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in 2015 

Toronto, Ontario 



In Marcl) 19X2, an archilcct was conmiissioncd lo do a 
feasibility study tor the constrnclion ot a new Science 
Wing at Branksonie. Although we had dilficuily in 
obtaining a demolition permit, we said goodbye to Scolt 
House in late spring 1983, and hello to the beginning of 
the new Science Wing. During the summer, the skeleton 
was built. Construction continued until the new labs 
were ready for classes on November twenty-second. By 
that time, the building was entirely closed in and 
renovations on the old science labs were well underway 
and completed by the March Break. In the spring, the 
landscaping of the "quad" was done. The "quad" is 
the enclosed area between the new Science Wing and the 
body of the school. In it were put trees, grass, benches 
and walkways for students to sit, talk, and relax. On 

May second, the new Science Wing was officially 
opened by the Honourable .l(;hn Aird, Lieutenant 
Ciovernor ol Ontario. I he new Science Wing was 

Many people worked very hard to make the new Science 
Wing a success, not the least of which is Miss Roach 
who initiated the project, Mr. Sharpe who oversaw the 
project from start to finish, and the construction 
workers who built it. Thanks to everyone who made the 
new Science Wing a reality from idea, to planning, to 
building, to opening. 

Emily Stephenson 


Mechanical & Electrical H.H. ANGUS & Assocwts ub. 


This has been a year of significant change for 
Branksomc Hall. The most noticeable is, of course, 
the acquisition of our new science labs, and the 
resulting attractive quadrangle which enhances the 
appearance of our school. Although we have 
refurbished and reconstructed our properly before, 
the science wing is the first new building since the 
former science labs were built in 1956. 

This year marks the arrival of our long awaited 
instrumental music program - in grade 7 this year, 
but expanding to grades 8 and 9 in September 1984. 
And we are pleased with the addition of our two large 
music rooms to accommodate both the instrumental 
and vocal programmes. 

The school's timetable and courses have been ad- 
justed to enable more students than before to move 
more quickly through the high school curriculum, a 
major change, for the choice between a four and five 
year programme will demand careful thought and 
wise decisions from parents and students. 

Not all change is welcome, however. In June we will 
say goodbye to a great friend of the school, our Dean 
of Residence, Mrs. Lloyd. Branksome has always 
been fortunate in the number of people who have 
been willing to work tirelessly for her with care and 
love and good humour. Mrs. Lloyd is one of them 
and we will miss her constant gentleness and warmth. 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank 
all the girls of the school, particularly the 1984 
graduates, for making this another happy year at 

Allison Roach 


A yearbook is meant to serve as a tangible represen- 
tation of the school year. However it should not only 
record the teams, clubs and events, but also capture the 
spirit and essence of school life. This is the intention of 
SLOGAN 1984. 

In keeping with the many changes that have taken place 
within the school over the past year, the yearbook has 
changed as well. Perhaps the most obvious changes are 
the divider pages and cover. Rather than using 
photographs, we have decided to use the talents of some 
of Branksome's art students. Ruth Beatty's drawings, 
although cartoons, accurately capture many of 
Branksome's different personalities. Jennifer Kim's 
graphic introduction to the Art and Literary section 
provides contrast to the lighter side of the book. 

Another significant change occurred in the presentation 
of the staff pictures. A new section was added, entitled 
"Academics". This section not only includes depart- 
ment pictures of the staff, but also candids of students 
and teachers both in and out of the class. We have 
focussed more sharply on academics, realizing after all 
that they are the "raison d'etre" behind the Branksome 

All of these changes in structure have been enhanced by 
the many new layout ideas that have been used 
throughout the book. These ideas are results of the 
clever planning and creativity of Ruth Beatty and Emily 
Stephenson. Section editors, Theresa Hoefenmayer, 
Marci Hartill, Kathy Kendall and Jennifer Kim, not 
only collected and organized the material required for 
their sections, but did the layout as well. 

Despite recessive business conditions, Valerie Korinek 
persevered, not only filling the required number of 
advertising pages, but eventually turning people away. 
Our photography staff of Sally Pitfield, Sheila Ross, 
Vicky Peters and Andrea Dinnick took hundreds of 
terrific pictures, enabling us to include more candid 

As you can see, the production of SLOGAN 1984 has 
been the coUaberated effort of many different people 
with a variety of talents. We, the staff, feel that this past 
year has been a vintage one that SLOGAN 1984 will 
allow you to remember and enjoy for years to come. 

Martha Paisley 

Martha Paisley 
Emily Stephenson 
Ruth Beatty 
Sally Pitfield 
Sheila Ross 
Vicky Peters 
Andrea Dinnick 
Valerie Korinek 
Theresa Hoefenmayer 
Marci Hartill 
Kathy Kendall 
Jennifer Kim 
Mrs. S. MacGregor 
Mrs. M. Roe 
Mrs. A. Gray 

Back Row: Mrs. Roe, Mrs. MacGregor, Mrs. Gray, Middle 
Row: Kathy Kendall, Martha Paisley, Ruth Beatty, Theresa 
Hoefenmayer, Jennifer Kim, Front Row: Sally Pitfield, Marci 
Hartill, Sheila Ross, Valerie Korinek. 

Mr. Ball 
Charlene Knaggs 


With aching thighs and 
sweaty backs our 
Branksome girls once 
again chmbed to victory 
over their worthy op- 
ponents - B.S.S., 
Havergal, St. Clements. 
Much bravo and general 
cheering to those girls in 
each grade who "kept 
the side up." 


To honour those of outstanding 
personal virtue Branksome Hall has 
devised its own unpretentious version 
of the Academy Awards. This gala 
affair consisted of all the wacky, tacky 
and most spirited of BHS. The whole 
affair was first class, white table cloths 
and flowers. The modest menu 
consisted of hamburgers barbecued by 
the chieftains. 

The dress was bizarre, the awards even 
more so, and we hope the tradition is 
carried on. 


What else but nearly 400 young 
men IN KILTS would bring so 
many Branksome girls to school, 
not only on a Sunday, but in 
uniform? As is the custom, the 
St. Andrew's Cadets assembled 
in front of Sherborne, preparing 
lor their inspection. 
I he corps then marched along 
Ml. Pleasant to St. Paul's for a 


Leaving the snow in Toronto, we headed north in search of even 
colder weather. We were shocked to find that when the train 
stopped in Cochrane, our hair turned white and the hair in our 
noses stuck together when we breathed in. Our second train, the 
Polar Bear Express, took us to Moosonee. 

We spent our stay visiting many interesting places which included: 
the weather station, the police headquarters, a high school, an art 
studio, a museum and finally we crossed the ice at the tip of James 
Bay to visit Moose Factory Island. We all had an enjoyable trip. 
Mrs. Gray saw some interesting birds, Mrs. Simpson - some art, 
Mr. Ball - his old students, and the rest of us - a chance to see a 
different way of living. 

- Hayley Av Ruskin 




■ ■/■UK 







This year's "Evening of the 
Arts" was approached quite 
differently. The events were 
divided into two nights. On 
one evening the fashion and 
synchro shows were held and a 
week or two later the art show 
and Spring Concert took 

On May 17th, the evening 
began with a dessert party 
given for the Grade Thirteen 
classes. Immediately af- 
terwards the guests went to 
Rosedale Presbyterian Church 
where the Senior and Chamber 
Choirs performed a lovely 
program which included solos 
by Christel Helwig, Ainsley 
Moore, Barbara Ward and 
Jennifer Wilkes. At the end of 
the concert everyone was 
invited back to Branksome to 
see the Art Show. The entire 
evening was a wonderful 

Many thanks must be given to 
those who worked so hard to 
put it together. 


It was a time to relax and sprawl across the newly 
green grass which swathed the lower field. The 
season was still quite cool so the unathletic 
majority huddled in their sweaters and thin jackets 
while those of a more sporting disposition fiercely 
defied the cold in shorts and assorted colourful 

hall-day of freedom lolled about on the grass 
signing yearbooks, talking, or lazily watching the 
events. Needless to say, the day was not filled with 
any spectacular revelations. Darcy Bett and Carol 
Hood swept up most of the honours. The three- 
legged race was the most popular in terms of 
participating contestants. 

The serious competitors limbered and stretched 
their muscles, twisting and lunging in order to give 
their best performance and perhaps win an honour 
at the upcoming Prize Day. 

Those who simply wished to linger over the sweet 

Sports' Day is one of the highlights of the school 
year - the beginning of spring, the winding up the 
last school term and a chance for the athletes to 
test their strides and the spectators to conserve 


5a^. hay 1^ 



The Arts' Festival was 
once again a tremendous 
success. The Fashion 
Show was produced 
solely by the Grade 12s 
and was delightful. The 
Synchro Show included 
routines performed by 
girls from both the 
Junior and Senior 

Many thanks and much 
appreciation must be 
given to those involved. 


Despite dismal forecasts, the day 
of the Senior Graduation could 
not have been more beautiful. 
Janice Loudon gave a very 
touching and inspiring 
valedictory speech. After the 
ceremony the grads, students and 
guests retired to the traditional 
garden party where popsicles and 
brownies were abundant. 



Alumnae Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Junior School Tally Chamberlin 

Stephanie Telfer Memorial Prize for School Enthusiasm Hilary Wells 

Parents Association Prize for Outstanding New Girl in the Junior School Susan Laine 

Public Speaking Grades 1 , 2 and 3 Nicole Hawke and Jeaneiic Seymour 

Public Speaking Grades 4, 5 and 6 Yasmin Abdullah 

Essay Competition: Grades 5 and 6 Yasmin Abdullah 

Essay Competition: Grades 7 and 8 Jennifer Griffiths 

The Grace Morris Craig Prize for Art in Grade 7 Caroline Shier 

The Bone Memorial Prize for French in Grade 8 Anne Roe 

Religious Education in Grade 8 Tara Blakely 


Grade 1 Daphne Nesbitt 

Grade 2 Alexandra Cragg 

Grade 3 Lisa Le Francois 

Grade 4 Michelle McKinnon 

Grades Jennifer Kerbel 

Samantha McLaren 
Grade 6 Yasmin Abdullah 

Grade 7R8 Susan Laine 

Grade 7R9 Jennifer Griffiths 

Grade 7R10 Helga Martinez 

Grade 8 R3 Adrienne Soles 

Grade 8R4 Gabrielle Mclntire 

Grade 8R7 Mary Hermant 


Swimming Under 1 1 Champion Victoria Murray Junior School 

Swimming Junior Champion Rebecca Moore Eraser 

Sports Day, Under 1 1 Susanne Currie Fraser Award to the 

Sports Day Junior Champion Sarah Chappie chieftain, Stephanie 

Tennis Junior Singles Shelagh Grant Garrow 

Participation Pins Vanessa Avruskin, Lisa Brown, Amy Fritz, Senior School 

Robin Hopkins, Margot Humphrey, Joanna Kirkland, Ross 

Danielle Kuczer, Catherine MacNaughton, Claire Prendergast McLeod Award to the 

chieftain. . . . M. Hartill 

The Donald Falconer Cup Martha Wilson 


Art: The F'ippa Harris Memorial Prize Jennifer Kim 

The School Prize in Latin Marcia Hartill 

Outstanding Achievement in Grade 9 Lisa Gelinas 

Outstanding Achievement in Grade 10 Louise Dempster 

Outstanding Achievement in Grade 11 Jane Leckey 

Essay Competition in Grades 9 and 10 Lisa Gelinas 

Essay (. ompeiition in Grades 11,12 and 13 Sarah Wiley 

The Dorothy Misener Tcskey Bursary in Family Studies Ana Blowes 

The F.unice M. CoiUls Pri/c for Outstanding Conlribulion to Music Jennifer Wilkes 

llic l.ocwen, Ondaaijc, McCtilcheon Prize for Encouragement of I,ove of Scholarship . . . Pamela van Straubenzee 

l'i()|_M(.-ss Kalliryn Hurrcll 

C Oiilribulion lo Life in Residence, Kathleen Ci. Shaw Memorial Shobha Chandiramani 

Library Service Diane Paihy 

Service lo the Dehaiiiii,; Society Lama Loewen, Calhcriiic Temclcoff 

lixcelleiice in Debaiing Susan Morris 

Service lo the Drama Club Theresa Hoelenmayer, Mariha McCarthy 

Service lo the Slogan lanice Loudon 

Service lo ihc Kill Press l oi yllackell 

Sor\ice to the Bcia Kappa Catherine Newman 

Scr\ iee to the Opheleo lill Curtis, Lindsay Cllassco 

i he Parents Assoeiaiion for the Outstanding New Girl in the Senior Sehool Kathryn Kendall 

The C arter-Ledingham Prize for Contribution to the Senior Sehool Susan Morris, Janice Wi ight 

Nahid Ahmad 
Caroline Amardeil 
Wendy Buchanan 
Elizabeth Burrows 
Anna Chan 

Catherine Corbetl 
Jill Curtis 
Christel Helwig 
Patricia Lee 
Janice Loudon 
Erika Ness 

Catherine Tc n i e I e o f f 
Pamela van Straubenzee 
Julia Weinstein 
Kelly White 
Martha Wilson 
Janice Wright 


The Ruth Caven Memorial Medal for Scholarship in Grade 12 Jennifer Kim 

The School Medal for Scholarship in Grade 13 Kelly White 

The Governor General's Medal Patricia Lee 

The Jean Hume Memorial for Leadership Sarah Teskey 


Physics Caroline Amardeil 

Chemistry Patricia Lee 

The Helen L. Edmison Memorial Prize for Biology Martha Wilson 

Mathematics Anna Chan, Patricia Lee 

Geography Martha Wilson 

Family Studies Valerie Korinek 

History Kelly White 

French Catherine Temelcoff 

Economics Kelly White 

The Elizabeth Kilpatrick Memorial Prize for English Janice Loudon 

The Helene Sandoz Perry Prize for Art . . . Margot-Anne Barefoot, Jennifer Wilkes 


Fashion Arts Jennifer Fitzgerald 

Family Studies - The John S. MeCall Memorial Prize Dianne Daminoff 

The Dorothy G. Phillips Prize for Mathematics Alison Tasker 

Accounting Cheryl Sasveld 

The Jennie E. MacNeill Prize for English Sarah Wiley 

Chemistry Victoria Turnbull 

French Jennifer Kim 

Geography Rachel Home 

History Sarah Wiley 

Physical Education and Health Kathryn Kendall 


Sports Day Intermediate Champion Carol Hood 

Sports Day Senior Champion Darcy Bett 

Sports Day Open 80 Metre Sprint Carol Hood 

Junior Athletic Awards: Carol Hood, Emily Long, Cindy Mitchell, Colleen Silver, 
Mary Wright 

Senior Athletic Awards: Kathy Barclay. Wendy Buchanan, Lindsay Glassco, Morna 
Robertson, Sarah Wiley 

Badminton Singles Laura Hahn 

Badminton Doubles Laura Hahn, Andra Freiberg 

Swimming Intermediate Champion Paula Hunt 

Swimming Senior Champion Wendy Webber 


The best traditions are those which are flexible and operate within a 
framework which allows room for change. Branksome is such a tradition. 
Every year is unique, each class contributing new ideas to Branksome life. The 
school is continually growing and expanding. But "that certain something" 
which makes Branksome special to each student, the essence of school life, is 
always and will always be there. I have been continually amazed by the in- 
novative, and at times unconventional projects that have been successfully 
undertaken by enterprising girls. Their vitality has often inspired the whole 
school's enthusiasm and participation. This year's turn-out at the Father- 
Daughter Dance was so large that there was hardly room in the gym. People 
certainly did "come as they weren't" to the Rout and we witnessed the in- 
spiring talents of Miss Sesqui during February's Spirit Week. 

The Prefects are certainly a varied group of individuals. Some are wild and 
impulsive and others more serious, but all were always full of vitality. Should 
the icing be vanilla, chocolate or green? I underwent another metamorphasis. I 
became a boarder this year. It comes sometimes as a tremendous surprise to 
outsiders to learn that the hallowed halls of Branksome Hall are inhabited by a 
small but significant population of students who reside on campus. I realized 
how close-knit the boarding life can be; the loyalty, the comradeship and most 
importantly, the fun. I am glad the daygirl - boarder exchange has enabled 
other students to try something new. Remember: Rowdy Ribb Ribbit Rocks! ! 

Thank you, Branksome 

"Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose." 

Laura Loewen 

Hack Row: Jane Connor (Bda Kappa), Mary IJoynlon (Gr. 1 1 Prelect), Kim Robaris (Gr. 
10 I'relect), Marllia McC arlliy (C'oniiniMiiealions), Martha Paisley (Slogan lidilor), I. aura 
l.ocweii (Head Girl), I'roni Row: Isobel Calvin (.iiniior School Prelect), Lauren i'apas(Cir. 
'> Pieleci), Sarah Wiley (liitraminals), Kathy Marclay (Gr, 12 Prelccl), Laura McElwain 
(Sporls ( apliiiii). 


Sarah Wiley (Head of Intramurals) 

T w :p I 

Tuesday lunch, seminar room. 

