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(E)ur Q^iswri: 
^0 learn, 
to bad, 
to serve ; 
discovering- the promise in 
our selves and the world. 

(S>ur oMissiom 
®ur school seeks the esecel 
hncein allofus, with pas- 
sion and compassion G^e 
are a community shaped 
bp the pursuit of truth and 
goodness, providing outstand- 
ing preparation for higher 
learning and for Ife 



J^^ zoog-zom 


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M^pt ^^^^^^^^^^^^^m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^ 

-, . ja^^^^^^^^^H ^^^B^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^H 


^FUTUREBOOK...^J Published in Canada Printed in China .^^B 
















-Table of contents 

Headmaster's Note 
Editor's Note 
Yearbook Teal 
Faculty Photographs 
Grade 9 Photographs, 
Grade 10 Photographs 
Grade 11 Photographs 
s Teams ' 

ine Arts I 

lubs. Councils, and Committees 
Boarding and Student Life 
Graduation Photographs 
Graduation Fashion Show 
Graduation Barbeque 
Graduation Dinner Dance 
After Graduation 

















Heo^imo^ferV AJc>te/ 


When we crack open the SMUS Yearbook, we do have a sense of what we will 
find: pictures, text, interesting layout, some colour. The fascination is in the detail: 
the particular photographs, which are always arresting, amusing and fascinating; the 
notes about individuals and teams, which are always idiosyncratic and apt. Each year, 
despite this predictable overall shape, the content that fills the shape is a testament 
to the freshness of each year's experiences, and the comprehensiveness of the book 
itself. I am perennially impressed and surprised by the work done by our student edi- 
tors in gathering material and making it new and dazzling. They deserve a lot of credit, 
especially because quite a bit of their work is done when others are not at school. 

This book can convey more fully and more accurately than I can in these few 
paragraphs what has been the character of the year. It takes many people's contribu- 
tions to give our school year the feel that it has, and this book transforms those contri- 
butions into the harder data of memory. It has been an exciting, fulfilling, challenging, 
successful year, for certain. I want to thank the students and staff who put together 
this book for their ambitious project, and for providing us with the record of SMUS 


Thank god we only have 172 pages instead of the grueling 232 of the past years. 
That's right: this is the SENIOR SCHOOL'S yearbook. My dear readers, this memoir 
is being written on the last day of yearbook production, after an all-nighter cooped 
up in Barker Library's media room with digestive cookies at my side. I don't think the 
previous editors normally did this, but this extreme measure was necessary, as--you've 
guessed it--us yearbookers have an atrociously hard time keeping deadlines or coming 
to meetings diligently. And that includes me. The thirty or so people at the beginning 
has been sifted to about seven regulars who have ya^jitly stuck through the muck of 
yearbook toil while participating in sports, musicals, plays, exams, councils... I could 
go on and on. The point is, we've done it; we've packaged a whole year of memories 
into a single legacy that we will cherish and reflect upon. This book indeed is a culmi- 
nation of countless hours of hard work and dedication. 

I'd like to thank Ms. Amirault, the leader of the cult, who has given up so much 
of her time to improve our yearbook, the photographers, Reid, and the Future Book 
Yearbooks staff. Now without further ado, we present you SMUS 2009-2010 annual. 





, i from vorioui gro« , ^,g,. 

'_^M. SMU5 hod *e °PP ^ips and 

1 logaW some <>' ^f"^ ^ „f *o.. bos- 

li- '^S^r:-'^ 111 

Keven Fletcher 




Mimi Brown 
Laura Keziere 

Susan Anderson 

Teresa Calderon 

de la Barca 

Gregor Klenz 
Sophia Malczewska 


Toshie Thumm 
Xiaowen Li 


Bill Buckingham 
Richard Curry 

Robert Ducharme 
Michael Jackson 

Steven Kerr 




Eileen Amirault Suzanne HallSimone Kuklinski 


Beth Johnston Peter Leggatt Benson Young 

Bernadette Abrioux 
Steve Bates 
Allison Fenneman 
Mathew Geddes 
Linda Rajotte 

Margaret Skinner 
Ken Sni 



de Rosenroll 
Pippa Olivier 


Robert Common 
Jennifer Fraser 
Dorothy Hawes 
Joan Kyle-Jones 

Susan MacDonald 

Janice McCachen 

Jeff Taylor 

Kay Weber 

Terence Young 

Fine Arts 

Drama Visual Arts 


David Gauthier Chris Bateman Anna Forbes 


Rea Casey Jake Humphries 

Peter Butterfield John Reid Donna Williams 

Greg Marchand Alison McCallum 




Virginia Ronning 


Social Sciences 



Kirsten Davel Crystal Lenarcic Cheryl Murtland Peter McLeod 

Economics History 

Campbell Hall John Liggett Graham Lilly Tony Goodman David Kerr David Lynch 

Physical Education 

Eliot Anderson 
Lindsay Brooke 
Reagan Daly 

Ian Hyde-Lay 
Sabrina Lloyd 
Richard Primrose 
Wendy Shergold 
Judy Tobacco 


1 ^ 

Guillermo Abascal 

Matthew Ashton 

Shayla Baumeler 

Chris Bjola 

WilHam Brown 

Alex Campbell 

Russell Carleton 

Lindon Carter 

Natasha Caton 

Jason Chiu 

Theresa Cho 

Clarence Choy 

Chiara Clemente 

Kate Cluley 

Richard Cunningham 

Silas Doore 


Meriah Drabkin 
Lihani Du Plessis 
Sophia Ducharme 
Anastasia Efremova 

Ben Elliott 
Taylor Ellison 
Leanne Farmer 
Christopher Fenje 

Shanna Pong 
Montgomery Fraser- 

Luke Friswell 
Charles Gannon 

Orla Glen 
Sydney Green 
Leah Hall 
HUa Hayashi 

Taylor Hibbert 
Erin Hope 
Meris Hopkins 
Ashley Hoydal-Payne 

Oliver Huang 

Jenny Hughes 

Liam Hyatt 

Georgios Ikonomou 

Candice Ip 

Christina Kang 

Fynn Kehl 

Carhna Kim 

Tom Kim 

Alex Kinahan 

Lisa Kinoshita 

Maddy Laslett 

Ethan Lee 

Marcus Lelewski 

Ryan Lider 

Wayne Lin 

Keenan Manhas 

Adam Marsh 

Stephanie Marsh 

Mai Masuda 






^^L y^^^ 



Hannah McElderry 
ulia Milden 
Arden Mollenhauer 
Celeste Nussbaumer 

Cormac O'Brien 
insu Park 
Min Hyuk Park 
Ellie Patmore 

Erynn Pawluk 
Brianna Penny 
Abbey Piazza 
Archana Pillay 

David Pollen 
Charlotte Queen 
Samuel Reid 
Marvin Ren 

Sasha Ren 
Pamela Schaefer 
Trenton Schulz-Franco 
Mathew Sedgwick 

Christian Sharp 

Ju YongShin 

Rachel Sibbald 

Colton Stockus 




I^^H ^^^^^^^^^^ 


^^^^K ^ ^t ' 

^HjL V'^^^H 




Cole Tamburri 

Shannon Toogood 

Keiler Totz 

Chloe Tsui 

Anna Wang ^M 
Brody Watkins ^^ 
lacob Watkins 
Adam Weech 

Graeme Wheeler 

Steven Whillans 

Allie White 

Alpha Willeboordse 

Dawit Workie 

Jeffrey Wu 

Vincent Wu 

Marita Wyatt 

Brian Yam 
Jocelyne Yan 
Mark Yorath 
Tina Yu 


Julian Allen 

Maria Barquera 

Isaac Barss 

Chrystine Beaumont 

Rebecca Berardelli 

Sarah Bodine 

Tiifany Britton 

Christina Burke 

Daniel Cameron 

Jorge Canedo 

Nicole Chan 

Frank Chang 

Alex Chen 
Lisa Chen 
Joseph Choi 
Yun Seoun Choi 




Jacky Chuang 

istina Chwyl 
«i..anda Connor 
Jonty Considine 

Michael Crabbe 
Brynn Daniels 
Alex Davies 
Baldeep Dulku 

Jacob Duvenage 
Mathew Emshey 
Joseph Erlic 
Irene Evans 

Cortney Ewonus 
Clayton Fair 
Jeremy Fairley 
Eamon Flanagan 

Truan Forsyth 
Katherine Fretz 
Juan Pedro Gandoulf 
Logan Gilmore 


Caroline Grady 

Michael Groot 

Madison Hadfield 

Peter Harrison 

Colin Hawes 

Jack Hayes 

Benjamin Holmes 

Isabella Holt 


Rio Hong 

Austin Huang 

Johnny Huang 

Christine Hughes 

f - 




^B Derek Hyde-Lay 
^H Valerie Irvine 
^^ Emiliano Iturriaga 

' Samuel Jackson 


f Gabrielle Jeliazkov 

sailah Johnson-Ferguson 

Yuichi Kashiwagi 

1^^^ Diane Katumba 





ames Keech 
Louis Kierstead 
Christina Kim 
Harrison Kim 

ean Kim 
Quinn Kliman 
Ephraim Lam 
Holly Lam 

Stephen Lam 
Lauren Laprise 
Sena Lee 
William Lee 

Cheryl Li 
Kira Li 
Angel Liao 
Leo Lin 

David Lunn 

Len Luo 

Roger Luo 

Rowan MacKenzie 

Liam Maclure 

Gilly Maycock 

Michael Muirhead 

Bairavi Murugakumar 

Will Nance 

Rachael Newman 

Hannah Nielsen 

Sophia Niewerth 

Jeffrey Nishima-Miller 

Gwendolen 0' Connor 

Claudia O'Neill 

Sun-Woo Oh 

Ian Parsons 

Forrest Paton 

Olivia Pierce 

AH Pollen 



Muriel Protzer 
Elizabeth Qin 
Cassandra Quan 
Anna Queen 

Deiyn Ramsey 
Julia Rego 
Martin Ren 
Aaron Samson 

Marcel Sanati 
Victor Shang 
Laura Shaw 
Johnathon Sipos 

Lindsay Solmer 
M Ariel Sorley 
1 Shade Souc 
' t Aidan Stewart 

Troy Swindell 
Andrew Taylor 
Sara Taylor 
Alexis Thind 


Robbie Thomas 

Mariya Tochiki 

Boris Trinajstic 

Ronnie Tsai 

Cole Turner 

Bell Udomkitthanakul 

Karan Vats 

Alice Wang 

Christopher Welsford 

Michael Wetton 

Thompson Wong 

Michelle Wood 

Robert Wyatt 

Charles Yang 

Jen Yong 

Lyn Zhang 

Serena Zhang 
Melody Zheng 


Grade/ 11 

Kelly Adam 

Byron Andronik 

Zachary Austin 

Michelle Aylard 

Nicole Bainov 

Marta Bakowska-Mathews 

Tyler Beames-Canivet 

Eric Beban 

Charles Bennett 

Chanelle Bertelsen 

Kelsey Bjola 

Jacob Boness 

Nathan Bosworth 

Taylor Bridge 

Alastair Bryson 

Nicole Bunyan 

Alexandria Butterfield 
Kitty Cai 
Julia Calder 
Chloe Carlson 


Cologne Chang 
Lindsay Chis holm 
Andrew Cho 
lin Sun Choi 

Yohan Choi 
Mason Chou 
Anita Chow 
Brandon Chow 


Brian Christensen 
Jarrett Chung-Smith 
Shelby Clark 
Christina Clemente 

Ella De Gea 
Sean Debroni 
Nikki Delpierre 
Kelvin Doore 

Harrison Duncan 
Alexander Economou 
Connor Eden 
Joe Ekthumrong 

Maxim Ellison 
Alyssa Parkas 
lordi Fowler-Graham 
Simon Friedli 


Mary Fry 

Hannah Furness 

Joseph Furness 

Shivaun Gannon 

Tasha Gerrard 

Lachlan Glen 

Maddy Goodman 

Haley Grogan 

Chris Groot 

Stefan Hall 

Katherine Handley 

Chelsie Hart 

Nathan Haussmann 

Emily Hayashi 

Sung Kwan Hong 

Robyn Hope 

Eah Hopper 
Colin Huo 

Kieran Hyatt 
Mue I 

Nora lannone 

Helen Ip 

Alexandra Jamieson 

Hr Tracy Jiang 


Christine Kang m 
Ian Kapron-King 
Nuraiyah Kassam 
Deirdre Keith 

Glen Keough 
Jonathan Ker 
Gita Keshava 
Sarah Khan 


Sarah Kim 
Yun Ji Kim 
Selby Knudsen 
Karen Korfmacher 

Olivia Krusel 
Ryan Kuo 
Mary Lapp 
jakobus LeRoux 

Kevin Lee 
Monica Lee 
Veronica Li 
Michelle Liao 

William Lo 
Kate Loomer 
Patricia Lui 
Victor Ma 


Stephen MacArthur 

Christopher Madsen 

James Mather 

Logan McColl 

Fraser McGee 

Jeffrey Miller 

Paul Min 

Murphy Miu 

Sophie Moellenbeck 

Bonnie Moore 

Aidan Morrice 

Priya Mulgaonkar 

Gerardo Murillo 

Rachel Nam 

Adrienne Nan 

Teryl Noble 

Musu Ofosu 
Karlee Olmer 

Tyler Olson 
Miriam Pang 

■i Megan Parker 

Madeline Petersen 

Kelly Phillips 

^nnie Pike 



Martika Rodgers 
Emma Ronning-Philip 
Tanya Rossa 
Peyton Rowbothar 


Goven Sandhu 
Montana Sawyer 
Angelika Schweitzer 
Mckenzie Scott 

Dylan Sedgwick 
Anthony Sharma 
Michael Shaw 
Laura Simandl 

Adrian Simor 
Ninnart Siripun 
Austin Smith 
Colin Smith 


Sydney Snape 
Raquel Solmer 
ocelyn Stedman 
Moishe Steinbok 


Camille Stone 

Andy Tak 

Mandy Tarn 

Melanie Tarn 

Ryan Taylor 

Connor Thomson 

Anna Timmis 

Cleo Valentine 

Cindy Wan 

Hubert Wang 

Jennifer Wang 

Maggie Wang 

Yaou Wang 

Paula Weech 

Jim Wei 

Paige Wergeland 

Alison West 
MltcJiell Wiggins 
' Meredith Witoski 
L Justin Wong 

Jenny Yang 

Kit Ming Yau 

Sophie Yeates 

Brian Yen 

























Players: Jenna Dhillon, Allie White, Hannah McElderry, Erin Hope, Leah Hall, Kate Cluley, Abbey Piazza, 
Meriah Drabkin, Ella Hayashi, Shannon Toogood, Orla Glen, Alisha Murtland, Sydney Green, Samantha Colby, 
Leanne Farmer. Coaches: Lindy Van Alstine, Jim de Goede. 

We believed that we had a good soccer team and hoped to do well at the 
CAIS Junior Girls Tournament. Unfortunately we were in a very tough pool 
and a loss to Halifax Grammar School (the eventual tournament winner) 
was a bad omen. We ended up struggling with mixed results and played 
in the Consolation round. We won several games handily but were beaten 
comprehensively by GNS. In the end, we meet GNS once more in the Con- 
solation final. They were happy to play us again having beaten us handily 
the day before. The SMUS girls were ready for them and by shifting our 
line up we were determined to play them down to a scoreless draw. The 
game went into overtime but our strategy held up and the final was de- 
cided by penalty kicks. In the end we prevailed and were the Consolation 

The team was led by Abbey Piazza and Sydney Green. They were relent- 
less and gave their all in each and every game. Newcomer Mariah Drabkin 
helped to solidify the midfield while Hannah McElderry, Orla Glen, Le- 
anne Farmer and Leah Hall played solidly. Although we may have wanted 
greater success in the tournament, we were very pleased to have been re- 
silient enough to come back and finish the tournament on a winning note. 
My special thanks go to all the grade nine girls who I will look foiiA^ard to 
watching as they progress through the Senior School. 

-Jim de Goede 


Players: Emma Abrioux, Selby Knudsen, )anine Hsu, Paula Weech, Meredith Witoski, Emma Pearce-Wil- 
son, Ciara Glen, Kirsten MacLeod, Jenna Dhillon, Arden Mollenhauer, Teryl Noble, Charlotte Hashmi-Queen, 
Nuraiyah Kassam. Coaches: David Kerr, Nancy Mollenhauer 

-I 4 r, I .— s*u It was been another glorious season 

tl — Lgd^ i i_ CI ''— ^ lj^««Ai-^ fgj, ^jjg SMUS field hockey teams up at 

UVic. We were "Oh so close!" to going 
to our first provincials for many a year 
So a good season had by all. We were 
blessed with an exciting crop of very 
promising players fi'om Grade 9, including Arden Mol- 
lenhauer, Charlotte Queen, Orla Glen and Leanne Farm- 
er, as well as an outstanding talent for the future from 
Grade 8, Jenna Dhillon. The real strength of the team 
lay in the powerful quartet of Grade 12s - MVP Emma 
Abrioux, Kirsten McLeod, Emma Wilson-Pease and Jan- 
ine Hsu, but also the influential group of fast-improving 
Grade lis, including Meredith Witoski, Montana Saw- 
yer, Paula Weech, and the Most Improved Player, Teryl 
Noble, plus our tandem goalkeepers, Selby Knudsen and 
Nuraiyah Kassam. Cleo Valentine also made some valu- 
able cameos, although ineligibility kept her out of the im- 
portant matches. 

We were also lucky enough to field 2 teams - the only 
school in Victoria to do so - which allowed a myriad of 
other athletes to play against many of the top schools in 
the city in an exhibition setting. I would like to thank the 
dedication of players on the second team such as Grade 
12s, Ciara Glen, Ayla Fowler, Caithn Farquharson and 
Kaylynn Purdy (until she was injured) to help guide the 
team, plus the hard-working input firom Grade 1 1 Bonnie 
Moore and Grade 10s, Ronnie Tsai and Christina Chwyl, 
plus the aforementioned Grade 9s. 
The season was most enjoyable as the spirit and sense 
of enthusiastic purposefulness shone through, particu- 
larly as there was a significant age difference on the first 
team, and a realization that the season felt remarkably 
short to make so many improvements individually and 
gelling as a team. The promise is bright as we 
say farewell to the superb dedication and com- 
mitment of all the Grade 1 2s - may you play field 
hockey for the rest of your days! ! 
-David Kerr 


Back Row: Rebecca Lowe, Sarah Taylor, Lauren Laprise, Claudia O'Neill, Laura Shaw. 
ice Wang, Nicole Chan, Ronnie Tsai Coaches: Bert, Andrea Elves. 



The Grade 10 girls' basketball team had an incredible season. 
After coming off of a tough couple weeks at the beginning of the 
season we came together as a team and figured out our style of play. 
From our first game to the last, the team continued to 
show great team spirit. Whether we were down by 1 or 20 
there was always constant support from the bench and the 
coaches. Even when we lost, our team was cheerful and ex- 
cited for the next game. This was easily the most optimis- 
tic team with the best attitude that I've ever played on. 
Our last tournament took place at Yorkhouse in Vancouver 
where we won the first game by 34 and made it to the semis. 
With our confidence boosted we returned to Victoria and won 
three games in a row to make it to playoffs. We faced off against 
St. Andrews which might have been the most nerve-wracking, ex- 
citing game of the season. The game was sent into overtime by a 
single free throw made by Alice Wang, and then SMUS was able 
to pull off a win by a buzzer shot made by Sara Taylor to win the 
game 36-34. The team placed fourth in the league, great job girls! 
Thank you so much to Andrea and Bert, who've been coach- 
ing some of us since Grade 5. They stuck with our team 
through the good and the bad and were continually sup- 
portive and encouraged us to play to the best of our ability. 
To my teammates, thank you for making this a memorable sea- 
son. We had an amazing team and I loved playing with you guys. 

VIVA r~ 

Back Row: Keenan Manhas, Steven Whillans, Lindon Carter, Keiler Totz, Montgomery Fraser- 
Brown. Front Row: Sam Reid, Colton Stockus, Fynn Kehl, Georgios Ikonomou, Trenton Franco 

Coach: Steve Bates. 



With SMUS hosting the 2010 Junior Boys Provincial Tournament, it 
was always going to be an exciting year, and so it proved. Indeed, the 
Grade 10 team, supported by Grade 9s Mark Yorath, Dawit Workie 
and Dave Pollen, wildly exceeded expectations in every way, won the 
Oak Bay Invitational, fought successfully through league play, and 
then defeated Mt. Douglas to win the City Championship before los- 
ing to the same team a week later in the Island final. 
All this gave the team a #10 seed at the BCs. Playing in front of rabid 
home supporters, SMUS, behind a combined twelve three pointers 
from Liam Maclure, Joe Erlic and Derek Hyde-Lay, easily beat Kelow- 
na in Round 1. This victory set up a quarterfinal against tournament 
co-favourite Pitt Meadows. In one of the most exciting games ever 
played in the school gym, SMUS overcame a 13 point deficit with 
four minutes to play to shock the Marauders 42-40. Even two sub- 
sequent narrow defeats (60-52 to Kitsilano and 45-40 to Tamanawis) 
could not dampen an unexpected and gutsy Final Four appearance. 
At Grade 9 level, even shorn of three key players, the team won both 
the City and Island titles but was unfortunate to have its provincial 
tournament cut short by some bureaucratic bungling. Nonetheless, 
players such as Steve Whillans, Keiler Totz, Wayne Lin, Colton Stock- 
us, Monty Fraser-Brown, all took advantage of the available floor 
time and have the opportunity in 2011, along with several others, to 
be part of one of the best ever Junior level teams in SMUS history. 

VIVA r~ 


Senior Boys 

The Sr Boys Soccer team had a tremendous season. With the objective being a top 5 finish at Provin- 
cials, the team competed in all competitions w^ith grit and determination. After a close match with 
Lambrick in league play, the team bounced back with their best performance of the regular season 
against Parkland. Going into the Island championships, the team was starting to look like they were ready 
for the playoffs. SMUS hosted the Islands, and played some beautiful football to make their way to the fi- 
nals. In the final match, they would again be destined to play Lambrick. After a match in which SMUS domi- 
nated possession, we were unable to break-through a strong Lambrick defense and the match was set to be 
decided by penalties. In the weeks leading up to the championship, the emphasis was all on attack, and it 
paid off in the first match with a SMUS victory marked by one of the best goals of the season. SMUS went on 
to win their group, and play in the bronze medal game. The boys had a fantastic season full of great football, 
a desire to win, and a successful 4th place finish at the Provincial Championships. 


Junior Boys 

Despite a slow start against Reynolds, the Junior Boys Soccer team had a positive and productive 
season, enjoying some thoroughly convincing victories and suffering some close defeats. In 
addition to their respectable third place finish at the ISA Tournament in October, the season's 
highlights would certainly include their hard-fought draw against arch rivals. Oak Bay, in the penul- 
timate game of the season, and the wins against St. Andrew's and Glen Lyon, where the team played 
some beautiful soccer and humbled their opponents. With a team composed of a balanced mix of 
Grade 9 and 10 students, the squad managed to gel quicker than expected, especially considering that 
only one player was a member of last year's squad. The fact that half the team was made up of Grade 
9s bodes well for next year's season. The coaches would like to thank the squad for their efforts this 
season in training and on the pitch. 

"2 1* 

Hi J*-A\9 %- -Sr^f- 


The Junior Girls Volleyball had an extremely 
successful season, earning a berth in Island 
Championships for only the second time in 
school history. Highlights of the season in- 
cluded a third-place finish in the SMUS In- 
vitational Tournament, a second-place finish 
in the Southridge School Tournament, and an 
exciting second-place finish in the City Cham- 
pionships in an astounding comeback against 
Belmont. The girls were feisty, competitive, 
and supportive of one another throughout 
the season, putting in their best efforts at 
all times. Team co-captains Gilly Maycock 
and Leah Hall were strong role models for 
the team! Coaches Susan MacDonald and 
Raechel Marchand congratulate the players 
on their positive attitude, dedicated team- 
work, and their well-deserved success. 

Back Row: Gilly Maycock, Hannah McElderry Madison 
Hadfield, Sophia Niewerth, Stephanie Marshy Leah Hall. 
Front Row: Shade Souc, Kate Uuley, Abbey Piazza, Isail- 
ah Johnson-Ferguson, Ali Pollen, Tina Yu. Coach: Susan 



♦ ^•' 


V' : 



. '-,« 




■i ^/-v --.*.»-' 


The Senior Girls Volleyball team learned a 
lot and improved immensely over the course 
of the season. With every grade represented, 
the team's youth and inexperience became 
their biggest opponent. Although it was a 
rocky road the team played many exciting 
^j^tches, primarily an away tournament 
^nested by Mark Isfeld. With a combination 
of boarders and day students from various 
^ji|ades, the team blended tremendously 
^^ftll which fed the positive energy. This year 
^bMUS had the opportunity to host the AA 
Senior Girls Volleyball Championships and 
play against some of the top caliber teams in 
BC. Although the girls played some of their 
best volleyball of the season they struggled 
to take any games off of these top teams. The 
girls were awarded The Most Sportsmanlike 
team for their upbeat moral and their con- 
sistent work ethic. Great season girls! 

