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i * :,0 ‘V 'A'i'iW 

> 'X‘ t 

■X '•■ ■•" 


■ ',,’ ■ ■ '■ ; 4 ,r;"v 


/t: /■ ■ .' 

- -t 


■ ' ■-••■'.•'. t‘' ' . ^ ' .■ , *, *••■ i' ,, t ' •] 'j '(.'•/« ' ' '.’ff'/^y 

' . ■ , ' . ' .'i".. '■ . •. j' \ -.v ! 

^ahh cf Contents 

'Oi? Qf^earin 2 

Q^chool. 2^ 

oMiddb ^chaal. 22 

Q^mior Q^hoal. W 

(graduates ^8 

Q^tudent <^if6 6^ 

Arts. 90 

Quants ICdf 


(3jpih^ 128 





Once upon a time in a land far away, Elmwood girls were getting ready 
for their first day. The school year was starting, their minds were fresh 
anew, there was so much to learn and so many things to do. With a flick 
of a wand &amp <3UmmoJ dsuMcd, whisking the girls on a fantastical ride. 
With games, spirit and magic fluttering around, every corner had 
something exciting to be found. Moments later the barks of dogs 
resound, circling the fields and playing on the school grounds. <^^lkr 
<^^/<^^^was an absolute blast, bringing joy and cheer that will 
definitely last. It is almost month's end when the girls tie their shoes, 
getting ready for a race, there is no time to lose, (^um (^arthe &ur6 kept 
Elmwood on their feet, running or walking together on the street. 
Community, new beginnings and House cheers we sing, Elmwood can't 
wait for what the year will bring. 


I five 


Grandparents arrive from far far away, visiting 
the school during grandparent's “^apj. The 
(;^all (p^estival'^diS a marvelous success, with 
painting and activities that were sure to 
impress! Moments later something is amiss, 
the school is filled with superheroes and 
princesses waiting for a kiss. It is (t^cdlaween 
at Elmwood and the girls are happy as can be, 
there is a Haunted house somewhere 
inhabited by a ghost named Cathy. The 
teachers are dressed up, as are students too, 
Elmwood is abuzz with excitement, there are 
so many things to do. From school work in 
classrooms to sports on the fields, to catch all 
the action you've got to keep your eyes 
peeled! Going about their business with an 
elegant twirl, "you can't catch me" they say 
"I'm an Elmwood girl". 




With the swish of a wand, November 
appeared bringing together laughter 
and cheer. Scurrying and hurrying, 
busy as bees, Elmwood was preparing 
for three special festivities. (S’ntemoamd 
&Qg^k brought the world to our floor 
with cultural performances, food and 
prizes galore! Music, food and dancing 
as well, kept everyone joyful as if they 
were under a spell. &Ci^htin^(ide 
<^realfast^2& a magical morning, 
accompanied by a delectable breakfast, 
that sent our hearts soaring! Make A 
Wish Foundation was the charity of 
choice, raising money for children so 
they can rejoice. Before the calendar 
struck twelve, the 'Uea flew by, 

Elmwood was excitedly waiting for the 
holiday season to arrive. 


T'was the season of giving and upcoming cheer, for the 
students were excited - the holidays were near. Q^xrirSede 
la fabulously chic, inspired by the 
culture of sunny Martinique. The students were excited 
for the break to begin, they tore the school apart, much 
to the teachers' chagrin. With tinsel, garlands and 
wrapping paper galore, C:^lich^ anything 

but a bore! Door decorating and searching for Squawk, 
anxiously watching the ticking of the clock. A 
6^cmcert 2 iU(\ QS>ci Qf^ou 'Uhink 6^an ^ance, added 
to the cheer days in advance. 




The clock has struck twelve and New Year is here, bringing the girls back 
with high spirits and good cheer. Experiential learning is out of the box, 
with Q^interim 2iCl\y\t\ts, learning really rocks! From rockclimbing to 
baking to painting some scenes, the Elmwood community is where 
excitement is seen. What a contrast this is to first term in the woods, 
winter is cold but we have cozy parka hoods. To keep ourselves warm, 
we take on new endeavours, second term is sure to be a pleasure. 




Jack Frost blew in and the weather was frigid, but QSfirit 
anything but rigid. Pyjamas, costumes and teachers in spirit, with 
imagination running wild, the sky is the limit. OS/fer'^was a blast, 
enjoying the slopes and tubing so fast. Then down to the rink for 
hot cocoa and a skate, Q^katin^ left us spinning 
attempting figure-eights. The excitement wasn't over, your chariot 
awaits, to take you to the (^coher <^au^ter on a dinner 

date. Before the month's end, Q^Cecdth 0^^/^ would appear, 
serving up smoothies, yoga and ridding us of our fears. It's been a 
fabulous month spent with friends at the school, learning about 
things and generally being cool. 




It is March in the woods and the girls are away, 
exploring and experiencing in every possible way. 

the States and winning some medals, 
attending the (^^md QS)cimce (^air\^2.xx\\'(\^^ 
about metals. Enjoying holidays in places far and 
near, packing their bags and all of their gear. 
Personal bests on the river, while others travel to 
cold places and shiver, ^elfdifeme keeps the girls 
on their toes, and gets them screaming so that the 
whole school knows. The school is quiet and the 
hails are bare, awaiting the girls to occupy their 
desks and chairs. 





April showers bring May flowers to the 
wonderful, whimsical woods. Frolicking 
at the Q^ibcm c^esta, fundraising as 
much as they could. Mocktails and 
spices heat up the night, dancing and 
singing under spring moonlight. Outside 
on the field chanting, "She scores, she 
scores", as the Soccer team heads to see 
the 0^cirU6^if - but wait - there's more! 
It's time to showcase our art through the 
halls: paintings, drawings and dramatic 
vignettes - we all had a ball. Munching 
on nibblies and chatting with friends, 
boy-oh-boy the art never ends! 
^ekbratim <f '^.earnin^h'{\x\^ this month 
to a close, with a happily ever after - next 
month, who knows? 


Mary, Mary quite contrary how does Elmwood cope? With so much to 
do and so much to write - exams are upon us, oh no! Jlh exam diVt 
stealing our grads, leaving our halls empty of plaid. With the occasional 
"Whoop" as acceptances arrive, university fever is definitely alive! 
Heralding the unveiling of our new ^oatefAms, signalling the centennial 
with symbolism and charms. A new era for Elmwood begins, with a fancy 
new frock - don't forget to pull up your socks! Off to Montreal the future 
leaders go, to the CcAJS leadership cemferenceX.o reap what they sow. 
Running through the city and making new friends, they hope this 
experience will never end. The girls show their passion for civics and 
rights, presenting \~PJ prefects, fundraising to new heights. Clean off your 
desk, organize your notes, exam season is coming, stay calm and keep 
yourself afloat. 



Exams are over, here comes the fun, June marks the beginning of 
celebrating under the sun. A new generation of leaders must arrive, next 
year's prefects are in for a ride. Saying speeches and running for their 
position of choice, grade 11 students - let us hear your voice! ’^knnin^far 
<2>ur ‘ISlonadiS we dig deep to our roots, finding solutions to pollution 
and soot. Sharing our thoughts and developing plans - Earth needs our 
help, let's do what we can! Spirit Afternoon shows our competitive 
streak, as we enjoy fun and games - we are far from meek. As we say 
goodbye to our grads, we all shed a tear as the (^se ^ermcm^ brings an 
end to the year. But it is not all serious when it comes to the end, time to 
Wiethe l^refeds \ n\\o have been great friends! Shine your shoes, brush 
your hair, it is time for the biggest affair. Closing ceremonies is finally 
here, to celebrate our accomplishments, so see you next year! 






0^010 is pour farorite storpbook character and whpt 

Emma Bettolli-Remonda: Elsa from Frozen, because she has ice powersm 
Sara Elramahi:The Gingerbread Boy, because he is covered with candyM 

Victoria LeBlanc: The big dog in "Big Dog, Little Dog", because he has a big rec 


Emma Bettolli-Remonda Sara Elramahi 

Victoria LeBlanc 


^ best thin0^ about mo is... 

ilympia Betts: I teach other people new things. 
itHda Cook: I am really kind and I like playing with others. 
\smin Dhanani: I love school! 


Mira Acharya Maryam Al Sliehhi Elizabeth Andersen Olympia Betts Matilda Cook Yasmin Dhanani Alexis Fincham-Dinsdale 

Rose Jackson Daniel la Lloreda Angelina Montegrande-Arcenal Isabel Morgan McKenna Wu Victoria Zhu 


^rade / 

oMp bi^^est drt 

'earn is... 

Amelia Frauley: When I grow up I want to marry somebody. ' 
Brooke Cillin: My biggest dream is to ride a unicorn. ( 
Mila Saltel: My biggest dream is give people who can 't afford food food. 

Avery Aken Alyazia Al Shehhi Mia Bettolli-Remonda Ryley Brambell Amelia Frauley Brooke Gillin Simone Gulati 

twenty -eight 

Y0m 0r0w up want to be... 

jara Bhuji: I wantto be a singer or a heart surgeon because my granddad had a heart attack two times. 
|)6e/ Frau ley: I want to be a video game tester or a horseback rider, 
pire Zate: I want to be a botanist. 

Sara Acharya Aya A1 Khalili Emma Beaudoin Penelope Beever Alys-Mia Benloulou Diya Bhan Imara Bhulji 



Avery Brambell Elizabeth Chen-Baker Isobel Frauley 

Lydia Hagadom 

Annabel Hay Norah Heim 

Marta Morgan 

Rowan Parkinson Katerina Simantirakis 

Khaliya Thawer 

Violet Tucker 

Hannah Vermeij Ellena Waddington 


(^Wlw is mur hero and wh^... * 

Sydney Little: Malak for being super brave and fighting for the rights for girls and making a difference in our world, ' 
Saisha Vadlya: My Dad because he was a great cricket player and I want to play cricket someday too, 1 1 
Clara White: Roald Dahl because he survived the war and went on to write amazing children's books, h 

Jayne Acliarya Avery Conrad Francesca Cook Ceili Halloran Ciara Hurley Francesca James-Brennan Maryam Kafoud 

Sydney Little Naila Moloo Eleonora Nadon Alexus Oakes ElsaSaltel Zara Tucker Saisha Vaidya 


^B>nc6 upon a time ... 

\flivia Howe: Once upon a time there was a girl who was always happy to get up and go to school, 
uanna Lombardi: Once upon a time there was a miagical school and a very lucky girl got to go there. 

\one Schotman: Once upon a time a girl named Igone would meet her friends at the school playground with the 
^est smile on her face. 


Zafreen Abdullah 

Lujain AlJarallah 

Emma Farquhar 

Alicia Gombos 

Olivia Howe 

Maya Allen 

Mikayla Johnson 


Hailey Kay 

Genevieve Laplante 

Gianna Lombardi 

Michaela Nicolini 

Frida Pohl 

Shelby McMahon 

Christina Nightingale 

Elena Posivak 

Miriam Rida 

Samantha Rossi 

Dahlia Rostom 

Igone Schotman 

Katja Simic-Lawson Katherine Souaid 

Bianca Sugunasiri Sonja Swettenham 


(;;^rad6 S 

oMp fear is 

Celia Batchelor: Creepy-crawly thing 
Zoe Lang: Exhibition 
Lucy Tucker: The extinction of any type of cat 

Jocelyn Emmerson Keira Foti 

Celia Batchelor 

Angelika Boehm Alexandra Boushey Kaylah Carruthers 

Jane Covington 

Leya Ghantous 

Miwa Hayashi Lauren Jane Hudson Kathryn Irving Lydia James-Brennan 

Grace Kremmel 

Zoe Lang 




OU^ foporite book is. 

Ahha. Kafoud: Island of the Blue Dolphins 
Maizie Solomon: The Eighth Day 
Cate Woodhead: The Secret Carden 

Didi Bredberg 

Grace Brunner 

Ambar Chaparro 

Sarah Allam 

Lilly Allen 

Grace Chamess 

Madi Chwast 

Claire Goldberg Tara Hanson-Wright 

Lauren Ho 

Katherine Howarth 

Niamh Hurley 

Victoria Devine-Ducliarme Sophie Glover 

Rianna Miller Catherine Mitchell-Ross Michika Montaldo 

Rebecca Kealey Alex Lefere-Cuthbert 

Mila Mierins 

Aisha Kafoud 

Claire Murray Lilli-AngeliquePotter-Dhieux Rukmann Sandhu Maizie Solomon Natasha Souaid Kailey Walker Caitlin Walsh 

Cate Woodhead Sofia Zate 





oSy'pou could be // at something, what would it he? 

W\ 2 iyz Ladki: #1 British one 
Isabel Smith: #1 book lover 
Rika Ochiai: #1 at going to Rika land 

Alisha Abdul Rahman 

Isabelle Barker 

Caitlin Baxter 

Sarah Brown 

Leah Dickinson 

Andrea Douglas 

Arielle Farinha 

Rutaaba Fasih 

Hana Fukur 

Hannah Goldstein 

Mackenzie Johnson 

Maya Ladki 

Olga Lietsala 

Natalia Morris 

Rika Ochiai Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy Charlotte Pryor Holley Mattea Roth Jones Allison Sedlezky Isabel Smith Patricia Werdnik 

Megan Wright 

thirty -six 


homeroom, <S^'m most likelp seen... 

Tara Rida: Having a conversation with everyone and doing people's hair. 

Alexandra King: Playing on my iPad or talking to people. 

Dalia Sawaya: I’m always late so 

Charlotte Amannt 

Ava Batchelor Camille Beaule Emma Birchall Emma Boushey Anna Defelice Grace Goldberg 

Abbigail Hamre Logan Iwanoff Karen Jarvlepp Zaina Khan Alex King 

Maya Kors Jordyn Lalonde 

Sophie Lamontagne Bothwell Veronika LassI Erica Leighton Keiren McClelland Evelyn Miller Amanda Nightingale Charlotte Noxon 

Kennedy Reid 

Tara Rida Sprtiha Sanghavi 

Ailish Saranchuk Dalia Sawaya Isabella Thomas Stephanie Townsend 

Avery Want Jaida Wilson Lisa Xing Ashton Yau 

thifty -eight 



oMost <^ikelp to... 

Brigitte McElligott: To survive being stranded on a desert island 
Aya Yoshizawa: To resurrect Voldemort from the dead 
Helen Zhao: To discover unicorns 

Kristina Allatt 

Ina Arora 

Bronte Assadzadeh 

Lyanna Abdul Rahman 

Caroline Capehart 

Hannah Chamess 

Sharon Chen 

Elizabeth Coulter 

Katharina Auster Charlotte Bascombe Florence Campbell 

Diya Dadlani 

Linnea Dalvi 

Francisca Garcia 

Regina Garcia 

Leane Gaussorgues Jackie Goldstein 

Shannon Howarth 

Hannah Keough 

Katherine Keough 

Carine Ladki 

Jacqueline Law 

Kyra Ling-Jay 

Brigitte McElligott 

Elizabeth Milne 

Sarah Murray 

Eva Sabine 

Brooke Van Haastrecht 

Ava Vandenbelt 

Rebecca Walker 

Fiona Wang 

Caelyn Want 

Tory Woodhead 

Aya Yoshizawa 

Emma Young 

Leen Zaghloul Helen Zhao 



(^0iat is one item that pou cannot live without} 

Zoe Audain Bottle o' pushpins 
Emily Bangsboll: Bottle o'Jenga pieces 
Brittany Cooper: Bottle o' Cheez Whiz 

Vera Abd El Malek 

Bakiza Al Khalili 

Laura Alexander 

Monica Alicea 

Zoe Auclair 

Emily Bangsboll 

Sophie Barker 

Kylie Brownlee 

Sian Bryson 

Brittany Cooper 

Julia Crystal 

Hoda Darwish 

Dora Deng 

Eleanor Duffley 

Dana El-Ramahi 

Sijyl Fasih 

Claudia Finak-Foumier Mia Fitzpatrick Mallory Fung Kee Fung Erica Giustiniani 

Sydney Greenley 

Ciara Halloran 

Emily Hartvich 

Helen Hume 

Emma Hunter 

Sarah Jackson 

Katya Jansen Poulin Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien 

Heather Founder 

Eryn Lundrigan Maya Mainland-Gratton Sheetza McGarry Elizabeth Moloney 

Pooja Moorti 

Wenxin Lian 

Lily Newberry Yizhou Peng Allegra Richter Emma-Rose Robinson Sarah Robinson Myriam Rostom Cynthia Sedlezky 


Paula Werdnik 

Lucy Whichelo 

Gefan Zhou 

Alexa Shabinsky 

Britney Smith 

Aimi Sugihara 

Sophia Swettenham 

Brianna Trudel 

Emma Trudel 

Qinchen Wang 


'Phrase that pou sap a lot. 

