohoar, Caroline Tong 

38 Undergrads 

How we describe our classmates 

ailey, by Taylor 

(runette, freckles, plays with friends, shy, quiet, tall, generous, pre-teen 
luth, by Sabina 

all, long, likes to play, friendly, understandable, learns, generous, friend 
aura, by Ruth 

;reative, smart, confident with everything, learns, imaginative, has friends, 
uman friends 
abina, by Rachel L. 

lew, friendly, spends time wisely, observing, smiling, kind, tall, female 
labrina, by Cleo 

■riendly, unusual, likes baby horses, laughs, loyal, sweet, generous, fun 
■atasha, by Caroline 

"unny, pretty, cheers everyone up, friendly, energetic, kind, generous, 
lomo sapiens 
iacki, by Sabrina 

jporty, lively, plays many sports, caring, kind, funny, bouncy, friend 
yiadeline, by Emily 

)ancer, fast, skates beautifully, gracefully, kind, quiet, funny, normal, friend 
aylor, by Kailey 

Blonde, small, plays winter sports, busy, careful, funny, cute, mammal 
lulia by Rachel G. 

(ind, Athletic, Like playing soccer. Friendly, humorous, thoughtful, happy, 

Emily by Natasha 

ntelligent, strong, friendly, happy, calm, enjoys swimming, hockey, soccer, 
leo by Jacki 

falented, pretty, loves to act, small, friendly, funny, neat, classmate 
=!achel L. by Amanda 

^eat, smart, works really hard, kind loyal, respectful, peaceful, friend 

Rachel G. by Haley 

Smart, funny, she loves monkeys, thoughtful, happy, kind, generous. Homo 

sapien ^ 

Amanda by Laura fl 

Funny, playful, loves to laugh, loyal, friendly, working, running, friend 9 

Haley by Julia E ™ 
Kind, funny, enjoys, playing soccer, active, friendly, fun, lively, human being 
Caroline by Madeline 

Smart, tall, plays with makeup, generous, funny, loyal, daring 

Grade 50 

Mrs. Ostiguy 

Front Row, left to right: Megan Grey, Monica Mikfiaiel, 
Eva Palumbo, Vanessa Morgan Mziray, Caroline 
Mierins. Second Row, left to right: Ms. Ostiguy, May Vu, 
Masha Zarakhani, Silya Shenassa, Jennifer Shepherd, 
Laura Haebe, Rebecca Wilson. Third Row, left to right: 
Katherine Hales, Jenna Wilson, Maddie Newton, Kelly 
O'Connor, Michelle Sleeth, Lindsay Spooner. 



Grade 6 G 

Ms. Gallagher 

Front Row, left to right: Raisa Patel, Elizabeth Huffal<er, 
Katherine McDonald, Bronwyn Thomson, Ashley Adams, 
Christine Soong Second Row, left to right: Lindsay Bryden, 
Sophia Lai, Marisa Ashley, Sara Bastianelli, Alison Miller, 
Laurie Biewald, Shilpa Goel Third Row, left to right: Anita E, 
Kate Portner Gartke, Caroline Garel-Jones, Rachelle-Zoe 
Bonneville, Alicia Bartlett, Nancy El Attar, Ally Hindo, Mrs. 

Favorite saying or favourite 

Lisa: Ya dumbo! 
Justine: What's up? 
Colleen: If it looks good eat it 
Emily: Bagels 

Elena: Being small has a lot of advantages 
Sarah C: Gosh, it's French! 
Sophia: Humphrey 
Larissa: Frogs 
Ashley: Got milk? 
Juliane Hj: Acting 
Julianne Hu: Frankly/cats 
Lindsey: Yello! 
Sandy: You silly bum 

Molly: Life's too short. Don't let it pass you by 
Nikola: Hola! 
Supriya: Yo people! 

Rachel: Matharoni and cheese (math and 
macaroni and cheese) 
Julie: Guess? 
Sonya: Indian dancing 

Ms. Tweedie: 6T! 

42 Undergrads 

Our Lives in 15 Years 

^aisa: I'd have gone to Queens University and finished doctor school. I'd live in Toronto, and MIGHT have a 

aroline: I will be flying in my own private jet with leather couches. 
'MIy: I want to be a horseback riding teacher and a vet. 
Bhilpa: I want to be a dentist or doctor. 

Jndsay: My profession would be art and a traveling vet, so that sick, wild animals will not get even worse. 
Mancy: When I'm 26 I would like to be a veterinarian. 
Qklison: I'm going to be a doctor working in Africa. 

Ihristine: I am going to live in Ottawa; I'm going to be a talented animated artist and a kindergarten teacher, 
aurie: I am going to be bathing in my pink bikini by my Olympic sized pool in California. 
Ashley: I will be an actress, stage manager, and a movie director. 

Elizabeth: I will be 26 and would like to be in my last year of veterinary school, be a biologist, a marine biologist or 
a herpotologist. 

Rachelle Bonneville: I want to be a well, well paid teacher for children. 

Kate: I'm going to be 26 years old, retired and rich. 

Anita: I will be shopping in Hawaii. 

Marisa: I would like to be an actor or an explorer. 

Bronwyn: I will be a flight attendant flying to Hawaii in Avrii Lavigne's private jet. 

Katherine: I want to be living in Knysna, South Africa by the beach. I hope to have a job but I don't know what I 
want to be yet. 

Alicia: When I'm 26 I'm going to be the best veterinarian ever born. 

Sophia: When I am 26 I want to be finishing university to be an interior designer like mom. 

Sara: I hope I will be a teacher or I hope I will be in medical school. I also hope I could live in Toronto. I wish I 

could be a wonderful artist and paint pictures to be in the museum. 

Grade 6 T 

Miss Tweedie 

Front Row, left to right: Elena Clark, Lisa Baillieul-Fine, Sarah 
Coyne, Larissa Fulop, Molly Reisman Second Row, left to 
right: Nikola Ruddy, Sophia Dhalla, Emily Baxter, Lindsey 
Hunt, Colleen Brown, Supriya Sethi, Sandy Kechichian Third 
Row, left to right: Sonya Wadhera, Julianne Hjartarson, 
Rachel Stein, Sarah Shaikhali, Ashley Hartman, Julianne 
Hughes, Justine Boomer , Miss Tweedie 
Absent: Julie Sutton 

Elmwood School 43 

Grade 7H 

Ms. Holt 

Front Row, left to right: Rosa Iran, Nicolle Bonar, Valerie Lemelin, 
Nikki Campbell, Shamila Charania, Rebecca-Rose Loeb, Dana 
Zhalko-Tytarenko. Second Row, left to right: Vanessa Assaly, Vera Qi 
Lin, Prashanthi Baskaran, Rachel Hutchinson, Sammie Lindsay, 
Emily Rack, Forrest Hartman. Third Row, left to right: Anne-Christine 
Asselin, Krina Merchant, Nora Dempsey, Anneka Bakker, Rachel 
Currie, Sophie Goss, Hilary Brown, Ms. Holt 

7L Nicknames 

Rebecca: Beckerbutts 
Sarah: Sar bear/bumba 
Kira: Cake Face 
Dana: Danish 
Alexis: Dark Angel 
Jasmine: Ratsoup 

Megan: Mini Me 
Ashley: Smash 
Mea: Miss Ma'am 
Jen: Jen the hen 

Anita: Nita 
Riyaz: Rizz Bizz 

Kimberly: Kimmy Kim Kim Steffi: Steffi 
Toika: Toikers/ hari-care Michaela: Mickey 
Stephanie H: Steph Samantha: Samsters 
Elizabeth: Lil' Wiz Rachel: T.B. 
Mr. Lamb: Mr. Laaaamb 

Grade 7S 

Ms. Stewart 

Front Row, left to right: Anisha Sinha, Katie Yelle, Isabella Price, Julia 
Campbell, Erin Kerr, Kylie Flynn. Second Row, left to right: Megan 
Halliwushka, Talia Poleski, Alanna Mar, Maja Greenspon, Rebecca 
Cheff, Olivia Scott, Cecilia Culver-Grey. Third Row, left to right: Annie 
O'Shea, Brittany Lewis, Karin McDowell, Hannah Paterson, Kaleigh 
McMurray, Sarah Swift, Jennifer Le Pan, Ms Stewart 

44 Undergrads 

What will we be in 20 years? 

Rachel C: One of the 2 richest people on Earth 
Sammie: One of the 2 richest people on Earth 
Nicolle: Judge or Canadian Embassador 
■^osa: Marshal Art's expert/bio-chemist 
^ Rebecca-Rose: The world's best lawyer/showbiz diva 
j Rachel H: Famous author and artist 
* Valerie : World renowned author 
Christine: Actress on MAD TV 
Nora: Famous photographer 
Krina: Abstract artist 
I likki: Park ranger on horseback 
Vanessa: Famous soccer player 
Sophie: Animal collector for a zoo 
Prashanthi: Business woman 

Hilary: Famous singer and part time kindergarten teacher 

Forrest: Cat breeder and author 

Anneka: WNBA Player 

Shamila: Famous Author 

Emily: Oldest and healthiest person in the world 

Dana: Cartoon Character voice 

Vera: Second female PM of Canada 

Grade 7L 

Mr. Lamb 

ront Row, left to right: Riyaz Basi, Sarah Merkley, Michaela McGee, 
ebecca Le Fevre, Stephanie Hunt. Second Row, left to right: Megan 
ody, Kimberly Fung, Alexis Martineau, Jasmine Rasuli, Samantha 
amontagne, Elizabeth Kelly, Toika Kanters. Third Row, left to right: 
achel Witherspoon, Ashley Babcock Brooks, Anita Malik, Kira 
eymans, Mea Jordaan, Jennifer Fuller, Dana Achtemichuk, Mr. 
amb. Absent: Stephanie Grand 

Song that most represents us 

Juiia: Back in black 

Rebecca: The Hocky Pocky Song 

Cece: Girls Talk 

Kylie: Crazy Bus from Arthur 

Maja: You can do it 

Megan: SkSter Boi 

Erin: The Chicken Song 

Brittany: Barbie Girl 

Jennifer: Jenny from the block 

Alanna: Purple Stew 

Karin: Kung fu Fighting 

Kaleigh: Surfing USA 

Annie: Jeopardy Theme Song 

Hannah: Innocent 

Talia: Get Ready 

Isabella: Complicated 

Olivia: Addams Family Theme Song 

Elmwood School 45 

Grade 8C 

Ms. Coates 

Front Row, left to right: Ishani Nath, Ernestine Moore-Drolet, 
Alexandra Fottinger, Arianna Sanelli. Second Row, left to right: 
Soma Hussain, Sarah Taylor, Laura Pavezka, Erica Weinstein, 
Madeleine Hall, Pamela Williams, Jane Reisman. Third Row, left to 
right: Imke Scholz, Stephanie Shea, Clare Funston, Rebecca Glover, 
Alicia Kerrigan, Morgan Wallack, Christine McLellan, Madame 
Coates. Absent: Angela Bouzanis. Leah Somers 

You will never see... 

Sarah unhappy. 
Annie-Claire criticizing 

Kirsten getting a joke. 
Lisa sitting still. 
Alex staying quiet. 
North laughing at stupid 

Shikha listening. 
Emma watcing Star Trek. 
Amina grumpy. 
Liz missing Star Trek. 
Ally doing her homework 
at home. 
Julia not singing. 
Margaret in detention. 

Erika without interesting 

Emilie without Allie. 
Jill without a volleyball. 
Stefan i early for homeroom. 
Natasha in grade 6. 
Elly in a bad mood. 
Alicia being serious. 
Madie complaining about 

Margo late for anything. 
Louise again. 

(Good luck in New Zealand!) 

Grade 8P 

Ms. Potter - Mai 

Front Row, left to right: Alexandra Cestnik, Katie Sacks, Emily Miller, 
Larissa Zajac, Rachael Rodrigues. Second Row, left to right: 
Kathleen Lark, Alexa Yegendorf, Christiane McGovern, Amanda 
Meadows, Danielle Rainville, Mata Kranakis, Madie MacDonald{8D). 
Third Row, left to right: Elizabeth Connolly, Meaghan MacLean, Taylar 
Reid, Devon McCormack, Emily Mattiussi, Keva Legault, Aja Butler 
George, Ms. Potter-Mai Absent: Fajer Aimulaifi 

46 Undergrads 

Who will you marry? 

ngela: Pop from Rice Arianna: Banana #2 

lex: Einstein 
lare: Yogi Bear 
ebecca: Yoda 
ladeline: Shane West 
onia: Bart Simpson 
licia: Mini Me 
hristine: Jar Jar Binl<s 
■nestine : Mr. Bean 
;hani : Aladdin 
aura: Sponge Bob 
ane: Ralph Wiggum 

I mke: Geoffrey 
Stephanie: Spook 
Leah: Eeyore 
Sarah: Pooh Bear 
Morgan: R2D2 
Erica: Frodo 
Pamela: Road Runner 
Madame Coates: Sting 

Grade 8D 

Ms. Dorcas 

jnt Row, left to right: Alicia Timmons, Alexandra DeForge, Shauna 
rney, Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver, Elly Smallwood, Elizabeth 
)ffett, Erika Tilson. Second Row, left to right: Amina Ibrahim, Emilie 
imes, Margo Vachon, Julia Normand, Natasha Turner, North de 
ncier, Emma Duret, Louise Prior. Third Row, left to right: Lisa 
imeron, Margaret Seaborn, Alexandra Milne, Jillian Maclaren, Sarah 
ick, Stefani Scrivens, Kirsten Boomer, Shikha Dilawri, Ms. Dorcas 

Elmwood School 

Grade 9C 

Miss Christmas 


Front Row, left to right: Nazik Amdiss, Stephanie 
Hjartarson, Blair Stein, Pippa Leslie, Stephanie Berg- 
Riddell, Catherine Gibbard. Second Row, left to right: 
Becky Allen, Talia Sechley, Christine Johnston, Justine 
Sabga, Zoe Anderson, Erica Hoe, Mandy Wiwczaruk. 
Third Row, left to right: Charlotte Dietz, Liz Wilson, Sarah 
Quinn, Amira Tadros, Ennma Watt, Ghada Al-Hussaini, 
Nora Sultan, Miss Christmas 

Nicknames that will 
haunt us for the rest of our 

Marisha: Eesh 
Mamie: Thurso 

Jessica: Mars bar, Book... Mark 
Emily: Amber, WA 
Allie: Mohammed Ali 
Alex: Billings Bridge 
Kate: Reeny, Meehan 
Iris: Eeris, Erescopolis 
Sara: Frenchie 
Erin C: Coultry 
Erin H.: Moofin 
Amanda: Amarnduh? 
Anna: Bobii, Anna-banana 
Megan: Squirt 
Teagan: Tiggiwinkles 
Maura: Macbaby 
Elmira: Gwyneth Paltrow 
Courtney: Baboushka 
Mrs. Depooter: Retooped 


50 Undergrads 

Grade 9D 

Mrs. Depooter 

Front Row, left to right: Erin Coultry, Amanda Garbutt, 
IVIegan Cheung, Kate Meehan. Second Row, left to right: 
Jessica Thompson, Emily White, Iris E, Sara Anderson, 
Courtney Smith, Alex Billings, Erin Horwitz. Third Row, left 
to right: Marisha Tardif, Mira Slocum, Allie Mierins, Mamie 
Brown, Teagan Jones, Anna McKay, Maura Furlong- 
Maclnnis, Mrs. Depooter 

Elmwood School 51 

Grade 9H 

Ms. Hunter 

Front Row, left to right: Courtney Lindsay, Willie Deneault, 
Sarah Buchan, Anna Cameron, Caroline Kingston. 
Second Row, left to right: Rosemary Lazier, Ayla Fisk, 
Gwen Cowley, Hope Villeneuve, Alex Pattee, Jessie 
Thornton. Third Row, left to right: Karlye Wong, Roosje 
van Oss, Katie Howard, Sandra van der Jagt, Jasmine 
Baker, Annie Kirvan, Ms. Hunter. Absent: Sara Fadden, 
Mathilde Serre. 

9M's Products 

Sophie's and Stephanie's Super Stars 

Lizzie's Lizards 

Jenny's Jail 



a' s Tridents "^L^^f^^J? 

Ayaka's Art 

Lorena's Lollipops 

Sterparn skiis 

Virginia's Vacuums 

Carol ine, " I refuse to make an alliteration with my name." p^j-ysa's Peaches 

52 Undergrads 

how "White" and Ike nJIwrnes... 

Ms. HMMter -- $mw M 
Hope -- ^m\^ 
Siren - Mnaii 
tehB. -Klutzif 
Rosmrif -- ^inp 
Jessie BuHer-JiMfiers 
iiinie -- JaiiMii 
Sandra --^ot-So-Dicarfish-DHJarf 
l(ara I. - 6\mp^ 

Willie - Blondie 
f onrtnen Jlnorcsccn! 

Jasmine - Ven^uin 
Karlije -- tu^iddle-Dummii 
Caroline -- Spinnif 

Katie -Verlm 
iula - M^mtM 
Anm Vioknl 

3rade 9 Ms. McCurdy 
i & Mrs. McCabe 

Front Row, left to right: Lorena Mason, Caroline Leslie, Parysa 
Salemi. Second Row, left to right: Ayaka Fujiwara, Genevieve 
Roach, Lizzie Howard, Anna Warunkiewicz, Meggie Bain, Tara 
Sprott. Third Row, left to right: Miss McCurdy, Stephanie 
Tannis, Kerri Haynes, Julia Sterparn, Sophie Chiasson, 
Virginia Brown, Angela Skaff, Mrs. McCabe. Absent: Jenny 

Elmwood School 53 

Grade 10C 

Mrs. Carver 

Front Row, left to right: Marielle McGovern, Jaye Appotive, Alexandra 
Knight, Katria Coburn, Caroline McLoughlin. Second Row, left to right: 
Emily Nadolny, Brooke Herczeg, Luise Birgelen, Karen Leung, Hannah | 
McGechie, Katie King. Third Row, left to right: Nicky Lightstone, I 
Monica Gallant, Alex McClenahan, Laura Kerrigan, Victoria Little, ' 
Ashley Laplante, Perry McCormack, Ms. Carver. 

You would never see... 

Agathe in a French class. 
Alex unprepared for a test. 
Alexa not talking about horses. 
Ayesha without a cappuccino. 
Caroline not fidgeting. 
Clare on a sports field. 
Dana at a pop concert. 

Emily with the same hairstyle for more than 5 minutes. 

Jessica knowing what's going on. 

Katharine wearing the Gap. 

Katie in a tattoo/ piercing shop. 

Kristina on the O.C. bus. 

Laura without a 501b backpack. 

Maryam not talking. 

Missy at Stephanie's height. 

Monique without a perfect uniform. 

Sarah not giggling. 

Stephanie turning down tickets to see Avril Lavigne. 
Tamara with dry hair. 

Ms. Dabee not looking fashionable 

Grade 10H 
Ms. Hart 

Front Row, left to right: Abanti Zakaria, Rosemary Tross, Stephanie 
Arsenijevic, Caroline Lefort. Second Row, left to right: Jessica White, 
Crystal Sun, Jane Pigott, Jade Legault, Sarah Yan. Third Row, left to 
right: Maja Campara, Genna Giampaolo, Kaylyn Eraser, Sandra 
Sharpe, Bassant El Attar, Jennifer Tigner, Ms. Hart. Absent: Morgan 

Smith, Jessica Venables, Tamara Wilson 

54 Undergrads 

Our favourite quotes 

!x: "How exciting!" 
e: "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." 
jnie: "There's only one person who I can trust...." 
{joke: "Poochy tang!" 

( •'oline: "The good guys, always stalwart and true. The bad guys, we 
jlways defeat them and save the day. 

(Iiily: "Don't settle for the one you can live with... wait for the one you 

ian't live without." 

■innah: "Truth takes time." 

ye: "Growing up means letting go of what others will think." 
I ren: "Yes, I do have connections with the Sens!" 
.■e: "When writing a story, you write the first draft with your heart, the 
•cond with your mind." 

itria: "What ever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger." 

ise: "Don't start frowning because you never know who might be falling 

love with your smile." 
jrielle: "Every moment is another chance." 
3nica: "Shalten Man," 

cky: "Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal; reach high for 
ne stars lie hidden in your soul." 

i:toria: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift." 
;rry: "Remember the 8 (7) P's." 

Grade 10D 

Ms. Dabee 

3nt Row, left to right: Dana Wong, Maryam Al-Ali, Annie Lee, Gillian 
aham, Stephanie Hewetson. Second Row, left to right: Alexa 
indron-O'Donnell, Sara Duplancic, Laura Doubleday, Caroline 
yie, Emily Rowland, Katherine Morrison, Ayesha Basi. Third Row, 
t to right: Jessica Dhaliwal, Alix Dudley, Monique Larson, Missy 
niteduck, Tamara Dolan, Katie Bifield, Kristina Medow, Miss Dabee. 

sent: Agathe Maire, Clare Shields 

You will never see.... 

^banti working as an EC dancer. 
Bassant dissing Aaron Carter. 

aroline not wearing running shoes. 

rystal without her star paper. 
Qenna as a librarian. 

Jade not falling down and tripping over everything. 

Jane shopping at Giant Tiger. 

Jenn falling out of love with Mike Fisher. 

Jess W. acting normal. 

Jess V. being in class on time. 

Kayiyn being rude. 

Maja being normal. 

Morgen going an entire conversation without mentioning water polo. 

Rosemary being a DJ. 

Sandra in a Maple Leaf's jersey. 

Sarah shaving her head. 

Stephanie not figure skating. 

Tamara doing interpretive dance. 

Ms. Hart being late for class. 

Grade 11H 

Mrs. Hackett 

Front Row, left to right: Anais Kadian, Neha Goel, Ridhi Davada, Nadi 
Ham Pong Second Row, left to right: Emma Allen, Laura Ghattas, 
Gabrielle Bonneville, Alex Nahwegahbow, Heather Armstrong, 
Caroline Hunt Third Row, left to right: Sarah Pelow-Charbonneau, 
Shalta Dicaire, Jasmine Sultan, Lo Pitfield, Sarah Edwards, All Duret 
Jennifer Blakney, Mrs. Hackett 

Grade 11 S 

Mrs. Sabourin 

Front Row, left to right: Claire van Kougnhett, Anjali Tejuja, Jessica 
Tien, Selina Hsia, Samira Salari Second Row, left to right: Jessica 
Roach, Cabrey Grey, Sarah McDonald, Kayli Cooper, Nicole Sleeth, 
Rachael Montgomery Third Row, left to right: Katja Scholz, Emma 
Roberts, Mary-Jane Tingley, Katie Crysdale, Kathryn Johnson- 
O'Brien, Rhiannon Derbyshire, Catherine Wilson Absent: Madame 

56 Undergrads 

Grade 1 1 L 

Mrs. Lamb 

)nt Row, left to right: Samantha Plihal, Laurence Mouttham, Alex 
ys, Alissa Bonneville Second Row, left to right: Marion Liang, 
ssica Loeb, Alex Kirvan, Lauren MacLean, Salma Ibrahim, 
^phanie Ramsay Third Row, left to right: Shafaq Latif, Aleana 
ung, Anne Murphy, Julie Pickering, Jillian Normand, Victoria Metz, 
neka Richmond, Christina Amundsen 

Songs that best represent us 

Anjall: Fijr Elise 

Cabrey: Streets of Philadelphia 
Catherine: Life 

Claire: Happiness and the Fish 
Emma: Somewhere Out There 
Jessica R.: Clumsy 
Jessica T.: Tin live 
Kathryn: Baroque Suite #5 (Bach) 
Katie: Christopher Robin 

Katja: Time of Your Life " 

Kayli: Superstar 

Mary-Jane: Under the Sea 

Nicole: The Lumberjack Song 

Rachael: The Lost Penny (Beethoven) 

Rhiannon: If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands! 

Sarah: Old McDonald 

Samira: If I had a million dollars 

Selina: The Diablo Song 

Mme. Sabourin: The Little Spanish Flea 

Elmwood School 57 

60 Undergrads 



Mission Statement 

Elmwood inspires and empowers young women to actiieve tlieir 
potentiai in ttieir pursuit of exceilence in ttie globai society. 

The Board of Governors 
Dr. Rebecca Baker, Mrs. Manjit Basi, 
Mr. Blake Batson, Mr. David Boomer, 
Mrs. Heather Chiasson, Mrs. Norma Davies, 

Mrs. Caroline Kern, Mr. John Lark, 
Mr. David Mason, Mrs. Hillary McCormack, 
Mrs. Sarah Murray, Mr. Jaime Pitfield, 
Mr. Pat Reid, Mrs. Meena Roberts, 
Dr. John Russell, Mrs. Carol Salemi, 
Dr. Jill Sanders, Mrs. Ronda White. 

62 Academics 



As we once again prepare for the celebration of a challenging and rewarding 
Elmwood year, it seems hard to imagine that this is my seventh Samara 
greeting. At the time of my appointment as Headmistress, I gathered a 
selection of old yearbooks to help me fully appreciate the life and culture of 
Elmwood. As I read through the highlights of each year and saw the wonderful 
photos, I enjoyed just a small taste of what it means to be a member of the 
Elmwood community. As I look today, the faces have names and each event 
has a delightful memory. It is difficult to realize that next year's Samara will 
have a greeting from a new Head and I will have joined the ranks of those 
fascinating women who went before me in this unbelievably interesting posi- 
tion. However, I am prepared for the new role of past-Headmistress for when I 
came to Elmwood, I was very aware that this was a position of stewardship. 
My job was to respect the traditions of the school while ensuring its future 
through thoughtful, appropriate change. It has not been an easy task but, on a 
daily basis, it has been a labour of love and of joy. That has been my reality 
because of you, the students. Your intelligence, spirit, courage and 
enthusiasm have made the most difficult days worthwhile and interesting. I 
have never ceased to be amazed and frequently been amused by your abilities 
to "state your case" whatever the issue, whatever my resolve. You are young 
women (and men) with enormous potential and dazzling opportunity. In a 
world where we are bombarded by news of conflict, danger and death it would 
be easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed. Working with you has 
prevented this from happening to me. I am regularly impressed by your 
idealism, your optimism and your willingness to take a stand for what you 
believe. We live in a world that needs these qualities and I am proud to have 
played a small part in helping you develop them. 

Look over this yearbook and enjoy a review of these wonderful days. Then 
make a firm resolve to do your part to make next year an even better one. 
Your school needs you and your contribution to its spirit, its activities and its 
community. I have enjoyed being part of this community and feel confident 
PI that the school will go from strength to strength, not because of its Head but 
because of you, its students. I leave you with thanks and love for seven 
unforgettable years - Summa Summarum. 

Elmwood School 63 

Mrs. McGrGQOrOirector of Curriculum and Technolgy 

I returned to Elmwood in late August 
after a year away at the University of 
Ottawa teaching in the Bachelor of 
Education progrann. The year away 
gave me time to reflect on the School 
and gain a fresh perspective. I have 
a renewed appreciation for the over- 
all excellence of the School and the 
hard work and dedication it takes to 
presen/e that excellence. I found that 
Elmwood was a well known and well 
respected institution and there was 
considerable interest at the univer- 
sity in all aspects of the school, par- 
ticularly in the laptop program. When 
I returned I found the school a very 
busy place and sometimes wondered, 
when I had a chance to pause, if I 
had been away at all. 
This year has been a time of comple- 
tion- the final class of OAC, the final 
year of implementation of the four 
year high school program and the 
completion of the phasing in of the 
laptop program for Grades 10,11 and 
12 students. We had record num- 
bers of graduating students and 
record numbers of these students 
completing I. B. Diplomas as well as 

the Ontario Secondary School Di- 
ploma. Teachers in the Senior School 
needed to phase in another year of 
new curriculum completing four years 
of new courses to prepare. The 
teachers have also had to teach "old 
curriculum" with "old rules" of as- 
sessment and evaluation in parallel 
with new curriculum with very differ- 
ent methods of assessment and 
evaluation. We were very conscious 
of the "double cohort" and the need 
to prepare both groups of graduating 
students for university entrance. The 
School continued to offer a full pro- 
gram of OAC courses for these last 
Grade 13s but there were inevitably 
crossovers of students between the 
programs adding yet another layer 
of complexity. 

I would like to thank everyone in- 
volved with Samara 2002-03 for giv- 
ing of their time and energy to create 
a record of this past school year for 
all of us to enjoy. Your work never 
seems to end- before one year is 
completed the next one is being 
planned. Congratulations to all of you. 

Mrs. Schmidt 

Junior School Vice-Principal 

The school is so quiet; a far cry 
from the many activities which 
the children have been involved 
in over the past year Even the 
play structure is standing like a 
lonely giant in the empty field. The 
sun is shining in my window, and 
the air is still except for the occa- 
sional buzz of a bee. I guess that 
summer has arrived! 
This past year has been our busi- 
est yet, I believe. To tell about all 
of the things in which the children 
were involved would easily fill the 
book. Suffice it to say that every 
child in the school was involved 
not only in active leaming, but also 
in sharing and caring for them- 
selves, theirschool, and their com- 
munities. We had Flat People trav- 
elling, mounted animals posing, 
cocoons hatching, and teddy 
bears picnicking. There were danc- 
ers, musicians, actors, and speak- 
ers of all kinds. We traveled down 
the street, across the city, out of 
town and back into the past, some- 

64 Academics 

times all at once! We waved good- 
bye, said hello, scared people, ran 
for the cure and did some spitting 
too. We were good sports, crafty, 
brainy and artsy. All of it together, 
and more, filled our year to over- 

This wonderful book shows some 
of the areas in which the Junior 
School involved itself. I would like 
to thank all those who have helped 
make this a great year and a won- 
derful yearbook. 