Back Row: Maiy Lapp. Nicole Bunyun, Hannah Furness, 
Miisu Ofosu, Sophia t)ucharme,Martika Rodgers. Front 
Row: Tanya Rossa, Darren Ramsey, Brenna ^axon, Sylvia 
Ho, Michelle Yim Sliayla Baumeler. Coach(s): Allison "Fen- 
neman, Kristin Gustavsen. 


In early September the first day of tryouts ^S^^*^er 80 grade 7 to 12 interested SMUS'stu- 
dents trying out for the for SMUS rowing team. Unknown to them and the coaching staff, this 
was the first day of their journey to another incredible season. With selection completed and 
a team of 54 made up of day and boarder students from around the world, the next 1 1 weeks 
saw them endure all forms of weather, training five times a week on land and water at the 
lagoon at Royal Roads University, and competing in 3 regattas. Congratulations! VIVAT! 
Mrs. Walker-Curry 

Back Row: Jacky Chuang, Ian Kapron-King, Logan Gilmore, Maxim Ellison, Johann von Schack, 
Justus Koenigs, Fraser McGee, Harrison Duncan, Andrew Henning, Brandon Ewonus, Mr Curry. * 
Row Six: Stefan Hall, Robert Wyatt, Aidan Morrice, Julian Allen, Taylor Ellison, Luke Friswell, Liam 
Hyatt, Alastair Bryson, Rio Hong, Joshua Edgar. Row Five: Mrs. Lenarcic, Emiliano Iturriaga, Bairavi 
Murugakumar, Olivia Krusel, Jocelyn Stedman. Row Four: Mrs Walker-Curry, Alexis Thind, Olivia 
Pierce, Jin Sun Choi, Holly Trew, Sydney Stockus, Clare Hendriks, Caryn Dooner, Michelle Aylard. i 
Row Three: Valerie Irvine, Ju Yong Shin , Rachel Ellis, Julia Milden, Erynn Pawluk, Lihani Du Plessis. 
Row Two: Gabrielle Jeliazkov, Hannah Nielsen, Gwendolen O'Connor, Katherine Fretz, Christopher 
Fenje, Jessica Spoor, Carlina Kim. Front Row: Rebecca Berardelli, Chelsie Hart, Sage Friswell, Sky 
Richards, Chloe Carlson." 

Con p- ratiJilatioTiv 


From the fall high school season 22 individuals continued to row in the spring season. With 
the contributions of a very dedicated coaching staff, St. Michaels had some excellent results and 
captured another National Championship title. Training began in November, where the crew did 
fitness training to prepare for the intense racing season. The season kicked-off with Monster Erg, 
the Indoor Rowing Championships. Promising results came from all age categories. When the sun 
began to shine, the rowers took to the water Practices were challenging and focussed on tech- 
nique. The first regatta of the season was Elk Lake Spring Regatta; highlights include the impec- 
cable rhythm of the female stroke pair in the Men's 8-1- event. 

In April, SMUS crew competed in the Brentwood International Regatta, the largest athletic 
event in the country hosted by a single school with athletes from all over Western Canada and the 
United States. SMUS medalled in seven events and won gold in the Mens Jr A Novice 4-I-, Girls Jr 
A Lightweight 4-I-, and the Girls Jr B Novice 4x+\ 

Because of their result at Brentwood (silver medal) the Jr A Girls 4x-l- received an invitation to 
attend the University of Washington's Windermere Cup Regatta in Seattle. The SMUS crew was 
going to race on a university course for the first time. The girls were the only Canadian crew in 
their event. Through the noise and the distractions of the university regatta atmosphere the girls 
focussed in and earned first place. ^^^^^H j^ 

In May the crew competed at the Shawnigan Lake regatta and won another seven medals includ- 
ing gold in the Novice men's single. 

In June, SMUS crew flew to St. Catherines Ontario to compete in the Canadian Secondary 
Schools Rowing Association Championships. Everyone had a great experience, and we made six 
finals of the ten events that we entered, finishing 13th out of 147 schools. The Jn A lightweight 4-1- 
won the bronze medal and the Jr B Girls 4+ won gold in their event!! 
f Congratulations to everyone for an incredible Spring season! Best wishes to our gradu- 
ates: Caryn, Jessica, Brandon, Rachel, Alicia, Sydney and Maryann. Thank you for all the 
memories.... may rowing remain apart of your future! VIVATJi 






Back Row: Cole Turner, Brynii Daniels, )insu Park,William Lee, Chris Madsen, Chris Groot, Charles 
Bennett, Jordan Fowler-Graham, Nicole Bunyun, Jeremy Fairley. Second Row: Stuart Dixon, Stephen 
Lam, Matthew Ashton, Dylan Sedgwick, Christian Sharp, Deryn Ramsey, Karan Vats, Moishe Steinbok, 
Russell Carleton, Min Hyuk Park, Kristie Tyrel. Front Row: Gerardo Murillo, Arden Mollenhauer, Ra- 
chel Wong, Paula Weech, Orla Glen, Mckenzie Scott, Xiaotian Chen, Tracy Jiang, Ju Yong Shin. Coach(s): 
Stuart Nixon, Jocelyn Fray. 

The Squash Team had a great 2009-2010 season! The team compet- 
ed in three main tournaments, but many players also competed on 
their own. We have some strong players and a lot of individual tal- 
ent! Thanks to Stuart Dixon and Kristie Tyrel who coached the team 
throughout the season. Looking forward to next year! 



Back Row: Emily Ready, Karen Kbrfniacher, Cameron Buckingham, Dylan Sedgwick, Gerardo Murillo, Ms. Rea Casey. 

Front Row: Ms.Wanda Kivitt, Lisa Chen, Theresa Cho, Jennifer Hughes, Jacob Watkins, Richard Cunningham, Emihano Itur- 


The 2009 school year brought a new sport to St. Michaels, the 
Ballroom Dance Team. In conjunction with the Victoria BaUroom 
Dance Society's, youth program, St. Michaels has fielded a team 
that participates in both the first and third terms. This schedule 
permits us to prepare for and compete in at least one VBDS Clubs 
Closed competition and one Dance Sport competition. Dance 
Pacifica. In the first term, team members learned Slow Waltz and 
Jive. There were 12 dance team members and all took part in the' 
Clubs Closed competition, which featured the glitz and glamour 
of a true ballroom competition. In the standard division, Cam- 
eron Buckingham and Paige Stephens placed 2nd in Waltz, while 
Richard Cunningham and Julia Rego placed 3rd. Kun Yang Lee 
and Emily Ready placed 3rd in jive in the Latin division. This 
was the first opportunity for our students to meet the team from 
Stelly's and while the competition was fierce, there was lots of 
socializing. By the end of the evening all competitors were danc- 
ing with different partners and it was hard to leave! 

This spring soipe of the stalwarts and a few new members are 
preparing for Dance Pacifica, an international dance sport event. 
They will be dancing a choreographed routine in both Waltz and 
ChaCha. Wanda Kivitt (professional instructor) and Ms. Casey 
(teacher sponsor) are delighted with the progress the dancers 
have made this year and are looking foi"ward to expanding the 
program in future years. A great deal of fun was had by all who 
came out to try Ballroom!! 

Senior £r J un^xyr 

* > * « ■' 


f \ \ 


Back Row: Leo Marchand, Cole Turner, Chris Madsen, Lisa Evans, Allie White, Sam Jackson, Leo Lin, Addison Kwok, Steven Whillans, Mr. ]eff Hunt. 
Third Row Ms. )udy Tobacco, Laura Simandl, Laura Dale, Jocelyn Stedman, Mark Wizinsky, Alex Campbell, Wayne Lin, Dawit Workie, David Pollen, 
Colton Stockus, Ms. Laura Keziere. Second Row: Ephraim Lam, Alex Kinahan, lason Chiu, [asmine Lin, Michelle Liao, Raquel Solmer, Sung Kwan 
Hong, Yuichi Kashiwagi. Front Row: Exchange Student, Rachel Sibbald, Jocelyn Yan, Meriah Drabkin, Erin Hope, Christine Kang, Hannah Nielsen. 

The Senior Cross Country Team comprised of almost 30 
runners from grades 10-12. The season consisted of 5 league 
races, and then based on the performances in those events, 
the team had the potential to qualify to both the Island and the 
Provincial Championships. 

In the early stages of the season, coaches Tobacco and Hunt 
were both excited and optimistic. In particular, the SMUS Se- 
nior Girls Team showed huge promise. 

At the first meet of the season, the girls shone brightest on the 
Beacon Hill course. In the grade 10 division, three girls would 
finish in the top 10, and standout, Hannah Nielsen, would cap- 
ture the win. In the Senior Girls Division, SMUS surprised the 
other schools by having Raquel Solmer finish in 2nd and Laura 
Dale finish in 4th. On the boys' side. Cole Turner faired very 
well in the Grade 10 Division, by finishing in 8th place, while 
Leo Marchand did his best to finish in 12th place in the very 
competitive Senior Boys Division. 

The Junior Team (grade nines) had a fantastic season this fall! 
The fourteen participants were both committed and enthusias- 
tic, and they made excellent progress in their running over the 
course of the season. The girls' team (Meriah Drabkin, Erin 
Hope, Allie White, Jocelyne Yan and Rachel Sibbald) was con- 
sistently led by Erin and Allie, and they placed a most respect- 
able second at the Island Age Category Championship at Bea- 
ver Lake. Dawit Workie and Jason Chiu led their boys' team 
(Alex Campbell, Alec Kinahan, Wayne Lin, David Pollen, Colton 
Stockus, Graeme Wheeler and Steven Whillans) to a perfect 
record of winning both the Lower Island League and the Island 
Age Category Championship! Coach Ms. Keziere was dehghted 
with the results and effort of all the grade nines involved. 

C rcn^ Country 


Back Row: Jure Erlic, Alex Harvey, Michael Fuailefau, Alastair Bryson, Andy Erasmus, 
Connor McKenzie, Ingemar De Wet, Colin Smith, Mr. Hyde-Lay. Second Row: Mr Ander- 
son, Zachary Austin, Eric Beban, Eali Hopper, Bradley Sawyer, Connor Thomson, Joseph 
Furness, Goven Sandhu, Taylor Bridge. Front Row: Eraser McGee, Won] in Kim, Marc van 
der Wal, Reid Plasterer, Alexander Economou. 

Back Row: Siepriaii Han, Alastair Bryson, Logan McColI, Justin Zoraii<, Nathan Fatmore, 
James Harris. Second Row: Nanyak Dala, Anthony Sharma, Eraser McGee, James Mather, 
Andrew Henning, Johann von Schack, Mr Primrose. Front Row: Scott Dallen, Ryan Taylor, 
Jakobus Le Roux, Nathan Bosworth, Rory Ross. 



Back Row: bteven wniiians, Julian Allen, Marcus Lelewski, Abrahim Kfiaraghani, Keenan 
Manhas, Wayne Lin, Cole Tamburri. Second Row: Ian Manly, Thompson Wong, Juan Pedro 
Gandoulf, Guillermo Abascal, Jorge Canedo, Charles Gannon, Alpha Willeboordse, Colton 
Stockus. Front Row: Jeremy Fairley, Zachary Kahn, Chris Bjola, Samuel Reid, Fynn Kehl, 
Clarence Choy, Brody Watkins. 

Back Row: Andrew Schopp, Peter Harrison, Keenan Manhas, Dawit worKier Johnny" 
Huang, Jacky Chuang. Second Row: Mr Hyde-Lay, Truan Forsyth, Alex Davies, David Pol- 
len, Jacob Duvenage, Louis Kierstead, Colin Hawes. Front Row: Johnathon Sipos, Quinn 
Kliman, Joseph Erlic, Derek Hyde-Lay, Jeffrey Nishima-Miller, Marcel Sanati, Forrest Pa- 
ton, Clayton Fain B m 



Back Row: Mr. Cordle, Martin Ren, Jordan Fowler-Graham, Austin Smith, Nathan llaussniann, Jeffrey Miller, Mr. Lilly. 
Front Row: Hubert Wang, Karan Vats, Dylan Sedgwick, Baldeep Dulku, Jarrett Chung-Smith, Jim Wei. 

VTith only five players returning from last year's squad Mr. Cordle 
and Mr. Lilly thought that it would be a rebuilding year for the team. 
However, after the first few sessions in the nets they realised thatl 
there was both a great deal of potential talent and that coaching the ^ 
young squad would be a pleasure because of their enthusiasm. The 
team's bowling, batting, and fielding has improved quickly and the 
contribution of the newer players in school matches has grown with 
each match. The first stern test came against the Alumni, who often 
include international players in their team. On an unseasonably cold 
day at SMUS the team scored 87 in their allotted 20 overs, with Mi- 
chael Smith and Nathan Haussman scoring 2 1 each. The return match 
against Stellys saw SMUS notch up another win and then we wel- 
comed a strong Burnaby Mountain team from Vancouver in early June. 
In a tense, see-saw contest SMUS lost by two runs on the last ball 
of the day Trenton Schulz-Franco had a fine day with the bat and 
ball and Jeff Miller nearly saw us home with some powerful hitting. 
Mr. Cordle's catching practice after the Burnaby Mountain match paid 
dividends in the final school match against Oak Bay as virtually all the 
catches were caught cleanly and SMUS recorded a very impressive-^ 
result. Jordi Fowler-Graham and Tyler Olson put on a fifty partnership ! 
for the first wicket and Nathan Haussman then plundered an impres- 
sive 30 runs. Baldeep Dulku, Mike Smith, and Nathan Haussman each 
took two wickets to restrict Oak Bay's run rate and keep control of the 
game.The te^ , 1 lose the services of Mike Smith next year, who has developed into a solid and 
dependable a, ander, during his years with the squad. We wish him well and hope to see him 
back for the Al, wi game. Both Mr. Cordle and Mr. Lilly look forward to coaching the rest of the 
squad next year. They feel that much progress has been made and hope to test the team out with 
more matches ao inst Vancouver teams next year. 




Back Row: Mrs Inhnst.-n, Alexander Preis, Ross Prager, Mitchell Wiggins, Justus Koenigs, Keller Totz, Gerardo Munl- 
lo Second Row; Mr. Jaime Prsala, Aaron Samson, Eamon Flanagan, Stephen Lam, Anastasia Efremova, Celme Lo, 
Victor Shang, Adam Weech, Mrs. Kuklinski. Front Row: Samantha Davis, Rachel Wong, Paula Weech, Mckenzie Scott, 

orey, ico . ^^^ 2009/2010 SMUS tennis team had a long and successful season. From the 

first training session in September to a rather abrupt end in May, the tennis team 
I proved to be an extremely coachable, dedicated and talented group. .Although the 
school season didn't begin until April we began training early in the first term. 
Every Sunday morning, somewhat miraculously, sleep deprived teenagers would 
show up ready to play in the firosty conditions afforded by the Ian Stewart Complex. 
I Our all-weather approach to practice later paid dividends as the team persevered 
I through a remarkably windy April. SMUS went undefeated in league play dunng 
those April matches, posting notable 6-5 victories against both GNS and Lambnck. 
' A hard-fought tiebreaker in the mbced-doubles match against GNS featuring Paula 
Weech and Justus Koemgs carried SMUS to victory. Some unfortunate sets at the 
outset of the match against Lambrick forced similar heroics, this time in a 'come- 
from-behind' victory supplied by Sammy Davis and Rachel Wong, also ending in 
a tiebreaker With the number one seed in hand, SMUS progressed to the Lower 
Island playoffs where we defeated GNS 8-3 and Esquimalt 9-2. Both matches fea- 
tured strong play from all participants, notably the men's doubles of Mitch Wiggins 
and Alfredo Gonzalez. From their first matches together the two displayed excel- 
1 lent team chemistry and improved greatly over the course of the season. Unfortu- 
J nately our season peaked too early and a series of unfortunate circumstances led 
to a loss in our all important provincials qualifying semi-final at the Island Champi- 
onships Despite strong play and a number one seed in the round-robin. SMUS was defeated for the first time by 
a very strong Shawnigan team, stopping us short of our goal to attend the provincials this season. As we look to- 
wards next year we will greatly miss our graduating players. The strong play and leadership of our captain, Alex 
Preis as well as Justus Koenigs, Rachel Wong, Sammy Davis, Celine Lo, and Ross Prager will be difficult 
to replace However throughout this past year we have witnessed the development of many of our junior 
players who as they continue to improve over the next > ear, will provide a talented base upon which we 
can continue the success we have enjoyed during this extremely rewarding 2009/2010 season. 


Back Row: AH Pollen, Shannon Toogood, Cortney Ewonus, AUie White, Hannah McElderry, Shade Souc, Ms. 
Lloyd. Second Row: Leanne Farmer, Abbey Piazza, Leah Hall, Meriah Drabkin, Kate Cluley, Christina Chwyl. 
Front Row: Ella Hayashi, Archana Pillay, EUie Patmore, Bairavi Murugakumar, Erin Hope, Orla Glen. 

The Junior Girls Soccer team had a short but sweet season. The season was spht up fol- 
lowing Spring Break and the team had to play all their league games with-in three weeks! 
The numerous amounts of practices led to a well bonded team. They showed tremendous 
improvement over the short time that they played together There were many talented 
players on the team and all games were played with determination, teamwork, and strong 
sportsmanship. A few highlights of the season included: beating Reynolds (who has a very 
strong soccer program), coming 3rd in our league pool, making it to City Play-offs, and 
coming 3rd in the ISA's. To wrap up the season, the girls did some community outreach 
and volunteered for one of Extreme Outreach's Hot Dog Wednesdays. Thanks to all for a 
fantastic season! 




Back Row: Karlee Olmer, Lisa Evans, Nicole Llunvdii, Marta Bakowska-Mathews, Emma Ronning-Philip, So- 
phie Yeates. Third Row: Shaun Foster, Annie Pike, Kelly Adam, Mary Lapp, Ciara Glen, Tanya Rossa, Nikki 
Kaufmann, Second Row: Madeline Petersen, Talina Barsalou, Laura Simandl, Meredith Witoski, Giuliana Bi- 
anco. Front Row: Laura Dale, Genna Purcell, Sydney Green, Selby Knudsen, Michelle Liao, Teryl Noble. 

There were high expectations for the Senior Girls soccer team this year with a core group of returning grade 
12's and a large group of grade 11 prospects. Try-outs saw the SMUS fields full of eager participants, most returning 
and a few new faces that would be welcomed additions to the team. One noticeable absence from the team this year 
was long time coach Wendy Shergold. Although this left a void that co-coach Nikki Kaufmann could not just simply re- 
place, she did recruit friend and former teammate Liz Hansen to help as offensive coordinator. After Spring Break, the 
team was in full swing playing up to four league games a week. League competition was no match for the experienced 
SMUS side, with the exception of GNS and Parklands who handed the girls their only two losses of the regular season. 
Early on, the team attended the UVic tournament where competition was much higher. A tournament dominated by 
AAA schools from all over the province, SMUS put in a great performance and battled their way into the semi final 
where they eventually lost to Gulf Islands in a shoot out. The team also attended the Independent Schools Association 
tournament held at Southridge. They again saw strong competition and rose to the occasion. They made their way to 
the final and were matched up against Island rivals GNS. It was a hard fought encounter but in the end GNS prevailed 
in a shoot out. The girls were not discouraged and continued to focus and work on their game which earned them the 
South berth #2 gomg into the Island Championships. The Island Championships were held at SMUS this year and the 
home team was looking for a good result that would pave the way to the Provincial Championships. Solid defense and 
a quick attack would be the key to the team's success. SMUS played some of their best soccer at the Island tourna- 
ment and the all around solid effort put them in the final against an equally strong Carihi squad. Although the team 
had secured a spot in the BC Championships, they were still vying for the Island cup they had won the two years prior. 
In the end, Carihi took home the cup but SMUS took away a great performance and high hopes for good results at the 

Depth was SMUS' strongest weapon this year. With 22 players and an interchangeable starting 11, the level 
of play was consistently high regardless of substitutions. The back line of Annie Pike, Ciara Glen, Laura Dale, Genna 
Purcell, Michelle Liao and Cam Stone left little room for the opposition to build any sort of attack. When the ball did 
get through, keeper Selby Knudsen was there to make the save. Controlling the midfield was Kelly Adam, Maddy Pe- 
tersen, Nicole Bunyan, Laura Simandl, Tanya Rossa, Meredith Witoski, Talina Barsalou and Giuliana Bianco. The front 
line was led by Teryl Noble, Marta Bakowska-Mathews, Sydney Green, Emma Ronning and Lisa Evans. Also, not to be 
forgotten was team supporters Mary Lapp and Sophie Yeates who were both sidelined with injuries this yean 
The team moved on to the Provincial Championships to be held at Sa-hali Secondary in Kamloops. The girls 
were confident and prepared for their final competition of the season. With the host town being the current 55 
residence of former coach Wendy Shergold, SMUS will undoubtedly be greeted by a friendly face and some 
wise words that have been missed this season. 


The 2010 Track and Field season consisted of six league meets, and the Lower Island 
and Island Championships. Although a compact term, athletes were encouraged to 
experience new events, hone their existing skills and improve their personal bests. 
With hard work and determination and intense com.petitive opportunities, runners, jump- 
ers, and throwers advanced their performances and produced some excellent results. 
This year's track and field team, although small in numbers, possessed a great deal of 
talent, potential and enthusiasm. At the junior level, students maintained a high level 
of participation and developed fundamental skills. As the season advanced impressive 
progression was evident and at the penultimate meet of the year, Jeremy and Vincent 
Wu displayed mastery of the block technique, Lindon Carter as a long-shot placed third 
in the 200 metres and Allie White performed exceedingly well in an unusual combina- 
tion of a sprint, a middle distance race and the shot put. At the Island Championships, 
Lindon and Allie had a number of outstanding performances and finish in the top eight 
in all of their events, including a third place finish for Allie in the shot and Lindon in the 
200 metres. 

At the senior level Cole Turner and Austin Smith ran a number of very strong mid- 
dle distance races, sprinters Emily Mulroney, Musu Ofosu, and Aidan Morrice displayed 
a great deal of speed, and Alex Economou had a number of impressive 200 and 400 me- 
tre races but was unfortunately sidelined by an untimely injury. Senior Leo Marchand, 
the backbone of the team, finished off his impressive running career at the school with a 
stellar 3000 metre race, narrowly missing a berth to the Provincial Championship. 

Coaches, Ms. Tobacco and Ms. Donaldson wish to thank all of the students who 
participated throughout the third term. To all of the runners, jumpers and throwers -con- 
gratulations on a fine season! 



The 2010 golf season went by quickly to say the least and extreme weather often monopo- 
■ lized the post round discussions. The team was made up of 8 determined, steady golfers, 
who probably underperformed somewhat but maintained a great attitude and thoroughly 
enjoyed competing. The season started successfully with a win over St. Georges School 
from Vancouver on a beautiful sunny afternoon at Victoria GC. Hoping to carry a bit of mo- 
mentum from the win four members of the team were on to the two day Police Tournament 
at Gorge Vale GC and Olympic View GC. After a very good day one start at Gorge Vale most 
of the scores were significantly higher on day two at Olympic View placing the team well 
back in the standings. Up next was the ISA tournament at Arbutus Ridge GC just north of 
Mill Bay Speaking of extreme weather, the players experienced 2 separate thirty minute 
bouts of hail! Unfortunately that was the highlight as the teams' performance was some- 
what disappointing. Following the ISA's was the Lower Islands at Glen Meadows GC. Again, 
weather and course conditions were extreme. To say the course was wet would be a huge 
understatement and we all wondered why the course was even open never mind hosting a 
tournament. The team performed a little better than at the ISA's but still below it's poten- 
tial. The season wrapped up with the Islands back at Arbutus Ridge where the squad just 
missed out on a berth to the provincial tournament by two strokes. Unfortunately the best 
team performance of the year was no consolation for coming so close to the ultimate goal. 
The team and I would like to thank Germain Francoeur, associate professional at Gorge 
Vale GC, for his Friday afternoon sessions. 

I would like to thank all the players for their commitment and wish the graduating players 
all the best in their future endeavours. 