Brianna Conga-Cave: I deserve a House Poir 
Laura Morrison: Literally, I can’ 
SIkemI Onl: Sorry I’m lah 

Sophie Bames 

Hannah Dolhai Quinn Fincham Asmait Fukur Brianna Gonga-Cave 

Celia Chen 

Vicky Bolitho 

Koyuki Hayashi Sreenija Koya 

Genevieve Laberge Elise Lehman 

Mavis Ma Brooke Mierins Aiyanna Morris 

Margaret Pateman 

Jing Qiu 

Dania Rida 

Fumi Shibutani 

Safa Siddiqui 

Laura Morrison Sikemi Oni 

Meera Singla 

Megan Sweeney Samantha Thompson-Spence Zamzam Turki Tessa Van Haastrecht Markley Wakeland 

Yilin Wang 

Cecille Wu 

Ziling Wang 

Emily Wright 





Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get to this moment. It wouldn't have 
been possible without the support of my friends, teachers and especially my family 
(shoutout to Vincent and Cam as promised). I'm very happy to be graduating from such 
a great school that helped me develop into the person that I am today. To everyone in 
my grade, I can't wait to see where you all end up and I wish you all the best. P.S. I'll be 

your compass. 



Head Girl; Justine Beaule 
Senior Prefect: Sophia Caragianis 
Middle School Prefect: Valerie Molnar 
junior School Prefect: Emily Stephens 
Arts Prefect: Ras-Jeevan Obhi 
Sports Captain: Paige Tremblay 
Community Prefect: Jenna Moledina 
Student Ambassador Prefect: Mariam Dakdouki 
Head of Fry: Sophie Ackert 
Head of Keller: Mutinta Namuyemba 
Head of Nightingale: Zein Zaghloul 
Head of Wilson: Sasha Thomas 

Zakiya Abdullah 

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to 
be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only 
way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, 
keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know 
when you find it." 

-Steve Jobs 

Congratulations to the class of 2015; 1 wish you all the best. 

Sophie Ackeit 

"The Road goes ever on and on 
Down from the door where it began. 
Now far ahead the Road has gone. 
And I must follow, if I can. 

Pursuing it with eager feet. 

Until it joins some larger way 
Where many paths and errands meet. 
And whither then? I cannot say." 
-Bilbo Baggins 

Maria Aho-Merlo 

"Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we 
are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them 
to grow their own plants." 

- John W. Gardner 



Claire Avisar 

I could try and count the hours of rehearsals, the cups of coffee spilled, the tear stained graphs of 
sinusoidal functions and Mozart scores, the minutes counting down to summer breaks, and the 
cartons of Ben and Jerry's I have consumed during my time here just to attempt to show you what 13 
years have been like, but I won't (rather, I can't, because even after all this time, I still really cannot 
do math). But, what I can tell you is I have learned the most valuable lessons through the most 
seemingly unimportant moments: heated class discussions, piano jam sessions in the hallways and 
our amazing music classes, theatre performances, eccentric teaching styles, and just being able to 
see everyone grow as people around me. I'd like to thank the teachers who go above and beyond 
simply teaching a syllabus, and who put so much of their own passion behind their wordsyou are all 
incredible people. If there is one thing I have learned in my time, or a message that I wish to share 
with my peers, it is this: 

"We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams, wandering by lone sea-breakers, and 
sitting by desolate streams. World-losers and world-forsakers, upon whom the pale moon gleams; 
yet we are the movers and shakers, of the world forever, it seems." 

Arthur O'Shaughnessy 

Walaa Bahitham 

Before I start to say some pretty emotional things, I just wanted to make sure everybody knew that I 
actually had my hair done when I got this picture taken! 

Just thought I should put that out there. Now for the more serious part of my comment. 

I would firstly like to thank God for everything; I would also like to thank my family, 
especially my parents, who kept pushing and believing in me when I thought I just couldn't 
do it anymore. 

I would like to thank my older brother for always taking my forced hugs. Wallah you mean a 
lot to me and that's why I do what I do. I would like to give thanks to my younger brother, 
although you annoyed me for most of the time you were there to support me! So 'tuna' thank 

I would also like to thank all of the 2015 grads for all they've done for me; you girls have 
been like a second family to me. Thank you all and good luck to you all. 

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have" 

- unknown. 

I guess at this point the only choice we have is to be strong and accept the challenges that we will 
soon face. #hijabi4life #loutof3 

Katya Brooks 

I wish I knew how to write something like this, but truth be told, I'm awful with 
sentimental things like goodbyes and even simple 'I love you' statements. I'll try my 
best to say something inspirational: 

In grade 11, 1 wrote my first historical essay. It was on American independence and 
whether it was an evolutionary or a revolutionary/ process. I believe it was a mix of both, 
but that's beside the point. I learned from that essay, and I have come to realize, that 
my future, too, will be a mix of both. It will be laced with pitfalls and peaks, but I know I 
will learn to trust change, as it is the only thing that is constant in both evolutions and 

"And lease this confusion. I'll wander the concrete 
Wonder if better now having survived" 


fifty -five 

Sophia Caragianis 

To FM &. JW, you guys have been my rock and lifeline; thank you for 
seeing me through it all. Good luck finding my replacement. 

Thank you to everyone who has been in my life; you have all shaped me 
to become the person I am today. 

Peace, dudes. 

Mariam Dakdouki 

"it's the oldest story in the world. One day, you're seventeen and planning for someday. And then, 
quietly, and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And 
this is your life." 

-One Tree Hill 

As this chapter of our lives comes to a close, we look back at the different events that signified our 
time in high school. From orientation day to graduation day, my time at Elmwood has been 
unequivocally life changing. Thanks to the Class of 2015, for being a uniquely diversified group of 
people and adding a kick to my life that I didn't know I needed. We are forever bonded through our 
experiences, and for that I am grateful. Special thanks to S and S for pulling me out of the darkest 
hole of my life, and believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. Most of all, thanks to my parents 
for providing their never-ending support and belief that I can achieve anything if I only have 
confidence in myself. Here's to living out our dreams everyday and never holding back who we are. 

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it." 

-Peter Pan 

So to my fellow Class of 2015, believe that you can fly because I believe that we have the ability to 
soar. The question now isn't who is going to let us; it's who is going to stop us. 

Christine Ding 

Thanks for all the teachers and everyone in my grade. You have helped 
me so much during these years. Canada was a totally new place for me 
three years ago. It is you guys who made me feel welcome and 
comfortable. These may not have been the best three years of my life, 
but they are very unforgettable. University is a new beginning for each 
one of us. I wish everyone all the best. 

fifty -six 

Erin Dzioba 

Thank you to all of my teachers, friends, and family for supporting me 
and helping me grow throughout the past four years. Good luck to the 
grads of 2015. 

Audrey Giroux 

Starting Elmwood in Grade 7 was definitely a challenge, but the people by whom I 
have been surrounded and who have encouraged me since then have been 
extraordinary. I would like to firstly thank all my teachers for the tremendous 
amount of support and countless hours they have dedicated not only to my 
success, but to that of my classmates as well. I would also like to thank all my 
friends who have stuck by me through these emotion-filled years; you girls are truly 
the most amazing young women this world will ever see. To my parents, thank you 
for the amazing support I have received and thank you for giving me the chance to 
not only have dreams but to be able to calls those dreams my goals. Lastly, to the 
graduating class of 2015, 1 wish for every single one of you to attain your goals. 
Always be confident in yourself and your abilities; you are all strong women who 
will redefine what being a women means. 

Danielle Humilde 

"To part is the lot of all mankind. The world is a scene of constant 
leave-taking, and the hands that grasp in cordial greeting today, are 
doomed ere long to unite for the last time, when the quivering lips 
pronounce the word - 'Farewell" 

-R.M. Ballantyne 


Louisa James-Beswick 

When given this task, my main question was: "How long should it be?" The replies I 
got were "Not too long", "Not too short", and 'Just right"and I began to feel like I 
was in a twisted version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. However, ! have come 
to realize that the amount of words is superficial and all I need to write is something 
I will be proud of. So here I am revealing the three most important lessons I have 
been taught this year, which are: the future is unpredictable; change is inevitable; 
and failure is unavoidable. Therefore, do not let society and others dictate your 
future and who you are, and if you ever have doubts about this, please look to 
Silverstein's "The Thinker of Tender Thoughts" as it has helped me a tremendous 
amount along the way. Finally, to the graduating class of 2015: remember, all we 
need in life is a bit of pixie dust so we can fly; a key to a secret garden, so we can 
learn to love the beauty around us; and a group of misfits, so we are reminded that 
to be alive is to be fortunate. 

Michaela Kainz-Potter 

After twelve years of being at Elmwood, I have recognized that 
Elmwood has not only become a school that I have attended, but a 
place where I have grown. Not only have I developed as a person, but I 
have also developed friendships and memories that I hope I can carry 
with me through the rest of my life. I would like to thank everyone who 
has supported me through it all and I wish the grads of 2015 the best of 
luck in their future. I believed High School was going to be challenging, 
and so it was; however, I could not have asked for a better community 
of support, and I appreciate all the help from the people who have 
brought me to this moment. 

Lauren Lambert 

When I started at Elmwood four years ago, ! could have never imagined 
the kinds of friends and memories that I would have at this moment. I 
am so grateful for the amazing opportunities and passionate teachers 
who have spent countless hours to help shape me into the confident 
and resilient person that I am today. To my family, thank you for your 
unbridled support, love and guidance. Thank you for the opportunity 
to not only have beautiful dreams, but to also turn those dreams into 
amazing experiences that I will cherish forever. To the class of 2015, 1 
hope you all have remarkable adventures and accomplish everything 
you set your minds to. 



Rachel McGinn 

I think it's important to acknowledge that we will find ourselves at crossroads 
in our lives. The choices that we make in those moments can be the ones 
that define us. When we are faced with something unknown, most of us will 
prefer to turn back. But, every once in a while, someone comes along and 
pushes us to become a better version of ourselves. Because it's only when 
you are tested that you truly discover who you are. And it's only when you're 
tested that you discover who you can be. So thank you to Elmwood, all of 
my classmates and my family who have been that 'someone' these past four 
years and have helped me to become the person I am today. Good luck next 
year my friends. P.S. The ship will be setting sail soon. 

Sarah Miller 

Thanks for the memories: thanks Cummeson for never denying my lack 
of musical ability, but never stopping the encouragement, and Small for 
achieving the impossible and making classes interesting again. Thanks 
to Mckenzie for showing me what working tirelessly for something you 
care about looks like, and thank you to Mrs. Boychuk for allowing me 
to help with the play these last two years and do what I do best: yell at 
people until they do what they're supposed to, and endlessly organize. 
Finally, thank you to everybody else for putting up with my many 
phases and many Apocalyptic conspiracies, I think you'll now realize 
that I've been right all along. 

Jenna Moledina 

Heading into my senior year, I was told that it would just fly by, but it was not until I 
sat down to write this yearbook piece that I realized how right they all were. To the 
school that has given me much wisdom, experience, and opportunities, I am 
eternally grateful. Over the years at Elmwood, I have seen the unpredictable nature 
of the future, yet one important concept that has always stayed constant to me is 
the idea of passion. To the teachers who always taught beyond what was required, 
who taught because they loved what they were teaching, and who taught with true 
passion: you have all been exceptional role models, and I have taken away more 
than can be said. 

"You symbolize with a message that we're all ok with. We all lie in bed with, we’ve 
all lost our sense of tough. Bound to own all our dreams." 

I hope that we all find the passion. 


Valerie Molnar 

As I move on to face the challenges ahead, I cannot help but be thankful for the amazing 
opportunities the last three years I have spent at Elmwood have provided me with. Elmwood 
offers an open, supportive and encouraging environment that fosters growth and success. To 
my fellow 2015 grads, thank you for your support and friendship. Thank you to my family for 
the love and encouragement. To my dad, thank you for the numerous excruciatingly early car 
rides to practices and for sharing with me your time and corny "dad" jokes. I now celebrate not 
only the end of my time as an Elmwood student, but the beginning of a whole new adventure. 
As a child I always loved to watch The Littlest Hobo. Moving on to face new challenges, I now 
more than ever connect with the opening lines to the theme song that made me smile on those 
long-past lazy Sunday mornings: 

“There's a voice that keeps on calling me 
Down the road is where I'll always be 
Every stop I make. I'll make a new friend 
Can't stay for long, just turn around and I'm gone again. 

Maybe tomorrow. I'll want to settle down. 

Until tomorrow. I'll just keep moving on.” 

Mutinta Namuyemba 

I cannot tell you how hard of a goodbye this will be; my last two years here have 
been nothing but countless memories. I cannot sit here and list out every memory 
from orientation, going to camp two years in a row, those early morning walks to 
school in the snow, the common room, and so much more. But, I will sum up what 
I have learned: I’ve learnt that in life you will meet two kinds of people: ones who 
build you up, and ones who tear you down. But in the end, you will thank them 

To my mum, dad and my brothers: I love you. 

To all my friends: I swear 1 am the real Beyonce. Just you wait. 

And lastly, to the class of 2015: It has not always been easy, but man, you girls are 
some of the strongest people I have met. Good luck to you all! 5 countries, 5 
schools, and I'm done. It’s been raw. 

Kylie Negus 

What can I say? Elmwood is a fantastic school that has helped me grow 
tremendously. I've met some excellent teachers, staff and new friends 
that I will never forget. The memories that we made - from Camp 
Elmwood, attending Mr. Whitehouse's history class, the Father- 
Daughter dance, along with everything else, have so positively 
impacted me. Thank you to everyone for your guidance and support in 
my journey - especially my parents! A special thank you to my Dad for 
driving me to and from school every single day! Today is the first day of 
the rest of our lives; I'm excited to go to Queen's U with my sis. In the 
meantime, congrats to my fellow Class of 2015 graduates. I wish each 
and every one of you a happy and healthy future. 


Alayna Nowlin 

Andrea Nexus and Sarah Maxwell take Europe. Let the games begin! 

Ras-Jeevan Obhi 

The past 11 years at Elmwood have been my life. The friends I've made and the experiences 
I've had will colour my memories, the ones I've already made and the ones I have yet to 
make. To my teachers: thank you for evoking passion, for teaching me how to write, see, 
observe, question and create. To my family: thank you for always being there for me. To 
the other 2015 grads: there's so much out there for us to experience, and I'm looking 
forward to hearing from you all in the future. 

"All of this, calm and reasonable as it was, made out of ordinary things as it was, was the 
truth now; beauty, that was the truth now. Beauty was everywhere." 

- Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway 

A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of my time at Elmwood. You've all 
made the world seem a little less scary, and a lot more beautiful. 

Megan Russell 

Thank you to my parents for sending me here, thank you to my teachers for 
allowing me to learn about things I am truly passionate about and thank you to my 
friends for making me smile when I needed it; I hope we never lose touch. Looking 
back at photos from my first year of Elmwood in grade eight, I have grown not only 
physically, but grown as a person. I never would have experienced the things I did in 
these five years had I gone to any other school. I will cherish most my five years in 
Elmwood Theatre and my two Duke of Ed experiences, but I will leave wishing all 
the best to everyone moving on with me or staying behind; may your life be just as 
blessed as mine. 

Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the 
Lord, not for men." 

Upkeerut Saran 

Thank you to my parents for supporting me in every way. Thank you to my siblings for 
being awesome and for putting up with me even when I wound up being the annoying one. 

To my friends: You are beautiful and your laughter and happiness are contagious. 

To my teachers: You are the reason I have come to appreciate the subjects you teach. 
Thank you for the endless out-of-class time. 

Thank you to my Cappies Team for going well beyond anything I could have hoped for this 

Dear Class of 2015: You deserve great things. Co out into this wonderful world and get 
them. All I can say is to appreciate what you have while you have it. Good luck to you all. 

A special thank you to those of you who have helped me along the way. Anything and 
everything I do somehow ties back to one of you, and I will be forever grateful. 