Hey chicky poos - just a quick recap of the year's clan events. 1) 
Preschool Chieftain Bash at Sarah's farm: bathing "au naturelle", 
Food, House Crashing, Food, brain-storming. Food, and more 
FOOD! 2) Clan Murderball - a sure way to get rid of one's anxieties 
and frustrations. 3) Clan Gathering - "What Fad is right?" - Preppie, 
Tacky, Wimpy, Punk, Physical, or Fifties style? 4) Clan Basketball - 
SHOOT!! 5) The Sub-Chieftains have arrived! Congratulations 
Heather, Nancy, Cathy, Jane, Leslie, Gigi, Anne, Mary! 6) Chieftains 
and subs celebrate Christmas bashing to the tunes(?) of ACDC. 1) 
Clanrun - WHOOSH 8) Christmas Clan Gathering - popcorn and 
smarties. 9) Bazaar - We sure went Bazaare over this one! 10) 
Volleyball - Wow! What a spike. 11) Clan Baking Contest - B.H.S. 
definitely excels when it comes to food. 12) New Idea - homeroom in 
clans - Wowee, Yippee, Yahoo! 13) Wizards & Wands game. 14) Clan 
Drama - To be or not to be . . . that was the question. 15) Clan 
Debating - Be it resolved that debating is great. 16) Clan Trivial 
Pursuit - a simply marvellous pursuit. 16) Clan Bash - A great way to 
end a terrific year. 

Thanks, you guys, 
Love Sarah Babes. 


Caroline Kitchen (MacLean) Marianne Harwood - Nash (McLeod), Carrie Cameron (McAlpine), Laurie Nichols (Ross), Allison Huycke 
(Douglas), Hilary Shaw (Scott), Tori Hackett (Campbell), Beth Endean (MacGregor). 


Cathy Mills (Campbell), Jane Hcnrick 
(liouglas), Nancy Ross (Ross), Heather Adam 
(Macfiregor), Mary Wright (Scott), Anne 
Cloulicr (MacLeod), (iigi Mull (McAlpine), 
Leslie l leming (MacLean) 





When I was asked to prepare a 
residence write-up, I found it 
difficult to decide which words 
would sum up the essence of 
boarding life. I would have to 
mention the antics of every girl 
and the diversity of every house. 
It is impossible to include 
everything. Life with one hun- 
dred girls has brought moments 
of laughter and anger. I only 
hope that each boarder has had 
the chance to develop a sense of 
independence, to experience 
valuable friendships and to begin 

to accept others as they are. The 
only advice I can offer is: what 
you put into boarding is what you 
get out of it. 

I would like to thank the 
residence council for their help, 
with special thanks to Mrs. 
Lloyd, Miss Friend, Robyn and 
Julie. I know I'll miss everyone 
who made this year in residence 
so memorable. 



I am pleased to have this op- 
portunity to pay tribute to our 
Dean of Residence and longtime 
member of the Branksome 
community, Mrs. Lloyd. During 
her many years of service Mrs. 
Lloyd added a feeling of warmth 
and cheer to the residence which 
was especially welcomed on 
Monday mornings and during 
exams. Her understanding, 

patience and concern will be 
missed in her absence. It will be 
difficult to leave a family of a 
hundred behind, but, perhaps 
knowing she will not be forgotten 
may make it easier. We thank her 
and wish her the best of luck in 
the future. 

Rachel Home 





This is the youngest of all the 
houses. Most of our house was 
made up of Junior School students, 
although there were a few grade 
nines. We consisted of twenty-three 
girls ranging from grade five to 
nine. We refrain from quarrelling 
and as a result stick together as a 
group. That is why we stay such 
good friends. 




Most Likely Too . . . 

Jacky S. - to go skiing. 
Heather S. - become normal. 

Chantal C. - tall in love with someone she never met. 
Alison D. - clean up. 

Tanya E. - have shares in a polyester company. 

Marina G. - own a Coca Cola canning company. 

Lisa H. - blow up the new science wing. 

Danielle H. - graduate in the year 2000. 

Caroline P. - get lost. 

Carol R. - Semi metriculate. 

Andrea S. - to own Roots. 

Karen S. - be trampled by a polo pony. 

Lisa A. - lead the "Liberation of Libya". 

Abby B. - be on the cover of Vogue. 

Donna B. - go bald. 

Leith B. - encourage Quebec to separate. 

Robynne B. - be mistaken for Dolly Parton. 

Carol C. - be found on a desert island with Michael 


Sarah D. - marry the entire Mafia. 

Rita E. - take over Fort Knox. 

Bridget H. - have an experience. 

Vee L. - model bikinis. 

Irene L. - flunk out of B.H.S. 

Gretel M. - become head of B.H.S. 

Paula H. - become a hard core punk. 

Stacey N. - take over Honest Ed's. 

Danielle P. - own a noodle company. 

Gina S. - have 10 children by the age of 21 . 

Rosa S. - own a leather boot leasing company. 

Lisa W. - move to Calgary. 

Brenda W. - have her life organized by 2001 . 

Andrea S. - be B.H.S.'s first Olympic body builder. 


Most Likely Too . . . 

Dawn: move to Jamaica when she is legal. 

Marina: become Miss Roach's personal secretary. 

Jasmin: live out a Harlequin Romance. 

Beatty: win her first ski race when she is eighty. 

Melinda: be indecisive, even though she's not quite sure. 

Anabel: flunk out of school. 

Mala: get fat. 

Melissa: own Bell Canada. 

Connie: write a book titled "500 reasons not to leave home." 

Eva: open a Chinese cuisine import shop. 

Nadia, Yu Pin, Sabrina: start a new trend. 

Susan: skate around the world. 

Laura: O.D. on Lipton's Cup 'A' Soup. 

Lindsay: marry and divorce Roy, and marry Jamie in one day. 

Candace: dye her hair. 

Sian: fall off her heels and learn her lesson. 

McCulloch: live out the legend of Peter Pan. 

Genevieve: break both legs. 

Gillian: laugh her way through life. 

Karen: grow. 

Christine: shave her head. 

Chantelle: buy the Sea Shanty and the First Edition. 

Candy: have a "Dear Candy" column in the Star. 

Nancy: live in a closet. 

Jenifer: be the first to marry. 

Mrs. Clancy: be forever in our hearts. 

Miss House: turn into a rabbit. 

Mrs. Hay: never stop. 


Thanks for such a great year. We could not have done it without you. 
We love ya. 

Melinda and Genevieve XOX 


So you want to be a MacNeill girl? Okay, I'll take 
you on a tour for a day. (7:30) Laura usually eats by 
herself. She's the only one up this early. (7:45) That's 
Mrs. "D" ringing the breakfast bell. It means we 
have 15 minutes to get downstairs. Most of us use it 
as a wake-up bell. (8:01) Who is coming into the 
dining hall? That's Pennie. It's hard to believe Miss 
Sesqui could look so awful in the morning. Let's go 
upstairs. Ooops, make way for Heather, she's going 
out for "fresh air". (12:15) How's your lunch? 
Speechless, eh? I know the feeling. Complaining 
about the noise this morning? That was "Margaret- 
of-many-morning-spares." (1 :05) Let's go back over. 
Watch out for Carmen running in the overpass. She's 
always late. (3:30) Do you need anything? Someone 
is always going to the Bay after school. No we don't 
have a tuck shop, but Ana is selling almonds and 
bumper stickers. Chris and Sheila are our resident 
frogmen; ask the pizza man. Oh, that's Mitzi. She 
seems to be stuck in those English novels. No it's not 
a Chinese restaurant, Bonnie, Su and Jeanette are 
cooking. The loud music? Charlene wants us to 
Know she's out. Oh, by the way, if you want a quick 
description of anyone, ask Kathy. Screps? Lisa and 
Danielle can fill you in. (8:30) Evening activities? 
How about waxing with Francesca and Patty? Or 
singing with Wendy and Magee? Perhaps exercising 
with Rachel, Julie and Wendy Wi., T.V. with 
Coreene and Pat, or moonwalking with Erin. Oh, a 
quiet evening. That can be spent painting with 
Jennifer or reading with Dora. (11:00) I better go 
because Mrs. "D" is coming and it's time to "get to 
our rhoome". Come again! ! 

Your Guide, Robyn 




This year Mrs. Glennie arranged a 
Grade Twelve trip to Glen Bernard 
Camp from Sept. 22 to Sept. 26. We 
arrived at Glen Bernard and after 
settling into our cabins we played 
games before enjoying hot chocolate 
and snacks. The variety of sports really 
kept us interested. There were water 
sports and team sports. Thanks to all 
of the staff at Glen Bernard Camp and 
to the teachers who organized this trip. 


Once again, Mrs. Hay took a group of students skiing. 
However this year we decided to try Killington, Vermont. 
The conditions and weather were great, despite a little bit 
of rain. I'm sure we all found the challenge of getting into 
the gondolas highly amusing and the view from the peaks 
really breathtaking. All in all we had a terrific time with 
great skiing and lots of fun. A special thanks must go to 
Mrs. Hay, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and all the other staff who 
came and helped make it such a great trip. 

Melinda Bradshaw 

Big Brother joined with 
Miss Sesqui this year to help 
Branksome celebrate its 
81st birthday by attending a 
volleyball game featuring 
the Crescent Prefects before 
changing into their grubs. 









The choir was composed of iiiiuiy line- imisicians this year. 
When ail together, we l<icl<ed up a storm. As we spoke or as 
the first note was piayed on the piano, we could sing like 
birds. We kicked off this year, not as we boarded the bus 
for Camp Couchiching, but as we left Branksome for the 
second time on that same bus; this time, we had the music! 
On that cold and rainy weekend, we came to know each 
other, we learned that soccer is a contact sport and, of 
course, we learned much of our music. Our debut per- 
formance was at the Royal Winter Fair but this occasion 
was only the beginning. By the end ol' December, we had 
sung at the Art Gallery, Holt Renfrew and St. I^aul's. 

1 am looking forward to ending this year with a bang. Our 
thanks must be extended to Mr. Bickle for leaching us so 
much and for giving us many pleasant memories. Thanks 
also to all you fantastic supporters. 1 certainly have many 
unforgettable memories of our experiences together this 

Your Pres with love, 
Cynthia Swinden 

Writing Club 
I I I I I 

It was a dark and stormy night. They stood, two 
figures alone in the darkness, eyes locked 
together. His strong profile was etched against the 
sky. His hairy hand flexed by his side, gripping the 
glistening knife. Suddenly, a shot rang out. He fell 
to the ground. A figure appeared on the horizon. 
She dropped to her knees, clasping her love to her 
ample bosom. His lips moved spasmodically. She 
leaned over him. He spoke in a voice thick with 

"Darling, the secret. The secret! Mondays, 
3:30. -" 

Julie Pollock. 

President of the Writing Club. 
Happy writing, kiddies! 

Beta Kappa 

Finally, the true definition of Beta 
Kappa: Beta having absolutely nothing 
to do with alpha, gamma, or x-ray. 
Kappa being the Italian word for hat. 
Put the two words together and they 
undergo a type of metamorphosis, 
somewhat like a caterpiller into a 
butterfly, you could say a social 
butterfly, thus arriving at the 
definition social club. Note: It is 
important to remember that members 
of said club are in no way related to 
butterflies of any species. 

We have come to the end all too fast, 
my friends. Thanks, Elektra, for all 
your work. One hundred candy canes 
later and still smiling!! Miss Bayly, thanks to you for your support. Finally, 
to all the members who came out to room five meetings, thanks. Your lunch 
bags were a joy to pick up and your help at dances was invaluable. 

The first dance of the year. The Rout, was a fantastic success. It was disc- 
jockeyed once again by Lighthouse and we were refreshed by McDonald's! 
Our first attempt at joining forces with another school was unforgettable 
and hopefully will be done again next year. Thanks St. Georges! Lake 
Ontario by moonlight set the mood for the Formal last March 2 at the 
Boulevard Club. The band and the atmosphere created by the surroundings 
made it a very enjoyable evening. 

It's been a great year for social events and perhaps for butterflies too. 

Don't ever forget to laugh! 
Jane Connor. 

I I I i I I I I I I I I I 

Ladies, this meeting of the Library Club has convened to discuss several 
items on the agenda: The year - definitely vintage; Buy a Book for 
Branksome - I was sold on the idea; The place - booked for the whole year; 
The meetings - alias "The Food Club". Also to be mentioned: the people. 
"Thank you" to the 18 enthusiastic and diligent young women who, 
without ceasing, took the liberty to sell, shelve, and inventory all those 
books for the Branksome Hall Library. Congratulations to you and that 
super, outstanding, etc . . . librarian, Mrs. Dick, without whom none of the 
above would have been possible. And with that, I draw to a close. Meeting 
adjourned. Best wishes for next year! 

Shelvingly Yours, Cheryl Sasveld (Your Bookie). 

I I I I I 1 I „ l _i I 


— 1 





~l — \ — T" 

This year was a busy but a prodiiclivc one lor the Alumnae. I heir 
most notable contribution was the auction which they organized 
and hosted in conjunction with the Parents' Association. The 
auction, which was held in November at the Badminton and 
Racquet Club, was a tremendous success financially and socially! 
The parents who were lucky (or quick enough) to order tickets 
spent a wonderl'ul evening talking to old and new I'riends and 
participating in the auctioning. There was a wide variety of items 
auctioned including a tennis game with Miss Roach followed by a 
relaxing lunch at number 4(?). Once the auction had closed, the 
alumnae had raised approximately $60,000 which was divided 
between the science wing and student bursaries. On the whole, the 
auction was a success: those who were involved are to be 

Several weeks before the auction, the 16th annual alumnae art 
show and sale was held in the Junior School Gym. The show 
featured several Canadian artists who presented their paintings and 

Throughout the year the alumnae sold B.H.S. paraphanelia to 
students and parents. The datebooks seem to have been the most 
popular item again this year although I am sure several students 
received "Keep well the Road" umbrellas and mugs for Christmas. 

As alumnae reps we have had the opportunity to be active on the 
other side of the road; watching the alumnae work from the inside 

Sally Pitfield and Heather Fleming 

Duke of Edinburgh 
Award Participants 

Since September, there have been over 50 participants in 
the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The teachers involved 
are Mrs. Glennie for fitness, Mrs. MacLellan and Mrs. 
Merrilees for skills, Mrs. Simpson is head of the ex- 
pedition and Mrs. Watson is in charge. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards are a good way of 
meeting people and participating in a group. Awards are 
given out to participants for finishing the necessary 
requirements in an alloted time space. There are three 
levels of awards for different age groups: bronze for 
ages 15-17, silver for ages 18-20, and gold for ages 20- 

Special thanks go to the five teachers who helped us 
come closer to getting our awards this year. Don't 
forget, you guys - keep up the good work, and 
remember, Prince Philip is only three awards away! 

Morag Fraser 

Music Club 

The Music Club has had a 
productive year thanks to our 
hard working members who 
put together performances for 
Prayers and organized the 
Music Show. The Music Club 
is comprised of students with, 
musical talent (singing, 
playing an instrument etc.) 
who are interested in per- 
forming at school. Thanks 
once again, everyone, for a 
successful year. 

Kathy Watt & Liz AUingham. 

Kilt Press 

The first issue of the newspaper 
was slow due to a lack of editors, 
and when we settled in, our work 
was looming over our heads. We 
began our first edition with so 
many ideas that it was virtually 
impossible to do everything. 
Despite our major anxiety attacks 
over the printing machine, almost 
everything went as planned. 

This year the school newspaper 
has acquired its own office. Even 
though it is extremely small, and 
freezing cold, it still has the 
added touches of home. 

Many meetings later, and with 
much enthusiasm from the 
school, the revised Kilt Press 
Corporation began its due course 
of destiny towards improvement. 

Undoubtedly, we have spent 
more hours at BHS than any 
other group of girls. Despite such 
time-wasters as cleaning Patty's 
locker out to find long lost ar- 
ticles which are later found on the 
floor instead, we managed to 
present a more pleasing paper to 
the school. But, our path to 
improvement will have been 
made easier when we figure our 
how to: a) eat pizza, type, and 
talk on the phone at the same 
time (Andrea) b) win a fight 
against the printer (Janet), c) 
watch the Y&R and draw the 
cover (Patty), d) sit and look 
busy (Louise). 

A great deal of gratitude must go 
to Mrs. Blake for her invaluable 
time as our reliable staff advisor 
and also to Mrs. Emery and Mrs. 
Adams who accepted our whims 
with smiles. 

Megan Long editor-in-chief 
Tori Hackett - past editor 
Patty Aziz - layout editor 
Janet Read 
Louise Dempster 
A^ndrea Wait 

The A-V Club 

This year we put on two terrific 
shows - "Pygmahon" and the 
musical, "Anne of Green 
Gables." We had a good turnout 
with lots of spirit and en- 

A special thanks must go to Mrs. 
Smith, Miss Bell, Miss Douglas, 
Heather Fleming, and also Jill 
Dingle and Susan Higgins for 
their time, ideas, and effort. 

Thanks to all members of Drama 
Club. Despite the hard work, we 
had fun and you made it a great 
year. Have a super summer. 


president - Melinda Bradshaw 
vice-president - Jill Dingle 
head of sets /stage manager - 
Susan Higgins 

"T — I — I — I — n 

At first glance, one would never know that Martha McCarthy is a 
trained technical whi/.. I spent four years at university earning an 
Honours B.A. in Slide Productions. As you can imagine it was a 
gruelling course. In first year we learned to turn the machine on. 
Second year was a challenge as it took the duration of that year to 
learn to push the little button and go forward on the slide carousel. 
In third year, we learned to go backwards, and in fourth year I 
wrote a three hundred page essay on "The Importance of Slides in 
our World". After this wonderful year at Branksome, I will move 
on to bigger and better things. The O'Keefe Centre has just asked 
me to run their slide projection system which they use to show the 
subtitles at operas. 