Back Row: Jocelyne Yan, Allie White, Hannah McElderry, Meris Hopkins. Front Row: Murray Gartly, Orla 

Glen, Erin Hope, Kate Cluley, Aimee Faulk. 

The grade 9 girls basketball team had a very successful 
2009/2010 year. They made it to the league final but fell 
short to Oak Bay by 7 points. The junior girls overall league 
and playoff record was 9-2. The junior girls advance to 
provincials after a great success at lower island champion- 
ships. They advanced to provincials with a 28 point victory 
over St. Andrews which quahfied them to provincials. In 
the lower island final, they fell short losing to Dover Bay by 
20 points. In provincials, the girls worked really hard and 
represented St. Michaels University School very proudly. 
There record at provincials were 1-3 and ended up in 10th 
place overall in the province. Coach Aimee Faulk and Coach 
Murray Gartly were very pleased and proud of how hard the 
girls worked throughout the season and the big improve- 
ment from the beginning of the season to the end. Congrats 
to Allie White, Hannah McElderry, Erin Hope, Orla Glen, 
Rachel Sibbaid, Carlina Kim, Jocelyne Yan, Kate Cluley and 
Merris Hopkins. A very exciting and determination team 
throughout the year. Job well done ladies!! 


Back Row: Ethan Lee, Robbie Thomas, Joe Ekthumrong, Michael Ip, Ross Prager, Victor Ma, Paul Min, Frank 
Chang, Brian Yam. Middle Row: Mr Hunt, Anita Chow, Monica Lee, Candice Ip, Stacie Hoi, Becky Thomas, 
Helen Ip, Laura Simandl, Sylvia Ho. Front Row: Melton Wan, Adam Chan, Ashton Louie, Celeste Nussbaum- 
er, Bell Udomkitthanakul, Cassandra Quan. 

After a competitive tryout process, 23 players made the team, and got started immediately in some 
high performance training sessions. This year was unique, in the sense that team co-captains, 
Michael Ip and Ross Prager actually led these training sessions. The practices were intense, and had 
a definite concentration of fitness built into them. By the time the league came around in January, the 
team was well prepared. After disposing of Mt. Doug, Oak Bay and St. Andrew's early in the season, 
the team now had their last league match versus arch-rival Claremont. Claremont gave SMUS a true 
test, and in the end, SMUS eked out a 6-5 win. This win clinched the City Championship and also gave 
MUS the #1 seed into the Island Championship. 

At the Islands, SMUS once again made their way to the final, where we would face Claremont, 
et again. In another hotly-contested battle, SMUS once again won 6-5 to win the Islands. This win 
would be the 9th Island Championship for SMUS in the past 11 years. It also meant that SMUS now 
qualified for Provincials. SMUS would be seeded #5 heading into the Provincials, which is the highest 
seeding the team has been awarded in the past decade. On the first day, SMUS would beat Moscrop 
(Bumaby), D.P Todd (Prince George) and powerhouse Steveston-London (Richmond) to win their pool. 
After an easy win versus a depleted Claremont in the penultimate match, the team then faced Ste- 
veston-London yet again in the 5th/6th game. SMUS would finish on a high note, playing superbly and 
taking 5th place, with a 7-4 win. 

In the end, a 5th place result was a fitting result for such a superb team. At the Provincials, 
Ross Prager was named to the Commissioner's 16, and it should also be mentioned that the boys' 
doubles team of Michael Ip and Robbie Thomas went undefeated. 

There were so many positive things that the Senior Badminton Team accomplished this year, 
not to mention the overall team cohesion and friendship that existed along the way. It will be sad to 
see grade 12 players Ross Prager, Michael Ip, Sylvia Ho, Becky Thomas, and Stacie Hoi leave 
the team, however, a group of keen youngsters have learned much from these Seniors and are 59 
willing to carry the legacy that they left behind. Until next year comes, the SBS (SMUS Baddi 
Starz) will train as never before and hopefully improve on what was simply a stunning year in 



»— ^. 























Megan Parker, 2010 

Bianco ip, 2010 


ART IS the quality, production, expression, or 

realm, according to aesthetic principles, of 

what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than 

ordinary significance. 

ART IS the class of objects subject to aesthetic 

criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, 

sculptures, or drawings. 

ART IS what you make it to be. 

Tade| maksia rodas tad, kad cilveks kaut ka 

sevi izpauz. 

Hayna v\ ncKyccxBO - flsa nosHaHUfl Mnpa. 

Analizzando la storia del concetto di arte vediamo 
che nel corso del tempo esse subisce una trasfor- 
mazione graducie mo radicale 

ARTbr/ngs the wor/dTOG ETHER ^ 





Sf udeift TFiecftre S9ciet|$ 

1 ^ 


Conx^ert "Bound/ . I 









ChoOr £r _ 



ubs& Councils 



Accuie4nX^ CounoCi 

Back Row: Mr. Jackson, Leo Marchand, Chris Groot. 

Front Row: Ross Prager, Ninnart Siripun, Yaou Wang, Jenny Yang. 

Back Row: Rachel Kim, Mue I, JuliaYu, Jillian Neckar, Tom Zheng, Natasha Rullan Jones, Glen KeougMngemar De WetTKelsey Bjola, 
jin Sun Choi, Musu Ofosu.Third Row: Hubert Wang, Tracy )iang, Jenny, Yang, Celine Lo, Cathline Wong, Michel Hui, Emma Pease-Wil- 
son, Maddy Laslet, Maurine McKay, Jeremy Fairley, Kathrine Handley. Second Row: Emma Abrioux, Stacie Hoi, Rachel Wong, Michael 
Wetton, Jeffrey Wu, Olivia Krusel, Bonnie Moore, Vincent Wu,MariluVidaurri-Martinez,KelseyChamberlin.FrontRow: Anita Chow, 
Janine Hsu, Melanie Tam, Alice Wang, Ninnart Siripin, Rachel Nam, Sky Richards, Kaylynn Purdey, Carlina Kim, Samantha Davis. 





^. ^^f** ■■ 



^^Pi /^ 

rmm^ JL 




P"*"^ ^U^^L 1 ^^^^^^^^b ^^^^^^^ 



ftH^H ^^^^C" 

^H ~^^ft 


itw^'l— ^ 





*»^ « Jl ^»' tt 


Christina Kim, Bonnie Moore, Vincent Wu, Mrs Forbes, Jeffrey Wu, Bell Udomkitthanakul . 

Avty Cni mal ' 



Back Row: Mrs Williams, Bonnie Moore, Jamie Yorath, Oliver Brooks, Cameron Metcalfe, Martin Ren, Mrs Forbes. 
Second Row: Rowan MacKenzie, Alyssa Farkas, Hubert Wong, Talina Barsalou, Emily Mulroney. 
Front Row: Jin Sun Choi, Haley Grogan, Chanelle Bertelsen, Sky Richards. 




L^ . ^mJU. ^ 




Mrs Tweedie, Paige Wergeland , Kelly Twa, Kelsey Chamberlin, Nicolas Klak. 

1 BlA4fiyn^M'C 

W '^. n U 


tr W 

y^^^^#*Ai »i"'^^»\j 

Back Row: Michel Ip, Robbie Thomas, Michel Hui, Cathhne Wong, Tracy Jiang, Sydney Snape, Michelle Yim, Miriam Pang, Jenny 

Yang, Mark Jiang, Mr Hall. Third Row: William Lo, Johnny Huang, Joe Ekthumrong, Sarah Kim, Rachel Kim, Angelika Schweitzer, 

Frank Chang, Sung Kwan Hong, Murphy Miu, Sherman Poon, Kathryn Parsons. Second Row: Keer Mei, Joseph Shan, Jason Tseng, 

Melody Zheng, Angel Liao, Diane Katumba, Mason Chou, Brian Yen, Kevin Ma, Len Luo. Front Row: Melanie Tarn, Bi- 

80 anca Ip, Winston Chou, Hisham Ismail, Henry Zhang, Ching-Ping Hsieh, Celine Lo, Ephraim Lam. _^^^ 









Back Row: Chris Madsen, Lisa Evans, Tyler I 

Olivia Krusel, Kaeleigh Fletcher, Yaou Wang, Oliver Huang, Shivaun Gannon, Oliver Huang, Shayla Baumeler. Front Row: Richard Boness, Mad- 
eline Goodman, Karen Korfmacher, Chelsie Hart, Priya Mulgaonkar, Gita 
Keshava, Kaylynn Purdy, Richard Cunningham, Celeste Nussbaumer. 




Back Row: Oliver Huang, Selby Knudsen, Kelly Adam, Nicole Bainov, Theresa Cho, Sydney Stockus, Kelly Twa, Mary Lapp, Alison 
West. Third Row: Jenny Hughes, Ellie Patmore, Genna Purcell, Karlee Olmer, Mckenzie Scott, Hisham Ismail, Ms. Anderson, Ms, 
Roth, Ms. Tweedie. Second Row: Katrina Gong, Janine Hsu, Nuraiha Kassam, Gita Keshava, Mina Phaisaltantiwongs, Chelsie Hart, 
Megan Parker, Mr. Lynch. Front Row: Sydney Green, Archana Pillay, Claire Jackson, Benjamin Schaan, Brenna Nixon, Lisa Evans, 
Laura Dale, Giuliana Bianco. "T 




Back Row: Mark Jiang, William Lo, Jenny Hugiies, Jacob Watkms, Lyn Li Che, Caroline Grady. Second 
Row: Mr Parish, Celine Lo, Theresa Cho, Kaylynn Purdy, Maddy Laslett, Mr. Jackson. Front Row: Chelsie 
Hart, Claire Jackson, Alison West, Deryn Ramsey. 


Back Row: Mandy Tam, Mr Leahy-Trill, Hubert Wang. Front Row: Sophia Bryant-Scott, Christine Kang, 
Rachel Nam, Emiliano Iturriaga. 




fri ends of Mengk>- Ho^Ctcd/ 

Martin Ren, Miriam Pang, Mue 1, Lisa Chen, Kelly Twa, Chelsey, Chamberlain, Ms. Wilson. 


Back Row: Mark Wizinski, Zac Benloulou, Emily Mulroney, Bradley Sawyer, Chelsey Chamberlain. Second 
Row: Samantha Green, Benjamin Schaan, Scott Dallen, Michael Smith, Kelly Twa, Laura Dale. Front Row: 
Kirsten MacLeod, Caitlin Farquharson, Claire Jackson, Brenna Nixon, Guiliana Bianco, Ciara Glen. 



Back Row: Mark Jiang, Chris Groot, Joseph Furness, Logan McColl, Zachary Austin, Kevin Ma. Front Row: Michael Groot, Ian 
Kapron-King, Harrison Duncan, Joseph Shan, Alexander Economu, Yaou Wang. 


ScU2aa^ CliUy 

Back Row: Mr. Buctcingliam, Tracy Jiang, Samuel Jactcson, JVlidiell- i mi, Ninnart Siripin, Jenny Yang, Mr 
Kerr. Second Row: Madison Hadfield, MicJiae! Sl<oronski, Martin Ren, Lyn Li Che, Emily Ready , Holly Trew, 
Emma Pease-Wilson. Front Row: Olivia Pierce, Cheryl Li, Sophie Moellenbeck, Karen Korfmacher, 
84 Paige Stephens, Chelsey Chamberlain, Paige Weigeland. 

Lihrarv CctuLv\o(2/ 


■'W^ -.--■- ' 



Back Row: Mrs. Brenda Waksel, Vikrum Sandhu, Alexandria Jameson, Alison West, Holly 1 rew, Yun Seoun, 
Mrs.J'weedie. Front Row: Chrystine Beaumont, Kelsey Bjola, Rachel Kim, Sophie Moellenbeck, Chelsie 

Hart, Mark Jiang. 

The/ Ivy 

Back Row: Alison West, Nicholas Klak, Vincent Wu, Jeffrey Wu, Joseph Furness, Lisa Evans, Annie Pike, Lyn 
Li Che. Second Row: Shaun Kho, Kaylynn Purdy, Yaou Wang, Selby Knudsen, Sydney Snape, Lincoln Welsh, 
Sophie Moellenbeck, Chelsie Hart. Front Row: Celine Lo, Kelly Twa, Kathryn Parsons, Priya Mulgaonkar, 
Megan Parker, Madeline Petersen. o^- 



Back Row: Jason Chiu, Tom Kim, Jinsu Park, Jeffrey Wu. Front Row: Richard Cunningham, Vincent Wu, 
Oliver Huang. 

Peer^ Pro-am/ 

!• '■ P^ If' fl" '* : ^• 

Back Row: Mrs Roning, Oliver Huang, Vincent Wu, Jeffrey Wu, Jillian Neckar, Bonnie Moore, Alexandria Butterfield, Rachel Sib- 
bald, Ashley Hoydal-Payne, Lisa Evans. Second Row: Kevin Ma, Gitanjali Keshava, Montana Sawyer, Jessica Spoon Chelsie Hart, 
Oliver Krusel, Alison West, Priya Mulgaonkar Archana Pillay Front Row: Janine Hsu, Emma Abrioux, Tanya Rossa, Hannah Fur 
ness, Guiliana Blanco, Emma Ronning-Philip, Mary Lapp, Julia Calder, Alice Wang. 

86 MR 

OmurKh( Mh^Stud^arui/Ac^^ 

Back Row: Reverand Fletcher, Hisham Ismail, Tom Zheng, Kevin Kim, Joseph Shan, Jasmine Lin, Mrs. Murt- 
land. Second Row: Luke McCloskey, Jamie Yorath, Leo Marchand, Kaeleigh Fletcher, Katrina Gong, Oliver 
Brooks, Mrs. Roth. Front Row: Mina Phaisaltantiwongs, Samantha Davis, Wonjin Kim, Brenna Nixon, Guili- 
ana Bianco, Kaylynn Purdey, Sydney Stockus. 




Back Row: Mr. Charles Leitz, Bonnie Moore, Leo Marchand, Chris Groot, Alison West, Mr Young. 
Front Row: Michael Groot, Karan Vats, Sena Lee, Alice Wang. 

Back Row: Mrs. Hawes, Vincent Wu, Alexandra Buttertield, Paige Weigeland, Tom Zheng, Baldeep Dulku, Mrs,. Hall. Third Row: 
Cassandra Quan, Christina Burke, Rachel Nam, Selby Knudsen, Olivia Pierce, Deryn Ramsey. Second Row: Jeffrey Wu, Jocelyn 
Stedman, Meredith Witoski, Hannah Furness, Nuraiyah Kassam, Christina Clemente, Gitanjali Keshava. Front Row: Anita Chow, 
Kaylynn Purdy, Scott Dallen, Kelly Twa, Caitlin Farquhason, Guiliana Bianco, Chelsey Chamberlain. 








Kea<>hiryr the/ Top 







Back Row: William Jevne, Mr. Jackson, Nicholas Klak, Leo Marchand, Cameron Buckingham. Front Row: 
Ian Kapron-Kjng, Claire Jackson, Paige Stephens, Ali^n West, Chelsie Hart. 

son, h'aige btepnens, Aii^n 

Back Row: Musu Ofosu, Chiara Clemente, Valerie Irvine, Anna Queen, Charlotte Queen, Arden Mollenhauer, 
Theresa Cho, Ellie Patmore, Mina Phaisaltantiwongs, Ninnart Siripun. Third Row: Mrs. Murtland, Celine 
Lo, Shanna Fong, Marita Wyatt, Gabrielle Jeliazkov, Genna Purcell, Clare Hendriks, Joseph Shan, Mrs. Roth. 
Second Row: Emily Mulroney, Mackenzie Scott, Montana Sawyer, Alice Wang, Lisa Evans, Katrina 
Gong, Tanya Rossa, Olivia Krusel, Graeme Wheeler First Row: Stacie Hoi, Archana Pillay, Janine 
Hsu, Emma Abrioux, Benjamin Schaan, Alicia Pawluk, Mark Wizinski, Claire Jackson, Laura Dale. 


Awme^v Intematlotupd/ 

B5PinWWffiraTrnTHSTPn5PTr5P0T^raT!9TrT9n!a VVeSL'n, BHTIHH? IVIUUre, HiyxailUI'ia BUlieiTield, Ollvla Krusel, Richard Boness, 
Mr Primrose. Second Row: Ethan Lee, Maritika Rodgers, Brenna Nixon, Sky Richards, Nuraiyah Kassam, Christina Clemente, Gita 
Keshava, Selby Knudsen, Kayiyn Purdy. Front Row: Chris Fenje, Jacob Watkins, Archana Pillay Leanne Farrnerjenny Hughes, 
Chelsie Hart, Eliie Patmore. 

fre£/ the/ CKddre^ 

"9. % 

T #. * -bil 

( iA^A^ : 

Top Row: Sophie Yeates, Emily Hayashi, Meredith Witoski, Annie Pike, Mckenzie Scott, Chona Quail-Bradley, Oona Murphy Emma 

Ronning, Nicole Bainov, Kelly Adam, Madeline Petersen, Selby Knudsen. Third Row: Benjamin Schaan, Shayla Baumeler, Lihani 

Du Plessis, Mue 1, Sara Taylor, Valerie Irvine, Rebecca Berardelli, Rebecca Louw, Isailah Johnson-Ferguson, Hannah Nielsen, 

Ali Pollen, Gabrielle Jeliazkov, Hannah Furness, Mary Lapp, Karlee Olmer. Second Row: Katrina Gong, Michael Wetton, Deryn 

Ramsey Claire Jackson, Kirsten MacLeod, Anna Queen, Cortney Ewonus, Tanya Rossa, Kelly Twa, Caitlin Farquharson, 

Veronica Li, Raquel Solmer, Kelsey Chamberlin, Abbey Piazza, Montana Sawyer, Gita Keshava, Maddison Hadfield, Lisa 

90 Chen, Lisa Evans, Giuliana Bianco, Mr. Cook. Front Row: Vincent Wu, Jeffery Wu, Quinn Kliman, Bradley Sawyer, Scott 

Dallen.Mark Wizinski, Lochlan Glenn, Mark Van Der Wal, Ciara Glenn, Orla Glenn, Olivia Pierce. 


& D 


( M 

Back Row: Addison Kwok, Carlos Angeles, Won Yup Song, Michelle Liao, Jasmine Lin, Angel Liao. Front 
Row: Serena Zhang, Lyn Zhang, Kitty Cai, Kristin Song, Rachel Kim, Mrs Thumm 

Interncittctncd/ Counod 


Back Row: Johann Von Schack, Glen Keough; Fourth Row: Gerado Murillo, Simon Friedli, Sung Kwan Hong, 
Jenny Yang, Maggie Wang. Third Row: Mrs. Zapantis, Kristin Song, Sarah Kim, Christine Kang, Ninnart 
Siripun, Tracy Jiang. Second Row: Natasha Rullan Jones, Anna Maeva, William Lo, Celine Lo, Mue I. Front 
Row: Marilu Vidaurri, Monica Lee, Karen Korfmacher, Anastasia Efremova, Lyn Li Che. 



Convmxywjue£Clfh/ Co-nfs^r p^/nr^y 

Eric Protzer, Chris Groot, Bonnie Moore, Olivia Krusel 

Back Row: Peter Harrison, Derek Hyde-Lay, Joseph Furness, Alastair Bryson, Wonjin Kim, Jorg^aned? 
Harrison Duncan, Quinn Klinian. Second Row: Mr Primrose,Abbey Piazza, Hannah McElderry, Annie Pike, 
Ciara Glen, Kelly Adam, Lachlan Glen. Front Row: Orla Glen, Jessica Spoor, Dawit Workie, Georgios Ikono- 
mou, Mark Yorath, Maryann Watson, Caryn Dooner, Mr. Daly. 



Back Row: Mr. McLeod, Graeme White, Louis Kierstead, Boris Trinajstic, Charles Yang, Andrew Taylor, 
Emiliano Iturriaga, Lewis Liu, Liam Maclure, Aidan Stewart, Benjamin Holmes. Second Row: Ariel Sorley, 
Nichole Chan, Madison Hadfield, Isabella Holt, Gwen O'Connor, Rebecca Louw, Christopher Welsford, Clau- 
dia O'Neill, Rio Hong, Austin Huang. 

Inspiring awe or admiration or wonder. That was the definition my iPod 
dictionary gave me when I typed in the word awesome, and when I found 
this in my search for the one epic word I could use to describe the experien- 
tial program, 1 would say that I pretty much nailed it with this one! Honestly 
I think we all went out to the experiential orientation day at the Boy's and 
Girl's Club, feeling like a bunch of kids on the first day at a new school, but, 
by the end of the program we have all learned and grown so much together 
that the unsure feeling couldn't be more in the backseat! 

It is really hard to write about the different aspects of the program 
without sounding totally cliche... but seriously, the lessons we learned are 
ones that we will take away, and use accordingly for the rest of our lives. I 
got to be a part of a rock band, learn to be a vegetarian cook, winter camp 
for five days at Mt. Washington, and kayak for eight days in the Broughton 
Archipelago, and that is only a third of it! Chris told me it was "one of the 
best experiences of my life... legit". I think that pretty much sums it up... A 
wicked third term for all twenty of us 

Becky Anderson 





chool Life 












■ H 





M|"» - 



















. ^- 





<^. • 



^ < 

«J«>J.J»M -H^l-Hl J .t-J -UIW I U I P I 

B ack Row: ^Tan ( h nt |uan Fedro Gati^pulf. Ben BeauHoirtrJordan Souc, Jacky CRuang, Glen KeougtTrIuS?Us 
Koenigs, Won Yup Song, Colin Huo, Tom Zhjng, Roger Luo, Ryan Kuo, Jae Ho Lee, KunYang Lee. Second Row: Mr. 
Daly, Yohan Choi Kit Ming Yau, Jamal Alhashsmi, Adrian Simor, )akobus Le Roux, Simon Friedli, Shawn Hong, Kevin 
Lee, Leo Lin, Ha'rison Kim, Mathew Emshi y, Patrick Min, Mr. Geddes. First Row: Mr. Ian Robertson, Alex Chen, 
Marvin Ren, Wajjne Lin, Ben Elliott, Guillerno Abascal, Brody Watkins, Martin Ren, Michael Hui, Addison Kwok , 
Ms. Brooke. \ 


It lb hiiid to think that after 287Hays ofliving with 37 brothers from moreThan 11 coun- 
ries around the world, life in Barnacle has finally come to an end. This year Barnacle United had 
new additions all the way from the desert paradise of Bahrain - Mr. Jamal, to the rainy coast of 
Port Angeles - Apple genius Ben Elliot. We're also joined by a member who returned to SMUS 
once again - Kun Yang, whom was always kind enough to give everyone kimchi noodle bowls. 
Even though we didn't have rabbits running around the hallways this year, life in barnacle was 
still exciting and sometimes it was even filled with events that were quite mysterious. Til this 
day no one knew who brought up a television set and put it on the second floor hallway, and also 
no one could explain why Emshey could always find his wallet in his room less than 24 hours 
after he declared to the house that someone has stolen it from him. With the help of basketball 
experts Wayne and Roger and the coaching fi-om Dwayne Wade fan Craig and Justus, we 
were able to win Junior basketball for the first time in many years. Out on the field, our juniors 
Marvin and Guillermo always played their best in every rugby game while Brody was the first 
Barnacle member ever to be an Olympic torchbearer. The grade 10s on the second floor always 
made sure that no one was asleep at least until 11 pm and by the end of this year, many of them 
liave become professional poker players. The house would also simply be incomplete without 
the grade 12s this year. Every morning, one would wake up to the reggaeton blasting from Jor- 
dan and Patrick's room and every evening one would fall asleep to the Lil Wayne played by 
Ben Beaudoin accompanied by Tristan talking about his hometown Nelson. The Koreans - Jae 
Ho and Won Yup did such wonderful jobs during the Korean cultural week and no one in the 
house was hungry past 10pm thanks to Won Yup's kind deliveries. Addison Kwok was at every 
single assembly this year making sure that everyone attended while Michael tried to his best to 
attend most of them. To the grade lis - Kobus, Glen and Simon, best of luck! I see another great 
year coming for Barnacle. Kit and Colin, you two have simply been the funniest additions to the 
house ever. Yohan, Shawn and Kevin - Try to stay in your rooms after 11:45 and good luck with 
those SATs. Ryan - Keep up those soccer skills so we can win the house games next year and 
Adrian - Do you really need to go to Starbucks every night? Lastly, thanks to all the housepar- 
ents: Mr. G, Ms. Brooke, Ian, Nanyak and Mr. Daly; and most importantly good luck Mr. David 
Chung! We wish you the best!Bamacle on 3! 1,2,3 Barnacle! 