Mrs. Milligan 

iddle School Vice-Principal 

Mrs. Bates 

enior School Vice-Principal 

The school year 2002-2003 has been a challenging and 
rewarding one for "school life." The first challenge was 
the unification of the last OAC and first Grade 1 2 gradu- 
ating class into a cohesive group that would provide 
leadership to a large and diverse student population. 
Fortunately, students and staff had elected a great group 
of Prefects to help undertake this task. And because 
there were so many "unelected leaders" within the grad 
class, there was no lack of worthy projects and pro- 
posals coming forward, on an almost daily basis, to 
keep the school energized with charity awareness and 
fund-raising, spirit events, conferences and trips. I 
would like to share just a few of the many highlights of 
this year. 

On September 1 2, all eighty-some members of the 
double cohort boarded buses for Strathmere where 
they spent the day learning about leadership under the 
guidance of a professional consulting group. Divided 
into five groups, the girls rotated through fun activities 
that challenged each of them to think "outside the box" 
about action-planning, creative problem-solving, de- 
cision-making, and evaluation. Each participant was 
able to come away from the day with a vision of how 
she could make contributions to the life of the school in 
the coming year. Some examples of how this trans- 
lated into action include the following initiatives: two IB 
diploma candidates produced and directed a play that 
was open to all students by audition and which was 
enormously entertaining and very polished; a student 
educated the school about AIDS in Africa and raised 
funds to support that cause; another student presented 
information on Juvenile Diabetes and raised funds 
through "Sneaker Day;" a student council representa- 
tive organized an original Elmwood Oscar night, com- 
plete with powerpoint support, "...and the winner is..." 
envelopes, gold-sprayed Barbie doll Oscars and lots 

It has been another busy and exciting year 
in the Middle School. I want to thank all of 
the parents, family and friends for all the 
support that you generously gave to the 
Middle School throughout the year. It was 
this support that made the difference en- 
abling us to touch the lives of many others 
in this community and beyond, 
I also want to thank Dalia and the Middle 
School Prefects for all their wonderful ideas 
and endless energy that they brought to 
the Middle School. Their many successes 
included the Grade 6 Hallowe'en Party, 
Dances, bringing Christmas to a family, Tal- 
ent Night, Grade 8 Bash and their work with 
charities. Dalia I wish you all the best in 
your future endeavours. 
The Middle School made a difference in the 
community through its partnership with York 
Street School, the joint breakfast and its 
book drive which collected over 3,000 books. 
The Middle Years philosophy is one of ex- 
ploration and discovery. The students were 

encouraged to explore the numerous extra- 
curricular activities available such as Yoga, 
Improv, Debating and Self Defence just to 
highlight a few. 

This year saw a new development in the 
Middle School. Our music program was 
expanded to include an Honour Band, Jazz 
Band and Grade 7 Band. The Spring Con- 
cert was outstanding. 
The Stock Market was another huge suc- 
cess. Thanks to all of those parents who 
came out and participated. 
The Sports program featured strongly in 
the Middle School. Its success was evi- 
dent in our recent sports assembly. I want 
to extend my thanks to the dedication of 
the coaches. 

Thank you to all students, parents and staff 
for making this a wonderful year. I look 
fora/ard to next year and what adventures 
await us in the Middle School! 

of glitz and glamour; and a small group of artistic stu- 
dents formed an anime club. This is but a small sam- 
pling of some of .the many activities undertaken by 
Elmwood leaders. 

Of course, all the traditional events led by Prefects and 
supported, not only by their classmates, but by upcom- 
ing leaders in younger grades, flourished as well: Grade 
9 Orientation, Sports and Spirit Days, assemblies. 
House Days and fund-raisers. Our Prefect-at-Large, 
Julia Doran, believing that Elmwood would benefit by 
having a Student Council, followed through on that vi- 
sion and Student Council is now part of Elmwood 
school life. Thanks for your dedication and commit- 
ment, Julia! Julia was also part of Elmwood's now 
legendary annual theatre production. This year the 
powerful play. Gut Girls, under the capable direction 
of Mrs. Boychuk, captured our imaginations in Febru- 
ary. International Night, the orchestra, choir and art 
clubs all provided showcases for student talent as well. 
Several girts from Grade 9 to1 2, who were interested 
in leading the school through service, participated in 
Peer Helper training sessions and then organized a 
half-day Grade 9 leadership conference in the school, 
complete with a guest speaker and breakout work- 
shops, prepared by G?I?R?L?S (Giving Individuals 
Respect, Love and Support). Five members attended 
a Peer Helper leadership conference at the Ontano 
Educational Leadership Centre near Orillia. With our 
newly decorated office, sponsored by the Parents and 
Friends Association, G?I?R?L?S is ready to rock in 
the fall! 

Many conferences were attended byElmwood girls, 
including the Model United Nations, the Student Com- 
monwealth Forum, Classics Conference and the 
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving. OurOver- 
seas Community Sen/ice tnp.organized by Head Girt, 
Dorothy Binkley and Canada World Youth, traveled to 
Costa Rica this year with ten students and two 
teachers who experienced this opportunity of a life- 
time! Many thanks to Dorothy and Co-Head, Katie 
Houghton, for all your energy, enthusiasm and support 
throughout this year! 

No summary of school life can be complete without a 
sports report. Sports in the senior school were hugely 
successful this year, both in terms of numbers of stu- 

dents involved, and the results. Elmwood girls worked 
out in the fitness room, golfed, swam, rowed, ran. skied, 
fenced, played tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball, 
water polo, badminton, soccer, rugby and practised 
yoga! For the first time, our senior basketball and 
volleyball teams went to the Ontario Federation of 
School Athletics Associations championships 
(OFSAA), placing sixth in basketball, and winning 
Bronze medals in volleyball. Our Sports Captains, Aly 
Mann, and Jessica Hardinge, did an outstanding job 
working with Mrs. Neale to see that extra-curricular 
sports at Elmwood were alive and well all year- 
It has been a truly amazing year with the support of a 
superb staff, a dedicated administration team and an 
extraordinarily talented student population. My hat's 
off to all of you and to the parents who have chosen to 
provide the opportunity of an Elmwood education to 
their daughters. I look forward to working within the 
Elmwood family again next year. 

Elmwood School 65 

Mrs. McGregor, Mr. McCabe, 
Mrs. Faguy, Ms. Rossiter 

Director and Senior School Coodinators 

left to right: 

Mr. McCabe, Mrs. McGregor, Mrs. Faguy, Ms. Rossiter. 

After a year's absence, Mrs. McGregor returnei 
to Elmwood and to the exciting challenges 
presented by the double cohort. This has beer 
the first year of complete implementation of th( 
new four-year Ontario curriculum as well as th( 
final year of the old OAC curriculum. Mrs. 
McGregor has provided the necessary wisdom 
and direction to ensure that each of our 89 
graduates will achieve success and be on theii 
way to new experiences. 
Assisting Mrs. McGregor are the three Senior \ 
School Coordinators: Mr. McCabe (Academics* 
Ms. Rossiter (Technology), and Mrs. Faguy 
(International Baccalaureate Diploma 
Programme). With Mr. Lamb, the IB Middle Yea 
Coordinator, they happily share an office on thi* 
second floor crammed with filing cabinets, 
Samara and Humanities Department overflow, 
technology paraphernalia, and English 
department and IB materials. 
Mrs. McGregor and the Coordinators have an 
open door policy. Students, their teachers, am 
their parents are always welcome to drop by 
their offices to discuss academic issues or 
simply to visit. 

Senior School Department Heads 

back row left to right: Mr. Grenier, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Neale, Miss Seiers, Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Begin, 
Ms. Rossiter, Mr. McCabe. 

front row left to right: Mrs. Suthren, Mrs. Hackett, Mrs. Faguy, Mrs. McGregor. 

66 Academics 


ck row left to right: 

's. Dennys, Mrs. Blagg, Mrs.Wiley, Ms. Wright, Mr. Adams, 
rs. Prince-McCaffrey, Ms. Farrell, Mrs. Blackadar, Mrs. Low, 
3. Gavan . 
; f )nt row left to right: 
s. Rowswell, Mrs. Hofmann,Ms. Ostiguy, Mrs. Muggins, 
s. MacLeod, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Edgecombe, Mrs. Couture-Luk, 
r. Kelly, Mrs. Schmidt. 

Junior School 

I 4 

Elmwood School 67 


back row-left to right: 

Ms. Blagg, Ms. Wright , Mrs. Wiley, Mr. Adams, Mrs. McCaffrey, 
Mrs. Farrell , Mrs. Low, Mrs. Blackadar. 
front row-left to right: 
Mrs. Hofmann, Ms. MacLeod, Mrs. Muggins, Mrs. Couture-Luk. 

Primary Divisior 

68 Academics 

)ack row- left to right: 

^rs. Blackadar, Ms. Ostiguy, Mrs. Low, Mr. Adams, Mrs. Muggins, 
ront row- left to right: 

\/lrs. Edgecombe, Mrs. Gerspacher, Mrs. Couture-Luk, Ms. Gavan, 
\/lrs. Johnson. 

Junior Division 

i 1 

1 % 

Elmwood School 69 

Ms. Bradley, Mrs. Clubine, Mrs. McGregor, Ms. Lamb. 


70 Academics v 


>ack row- left to right: Mr. Elliott, Ms. Brown, Ms. Dabee, Mrs. Hackett, 
virs. Szymanski , Mr. Lamb, 
ront row- left to right: 

As. Lamb, Ms. Gallagher, Ms. Stewart, Mrs. Boyd 

Math & Science Departments 


back row- left to right: 

Mrs. Boyd, Mr. Mahin, Ms. Caravan, Ms. Hunter, Ms. Kerluke. 

Imwood School 71 

istory, Histoire, Geography, Geographie, Law, Economics, 
ivies, and Challenge and Change 

ack row- left to right: Mrs. Coates, Mrs. Angell, Mile. Eaman. 

iddle row- left to right: Ms. Gallagher, Mr. McCabe, Ms. Ellison, MissTweedie, 

rs. Adams, Mr. Main. 

ont row- left to right: Mrs. Depooter, Ms. Bradley, Miss Christmas, Mr. Yates 


Art, Music and Drama 

back row-left to right: 

Mr. Rudisuela, Mrs. Holt, Mr. Palmai, Mrs. Boychuck 
front row-left to right: 
Ms. Bowers, Mrs. McCabe, Ms. Doig. 

Arts & Languages Departments 

Modern Languages back row- left to right: Mrs. Coates, 
Mile. Eaman, Miss Christmas. 

middle row-left to right: Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Low, Ms. Gavan. 
front row-left to right: Mr. Grenier, Mrs. Millington, 

Irs. Couture-Luk, Ms. McCurdy, Mrs. Sabourin-Caron, 
Ms. Ellison. 
74 Academics 

Phys. Ed. & Student Services 



Administrative staff Advancement Office 

back row-left to right: left to right: 

Mrs. Dennys, Mrs. Dancause, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Addle. Ms. Gibson, Mrs. Rand, Miss Wallace 
front row-left to right: 

Ms. Rowswell, Miss Roick, Ms. Kennis, Mrs. Hopkins. 


Buiiding Staff 

, ^. . . . . . o i r/, ^/l r/i loftto right Mr. Whltwill, Mr. Havwood, Mr. MacHardv, 

lefttonght:Mrs.Szymanski,Mrs. Dennys, Mrs. Mayes -r • x .1 

^ ^ ^ ^ Mr.Tuinstra,Mr.Kell;^ 

Library and Support Services 

Library Services 

left to right: Mrs. Ross, Mrs Begin 

Food Services 

left to right: Ms. Baker, Friend, Mr. Adriano, Ms. Petenyr. 

76 Academics 

student Council 

back row: left-right: Heather Hull, Julie Pickering, Brittany 
Hughes, Katie Bullis, Karyle Wong, Courtney Smith, Allie 
Mierins, Sarah Quinn, Sarah McDonald, Dena El sayed, 
Jessica Harris, Sophie Chiasson, 
middle row: left-right: Aleana Young, Shalta Dicaire, Ms. 
Bates, Jessica Mooney, Julia Doran, Emily Rowland, 
Anais Kadian, Cabrey Grey, Luise Birgelen, Mrs. 

front row: left-right: Crystal Sun, Jessica White, Jessica 
Thornton, Angela Skaff, Nazik Amdiss, Liz Agbi, Lauren 

This fall marked yet another Elmwood first with the creation of the Student Council. Student Council ' 
representatives were elected within homerooms to ensure that every student had a voice within the 
school. The meetings, which were held once a cycle, were an opportunity for girls throughout the high 
school to get together and discuss problems that may have arisen and events they might want to 
organize. This dynamic group of 29 girls ran this year's candy cane campaign, collaborated with 
Wilson House to organize the Coffee House, helped Fry sell and deliver its candygrams, and- here it 
comes again- planned and ran Elmwood's first ever Oscar night. It has been a great year... Hopefully 
next year will be even more successful! 

Co-chair/founder: Julia Doran 
Secretary: Anais Kadian 

Head of Presentation and Assemblies: Katie Bullis-Elliott 
Head of Special Events: Heather Hull 
Head of Oscar Night: Liz Agbi 

Co-chair: Jessica Mooney 
Treasurer: Lauren Pratapas 
Head of Newspaper: Marielle McGovern 
Head of Coffee House: Aleana Young 

Teacher Representatives: Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Szymanski 

78 Academics 

Middle School Council 

back row: left-right: Ms. Milligan, Emma 
Duret, Christine IVicLellan, Amanda 
IVleadows, Liz Connolly, Christiane 
McGovern, Larissa Zajac, Dalia Shabib. 
front row: left-right: Taylar Reid, Rebecca 
Glover, Jane Reisman, Alexandra 
Fottinger, Alexandra DeForge, Sarah 

This year, the middle school council has organized many activities and participated in several 
fundraising events. The enthusiasm with which these tasks were performed was extraordinary. Several 
outstanding activities that taught the prefects about the community while giving them a chance to learn 
more about themselves were: Fundraising for York Street School, providing Christmas to an under- 
privileged Ottawa family and organizing and running the middle school dances. 
Hosting a bake sale to raise money for York Street School was quite fun because the money was going 
to a part of the school that we sympathized with and fully appreciated - the sports program. 
A few days after school was let out for winter break, the prefects were back at Elmwood getting ready for 
an early Christmas outing. We bought presents and dinner for a family. 

Dances are fun to attend, but no one realizes all the planning that goes into them. Thanks to the OACs 

who helped put up decorations and managed the chaos of over 1 00 middle school students. 

Other people who deserve recognition are the teachers who accompanied the Christmas shopping and 

all the people who chaperoned the middle school dances. We would also like to thank the senior school 

prefect for middle school, Dalia Shabib. Of course the most important person in organizing all the events 

and making sure everything runs smoothly was Ms. Milligan.Good luck next year! 

Rebecca Glover, Senior Prefect 

Elmwood School 79 


Jessica Harris 

House Head at Large 

Jessica was asked to step in to help with the doulble 
cohort. She performed her duties with enthusiasm, patience 
and humour. It was an honour to work with this group. 

Julia Doran 

Prefect at Large 

I was at first overwhelmed by the responsibility of the role as 
Prefect at Large — I had witnessed the amount of time and 
energy the previous year's Prefects had spent organizing and 
leading Elmwood's school life! But I quickly learned to appre- 
ciate how versatile a role it is. This year I was able to create my 
own opportunities for leadership as well as take part in the 
traditional ones. The initiation of a student council and a school 
newspaper were two projects which I felt strongly about; and 
with the support of the school, they have been materialized. 
The creation of the Student Council was of interest to me 
because it led to more leadership opportunities within the 
school. In particular though, I am pleased with the results 
because it has drawn together so many leaders from through- 
out the senior school. I feel that a sense of unity and school 
spirit is one of the most important qualities within school life, I 
only hope that it continues to grow in the years to come. To next 
year's leaders.... Find joy in everything you do, and always 
take advantage of what is made available to you. Good luck, but 
most importantly have fun! 

-Julia Doran 

Dalia Shabib 

Middle School Prefect 

This has been an exciting year, filled with event after event. Through- 
the year there have been two dances, a grade 6 Halloween party, an 
car Night, civvies day after civvies day, a dozen bake sales, and finally to 
m the year up the Grade 8 Bash. 

Among the all the charities to which the Middle School contributed, 
grade eight prefects raised money in order to allow a less fortunate family 
njoy the luxuries we each take for granted each day. They then personally 
livered gifts to them, during the Christmas season. There was also a 
chtinuous effort to support York Street School, and IRFAN Canada. 

The year has been truly eventful, and would not have been possible 
th- out the teachers that helped with the dances and the students that took 
3 time to volunteer for the numerous events. I would like to especially thank 
;. Potter-Mai, and Ms. Doig. Their efforts with the Oscar Night made it all 
ssible. It could not have possibly run as smoothly (smooth being relative) 
it did without their constant help. Both helped with rehearsals and 
ganization in the performances, and Ms. Doig presented the Middle School 
: which beyond doubt enriched the night. 

Ms. Milligan you have been a pleasure to work with. You have 
Iped and encouraged all my ideas, and have been a friend to me in my times 
need. Your enthusiasm and constant smile has made the job much easier. 
)u have taught me to be a bigger person at times a lesson that I will carry 
1 through life. Thank you for your faith in me. It has been a pleasure! 
lank you to every one involved, my parents, and God. Good luck to 
irissy, the Middle School Prefect next year. It might seem like a lot of 
Drk but it is all worth it. 

- Dalia Shabib 

Rebecca Willems 

Junior School Prefect 

Wow! What a year this has been! From the Halloween 
party to the fort-building contest, the juniors have never 
ceased to amaze me with their enthusiasm and spirit. This 
year has been made so much fun by everyone's eager- 
ness to participate in all aspects of school life. It was a 
great pleasure planning and running all the activities that 
I had enjoyed so much when I was a junior. Thanks to all 
the kindergarteners for their great show of spirit in our 
sports days! And how could I forget my day with the grade 
fours at Upper Canada Village. 
Not only was I visiting Canada's past, but mine as well, 
as I had participated in the trip when I was in grade four. 
A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Schmidt, without 
whom this year would not have been such a success. 
Thank you to everyone, students and teachers alike, 
for making my last year at Elmwood the best it could be. 
Good luck in the future. I will miss you all next year. 

Love, Rebecca 

81 Elmwood School 


"Friendship for all." 

Carina Shalaby 

Head of Fry 

First I would like to 
thank my family for helpinj 
me with every step of the 
way. Without them I woulc 
have had an extremely 
hard time. I would also liki 
to thank my close friends 
for helping me with last 
minute finishes or with 
anything I decided to take 
on. Being the Head of Fry 
was an honour and a gree 
pleasure. Thank you so 
much to those who gave 
me support in everything 
was unsure about doing 
because in the end it was 
great success. To the othe 
House Heads, thank you 
for the competition and of 
course being great friends 
Last but not least I would 
like to thank every single 
person in Fry! If it were n( 
for your amazing spirit an( 
willingness to help, I woui( 
not have been able to do i 
To next year's Fry head M 
I know you'll do an amazif 
job. Good luck to next 
year's Prefects and to all! 

Carina Shalaby 

82 Student Life 




"Fair play." 

Nadia Potozcny 

Head of Keller 

KELLER ROCKS!!! It was a 

pleasure and my honour to act as 
the Head of Keller House tor the 
2003 school year! This year's Dog 
Day went extrennely well as we were 
able to raise over $600 for our 
charity, Guide Dogs For The Blind! I 
would like to thank everyone in my 
graduating class for their support 
and help throughout the year! I 
would also like to take this time to 
thank the other House Heads as 
together we all did an amazing job of 
lifting the spirit of the School 
throughout the year! I would also 
like to extend a special thanks to 
Jess Harris who helped me a great 
deal! I am really lucky to have been 
the Head of such a wonderful group 
of girls! You have so much spirit in 
you - keep cheering for all your 
years with Keller! Continued good 
luck to Keller House and your new 
leader for 2003 - 2004... 

Nadia Potozcny 


"Not for ourselves alone." 

Nadia Bryden 

Head of Nightingale 

lots of great times this year. 
We met our challenges and 
showed off an impressive 
amount of spirit. You guys put 
your all into every meet - youi 
enthusiasm will guarantee 
success, so continue to 
participate and put 1 1 0% into 
everything you do! Thanks to 
my volunteers and sidekicks 
this year, you know who you 
are. You helped to get the 
events off the ground and 
organized, not to mention 
providing fantastic leadership 
for the younger kids. These 6- 
years worth of memories will 
keep me going. . . one thing is 
for sure: I will never forget our 
cheers and how much fun we 
had. Keep It Shut Day was a ■ 
triumph, and I have your 
everlasting support to thank 
for that. "Canine Demine" is a 
good cause, but whatever 
direction our charity events 
and donations follow in the 
future, never forget our motto: 
Not for Ourselves Alone!! You 
have all represented this well, 
and you should be proud of 
yourselves. I have so much 
faith in you all to keep 
Elmwood's #1 House (no 
matter what the House Cup 
says ;) going strong! Keep up 
the good work everyone - 
good luck to next year's Hous 
Leader, Julie Pickering (not 
that you'll need it). I love you 
all. Never stop smiling. 

Nadia Bryden 

84 Student Life 


"To give ourselves and never count 
the cost of others greater needs." 

Elodie Button 

Head of Wilson 

Go Wilson!!! We've had an amazing 
time tills year, with our great spirit 
and participation in every event! 
Everyone had a great time at sports 
afternoons, and enjoyed the great 
cal<es on House Days. I was really 
impressed with all the yellow I saw, 
and I hope you all keep it up next 
year.This year, I decided to try 
something new to fundraise for 
Wilson's House Charity, Interval 
House. Interval House is a shelter in 
Ottawa for battered women and their 
children, and also has a 24-hour 
crisis hotline. Previously, we have 
raised money through candy cane 
sales, but this year we had a 
Coffeehouse and LemonadeHouse 
and raised over $760.00. The 
Coffeehouse included 14 Incredible 
musical acts, lots of acoustic guitar, 
all sorts of treats and coffee provided 
by MocaLoca. Thank you so much 
to Lisa Cohen, Student Council, and 
all the performers: without you, the 
night would not have been such an 
amazing success. Thanks to Dor, 
Joanna, Kyla and Mrs. Schmidt for all 
your help at the Junior School 
LemonadeHouse. I would like to 
thank everyone that came out to 
Coffeehouse, and thank the school 
for having enough faith in me to allow 
it to occur. It was an incredible night 
that would not have been possible 
without all of your help. Thank you 
Dor, Janet, Aly, Dalia, Amy and Brit 
for all your help, support and 
friendship throughout the years. 
Thank you to the administration, the 
custodians and the teachers, for 
having made my four years here so 
memorable. Thank you to my 
parents for all the sacrifices you 
have made so that I could 
experience all the amazing things 
Elmwood has had to offer. To next 
year's Head of Wilson, I know you 
will do a wonderful job and keep the 
yellow spirit alive. WE ARE FROM 
Love, Elodie 

Elmwood School 85 


Festival Trip 

In the last week of August, before school started, a busload of senior students made their annual 
trek to the Stratford Festival. About 40 students were accompanied by four teachers: Gretta 
Bradley, Angela Boychuk, Jennifer Faguy, and Anita George. This year's trip was special: it was 
Stratford's 50* Anniversary. What made the trip extra-special is that one of our number, Mrs. 
Faguy, was present at the very first Stratford Festival 50 years ago (she was, of course, too 
young to understand the plays at the time). Despite having informed Richard Monette, the 
Festival's Artistic Director, of the fact, we were not met with a brass band celebrating Mrs. Faguy'i 
anniversary. Never mind; we had a terrific time, regardless.On the early morning bus ride to 
Stratford, our expert fashion commentator Dr. George and supermodel Gretta Bradley displayed 
the "very attractive" alternate Eimwood uniform for students who are inappropriately dressed. It 
included a toga borrowed from Miss Ellison, a blazer belonging to a grade 8 student, and the 
ubiquitous Eimwood tie. Needless to say, all students were appropriately dressed! Mrs. Boychuk 
prepared the students for The Scarlet Pimpernel by leading them through a recitation of the famed 
passage: "We seek him here, we seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in 
heaven or is he in hell, that damned, elusive Pimpernel!" In addition to the rousing production of 
The Scarlet Pimpernel, we saw King Lear, Richard the Third, The Threepenny Opera, My Fair 
Lady, a new play called Walk Right Up, and Timothy Findley's last play Shadows. During Shadows, 
Fiona Stewart was selected by the star Brent Carver for some audience participation. She gave a 
stellar performance! 

Choosing a favorite play was difficult: many students liked all of them. Even so, My Fair Lady was 
a standout, and Richard the Third a surprise favorite for one group of students. 
In addition to the fabulous plays, we enjoyed a workshop on British dialects and dance. Two of the 
actors from My Fair Lady taught us to speak like Ladies and... Ladies, and Cockney flowergirls. 
We also learned the dance steps to accompany "With a Little Bit O'Luck." In a second workshop, 
students met with the Stage Manager of King Lear and Sarah McVie, one of Mrs. Boychuk's former 
drama students. Under Mrs. Boychuk's tutelage, Sarah has gone from the Queen of Hearts to 
Cordelia in Lean She was an inspiration to the current crop of drama students in attendance. We 
left Stratford tired and happy. On the bus home, Mrs. Faguy held her Annual Stratford Quiz: for 
grade 11, Rhiannon Derbyshire won and Katie Crysdale came in second place; for grade 12, 
Stephanie Kerrigan won; and for OAC Dorothy Binkley won, and Brittany Hughes came in 
second.A sampling of student comments on the trip are: 

"Excellent end to our summer holidays!", "Impressive talent, beautiful sets and costumes, great 
food, location and company. Bravo!", 

"I had a GREAT time!", "It was a fun trip. Well organized. I wouldn't change a thing" 
"Great trip! I hope I can come back next year!" 
"I enjoyed the variety of plays" 
"Good choice of plays" 

"I enjoyed all of the plays very much. It is hard to list them in order." 
A graduating student laments 'Tm going to miss this wonderful experience next 



International Night 2002 was outstanding for several 
* asons. The evening of international entertainment was 
anaged and directed by Habibat Aziz Garuba, assisted 
r Joanna Rozanski. Habibat gathered together a fine 
(oup of students to manage the stage, sound, and 
. I ihting. The toughest job of the evening, cuing up the 
prformers, was done with patience and understanding 
t' Jessica Loeb. 

As always. International Night is for the students 
nd organized by the students. Habibat's determination 
nd innovation were evident throughout the night, 
oanna's warmth and spontaneity added to the conge- 
lality of the entire evening. It was standing room only by 
e time the performances began! 
[Htertainment reflected the wide international back- 
'ounds of the student body. Selina's skill at Diablo was 
lixed in with beautiful Indian dancing. Piano followed 
olin and Stanley and Kerson ended the evening with 
bWo and violin duets. "Wimowhe Whimowhe" was sung 
/ Vanessa Morgan-Mziray with conviction. 

Students' families provided a banquet of international 
elicacies in the dining room. This year there was even 
crepe stand manned by Laurence Mouttam and Manon 
/allenberger both of whom produced tasty crepes for a 
ungry and appreciative audience. 

Habibat's skillful planning meant Elmwood broke all 
revious records for money raised to support "Child 

Junior School 

Meet the Teacher BB 

Grade 9 


Grade 10 Trip 

Quebec City 

On November 4"', this year's grade ten students went to Quebec 
/ to learn about the French language and history of this magnificent city. 
! boarded the bus at noon and left the school, bound for the Montreal 
dome. There we spent a little less than four hours checking out all the neat 
mals and visiting the boutique. We then re-boarded the bus, and headed 
our hotel in the famous Quebec City. 

The next day was just as busy as the previous. We had a 
icious breakfast at Chez Cora, a not-so-successful but still quite fun trip to 
ntmorency Falls (there was a huge snowstorm that prevented us from 
3ing very much), a lovely visit to the beautiful St-Anne de Beaupre Basilica, 
hort visit to Mont St-Anne, tours of both the wood sculpture and bee 
iseums, dinner, and the exciting 3D show "Quebec Experience". 
Unfortunately, time flew by and it was already time for us to leave, 
iwever we did manage to fit in an enjoyable breakfast at "le Parlementaire" 
d a visit to the National Assembly. 

The grade ten students would like to thank Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Neale, Mrs. 
ipooter, Ms. Caravan, Mr. Elliott, and Mr. Grenier for a wonderful trip of 
jebec City. We had a great time! 