Maitland Shaheen 

I cannot express my thanks enough to the friends, peers, and teachers 
who have made the past four years so memorable. I am eternally 
grateful for my time at Elmwood and I am so thankful for the 
independent thinking and rigorous work ethic it has instilled in me, as 
well as the inseparable friendships I cherish and the unforgettable 
opportunities I could have found nowhere else. I truly believe that my 
time in high school has pushed me in the best direction possible, and I 
could not be more excited to pursue my future using the skills and 
interests I have developed these past four years. Thank you to the 
unforgettable people I have met and for the support I have received, 
and good luck to the entirety of the class of 2015. 

Emily Stephens 

Elmwood: 87 muffins consumed, 6 clubs joined, embarrassingly high amount 
of times late for class, and countless hours spent on homework. When I hear 
the word "Elmwood", I am filled with joy and pride and will always remember 
the statements made above. These past two years have been amazing and 
life changing. The teachers, staff and students that make Elmwood have 
helped me grow in so many ways and for that I am forever grateful. The 
person I am today is thanks to the encouragement and support I have 
received from this amazing school. I am beyond lucky to have been given the 
gift to attend this school where everyone knows my name. So grateful to 
have had the chance to get to spend time with my classmates for whom I 
only hope the brightest of futures. Thank you for getting me up very early 
every morning with an excited outlook on my day at the most encouraging 
of schools. 


Sasha Thomas 

As many of you know: music is my life. I'm not that annoying kid who says they love 
Kurt Copenhagen while they listen to some new electronic pop mush. I live for the 
music that clears a soul, which reminds you what time it is and what to do. The 
music that enlightens the dark that surrounds you. Mmmmmmm Music. This year 
has not been such a whirlwind but rather a slow moving blur of all these amazing 
moments. Moments like: writing countless drafts of The Loft, tuning my flute in 
front of the whole concert band, starting SCLUR, trying to breeze by SL Music and 
most importantly becoming a strong and fearless human being in this wild world. 
Mumford and Sons said it best in After the Storm: "And there will come a time, 
you'll see, with no more tears. And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your 
fears. Get over your hill and see what you find there, with grace in your heart and 
flowers in your hair." I think that we should all take strides in life with grace in our 
hearts and as many flowers in our hair as possible. 

Paige Tremblay 

Heading into my senior year, I realized how quickly these 11 years flew by. I am beyond 
grateful for the experiences and opportunities that have shaped me into the person I have 
become. Experiences like being sports captain, winning an OFSAA gold and bronze, my life 
struggle with math, becoming the procrastinating queen and regular breakdowns in the 
common room. It is these experiences and opportunities that pushed me to the breaking 
point and allowed me to discover my resiliency and my drive to keep moving forward. 

To the teachers who were tolerant and taught because they truly loved what they were 
teaching: You are all remarkable and I cannot voice how much value I have taken away. 

Shoutout to the siblings, who have provided me with endless support. Especially my sister, 
who once told me "to always do what makes you happy". It is these words that have guided 
me through this hurricane. 

Grads we made it, it's been real. 

Zein Zaghloul 

To the graduating class of 2015, we have finally made it!!! I would like to 
congratulate everyone for our wonderful accomplishments throughout 
the years. Thank you to all my teachers who have inspired me to try my 
hardest. Thank you mum and dad for the endless support and late night 
drives from rehearsals. Thank you Leen for being you and Jude for 
always teaching me that whatever is happening in life, good or bad, you 
always need to have a smile on your face. Thank you to my bestest of 
friends for always sticking by my side, hope to keep in touch! 





sixty -six 










of (3ui <^old 

seventy -six 


Elmwood's Classics Conference Team works with great dedication throughout the year to prepare amazing replica artefacts 
and projects to share at an annual provincial competition, the only one of its kind in Canada. We are the only school in 
Eastern Ontario which combines a full programme in Latin and Classical Civilization with a club like this. Our students 
participated this year in the 47th annual Ontario Student Classics Conference, held at Brock University in St. Catharines. 
This event brings together almost 500 people from approximately 20 public and private schools (single gender and co-ed) 
across Ontario who compete in a wide variety of competitions where they can express their fascination with the Classical 

Team sizes vary and can often be as large as 45 in some of the larger schools Elmwood's Conference team of 5 students 
faced off against teams up to almost 10 times their size! Our students competed in every event they could fit into their 
schedule, and represented the school admirably with great determination, sportsmanship, problem-solving and creativity. 
They achieved outstanding results, returning home with 5 trophies and 16 ribbons, an amazing feat for any team, but 
especially one facing competition with teams so much larger! 

The group would also like to acknowledge the full Classics Club which meets at lunch times throughout the year; some of 
these members also attend the after school meetings. Their encouragement, support and ideas, for example, were of great 
assistance in helping the team prepare. We would also like to thank Ms. Rossiter for her invaluable support in preparation 
for, and during, the conference. 

This year, we are very honoured as well to have been invited to display our work at the Canadian War Museum as part of an 
upcoming exhibit on gladiators. This exhibit combines real antiquities from nine museums in Italy (including the Colosseum 
itself) into one exhibit, and this is its only Canadian stop! Because Elmwood's Classics Club and Conference Team create 
works which are unique in their level of technical skill and authenticity (not only among students, but even among adults 
and universities), we were invited to display creations on family day, and to lead a variety of activities for young people, 
teaching them about the Roman world by creating replicas of things actually used there. We will also be offering chariot 
rides to the children. 

Participating in this Conference is in itself an amazing accomplishment, and Elmwood's team represented the school 
outstandingly on a provincial level. The dedication and creativity of these students was exemplary and they are 
congratulated on their wonderful results! 

Classics Club Classics Conference Team 

seventy -eight 


Middle School Big Sisters 

Senior School Big Sisters 

Teacher: Ms. Bartlett 

Emily Stephens (Student Leader), Lilly Allen, Caitlin Baxter, Didi 
Bredberg, Sarah Brown, Grace Charness, Anna DeFelice,Andrea 
Douglas, Abbigail Hamre, Aisha Kafoud, Mila Mierens, Michika 
Montaldo, Lilli- Agelique, Tara Rida, Rukmann Sandu, Dailia Sawaya, 
Avery Want, Cate Woodhead, Lisa Xing and Sophia Zate 

Teacher: Ms. Bartlett 

Emily Stephens, Vera Abd El Malek, Bakiza Al Khalili, Sophi Barker, Kylie 
Brownlie, Hannah Charness, Hannah Dolhai, Erin Dzioba, Lcane Caussorgues, 
Sydney Creenley, Ciara Halloran, Sreenija Koya, Elise Lehman, Eryn Lundrigan, 
Mavis Ma, Brigitte McElligott, Rachel McGinn, Aiyanna Morris, Sarah Murray, 
Elizabeth Newberry, Margaret Pateman, Dania Rida, Safa Siddiqui, Meera 
Singla, Aimi Sugihara, Samanth Thompson-Spence, Tory Woodhead and Leen 

Model UN 

Student Ambassadors 

Teachers: Ms. Wiegand and Mr. Levesque 
Leader: Katya Brooks 

Florence Campbell, Fumi Shibutani, Hannah Charness, 
Elizabeth Coulter, Shannon Howarth, Elizabeth Milne, Elise 
Lehman, Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien and Vicky Bolitho. 

Brooke Mierins, Hannah Dolhai, Ras-Jeevan Obhi, Sarah Murray, Ciara Halloran, Bronte jj 
Assadzadeh, Sophia Swettenham, Jenna Moledina, Katherine Keough, Caroline Capehart, i 
Laura Morrison, Hannah Charness, Megan Sweeney, Aisha Kafoud, Cynthia Sedlezky, Claire f 
Murray, Carine Ladki, Fumi Shibutani, Eva Sabine, Lyanna Abdul Rahman, Ina Arora, Vera I 
Abd El Malek, Elizabeth Moloney, Sheetza McCarry, Eryn Lundrigan, Louisa James-Beswick, I 
Brianna Conga-Cave, Sikemi Oni, Leane Caussorgues, Emily Bangsboll, Paula Werdnik, 

Maya Mainland-Cratton, Kylie Brownlee, Leen Zaghloul, Sophie Barker, Zakiya Abdullah, 
Isabelle Barker, Anna DeFelice, Tara Hanson-Wright, Danielle Humilde, Hannah Keough, 
Lauren Lambert, Aiyanna Morris, Elizabeth Newberry, Dania Rida, Upkeerut Saran, Alexa 
Shabinsky, Safa Siddiqui, Meera Singla, Paige Tremblay, Lucy Whichelo and Zein Zaghloul. j 


International Club 

'ree the Children 

eacher: Ms. Senf 

ate Woodhead, Rebecca Kealey, Andrea Douglas, Hana 
ukur, Patricia Werdnik, Isabel Smith and Aisha Kafoud. 

Teacher: Ms. Purran 

Leaders: Sijyl Fasih, Sheetza McCarry and Paula Werdnik 
Aimi Sugihara, been Zaghloul, Eva Sabine, Caelyn Want, 
Linnea Daivi, Bakiza Al-Khalili, Hana Fukur, Megan Wright, 
Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy, Caroline Capehart, Kyra Ling-Jay, 
Yilin Wang, Helen Zhao, Fiona Wang and Sharon Chen. 

Senior School Book Club 

Teachers: Ms. Senf and Mr. Levesque 

Emma Hunter, Genevieve Laberge, Brooke Mierins, Safa Siddiqui, 
Megan Sweeney, Lucy Whichelo, Cynthia Sedlezky, Sophia 
Swettenham, Elizabeth Coulter and Dora Deng. 

eacher: Ms. Fraser 

|rooke Mierins (leader), Megan Sweeney (leader), Aiyanna 
l^orris, Laura Morrison, Fumi Shibutani, Hana Fukur, Megan 
l/right, Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy, Ava Vandenbelt, Eva 
Lbine, Katharina Auster, Emma Young and Lyanna Abdul- 

(Middle School Book Club 

eighty -one 

Middle School Dance Club 

Senior School Dance Club 

Teacher: Ms.Josselyn 

Alisha Abdul Rahman, Grace Brunner, Hannah Goldstein, Mackenzie 
Johnson, Alex King, Maya Ladki, Keiren McGlelland, Evelyn Miller, 
Natalia Morris, Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy, Dalia Sawaya, Isabella 
Thomas, Maizie Solomon, Glaire Goldberg, Megan Wright and Hana 

Middle School Art Club 

Teacher: Ms. Chun 

Kailey Walker, Lilly Allen, Catherine Mitchell-Ross, Aisha 
Kafoud, Rianna Miller, Amber Chaparro, Maya Kors, Karen 
Jarvlepp, Camille Beaule, Sophie Lamontagne-Bothwell and 
Mila Mierins 

Teacher: Ms.Josselyn 

Bronte Assadzadeh, Alexa Shabinsky, Lyanna Abdul Rahman, Ina Arora 
Sharon Chen, Linnea Daivi, Quinn Fincham, Mallory Fung Kee Fung, 
Jackie Goldstein, Sydney Greenley, Katherine Keough, Sarah Murray, 
Gaelyn Want, Leen Zaghlool, Jacqueline Law. 

Senior School Art Club 

Teacher: Ms. Chun 

Aya Yoshizawa, Katharina Auster, Kyra Ling-Jay, Ava 
Vanderbelt, Charlotte Bascombe and Julia Crystal 



Middle School Improv Club 

Teacher: Ms. Marquis 

Tara Hanson-Wright, Lauren Ho, Victoria, Devine- 
pucharme, Grace Chamess, Sofia Zate, Ava Batchelor, 
laida Wilson, Claire Coldberbm, Grace Brunner, Maizie 
Solonnon, Katherine Howarth, Niamh Hurley. 


Teachers: Ms. Bartlett and Dr. Conlon 
Fumi Shibutani (editor), Grace Charness, Yilin Wang, 
Zaina Khan, Caroline Capehart, Kyra Ling-Jay, Carine Ladki 
and Brooke Mierins (photography) 

Cappies Elmwood Chronicle 

Teacher: Ms. Marquis 

KeerutSaran (Lead Critic), Maitland Shaheen, Brooke 
Mierins, Megan Sweeney, Fumi Shibutani, Sijyl Fasih, 
Sophia Swettenham, Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien and 
Elizabeth Milne. 

Teachers; Mr. Levesque and Ms. Senf 
Editor: Valerie Molnar 

Safa Siddiqui, Megan Sweeney, Brooke van Haastrecht, Brooke Mierins, 
Sophia Swettenham, Fumi Shibutani and Emma Hunter. 


Fibonnaci Club 

Chime Choir 

i ^ H 


V 4 .. J 

Zafreen Abdullah, Lujain Aljarallh, Celia Batchelor, Alex Boushey, Kaylah 
Carruthers, Jocelyn Emmerson, Keira Foti, Chantous, Leya Chantous, 

Alicia Combos, Miwa Hayashi, Olivia Howe, Lauren Jane Hudson, Grace 
Kremmel, Genevieve Laplante, Sophia Moloo, Frida Pohl, Avery Parkinson, 
Zahra Robertson, Sohpia Roth Jones, Miriam Rida, Samantha Rossi, 
Madighan Ryan, Bianca Sugunasiri, Igone Schotman, Miriam Tadros and 
Ally Wilson 

Robotics Club 

Director: Mrs. Cathy Wiley | 

Eleonora Nadon, Naila Moloo, Saisha Vaidya, Zafreen Abdullah, ! 
Hailey Kay, Shelby McMahon, Karina Tevanyan, Jocelyn I 

Emmerson, Sophia Roth Jones, Angelika Boehm, Miwa Hayashi, i 
Zahra Robertson, Dahlia Rostom, Samantha Rossi, Katja Simic- 
Lawson, Alicia Combos, Maya Allen and Madighan Ryan. 

Backstage Club | 

Directed by Mr. Matt Perreault, Ms. Holmes 
Term 1 

Leya Chantous (continued in Term 2), Zafreen Abdullah (continued in Term 
2), Karina Tevanyan, Christina Nightingale (continued in Term 2) and Mikayla 
Johnson (continued in Term 2) 

Term 2 

Sophia Roth Jones, Frida Pohl, Miriam Rida and Lydia James-Brennan 

Directed by Mrs. Evelyn Pike, Ms. Brenda Huggins j 

Jayne Acharya, Maya Allen, Avery Conrad, Francesca Cook, Emma j 
Farquhar, Ceili Halloran, Olivia Howe, Francescajames-Brennan, 
Cianna Lombardi, Shelby McMahon, Naila Moloo, Michaela Nicolini, j 
Christina Nightingale, Dahlia Rostom, Katherine Souaid and Bianca I 


junior School Chess Club 

Ukelele Club 


Chess Club Terml 

Avery Aken, Brooke Cillin, Rowyn Pratte, Raluca Voina, Clarissa Lauzon, 
Violet Tucker, Zara Tucker, Lucy Tucker, Hannah Vermeij, Claire Zate, 
Avery Brambell, Sara Acharya, Penelope Beever, Katerina Simantirakis 
Chess Club Term 2 

Mia Bettolli-Remonda, Raluca Voina, Clarissa Lauzon, Rowyn Pratte, Aya Al 
|<halili, Annabel Hay, Elizabeth Chen-Baker, Diya Bhan, Sara Acharya, 

Claire Zate, Penelope Beever, Angelika Boehm 

iDrumming Club 

Director: Mrs. Evelyn Pike, Mrs. Cathy Wiley 

Zafreen Abdullah, Keira Foti, Alicia Combos, Grace Kremmel, Shelby 
McMahon, Frida Pohl, Samantha Rossi, Madighan Ryan, Igone 
Schotman and Sonja Swettenham 

Junior School French Club 

director: Mrs. Evelyn Pike 

;-eya Chantous, Katy Irving, Grace Kremmel, Emelyn Lantos, Sophia 
Vloloo, Avery Parkinson, Zarha Robertson, Madighan Ryan, Miriam 
Fadros and Lucy Tucker 

Directed by Mme Iwanowski 

Lauren Jane Hudson, Miwa Hayashi, Sophia Roth Jones, Miriam Tadros, 
Kaylah Carruthers, Alexandra Boushey, Zahra Robertson and Madighan 


Middle School Athletics Council 

Middle School Arts Council 

Teacher: Mrs. Kilbertus 

Emma Birchall, Emma Boushey, Sarah Brown, Grace Brunner, Madi 
Chwast, Anna DeFelice, Leah Dickinson, Victoria Devine-Ducharme, 
Andrea Douglas, Arielle Farinha, Hana Fukur, Sophie Clover, Rebecca 
Kealey, Erica Leighton, Tara Rida, Mattea Roth Jones, Ailish Saranchuk, 
Dalia Sawaya, Natasha Souaid, Caitlin Walsh, Avery Want and Lisa Xing 

Teacher: Ms.Josselyn 

Evelyn Miller, Kailey Walker, Lilly Allen, Michika Montaldo, Didi 
Bredberg, Lilli-Angelique Potter Dhieux, Alisha Abdul Rahman, 
FJannah Goldstein, Rika Ochiai, Rutaaba Fasih, Isabella Thomas, 
Alex King,Jordyn Lalonde, Abbigail Hamre, Madison Lamoureux 
and Kennedy Reid 

Middle School Classics Council 

Teacher: Ms. Ellison 

Catherine Mitchell Ross,Jaida Wilson, Rukmann Sandhu, Alexandra 
Lefere Cuthbert, Maizie Soloman, Olga Lietsala, Isabel Smith, Isabelle 
Barker, Amanda Nightingale, Ava Batchelor, Aisha Kafoud, Niamh 
Hurley, Stephanie Townsend and Rhiana Miller 

Middle School Community Service Council 

Prefect: Jenna Moledina 
Teacher: Ms. Enticknap 

Claire Murray, Tara Rida, Dalia Sawaya, Spruha Sanghavi, Grace 
Goldberg, Ashton Yau, Katherine Howarth, Grace Charness, Phoenix 
Plessas-Azurduy, Megan Wright, Kieren McClelland, Patricia Werdnick, ' 
Allison Sedlesky, Claire Goldberg, Gate Woodhead, Sarah Allam, Gaitlir 
Baxter and Ambar Chaparro. 