- Tom Zheng, Head of Barnicle 2009-2010 



*» *^ 


Back Row: Ian Parsons, Zachary Austin, Eali Hopper, Hubert Wang, Andy Tak, Ching-Ping Hsieh, Sherman 
Poon, Fabian Chan, Wilham Nance, Calvin Kim, Harrison Chang, Mr Culham. Third Row: Bryant HoUing- 
worth, Robby Trusler, Brian Yen, James Harris, Cologne Chang, Ryan Tang, Peter Harrison, Min Hyuk Park, 
Clarence Choy Johnny Huang, Andrew Cho, Andrew Henning, Murray Gartly, Andrew Schopp. Second 
Row: Darin Steinkey Tom Kim, Yuichi Kashiwagi, Adrian Liu, Jason Wang, Jeffrey Wu, Joe Ekthumrong, Jim 
Wei, Lincoln Welsh, Ephraim Lam, Charles Yang, Gerardo Murillo, Vincent Wu, Dawit Workie, Frank Chang. 
Front Row: Mr Common, Emiliano Iturriaga, Jeremy Fairley Matt Shin, Alex Wu, Alfredo Roman Gonzalez 
Gojon, Jason Wang, Michael Li, Michael Skoronski, Connor McKenzie, Alexander Preis, Kevin Kim, Mrs. 
DriscoU, Mr. Driscoll. 


"Todesbrucke" "So when Uid we become friends?" Another year has passed with count- 
less memories. From the start. Grade 12s set the tone for the House. We were lucky to have the 
Driscolls as our new Senior Houseparents, and MrCommon still guarding the Penguin. Living 
with Ty, Jack and Peyton brought new energy to the house, especially when they yell out "Bye, 
Daddy" at 7am. As the biggest boarding house, we were able to explore different cultures every 
day... like watching Korean pop-star group "Girls Generation", and playing a vicious German soc- 
cer game, "Todesbrucke". 

On the 1st Floor we have the Grade 9's, Dawit, Clarence, Min and Tom always out of their 
room after check-in, and Joe who finally found a girl who is shorter than him. Frank Chang made 
Victoria Taxi richer by never, ever, walking to Fujiya. On the 2nd Floor we can find Andy Tak and 
Calvin Kim. Andy always practises dancing and singing to be a pop star, Calvin wakes everyone 
up with his snoring, and Eli drinks more proteins than water or beer We also have the Wu twins, 
who follow the rules perfectly and give the whole House a break from trouble-makers. 

We were all glad to have "Justin Beaver" Jeremy in our House singing all the time. Finally, 
the 3rd Floor. We have Grade 8's getting "supervised" by FIFA-player-and-model, Louis Lay. Louis 
is amply replaced by two new supervisors, Josh Kynoch and Kevin Lin, both under the wise, magic 
wand of Darin Steinkey. 

Then we have the prefects: Connor, who always comes out with awesome dance moves, 
Ching-Ping, who brings out great enthusiasm in our House Games, and Alex, who has elbowed his 
way into becoming the ultimate all-star I have the title as Head-of-House, but Bolton became set- 
tled because I had three guys who were very supportive all year long. In the end, all boys should 
be proud of their accomplishments in boarding as individuals, friends, and family. Bolton House 
is not just a building that people sleep in. Every individual has different stories and memories of 
their Bolton brothers, and these memories will be a sure stepping-stone for the future. 

Kevin Kim, Head of Bolton 2009-2010 99 


Back Row: Brandon Kang, Johann von Schack, Ingemar De Wet, Sam Hughes, Murphy Miu, David Park, 
Alex Harvey , Andy Sung, Vikrum Sandhu. Keer Mei. Third Row: Mr Lilly, Ryan Taylor, Anthony Sharma, 
Rowan Stewart, Eric Zhu, Paul Min, Carlos Angeles. Mark Jiang, Mr. Primrose, Ian Manly. Second Row: Mr. 
Parish, Mrs. Davison, Aidan Stewart, Moishe Steinbok , Justin Wong, Hisham Ismail, Edward Lee, Henry 
Zhang , William Lo, Mr. Klenz, Sarah Beeston. Front Row: Thompson Wong, Ju Yong Shin, Jacob Watkins, 
Oliver Huang, Rio Hong, Joseph Choi, Jorge Canedo, Julian Allen. 

Campus renown for being the house that NEVER sleeps, Harvey House Hoodlums are 
proud to boast our many "past lights out" activities. From engaging in extensive gaming ses- 
sions, to making quick cash during poker nights, introducing extracurricular birthday rituals, 
having long winded heart to heart conversations, and countless other events which I cannot 
disclose due to virtue of this article. Needless to say our delights did not go unpunished by the 
House Parents, which led to the appearance of record breaking Friday Night Preps, and Gatings. 
However, our juniors managed avoid these penalties and always kept their heads up. These 
young impressionable minds served to enrich the house collectively, having deep connections 
throughout the house whilst sharing their many talents in academics, athletics, leadership and 
service. Our successors, William Lo, Paul Min, Murphy Miu, Anthony Sharma, Moishe Steinbok, 
Ryan Taylor, and Justin Wong all show great potential as they maneuvered through the year de- 
veloping and giving themselves to the house. Excelling in yet again every aspects of life, whether 
it is being a socialite, athlete, comedian, or in general just a good guy 

As for the personality of the house, every one of the sixteen grade twelves contributed in 
a way that will forever be legendary. The first floor quickly became the social hub for all Hood- 
lums, and notably for the Korean population in boarding; largely due to having Keer "Jeer" Mei, 
and Edward "Geddo" Lee as roommates. These two astonishing young men with the addition of 
their neighbors Brandon "Brualz" Kang and Mark "Shadowsteak" Jiang, hand in hand set the bar 
for what Room Floor Cleaning should NEVER be! Our First Lady Henry "Ethy" Zhang became 
the resident 24/7 psychiatrist, and held an executive seat in the gaming circle. The lively second 
floor was kept in line by the prefects, David "DP" Park, Alex "Red Stripe" Harvey, and Johann V 
Schack. While Ingemar enjoyed wild birthday celebrations, and Carlos was always on Mrs. Da- 
vidson's radar after lights out. The placid yet stirring third floor held two of the lifer roommates 
Andy "Gandz" Sung, and Rowan "3NIGM4" Stewart. Along with them, three others lurk over 
their glowing laptop screens, Vikrum "Phase" Sandhu, Sam Hughes, and Eric Zhu. With gamers 
posted on every floor, over half the house danced their fingers across keyboards and the sound 
of clicking could be heard throughout the halls till dawn. Sleep deprived House Parents often 
raided suspect rooms in attempt to expose the chain of criminal like activity called DOTA, but 
instead found a house full of united Hoodlums. 

Thank you to the House Parents for always being there for us and facilitating our growth 
into young adults. Congratulations on having another extraordinary year Harvey House, Good 

luck and God Speed. 

Hisham Ismail, Head of Harvey 2009-2010 


Back Row: Cathline Wong, Jillian Neckar, Adrienne Nan, Deryn Ramsey, Christina Kang, Chrystine Beau- 
mont, Musu Ofosu, Natasha Rullan-Jones, AHson West, Katie Quinlan. Third Row: Jocelyn Gray, Dorothy 
Ho, Elaine Wen, Nikki Delpierre, Caroline Grady Monica Lee, Anna Wang, Celine Lo, Samantha Davis, 
Nikki Kaufmann-Beck. Second Row: Mrs. Murtland, Danielle Murtland, Marilu Vidaurri, Sophie Moellen- 
beck, Lyn Li Che, Alice Wang, Jen Yong, Sarah Kim, Miriam Pang, Theresa Hogg-Jackson, Zyoji Jackson. 
Front Row: Nick Green, Alisha Murtland, Stacie Hoi , Rachel Wong, Melanie Tam, Brenna Nixon, Lisa 
Chen, Cheryl Li, Ronnie Tsai, Rachel Kim. 


Symons house has been a home to so many of us for a long time. We've shared 
unforgettable moments together, and quite simply we've made it through a 
life-changing experience with the help of amazing people. 

Deryn's our pro-squash player, keep it up! Ronnie kicks our butts in Blitz 
with our favourite accent. You just can't keep Dorothy from smiling! Miriam's 
been to UVIC for more math classes than anyone! It's Sarah's last year, keep up 
the amazing dancing! Purn's knows just what to say to make us laugh, uninten- 
tionally! Elaine's most likely the coolest dresser in the house, no big deal. Keep 
having fun in your last year Adrienne! Chrys is the half-Japanese hiding beneath 
that hair! You'll hardly see Anna, without Christina nearby! Tash has a great voice 
behind that innocent smile. A tad of a gimp last year, Jilly made it through this 
year gluten-free! Caroline sure could lure hot Asians over with her baking! Alice 
is the feisty shorty on the b-ball court. You can probably hear Nikki's goose call 
across campus. It's easy to cheer up Musu, just grab skittles! Soph is the sweet- 
est girl, and not just because of her love for chocolate. Marilu will have you and 
your kids laughing in seconds. Hamsters? Rachel K's there in a flash. Cathline's 
got a closet big enough to fill all of Symons' rooms! You will never beat Ali in a 
debate. Don't get too addicted to that granola Mel! Jen's adorable British accent 
fits her sweet personality. Cheryl has an unforgettable laugh. Click click, thanks 
for capturing the Symons moments Lyn Li! Monica is the most studious girl in the 
entire dorm. Lisa is our flirty Symons Mozart. 

Paris, Rach W., Bren and Stace, thank you for helping with this., and every- 
thing else this year. Everyone adds to the house, but you gave your whole heart. 
To our houseparents, we're really glad we got a young bunch. You guys kept us on 
our feet, filled us with a family feeling and sent us off to be the best we could be. 
Happy 2010 superstars. 




Back Row: Min Ha Kim, Brynn Daniels, Olivia Pierce, Holly Lam, Lyn Zhang, Chloe Tsui, Maggie Wang, Yunji Kim, Amanda Con- 
nor, Michelle Yim, Ninnart Siripun, Natsumi Bamba. Third Row: Kristin Gustavsen, Laurie Parker, Mue 1, Christina Kim, Julia 
Yu, Karen Polski, Clare Hendricks, Golf Bencharongkul, Kathryn Parsons, Sylivia Ho, YoonHa Chung, Chris Bateman, Jennifer 
Bateman. Second Row: Janelle Smith, Selby Knusden, Serena Zhang, Kitty Cai, Bianca Ip, Anastasia Efremova, Mai Masuda, 
Karen Korfmacher, Sydney Snape, Irene Evans, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Anderson. Front Row: Kaylynn Purdy Patricia Lui, Anna 
Maeva, Carlina Kim, Jean Kim, Priya Mulgaonkar, Mandy Tam, Paige Stephens, Peyton Row^botham, Katherine Handley Char- 
lotte Anderson, Mckenna Anderson. 


v" "^ it \ 




.*^ ^**^ 

^ n ,fW ju^ 

"You would expect us to meow, but no, we ROAR!" - Pejrton Rowbotham 

When I began to write this, I started off writing about each Timmis girl as an individual, and dis- 
covered that it is impossible to sum up 40 amazing people in 350 words. Unlike wild tigers, we do 
not live alone, but we live together as a family. All forty of the Timmis Tigers never failed to show 
house spirit, roar our way to victory in house games, or devour our weekly family time snacks. 
However; we are not all about business, we partied it up with ice cream parties, karaoke parties, 
movie nights, barbeques, and spent our budget well before the end of May. In our incredible 
family we have people who can cook, give you fashion tips, score goals, volunteer in Africa, catch 
driers on fire, speak a more than two different languages, throw wicked parties, play the piano, 
dance, and strut their stuff on stage. It isn't about the individual victory, accomplishment, or tal- 
ent, but that when we come together with orange face paint, or with musical instruments we are 
simply amazing. I know that my time as both a Timmis Tiger and a Timmis Tamale were the best 
years of my life, and I hope it is the same for all of you. Every single person made Timmis a great 
place to live, to hang out, to make friends, share life's up and down's and because of that I will 
never forget any of you. So this is my thank you to every Timmis girl, thank you for the memories 
that will forever be a part of who we are, and who we will become. 
-"Keep roaring Timmis, Kaylynn Purdy, Head of Timmis 2009-2010 

WINS cm) 

Back Row: Mrs. Williams, Sophia Niewerth, Jasmin Lin, Maria Barquera, Madalyn Laslett, Jenny Yang, Su Mi 
Kim, Stephanie Yang, Jennifer Wang, Tracy Jiang, Angel Liao, Melody Zhang, Kalkidan Amare. TUrd Row: 
Jamie Miller, Anna Kohlen, Bell Udomkitthanakul, Elizabeth Qin, Rachel Ellis, Bonnie Moore, Nora lannone, 
Michelle Liao, Angelika Schweitzer, Tasha Gerrard, Christie Chen, Emily Ready, Kate Channell, Aimee Faulk. 
Second Row: Jennifer Fritz, Marlene Donaldson, Angela Hu, Teryl Noble, Diane Katumba, Sasha Ren, Kira 
Li, Ashley Wu, Christine Kang, Kelsey Chamberlin, Chloe Carlson, Alice Hong, Doris Chen, Holly Trew, Ms. 
Vachon, Mr. Albert, Rimi. Fh>lltRow: Ana Portilla Reynoso, Jimena Ortiz De Zarate, Shade Souc, Estelle Lee, 
Sofia Vidaurri, Sari Dale, Mariya Tochiki, Ayla Fowler, Tina Yu, Jay Zheng, Cindy Wan. 

"F J ^ 

h. -1 


Hi ^3 





Winslow 2009-2010 started strong with the SHABUYA house spirits this year For the past 
nine months, I shared my life with fifty sisters, nine house-parents, two little children and 
two dogs in Winslow. 

Diane and Shade lived in the room closest to the Wi/Ba main doorway, they pumped the music 
way loud; their room was always a party. Bonnie was the best person to go to when I struggled with 
math assignments; she always had the answers for me. Mariya and Bell might have seemed shy and 
quiet, but from the time I spent with them, they could be the craziest Asians by the time they get 
to grade 12. Tina was a good volleyball player; she helped us dominate the Volleyball junior house 
game. Maddy introduced great ideas from E-team for sustainability while Kelsey, co-head of Free 
the Children in SMUS, had Winslow involved with service projects such as the Gala; we also had 
twenty something girls came out and support Walk for Water Ayla is probably the fastest speaker 
in the school. Kira has the coolest colours of eye contact lenses like the ones you see in Japanese 
comic books. Jen has the best collection of fashion magazines, from Allure, Flare to File, she's got 
them all. Elizabeth was one of the dancers in Miss Saigon, and Winslow girls took other big parts in 
the musical as well. Angela and Iksha dedicated their afternoons to yoga intramurals twice a week; 
they were flexible as ballerinas! Melody was the best person to go to for a free beauty session; you 
would never walk out of her room with ugly make-up on. 

If you ever wondered who painted the amazing sea lions in the boardroom, the answer to that 
question would be Holly Trew! And I hoped you were at the Korean Concert during Korean Week, so 
you didn't miss the best sexy dance performed by Sumi and Stephanie. Alice is a sweetie who would 
buy you a "thank you treat" when you take her to Hillside like she did for me. One thing I admire 
about Sari is that she always had pretty clothes on when she left her room, unlike me; I was all about 
sweats pants and hoodies. Abigail was the co-head of Score Keeping; she recorded the victories of 
SMUS athletes. Estelle and Kallddan did the "Snap" that said something like" you don't want to 
mess with me, girlfriend!" Doris and Ashley were the social butterflies in the Asian boarding crowd! 
Chris and Jay are the number one fans of the Taiwanese singer of Jay Chou, and yes. Jay named her 
after Jay Chou. Alexis, T.lhani and Rachel competed in the National Rowing Championship, they 
made Winslow so proud. 

Angel, Michelle, and I are the triple Ls: Liao, Liao, and Lin. Michelle is also Head of Winslow 
for 2010-2011 so she can continue the SHABUYA and Taiwanese spirit. Maria and Teryl saw soccer 
as their life; they were on the same soccer team both in the school and outside of school, and thanks 
to them, we kicked ass on the Senior Soccer House-game. Nora's craziness brought the energy of 
Winslow to the maximum for throughout the whole year Jimena, Sofia and Ana were like triplets, 
they stuck together from breakfast until night time check-in. Marisa has an easy going personality 
in her blood; she is probably the happiest Mexican I have met. Cindy's drawer is full of food, and 
luckily I often got to share some of it! Jenny, Sasha, Emily, Chloe and Christine performed "Because 
of You" in Keep the Beat and ended with a huge round of applause. Sophia, Angel and Xiao are the 
best people to go to Karaoke; they all have got amazing voices. There are lots of people who didn't 
know that Tracy is a DJ. So I say, goodbye Tom Zheng, hello Tracy Jiang! 

Last, a big thank you to the house-parents, Winslow would not be an awesome house without 
the support from you. Jass Lin, Head of Winslow 2009-2010 

SMUS spirit And/ 

TimAnly 'Bolton/ Symovw 



HcnMf€y Garner 

Harvey Borao^^Wm^loi^; 



the^ 0^ny(pU>SpirU^SiArny3rC^htl 

- ■ .» 

'Being chosen as a torchbearer for 
the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olym- 
pics was an in credible honour. For 
one moment, b||^m||| sole carrier 
of the Olympic Flame was truly a 
chance that occurs once in a lifetime. 
From the school children screaming 
ph Canada' to the elderly in their 
wheelchairs; it was the first time 
that I had felt part of something so 
immense !" 

~ Alicia Pawluck 

d*. _:*-^- ^ .fcJtw^i 








C6pyfor Cancer 

A special service day. The story of a boy's left leg. Cops for Cancer 
Tour de Rock came to our school to spread cancer awareness. Head 
shave and the enthusiasm of students were unbelievable and amaz- 








Blood! Screams! Terror! 



MOT dressed as a 

of graPt^ 


let's go smus 
fvdf black, and blue 
don't think i 
don't even speak 

just gerprepared for 


Spirit Week encompassed a va 
activities, sponsored by a variety 
councils! '-^■■-•-'-- 


I Recitatio 

M November 2009 

t' m. 

%# ->> 

So #- 

-tt&s? I 

We will remember them 

Remembrance Day 2009 

- -^ 




^^mt^ J. 




IL yi^r' 

■.* ■. . t' ' 









/ 1 h 

i Jf^ 



Left: Kindergarteners gathered at the front 
of the gym. Bottom: Cam Bucky dressed as 

Above: Mr. WilUams dressed 
as a junior schooler Far Left: 
Mr. Cordle singing 'Chestnuts 
Roasting On an Open Fire'. Left 
and top: AP Chem students 
singing Chemistry Carols. 













I cannot believe that the final year 
is here; I owe gratitude to everyone at SMUS, both students 
and teachers alike. Stacie: thanks for all the laughs, cries, ups and downs; I now 
know how to deal with anything. Countless texts and late night talking constantly remind 
me of how amazing you are. "You are my sunshine," never change. Janine: you have helped me 
to become who I am today; I don't know what I will do without you. We had an amazing six years 
together; I wish we had a million more. Becky: finally you are able to go and answer the questions 
of the future firsthand. You need to bring me with you; I will miss you too much. Joe: thank you for 
showing me who the real god is; I'll call you if 1 forget. Rachdawg: sadly, our days of portaging are 
over. Mina: you always cheer me up. Keep smiling. Mom and Dad: thank you for supporting 
me in everything I do and always believing in me. I know I will always have your sup- 
port. Grad 2010: live with no regrets, enjoy everything that life brings. 

ni Can- ^1 

When I came to SMUS in 2009, 1 
was a bit worried about the new experience of attending a new 
school far away from Bahrain. However, as time progressed, adapting to SMUS 
came quickly. This school has given me the opportunity to make many new friends wH 
come from all over the world. Now when 1 return home 1 can say that I have a friend from ( 
ada, Costa Rica, South Africa, Mexico, China, France and Germany and the list goes on. Boarding' 
was a great experience for me. Even though people complained a lot, we still loved it. Barnacle was 
fun. It was a place that made me realize lots of things that didn't matter before. It made me a stronger 
individual and more independent. I'm thankful for this opportunity and if it wasn't for my parents 
I wouldn't be where I am now. I would also like to thank my house parents and everyone in 
Barnacle for being such a great house. It is a year I will always remember. Grad of 2010 1 
wish you all the best! Thank you! 


My stay at SMUS for the past two 
years was both enjoyable and challenging. Enjoyable because 
the friends I have made, the students, the teachers, and especially... the Koreans. 
The school presents many challenges for its students in order to bring out the best in them 
I want to thank my Harvey Brothers for being amazing, compassionate people; my House Par- 
ents for being the guiding hand; the teachers for giving me multiple second chances, you guys are 
the best! I also want to thank the Koreans. . .there are too many to name but a few I need to mention; 
David for being an amazing Hyung, Andy for constantly being in my room even though you did eat a 
lot of my noodles ;), Brandon for being my partner in crime in Economics, and Edward for having 
the best scream and humour. Thanks, Henry, Keer, and Jason for being an amazing group of 
friends; G Crew must split up for now I guess. Finally I want to thank Sensei for being an 
amazing teacher. Hontou arigatou gozaimasu. ^ 

Fa graduation ceremony is ai 
event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of 
students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to 
success." —Robert Orben 


Finally my five years of SMUS 
life is nearing the end. It was the time I was looking forward 
to all these years; however. I somehow feel this cramp of nervousness in my 
stomach. No wonder, 1 have never been an expert at being used to a new environment. 
SMUS has been the place where I have spent most of my teenage time. It may sound like 
a cliche, but SMUS has become my second home where I grew up. studied and learnt many 
essential things about life. There were many hardships that I had to go through. Being a Japanese 
teenager studying abroad was not easy. I could have never gone through all this without the 
help of my friends, family and of course house parents of Timmis. Thank you so much to all. 
and even though the time has come, I will miss y'all! 

^^^ I would like to thank everyone 

-^^^^ for making my SMUS experience what it was. It must have 

been all the 'perfume' sniffing and yo mama jokes, I have one for you now! 
Please read with pure delight as the high school years are OVER! Yo mama so fat she 
goes to a restaurant looks at the menu and says "okay!" 

I remember being in Kindergarten, 
thinking that the Grade 12's looked so big and impressive. I 
Touldn't even imagine what it was like to be that 'old', now here I am 
graduate and you'd think after 13 years I'd have an inkling of what I should say. So I guess 
I'll skip over the soggy-cucumber sandwiches, rock wars, amazing out trips and international 
school trips and get to the point. I can't say that SMUS has been the greatest time of my life because 
that wouldn't be entirely correct, but it's been one of the steady constants in my life that others only 
can dream of and for that I'm grateful. I'd like to thank a few friends: to Em for our fantastic tradi- 
tional weekly Fujiya lunches, to Syd for the daily multiple Starbucks runs, to Mina for our com- 
pletely unproductive Heath Ledger spares. Finally, a big thanks to my family who got me up on 
time in the mornings to drag me to my classes and paying for an education of a lifetimi 
Good luck to all my classmates of Grad X! 

. ■'''•' ■ '-'■ 

Three years in SMUS. . . It's over 
now, but all the memories of the good and bad times will go 
on with me where ever I'll be. Poker nights. McDonalds mornings. Beach 
days to Pluto, and all the random nights of unforgettable incidents. ... All the rules — 
you've taught me the survival skills. 
Friends: Kristen Porrelli, Sylvia Ho, Isabel Lomeli, Kat Parsons, Karen Polsky, Rochelle Chan, 
Ryan Tang, Michael Hui, Cathline Wong, Clare Hendriks, Ciara Glen, Jasmine Lin and many 
more. You've made a difference in my life. You guys gave me the experience of a lifetime. 
Family: Dad, brothers and sisters, friends in Thailand. I'll never be where I am without you 

Thank you. 

I have seen the movie "Ferris 
Bueller's Day" off 36 times. It is my favourite film. It's my 
favourite because I relate to Ferris. That probably sounds delusional, as it is hard 
to compare Ferris Bueller to anyone — but hear me out. Okay, I have never lip-synced i 
Beatles song on a float (if the chance arose I absolutely would), but like Ferris I am a senior in 
high school. And like me he feels the finality as summer approaches, and he does what we all want 
to do: he takes one day off to enjoy exactly where and when he is in the present, the now. Although I 
do not condone skipping school, I appreciate the desire to do something exceptional while it is still 
permissible for us to be only perfectly adequate. Not to mention that, if we do get into trouble, we 
can blame it on being young and reckless. So, although school might make us all feel like Cam- 
eron, I suggest we all propose to our Sloans, drive our metaphorical Ferraris and enjoy 

what we have left. Danke schoen «" 

■ dances 

U-I5 trips - acoustic concerts 
- outdoor leadership - Halloween - love 
keep the beat improvisations - Christmas - DR - 2ne ups! - assembly - 
jokes - film appreciation society - soccer - rafikis - library comer - spares 
- boot game - the quad - councils - crazy teachers - good friends. 
These are only some of the myriad of activities that contributed to my time here at SMUS over 
the last seven years. I have worn my kilt approximately 2438 times, walked in the library 1928 
times, and exited with a good story pinned to my crest since grade six. Soon, I will take my last 
strides through the campus that has moulded me into the young person I am now, and leave 
with the unforgettable memories and invaluable experiences that will carry me into the 
person I will be. Congratulations to all the grads X! 