Grade 9 


Camp Woolsey 

What better way to relate a school trip than through 
the eyes of the ones that made it work ! Here are some 
thoughts from the WOOLSEY TRIP 2002 from the ones who 
made it such a roaring success I 

"If you want warm weather, beaches and strawberry daiquiris 
with little paper umbrellas in them, then go to Hawaii. If you want 
rain, a crazy amount of trees and mud and the best instant hot 
chocolate around, then go to Camp Woolsey." Aja 
" Time flies when you're having fun - especially when you are 
doing geography" Madie 

"Camp Woolsey = camping, marshmallows by the fire and the 
coolest classroom on earth!" Leah 
"Woolsey combined learning, fun and fresh air." Madeleine 
"We learned more in the outdoors than we could in double the 
time in the classroom." Erica 

"Woolsey has been an experience we will never forget. It made 
us realize how lucky we are in civilization." Louise 

We as a staff are looking forward to another great trip in the fall 
of 2003. 

The Grade 7 classes left for Space Camp on the 8th of October. The Space Camp was* 
situated in Laval, Quebec, just outside of Montreal. 

As we entered the building, most of us stopped in awe. The building was made to 
resemble an actual space training camp. The pre-teens trundled off to the dining hall to 
grab a quick bite to eat before heading to our living quarters. 

We were then divided into groups Armstrong, Glenn and a few more, t was in the 
Armstrong group, so I will tell you about our experience. Our instructor was Chuck. We 
went into the simulation room, we got to go into these big chair things which were sort of 
like an astronaut suit. You used a video game stick to move around and we had mini- 
missions to carry out. It was cool. We then got to "walk on the moon". One by one we 
were strapped onto a chair with a bungie cord and then bounced around. The next day, 
we did"The Wall of Weightlessness". That's where you're strapped into a chair, hanging in 
front of a wall with knobs on it. On the other side of the wall, there's a huge container of 
water that fills up differently so you're practically weightless. This was amazing.The best 
simulation for me is the triple axle. They spin it really fast. It"s superb! But if you stay on foi 
more than 5 minutes, your braincells start popping! 

We made bridges to test how much they can hold and tried to make "shuttles" for 
eggs to see if they would break when we dropped them. 

We then did the best part of all... the mission! The members of the Armstrong 
group got different jobs; some in the tower, others in the shuttle. We each read our lines j1 
while pressing certain buttons and talking to each other over headphones. When an alarm -J 
went on. We had to figure out the problem to shut it off. Whoever found out what it was firs^ 
got to read the lines to the shuttle so they could fix it. All in all, that was the best! I 

And then came the sad part... we had to go home. After all that fun and excitement!- 
who wants to leave? Forrest Hartman 



On a dark and rainy October morning, 38 Grade 6 
students and tlieir teacliers pacl<ed a bus full of sleeping 
bags, raingear and marshmallows and headed off into the 
bush for two days... destination... MacSkimming Outdoor 
Education Centre. Upon arrival, we carried/dragged our gear 
into our respective cabins... no bears in sight! The two days 
passed extremely quickly, filled with team-building activities, 
navigation exercises and a really cool ropes course. The 
food was amazing, thanks to the culinary talents of the grade 
6 homeroom teachers... NOT! (We do however make a mean 
s'more...). Ghost stories, gimp and gr-r-r-eat gab sessions 
filled our night. We would like to give a huge thank you to Ms. 
Doig and Mrs. Clubine for braving the outdoors with us. 
We're eagerly looking forward to our return to MacSkimming 
when the snow flies in February! 
Ms. Gallagher 
Ms. Tweedie 
Grade 6 Teachers 

Upper Canada Village 

The Grade Four Class went to Upper Canada 
Village. I was a boy. I got to go to the Tinsmith 
and Charlotte, Heather and I got to make tin 
candle holders. We also got to learn how they 
danced in the 1800's. We went to the 
Blacksmith, school, and cut wood. Every 
morning, we had to do chores. Some of the 
chores we did were to milk the cows by hand, 
feed the pigs, and shoo the geese out of their 
pens. After every meal, we had to wash our 
dishes by hand. I hope you enjoyed reading our 
visit to Upper Canada Village. 

Irene Wight 

"TCP wp iPP wir 

On September 25th, our Grade 3 class went to Fort 
Wellington. We learned about what soldiers eat and how much they 
work. We pretended to be soldiers. We did a lot of drills, we did right 
face, left face, and the wheel. After that we went inside and saw what 
the children did on a daily basis. Believe it or not but the children played 
marbles and went to school. Families only took a bath once a month. Did 
you know that soldiers thought sweat was protective? During the day 
the women washed clothes the children usually helped the ladies wash 
the clothes and their hands turned red and sore. When a soldier 
disobeyed the rules of the book, he would have to do latrine duty for six 
months or canon ball duty for one to two nights. If you were guarding 
Fort Wellington you would have huts if it was raining or snowing. About 
two peoople would fit in each hut. We had a great time at Fort Wellington. 
We decided to interview some of our classmates. The question was, 
"What was your favorite part of our class visit to Fort Wellington?" 
Margot answered, "My favorite part of Fort Wellington was pretending to 
be soldiers attacking the enemy." Emma D. responded, "My favorite part 
of Fort Wellington was seeing all the neat buildings." We would like to 

Mrs. G and Mr. Adams for taking us to Fort Wellington. 
Stephanie Black and Sophie Berub6 

92 Student Life 

On September 27, 2002, we went to an Apple 
Orchard in Orleans. My favorite part was when we went on 
a tractor because it was fabulous. I learned about different 
kinds of apples. I had a great time! - Bradley Nesrallah 

On September 27, 2002, we went to an Apple Orchard in 
Orleans. My favorite part was drinking apple cider because it 
was good. I loved it! - Amelia Palumbo 

On September 27, 2002, we went to an Apple Orchard in 
Orleans. We went on a tractor ride. It was fantastic! - Emily 

On September 27, 2002, we went to an Apple Orchard in 
Orleans.My favorite part was when we drank some apple 
cider because it was tasty. We learned about the life cycle of 
an apple tree. It was a blast! -Trevor Haebe 


Saunder's Farm 

The Junior and Senior Kindergarten 
asses went on their first field trip on Friday, 
October 18. Saunders Farm offered more than 
just pumpl<ins! 

The children began their adventure in the 
Discovery Barn. They learned why scarecrows 
are needed in the fields through an entertain- 
ment puppet show. A hayride revealed the 
pumpkin patch as well as a few scary sights. 
The final activity had the children amazed as 
they were led through live labyrinths. 

Each class received a pumpkin which became 
wonderful jack-o-lanterns back at school! 

Elmwood School 93 



94 Student Life 


Spirit Days 

mwood School 95 

New Zealand 

In the fall of 2002, I was given the wonderful privilege of 
participating in an exchange between Elmwood and Otago 
Girls' High School in Dunedin, New Zealand. During the 
months of August and September I visited New Zealand, 
where I attended the school, and had many opportunities to 
meet new friends and explore the country and its culture. I 
remained with two different host families, those of Ashieigh 
Taylor and Nikki Waller, both students who returned to visit 
Elmwood in December and January. I thoroughly enjoyed 
learning about the native Maori culture, and living on one of 
the country's many sheep farms during lambing season. I 
am grateful to have had this experience and encourage 
anyone to visit this beautiful country. Thank you to Mme. 
Miliington, Mrs. Boomer, and all of my friends in New 
Zealand who made this a wonderful exchange. 

Morgan Smith 

This October, Elmwood had the wonderful opportunity to host approxi- 
mately 16 students from Luneburg, Germany, for tvvo weeks. The students 
stayed with mostly senior school students and had a ti'uly Canadian experi- 
ence. The students had a chance to see the Museum of Civilization, the 
Parliament Buildings, the Governor General's residence, and they also got to 
go hiking in the Gatineau hills. They got to fully experience the nation's 
capital. The exchange students and their partners all got a chance to go to 
Montreal for the day. We walked around the old city, we toured some 
churches and we got to go to the Biodome. A special treat for the exchange 
students, was getting to see and feel the real Canadian "rustic wilderness". We 
got to spend the evening at Ali Buret's cottage dujing one of the weekends of 
their stay. At the cottage the students got to go rowing in the boats, swimming 
in the frigid Canadian waters, had a barbeque and got to roast marshmallows, 
which is quite uncommon in Germany. The exchange students were lucky 
enough to stay with us for at least part of the Thanksgiving weekend. I know 
for Lai's, my exchange student, it was a learning experience. He got to tiy all 
sorts of new things and foods, such as real Nova Scotian Lobster It was a 
wonderful experience for all of us and hopefiilly we will all maintain contact 
with our exchange students and get a chance to visit them in Germany 
sometime in the future. Nicki Liglitstone 
96 Student Life 



Sandra van derJagt hosted Roosje Van Oss. 

iiTiara Wilson hosted Aurore Loisel and Bassant El 
:tar hosted Jean Chaumont. 

The Rotary Club hosted Manon Wallenberger during her stay at Elmwood. 

Costa Rica 

With spirit, sunscreen and a desire to spend March Break seeing the 
world from another angle, 12 students and 2 teachers embarked on an adventure 
to Costa Rica. Working as volunteers for Canada World Youth, the group spent 
the first three days of the trip bonding at the Quinta Villa Maiia Orientation Camp 
in Athenas. San Rafael de Paquera, a remote community on the Nicoya peninsula, 
became our host during a memorable nine day crash course in Costa Rican culture. 
We awoke at Sam our first morning in San Rafael to the sound of roosters and from 
this point life moved at a different pace than the rest of the world. Our nine days 
were filled with rewai^ding labour at La Ceiba, an eco-trourism/camping area 
owned by the patiiarch of San Rafael, Don Humberto. Two bridges were built (oh 
the big adventure), ti-ails were cleared and hundi-eds of rocks were moved 
(Zoolander style), as well as contributing to farm chores in the community, which 
included milking cows (Alex, be careful what you drink). We were also introduced 
to culinary wonder better known as beans and rice in Latin America and learnt a 
few salsa and merengue moves (though the locals put us to shaine!). A trip to the 
Frog Pond (Jill - I ate 20!), zip lining through the canopy and walking the 
suspension bridges gave us a glimpse of the diversity of Cost£i Rica. Our last day 
was spent in San Jose, prote.sting the wai' and searching for deals and coffee in the 
market. After a dinner to remember, we packed our bags and said hasta luego to a 
country' that had won our hearts and enriched our lives. Each one of us left Costa 
Rica feeling like we had made a difference and thirteen new friends. PUR A 

VIDA! -Dorotliy Binkley Elmwood School 97 

G reece 


During March Break, 43 adventurous 
Elmwoodians went to Greece. The twelve days were 
fabulous; we visited so many world-famous ruins where 
people, thousands of years before our time, have walked 
(Delphi, Crete, Olympia. . .)- We also learned the mythology 
behind almost all of these places and saw that Greece was 
the centre of the Western Civilizations. 

We also saw some neat rock formations and some 
ancient tombs. (The tombs were actually closed for 
maintenance, but they opened them up so we could see!). 

We even saw part of Turkey - Ephesus. We were 
grateful to see Turkey before the war because it helped us 
to see what kind of lives they live and what they are going 

We unfortunately didn't get to see the Acropolis 
(instead we spent the whole afternoon in a huge traffic jam, 
and when we finally got near to the Acropolis, it had closed 
for the night, which really sucked), but we still got to go 
shopping in Athens. 

We had a long stopover in Amsterdam on our way 
home, so we got to hear all about the Netherlands and see 
the Van Gogh museum. 

We even learned some Greek (kalhmera = good morning 
and eucaristw = thank-you)! 

Thank you to the teachers and adults who accom- 
panied us and made this trip possible and enjoyable. They 
were our parents for twelve days. Eva, our tour guide, and 
Don helped to make the experience so fulfilling. These 
memories will stay with us forever. We visited three coun- 
tries in twelve days so it is hard not to have them! 
Flash no! 

Fiona, Katie, and Wei 

98 Student Life 


For the week of May 3rd to 9th four Elmwood girls [Caroline 
Hunt, Lauren Maclean, Alex Kirvan, and Sarah McDonald] attended the 
'31st annual National Student Commonwealth Forum. The conference was 
an amazing and life-changing experience for everyone involved. The 
main topic for this year's conference was Water. We were provided 
with the opportunity to debate on Parliament Hill in the Senate Chamber as 
well we participated in a mock Commonwealth Heads of Government 

Lauren and Caroline represented the country of Namibia while Sarah and 
Alex represented the country of Swaziland. Highlights of the week 
included making AIDS angels and participating in a large scavenger hunt 
around downtown Ottawa. We had the chance to meet new and exciting 
people from all over Canada including delegates who traveled all the way 
from Iqaluit! We look forward to participating in the conference next year 
as members of the Planning Team. 

Thanks to our families, our teachers, and everyone associated with the 
Forum for allowing us to take advantage of this rewarding experience. 
We certainly intend to continue our studies in the international field of 
by Caroline Hunt 

Model UN 

From November 7 to 10, Mr. and Mrs. McCabe bravely accom- 
panied 14 full IB Students to the Secondary Schools Model 
United Nations Symposium, hosted by McGill University in 
Montreal. Arianne Buchan, Dena El-Sayed, Dorothy Binkley 
Eleni Deacon, Eiodie Button, Emily (Judge) Kent, Heather 
Hull, Jenny Dunbar, Julia Betts, Maggie Thomson, Nazia 
Charania, Nicola Burke, Sarah Russell, and Veronica Howard 
spent three days representing Burundi and Guyana in commit- 
tees such as the World Health Organization, the African Union 
and the International Criminal Tribunal. Voicing the opinions of 
their country, they deliberated, wrote resolutions (or 
beersolutions), and mingled with politically minded students 
from across North and South America, enriching their general 
knowledge and debating (and pool!) skills. Many thanks to 
The McCabes for their patience (when we were late) and 
enthusiasm (when we finally showed up!), as well as to their 
son Tom for his tour of McGill. M 


Father Daughter Dance 

Winter Fantasy 

This year's Father Daughter Dance was a phenomenal 
success. It was held in the elegant Westin hotel, whose ballroom was tl 
perfect setting for the "winter fantasy" theme. 

The opportunity to dress in extravagent gowns and get one's hair 
and make-up done is not an easy offer to turn down, and for that reasoi 
there were more than 500 people present . The other highlights of the 
night were the food, the dancing and of course, the Dads. 

At first, the daughters were shy about dancing with her fathers 
and their friends, but as the night progressed through the decades, endii 
on a slightly more recent note. The overall ambience was light, pleasing 
and thoroughly enjoyable. 

The Father Daughter Dance gave everyone a chance to see her 
father in a different environment, and to enjoy the evening at the same 
time. There is no doubt that the fathers learned a lot about their childn 
as well. No one would have given up the opportunity to enjoy this 
evening with their friends and dads as it was a truly magical soiree. | 
Rebecca Glover ^ 

100 Student Life 

The Gut 


In February - when The Gut Girls opened on stage at 
Elmwood - the student actors made an imaginative leap of 
considerable power into the past and took us, the audience, 
with them. How can such young, unmarked women have been 
so convincing in this difficult play, in these difficult roles? On the^- 
stage, no amount of technique - breath control, movement, 
dramatic expression - can substitute for authenticity of feeling, 
and the audience knows it. The production owed its success in : 
part to fine performances by the leading actors - Julia Doran 
who played Lady Helena and Anne Murphy who played Ellen 
were outstanding. However, The Gut Girls is not about individu- 
als; it is about a community of women, and it was rightly the 
strength of the ensemble that gave the play its fine quality. Most 
of the action of The Gut Girls occurs in the workplace - a 
slaughterhouse - where the dialogue takes the form of cheerful 
banter, with the conversational ball being tossed briskly back ^ 
and forth. The cast did remarkably well with the assumed 
accents of working class Britain - no easy task. Even more 
importantly, however, they listened to each other, responded to 
each other, connected to each other and, thus, to the audience. 
For all its moments of brightness and gaiety - brilliantly evoked 
by gorgeous hats - this is a dark play, a play about defeat. Ellen 
is a heroic figure in that battle, the solitary warrior who has 
fought a good fight and lost. The feeling is restrained - like all 
deep feeling - and she marks her surrender and accepts the 
imprisoning necessity of domestic labor with only two words. 
"Service," she says softly, bleakly. "Service," she repeats. And I, 
perhaps like many in the audience, had tears in my eyes. - 
Janet Uren '68 

102 Student Life 

One Act Play 

This is a Test 

Actors: Kyla Dowden, Anna 
Cameron, Willie Denault, 
Christine O'Connor, Talia Zajac, 
Samira Salari, Laura 
Doubleday, Marisha Tardif, Jaye 
Appotive, Jessica Wilson, 
Sandra van der Jagt. Directors: 
Heather Hull, Eleni Deacon. 
Asst. Directors: Talia Zajac, 
Mandy Wiwiczaruk, Brittany 

Elmwood School 103 

Duke of Edinburgh 

Bronze Expedition 

On October 3'^ and 4'^ 72 Grade 9 students traveled to 

Lac Philippe in Gatineau Park in order to complete the 
Bronze Level Duke of Ed. Expedition. The girls had the 
choice whether to mountain bike or hike for the two days. 
The mountain bikers experienced lots of great trails, hills and 
some technical rocky sections. The hikers carried all their 
gear while on the trails. It was too cold to swim, but it was 
lots of fun camping, cooking over propane stoves, and 
roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Congratulations to 

the girls for completing the expedition! 

104 Student Life 


Duke of Edinburgh 

Silver Expedition 

From November 1^^ to 3'^ 30 grade 10 and 1 1 students traveled to Mount Washington in order to 
complete the expedition requirement for the Silver level of the Duke of Ed. program. Due to the cold 
weather and lots of snow already accumulated, we were unable to summit the mountain. However, 
we did hike some excellent trails such as the Imp Trail, Pine Mountain Trail, and the Madison Gulf 
Trail. There were some excellent views of the Presidential Range from the top of the Imp Trail. Due to 
blowing snow and high winds, Lowe's Bald Spot and the Pine Mountain Lookout did not give us much 
to seel We stayed in the Lodge at Pinkham Notch, while cooking outside. Sometimes, our meals had 
frozen over before being able to finish them! It was lots of fun, and quite a challenge for all of the girls. 

Elmwood School 105 

Reaching out 

Sports Captains 

To the Athletes: 

"Oh, the places you'll go. There's fun to be 
done! There are points to be scored, there are 
games to be won. And the magical things you 
can do with that ball, will make you the 
winning-est winner of all." - Dr. Seuss. 
This has been an incredible year for athletics and 
it has been our honour to represent the athletes at 
Elmwood. With two Sports Captains, it was less 
stressful taking on new challenges. We had 
spirited Sports Days and it was wonderful to see 
the amount of team spirit and enthusiasm from all 
four Houses. Every year the students find new ways 
to wear as much colorful clothing as possible and it 
never ceases to amaze us. The House Heads have 
done a tremendous job this year, and this is evident 
with their high levels of excitement and enthusiasm 
in order to win the very prestigious House Cup. We 
would like to especially thank Mrs. Neale and her 
coaching staff. There is so much work that goes on 
behind the scenes of which the students are 
unaware. These dedicated teachers/coaches are 
organized, supportive, motivating and are the 
backbone of Elmwood's athletics. Thank you to the 
Prefects, who offered to help whenever they were 
needed. In the future, Elmwood's athletics will 
continue to flourish and we are grateful that we had 
this opportunity to contribute to the success of this 

Alyson Mann and Jessica Hardinge 

110 Sports 

Elmwood's 2002-2003 tennis teann had a very 
successful season. Our results in the weekday matches 
allowed both our A and B teams to move on to the 
Ottawa City Championships, where we met up with the 
other top high school students in the region. We trained 
requently outdoors to prepare for our competition, 
improving our skills and learning new strategies and 
' tactics in the game. Whether the sun 
was shining or it was below freezing outside, we stuck 
,t out.. .in the cold. ..maybe not completely healthy. ..but 
that's not the point! We, my friends, were dedicated. 
I Our teams comprised of the following players: Alana 
j MacEwen and Stephanie Kerrigan and on the A-team 
I doubles; I competed in A-team singles; our B-team 
doubles was battled out by Marielle McGovern and 
! Kristina Meadows; and last but not least was Laura 
I Kerrigan for our B-team singles. Other regular 
members were Jessica Loeb, Emma Roberts, Sara 
I'Ouplancic, Jenny Cheetham, Alix Dudley, Allie Knight, 
and Rachael Montgomery. 

Unfortunately, I came down with strep throat the 
week of the City's (could it be those outdoor 
practices?), and played my matches against my better 
judgment. I became too ill to finish my final round match, 
so with a default, I accepted the silver medal. The other 
girls represented Elmwood extremely well, and although 
they had some very challenging matches, they finished 
with extraordinary results. Laura Kerrigan placed third 
in her category, and our B doubles, Marielle and 
Kristina, came in second! 

Congratulations and thank you to everyone wwho 
participated in tennis this year. Keep on practicing and 
remember to have fun above all! We graduating players 
have lots of great memories - thank you to our coach, 
Mr. Grenier, for your continuous support and instruction. 
Good luck to next year's team... Kick some tush and 
make us proud! 

Nadia Bryden 
Team Captain 


Team Members: Nadia Bryden (Captain), Steplianie Kerrigan, Alana 
MacEwen, Laura Kerrigan, Kristina IVIedow, IVIarielle IVIcGovern, 
Jessica Loeb, Emma Roberts, Sara Duplancic, Jenny Cheetham, 
Alix Dudley, Allie Knight, Rachael Montgomery. Coach: Mr.. Grenier. 


ream Members: Dorothy Binkley, Aly Mann, Brooke 
Herczeg, Monica Gallant, Lorena Mason, Angela 
3kaff, and Alex Billings. Coach: Mrs. Neale. 

Elmwood's Golf Team 2002 had another 
successful golf season! Ourshort, intense 
season produced good results again this , 
year. After hitting balls atthe driving range ' 
and playing 9 holes for practice at the 
Meadows course (along with Mrs. Begin 
and Miss Rossiter), we were ready for the 
1 day tournament on Tues. Oct. 1 . This 
Ottawa-Carleton School Board 
competition was held at the Meadows 
Golf Club on a beautiful, sunny, warm, fall 
day. After 18 holes, our team placed 
second overall (we missed first place by 
1 point), and individually Brooke Herczeg 
earned third place with a respectable score 
of 105. Congratulations to the team of 
Dorothy Binkley, Aly Mann, Brooke 
Herczeg, Monica Gallant, Lorena Mason, 
Angela Skaff, and spare Alex Billings. Aly 
and Dorothy, our veterans and graduating 
players, we will miss you next year! Fore! ! 
Coach Mrs. Neale 

Elmwood School 1 1 1 



Team Members: Back Row (left to right): Mrs Neale, Nadia Potoczny, 
Jeahan Kraya, Sarah Edwards, Jessica Hardlnge, Anneka Richmond, 
Alex Kirvan, Ali Duret. Front Row (left to right): Heather Armstrong, 
Emily Colton, Laure Pitfield, Brittany Hughes, Victoria Metz, Alyson 
Mann, Elodie Button, Nadia Bryden. 

We began this season with 8 veterans and 7 rool<ie£ 
Mrs. Neale prepared us for the challenging Tier 1 
season with an invitational tournament and a clinic 
with professional volleyball player Mark Reilly. We 
played every game with enthusiasm, energy and 
heart. The girls improved and excelled throughout th 
season, finishing with an 8-2 record (defeating both 
De La Salle and Ashbury!) While qualifying for 
OFSAA was not a problem, raising the money to 
travel to Kenora was! With the help of cupcake sale; 
generous donations and a successful raffle, we wer 
able to raise enough money to travel to the Provincic 
Championships. Thank you to the whole school for 
supporting our various fundraising initiatives. 
An early morning flight and 3 hour bus ride 
(G-money) could not discourage these girls and we 
all had hopes of overcoming the title of 1 2th seed. 
After a night of karaoke, encouraging speeches and 
fun times, we prepared for the next day of matches. 
We were undefeated, came first in our pool and 
advanced to the medal rounds. The semifinals 
matched us against the 1st seeded Le Caron. With 
the encouragement of the home team, fans, and eve 
strangers, we played our hearts out and were 
defeated 3-1 . It was a deja-vu, as we played our 
friends, Thomas Aquinas (the home team) for the 
Bronze. We came into this tournament an unknown 
team and walked away BRONZE MEDALISTS! Thai 
you to the parents who were our #1 supporters. Mrs 
Neale has been an incredible coach this season anc 
over the past years, and we have made her OFSA/s 
dream come true. Thank you for the most memorabi 
season that Elmwood has ever seen. 
Aly Mann and Elodie Button 


The Junior Volleyball Team 
had a great season. We 
played in 4 tournaments, 
placing in the top 6 in all of 
them. In our league, we 
placed 3'"^ in the regular 
season, easily won both our 
quarter-finals and semi-finals, 
and then went on to the East 
Finals - where we lost a well 
fought battle. Overall, we 
placed 3'"^ in the entire city. 
An awesome season girls... 
you put forth much hard work, 
effort and dedication. 
Congratulations on such a 
successful year. 
Mrs. Depooter 

112 Sports 

Team Members. Back Row (left to right): Laura Kerrigan, Kate Bifield, 
Marnie Brown, Courtney Smith, Karlye Wong, Alex McClenahan, 
Maura Furlong-Maclnnis, Ghada Al-Hussaini, Ms. Depooter. Front Rc 
(left to right): Iris E, Annie Kirvan, Kerri Haynes, Sarah Buchan, Liz 
Wilson, Marielle McGovern. 

e Elmwood Eagles Eclipse Grade 7/8 "A" 
lleybail team had a great season, beginning 
llSeptember with tryouts, at which Ms. Bates 
ronized over the selection of players, 
■mately 12 students - two grade sevens and 
i|i grade eights - were named to the team. A 
rw team crest was designed and great team 
is were ordered with players' names on the 
ck. Our first major tournament was the 
ilario Elementary Provincial Cup in 
v'ember where the girls played great 
lleybail against far more experienced teams, 
d came close to advancing into the playoff 
I nds. It was a fun two-night overnight trip, 
r the remainder of the season, we played 
iny exhibition games and participated in 
!/eral tournaments, improving steadily. In 
riy January, we hosted a sixteen-team 
irnament at Elmwood and won gold medals 
the "A" Division. A few weeks later the 
lipse captured gold medals and a team 
nner by winning the Ottawa Carleton District 
hool Board Northeast Division title, 
the Board finals we advanced as far as the 
mi-finals where we lost to the team that went 
to win the championship. All 
all, it was an amazing, successful and fun- 
ad season. 


r\ ^ ^ 

Eagles Too 

Team Members. Back Row (left to right): Ms. Bates, Karin 
McDowell, Rebecca Glover, Taylar Reid, Anneka Bakker, 
Stefani Scrivens, Morgan Wallack, Emily Mattiussi. Front Row 
(left to right): Natasha Turner, Alicia Kerrigan, Rachel 
Rodrigues, Christine McLellan, Jill Maclaren. 

5am Members. Back Row (left to right): Liz Connelly, Amanda 
eadows, Shikha Dilawri, Dana Achtemichuk, Ms. Bates. Front 
low (left to right): Ishani Nath, Christiane McGovern, Maja 
reenspon. Absent: Madie MacDonald. 

The EInnwood Eagles Too Grade 7/8 "B" 
volleyball team worked very hard to improve 
their skills throughout the season, which 
began in September with tryouts. These were 
held in September with over 40 girls showing 
up causing Ms. Bates to agonize over the 
selection of players. This process ended in 
the creation of a second team in order to 
maximize competitive participation by as 
many interested athletes as possible. The 
Eagles Too played many exhibition games 
and participated in a few tournaments. 
Despite experiencing a number of losses, 
most of the team recognized that they were 
competing against first teams from other 
schools, and they simply took the opportunity 
to play and learn. As a reward for the 
perseverance of the players who stuck with 
the team, there were some victories toward 
the end of the season. Probably the best 
indication of how they felt about the 
experience was that many players asked to 
continue playing even after the season 

Elmwood School 113 



Grade 5/6 

Team members: Lindsay Bryden, Anita E, Rachelle Bonneville, 
Sarah Coyne, Laurie Biewald, Sandy Kechichian, Emily 
Alexander, Michelle Sleeth, Nikola Ruddy, Emily Baxter, 
Julianne Hughes, Justine Boomer. 

Team members: Sarah Bouzanis, Juliet Caragianis, Alessandra 

Cinotti Ballarte, Kelly Coultry, Julia Fottinger, Kelly Hunter, Christina 

Jacobsen, Lyndsay Kotarba, Vicotria Loeb, Heather McDonald, Taylor 

O'Dea, Charlotte O'Neill, Stephanie Pratapas, Sonya Ruddy, Anuja 

Sinha, Alicia Smart, Priya Wadhera, Irean Wight, Mrs. Johnson, Ms. 