Sophie Lamontagne 


Senior School Arts Council 

Senior School Athletics Council 

Prefect: Ras-Jeevan Obhi 
Teachers: Ms. Boychuk and Ms. Chun 

Allegra Richter, Dana E, Emma Rose Robinson, Florence Campbell, 
IHannah Charness , Julia Crystal, Kylie Brownlie, Maitland Shaheen, 
Maya Maitland-Cratton, Myriam Rostom, Paula Werdnik, Sarah 
Jackson, Shannon Howarth, Sheetza McGarry, Sophia Swettenham and 
Walaa Bahitham. 

Prefect: Paige Tremblay 
Teacher: Ms. Derbyshire 

Linnea Daivi, Emily Hartvich, Mia Fitzpatrick, Helen Hume, Alexa 
Shabinsky , Eleanor Duffley, Lily Newberry, Claudia Finak- 
Fournier, Brianna Conga-Cave, Quinn Fincham , Eryn Lundrigan 
and Emily Bangsboll. 

Middle School House Council 

Senior School House Council 

Prefect: Valerie Molnar 
Teacher: Ms. Marchand 

Maya Ladki, Mackenzie Johnson, Natalia Morris, Mila Mierins, 
Camille Beaule, Maya Kors, Zaina Khan, Logan Iwanoff, 
Charlotte Pryor Hoffley, Lauren Ho, Sofia Zate and Tara 

Prefect: Sophia Caragianis 
Teacher: Ms. Walsh 

Ciara Halloran, Laura Morrison, Laura Alexander, Cynthia 
Sedlezky, Brooke Mierins, Katherine Keough, Jacqueline Law, 
Fumi Shibutani, Dania Rida, Caroline Capehart, Bronte 
Assadzadeh and Lucy Wichelo. 

eighty -seven 

eighty -eight 




(punier Q^chaal ‘^3rama 


tai>:r /L 


oMiddh Q^dwol 

Working on The Audition 

Working on the Middle School production was a truly 
incredible experience. I feel extremely lucky to have 
worked with such a talented group of young people, 
who are so passionate about their craft and supportive 
of one another. Of course, putting on a show is never 
easy, and it takes an incredible amount of work and 
time commitment, but these girls made it fun and well 
worth it. We laughed and sweated it out together. 

There is something something magical that happens 
with a cast and crew, because you spend so much 
time together, working hard and doing all kinds of 
crazy things, you become a bit like a family. It has 
been a blast getting to know this incredible group of 
young womeni 



Imwood's Middle School Produdi 

Dec 10th at 1:00pm and 
Dec 1 1tti at 5:00 and 7:30 pm 


(SJmmod ^T^ecOre 

"Nothing is ever so wrong in this world that a sensible 
woman can't set it right in the course of an afternoon." 

- Countess Aurelia 

It is likely that Jean Giraudoux would regard our world 
today as not much different from the world he 
observed in 1947, the year he wrote The Madwoman 
ofChaillot. Though the play was written in response 
to the four-year occupation of his native France by 
Germany, he chose to present his ideas about 
humanity in the form of an allegory. Like so much of 
his work, the play is a lyrical satire that even today 
encourages our collective contemplation of a world 
continually on the brink of imminent disaster. So that 
we should not despair too greatly, the playwright also 
provides us with hope for our salvation by inviting us 
instead to look beyond ourselves. 

Early on. The Madwoman of C/?a///of introduces to 
the audience a few select 'antagonists,' ambitious 
ne'er-do-wells who are convinced that oil flows freely 
under the streets of Paris. They are committed to 
accessing this commodity, despite the havoc that such 
excavation would wreck on France's beautiful capital. 
To prevent such destruction, the Gountess Aurelia, 
together with her friends a group of misfits who are 
very committed to the idea of human goodness 
concoct a plan to put a stop to those who threaten 
their sweet existence. Like many fairy tales, it is a story 
in which good seeks to overcome evil. Though our 
world is unlike a fairy tale, we are still drawn to the 
notion that Giraudoux perpetuates: that if we could 
put the glory of nature before our own self-interests, 
then harmony would prevail. 

The cast and crew had tremendous fun putting the 
show together. At times, national and international 
news gave us reason to pause in the midst of our 
clov/ning, as we recognized parallels between ideas in 
the play and real life itself. Flowever, theatre is, if 
nothing else, a place to mirror our lives, if only so that 
we can contemplate humanity more closely and our 
personal responsibility as caretakers of this planet we 
call home. 

Angela Boychuk 

ninety -six 

ninety -seven 


Concert Band 

Jazz Band 



Brooke Mierins, Carine Ladki, Caroline Capehart, Charlotte Amannt, 
Charlotte Noxon, Elizabeth Milne, Hannah Charness, Hannah Keough, 
Helen Zhao, Hoda Darwish, Jenna Moledina, Justine Beaule, Karen 
Jarvlepp, Katherine Keough, Keiren McClelland, Laura Alexander, Leane 
Caussorgues, Leen Zaghloul, Linnea Daivi, Lisa Xing, Mackenzie 
Johnson, Madeleine Kibanoff O'Brien, Maya Ladki, Megan Sweeney, 
Sarah Murray, Sasha Thomas, Shannon Howarth, Sijyl Fasih, Valerie 
Molnar, Veronika LassI and Zaina Khan 


Katherine Keough, Charlotte Noxon, Phoenix Plessas- 
Azurduy, Sijyl Fasih, Carine Ladki, Emma Hunter, Hoda I 
Darwish, Hannah Keough , Karen Jarvlepp, Leen Zaghloul, | 
Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien, Sarah Murray and Veronika ^ 
LassI. ! 

Grade 6 Concert Band 

Grade 7 Concert Band 

Niamh Hurley, Sarah Allam, Claire Goldberg, Rebecca Kealey, Catherine 
Mitchell-Ross, Madi Chwast, Rianna Miller, Victoria Devine-Ducharme, 
Alex Lefere-Cuthbert, Tara Hansen-Wright, Lilly Allen, Michika Montaldo, 
Katherine Howarth, Grace Brunner, Cate Woodhead, Kailey Walker, 
Natasha Souaid, Sophie Clover, Sophia Zate, Mila Mierins, Lauren Ho, 
Claire Murray and Lilli-Angelique Potter-Dhieux 

Maya Ladki, Mackenzie Johnson, Hannah Goldstein, Hana Fukur, 
Allison Sedlezky, Isabelle Barker, Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy, Caitlin i 
Baxter, Isabel Smith, Olga Lietsala, Mattea Roth Jones, Natalia Morris, 
Charlotte Pryor-Hoffley, Patricia Werdnik, Megan Wright, Andrea . 
Douglas, Alisha Abdul-Rahman, Rika Ochiai, Leah Dickinson and 
Rutaaba Fasih 



Grade 8 Concert Band 


i\/laya Kors, Sophie Bothwell, Charlotte Noxon, Spruha 
janghavi, Camille Beaule, Logan IwanofF, Dalia Sawaya, 
\bbigail Hamre, Stephanie Townsend, Isabella Thomas, 
\lex King, Karen Jarvlepp, Grace Goldberg, Tara Rida, 
\manda Nightingale, Keiren McClelland, Zaina Khan , Lisa 
<ing, Ailish Saranchuk, Evelyn Miller, Emma Boushey and 
/eronika Lassl. 

Grade 9 Jazz Combo 


Katherine Keough, Eva Sabine, Katherine Howarth, Sarah 
Murray, Hannah Charness, Hannah Keough, Carine Ladki 
and Helen Zhao. 

And the master behind the music Mr. Cummeson! 


Visual AjIs 

one hundi’ed one 

one hundred two 

one hundi'ed tlii'ee 

one hundred four 

one hundi'ed five 

Senior School Basketball 

Seven's Rugby 

Coaches; Mr. Small and Mr. Sambles 

Alexa Shabinsky, Emily Bangsboll, Markley Wakeland, Ras- 

Jeevan Obhi, Brianna Conga-Cave, Sikemi Oni, Aimi 

Sugihara, Allegra Richter, Kylie Brownlee, Sophie Barnes, 

Lily Newberry, Laura Morrison, Caelyn Want and Cynthia 


Coach; Dr. Harris 

Katya Jansen-Poulin, Eryn Lundrigan, Britney Smith, Emily 
Hartvich, Erica Cuistiniani, Caroline Capeheart, Linnea 
Daivi, Dania Rida, Bronte Assadzadeh, Brigitte McElligott, 
Safa Siddiqui, Aiyanna Morris, Jenna Moledina, Valerie 
Molnar, Paige Tremblay and Elizabeth Moloney 

Senior School Field Hockey 

Coaches; Ms. Derbyshire, Mr. Koonar and Ms. Mendonca 
Ava Vandenbelt, Bakiza Al Khalili, Bronte Assadzadeh, Carine 
Ladki, Caroline Capehart, Emily Hartvich, Emma Young, 
Florence Campbell, Jacqueline Law, Katherine Keough, Katya 
Brooks, Leen Zaghloul, Linnea Daivi, Lucy Whichelo, Mia 
Fitzpatrick, Paige Tremblay, Tori Woodhead and Zein Zaghloul 

Senior School Cross-Country 

Coaches; Ms. Bartlett, Ms. Iwanowski, Ms. MacDougall 
Laura Alexander, Julia Crystal, Claudia Finak-Fournier, 
Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien, Valerie Molnar, Aiyanna 
Morris, Fumi Shibutani, Megan Sweeney, Emily Wright and 
Zein Zaghloul 

one himdi’ed and six 


Coach; Mr. Robertson 

Danielle Humilde, Sydney Creenley, Quinn Fincham, Pooja 
Vloorti, Carine Ladki, Kyra Ling-Jay, Julia Crystal, Claudia 
-inak-Fournier, Helen Zhao, Fiona Wang, Mavis Ma, Ingrid 
^eng, Sharon Chen, Katyajansen Poulin and Mallory Fung 
<ee Fung 


Senior School Tennis 

Coaches: Mrs. Enticknap and Mr. Hodgins 
Lyanna Abdul Rahman, Sharon Chen, Elizabeth Coulter 
Kyra Ling-Jay, Brigitte McElligott, Aya Yoshizawa, Fiona Wang, Vera 
Abd El Malek, Monica Alicea, Zoe Auclaire, Mallory Fung Kee Fung, 
Claudia Finak-Fournier, Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien, Maya Mainland- 
Cratton, Ingrid Peng, Sarah Robinson, Qinchen Wang, Paula Werdnick, 
Quinn Fincham, Brooke Mierens, Meera Singla, Yilin Wang, Danielle 
Humilde, Megan Russell, Emily Stephens and Jenna Moledina 

Alpine Skiing 

Coaches: Mr. Robetson and Mr. Sambles 

l^aige Tremblay, Sophie Barnes, Sian Bryson, Katya Jansen- 

Poulin, Heather bounder 


Coaches: Mme. Cvetanovic and Raquelle Richter 

Sophie Ackert, Audrey Giroux, Elizabeth Moloney, Helen Hume, Kylie 

Brownlee, Julia Crystal, Allegra Richter, Dora Deng, Eryn Lundrigan, 

Lucy Whichelo, Ingrid Peng, Emma Young, Carine Ladki, Hannah 

Charness,Shannon Howarth, Leanne, Caussorgues, Kyra Ling-Jay, 

Sharon Chen, Helen Zhao, Ava Vandenbelt, Fiona Wang, Brigitte 


one hundi'ed and seven 

Nordic Skiing 

Senior Volleyball 

Coach: Mr. Levesque 

Emily Bangsboll, Brittany Cooper, Sheetza McCarry, 
Kennedy Reid, Sophia Swettenha, Zein Zaghoul, Leane 
Caussorgues, Anna Defilice, Laura Morrison,Justine 
Beaule, Camille Beaule, Charlotte Bascombe, Aimi 
Sugihara, Ailish Sararchuk and Elizabeth Coulter. 

Coaches: Ms. Sterling and Ms. Derbyshire 
Valerie Molnar, Jenna Moledina, Lauren Lambert, Markley 
Wakeland, Sreenija Koya, Bhanna Conga-Cave, Sophie 
Ackert, Brooke Miehns, Laura Morrison and Katya Brooks 

Coaches: Ms. Stirling and Ms. Adolph 
Cynthia Sedlezky, Alexa Shabinsky, Emily Bangsboll, 
Eleanor Duffley, Emily Hartvich, Emma Trudel, Katya 
Jansen-Poulin, Elizabeth Moloney, Lyanna A-R, Emma 
Young, Aya Yoshizawa and Hannah Charness. 

Coaches: Ms. Rossiter and Valerie Molnar . 

Fiona Wang, Kyra Ling-Jay, Ziling Wang, Sharon Chen, '■ 
Yilin Wang , Helen Zhao, Cecille Wu, Qinchen Wang, | 
Wenxin Lian, Fumi Shibutani, Valerie Molnar, Ingrid Peng i 
and Zoe Yang. f . 

one himdred eight 

>enior School Swimming 

ioaches: Mrs. Enticknap and Ms. Iwanowski 
Iristina Allatt, Bronte Assadzadeh, Katharina Auster, Hannah Charness, 
I'iya Dadlani, Linnea Dalvi, Katherine Keough, Fiona Wang, Helen 
jhao, Qinchen Wang, Paula Werdnik, Quinn Fincham, Erin Dzioba, 
i'anielle Humilde, Michaela Kainz Potter and Rachel McGinn. 

ienior School Soccer 


„'.oaches; Mr. Sambles, Ms. Walsh and Mr. Husiman 
pphie Ackert, Laura Alexander , Emily Bangsboll, Sophie Barnes , 
|annah Charness Eleanor Duffley Claudia Finak Fournier, Quinn 
ncham, Leane Caussorgues, Ciara Halloran, Helen Hume, Katherine 
^eough, Sikemi Oni, Allegra Richter, Dania Rida, Cynthia Sedlezky, 
legan Sweeney, Caelyn Want, Lucy Wichelo and Zein Zaghloul. 


Coaches: Mrs. Biesenthal, Mrs. Maguire, Mr. Sabine and Mr. 

Sophie Ackert, Sophia Caragianis, Justine Beaule, Marium Dakdouki, 
Laura Morrison, Emily Bangsboll, Sheetza Mcgarry, Charlotte 
Bascombe, Eva Sabine, Hannah Charness, Leane Caussorgues, Ina 
Arora, Elise Lehman, Sophie Barker, Alex King and Abbigail Hamre. 