I could say that my years at SMUS 
have been the best of my life, and that is the truth. I could also 
is school has prepared me for the rest of my life, and I owe it all to my 
i friends, family and the teachers I've had, which I do. But the times I'm going to remember 
M are the days spent studying for a big math test, playing a really tough and muddy game against 

■ Oak Bay, panicking backstage as I miss a cue and still don't have my costume on. All the things that 
Bmade my adrenaline spike, those are the things I am going to remember most, because when I found 

■ out that I did fine on the test, that we won the game, or that the other people on stage covered for me, 

that's when I realized that I am going to miss this place. I have seen this school change and grow 
so much over all the years 1 have spent wandering the grounds, and would like nothing more 
than for it to keep growing, so other people can have an experience as wonderful as mine. 
Thanks to everyone for making this school great. • .,,-^.- 


9ft --^v^r^^^ 


It's strange to be sitting liere, 
thinking about my time at St. Michaels and to consider that thir- 
teen years ago I was a five-year-old running around the playground at the junior 
school battling Beyblades. Thirteen years. Ifs a long time — too long a time to capture in 
1,000 characters or less. I started at SMUS in an entirely different decade, before the advent of 
current cell phones, before the Internet, before all the technology that now seems to define my gen- 
eration. Where my classmates, my teachers, the world and I will be another 13 years from now is in- 
conceivable, when today's Kindergarten class — the class of 2023 — is sitting down to write their grad 
statements. I'll miss my teachers, my friends — SMUS as a whole (I will not be missing Smithers 
Bingley however; he has decided to go with me to RISD). I will miss arts council on Wednes- 
days, film society Thursdays; jamming in the bowels of the music building. Here's to 
grad 2010, to the mystery and liberating uncertainty of our future. 

^^^ My first thought when I came 

■^^^^ to SMUS in grade nine was that these people are insane. My 
^ second thought was . . . this is great! My favourite memories are fi'om the 3rd 

floor Crothall hallway, and from the theatre productions in both the Lecture Theatre and 
the McPherson. I will never forget the last curtain call of Miss Saigon - when the grads saved 
time by washing off their make-up with tears - and the quotes we collected fi"om our teachers to 
laugh over later when we were supposed to be studying. Though these experiences have destroyed, 
mangled, and decapitated what little sanity I have left, they have given me so much in return that I 
wouldn't erase a single second. The lessons from these four years will influence the rest of my life. 
When you're watching a movie and a character says something that you remember a Literamre 
teacher saying, remember the good times, and please do not sue me for plagiarism. 

So. Soo. Sooooo. Ten years, huh? 
Lots of fun times, and memories. I'm sure I'll always remem- 
^^ ber. . . well, that's not true; I'll probably, hopefiilly always remember the good 
times with my friends. Thanks to Mr Gauthier, Mr Reid, Ms Humer, and Ms Williams 
for organizing the school musicals each year; they were definitely the high-lights of my years 
at senior school. I must admit, as absurdly impossible as it sounds, I will miss most of my time at 
SMUS. Now, onto things that I am (almost) 100% positive I will miss, and never forget; my friends 
from Mr Hayden's room in previous years, as well as those outside Dr. Fraser's 3rd floor classroom, 
including, in no particular order: Jack Hayes, Douglas Grimmer, Robyn Hope, Tyler Beams, Sam 
Simons, Harmon Moon, Charles Leitz, Mathew Warner, Leo Marchand, Sophia Bryant-Scott, 
Richard Boness, Kaeleigh Fletcher, and Deirdre Keith (I apologize if I forgot to mention 

anyone; I have a horrible memory, as you all know by now). And now: exit, ^ 

stage right. 

What a wild path I took just to get 
to this point, never would have guessed I would end up graduat- 
ingat SMUS. I truly have had every type of high school experience; from two 
years at SSS being a little hellion, to a random stint of correspondence where I spent far 
too much time having ftin, and finally ending up in a prestigious boarding school that gave me 
more opportunities then I know what to do with. I never could have made it here without my dad 
letting me make all my own decisions, a few good ones, but mostly ones I ended up learning a lot 
from. So, thanks Pa, love you always. I definitely couldn't have survived without my second fam- 
ily; Su, Mike, Kaiia, Richan, I love you all and i can't thank you enough for always being there. I 
couldn't possibly fit all the people who deserve a mention into this paragraph. So, my love goes 
to all the friends, family, places, teachers, coaches and anyone else who helped shape me 
and the path 1 journeyed to get to graduation. I hope that the rest of my life is i^- 

as wild as these first 18 years have been. 

When you can understand how 
the passing of time both erodes the quality of moral values on 
individuals and augments the emphasis on pecuniary pursuits with an inconspicu- 
ous and universally cumulative campaign of cunning stratagems, then perhaps, you can 
understand the forces that bolster my stance. Until you face tactics of crafted deception, you will 
not see my side. Until you realize mobs of psychology have evolved to induce misery upon others 
and schadenfreude upon themselves, to trod over you to get where they want to go, or to get what 
they want, you will not understand. Until you actually try to acknowledge those silent few who still 
treasure the fundamental attributes that originally defined society, you will not understand. If you 
think a bunch of condensed statistics represent the majority of the world's mechanics, you fail 
to understand the direction we're going. You can be me when I'm gone. 

2006 summer, I took my first 
step into SMUS, a moment to remember eternally in my life. I 
wouldn't say it was the best sensation you could get, but it sure wasn't the worst. 
I was overwhelmed with the homogeneity of all the students in uniform. This aroused 
and intimidation inside me, but the second day I went to my classes, I realized why Amer icans 
had chosen to come to this school. With this uneasy start, I built connections with the peopl^rHne 
school. Now, I would like to thank all the teachers that had to endure my endless badgering, especially 
to Ms. Skinner, Ms. Rajotte, and Mr. Ducharme. Thank you for teaching me things that will become 
skin and bone for my life. Also, I would like to thank all my SMUS buddies. Edo, I had fun with 
you in outdoor leadership; Winston, you have always been my boy since the first time we met; 
Andrew you were the best neighbour in Bolton house. Thanks Eric, Xiao, Celine, and all 
the Korean crew! 

I would like to thank my teachers 
for getting me through the year. Also to my friends, the Bar-I 
nacle guys, we've had some tubular times. I hope we will keep in toitcE 
grad. A big thank you to Sodexo for helping me throw down fifteen pounds. Thank you 
Mom & Dad for your love and respect, you're awesome. Thank you Seby & Emma for be- 
ing my brother & sister; you've only got a few more years of school, if I made it you can. Keep 
it classy grad 2010, seeya in 10 years. 

They say that the road is long; 
that time f^ies; that this is not the end but just "the beginning"; 
that 50 years from now, I will look back on these days and remember them as the 
best times of my life. But let's cut the cliches. High school wasn't easy - the slog, the long 
nights spent cramming, the painfijlly long days in boarding. And yet I survived, thanks in part to 
a great group of people who made my days just a little bit brighter. So I extend my deepest gratitude 
to Alice (my favourite little kid), Caroline (my favourite loser), Ninnart (my best SEA buddy), Mi- 
chelle (MEH!), Jenny (who is not louder than me), Tracy (JIANG!), Emma (my best bud) and to all 
m.y teachers, houseparents, other friends (you know who you are ) and most of all, MY PARENTS 
who truly made it the best 2 years of my life. Thank you for everything. High school was hard, 
but real life will be harder. "Today was good. Today was fim. Tomorrow will be another 
one." - Dr. Seuss. 

k±2Ci » 

"You are educated. Your certi- 
fication is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket 
to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an ahemative. Think of it as your 
ticket to change the world." -Tom Brokaw 


"Wherever you go. no matter what the weather, always bring 
your own sunshine." -Anthony J. DAngelo 

Thanks for all the great memo- 
ries we made friends!!! But more specifically. .Joseph, thanks 
for eating my dust in Mario Kart. Jason, Namia has been finally saved... 
Hisham. the one thing I will not forget is that smile you make when you do something 
awkward. Keer, the helicopter has finally come. Harrison, be sure to bring your own paper 
to Cornell. Days spent playing mahjong on the school field after AP exams are just one of my 
many \ivid memories I have had w ith you guys. Thank you especially to all the teachers that 
have provided me with the skills to make my mark upon the wodd. And lastly Bianca. Vm going 
to end this by starting another argument with you. Why do you ha\e to take so long to get 
your books from your room? I've been waiting forever. 

1 would like to give thanks to 
everyone who has supported me for the past three years in 
boarding. I would also like to thank my parents, who have never stopped 
believing me. Best wishes to the class of 2010. 

"What day is it tomorrow? How 
many spares do you have? What's at Brown Hall for dinner 
today?" It is the typical conversation I had everyday. But I know after 3 months, 
what seemed so usual at SMUS wouldn't be the same as I leave the quiet city, Victoria. 
1 ,2,3.4 and 5 years of SMUS have had such a powerful impact, helping me to grow up from an 
immature young girl to an independent adolescent away from my parents and home. And without 
so much help, I wouldn't be standing where 1 am now. I couldn't possibly be able to express enough 
appreciation for those who were always there for me and supported me as mentors. Enormous thanks 
to my parents and my dear friends (you-know-who!) from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for 
keeping up and bearing my whines for all those years. Wherever I go, the memories will always 
stay with me. 1 can't wait to continue the life journey with new challenges to confront. I 
wish the best for my future and I also wish you, Grad 2010, the best of luck! 

"You cannot help but learn more 

as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, 

for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it." -John Updiki 

I'll try not to be cliche by not 
talking about not being cliche, but instead by kicking off the 
next trend in anti-cliche: talking about not talking about not being cliche. I could 
say that SMUS has provided me with the best memories of my life, but honestly I don't 
remember much before my first day of kindergarten 13 years ago. Even so, I truly doubt that 
I could have enjoyed myself more thoroughly without the amazing teachers I've had, the endless 
laughs I've shared, and of course the crazy antics of those people I know and love as my friends. I've 
come along way from thinking about Playzone in grade three detention and sneaking past reception 
in middle school, but my path to semi-maturity has left me with an (open to interpretation) OMJ 
amount of memories that I will cherish forever and always. Thank you SMUS for an amazing 
1 3 years and to Grad X, congratulations and remember, in the words of a debatably cool ^^ 
celebrity, we rock! ^ 

Dear future Sec 
you sit there in your executive jet, sipping Chivas Regal & 
luxuriating in your achievement of world domination; I know it's hard to imagine" 
s were c\er better. But alas, should you grow weary of your life as an evil genius & 
of your billions oi dollars, think back on your days at SMUS with pride. Remember them as the 
days, remember \ our dreams, your passion, the strength of your resolve, & remember who you 
were/are. Then look around & see the friends who've been at your side through it all. Know that you 
have thrown all that yon arc at the world, no regrets. I propose a toast: to SMUS, to days spent at the 
beach, to the nights spent causing trouble, to prefect write-ups gone horribly wrong, to the Fox-40 
& the "Year 7's", to KiD CuDi. to Caitlin, to Travis, to Kirsten, to Oliver, to life, to shameless 
idealism, to you-fiiUire self, and to Grad X. May we all get the most out of life, always ^ 
stand up for our beliefs. 8c may the Shenaniganz never cease. Cheers! ;t,-.>.- 

In ten years I will come back and 
weep over my brick. My mum bought me one see. so I have to 
use it somehow. Hopefully I can find it, it's getting a little crowded down there. 
My first memory will be Symons House, and how amazing we are even though the year I 
came we lost the House Cup for the first time in seven years. Not a big deal, not as big as los- 
ing a fish who was supposed to survive for ten years after five days with my roommate, Tash. She 
is only like the best half Mexican, half Welsh ever, and I love her with all my heart. Shout out to the 
Mexicans! Marilu, pretty sure I've lost five years laughing with you; love you berry much. Rach and 
Stace equal fa\ourite third floorers; Paris is my Frenchy, and Jilly, good luck in Princess Diaries 
land! Houseparents'.' I really will miss my adopted parents. Talk about cool kids, we totally 
would have been friends in the 70s. Haha : ) Mum and dad, I'll pay you back after I win 
the lottery. Thank you for the best two years everyone. 

I've had to accept that very soon 
I am going to be making a new home for myself in a new place 
^ experiencing new things. I think that is what is important for me to remember, 

that this school was a real home for me over the past 3 years. I have changed and grown 
more here than I ever would have anywhere else. Through the good and the bad of being on my 
own, I like to think that I am a better person now, with fi-iends I plan to hold on to long after I leave. 
Even though it hurts to say goodbye, it's never really the end. I will be living my new life with the 
lessons I've learned here, so although it may feel sad at first 1 don't have to be afraid of the future, and 
I would never have been able to achieve that alone. Thanks to the legendary boys of Harvey House, 
my roommate and our gaming group in particular. Thanks to the SMUS rugby teams who got 
me off my lazy butt and finally, thanks to Deryn, for making my last year here the most 
memorable one I've ever had. 1 will never forget you. 

After having stared blankly at 
. my computer screen for far too long, trying to figure out how 

^ one actually writes the perfect grad paragraph, I have officially given up hope 

and instead, am going to settle for a few mediocre statements. As you can probably tell 
from the preceding statement, it was not my work ethic that got me through SMUS, but the 
people around me. I'd like to thank my friends for the good times we had; hanging in the quad, 
disturbing the sanctuary of the library, and of course for all the sports road trips. I would also like 
to thank my coaches and teachers for their time and support. All in all, I feel that the time I've 
spent at SMUS has been a success and I look forward to the future. In closing, I would like to 
quote a great man; "It's all good baby baby." Notorious B.I.G. 

The past four ; 
at SMUS have been incredible. They have flown by in a haze 
of rowing, classes, homework and friends. Thank-you to all my classmates, 
teachers and family for your patience, hard work and kindness. Class of 2010, CON- 
GRATS! "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself 
in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the 
one who will decide where to go." -Dr Seuss 

I have very little to say about my 
time at SMUS, but 1000 characters is still not enough. I had 
some fun at school and met some good people; but behind the fun there was 
always a looming tower of expectation. These expectations were that I was to act a certain 
way and be a certain person. I was to work hard and excel at my academics while still being a 
"well rounded person". Then I could get into the university of my choice and be "successftil" in life. 
Yet, as 1 fought my way through school life, 1 realized that those expectations misled me, leading me 
away from what school is really about. High school is not simply about setting yourself up to be suc- 
cessful, it's about discovering what you love. If you find out what you love then not only will you 
not care about traditional markers of success, but you will work as hard as you can towards the 
personal markers of success that are relevant to you. That being said I will still cherish 
my experiences here and wish you all well in the future! 

I told my mom as early as elemen- 
tary school that when I grew up 1 would go to boarding school 
just like her. I now have followed through with my dream and had the most in 
credible time! In these three very productive years I have become a fine rower, learned' 
basic rules of rugby, developed a Canadian accent, met amazing friends from around th 
fallen in love with a fish, drunk more tea than I did in the 15 years prior, learned how to share 
mostly how to mooch, developed an addiction for 10:45 cookies, and suppressed my American ego. 
The hours after Canada won the Olympic gold will stay dear in my heart forever for now I know 
that Canadians can be even more patriotic than Americans! To Hiromi and Teryl, thanks for being 
my roommates! Living with each of you has taught me a lot about life and different ways to 
approach it. Teryl, I hope you can take something away fi-om our deep conversations and 
I thank you for expanding my wardrobe for a year; 1 shall miss it! Congrats, 
Grad X! 

High school graduation is nothing 
like the movies. There is not one documented case in which 
there was a completely original song playing that nobody had ever heard before 
that perfectly summed up their entire life as they hold their true love in their arms under 
fireworks. That said, in its own non-theatrical sense it's been pretty legendary. A big thanks 
to all the staff who provided me with so many opportunities. To my parents, thank you for always 
being there for me when I needed it, and helping me chase my dreams. To Luke: you are the last of 
the brothers to go through SMUS, so do it big man. To those fine damsels to whom I have become 
acquainted: Thank you, it has been most memorable. To all those ridiculously handsome gentlemen 
in my life: wow, some of the times we had were simply too ridiculous to be described in proper 
English, but MACKARY seems to get us into the ballpark range. Go nuts in this next 
chapter of life, but always remember this one. Cheers to all you. 


Grad X, we did it. We've man- 
aged to stay in school long enough to graduate. University 
time baby! Bring on the festivities! Although I'm ecstatic to leave SMUS into 
a hopefully bright future, the memories will always last. To the boyz and the girlz, 
what a ride! Keep on riding into the fiiture and good luck in university and elsewhere. Thank 
you to Mom and Dad for supporting me in my high school career. Thank you to the teachers 
and coaches I have worked with for the past five years. Thanks Doug for all the work, I appreci- 
ate it. "Every ending brings a new beginning," Jiore Erlic. See you later. 


Dearest SMUS— It's not you. it's 
me. Don't get me wrong, it was an unforgettable twelve years. 
You pushed me to become the best person I could be. 1 don't know if it was 
your alluringly luscious scent or your delightful demeanor, but something about you was 
unbearably attractive to me. You allowed me to find myself This relationship was destined to 
come to an end. as invariably all relationships do, but I can't deny that we held something special, 
something no one can ever take away from us. Though our journey was rocky at times. I'm grateful 
that we possess the maturity to get through this and part on good temis. I hope we'll still be friends, 
although at times your idios>'ncrasies are a little hard to take. 
I'm so thankful for my dear parents who supported this relationship from day one. You are a 
character, dear SMUS. and they believed in you. It's about time we see other people. 
While it may be hard for you, I think it is the healthiest thing for both of us. All 
the best, Lisa 

^^t Why do I wake up at 6 AM? To 

-^"^ seek challenge. At SMUS I learned that to achieve excellence 

one must be willing to try new things, push limits, and step outside the norm. 
As a grad, this lesson has been invaluable for my development as a scholar, athlete, and 
musician, and thus I extend a sincere thank you to my teachers, coaches, and peers. Thanks, 
Ms. Roth, for opening doors and allowing me to trv- it all! To my Math teachers, thank you, for 
hanging around to answer a curious student's questions. Cheers to my inspiring English teachers 
whose humour kept me engaged. Thanks to Ms. Williams for years of orchestra, musicals, and 
all that jazz! To the rowing team and coaches, we are one big happy family and "Spandex 
is a privilege, not a right!" Finally, thanks to my family for your love and support. Best 
wishes Grad Class of 2010. 

To sum up SMUS in a paragraph is 
an impossible task, so I won't even try. Over the past five years 
there have been countless memories, stories and opportunities that won't be soon 
forgotten. From hiking the West Coast Trail, and extreme bake-offs, to dance parties and 
the racing van in Hamilton, Ontario — it has been amazing. Thank you to my parents, without 
you none of what I have accomplished would have been possible, I am extremely lucky to call you 
mom and dad. I owe you everything and I love you. To the girls, our nights, pad Thai lunches and 
endless inside jokes, that none of us remember made high school everything that it was and I cannot 
thank you enough. To the boys, the hockey pools, nights gaming, mountain climbing and good 
times were some of the best, I will miss you all. All the teachers and coaches at SMUS, I am -J 

grateful for everything you have done for me, I am lucky to have known you. Grad X, ^^' 
we're unlike any other. w 

' To my teachers, thanks for push- 
ing me to see the grey zone (ahem Dr. Eraser). My friends 
"epic. Theatre Soceity QFR7\PA, you're the best there ever was and the best 
there'll ever be. Sunglasses, Free Hugs and barefeet. Mom and Dad, you're awesome 
and I love you =) Thanks to everyone for four amazing years of craziness, it's an honour to 
be friends with such epic people. 
"All the freaky people make the beauty of the world." - Michael Franti 

These past two years have been a 
rollercoaster to say the least, but it has been a whirlwind of an 
experience. Mom and Dad, thank you for always being there for me and putting 
up with my shenanigans! 1 love you both so much and I will never be able to thank you 
enough for these past two years. To my brother Duncan. I love you. To the people who have 
made every minute of being here worthwhile, you know who you are - thank you! My teachers, my 
boarding family, and of course my house parents - I couldn't have done it without you and you will 
all be greatly missed. And finally Brown Hall, these past two years have been wonderful but I can't 
say I'll miss you. "At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people 
out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives 
drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them." Congrats and best of luck grads 
of 2010! Get out into the world and be unforgettable! 

The last three years I've spent at 
SMUS have been an amazing experience, and all I can really 
say is thank you, first to my mommy for putting up with my rigorous studyin; 
routine that always made me late for dinner and to my dad sorry for rny lack of sod 
life, I know you wanted me to have friends and I know winning homecoming queen was im- 
portant to you . . . sorry. To my teachers, thank you for always letting me hand in my work way 
earlier than necessary, I know it was annoying so thank you. Lastly, I have to thank The Dentist, 
Chocolate Pants and lastly pop eye. Brain Colvvell Live Free Die Hard. Grad X snappin necks 
and cashing checks . 

"Sooner or later we all discover 
that the important moments in life are not the advertised one 
not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved.' 
The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unan- 
nounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives are 
measured by these." -Susan B.Anthony (1820-1906) American reformer 


s hard to believe that my time 
at SMUS is coming to end in a few short months. The past five 
years have been the most difficult and memorable of my life and, in the end, I 
hope I can laugh and say it was all worthwhile. Mrs. Hall, thanks for all the smiles and 
hugs and always being there. Mom & Dad, I love you both, thank you for the endless opportuni- 
ties and support. Siobhan, thanks for the guidance, Lachlan, enjoy your last year and get up to all 
the mischief I know you're capable of Orla and Aveen, you're the best little sisters a girl could want, 
I love you both, keep shining. Kelly, thanks for always listening, I honestly don't know where I'd 
be without you. To the b-ball and soccer girls both inside and out of SMUS, our memories are my 
favourite. My coaches and teachers thanks for the endless hours and knowledge. To the girls- 
"for the nights we can't remember ", to the boys- for all the laughs, and making SMUS 
__^ bearable, thank you. Finally to Grad X- "They say one day our life will flash 

before our eyes. Make it worth watching. 


The past five years ha\ e been al- 
right. I have met some okay people, and have learned some stuff, 
I guess. The memories that I have made are not all good: some were sub-par. But 
there exist a few that do not make me frown. To all my female acquaintances: it's been a 
mildK humorous five years: from throwing bananas and code naming boys in Middle School, to 
nibbing fruit on random children and code naming LB"s in senior school. I'd say we've all grown in 
some respects. To my non-female partners in crime: you guys are PHOOLS. Really, Justin? Helmets 
and gloves?? Sigh. What will you do without me around? Some less insignificant moments: 5 bite 
(""waaasn't me!"), Da\id Archuleta (<3), Fennel (< 3), crazy nights, keys and locks, "sweetie, 
noooo"s, banal drama (sorry strawberry!), wishfijl thinking, talking about feelings, and "edited" 
dinosaur books - GOD, we rock. To all my Ballin' LG's: keep those pants on. To the rest 
of Grad X: here's to "sealing the deal" on a satisfactory graduation. 

It feels impossible to sum up the 
seven years I have spent at SMUS in one short paragraph. This 
nurturing environment is one in which I ha\ e learnt and grown in all aspects, 
and one that will always have a special place in my heart. I want to sincerely thank all my 
teachers, who have always inspired and encouraged me. There is no doubt this is at the heart of 
why 1 love learning. 1 also need to thank my friends, who will always be in my fondest memories. If 
I could sit and think about all the ftin times we've had, I would probably never be able to stop smiling. 
I wish you all the best of luck and know I will be hearing of the great things you accomplish in the 
future. Finally. I w ould like to thank my family who has always and will always be there for me. 
Mom and Dad, > ou ha\ e ne\ er for a second doubted me, and I hope I will always make you 
proud. Syd, thank you for always showing me the power of laughter and kindness, you 
are an amazine airl and I am so lucks' to have vou for mv sister. 