114 Sports 

Bumps, serves and volleys were tht 
name of the game for the Elmwood 
Eaglets as they achieved amazing 
results in their debut season! The 
2002-2003 season was action- 
packed and exciting to watch. We 
began our competitive season by \ 
attending the Ottawa -Carleton ; 
Board tournament and receiving i 
Silver medals for our second place 
finish. In addition, we hosted a 
tournament at Elmwood where we 
won our division. The enthusiasm 
and effort displayed by the girls was 
outstanding... the 7:00 a.m. practice 
were a team favourite! The future o '' 
volleyball at Elmwood at the 5/6 
level looks very bright! Thank you t 
all the team members and especial! 
to Ms. Bates for spending her time 
with us and all her coaching 

Grade 4 

Volleyball Tournament 

On Thursday, January 1 6**^ the 
Grade Fours went to a volleyball 
tournament at Hillel Academy. 
We lost our first game one to 
twenty-five, but in our last game 
the score was much closer at 
twelve to fifteen. We came in 
last place but we were still 
happy because it was our first 
year playing volleyball. Many 
thanks to our coaches Mrs. 
Johnson and Ms. Gavin fortheir 
time and effort in preparing us 
for the tournament. 


"his past year saw great success for 
ie Elmwood Senior Swim Team. 
)espite cold, early mornings, the 
yam attracted a huge number of 
een and skilled swimmers. Many of 
ne girls went on to compete in a 
iCries of citywide swim meets, 
k'here they made a big splash, 
icluding winning some of the boy's 
(vents! Though none of the girls 
ould compete in the city 
;hampionships because of exams, 
hey will be a force to be reckoned 
i/ith next year. A big thank you to 
)ur coach, Ms. Christmas, who 
iraved the mornings with 
inthusiasm, patience and expertise, 
"nproving not only our technique but 
ilso our love for the pool! Good luck 
lext year! 

)orothy Binkley, Captain 


Senior Swim 

Team Members. Jessica White, Morgen Smith, Tamara Dolan, 
Sandra Sharpe, Luise Birgelen, Perry McCormack, Jade 
Legault, Blair Stein, Amanda Garbutt, Virgina Brown, Lauren 
McLean, Mary JaneTingley, Dorothy Binkley, Arianne Buchan, 
Emily Kent, Jessica Hardinge, Kyla MacLeod, Julia Doran. 
Miss Christmas (coach) 

Synchronized Swimming 

Swim Training 

am Members: Grade 4: Julia Fottinger, Kelly Hunter, Lyndsay Kotarba, Victoria Loeb, Heather 
cDonald, Charlotte O'Neill, Stephanie Pratapas, Priya Wadhera, Irena Wight. Grade 5: Haley 
Dugov, Emily Alexander, Cleo Clatney, Julia E, Taylor Flynn, Rachel Garbutt, Laura Haebe, Caroline 
ierins, Monica Mikhaiel, Silya Shenassa, Jenny Shepherd, Sabrina Villeneuve. Grade 6: Ashley 
jams, Lisa Baillieul-Fine, Sara Bastianelli, Emily Baxter, Elena Clark, Sarah Coyne, Sophia Dhalla, 
lita E, Caroline Garel-Jones, Katherine McDonald, Kate Portner-Gartke, Molly Reisman, Sarah 
laikhali, Christine Soong, Rachel Stein, Bronwyn Thomson, Sonya Wadhera. Grade 7: Dana 
:htemichuk, Hilary Brown, Nikki Campbell, Shamila Charania, Cecilia Culver-Grey, Nora Dempsey, 
mberly Fung, Erin Kerr, Samantha Lamontagne, Rebecca LeFevre, Rebecca-Rose Loeb, Anita 
alik, Karin McDowell, Sarah Merkley Annie O'Shea, Talia Poleski, Vera Qi-Lin. Grade 8: Kirsten 
3omer, Angela Bouzanis, Alexandra Fottinger, Sonia Hussain, Keva Legault, Meaghan MacLean, 
izabeth Maffett, Emily Mattiussi, Laura Pavezka, Jane Reisman, Natasha Turner, Margo Vachon. 

This season the Junior and Middle School 
Swim Training program had a record 67 
enthusiastic participants. During the 
season, the girls developed their skills in 
the freestyle, backstroke, and 
breaststroke through a variety of drills 
that focused on the kick, pull, breathing 
and coordination of each stroke. 
Practising starts and turns and building 
endurance were also important parts of 
the program. Swimmers in grades 4-6 
competed in a meet on February 26, 
2003 at St. Laurent Pool. The girls 
competed against swimmers from six 
other independent schools in the city and 
placed first 

overall with 15 1st place finishes, 9 2nd 
place finishes, and 4 3rd place finishes! 
Swimmers in grades 7 and 8 participated 
in a meet on March 3, 2003 and also 
placed first overall with 17 1st place 
finishes, 12 2nd place finishes, and 2 3rd 
place finishes! Congratulations op. a 
great season to all team members! 

Elmwood School 115 

Cross Country 


Team Members: Back Row (left to right): Manon Wallenberger, 
Kayli Cooper, Alex ui, Julie Ashton, Lara Zabel, Sabrina 
Browarski, Catherine Wilson, Mrs. Coates (coach). Front Row 
(left to right): Ms. Christmas (coach), Chrissy Amundsen, Luise 

Friday Night Skiing at Camp Fortune 

Several girls braved the \ 
weather this year, through thi 
fall wind, winter snow and 
spring rain, to build their 
fitness and running legs! 
They ran the 5knn route 
several times each week in 
preparation for other sporting 
demands and upcoming 
races. Well done, girls! 

Ms. Christmas 


Over the course of the second term, 
a group of girls headed out to the 
Gatineau Hills several times a weei 
to ski the trails, enjoy the snow- 
laden woods and work on their x-c 
ski technique. We braved 
sometimes -25 degree weather, 
skied into the park huts with dinner 
on our backs and enjoyed fondu 
heated on the wood stoves. A grea 
way to enjoy an Ottawa winter. 
Ms. Christmas 

Team Members: Jessica Harris 
Kendra Atkins, Fiona Stewart, 
Laura Glowacki, Julia Betts, Manoj 
Wallenberger, Lara Zabel. Coach 
Mrs. A. Christmas. 

116 Sports 

This year's ski team was a great 
success. Thanl<s to all the girls 
\Nho came out every Friday. You 
helped make our last season with 
the ski team the best yet. We had a 
great first day at the Level 1 & 2 
race; now we know that slalom is 
jur specialty. We couldn't have 
completed the races so 
luccessfuiiy without the help of our 
amazing coach, Laura Haley. 
Congratulations to Lisa Rosenberg, 
and our honourary member, 
Christine O'Connor, who both 
placed in the top 15 at the Novice 
Race. You were both incredible! 
Thanks to Ms. Kerluke, our teacher/ 
coach/driver, who was incredibly 
dedicated and enthusiastic. We 
had a great time as captains of the 
ski and wish you all the best of luck 
in the years to come. 
Love, Steph and Maggie 

Downhill Skiing 


ream Members: Ayla Fisk, Sarah Yan, Alison Westington, Alex 
attee, Willie Denault (co-captain), Megan Halliwushka, Riyaz 
3asi, Stephanie Hewetson, Dana Wong, Kristen Shamess, 
Rebecca Willems (captain), Sandra Sharpe, Stephanie Berg- 
^iddell, Becky Allen. 

Team Members: Stephanie Kerrigan (captain), Maggie 
Thomson (captain), Lisa Rosenberg, Alana MacEwen, Laura 
Kerrigan, Alexandra Knight, Jane Pigott, Jessica Venables, 
Perry McCormack, Zoe Anderson, Laura Haley, Emily Nadolny, 
Sophie Chiasson, Alexandra McClenahan 

With the sound of skate blades hitting the ice and 
pucks flying through the air, once again Elmwood's 
hockey team has ended yet another successful 
season. The season was like no others, we had more 
girls turn up then ever before and the season, (like 
always) was filled with fun and excitement. Although 
we may have been a group of different levels and 
skills, we all came together to create a team 
that worked well together and contributed each one's 
talent. We were a team that cheered, skated and 
laughed together. After all our hard work and 
dedication, we then had the chance to play a game 
against the staff of Elmwood (teachers and staff); 
which, by the way, we won! Maybe the fact that 
Monsieur Grenier, our dedicated coach, played for 
us, students, helped a little, . . 
Thank you to everyone who came to the practices 
and kept the team alive! Because of our numbers this 
year, Dr Kirby agreed to continue the programme and 
we will be indoors next October. You have the 
summer to get ready! 

The hockey team would like to say "Good-bye" to 
three of our most respected players, Rebecca 
Willems, Ali Westington (our manager) and Kristen 

Good luck to all of you in the future! Thank you to the 
hockey team for a wonderful season, 
Keep on skating! - Willie Deneault 9H 

Elmwood School 117 



Sr. Gym Class 

Team Members: Aly Mann, Nadia Bryden, 
Heather Armstrong, Nadia Ham Pong. 

From day one the junior badminton team 
showed a lot of promise. The tandems of 
returning players were there to help and guide 
the new members of the team. Laura 
Doubleday and Ayesha Basi were to be a force 
to be reckoned with. There was a bit of 
uncertainty at the beginning with the new 
players, but they soon felt right at home. Erica 
Hoe, Sarah Buchan and Christine Johnston 
were a welcome addition and certainly brought 
their respective levels of talent to be fused with 
core of returning players. This team sure liked 
to have fun, and at any time possible. The 
double team composed by Sarah Buchan and 
Erica Hoe came out strong and qualified for the 
Finals. This first victory was overshadowed by 
the loss of our single player Christine Johnson 
who learnt a lot from her experience. We came 
really close in getting the bronze medal but 
ended up finishing 4'*^ out of 22 teams, which is 
quite commendable. So, in summary, the under 
16 badminton team played with an 
overwhelming amount of heart and spirit, 
throughout the whole of the season. We would 
not have gone anywhere without the 
supervision, motivation, and teaching of our 
dedicated coach, Mr. Grenier. 

Coach Grenier was looking 
forward to the return of our best 
players from last year, such as Aly 
Mann and Nadia Bryden, to name a 
few. . .Unfortunately, these players 
were involved at OFSAA in Volleybal 
and only 2 seniors showed up for the 
try-outs and many practices. Heather 
Armstrong and Nadia Ham-Pong 
decided to represent our school in 
the doubles division .The pair came 
out strong and but did not qualify for 
the Finals. Nevertheless, they played 
with an ovenwhelming amount of hear 
and spirit, throughout the whole of the 
season and want to begin practicing 
earlier next year as they now know 
what it takes to be the best. Thanks t^ 
both of them for giving it their best 

Coach, Mr. Grenier. 


Team Members: Back Row: Mr. Grenier (coach). 
Front Row: Christine Johnson, Erica Hoe, Sarah 

In the Junior School 

Grade 4-6 

am Members: Sarah Coyne, Larissa Fulop, Sandy Kechichian, Sophia 
lison Miller, Christine Soong, Hayley Abogov, Caroline Mierins, Rachel 
arbutt, Vanessa Morgan Mziray, Julia E, Rachel Liu, Irena Wight, Priya 

Cross Country 

Grade 4-6 


The 2003 Badminton season was a 
very busy one. Once again, those 
7:00am practices proved to be a 
favourite of coaches and players 

Fourteen students were selected to 
participate in the Ottawa M 
Independent School Athletic I 
Association tournament at the R.A. 
Centre. There, the girls competed in 
Novice, Intermediate and Advanced 
divisions against players for Ottawa 
Montessori School, Bishop m 
Hamilton, Joan of Arc and Hillel ■ 
Academy. All the participants - 
smashed and cleared their shots to 
end up in a second place finish 
overall. Thank you to everyone who 
contributed to this year's badminton 
program. We look fonward to next 
year's season with great m 
anticipation and high hopes. M 


Grade 3-5 

Bam Members-.Katherine MacDonald, Anita E, Rachel Liu, Nikola ruddy, Haley 
bugov, Marisa Ashley, Elena Clark, Silya Shenassa, Charlotte O'Neil, Justine 
oomer, Elizabeth Huffaker, Larissa Fulop, Kate Portner Gartke, Lindsay 
pooner, Cleo Clatney, Reba Wilson, Kelly Coultry, Heather McDonald, Sarah 
oyne, Emily Alexander, Taylor Flynn, Vanessa Morgan Mziray, Julia E. 
caches: Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Beggs, Ms. Ostiguy 

Team Members: Cleo Clatney, Amanda Lewis, 
Natasha Duncan, Madeline Oster, Sabina Lohoar 
Dewfield, Jennifer Maginnis. 

Elmwood School 119 

Juniors Play With Heart 

The Junior team this year can be 
proud of their hard fought season. 
From late August to late November 
the girls could be found practicing 
their ball handling , lay ups, outside 
shooting, and defensive play under 
the leadership of Coach Amy Dorcas. 
Katie Bifield and Elizabeth Wilson 
provided the student leadership acting 
as the captains for the team. The girls 
participated in the Ottawa Carleton 
Catholic League attending the St. 
Matthew's Invitational Tournament in 
November. As the basl<etball season 
drew to a close, Alex McClennahan 
and Iris E were recognized for their 
contributions to the success of the 
team at Elmwood's Annual Athletic 
Awards Banquet receiving the Most 
Valuable Player Award- Alex for her 
her performance as the team's top 
rebounder and scorer and Iris as the 
defensive specialist. Katie Bifield was 
also recognized at the banquet for 
her outstanding leadership to the team 
receiving the Most Spirited Player 

"The girls played and practised harder 
than any team in our league. If there 
had been an award for heart, we 
would have won the gold." 
Mrs. Amy Dorcas 

l\/liddle School Team Shuts 

Ball players in the Middle School can 
really hold their heads high as they 
completed a very successful 2002- 
2003 season. An early tournament in 
VanKleek Hill saw the girls wall< away 
with a third place. Although there were 
other games against Maple Ridge 
and Henry Munro, the most exciting 
game by far was at the Glashan 
Tournament. Taylar Reed and 
Christine McLennan were on fire as 
they shut down club players from the 
Glashan team. The game was only 
decided in double overtime with 
Elmwood coming out second. 
"The game could have gone either 
way really. The girls can really hold 
their heads high", said Mrs. Reid. 
Christine was recongnized as the 
Most Valuable Playerforherconsistent 
scoring all season long. 
Team Members: Shil<a Dilawri, 
Christine McLellan, Alicia Kerrigan, 
Anneka Bakker, Taylar Reid, Emily 
Mattiussi, Emma Duret. Prashanthi 
Baskaran, Natasha Turner, Annie 
O'Shea, Karin McDowell, Sarah 
Baick, Stefani Scrivens, Dana 
Achtemichuk, Kaleigh McMurray, 
Alanna Mar, Megan Halliwushka, Maja 
Greenspoon, Olivia Cott, Rebecca 
LeFevre, Vanessa Assaly, Nicolle 
Bonar, Rachael Rodrigues, Emily 
Miller. Absent: Jill Maclaren. 

Elmwood Basketball 

120 Sports 

5r. Bball Coaches Optimistic 

ith some talented juniors and 
new coach moving into the 
nior ranl<s the month of 
jptember saw optimism 
rmeate the gym. A strong 
turning nucleus led by AN 
ann and two exciting 
liors, All Duret and Lo 
[field created optimism for a 
ccessful season, 
ter getting our feet wet in 
Referees' Tournament, 

Elmwood hosted its own very 
successful tournament, won 
by a very strong Nepean 
team, with the Eagles close 
behind in second place. It 
was then on the road to 
Hamilton and more 
competitive success which 
would prepare the girls for 
league competition. 
And what a strong league it 
was! Two of the best teams in 

the province and very few 
weak teams, yet the Eagles 
finished fourth out of seven 
and looked forward to the post 
season and a trip to the 
Ontario Federation of School 
Athletic Associations' 
championship for "A" schools. 
In Port Hope, Elmwood, 
seeded eight, won its first two 
games and advanced to the 
quarter-finals against the 

defending champions, 
Middlesex High School. The 
first half was close - only 
seven points difference at half 
time, but with one of our 
starters ailing in the second 
half, the defending champions 

The first Elmwood trip to an 
OFSAA championship has 
created large expectations for 
the 2003 season. With 
several players returning and 
several more juniors moving 
up there is reason for 
optimism. Bob Butler 
Team Members: Laure Pitfield, 
AN Duret, Alex Kirvan, Nadia 
Potoczny, Emily Colton, 
Lauren Pratapas, Cabrey 
Grey, Mrs. Bates (coach). 
Heather Armstrong, Jessica 
Hardinge, Carina Shalaby, Aly 
Mann. Coaches: Bob Butler, 
Mrs. Bates 

Five and Sixes Not 

The 5/6 competitive 
basketball team has had a 
wonderful season. They 
competed in three 
tournaments at the Nepean 
Sportsplex, here at Elmwood 
and at Glashan. TheGlashan 
tournament consisted of only 
two grade six teams. The 
rest were grade sevens and 
eights. The girls played 
exceptionally well and didn't 
let the age difference 
intimidate them. The team 
really had a great season and 
truly improved on their skills 
in the sport. The coaches. 
Miss Gallagher and Bob 
Butler, helped the girls 
become better team players 
throughout the long season. 
- Anita E and Kate Portner 

Team Members: Sarah Coyne, 
Laure Biewald, Jacki 
McMurray, Meg Grey, Larissa 
Fulop, Anita E, Rachelle 
Bonneville. Kate Portner 
Gartke, Justine Boomer, 
Christine Soong, and Nikola 

Elmwood School 121 



Team Members: Back Row (left to right): Sarah Edwards, Sarah Quinn, Brittany 
Hughes, Kim Ng, Karen Leung, Jessica Roach, Jessica Harris. Middle Row 
(left to right): Emily Nadolny, Courtney Smith, Nadia Potoczny, Lorena Mason. 
Front Row (left to right): Laura Kerrigan, Heather Armstrong. Absent: Laura 
Corush, Missy Dietz, Steph Gaty, Laura Glowacki, Jeahan Kraya, Andrea 
Laporte, Victoria Metz, Julia Sterparn. 

Short and sweet. Those are two words to 
describe the grade 7/8's soccer season. The 
numerous early morning practices, countless 
sprints, sophisticated strategies and ear- 
splitting cheers could not have been such a 
thrill without the unconditional support of Mr. 
Elliott, our head coach, and Jeahan and 
Brittany the two student coaches. At the 
tournament, which was held at Turnbull 
School, we had a close, edge of your seat final 
game against the Turnbull A team and placed 
second in the entire tournament. The improve- 
ment over the course of that tiring day was 
incredible and I know that everybody left the 
soccer pitch happy. All of us think Mr. Elliott 
was perfect for making those early morning 
practices entertaining like when he ripped his 
pants. ..(shh!!!). The entire team would not only 
like to proudly thank Mr. Elliott, Jeahan and 
Brittany for committing themselves to teaching 
a group of clowns, but to also letting us have 
the most fun we could possible have had that 
Saturday. Thank you all, and we can't wait until 
next year! 

Christine McLellan 

In the first term this year, the 
grade 5/6 soccer team came out 
to practice with their two coaches, 
iVliss Gallagher and Ms. Tweedie, 
at least twice a week. We 
worked hard on ball handling 
skills, passing and much, much 
more through rain and shine. 
Playing with extreme skill and 
spirit, the team achieved second 
place at the O.C.E.A.A. NE 
Regional Girls Soccer 
Championships. We were great 
and our season was very 
rewarding after we ended with 
not a single loss and just one tie. 
We would like to thank Miss 
Gallagher and Ms. Tweedie for 
their unrelenting support and 
encouragement during the 

Elizabeth Huffaker 

Team MembersiAmanda Meadows, Vanessa Assaly, Margo Vachon, 
Christiana McGovern, Stephanie Grand, Taylar Reid, Sarah Black, 
Kaleigh McMurray, Christine McLellan, Shika Dilawri, Alicia Timmons, 
Alicia Kerrigan, Ishani Nath, Alanna Mar, Dana Achtemichuk, Michaela 
McGee, Sarah Swift, Megan Halliwushka, Jasmine Rasuli. Coaches: 
Mr. Elliott, Brittany Hughes, Jeahan Kraya 

122 Sports 


' 1 

Team Members. Emily Baxter, Laurie Biewald, Justine Boomer, 
Rachelle Bonneville, Lindsay Bryden, Sarah Coyne, Anite E, 
Larisa Fulop, Julianne Hughes, Sandy Kechichian, Nikola 
Ruddy, Rachel Stein, Emily Alexander, Michelle Sleeth. 


am Members. Back Row (left to right): Catherine Wilson, Tamara Dolan, Cabrey Grey, Sandra 
harpe, Anneka Richmond, Katie Houghton, Alexandra McClenahan, Samira Salari, Carina 
halaby, Jessica Hardinge, Alex Keys, Liz Wilson, Nicola Lightstone, Alana MacEwen, Laura 
aley Caroline LeFort, Laure Pitfield, Katie Bifield, All Duret, Jess Allen, Erin O'Reilly Megan 
heung. Front Row (left to right): Mrs. Depooter (coach), Alex Nahwegahbow, Christine 
'Conner, Jaye Appotive, Eiissa Cohen, Luise Birgelen, Jen Pelland, Marielle McGovern, Annie 
irvan, Nazik Amdiss, Iris E, Steph Ramsay Absent: Alex Kirvan, Alix Dudley, Stephanie Fathi, 
ilex Patee, Ashley Laplante, Lauren MacLean, Karlye Wong, Anneka Richmond. 

Canadian National Team Visit 

The Elmwood Rugby Team had another 
successful year-our best team yet! We 
travelled to Halifax for the CMS National 
Championships at King's Edgehill School. It 
was a great tournament , lots of fun, we 
looked good, and we placed 6th overall. In 
the regular season, we finished in 2nd place 
with a 1 66-36 point record and only one 
loss. Unfortunately, we lost a tight game in 
the semi-finals, ending our season earlier 
than we expected. Congratulations to MVPs 
Katie Houghton and Laura Haley and MSP 
Stephanie Fathi. We say good-bye to the 
last of the original team from 4 years 
ago.. .best wishes to all. 

Elmwood School 123 

Track and Field 


Lorena Mason, Lizzie Howard, Courtney Smith, Katie Bifield 

When the snow was somewhat 
melted away, Elmwood runners 
bundled up and went out for training 
sessions. Ms. Christmas was our 
fearless leader and always wanting to, 
run... no matterthe weather. Even 
though there were limited training 
dates available at the track, we were 
able to compete at an Invitational 
meet. The girls did exceptionally well 
and were even inclined to try new 
events. At the following track meets, 
all of the girls successfully advanced 
in theirchosen events (including 
1 00m, 200m, throwing and jumping 
events, and most importantly, our 
awesome 4x1 00m relay!) Ms. 
Christmas has been an energetic and 
very enthusiastic coach. Her broad 
range of knowledge for track has been 
a wonderful asset toherteam. 
Congratulations to the Track Ladies 
and thank you for another great 
Alyson Mann 


IVIiddle School Track and Field Team 

124 Sports 



Coxswain-Emily Kent,Stroke Seat-Jessica Harris, 3 Seat-Catherine 
Wilson, 2 Seat-Arianne Buclian, Bow Seat-Chrissie Amundsen. 
Coach: Ms. Loenhart 

The senior women's crew had a brief but 
memorable season in the spring of 2003. 
Amidst the hustle of 3 members of the crew 
finishing credits for graduation, and 
completing IB exams, the crew proved they 
could rest on the experience of years past. 
With only a few practices under their oars, 
they finished well at the Montreal regatta and 
proved to their coaches that 'small engines 
rev higher'. They showed their moxie and 
earned their way to St. Catherine's infamous 
CSSRA's. When the big weekend of St. 
Catherines arrived the weather proved to be 
more than miserable. The girls slogged 
through mud, rain and unseasonable 
temperatures for a victorious first place finish 
in their heat. Saturday's competition saw 
the girls filled with nervous tension but they 
managed to channel it all into their semi-final 
heat and finished in the top 20 of North 
America. After the races were over, 
shopping and sight seeing were in order. 
The crew took a trip to Niagara Falls to enjoy 
the neon lights of the tourist strip. 
Congratulations to the girls on a successful 
final season! 

Elmwood School 125 

Water Polo 

Team Members: Front Row (left to right): Jessica Hardinge, Dorothy Binkley 
(captain). Second Row (left to right): Mary Jane Tingley (co-captain), Nicole 
Sleeth, Katie Houghton, Nazik Amdiss. Third Row (left to right): Talia Stein, 
Lauren MacLean, Caroline Hunt. Fourth Row (left to right): Jessica White, 
Luise Birgelen, Morgen Smith. Back Row (left to right): Sandra Sharpe, Jas- 
mine Baker, Jessica Loeb, Gillian Graham, Becky Allen, Mr. Elliott (coach), 
Tamara Dolan, Salma Ibrahim, Sarah McDonald. 

The Equestrian Teanri expanded its 

numbers this year to a total of eight riders. 

Amongst them was Anna Cameron, Maddie 

MacDonald, Emily Nadolny, Alexa 

Gendron-O'Donnell, Catherine Wilson, 

Kendra Atkins, Laura Haley, and myself. 

The team got together once a month, 

starting in October, to practice on a variety 

of different horses, coached by Amy 

Rathwell at Greenbelt Stables in Ottawa. 

Three of these girls moved on to compete in 

out annual horse show in Duncan, British 

Columbia, held by Queen Margaret's 

School. After only being given a day to 

practise on their mounts, whom they had 

never met, Maddie, Emily and Alexa rode 

exceptionally well, placing in the top five for 

each division. I had the pleasure of 

accompanying the girls as assistant coach 

once again, and am very proud of them this 

year. Thank you to everyone who showed 

so much enthusiasm for this team, it's been 

a wonderful year! 

- Rebecca Willems OAC 
126 Sports 

In the four years since Its creation, the 
Elmwood water polo team has battled 
doubt, cold, early mornings, injury taxis, 
and allegations of being cult-like. Despit 
all of this, the members of this year's 
water polo team would have made the 
founding players proud with their dedica 
tion, enthusiasm and endless energy 
(even at 6: 15 am in February!). Rookies 
and veteran players alike were cata- ' 
putted into the season with our tourna- 
ment and from then excelled in a whirl- 
wind schedule of practices and games. 
Though we were eliminated from playoflj 
in the first round, we gave the first place 
team a run for their money and set the 
tone for next year's team. On behalf of 
all the girls I'd like to thank Mr. Elliott for 
his guidance, MJ for her leadership and 
Julie's mom for making morning practicd 
so enjoyable. More importantly I'd like t( 
thank the team for four great years; you 
never cease to amaze me. GIRLS IN 

-Dorothy Binkley 


Team Members, (left to right): Ms. Caravan, Emily Nadolny Maddie 
MacDonald, Rebecca Willems, Alexa Gendron-O'Donnell, Amy 
Rathwell (coach). 

Elmwood School 129 

Senior Choir 

The dedication of this year's choir far outstripped that 
of Elmwood's past ensembles. Under the direction of 
IVIr. Palmai, we were given the opportunity to share our 
music at a number of venues throughout the year. On 
behalf of the senior choir, I would like to thank 
everyone who made this year's ensemble possible. 
Good luck to next year's choir in all its endeavors! 
Sabrina Browarski 

Choir Members: back row (left to right): Kaylyn Fraser, Monique 
Larson, Erin Horowitz, Sara Duplancic, Susan Shore, Kyla Dowden, 
Fiona Stewart, Dena El Sayed, Luise Birgelen, Chrissy Amundsen, 
Allie Knight, Katherine Morrison, Dalia Shabib. front row (left to right): 
Mr. Palmai (director), Mareille McGovern, Emily White, Caroline 
McLoughin, Sarah Yan, Jen Pelland, Sabrina Browarski, Nadia Ham 
Pong, Laura Doubleday, Jenny Cheetham,Alana MacEwen. Zoe 
Anderson, Marielle McGovern, Emily White, Sara Duplancic, Victoria 
Metz, Kaylyn Frasier, Susan Shore, Monique Larson, Amy Boyle, 

7/8 Choir 

The middle school choir was a small but dynamic group 
of students in grades 6-8. Every Tuesday afternoon they 
gathered in the music room to blend their voices together 
in song. They got a chance to show off their hard work at 
the Kiwanis Music Festival, where they took Gold in their 
class and were invited to participate in the Provincial 
competition by the adjudicator. Well sung. Mrs. Holt 

5B Holiday Concert 

Choir members: Julianne Hughes, Emily Baxter, Lisa Baillieul-Fine, 
Rachel Currie, Hannah Paterson, Olivia Scott, Ernestine Moore- 
Drolet, Lindsey Hunt, Lisa Cameron, Nikola Ruddy, Kylie Flynn, 
Alexis Martineau, Isabella Price, Sarah Coyne, Elena Clark, Eliza- 
beth Huffaker, Larissa Fulop, Stephanie Hunt 

130 Clubs 

Senior Orchestra 

The senior orchestra showed an amazing improvement 
this year, with such a large number of students 
participating. Performances included theChhstmas 
Concert, performing at CHEO, and the Spring Concert. 
We had a great time, and thank you to everyone who 
has been part of the orchestra this year! 

Sabrina Browarski nr^M^ a n^^h^^tr^ 

Grade 9 Orchestra 

Violin : Julia Betts, Christina Amundsen, Rosemary Tross, Maja 
)ampara, Monique Larson, Sara Duplancic, Marielle McGovern, 
ieather Armstrong, Caroline McLoughlin, Samira Salari, Jessica 
^oach, Sandra Sharpe, Monica Gallant, Tamara Dolan. Viola: Fiona 
)tewart, Rhiannon Derbyshire, Jennifer Tigner, Anjali Tejuja, Jessica 
Vhite. Cello : Jennifer Blakney, Emma Roberts, Kaylyn Fraser, 
^yesha Basi, Alix Dudley. Bass: Nicole Sleeth. 