Communications is an odd sort of catch-all word, and perhaps an 
even odder portfolio for a prefect. However, odd does not seem to 
mean boring and I hope I have proved that point well this year. 
Man oh man, have we had fun this year! My greatest thanks go to 
all of the dependable troopers who tried extremely hard to make 
prayers run smoothly, and especially to Jennifer Fitzgerald, my 
right-hand woman. 

Good bye all my friends. Communicating with you has been a riot! 

All my love, Martha. 

was even covered, 
filled, the tea and 
was within. I wou 
especially Heathe 


n I n 

The room was dark and empty. 
Something was definitely missing. The 
shelves were bare and lay unfilled. No 
colour, no smell, no excitement and yet 
... it was only September, I thought to 
myself. Workshop by workshop, the 
goodies were brought into our bazaar 
room. A table was filled. Grades, clans 
and the committee all worked towards 
supplying our little room with all sorts 
of wonderful things. A few shelves 
were becoming loaded with challenge 
items and individual endeavors, along 
with other donated treasures. Pillows, 
wreaths, stationery, ornaments, and 
surprise jars, among other things were 
piled up around the room. The floor 
Sure enough, by the 24th of November, the raffle was 
rummage rooms were organized with the magic of all that 
Id like to take this chance to thank all those who helped, 
r Montgomery, in making this year's bazaar a great 

Heather Lafleur 

This year the Opheleo has tried many new and innovative ideas 
to rustle up some school spirit and unity. However, we did hold 
on to some old traditions. Ramabai Week was a super success 
and raised enough money for all our charities. The Junior 
School had their Ramabai Week in February. 

We sold bumper stickers (thanks to Mrs. Shaver) and almonds 
which are always a success. There was a legs contest with U.C.C. 
and we also went carolling with them - a tie that I hope will 
remain a tradition at Branksome. 

Thanks, everyone, for your support and especially Cynthia 
Higgins, my co-head, Mrs. Davidovac and Mrs. Waugh who are 
our staff advisors. - Jennifer Fitzgerald. 

I I I I I I I I I I I I I 


B.I.R.T.: Branksome Hall is superior in 
debating. Madam Speaker - We, the govern 
ment, have chosen to define the resolution as 
follows: Branksome Hall - a worthy place of 
learning is - being in existence superior - of high 
quality, excellent debating - the art of rhetoric, 
elocution or oratory. 

We feel that the facts concerning the resolution 
speak for themselves. The establishment of 
regular caucus meetings on Tuesdays has 
proved most successful in giving the society 
some stability and greater communication 
amongst the members. Our trip to Winnipeg 
was most rewarding, with the Honourable 
member, Wendy Webber placing first, thus 
going on to England to speak in an in- 
ternational competition. The first round of the 
Fulford Cup was also highly gratifying. 

I have no doubt. Madam Speaker, that 
Branksome will continue to uphold its stan- 
dards in tournaments to come, such as the 
metros. We, the government, would like to 
thank all the worthy members of the House 
who have helped to defend the resolution this 
year. Special appreciation is extended towards 
our esteemed coaches, Mrs. Zommers and Mrs. 
McRae, for all their unfailing support and 

Therefore, Madam Speaker, without a doubt 
the resolution must stand. Joe Parker, Jackie 
Churchcr, Jennifer Priest 

Amnesty International 

This is only the second year that Branksome has 
had an Amnesty International group and it has 
been a great success. A great deal of the credit 
goes to the great start we got last year and the 
interest of this year's membership. 

This year we had seminars on Egypt, Yemen, 
the German Democratic Republic, Pakistan, 
Political Killings by Governments, the Death 
penalty and movies on Jacaba Timmerman and 
Guatemala. We raised money with bakesales 
and by sending carnations on Valentine's Day. 

Grateful thanks to Mrs. Strangway, our staff 
advisor and Heather Frise, our secretary 
treasurer. Good luck for next year. 

Sandra Herber 

Baseball '83 

1 4' s Baseball 

This year the 14's baseball had a really 
great season. We remained undefeated 
throughout the season. B.S.S. was so 
frightened by our success, that at the 

last minute they cancelled our game. 

We are looking forward to next year 
when Becky Moore will hit the ball 
right out of the field and down to the 
tennis courts once again. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Jennings, our 
coach, who was faithful about coming 
to practices. 

Liz Wood. 

Back Row: Tina Soriano, Laura Haiin, Lisa Korhtals, Andra Frieberg. 
Front Row: Elizabeth Wood, Beci<y Moore, Gigi Hull, Siona McCully. 

Back Row: Maria Soriano, Heather Massey, Cheryl Sasveld, Valerie 
Fitzgerald, Alison Englar, Corinne Strasman. Front Row: Sarah Eyton, 
Leeanne Weld, Stephanie Buchanan. 

1 5' s Baseball 

The 15's baseball team finished the 
season with two wins and one loss. We 
defeated B.S.S. and St. Clement's and 
were defeated by Havergal when the 
whole team was not present. Too bad! 
Thanks, Mrs. Jennings, for the 
coaching and the patience you gave us. 

Heather Massey 

Maria Soriano. 

Back Row: Patti Aziz, Laurie Nichols, Jennifer Beatty, Allison 
Huycke, Heather Magee. Middle Row: Claire Angus, Jill Curtis, 
Wendy Buchanan, Jennifer Lewis. Front Row: Jane Connor, 
Janice Wright. 

16's Baseball 

The 16's baseball season of 1983 started and finished 
with Toronto French School. Our first game ended in 
the first inning after a collision at first base. Our final 
game, during which we dodged drops of rain, ended 
with a victory against T.F.S. 

In between, we defeated Bishop Strachan and St. 
Clement's. We also lost one game to Havergal. In the 
Raggedy Ann tournament at Havergal, we played well 
and placed second overall. 

Many thanks to our coach, Mrs. Shaver for her support 
and baseball know-how, and also to our biggest, little 
fan, Jennifer Shaver. 

Soccer '83 

Despite the fact that this is the 
soccer team's third year in 
existence, we did exceptionally 
well. We placed second out of 
approximately 28 teams, being 
defeated in the finals by the 1983 
Ontario Champions. Many times 
we showed our dedication by 
playing games on fields with 
water or mud up to our ankles. 

All 16 of us also showed up for 
the play-off rounds which were 
during final exams. 

Congratulations you guys and 
many thanks to our supporters! 

Karen M. Thomson 

Back Row: Kim Foley, Ellen Green, Karen Thomson, Lindsay Glassco, 
Jill Wigle, Tessa Griffin, Janice Wright, Jennifer Kitchen, Susan San- 
ford. Middle Row : Morna Robertson, Wendy Buchanan, Kathy Barclay, 
Bonnie Barnes, Martha Wilson. Front: Carol Hood. 

Tennis '83 

14's Tennis 

The 14's tennis team had a 
successful season. The at- 
tendance broke all records. We 
all know that it was really the 
reward of lemonade and cookies 
that lured us to the practices. 
Thanks for the incentives and 
tennis tips, Mrs. MacDougall. 

Gigi Hull 

Left to Right: M.J. Peirce, G. Hull, R. Bradshaw, R. Case 

Top Row: C. Mills, P. Snively, J. Hendricks, L. Carter. Middle Row: S. McCarthy, A. 
Dalglish, M. Moffat. Front Row: N. Ross, K. Short, V. Walker, C. Adams, H. Massey 

16's Tennis 

1983 was an exciting year for tennis at 
Branksome! This year we placed third over all 
and I think it is safe to assume that everyone 
involved thoroughly enjoyed herself. Not only 
did the school teams do well, we also fared well 
at the TDCAA tennis tournament. Due to the 
consistency of our teams, we had a very suc- 
cessful and enjoyable tennis season. Special 
thanks must go to Mrs. Glennie and to Mr. Ball 
for all the work they did this year. Keep up the 
good work! ! 

Heather Fleming 

Back Row: C. Mitchell, M. Bradshaw. Middle Row: C. 
McKinney, J. Fergusson, B. Burrows, S. Lawson, H. 
Fleming, M. Hartill. Front Row: B. Scott, C. Burrows, S. 

Top Row: K. Daglish, 
D. Bett, S. Andrus, 3rd 
Row: K. Hurrell, A. 
Tyacke, A. Dalglish, K. 
Kendall. 2nd Row: S. 
Walter, C. Silver, H. Av 
Ruskin, E. Long, M. 
Wright, L. Fleming. 
Front Row: M. Doran, 
C. Nurse, M. Moles, F. 
Baird, C. Hood, C. Tse, 
M. dePencier. 

Track and Field 

If you happen to go down to the lower field after 
school in the latter part of the spring term, you will 
see many strange sights. Carol Hood is pretending to 
work out, other girls are stretching, running, 
throwing heavy metal balls and long spears, and 
unmercifully hurling their bodies over three bamboo 
bars and into pits of sand. It looks rather painful, but 
these girls seem to enjoy it. They are smiling as they 
gasp for breath. You are watching Branksome Hall's 
track and field team at work, preparing for another 
season. Five athletes advanced from the TDCAA' s to 

the Metro's: Darcy Bett, in the javelin, the highjump 
and the 100m sprint, Kathy Kendall, in the 400m 
hurdles, Miranda de Pencier in the 3000m and Sarah 
Wiley in the 1500m and 3000m. Darcy, Sarah and 
Miranda competed in OFSSA in Kitchener and all 
three upheld Branksome' s reputation as a school that 
excels in sportsmanship as well as sports. Thanks to 
our coaches for a great season. 

Kathy Kendall 

Sports Captain 

Bored? Frustrated? Anxious? Dedicated? 

You think that you want to join a Branksome Hall 
Sports Team? Not so fast. A Branksome Hall 
athlete is a multi-faceted person. She spends 
gruelling hours of practice, diligently perfecting 
her skills. The rewards lie in the feeling of 
satisfaction experienced by a person, whether 
individually or as a team member. She can also 
shoot, spike, serve, run, bat, lobby, slalom, swim 
and even slapshot with incredible agility. During 
the off season, the versatile Branksomite cheers 
loudly and wildly, outdoing the Dallas Cowgirls. 
In several sports, Branksome competed in the 
Provincial Finals. The squash clinic was over- 
whelmingly received and well supported by the 
school. Our new field hockey team, in its first year 
of competition, acquitted itself very well. The 
teams this year were stupendous. They were 
skilled, devoted and even VICTORIOUS! 
Congratulations and thanks to our athletes, 
referees, coaches and supporters. 


T.D.C.A.A. Tennis 

Front Row: H. Wells, S. Grant, K. Short Back Row: G. Hull, H. 
Ambrose, A. Grant, J. Lewitt, 

This was the second year for field hoclcey at 
Branksome. Our team was full of spirit and talent. 
Even though we had a few cold, rainy days, we put 
up a good fight and the results were there to prove it. 
We had a young team so next year most of us will be 
back to dominate the field hockey season. 

Leslie Fleming 


The TDCAA tennis tournament, which is held at 
Havergal, includes many new schools that Branksome 
does not compete with in other sports activities. With 
the help of two U.C.C. students Miles Cronby and 
David Turner, our mixed doubles teams did extremely 
well. Jane Lewitt and David Turner made it to the 
finals. Karen Short, Adrienne Grant and Heidi Am- 
brose made it to the semi-finals. 

Adrienne Grant 

Field Hockey 

Top Row: H. Fleming, F. Anderson, L. Fleming, Middle Row: D. 
Lachowicz, V. Fitzgerald, V. TurnbuU, S. Crawford, M. Soriano, H. 
Massey, L. Wood, Front Row: W. Evans, A. Cloutier, K. Swift, P. 
Theodore, M. Wright, A. Tasker, P. Peers 

1984 was an exciting year for squash. Once again we 
went to the Sherbourne Club to play on Tuesdays or 
Wednesdays. This year for the first time some of the 
players took part in a tournament against some of the 
top players from a school in the United States. They 
faired well against these experienced players. We would 
like to thank Mrs. MacLellan and the Sherbourne Club. 

Heather Fleming 

Top Row: S. Pitfield, B. Scott, Mrs. MacLellan, P. Peers, L. Weld 
Front Row: L. Korthals, H. Adams, H. Fleming, S. Sanford 

Cross Country 

This year our Cross-Country team was more successful than ever. Not only did we have a 
full Midget and Junior team but we also had a large group of enthusiastic girls from the 
Junior School who finished near the top in all their races. Under the watchful eye and 
constant encouragement of Mrs. Georgievski, the Branksome Hall Cross-Country team 
managed to emerge from every meet with flying colours. Havergal, St. Clement's, B.S.S., 
and St. Mildred's were no match for our long-legged strides as we bounded away with top 
honours in all categories. At the TDCAA Finals, Branksome continued to reign supreme by 
placing 2nd in the Junior girls division, 2nd in the Senior girls division and 3rd in the Midget 
girls. Both the Junior and Senior teams qualified for the Ontario Provincial Finals, and to 
top it all off, Branksome won the overall girls title, to become the 1983 TDCAA cross- 
country champions! On to bigger and better things, seven girls from the Senior school and 
Mrs. Georgievski left for the London Ski Club the following week. Faced with fierce 
competition from schools all over Ontario, steep and muddy hills, and long stretches of 
grassland, Branksome's Junior team pulled through in 4th place, 4th in Ontario that is. The 
Senior team did not have all its members so therefore it did not place as a team, however, all 
girls who ran individually placed well. Thanks to Mrs. Georgievski for all her support. 
Although she was new at the job, she managed to handle our pre-race nervousness and our 
post-race depression or hysteria with great spirit and patience. I only hope she enjoyed us as 
much as we enjoyed her and she will join us next year. Special thanks must go to Mr. 
Ramsden who was always there with his stick to urge us on with a loud "Go Branksome!" 

Sarah Wiley 



B. Kopas, S. Grant, S. McMeans, J. Bancroft, H. Wells, H. 
Cartvvright, L. Thomson, A. Freiberg, K. Macauley 


1 4' s Basketball 

This year's team did a great job of playing hard and 
aggressive baslcetball. Each team member contributed in 
every way possible. Some had talents in shooting, while 
others came through in defence. Mrs. Kizoff did an 
admirable job of coaching us. We would also like to 
thank the scorers and timers that made all our games 
run smoothly. 

Heather Cartwright 

1 5' s Basketball 

This year the 15's basketball team defeated St. 
Mildred's for the first time. This victory 
brightened the spirits of everyone on the team. 
The 2nd game was played against Havergal. 
This game proved to be more difficult than 
anticipated. The game ended with a tied score. 
Next was B.S.S. which was a relatively easy 
win. But the invincible girls from St. Clement's 
always seem to show their supremacy when 
playing against our 15's team. The loss was not 
unexpected. However, Emily Long and Gigi 
Hull continued to plow through the opponent's 
defence. Suzanne Walter and Colleen Silver 
kept the ball moving. A new addition to the 
team was Miss Pepler. She was helpful, quick- 
witted, and kept us on our toes. No matter what 
happened between the two baskets, we con- 
tinued to play like a winning team. 

Laura Pink 

16's Basketball 

2nd Team 

I am sure (hat all those who participated on the 
1st and 2nd basketball teams this year are 
proud of the outstanding effort and com- 
mitment displayed in both attendance and team 
improvement. As the opposition became 
tougher, we became better. The lengthy 
practices and drills four times a week were 
strenuous, but the spirit was high and everyone 
enjoyed themselves. The games were action- 
packed and exciting. Home games always 
seemed to draw many cheering Branksomites, 
mothers and teachers. A special thank-you 
must be extended to our coach, Greta 
DeLonghir who put in many hours of work for 
us. Thanks to all the timers and scorers and 
supporters. It was a great season! 

Back Row: C. Mills, C. Burrows, M. Long, Front Row: A. Huycke, H. 
Ambrose, T. Hackett, A. Grant, Absent: L. Weld, S. Sharpe 

Susan Andrus 

1 St Team 

Back Row: C. Hood, S. Andrus, J. Kitchen, L. Nichols, C. Kitchen, Front 
Row: K. Barclay, M. Hartill, H. Shaw, L. Papas, 1. Calvin 


Swim Team 

The Branksome Hall Swim Team; 5 veterans 
and 13 rookies had an exciting season. We 
remained undefeated through 5 meets, but 
unfortunately lost the Bishop's Cup by 18 
points to B.S.S: our only defeat! The team 
showed strength and dedication and will 
remain a strong team next year as there are 
some excellent younger girls who can replace 
the leaving veterans. Thanks to Mrs. 
Lumsdon, our coach, Wendy, for her en- 
thusiasm, Kathy for her punctuality, Becky 
for her dedication, Andrea for her laugh, 
and the rest of the team for their great team 

Sarah Robertson 

Back Row: R. Case, A. Worley, L. Carter, Middle Row: N. Clark, K. Kendall, 
W. Webber, S. Mitchell, K. McCutcheon, A. Case, Front Row: P. Hunt, S. 
Robertson, G. Mitchell, J. Law, T. Montgomery, J. Kennedy, A. Basset 

Sarah Robertson 


The tryouts for synchro this year were very 
successful due to the great turnout. A team of six 
girls was finally chosen to compete in the annual 
private school competition in Oakville on 
February the 29th. I would like to thank everyone 
on the team for their dedication and enthusiasm. 
A special thanks must be extended to Mrs. 
Lumsdon for all her time. 

