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Full text of "Classical Philology 1942: Vol 37 Index"

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Aeschylus, Agamemnon 744-49, dis- 

cussed 263; ibid. 1035-39, discussed 
264; ibid. 1323-26, discussed 266; 
Choephori 286-90, discussed 267; 
Persae, note on 425; the lost Philoc- 
tetes 38 

afterlife, Horace’s view of 275 
&uBporos, note on 77 
*Avipéas Sexampwros 145 

Anthimus De observatione ciborum, dis- 
cussed 150 

"Arrow Kixvos. 353 
"AdANE 146 

Aristophanes, three-word iambic trim- 
eters in 194 

Aristotle, Poetics 1458 6 12, discussed 

Athens, history 311, 371 

Book Reviews (see also reviewers): 

Bloch: I Bolli laterizi e la storia 
edilizia romana: contributi all’ 
archeologia e alla storia romana 
(Boéthius) 328 

Bonner (ed.): The Homily on the 
Passion by Melito Bishop of Sardis 
and Some Fragments of the Apocry- 
phal Ezekiel (Colwell) 458 

Bourbere: ‘H ’E@vxi Suvetdnors rod 
Tl\atwros (Notopoulos) 460 

Brommer: EIAOZ ef IAEA: Etude 
sémantique et chronologique des 
cuvres de Platon (De Lacy) 347 

Brooke, McLean, and Thackeray 
(eds.): The Old Testament in Greek 
According to the Text of Codex 
Vaticanus, Supplemented from 
Other Uncial Manuscripts, with a 
Critical Apparatus Containing the 
Variants of the Chief Ancient Au- 
thorities for the Text of the Septua- 
gint, Vol. III, Part I: Esther, Ju- 
dith, Tobit (Colwell) 350 


Buck: A Chronology of the Plays of 
Plautus (Hough) 345 

Carcopino: Daily Life in Ancient 
Rome: The People and the City at 
the Height of the Empire (Eng. 
trans. by E. O. Lorimer) (Laing) 

———: La Vie quotidienne a Rome a 
Vapogée de empire (Laing) 99 

Carroll: The Clausulae in the Confes- 
stons of St. Augustine (Clark) 110 

Cary (trans.): The Roman Antiqui- 
ties of Dionysius of Halicarnassus 
(Forbes) 455 

Cary and Haarhoff: Life and Thought 
in the Greek and Roman World 
(Larsen) 231 

Chase and Phillips: A New Introduc- 
tion to Greek (Eller) 235 

Delatte (ed.): Anecdota Atheniensia 
et alia, Tome II: Textes grecs rela- 
tifs a Vhistoire des sciences (Rob- 
bins) 103 

Devoto: Storia della lingua di Roma 
(Bonfante) 84 

Evelyn White and Oliver: The Tem- 
ple of Hibis in El Khargeh Oasis, 
Part II: Greek Inscriptions (Rein- 
muth) 445 

Fairclough: Warming Both Hands: 
The Autobiography of Henry Rush- 
ton Fairclough, Including His Ex- 
periences under the American Red 
Cross in Switzerland and Montene- 
gro (Cooke) 461 

Ginsburg: Hunting Scenes on Roman 
Glass in the Rhineland (Johnson) 

Goldschmidt: Paulinus’ Churches at 
Nola: Texts, Translations, and 
Commentary (Pease) 451 

Grace: Archaic Sculpture in Boeotia 
(Johnson) 221 


Hanfmann: The Etruscans and Their 
Art (Johnson) 108 

Harvard Studies in Classical Philolo- 
gy, Supplementary Vol. I: Athe- 
nian Studies Presented to William 
Scott Ferguson (Dorjahn) 441 

Harvard Studies in Classical Philolo- 
gy, Vol. LI (Dorjahn) 441 

Hausrath (ed.): Corpus fabularwm 
Aesopicarum, Vol. I, fase. 1 (Per- 
ry) 207 

Hunt, Smyly, and Edgar (eds.): The 
Tebtunis Papyri, Vol. III, Part II 
(Pearl) 225 