String Ensemble 

his year, the chamber orchestra had a great year performing 
emanding pieces that challenged all of us. We became 
tronger as musicians as the year progressed, and we 
nproved significantly, pulling it together with the will to 
ucceed. Mr. Rudusiela's dedication and enthusiasm made 
very Thursday morning worth while, and he's been an 
ispiration to the entire chamber orchestra. We give our 
ifinite thanks to him, and wish the graduating chamber 
rchestra members the greatest luck in music for the future. 
\le performed at the children's hospital, the Holly Tea, The 
~.hristmas concert, the Christmas music concert at St. Baptist 
hurch and the final spring concert in April. For the first time, 
'e collaborated with the senior choir, playing the gorgeous 
iece, 'Stabat Mater'. The audience, experiences and 
iendships established were phenomenal, and our shared 
assion for music made the experiment unforgettable. 

hrissy Amundsen 

Violin: Julia Betts, Christina Amundsen, Heather Arnnstrong, 
Samira Salari, Jessica Roach. Viola: Rhiannon Derbyshire, 
Fiona Stewart. Cello: Jennifer Blakney. Bass: Nicole Sleeth. 
Conductor: Mr. Rudisuela. 

Honour Band 

The Honour Band is a new band for Elmwood 
middle school this year. This band is comprised 
of grade seven and eight students who, within 
the first four months of school, had excelled to 
the point where they needed a challenge to take 
them even further. They started practicing 
together in January, and by April were ready to 
compete in the Kiwanis Music Festival, where 
they took silver in their class. These girls 
practiced their lips off! Their hard work, and 
talent took them far in their first year. Just wait 
until you see what they do next year! Mrs. Holt 

Kirsten Boomer,Nora Dempsey, Sophie Goss, Hannah Paterson, 
Anisha Sinha, Jasmine Rasuli, Lisa Cameron, Rachel Currie, Kylie 
Flynn, Katie Yelle, Karin McDowell, Prashanthi Baskaran, Anita 
Malil<, Hilary Brown, Krina Merchant, Emily Mattiussi, RosaTran, 
Kimberly Fung, Sonia Hussein, Pamela Williams, Valerie Lemelin, 
Nikki Campbell, Margo Vachon, Alanna Mar, Emily Miller, Natasha 
Turner, Cecilia Culver-Grey, Olivia Scott, Annie O'Shea. 
Director: Mrs. Holt 

There is finally some Jazz in the middle 
school! Thanks to Ms. Holt, the Jazz Band practiced 
every Day 1 and 5. 

We played at the Elmwood Christmas 
concert where the theme was Around the World in 80 
Minutes. We played songs such as, Chillin', Blues in 
B flat. Jazz Prelude, The Pink Panther, and 
Caribbean Fever. All were a great success. 

The following are the members of the Jazz 
Band and the instrument they play: Sonia Hussain, 
Emily Mattiussi, Kimberly Fung, and Rebecca Chef 
on the alto saxophone, Megan Cody, and Annie-Claire 
Bergeron-Oliver on the tenor saxophone, Pamela 
Williams on the baritone saxophone, Kylie Flynn, 
Anita Malik, and Larissa Zajac on the clarinet, Valarie 
Lemelin on the bass clarinet, Nicole Campbell on the 
tuba, Samantha on the baritone, Margo Vachon on 
the trombone, Emily Miller, Erin Kerr, and Cecilia 
Culver Gray on the tumpet, and Megan Halliwushka 
playing percussion. 

There was a lot of enthusiasm from the girls 
in the Jazz Band. We would all like to say a HUGE 
thank you to Ms. Holt for coming out two days a cycle 
to direct us. Margo Vachon 
132 Clubs 

-Jazz Band 

Recorder Ensemble 

Chime Choir 

Chime Choir IVIembers: 

Taylor O'Dea, Masha Zarakhani, Reba 

unior School Drummers 

Elmwood School 1 33 

Junior Chess Club 

On Wednesdays at lunch in the Grade 2 classroonn, 
we have some enthusiastic chess players. The club isjjj';^.^ 
small so we are looking for new opponents. Come join it 
in on the fun. Just bring your own chess board and 
challenge one of the other members to a match. Ms. 

Multi-Talented- A French Son 

Middle School 

Under the guidance of "Super Sam" Dube, for three 
years now the girls have been learning to use their 
hands, feet, elbows, knees, heads (in more ways 
than one!) and anything available to deal with real- 
life situations. This year, they even choreographed a 
skit for Talent Night, highlighting the do's and don'ts 
of self-defence, entirely on their own! Ms. Milligan 

Club Members: Alex DeForge, Sarah Black, North 
de Pencier, Clare Funsten, Stephanie Shea, Amina 
Ibrahim, Arianna Sanelli, Erika Tilson, Alicia 
Timmons, ShaunaTurney, Elizabeth Maffet, 
Ernestine Moore-Drolet, Toika Kanters, Alexis 
Martineau, Rebecca LeFevre 

Senior School 


4-6 Clay Club 

Grade 4: 

Juliet Caragianis, Kelly Coultry, 
Julia Fottinger, Kelly Hunter, 
Christina Jacobsen, Lyndsay 
Kotarba, Heather McDonald, 
Taylor O'Dea, Charlotte O'Neill, 
Stephanie Pratapas, Priya 

Grade 5: 

Laura Brazeau, Talyor Flynn, 
Laura Haebe, Katherine Hales, 
Ruth Lark, Caroline Meierins, 
Vanessa Morgan Mziray, Kelly 
O'Connor, Eva Palumbo, Silya 
Shenassa, Jenny Shepherd, 
Michelle Sleeth, Lindsay 
Spooner, Kelly Richards, 
Caroline Tone, Sabrina 

Grade 6: 

Ashley Adams, Marisa Ashley, 
Lisa Baillieul-Fine, Alicia 
Bartlett, Sarah Coyne, Shilpa 
Goel, Ashley Hartman, Raisa 
Patel, Kate Portner 
Gartke,Christine Soong, Rachel 
Stein, Julie Sutton, Bronwyn 
Thomson, Sonya Wadhera. 

Elmwood School 135 

Senior Clay Club 

Clay club helps out on Dog Day 

Grade 9: Ghada Al-Hussaini, Sara Anderson, Zoe Anderson, Stephanie Berg-Riddell, Christine Johnston, Teagan 
Jones, Anna McKay, Emily White. 

Grade 10: Jessica Dhaliwal, Laura Doubleday, Caroline McLoughlin, Katherine Morrison, Dana Wong. 
Grade 1 1 : Jennifer Blakney, Sarah Pelow-Charbonneau, Nicole Sleeth. 
Grade 12: Julia Betts, Kyla Dowden, Laura Glowacki. 

Middle Clay Club 

Clay club helps out on Dog Day 

Grade 7: Nikki Campbell, Rebecca Cheff, Kylie Flynn, Kimberly Fung, Stephanie Hunt Samantha Lamontagne, 
Sam Lindsay, Alexis Martineau, Michaela McGee, Samantha Montgomery, Isabella Price, Vera Qi-Lin, Emily Rack, 
Jasmine Rasuli 

Grade 8: Sarah Black, Alexandra DeForge, Alexandra Fottinger, Sonia Hussain, Madie MacDonald, Elizabeth Maffet 
Jane Reisman, Arianna Sanelli, Margaret Seaborn, Stephanie Shea, Elly Smallwood, ErikaTilson, Pamela Williams 
Larissa Zajac. i 
136 Clubs 

Senior Debating 

\nais Kadian, Abanti Zakaria, Maja Campara, Habibat 
Baruba,Dena El Sayed, Blair Stein, Lara Zabel, Laura 
Blowacki, Crystal Sun. 

lost of the middle-school debating team got together 
)r a pool party last week, during which we figured out 
hat we wanted on our yearbook page. Here's what we 
ame up with. 

ebating with Ms. Laura Nelson as our coach was 
ispirational. Every one of us learned valuable life 
issons related to public speaking, self-confidence and 
elf-discipline. Lifetime friendships were created, 
jgardless of grade or social clique. Over various 
xcursions, including a train trip to Toronto for the 
unior Provincials, we bonded to such a degree that the 
lemories will stay in our hearts forever. Our 
henomenal year can only be described in one way, it 
'38 magical. 

iirls, I'm proud of all you acheived. I hope to see 
veryone out next year for more fun, hands-on 
ducation, and the opportunity to make new friends in 
n atmosphere of friendly competition. 

Desputo Ergo Sum "I debate therefore I am" Each one of us 
a had a unique reason to join the team this year: to better our 
public speaking or critical thinking skills, to learn about and 
debate current and historical, economic, political or 
environmental issues or to simply watch and be entertained. 
Our logical thinkers and persuasive speakers went to a 
couple of tournaments this year. At the McGill Highschool 
tournament, over 200 debaters were assembled and 
Elmwood arrived in the top 20 teams and top 10 speakers 
overall. We also engaged in "friendly" debates with the 
Ashbury team, and we had the opportunity to prepare a mini- 
debate showcase for the school. Our team this year also 
had two different coaches: Ritu Banerjee and Nathan 
McDonald. During our weekly after school and lunch debating 
sessions, we argued everything from closed shop labour 
unions, the sin tax, GMO's, foreign policy tools, the double 
cohort, and Canada's role in the war, to sending boy bands 
to outer space. And of course, each speech was marked with 
laughter, teasing, and heckling: "The opposition's argument 
was so clear, Mr Speaker, I could see right through it!" "Your 
speech was filled with 'Anaisisms'" "Yes Mr Speaker, eating 
junk food is not a sin, in fact studies show that these people 
are happy! Look at Santa Clause or the Pillsbury Doh boy!" 
"Here on the government side we have a plan: to wipe out all 
boy bands!" "We strongly believe that reality TV shows have 
the sole purpose of making fun of beautiful people!" 
"Remember girls. The Economist is your bible!" Those were 
some fun times... and remember if you can't dazzle them 
with brilliance, you have to baffle them. 
Anais Kadian 

Middle Debating 

Team Members: Clare Funston, Prashanthi Baskaran, Isabella 

Price, Rebecca Glover, Sarah Black. 

Stephanie Shea, Arianna Sanelli, Alex Fottinger, Shauna 

Turney, Elizabeth Maffett, Megan MacLean. 

Absent: North de Pencier, Ernestine Moore-Drolet. 

Elmwood School 137 


Back row: Lto R, Rhiannon Derbyshire, Nicole Sleeth, Lily 
Kadivar, Christine O' Connor, Lara Zabel, Samira Salari. 
Front row: L to R: Claire van Koughnett, Stephanie Kerrigan, 

Absent: Jen Pelland, Fiona Stewart, Jasmine Baker, Morgen 
Smith, Mrs Boyd. 

The Elmwood Robotics team for the 2002-2003 school year 
did not go to the CanadaFIRST robotics competition as it hai 
done in past years. Instead, we organized an intra-school 
competition. Under the guidance of Mrs. Boyd and with 
excellent help from our indispensable team leader Christine 
O'Connor, a small group of dedicated students in grades nine 
to twelve designed and built four robots. It took a long time 1 
get the teams started, but eventually the robots started to 
take shape, each one with a different personality. Each robe 
was built by a team from one of the four houses. Each tearr 
chose which wheels to use and what shape the robot would 
take. Fry House's robot, which was the first to be finished, i; 
a sleek racing car with small rubber wheels (about 30 cm fro 
front to back). Nightingale and Wilson came up with similar 
designs for more rugged cars with larger wheels (which the 
Wilson team had a lot of trouble attaching). The prize for 
innovation has to go to Keller house, whose two new robotic 
team members came up with a brilliant design for a cute 
three-wheeler. Congratulations to everyone who came out tci 
help, especially the very few dedicated students who stuck 
out until the end, and a big thank you to Christine, who had 
the idea for an inter-house robotics competition, and to Mrs. 

Claire van Koughnett 

Brain Ques 

For those of you who remember the student TV. 
program Reach For the Top, Brain Quest is an up 
dated version of this popular show. Students met 
with Mr. Yates and occasionally Ms. Milligan once 
a week to quiz each other on trivia in Canadian 
geography, history, politics etc. They are to be 
commended for their dedication as they spent 
their lunch hours drilling each other and even 
prepared at home in a workbook. All their hard 
work paid off . When they competed against 
schools from across the province, they finished 
second. Congratulations girls. All proceeds from 
the event went in support of the United Way 

Club Members: Rebecca Glover, North de Pencier, Krina 
Merchant, Annie O'Shea, Alex DeForge, Alex Fottinger, 
Prashanthi Baskaran. Coaches: Mr. Yates, Ms. Milligan 

Pastel Workshop 

Club Members: Maggie Thompson, Larissa Zajac, Jennifer 
Dunbar, Sarah Russell, Julia Betts, Nazia Charania, Riaz 
BasI, Ruth Lark, Alessandra Cinotti, Julia Hewitt, Reba 
Wilson. Artist in residence Dodie Smith. 


Creative Writing 

This year, after rigourous try-outs, several enthusiastic writers made the team: 

Ayla Fisk; Jen Blakney; Kayli Cooper; Eleni Deacon; Laura Doubleday; Kyla Dowden; Laura Glowacki; Katie King; Katherine 
Morrison; Alex Paterson; Sarah Russell; Caitlin Sears; Tamara Wilson; Talia Zajac 

Coach George met with the team once a week to discuss strategy, practice skills, and perfect technique. Many players showed 
progressive improvement over the course of the year and scored personal bests. Ayla, Kyla, Katie, and Talia came through for the 
team to score wins in our big game of the season — the Elmwood Senior School Creative Writing Contest. The award for Most 
Spirited Player goes to Kyla Dowden, our resident songwriter, whose melodious cheers helped us keep our game faces on all year 
long. MVP this year goes toTalia Zajac who completed her first novel. Team members battled their main opponent — writer's 
block — with courage and the true grit displayed by all real champions. Kudos and Brava! 

Elmwood School 139 


Classics club worked like crazy from September to May preparing for thie Ontario Students Classics Conference. The conference is comprised of eigliteeij 
scliools competing against each other in competitions based on ancient Greece and Rome. Most schools have teams of 30 to 45 students; Elmwood 
competed this year with a team of eight: Alex Billings, Alexa Gendron-O'Donnell, Stephanie Hewetson, Hannah McGechie, Caroline McLoughlin, Kristina 
Medow, Blair Stein, and Jessika White. Being one of the smallest teams at conference we managed to be tough competitors in all the competitions we 
entered, with the exception of slinging. With a skip in our step and fabric paint on our pants we managed to have great time while at conference. It was a 
great experience and taught each of us the true meaning of stress. No matter how much work or preparation we could have done during the year it could 
never have prepared us for the real deal. Spending so much time together we really became a close group. You know you've spent a lot of time together i| 
when eight teenage girls can recite in unison "No one will ever suspect me... the butterfly" while walking down crowded hallways or eating at the residence J 
cafeteria. Being the 35*" annual Ontario Students Classics Conference, Humberside hosted this year. The Elmwood team did very well in several competi- 
tions including the fashion show, one of the biggest and most popular competitions, Elmwood always does well. In accordance with the theme "Happy is he ■ 
who has been able to recognize the reason for things" the show looked at suffering and its causes. The narrator being Pythia (Jessika White) the oracle a * 
Dephi takes a look at three mortal women, Helen (Alex Billings), Cassandra (Blair Stein), Andromache (Caroline McLoughlin) and their pain. Then we ; 
showed the causes for all suffering in the world Pandora (Hannah McGechie) opens her box releasing Evil (Stephanie Hewetson) and Hope (Alexa 
Gendron-O'Donell). We place second with only a 1.5 difference between the first place team and our team. We worked very hard at the chariot competitior 
archaeology, and skit competition. We place first for school display, scrapbook, jewellery, and girls Frisbee toss. Steph placed 4'^ for her small model and I 
for her evil mask. We came in third for points per capita with 13.75 points per person.We owe many thanks to Amy Throop and Celine Bissonnette who 
accompanied us to conference and worked very hard judging competitions and keeping us in line. Mrs. Gillies and her team from Barrie Central helped us 
along the way at conference. We could never have gotten there without the help of the Administration and all the students in the club (Katie Crysdale, 
Rhiannon Debyshire, Morgen Smith, Jess Wilson, Emily Richardson, Emily Shore, Tamara Dolan, and Fiona Stewart). Above all else Ms. Ellison has all ou 
gratitude because she works harder than anyone else, being the head of all creative competitions at conference and managing to create a team of eight 
girls who can beat teams of 45 at anything to what they put their hearts. We look forward to next year with Barrie Central hosting and the theme of "Faith I 
Piety"." --Jessika White 


Not only is yoga an excellent physical 
practice, but the philosophical and spiritual 
doctrine upon which it is based is sure to bring 
heightened awareness to any practitioner. 
Through the teachings of Chetana Panwar, the 
yoga group was fortunate to learn the 
underlying postures of Sivanada Yoga, and to 
gain exposure to the philosophy that has 
capitvated much of the Eastern World for 
millennia. Manythanksto everyone, especially 
Chetana, who made this year's practice such 
an enjoyable experience. I wish the best of 
luck to next year's yoginis. Namaste. 
Sabrina Browarski 

istructor: Chetana Panwar 

lembers: Ayesha Basi, Sabrina Browarski, Veronica Howard, Stephanie Kerrigan, Alex Paterson, and 
Manon Wallenberger. 


his year's fencing team, comprised entirely of the founding 
sneers, has proven that dedication to a sport is the essence of 
ithleticism. Throughout the last four years, we have thoroughly 
njoyed having been exposed to as distinctive a sport as 
9ncing. A new Middle School Fencing Team was initiated this 
ear, which offered upcoming athletes practice in fencing. On 
lehalf of the fencers, I would like to thank our coach, Megan 
^psimon, for her unstinting support, and Dr. Kirby for initiating 
ie fencing program. Good luck to next year's fencers! 
Sabrina Browarski 

nstructor: Megan Apsimon 

Members: Julia Betts, Sabrina Browarski, Nazia Charania, 
Sarah Russell, and Talia Zajac. 

Elmwood School 141 

Storybook Club 

During the months 
of February and 
March some 
students from 
Grades One and 
Two participated 
in Storybook 
Birthday Parties. 
The children 
listened to stories 
about favourite 
storybook characters. 

Members included Jordan Donovan, Scout Frewer, Priyanka Goel, Trevor Haebe, Brendan Lucas, Rati 
Mamdani, Connor McLaren, Sarah Melloul, Priya Muradia, Alexa Naccarato, Bradley Nesrallah, Amelia 
Palumbo, Emilia Pawlisz , Rebecca Boucher, Tori Mclntyre, Mario Palumbo, Vaughan Rawes, Sarah Seward- 
Langdon, Justin Yan, Ms. Blagg and Mrs. McCaffrey. 

"Yes, I will cross the waters, 
Inhale the briny air, 
And follow the moon's clear path 
Where mermaids wouldn't dare." 
By Liz Rodriguez 

Dancing releases the mind and spirit, allowing the dancer to focus on the art. This is the Intention of the programme In the Junior Schoc 
Many of our dancers this year were quite young and their abilities varied considerably. None the less everyone worked to achieve a lev 
of poise, grace, movement, balance and rhythm which was greater than what they had started. The older students were challenged 
the art as well, working at the barre and perfecting the positions required of the programme. 

The final recital produced some Interesting choreography by the teacher, Ms. Fllleul assisted by Gwen Cowley, one of our Grade 
students. Our dancers took us to the seashore where the colours of the sea adorned our dancers; pink, blue, green and white. 
Have a wonderful summer dancers as you "frolic In the sea." \ 
142 Clubs 

^eer Helpers 

)er Helpers: Shalta Dicaire, Aleana Young, Anne Murphy, Nora 
jltan, Victoria Metz, Julie Pickering, Sarah McDonald, Caroline 
jnt,Sarah Quinn, Stephanie Ramsey, Jillian Normand, Rhiannon 

Jr. School Science Club 

This year the Peer Helping program took up where it left 
off, with five training sessions, a conference in April on 
Lake Couchiching and very successful leadership and 
goal setting conference late in May. Our program has 
expanded growing from the original 6 members to a group 
that incorporates students from grade's nine, ten, eleven 
and twelve. Our trip to Lake Couchiching was an exciting 
and eventful trip, and we were able to learn valuable 
skills from captivating and dynamic speakers (some of 
whom would later come to Elmwood to speak at our 
leadership conference), and meet other students involved 
in the Peer Helping program from all over Ontario. We 
have such wonderful girls involved in the program that I 
am sure it will be successful and appreciated by the 
school for many years to come. Many thanks to Ms. 
Bates for putting up with us, accompanying us on our 
trip, and helping us organize our conference, and to Ms. 
Bennett who trained us as Peer Helpers and was one of 
the organizers of the Lake Couchiching conference. 
Aleana Young 

Elmwood School 143 

French Club 


Back row: L to R, Mile Eaman, Sarah Black, Rebecca Glover, 
Kirsten Boomer, Mme Sabourin 

Front row: L to R, Alicia Timmons, Erica Tilson, Liz Maffet, Alex 
DeForge, Amina Ibrahim. 

Le jour 3, une douzaine d'eleves du niveau 
intermediaire se rencontraient dans la salle 201 pour 
jaser, partager de la bonne bouffe tout en ameliorant 
leur frangais de fagon amusante et en participant a des 
jeux, des conversations et des saynetes comiques. Le 
jeu le plus populaire a ete de loin celui du 'dictionnaire' 
ou le but est de choisir un mot que personne ne 
connait, puis d'inventer un tas de mauvaises 
definitions qu'on ajoute a la bonne et ensuite de 
deviner la bonne definition parmi toutes las possibilites 
partagees. Qa nous a fait tenement rire!! On aimait 
aussi jouer au 'Tabou' ou une joueuse faisait deviner un 
mot ou une expression a ses co-equipieres sans 
utiliser certains mots defendus ou tabous. 

Le Club de frangais nous a permis de nous 
detendre, de nous amuser, de passer quelques 
moments de repit entre amies au beau milieu d'une 
longue journee de cours. Un grand merci a nos profs, 
Mile Eaman et Mme Sabourin, qui ont pris I'lnitiative de 
nous offrir cette activite agreable. Bonnes vacances a 
toutes, et bonne chance I'annee prochaine!! 

Junior Arts & Crafts 

Sabrlna Villeneuve, Anuja Sinha, Charlotte O'Neill, Lyndsay 
Kotarba, Julia Fottinger, Stephanie Pratapas, Emily Alexan- 
der, Irena Wight, Caroline Mierins, Julia E, Bachel Garbutt, 
Silya Shenassa, Victoria Loeb, Heather McDonald, Jenny 
Shepherd, Monica Mikhaiel, Cleo Clatney, Taylor Flynn, 
Kelly Hunter, Laura Haebe. 

In January and February, we had Arts and Crafts Club; 
for Grades Four and Five. It was on Mondays from 3:3C 
to 4:30 p.m. 

Mrs. Johnson organized it. We did lots of fun things! 
made a painting of four hearts; we then had to make the 
hearts into something. Another thing was to make a 
painting of a flower, paint over the flower with dark blue 
paint, and stick it under the sink. Then let them dry. The 
third artwork we did was a pastel butterfly. I'm sure thall 
everyone enjoyed it, and I would love to do it again nex 
year! Julia Fottinger, Grade 4 

144 Clubs 



September-2002 ushered 
in not only a brand new 
school year at Elmwood, 
but also another year of 
wonderful memories to be 
recorded in Samara. With 
two new editors who were 
promising to be much 
more organized than last 
year, Samara hit the 
ground running with plans 
to completely revitalize 
the book. Trying to put up 
to 4 times the number of 

pictures than in past 
years, and 
accommodating a 
graduating class that 
created by far the largest 
Grad section in the history 
of the book, is by no 
means a small feat! We 
are quite pleased with the 
grad. section of the book. 
We not only have their 
graduation and baby 
photos in colour, but the 
also have at least 4 full 
colour photos per page. 
We wanted to up date the 
book by giving it a less 
formal look and one of the 
ways to do this was to 
create double page 
spreads. You'll see the 
effect in the new 
academic section. This 
section is the result of 
attending a workshop and 
seeing that most 
yearbooks have a part of 
their book devoted to the 
learning activities in the 
school. The result is tons 
of pictures of teachers 
doing what they do best- 

working with students. As 
always, our thanks go to 
Mr. and Mrs. McCabe who 
made our job easier by 
taking lots and lots of 
great photos and Mrs. 
Bradley for helping us put 
it all together. Mrs. 
Couture-Luk helped us 
with the Junior School. 
Hopefully, you will find 
things in the book that you 
had forgotten and the 
memory of them will bring 
a smile to your face. This 
is what Samara is asked 
to do year after year. It 
records the history of a 
year in the life of the 
school. How much of you 
you find here, will have 
depended on whether or 
not you seized the 
opportunities offered. If 
you said that you were too 
busy, or there was nothing 
that interested you, you 
sure missed out on a lot. It 
is with great pride that we 
bring you a record of 
2002-2003 school year at 


Clubs Clubs Student Life 

Club Members: Melissa Msimanga, Samaneh Salari, Dalia Shabib, 
Amy Boyle, Dena El Sayed, Kyla Macleod, Morgen Smith, Salma 
Ibrahim, Laura Glowacki, Caroline Boyle, Rhiannon Derbyshire (co- 
editor), Katie Crysdale (co-editor), Katie Lark, Melissa Partridge, 
Nicola Burke, Jennifer Tigner, Crystal Sun, Jessica White. 

Elmwood School 145 


Senior Improv 

Improv this year has been a real learning 
experience. For the first time in Elmwood 
history, we participated in the Improv Games. 
Under the direction of Ms. Doig and Ms. 
McCurdy, the team worked hard learning the 
basic rules of Improv. We collaborated to 
come up with some excellent scenes and { 
everyone's hard work paid off. People were j 
certainly impressed by Elmwood's talent anc 
enthusiasm. The team is made up of 
interesting, clever and creative girls whose 
determination set us apart in the Games. 
Thanks again to Ms. Doig and Ms. McCurdy, 
who helped us to succeed. Good luck to next 
year's team, we know you're going to do a 
fabulous job! 

Team Members: Kristen Shamess, Sarah Charbonneau, 

Laura Doubieday, Katherine Morrison Kristen Shamess and Sarah Charbonneau 

This year the Middle School Improv team 
was much larger than last year. In fact most 
members were in grade six and seven. We 
met in a variety of locations-the meeting 
place being as much of an impromptu 
decision as the games themselves. 
The team started with fairly simple improv 
warm-up games, or drills, and quickly worked 
their way up to improvising entire scenes 
based on information provided by the 
audience (usually Ms. D and Ms. Potter Mai). 
We like to think of this as stacking the deck 
when it comes to building a solid competitive 
team in high school. Based on the 
enthusiasm and skill this year, Elmwood is 
assured a strong senior Improv team for 
years to come. 

Ms. Doig 

146 Clubs 

Middle Improv 

Team Members: Katie Yelle, Samantha Lamontagne, Cecilia 
Culver-Grey Rachel Stein, Larrisa Zajac, Marisa Ashley Eri 
Kerr, Julie Sutton, Stephanie Hunt, Lindsey Hunt, Sophia Lai 
Bronwyn Thomson, Raisa Patel. 

Ms. Doig, Ms. Potter-Mai (coaches) ^ 

Math Olympics 

1,, >, ' . f« 

Team Members: Stephanie Hunt, Hannah Paterson, 
Alex Fottinger. Absent: Alex DeForge. Mrs. Clubine 

Science Olympics 

Four Middle School students comprised the 
team for the Math Olympics competition this 
year. Grade 7 students Hannah Paterson and 
Stephanie Hunt with Grade 8 students Alex 
DeForge and Alex Fottinger formed a team 
with Ashbury. The students met at lunch to 
expand their minds with challenging Math 
activities and ideas. On the competition day, 
Sat. April 26/03, they were met by 60 other 
teams from across the Ottawa Carleton 
Public and Catholic Board as well as other 
independent schools. 

They participated in a wide variety of activi- 
ties ranging from Super Tangrams to break- 
ing codes in Cryptology. Although the team 
did not place in the medals, they enjoyed the 

Mrs. Clubine 

Team Members: Jasmine Baker, Hope Villeneuve, Ayla Fisk, 
Anneka Richmond, Heather Armstrong, Rhiannon Derbyshire, 
Jessica Tien, Crystal Sun, Jen Tigner, Maja Campara, Abanti 
Zakaria, Prashanthi Baskaran, Sammie Lindsay. Coach: Julie 


Elmwood School 147 

Amnesty International 

back row: left-right: Manon Wallenberger, Julie Pickering, 
Katja Scholz, Samira Salari, Nicky Lightstone, Morgen 
Smith, Jessica White, Salma Ibrahim, Rhiannon 
Derbyshire, front row: left-right: Katie Crysdale, Anais 
Kadian, Nicole Sleeth. 