It has been eight years since I 
came to SMUS fresh from the UK. I have spent seven years here 
as a day sUident and my last year as a boarder. Throughout my time here I have 
seen some things, had some great times and made some pretty cool mates. From the nigby 
pitch to chillin' at 3200 (R.I.P) and cruisin' in the tray looking for some nice spots, these and 
so many more memories will last an age. Cheers to all my boys. Ander, make it rain. Andy, you're 
huge. Nathan, Knights. Justin, you're boss. Jure, nice beard man. Charles, many great times. Ryan, 
couldn't ask for a better roommate, .Alex, see you in Europe! To the rest of the boyz, I got love for you_ 
all. Girls, you have all been great. Bolton boys, thanks. To my dear mother, thank you for putting up 
with me all these years and Rosanna, thanks for ever\thing. To the school and my teachers, it has 
been a long road, one that was not always smooth but I'm sure will have an impact on me 
one day. So for now. that's it. Grad X, good luck, wherever life takes you, keep in ^ 
touch. PEACE! 

SUP SUP SUP - Brain Col- 
^£ well. My last year has been quite busy and demanding. I did 

^^ however have a great time at SMUS. I think that without the friends I made 

and the support from my family up here (Denise and Robin), it would have been a veiy 
stressful and boring time. And as expected, my parents and sister are to be thanked because 
they have done so much for me to ha\e a great four years away from home. I would have liked 
to have gotten to know my headmaster a little better but unfortimately he was always away on 
"trips", however he did rock some nice socks. 


To: Sammy D, Benji, Connor, 
Ciara. Marc, Nicole, Alex, GENNA, Tom N, Benita, Reid, 
Sophie, Charlie, Sarah P, Scott, Kirsten, Luke. Kelly T. Natasha R, Cam M. 
Caitlin, Talina. Mel, David, Brandon, Kevin, Giuliana, Jure, Hilary, Zac, Gerardo. 
Adrienne, JJ. Nick, Natasha D, Patrick, SAMANTHA, Jeremy, Peyton. Ben, Shade. Jinji, 
Mike F. Livvy, Miley. Musu, Justin. Celina, Mike S. Claire, Danielle, Ms.Murt. Jorge, MARI- 
LU, Nathan, Ander, Jamie H, Emily, Kieran. Wonjin, Jess E, Martina. Golf, Sylvia. Tyler, Cat, 
Evan. Shelby. Lindsay and Tycho . . . 
Don't worry about it. 
This is definitely not a Nashville party. 

It's only been a year for me at 
SMUS but it's been a good one. 1 was sceptical when I found 
out that I was going to a boarding school, but it has been a worthwhile experi-| 
ence. I have a lot of memories despite my short amount of time here. SMUS. combme 
with the community around it, created a great atmosphere where I developed my wor^^^tjjj^^ 
and character. I would like to thank a lot of people in Kitimat who supported me throughout 
the year, all the teachers and coaches I met, the Bolton houseparents, and my brother for letting 
me stay with him on long weekends. Most of all, though, I would like to thank my parents. The 
school is much better than I thought it was going to be, and I am going to miss it here. 

I came to SMUS in Grade 12. 
Although I only spent one year in this school, I enjoyed study- 
ing and living here. The people and teachers in the school were friendly and 
helpful. Life in boarding was also interesting and fun. This was definitely a memo- 
rable and amazing school year for me. 

re always believed that Gossip 
T\t\ was based on the boarding life in SMUS, however, there are 
1 one main character in my version. 5 years, 1 important people, hun- 
dreds of special nights, thousands of tears, and of course, millions of laughters. Boarding 
wouldn't have been hi entertaining without Kat, Karen, Kristen, Cathline. Yoon, we grew up to- 
Jgether and shared ever} ^;ossip, boy stories, smiles and tears. You are my little sister, best friend and 
aommate. Hui, Tim and .Ic .. . always remember that the legend could be forgotten, but the friendship 
fcould never be broken! GoH. ^^ hat more do I need to say that I have not already nagged in your room 
and through bbm? You know how much you mean to me. Frank, I promise you will be forever 
missed. Craig, no matter what happens in the future, you will always be the best thing that has^ 
J ever happened to me. Now, I am following a boy to NYU, and looking forward to more 
: stories from my girls and boys. Xoxo, you know I love you. What a ride! 




These three years in SMUS ha\e 
been an important part of my life. All the ups and downs, laughs 
and tears, have become memories that I will always hold close. Emma: Sorr>- for 
making you a LSL. All the classy quotes and inside jokes we shared will always stay in 
my heart. I'll miss your Halloween nose. Rach: You brighten my days in boarding. I'll miss you 
so much, esp when I go grocer%' shopping! Janine: Sorry for being hard to understand LOL. I wish 
1 could be at least half as smart as you. Becky: I thought it's impossible to ha\e someone who likes 
so man\ things I like, and has almost the same size, until I met you. Kimkim: Don't play silly we all 
know you are NOT innocent! Mel & Cat: You are like sisters to me. Ips: .Asian power! Vikrum. 
Rowan. Keer: I'll miss yelling at you guys. Game less, sleep more. Pumi: Miss those grade 10 
days! Paris: Don't worrv'. you'll still be seeing me a lot. Sammy: There're only laughs 
when you are there. Love your laugh! To all: Love fore\er and good luck! 

^^ Four \'ears. It has been four years 

■^ already since I came to SMUS. it still seems like yesterday 

that 1 did my entrance test with Da\id Park. It still seems like last week when 
I was lost in the gym when the first assembly happened. It still seems like last night 
when all the Bolton buds played Dota till 4 o'clock in the morning, it still seems like a 
few hours ago that all of us crazy Asians played mah-jong on the field and chased each other 
down with roses, it seems like I just woke up from Mrs. Kyle Jones' speed reading session. Even 
though everv'thing happened so fast, even' memory I have in SMUS is drilled in my heart and 
I will never forget them, because they are all built by my friends, amazing teachers, and the 
support of my parents. THANK YOU EVERYBODY good luck and see you all in the 


Eight years later, I bow before you, 
class of 2010. Finally, it is time to leave this stage and venture 
out as soloists to form new relations, new ensembles. Each student, each per- 
former, has contributed to this unique orchestra and together we have completed a musical 
sentence, a performance that can never be repeated. The painfiiUy rhylhmic scales and arpeggios 
taught here are now so innate that we are no longer conscious of it. The metronome is ticking, so 
tomorrow, we will compose our own cadenzas, and the day after, we will conduct our own symphony. 
"Let us all do what is right, stri\e with all our might toward the unattainable. de\elop as fiilly as we 
can the gifts God has given us. and never stop learning." — Beethoven. To all my teachers, you have 
truK' been inspirational and I am fore\er grateful for your guidance and encouragement. Thank W 
you: Emma, for gi\ing me tears from laughter. Stacie. for your genius moments, and _ 

Becky, for your spurts of spontaneity. ^r 

rWith my mind already flying 
out from the SMUS campus, I still manage to cherish the bits 
and pieces of what I can remember from my three years of boarding life. One 
million memories, one hundred thousand inside jokes, ten thousand great times, one 
hundred secrets, four amazing friends: Steph (you win the best roommate award), Sumi, 
Abigail and Xiao. . .LOVE YOU ALL and please invite me to your weddings. I would like to 
thank my parents, the teachers and the house parents for helping me along and I thank my friends 
for, well, being my friends. And finally, best of luck to the grad of 2012! 

The past three years at this 
school have consisted of some great memories, friendships 
and Hfe experiences. I want to thank all the guys in Harvey house for that, my 
roommates over the years and of course the gamers. 

4 years ago. my dad told me my 
^'^ tuition for SMUS would cost him 4 Mercedes. Time flies: now 

^ I am driving 4 Mercedes to the next step of my life. First. I have to give a huge 

* thanks to my parents, for their love and support, so that I ended up staying in my secoi 
/ home for 4 years. Second. 1 have to thank the one who brought me here, without him. I nught 

be still day dreaming in Hong Kong. Thank you, Gordon. 1 also have to give a big thanks to a guy 
who taught me and changed my life. Benjamin. To Johnson, Sylvia and Golf the Legendaries. Thanks 
for supporting me so much whenever 1 had problems. I will never forget all the times that we spent 
together, you made my high school! Finally, to you who completed me. Thank you so much for 
standing beside me no matter what. I don't know what is going to happen between us in the fu- 
ture, but the only thing that I will always remember is you and 4 numbers, 1226. 4 years 
have come to an end so fast, and it's time for me to say goodbye. GRAD 2010. 

I used to think I was indecisive, 
~it now I'm not so sure. Evidently, SMUS has taught ifie a 
I have grown from an indecisive girl to a vacillating young lady. I would like 
to thank everyone who was there for me when I took such a profound step. To the house 
parents who have sincerely overlooked our flaws, I agree: ignorance is bliss. I would like to 
thank the amazing girls I live with; you girls have made my life in boarding much more worthwhile; 
you know who you are! And to those who have been there for me through thick and thin, listening to 
my endless nonsense, thank you. To those of you going off to some place new, you don't get a second 
chance for first impressions, so good luck! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my 
parents for their endless support. Jasmine, Jason, Hisham. Henry. Keer, Joe, and Angel, thank 
you for making my last high school year such an awesome year. And finally, saving the 
best for last; Winston, thank you for everything. 



I swore to myself that when I 
aduate, the one thing I would absolutely avoid would be a cli 
ch6d grad write-up. Swamped with APs, extracurriculars, and activities that whi: 
by at light speed. 1 now cannot help but write using stale metaphors and dull descriptions. 
So here goes nothing. Life is a complex combination of a rollercoaster, a game, and a handful 
of tests one must face. Don't ask me why. Now I am graduating, and I am ready to take on and em- 
brace my destiny! But the liuure is unclear; there is one part of me that has already been set in stone: 
ly past. In my past I have done much more than I could have imagined myself doing. I am grateful 
for the people I have met, the ability to love and live, my parents and my sisters, and the cherry 
blossoms that blossom in Febmary. To those who know: I will never forget Jeilay, SAG, sBs, 
Booky, Johnson, the Box, your poofy cheeks, WCT, AP, Rossie, Alaska, J-Pan, Wuksib, 
Joss. Chub. Jacey, Capn. Keais, and much more. Don't Stop Believing! 



I will never forget these past six 
years in SMUS. Thank you to all my teachers, whom have 
taught me and mentored me. Your dedication and earnest attitudes have truly 
inspired growth within me, as a student and citizen. Much like the school's vision, from 
your teachings, in and outside of the classroom, I have gained the experience "to learn, to lead, 
(and) to sep.e". Now to my family and friends: I RU\' U RONG TIEM! But serirousr}'. TH.A.NK 
YOU for supporting me with everjthing I did, and always encouraging me to endeavour further into 
my passions. Whether it was celebrating my successes or consoling my failures, your presence in 
my life has provided me with the enthusiasm to continue being who I am. For those who are now 
distant, and to those who are closest, you all ha\ e made an impact in my life, and I hope that 1 
ha\ e done the same in return. My sincere regards to the faculty and my peers, and GOOD 
LUCK to GR.^D XI "GG": NTRG-CREW&Co. Har\ey House 2NE UPS, 
LGs B.Young F4!L(aLit3 

^^^ I can't belie\e that my 1 3 years 

'^^^ at SMUS have come to an end. This school has been a second 
;• home to me since long before I even started going to school here. Ever since 

I can remember, SMUS has been a large part of my life. Thank you to all my teach- 
ers who ha\e helped me along the way. to my parents who ha\ e supported me throughout 
it all. and to all my amazing friends, I couldn't ha\e done it without you. Katrina. Celina and 
Laura, you guys have been amazing. .A.11 of our awful inside jokes, silly code names, and similar 
taste in bad musicians have made my years with you spectacular. Congrats to all the lifers, who 
have made it from the small kindergarten or grade one class to the grad class of 2010, and to 
everyone else, we've made it! Good luck next year, I will miss you guys! 

"And by and by Christopher 
^ Robin came to an end of things, and he was silent, and he sat 

~ there, looking out over the world, just wishing it wouldn't stop." —The House 
At Pooh Comer 

re grcatl> enjoyed the mild 
weather of Victoria, although at times I must admit it rained 
just a tad too robustly for my delicate palate. Speaking of palates, I wish to give 
a heartfelt thanks to Brown Hall for the invaluable sustenance that it has never failed to 
provide, without which I could never have hoped to have had the strength to face the strenu- 
ous trials of each day. I also wish to take a tender moment to thank my friends and teachers for 
their support and guidance. You have been my Brown Hall of the mind and spirit, providing me with 
heaping servings of generally edible cuisine that have made me grow considerably in height and girth 
Truly, during my three years of attendance at SMUS I have received far more than 1 expected, and 
certainly more than 1 deserved. Finally. I would like to give a huge thanks to my parents, for 
sviding me with care and love that have truly been humbling, and to God, for giving 
me the chance to meet all of vmi 





I remember what some of the 
grads from last year used to tell me when they were writ- 
ing the write-up: "OMG, it almost feels like yesterday since I first came to 
SMUS." To be honest, I wouldn't say that for myself So much has changed in such a 
long time. I experienced the best and the worst at SMUS. In either way, I thank my parents 
for always trusting me and supporting me. For SuMi and Stephanie, I wouldn't be here without 
you two. Finally, I thank SMUS for the unforgettable time I've shared with my friends and amaz- 
ing teachers. Congrats to the class of 2010, 1 wish the best for you all! 

SMUS has been great introduc- 
tory paragraph of my life. As I started my SMUS life with a 
blank paper, SMUS gave me an unlimited possibilities over the course of years 
to write on my body paragraphs. The thing that I value most would be my brothership" 
with my Harvey boys. Gedwarf's Jiral personality. Candy's Jotdegari traits. Skeleton's Mi chin 
mental, Patricio's Dolai brain and my other harvey wanna-be Brandon Kang boys. I will miss you 
and miss you. Remember, my spiriUial guidance JOHN F THE KENNEDY says, " Do not think what 
Brandon Kang can do for you, but what you can do for the great Brandon Kang." Ohh.. I almost 
forgot, Harvey House Houseparents, even though all the incidents of the toilet failure and room 
cleaning, I still love you guys all. I will go to NYU and pursue on filling in my body paragraph 
with unlimited possibilities that I obtained from SMUS. ADIOS. PEACE. 

In the words of Dr. Seuss: "Be 
who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind 
don't matter and those who matter don't mind". I wonder if he had grad 
write-ups in mind when he wrote this. . . That being said, I'd like to thank the people 
who truly matter (at least to me): my loving family, dedicated teachers, and loyal friends 
who believed in me when I stopped believing in myself. 

Studying at SMUS was one 
of the best experiences I have. The school offered me great 
chances and experiences that made me strong mentally. The school is one of 
' the greatest academies in Canada, but it is also one of the best places to learn how to 
communicate and cooperate in the society that we are involved in. SMUS has lots of great 
things such as huge campus in good condition, good friends, and skilful teachers who are even 
' friendly. All the teachers here are good. Whoops! Wait a sec. No, some are bad but mostly good. 
(Joking) Here is a tip to survive here. Follow the instruction - say yes, nod, and smile. Simple! 
I hope you guys to enjoy your lives here and enjoy college life for grade 12. 


Although I am still young, I have 
experienced much at SMUS, especially by adapting to a new 
country and language, and becoming one of the Grads of 2010! 1 have been at 
SMUS for four years and it has passed by ver>- quickly. In SMUS, we laughed together 
and shared our dreams. We will be true friends who can depend on each other. Now that I 
have been through it, it wasn't very easy, 1 can admit. How can I deny this when my troubles 
seemed to lay wide open. I walked through the tunnel, finally discovered one bright light, and 
realized the there were reasons for hope, though there were times I'd be ci-ying. Congratula- 
tions Grads of 2010, and remember: Everything is fair, everyone is the same, and nothing is 
impossible in this world! 

It is impossible to sum up my 4 
years at SMUS with only 1000 characters. I never knew time 
could pass us so quick. I want to say thank you to my parents for filling up my 
brain with 200,000 dollar. Also want to say thank you to teachers and house parents for 
helping me when I was struggling. Mr. Common your wisdom will always guide me. Finally 
I want to thank my friends for being so supportive and fun. "SORRY SORRY" was amazing. 
Connor I hope you marry UEE or Yoona before Min does. Kenya group never forget what we 
saw learn and felt together. To the grad class' 2010, 1 hope all of you pursue your dreams. Yoon, 
Patrick, Joseph, David, Connor, Alex, and Andy it is amazing to have friends like you guys. 
Thank you so much. Sarah I love you and thank you for always being there with your 

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring 
your own sunshine." —Anthony J. D'Angelo Please send me an email whenever you need me. 
Remember the good days we shared, and always be happy! I'll miss you all!" Thank you! ! 



^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^y During my four years at SMUS, I 

saw many students come and go. Now, I'm one of the students 
to leave SMUS, before I graduate, I want to thank many people for helping 
and supporting me. To my family: Thanks mom and dad for your endless supports and 
love that allowed me to come this far. Thanks to my brother, too. To Mrs. Rajotte, Mr. Lilly, 
Mrs. Forbes, Mr. Goodman, Mrs. Hawes, and Thumm sensei: Thank you for all the hard work. 
To Kristin: thanks for being a great high school buddy for the past 4 years and 1 hope you become 
a dentist as you hoped. To Mue, Angelika, Megan: I hope you guys enjoy one last year of high 
school! Being a grade 12 is great! To Symons house: Last but not least! Thanks to house par- 
ents and Symons girls for being a great supporters and friends. Symons the best house! 
Good luck to everybody in grad 10 class! 

SMUS has given me the most 

extraordinary three years of my life. Three years have been 

a joy. but painful at the same time. Special thanks to my parents and friends 

for standmg by my side. I wouldn't be who 1 am without your love and support. Grad 

2010! Yeeesss, I'm finally out of here! 

Si.x years at SMUS have gone by, 
and I stand here a few inches taller, a few te.xtbooks smarter, and 
many memories happier. There are many I have to thank: Mr Manson-Blair. for 
showing me the value of happiness. Your courage is inspiring, and your humour never fail 
to bring a smile to my face. Mr. Ducharme, for demystifying for me the puzzle that is electroniag- 
netism. If I get in trouble ne.xt year for throwing whiteboard erasers at my Physics prof I will hitvc to- 
blame it entirely on you. Mr Anderson, for always pushing me to be my best on the field. I have learned 
more life lessons on your rugby pitch than I have anywhere else. To my friends: it was you guys that helped 
me with "girl problems", made me feel okay about my Earth Science 10 grade, and drove me to Fujiya 
when I still had seven months to go until my road test. Thanks. Jess, every single minute I've spent 
with you has been amazing. Emma and Alex are coming over from UBC next weekend. Appar- 
ently they want to ha\e a dance battle with us. Lastly, a huge thank you to my parents. 
Without your support, guidance and love I wouldn't be the person I am today, 
Congrats Grads of 2010! 

To say the least, it has been a 
veiy long twelve years at SMUS. From playing in epic cros^ 
grade games of soccer at lunch time in the Junior School, to realizing that we 
have to walk to each specific class in Middle School, to learning that we don't all have 
to eat lunch in the same spot in Senior School, my time at SMUS has truly been a remark- 
able experience. 1 will never forget my first pizza day in grade one, I will never forget our first 
overnight out trip in grade seven, and I will never forget my grade twelve year. Although the 
stress I have experienced in the last four years has probably shortened my life span by a year or 
two, the experience I have gained and the friends I have made make it all worth it. Thank you_ 
to everyone who has made these twelve years of my life so very ... interesting. I wish 
you all the best in your fijture endeavours. 

When I first came to SMUS 1 did 
not know what to expect. Now my two years at SMUS are 
A^!^ over and I just realized how great my time here has been and that I made : 
M memories that I w ill never forget. I met some amazing people: house parents, teachers 
and students. Thaitk you for the amazing time I had here at SMUS. Without you all it would 
not have been the same. Special thanks also to all Barnacle Boys and Winslow Girls, who, for 
these two years, lived with me and made me feel like I was home. Ben, our room really was the 
! Thank you to my brother, who always supported me and helped me in rny decisions, and 
to my Dad, who was there when I needed him and made this all possible. Now Grad ' 10 is 
taking the next step in life and 1 hope that every single one of us will have an even bette 
I time after high school. 


i.-^&j%rr ^■fi^-^f^fWf MMt^'iiiisilifmw>: 

"Life is my college. May I 
graduate well, and earn some honors." —Louisa May Alcott 

"Just about a month from now 
I'm set adrift, with a diploma for a sail and lots of nerve for 
oars." —Richard Halliburton 

The five years that I have been 
^ at the school as a boarder has passed in a blink of an eye. I'm 

truly grateful that I have spent five years of my life at the school living with 
my finends, having some regretful times, but mostly memorable and joyful times. I do 
not regret coming here, and thanks to houseparents and fellow housemates who have made 
me stronger in preparation for later life. "Earning money is skill, spending is art" 

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a 
thought without accepting it." --Aristotle 

"I'm not leaving now, honey not a chance" -The Dream 
"To try and to fail, the two things I hate" -Jay-Z 
"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it, you better never let 

^^^B This is my 3rd year at SMUS 

and the end is near. First, I'd like to thank my family for their 
unconditional support, trust and love. If it weren't for all the opportunities you 
provided me with, I wouldn't be the person I am today. William, you know I wouldn't have 
made it through without you. My Frenchies, I could feel your presence even from miles away. 
Musu, you have always managed to keep my smile. Stacie, our ups and downs can only strengthen 
our kinship. Symons Superstars, Harvey boys and House-parents, thank you for sharing those precious 
moments. Teachers, you've been amazing, thank you! To all my friends who have been there through 
thick and thin, you know who you all are; the good times we have shared will never be forgotten. 
Keep in touch! Congratulations and best of luck to the Grad class of 2010! « II faut y mettre 
beaucoup de volonte si on veut atteindre son but tant desire. » Filoux File. 

"A man who has never gone to 
school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university 
education, he may steal the whole railroad." -Theodore Roosevelt 


"Academe, n.: An ancient school 
where morality and philosophy were taught. Academy, n.: A 
modem school where football is taught." -Ambrose Bierce 


To quote myself, and all the 
other cast members of Miss Saigon: "This is the hour!" After 
five years of SMUS, it's time for me to move on to that higher learning and 
life I've been so outstandingly prepared for. Mission statement aside, I've had a blast 
in my relatively short time at the school. From the classes to the extra-curriculars, the 
great teachers to all my awesome friends, SMUS has certainly kept me entertained, and busy. 
Although it'll be nice to not have early morning and late evening rehearsals, and meetings at all 
hours of the day, the stressful times were some of the most fun, and I'll definitely miss my fel- 
low prefects, tenors, teammates, classmates and the like that I shared them with. It's pretty 
surreal to be on the verge of leaving high school behind, but 1 can say this with confi- 
dence: The tassel is definitely worth the hassle! 

It has been an insane seven 
years at SMUS, late nights, early mornings and gruelling work 
throughout. People have asked why I have spent so much time in the gym with 
Mr. Daly or on the field with Mr. Anderson and all I can say is that it was time well spent. 
I have truly become part of the community here and loved every second of it, even when I was 
stuck in Mrs. Abrioux's classroom during lunch for the so called "math parties". To my family. I 
know I have been an expensive one but I don't think it could ever outweigh the times and opportu- 
nity that this has given me and I love you for it. To all the boys, we ran SMUS like we owned it and 
special thanks to Marc and his family which 1 guess by now I can call my family too. To the ladies. 
I love you all and it's always been a good time. Also a huge thanks to all my teachers you have 
taught me way more than just what was in my text books. To Grad X its time we showed 
the rest of the world what we're all about. 


""God gave us two heads, and only 
enough blood to run one at a time." I spent my last two years 
"f high school at St. Michaels, and it would never have been the same without 
the people that made it happen. First, a thanks to Bruce and Mare for sending me away 
to boarding school and not dragging me to Texas. Everything I am and more is because of you. 
A shout-out to Natalie and Chaz for being great sisters while I was growing up. I would also like 
to thank all my day student friends, for watching out for me, making sure that I didn't end up smck 
in my 10 by 20 cell. As for my sentence in boarding, I give no thanks for the check-ins and chained 
windows. However, I am gonna miss all the great times I had with all the beauties in boarding., 
especially trying to fit through windows at 3 in the morning. Kevin, Alex, Andy, Eali and all 
the other great guys in boarding. I will miss you guys next year. Thank you everyone for 
making my time here unforgettable. "Its all about who you know.' 