Patty Zingg 

S. Sturtridge, C. McCutcheon, M. Moffat, P. Zingg, C. Prendergast, M. 


14's Volleyball 

S. Waller, S. McKenna, K. Macaulcy, S. Grant, T. 
Soriano, A. Russocki, M. Hobbs Absent: R. Beer, 
D. Holmes, A. Savage, I . Siigunasiri 

This year the 14's volleyball team was 
very successful. We had hard practices 
after school. Mrs. Kizoff had to con- 
stantly remind us that this was volleyball 
NOT track and field. Our practices were 
hilarious. It looked like a graveyard had 
just come alive. We beat TFS easily and 
we ground B.S.S. into the floor. 
Since our spikes and blocks were fan- 
tastic, we beat St. Mildred's and Havergal 
but lost a gruelling game to St. Clement's. 

Suzanne Walter 

1 5' s Volleyball 

L. Fleming, C. Duckworth, G. Hull, D. Beer, L. Pink, C. Silver, E. 
Long. Absent: A. Grant. L. Weld. 

This year this team showed their superiority in the 
sport of volleyball. When this team of nine girls 
won, they won by five or more points. 
This 15's team was tight competition for our 16's 
teams and it is obvious that next year these girls 
will make up a winning team. 

Marci Hartill 

16's Volleyball 

Our cheer echoes through the gym as we take our 
positions. Then there is complete silence. The volleyball 
is in her hands. The whistle blows; she bounces the ball 
three times for good luck, tosses it up and WHACK! 
It's over the net! Breathing a sigh of relief she scurries 
back into position knees bent, hands ready, heart 
pounding inside her chest. They've got the bump, 
they're setting it up, and uh oh, the spike is coming her 
way. Feet dancing she is ready. Her bump is successful, 
there's the spike! They've missed it! We got the point! 
Thanks to Mrs. Cheeseman for a most successful 
season! It was short, but we all enjoyed it - especially the 
chocolate yummies! 

Kathy Barclay 

L. Meadows, D. Affleck, C. Lehr, A. Hamilton, K. Woods, J. Anthony. 

Back Row: K. Tomson (second), I Calvin (first), C. Padmorc 
(first), W. Williams (first), M. Hartill (first team capt.), J. Kitchen 
(first), L.. Papas (first). Middle Row: C. Swinden (second), K. 
Needham (second), J. Pierce (first), K. Barclay (second team 
capt.), Mrs. Cheeseman. Front Row: M. Soriano (first), J. Beatly 
(second), B. Britnell (second), K. Swift (second), G. Armstrong 
(second). Absent A. Huycke (second) 


14's Badminton 

Our 14's Badminton team of six double partners 
had a great season. Practically everyone showed 
up for the Monday and Tuesday morning prac- 
tices. Thanks to our coach, Mrs. Jennings. 

Janet Richardson and Hilary Wells 

14's Badminlon 

The people who made the I5's badminton 
team were super and contributed to a great 

Ahhough we played few games we proved 
that our team possessed great skill and 
athletic ability. 

L. Korthals, A. Dorl'man, T. Bond, M. Henderson, J. l.ewitt, P. Van 
Straubenzee, L. Dunlap, L. Ansell 

16's Badminton 

Back Row: L. Nichols, H. Evans, P. Snively, T. Hackett, S. O'Connor, H. 
Massey. Front Row: C. Adams, V. Walker, B. Scott, M. Wright. 

This year the 16's badminton team was successful and we had 
a lot of fun. We played against Havergal, BSS and St. 
Clement's although some were more challenging than others. 
Between games we enjoyed either Oreos from Charlie Jen- 
nings or Chicken McNuggets from Laurie and Tory. Our goal 
was to beat the opposing team by 5 o'clock in order to catch 
the last half hour of "Little House on the Prairie." For all of 
us it was a great season. Thanks, Mrs. Jennings 

Bronwen and Susie 



This year Branksome's ski team was extremely 
successful. After try-outs at Mansfield the week after 
exams, a five member team was chosen. 

At the TDCAA race at Blue Mountain we placed first 
- well ahead of Havergal, Loretto Abbey and St. 
Joseph's. In the giant slalom Jennifer Beatty was 1st, 
Brigitte Kopas 2nd and Becky Moore 3rd. In the 
slalom, Jennifer Kitchen was 1st and Monica Moles 

Winning the TDCAA race qualified us for OFSSA 
which took place at Edelweis Valley in Quebec. There 
were 130 girls racing out of about 32 schools. Un- 
fortunately, in the slalom only two of our four racers 
finished, leaving us in 10th place. But in the giant 
slalom we came back with Jennifer Kitchen placing 
7th and Jennifer Beatty in the top 20's. This enabled 
us to pull up into sixth place over all. 

Many thanks must go to Miss Popper for organizing 
a great season for all of us. Congratulations, again 
for an outstanding season and hope to see you next 
year! ! 

Jennifer Kitchen 

Our season was severely shortened this year due to a 
lack of ice. Our one game was played against 
Havergal and resulted in a 2-2 tie thus preserving our 
no loss record. 

Thanks to Miss Perrott, Mrs. Glennie, and Darcy 
Bett. Special thanks to Janice Wright for coaching 
our first game. 

V. Korinek 

A. Cloutier, C. Hood, V. Turnbull, H. Fleming, V. Korinek, A. 
Roussoi<i, E. Long, D. Bett. Absent: H. Fries, M. Wright, H. 
Shaw, L. Weld, H. Cartwright, L. Wood. 

A. Mars, J. Kitchen, M. Moles, J. Beatty, B. Kopas, B. Moore 


This year wc have had quite a few "fivrots": an 
instrumental music programme for grade 7, a 
computer course for grades 4, 5, and 6, 15 choir 
members surging at the Ronald MacDonald House, 
the Carousel Flayers performing at school, my ac- 
companying grade 8 to Washington (and as a result 
Mrs. Hay's broken wrist!). 

As usual, our extra-curricular programme has been 
fantastic. Thanks to the hard work and effort of 
staff, students and parents we have been able to offer 
a variety of activities which included cooking, 
dancercize, silkscreening, a baby-sitting course, 
gymnastics, tennis, drama, debating, a madrigal 
group, and a french luncheon club. 

Patsy, Isobel, Chieftains and Sub-Chieftains have 
done a superb job in keeping the spirit of both the 
school and staff members at a high level throughout 
the year. I am most appreciative of their help and 

Dorothy Brough 


Back Row: Mrs. Wayne, Mrs. Prins, Mrs. Provan, Mme. Dean, Mrs. 
Clare, Mrs. Chilton, Mrs. Hoskins, Mrs. Willingham, Mrs. Smith. 
Front Row: Miss Brough, Mrs. Hollenberg, Mrs. Beamish, Mrs. 
Brown, Mrs Gratias, Mrs. Ranger, Mrs. Georgievski, Mrs. Thomson, 
Miss Kane, Absent: Mrs. Hay, Mrs Tasker, Mrs. Dinning, Mrs. 
Hockin, Mrs. Bunting. 

Dear Junior School: 


Miss Brough, Mrs. Georgievski, Junior 
School Staff, chieftains, Patsy, and every 
single girl in grades one to eight. 

Thank you for this year. From the first time I 
crossed the overpass to come to Junior School 
prayers you greeted me with open arms and made me 
feel like I was coming home again after being away 
for four years. 

The people are different; the new faces add to the 
memories and each character made each moment 

Clan games in the gym and lower field, lunch 
visits, letter deliveries, prayers, Spirit Week, and 
skits are but a few of those things which number 
among the great times we've spent together. 1 hope 
you enjoyed them as much as I did. 

Love and Hugs, 

What a year! It has all gone by so quickly. 1 must 
say that everyone was just fantastic. Your par- 
ticipation in afterschool activities, clan games, clubs, 
and teams was incredible! Without all of your 
support my job wouldn't have been so much fun. 
Keep up the good work! 

I'd like to wish the very best to our future sports- 
captain, (you'll enjoy it!) and all of the chieftains and 
subs too! A very special thanks to Mrs. Smith who 
organized our meeting every week and our successful 
bakesales. Also to Mrs. Georgievski who was always 
there when I needed her. Your the greatest! A super 
job was done by all of the clan chieftains and subs, 
way to go! 

This has been a wonderful year for me. It is a 
shame to see my grade eight year come to an end. 

Love always, 





Third Row: Victoria May, Jennifer Long, Kathryn Norbrega, Sabrina Pace, Philippa Stetham, 
Sarah Blai<e, Emma Norton. Second Row: Anne Sedgwicic, Mrs. Worsley, Stephanie 
Thompson, Grace Chung, Mrs. Medland, Elizabeth Hermant, Martha Rahiily, Katherine 
Levitt. First Row: Tammy Lennox, Sarah Linnett, Aisling Yeoman, Paige Moore, Ashley 
Allan, Jennifer Massie, Fiona Tingley, David Cuthbert, Zinta Zommers, Margaret Chung. 
Absent: James Sedgwick. 


Third Row; Caroline May, Emily Mcmehen, Stephanie Lee, Kristen Norberg, Jacqueline 
Leggeit. Second Row: Anjali Mazumder, Mrs. Brown, Emily Deacon, Robyn Lawrie. First 
Row: Kristina Commissiong, Amanda Marziliano, Zaylin Lalji, Delayne Austin, Marie- Anne 
Levitt, Kristen Kizoff. 


Third Row: Daphne Nesbitt, Jenny Hyatt, Kim Martin, Crissy Burgess, 
Meling von Moltke-Pao, Jocelyn Deeks. Second Row: Doreen Rapanos, 
Emily Dyer, Cheyne Munk, Carolyn Laing, Michelle Giroux. First Row: 
Alissa Barton, Heather Proctor, Amy Greyson, Miss Kane, Verena Graf, 
Ellie Hawke, Robin Hopkins, Kathy Lawrie. 


Third Row: Margot Leggett, Margot Massie, Jodi Sharp, Raysha Breznik, Alexandra 
Cragg. Second Row: Mrs. Beamish, Heather Bennetts, Krista Bridge, Lindsey Ginou, 
Nicole Rowe. Front Row: Laura McKinnon, Yana Le Francois, Jeanette Seymour, 
Daphne Anastassiadis, Christine Farkas, Ashley Dunn, Lindsay Norberg. 


Third Row: Olivia Barry, Eva Berka, Natalie Munk, Erin Heintzman, Jennifer 
Sykes, Caroline Hepfer, Nikki Hawke. Second Row: Mrs. Wayne, Shireen 
Cuthbert, Jessica Joss, Joelle Hall, Sarah Kellie, Jennifer Smith, Hilary Burt, 
Lynda Collins. Front Row: Lisa Le Francois, Maggie Davis, Sarah Deeks, Anita 
Permanand, Elizabeth Taylor, Shannon Hardie, Paula Kling. Absent: 
Alexandra Ejlerskov. 


Third Row: Mrs. Dinning, Michelle Venton, Jenny Burgess, Saira 
Stewart, Wendy Bennett, Lisa Tweedy, Caroline Waterlow, Caro 
Angus. Second Row: Suzanne Hallerman, Michelle McKinnon, 
Martha Blakely, Jenny Workman, Sarah Bennetts, Kathleen 
Williams, Alison Borrajo. Front Row: Whitney Westwood, Sasha 
Seymour, Elizabeth Pounsett, Gail Goldsack, Gillian AvRuskin, 
Susanne Currie, Jessica Smith. Absent: Kelly Burgess, Samantha 
Bramsom, Rachel Hendrie. 


Fourth Row; Alex Birnie, Lindsay Oughtred, Nathalie 
Butterfield, Ainslie Marchant, Kristin Stitle, Sacha 
Powell, Samantha McLaren. Third Row: Mrs. Gratias, 
Jenny Kerbel, Kerry Walsh, Sarah Martin, Alison 
Booth, Christie Smythe, Jessica Goldberg, Anna 
Bentley-Taylor. Second Row: Heather Sommer, Sarah 
Hull, Andalieb Williamson, Siobhan Barry, Amy Fritz, 
Fiona Griffiths, Genevieve Dalglish. Front Row: Sarah 
Woolford, Jenny Scarlett, Mandy Hopkins, Jennifer 
Addison, Cathy Velikov, Absent: Elena Floros. 



7R8 Fourth Row: Binnie Baria, Lissy Thomson, Johanna Reynolds, Stacie Smith, Kirsten 
Mahaffy, Jennifer Fordham, Tracy Dalton. Third Row: Mrs. Smith, Emma Gallagher, Brenda 
Welsh, Stephanie Craig, Tashie Perrin, Jackie Bush, Wendy Schaal, Sarah Fashagumskum. 
Second Row: Robin Ward, Tara Thornton, Kirsten Hinder, Alison Culp, Erin Pollock, Jill 
Prior, Annie Lee. Front Row: Cara Fennell, Kyra Field, Vanessa Avruskin, Kate Llyod, 
Joanna Noble. 

7R9 Third Row: Ali Bramsoii, .k-iiny 
Mulkiiis, Amy Harrison, Judith Amcii, 
Stephanie Florian, Amanda Russell, Barbie 
O'Connor, Susan Pattinson, Sonia Singh. 
Second Row: Mrs. Provan, Andrea Green, 
Alana Smith, Michelle McMurray, Yasmin 
Abdullah, Anne Tucher, Patty Lam- 
propoulos, Allyson Kovas. Front Row: 
Cynthia Davidian, Jenny Moore, Nancy 
Kitchen, Aisha Bicknell, Reesa Dowe, Stacy 
Begg, Carrie Gratias, Vicky Frizelle. 

7R10 Fourth Row: Tracy Dyba, Sophie 
Mitsopoulos, Sam Khan, Lara Goldsack, 
Angie Tomhnson. Third Row: Mrs. Chilton, 
TJ Turner, Francesca Johnson, Nicole 
Forde, Alana Copps, Sarah Newkirk, Lynda 
Wulkan. Second Row: Caren Frizelle, Alison 
Andrus, Jill Kirchmann, Carrie O'Neill, Sally 
Armstrong, Megan Palmer, Lynda Wulkan. 
Front Row: Sandra Gabriel, Tristen Bakker, 
Sheila McRae, Michelle Fortnum. 



8R3 Fourth Row: Sara Capurro, Leslie Scott, Sarah Chappie, Tammy Lang. Third Row: 
AUison Zwingenberger, Louise Mitchell, Barbie Brown, Jody MacPherson, Debbie 
Humeniuk, Stephanie Hunter, Louise Blundell. Second Row: Sarah Garrow, Mairi Ann 
Padmore, Jenny Purves, Bonnie McKinnon, Carmen Plesse, Alexis Thomson, Noreen 
Ahmed UUah, Carolyn Dennis. Front Row: Noelle Wong, Patsy Smith, Tori Barton, Sally 
Oughtred, Pippa Aird, Meredith Shaw. 

8R4 Fourth Row: Vanessa Irwin, Jennifer Kellie, Carrie Weaver, Kelly Dobbin, 
Heather Shaw. Third Row: Mrs. Thomson, Melanie Bright, Susie Lang, Heather 
Warren, Kim Buzacott, Lara Volgyesi. Second Row: Heather Ferguson, Susan Laine, 
Tracey Bochner, Deirdre Hughes, Amy Davis, Betsy Brown, Nicole Mekinda. Front 
Row: Natalie Staryk, Clara Yee, Samantha McDonnell, Margot Humphrey, Melissa 
Feldman. Absent: Lisa Collins. Jennifer Griffiths. Jennv Stephenson. 

8R7 Fourth Row: Jana Whitvvorth, Mashi 
Kerenyi, Jacqueline Fenner, Tara Patton. 
Third Row: Caroline Shier, Debra Katz, 
Jennifer Booth, Jill Hallerman, Katie Little, 
Noelle McLeish, Andrea Gare, Caroline 
Camming, Kaija Stewart. Second Row: 
Marilyn Price, Pauline Wait, Phoebe Ryder, 
Jojo Kirkland, Lisa Gibson, Lisa Hand, 
Jennifer Kirshner, Jane Taylor. Front Row: 
Robin Taylor, Consuelo Jackman, Melony 
Jamieson, Lisa Gilmer, Catherine Moore. 


L 1 nolb^^ ^'1^'^ 
0 HxxAjz. ^ 


I like flowers in this city 
most of them are very pretty. 
You often see them in the park 
except when it is very dark. 
You also see them in your yard 
and sometimes on a birthday card. 
Some are pink, Some are red 
Some are alive, Some are dead 
Some are purple, Some are blue 
but all are pretty, that is true! 

"Mummy, Mummy tell me WHY!" 

Mummy, Mummy tell me why. 

The soft, white clouds go floating by 

And why I have a horn so bright 

That shines and twinkles in the light? 

Oh Mummy, I really want to know, 

Why my hair's as white as snow? 

Or why the children like to dream 

Of patting and dancing and prancing with me? 

Oh please, please tell me, I want to know 

Or I'll be left so full of woe! 