The word otakuis commonly used to describe 
fans of Japanese Animation. In a literal 
translation, the word otaku is Japanese for 
fanatic, describing a member of the geek 
subculture. It's really supposed to be a 
derogatory expression. 
Despite this, we managed to round up the 
people that don't mind being called otaku, 
and we made a club for anime fans to learn 
about the Japanese culture we love so much. 
Our first year was quite successful. We 
stomped along to Dance Dance Revolution, 
had a sushi party, were given cookies by our 
new Japanese sister school, and, of course, 
we watched anime whilst eating large 
quantities Pocky. 

Being and otaku has never been so much 
fun, especially since it gives you an excuse 
to watch TV in school! Let's hope the club 
starts up again next year, to spread the 
message to the masses: anime isn't a 
cartoon; it's a way of life! 
Jessica Wilson 

148 Clubs 

For the first time at Elmwood, a group of girlj 
have been meeting up once a week at lunch 
for the Amnesty International Club. About 15 
of us came together to discuss current is- 
sues, political events, and ways in which we 
could help. Early in the year we took on the 
project of defending Amina Lawal, and cre- 
ated a beautiful petition in her honor which 
we have sent to a Women's Rights Group in 
Nigeria. We also took up long-term action to 
help the people of Western Africa through 
various other organizations. We planned a 
civies day for the school in the name of 
Amina Lawal and were able to hand out 
information for the students on various days. 
We have achieved so much in our first year, 
hope the group will become a permanent 
part of Elmwood! 
Anais Kadian 


back row: left-right: Stephanie Hjartarson, Ayla Fisk, Jasmine Bake 
Jessica Wilson, Emily Richardson, Jennifer Blakney, Kayli Cooper 
front row: left-right: Jennifer Pelland, Caroline Leslie, Susan Shore. 


Creative Writing Contest Winners 

Betta Splendens Moribundus 

By Talia Zajac 
Best Poem Gr. 12 

Quietly you lie on your side, 

Your copper eyes looking anxiously 

Round and round and round: 

The Siamese emperor's boxer, 

Encased in chain mail, 

A floating Byzantine mosaic: 

Scarlet, gold and summer-evening purple. 


Still Saint Francis' brother. 
Your coat the many jeweled hues 
Joseph's must have been. 

I have been warmed. 

Helped to learn of Adam's duty to 

All creatures great and small. 

Pathetic and pitiful, you are 
A living paintbrush stroke... so 
I feel a pang within me when 
I look down on a 
Little white tumour on 
Your little finned frame. 

A Stormy Day 

By Sonya Wadhera 
Best Poem Gr. 6 

The clouds are dark 

It's about to rain. 
The clouds start to 

As if there is pain, 

The winds starts to 

Blowing the leaves. 
Lightning strikes 
Shaking the trees, 

It seenns like a dragon 

Is flapping its wings, 

As fire comes out of its mouth 

As it sings, 

The rain starts to drop 
And the clouds come together, 
The sun doesn't dare come out 
In this type of weather, 

Slowly the rain 
Comes to an end, 
And the sun comes out 
With happiness to send 

On the White Cliffs of Dover 

By Rebecca-Rose Loeb 
Best Poem: Gr. 7 

On the white cliffs of Dover, shrouded with gray mist 
There sits a lady dressed in white, she has beautiful 
sapphire eyes. 

She stares directly towards the white, raging sea, 

She sits there like a statue. 

A majestic marble statue. 

Silently, she gets up, trailing her white gown 

behind her. 

She stands before the sea 
Before her death! 

She dives gracefully into the perilous sea, never to 
be seen again. 

A pure white dove rises from the 

The dove had deep sapphire eyes, and 
is cooing softly 

The Sea 

By Clare Funston 
Best Poem Gr. 8 

The sea takes its time, takes its own sweet time. 
Combing beaches with a careless ease, 
It picks up a stone, running wave over line. 
Tugging gently on wrinkle and crease. 

Turning it over in perceptive hands. 
Draws every mark, every dent, every wave, 
Beholds a beauty, shaped of no demand. 
Life captured by each delicate scar engraved, 

Held now softly, in the ocean's hand, 

The lines grow weary, tired and old. 

As the stories of the world are swept up in the sand. 

And with time, another stone is formed. 

Yes, the sea takes her own sweet time. 

Writing stories in the cooling sand. 

And she smiles to herself as she thinks up a rhyme. 

Of a stone she once held in her hand. 

150 Art and Lit 



By Raisa Patel 
Best Poem Gr. 7 

Darkness. Just that word sends chills down my spine. 

It looms around me. 

It is closing in around me. 

Now I hear screams. Low bloodcurdling screams. 

Noise enveloppes me. 

My eyes shut. I see nothing. 

Sweat drips down my forehead. 

Now a shimmering wave caresses me. 

I start to see things now. 

But the shape turns terrible. 

It is a blob that turns into a child's worst nightmare. 

I try to scream, but my throat utters no sound. 

I try to run, but my legs are heavy. 

I cannot escape. 

I do not know where I am. 

Now it is still darkness. 

I feel around me. 

I seem to be floating, but on what? 
The screams continue. 
Heat sweeps over me. 

I try to glance about, but my eyes won't budge. 
Now I cannot move. 
My stomach churns. 

Then an icy blow swirls into a misty shadow. 
What is it? 

I feel no pain, but I am crying. 

The screaming drones on. 

I am shivering slightly. Then I start to shake. 

Suddenly, there is complete darkness. 


It is over. 


By Larissa Zajac 
Best Poem Gr. 8 

A single low tone. 

Then a voice cuts through the silence. 

More, more join in. 

They build up, gather momentum. 

Stronger, richer, faster, faster 


I am lifted up. 

Closing my eyes, 

I see colors and textures, 

Waving like flags 

And flowing together beautifully 

To create a mosaic. 

But more alive. 

More abstract. 

Beneath the Twisted Sheets 

By Ayla Fisk 
Best Poem Gr. 9 

The last thought that hurdled 
Through the mountains of my mind, 
Hardly reached the jagged peaks 
Before it tumbled down through time. 
Perhaps if the sky was clear and 
The goblet's fluid never boiled 
Perhaps we would have stayed longer 
Or would have harder toiled. 
Dramatics held no significance 
We chose the anticlimactic end, 
The only noise the sighs of life 
As its finish was slowly end. 
The hours before had resonated 
Tension building wildly before relief 
But prophetic speeches had finished 
Leaving a bleached version of grief. 
Sliced version of our flesh had 
Been offered, sacrificed and held, 
With gritty blood having left tattoos 
That repelled even as they excelled. 
The true last thought given 
Before my mind's power began to seep 
Was how beneath the twisted sheets 
Our sculptured scars had made some 

It moves, it flows, 
With such incredible intensity 
And the vibrations envelop me 
Like a silken cloth. 

A thousand layers, 
A thousand feelings. 
Flowing in perfect harmony. 

Softer, then softer still. 
It moves into the distance. 
But the feeling remains. 
Ringing in my ears. 

Elmwood School 151 



Kyla's Future 

By Kyla Dowden 

Best Short Story Winner Grade 12 

1 am engaged to my computer engineer boyfriend, 
Leotard McStocking, wiio is half my height. We are 
living in Quebec in a high-rise. We are ecstatically 
happy together. We have one dog called Sally, whom 
Leotard REALLY loves, because they have known 
each other casually for about six years. 1 have my 
own pet fish, Fluffy, to whom 1 am particularly at- 
tached. The four of us spend every waking hour 
together. We have a Friday night game night in which 
we play yatzee and monopoly, until... 1 wake up one 
morning to find myself in an empty bed. 1 walk 
around the apartment to find that Sally is gone too. 1 
am alone with Fluffy. 

1 find a note on the fridge. It reads "yes, 1 can 
write." 1 look around. 1 am scared. 1 hear noises - 
faint laughing. It is coming from the corner of the 
kitchen. FLUFFY! He has look of mischief in his 
eyes. "Fluffy" 1 say, "Where are Leotard and Sally?" 
he swims around in three circles. "1 ate Leotard and 
sold Sally" he replies, laughing. 1 scream. Then cry. 
Then leave the apartment. 1 must start a new life. 


By Talia Sechley 

Best Short Story Winner Grade 9 

Idle hours inch by as 1 float, never caring, never 
wanting, not even thinking that it is possible to care or 
want. It is strange, when your own problems seem to 
rest on others' shoulders, and you do not even feel 

Of course, 1 am Companion, Sympathiser, Answer, 
Genius, and Inspiration. 1 am confided in, complained 
to, envied, and trusted with someone's deepest, 
darkest secrets - sometimes. Sometimes 1 am an 
essential part of someone's day; an oasis; the only 
sane part of their somewhat difficult life. 1 bring 
someone back to earth when her head is stuck in the 
clouds because 1 listen. 

1 can be ridiculous, and yet 1 am never ridiculed; 
foolish, but never criticized. 1 wander in my own little 
world, oblivious to those around me, and yet 1 fail no 
one's expectations. 

You might say that 1 have a fine life, that 1 am 
happy, and truth be told, you would not be too wrong, 
yet there is one thing that bothers me: 

1 am lonely. 


Starry Night 

By Williamina Deneault 

Best Short Story Winner Grade 9 

My name is Isabella Bernard. My few friends used 
to call me Izzy, but now I'm alone. 1 ran away from 
home after my dad died and my Mom didn't know 
what to do except drink and go out with guys who 
treated her badly. One day in June, 1 was getting 
ready for school when my Mom and then her boy- 
friend, Jeff, got in another argument. 1 could tell he 
was obviously drunk and that he didn't care what he 
did or what happened. He started yelling at me and 
my Mom was crying in the background. She had a 
bleeding nose and 1 could tell he had hit her. 1 saw her 
shriveled up in the corner and as he yelled more and 
more 1 went for him. 1 took his arm and tried to swing 
him around, but he was stronger and pushed me to 
the ground, 1 tried to fight back but he was too big. 1 
could hear my Mom in the background yelling at him, 
telling him to get off me, to leave me alone. He 
started hitting me and all 1 could see was my Mom 
coming up to him. She pulled him away from me and 
told me to run away. 1 ran and as 1 ran all 1 could hear 
was my Mom... 


By Marielle McGovern 

Best Short Story Winner Grade 1 0 

1 sat on the windowsill paralyzed by silence and 
bitter cold. This large room always seems filled with 
the chill brought with the winter winds that gust 
through the peculiar corridors. As 1 sat on the 
embroidered cushion 1 felt enveloped by the sadness 
that encompassed this room since Jonathan's death. 
Previously, this room had been my favorite. It has 
soaring ceilings that were painted with mischievous 
sprites and creatures scurrying about the thick 
woodlands of Ireland. The furniture was hand crafted 
to resemble the mural covering the ceiling. The 
chairs and bureaus were a deep mahogany color and 
were made with sturdy oak. They would keep their 
lustre for centuries to come. The towering book- 
shelves were filled with thousands of my late 
husbands preferred readings. 1 peered intently 
through the patterns of ice that had formed on the 
windowpane. These mosaics were eerily beautiful as 
the various shapes were intertwined across the 

152 Art and Lit 

Why the Wolf hunts the Caribou 

By Isabella Price 

Best Short Story Winner Grade 7 

The wolverine passionately hated the wolf and took every 
chance to cause ill to her. The seal, the musk ox, and the 
caribou all knew of this. The wolf did not, though the other 
animals thought she did. One winter's night, the wolf gave 
birth to three beautiful pups. She loved them fiercely, and 
she taught them all she knew of the world. The wolverine 

j was wandering near the den of the wolf, was asked by the 
wolf to guard her pups, while she went out to drink water 
in a nearby lake. The wolverine, wishing to do harm to the 

I wolf, crept into her den, and ate her pups, one by one. The 
wolverine enjoyed his task, but afterwards he realized that 
he couldn't get the blood off his muzzle. The, he had an 
idea. Creeping up to the caribou, who was sleeping a few 
paces from the cave with her calf, he smeared some of the 
blood from his own muzzle on to the caribou. 

The Other Woman 

By Katie King 

Best Poem Grade 10 

It's been two years since she last saw his face, 
It's been two years since she's felt his breathe on 
her cheek. 

His scent on her skin, 
His whisper in her ear. 

She left him, without a trace, to find something new, 

something safe. 

But she couldn't let go, 

She kept all his e-mails, phone calls, and keeps 

them to remember him by. 

Today is the day that she will see that face again, 

Today she will tell him how much she loves him. 

She's in her car, parked by the side walk. 

She takes some pink lipstick, his favorite one, and 

presses it against her thin, soft lips. 

She steps out of the car, into a new world. 

With love, and laughter, and just him and her. 

Her golden hair tussles in the wind, 

She's wearing the sting of pearls he gave her the 

day she left. 

She walks up the steps that feel like forever. 

She knocks on the door, and waits to hear his soft 

footsteps come to meet her. 

She hears someone, her heart begins to pound. 

Today is the day she will tell him. 

The door opens, and it's someone else... another 


She has soft dark hair, and a smile on her face, 
Her belly is round, and she carries a child in her 
chubby hands. 

It's all over, all over... how could she be so stupid as 
to let this happen? 

She can't speak, for if she does she'll know the truth, 
That there's another woman. 

The Answer at your Fingertips 

By Forrest Hartman 

Best Short Story Winner Grade 7 

Melissa's dark skin tingles with excitement. Her blue 
eyes danced in wonder as she raced out of the closet and 
off to her 'laboratory' high up in the attic on the fourth 
floor. She took her magnifying glass and examined the 
brooch from all angles. When she held it at what she 
figured was 130 degrees, it looked semi-transparent, and 
there seemed to be something in the middle. She 
suddenly realized that she hadn't even looked at the 
scrap of paper that was also in the little hole. In fact she 
had forgotten to bring it upstairs with the brooch. 

She raced out of the little lab, slid down the two 
banisters and hurried right by her Great Grandmother's 
bedroom. She came to a stop in front of the closet with 
the blue tiles. She found the crevice again and grabbed 
the paper. It almost fell to bits in her hand. 

"Yikes, I better hold this carefully," Melissa thought, 
and back up the stairs she went. 

In her room again, she slowly opened the bent piece of 
dried paper. Some of the words had almost worn away 
with age. This is what she could make out; 

Dear Dora; 

Pleas_ forg_v_ me. 0_en t br_ oc_b_brushing th 

t_p d_w_ a_d pulling o_t_e jew_l. 
L_v_ Ed_a_d 

The Not-so-Perfect Powers 

By Katie Portner Gartke 
Best Short Story Grade 6 

When upstairs in the safety of her bedroom. Berry 
whipped out her science homework and laid it on her bed. 
"I've got to find out!" Berry said out loud. "Find out what?" 
her brother, John, asked, stepping into the room. "Whether 
or not I have special powers," she said, knowing very well 
that her brother wouldn't believe her. "Whatever," John 
said, and walked down the hall to his room. 

Berry shut the door and took a deep breath. She closed 
her eyes, and pointed her finger at her science homework. 
She then whispered, "I wish it were done." She stayed still 
for a moment, and the opened her eyes. There, lying on 
the bed was her completed science homework. "It worked!" 
she screamed, jumping on the bed, "It really, really 
worked!" "Are you alright Berry?" her mother called up the 
stairs. "I've never been better," she replied, giving herself a 
smile in the mirror. 

At that moment, a cry came from John's room at the end 
of the hall. Berry raced to her brother's room and flung 
open the door. There sat John, clutching his hand, which 
had a big piece of lead sticking out of it. "What happened?" 
Berry asked. "Oh, I uh...l accidentally stuck my pencil lead 
in my hand. I know it sounds stupid, but I was trying to put it 
into my pencil." "Well, you should try and be more careful, 
then!" Berry said, and plucked out the lead. 

Elmwood School 153 


By Morgen Smith 
Grade 10 

O fickle lust of the minds eye 
A serpent entwined around a rose 
Sweet lies enveloping the subtle beast 
But, how could a rose dote on a simple fern? 

Once hazy horizons are lifted 
By a simple glance, a friendly word. 
All-consuming passion once flowing freely 
Is stopped by the hard barriers of society. 


Forgotten in the presence of the Important 
Breaking to pieces. 

Left to resume, the cold position of exclusion. 

Rebeca Glover, Erica Weinstein and Arianna Sanelli Gr. 8 

160 Art and Literature 

A sunny morning heralded the beginning of a journey back in tinne for our juniors on Friday, June 6. Everyone boarde 
the buses to travel to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum for the day. Some of the students and staff fell right int 
the spirit of the event, and arrived at school that morning dressed in the attire of the late 1800's, or early 1900's. Ther 
were coveralls, straw hats, long skirts and dresses, shirts and vests, and even boots to walk the dusty roadways. 
The morning was spent with the museum's interpreters. Each class visited all of the sites such as the old school hous( 
the Vars train station, the antique fire hall, the church, and two old homes. Our lunch was eaten in the shade under th 
pavilion. Ice cream cones were an added treat for all. In the afternoon everyone had a chance to visit the farm animal 
and have a ride on the wagon. The band shell became a great place for a little old time dancing too. 
The day went by so quickly that before we knew it, we were back in the year 2003 and heading towards our school. , 
was a super day for all even if we had to say farewell to our Grade 5's as they move on into the main school building 
and to Rebecca Willems, our devoted prefect. Good luck to all of you! 

Elmwood School 1 63 

Junior School Closing 






Information Studies 



Physical and Health Education 
Social Science 
Sciences Sociales 


5 Laura Haebe 

5 Vanessa Morgan Mziray 

5 Katherine Hales 

5 Rebecca Wilson 

5 Kelly O'Connor 

5 Julie E 

5 Madeleine Newton 

5 Emily Alexander 

5 Caroline Mierins 

5 Jacki McMurray 

5 Rachel Garbutt 

4 Heather McDonald 

4 Priya Wadhera 

5 Haley Abugov 
5 Jenna Wilson 


House points are given for academic performance, leadersliip responsibilities, athletic participation, membership in clubs, and for 
helpful and co-operative behaviour. Students who have accumulated 1 50 points by Grade 5 are awarded the Emerald "E". 
This year, the following students are awarded the Emerald "E" for their academic achievement, participation, enthusiasm and spirit. 
Haley Abugov, Julia E, Katherine Hales, Caroline Mierins, Rebecca Wilson 


Katherine Hales 

Presented to the student who has demonstrated through voluntary activity a sense of civic responsibility, a spirit of co-operation 
and a commitment to school life and the continued success of Elmwood. 


Awarded to the outstanding student in the Junior School best demonstrating proficiency in English Literature, particularly in the 
field of poetry 

164 Finale 

Middle School Closing 

Merit Awards 

Merit Awards are awarded to students in Grades 6-8 with 
year averages of 80% or over. 

Grade 6 

Ashley Adams, Marisa Ashley, Alicia Bartlett, Sara 
Bastianelli, Emily Baxter, Laurie Biewald, Justine Boomer, 
Rachelle-Zoe Bonneville, Lindsay Bryden, Maria Elena Clark, 
Sarah Coyne, Sophia Dhalla, Anita E, Larissa Fulop, 
Caroline Garel-Jones, Shilpa Goel, Elizabeth Huffaker, 
Lindsey Hunt, Sandy Kechichian, Sophia Lai, Katherine 
McDonald, Alison Miller, Kaya Nagayo, Raisa Patel, Kate 
Portner -Gartke, Nikola Ruddy, Sarah Shaikhali, Christine 
Soong, Rachel Stein, Julie Sutton, Bronwyn Thomson, Sonya 


Dana Achtemichuk, Ashley Babcock Brooks, Anneka 
Bakker, Prashanthi Baskaran, Nicolle Bonar, Hilary Brown, 
Julia Campbell, Nicole Campbell, ShamilaCharania, Rebecca 
Cheff, Megan Cody, Rachel Currie, Kylie Flynn, Kimberly 
Fung, Sophie Goss, Maja Greenspon, Stephanie Hunt, 
Rachel Hutchinson, Toika Kanters, Elizabeth Kelly, Erin Kerr, 
Samantha Lamontagne, Rebecca Le Fevre, Valerie Lemelin, 
Jennifer Le Pan, Samantha Lindsay, Rebecca-Rose Loeb, 
Alanna Mar, Karin McDowell, Kaleigh McMurray, Krina 
Merchant, Anita Malik, Alexis Martineau, Sarah Merkley, 
Annie O'Shea, Hannah Paterson, Isabella Price, Jasmine 
Rasuli, Vera Qi-Lin, Emily Rack, Olivia Scott, Anisha Sinha, 
Sarah Swift, Rosa Iran, Rachel Witherspoon, Katie Yelle, 
Dana Zhalko-Tyarenko. 

Secondary School Entrance Scholarsliips 

Sarah Black, Alexandra DeForge, Emma Duret, Alexandra 
Fottinger, Sonia Hussein, Alicia Kerrigan, Meaghan MacLean, 
Elizabeth Maffett, Emily Mattiussi, Christiane McGovern, 
Ishani Nath,Taylar Reid, Stephanie Shea, MargoVachon, 
Larissa Zajac. 


ouse points are given for academic performance, leadership responsibilities, athletic participation, membership in clubs and for 
elpful and co-operative behaviour. In order to win a House Letter, a total of 1 50 points from Grades 6-8 must be accumulated, 
e following students are honoured for their academic achievement, participation, enthusiasm and spirit. 

he Silver "E", for the accumulation of 300 points from Grades 6-8 is awarded to: Sarah Black, North de Pencier, Alexandra 
ottinger, Christiane McGovern, Christine McLellan, Taylar Reid. 

165 Elmwood School 


Grades 9-11 Closing 


Merit Awards are awarded to students in Grades 9-11 with year averages 
of 80% or over. 

Grade 9 

Nazik Amdiss, Jasmine Baker, Alex Billings, Mamie Brown, Virginia Brown, 
Sarah Buctian, Anna Cameron, Jenny Ctieetham, Megan Cheung, Sophie 
Chiasson, Erin Coultry, Gwen Cowley, Willie Deneault, Iris E, Ayla Fisk, Maura 
Furlong-Maclnnis, Amanda Garbutt, Kerri Haynes, Stephanie Hjartarson, Erica 
Hoe, Erin Honwitz, Elizabeth Howard, Katharine Howard, Christine Johnston, 
Teagan Jones, Caroline Kingston, Anne Kirvan, Rosemary Lazier, Lorena 
Mason, Anna McKay, Kate Meehan, Alexandra Mierins, Alex Pattee, Sarah 
Quinn, Parysa Salemi, Talia Sechley Angela Skaff, Blair Stein, Nora Sultan, 
Courtney Smith, Stephanie Tannis, Jessica Thompson, Marisha Tardif, Sandra 
van der Jagt, Emily White, Elizabeth Wilson, Karlye Wong. 
Grade 10 

Maryam Al-Ali, Stephanie Arsenijevic, Ayesha Basi, Luise Birgelen, Kate Bifield, 
Maja Campara, Laura Doubleday, Alix Dudley, Sara Duplancic, Kaylyn Fraser, 
Alexa Gendron-O'Donnell, Gillian Graham, Laura Kerrigan, Katie King, 
Alexandra Knight, Monique Larson, Jade Legault, Karen Leung, Nicky 
Lightstone, Agathe Maire, Alexandra McClenahan, Hannah McGechie, Marielle 
McGovern, Kristina Medow, Katherine Morrison, Emily Nadolny, Sandra 
Sharpe, Morgen Smith, Crystal Sun, Jennifer Tigner, Jessica Venables, 
Jessica White, Sarah Yan, Abanti Zakaria. 
Grade 11 

Christina Amundsen, Heather Armstrong, Jennifer Blakney, Katie Crysdale, 
Ridhi Davada, Rhiannon Derbyshire, Shalta Dicaire, Alexandra Duret, Sarah 
Edwards, Aleana Fullerton-Young, Neha Goel, Nadia Ham Pong, Caroline Hunt, 
Salma Ibrahim, Anais Kadian, Alexandra Keys, Alexandra Kirvan, Shafaq Latif, 
Marion Liang, Jessica Loeb, Lauren MacLean, Sarah McDonald, Victoria Metz, 
Laurence Mouttham, Anne Murphy Julie Pickering, Laure Pitfield, Stephanie 
Ramsay, Anneka Richmond, Samira Salari, Katja Scholz, Nicole Sleeth, Anjali 
Tejuja, Jessica Tien, Mary Jane Tingley, Claire van Koughnett, Catherine 


The following students are honoured for their academic achievement, 
participation, enthusiasm and spirit. 

The Golden "E", for the accumulation of 500 House Points from 
Grades 9-12, is awarded to: Rhiannon Derbyshire 


The Margaret White Scholarship: Emma Godmere 

Academic Scholarships: Ayesha Basi, Laura Doubleday, Alix Dudley, Sara 
Duplancic, Alexa Gendron-O'Donnell, Laura Kerrigan, Karen Leung, Hannah 
McGechie, Marielle McGovern, Sandra Sharpe, Sarah Yan, Abanti Zakaria. 

Old Girls' Scholarship 
Campeau Foundation Scholarship 
Norma Davies Scholarship 
Milena Sigmund Scholarship 


Jennifer Tigner 
Christine Johnston 
Katherine Morrison 
Morgen Smith 

Margaret Doetsch Cup for Senior Latin 1 1 Rhiannon Derbyshire 
Outstanding Effort Award 1 1 Shafaq Latif 

Samara Editor's Award 1 1 Katie Crysdale 

1 1 Rhiannon Derbyshire 

Parents & Friends Association Award 

1 1 Rhiannon Derbyshire 

Judy and Margot Toller Memorial Award 

1 1 Sarah Edwards 

1 1 Catherine Wilson 

Fiona Nicolson Creativity Prize 10 Caroline Boyle 
Vice Principal's Leadership Award for Initiative 10 Luise Birgelen 

11 Julie Pickering 

Academic Excellence Awards (For Excellence in Many Subjects) 
Civics, English, French, Histoire, Math, Physical Education, Science 
and Spanish 9 Sarah Buchan 

English, French, Histoire and Science 9 Blair Stein 
French, Geography, Latin, Physical Education,and Science 

9 Karlye Wong 

French, Histoire, Math and Science 10 Luise Birgelen 
Art, Drama, French, History, Math, Science and Spanish 

10 Laura Doubleday 
Drama, English, French and Music 10 Sara Duplancic 
Art, Drama, English, French, Histoire, Latin and Math 

1 0 Katherine Morrison 
Chemistry, French and Functions/Relations 1 1 Alexandra Duret 
Art, Classics, French, Functions/Relations and Physics 

1 1 Claire van Koughnett 

Subject Awards 



Sarah Yan 


Ayla Fisk 



Sarah McDonald 

Career Studies 


Anne Kirvan 

Chemistry (Grade 11) 


Agathe Maire 



Catherine Wilson 

Communications Technology 10 

Maryam Al-Ali 


Jessica Tien 



Willie Denault 


Ayesha Basi 


Anne Murphy 



Jessica Tien 



Ayla Fisk 


Alix Dudley 


Stephanie Ramsey 



Alexandra Mierins 


Rosemary Lazier 


Caroline Hunt 

French (Extended) 


Jenny Cheetham 


Alexa Gendron-O'Donnel 


Laurence Mouttham 


Anais Kadian 



Talia Sechley 



Talia Sechley 



Alex Billings 

Healthy Active Living 


Anne Kirvan 


Laura Kerrigan 


Victoria Metz 

History - Civics 


Erin Coultry 



Marielle McGovern 



Hannah McGechie 


Julie Pickering 



Iris E 



Iris E 


Sandra Sharpe 

Mathematics (Grade 11 Functions) 


Agathe Maire 

Mathematics - Functions & Relations 

1 1 Ridhi Davida 

Mathematics - Personal Finance 


Jennifer Blakney 



Jenny Cheetham 


Maja Campara 


Nicole Sleeth 



Anais Kadian 



Anais Kadian 



Talia Sechley ; 


Abanti Zakaria 



Parysa Salemi 


Alexandra Mierins 


Jade Legault 


Laure Pitfield 

Overall Science 


Heather Armstrong 1 

Theory of Knowledge 


Shalta Dicaire 

Rothwell Prize for English 


Hannah McGechie 

166 Finale 

Grade 12 - OAC Closing 

Academic Excellence Awards 

Biology, Calculus and Physics 

Arianne Buchan 

Data Management, French and Literature 

Eleni Deacon 

Art, French, History, Literature and Spanish 

Julia Doran 

Biology, Calculus, French, Geometry/Discrete Math and Physics Habibat Garu 

piaQcii^c Prpnph hiicitnru AnH Litprntiirp 
Oidooii'O, r^iciivii, iiioii/iy aiiu iviLciaiuiCr 

Talia ypi\f\r 

Rinlnnv Prinli^h Frpnrh AnH Hi^torv 

Dnrnthv Rinklpv 

PmnnmicQ Pinitp Mfith Ffpnch <)nd Law 

^UUIIwllllwO, lllll IVIC1I>II, 1 Iwllwll ClIIU ImCI vv 

Amv Bovie 

dil^iar^t Aifirofrlc 
OUU)ctrl MWdiUo 


ma noh Qala ri 
Odi 1 icii ici 1 ociicii 1 

r^olr^iiEiic C\AC^ 
L^alCUfUo WMV^ 

OCtll let) Id 1 OCtlCtI 1 

L-dUici nciioy 

h o in i ct 
wi ic?i 1 iioii y 

K\/I?i Marl pnd 

PmnniitAr ^tiiriipQ DAf^ 

Mpli^'^a M^imannfi 

<JCHJ1 1 1 Id l_>' 1 VV C(1 O l\ 1 

Rrittanv Gillpn 

LJ\ 1 tlCtl 1 y \u4 III vl^l 1 

Pnn 1 ich 

d 1 191 1 

Hpflthpr Hi til 

/All loloy vv II iici 

Pphpppo Wiilpmc; 

1 1 \^ 1^\^Kj\^CA. VVIIIC7IIIO 

loccir>3 Warric 
■Jcooioci ncti 1 lo 


1 ai ira r^ln\A/aol<'i 

L-dUl d V_JHJVvdvyl\l 

.Ipnnifpr PpllPind 

Kri^^fpn fih^^mp^ici 

i\l lOld 1 wl ICll 1 I^^OO 

Finitp Math OAC 

FIIIIIC IVlaill \^rWmf 

Rrtttanv Hiinhpc; 

LJt iiidi ly 1 luui iwo 

f^Aomptru A Di^crptp Math 

.liilir) Rptfc; 


Nazia Charania 

History OAC 

Elodie Button 

Law OAC 

Andrea Laporte 


Sarah Russell 

Math - Data Management 

Nazia Charania 

Math - Functions & Calculus 

Fiona Stewart 


Sabrina Browarski 

Philosophy OAC 

Elissa Cohen 

Physical & Health Education 

Laura Haley 


Lara Zabel 

Physics OAC 

Brittany Hughes 

Visual Arts 

Stephanie Gaty 

Dena El Sayed 
Talia Zajac 
Eleni Deacon 
Julia Betts 
Jennifer Blakney 
Julia Doran 
Stephanie Kerrigan 
Whitney Lewis-Smith 

Elmwood Edge Award 

Graduate Awards 

Humanities Award 
Carolyn Strauss Poetry Award 
Elizabeth Davis Prize for English 
McKee Fine Arts Cup 
Music Performance 
Theatre Production Award 
Heacock Creativity Prize 
Wallack Art Award 
Heather Hoy Prize for best submission to 
Samara in Art and Literature Alex Paterson 

Grace E. Knowlton Prize for Progress Lily Kadivar 
Philpot Science Prize Christine O'Connor 

Lisa Rosenberg 
Julie Ashton 
Emily Richardson 
Susan Shore 

Outerbridge Cup for Senior Mathematics 12- Katie Bullis Elliott 

OAC - Melissa Msimanga 
Whitwill History Prize Dorothy Binkley 

Keary-Taylor Prize for Drama Alexandra Hui 

Fiona Nicolson Creativity Prize Kyla Macleod 


The following students are honoured for their academic achieve- 
ment, participation, enthusiasm and spirit. 
The Golden "E", for the accumulation of 500 House Points 
from Grades 9 -OAC, is awarded to: Julia Betts, Dorothy 
Binkley, Sabrina Browarski, Nadia Bryden, Arianne Buchan, Eleni 
Deacon, Julia Doran, Dena El Sayed, Jeahan Kraya, Alyson 
Mann, Christine O'Connor, Sarah Russell, Fiona Stewart, Maggie 
Thomson, Jessica Wilson, Talia Zajac. 