I came to SMUS in grade 9 and it 
has been the most amazing four years of my life. There are too 
many people to name who have played a part in my time at SMUS. To Justin, 
Andy, Jamie and I guess Nathan Hahah just kidding dude thanks for all the fun times cruis- 
ing in the Mazda 3, Dodge Caliber and any other place we may have been chilling at, especially 
Mount Horace (R.I.P). To all of my teachers thanks for the lessons. To my friends, you know 
who you are. Thanks for all the good memories you have left in my mind and I like to thank you in 
advance for the many great times to come. To my family, thank you for always keeping me on track 
with my schoolwork and helping me stay out of trouble most of the time. And finally to my sister 
thanks for the taxi service when I didn't have my license and for helping me out whenever I was 
in trouble. To Danielle, Charlie, Genua, Grad 09, Tycho, Brain Colwell, Sharma, Grade 
10 girls, Fresca and anyone I have forgotten, thanks. 
Cheers to you, eh 

SMUS has been a life-changing 
experience in every aspect of my life. This school not only 
gave me a new outlook on life, but brought me closer to a lot of different 
people. The diversity of SMUS is unquestionably one of the biggest influences in my 
high school development. The people here are great, friends and teachers alike. Harve 
Korean boys, you have influenced me in ways I cannot describe. My friends, you have all made 
these years of my life so vibrant and unexpected, I cannot thank you enough. To the house par- 
ents, my room is clean. To Geddo, well, let's just say it's been a crazy time at 102. Lastly, as I 
leave SMUS, 1 would like to leave by saying "GOOD NIGHT CRAZIES! YOU GUYS ARE 

Well, I've finally graduated and 
it's been an epic Journey! I wish that I could sum up, in a few 
short sentences, every inside joke that I've had over the past seven years at 
SMUS with the people I'm happy to call my friends. However it would be absolutely 
impossible to do so. Each story incorporates it's own wonderful memory and I'll cherish 
them in my mind as long as I can. I look forward to everything that I am now prepared for. I 
owe my success in high school to my friends, teachers. Mom and Dad and my sisters Kailey and 
Beth whom have all made these years awesome. I will miss the SMUS atmosphere and the 
great people. Good Luck Grad X! "Don't Stop Believing" 

If I were to stay in somewhere 
else than SMUS, living all alone for three years away from 
my home country could have been a very tuff and stressful. SMUS , my home 

/away from home, shared wonderful experiences and friendship with me for three solid 
years. It took me long till I realize how thankful and amazing this place was : wonderful 
people, lots of opportunities, beautiful weather, and limitless love. Days I spent in boarding, 
mountains during the outdoor leadership program, and Kenya with loving SMUS friends were 
all unforgettable and I will keep them in my heart. I thank everything that relates to SMUS for 
making me a better person. Friends, remember me and peace your life out- 


I eat spaghetti with the tiger 
prawns and like to buy anything that my eye is on. My time here 
has been long and painful, but hey, it's over. There've been too many good times 
to count and too many bad to keep track of. I'd like to thank my parents for all of their sup- 
port and encouragement, as well as putting up with my antics over the years. Anik, you are hon- 
estly the best sister in the world! Td thank you for everything you"\e done for me but it v\'ould be 
impossible, so thank you. To all my friends, thank you guys for the great years and even better times. 
Tommy-you're a good man. Charles Blackwell-ISA please. Jure-hope it's not going to be me. ..Clare- 
thanks for everything, you're amazing, andy-stop niAcking my mAAckery, I'd like to incorporate 
a couple shoutsiron and sherms, brain colwell, gandalf tubby and stubby, late nights, cruisin, h- 
jazz, chumbile, shopping, cuggemauts, the jetta. the gear, the classic, shire, mag, camos. 
up top. fairway and shell's. Dogg pound gangsta gang! 

- JV 

The 6 years I've been here were 
by far the most fiin. stressful, amazing, horrible, & exciting 
years of my life. Oona; gotta love you and you're crazy everything, I don't know 
what I'd do without you, Brenna. Taiina. Celina. Katrina. Zac. you guys are always there 
for me when 1 need you, thank you so much for all of our shenanigans too. My boys, Justin, 
Mike, Scott, Kieran, Cam, Trav, Jamie, I've got a lot of love for all of you, we've had some amazing 
times: Kamloops (Debbie!), camping, gyro, snow skimming & all those weekends spent just hanging 
out. Thanks to all of you. I really couldn't ask for better friends & I hope that when I look back at 
high school that these are the things I remember first. I'm really going to miss bball; thank you GB 
for always taking time to help me, and L-bizzo for all your help with my game (on and off the 
court haha). Rebecca, you are my fa\ourite Uvin. thanks Mom. Dad. Nicky and Mikey, I 
love you all so much. Congrats grad X, now go make me proud! 

To all my girls who've always 
been there when I needed your support or simply needed to 
have an outrageous time, I love you (you know who you are girlies!). Despite my 
best efforts, I'll never forget Mexico with T Calderon and my rambunctious chicas who 
kept the fun level high and the maturity level low. (those are the best kind of times) To all my 
teammates I've had over the years, thank you. Special shout out to L Bizzo, GS and the B Bailers, 
treat every day like it is GAME DAY!! :D and remember to play hard <3. To Spyd and the Sitch, I will 
forever look upon our adventures at the Purple Garden and Hodori with great fondness and I hope 
that it w ill be a tradition we will continue whenever we are all in town together To Yumbly, I'm not 
sure where to start since our good times started in the womb. . . and will never end, I love you 
and I'll miss you lots next year. Thank you, teachers, coaches and friends for all the sup- ^ 
port that has brought me to where I am today. I couldn't be happier and more ^ 

grateful for all your help. Good luck everyone! 


For so long, I've been looking for- 
ward to going off to University, living on my own, and growing 
J "up. But now that it's time to graduate, all I can think of is how much I'm going 

^ to miss SMUS. The best memories I have to date are with all of you guys. Movie nights at 
Em's, night-time swims, snacks, and some really solid Dons trips. Most of all I'm going to miss 
i the mass texts we all send on Fridays trying to figure out what " The Plan" is. My girlies, Ema- 
I roo, Brendawg, Lineabean, Bex, I love you all so much. You guys are the best and all so beautiftil! 
I Celineaqua, thank you for always listening, and trying your hardest to understand what I'm talking 
I about. Mikey, you're hilarious. You might not always know what to say, but whatever comes out of 
I your mouth is just golden. Jussiepoo, I can't believe I won't get to see you everyday. You are so 
\ sweet, and just an all around gem. I will never forget the time I've spent here, and I never ^ 

^^—^ want to. Congratulations Grad Class 2010! We did it, and we did it together. ^_ 


Wow! What a long journey these 
past 8 years have been. I have a limitless amount of people to 
thank for my time here. To all my friends a sincere Thank You! I would not be 
the person I am today without you. To the girls - Thank you for allowing me to have a 
shoulder to cry on and always being there when I needed a good laugh, I love you all. To the 
boys. Thank you for always finding a way to make me smile. I miss you guys already. Marilu - 
words can't explain how much you have done for me you're truly amazing. Glim- when we're bold 
as love we'll still be dreaming with broken hearts. Ali - you're an incredible sister and growing up so 
fast keep you're head up and I know you will do great things. Nick - You're the best little brother a 
girl could ask for! Mom - You're my hero, thank you for always being there for me. To the grad 
class of 2010 it has been quite the ride but we've finally made it good luck on you're new 

journeys wherever they may take you. Bataow! 

I still remember the first day of 

kindergarten, walking in and thinking, "This is going to be my 

life forever." But now, everything I have come to know is going to change, and 

it's thrilling. SMUS has offered me tremendous opportimities and memories for the last 

two years of high school. I have to thank all my Symons sisters, 1 can't imagine going throui 

it without you all. Boarding has been the worst and the best of times, but completely unforgi 

And to my adopted families: The Stockiis's, Bryant-Scott's, and Fletcher's, thank you for taking me 

in, feeding me (food was VERY appreciated), and being a family to me while away from home. To 

my actual family, who have not been here to experience it with me, but receive frantic phone calls 

every time something happens, thanks for listening and trying to calm me down, and giving me 

the opportunity to come here. And to my friends, don't stop being crazy 'cause I'm not 

around, AND KEEP IN TOUCH! The Dr. Ruth of Symons House will never 

turn down a good story. Finally, Congrats Grad X! 

My time at SMUS is hard to sum 
up in 1000 characters, but luckily my memory isn't great either. 
It's been a party filled with outrageous excuses, fierce procrastination, a lot of 
working out ;), and way too much school uniform (might I mention not enough spares). 
But it's been a good party: it's been interesting (pukey farty, getting chumbile, Ashley Schaeffer 
BMW, buttscratcher!. Brain Colwell, Hollywood, maj, shire, and late nights), it's been expensive, 
and it's always kept me guessing. To my boys, it was good to know that you were always there for me 
if I needed to step out, or go flick the ol' bean. To the ladies, thank you for putting up with me and 
keeping things exciting. I want to give a big thanks to all my teachers, family, and friends for stick- 
ing by me through my silly decisions and guiding me when I needed it, and of course to Doug 
for all the work over the years. To all of you in my graduating class: best of luck, maybe _- 
I'll see you around. . . May your hammer be mighty. 

The thought of graduating frori 
SMUS is bittersweet. It has been three excellent, jam-packed 
years. To my teachers and house parents, I will never forget your wise teach- 
'ings and all that you have done for me. Symons Superstars, it has been a good run. 
Rachdawg, I would be a mess without you. Peg, Kosh, and Ren: you are my rock. Thank 
[you for taking care of me all of these years. To my good friends, you are all legit hilarious 
lespecially you, Mike and Justin). We have spent so many hours together hanging at the beach, 
Splaying big two at school, or overstaying our welcome at the Mulroney's house — I would never 
change any of it. Em, Oonie, Lina, and Bex, I caimot fathom what my high school life would 
have been like without you. To all of my fellow classmates, it has been a wild ride, 
we should all feel proud. 



)i lite wouia w 

Coming to a new school in a new 
country is still one of the biggest challenges that I have had. but 
seven years at this school left me with unforgettable memories whether it was an 
amazing moment or an embarrassing one. I had tons of stressful times mostly concerned 
with homework, essays, projects, tests, and exams, but I have made it through and now I can 
proudly say that '"I went to SMUS". Perhaps I was just another student in the school, but neverthe- 
less. 1 am glad that 1 was part of this community. I cannot end my school years without thanking my 
parents. Thank you for bringing me to this school and to Victoria. To my friends, thank you for listen- 
ing to me even at times when what I said probably did not make sense. Yes. my English was poor. 
but hopefulh'. it will be better when I see >ou again. To my teachers, thank you \ery much for 
all your help in both during and outside of class. Thank you SMUS and I will try to make 
the most of what I ha\e sained here. 

^^ During the four years at SMUS. 

-» there ha\e been a lot of unforgettable and e\er-lasting memories 

that made me cry and laugh. SMUS provided me a lot of fabulous things, the 
most imponant of which was ""people"". I learned a lot from my peers and faculty about life 
and relationships. These four years of enriched experiences changed me from the introverted 
and shy person to outgoing and sociable person. I have a lot people to thank during my high school 
years. Firstly, to m>' famih', I am realK lucky^ to have family like mine. Thank you dad and mom! I 
love u guys so muchi Secondly, mv friends. I love \ou m\- roommate .A.lex Han the Rhastal Without 
you, I probablv' stav ed in my room like a loner for four years. .'^Iso my Korean crew! I love you all 
especially Andv and Brandon and Edward. Thank you for e\er>-thing guys! \\'henever you guys 
go Wish you gu\ s best luck! Lastly. Mv- girlfriend. Melanie Tam. thank you for every- 
thing! All I can say is Lo\e You! I feel lucky to have such girlfriend like you. I 

will miss you a lot! Bye SMUS! ^^^^^^^ 

"Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about." 
-Oscar Wilde. Ladv Windermere's Fan, 1892. Act 1 

When I first arrived at SMUS 
halfway through grade 09, as a boarder in Bolton house, I found 
Tt quite difficult to adapt to a lifestyle that was completely different to the one 
that I was accustomed to. Three years later. I realize that this school and the help of my 
,' very supfKjrtixe parents has hel[>ed me become more involved and motivated to seek excellence 
I in school and outside of school activities, whereas before coming to SMUS. always doing average 
I seemed acceptable. Cheers to my friends for always being there for the great memories, thanks to 
I Horace, Chum, Aero, Justin, Charles. Rory, Georges. Ryan, Frank, Bill, Henning and the affiliates. To 
t those that I may have forgotten. I still have love for you all. To the girls of future grads, stay classy. 
■ A great thank you to all my teachers for putting up with me through the years, 1 know we've 
I had our share of great memories. To the boyZ of ' 1 1 , keep it real. And good luck to the JW 

^^^ gradclass of "10. 

As the First class of the First de- 
cade of the Third millennium, we owe ourselves Four things; 
one, wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own 
sunshine. Two, become not a man of success, but rather a man of value. Three, the fu- 
ture is promised to no one -your time is now. Four, may your dreams take you to the comers 
of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the 
most special places your heart has ever known. You are educated. Your certification is in your de- 
gree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative: 
think of it as your ticket to change the world. St. Michaels has prepared us well. Thank you 
to the rowing coaches, the caring teachers, the Pilot kids, the best friends, and for the 
lasting memories. In ten years, may your accomplishments make this yearbook 
a valuable item on EBay. 

Once upon a time there lived a girl 
named Mina. At the age of five, her parents sent her to the land 
of SMUS in the hopes that she would return a mature, and intelligent young lady. 
Little did she know that she was about to embark on a tremendous adventure. With he 
fantastic comrades, they had epic battles with fire-breathing teachers and treacherous teenage 
insecurities. She was lucky to have a guardian brother to guide her along the way and to have been a 
part of the ferocious band of gangsters, called the 2neups. Conquering each battle led to great trea- 
sure. Thirteen years later, Mina and her comrades" adventure draws near to an end. She would like 
her teachers to know that she appreciates their wicked, cniel, advising nature. Mina would like her 
friends to know that she truly appreciates them and that they were the highlight of the adven- 
ture. She wishes them the best in future adventures and a happily ever after. The End. 

I'm not going to thank SMUS for 
alffKe"vonderful times it has "provided" for me. How^eTI 
will thank all of my friends, and I guess my family, for making it as enjoyable 
as it has been. Also this provides me with an opportunity to give out any apologies that 
are overdue, I don't know what for, but Em sure that there are some people (girls) that are 
still mad at me for something. Good job, Grad X we had a lot of good times (parties) and there 
will be more to come Em sure. I have to say that I think all of us are looking forward to getting 
out of here although we might have to actually start doing some work. I tried not to give any 
"shout outs" but I feel obligated to give one to Ms. Brown so there you are. It's over. 

This school can be crazy some- 
times, but I've learned so much being here, both in the class- 
'foom and out. and I will never forget my time here. So here's to the good 
^ the crazy nights, and the e\en better fiiends: the ones that you can get mad at only for a 
short period of time because you have important stuff to tell them - Golf, Katherine, Kat, Syl, 
Mish, Lincoln, Andrew, Mue, just to name a few, you guys are amazing. You taught me how to 
live and how to get through anything, from sttipid boys to impossible exams, and I don't know what 
H^ would have done the last two years here at SMUS without you guys around. You helped me to be- 
come the person I am today. To my family - Mom, Dad, Daniel and Katherine, thank you so much 
for helping me along the way and being there for me whenever I needed you. We've all learned 

I and grown so much, and we've finally done it and graduated, so hold onto the nights and 
I hold onto the memories, I'll never forget you guys. ^^ 




Nine years, and 254.5 missed 
classes later (mostly excused), my high school days are over. 
Thank you to all my teachers who were always accommodating and eager 
to help, to my friends who helped make my time at high school so much fun. and 
especially to my parents who supported and paid for my education. High school has been a 
whirl of great memories. We had so many unforgettable moments at provincials for both Senior 
Badminton, and Senior Tennis. You guys are all incredible people. I had a great time traveling 
with everyone from Badminton Victoria to tournaments across Canada, and I know we will 
share even more experiences as the years progress. I wish all the grads the best of luck at 
uni\'ersiry. and hope we all meet again sometime in the near future. Peace out Grad X. 

^^^ When I came to SMUS in Grade 

-^^^^ 11,1 had planned to stay for one year only; I would learn 

i English and go back to Germany. But by the end of Grade 11,1 knew that I 

simply had to stay another year - a second year with great people in a great place. I 
want to thank my parents who made it possible that I could go to Canada. Thanks for giving 
me the opportunity to stay a second year. It was the right decision for sure. I want to thank all 
my friends, house parents, teachers and coaches for always being there when I needed them. You 
made this not just a unique experience for me, but also a fun time I never want to forget. To the 
boys ft-om Bolton, you became like brothers to me. I'll miss my second home next year! To 
the Tennis team. 1 had two amazing years with you. Have a great season in 201 1 . To the 
Grad Class, best of luck wherever you go! 

I cannot believe graduation day 
'has finally come, it's been a long thirteen years. Here I am 
^^ graduating as a iifer" from SMUS. SMUS has provided me with endless op- 
portunities in service, fine arts and academics. I have discovered my passion here at SMUS 
and for that I am thankfijl. To my parents and for their endless sacrifices, I am thankfiil, and now 
there are no excuses to forget that! Nik: In the past three years you have shown me most of what 
I have learnt: hard work, determination and sacrifice. I am forever grateful. The girls: all of you are 
extraordinary. Don't ever forget how amazing each of you is, don't ever underestimate your beauty, 
and don't forget that no matter how far away we are to one another, I will always be there. Boys: 
thanks for being there to knock some sense into me, for late night fist fights and for lessons I'll 
never forget. To the grads of 2010, keep your heads up high. Congratulations on making 
it this far. Good luck in the years to come! ^r 


Saying goodbye in 1000 characters 
does not allow room for all that I need to say, so I will keep it 
iort and concise. I will dearly miss my Bio Buds, Tommy the turtle. Dr. Era- 
ser's highly comedic Lit classes, my math teachers who successfully made me enjoy math, 
my house parents who have always stood by me and the ability to ride my bike outside in the 
winter. Buddy Buddy, thanks for two years of an enjoyable room-mate relationship and for always 
being, well, my Buddy Buddy. I leave behind all of my Timmis Tigers with great faith and expecta- 
tions that you will ne\er meow, but continue to roar, (I have people on the inside and I will know if 
you fail me). I am counting on you, Cousin, to spread the word about the 'Wood,' and then come 
visit me in the summer, (we can meet at the world's largest truck). It is cliche, but 1 have had the 
best three years of my life at SMUS, even if a tick attempted to ruin the first one. It is my ^^ 
sincere regret if I have lel^ you out but I have run out of ^ 

Only 3 years at SMUS. but they 
were great! Thanks to my teachers (you're all my favourites) 
and thanks to Bamacle/Winslow house parents for making boarding that much 
better (and for giving me the perfect roommate — love you Holly). Thanks to all my 
friends for making this year the best and for all of our boarding shenanigans! Thanks to 
Winslow girls for always being there for me whether it was boy troubles or getting ready for 
dances. Most importantly thanks to my parents for supporting me. Congratulations Grad 2010 
and good luck post-SMUS. "You must learn one thing; the world was made to be free in. /Give 
up all the other worlds except the one to which you belong." David Whyte 

I have spent three years at SMUS 
and I owe a lot to the school and what is has given me. It 
has given me the confidence to pursue my goals in life and allowed for me to 
experience things that I would never have been able to at any other school. I thank 
Mother and Grandparents for all the support they have given me during these three y qwsand 
I know that my time at SMUS has been well worth it. I would also like to say thank you to Mrs 
Tallboy-Gaul for her amazing dedication and concentration with me and with my studies. 

I remember perfectly the first 
day I came to SMUS, I was so nervous and shy, but as soon | 
I entered Symons house I felt like 1 was at home. Everyone was so nicel 
friendly. They were interested to know about my hometown and my interests. In no 
time I was part of the superstar family. SMUS has helped me in many ways to become the 
person I am today and it has been the best experience I've ever had in my life. Not only have 
I met people from all over the world, but 1 have made many close friends that will always have 
a special place in my heart. Without the constant support of my parents and sister, I know this 
amazing experience wouldn't have been possible. I love you and thank you! 

"Commencement speeches were invented largely in the belief 
that outgoing college students should never be released into the world unti 
they have been properly sedated." —Garry Trudeau 

"Be who you are and say what 
you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who 
matter don't mind." —Dr. Seuss 


I would like to start by saying 
thank you to all the teachers that have helped and encouraged 
me through my seven years at SMUS; I will never forget the kindness you 
have shown me. Thank you to my family for being behind me in every decision I have 
ever made, I love you. To the Class of 2010, follow your heart wherever it may take you. do 
not regret the decisions that you make, because you only get one chance at life so make the best 
of it! Until we meet again. 


The idea that something I write 
will be briefly immortalized in a somewhat published book is 
one of the great fears of my life. Over my 9 years at SMUS, my personality 
has changed so much I can't help but think 20 years from now I'll read this and feel 
less than great... but oh well, here it goes. The best friends of my life were met in this place. 
To you, you know who you all are, we've had some pretty unbelievable times here, some fuimy, 
some sad, some that were so totally unnecessary and some that were literally just unbelievable. I 
can acmally say that I can't imagine my life without you all. And. in reality, the fact that a dif- 
ferent reality seems unimaginable probably means it is in fact time to leave. Thanks all you 
SMUS people! For the most part I'll think of you fondly, and miss you all! And please, 
don't forget to save the pandas. 

The past 8 years at SMUS have 
been terrific. I've shared so many good times with so many 
good people. From the basketball trips to the concerts, this school has given 
me all I could have asked for. I will always remember the fond memories and the 
friends I have made. To all of the teachers who have guided me through their courses and 
made my learning experience unforgettable I say thank you. Just remember grads, your fami- 
lies are extremely proud of you, you can't imagine the sense of relief they are experiencing, this 
would be a most opportune time to ask for more money. Good Luck Grads of 2010! 

Firstly, thank you to my parents 
who sent me to SMUS and supported me through every obstacle 
that I faced. Secondly, to all the teachers at SMUS, I have whole-heartedly en- 
joyed evei^y lesson that you have taught me, both inside and outside the classroom. Amidst 
the stress caused by never-ending homework, cramming for tests, and trying to understand Phys- 
ics C are unforgettable experiences that I will carry with me throughout my life. The time I spent 
at SMUS wouldn't be the same if it weren't for my Asian gang. I will never forget the time we spent 
in Thailand, where we had UFC matches in our room. Thai massages with a happy ending, and of 
course, my walking through a mall in nothing but a Speedo for 100 baht. All the late-nighters spent 
playing mah-jong, gaming and arguing who is better at Halo didn't seem to be a waste of time 
after all. Grad X: Good luck to all of you. Ladies: keep in touch. 

I've been going to SMUS for 13 
years and now it's over. I'd like to thank a few special people 
for everything they have or haven't done over the years, my Mum and Dad, 
Gran, Papa, Dow, Huey and Duey, and Christian. To the rest of the people graduating 
this year I'd like to offer you my congratulations. Anyways, go have fun out there. ^ 

After seven years at SMUS - 
with seven years of alarai clocks that go off two hours'foo 
early, homework assignments that take longer than time spent in classes, and 
sports for hours a day, I know that I would not have been successful by myself. So 
thanks to all my friends who were always there for me and my teachers who tried to teach 
me everything I needed to know. My time at SMUS was not always well spent but it was never 
boring, so thanks for everything! 

These past four years at SMUS 
have gone by so fast now that I look back on it. tFevehtually all 
Becomes a blur, but it's the moments that you do remember that make life worth 
M living. I'll start off by saying that, without my parents none of this would have happened 
^k and without my teachers I probably would not be going to university. Trust me, I tried teaching 
^"myself it didn't work out. Many of you will probably remember me for the "creative comments" 
that 1 have made over the past few years such as "I dont move in anything over 20 degrees", "that's 
some man to man lovin" and "1 was expecting a laugh or two". I can safely say that the past few years 
at SMUS have been the best times of my life. From the out trips in outdoor leadership, to the pilot 
pi;ogram and the Gedi Knights, Daly experience homeroom. I also want to thank my friends 
I for making high school with them amazing. Hanging out at the beach and playing road 


hockey with the boys The times were unforgettable. 



Coming from Vancouver, one of 
my first thoughts when I came to SMUS in grade eight was, 
'Would there be any exciting things to do in this small city?" Before the first term 
was out, however, I was thoroughly happy with my decision to attend SMUS. My best 
memories are of the 3rd floor Crothall hallway, jazz nights, ski trips, sea kayaking, Saturday 
yearbook sessions with pizza, and of course, pit band. How could I ever forget the ginomious pro- 
ductions that we spent half our school lives on? Thank you to all the teachers who have always been 
supportive and have gone out of your way to help us achieve our best potential. Mom and Dad, thank 
you for paying for five years of ever-increasing tuition, and for guiding and supporting me in all the 
choices 1 made. Rachel, yeou-go-seng once, yeou-go-seng for lifetime! All that nonstop fish talk 
was insane. ..and sick. ..and crooked... Where would I find another friend like you to share 
all my treasures and babies with? Grad X, I wish you all the best in the future. 