Calm down my little Unicorn 

You ask so many questions 

I just don't know anymore 

Your questions are so widely spread 

But I'll tell you this and this 1 know. 

Never, never be ashamed 

Of your silver horn 

And silver mane. 

For God made you to be, 

The most beautiful thing. 

In all the WORLD! 

And that you are, that you are, 

You surely are a 


Maggie Davis, Grade 4 


One afternoon I was walking, 
On a path in a valley, 
there were birds and flowers, 
all around me, 

but there was one that caught 

my attention, 
it was white with 3 petals and a 

yellow middle, 
and standing all alone swaying in the wind. 
The next day I went walking and 
on each side of the trillium 
was a sprout popping out 
into the big world, then, presto, 
there was a brother and a sister 
for the trillium that once stood alone. 

Erin Heintzman, Grade 4 



Is the time of year. 

When leaves turn red and brown. 

Jack Frost comes out to play at night. 

And freezes all the ground, 

Animals collect the leaves to make. 

Their cosy winter nest, 

Then one night they curl up tight, 

For their long winter's rest. 

Coats come out with hats and mitts. 

The furnace hums a song. 

Autumn's here with all her colour. 

And winter won't be long. 

Lindsey Ginou, Grade 3 

Sacha Powell, Grade 6 

Witches' Tea Party 

Witches cackle, he, he, he! 
That's what they do when it's time for their tea. 
Their cake, it is toad cake and cockroach icing 
and the blood of mosquitoes for juice. 
That's a witches' tea and don't be like me 
and by mistake go to a witches' tea! YUCK! 

U <^ p. ^ 



Heather Shaw CC 
Lisa Gilmer SC 

Lara Voigycsi CC 
Jojo Kiri<land SC 


Pippa Aird CC 
Margoi Humphrey SC 


Caroline Shier CC 
Noelle McLeish SC 


Katie Little CC 
Jennifer Griffiths SC 

Susan Laine CC 
Heather Ferguson SC 


Clan Chieftains (CC) 
and Sub-Chieftains (SC). 



This year the enthusiasm and 
participation were better than ever 
before. A terrific effort was made by the students of the Junior School to 
support the clan activities. Clan games were well attended. Everyone had 
great fun at the clan gathering, the bazaar, clan lunches, Ramabai week and 
Spirit week. Thanks for all the co-operation and spirit. 


Junior School Spirit Week 

The week of October third to sixth was the 
first spirit in the Junior School for this year. 
It started off with a humorous skit Monday 
morning. The prefects dressed in various 
trends to answer the question: "What is 

Each lunch hour was kept busy with 
energetic and exciting games: baseball, an 
obstacle course, ship to shore and a smartie 
game for grades 4 to 8. Duck duck goose and 
pin the alligator on the preppy were games 
for grades 1 to 3. 

Mad. can 

MacNeill House Pres., Meuioi ies; 
aiding Ainslie, Waicr lighis, Waiimg 
phone calls. Thanks lo ilie iTiany 
Tids ihat I have made, and lo Ihe 
housemothers. I will always remen 
B.H.S. The great thing in this world isl 
so much where we stand, as is the 
direction we are moving. OWH. 



CAROL ARMSTRONG: 1981-1984. 

Memories: N.Y., Sailboarding, skiing, X- 
Country, Father-Daughter dance, misty 
mints. Fas. Show, E'ville, Queen's. "To 
follow Knowledge like a sinking star, 
beyond the utmost bound of human 
thought." Tennyson. Thanx M and D. 

KATHERiNE BARCLAY: 1979-1984. 

Gr. 12 Prefect, Past Chieftain, SPORTS! 
"This paper may crumble, the ink may 
fade . . . but never the memories of you I 
have made." Thanx BHS for 5 
memorable years. Thanx friends: "Good 
company on a long journey makes the trip 
seem shorter," Ding Dong Thanx Casey. 
NanaBanana Fan, Party in Barrie mayn, 
Bregman's! Thanx M and D I luv ya. 
"Keep smiling ... it confuses people." 

Grant, McLeod 
Note Ihe years. They say it all. 


ALISON BARTLETT: 1981-1984. 

Memories: Mariposa, Surprise parties, 
The lunch gang, Tiic suhway rides, (Macs, 
Mees?!) Summer trips - I'carson College, 
B.C., CayrTian Islands. Diving in the 
sunny south, diving in the snowy north, 
(Peterborough?), Fric & Frac, Land- 
sharks, Rm. 20, "The aim of life is not to 
live a long time but to live well." - Plato. 
Live well mes amies! Thanx for 
everything M & D. XOX 

RUTH BEATTY: 1977-1984. 
Various Clans 

You can hardly iinagine that I and Lord 
Bracknell would dream of allowing our 
only daughter - a girl brought up with the 
utmost care - to marry into a cloak-room, 
and form an alliance with a parcel. - 
Oscar Wilde 


I arrived at Branksome on September 7th, 
1983 and wrote this two weeks later. My 
memories of Branksome lie in the future. 
"For mem'ry has painted this perfect day, 
with colours that never fade. And we find 
at the end of a perfect day, the soul of a 
friend we've made.' 

DARCY BETT: 1972-1984. 
Bruce, McLeod 

When you say that the sun does not move, 
did it show you the answer? When the 
ships do not fall off the world, does it 
mean there's a wall there? 

ANA lil OWI-S: 1982 1984 
Mad can 

Meiiioiics: All ol hoarding, ('hincsc, 
dai)ci.'s, c\ains, dicis and AI L llio good 
times wc liati and will have ... I hank you 
Branksonic and everyone in it. Special 
Thanks A Mi Maftii Y Paiii. 

MARYBOYNTON: 1979-1984. 

Grade Prefect, I would "drink life to the 
lees" but I'm under age! "Wherever you 
are it's your friends who make your 
world." Thanx friends for so many 
laughs. Thanx Pooh & Jane C. - Snort!-$, 
Flip, Flip, FOY. Party in Barrie Mayn! 
Drama trip '83, "You Can't Take The 
Witness For The Prosecution With You." 
Broadly Speaking. Cote D' Azur '82. 

CARMEN BUSQUETS: 1980-1984. 

Did 1 make the right decision? 1 used to 
ask myself, today I know the answer. 
Thanx to my house mothers and teachers 
I will not forget boarding, especially 
Claudia, Patty, Margaret, Rachel, Julie, 
Coco, Francesca, Wendy, Erin, Mrs. 
Lloyd and - the nurses ... of course I will 
not forget you Carolyn! 1 will always 
remember all the fun, friends and places 
outside school. I love you Mum and Dad. 

Robertson, Scott 
Jr. School Prefect, Clan 
Participation: Basketball, 
Volleyball, Choir, Debating, 
Memories: Mrs. Hay's trips, Li 
here to listen to you. 9 years of kidding 
ar(iiu)d and being on a natural high. 
1 hanks for listening Mum - Shirl! "Learn 
to live and live to learn." B. Taylor. 
CynthMarciC hrisLorclei W2Fil/ SanEm 
Marih I haiiks for coiuin' out!! 

"Clans" . 

1 always be 


Remember when . . . 

JANE CONNOR: 1979-1984, 

Prefect, Head of Bela Kappa. "Who's 
seen the wind, not you or I. When the ship 
moves, she is passing by. Between you 
and me 1 really don't think she knows 
where she's going at all." "Stand in the 
sun, shut your eyes and feel the world, it's 
changing everyday." Goodbye my 
friends, each day will seem so long, 
there's so much 1 feel I can never say. 
"Genesis" - 1976, 1982. Thanks Mum 
and Dad. 


I do not approve of anything that tampers 
with natural ignorance, ignorance is like a 
delicate, e.xotic fruit; touch it and the 
bloom is gone. The whole theory of 
modern education is radically unsound. 
Fortunately in England, at any rate, 
education produces no effect whatsoever. 
Oscar Wilde. 

Johnson, Ross 

Activities: Choir, Chamber choir. Music 
Club and piano. Thanks for all the 
memories Branksome, I'll never forget 
you. All these years of learning experience 
will always be with me forever. Thanx and 


the race lo be bciici oc besi, lorgel 
not the joy of simply being-" ll's l)eeii ;i 
greal two years. Memories: Raisin luead 
pigoul; big ehoeolale eliip cookies; snow; 
Greenjeans; Rosario; C'lini- Belleville 
anyone? Trinnies! Parties! Uoanlin;-' 
food??! And of course Danielle ihc 
Yonge St. Pro; Mitzi; Margarei; Penny; 
Erin; Charleiie; Magoo; Robyn; ( arnien 
and everyone else who made il worth- 
while. Thanx 


Clubs - Library, Drama, Choir and 
Music!!! Mellifluous Eh? 2 yrs in 
residence and sharing my birthdays with 
Mrs. Lloyd!!! Learning/ teaching basic 
with Mr. Ball?? Being with my friends - 
Chris, Mel, Vicky, Kathy, Lisa, Cathy, 
Shawna, Adrian, and the Mouth - Randa. 
They helped me lots! And even put up 
with my quirks - elves, sw & stsf Con- 
ventions, filks, and aardvarks who 
gamble. Thanks BHS! It's been really . . . 

COLLEEN DOYLE: 1974-1984 
Robertson, McAlpine 
"Sailing takes me away to where I'm 
going . . . dreams and wind to carry me 
and soon I will be free" C. Cross 
Memories: Shortcake, Barnyard, Moon- 
unit Tea parties, Orca, Oil, Malibu, 
"Pinkies", "You're such a looser", 
HAH!, "The Bean Queen's, BIG AL, 
R.C.Y.C., Vlarshmallows, "WHALED 

KATHRYN DYBA 1982-1984 

"May the road rise up to meet you, may 
the wind be always at your back, may the 
sun shine warm upon your face and rains 
fall soft upon your fields and until we 
meet again may God hold you in the 
hollow of his hand" "Take heart, 
Believer, the darker the night, the nearer 
the dawn." 



"Think iwice before you speak - and 

you'll find everyone talking about 

soinelhing also" - Frances Rodman 

"1 have never lei my schooling interfere 

with my education" - Twain 

"What happened lo the hole when the 

cheese is gone?" - Brecht 

Thanks to all my friends, you know who 

your are. Twelve Witnesses Prosecuted 


LIZ ELDER 1980-1984 

"We are here to add what we can to life, 
not to get what we can from it." William 
Osier "The greatest essentials of hap- 
piness are something to do, something to 
love, and something to hope for." Anon. 
Special thanks to Mom and Dad 

HEIDI EVANS: 1975-1984 
Bruce, Campbell 

"To live in hearts we leave behind, is not 
to die" Memories: Between Friends "let's 
go for coffee", gossip. Bob the Baptist, 
Muskoka, CoUingwood, dances, the 
formal, Mariposa, the Valiant, skiing, 
UCC, Norpeel Motel etc. Remember girls 
"Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow 
ye diet" CLIQUE! I love you all, and 
thank you all. Thank you Mom and Dad! 
It's about time! 


"The sooner the better" - Nassau Two 
good years. Memories: Boarding, collect 
calls, fun times out of BHS, any mail for 
me? Shrimp, water fights, pizza? Lake 
Placid, missing home - "Far from the 
beaches" Close to friends - Claudia 
(Mexico), Robyn (Sweet chats). Carmen 
(Bellair), Fran (VMT?) - all of Ainslie and 
MacNeill. Thanks for the experience 
Mom and Dad 



Gram, Campbell 

Head ofOphcleo, - you name il - I'll do it. 
Usually found tangled in ilie mic cord or 
playing Euchre! Memories: Living in the 
boonies, Lalin, C ais I orevermore! My 
own wheels! Einglisli 420 T o everyone who 
helped me ihrough (he years - Thanx tons. 
Esp. Lotu, Grem, Dave, Bri! Special 
thanx to Mom and Dad! My parting 
remarks: "Don't dream it, be it!" Rocky 


Thank you BHS for the best 2 years. 
Memories: Dances, Parties, C. 
Gatherings. Grade 12: Glen Bernard trip: 
wet & cold. I'll always remember the fun 
times with friends: Lisa at dances - what a 
dancer! Sports: Ice hockey. Soccer, 
Baseball. Thanks Mom and Dad for the 
past two years. 

Duncan, MacLean 

J.S. Sub-Chieftain, Alumnae Rep. Mems. 
Mrs. Hay's trips, tennis squash field 
hockey, Lake Placid, Killington, Egypt, 
Peru, Big"L", SAC -Chris!!, Bregman's 
Punch in pool, soaps, preppy, Minotaur 
Anna, Napolean, royalists to the end. 
Sandra, Emily, Vickie, chalet, marsh- 
mallows in the rain, mice. "The world is 
for those who make their dreams come 
true." H. Gray Thanks Mom and Dad 

HEATHER FRISE: 1980-1984 


And once below a time 

I lordly had the leaves and trees 

Trail with daisies and barley 

Down the rivers of the windfall 

light. Dylan Thomas 

Shall we go round the mulberry bush or 
shall we gather at the river ... or shall we 
have another cup of tea? F. R. Scott 

JULIE GOLDBERG: 1978-1984 
Gram, McAlpinc 

"Frankly my clear 1 don't give a damn!" 
Memories: Mrs. Hay's fabulous (rips, 
TGIL', Slralt'ord, Pathfinder, Mariposa, 
GH, Y&R, lee Cream, Spares, walking to 
Bloor St, Math 428, TTC, Pina Colada, 
sharing loeker with Kate (2 yrs). Thanks 
to my special friends Vicky, Hayley, 
Kalhy (S), Meg etc. Farewell BHS for 6 
wonderful years where I've learned so 
much. Thanx Mom and Dad. I love you. 

GONSALVES: 1982-1984. 

Two years of memories I'll carry with me 
wherever I go. Choir, Boarding, Day- 
Care, Camping, Fetes waiting for mail. 
All the friends I have made I will treasure 
forever. "There is no map with a road 
labelled success; you have to find your 
own way." Thanks to everyone who made 
my two years enjoyable. I may not be here 
in body, but I will be here in mind. Mom 
and Dad I love you, Thanx. 



Grant, McAlpine. 

I am a dreamer. 1 am indeed a practical 
dreamer. My dreams are not airy 
nothings. I want to convert my dreams 
into realities as far as possible. - 
Mohandas Gandhi. When in doubi wear 
red. - Bill Blass. Thanks and love to my 
family, and all the friends; you know who 
you are, especially Cynthia and Ed! 143! 

LORELEI G. GRAHAM 1974-1984 
Robertson, Campbell 
Memories: Mrs. Hay's history - Quebec 
trip (Helen's Motel) Washington - Jr. 
School deb library - Sr. school - art room 
lunches "El goes to San Diego" Bregman 
runs, the Luncheon Group, fencing, 
squish B-ball, spares with friends, 
"Lola", Guelph, and most important - 
the girls, Imbercourt, the farm, my 
friends (whom I'll never forget!) and my 
family - vvho always supported me - I 
won't let you down! 


SHEILA GRAHAM: 1970-1984 

Through the years: residence, tric-lrac, 
Mariposa, Brig, Pearson, Cayman, 
reunions, diving, Peterborough?, Howie, 
Howard, best buds: Alison, HW, liV, 
Miss Bell, "Sunward I have ehinbed & 
joined the turnbHng mirth of sun-spht 
clouds & done a hundred things you have 
not dreamed of & I have topped the wind- 
swept heights where never lark, or even 
eagle Hew." Thanx for all you have given 
me Mom XO 

ALISON GROUND 1977-1984 
Johnston, Ross 

"Life, we've been long together through 
pleasant and through cloudy weather: 
"Tis hard to part when friends are dear 
perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, a tear" Bar- 
bauld "Remember me with smiles and 
laughter, for that is how I shall remember 
you all" Anon I will always treasure the 

Robertson, Ross 

Chieftain of Ross and Robertson. Sports 
Editor. Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming 
and Basketball. Memories: V.P. dances; 
Bonus! "Thanks for comin' out!" "Sam 
Chris?!" Formals (Where did our dates 
go) "Too Funny", Shopping?! Ice cream 
fights, eh T2? No Probs! Great times, 
great friends "Laugh at all you trembled 
at before." See Ya! SB. Thanks, Mom. 

SANDRA L. HERBER: 1981-1984 

President of Amnesty. Memories: 
Roasting marshmallows in the rain. Mice 
in a ball machine, "That's so easy" - 
Trivial Pursuit, Punch in the whirlpool. 
Weekend up north, Hill St. Blues, 
Monarchists to the end, Anna, Napoleon, 
Minotaur, Grass is Singing, Killington. 
Thanks Heather, Vickie, Emily, and Mrs. 
Levitt. Thanks Branksome. "1 am not 
now/That which I have been." - Byron. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 


DANIELLE HERDE: 1982-1984 

Memories: Guelpii; "Those weird punks 
on Yonge St."; Ainslie and MacNeill 
house; shopping on Salurdays; pigging 
out at Mr. Greenjeans; late night standing 
in the bathrooms; ail the friends that 
made my two years at Branksome just 
great - that Janimit Mitzi; that Old Screp 
Lisa; Prudish, Erin - "Jah Rastafari"; 
Penny, Charlene, Margaret, "Wendy and 
Heather"; Pat - All the crazy girls - 
Thanks a lot. 

Eraser, MacLean 
Just one thing before you go. 
Just one thing you've got to know: 
No one will ever touch me that way, 
The way that you did that very first day. 
And I'll never be the same without you 
here. Christopher Cross 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Sue, BP's, Cyn & 




"Fear? What Has A man to do with fear? 