Senior School Rugby 

Pooja Moorti, BrianaTrudel , Sarah Jackson, Lily Newberry, Linnea Dalvi, Leen 
Zaghoul, Brooke Van Haastrecht, Ina Arora, Aya Yoshizawa, Bronte 
Assadzadeh, Caroline Capehart, Florence Campbell, Paige Tremblay, Valerie 
Molnar, Michaela Kainz-Potter, Safa Siddiqui, Elise Lehman, Britney Smith, 
Emily Hartvich, Eryn Lundrigan, Erica Ciustiniani, Elizabeth Moloney and 
Mallory Fung-Kee-Fung. 

one hujidfecl loine 

5/6 Soccer 

5/6 Volleyball 

Coaches: Mr. Gummeson, Ms Tweedie and Mr, Ducharme 
Didi Bredberg, Grace Brunner, Grace Charness.Jane Covington, 
Sophie DeFelice, Victoria Devine-Ducharme, Sophie Clover, 
Tara Hansen-Wright, Lauren Ho, Mila Mierins, Lilli-Angelique 
Potter-Dhieux, Madighan Ryan and Caitlin Walsh. 

Coaches: Ms. Kilbertus 

Lilly Allen, Grace Brunner, Grace Charness, Sophie DeFelice, 
Victoria Devine-Ducharme, Claire Goldberg, Tara Hansen- 
Wright, Laure Ho, Rebecca Kealey, Gharlotte McLaughlin, Mila 
Mierins, Natasha Souaid and Gaitlin Walsh. 

7/8 Soccer 

Coaches: Ms. Walsh and Dania Rida 
Isabelle Barker, Caitlin Baxter, Andrea Douglas, Karen 
Jarvlepp, Maya Ladki, Charlotte Noxon, Phoenix Plessas- 
Azurduy, Tara Rida, Ailish Saranchuk, Isabel Smith, Isabella 
Thomas and Avery Want. 

7/8 Flag Rugby 

Coach: Mr. Martin 

Lisa Xing, Ailish Saranchuk, Zaina Khan, Stephanie Townsend, 
Emma Birchall, Charlotte Noxon, Maya Ladki, Caitlin Baxter, 
Hannah Goldstein, Natalia Morris, Mackenzie Johnson, Leah 
Dickinson, Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy and Allison Sedlezky 

one hundred ten 

Middle School Cross-Country 

7/8 Volleyball 

Coach: Ms. Mulcahy 

Frieda Pohl, Kiera Foti, Zoe Lang, Celia Batchelor, Leya Ghantous, Ally 
Wilson, Katy Irving, Alex Boushey, Grace Kremmel, Tara Hansen- 
Wright, Grace Gharness, Leah Dickinson, Maizie Solomon, Glaire 
Goldberg, Sarah Allam, Catherine mitchell-Ross, Karen Jarvelepp, 
Charlotte Amannt,Jaida Wilson, Alisha Abdul-Rahman, Erica Leighton, 
Grace Goldberg, Kennedy Reid and Emma Boushey. 

5/6 Badminton 

1 i; 


Alex Boushey, Victoria Devine-Ducharme, Jocelyn Emmerson, Sophie 
Clover, Michika Montaldo, Madighan Ryan, Maizie Solomon, Natasha 
iSouiad and Caitlin Walsh 

8 Golf 

Coach: Mr. Robertson 

Charlotte Amannt and Kieren McClelland. 

Coach: Ms. Kilbertus 

Emnna Birchall, Avery Want, Kennedy Reid, Zaina Khan, 
Dalia Sawaya, Ashton Yau, Natalia Morris, Andrea Douglas, 
Hannah Goldstein, Alisha Abdul-Rahnnan, Sarah Brown and 
Isabelle Barker. 

one liundi'ed eleven 

5/6 Basketball 

7/8 Ultimate Frisbee 

Coach: Mr. Levesque 

Lily Allen, Grace Charness,Jane Covington, Victoria Devine- 
Ducharme, Sophie Clover, Caitlin Walsh, Claire Goldberg, Tara 
Hanson-Wright, Lauren Ho, Kathryn Irving, Rebecca Kealey, Zoe 
Lang, Claire Murray, Miriam Tadros and Ally Wilson. 

Coach: Mr. Robertson 

Alisha Abdul Rahman, Isabelle Barker, Andrea Douglas, Maya Landki, 
Allison Sedlezky, Natalia Morris, Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy, Karen 
Jarvlepp, Camille Beaule, Grace Goldberg, Zaina Khan, Alex King, 
Keiren McLelland, Kennedy Reid, Ailish Saranchuk, Dalia Sawaya, 
Stephanie Townsend and Ashton Yau. 

Middle School Relay 

7/8 Badminton 

Coach: Ms. Tweedie 

Frida Pohl, Grace Kremmel, Sophie DeFelice, Keira Foti, Zoe Lang, 

Katy Irving, Jane Covington, Angelika Bohem, Maizie Solomon, 

Grace Charness, Lauren Ho, Tara Hanson-Wright, Mila Mierins, Victoria Devine- 
Ducharme, Michika Montaldo, Grace Brunner, Sophie Clover, Sofia Zate, Claire 
Murray, Lilli-Angelique Potter Dhieux, Isabel Smith, Mackenzie Johnson, Leah 
Dickenson, Hannah Goldstein, Camille Beaule, Patricia Werdnik, Kennedy Reid, Lisa 
Xing, Tara Rida, Zaina Khan, Isabella Thomas, Avery Want, Anna DeFelice, Ashton Yau, 
Grace Goldberg, Alex King and Ailish Saranchuk 

Coaches: Ms. Mulcahy and Ms. Purran 
Andrea Douglas, Olga Lietsala, Megan Wright, Rutaaba Fasih, 
Anna DeFelice, Grace Goldberg, Ailish Saranchuk, Zaina Khan, 
Kennedy Reid, Lisa Xing, Rika Ochiai and Emma Boushey. 

one hundred twelve 

6-8 Tennis Club 

Coach: Mr. Hodgins 

Megan Wright, Sofia Zate, Ambar Chaparro, Aisha Kafoud, Lilly 
Allen, Niamh Hurley, Rianna Miller, Michika Montaldo, Claire 
Murray, Madison Lamoureux, Sarah Allam, Victoria Devine- 
Ducharme, Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy, Isabell Thomas and Alex 

7/8 Basketball 

Coaches: Mr. Small and Sophia Caragianis 
Ailish Saranchuk, Leah Dickinson, Phoneix Plessas-Azurduy, 
Maya Ladki, Arielle Farinha, Andrea Douglas, Isabelle Barker, 
Dalia Sawaya, Zaina Khan, Aery Want, Tara Rida, Natalia Morris 
and Hannah Goldstein. 

7/8 Futsal 

Coach: Mr. Sambkes and Dania Rida 
Isabelle Barker, Caitlin Baxter, Charlotte Noxon, Pheonix 
Plessas-Azurduy, Tara Rida, Ailish Saranchuk, Isabel Smith, 
Kennedy Reid and Karen Jarvlepp. 

Middle School Swimming 

Coach: Ms. Iwanowski 

Jordan Lalonde, Isabella Thomas, Kailey Walker, Lilly Allen, Alex 
King, Spruha Sanghavi, Grace Charness, Claire Murray, Charlotte 
Amannt, Amanda Nightingale and Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy. 

one hundi’ed thii-teen 

one hundred fourteen 

Quarts .^Action 


one hundi’ed fifteen 


Q^chool Q^cnts 


5/6 Soccer- Grace Charness (MVP), Tara Hanson-Wright (MIP) 

5/6 Volleyball- Caitlin Walsh (MVP), Claire Goldberg (MIP) 

5/6 Basketball- Caitlin Walsh (MPV), Grace Charness (MSP) 

5/6 Badminton- Maizie Solomon (MPV), Victoria Devine-Ducharme (MIP) 

7/8 Soccer- Tara Rida (MVP), Caitlin Baxter (MIP) 

7/8 Flag rugby- Charlotte Noxon (MVP), Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy (MSP) 

7/8 Volleyball- Ashton Yau (MSP), Zaina Khan (MIP) 

7/8 Basketball- Arielle Franiha (MVP), Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy (MSP) 

7/8 Badminton- Meghan Wright (MIP), Anna DeFelice and Grace Goldberg (MSP) 
7/8 Futsal- Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy (MVP), Ailish Saranchuk (MIP) 

7/8 Ultimate- Isabelle Barker (MVP), Zaina Khan (MSP) 

6/7/8 Swimming- Madison Lamoureux (MVP),Jaida Wilson (MIP) 

5-8 X-Country- Erica Leighton and Tara Hanson-Wright (MVP) 

8 Rowing- Ailish Saranchuk and Kennedy Reid (MIP) 

Major Awards 

Grade 6 - Caitlin Walsh 
Grade 7- Phoenix Plessas - Azurduy 
Fraquier Junior Award - Zaina Khan 
Grade 8 Crowdy Weir Award - Ailish Saranchuck 

Grade 8 Athletic Honour Award - Zaina Khan, Kennedy Reid, Ailish Saranchuck, Tara Rida, Avery Want 

one hundred sixteen 


Basketball - Emily Bangsboll (MVP), Sikemi Oni (MSP) 

Golf - Danielle Humilde (MVP), Sydney Creenley (MIP) 

Rowing - Laura Morrison (MYP), Charlotte Bascombe &. Eva Sabin (MSP) 

Field Hockey - Paige Tremblay <5c Zein Zaghoul (MVP), Emma Young (MIP) 

Tennis - Emily Stephens (MVP), Fiona Wang (MIP), Aya Yoshizawa &. Lyanna Abdul Rahma (MSP) 
7s Rugby - Paige Tremblay, Jenna Moledina &. Val Molnar (MVP) 

Jr Volleyball - Cynthia Sedlezky (MSP), Lyanna Abdul Rahman (MIP) 

Sr. Volleyball - Jenna Moledina (MVP), Sreenija Koya (MIP) 

Alpine Ski - Hannah Charness (MIP), Sophie Ackert (MVP), Leanne Caussorgues (MSP) 
Nordic Ski - Laura Morrison (MVP), Eva Sabine &. Charlotte Bascombe (MIP) 
Snowboarding - Paige Tremblay (MVP), Heather bounder (MIP) 

Badminton - Valerie Molnar (MVP), Sharon Chen (MIP) 

Swimming - Kat Auster &. Hannah Charness (MVP), Fiona Wang (MIP) 

Rugby - Paige Tremblay Sc Britney Smith (MVP), Bronte Assadzadeh (MIP) 

Soccer - Hannah Charness (MVP), Katherine Keough (MIP), Helen Hume (MSP) 

Major Awards 

Maynard Sportsmanship Cup - Zein Zaghloul 
Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup - Hannah Charness 
Wilson Sports Cup - Sophie Ackert 
Neal Sportsmanship Cup - Cynthia Sedlezky 
Physical Education Cold Metal - Mia Fitzpatrick 
Elite Athelete Award - Valerie Molnar 

Great Yoi Honour Athletic Award - Paige Tremblay 

one hundi’ecl seventeen 

one hundred eighteen 


one hundi'ed nineteen 


Mrs. Cheryl Boughton 

Every good story starts with "Once upon a time," and the story of Elmwood is no different. 

Once upon a time, an unconventional and entrepreneurial woman named Theodora Philpot looked at an empty farmhouse and decided it would be 
a good place to open a school. Though the building was modest, Mrs. Philpot saw its potential, just as we see the potential in each and every girl 
who walks these halls. 

Over the past 99 years, that little farmhouse school with four pupils has grown to the Elmwood it is today - a vibrant, modern and welcoming 
learning environment. 

In the fall of 2015 we will turn the page and start a new chapter in the story of Elmwoodthe School's second century. As characters in that story, I lool 
forward to seeing how you will shape its plot! 

If this year was any indication, the story will be one of adventure and accomplishment; of artists, actresses, athletes and academics. From your 
successes on the stage and the playing field, to your achievements in the classroom, 2014 -2015 has been one for the record books. 

It is a big undertaking to document a year in the life of Elmwood. Thank you to Mrs. Bartlett, Dr. Conlon, Samara editor Fumi Shibutani, and the 
whole Samara team for capturing the story of this year with such creativity and rigour. It is truly a page turner! 

one hundred twenty-two 

Deputy Headmistress, Junior School, 
Christine Blackadar 

Deputy Headmaster, Middle/ Senior 
School, James Whitehouse 

Board of Governors 

Elisabeth Preston Dan Goldberg 

Patrick Coady Catherine Coulter 

Norma Davies 

Dominique Jacobson 

Raquelle Dupuis 

Jacqueline Palumbo- 

Chris Brennan 

Allan Bifield 

Derek Howe Peter Hudson 

David Law Denise Carruthers 

one hundi'ed twenty-thi'ee 

oMiddh and Q^micfr Q^chool 

Heawon Chun 

Alyson Bartlett 

Laryssa Beisenthal 

Angela Boychuk 

Laila Abada 

Janice Clarke 

Jackie Comerton 

Laura Grace Conlon 

Sanja Cvetanovic 

Erin Derbyshire 

Nicholas Cummeson 

Meagan Enticknap-Smith 

Katie Fraser 

Beth Ellison 

Claire Glazier 

Nathan Harris 


Nadine Kilbertus 

Jason Levesque 

Brendan MacCillivray 

Teresa Marquis 

Rusty Martin 

Erin Mulcahy 

Mohammad Mahin 

Francie Marchand 

one hundred twenty-four 

Malek Purran 

Donna Naufal Moffatt 

(^0iat are you alwaps heard sapin^ te stundmts? 

"Methinks" Ms. Marquis 
"Did you hear back from anyone yet?” Ms, Naufal Moffatt 
"OKKKKKKAY, ladies!" Ms. Mulcahy 
"Ladies!" Ms. Bartlett 
"Eat outside the library." Ms. Senf 
"Kiddo" Ms. Derbyshire 
"Here we go!" Ms. Tweedie 
« En frangais ! » Dr. Conlon 
"Let's jump into the world of the play" Mrs. Boychuk 
"Follow the endings!" Ms. Ellison 
"You know what I mean?" Ms. Walsh 
"Good stuff!" Mr. Robertson 
"Girls, take a look at this." Ms. Ghun 
"I like it" - Ms.Josselyn 

Colin Robertson 

Annette Rossiter 

Pauline Rubarth 

one hundi'ed twenty-five 

(junior QS)ch00l 

Cheryl Brownlie 

Arlene Clark-Brown 

Sarah Clarke 

Gail Cavan 

Jenika Adolph 

Ryan Hodgins 

Allison Holmes 

Brenda Huggins 

Meaghan Iwanowski 

Allison MacDougall 

Kate Meadowcroft 

Matt Perreault 

Evelyn Pike 

Ginny Strachan 

Carolyn Wakeham 

Chandra Wiegand Cathy Wiley 

are pau alwaps heard sapin^ te students? 

"Manners!" - Mrs. Clark-Brown 

"Enunciate." - Mrs. Pike 

"It's okay to make mistakes." - Mrs. Wakeham 

"High five!" - Mr. Hodgins 

"Tsk, tsk, tsk...” - Ms. Holmes 

"Come to the carpet. Bring nothing with you." - Mrs. Huggins 
"You can make the decision." - Ms. Wiegand 
"Use your thinking brain!" - Ms. MacDougall 

one hundred twenty-six 

Patsy Adams 

Ellen Ewert 

Elise Aylen 

Lindsay Cermano 

Thomas Huisman 

Judy Kearley 


Teresa Stirling 

Tom Molnar 

Valerie Jean-Pierre 

Blanche Talbot 

Candice Butler Melanie D'Alessio Stephane Dube 

Janet Graham Samir Crbesic Sarah Hay 

Patrick Kelly 

Mark Macinnis 

Tanja Mackin 

Tara Rajan 

Pedro Serrao 

Corey Sproule 

Q0iat are pou alwaps heard sapin^ to students? 