University of Toronto National Book Award 

Habibat Garuba 
Jessica Wilson 
Elodie Button 
Natalia Zajac 
Natalia Zajac 
Dorothy Binkley 

Millennium Scholarship 
Governor General's Academic Medal 
Overall Academic Proficiency - Grade 12 
Overall Academic Proficiency - OAC 
Vice-Principal's Leadership Award for Initiative 

Elizabeth Agbi, Dorothy Binkley, Nazia Charania, Eleni Deacon, Julia Doran, Heather 
Hull, Melissa Msimanga, Christine O'Connor. 
Mitchell Thomas Prize 
Bruce Hicks Award for Public Service 
Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteer Award 

Rebecca Willems 
Maggie Thomson 
Dorothy Binkley 
Arianne Buchan 

Great Yoi Honour Athletic Award 

Nadia Bryden, Emily Colton, Katie Houghton, Jeahan Kraya, Alyson Mann. 
Headmistress' Prize Emily Colton 

Veronica Howard 

Margaret White Cup Awarded to a student in her graduating year who has been at 
Elmwood since Grade 9, and has made an outstanding contribution to the extra- 
curricular life of the school. Brittany Gillen 
Ewing Cup for Character Katie Bullis Elliott 
All-Round Contribution to School Life Alyson Mann 
Old Girls House Motto 

Each house proposes a candidate who best exemplifies its motto. The final award is 
decided by vote of prefects and teachers. 

FRY - Friendship for All Alexandra Duret 

KELLER - Fair Play Christina Amundsen 

NIGHTINGALE - Not For Ourselves Alone Julie Pickering 

WILSON - To Give Ourselves & Never Count The Cost 

Lauren MacLean 
WINNER - Alexandra Duret 

Prefect Awards 
Prefect at Large 
House Prefect at Large 
Junior School Prefect 
Middle School Prefect 

Sports Captain 

Julia Doran 
Jessica Harris 
Rebecca Willems 
Dalia Shabib 
Carina Shalaby 
Nadia Potoczny 
Nadia Bryden 
Elodie Button 
Jessica Hardinge 
Alyson Mann 

House Cup for overall achievement in all areas: Nightingale 
Philpot Token First awarded in 1934 by Elmwood's 
founder, Mrs. Hamlet Philpot, for cheerful help, loyal 
support and effective leadership throughout the school 

body this year Julia Doran 

Summa Summarum Awarded to the senior girl who has tried 
most faithfully to live up to the ideals and best traditions of the 
School and who possesses the qualities of integrity, 
trustworthiness, the spirit of comradeship and the capacity to 
achieve. The winner's name to be added to the illustrious list in 
the atrium. 
Dorothy Binkley 

Katie Houghton 

167 Elmwood School 


Mrs. McCormack, members of the board of Governors, Dr. Kirby, staff, students, parents and friends of Elmwood, good evening. It lias been my great 
fionour to fielp lead the largest and most diverse graduating class in the history of Elmwood. Tonight's graduates range in age from 15 to 20. This means that 
while some are rejoicing in the ability to legally consume alcohol and vote, others are rejoicing in the ability to finally see movies without adult accompaniment. 
They represent all points on the globe, with graduates from countries such as Iran, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa and Egypt. Among us are lifers, students 
who have attended Elmwood since grade 1 ; other graduates joined us only for their final year. They span two grades, many ethnic groups, and comprise 87 
entirely unique personalities. 

Seated before you are your daughters, students, sisters, nieces and granddaughters. I need not explain to you their endless ambition, the depth of their 
compassion, nor their unbreakable spirit. These are qualities that have blossomed in these girls as they have grown and come into themselves over the years. 
Their accomplishments in this year alone speak volumes of their talent and potential. They have made headlines in national newspapers for voicing their opinion 
in times of international turmoil; their faces have shone on local television as citywide volleyball team champions and for efforts towards the global campaign to 
ban landmines. They have represented us at the provincial volleyball and basketball championships. They have been selected for provincial rugby teams. The 
have competed with the brightest students in the country for prestigious scholarships and won. They have balanced part-time jobs while succeeding at school. 
They have attended conferences with international policy-makers and deliberated with Nobel laureates. A record 20 of them completed the demanding Interna- 
tional Baccalaureate Full Diploma programme. ALL of these things they have done in the hours of the day NOT already filled by school and homework. And for 
the record, they also somehow manage social lives. But I probably don't need to tell you that either. 

My four years at Elmwood have been, quite simply, the best years of my life. Even now, I am awed by the volume of adventures I have lived and the unbeliev- 
able friends that I have made over the course of my high school years. We have all learnt so much about ourselves, about what it feels like to have someone 
believe in us, to have someone there to encourage every one of our dreams, and to see them come into being. I am confident in saying that a large part of our 
future successes will be due to the opportunities we have been given, be they academic, athletic, artistic, cultural or volunteer in nature. This year, each of the 
graduates has proven the lengths to which she is willing to go to affect change. Whether their actions were done at school, across the street or around the 
globe, these girls have made their mark on the world and inspired future generations of Elmwood girls to continue to fight the injustices that exist in the world. Tc 
me, this is greatest legacy the class of 2003 could leave behind. 

There are several people who have helped make my Elmwood so bright. To my parents, thank you for supporting all of my ambitions and helping me live my 
dreams. You are my inspirations and, often unknowingly, my greatest friends. I am so proud to call you my mom and dad. To my brother Doug, I have alwa^ 
looked up to you. Your presence here tonight means more to me than you will ever know. To Dr. Kirby, thank you for your support and conviction in my abilitie 
throughout my high school career. You a role model for us all. To Mrs. McGregor, without your determination and persistence, there would be far fewer 
graduates on stage tonight. Thank you for helping us learn how to focus on what is truly important. To Ms. Bates, you have been so caring and patient this 
entire year, thank you for letting Katie's and my dreams take shape. To the teachers, your faith in me has contributed so much to my self-confidence and for 
that I am eternally grateful. It is you who have helped us see the world for what it is and dream of what it could be. To next year's head girl Anneka, never lose 
your independent spirit and heart of gold. You truly are a friend to all and will succeed by simply being yourself. To the grade 12s, thank you for letting me leac 
you through one of the most memorable years of our lives. I feel blessed to be able to call so many of you my friends. To Katie, you have taught me what it 
means to truly care and how to greet each new situation with an open heart and an open mind. Thank you for being a phenomenal head girl and a true friend. 1 
Mrs. Faguy, on behalf of the last OACs, I would like to thank you for your endless support. We hope that your 20"^ year of teaching grade 13 was as memorable 
as your first. Finally, to the OACs, you are among my very best friends. From our first homeroom parties, you have been an unfailing source of support in my 
life. Thank you for allowing me to be myself and loving that person. I will miss you all. Dorothy Binkley 

Good evening Mrs. McCormack, Dr. Kirby, Ms. Bates, Mrs. McGregor, staff, students, parents, friends of Elmwood. I am proud and honored to stand in front 
you, on behalf of the 87 outstanding young women here alongside me tonight. 

This year has been extraordinary, one of the best years of my life. I have attended Elmwood for the last 6 years; I have never met more wonderful people from 
teachers to students. When I walk down the hall wall I am always greeted with an enthusiastic 'hello' or 'Hi', or a warm smile. 

This year has also been a struggle with the double cohort making it the largest graduating class ever. Obviously, there has been added stress for both staff anc 
students. The staff has risen to the occasion magnificently. They have always supported and encouraged each and every student to reach her potential and 
achieve her goals. The success we have enjoyed this year would not have been possilDle without this years prefects and the whole graduating class. 
Life is about opportunity and not knowing what will happen next. 'Life is a series of journey's, not a destination. It's about how we rise to the challenges.' One 
thing I have found about this great school is that the more effort I have put into academics and extra curricular activities, the more positive feedback I have 
received in return. This has been a continual source of energy and inspiration. In addition, I have found by treating the inevitable bumps in the road as 
opportunities, not problems, the glass becomes permanently half full. 

Dorothy, thank you so much, you have been a great leader and friend to me. Your energy is exemplary; you have always had enormous amounts of energy ev< 
at 4:30 am. And I could not have picked a better partner in crime. 

All the Elmwood teachers that have taught me over the last years have inspired me. A special thank you to Mr. Main, Mrs. Bradley, Ms. Lamb. (Who incidentally, 
took a lot of enjoyment in smashing a pie in my face) Thank you all. You have given me hope, the confidence in my own abilities to reach my full potential, the 
capacity to dream, and the desire to push myself to get the most out of every opportunity. 

In my last years of Elmwood, it would not have been as memorable and I would not be who I am today with out the many people who have been role models an 
shoulders to cry on. I would to mention especially my amazing coach, Mrs. Depooter, who has been there supporting me and giving me that shove to try a little 
harder and to run a little faster. She has also been like a second mother to me, and for that I will always thank you. 

I want to thank my mother and father, who have given me all the support and encouragement I have needed. My mother, is also my best friend and has inspired 
me in so many ways to be a better person. My father who I admire, and has given me all the opportunities to reach my goals. They have always been there for 
me, and I am sure I speak for all of my graduating class when I say a big big thank you to all the mums and dads. 

I want to thank the wonderful friends who have also given their support, through the good times and the bad times; who have always had a smile on their face 
and who have known what to say just at the right time. 

Dr. Kirby you are a role model to us all. You have given confidence to every young woman whose life you have touched. You have dedicated your time and 
effort toward the school and will be greatly missed. 

To Anneka Richmond, I would like to wish you good luck next year. I have no doubt in my mind that you will do a fantastic do because you are a wonderful 
leader. Both Dorothy and I have all the confidence in the world in you. 

Just remember that in the words of Mark Twain, 'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you die 
do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Good Luck to the class of 2003, 
Thank you for an outstanding and unforgettable years, Good Night. Katie Houghton . . 

170 Finale 

Dorothy Binkley 
Head Girl 

These have been the bright- 
st and most memorable four 
ears of my life. Wherever the 
jture leads, this year will burn 
right in my memory with the 
miling faces of those who have 
iade my ambitions possible, 
here are too many people to 
lank for helping make my 
!lmwood experience so life-al- 
jring. That said, there is a 
andful without who I would truly 
e lost. To my parents, thank 
ou for letting me try every- 
ling. You have given life to 
very one of my dreams, often 
nknowingly. The older I get 
^e more grateful I am for the 
ifluence you have had in my 
fe. You are my greatest friends, 
o Erica, you are my hero, 
lonorary) big sister and kin- 
red spirit. Your wisdom has 
elped me through the brightest 

his year was outstanding, it 
/ould not have been as memo- 
able without this year's won- 
erful and supportive senior pre- 
sets and the graduating class, 
'ou gals made the year what it 

/as A LOT OF FUN! 

Stephanie, over the past year 
/e shared many laughs and 
iade great memories with all 
ie crazy stunts we have pulled 
Dgether. The mud slides, the 
razy Hallowe'en costumes, the 
Dotball games, the sleep- overs, 
md best of all, just the hanging 
lut. I love you and I will miss 
ou so much next year! Life will 
lot be the same without you. I 
forever cherish the memo- 

Dorothy Binkley you were my 
)artner in crime, I had a lot of 
jn organizing events and going 
lostume shopping at the Salva- 

and darkest points of this year. 
Thankyou for understanding all 
the unspoken words. I miss 
you more every day. ToElodie, 
you are my better half. The 
Elodor Tag Team may be split 
next year, but not the bond 
between us. We have many 
bridges left to build. Thankyou 
for teaching me how to look 
inside. To Janet, for standing 
upforme when I couldn't. Thank 
you for teaching me to laugh at 
myself. You have been my fan 
club; your support has helped 
me keep a smile on my face. 
We have many adventures left 
to live. To Aly, thank you for 
the laughter. You have kept me 
from going crazy at times and 
being boring at others. Keep 
living life to the fullest. To 
Caroline, for letting me adopt 
you without complaint. You 

tion Army. It was a wonderful 
and unforgettable year. Thank 
you for great memories that will 
lastalifetime.To my wood-tang 
gang & 0-club... good times, 
good times. Making my last 
year incredible, you will all have 
a special place in my heart 
4ever. I love you girls and will 
miss you, so keep in touch! 
To my camping crew.... Jess 
and Dena, surviving what ever 
the wilderness throws with you 
two could not have been more 
exciting. With Jess almost 
bleedingto death, Dena'sclose 
call with hypothermia, and me 
forgetting our cooking 
gear. . . .wow, we still had a truly 
awesome and memorable time. 
Jiri Raska, without your love 
and support I would not be where 
I am today! I love you with all 
my heart always and forever! 

have become my (honorary) little 
sisterand I willmissyou. Thank 
you for listening, dreaming, be- 
lieving and coming along forthe 
adventures. To MJ, you let me 
teach you my tricks and in re- 
turn you showed me how to 
appreciate the little things. My 
waterpolo buddy till the end, 
pink balls will always remind me 
ofyourbigheartand endearing 
smile. To the McCabes, for 
being the finest people I have 
had the privilege of meeting. 
You have inspired me to seethe 
world with both my eyes and 
look past the surface. NSCF 
began it all, and without your 
support it would never have 
happened. Toeveryone, never 
consider your blessings mere 
chance; good fortune comes 
with the responsibility of ensur- 
ing a bright future for all. I have 
been privileged this past yearto 
watch you make this dream, of 
rendering the world into a just 
and prosperous place, a reality. 

You are everything to me! Thank 

A special thanks to all of my 
teachers for having faith and 
supporting me over the last 6 
years. And finally to all the 
friends I have made, you will be 
greatly missed and in my heart 
forever! Katie 

Katie Houghton 
Head Girl 

Being co-editors of the Year- 
book, this year has been an 
interesting experience for 
both of us. We both came in 
with many ideas of what we 
wanted to do to the year- 
book this year, including the 
grad section, which we knew 
was going to be a challenge. 
We spent many months cre- 
ating ideas for the book, as 
we starting thinking last sum- 
mer and in Stratford and we 
had many days where year- 
book was all we could think 
about! However it all came 
together in the end, and it is 
a book that we are both ex- 
tremely proud of. We both 
have lots of interesting 
memories of the many hours 
spent after school, week- 
ends and in the summer put- 
ting the yearbook together. 
To Mrs. Bradley, we would 
like to thank you for your 
time, effort and determina- 
tion this year in helping us 
get the book done. Whether 
it was coming in on the 
weekends, early mornings 
or in the summer holidays. 
We will always remember 
you forthe quote, "Girls, Who 
put the picture of the witch in 
the teachers' pile?", one day 
while we were sorting pho- 
tos, for the amusing anec- 
dotes that you always had 
and the fact that you were 
always there for us even if it 
was not about yearbook. 
To Mr. McCabe, we would 
like to thank you for proofing 
the yearbook, dealing with 
the logistics and paperwork 

and always being there for 

To Mrs. McCabe, we would 
like to thank you for your 
drives on weekends to pick 
up lunch or photos for us, 
and for "adding" certain 
people to certain photos. 
To Alex Paterson, Thank 
you for designing the cover 
for us, your time and effort 
was worth it, you did a great 

To the Section Editors, thank 
you for putting the time in to 
create your sections and 
helping us create Samara 

To next years editors, we 
wish you the best of luck 
and we hereby promise to 
do the grad section and have 
it in on time and we will be 
there for any help you might 
need, even if it is someone 
to bounce ideas off of. 

Samara Editors 

Katie Crysdale and 
Rhiannon Derbyshire 

172 Finale 

Dr. Kirby once remarked that 
before coming to Elmwood 
she learned a great deal 
about the School from past 
editions of Samara. As she 
prepares to leave Elmwood 
at the end of the first term of 
2003-04 it is interesting to 
speculate about what could 
be learned about Dr. Kirby 
from the past seven issues 
of Samara. Without doubt 
many of her accomplish- 
ments could be listed- maxi- 
mum enrolment, the building 
of a new Junior School, cre- 
ation of a separate Middle 
School, implementation of 
the International Baccalau- 
reate program throughoutthe 
school, a laptop program in 
the Senior School and the 
introduction of many new 
CO- curricular activities. Per- 
haps what Samara would 
not reveal as easily about 
this Headmistress is an edu- 
cational philosophy that al- 
ways puts the needs and 
well being of students first. 
A single example of how this 
philosophy has led to change 
at the School is the expan- 
sion of Guidance services 
to include two full time aca- 
demic counsellors, a school 
nurse and a learning strate- 
gies coordinator. Samara 
would probably not let a ca- 
sual reader know that this 
Head's office door is always 
open to students, parents 
and staff- no appointment 
needed. Ifthedoorisclosed 
it means only one thing- 
someone needs her undi- 
vided attention. 
Samara would probably not 
reveal that Dr. Kirby was 

initially somewhat bemused 
by the many seemingly sac- 
rosanct Elmwood "tradi- 
tions", particularly when she 
realized that things could 
become traditions after only 
being done once. For a very 
brief period student delega- 
tions were able to argue very 
effectively for activities 
based on "tradition". She 
also realized that there was 
always a particular uniform 
infraction designed (or so it 
appeared) to drive some 
adults in and out of the build- 
ing to distraction. Untucked 
shirts, wonderful jewelry and 
truly astonishing variations 
of footware have all been 
popular over the last few 

Carol Kirby has often said 
that she came to a good 
school and worked to make 
it better. Past editions of 
Samara would show that 
she has certainly achieved 
this goal. She has also said 
that she believes that an 
Elmwood education should 
provide the necessary sup- 
ports to graduate strong 
young women ready to suc- 
ceed in the world. As this 
issue of Samara so clearly 
shows, our graduates are 
amazing young women, con- 
fident and prepared for the 
next phase in their lives. Dr. 
Kirby's strong leadership, 
exceptional energy and clear 
vision have directly contrib- 
uted to their success. The 
Elmwood community will 
thank our ninth Headmis- 
tress in many different ways 
for many different things over 
the coming months. It is a 
pleasure to have the oppor- 
tunity to thank her first in 
Samara. Mrs. McGregor 

Elmwood School 173 

Mrs. Mayes 

"Age cannot wither her, 
Nor custom stale her infinite va- 

Anthony and Cleopatra 
Born and raised in England, 
Kathy and her husband Rob 
came to Canada as young new- 
lyweds in 1967. She taught 
English As A Second Lan- 
guage in Toronto, and English 
and Geography in Rockwood, 
Ontario before moving to Ot- 
tawa in 1972 where children 
Nicholas and Sarah were born. 
Her daughter attended 
Elmwood for 5 years and was 
head girl during her final year. 
Kathy came to Elmwood in 
1 984 to teach Grade Four and 
other subjects such as Social 
Studies and Creative Writing. 
Throughout her time at 
Elmwood, she played a major 
role in the extra-curricular arts 

programme: sewing for drama 
productions, working back- 
stage, painting sets, finding 
props, and supporting musical 

Her formidable organizational tal- 
ents and energy were brought 
to bear on important events 
such as Junior Entertainment 
and Closing Ceremonies. 
Most of all, Kathy will be re- 
membered as a dedicated 
teacher whose magical touch, 
keen intellect and diverse inter- 
ests made the grade four cur- 
riculum come alive for her stu- 
dents. Her classroom was al- 
ways a hive of active learning, 
with students having the oppor- 
tunity to experience the benefits 
of a teacher who believed in 
combining a rigorous academic 
program with memorable spe- 
cial events such as the Decem- 

Mrs. Suthren 

Lindsay Suthren began her 
career at Elmwood in Sep- 
tember of 1 986 teaching Bi- 
ology to Grade 9 and 10 
students. By 1990 she was 
teaching Biology at all levels 
including IB, and counseling 
students regarding their aca- 
demic choices. In 1998 Mrs. 
Suthren's counseling skills 
(and three degrees!) were 
fully engaged in her role as 
Elmwood's Learning Strate- 
gies Counselor for Middle 
and Senior Schools. In this 
capacity she taught learning 
strategies, organizational 
skills and time management 
to both individuals and 
groups; supervised tutoring, 
ESL, CAT testing, literacy 
testing, and admissions test- 
ing; identified students with 

174 Finale 

special learning needs; 
monitored students who 
were having difficulties; en- 
couraged students to 
achieve their goals; liaised 
between students and staff; 
and consulted with teachers 
on a regular basis regarding 
the progress of individual 
students. All of these tasks 
were performed quietly and 
reliably, with tremendous 
patience, humour, dedica- 
tion and professionalism. 
In speaking to colleagues 
and students about 
Lindsay's departure and 
what we would miss most, 
the following comments were 
heard repeatedly: 
"She's an amazing listener. 
When you talk to her, you 
have hercomplete attention"; 


ber gingerbread houses, 
quilting, and play produc- 
tion. She was able to rec- 
ognize and nurture the 
unique talents and inter- 
ests of each child. 
Kathy left the classroom 
in 2000 to work in Admis- 

In retirement, we are sure 
Kathy will continue to pur- 
sue her many interests 
with the same passion and 
dedication that she 
brought to the classroom. 
She is an avid reader, mu- 
sician, gardener, renova- 
tor, traveler, and a fabulous 
cook. Her insight, wisdom, 
verbal wit, authority and 
sincerity will be greatly 
missed by the Elmwood 

"Mrs. Suthren is very wise. 
She has excellent judge- 
ment"; "She really helped me 
get back on track"; "Lindsay 
treats every one fairly and 
with respect. She is very 
trustworthy, keeping all 
shared confidences private"; 
"She just knew so much 
about Biology. Way more 
than any of our textbooks"; 
and lastly, again from a stu- 
dent, "Mrs. Suthren's retir- 

ing? But she's irreplacc 

Thank you Lindsay, from s 
of us at Elmwood. Youhav 
in your special way, made 
most valuable and mem( 
rable contribution. May yc 
enjoy good health and che 
ished times with your fami 
and grandchildren. 

The Yeaibook Company 

Wendy came to Elmwood in 
September 1 985 as the mother 
of Grade 7 student, Kim. It 
wasn't very long, however, be- 
fore her library training at the 
University of Toronto made her 
a parentvolunteer extraordinaire 
in the Junior Library. By the 
following year Wendy's role was 
formalized and she became the 
JuniorSchool's part-time librar- 
ian. She was reminiscing about 
the library the other day. How 
times have changed! Books 
were arranged in broad subject 
areas, but Wendy took on the 
job of cataloguing the whole 
collection and then inputting the 
data to create old-fashioned 
catalogue cards using a brand 
new Apple lie in the University 
of Ottawa Science Library. 
(Husband, Bill arranged this 
somehow.) The only Apples in 
the Junior School were in con- 
stant use in the Grade 1 and 2 

In 1990 Wendy's expertise was 
needed in the Senior Library as 

well and she started working at 
Elmwood full-time. The cata- 
loguing of the Senior Library 
collection began. For the last 4 
years she has been taking the 
information from those old cards 
to create an online catalogue for 
both the Senior and Junior li- 
braries. Maybe things haven't 
changed that much after all. 
Wendy's contribution to the 
School merely started with the 
technical aspects of her job. As 
an educated and wonderfully 
well-read woman, her value to 
the students, the staff and to 
me was immeasurable. She al- 
ways knew where to find just 
the right information. Is there 
anything she doesn't know? 
That wealth of knowledge will 
be sorely missed. 
Wendy looks forward to travel- 
ling with her husband, Bill and 
lingering over her morning pa- 
per. All the best in your retire- 

Shirley Carter spent 
twenty-one years working 
for Elmwood. She was an 
Office Admistrator extraor- 
dinaire with a deep knowl- 
edge of the school's tradi- 
tions and standards. In her 
time with the school, she 
has been called upon to pro- 
duce everthing from tran- 
scripts to retirement "raps". 
She and her husband 
Geoff, had a close relation- 
ship with an extraordinary 
bursar from Elmwood's 

past, Milena Sigmund. 
Shirley is also a "hostess 
with the mostest" and pro- 
duces amazing feasts at her 
home and cottage. She and 
Geoff are devoted parents 
and grandparents and have 
a thriving family and social 
life. It has been a privilege 
to work with such a kind 
and supportive person- 
someone who has really left 
her mark at the school. 
The McCabes 

standing only five-foot-two, the 
Queen Mum tiad lots of stature. As 
the public outpouring following her 
death in March proved, England's 
wartime Queen stood tall in the 
hearts and minds of her adoring 
public. Her death, at 101, came 
soon after contracting a cough and 
chest infection — and less than two 
months after the death of her 
daughter Margaret, (cp) 

DIPLOMACY FAILED. George W. Bush decided that Saddam Hussein's time had run out. Without UN approval, Bush 
and allied Britain embarked on a military campaign in Iraq, prompting millions of people to protest the action world- 
wide. Prime Minister Jean Chretien refused to back the action, citing the failure to get UN support. During the early 
stages, allied bombs destroyed many government buildings in Baghdad, as coalition ground troops made their way 
towards the capital. In some key areas, Iraqi resistance was strong, resulting in higher-than-expected coalition 

casualties. (AP/Jean-Marc Bouju) 

PARADISE LOST. The al-Qaeda network apparently extended its deadly reach to the tourist haven of Bali, where 
a car bomb exploded outside a crowded nightclub in the popular Indonesian tourist area. Nearly 200 people, mostly 
Australians, but including one Canadian, were killed and hundreds injured. It was the largest act of terrorism since 
the attacks of Sept. 1 1 . 

(AP/Achmad Ibrahim) 

THIS YEAR. Santa came big time 
last Christmas for Andrew 
Whittaker Jr. The 55-year-old 
building contractor from Charleston, 
W.Va., won the US$314.9 million 
Dec. 25 jackpot — the biggest 
undivided lottery prize in U.S. 
history. He plans to expand his 
business, buy a helicopter, and give 
10 per cent to the Church of God. 