Jaeger: Paideia: The Ideals of Greek 
Culture (Hack) 197 

Kirk: Fire in the Cosmological Specu- 
lations of Heracleitus (Minar) 237 

Kitto: Greek Tragedy (Smith) 107 

Kordeuter (ed.): Plato Latinus, Vol. 
I: Meno, interprete Henrico Aris- 
tippo (Greene) 457 

Liddell, Scott, Jones: A Greek-Eng- 
lish Lexicon, Part 10 (What- 
mough) 96 

Linforth: The Arts of Orpheus (King) 

Lundstrém (ed.): L. Iunt Moderati 
Columellae opera quae exstant, 
fase. 4: Ret rusticae libros sextum 
et septimum continens (Ash) 453 

Machado: Questoes de gramdtica la- 
tina (Roditi) 351 

Macurdy: The Quality of Mercy: The 
Gentler Virtues in Greek Literature 
(Greene) 227 

Martienssen: Greek Cities (Johnson) 

Meritt: Epigraphica Attica (Dow) 

Michell: The Economics of Ancient 
Greece (Blake) 232 

Milne and Skeat: Scribes and Correc- 
tors of the Codex Sinaiticus (Lake) 

Murray: Aeschylus: The Creator of 
Tragedy (Smith) 234 


Norden: Aus altrémischen Priester- 
biichern (Nock) 88 

Norlin: Things in the Saddle (Miller) 

Page (ed.): Euripides: Medea (Bon- 
ner) 335 

Petropoulos (ed.): Papyri societatis 
archaeologicae Atheniensis (Wester- 
mann) 102 

Péstgens: Tibulls Ambarvalgedicht 
(II, 7) (Ferguson) 105 

von Premerstein: Mitteilungen aus 
der Papyrussammlung der giessener 
Universitdtsbibliothek, V: Ein 
neues Bruchstiick der sogenannten 
alexandrinischen Médrtyrer-Akten. 
P. bibl. Univ. Giss. 46 (Colwell) 

Radermacher: Mythos und Sage bei 
den Griechen (Bonner) 218 

Richter: Handbook of the Etruscan 
Collection (Johnson) 108 

Robinson: Freedom of Speech in the 
Roman Republic (Forbes) 233 

Rostovtzeff, Brown, and Welles 
(eds.): The Excavations at Dura- 
Europos Conducted by Yale Univer- 
sity and the French Academy of In- 
scriptions and Letters. Preliminary 
Report of the Seventh and Eighth 
Seasons of Work, 1933-34 and 
1934-35 (Debevoise) 349 

Shepard: The Fish-tailed Monster in 
Greek and Etruscan Art (Johnson) 

Sherwin-White: The Roman Citizen- 
ship (McFayden) 82 

Slaughter: Calabria: The First Italy 
(Coulter) 223 

Smith: The Genuineness of the Ninth 
and Third Letters of Isocrates 
(Laistner) 230 

Sutherland: The Romans in Spain, 
217 B.C.—A.D. 117 (Van Nos- 
trand) 111 

Thompson: Ancient Libraries (Laist- 
ner) 229 


Thomson: Aeschylus and Athens 
(Norwood) 437 

Vilhelmson: Laktanz und die Kosmo- 
gonie des spdtantiken Synkretismus 
(Nock) 448 

Warmington (ed. and trans.): Re- 
mains of Old Latin, Vol. IV: Ar- 
chaic Inscriptions (Whatmough) 

Westermann, Keyes, and Liebesny 
(eds.): Zenon Papyri: Business 
Papers of the Third Century B.C., 
Dealing with Palestine and Egypt, 
Vol. II (Welles) 432 