"Oh, that's so sweet!" - Ms. Adams 
"We'll take a look at it." - Mr. Dube &. Mr. Molnar 
"Did you forget your swipecard?" Chef Butler 
"How are ya?° - Ms. Graham 
"Girls do you mind if I get a picture?" - Ms.Germano 

one hundi-ed twenty-seven 

one hundred twenty-eight 

one hundi'ed twenty-nine 

(I^unm Q^clwffl &hsin^ 

Grade 5 Subject Awards 

Lucy T ucker 
Alexandra Boushey 
Leya Chantous 
Avery Parkinson 

Language Arts 
Core French 
Extended French 

Overall Academic Excellence Award 

5H: Jocelyn Emmerson 
5W: Madighan Ryan 

International Baccalaureate Learned Profile Award 

5H: Charlotte McLaughlin 
5W: Lauren Jane Hudson 

Parents Association Committee Award 

Sophia Moloo 

Emerald E Awards 

Celia Batchelor, Angelika Boehm, Alexandra Boushey,Kaylah Carruthers,Jane Covington, Sophia 
DeFelice, Jocelyn Emmerson, Keira Foti, Leya Chantous, Miwa Hayashi, Lauren Jane Hudson, Kathryn 
Irving, Lydiajames-Brennan, Grace Kremmel, Zoe Lang, Emelyn Lantos, Charlotte McLaughlin, Sophia 
Moloo, Avery Parkinson, Zahra Robertson, Sophia Roth Jones, Madighan Ryan, Miriam Tadros, Karina 
Tevanyan, Lucy Tucker, Victoria Werdnik, Alexandra Wilson and Marissa Wu. 

one hctndi’ed thirty 

oKCiddk Q$)ch00l ^hsin^ 


Art: Catherine Wood head 

Drama: Tara Hanson-Wright 

English: Mila Mierins 

Core French: Grace Charness 

Extended French: Sarah Allam 

Health and Physical Education: Caitlin Walsh 

Humanities: Grace Charness 

Humanite: Grace Brunner 

Mathematics: Grace Brunner 

Music: Natasha Souaid 

Science: Tara Hanson-Wright 

Design Technology: Rukmann Sandhu 

Overall Academic Excellence Award: Grace Brunner 

International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Award: 

Tara Hanson-Wright 


Art: Isabel Smith 

Drama: Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy 

English: Isabel Smith 

Core French: Alisha Abdul Rahman 

Extended French: Sarah Brown 

Health and Physical Education: Hannah Goldstein 

Humanities: Mackenzie Johnson 

Humanite: Sarah Brown 

Mathematics: Alisha Abdul Rahman 

Music: Maya Ladki 

Science: Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy 

Spanish: Natalia Morris 

Design Technology: Caitlin Baxter 

Overall Academic Excellence Award: Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy 
International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Award: Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy 


Communication Technology: Emma Boushey 

Comprehensive Arts: Karen Jarvlepp 

Nancy Chance Prize for English: Anna DeFelice 

Core French: Anna DeFelice 

Extended French: Charlotte Amannt 

Health and Physical Education: Tara Rida 

Humanities: Emma Boushey 

Humanite : Zaina Khan 

Latin: Tara Rida 

Mandarin: Keiren McClelland 

Mathematics: Zaina Khan 

Science: Avery Want 

Overall Academic Excellence Award: Zaina Khan 
LB. Learner Profile Award: Tara Rida 
Southam Cup: Zaina Khan 
Parent Association Award: Grace Goldberg 


Emma Boushey 

Zaina Khan 

Maya Kors 

Ailish Saranchuk 

Ashton Yau 

Alisha Abdul Rahman 
Isabelle Barker 
Caitlin Baxter 
Andrea Douglas 
Hannah Goldstein 
Maya Ladki 
Natalia Morris 
Phoenix Plessas-Azurduy 
Charlotte Amannt 
Ava Batchelor 
Anna DeFelice 
Zaina Khan 
Alexandra King 
Maya Kors 
Charlotte Noxon 
Kennedy Reid 
Tara Rida 
Ailish Saranchuk 
Isabella Thomas 
Stephanie Townsend 
Avery Want 
Jaida Wilson 
Lisa Xing 
Ashton Yau 

Karen Jarvlepp 
Zaina Khan 
Ailish Saranchuk 

one hundered thirtj^-one 

Q^enior Q^chool &hsin^ 


Dramatic Arts 


Core French 

Extended French 


Healthy Active Living 


Visual Art 

Grace E. Knowiton Prize for Progress 
Fiona Nicolson Creativity Prize 
Overall Academic Excellence Award 
International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Award 


Career Studies 

Dramatic Arts 


Core French 

Extended French 

Extended French (Grade 1l) 

Healthy Active Living 







Spanish (Grade 12) 

Visual Art 

Heather Hoy Award 
Gisele Campeau 

Overall Academic Excellence Award 
International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Award 
Summa Summarum Scholarship 

Leen Zaghloul 
Eva Sabine 
Lyanna Abdul Rahman 
Shannon Howarth 
Lyanna Abdul Rahman 
Bronte Assadzadeh 
Elizabeth Milne 
Ava Vandenbelt 
Katherine Keough 
Hannah Charness 
Katharina Auster 
Kyra Ling-Jay 
Sarah Murray 
Caroline Capehart 
Lyanna Abdul Rahman 
Carine Ladki 

Paula Werdnik 
Eleanor Duffley 
Sophia Swettenham 
Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien 
Brittany Cooper 
Sian Bryson 
Sophie Barker 
Helen Hume 
Sophia Swettenham 
Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien 
Qinchen Wang 
Sijyl Fasih 
Sijyl Fasih 
Myriam Rostom 
Monica Alicea 
Myriam Rostom 
Kylie Brownlee 
Paula Werdnik 
Madeleine Klebanoff O'Brien 
Emily Bangsboll 

Laura Alexander, Emily Bangsboll, Sian Bryson, Sijyl 
Fasih and Sheetza McCarry 

one himdred thirty-two 


Dramatic Arts 
Film Studies 
Core French 

Math Functions 

Math Advanced Functions 


Theory of Knowledge 
Visual Art 

Samara Editor's Award 

Judy and Margot Toller Memorial Award 

Mabel Dunlop Memorial Award 

Overall Academic Excellence Award 

International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Award 

Parent's Association Award 

Brianna Conga-Cave 
Meera Singla 
Hannah Dolhai 
Safa Siddiqui 
Yilin Wang 
Genevieve Laberge 
Brianna Conga-Cave 
Hannah Dolhai 
Fumi Shibutani 
Ziling Wang 
Ziling Wang 
Yilin Wang 
Fumi Shibutani 
Genevieve Laberge 
Fumi Shibutani 
Dania Rida 
Hannah Dolhai 
Yilin Wang 
Yilin Wang 
Megan Sweeney 




Classical Civilizations 
Dramatic Arts 

Environmental/Resource Management 

Core French 

Extended French 

Whitwill History Award 

Math Calculus and Vectors 

Math Data Mangement 



Visual Art 

Elmwood Theatre Award for Performance and Production 

Carolyn Strauss Poetry Award 

Linda McGregor Technology Award 

Philpot Science Prize 

Overall Academic Excellence Award 

International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Award 

University of Toronto National Book Award 

Lieutenant Governor General Community Volunteer Award 

Sandra Sharpe Sug Award 

Elmwood Award for Character 

Margaret White Award 

Philpot Token 

Summa Summarum Award 

House Cup 

Duke of Ed Cold Recipients 
IB Diploma Candidates 

Zakiya Abdullah 
Upkeerut Saran 
Zein Zaghloul 
Claire Avisar 
Justine Beaule 
Ras-Jeevan Obhi 
Katya Brooks 
Maria Aho 
Justine Beaule 
Katya Brooks 
Upkeerut Saran 
Zakiya Abdullah 
Sasha Thomas 
Ras-Jeevan Obhi 
Erin Dzioba 
Zein Zaghloul 
Ras-Jeevan Obhi 
Valerie Molnar 
Zakiya Abdullah 
Upkeerut Saran 
Upkeerut Saran 
Justine Beaule 
Justine Beaule 
Jenna Moledina 
Ras-Jeevan Obhi 
Upkeerut Saran 
Sophia Caragianis 
Justine Beaule 
Fry House 

Zakiya Abdullah, Sophie Ackert, Justine Beaule and Paige Tremblay 
Zakiya Abdullah, Maria Aho, Justine Beaule, Katya Brooks, Sophia Caragianis, 
Mariam Dakdouki, Louisajames-Beswick, Jenna Moledina, Valerie Molnar, Alayna 

Nowlin, Ras-Jeevan Obhi and Upkeerut Saran 

one hixndred thii*t^^-thi-ee 

"Once upon a time" these are the words that bring waves of 
nostalgia to most people who have ever read a fairy tale. Be 
it The Gingerbread Man or Cinderella, many fairy tales start 
with a "once upon a time" and wrap up loose ends with 
"happily ever after". 

This is why this Yearbook was inspired by fairy tales. Every 
individual who has walked Elmwood's halls has a different to 
story to tell. However despite our unique personal histories, 
we are all characters in Elmwood's story. It is a story that is 
told through this Yearbook to recount the events of the 
past school year, one that closed with a great ending. 
Everyone had a different "happily ever after". 

This Yearbook is the blood, sweat and tears of the entire Samara team. From templating pages, to 
putting in pictures to organizing team lists, every club member has contributed towards this edition of 
Samara, and for that I am eternally grateful. I would like to thank my mother who has been so 
supportive of this endeavour. Be it late pickups on Mondays or constant questions about whether 
things look right, you've always been there for me every step of the way. 

T o the teachers Ms. Bartlett and Dr. Conlon, thank you so much for all your help and hard work this 
year. You both ensured that I met the deadlines on time and I know I could not have done this 
without you. Be it through meticulously editing the grad comments or helping me write the monthly 
write-ups, you have both helped me transform this dream into a reality. 

Finally, to my Samara team. Thank you so much for your positivity, your zeal and willingness to try 
new things. Caroline, Grace, Yilin, Kyra, Carine and Zaina, you have all been a pleasure to work with 
and I am so grateful that you all took the challenge to work together and create something beautiful. 

So, without much ado here is Elmwood's 2014-2015 Samara. This is not just story about a school in 
the woods, it is YOUR story about a school of girls that could. A story I hope you will cherish for 
years, as you flip through this yearbook reminiscing laughter and tears. Memories that will bring a 
smile to your face as you celebrate moments when you were the ace. As you all move on to your life's 
next chapter, just remember this year's happily ever after. 

Fumi Shibutani 


The Yeartx»k Company 


one hiondred thirty-six 

Printed in Canada 
on Acid-Free Paper 



("Dfu I'NiusItc tTSoMlcojuifi' 

hiu in’i’iiMNSlOMnft’iKir uiA'i 
I .<tT iiu 


iL’n J7 ]» 9 ‘) 

ri'sriiiiii'iiti' null'll 

I Mili'llil 

’■''Hwh lTri'iB(>ii> 

■Qt-O Vii-vit\l-A 


• — 


291*- l^Ql 


▲ ► OTTAWA SHOOTING On October 22, 2014, CpI. Nathan Cirillo, 24, was standing 
guard in front of the National War Memorial in Ottawa, when he was gunned down. 

The shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (right), a 32-year-old homeless man with a 
history of mental illness and drug addiction, was killed soon after on Parliament Hill. 
Soldiers, politicians and citizens alike mourned CpI. Cirillo, who was married and had 
a five-year-old son. Thousands gathered along the Highway of Heroes for the funeral 
procession that brought his body back to his hometown of Hamilton, Ont. 


a judge ruled that Michael Sona, a 
26-year-old former Conservative staffer, 
was actively involved in the Robocall 
scheme, and later sentenced Sona to 
nine months in prison. The scandal ^ 
dates back to the 201 1 federal election V 
in which the Conservatives won a 1 
majority. Days before the vote, 7,000 ^ 

automated calls were made to Guelph ’J 
residents directing them to the wrong i 
polling stations. Liberal supporters i 
received most of the calls. Though the 
judge believed Sona did not act alone, w 
no other individuals have 
ever been charged. 



A NATIONAL HEROES The shooting of CpI. 
Nathan Cirillo put the spotlight on the brave and 
caring Canadians who came to the soldier’s aid, 
as well as the man who stopped the gunman’s 
rampage. Lawyer Barbara Winters, nurse 
Margaret Lerhe, fellow reservist CpI. Branden 
Stevensen and National Defence employee 
Martin Magnan comforted Cirillo and 
administered first aid. When the shooter moved 
inside Parliament’s Centre Block, it was House 
of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers 
who cornered and killed Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 
preventing a possible massacre. 

(AP PhotoAfancouver Police via The Royal Canadian Mounted Police) 

, ◄ END OF AN ERA In an unexpected turn of 

\ events, it wasn’t Rob Ford’s drug use or embar- 
rassing public outbursts that caused him not to 
^seek re-election as mayor of Toronto, but rather the 
diagnosis of a rare form of abdominal cancer. As Ford 
started treatment in September of 2014, his older 
brother Doug entered the mayoral race instead. 
The elder Ford had his own controversial moments, 

- including offensive Jewish remarks that made 

him fodder for late-night talk shows. 

He ultimately lost to John Tory. 

- I CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette 

► MONCTON SHOOTINGS On June 4, 201 4, residents in ^ 
a suburban neighbourhood in Moncton, N.B., could 
only watch helplessly as 24-year-old Justin Bourque, 
armed with a shotgun, targeted RCMP officers in 0 
the area. Dressed in fatigues, Bourque killed three ^ 
Mounties - Dave Ross, Fabrics Gevaudan and 
Douglas Larche - and injured two others. Moncton 
was in lockdown during the 30-hour manhunt that ended wi 
Bourque’s arrest. During interrogation, Bourque expressed a 
general hatred for authority. He later apologized to the 
families, and was sentenced to five life sentences, with no 

chance of parole for 75 years. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan) 

early September, 2014, 
when winter hit Calgary 
with a vengeance. A cold 
front caused drizzling rain 
to turn to snow, creating a 
winter storm that lasted 
several days. In total, 1 1 .8 
centimetres of snow fell 

on the city — just one 
millimetre shy of a record 
set back in 1921. Half of 
the city’s two million trees 
were damaged, resulting 
in power outages in some 
areas. The cleanup cost 
the city $18 million. 

(THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nattian Denette) 

A FALL FROM GRACE In October, 2014, Jian 
Ghomeshi, the popular host of CBC Radio’s talk 
show Q, said his familiar “Well, hi there,” for the 
last time. The public broadcaster announced it 
had fired him over “information” it received. Over 
the next few weeks, at least eight women, 
including Canadian TV star Lucy DeCoutere and 
lawyer Reva Seth, came forward with accusa- 
tions of unwanted sexual violence at the hands of 
the radio personality. So far, Ghomeshi, 47, faces 
seven charges of sexual assault and one charge 
of choking — and he maintains his innocence. 

(THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette) 

Jian Ghomeshi allegations brought the topics of 
sexual assault and consent into the 
spotlight. A Facebook 
conversation between Toronto 
Star reporter Antonia Zerbisias 
and Montreal Gazette justice 
eporter Sue Montgomery — 
in which they expressed their 
frustration at the way sexual 
assault victims are stigmatized 
— turned into a full-fledged 
movement for solidarity. 

Using the Twitter hashtag 
women across Canada shared 
their stories of assault and 
explained why they never went to 
the police. Within 24 hours, the 
hashtag was trending across the 
world and retweeted eight million 

times. (sharpen/Shutterstock) 


► A DREAM IS REALIZED Though the dream of opening a human rights museum 
in Canada almost died with media mogul and philanthropist Israel “Izzy” Asper, 
his daughter, Gail, was determined to carry on. After almost 15 years and $350 
million in fundraising, the museum finally opened in Winnipeg in September, 
2014. Controversy soon followed. Besides the higher-than-expected costs. 
Aboriginal groups have threatened to boycott the museum for not calling their 
historical treatment “genocide,” and Ukrainian Canadians decried the exclusion 
of Holodomir, Stalin’s deliberate starvation of Ukrainians, as a permanent exhibit. 

((^rtesy Canadian Museum of Human Rights) 


j • » • .I!?'. * 1 / . I ‘ * 

4 ' 'It- 

m. ^ - 

- 3 ; 

Scotland held a referendum asking 
“Should Scotland be an independent 
country?” more than 3.6 million 
people turned out to have their say 
— and the No side won by more 
than 400,000 votes. It’s believed 
that the win was due to an 
increased feeling of Britishness 
around the time of the referendum, 
nervousness about taking an 
unnecessary risk, and uncertainty 
about what it would mean for the 

economy. (© Rex Features [2005] all rights reserved) 

▼ ► SCHOOLGIRL KIDNAPPINGS On April 14, 2014, over 
200 Christian schoolgirls were kidnapped from a govern- 
ment-run boarding school in Nigeria. The kidnappers were 
part of a militant jihadist group known as Boko Haram. 
Months later, a man named Abubakar Shekau — who 
claims to be the leader of the group — said the girls were 
converted to Islam and married off. Boko Haram ’s reign of 
terror has continued, including an attack on the Nigerian 
town of Baga, where the militants set fires and massacred 
anywhere from 150 to 2,000 people. 