(AP/Bob Bird) 

SHUTTLE SHOCK. Streaking across the sky at 18 times the speed of sound and 207,000 feet 
above Texas, the space shuttle Columbia broke apart after re-entering the atmosphere in January. 
The oldest shuttle in NASA's fleet was returning home from a successful 16-day research mission, 
carrying a crew of six Americans and one Israeli — all of whom died. The disaster sparked a 
debate over the importance of space exploration. {AP/Barbara Davidson} 

BLACK SEA. Carrying 77,000 tonnes of fuel oil, the Prestige oil tanker sank 210 km off north- 
western Spain — spilling one-quarter of its cargo and blackening coastline in Spain and France. 
Experts are still adding up the damage, but it has already reached into the millions of dollars 
lost to the fishery and tourism industries. (AP/Denis Doyle) 

TARGET: UNKNOWN. A rogue sniper pair in the 
Washington, D.C. area went on a random killing rampage 
in October, causing nationwide fear. Not knowing when 
or where the lunatics might strike next, many people 
stayed close to home for fear that pumping gas or 
going to the mall put them at risk of being the next 
victim. The accused, John Allen Muhammad, 45, 
a decorated Gulf War vet (left), and his companion, 
17-year-old John Lee Malvo, allegedly killed 10 people 

before being captured. (AP/Jatii Chikwendiu) 

A NEW THREAT. North Korea has nuclear bombs and 
it is willing to use them. At least that's what leader Kim 
Jong II has threatened, promising "total war" if America 
makes any attempt to disarm him. The U.S. responded 
by taking the nuclear proliferation dispute to the UN 
Security Council in an effort to apply diplomatic pressure 
on the rogue regime. (AP/Yun jai nyoung) 

TRAGIC ENDING. A Chechen hostage-taking in a 
Moscow theatre came to a deadly close when Russian 
commandos pumped gas into the building 
to incapacitate the attackers. Sadly, 119 of the 750 
hostages died from the effects of what officials later 
admitted was Fentanyl, a powerful opium-based 
painkiller. Forty-one Chechen rebels were also killed 

in the rescue. (AP/NTV Russian Channel) 

NO END IN SIGHT. Ariel Sharon and his centre-right 
Likud party were the big winners in Israel's January 
election, winning 37 of the Knesset's 120 seats. But 
with Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli reprisals 
continuing, peace prospects appear as unlikely as ever. 

(AP/Lettens Pilarakis) 

Canadian Events 

UNFRIENDLY SKIES. A 227-kg bomb dropped by a U.S. aircraft over 
Afghanistan killed four Canadian soldiers during training exercises after 
the fall of the Taliban. The "friendly fire" deaths of the Princess Patricia's 
Canadian Light Infantry members, who were carrying out a live-ammunition 
drill at the time, prompted a nine-day U.S. military tribunal into the actions 
of the two pilots who released the laser-guided bomb. Despite their 
apologies, one of the families filed a wrongful death claim against the 

American government. (AP/Dielher Endlicher) 

A WALL OF SNOW. By the time they knew it was coming, it was too late. 
A major avalanche buried seven 15-year-olds from the Calgary area while 
on a school-sponsored skiing expedition. They died in Glacier National Park, 
near Revelstoke, B.C., where four Canadians and three Americans were 
swallowed up by another avalanche two weeks earlier. (CP/Atlrian Wyld) 

I LIKE THE BIG CHAIR. Jean Chretien doesn't seem all that interested 
in giving up his job any time soon, much to the chagrin of PM-in-waiting 
Paul Martin and many Liberal MPs. The former finance minister, who was 
booted from cabinet by Chretien in June, will probably have to wait until 
February 2004, the date the PM has set for his formal departure. (CP/Tom Hanson) 

GIVE ME THAT TIARA BACK. Ottawa's Lynsey Bennett was stripped of her 
diamond-studded crown and her duties as Miss Canada International after 
pageant officials cited a lack of commitment. Bennett, a 22-year-old 
Carlton University geography and French student, made headlines when she 
was the first contestant to leave the Miss World pageant in Nigeria, after the 
event sparked deadly riots. (AP/Alastair Grant) 

TOUGH YEAR ON THE FARM. Severe drought and the worst outbreak of 
grasshoppers in a decade left many Western Canadian farmers desperate 
Not only was the year's total wheat production one of the smallest since 
1974, but the unseasonable weather, including snow and below-zero 
temperatures in some areas, seriously affected crop quality, prompting 
• aid shipments from Central Canada. (CP/Adrian Wyld) 


QUESTIONS OVER KYOTO. Environment Minister David Anderson took centre 
stage as debate raged over whether to support the controversial Kyoto 
Accord. Canada signed on, committing itself to lowering greenhouse gases 
by as much as 30 per cent between 2008 to 2012. But critics claim Kyoto 
will cost the economy billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. (CP/fred Chartrand) 

B.C. HORROR. Robert Pickton, a 53-year-old Port Coquitlam, B.C., pig 
farmer, could be the worst serial killer in Canadian history. He is accused 
of killing at least 15 women from Vancouver's seamy Downtown Eastside. 
The farm was the site of a massive police excavation. (CP/Ctiuck Sldody) 

A MIRACLE. Former B.C. Premier 
Mike Harcourt, wlio led tlie 
province during the early '90s, did 
more than survive a six-metre-high 
fall from a cliff which crushed his 
spine. Surprising the medical 
profession, he has made a 
spectacular recovery although he 
may not be able to walk without 
assistance, (cp/wick procayio) 

WORLD'S YOUTH UNITE. Whether helping the 
elderly cross the street, working at local food 
banks or singing on subway and streetcars, 
the World Youth Day pilgrims made their presence 
known during their mid-July visit to Toronto. More 
than 200,000 from 172 countries flocked to the 
city for the Catholic Church's event to attend 
seminars, do good deeds and catch a glimpse 

of Pope John Paul II. (CP/AP/Stephan Savoia) 

stop on Queen Elizabeth's 12-day tour of Canada, 
thousands of well-wishers lined up to see their 
favourite member of British royalty. First stop 
for the 76-year-old, who was celebrating her 50th 
anniversary on the throne, was Nunuvat, the only 
part of Canada she had not yet visited in her 
previous 18 visits. Later, she got the red carpet 
treatment in Vancouver at a Canucks game. 

(MACLEAN'S/Pcler Bregg) 

KILLER BITE. A 70-year-old man from Mississauga, Ont., became the first person to die of tlie 
mosquito-borne West Nile virus after contracting the disease in Canada. Wildlife experts claim 
that West Nile is also killing birds by the tens of thousands in the United States and Canada. 
I About 110 species have been affected since the virus was first discovered in North America 

in 1999. (CP/Rene Johnston) 

IN WIEMORIAM. Known as "Tiff," author Timothy 
Findley, 71, was the internationally-acclaimed author 

of The Wars and Headhunter. (CP/Simon Wilson) 

Peter Gzowski, 67, was a writer-broadcaster and the 
voice of Canada as the longtime host of CBC Radio's 

MOrningSidS. (MACLEAWS/Peter Bregg) 

PROVE IT. That's what critics 
were saying to Clonaid — the firm 
associated with the Quebec-based 
Raelian cult lead by Claude Vorilhon 
(right)— which claimed to have 
produced the world's first cloned 
baby. The alleged first, a girl named 
Eve, was born on Dec. 26, but the 
cult's scientific director, Brigitte 
Boisselier (left), declined DNA tests 
that would prove whether she is an 
exact genetic copy of her mother. 

(CP/Andrc Forget) 

FINALLY, SOME FRESH FACES. Jack Layton took up 
the reins of Canada's left-leaning NDP in a year that will 
see the old guard tossed aside for some fresh political 
faces. The Progressive Conservatives — and, of course, 
the governing Liberals — are also choosing new leaders 
later this year. (CP/Kevm Prayeo 


NOT JUST A SK8R GIRL. Avril Lavigne is a teen rarity. 
Just months after she left her hometown of Napanee, 
Ont., Lavigne landed firmly in super stardom. The 
18-year-old pop-punk singer blew the industry away 
with her multi-platinum debut, Let Go. Lavigne, who 
received a remarkable five Grammy and six Juno 
nominations for her rookie season, has brought teen 
angst to a new level. Don't smile Avril, you might ruin 

your rep. (CP/Oana Etielson) 

NORAH, WHO? After sweeping the Grammy Awards 
with five prizes, including best album of the year, Norah 
Jones left many wondering where she came from. 
The 23-year-old daughter of famous sitar player Ravi 
Shankar and former dancer Sue Jones won over the 
judges and fans with her smooth sound on Come Away 
With Me, her debut album. (AP/Kathyw,iiens) 

ADDING TO THEIR SUCCESS. Sum 41 's exciting brand of power pop 
continued with the release of Does Wis Look Infected?— which went 
platinum within only a couple of weeks after its release. The four guys from 
Ajax, Ont., were regulars on the music charts and toured North America 
extensively with their over-the-top style of not-quite punk music. 

(AP/Haraz N, Gtianbari) 


Always willing to use his rock- 
celebrity status to forward 
philanthropic and political casues, 
U2 lead singer Bono has earned 
a spot on the short list for the 2003 
Nobel Peace Prize. Always 
outspoken about world issues. 
Bono discussed international aid 
for developing nations at the World 
Economic Forum in New York in 
February and has campaigned 
against AIDS in Africa and the 
struggle for peace in his Irish 
homeland. The 42-year-old joins 
Pope John Paul II and former 
Czech President Vaclav Havel 

on the list. (AP/Francois Mori) 

TOUGH YEAR. Diana Krall's new 
beau, punk rocker Elvis Costello, 
and a Grammy for best jazz vocal 
album for Live In Paris helped dull 
some of the pain from a year in 
which the native of Nanaimo, B.C., 
lost her mother. Krall, 38, opted to 
release a live album — recorded at 
the Paris Olympia — instead of one 
with new material following her 
60-year-old mother's death from 

cancer. (CP/AnthonyHarvey) 


You would think Shania Twain has 
it all, with 50 million records sold 
worldwide, a 19th century chateau 
in Switzerland, a happy marriage 
and a new son, Eja. But the pop 
star from small town Ontario 
proved she wasn't done yet when 
she released Up\, her first album of 
new material since 1997. She even 
headlined the Super Bowl halftime 

show. (AP/M. Spencer Green) 

BROTHER IS NO LONGER DOWN. After getting an 
English degree from IVlcGill University, travelling a bit 
and then toiling in music obscurity, Sam Roberts 
exploded into success. His six-song EP, The Inhuman 
Condition, featuring Brother Down, has made a lot of 
people excited about the 28-year-old's first full-length 
album due out this summer. 

PRAIRIE SOUL. Remy Shand was not your typical 
Winnipeg teenager. While his friends were rocking out 
to Guns N' Roses and Bon Jovi, Shand was listening 
to Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. No wonder the 
24-year-old has earned comparisons to the Motown 
legends with his very soulful debut. The Way I Feel. 
Shand wrote and laid down all the album's tracks at 
his home studio. He even played all the instruments, 
including the guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and 
saxophone. (CP) 


Although making a splash by joining 
forces with rappers Fat Joe and 
Ja Rule on a couple of singles last 
year, Ashanti proved she could do it 
alone as well. With her first single. 
Foolish, at the top of Blllboarcfs 
R and B charts, the New York City- 
based singer sold four million 
copies of her self-titled debut 
album — including 500,000 in its 

first week of release. (AP/Richard Drew) 


showbiz terms, Eminem did it all 
last year. His second album. The 
Eminem Show, was met with critical 
acclaim and became the biggest 
selling disc of the year. He was 
strong in his big-screen debut 
starring opposite Kim Basinger in 
8 Mile — a box office success and 
Oscar winner for his song Lose 
Yourself. All the while, he seemed 
to put his bad boy reputation in the 

closet. (AP/Mark J. Terrilll 

the comparisons to Eric Clapton 
may be a bit of an exaggeration. 
Room for Squares tume6 John 
Mayer into one of the biggest 
surprise hits of 2002. The 25-year- 
old native of Fairfield, Conn., took 
home a Grammy for best male pop 
vocal performance and he even 
dated actress Jennifer Love-Hewitt 

for part of the year. (AP/Mark Lennihan) 

AT PEACE WITH THEMSELVES. After selling millions 
of albums worldwide, Our Lady Peace needed a change. 
So the Toronto-based band, headed by vocalist Raine 
Maida, escaped to Maui and the studio of their new 
producer Bob Rock. The result from a few days in the 
sun was OLP's fifth album, Gravity, which garnered four 
nominations at this year's Juno awards — including 

album of the year. (CP/Aaron Harris) 

PINK KNOWS HOW TO PARTY. Pink had one of last 
year's biggest musical anthems with Get the Party 
Started. And with Missundaztood, her follow-up album 
to her 2000 release of Can't Take Me Home. The wild- 
haired 23-year-old from Philadelphia delves into family 
troubles, loneliness and how annoying she can be to 

herself on her latest disc. (CP/Anthony Harvey) 

B W*'r'"P* '^'l^ ^t*!^ '^'^w Co Bookmarks Tools Window Help 

Kazaa M«(Jla Desktop - Netscape 

Q Q Q Q Q [CSKrip// U; 

©MaK -2i Home ^ Men c apt <\ Search ' ^Bookmarks 

LET ME CHECK MY PALM. More and more people are throwing away 
their address and phone books and replacing them with Personal Digital 
Assistants. PDAs are also great for downloading articles, pictures and other 
information from the Web. Thanks to competition, the price on these once 
expensive organizers has dropped substantially, to less than $150 for a 
basic model. Sure beats writing on your hand. 

(AP/Mark Duncan) 


In an effort to stop Internet users 
from downloading music for free, 
major record labels have set up 
Internet sites offering songs 
on-line — at a premium, of course. 
Not surprisingly, most people are 
staying away from these pricey 
options since free sites, like the 
popular file-sharing program Kazaa, 
continue to offer quick access to 
all your music needs. (CP/Rutn Bonnevine) 


Although they've long been a 
popular choice for DJs, it seems 
that LPs are increasing in popularity 
for listeners interested in getting a 
more raw sound. More and more 
people are searching through bins 
at used record shops for old school 
tunes or picking up their favourite 
contemporary stars' music on 
freshly cut albums. What's next? 
Return of the eight track? 

(MACLEAN S/Peler Bregg) 

MAKING A STATEMENT Tattooing and body piercing 
have become all the rage for teens — and much to the 
chagrin of parents, no body part is off limits. Laser 
removal can be very expensive, resulting in many teens 
opting for a less permanent tattoo that wears off over 
time. Luckily, body piercing holes heal themselves. 

THEM. And do give them to that 
guy beside you in class with that 
not-so-fresh breath. The Cool Mint 
Listerine PocketPaks come in tiny 
packs of 24 tissue-thin strips that 
melt in your mouth and deliver 
a breath-freshening punch. 

(MACLEAN'S/Peter Bregg) 

behaviour at children's' sporting 
events has been on the rise in 
recent years, but in most cases it's 
not the kids throwing punches or 
verbal assaults. Instead, it's the 
parents who have trouble keeping 
control of their tempers. 
Sportsmanship classes for moms 
and dads are now common. Soon, 
there'll be homework and staying 
after school for such bad behaviour. 

(CP/Jeff Mcintosh) 


The cops and forensic experts such as Warrick Brown 
(Garry Dourdon, above) on CSI: Crime Scene 
Investigation have continued to mesmerize viewers, 
landing some of the top ratings in TV land. Using a wad 
of chewed gum, a small trace of lipstick or a fiber in 
a carpet, the CSI team is able to solve complicated 
criminal cases, mm) 

A CAREER. John Ritter must have followed every one 
of them because the one-time star of Three's Company 
has come back in a big way with 8 Simple Rules for 
Dating my Teenage Daughter. Ritter, who plays dad 
Paul Hennessy, has a tough time dealing with his girls 
growing up. The result: real-life situations that both 
parents and teens can laugh at. (cwctv) 


Yes, their $2.3 million per episode salary may be one 
reason the cast of Friends keep coming back, but fans 
aren't complaining. High ratings encouraged a 10th 
hilarious season with promises that this will be the last. 
Regardless, the six-member cast, who are now house- 
hold names, will keep the stream of jokes coming and 
probably stay on the small screen indefinitely, thanks 

tore-runs. (AP/Reed Saxon) 


numbers are in, and while not everyone loves Raymond, 
he's doing all right. In its fifth season. Everybody Loves 
Raymond, starring comedian Ray Romano (left) as the 
lovable sports writer Ray Barone, still charts in near the 
top of the ratings. Laughs come easily thanks to Ray's 
dysfunctional relationships with his wife, parents (father 
played by Peter Boyle, centre), and brother (Brad 

Garrett, right). (AP/Monty Brjnton) 

though we laugh at how far 
reality television is from, 
well, reality, we can't keep 
from watching. And TV 
producers are quick to 
Jfi provide us with more. Some 
f of the season's favourites 
included The Bachelor an6 
The Bachelorette (bottom 
left), in which a person 
picked a fiance(e) from a 
host of hunks and honeys. 
In Joe Millionaire (right), 
a construction worker 
pretended to be a millionaire 
to woe unsuspecting gold diggers. 
And then there was American Idol 
(top left), in which the viewing 
public chose the next big musical 
talent. Yeah, sure. Meanwhile, the 
Survivor series continued in the 


Fred Rogers, whose songs and 
stories on his television program 
IVIister Rogers' Neighborhood 
helped teach generations of children 
how to get along, died at the age of 
74. The Presbyterian minister from 
Latrobe, Pa., first developed the 
concept when he created a 
15-minute show on GBC called 
Misterogers in the late sixties. 
He took that concept back to 
Pittsburgh, where the show had its 
public broadcasting debut in 1968. 

LORD OF THE ADAPTATION. Picking up wliere the first Lord of the Rings 
left off, Peter Jackson's The Two roin/e/'s throws the remaining members of 
the Fellowship into the increasing chaos of Middle-Earth, which is now fully 
under siege by the forces of Sauron and Saruman. Jackson proves a master 
in recreating the world introduced by author J.R.R. Tolkien. The film's 
special effects, which took home an Oscar, are candy to the eyes. (AP/Pierre Vinel) 

ALL THAT JAZZ. The Hollywood adaptation of the classic Broadway musical 
Chicago exploded on screen with energized performances from Catherine 
Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere. The film won six Oscars, 
including best picture and best supporting actress for Zeta-Jones (above), 
who plays an aging stage star. 

NOW YOU SEE ME. In Catch Me It You Can, Leonardo DiCaprio (above) 
stars as Frank W. Abagnale Jr., a real-life debonair imposter who, in the late 
1960s, successfully impersonated an airline pilot, a lawyer and a Harvard- 
educated pediatrician. Tom Hanks plays the FBI agent determined to catch 
the young crook who has been able to cash millions of dollars in fraudulent 
cheques before his 21st birthday. Steven Spielberg, as always, does a fine 
job playing the director. 

A BIG FAT SURPRISE. Winnipeg-born Nia Vardalos shocked the movie 
world with her incredible breakout hit My Big Fat Greel< Wedding. The most 
talked about movie of the year, which tells how Toula (Vardalos), a 30-year- 
old single daughter in a very Greek family, falls in love with and marries a 
non-Greek (John Corbett), garnered a Best Screenplay Oscar nomination 
and a Golden Globe nomination for Vardalos. It also spawned a prime time 
TV series (My Big Fat Greel< Life) and $355 million at the box office, (cp) 

THE POTTER PHENOMENON. Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe, left) and his 
pals Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson, 
right) are the only ones who can save Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and 
Wizardry from the evil forces that conspire against it in The Chamber 
of Secrets. The second movie installment of the Harry Potter series by 
J.K Rowling (above) proved much darker than the first and, at 161 minutes, 
left some wondering if they could have read the book faster. (CP/Ian West) 

JACK'S BACK. After saying goodbye to his job and wife 
of 42 years — wlio dies in the early scenes of About 
Schmidt— Schmidt (Jacl< Nicholson) embarks 
on a journey of self-discovery aboard a motorhome. 
Destination: Denver, where his estranged daughter is 
about to marry a mullet-haired waterbed salesman. 

THE SUIT'S PRETTY TIGHT. Tobey Maguire did a nice job fitting into Spider-Man's suit and also 
brought a lot of heart to the comic book role. Willem Dafoe plays the Green Goblin, Spider-IVIan's 
nemesis to a tee, putting the young Spider-IVIan's vow to fight crime and help innocent people 
to the test. Kirsten Dunst helps to round out the cast as Mary Jane Watson, Parker's long-time 

crush. (AP/Doug Hyun) 

DIESEL IS EXPLOSIVE. Imagine a pierced, tattooed, 
skateboarding and video-game playing spy working for 
the U.S. government to gather information on an 
organization that may be planning the destruction of the 
world. That's Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) in XXX, a high 
octane flick that didn't exactly shoot the lights out at the 
box office. Nevertheless, a sequel is on the way. 

(AP/Murray Close) 

BATTLING. Ben Affleck is a night-roving blind superhero and his girlfriend, Elektra (Jennifer 
Garner), is a martial arts master in the action-adventure flick Daredevil. Together the pair battle 
the forces of evil, until forced to join opposite sides. Colin Farrell co-stars and steals 
a number of scenes from the dynamic duo. (AP/Zade Rosenthal) 

TOP $$ MOVIES OF 2002 

YEAH, BABY! Scarbourough, Ont., native Mike Myers 
brings back a host of favourite characters — including 
Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Austin Powers — for Goldmember, 
the sequel to the hilarious first installment of Austin 
Powers. Looking for plot? Don't bother But if you like 
slapstick, Mike Myers is your man. The film also boasts 
a host of cameos, including Tom Cruise, Gwyneth 
Paltrow and Britney Spears. 


Actress Winona Ryder was found 
guilty of stealing more than 
US$5,500 worth of merchandise 
from a Beverly Hills Saks Fifth 
Avenue store. The judge ordered 
the star of Girl, Interrupted and 
Reality Bites to pay $1 0,000 in fines 
and restitution and perform 480 
hours of community service. 

(AP/Steve Grayson) 


$595 million 


$485 million 


$456 million 


$384 million 


$355 million 


$334 million 


$314 million 


$283 million 


$259 million 


$237 million 



Winnipeg's Cindy Klassen, who won 
bronze at last year's Salt Lake City 
Olympics, added the 2003 all- 
around speed skating title to her 
growing list of achievements. 
Klassen, 23, ended Germany's 
eight-year monopoly on the 
women's all-around title, consisting 
of four races between 500 m and 
5,000 m over two days. Klassen did 
it without winning any of the 
events, getting bronze in the 
1,500 m and 5,000 m, and silver 
in the 500 m and 3,000 m. 

(CP/Jeff Mcintosh) 

JUST ONE OF THE BOYS. Doing her part to smash the gender barriers in 
pro-sports, Hayley Wickenheiser, 24, laced them up for a team in the Finnish 
Hockey Federation's third division. The native of Shaunavon, Sask., has 
stood up to the physical aspect of the game as the team's third-line centre 
and is a mainstay of the women's national team that has won seven straight 

world titles. (AP/Heikki Saukkomaa) 

GOLDEN GIRL. IVIelanie Turgeon ended a decade-long skiing drought for 
Canadian women by winning the downhill at the World Alpine Ski 
Championships in St. IVIoritz, Switzerland. The 26-year-old from Lac 
Beauport, Que., became the first women's winner since Kate Pace won 
gold in Mroioka, Japan. (Ap/Michaci probsti 

ALS RUIN DAY FOR HOMETOWN ESKS. The Montreal Alouettes staved off 
a late Edmonton comeback charge for a 25-16 win in the Grey Cup. In front 
of 62,531 fans in Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium, the hometown Esks 
rallied from an 11-0 halftime deficit. But the comeback fell short, resulting 
in a record-tying fifth CFL championship for head coach Don Matthews and 
Montreal's first Grey Cup win since 1977. (CP/Ryan Remiorz) 


Colleen Jones proved that she is 
as good as it gets when it comes to 
Canadian curling. The 42-year-old 
skip led her Nova Scotia team to 
its fourth national title in five years. 
The win marked Jones's fifth first- 
place finish, which is more national 
titles than any other skip in 
Canadian history. (cwKevm Frayeo 

WEIR REBOUNDS. After a horrible 
2002 season, Mike Weir, a native 
of Bright's Cove, Ont., near Sarnia, 
exploded onto this year's PGA tour 
with two big wins. In February, 
the 33-year-old won the Bob Hope 
Classic and the Nissan Open— his 
fourth and fifth wins of his six-year 
career. Those two events lifted him 
atop the PGA earnings heap with 
more than US$2 million with 
10 months left in the year. 

(AP/Mark J. Terrilll 

contract negotiations between Ron Maclean and Hockey Night in Canada 
quickly moved from the sports pages to the front page. When the dust 
settled, the affable Maclean cashed in with a new salary of about $450,000 
a year, ensuring that Don Cherry would not be without a straight man on 
HNIC's Coach's Corner, m 

ASIAN SENSATION. Seven-foot-six- 
inch centre Yao Ming was the talk of 
the IMational Basketball Association 
in his rookie season with the 
Houston Rockets. So much so that 
the 22-year-old Ming's success has 
made China a new hotbed of NBA 
talent. Houston games are picked 
up on satellite TV throughout the 
country and there is talk of some 
100 other NBA caliber seven-footers 
toiling in Chinese pro leagues. 


SCORER?!? Pittsburgh Penguin 
centre Mario lemieux became only 
the 10th player in NHl history to 
amass 1,000 assists. The injury- 
plagued 37-year-old lemieux, who 
is better known for his ability to put 
the puck in the net, is expected to 
retire before next season. 

(AP/Gene J. Puskar) 


Jon Gruden, 39, became the 
youngest coach to win a Super 
Bowl ring when his Tampa Bay 
Buccaneers destroyed the Oakland 
Raiders — the team Gruden coached 
in 2001— by a 48 to 21 score. The 
Bucs and their top-ranked defence 
proved too much for the Raiders' 
No.1 ranked offence, returning 
three of a record five interceptions 

for touchdowns. (AP/Cliris O'Meara) 

Blue Jays third baseman Eric 
Hinske, 25, turned around an error- 
prone first half in which he made 
16 miscues — and slugged his way 
to the American league Rookie of 
the Year Award. He hit .279 with 
24 home runs and 84 RBIs and was 
the first Blue Jay so honoured since 
shortstop Alfredo Griffin took home 

the prize .in 1979. (CP/Aaron Harris) 

SORRY SIS. Serena Williams won 
her fourth consecutive Grand Slam 
tournament by defeating older 
sister Venus at the Australian Open 
in January. Serena, 21, adds the 
Aussie Grand Slam title to the 
French Open, U.S. Open and 
Wimbledon crowns she won last 
year — all against her 22-year-old 

sister. (AP/Michel Euler) 


For weeks, Toronto Raptor Vince 
Carter (right) took a lot of heat for 
not offering his starting spot in the 
NBA All-star game to Michael 
Jordan, who was making his final 
appearance in the mid-season 
event. Carter, who was voted by 
fans to the team even though he 
had played only 10 games in the 
season's first half due to injuries, 
redeemed himself moments before 
the opening whistle by giving up 
his spot to Air Jordan who went 

on to score 20 points. (AP/John Bazemore) 









TIGER WOODS $6.9 million (U.S.) 


ANNIKA SORENSTAM $2.9 million (U.S.) 






SERENA WILLIAMS $3.9 million (U.S.) 


LLEYTON HEWITT $4.6 million (U.S.) 

FOR THE SPY WHO HAS EVERYTHING. Why not a phone tooth? 
Yes, thanks to two British researchers there's a prototype for a tiny phone 
which can be embedded in a molar and receive cellphone calls. The signals 
are translated into vibrations that travel from the tooth to your inner ear. 
Wannabe James Bonds, take note. (CP/PetCf J Jojdan) 

PRETTY HANDY IDEA. After watching a deaf woman struggle to order food 
at a Burger King, high school student Ryan Patterson decided to create a 
device that translates sign language into text. By wiring a leather golf glove, 
the 18-year-old developed the Braille Glove, which senses its wearer's hand 
movements and transmits them to a tiny monitor, where they appear as 

words. (Siemens Foundation) 

up folks, Roomba — the first automatic 
vacuum — is about to take the 
labour out of cleaning. The device, 
which runs on rechargeable batteries, 
roams your house on its own, 
in search of dirt and dust. Sensors 
prevent the dirt eater, which is about 
three times the size of a discman, from 
bumping into walls and furniture or falling 
down stairs. It even turns itself off. 
If only it knew how to cook dinner. (Jens Morlensen) 

the rest of the Western world is fine with it, 
a Supreme Court ruling has denied patent 
protection in Canada to Harvard's 
OncoMouse, used in cancer research 
around the globe. The ruling — which 
broadly prohibits the patenting of any higher 
life form — was devastating for many Canadian 
companies awaiting patents on plants and animals. 
They claim that the ruling threatens to stifle 
biotechnological research in Canada, by depriving 
researchers of legal protection for their inventions. 

(AP/Harvard Medical School) 

know what your dog's been trying 
to tell you all these years? 
Japanese toy maker Takara claims 
it can help with Bowlingual. A radio 
microphone attaches to your dog's 
collar, and a handheld receiver 
"translates" his growls and whines 
into such phrases as "how boring" 
and "I'm lonely." When your dog 
barks, the sound is beamed to the 
handheld and matched to the data- 
base of thousands of dog sounds. 
Hopefully, you'll like what your best 
friend has to say. (AP/junejacobson) 


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