Chance rules our lives, and the future is 

all unknown." "Best live as best we may, 

from day to day." - Sophocles. 

But is it chance or has it to do with 


No bells since grade 11?!(J). Like a rolling 
stone - Entendant le guitar et buvant du 
the avec mon ami C. 

RACHEL HORNE: 1978-1984 

Head of Residence, Writing Club, 
Drama, Debating, Amnesty. Late night 
forages. The Becker's Connection, 
"Would you believe I'm only twelve?", 
free floating undergarments, souska, 
bluesmobile, toad, personal critiques, 
disastrous dances, being a disco bunny, 
discovering pseudo "Hey I wanna party 
with you!" - Julie., the Kim, Lola, Sal, 
Jill and Stu. Ambition is necessary for 
success. - W.H. 


KIM KARON: l9H.VI9ii4 

Wlicii I was in Ihc midst of making an 
impoilanl tk'Lision a close IriL-nd lold mc 
thai yoii only live your life once, but if 
you live ii riglii ihe first time, once is 
enough. Ihanks Branksome lor a 
memorable year! (No goal is too high if 
you climb with care and confidence, bm 
boy do 1 need a shower!!) 

KATHY KENDALL: 1982-1984 

Thanks for two great years Branksome. 
Boarding, boarding food. Fat Anne, 
Mugging it, studying, weekends - all great 
memories of Branksome. And to my 
"Roomie", Wendy Williams (alias rock 
star and co-ostrich Hyer), 1 don't know 
how 1 made it with you, and 1 don't know- 
how 1 could have made it without you. 
Thanks. To Mom and Dad, thanks for 
these two years. 1 love you. 

JENNIFER KIM: 1980-1984 

Slogan Art Editor, Writing Club, Music 

And whiter grows the foam. 
The small moon lightens more; 
And as I turn me home, 
My shadow walks before. 
- Robert Bridges 

We are all in the gutter, but some of 
us are looking at the stars. 

- Oscar Wilde 




Three years of hard work have more than 
payed off! Thanks a lot BHS, Penny, 
Robyn, Milzi, Julie! Say what? We're 
out!! Memories: Water fights, raiding 
Ainslie, Heather . . . She has a problem!? 
Christie! What is it. Who is it? Hey frizzle 
fowl! Put back the brass |{rin! Dawn, say 
what?? Have ftm nexi year!! I.aler Sian 
and (iilliati! Bye Mrs. D's! Later folks - 

Johnston, MacGregor 
"The pursuii of learning is really the 
pursuit ol line living." Kidd. Remember: 
Mees, Windows, Bdays, Parties, Formals, 
Cars, MeDonald'.s, S|xues, Bridge Club, 
Laughter & Lunehes. Speeial Thanks: 
Mrs. Glennie, Mrs. Levitt, Mrs. 
Strangway, Mrs. Zonimers, Mom & Dad. 
"Suecess is a journey, not a destination." 
- J. Miner. Goodbye Guys! Best of Luck! 
Luv VAL. 


heath. er / 'heth-er/ n.l A hearty 
evergreen shrub (genus calluna) related to 
the heath having spikelike vacemes of 
pinkish flowers, also called ling 2 A dull 
grayish red color (M.E. hadder; origin 
unknown infl. inform by HEATH.) - 
Funk and Wagnall's eng diet. 
You can't witness twelve babes! Soap! 
Hey Gui! All Ryight! love ya - MTL A 
childs' mask 



Johnston, Ross 

Memories: Jr. Chieftain, FORMAL 83, 
friends past and present, spares, Spain, 
sailing, semi-formals, weekends 
Bregmans, marshmallows, breakfast 
parties, tea parties, Yaz, Queen's, D.Q, 
"There's just no way", Mrs. Hay's trips, 
Air Geog., Barnyard, my first day at 
BHS. Secret Santa's, Fran's, "Scary 
Boo", "May that which we love never slip 
away" Thanks BHS, and M&D 

DORA LIN 1980-1984 

Memories: Boarding, Sherborne, Ainslie, 
MacNeill, Lake Placid, Chalk River, 
Casaloma, Metro Zoo!! House dinners; 
hurry up horse Erin! Secret Santa's; it- 
ching powder (thanks Ninive!) Broom 
fights with Jennifer, Ileana; science with 
Cheryl, Midnight conference with PL, 
AC, DO. Thanks and good bye 



Duncan, Ross 
Head Girl 

Debating head, Xcountry, AI, Beta 
Kappa, Milton, K2 - why? Love you Sal 
(of course) weasel! a kibbutz? Merci 
M&D "No, it is impossible to convey Ihe 
life-sensation of any given epoch of one's 
existence - that which makes its truth, its 
meaning - its subtle and penetrating 
essence. It is impossible, we live as we 
dream - alone." Joseph Conrad 

HEATHER MAGEE: 1982-1984 

Many thanks are needed for Wendy "O" 
for Snoopy on a string, which connects to 
George from M.M, Also to my 
"BESTEST FRIEND: "Looks like we 
made it" (Barry M.) You're the greatest, 
Wen' Memories: L. Placid, outback, 
choir, Baseball 4-ever! Mariposa (Dave), 
and finally Pb (not lead, of course) 
Thanks Mom and Dad! XXOO 

JANE MASON: 1983-1984 


Debating, AI 

"Old friend, so you're in trouble again. 
You ask me to try and find a little time 
and maybe share a glass of wine - old 
friend I'm coming through . . ." "So 
you're going off to wander, I'm guilty 
just the same, but sometimes you are 
badly needed, so please come back 
again." Merci Maman et Papa, je vous 
adore. It'll be great. 1 know it . . . 

MARTHA A. MCCARTHY: 1978-1984 
Bruce, McAlpine 

Gr. 9, 10 Pres., Gr. 11 France, Drama 
Pres, Comm. Prefect. "When she was 
good, she was very, very good and when 
she was bad, she was horrid." Love you 
Clique, Kit, Gill, Reds, Soapsister. Party 
in Barrie! You can't Witness Babes on 
Arsenic. Dans mon esprit, il ne terminera 
jamais a la prochaine mes amis, "Alas for 
those who never sing but die with all their 
music in them." Holmes, 


Nickname: L.L. 

Unt'orgcllable Memories: The Mariposa, 
Lai<e Placid - Nice run HF! "Child- 
proof," V.P. Parlies, Florida, Hotel 
Caiit'ornia, laughter, tears, mellow 
moments, Formals - only Marci will 
understand this - TRI!, the silver bomb, 
the cottage, shopping. "One never 
forgets, the memory just recedes." 
Thanks B.H.S. for all the good times - 
especially MH. Thanks Mom & Dad. 


LAURA MCELWAIN: 1977-1984 
Bruce, MacLean 

Clan Chieftain, Sports Captain, Ti 
X-Country, "There is nothing worth the 
wear of winning, but laughter and the 
love of friends." Belloc. "1 couldn't help 
it. I can resist everything except temp- 
tation." Wilde. Party in Barrie, Nana 
Banana Fan Club. Thanks Mom, Dad 
and Friends. Adieu, Adieu. 


Rain rings trash can bells, and what do 
you know? My alley becomes a cathedral - 
Bruce Cockburn '69. 

Love on ya Mary-Bea, Crazy-Janey and 
Missy for all the love and laughs! ! Nassau 
'83, C De B, Unforgettable times! Like 
the dust that settles all around me, I must 
find a new home - Genesis '79 Does it 
end? Justice. Keep dancing in your castle. 



"Friendship's song lives on forever in 
memories of times together." - my first 
day was . . . oxfords! Yuk couldn't get 
over them, Malta missed it, family and 
friends. Thanks to all for everything. 
Especially parents, Josette, Mark, MRJT. 
Also to Robyn - Patience is a virtue! Erin, 
Marg, Carmen, Charlene, Pennie, all in 
MacNeill - Housemothers and classmates 
- Wouldn't have made it without you all. 


CHRIST INH M1CHI;NF-;R: 1983-1984. 
MiicC Ir cgor 

It' il vva.sii'l lor the lasi iiioinciil a lol ol 
things would never get done. I'm sure my 
one year at Branksome Hall will hold 
many lend memories for me. Thanks 
D.R., Best of luck R.L. Good luck grads 
at park I miss you M.K. The nice thing 
about the future is that it conies only one 
day at a time. 


Robertson, McLeod 

Past Chieftain, Activities: Bazaar 
(Yahoo), Tennis, Choir, Chamber Choir, 
Music Shows, Stars. Memories: First 
encounter with Mac, old friends and new, 
my twin, Poopus, David's Kids, Pegging 
cheeseballs. Clan banners, Mariposa, 
Poodle, BD's with Marth, My Baby!, and 
of course other delightful times! The road 
is long; there are mountains in our way, 
but we climb a step everyday . . . Thanks 
Mom and Dad (Bro & Sis) XOX. 

KAREN J. MOONEY: 1975-1984. 
Eraser, Douglas 

"When time, which steals our years away, 
shall steal our pleasures too; the memory 
of the past will stay and half our joys 
renew." Memories: Spain and Italy with 
Mrs. Hay, Air Geog., Portugal with Dale, 
Formals, Semis, and the Mariposa, 
Bregmans, orca. Oiler, Alice, Tinkerbell, 
Motion, The Whenches, Whaled again! 
Queen's, Sailing, and the Yazmobile. The 
fun has just begun! 


4 years at Branksome have left me with 
wonderful memories: Boarding, Study, 
Calypsos, "Dem sweet songs", Diets? 
Pink, out back Booging with Melinda, 
Raids, Waterfights, - They've all been 
great! Thanks Gen, "Ereen", Dawn, and 
of course my fellow Trinis - Penny, 
Charlcne, Lisa, Danielle, Sian and Gillian 
and roommate Corccnc lor giving me 
these great memories. Thanks Mimi and 
Dad. I love you! 

MARTHA PAISLEY: 1979-1984. 


Slogan Ed. in Chief, Pret'ecl, Kill Press, 
Synchro, Debating, "The Boylriend". 
Memories: B2F, Mariposa, The Locker 
Door, musical auditions trip, my twin, 
Hosay, Domo, etc., Fonik speleene.i 
driving a standard, NanaBanana Fan,' 
POY, Brayad Pawk, and more. To my 
friends and family - Thank you. You 
made these 4 years fantastic!! 

JANE PALMER: 1974-1984. 
Fraser, McAlpine 

NO BELLS SINCE GR. 11?! Cadillac 
Ranch Spike and Labyrinth(T!), Marny 
tours, who's on first?, Mrs. B. still owes 
$. Mary 110 mph! Barrie for breakfast. 
Pontoons on the rocks. Cas. - oh no!! 
Chair over the wall. Shoe on the roof. 
Cookies on the road - for the one who 
always said I could do it. XOXO Bye 
BHS. Thank you Mum and Dad. You 
were right. 

LAUREN PAPAS: 1981-1984. 

Grade Prefect. Past: swim team captain, 
and assist editor - Kilt Press Activities: 
Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball. 
Memories: Party in Barrie Man, Casey, 
Nana-B F.C., The Alt., Lake Placid, and 
especially all the ones 1 shared with Kathy 
- Thanks Loaser! "So on and on I go, the 
seconds tick the time out, there's so much 
left to know and I'm on the road to find 
out." Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Johnston, McAlpine 

Memories: Boarding, Can you hear me? 
All the fun and friends: Jen, Barb, Lor, 
Ali, Roz, Lee, Lyns, Don, Carolbee, 
Flick, Mush, Beatty, and Dany toolwater 
guns, Roz's driveway, cookies and 
Bermuda. It's so hard to say good-bye to 
the friends I leave. "Words are like 
leaves; and where they most abound, 
much fruit of sense is rarely found." A. 
Pope. Thanks Mom & Dad. XOXO 

VICTORIA I'M I KS: 1977-1979, 
1 980- 1 984 
Kohcrlsoii, Scoll 

CI7: Worsi homeroom, Charlie's Angels, 
seciel .S;inia, Quebec - (,i8: Ottawa Hotel? 
Bee swarm dlO: iliaina, no snow, song?! 
Gil: drama, sayint' goodbye to Lennon, 
GI2: drama, Mariposa, Brig, Computer, 
pictures of Townshend, Kensington, CiH: 
"and in the end, the love you lake is equal 
to the love you make" - Beatles. 
"Can't pretend that growing older never 
never hurts." - Townshend. XO 


Boarding, choir pres. - and its trips, some 
of my closest friends have been made 
here. Memories live on forever but people 
are like ships that pass in the night. Let's 
try to keep in touch, Ruth, AInays, 
Robyn, Charlene, Julie, Mitzie, and 
Horny! Don't forget our many ex- 
periences: Wed. nights, Phone calls. 
Parties Our motto - where there's a will 
there's a way. 

SALLY PITFIELD: 1975-1984 
Bruce, McAlpine 

"I want by understanding myself to 
understand others. 1 want to be all that 1 
am capable of becoming . . . this all 
sounds very strenuous and serious but 
now that I have wrestled with it, it's no 
longer so. I feel happy - deep down. All is 
well." C. Mansfield 

Photo. Edit., Alumnae Rep., Kilt Press, 
Beta Kappa, Opheleo, Racquets, Love Ya 
Lola! Big smile. "Tennis, anyone." 

Eraser, Scott 

"Voyez-vous, mes enfants, quand le ble 

est mur, il faut le couper; quand le vin est 

tire, il faut le boire." - A. Daudet 

B.B., - 4 of a kind - 


Cole d'Azur '82 

Like a rolling stone - enlendani le guitare 
et buvant du the avec mon aniie T. A 
bientot mes amies. 

JULIE POLLOCK: 1979-1984. 


Wail heavily! 

Watching my antics as i bumble through 
life I see 1 make a splendid clown. Yes, 
Mom and Dad, You did "good"! Thanx 
to boarding, some wonderful teachers, 
Writing club. Choir, my own West In- 
dians!!, Jennie, the Home (Love ya), the 
Quest . . . Vive la Floride, Y Carmeneita. 
"Step away - Walk away - All I want is 
the real thing." Eurythmics. 


^Mmberly an 


Past Chieftain, Grade Prefect. "It is 
better to be making the news than taking i 
it; to be an actor rather than a critic." 
Churchill Quoth The Witness For The 
Prosecution, "You Can't Take It With 
You On A Twelfth Night!" Yes, I'm 
airiiight! Cote d'Azur '82, Party in Barrie ( 
Mayn. Loving thanks to my wonderful i 
friends, Mom and John, "This is the sort ^ 
of English up with I will not put." - 
Churchill. Adieu Mes Amis XOCAC. 

DEBBIE ROBERTS: 1983-1984. 

Who knows what this year will bring, I 
hope between September and June there 
will be a lifetime of memories. For 
yesterday is but a pleasant memory and 
tomorrow is only a vision, but today well 
lived makes every yesterday a memory of 
happiness, and every tomorrow a vision 
of hope ... - Ancient Sanskrit Poem. 
Best of luck CM. and so long T.L. 

SARAH ROBERTSON: 1978-1984. 
Robertson, MacGregor 
It is the quality of our experiences, the 
satisfaction, excitement or joy that we get 
or fail to get from them that will deter- 
mine how those experiences will change 
us. In short, what we learn. 1 left the 
woods for as good a reason as 1 went here. 
Perhaps it seemed to me that 1 had several 
more lives to live and could not spare any 
more time for that one. - Thoreau. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 


SHI ll A KOSS 1977-1984 

I- 1 asci , koss 

Pasl Jr C'hicllain, AsM. I^luilo. f-.d. 
Slogan. Pel Peeve - All rny iiickiiaiiies! , 
Oil, Bucky, Oica, Wcila, cic. NO, I'm not 
eating AGAIN! N.B. spares in barnyard, 
RGYC, "l^iit problem on board" 
chemistry! The MD, Skating, Tea parties, 
"Bop" niarshrnallows. My Amazon 
woman, Mariposa, Frans white milk. 
Appearance vs reality, "I'm late, I'm late, 
I'm late ..." 
Alias, Alice 

Duncan, McLeod 

Head Librarian. Activities: Choir, 15's 
baseball team. Library Club, I.S.C.F., 
Bridge Club of Canada, eh Val?!, being 
'The Youngest", eternal diets, "If you 
mention his name once more . . .", and 
the Lunch Group , . . Living, Loving, 
Learning and laughing. . . . Auld Lang 
Syne . . . "But there never seems to be 
enough time to do the things you want to 
do, once you find them ..." - Jim Croce. 

Johnston, Scott 

Asst. Slogan Editor, choir. Amnesty. 
Memories: C. Lodge, Bball 21, hockey in 
bio, Bridge Club, I can't believe, 
directions, Suprise!, Supreme being, 
baseballs. Thanx Vickie, San, Heath, 
Lorelei, the group! Between the idea and 
the reality Between the motion and the act 
Falls the shadow. - T.S. Eliot 
Please don't shoot the pianist. He is doing 
his best. - Wilde. 

PIPPA STRATHY: 1978-1984. 
Eraser, McAlpine 

"Trust not yourself but your defects to 
know, make use of every friend or foe." 
Europe '83, train rides, 5 red roses, Katy, 
Sally, Kurl, Sean and my Dawes, The Bat, 
Green Trident, Diet Coke, Talking Heads 
in the morn Long Distance Long Corvos 
Di, Basically everything. Thanx: Kairn, 
Diane, Miki, Andrea, AR, Tory, It's hard 
to say (ioodbyc . . . "But never say bye 
bye." - Bowie. 