▼ NOBEL FOR MALALA After 1 6-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in 
the head by the Taliban for going to school, the world learned of her 
tireless advocacy for education in her home country of Pakistan — and 
her courageous fight to survive despite all odds. Since then, Malala has 
published a book on her life, and in 
October, 201 4, she became the youngest 
J^H|Pr person, at 17, to win the Nobel Peace 
Prize. She stressed the award was not 
just for her; “It is for those forgotten 
j children who want education. It is for 
those frightened children who want 
peace. for those 
children who want change.” 

("Dfti (*7^01 sko 

liiirtMn’M'MsstroDfii’Mik’ incA 
tv.jlnjr i .it'i iw 


(k'lt Moiri’t/ilvr ks9‘5 


In 2014, the conflict between the Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists escalated, 
in part due to the May election of Petro Poroshenko as president and a landmark trade 
deal he signed with the EU. Pro-Russian rebels responded to the deal by shooting down 
a Malaysian Airlines flight, forcing the U.S., Canada and EU to announce new sanctions 
against Russia. Over 5,000 lives have been lost in the continued conflict, despite a 
major effort by EU countries to broker a treaty and ceasefire. 

◄ THE F WORD Recent college graduate and 
British actor Emma Watson was named UN ; 
Women Goodwill Ambassador in 201 4. i 
The Harry Potter star kicked off her new i 
position with a passionate speech at the UN | 
headquarters in New York: “Apparently I am 
among the ranks of women whose 
expressions are seen as too strong, too 
aggressive ... and unattractive,” said 
Watson, addressing misconceptions of 
. feminism. The speech was part of her | 
^ HeForShe campaign, to bring one , 
A billion men and boys together as 
A advocates for gender equality. 

i ' ' - £T. 


1 _ 




▼ AJeSuisCharlie On Jan. 7, 2014, two gunmen stormed the office of Charlie Hebdo, a French 
satirical magazine, and opened fire — 12 people were killed, including world-renowned staff cartoon- 
ists Charb, Cabu, Honore, Tignous and Wolinski. The attack, carried out by brothers Cherif and Said 
Kouachi, was a reaction to the magazine’s depictions of the Prophet Muhammad. The shooters were 
later killed in a gunfight with the police. The world showed ite solidarity with the publication through the 

slogan/hashtag Je Suis Charlie. (© Rex Features (2005) all rights reserved)^* 

^ A A NEW EVIL On Aug. 19, 201 4, the Islamic State jihadist group life 
known as ISIS released a video of the beheading of American journalist 
James Foley. More brutal video killings followed. And ISIS made rapid advances 
and takeovers in Iraq and Syria. The United States responded with airstrikes, and 
joined with 60 other countries in a coalition against ISIS. At the same time. 
Western governments struggled to prevent the group from recruiting young 
people online with their strong social media presence. '■ 

T AIR TRAGEDIES This year seemed to be one of the 
worst in aviation history. In March, 2014, a Malaysia 
Airlines flight went missing with 239 people on board, 
while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. (Moii'hs 
later, there was still no trace of the plane.) In July, 
another Malaysia Airiines flight was shot down as it 
flew through a conflict zone in eastern Ukraine, close 
to the border of Russia. Then in December, an AirAsia 
flight from Indonesia went missing in bad weather — 
though the crash site was found days later. Of the 1 62 
passengers, there were no survivors. (APPhoto/vincemTuian) 

V A POPE’S PROGRESS During an October, 2014, mass. Pope Francis stated 
that “God is not afraid of new things.” This Pope has turned out to be a 

modernizing leader, who is asking 
views on sexuality, contracep- 
also denounced capitalism, 
against Islam, and doesn’t 
and circumstance of his lofty 
He’s ushered in a new era for 
the church, bringing to a head 
the split between 
reformers and conserva- 
tives. To top it off, he 
helped foster the 
political thaw 
between the 
U.S. and 

(© PA Photos 
limited [2001] 
all rights reserved) 

the church to broaden its 
tion and divorce. He’s 
rejected prejudice 
go in for the pomp 

A THE UMBRELLA REVOLUTION When Beijing reversed its position on holding a 
democratic election in Hong Kong by 201 7, tens of thousands of students took to 
the streets in protest. What started as an organized sit-in in Hong Kong’s business 
district, quickly escalated Into what’s become known as the Umbrella Revolution. 
In clashes with police, protestors used umbrellas to protect themselves against 
water hoses and pepper spray. The protests, which started in September, 2014, 
lasted nearly three months — and for the most part the students’ pro-democratic 

demands went unanswered. (O Rex Features [2005) all nghls reserved) 




ffWWftg iiotifiLW 


public outcry was deafening 
hen, on Sept. 9, 2014, U2’s new 
album, Songs of Innocence, was 
^tomatically added to Apple 
users’ ITunes libraries. Bono 
xplained the rationale as "a drop 
of megalomania, a touch of 
generosity, Jdash of self-promotion and deep fear that 
songs that we poured our life into over the last 
few years might not be heard." Others called it "rude." 
Bono apologized, but wa^'still the winner: 33-million 
people "experienced" the album. 

[MedlaPunch/REX(4376373g)] (©PA Photos LimiteSdMI] all rights reserved) -'‘(Gregorio T.Binuya/^rltt Collection) 

A BRITISH INVASION The North American charts were dominated by Brit acts in 2014, especially Ed 
Sheeran (center) and Sam Smith (right). The soulful singer-songwriters saw their respective albums, 
X, and In the Lonely Hour, top the charts. While their singles. Sing, and Stay with Me, were two of the 
most popular songs of the year — although it was Smith’s Stay with Me that officially won the title 
at the Grammys. Smith walked away with four awards in total, including best new artist. Following in 
their wake, another soulful Brit, George Ezra (left), arrived on the scene in 2015. 

A NO FAKE PLASTIC BARBIE DOLL Meghan Trainor got her record deal by 
playing her now-famous song. All About That Bass, to producer L.A. Reid on 
a ukulele. The love-your-body-just-the-way-it-is single became a smash No. 

1 hit and earned Trainor, a singer-songwriter from Massachusetts, two 
Grammy nominations. It also led to a duet with Harry Styles of One Direction, 
They composed a new song together on — you guessed it — a ukulele. 

► SHAKERS GDHA SHAKE In 201 4, Taylor Swift proved her 
dominance over pop music^as no fluke, with another No. 

1 4 ^cord, 1989, a Dick Cl^k Award of Excellence at the 
American Music Awardajfehd that irresistible single, Shake 
it Off. The catchy so^had everyone singing along — 
including a burly p^ware police officer who became a 
viral video sensation. Never one to shy away from personal 
lyrics, Swift-efcknowledged what the haters had been 
saying about her brains, talent and personal life, and then 

proceeded to ... shake it off. (MediaPunch/REX (4301 21 3ba) 


► ALL 4 LOVE One Direction celebrated four years of 
together with the November, 2014, release of 
tiwif iburth album. Four — which of course became 
tReir fourth No. 1 . Four months later, 1 D fans had 
their worlds turned upside down as member Zayn 
Malik unexpectedly quit the band during a world tour, 
saying he wanted to be a “normal 22-year-old.” He 
Immediately started working on solo music — 
drawing ire from his former bandmates and fans. 

(&P Phnlft/Hrart rtranwftflirt 


Katy Perry rode an animatronic tiger, danced with adorable sharks and 
piloted a shooting star across the length of a football field during her 201 5 
Super Bowl halftime performance. While solidifying the fact that she always 
puts on a good show. Perry was somewhat upstaged musically by her 
guests, Lenny Kravitz, and in particular Missy Elliott 

j singer Kiesza landed on the music 
scene in 2014 with the Hideaway 
video, in which she melds multiple 
dancing styles in a four-minute, 
one-take, back-alley routine. The 
singer, with the flaming red steamhawk 
hairdo, knows a little about discipline 
and getting it right — she was a trained 
ballerina and a Canadian navy reservist, 
who was voted "top sho^;' at boot camp /. 

for her gun,skills.jV 

▲ WAS BEY ROBBED? Beyonce was expected to 
win album of the year at the 201 5 Grammys for^ 

her critically acclaimed, chart-topping, audio-vi-/- 


This was the year Nicki Minaj 
showed her softer side. 

In a 201 5 MTV special, the 
usually tough-as-steel rapperj 
admitted she was once a 
struggling Red Lobster 
waitress. And in her Pinkprint 
album/movie, she detailed 
the breakup of her 1 1 -year 
relationship. She continued 
to try to be a role model to 
young women — in true 
Nicki Minaj fashion — 
telling Rolling Stone 
magazine: "If you got a big ol' 
butt? Shake it! Who cares? 
That doesn't mean you 
shouldn't be graduating 
from college." 

sual masterpiece Beyonce. But it was Beck who' f 
walked away with the golden gramophone, for | • 

hio 19th alhiim tho niiiotlx# rnritomnlotixm 

his 1 2th album, the quietly contemplative - 
Morning Phase. Never one to hold back his (| | 
opinion, Kanye West (below, right) jokingly - - 
stormed the stage during Beck's acceptance \* 
speech, but did tell reporters afterward: i | ( 
“Beck needs to respect artistry and he 
should have given his award to Beyonce.” 

V It took just over two weeks, but Kanye ' ' 

- . eventually apologized via Twitter. 

(Lawrence K. Ko/Los Angeles Times/TNS) 


The fashion trend most searched on Google 
in 201 4 was ‘Normcore,’ a style that was first 
reported by KHole, a New York-based trendspot- 
ting group. According to the New York 
magazine article that brought Normcore 
to the mainstream masses, it’s 
“embracing sameness deliberately jjjMB 
as a new way of being cool... 

In fashion, this manifests itself in 
ardently ordinary clothes.” 

Those looking for normcore 

role models found inspiration 

in Jerry Seinfeld, President : ^ ^ ' 

Barack Obama (when not in a 

suit) and Tina Fey’s 30 Rock 

character. Liz Lemon. v '' 

A #SOCIALMOVEMENTS In 201 4, Twitter 
showed its potential as an instrument for 
social change. When Boko Haram kidnapped 
200 girls in Nigeria in April, the hashtag 
#BringBackOurGirls was retweeted millions 
of times — even First Lady Michelle Obama 
posted a picture in support. And after 
the August murder of Canadian Aboriginal 
teen, Tina Fontaine, other Aboriginal women 
took to Twitter asking ttAmlNext. 

Also hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and 
#UmbrellaRevolution brought citizens 
together and shone a light on social injustice. 

(© Rex Features [2005] all rights rmrvr 

(81a) Gabriel/Shutterstock) 


► PUT THE KEHLE ON While weights 
with handles have been used for 
exercise in Russia since the 1700s, / 4 
kettlebells have only recently / M 
caught on in the rest of the world. I -Jl; 
Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston, 

Vanessa Hudgens and the VH 

Indianapolis Colts all work out with 
kettlebells, which look like small ^ 
bowling balls with handles. It was 
also one of the most searched 
fitness trends on Google in 201 4. j 
A study showed that using kettle- \ 
bells for training can reduce pain in 
the head, neck and shoulders, and in a 
20-minute workout kettlebells can help 

burn 21 calories a minute. (Deymos.HR/Shutterstock) 

► IPHONE SLIMS DOWN The iPhone has 
come a long way from the chunky brick 
it was when first released in 2007. 
Responding to critics who’ve said Apple’s 
done little to change its designs in the 
fast-paced smartphone market, the 
company released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 
6 plus (on Sept. 19, 2014), with a larger 
screen and slimmer profile. Clearly Apple 
fans were satisfied — the company sold 10 
million the first weekend out, breaking all 

previous sales records. (Zeynep Demir/Shutterstock) 

A TUBE TREND The YouTube “unboxing” trend is as simple as this: 
post a video of yourself opening the latest tech gadget or consumer 
product, while narrating your appreciation of its packaging and 
design. Then people watch it — lots of people. In 2014, “unboxing” 
became a bona fide craze, with searches rocketing up 57 per cent 
from the year before. Some of the most popular “unboxed” 
products include, anything made by Apple, beauty boxes, American 
Girl dolls and Kinder Surprise eggs. (Romazup) 


f iji 

i Call Of Dut^ 







;ion, hit a hue 





B Q;l 

^ ^.iiiiia. utiolaae/Qallas Morning News/MCT) 

oieaiNlW:^; SOU 

Robin Williams 
World Cup 

Malaysia Airlines 

ALS Ice Bucket 

Flappy Bird 
Conchita Wurst 

■ Frozen 
Sochi Olympics 

A ORBS AND OCTOCOPTERS Analysts predict that the global market for personal drones 
will reach $1 30 million by the end of 201 5 — up a whopping 55 per cent from the 
year before. It was certainly the must-have gift of Christmas 201 4. Meanwhile, 
governments are barely keeping up; while consumer drone use is legal, the growing 
popularity and rapid pace of the technology is raising questions about air safety 

and privacy. ' 

(Oiedra Laird/Charlotte Observer/MCT) 

A BREAK THE INTERNET The November 2014 edition of Paper 
magazine had a very cheeky cover of Kim Kardashian — in which she 
shows off her world-famous, voluptuous butt, with a headline 
challenge to “Break the Internet.” Within the issue's pages were other 
risque photos. While the Internet survived, the photo shoot had 
everyone talking, and the online version of the photos amassed over 
34 million unique page views. 

{OFfM / ) 

A GET FIT, BIT BY BIT A tiny fitness gadget may just be the personal 
trainer of the century. Dominating 50 per cent of the wearables market 
this year, FitBit is a portable clip or bracelet that gives stats on how well 
you sleep, how active you are, and how well-rounded your diet is. 
It calculates your basal metabolic rate using your age, height and sex 
to determine if you’re moving enough, and how well you’ve slept — 
giving the wearer an impetus to develop healthier habits. 


free APRS: 



j ^Pocket Edition 
p\ague \nc. 







pandora Radio 
Goog'e maps 




Cut the Rope 2 
Bloons TO 5 

Dark Room 

◄ SERlALmCESSJws L/teJournalist 

Sarah Koenig pulled in at least five million-listeners 
to her addictive 2014 podcast. Serial. Koenig 
; 1 5-year-old crime involving a Baltimore teenager, 
d, who was convicted of murdering his 18-year-old 
Igirlfriend Hae Min Lee. Koenig’s research and on-air interviews 
] witnesses reveals possible loose ends and missed evidence in 
’the state’s case against Syed. The podcast was so popular that 
a new witness has stepped forward with a possible alibi for Syed — 
making him eligible for appeal later in 2015. {Courtesy Sen'al) 


It was an eventful year for Angelina Jolie. 
On Aug. 23, 201 4, the 39-year-old 
Hollywood star married Brad Pitt in 
France in front of their six children^^^ 
L in October, 

she was bestowed an 
honorary damehood by the Queen 
of England for her humanitarian work on sexual 
violence; she directed the war film Unbroken, which 
was released in November; and in January, 2015, 
Jolie met the Pope. But when she was asked about 
her most memorable moment, she said it was her 
oldest child, Maddox, becoming a teenager. 

(© PA Photos Limited [2001] all rights reserved) 

A RIP On Aug. 1 1 , 201 4, the entertainment world 
mourned the passing of Robin Williams. A standup comic 
and master of improvisation, Williams became a television 
star in the 1 970s, playing an alien on Mark & Mindy. 
From there, Williams went on to a successful career in film; 
he made comedies {Mrs. Doubtfire), animated films 
(Happy Feeti, and dramas, winning an Oscar for 
Good Will Hunting in 1 998. 

(Richard Cartwright/©CBS/courtesy Everett Collection) /' 

A TO VENICE WITH LOVE It's official: Hollywood's most eligible bachelor is finally off the market. Historic 
parts of Venice were shut down over three days in September for George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s 
wedding extravaganza. There were pre-parties, bachelor and bachelorette celebrations, and, of course, 
the wedding ceremony and reception. And it all ended with a civil service. The movie star and British ^ 
human rights lawyer surrounded Jhemselves with family and plenty of celebrity friends, including 
Matt Damon and Bono. All the guests received iPods preloaded with a wedding playlist. I 

◄ DIVA DIVORCE After Six years of marriage, 

Mariah Carey and TV star Nick Cannon (America’s 
SofTa/er?/) filed for divorce in December, 2014. ^ 

While the couple has tried to keep things _ ^ 

amicable for their twin three-year-olds, h ^ 

there have been harsh words around ^ 

settlements and custody. Soon after * 

me split, Carey announced a , ''' 

residency at Caesars Palace „ Headlines. While a 

in Las Vegas, where she'll three-wheeled motorcycle, Bieber 

perform all of her tS ™ f™" ?" I*'''' 

„„„„„ With a walker. He also threw eggs at a 

No. 1 hit songs. . u- * * ? * j * 

house on his street, causing an estimated 

$20,000 in damages — though he ended up 
I having to pay $80,000. Bieber attempted to turn it all 

I around with a videotaped apology for his strange year of 

I ^ stunts. Going as far as to say that he's been pretending to 
I be someone he is not. Then he dyed his hair brown. 