My three years at SMUS went by much 
slower than I could have possibly imagined. .AUhough my three years 
were very tedious and full of consequences, such as FNP. Friday Gating, even Sunday Gat- 
ing, I had a lot of fun with my boarding friends. [Pukpuk302] man I will really miss some gaming man. 
Come on msn and we keep our gaining, [master \'oda] Yoda don't worry man. you look good enough w ithout 
reconstruction haha [YS.EulMS] sorry I feed all night long. I have a lot of fun doing some late night DOTA [love- 
hero777] hyung!! It was really great to lead Koreans with you. Keep up the fashion and teach your new Uni. Buddies 
how to dress hehe [Cragie] I can't imagine next year waking up with some other man but you. no homo, haha although 
I complained about man smell and the untidiness, you know I will miss you. [Brandon] it's okay you might be able to 
beat someone in DOTA or SC in University [Ke\ in] hyung I really do wish I was as Christian as you are. I feel so bad 
ruiming away from you haha but you know I love you right? [Winslow Sis] sumi nuna. shuteph and my winslow sis. 
don't miss my sleepovers too much. 1 will miss you all- [pumi] you are always welcome to transfer to Carnegie 
or visit me there. [Korean sis. bros] my sidabaridlc. OBBA loves you all, remember! [all my buddies] lets 
keep in touch! BoGoSipEulGguYa 

'Stram on your eyes, eh? hehehe ;) 

Jah Bless. I can't believe that it has 
already been 3 years since my first night in Barnacle house, and 
^ as I get closer to my last, I am more than ever grateful to my parents to not have 
listened to me and to have sent me to SMUS. I also would like to thank my sister for hav- 
ing been always close to me during good and bad times. I wish u the best! I am also especially 
thankful to Mr. Jackson and Mr. Hall for helping me to adapt to SMUS and who have always been 
of great support and comprehension during my tough times. Boarding life had its very many highs and 
few lows. Coming from a place with blue skies, cold "cervesas" and beautiful girls my experience at 
SMUS was surprisingly not bad. In fact it was great even though I never really said that out loud. 
I know deep inside that the change it had on me will reflect itself throughout my entire life. I ^ 
hope to keep in touch with everybody, especially my Barnacle brothers who have been ■ 

like a family to me. Big up Barnacle I will not forget you guys! Good luck to 
all grad X. "Pura vida". 

"^^^^^^^^^^To the Croatian, Jamaican, Sa- 

moan, pair of Germans and even a few Canadians. We did it "big 
liere it counts." Jure, thanks for always ridin" dirty. Some times in Whistler I 
wish we could remember Reid, and others., well... Mike, "it's so damn eazy being sleezy." 
\o my dearest Alex, when I see you in the quad it reminds me of a romantic novel cover, riding 
^orse into the distant sun with your long luscious locks and open shirt flowing in the warm Cay- 
man wind. Marc, stay salty. Tycho and Tom, there's nothing Pg-13 that I can say in this write up 
to sum up all the good times we've had, but 1 can say that those were the ones that made me enjoy 
wearing the uniform. To all the ladies, "if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it." Sophie, 
stay beautiful. Mother, 1 will always love you and father I will always love you as well.... 1 just 
hope you will always love me. Thousand thank yous for everything. "Don't do drugs, ^ 

don't have unprotected sex, don't be violent. Leave that to me." - Marshall ^ -r 

Mathers 111 ^^ 

The past thirteen years have gone 
by in a whirlwind of friends, homework, laughter and row- 
ing! My two years at SMUS have provided me with countless opportunities 
to challenge myself and to pursue my passions. To my family, thank you for always 
believing in me and helping me to accomplish all my goals. I really couldn't have done it 
without you. To the crew, thank you for your friendships, always pushing me to be my best and 
being there no matter what. To Wonny, thank you for an amazing grad year and bringing a smile 
to my face every day. To the teaching staff and to my outstanding coaches, Mrs. Walker Curry, 
Mr. Curry and Mrs. Hall, thank you for your dedication and unwavering support over the 
past two years. 


My Nana drops me off, helps me 
unpack, and drives away. There I was sixteen years old in a new 
city, a new school, and not a clue about who anyone was. It was scary. I have 
to be honest; I think I cried every day for a month before I got over the shock of SMU 
Grade 1 1 started out tough and just got tougher My classes were hard, 1 missed my mom, and 
I lived in a building with forty screaming girls. Oh the joy! Grade 12 however was one of the best 
years of high school I have ever had. I made awesome friends, became a prefect in Timmis, and did 
well in school. I think when I'm older I will look back on my times at school and remember when 
Karen lit the dryer on fire, my great roommates, or when we slept over in the common room and 
told ghost stories. I will remember the good times, and all the laughs I have shared. SMUS has 
sure given me a lot: forty sisters, an understanding of university, and rid me of homesick- 
ness. Thank you SMUS for giving me this spectacular opportunity. 

"Don't be afi-aid to take a big 
step if one is indicated; you can't cross a chasm in two smal 
jumps." —David Lloyd George 


Firstly, a big thanks to my parents 
for sending me to SMUS and allowing me to take advantage of 
all the oppormnities presented to me. Colton, enjoy the rest of your time in high 
school because it goes by fast; I will miss finally being on the same campus as you! Love 
you! To my teachers, thank you for EVERYTHING! J. Eraser, you know I could go on forever, 
but the entire Lit class is going to miss you terribly! Expect fi-equent emails fi-om us (probably about 
nothing, because we are "all just white noise" haha). Tell A.J. when I come back he best be ready 
[for yet another rematch of some Super Smash Bros. Mrs. Abrioux, I will miss my home, a.k.a. your 
classroom, so much. I now know that BIG MISTAKES call for BIG ERASERS, and even though 
my magic math was challenging at times, please remember, "I was just trying to communicate 
with you!" Nothing was better than your lunchtime parties! Mrs. Hall, you are just amaz- ^^ 
ing, I will miss you! And to my friends, you know I could write pages and 
pages: I love you guys more than anything!! 

These past 5 years at SMUS 
have been phenomenal. All the valuable experiences I was 
able to make during my time in SMUS will stay with me even as 1 move on 
to the next step of my long journey. Great thanks to my lifer buddies Gedward Lee, 
Prodowan Stewart, and Henry Zhang the "dambs". The most valuable gift I gained in SMUS 
was during my 9th and 10th grade where I met my buddies who will remain as best friends the 
rest of my life. David, Burals, Patrick, Joseph, Kevin, WY the Yadong, Gay Ho, Gedward, Jeer, 
Carlos "wanna be Jin" I won't forget the great memories including Friday night prep and Dots 
nights we had. Oh yeah! I almost forgot: Won yup please stop watching Yadong when you go 
to University haha. I wish you all best in the future! Sarang Han Da! 

I first came to SMUS in Grade 
10, and like many sixteen year-olds, I thought I was "old 
enough" to take on the world by myself and do whatever I wanted. However, 
I soon realized that I still had many lessons to learn and niles to follow. Throughout 
my next three years at SMUS, I learned many of those lessons, some the hard way. Now, I 
can honestly say that after my time at this school, I am leaving as a more mature, well-rounded 
person, thanks to my friends, teachers, and everyone in Bolton house. I would also like to give a 
very special thanks to my parents and my little sister for not only supporting me when I made 
good choices, but more importantly for helping me through my bad ones. I am now ready to 
take on the next stage of my life, knowing that I still have much to learn and many chal- 
lenges to face. Best of luck to the grad class of 2010. Peace. 

Although I am really excited to 
leave high school and move on... I will miss you guys and I 
hope someday we will meet up in the future. Janine, I have been friends with 
you for forever (since Grade 5!) and I will definitely not forget our most hyper mo- 
ments in middle school. Emma, thanks for helping me and listening to all of my complain- 
ing!! Stacie, there are too many things I could say here... but I hope that one day we will pwn 
those "SAGS" (beat "those people") at the drop in. And go to McDonalds every day. Michael, 
don't worry, we will continue our interesting adventures with Ross and ClaremontAJVIC people 
when we go back to visit Victoria. Helen and Candice, you better lead SMUS Baddy stars to 
win provincials next year!! Robbie, Good luck, I hope you can live up to the standards 
of the first bom child. ^ 


I wanted to go to boarding school 
^^ ever since I can remember and the two years I have spent at 

, ^^ SMUS have exceeded all my expectations. Arriving in Victoria was a massive 

culture shock: I actually had to buy a pair of jeans and shoes other than flip flops! The first 
winter I was at SMUS was the year with the massive (massive for Victoria at any rate) snowfall. 
It was my first time in snow and it was fantastic! I have learned so much - including how to ski, how 
to open a combination lock, and that I talk in my sleep. I'll remember the good times on out-trips, and 
all those movie nights (and everything I've learned in class, of course!) I'd just like to thank all my 
teachers for being so dedicated and inspiring, my house-parents for all the delicious cookies, my 
parents for all their support (and for paying the fees!), and my friends for all the laughs we've 
had together during the last two years. I wish you all the best in the fiiture. 


Taken a long time, but finally done! Peace! 

SMUS has given so many memo- 
ries in the past five years and I would like to thank everyone g 
who has endured my presence for so long. Henry, we will finally move from Ulro 
to Buelah! Hisham the Malay Gorilla, maybe one day you can triumph over the Chinese 
Panda! Joe, you will never beat me at 21. ..never.. .so just give up. Winston, perhaps one day 
we can save Namia again. Bianca, your Richard is awesome to say the least. Please don't unleash 
its destructive powers onto this world. Keer Mei, the Chinese Panda Master of Juxtaposition, let us 
derive again sometime in the future! Rowy, you will always be my favourite hobbit. Vikrum, I finally 
believe, but Vm not going to jiggle... Jasmine, you are a master at Bejewelled. I bow down at your 
feet in reverence. Ching Pmg, I want to play DJ MAX! To my wonderful girlfriend Melody: If 
I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say "I 
love you." Alright, that's all I have to say. See you kids later Peace out. 

Dear Saint Michaels: 
In these past four years, our relationship has had its up and 
downs, but it's been a real experience. Thank you for letting me leave my bag 
wherever I want, unattended, for days at a time. It has helped me a lot since I tend to 
be pretty forgetful; but don't worry, I will never forget the way your brick paths don't line 
up with your buildings, the wonderful teachers like Mr Cook you have introduced me to, and 
the 'glim' experiences we've had together. Thank you for Anna, for Montreal, and for Motony. 
I think you and I both know that what we had was good, but it's time we go our separate ways. 
Keep in touch, peace love and Langford. 


I have been at SMUS for 12 
years and just like the term "Lifer" says, SMUS has become 
a big part of my life. But then again, it is a school, and I could not have made 
it through without the help of each and every teacher, from Junior School to Senior 
School. To all my teachers, thank you for giving up your time for our learning. To Mom, 
Dad, and to Nikki, thank you for the continuous support you gave me, I love you all. I would 
also like to thank the Farisli'McCloskey residence for letting me randomly appear at your house 
just to leave you with a giant grocery list. To the guys and girls I call friends, thanks for all the 
good times and I know there will be more laughs to come. To the boys I promise I'll stick to 
that salt free diet. Over the years the people that I have met and the fiiends I have made,^ 
have shaped me into who I am today: Mierc. 


Fm trying to come up with 1000 
words to describe my past two years at SMUS. As you may 
understand, this is not an easy task for me, as my English vocabulary is probably 
less than 1000 words. Thank you teachers, for making me aim higher and dream bigger. 
To both my Sammy's (Green and Davis), thanks for always being there for me when I needed 
you the most, 1 love you guys. Clare Bear, you're amazing, I love you and will always be there for 
you. Natasha. I'm so glad we had each other, I love you my mexiiii. To Mommy Murt, I love you and 
I am fore\er grateful for all your time and effort, thanks for sticking with me through good and bad. 
To the Klenzes. you guys are and will always be my second family, I love you. Danielle, JJESSS, 
you, life without you will ..suck. Thanks for being silly and always having a way of making me 
laugh, my time with you is unforgettable. Finally, Mom and Dad, you are my everything, 
I couldn't have done it without you, you are the bestest - never ever forget that! 
Grad X, congratulations! 

Thank you! Thank you to all 
people who made this time so memorable: my friends, teachers, 
coaches, house parents, teammates and classmates. Thank you to all Harvey guys 
and Symons girls, some of you I will never forget and I can't imagine my two years here 
without you! As Cicero said: "Fife is nothing without friendship." Thank you to my roommate 
Ingemar, it's been an awesome time and Fll have many good memories. We had the best room 
ever!! Thank you, my German friends, it's been a great time with you - Prost! Thank you, Fiv, for 
being the great person you are and making things so easy in even.' aspect! Thank you to my sisters for 
being there and sometimes getting my head straight. ;) That also counts for the person who was like 
a sister for me the last year (you know who you are). A big THANK YOU to my parents and 
my grandma who made these two years possible. You've always been there for me and 
supported me when 1 needed you! "It takes a couple seconds to say Hello, but 
forever to say Goodbye." 

"If opportunity doesn't knock, 
build a door." —Milton Berle 

Ten months, in retrospect, isnT 
really that long; luckily, my brief stay at SMUS was over-stuffed 
^ith friends and memories. At times it was a little too much to handle - the 
theatre society tumble in chapel, my altercation with a drunk guy on the bus. Fooking 
back, though, I only have good memories. I'll never forget; the fashion video and my shiny 
red jacket; Purple Garden with Squid and Rebeck; Matching Mean Girls word-for-word with the 
Timmisians; AP Gossip with J-Fras [sorry about Young Young!]; My two-dollar children, Snooki and 
J-Woww, with Celina; acting all hood-mama on the travelling church with Polsky; Seven AM Ali 
Baba, post Gaga with Miss Murphy; Evenings and lunch hours in the Grind with Ms McCachen 
and T. Young; vanilla pudding; missing the bus with Priya and Selby; Booty SMUS planning 
seshes with Ms Mina; and the Satan chair room 314. Much love to the hipster crowd and 
my family in Bolton/Timmis. I'll never forget any of you! Glory to Falkor and 
the Skull of Regret. 

My life has changed since I came 
to SMUS. Before I came to SMUS, I was a day student who 
lived in China and spoke Chinese every day. Therefore, the first year at SMUS 
was a huge shift for me. I had to speak English and write in English every day. In addition, 
ife in boarding is not easy, especially being far away from home. 
However, it has been a great two years at SMUS and 1 have learned a lot from it. To my family, 
thank you for supporting me and giving me every opportunity possible. To my teachers, thank you 
for givmg me so much inspiration and making me feel comfortable in a different culUire. To all my 
friends, thank you for giving me such a good and unforgettable time, especially Lynn Zhang and 
Serena Zhang, thank you for making me feel home since we are from the same city, and sup- 
porting me all the time! 

I wish you all the best of luck! Congrats, Grad 10! 

My time at SMUS has been an 
incredible life-changing experience. When I arrived at SMUS 
in grade six, I was young, timid and scared, and I didn't know anyone. Now, 
I have a group of amazing friends and supportive teachers, plus so many wonderfu 
memories of all the good times we have had together. Despite mountains of homework^ 

embarrassing moments, and super-busy weekends, my time at SMUS could not have been 
better. To my friends: it wouldn't have been the same without you! I am so lucky to have friends 
like you, and 1 will never forget you. To my family— without the support you have given me, I 
would not be where I am today. To the grad class of 2010, best of luck and take care! 

As I prepare to continue forward 
in the real world, I am often reminded of how lucky T wasl 
go to this school. My years at the school have brought me many great experi- 
ences and an abundance of amazing opportunities. It was a privilege that I am gratefiil 
for. To my fellow grads, make the most of your opportunities, work hard, and good luck. To 
the teachers, thank you for all the support throughout the years. To my friends and family, thank 
you for helping me towards my dreams. 


er all the tremendous expe- 
riences that I have had in my six years at the school, I am 
somewhat disappointed to realize that this chapter of my life is coming to'an 
As much as I have learned in the classroom, it was also the experiences such as 
hiking the West Coast Trail, or skiing in Manning Park, that have developed me into the 
lerson that I am. No doubt, the weekends and nights spent studying were difficult, but it makes 
,e proud to have overci,-me things so challenging. To my parents, at times I thought that what 
ou were pushing me towards was unreachable, but in reality this was all part of me seeing my 
true potential. And talk about having a perfect role model, Katty, you have also helped me 
take on new challenges that I previously would not have considered. SMUS has been a 
perfect foundation, and I am gratefiil for the support at the school that has been 
there for me. 

Finally the end of high school 
life. 4 years in SMUS was a great experience. Stacie,great 
memory in gr. 101 SERIOUS. Golf.So? I'm not going. Rachel W.can I have 
some chicken wings. Frank C,zou nin tou. Cologne.yes I want her fat. Elaine, stop looking 
at ftinny pics.Murphy,keep on being T.AliceW.Iil'sis I will miss can do it!Johnson,the 
can't fall asleep apartment.thank voulWayneL.CalvinC.Shinya.I can't believe SMUS is boring with- 
out you. \'annie,Gennain.Carol.Brenda.HenryZ. SMUS is different without you. Sandy ah biu.SMUS 
IS never the same. I wouldn't survive through it without you. Thank you mommy and daddy! 
Candy.Patrick: you guys rock,and I am the shortest in the family. And last, thank you M baby, for 
everything. 1226.1 will never forget, ily. For all my other friends, you know who you are; thanks 
for everything. Love you all! 

Good luck. Grad 20IO,we did it! 

Symons House has been my home 
for the past three years, and all I can say is 1 love that place! To 
all my house parents, thanks for being so amazing in every aspect and putting up 
with me! I'm going to miss you all so much! Stacie. Musu. Brenna, Mel, Sammy: What 
can I say, you guys made my high school life so much fun I will never forget it, not even if I get 
Alzheimer's! Thanks so much for everything you guys have done for me! Rowan, Ingemar, Sam, 
Carlos, Henry, Aidan: Boarding would be coinpletely different without you guys around! Will defi- 
nitely miss the Oak Bay trips and us hanging out in the foyer at random times! Tyler. Kate, Sunwoo: 
Good luck with musical! You guys are going to do an incredible job, I just know it! Mr. Gauthier: 
I've learnt so much from working with you in the past 3 years, it's something I will always trea- 
sure! All you guys, thanks so much for being there, and I honestly hope our friendships 
will last through the years. Grad 2010. good luck in the future! 

is clear the rutiire noias great opportunities. IfaTsb holds 
pitfalls. The trick will be to avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities, and get 
back home by six o'clock." —Woody Allen 

SuMi, 3 great years, 4 more' 
Love you! Haha Pumi, keep in touch! Call me anytime when 
"u need me. I will always be there for you. Xiaotian, I will miss you so much? 
The border line can't separate us! In fact, only 4 hours of driving. Abigail, let's hope our 
' msn conversation is not only about food. Christine, good luck on your universities ne.xt year and 
don't forget to call me in Korea. My barnacle boys, Patrick, Jae ho, Wonyup! Have fun next year 
and good luck! And Angel, I saved you till the last. I will miss you so much! Hope you and I both get 
the single room next year. . . Our three years of great times together, I will never forget. I would like 
to thank Ms. Skinner, Ms. Rajotte, Mr. Marchand, Ms. Eraser and all my teachers for everything 
you've taught me. I learned so much from you. Thank you mom and dad for giving me this 
incredible opportunity and supporting me through everything! 

For years now I have been count- 
ing down the days until my graduation from high school, but 
now that it's finally here, it's quite a shock. 1 find it hard to believe that my 
thirteenth year at SMUS has come to a close. So far my entire life has revolved around the 
school. SMUS not only provided me with an education, it also gave me the opportunity to get 
involved in sport, make friends, go on outdoor trips and so much more, all in an environment where 
my family was close enough to offer me support when I needed it. 1 feel confident about my future 
because I know SMUS has prepared me extremely well. My high school experience may not have 
been perfect, but I certainly can't complain! I've had thousands of memorable moments thanks to 
the school. I'd like to thank all the amazing people that helped make high school such a smooth 
journey for me: teachers, all of my close friends and especially my family. Thank you all 
so much for helping me become who I am today, 1 love you all! 

I had been quite excited before 
I came to SMUS, not for the 'higher learning" which our ■"— 

headmaster drills through our heads, but for the hope of a great time. My 
brother attended the school until the year I joined. He would constantly tell stories of 
his fun with friends on various trips and occasions. These stories I hoped for, as mucl yas I 
liked hearing his, I wanted to one day tell my own, and now I have reached that point where I 
can look back to some pretty amazing experiences. The Ecuador trip was spectacular, lots of 'fun 
facts.' Thanks for such a great trip, guys, and I hope to cross paths again in the future. I will 
always cherish how much my parents believed in me; without them I would have crashed. 
Most importantly, I thank my brother Jason. You wished me luck in the senior school; 
seeing the success you have become truly motivated me to push harder. 

Now, since I only have 1000 
characters to describe my two years of experience here. 1 will 
not be using any subjects, objects or adjectives, so please indulge me for the next 
nvo minutes. . . April 2008, CAIS Conference, decided to leave my old school, oh wow, 
there are girls here? Barnacle House, Mr. G, DJ for the first dance, blew a circuit. West Side 
Story, first Valentine's day at co-ed school. Chinese New Year chapel, performances with Vaughn. 
April 25th. fashion show. Mt. Tolmie, Lit 12. epic fail. Ms. Humer's choir class, last SMUS dance, oh 
June. Back in September, grade 12! Service Council, Chapel Team, grade 9 conference. Miss Saigon, 
what's that I smell in the air, the American Dream? Five performances, glad I came to a school with 
girls, deferred from Georgetown, applied again, got rejected, going to McGill, 1 guess. Grad X 
fashion show, the chairs in front of Barnacle and Winslow. might not have enough ath- 
letic hours to graduate, ah well, thank you all, really I mean it, especially you. 

Many thanks to all my teachers, 
without you guys, I would never got into some of the most 
prestigious universities in the world. Thank you to all my friends who support- 
ed me throughout those three years. After all. 1 want to thank my mother for her hard 
work keeping me on track during some of the most difficult times in Grade 12. Without her, 
I would have never achieved what I have today. Now, it is time for me say bye to those wonder- 
ful times: the poker nights in Har\'ey with Keer's continuous generosity in donating chips, the 
calculus retreat at Michael's house, the one-on-one basketball action with Murphy, the amazing 
"fairway trip" in my giant black Toyota 4Ruiiner. Thank you SMUS for everything. 

At first it was hard for me to 
leave my life and come to SMUS. but from lg"s to" 
*■* can't say I've regretted it since. The memories that I have made in these past 

four years will surely be some of the fondest of my life. I'll never forget being killed 
on Pender, roadie at Braefoot. fitting and lawsoooning. going up top or just banging along in 
the tray. To all the characters that I've had the honor of calling my friends over the years, thank 
you. You've made my time here at SMUS exceptional. Mom and Dad, the guidance and care that 
you've given me have made me who I am today, I love you. The knowledge and values that this 
school has instilled in me will follow me into the distant future. 
Stay classy grad 2010 'cause you can bet I will. 










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1 . Andy Sung. Carlos Angeles, 
Da\ id Park 

2. Rebecca Mulroney 

3. Bianca Ip, Winston Chou 

4. Oliver Brooks 

5. Dancing 

6. Lisa Evans 

7. Emily Mulroney, Justin Zoraik 

8. Wilson Wong, Kristin Song. Jae 

Ho Lee. Ayaka Shinozuka 

9. Leanne Wood, Emma Wilson- 

10. Su Mi Kim, Won Yup Song 

1 1 . Giuliana Bianco. Ciara Glen 

12. Portia Bekes. Joe Shan 

13. Sydney Stockus, Emma Abri- 
oux, Janine Hsu 



Alexandra Portia Bekes 

Oliver Brooks 

Maxwell Considine 

Laura Dale 

Travis Denley 
Lisa Evans 

Claire Jackson 


Nicolas Klak 

Tycho Mommsen-Smith 

Mina PhaisaltantiwongS 

Genna Purcell 


James Sharp 

Marc van der Wal 
Jamie Yorath 

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"Che 2009-2010 QPcmm 
team would like to sap thair' 
pou to a Jm people who helped 

out in a speeial wap in the 

produetion of this peat's book. 

(^irst, thanks to A^rehana 

^illapfor her^eat eopef 

idea. Q&eeond, thanks to 

oUr. &hris (^ateman, who 

made the eover idea come to fl 

Ife ^"Chird, thanks to a few 

dedicated photo^aphers who 

hare provided manp of the 

photos that appear in this book, 

(S^rin A^nderson, Q^ake 

Q^umphries, and oWke 





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