ALISON TASKER: 1978-1984. 
Joiinston, MacGiegor 
Pasl Sub-Chiet'tain, Soccer, X-Counlry F. 
Hockey, Debaiirig, Amnesty, Bazaar 
Com., L. Placid, etc. . . . E.T. "I have a 
question!" "It was so simple, yet it was I 
not. What did we want? ... it was 
decided victory." - G. MacEwen. P.S. 
Gone sailing, bye bye Branksome. 

SARAH W. TAYLOR: 1978-1984. 

Bruce, MacGregor 

Past Chieftain. "What else is there to say 
but everything?" - Brooks. Memories: 
Ottawa '83, Smitly Yeah!, Rm. 208, 
Marny and I sorting out the L.L.'s. 
Bubbles, The Rosedale, Lake Placid '83., 
Pepperidge Farm fish squish, Peter and 
Mike our buds, the art of the spare 
perfected. Formals, Mariposa, Tucket, 
'83!, Babes in Arms, Marny, liz, Al, Deb 
and Chris! Than.x Mom and Dad XOX S. 

■liiiM i iii i i i i i i i iiiiiiii i 

Duncan, MacGregor 

Nickname; "T.T.", Sport: Soccer. 
Memories: Surviving 8r7 to 13r2, Singing 
to Miss Roach with AB and HW, Mrs. 
Hay's trips, Flour fights with Moonunit, 
Spain and Portugal - Berlin, 5 Carol 
Services, Bregman's, Ice cream fights, 
lunch talks, Playfair - lean leeward!. 
Spares, Mariposa, Formals, the Straw, 
etc. Thanx to All my friends who made 
these years an experience of its own. 
Thanks Mum and Dad. 


Memories: Lake Placid Ski Bunnies, 
Roasting marshmallows in the rain, Pink 
lunch bags. Chemistry comments. Snake 
Patrol, Hedda T., my submarine. Picking 
on Emily, my party chauffers, Maine and 
the Who. Thanks to all my friends, 
especially Heather Bunny, San, Em- 
Scum, and Claire (ET), who made my 
time at Branksome special. A special 
thanks to Sara, my B/F/F. 


MEGTYTIJ'R: 1977-1984. 
F^'raser, Ross 
"More than half ol' modern culture 
depends on what one shouldn't read." - 
Oscar Wilde. 

"Nothing can bring you peace but 
yourself." - Emerson. Au Rcvoir, 


[1 n'y a pas de plaisir comparable a celui 
de rencontrer una vieille amie, excepte 
peut-etre celui d'en faire une nouvelle. 
(HAT). - R. Ripling. Here today gone 
tomorrow!! Bye, Bye! 

ELEKTRA VRACHAS: 1980-1984. 

Beta Kappa VP, Gr. 12 VP, Memories 
will be treasured for they will be forever. 
A place not to be forgotten for the best 
friends & best of times. Memories: close 
friends, birthdays?!, Mariposa, Rout. 
Keep up the spirit BHS! The great thing in 
this world is not so much where we are, 
but in what direction we are moving! - 
Holme. Thanx Mom & Dad for making it 
possible XOX. 

WENDY WEBBER: 1982-1984. 

"In your vision of the world is the image 
of yourself." - Morgan. I can't believe it's 
over! Memories: Spilt tea Green-Jeans, 
swimteam, 'V-ball, choir (Spot'sdead!), 
Diet Pepsi 4-ever!, Harmony, Lee, Diets $ 
Bets, L. Placid, Hmwk? What's That?, 
W. V.'s, Zam Geo essays, Donuls, chips & 
dip, out back, George! Thanks 2 \z &. 
Magoo - Remember "Jerk!" 2 years went 
2 fast. Thanks Morn & Dad. 


SARAH WILEY; 1977-1984 
Bruce, McAlpinc 

Prctcci, Head of Clans, Jr., Sr 
C hicliain, Cross-country, Track. "IF you 
are noi afraid to just go out and compete, 
then you will run your best race. But if 
you go out with a fear of something then 
you have lost the race before you start." 
Jim Ryun "Let me tell you this: someone 
in some future time will think of us." - 
Sappho Party in Barrie! Nana Banana 
Fan Club 

Bruce, McAlpine 
There is no road with a map labelled to 
success; you have to find your own way 
. . . Thanx Branksome for helping me find 
the start to mine. Great friends. Thanks 
Mom and Dad. 

WENDY WILLIAMS: 1982-1984. 

Boarding: What an experience! Friends 
from Hong Kong to West Indies. Letters 
home. Partyitis. Line-ups for food, 
phone, shower . . . The laughter won't be 
forgotten. To my great roomie, Kathy, 
for providing comic relief. "Fix your 
tag!" I hope this prepared me for the next 
phase. For two amazing years, thanks 
Mom & Dad. 

HAYLEY WYMES 1978-1984 
Grant, Scott 

Activities: Drama, Debating, Beta Kappa. 
"Thanx for the memories": Washington, 
Mariposa, suprise 16!, Florida, lunches, 
sub, St. Pierre, Vogue, legs, slides, Avon, 
dances + up North - Gag! Special friends: 
Di, Al, Shesh, Chris, Elektra, Karen, Val, 
Marci, Emily, Julie, Sherry (Bermuda) -i- 
Sue! "Where the heart is, the mind is 
soon to follow" Ojibwa saying. Thanks 
mom + Dad (all 5 of you!) LOVE 

1984 McAlpinc. Circen dragons w. pink 
bows, General Hospital, clioe ice cream, 
hoi lea, hang man, brig, day babes, 
Vicky, Dora, Julie, Marcus, Sandy, 
double spares, coniax last prd bio. Mr. 
Lawrence where's my delruchio? 
Learning lo love and my favorite saying 
"I don'l understand - hit me with a 
brick." Med. at U of T. Most thanks lo M 
and D and to Shakespeare, I rank Her- 
bert, Lewis Tolkein, Ayn Rand, and St. 

PATRICIA ZINGG: 1978-1980, 1982- 
1984. Bruce, Ross "God grant me the 
serenity to accept the things I cannot 
change, courage to change the things I can 
and wisdom to know the difference." My 
memories of Branksome will never fade. 
Thank you Mom and Dad. Thanks for 
everything, Miss Roach. Best of luck to 
my friends in the future. 



' 1 


Row 1: Melissa Cheung, 
Jennifer Beatty, Betsy Britneil, 
Catherine Adams, Beth En- 
dean, Row 2: Jackie Churcher, 
Lindsay Elder, Dawn Adlam, 
Ros BristoU, Bonnie Cheung, 
Wendy Brown, Heidi Am- 
brose, Cathy Fairbank, Willa 
Evans. Row 3: Annabelle Fell, 
Vicky Bowman, Sarah 
Barrington, Melinda Brad- 
shaw, Andrea Dinnick, Jill 
Dingle, Debbie Farquharson, 
Row 4: Susan Andrus, Meg 
Chisolm, Diane Dempsey, Cari 
Burrows, Carrie Cameron, 
Connie Chow, Eva Chow, 
Absent: Patti Aziz, Ana 



Row 1: Jane Matthews, 
Marianne Harwood- 
Nash, Allison Huycke, 
Caroline Kitchen, Row 
2: Jennifer McNab, 
Catriona Padmore, 
Mii/i Jo Narinesingh, 
Sian Jeary, Jeanette 
Pang, Heather Massey, 
Valerie Fitzgerald, 
Coreene Gonsalves. 
Row 3: Catherine 
Needham, Jane Leckey, 
Susie Here, Megan 
Long, Laurie Nichols, 
Tori Hackett, Helen 
Harrison, Kirstie Lang. 
Row 4: Sue Higgins, 
Barbara Hall, Stephanie 
Jeffrey, Mary 
Lissaman, Susan 
O'Connor, Debbie 
Lachowicz, Erin Finn, 
Absent: Jennifer Gray. 


Row 1: Alison Dalglish, 
Jennifer Cunietti, Claire 
Duckworth, Debbie Edney, 
Laura el Baroudi, Row 2: 
Daphne Armstrong, Erin 
Elder, Linton Carter, Gillian 
Dinning, Shuna Baird, Jennifer 
Andersen, Louise Dempster, 
Meredith Bond, Susan 
Crawford Row 3: Laura 
Downing, Nadia Coury, Mala 
Chandiramani, Heather Adam, 
Jasmin Ahmad, Anne Cloutier, 
Louise Dunlap, Gayle Arm- 
strong, Nancy Clark Row 4: 
Allison Case, Anabel Chan, 
Fiona Anderson, Marina 
Adshade, Alison Engiar, 
Gillian Field, Kim Dalglish 
Absent: Stephanie Buchanan 

I 1RI7 

Row I: Mary Moffat, Nancy 
North, Kim Kelly, Katie 
Ingham, Maureen McMath, 
Liane Kennedy Row 2: Cathy 
Mills, Shannon MeC'arihy, 
Mary Inksater, .lenniler 
McCullocli, Carol Hood, 
Tonya Katz, Kim Foley, 
Jennifer Kitchen, Gigi Hull 
Row 3: Kay McCuteheon, Jane 
Hendrick, Amanda Kirkland, 
Shauna McKenna, Adricnne 
Grant, Lisa Kirshner, Candace 
Hiscox, Row 4: Yu-Pin Khoo, 
Leslie Fleming, Sabrina 
Mitchell, Patricia Fleming, 
Alison MacLeod, Ainsley 
Moore, Morag Fraser Absent: 
Wendy Frith 


Row 1: Meileen Son Hing, 
Nicole Pichler, Linda Ar- 
senault, Helga Sonnenberg, 
Carol Tinmouth, Natalie Von 
Veh, Maureen Turner Row 2: 
Jennifer Routledge, Mary 
Wright, Kim Robbins, Alison 
Worley, Sarah Wright, 
Corinne Strasman, Anna 
Tyacke, Chantelle Wszolek, 
Christine Vander Dussen, Row 
3: Dee-Dee Pincott, Vanessa 
Steinmetz, Lindsey Taylor, 
Karen Short, Nancy Ross, 
Karen Swift, Ruhi Sharma, 
Mary-Anne Rapanos, Kath- 
erine Weatherill, Janet Read, 
Row 4: Kathy Watt, Pam 
Snively, Dana Warren, Hillary 
Pounsett, Katherine Schulz, 
Susan Van Wynen, Natasha 
Prior, Leeanne Weld 




Row 1: Roslyn Case, Rita 
Elowe, Lisa Gelinas, Randa 
Hassaan, Sasha Darling, Sue 
Corley, Row 2: Shawna Cass, 
Hayley AvRuskin, Sarah 
Hennessy, Fiona Baird, 
Martha Henderson, Sarah 
Dyack, Leith Blachford, Lisa 
Ansell, Stephanie Harrington 
Row 3: Andra Freiberg, Donna 
Beer, Tara Fitzgerald, Miranda 
de Pencier, Carol Cameron, 
Abby Beer, Katie Cheeseman, 
Row 4: Christy Dyba, Gayani 
Fernando, Janet Anthony, 
Gillian Frise, Robynne 
Bradshaw, Elizabeth Ailing- 
ham, Adrienne Brown Absent: 
Andrea Dorfman, Heather 


lORl 1 

Row 1: Heather MacDermott, 
Danielle Perron, Sloan 
Mauran, Lisa Korthals, Katie 
Holloway, Heather Manley 
Row 2: Vee Ledson, Julie Lees, 
Irene Lo, Daphne King, Alison 
Papas, Lesley Hinder, Cindy 
Jamieson, Tammy Long, 
Emily Long, Gretel Mitchell 
Row 3: Joyce Kite, Jane 
Lockhart, Bridget Home, 
Stacey Northgrave, Christina 
Nurse, Monica Moles, Al- 
wynne Jeffrey, Jen Law, Row 
4: Seana Massey, Christina 
Meynell, Paula Hunt, Laura 
Pink, Siona McCully, Ruth 
Hughes, Rebecca Moore 



Row 1: Su/anne Waller, Lisa 
Warsh, Fiona Russell, Dccdcu 
Poulton, Alexandra Wrijihi 
Row 2: Nicole Szebcny, Kari 
Taylor, Jackie Sanz, Rosa 
Smith, Andrea Slavcev, Brenda 
Wyma, Gina Smith, Cathy 
Vilaghy-Brown, Row 3: 
Colleen Silver, Angela van 
S t r a u b e n z e e , S a m a n t h a 
Sharpe, Laura Tweedy, 
Christina Volgyesi, Elizabeth 
Wood, Christina Zeidlcr, 
Lindsey Shaw Row 4:: Vicky 
Thomson, Samantha Seagram, 
Shelagh Sturtridge, Clara Tse, 
Tina Soriano, Susan Sanford, 
Kim Scott Absent: Ulle Trass 



Row 1: Tara Blakely, Chantal 
Coury, Tanya Evans, Sarah 
Finch, Rachel Fox, Row 2: 
Tally Chamberlin, Sookie 
Allen, Lara Fabiano, Heather 
Angus, Jackie AUard, Alison 
Deere, Debbie Gaggioli, 
Christina Benedict. Row 3: 
Andrea Franks, Sarah Fife, 
Alex Anderson, Avery Bassett, 
Becky Adamson, Rosalyn 
Beer, Stephanie Carter, Debbie 
Affleck, Row 4: Joanna 
Bancroft, Terrell Bond, Sara 
Cooper, Sarah Eliot, Heather 
Cartwright, Suzie Edney, 
Helen Bredin, Deirdre Dyment. 


Row 1: Mary Hcrmant, 
Shelagh Grant, Hcaihcr 
Gellally, Brigille Kopas, 
Stephanie Gilbert, Stephanie 
Garrow, Row 2: Louise 
Harwood-Nash, Holly 
Jamieson, Susie Kirkland, 
Eleni Gicas, Danielle Holmes, 
Namrita Kohli, Jenny Karsh 
Row 3: Suzanne Genco, Jalyn 
Kennedy, Michelle Genco, 
Rachel Harvey, Amanda 
Hamilton, Rachel Gorman, 
Marina Guerrero Row 4: Lisa 
Hogg, Fiona Kilby, Martha 
Hobbs, Jennifer Graybill, Kim 
Korinek, Cristine Kuok 



Row 1: Catherine Milne, 
Jennifer McGill, Shelagh 
IVIeek, Katie Macauiay, 
Catherine Matthews. Row 2: 
Stephanie Nobbs, Claire 
Moorsom, Rosemary Lawson, 
Nicole Lehoczky, Suzie Mc- 
Means, Anthea Mars, Susan 
McKenna, Row 3: Corinna 
Lehr, Susie Parker, Danielle 
Miller, Tracy Montgomery, 
Nancy MacDonald, Jane 
Lewitt Row 4: Melissa Manley, 
Colleen McCutcheon, 
Samantha Patton, Anne 
Lesueur, Lee Ann Meadows, 
Jennifer Muirhead-Gould. 
Absent: Andrea Papas, Hope 
Nightingale, Carol Martin. 



Row 1: Caroline Warnock, 
Gabriellc Wong, Karen 
Redford, Tori Wilson, Claire 
Prendergast, Karen Smith, 
Row 2: Alex Woods, Alex 
Wilson, Liza Thomson, Jean 
Prichard, Andrea Savage, 
Rebecca Woods, Ania 
Russocki, Alyson Wilson. Row 
3: Adrienne Soles, Elizabeth 
Russell, Janet Rea, Anne Roe, 
Caroline Presber, Janet 
Richardson, Lorna Wilson, Liz 
Paupst, Row 4 Carol Riley, 
Kathy Wood, Hilary Wells, 
Tamara Sugunasifi, Stephanie 

You run on clouds, 

gelling nowhere. 

Heart flutters sparrow-like, 

becomes cramped- 

flulters again. 

No grace in the motion of 

a faulty machine, 

flying lamely 

past ladies with thick ankles, 

babies in carriages 
with sweet gummy faces. 

you fall to earth, 

a hailstone 

on a park bench. 

Jennifer Kim, Grade 13 

Looking up, 

the trees whisper gently, 

the moon, crisp like new 


is radiating a warmth. 
"Aren't I beautiful?" it says. 
I think, 
looking up. 

Mary Moffat Grade 1 1 


This minute right now, 
I'll never see again. 
It saddens me so, 
to know, 

that never in my life, 
will I see this minute, 
never will I feel 
exactly the same. 

A minute is so precious, 
yet I never thought I would 
look upon a minute as an 
everlasting thing. 

Donna Beer, Grade 10 






I am leaning against a French window, my back to 
the world outside. The sun runs a seductive finger 
down my spine. I am entranced and I turn to be 
embraced by its warmth. The rays of sunUght tangle 
themselves about my shoulders and tug playfully. I 
lower my eyes. I think of untouched tasks and begin 
to turn away. 

"Coquette", cries the sun. It is a challenge. I shed 
my diligence like an unbecoming gown and step 
through the window onto the lawn. I am immediately 
engulfed by tiny sunbeams, tickling and teasing, 
making me blink. I laugh and, feeling bouyant and 
supple, I run across the grass and into the wood. I 
escape the sun, who remains on the lawn, giggling 
and winking. 