► LEGO BART In the 25th anniversary special of 
The Simpsons, “Brick Like Me,” Springfield and its 
residents are turned into Lego characters. Homer is torn 
between his old life and the new Lego-fied one, where 
he can finally bond with Lisa and live in a world where 
“everything fits together and no one gets hurt.” Eventually, 
Lisa ditches him to see the new Survival Games movie, 
a spoof of The Hunger Games, and Homer must find 
a way to return to his previous life. D’oh! 

T NEW GIRL Disney’s breakout hit show of 2014 was Girl Meets World 
— a spinoff of 1990s series Boy Meets World. In the sequel, Cory 
Matthews and Topanga Lawrence live in New York City — 
and the plot revolves around the antics of their tween 
daughter Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) and her best 
friend Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter). Teen stars 
Blanchard and Carpenter created a buzz as besties 
both on screen and off, and became 
style icons thanks to their popular 
Instagram accounts. 

(Bob D'Amico / © Disney Channel / Courtesy: Everett Collection) 

A REVOLVING DOORS Late-night television hosts played musical chairs in 201 4/201 5,' with Craig 
Ferguson, David Letterman and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart vacating their seats. Stephen Coibert 
took over Letterman’s spot and Seth Meyers grabbed the gig at NBC’s Late /Wg/rf (replacing Jimmy 
Fallon, who had jumped to The Tonight Show early in 201 4). The biggest splash was made by 
English satirist and Daily S/?ow aium John Oiiver, who launched HBO’s Last Week Tonight. His rants ' 
on everything from sugar to net neutrality made him a viral video superstar. (Helga Esteb / } 


The entertainment world was rocked by the 
ongoing Bill Cosby scandal, in which over 20 
women have gone public with sexual assault 
allegations, dating back to the 1 960s. While no 
charges have been laid, NBC and Netflix both 
halted upcoming TV specials with the comedi- 
an. Through his lawyer, Cosby refuted all claims 
and carried on with a standup tour — although 
protesters disrupted many shows. 

(Olivier Doutiery/Ab8caftBBS/MCT) 

T GOODBYE GLEE They laughed, they cried, they sang over 
700 songs — but all good Glee must come to an end. In its 
six seasons, the show made glee club and “gleeks” cool 
again, introduced young audiences to music from every 
decade, set the standard for realistic gay youth storylines, 
and made stars out of Lea Michele, Darren Criss, Chris 
Colfer — and even non-teen actors Jane Lynch and 
Matthew Morrison. The final episodes saw plenty of 
emotion, including an homage to the late actor 
Cory Monteith, who, for the first four seasons, 
played quarterback-turned-singer Finn. 

(Tyler Golden/FOX) 


■:_■ It seems the world was ready for a 
superhero who doesn't take himself too 
seriously. Enter Star Lord from Marvel's 
Guardians of the Galaxy, played by lovable doofus 
Chris Pratt. The movie aiso had an irresistibie 
soundtrack (fuil of hits from the ’70s), a gun-toting 
raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper and a dancing Baby 
Groot. No wonder it left the year’s other big-screen 
superheroes — inciuding Captain America, Spider-Man 
and X-Men — ali eating its dust. 

A AUTOBOTSVS. DECEPTICONS Transformers: Age of Extinction was the only film to pass $1 billion 
this year — and was the No. 1 movie woridwide. Directed by expert-city-destroyer Michaei Bay, 
the fourth Transformers featured an impressive cast, including Mark Wahiberg, Kelsey Grammer 
and Stanley Tucci. Even with these “respectable” actors, the movie was wideiy panned and 
garnered a slew of Razzie nominations. Yet not surprisingiy, the fifth Transformers is expected to 

iand in theatres in 2016. (Industrial Light & Magic/©Paramount Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection) 

► REEL REVOLUTION If you thought the first two Hunger Games 
movies were dark, 201 4’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - 
Part 1 took it to a whole new level. Katniss is living under- 
ground, wearing a drab revolutionary uniform and completely 
estranged from Peeta. But that didn’t deter moviegoers. 
Mockingjay - Part 1 was the year’s highest-grossing 
movie in the U.S. and No. 6 in the worldwide box office. 

(Murray Close) 


It took 12 years to make Boyhood, but Richard 
Linkiater's experiment in patience paid off — in the 
way of critical acclaim, a Goiden Giobe for Best 
Drama and a Best Actress Oscar for Patricia 
Arquette. Linkiater’s film, shot from 2002 to 2013 
with the same actors, teils the story of a boy 
growing up with divorced parents in Texas. 
The music, acting and honesty hit home with 
audiences — and showed the movie industry 
that good things come to those who wait. 


(Still Alice) I 
immons (Whiplesh) 

ricia Arquette (Boyhooi 

.grossing b,7//on 

ENT, $758.4 _ p;vRT 1 . $751-4 million 



► GRAB A TISSUE 7776 Fau/f/Z? ‘ 

Our Stars was a maior 
box-office success, ^ 

thanks to popular ; 

source material (John 
Green’s 201 2 YA novel 

of the same name) ^ 

and two actors with 
chemistry. Shailene 

Woodley and Ansel ’ 

Elgort were perfect 
as teen cancer 

patients taking off to Amsterdam. The film pulled in over $300 million at 
the box office and propelled the book to the top of the bestseller charts 

again. As the film's characters say, that's "okay . " (James Bri(lges/20tli Century Fox/TNS) 

A STRANGER THAN FICTION James Franco and Seth Rogen made 
a comedy about assassinating Kim Jong-un, called The Interview — 
and North Koreans took it way too seriously. The country was 
allegedly behind the cyber attack on the film’s studio, 
Sony Pictures, which leaked employee and celebrity 
information. Theatres pulled The Interview tor tear 
of repercussions, so Sony released it digitally. 
Despite bad reviews, way more people saw the 
film out of curiosity and patriotism than if North 
Korea had just left well enough alone. 

(Courtesy Fox Searchlight/MCT) 



A SOARING SUCCESS The Academy Award for 
Best Picture of 2014 went to Birdman. In the film, Michael Keaton plays 
a washed-up movie superhero attempting to make a comeback on 
Broadway, while dealing with a narcissistic co-star (Edward Norton) and 
a recovering addict daughter (Emma Stone). Keaton himself was once a 
movie superhero, playing Batman in the late 1980s and early 1990s. While 
Birdman has garnered Keaton critical acclaim, he lost the Oscar for Best Actor 
to Eddie Redmayne, who played Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. 

(Courtesy IFC Films) 

► BYE BYE BILBO It's the end of an era for J.R.R. Tolkien 
fans. With the release of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five 
Armies, all of the fantasy writer's middle earth books 
have been adapted. But fans have had trouble, letting 
go of Bilbo, often asking the actor who played him, 
Martin Freeman, if he missej|the character. V 
Freeman (of BBC’s The OffMand S/7ez%/() 
politely responds, "No, I don'tihink he'&feal. " 

And I don;jthirfk l am him." So much for fantasy. 

(©2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Metro-Gold^n-Mayer Phtures jnc.J 


Maleficent is the story of 
Sleeping Beauty, told from 
the perspective of the evil 
fairy godmother — played by 
Angelina Jolie at her 
villainous best. With sharp 
black horns, bold red lips and 
fantastically fierce wings, 
Jolie was breathtaking. While 
she was snubbed at the 
Oscars, the film picked 
up Best Picture at the 
f People's Choice Awards. 

' (Frank Connor/Disney Enterprises. Inc. 

All Rights Reserved.) 

(© Rex Features (2005] all rights reserved) 


It was the 

basketball supcN^lp 
LeBron James 
announced in July, 
2014, that he’d opt 
out of his contract 
with the Miami Heat 
and return to the 

Cleveland Cavaliers. 

His home state of 
Ohio welcomed 
James back with 
open arms, despite 
all the harsh words 
directed at him when 
he left in 2010. 

James won two NBA 
Championships with 
the Heat, but cited the 
desire to someday 
bring a trophy to 
Northeast Ohio as the 
reason for his return. 

(Stephen M. Doweil/Oriando Sentinel/TNS) 



New England Patriots 

(over the Seattle Seahawks) 

San Francisco Giants 

(over the Kansas City Royals) 


San Antonio Spurs 

(over the Miami Heat) 


Los Angeles Kings 

(over the New York Rsngers) 


Brazil put on an exuberant FIFA World Cup in the summer of 201 4. 

But the host country lost to Germany in the semifinals, before Germany went on to win the 
tournament. There were plenty of .j-j^^'Tfiemorable moments, including the U.S. coach, 
rgen Klinsmann, telling American soccer fans to keep their expectations low, 

he impressive Colombian team |. dance, and Uruguayan striker Luis 

“The Biter” Suarez, who was banned from any football-related activity 

for four months after biting an # Italian player on the shoulder. 

(AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan) 


One of the biggest sports 
celebrities of 201 4 was 
13-year-old baseball phenom 
Mo'ne Davis, who landed on 
the cover of Sports Illustrated 
after pitching a shutout in 
the Mid-Atlantic final that sent 
her Philadelphia team to the 
Little League World Series. Davis, 
■-'ho throws an impressive 70 
■ -iles per hour fastball, was also 
• • ; first girl to pitch a shutout at 
ihe 'vVorld Series tournament. 

. . -ile, baseball isn’t even 
■ " lah. sport, as she hopes to 
■■ f . - onnecticut 

■ .-iOn.'Shipand 

T ► OFF-SIDE It was a Tr 
scandal-plagued season 

for the NFL, beginning with ' " ^ 

the video of Baltimore Raven " ' 

Ray Rice knocking out his fiancee in an 
Atlantic City casino elevator. After initially \ 
giving Rice a light sentence, the league j 
changed its policy on domestic violence and ^ 
began to address it more seriously. Next up 
was Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian 
Peterson, who was sent before a grand jury for 
whipping his four-year-old son with a tree 
branch. And the season ended with Deflategate, 
the alleged cheating scandal that cast a pall over 
Super Bowl winners the New England Patriots. 

{(^os Gonzalez/Minneapolis StarTribune/MC'O 

C •. .\NAC - ! 
ou;- HOME •NO 
NA iVE I • r.O! 

)T0 - Patrick Doyle) 


For the first time in history, 0 Canada ms sung before an NHL game where only U.S 
teams were playing. When Pittsburgh hosted Philadelphia at the CONSOL Energy 
Center — on Oct. 22, 201 4, the day of the Ottawa shooting — the audience 
stood for the Canadian anthem as two maple leaves shone on the ice. 


j -yy 

The world took notice of Canadian 
tennis in 201 4, when the country’s two 
best singles players, Eugenie Bouchard and 
■' Milos Raonic, reached the Wimbledon finals 
and semifinals respectively. The Wimbledon 
website reported: “Canadian tennis: Something 
to talk about.” While both players lost their 
matches, it was no less historic — as it was 
the first time a Canadian man reached the 
semis at Wimbledon in more than 100 years 
and the first time a Canadian woman 
reached the finals of any Grand Slam 
tournament. At the end of the season, 
Bouchard was named the WTA’s 
Most Improved Player. 

JkJhSiCiA. -J*'. 


The Los Angeles Kings 
worked hard to make it to 
the Stanley Cup Finals, 
coming from behind in 
the first two playoff 
series, and playing 
three consecutive Game 7s, all on the road. So it was a 
surprise when, in the Finals, they handily beat the New York 
Rangers four games to one, to win their second Stanley Cup 
championship in three seasons. Kings right wing Justin 
Williams won the Conn Smythe Trophy for Stanley Cup MVP 
for his nine goals and 16 assists in the post-season. 

(© PA Photos Limited [2001] ail rights reserved) 


In May, 2014, the golf world was focused on Rory 
Mcliroy's private life, after he called off his 
wedding engagement to tennis pro Caroline 
Vlteniacki. But that was quickly forgotten when he 
Parted racking up tournament wins, including his 
third major (the 2014 Open Championship) before 
the age of 25 — something only Jack Nicklaus 
and TigerWoods have done before him. He went 
on to win the P(jA championship, and was named 
PGA Player of the Year. He says he'll play for 
freland in the 2016 Olympics, where golf will be a 
medal event for the first time since 1 904. 



suj^er of 201 4 saw the introduction 
of the. Ottawa Red^Blacks to^the 
Canaan FootbalfJ-^gue, the third^Fb 
tean^call the capital city home.«li|0 
I year out, the RedBlacks sifiW^dandj 
P last in the league. MeanwlWe, the " 
’ Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary 
Stampeders met in ^the20 2rfdy ^ 
Grey Cup in VancouveSfRanksm | 
to an electric performancejro.m » V 
Stampeders’ quarterback Bo Lev* 
Mitchell, a six-foot-two, 196-lb. 

^ Texan, Calgary bested 

Hamiltoi|20-16, and 
^^^^the Tic^ ) 5-year Grey 
j Cup trophy drought 



Thornhill, Ont.’s Andrew Wiggins was picked 
Llo. 1 in the 201 4 NBA draft, after an impres- 
sive season at the University of Kansas. 
Wiggins was selected by the Cleveland 
Cavaliers and for a brief period looked like he 
was going to play with LeBron James — but 
Cavs traded him to the Minnesota Timberwolves 
Love. In Minnesota, Wiggins had a great rookie 
hing up against James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe 
who said of Wiggins: “It was like looking at a 
reflection of myself 19 years ago.” 


In 2004, the European Space 
y Agency launched the Rosetta spacecraft, armed with 
' the Philae probe, with the goal of landing on a comet in 1 0 
years. On Nov. 1 2, 201 4, Philae made contact with comet 
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko — and immediately sent back , 
data for scientists to analyze. Unfortunately, the three systems 
designed to keep Philae in place failed to deploy, and it bounced across the comet, -i 
coming to rest in an area too dark for its solar-powered batteries. There is hope it will j 
power up again^aslhe^come^moves closer tp the sum 1 

(ESA - Jiirgen Mai^ 

since it was established in 1936, the Fields 
Medal for mathematics went to a woman. 
Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian-born 
mathematics professor at Stanford 
University, was recognized for her 
contributions to understanding the 
symmetry of curved surfaces. 
The medal is often regarded as 
^ the mathematics version of the 
^ Nobel Prize and is handed out 

every four years. "I will be 
happy if it encourages young 
^^^^^scjentists and 

l^^gMirzikhani said 

□, (Courtesy: MaryamMIrzaKhani) 

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Dinosaurs were 
news in 2014: 
May, a farmer in 
‘ tina discovered 
a new species of 
titariosaur. By studying 
creature’s thigh bone, 
paleontologists determined 
it was the largest animal 
known to have walked the 
Earth: 1 30 feet long and 65 feet 
tall. Months later, researchers 
studying the Pelagornis sandersi, 
an ancient extinct bird fossil 
found in South Carolina in 1983, 
announced that the albatross-like 
bird had the largest wingspan in 
recorded history — at 21 feet. 

(Charles Fox/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT 

climate-change deniers a run for 
their money, scientists announced 
that 2014 was the hottest year on 
record. According to NASA, the US 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric 
Association and the UK Met Office, the 
global temperature was higher than the 
1 961 -1990 average. The findi 
released in a report called “StatiPRThe 
Global Climate,” which was presented to 
the United Nations in Lima, Peru, as they 
discussed a new global climate deal to be 
si^NtfiaiParis in 2015.(via(iisc)ien 


(Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group/MCT) 

A ◄ THE EBOLA CRISIS According to the Centers i . 
' For Disease Control and Prevention, the Ebola I • 

ip outbreak that shocked the world in 201 4 was the j 
largest outbreak in history. The first case was a | i 
toddler in Guinea who died in December, 201 3 — 

J but the number of people infected increased 
rapidly by March . As the virus spread 
further away to countries like the United 
States, the World Health Organization 
scrambled to find a vaccine. While some 
parts of Africa have been declared Ebola 
e, others continue to be affected. At least 
9,000 people in West Africa have died ’ . 

because of the virus. | 

(Festa/Shutterstock) | 


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