Willoughby and Colwell: The Eliza- 
beth Day McCormick Apocalypse 
(Morey) 106 

books received 112, 239, 352, 463 

caesura, in Latin verse 22 

Carus, birthplace 193 

Ciris, vss. 66-67, discussed 191; vss. 
247-49, discussed 192; vss. 407-8, 
discussed 192 

classical scholarship, aids to 196 

Codex Sinaiticus 429 

comedy, Roman 1 

Dies, leader of anti-Roman party in 
Athens 311 

Etruscan language, inscriptions 431 
Euripides, the lost Philoctetes 38 

Greek epigraphy 317, 371; Kaaba in- 
scription 245, 403 

Greek law 113 

Greek tragedy, parodies of 194 

Homer, text of 299 

Horace, Carm. i. 1. 1, discussed 79; Ep. 
i. 1. 38, discussed 80; his mother 385; 
his view of the afterlife 275 

Inscriptiones Graecae, II?, 2839+2844 

Latin versification 22 
Leda 363 
legal procedure, Spartan 113 


Maecenas, ancestry of 79 

Manilius i. 431-42, discussed 187 
Martial viii. 18. 5, discussed 322 
monologues, in Roman comedy 1 

Near East, history of 241, 398 

ornamenta triumphalia, origin of 130 
ostraca, O. Mich. I, 151 142; I, 180 144; 
I, 308 144; I, 664 147; I, 656 148 

papyri, Homeric 299 

Pericles, Sophoclean allusion to 306 

Petronius 62. 9f., discussed 319 

Phaéthon 353 

Phrynichus, Phoenissae, note on 425 

Pindar, Nemean 1. 64 ff., discussed 428 

mArdorvyt, meaning of 267 

Plato, Parmenides, analysis of 50, 159; 
doctrine of ideas of, discussed 288 

pontifec maximus, election of, in late 
Roman Republic 421 

religion, Greek 353; Roman; see Roman 

Ash, H. B. 453 
Blake, Robert P. 232 
Boéthius, Axel 328 
Bonfante, G. 84 
Bonner, Campbell 218, 335 
Clark, Charles Upson 110 
Colwell, Ernest Cadman 110, 350, 


Cooke, John P. 461 
Coulter, Cornelia C. 223 
Debevoise, Neilson C. 349 
De Lacy, Phillip 347 
Dorjahn, Alfred P. 441 
Dow, Sterling 323 
Eller, Henry M. 235 
Ferguson, Alice Catherine 106 
Forbes, Clarence A. 233, 455 
Greene, William C. 227, 457 
Hack, R. K. 197 
Hough, John N. 345 
Johnson, F. P. 108, 109, 221, 238, 462 
King, Donald 339 


Laing, Gordon J. 99, 101 
Laistner, M. L. W. 229, 230 
Lake, Kirsopp 91 

Larsen, J. A. O. 231 
McFayden, Donald 82 
Miller, Walter 342 

Minar, Edwin L., Jr. 237 
Morey, C. R. 106 

Nock, Arthur Darby 88, 448 
Norwood, Gilbert 437 
Notopoulos, James A. 460 
Pearl, O. M. 225 

Pease, Arthur S. 451 

Perry, B. E. 207 

Reinmuth, O. W. 445 
Robbins, Frank E. 103 
Roditi, Edouard 351 

Smith, Gertrude 107, 234 
Van Nostrand, J. J. 111 
Welles, C. Bradford 432 


Westermann, William Linn 102 
Whatmough, J. 96, 337 

Roman comedy, use of exit monologues 

Roman Empire, history of 193, 241, 398 

Roman religion 275, 421 

Roman Republic, history of 421; rela- 
tions of, with Athens 311 

Sasanid history 241, 398 

Sibyl, Sibylline Books 249, 398 

Sophocles, Oedipus Rex 863-910, dis- 
cussed 307; Philoctetes 38 

Sparta, administration of justice in 113 

Thucydides, son of Melesias, Sopho- 
clean allusion to 307 
tribute lists, Athenian 371 

Vergil. See Cirts 
verna, meaning of 314