Blissfully, I throw my arms around the gnarled trunk 
of a sedate old elm tree. I feel like a wicked child 
tormenting a patient grandfather. The tree leans over 
me, silent and sagacious. I stare up into its branches. 
I feel cool and serene, refreshed by its greenness. I 

close my eyes, pressing my cheek against its rough 
skin. My mind is lulled by its gentle immovability. 

Then the sun wiggles between the silent leaves and I 
begin to laugh again. I walk, avoiding the shafts of 
light piercing the branches overhead. The wood 
absorbs the sound of my prancing feet and I hear 
only my own breathing and the laughter of the sun. 

Then I stumble, catching myself on a branch. I am 
startled, tricked into uttering an obscenity, which 
balloons into the still air and displaces the silence. 
The forest gasps. The sun freezes in shock. It 
withdraws its gentle rays, turning its face away. I am 
horrified at my blunder. I scramble through the trees 
and scurry back across the lawn, chastened. Like a 
musty shadow I glide through the French window, 
drawing it shut behind me. I sit at my desk and lower 
my head into my arms, eyes shut tight against the 
judgement of the world outside. 

Julie Pollock, Grade 13 


The heavy silence of night is broken, 

The tranquility disrupted. 

Reverberating through the valleys, 

Slicing through the darkness, 

Comes the keening of the wolf; 

Its desolation chilling, 

Creating shivers of disquietude. 

Forlorn, searching, 

The she-wolf moans. 

A single loon responds. 

Splitting the air with its proferred sympathy. 

The hush returns to the night, 

All is mute once more. 

Jane Leckey Grade 12 

Above Chiangmai 

Above Chiangmai at first light, 
An arc of doves steals away through 
The chill air. 

Light glows among the fields. 
The wind in lonely fences awakes a 

A sigh stirs a memory not yet remembered 
And is cast in the failing light. 

Darcy Bett Grade 13 

To His Mistress 

My love, let us see if the rose 
That here this morning did disclose 
Her gown of scarlet to the sun 
At summit be, this eventide, 
Her pleated robe vermillion dyed, 
Her aspect like to thee as one. 

Alas! look how in time so fleet. 
My love, the rose her place did cleat, 
Alas! her beauty is now bereft; 
O truly is not Nature crass 
That such a flower does not last 
From dawning 'til the light has left! 

Now, if in thou thee trusts, my lover, 
While yet thy flowering does hover 
In its most green virginity. 
Then gather, gather thy sweet prime: 
For as the flower, thoughtless time 
Will wear and dull thy brilliancy. 

(Translation: Julie Pollock) 
Grade 13 

That first awakening 
My bleary eyes open and 
I am momentarily blinded 
By the light streaming in 
Through my window. 
I focus. 
And see 
A panorama. 
A spectrum of pastel hues 
Mauve Aquamarine Rose. 
A gilded orb ascends. 
Suspended above the horizon 
The new day is born. 

Jane Lecky Grade 12 


The Confession 

The old wooden door swung shut on its rusty hinges 
as I stepped into the confession cubicle. The soft 
illumination of the flickering church candles was 
replaced by a cold, damp darkness. The familiar 
smells of the old Catholic church, burning wax, 
rubber boots, polished brass, sticky candies and 
withered flowers, were replaced by a musty, weary 
smell of sin. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I 
was able to discern the outline of the screen that 
separated the sinners from the savjors. I wondered, 
for an instant, if a light was shiHlng bright and 
beautiful on the other side of the scre^, and if the air 
was filled with the sweet scent of godliness. In the 
cool shelter of the darkness, my mind was carried 
away to another time as memories of my youth 
flooded back to me. 

The Sunday morning church service was always a 
family affair. No one missed it except, of course, 
father, who stayed at home to make the breakfast. I 
never understood why he didn't have to go to church 
like the rest of us. Mother said'that father was dif- 
ferent from us. He was an Atheist and therefore he 
didn't need to go to church. Even though I had no 
idea who or what an Atheist was, I did know that I 
wanted to be one too. There were so many better 
things to do on a Sunday morning. Why, Sunday 
morning was the best morning of the whole week. 

It was always sunny on Sunday morning, except 
when it rained or snowed. Sunday morning was the 
perfect morning to put on one's old, beaten-up 
sneakers and run down to Mr. O'DriscoU's corner 
store to buy some penny candy. No one else was up 
and so you didn't have to vvorry about being careful 
of cars and such, or pushing your way past tottering 
old ladies with their pug-nosed dogs who sniffed and 
barked as you passed. Once at the store, you could 
spend ages selecting your candy as there was no Mrs. 
Potter behind you waiting to buy a pound of bacon 
or half a dozen large, brown eggs. I used to think that 
if I had all the time in the world, I would spend it 
choosing penny candy. "Two of those black cherry 
gums please, and one of those licorice twirly-whirls. 
Oh, and I mustn't forget the jelly babies." Yet this 
was never to be. 

Sundays, in our house, were "put on your best 
clothes" days and "don't forget your hankie" days. 
JVjlfw^ejjj^^whj^h, opil^^rliitve by6©jp ^ent on all sorts of 

nice things from shiny, coloured marbles to bright, 
bouncing balls which seemed to touch the sky, was to 
be put carefully in our suit pockets to give to the 
Church Fund. 

Ages seemed to toil away as we sat in the hard- 
backed pews listening to the tall, gaunt preacher in 
his flowing robes lecture us on sin and salvation with 
words which were as distant to me as stars thai 
twinkled in the night. 1 always had to sit between my 
mother and my grand-mother who, to my chagrin, 
both stank of fresh lavender water which they had 
liberally, rather too liberally, doused themselves * 
with. Whenever I attempted to squirm around and ■ 
stick my tongue out at Willie Taylor sitting in the pew 
behind us, my grand-mother's bony elbows would 
jrind into my side with surprising force., There was 
no%s;:ape from the horrible tortufes inflicted on me 
until, of Apurse,- we had arrived home to father and 
his breakfast. 

Father's breakfast was always special, although the 
bacon was somewhat greasy and the eggs rather cold. 
I shall always remember my father's smiling face as 
he proudly displayed his morning's endeavours to us. 
Father was nicer than mother. He always made me 
laugh and told me funny stories by the fire. Sunday 
afternoons were spent with "relations". The drawing 
room was filled with endless talk of "current issues" 
and "things which I should know about". Father 
always winked at me when my mother said that. I 
knew he too would rather be playing skittles in the 
alleyway next to our house. His smihng face clouded 
over memories of Sunday feats and noontime 
relatives. His laughing blue eyes seemed to shine out 
through the darkness as if he were there with me, 
comforting me as he had done in my childhood days. 
It is ironic that he, the atheist, should be here with me 
rather than my mother, the devout Catholic. 

A voice rang out, or seemed to ring out, from the 
other side of the screen. It was a beautiful voice 
which, rather than producing mere words, sang forth ' 
in harmony. It was a good voice, a kind voice, and 
for a moment, I believed it was the voice of my 
earthly father, my Sunday breakfast father. With his 
memory by my side, I began. "Father, I have sin- 

Sarah Wiley 

Grade 12 . 


Senior Prize Essay 


I wish I could slow the world down 
because Life is going by too quickly for 
me. I feel like a child forced into the wild 
reality of life. 

I wonder what my life is going to be like. 

Only eighteen years have passed and I still '~ 

have over half a century to go. 

I only hope that I never look back and 
wish that I had done it differently. 

Anonymous '83 


: ■ 


burning desire to % 
overcome those who rule 
in the form of a weakness 
The power to captivate, enhance 
under the spell until they succumb 

and finally let you rule k - 

Only time enough, because 
once again they realize 

and strengthen, , 


It is a glowing Sunday afternoon 

And we are walking in the country. 

The apples on the colour-changing trees are 


Ready to be eaten. 

I reach up and pick a hard, red apple - 

The perfect kind to bite into on a crisp fall walk. 

The sun is setting behind a baseball diamond 

which is alive with five kids 

Playing with a soccer ball. 

As we round the corner. 

The last bit of sunlight sparkles 

Through the leaves and warms my face. 

Hayley AvRuskin 
Grade 10 


Stepping down these halls I peer 

Round each black moulded corner. 

Darkness soils my figure and sinks into my skin. 

The dust of each step I take fills my nostrils. 

Eerie creaks groan from underfoot. 

What terror grips at my heart? 

What watches me from these walls 1 dare not touch? 

What seeks me and calls to me? 

A breathless whisper sounds from ahead. 

It draws me as if I were attached, 

Still further I trudge. 

I start to shake, 


Trembles move the boards beneath 
Suddenly all stops. 
I reach that black, hollow space. 
Oblivion takes me away from its grasp. 
I wake still existing. 

Darcy Bett 
Grade 13 

The leaves are so vividly green. A chestnut 
falls to join its waiting brothers and sisters. 
As the tree stands here, the points of the past 
building up to the present moment come to 
life. This tree, here forever, opens the gates 
to the past - then closes them to open the 

This tree stands noble and tall, brilliantly 
adding life to the sunset. Much like a 
sovereign it watches and rules its land. 
Today the leaves are green as they must have 
been before — so dominant it stands out yet 
unnoticed it continues on. 

Jackie Sanz 
Grade 10 


The water pounds on my back 
each droplet does its duty. 
Soap pulls off each layer 
of dirt. 

The lather bubbles. 

The water stops. I pat my face 

I am so clean. 

Mary Moffat 
Grade 1 1 


I'm only here for the Menu 

Excuse me sonny, is this seat two, aisle twelve-B? . . . 
Well, it looks like we're neighbours for the next seven 
hours. Seven hours! Can you believe it! Seven hours 
to cross the whole Atlantic Ocean, from Canada 
right back to good old England. Why, I remember 
the days when you had to take a boat, and my 
goodness they were slow! 'Ever been on a boat, 
sonny? . . . No? Well, you can imagine. Weeks, 
entire weeks spent, trusting our lives to a hunk of 
iron with beds that are nailed to the floor! And I 
never could understand what makes one of those 
heavy brutes float . . . Ah, you must be just out of 
college. I know, because that's the kind of drivel they 
teach nowadays in those places. All those 
"displacement" theories are just plain nonsense. 
Well, of course in my old backyard swimming pool 
I'm sure an ocean liner WOULD cause enough 
displacement to build up enough pressure to float — 
oh don't look so surprised sonny, I'm not so old and 
dumb as I look! As I was saying, the theory holds 
water -- sorry, bad pun - in a swimming pool, but in 
an ocean? It'll produce no more displacement than a 
spit in Lake Superior, that's what I say . . . No, now 
don't you dare try to argue with me, young man! 
Let's just change the subject. I don't want to talk 

about boats anymore. They are the past, and it's 
never good to live in the past. Airplanes are today's 
way of travel. No fuss, no mess, and best of all don't 
you just LOVE the little menus that they give you 
here! I take them home with me ... Oh yes, I have a 
lot of them ... I frame them, and hang them in my 
apartment. You know, 1 just love all the little birds, 
and the nature scenes they have. That's why I fly with 
this airline. Just between the two of us, I sometimes 
make excuses to go on trips just to collect menus. But 
don't tell my son. He watches my money like a hawk! 
TeeHee! . . . Oh, that's right, I know you would 
never tell him. You know, for one of those college 
fellows, you're not so bad . . . You're welcome. Say, 
did you get a headset? . . . Oh good. Well you've got 
to try channel three. They play music from the 
"Roaring Twenties." (sigh) 'Brings back some 
wonderful memories of my teens. That was, of 
course, before the depression. I don't suppose you'd 
remember the depression? . . . No, there aren't many 
of us anymore who do. Oh well, at least the nice man 
who put this music on the headphones remembers. 
Nice talking to you, sonny. (Puts on her headphones 
and hums happily to herself.) 

Kathy Kendall 
Grade 13 



I know what that is 
That's plants and things, 
That take root in the floor, 
Like my biology book, 
That rots by the door. 
They're practically twins 
My plant and my book. 
Some twins come from biology 
We talked about that 
But I got tired 
So I slept a bit. 
And when I awoke, 
I found. 
To my dismay, 
that the plants and the twins 
Were waging war against 
My biology. 

But the king sent in the cavalry, 

The twins went to bed. 
And the plants got more water 
And I picked up my biology 
And studied 
Some more. 

Helen Harrison 
Grade 12 

On Lonely Nights 

A stranger walks behind me, 
i don't know who he is. 
His head held high, he shuffles; 
He thinks the world is his. 

He wears an aging raincoat, 
Underneath his skin is bare. 
He stops to sip his whiskey. 
Run his Angers through his hair. 

On nights like this he follows 
Those who walk alone, 
Either as his entertainment, 
Or to ask them for a loan. 

1 quickly glance behind me; 
The man's no longer there. 
His form is lost forever. 
Behind the neon's glare. 

Vicky Peters 
Grade 13 

My desk is white 
and wooden. 
It has many things on it 
A camera, 

a magnifying glass and 
a sweater 

There are no books on my desk. 
That is not what it is for. 

Jo Parker 
Grade 12 



Paint it black. 
Not the black of a warm night, 
Nor the black of velvet, 
Just black. 

You shall paint 
For I cannot bear the sight. 
It must be hidden. 
Not painted lightly, but buried 
That which is deep in black, and forgotten 

ceases to exist 
If years of blackness, 
followed by six feet of burial 
are not sufficient, 
I shall regret that I did not learn 
from Pandora. 

Laura Loewen 
Grade 13 

Still Life 

There is a pair of greyish pink ballet slippers on a flat table 
top. The leather on the bottom is ripped, the ribbons torn 
and frayed. Beside these crinkled ribbons is sprinkled some 
baby powder. The mirror reflects a makeup kit with a 
freshly used Kleenex beside the open box. The spherical 
lights are dimmed to a glow. Half an apple lies there, 

Hayley AvRuskin 
Grade 10 



in 1855, fully 12 years before Confederntion, the roots of Canada Law Book 
took hold with the humble appearance ot the Upper Canada Law Journal. 
Before the end of the century this pioneer publication was followed by 
Canada's prime series of criminal law reports, Canadian Criminal Cases. 
In 1912, Dominion Law Reports, the national reportm^ series was issued 
to the profession. Now, seventy years later law libraries within Canada 
and Internationally maintain subscriptions to these prominent Canadian 
report series. 

Over the past 120 years Canada Law Book has witnessed the growth of a 
nation, thriving in response to its legislative growth. Growth that is 
well-documented in the pages of our publications. Meeting the ongoing 
needs of the legal profession has been an exacting task. Consistent with this 
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Looking to the future of law reporting in Canada, Canada Law Book has 
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The law according to Canada Law Book is yours to discover. 

CANADA LAW BOOK, 240 Edward Street, 
Aurora, Ontario L4G 3S9 
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494 Egllnton Ave. West, 
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weck sessions Mon Fri 9 am-4 pm Starts 

June 18 

Excellent tennis anrj (Itness program. 

Drills lor aclviinced players, video playback, 
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Dircclof anr) H(;at) pro Vlasta Brankovsky 
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Summer Tennis School 

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Winter Tennis School 

A school with an excellent teaching programme starting September - May 
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Vlasta Brankovsky 


Never a better way than 



We use 
Kodak paper. 
For the 
good look. 


3270 FINCH AVE. E. 

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GUMMING to HAY. Don't WAIT for the 
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& Kellogg 

Relocation Counselling 
& Corporate Psychological 
Services Division 

'You are never given a wish 
without also being given the 
power to make it true . . . 
You may have to work for it, 
however. ' ' 

Richard Bach 

With best wishes for the future, Eric Barton 


''May we 
always applaud 
the advantages of 
a superior education. . . 
And may our children 
grow wise 
in its application? 

Bertrand Russell 

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Toronto, Ontario 
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Minden, Ontario KOM 2K0 
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are invited, P!t*dsf' scf your university advisor or write: 
The Registrar 
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Chartered Accountants 

For professional advice on tax- 
ation, mergers and acquisitions, 
receivership and insolvency, busi- 
ness perlormance, finance, ac- 
counting- and auditing. We're 
Canada's largest firm ol char- 
tered accountants, with 48 offices 
from coast to coast. 

Where accounting is only the beginning. 

Some of the best 

stones Some of the best stones 
you will ever read and 
."11 some of the most impor- 
^7/^1 1 \A/1 1 tant information you will 
_/ ever need are available 
Now Free 

ever rc3-ci ^' ^'^'^^^^ 

With a public library card 
you have access to a 
staggering range of books 
from the classics tosmash 

^^^■■^^^ X Uncover the truth behind 
^^^^^^^V 1 todays leading questions 
^^^^^^^^^^M dig out a piece of tnvia or 
^^^1 ^^^^^ find help planning your 
^^^^^ future 

^^^^^^ Whether you just need a 
~r~^^^ -^i.^ good book or must have 
lOl Of \\\J information in a hurry, 
p-^ U^r check it out at your lib- 

Library - - 

International tiirn: KA/IG Klynveld Main Goerdeler 

We bring Canadians with ideas and 
Canadians with money together. 

Pitfield Mackay Ross 


44 offices in Canada and abroad 

Choosing us could be 
your most important investment decision. 


"The primary 
purpose of a liberal 
education is to make one's 
mind a pleasant place in 
which to spend 
one's leisure." 

Sydney J. Harris 

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